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Donít Miss, Young Miss (Germany), August 2003
scan and translation by Conny

Orlando Bloom, 26

Ym: Youíve become famous by playing an elf in "Lord Of The Rings", and now youíre a pirate in "Pirates Of The Caribbean". Which role suits you better?

OB: Iíve enjoyed being a perfect being for 1 Ĺ years. Iíve never had as clean fingernails as while I was Legolas (laughs). But pirates are more like the rock stars of the 18th century. They know how to have fun! Thatís very much like my own love for adventure.

YM: So youíre into action in private life as well?

OB: Iím an adrenalin junkie, I like reaching my limits. I love snowboarding, skydiving, surfing, mountain biking, bungee jumping, Ö

YM: Is adrenaline your only drug?

OB: Yes, and itís dangerous enough.

YM: Life-threatening?

OB: Well, yes, sometimes. Thereís hardly a bone I havenít broken yet: I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident, the other one and some ribs during horseback riding, nose, arm and wrist during snow boarding. But thatís not the worst. 5 years ago my back got badly injured during an accident. Since then I donít consider myself immortal anymore.

YM: What happened?

OB: I wanted to be cool and tried to climb onto the roof terrace of a friend of mine from a window on the 3rd floor. But I lost my grip and fell down 15 meters. The doctors thought Iíd never walk again. But two weeks later I could feel my legs again. Iíve been very lucky.

YM: Was that some kind of rebirth for you?

OB: Yes, you can say so. Iím more aware of things since that, pay more attention to the things I do to my body Ė or the things I put into it. Iím a vegetarian and I'd rather drink tea than alcohol. I get my adrenalin boost in my job as well. I was able to jump from a 30 m high cliff for Wolfgang Petersenís new movie "Troy". That was almost the best thing about the whole shooting. Except my film partner Brad Pitt, of course.