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Orlando/Elijah Article from Topp Magazine (Norway), August 2002
Translated by Ragnhild. Pics from Whatever

Orlando and Elijah had never met before the shooting of LOTR in New Zealand started, but it did not take long before they and the other guys where best buddies. Originally Orlando was just an anonymous theatre-actor in England, while Elijah had started to take the difficult step from child star to grownup star in Hollywood. In a way, Lord of the Rings was the big breakthrough for both of them, and now they have a lot of movie parts to choose between. When Topp met the guys right after the shoot of LOTR was done, none of them had any new projects going on. "I really wanna work, so if anyone has got a good movie part, just contact me", Elijah smiled. But that was then. Now, after the Lord of the Rings-hype has really gone off, things have changed. Now both of the guys are two of the most wanted actors, both by the movie companies and the fans. It's not often that they have time or opportunity to meet, but when they do, there is no lack of joy. And that was something the viewers of the LOTR premier in London learned. When the boys saw each other they ran straight into each others arms and hugged big time.

Two similar boys

What is it that makes Orlando and Elijah click so well? Why have they gotten so close? May it be because they are really alike? Just look here:

-They both have birthdays in January.
-They both have dark, untidy hair.
-They both are extremely popular with the girls.
-They both have acted in commercials.
-Both of them missed their father during their youth. Orlando's father, Harry, died when Orlando was just 4 years old. Elijah's father, Warren, never had any contact with his son. "I was raised by my mother, and that compensated more then enough for the lack of a father", Elijah says.
-They both love pretty girls.
-Elijah had been together with the model Bijou Phillips and is currently dating actress Franka Potente.
Orlando had been engaged to model Jemma Kidd.
-They both love dogs. Orlando lives with his dog Maude, and Elijah has two dogs called Rascal and Levi.
-Both of them have acted with Josh Hartnett. Elijah in The Faculty, and Orlando in Black hawk Down.

By the way, it was Josh who taught Elijah how to smoke. Orlando knew that long before he met Josh...
Now the boys are usually in two different countries. Elijah in the US and Orlando in England but they keep in touch through the phone and e-mail. They only wish one thing for the future, and that is to act in more movies together. And that is exactly what we at TOPP also want.