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Orlando Bloom, Yam! (Germany), January 2003
scan and translation by Fiwen

In 'The Lord Of The Rings' he just has a supporting part, the elf Legolas, but for the fans he is the big star. Especially girls like the crazy guy, who says about himself : "I’m no Daredevil"

Orlando Bloom (25) probably didn’t spend his pay from LOTR on clothing. To a L.A. interview, Legolas arrived without glamorous clothing: under a black pullover, over it a cream-coloured shirt and a jacket with a hood in his hand. Below it’s going to be more normal: black jeans, white tennis shoes. Superstar? Yes! Even after a few minutes you notice: This guy has something. If he smiles, even every man knows why the girls get shaky knees in his vicinity …

YAM!: Legolas is a romantic and dreamy character – are you like him in reality?
Orlando: (laughs) Yes, in some ways. Of course, I tried to imagine myself as Legolas. But as we started filming I was just 21 – and he’s nearly 3000 years old! But I believe that I have qualities which are the same as Legolas’.

Through LOTR you became world famous right over night. How has life has changed for you since then?
Very much. I just came from drama school. And at first it was just overwhelming for me to have the opportunity to work with such incredible colleagues. It was a little bit like you throw a child into the deepest place of the water in a swimming pool. And of course it also was a challenge to work 18 months in a foreign country. Actually I have learned a lot. In personal matters, with friends and family, I try to let things go as normal as possible.

Why are you actor?
Because of the women! No, in earnest: I first thought of it when I was a kid. I remember, when I was about 10 or 11 years old, at Christmas I went to my cousin's in Boston. He is a director of commercials and was also interested in cinema in a professional way. And then we had rented some videos through the holidays. There I started to be interested in movies and the actors – especially Superman. And as a teenager I entered myself at a drama school.

What are you doing in private life? Do you have a girlfriend?
There’s a young lady I spend some time with but at the moment I don’t have a real relationship. My last relationship broke up when I was filming LOTR. Over and above that I’m very interested in music. I love Ben Harper, David Gray, but also Bob Dylan. When I was in New Zealand I’d also learned surfing. But since I’m back I just love to hang around with my friends.

Do you know how many female fans you actually have?
I get a lot of fan mail and that’s really flattering. But away from that I don’t really follow it. Most of the time my mother tells me some remarks if she read something about me on the internet. But because I’m not that interested in computers, I also don’t look for things about me on the internet.

Probably most of the fans wouldn’t recognize you on the street…
(laughs) That’s right. The blond wig I wore in the movie changes my look in a enormous way. Today I profit from that and I can live a more or less normal life.

Are you also in your private life such a fighter as Legolas is?
Not with flying fists. More in a spiritual way. For example I had an accident 4 years ago where I broke my back. The doctors said that I maybe couldn’t walk again – and nevertheless I managed it. I believe therefore you have to have a lot of discipline and be a fighter, the will to not give up. It was a horrible time but on the other hand, through it I learned to appreciate something even more. There are so many things which we see as if they are self-evident. But after such an experience, you saw much more being in another light. Believe me…

What kind of accident was it?
By mistake I had fallen backwards out of a window which was in the third floor of a house. Since then I’m more careful. I’m actually no Daredevil!

Is it right that you are a dyslexic? And in how far did this learning weakness influenced your life?
That’s right. But having problems with reading and writing did affect me less than the accident. I had to lay down on my back with broken vertebras for almost eight days. I was totally dependent on four nurses, couldn’t do anything for myself. In such a moment all your pride and honour is taken away from you. And after that nothing is better than o be pushed out of the hospital into a garden or walking alone again for the first time. This time made me give. I believe the more obstacles you have to manage, the more you grow as a man…

Orli, how friends call him, is always funny but he also can be very thoughtful. (first part in the right corner above)

1.) Stylish: In the British TV-movie “Wilde” (1997) Orlando had his first big role as a rent boy
2.) In “Black Hawk Down” Orli plays a young soldier who falls off of a helicopter
3.) In “Pirates of Caribbean” the young star fights with Jonny Depp against bad pirates
4.) At the side of Heath Ledger he just finished filming in Australia “The Kelly Gang” 
5.) As the elf warrior Legolas he twists millions of girls heads. Close by the blond long hair is just a wig