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Orlando Interview Part 2, TV Hits (Australia), February 2003
text from Leigh and Orlando Bloom Online, scans from Lauren

In part two of our exclusive interview with Orlando Bloom, the Lord of the Rings star talks about surfing in Australia, hanging out with Heath Ledger and his sex symbol status...

TV HITS: Hello again Orlando. Or should that be g'day, considering you spend so much time working in or part of the world?
ORLANDO: Hello! Yeah that's true. Maybe I should have said [breaking into an Aussie accent] "How ya garn, mate?"

TV HITS: You spent almost two years in New Zealand making The Lord of the Rings films and you recently spent half a year in Australia making a movie about Ned Kelly with Heath Ledger. What's the story?
ORLANDO: I do seem to be keeping myself in your half of the world as much as I can. I have to say it's certainly not an unpleasant thing. I'm happy to spend as much time around here as I can, because it's such a beautiful place to be!

TV HITS: What do you like the most?
ORLANDO: I like the light and the weather and the people. The people are so relaxed and so friendly. I though Rings in this part of the world was a magical experience, and now working on this Ned Kelly film has added to that.

TV HITS: Did you plan to make another film in this part of the world?
ORLANDO: It's completely coincidental. But, it was a welcome chance to come back. I had no idea about the Ned Kelly story before this movie but I have to say, now that I've done the film, it's a great one.

TV HITS: Who's your character?
ORLANDO: I'm Joe Byrne, one of Ned's men. He's sort of Ned's calm and quiet side. From what I read Ned was quite fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants and passionate and hot-headed in many ways... Joe's the kind of cool one.

TV HITS: Does Heath Ledger make a good Ned Kelly?
ORLANDO: He's done a great job, man! This guy is great. He's completely assumed his role. I'm glad to have had the chance to work with him.

TV HITS: Heath is dealing with life in the spotlight right now, and your fame is building all the time. Did you get any advice from working with him?
ORLANDO: I've found that working with Heath has been very educational for me. I've seen how he works and I think I've learned a little of how to deal with all that. He just gets on with life and deals with his job.

TV HITS: You're a bit of a sex symbol these days. What's that like?
ORLANDO: The funny thing is I don't really follow much of that popular culture stuff. I don't know who's on the music charts or who's hot or not... So it's a bit strange to be included in these sexiest people polls and all that sort of thing. I don't really even know who I'm up against!

TV HITS: You've said how much you loved Melbourne while making Ned Kelly. It's a shame you didn't get to pack your surfboard and head over to Sydney to catch some waves during this trip...
ORLANDO: Oh, it's OK, because I've done a bit of that before. On my last trip to promote The Fellowship of the Ring last Christmas I surfed Manly Beach with a couple of the Hobbits.

TV HITS: Tell us about life outside of work and surfing. Are you single?
ORLANDO: I'm working, and that's my only relationship for now. I've been very busy!

TV HITS: What's the best thing about being Orlando Bloom?
ORLANDO: Oh, that's a hard question! One of the great things about my life at the moment is knowing that I have a few other jobs lined up. I'm also loving my family and friends. The worst thing about being me is that I don't get enough time to see my family and friends!

TV HITS: There's a story going around that one of the jobs you've had is a bit of a naughty short film, in which you spend lots of time naked and kiss another bloke...
ORLANDO: No! That's total crap! When I hear that sort of thing it makes me quite annoyed. I want people to know that story is total bollocks! I haven't done a film anything like that.

TV HITS: The movie you are doing now is called The Calcium Kid, and one-time pop star Billie Piper has a small part in it. What's that one about?
ORLANDO: It's a comedy, a low budget film, and a friend of mine is directing it. It's something different for me and it's my chance to assume a leading role. I'm really looking forward to it!

TV HITS: You nearly didn't have this amazing career which is just getting more and more exciting! Does it freak you out to think back to the day you fell out of that third story window and broke your back?
ORLANDO: I was 21, or maybe 20 then. It's been nearly five years and I have to say that while I always think about it in the back of my mind, it's only when I'm asked about it really openly that it brings it back completely. [Orlando's voice gets a bit shaky and emotional]
You appreciate life in a whole new way. I mean, f*** man, for four days I was contemplating the rest of my life being spent in a wheelchair! Thinking about how [if he hadn't been able to walk again] I wouldn't be living anything like the life I'm living now if I was in a wheelchair, which is totally bizarre!

TV HITS: It doesn't make you careful though does it? You still go bungee jumping and parachuting...
ORLANDO: I decided to make the lost of life and now every day is a new adventure for me. I feel like I was given a second chance. But, oh, listen to me - I don't do anything stupid. This life is very precious to me because I remember thinking that it had changed forever.

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