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The Calcium Kid
GB 2003, Feature Length Film (in post-production)
Working Title Films (Production company, UK)
Rated: R (US), 15 (UK), for language and brief nudity

Cast and Crew
Orlando Bloom (Jimmy Connelly)
Billie Piper (Jimmy's girlfriend, Angel)
Omid Djalili (Herbie Bush, Jimmy's trainer)
David Kelly (Paddy)
Ronni Ancona (Jimmy's mother, Pat)
Micheal Pena (Jose Mendez)
Rafe Spall (Stan)
Tamer Hassan (Pete Wright)
Chris Eubank (cameo appearance as a boxer)

Director: Alek De Rakoff
Screenplay by Alek De Rakoff and Derek Boyle

In this KO comedy, Jimmy Connelly (Orlando Bloom) is a happy-go-lucky milkman who has the burning ambition to become the regional manager for his employers Express Milk Dairies. But Jimmy's life takes an unexpected turn when he accidentally injures Britain's contender for the upcoming boxing World title during a sparring session in his local gym, and puts him out of action.

With no time to find a suitable replacement, Jimmy is thrust into the boxing ring and onto the world stage as Britain's new hope for the championship, in a match of true David and Goliath proportions.

Behind the Scenes Info
Filming began September 2, 2002 mainly in Vauxhall London, and other locations in South and East London, and wrapped on October 12th. Alek De Rakoff will make his debut behind the camera for this film. His previous work includes music videos for Ice T, Space, Bucketheads and N-Trance.
This is a remake of the 1936 film The Milky Way, which was also remade in 1946 in The Kid from Brooklyn. Those movies were based on the play The Milky Way. The plot is the same in both movies, with a shy milkman named Burleigh Sullivan who accidentally knocks out a middleweight boxing champ thrusting him into the limelight.

Release Dates
April 30, 2004 in the UK and France. According to the Daily Mail, it will go straight to video in America.

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