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Interview from The Two Towers Video Game
typed by Veronica

When Legolas reaches Level 5, you are able to view the following interview.

~~~FOTR and TTT Legolas scenes~~~

Orlando: "I'm always amazed when I see the advancement of technology and stuff and how kinda close to the real thing it's got to."

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Orlando: "When you're recording the ADR for a film, you know, you're obviously watching the screen seeing the action play in front of you as you played it on the day. When you're laying the track down for this there isn't a camera on you and you're not trying to lip sink to an image in front of you. So you can really go that extra mile and sort of accentuate and elaborate what's on the page.

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Orlando: "They're more heightened than what you get in the movie, do you know what I mean, they're slightly ridiculous and it's fun, you know, it was fun just to sort of play with it in that way."

~~~More Legolas game scenes~~~

Orlando: "I think if I was playing a game it would be nice to know that the real actors have vocalized the action that the computer generate play. And I guess the more reality you have within the computer world, the more exciting it is for the player."

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