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Orlando Bloom is an Action Star in Real-Life Too, Zap2it.com, November 19, 2002

Orlando Bloom may not play Superman on TV, but he acts like one in real life.

When Bloom fell three stories from a window and broke his back a few years ago, he was told there was a possibility that he would never walk again. Twelve days and an operation later, he walked out of the hospital.

His devastating experience has not debilitated his adventures, however. In fact, Bloom’s real-life escapades rival those of his character Legolas who will be recreated again in the upcoming "Lord of the Rings: Two Towers" film scheduled for Dec. 18.

During filming, the producers were concerned that Bloom might injure himself—not in the dangerous battle scenes, but when he was left to his own devices.

"I love bungee jumping and stuff like skydiving," said Bloom when asked about his thrill-seeking. "Anything dangerous, you can put me in. And shooting in a place like New Zealand was fantastic. I went skydiving, I was surfing, snowboarding and fishing, and just generally having a great time."

It appears that Bloom is in the right business, because acting has allowed him to quench his thirst for excitement both on and off the screen. Bloom showed great insight when he made his career choice.

"Once I realized Superman was an actor, I thought, ‘That’s for me, mate’," he said.