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Orlando Bloom's Got Your Back, YM.com, July 3, 2003
by Martine Bury

Just like the loyal elf in Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom's character in Pirates of the Caribbean is a brave soul who helps out a friend who's stuck in a bad situation. You know: Girl gets kidnapped by evil ghost-pirate and taken to nameless nightmare island to be sacrificed, whereupon our hero volunteers to try and save her. Tough for Keira Knightley's character, Elizabeth Swann. Luckily, the 26-year-old Orlando likes to play the kind of guy who's got your back. Read on, then talk about Orlando, his role, and the movie on our Pirates of the Caribbean message board.

ym: So you've been in two epic action movies. Are there toy figures of Legolas and Will Turner?
O.B.: Yeah, loads of them.

ym: Besides that, how has life changed since Lord of the Rings? Can you go places?
O.B.: I don't know how it will change after Pirates. But a blond wig really helps.

ym: Where is that wig?
O.B.: I wore it the last time in New Zealand and I hope I'm going to get it. They gave me my clapboard and my bow and arrow from the last movie.

ym: What was the last scene you filmed for that?
O.B.: I did a fight sequence with Gimley.

ym: Was it sad?
O.B.: It was really sad. It was hugely emotional. You know Pete [Jackson] went up and did a speech and everyone came to the set. He said some amazing things. I was just really lucky.

ym: So what now?
O.B.: Now I'm getting to work, like in Pirates of the Caribbean and Troy [with Brad Pitt]. I'm getting to a place where I can start choosing roles.

ym: How does it feel to finally play the leading man?
O.B.: It feels like my first serious Hollywood movie where I've got more to do. And I felt comfortable that it was something I could do. Johnny [Depp] is such a hero of mine anyway, you know, as a kid growing up I watched his movies and stuff.

ym: Has he helped you cope with all the attention, since he was a heartthrob, too?
O.B.: That's what's such a great example for me. In a way, he [and Brad Pitt] created the heartthrob thing and then they went against it. It's like a rite of passage. You have to be something and then you get the chance to go against it. It's like Legolas was a great opener for me cause he's just an elf, you know?

ym: Do you mean he's just eye candy and they painted you as this heartthrob and now you're breaking through it?
O.B.: I mean, what am I going to do? It's a pretty intense time for me right now and I'm trying to figure it out. I'm flattered [by all the attention] and it's all very nice, but I trained for years as an actor, you know?

ym: What's been the worst piece of gossip you've read about yourself?
O.B.: Somebody said that I would do a movie for no money if I just got to kiss a girl, and I was like, Who the hell writes this?

ym: That one is so posted on the Net.
O.B.: How do I change that?

ym: You can tell us so we can spread the word. Right here, right now.
O.B.: That's just so wrong.

ym: I don't think people believe you're a player.
O.B.: I don't think they do either. You know what? Whatever.

ym: But you did get to kiss a girl in this movie.
O.B.: I did. Don't get me wrong. I love women.

ym: Is it hard not to lose your mind while you're getting so popular?
O.B.: Yeah.

ym: What do you do?
O.B.: I talk to my friends and family all the time. I'm just figuring it out. It's really hard. It is difficult.

ym: So what was the best advice Johnny gave you?
O.B.: Don't go for the money. Keep it real. Follow your heart. You know, that sort of stuff. Which I don't need to do anyway. I haven't made obvious choices. I'm lucky.

ym: Why did you want to act in the first place?
O.B.: When I realized that I just loved it and the characters I saw on TV and in the movies. I was like, That's great. You can be an action hero. You can be those characters. I get to play an elf, a pirate, a bushranger, and a boxer.

ym: Who was better at sword fighting, you or Johnny?
O.B.: [laughs] I could never take Johnny Depp on any level.