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Spotlight on Orlando and Elijah, TV Hits (Australia), December 2002
typed by Tara

The LOTR buddies Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood have more in common than just being part of a fellowship!

They're both January Babies!
Twenty-one-year-old Elijah was born on January 28, while 25-year-old Orlando's birthday falls on January 13.

Model love lives: Before hooking up with his current girlfriend, the Bourne Identity's Franka Potente, Elijah dated model Bijou Phillips. Meanwhile, Orlando was engaged to model Jemma Kidd and it's now rumoured that he's seeing Christina Ricci!

Man's best friend: Elijah and Orlando both love dogs. While Orli lives with his dog Maude, Eli has two dogs called Rascal and Levonne, or Levi for short!

Tattoo you: Along with their other LOTR co-stars, Elijah and Orlando both have tattoos of the number 9, in elvish.

Hangin with Hartnett: The guys are both good mates with Josh Hartnett. Elijah and Josh became friends working on the fright flick The Faculty, while Josh and Orlando became pals on the set of Black Hawk Down.

No father figure: Sadly, Orlando's father Harry died when the British cutie was just four years old. Meanwhile, Elijah's father, Warren, never really had any contact with his son. "I was raised by my mother," reveals Elijah. "And that compensated more than enough for the lack of a father".

Finally, Orlando and Elijah are both looking forward to the release of the second LOTR film, set to hit our cinema screens on December 26, 2002!