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Orlando Bloom, Vana Nikolaidou (Greece), February 2004
translated and scanned by John G.

“Orlando was the only one from the LOTR cast whose career launched right to the top! But who actually is the blonde Legolas of the most legendary fellowship?”


His childhood…

My childhood years were really harmonious, with lots of love. But things were not easy all the time, especially after my father’s death when I was 4. My mother married again and in my stepfather’s face I found the father I’ve lost. With Colin we broadcast on the same kind of wave! Only with Samantha I argued many times. She is 2 years older than me. But now I’m grateful to her that she disapproved of my unacceptable taste of clothes! Thanks to her I’ve now got this style!”


The school…

“Because of my dyslexia, things in school weren’t easy. When I was 16, I decided that I wanted to be an actor.”


My first love…

“The experience of my first kiss was really bad! When I was 14, I had my first love experience! After that I started to treat the girls carefully and I was really lucky on that, because the girls in my mom’s school were all beautiful! The first days of LOTR shootings, I had a relationship but I had to stay in New Zealand and that made things really hard, so we broke up!”


His faults…

“Two years ago, I managed to stop smoking which I think is great! Since then I’ve got another bad habit: biting nails!

I love extreme sports like bungee jumping, surfing and snowboard but since I’ve broken too many bones I’m more careful. I wanted to buy a motorbike but I had an accident and I decided to buy something else. Shopping, especially clothes and old useless stuff, is kind of therapy for me.”



“For many months now, Kate and I are together and we’re having a good time. End of story. I said too much already. I don’t like speaking on my personal life. Every fan that respects me should allow me to keep my personal affairs to myself. For girls who wish to know though, I can say that I like blondes and I want my girlfriend to be accessible and to have sense of humor. I respect dynamic women but I’m not attracted to them. Love is the most important thing in my life and I can do everything for my girlfriend. I like going out and doing many different things but I also like sitting home and relaxing for many hours. But in one relationship depends on what the other likes too."


His job…

“One journalist wrote once that I said that the only reason that I became an actor is to kiss beautiful women! That made me mad because I’d never say such a thing, not even as a joke! I like beautiful women but I don’t need from any job the opportunity to kiss one. I always wanted to be an actor, not for fame or to be the center of attention. I wanted to assume characters different than mine and live in adventures! Meanwhile I understood that interviews and photo shoots are important for an actor to stay in the limelight and having good jobs. Our job has really infinite dealings!”


Lord Of The Rings…

“The experience of this movie was really unbelievable! It’s exciting when you get such an opportunity, before you even finish your drama school. I don’t believe that there is anything more superior to this and I am really proud of being part of this. My friendship with Viggo Mortensen and the actors that played the hobbits mean lots to me. I know it sounds a bit cliché but it’s the true! I’ll love them until I die!”


Pirates Of Caribbean…  

 “Since I played in POTC, people started recognizing me a bit better. When I was spotted on the streets they patted me friendly on the back! I try to be OK and both friends and family help me stay in the limelight! I don’t pursue to be a superstar or sex symbol or to change attitude because of my job! In the shootings of the movie, I had a great time with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley.



“In “Troy” I start a war because of Helen and I fight with Brad Pitt! Actually Brad and I have a great time! When we walked together in the street, paparazzi lurked only for him! They didn’t care about me after all! Celebrity and crap! (Laughs)”


The future…

“I’d like to play in different kind of movies, I don’t like holding a sword all the time! I have to prove to an audience that I can do other stuff than action movies. Elijah Wood is a good example.”


(Translation from John G.)