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"I haven't got a lotta bottle", News of the World Sunday magazine (UK), April 18, 2004
typed by Nicky, scan by Emily

He's fought the forces of evil in the LOTR and swashbuckled with baddies on the high seas in POTC. But away from the cameras top film totty Orlando Bloom is just a big girl's blouse! Not only is he scared of boxing, he reads kids' comics, dreams of being a sculptor and is a self-confessed mummy's boy. And on top of all that, he's also allergic to dairy products ... which is somewhat ironic as he plays a milkman turned boxer in his latest movie, The Calcium Kid.

However, despite getting himself into shape for the role, the 27-year-old admits he wouldn't be man enough to take a punch himself. "I can see the appeal of boxing but I wouldn't like to do it as a sport," he says. "I'm too much of a wimp to take the blows. I wouldn't mind dealing them but I wouldn't want to take that many!"

"The reason my character, Jimmy, does it in the film is because it gives him the family he never had. It's all lads together. There's a line when he says, 'Where else but in a boxing gym can someone knock you out, then give you a slap on the back and a drink of water?'"

The film, out on April 30, will make Jimmy the UK's most famous milkman since Benny Hill's Ernie.

"He's a lovable clown who just wants to have fun, " he adds. "He's not a committed milkman or a particularly good boxer. He just has extra strong bones from all the milk he drinks, then he's thrown into this position of fighting the world champion."

Orlando's army of female fans will be glad to hear he gets his gold top off - but he'd rather be sterilised than do a full monty!

"I didn't want to show myself up so I hired a personal trainer to get in shape," he reveals. "He used to phone me three times a day to make sure I was eating enough."

"I was fine with taking my top off but I wouldn't walk around starkers. I'm not an exhibitionist!"

Orlando got into shape by using special diets - although dairy products were strictly off the menu.

"It's quite ironic really as I'm playing a milkman. But eating dairy doesn't make me feel brilliant and I avoid it," he explains.

"I've had to get fit and put on a bit of size and muscle. Certain foods help that and certain foods don't. I put on a stone altogether."

"I don't think I'm any different looking from anyone else. When you put somebody in front of a camera and add make-up and expert lighting it does help a bit. "

"But my head certainly hasn't been turned by the attention, far from it. It's weird being thought of as a heart-throb. I suppose it helps me meet women but I don't use it to help me pull! I didn't become an actor to kiss girls."

Anyway, there's only one girl in Orlando's life - his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth.

"I started dating Kate last year," he smiles. "She's an actress and was in the film Blue Crush. She's great but before that it had been ages since I'd had a girlfriend as I wasn't in one place to meet someone and get a real connection going. I was working hard and was too busy for love!"

These days Orlando describes his lifestyle as 'modern hippy'.

"I don't read magazines apart from the Beano. I love Dennis the Menace and Desperate Dan. I don't watch TV and reality television just bores me. I've been too busy to buy a house. When I filmed the Calcium Kid I was staying in the film company's London flat but when I do it has to be in easy reach of my mum's house in Canterbury. I'm looking to get a studio so I can work in it - I'd love to be a sculptor. I studied photography, sculpture and theatre for my A-levels and at that age I was torn as I got better results for the others than for theatre studies. But ultimately acting was what I always wanted to do. It was my calling in life."