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Who is Orlando Bloom?, T (Mexico), August 2003
By Paula Avanegui
tranlated by Lauren, scan by Cinthya from Orlijah - Woom

This young man played the part of Legolas in the trilogy Lord of the Rings and now is the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean alongside Johnny Depp. Orlando goes on to become a star, so dont block the path of this superhero.

If you want to kill time, check out Pirates of the Caribbean. This movie is full of adventure, great special effects, and humor. But above all, you will see the leading man Orlando Bloom, who chatted with T in Los Angeles, California about his new movie and many other things.

Between other subjects Orlando told us he was born is Canterbury, England. For 16 years, he traveled, with his family, to London. There he studied at the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the British American Drama Academy; when he finished his schooling he worked for a time in plays and finally got the opportunity to portray Legolas in Lord of the Rings after he did Black Hawk Down and now has begun the filming of Troy with Brad Pitt.

T: Yesterday in the movie theater the women went crazy to see you credited on screen. Did you ever dream of being a movie star?

OB: Yes, I heard them and it was very touching. But I have to confess that I have never considered myself to be a movie star, nor have I chosen my roles to try and be the hero. Rather, I decided that the movie will depend on who the director is and how good the quality of the script is. I try to think if I will learn something from the part, more than if the character is good or bad. I love to make movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings, but I also desire to be other things.

T: The movie has lots of action and sword fights, did you have any problems with it?

OB: There are always a few accidents with scenes of that type. But we had a great trainer for the fights and everything was well rehearsed. There were only a few scrapes and cuts, nothing important.

T: After working on such a success like Lord of the Rings, has your life changed?

OB: Truthfully, no, though in that movie I used a blonde wig and blue contacts, so nobody recognized me. I could go on the streets with no one knowing who I was. Nonetheless, I was impacted by the success of the production and how people worldwide knew my name. With Pirates of the Caribbean things changed and girls would follow me on the street. I only hoped to take things calmly and to continue doing what I love.

T: There was another magazine that said you became an actor to kiss women, is this true?

OB: Of course it isnt true. These are the things I dont like about fame, anyone can invent what they know about you and publish it. Actually, I want to destroy the publication that said that, because I swear I never said that. Obviously to kiss a girl is fabulous, Im not complaining. I will never take a job to touch a certain actress, that would be insane.

T: When did you decide to become an actor?

OB: It was my childhood dream, I remember when I would see these incredible people on TV and in the movies. The day I discovered there were people who got paid for this, I decided it was the perfect profession. Being an actor has given me the opportunity to be all these different people; I cant imagine anything better.

T: Your character in Pirates of the Caribbean is very romantic, are you in real life?

OB: I hate to say that I am neither heroic nor romantic. I know my admirers are going to be disappointed, but Im not the type of guy that is thoughtful and considerate. Nonetheless, I consider myself a gentleman and the girls dont complain about my manners.

T: What do you do when you go home?

OB: Its been a long time since I have been at home because of my work, but I believe that after the filming of my new movie Troy finishes I will take a rest. In reality when I go back is if my work disappears, I go out with my friends and try to be with by family as much as possible, since when you are working full time you lose many things.