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Orlando Interview, Veronica TV guide (The Netherlands), August 22, 2003
scans and translation by Jaschenka

(Sex) Bombs & Gunfire - Orlando and Keira make fireworks in Pirates of the Caribbean. (cover text)

With a role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a lead role in Pirates of the Caribbean, Orlando Bloom is on his way to the top in Hollywood. We made way through herds of screaming girls in London to ask Orlando what he thinks about it all.

It is supposed to be the ultimate guys dream: becoming a pirate. This goes for you too?
'Definitely, I think every man dreams about it when he is little. I know I did. I can also remember being glued to the TV whenever a pirate film was on. Captain Blood and that sort of thing. I was honoured to have fencing lessons for both LOTR and Pirates by Bob Anderson, who worked with Errol Flynn in the old days. I hear he was a wild guy, this Errol!'

Did you need a lot of time to get in shape for this physical demanding part?
'I had quite a few fencing lessons, yes. You have to, when your character fences hours a day. But on the other hand I didn't need hours in the make-up chair getting my blond wig on, like in LOTR. I tell you: I didn't miss that!'

You've had a lot of weapons in your hands: machineguns in Black Hawk Down, bow and arrow in LOTR and now a sword in Pirates. What do you like best?
'Oh, I love it all. It is part of the character you play, an extension. When I was in New Zealand for LOTR, I really learned more about sword fighting and arrow shooting. Also because that is something really vivid there.'

You had a severe accident some years ago, leaving you nearly paralyzed (Orlando fell out of a window, three stories down, broke his back..) During the filming of LOTR you broke a rib after falling off a horse, and for Pirates you did some dangerous stuff as well. You know no fear?
'I do! But I try to overcome my fears by confronting them. I broke quite a few bones over the years. But I try to keep the risks at a minimum these days. Johnny (Depp) said to me: "Look Orlando, you have a long career ahead of you, sometimes it is better to have a trained stuntman do the job. Do what you can, let another one do the rest." And of course he's absolutely right.'

You are an absolute sex symbol by now. Are you happy with that?
'I'm not occupied with that sort of things. I am most of all an actor, I don't see myself as a star at all. I do not know what that is, I avoid situations where I have to be a star as much as I can. I don't go surfing the internet to see what is written about me. At the same time it is quite overwhelming, how people react on you. I mean, I just finished working with Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt (for the movie Troy..). Let's be honest: these are of course very handsome guys, according to today's standards. Real movie stars, and they are treated likewise. And still they both are grateful, generous and cool. I admire that a lot.'

Wasn't it hilarious, working with Johnny Depp, who looks in Pirates like an expelled motor gang member with bad mascara?
'Yeah, the best thing is it wasn't in the script like that, it really is his own creation. He was inspired by Keith Richards, it worked out great. Very macho on one side, and on the other totally the opposite. Of course, he could have claimed the entire movie for himself with that act, but he is the kind of person to give other people enough room too. He plays a certain type of guy, and I play sort of his counterpart. And in the way he played it, with the weird drunk walk and all, he interacted with my acting.'

In Pirates your character finds out his father is not the man he thought he was. You experienced something likewise in your life?
'That's right, but I don't think of that as a big disaster. Not at all, really. The man I called my father (the Southern African freedom fighter and author Harry Bloom..) turned out not to be my biological father, something I found out after he'd passed away. But I always considered him my father, and I'd like to be the way he was. He is the guideline in my life.'

Keira Knightley interview about Orlando:

Although there is a passionate romance between your character and Orlando's going on, the two of you don't have a lot of scenes together. What did you do to make sure there was chemistry between the two of you on screen?
'Orlando and I went on a date when we found out we were in Pirates together. Just to get to know each other really. Because this is about a couple who are willing to die for each other. We talked all night and drank tea. It clicked right away, so there was chemistry. Otherwise we'd have to fake it, laugh.'