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Orlando Bloom Interview, Yam (Germany), September 17, 2003
translated and scanned by Conny

Orlando Bloom - Do dream boys only dream of dream girls?

Interviews are normal in London’s “Dorchester” – hotel. But hardly ever did a talk start as strange as this one: Orlando Bloom (26) lies right across his armchair, moaning and moving his pelvis in small circles. In addition to this you can hear a quiet humming…

Yam: Am I disturbing you right now?

Orlando: No, come in, I’m just treating my back with this totally new massage machine. Years ago I broke my back, and since then I have to be careful with it. Go ahead, what do you want to know?

Y: In a TV report about “Pirates Of The Caribbean” your co-star Keira Knightley apologized to every girl in the world because she had been able to kiss you. Don’t you think you also owe an apology to the men in return?

O: Oh yes, absolutely! Keira was just 17 while shooting, but she already was so sexy, intelligent and talented. She’s an amazing woman!

Y: You’re actually raving there… Did anything happen between you two on the set?

O: (grins) No, she’s absolutely happy with her boyfriend…

Y: And you are with actress Kate Bosworth now…

O: (stops grinning) Yes, but…. Sorry, mate, wrong question. The only thing I don’t talk about in public are my personal relationships.

Y: Okay. If you were single, which girls would you be looking for?

O: A normal, fun loving girl I could also spend quiet hours with. She just has to be right for me.

Y: How did you deal with fame after the first successful movie of “Lord Of The Rings”?

O: It was a crazy experience. I’m still trying to deal with it. I’m in a very fortunate situation and very grateful for the chances I’m getting now.

Y: Do you miss anything of your old life?

O: No, I’m really happy and glad that everything turned out the way it did.

Y: What do you do when not filming?

O: I want to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. The last months have been so strenuous I unfortunately didn’t really get to see them. After “Troy” is finished I’ll take it slowly.

Y: What role do you play in your new movie “Troy”? 

O: I’m playing Paris who starts a war because he falls in love with Helen of Troy. I’m not allowed to say much more about it since we’re still shooting. But everybody knows this Greek legend.

Y: Are you looking forward to the premiere of “Lord Of The Rings 3” in Berlin in December?

O: Frankly, I don’t know if I’ll be there yet. I’ll try at least, but it’s too early to say something definite. The party’s not on until December.

Y: Is Hollywood the way you’ve always imagined it?

O: Not really. I’ve always learned something new by the time I leave again. Everything’s changing very quickly there. A lot of good, but also a lot of bad movies are made in Hollywood. I’m psyched that I’m able to play in the good ones with such great actors.

Y: What’s it like to wake up one morning, knowing so many celebrities and having their phone numbers in your cell phone?

O: (grins) To be honest, I don’t even have numbers like this. When in Los Angeles, I usually sleep on my cousin’s couch, and I don’t often meet stars or attend trendy parties in my free time.

Y: Who helps you with staying so normal and down-to-earth?

O: My family and my friends. I’m really looking forward to seeing them again. They’re very important to me (puts the massage machine on the ground, lays upon it lengthways and groans relaxed) You really have to get yourself such a machine, they’re fabulous!

Y: Thanks for the advice. Do you have any plans for the next years? Wedding, children…

O: Oh man, I’m just 26. There’s still so much time left for family planning. I don’t even know whether I’m in Berlin in December or not (laughs)…