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Bloom Blushes for 'Troy', zap2it.com, May 4, 2004
By Vanessa Sibbald

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - As "Troy" heads into theaters, Diane Kruger, the actress who beat out a number of others for the role of legendary beauty Helen -- the face that launched 1,000 ships and caused a war -- isn't concerned with what audiences will say when they see the film.

Yet, the former model says she was intimated when she shot her love scene in the film with Orlando Bloom -- and she wasn't the only one.

"We had just met, and he had never done a love scene; he was so red," she laughs. "I'd never done anything like that either."

The scene in question opens with a fully-dressed Paris (Bloom) entering Helen's bedroom. Within a few minutes, the Queen of Sparta undresses in front of her lover, the Prince of Troy.

"He's in full armor and I get up and take those pins out and the entire dress falls down. You don't see [my body] in the movie, but it's a little weird to be like, 'Look at me' and he's really looking at me -- and 50 technicians. It's like, 'Be my guest,' you know?"

It's the love story between the two characters that leads Helen's husband, King Meneleus (Brendan Gleeson) to appeal to his brother Agamemnon, King of Myceneans, to wage the epic battle against Troy in order to get his wife back.

"He's just a young guy that's madly in love with Helen," Bloom says of his character. "He's foolish and he creates a mess. He's not the obvious hero because of the way that he goes about his life, but it was interesting for me to try to step into the role of someone like that and see if I could do something with that character and try and find the human element to him. He's the lover and not the fighter in a time when it's all about being a man and honor."

Kruger, who, like Bloom, has only a few film credits on her resume -- including the upcoming "Wicker Park" with "Troy" co-star Rose Byrne -- says their lack of experience actually helped them become closer during the shoot.

"I love Orlando. He's a really good guy. I felt really close to him because in a way, we have similar starts," she says. "I think we felt like we were in the same boat and we tried to help each other out."

As for how her co-star ranked in the kissing department, the married Kruger is at first coy, then says, "He's a good kisser. He would love for you to write that, too."

"Troy" opens nationwide on Friday, May 14.