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Orlando Bloom, Yam (Germany) #43, October 15, 2003
translated by Marny, scan by Chrissy

"You will never walk again!" When Orlando heard these words, a world broke down for him. A few weeks earlier, he fell from a third-floor window and broke his vertebrae. "I'm really accident-prone", Orlando says about this accident from 1998. "I've broken my back, some ribs, my nose, both legs, my arm, my wrist as well as a finger and a toe. And I cracked my skull three times, too." Unbelievable: Had the doctor been right, today no-one would know Orlando Bloom. Someone else would have played the elf Legolas in "Lord Of The Rings". Orli wouldn't have been in the war movie "Black Hawk Down", too. Ironically he played a soldier who falls out of a helicopter and breaks his back. During the movie shoot successful producer Jerry Bruckheimer ("Pearl Harbor") became aware of the young talent. Jerry told Orlando about a pirate movie he was just planning....

Now, as "Pirates Of The Caribbean" breaks records all over the world, Orlando is one of the hottest newcomers in Hollywood - being only 26! Ten years ago: Orlando joins the National Youth Theatre in London. After only two terms, the 17-year-old is so good he receives a scholarship for the renowned British American Drama Academy. To get his foot in the door, Orlando auditions again and again for tv and movie projects, but his real passion for the next years is the theatre. When he hears that the famous fantasy novel "Lord Of The Rings" will be filmed, humble Orlando wants to audition for the small part of "Faramir", who does not show up until part two. But director Peter Jackson casts David Wenham (38) for that part. Disappointed, Orli returns to the Guildhall School of Drama where he now studies. Then the phone rings: Jackson wants him to play the heroic Legolas! Now the totally surprised young actor has to take a deep breath! "I was so surprised. I told my mum first about it", he remembers. Quickly, Orli packs his stuff and moves to New Zealand for one-and-a-half years, feeling that he will be part of something big. Conscientiously, he prepares for his role - the media frenzy that awaits him after the premiere, he can't even dream of.

On set, the shy actor meets colleagues who soon become his friends. One Sunday morning, Orli and his friends go to a tattoo shop, all of them getting a tattoo with the elvish "nine". Orlando has his on his arm because Legolas is such a good archer. Orli has a sun tattooed on his belly as well. "Everyone who wants a tattoo should think about it: It stays forever", he grins. Orlando and actor Viggo Mortensen (45), who played Aragorn, got along so well that they tease each other: "Vig called me elf boy and said that the vain elves always polish their fingernails and comb their hair. I on the other hand called him a dirty, mortal human." This movie shoot became a high point in Orlando's young life and he likes to talk about it. The movie star doesn't like to talk about his private life though. "My life is dead boring compared to the roles I play." It is probably not that boring - since the "Lord Of The Rings" premiere Orlando's adored by millions of girls. Obviously he likes it: Twinkling, he said in interviews that the best part of his job is that he gets to choose girls. But that's not meant seriously. The actually shy star is dating US actress Kate Bosworth (20) since spring 2003, but does not talk about it. Orlando knows that he has to protect his private life, if he wants to have one in the future. Mr. Bloom cannot see a joke about this issue - he would protect his privacy with bow and arrow or sword!

"Lord Of The Rings" made Orlando well known, with "Pirates Of The Caribbean" he became a superstar. His next movies should establish his status: "Ned Kelly" with Heath Ledger (24) and "Troy" with Brad Pitt (40). The theatre actor from Kent has come a long way - who knows where it will lead him in the future. He can be sure of his loyal fans though. And he loves them as much as they love him: "I'm feeling really lucky that so many people everywhere like me."