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Hottest Guy on the High Seas, YM (US), June 2003
typed by Melissa, scan from Kimberly

Let's be honest - pirates and ships aren't really our thing. But put a pirate - fighting heartthrob like Orlando Bloom on that ship and we'll pretty much sail anywhere. This summer the hunky Brit trades in his bow, arrow, and pointy ears from Lord of the Rings for a sword and sexy goatee in Pirates of the Caribbean.

"I can't believe the roles I've had," says Orlando, 26, who used to run around pretending to be a cowboy or Indian when he was a kid. "I've been an elf, an army boy, a bush ranger, a boxer, and now this. It's just mad."

In Pirates, Orlando plays Will Turner, a blacksmith's apprentice. He teams up with friendly pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) to battle cursed buccaneers and save his love, Elizabeth (Bend it like Beckham's Kiera Knightly). But those doomed pirates are determined to break the hex that makes them undead (which means they can't die but can't enjoy life, either) and Elzabeth has the final piece of gold they need to undo it. It's a pretty simple good-guys-vs.-bad-guys story line, but what's not to love about an exciting movie that features Orlando sword-fighting in a flimsy shirt? Yeah, we couldn't come up with anything, either."