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Orlando Bloom - Direct hit in your heart, Young Lisa (Germany), January 2003
translated by Loreen and Pip

Give him his blonde wig and Orlando Bloom becomes the Elf Legolas - the most handsome reason to watch the second part of "The Lord of the Rings".

Well, obviously something went wrong. Originally someone else was supposed to become a superstar through "The Lord of the Rings", but Elijah Wood plays the ringbearer as exciting as a rough filament-wallpaper. Bad luck for him! But there was Orlando Bloom as Legolas:
Long blonde hair, unfathomable eyes, tender lips. The most handsome Elf in Middle-earth.
For most women he is the only reason to watch the movie. And even without his blonde wig, the 25-year-old shooting star looks delicious.
Styled dark hair and instead of suede and a bow, he'd rather wear a nonchalant shirt with his suit. All trendsetters are dressed like that in the London-quarter Notting Hill where Orlando lives. For his british fans he's just "Mr. Sex on legs".
Orlando, who grew up in the small town Canterbury, was an unknown drama student until a call arrived for him two years ago: "This is Peter Jackson," the director of "The Lord of the Rings" said. "You got the part of Legolas." And all that just two days before he was finished with his studies at the "Guildhall School for Music and Drama".
"I didn't believe how lucky I was until the first scenes were done", Orlando says. "I was just a student and suddenly I'm standing in New Zealand learning archery and riding."
Not only has the shooting been adventurous: In every free minute Orlando used his time to expose himself to danger. "Surfing, snowboarding! And I did the highest bungee-jump in the world" he swarms. "Six times!" Without getting hurt. This is an exception: Nearly every bone in the body of the adrenalin-junkie had been broken. Even his back. "The doctors thought I could never walk again. But twelve days after the operation I walked out of the hospital."
Dream job, dream of many women, guardian angel - unfortunately Orlando isn't that lucky all the time: His first love didn't survive the 18-months-long shooting. And after some brief affairs with model Jemma Kid and actress Christina Ricci only his dog Maude is still waiting for him at home. But Orlando is an actor and knows: "You are able to impress women with that."

~  Orlando and his movies ~
- In "Black Hawk Down" he has a small part beside Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor
- In "The Kelly Gang" he plays the second  leading-role at the side of  Heath Ledger.
- At present he is shooting "Pirates of the  Caribbean" in L.A. with Johnny Depp - his idol.
- In the second (hits the cinemas on Dec. 18th) and third part of "The Lord of the Rings" you can see him as Legolas again.