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Orlando and Brad – The Duel, Young Lisa (Germany), December 2003
translation and scan by Sabine

And Action! YOUNG send the Heroes of “Troy” (Start: May 04) to the Body & Styling-test. Who wins?


OB: He likes to experiment when it comes to fashion. Sometimes a suit, then a Harley-Davidson-Shirt. And he always looks cool in it.  Advantage: Orlando

BP: Brad knows what looks good on him. His outfits are always fit together perfectly. He seems to be casual and sovereign. Disadvantage: Fashionable Surprises are missing.


OB: He is sexy, but somehow he isn’t yet a man. Often he seems to be very lanky. But he has the right DNA. It’s only a question of time.

BP: The sexiest male Body in Hollywood. His Six pack – pure sex! Advantage: Brad


OB: His eyes, his charisma. A man to fall in love with, but (not yet) a man for hot fantasies.

BP: Who is Britney Spears thinking of in her dreams?

Exactly .... Advantage: Brad


OB: Orlando is young and wild: Bungee-jumping, Surfing, Partying. Action – that’s his life! Advantage: Orlando

BP: Brad is interested in architecture, designer-furniture and in nature. Also he collects art. So much depth is to strenuous.


OB: Every Movie is a big success. “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Lord of the Rings” – Orli the flashing Superstar. Drawn

BP: “Oscar-Nominee”, Golden Globe – Brad made it to the top. Drawn


OB: He loves his family. Autographs are very rare. Doesn’t he care about his fans? Mad boy!

BP: Brad is for more than ten years a superstar, he has a strong character. He is nice and reliable. Advantage: Brad


OB: Has the starlet Kate Bosworth conquered his heart? He doesn’t talk about it. But he isn’t married yet! Advantage: Orlando

BP: Jennifer Aniston (“Friends”) is the woman on his side. Wedding in July 2000 – and (apparently) faithful, till death will seperate them.  Sob, Sniffle!

RESULT: DRAWN! Yet. Because Orlando is only 26 years old, Brad’s 40. His birthday is December 18th. While Brad is going to have some good years in the future, Orlando has a lot of time to develop!