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"I would have played a horse...", Woman (Germany), August 12, 2003
Interview by Markus Unverzagt
translated by Marny, scan from Conny

Finally a real leading part. In "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Orlando Bloom shows what he's capable of: more!

A young unknown comes along and snatches a leading part in the most elaborate movie project since "Ben Hur": These are legends Hollywood loves. Orlando Bloom has experienced it: As "Legolas" in "Lord Of The Rings" (part 2 of the trilogy, "The Two Towers", is released on dvd and vhs on August 26, 2003) the now 26-year-old Brit shot to fame, in the adventure movie "Pirates Of The Caribbean" (out on September 4th) he will quicken women's heartbeats.

Woman: You were 21, just finished your education at the theatre when you got cast for "Lord Of The Rings". How much luck was involved?

Orlando Bloom: I used some voodoo spell. No, rubbish: Of course I had a lot of luck, but I did a lot for it as well. I was 16 when I moved to London to attend drama school, followed by five years of hard training.

Woman: And then it was almost immediately over the pond. Were you eager to get ahead in Hollywood?

Orlando Bloom: Honestly - I just wanted a job. It is like paradise if you get to work for 18 months in a row. Under these circumstances I would have played a horse.

Woman: Instead you became a sex-symbol. How do you feel about that?

Orlando Bloom: Thank you. But to me, there are more important things. I'd like to play profound, interesting parts - and I like to play a bad guy.

Woman: Right now you are more the hero in the cinemas. Like in "Pirates Of The Caribbean".

Orlando Bloom: The work on a pirate movie like "Pirates Of The Caribbean" is like a little boy's dream come true. But now I play the prince "Paris" in the movie version of "Troy" about the Trojan War - a real anti-hero whose selfishness leads to a catastrophe. That's a bigger challenge for me than "Lord Of The Rings".

Woman: What did you miss shooting "Lord Of The Rings"?

Orlando Bloom: I'd liked to have a love scene with Liv Tyler! But if we had re-written Tolkien's story like that, the fans certainly would have killed us.

Woman: You have fans everywhere in the world. How do you stay grounded?

Orlando Bloom: By taking long walks by the sea and thinking about everything. I ask for advise from the real big stars, how they handle all the hype.

Woman: And what advise did Johnny Depp, your partner in "Pirates Of The Caribbean", give you?

Orlando Bloom: Friends and family are the most important things. When you can rely on them, you'll never crack.