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Straight to the Heart, Y-18 (Italy), March 18, 2003
translation and scan by Lola

In "The Lord of the Rings" he plays an elf, a magical creature that helps the little hobbit to destroy the precious ring; in normal life Orlando Bloom is a "pepper" englishman, who wants to become an actor as good as he is beautiful. Y-18 chatted with him to know and let you know him better.

- Orlando, is there someone who helped you particularly to become an actor?
Of course! She's my mother. I couldn't be here without her. My mum has always helped me, supported me. Now she keeps the relationships with the many fans I have all over the world. She looks after my websites and tells me the gossip about me. I wouldn't know what to do without my mother!

- When did you decide to become an actor?
When I realised I wasn't able to get a diploma... no, I'm joking, I mean that when I was a child I didn't like to study. The teachers said I didn't want to study; I was too creative to stay quiet behind a desk. I wanted to do something different, so I joined an acting school in London. There I could express myself.

- What did you do when you were a little boy?
I had quarrels with my sister Samantha. She had fun dressing me with her clothes and I had to react. She's older than me, so she had reason.

- What do you like, apart from acting?
I like sports, especially dangerous ones. I really like climbing mountains, snowboarding and bungee jumping. They give great emotions. When I suggested to do these sports to my lord of the rings friends, especially Viggo and Eljiah, they thought I wasn't serious, and when they realised I was, they thought I was crazy to do these things for fun, but we did surfing together in New Zealand.

- Was it fun to act in The Two Towers?
Yes, very much. Firstly, the movie is beautiful. Peter Jackson is a very good director, he can do his work well and he helps the actor, but he lets us express ourselves. And I and the other actors became very good friends. When we didn't act, we did sports and laughed together.

- Where do you live now?
I live where I was born, but I'm trying to buy a home in London and maybe a flat in LA, too. It would be important for me to move there, cause it could be useful for my work: when it's about my career I'm ready to make all the sacrifices that I have.

- Are you ambitious?
Yes, quite ambitious, even if I'm not a maniac. I think the most important thing for an actor is to grow, and only after to care about success. I don't stop to study and I think this is the best way to act in excellent movies. Now I'm really happy about my career.

Who is Orlando Bloom?
Name: Orlando Bloom
Date of birth: 13 January 1977
Where: in Canterbury, England
Brothers/sisters: an older sister named Samantha
Why he decided to become an actor: to obtain superman's part, as his fav actor, Christopher Lee
Hobbies: extreme sports, in which he's very able
Show in which he acted first: Casualty, on english tv
Movie that made him famous: the Lord of the Rings

Astrological Profile
He has Mars in Capricorn, his battle is always in order to a social evolution that can last in time. Also Mercury is in Capricorn, while Saturn is in Leo, so that he can be cold and rational, but more ambitious. He appears calm but he has fighting in him. In some occasions he can be very dissatisfied.