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The Ring Bearers, Tiger Beat (US), January 2004
typed by Allie

Two and a half hours of Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood on the big screen. Yeah, we can't wait to drool over LOTR: Return of the King either!

Don't you always wonder if people like Orlando and Elijah (two of the cutest guys on the planet) who co-star in movies together are really buds? Us, too. Turns out these two and the rest of the LOTR cast formed true friendships during their 18 months in New Zealand. "We actually became a family, and the fellowship that is represented in the film became a real fellowship." Elijah dishes.

The guys even tried extreme sports together, like surfing and bungee jumping, when they weren't filming. "I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie," Orlando says. Elijah has as much fun and adventure as his co-star. "We went on surfing trips a lot," he exclaimes.

"You're only young once!" -Elijah

Goofing off away from the set was a part of the whole LOTR experience. Orlando, Elijah and their hobbit buddies Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd even participated ina  celebrity bath tub race for a charity even. Guess who won? Orly! "The whole experience has been amazing, living in New Zealand and working with your best mates around you." he says.

It's been quite a whirlwind for Orlando and Elijah because LOTR made them household names. Yet the guys appreciate where they came from, even with all the attention they've been getting. "I credit my mom and how I was raised." Elijah says. Orlando agrees, "What's really important are my family, my friends and the people who are closest to me."

POETRY pg. 77

by Alexandra S.
I Love Orlando Bloom

Orlando, I get butterflies in my stomach
Every time I see you
You make my day light up
Whenever I am blue
in all of your awesome movies you starred in
you make me smile and go wild!
I think about you every day
and dream about you every night
because I really want to meet you
and hug you really tight
and be able to go home with
special memories
that very single night