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I'm Searching for True Love, Yam (Germany), March 2005
translated and scanned by Sina

O= Orlando Bloom
Y= Yam (German magazine who held the interview, the reporter's name is Frank Siering)

Separated, in love, separated. -Orlando proposed a conundrum in the past. But he told YAM the truth…

The past weeks were hard for the fans of Orlando Bloom-especially for the female ones. On the one hand they wished their idol to be happy, on the other side they hoped the rumors concerning the separation of his long-lasting relationship to Kate Bosworth were true- and the Hollywood Star would be single again. But Orli remained silent. Until now- Last week he surprisingly invited Yam Reporter Frank Siering to an interview in Los Angeles.

Y: Orlando, please get your fans clear. Have you and Kate separated?
O: Yes, I'm single again. I don't want to talk about the exact reasons. I consider them being too private. Only this much: The split was inevitable. In spite of that I suffered incredibly. The first weeks after the separation were like a long, dark journey.

Y: Are you feeling better now?
O: Under these circumstances. (smiles). We all search for love and security. I'm no exception concerning that. Real love is hard to find. As harder it is to lose it.

Y: You're supposed to have said once that you're in love with the idea of real love…
O: Mmh, yes, the concept of love is on the one hand very abstract and hard to convert. But it's a wonderful idea.

Y: Then you're still searching for the love of your life?
O: Sure. You have to accept set-backs, but you mustn't give up. I'm simply starting at the beginning now.

Y: Regarding your profession you didn't have to accept setbacks until now. Your advancement is comet like. Do you think from time to time, that everything moves on a little fast?
O: Constantly. At first it isn't always easy to handle the praise and hurly-burly concerning my character. But I'm trying it each day.

Y: You are follower of buddhism. Do you find here the strength that you need for your life?
O: Yes. buddhism really helps me. I'm learning to handle the insanity around me through this philosophy. The teachings of buddhism show me to differentiate the semblance of the show-biz from real life. I want to continue being a human being. I believe that you can only grow as a human through spirituality. Even my character in my new movie "Kingdom of Heaven" is searching for growth and spirituality. I liked the journey of this knight with all the questions and doubts a lot.

Y: Which attributes of your character do you see in yourself?
O: I like the fact that knights are honorable. I would like to add this side to my (private) character. But that's a point other people have to judge.

Y: Another message of "Kingdom of Heaven" is tolerance. Are you tolerant yourself?
O: Yes. Tolerance has been enormously important in my family. And I'm the settled conviction that our society can only work, if we deal with each other in tolerant and peaceful way.