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A Star In Bloom, TV Hits (Australia), December 2003
typed by Antonia

By now you've all seen Orlando Bloom's awesome new flick, Pirates of the Caribbean, So you know how sizzling he is on the big screen. TV HITS sat down with the man of the moment and found out that all this attention actually makes him a little nervous...

tv hits: With the success of your new flick Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl, you're officially a superstar in Hollywood terms. Does this fact ever overwhelm you?

Orlando: Yes, totally, all the time. That's the hard thing when you start to live the dream. It's not quite what you thought it was, 'cause there is a lot of stuff that comes on top of it, and you kina have to figure it all out.

tv hits: Even your name sounds like the perfect leading man screen name...

Orlando: Everyone thinks its fakey, but its real! I love my name, You wont believe it when i tell you what it means. I don't know if its true, but this is what my mum told me and i guess she'd know. Its quite something to be told when you're young. I almost cant tell you... It means, 'famous through the land'.

hits: Sounds too good to be true! Of course, with all your success comes the burden of being a heart-throb to millions of girls worldwide...

Orli: Heart-throb status is only recently coming more apparent to me. I hope it wont stop me from making more interesting choices. I feel like its a rite of passage you have to create, like Johnny Depp did '21 Jump Street' or something. He kind of created that without necessarily intending to. He just wanted to work. He created a heart-throb status which led him to do whatever he liked. I hope i get the same opportunity.

hits: Speaking of Johnny, in Pirates you do a mean impression of his character Jack, which we hear it was your idea. How did he feel about that?

Orli: I don't know if he's seen it, but we talked about it because we were flying over Saint Vincent [where the movie was filmed] together. And I was like, "I really wish I was doing what you were doing. And I would love to do an impression." and he was like "You should do that, it would be great." Jerry [Bruckheimer, the producer] was on the flight as well, and he was like, "yeah, we'll work that in. OK!" It was fun doing it!

hits: You did most of your own stunts in the movie, like when you swung out over the ocean on the sail. Were you ever worried about your safety while doing the stunts?

Orli: That was pretty uncomfortable. I'm not sure how dangerous it was because i was rigged, but it was really uncomfortable. You know when i am standing up and i say "I am Will Turner" and stuff, that was kind of [dangerous] because i could have fallen back into the sea, and i wasn't rigged there, and it was wet and slippery!

hits: Are you open to a Pirates sequel?

Orli: Yeah, I had to sign off for a sequel. That was part of the deal.

hits: This Christmas sees the release of the third and final Lord of the Rings installment, Did you have to go back to New Zealand to do any reshoots?

Orli: Yeah, and i was so emotional to say goodbye to that. Ahhh... its the last time i done the blonde wig and the pointy ears. They gave me my bow and arrow after the last shot and they cut out together a little clip of 'Leggy' [Legolas] moments from the movie, so its Viggo Mortensen pulling his sword, then there's me going [he bats his eyes]. It was so funny! [laughs] Maybe Peter [Jackson] will put it on the DVD! The gag reel he's going to do is going to be all that shit! Can you imagin?! Totally. We had such a laugh. You should see the photos - the Polaroids we've got! [laughs]

hits: We know that you're fiercely private about your love life. But the rumour is you're dating blue crush star Kate Bosworth...

Orli: I love women, I grew up with my mum and my sister. I just don't talk about it because its something that you go, "You know what? At a certain point there is a line where you don't cross over." Do I feel grateful to be around beautiful women? Of course I do, all guys love beautiful women!

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