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fan mail diagram Here is the official fan mail address to write to Orlando, and the guidelines set forth by Orlando's fan mail team. Orlando DOES NOT have an email address you can write him at. I have nothing to do with his fan mail, I am only posting this information that was passed along to all the fansites, so please do not email me with questions because I won't be able to answer them.

Orlando Bloom
c/o Spanky Taylor
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Suite 300
Burbank, CA 91505

If you are requesting an autograph, please follow these guidelines:
Along with your letter and photo, include a self addressed stamped envelope that will be used to return your signed photo to you. The envelope must have US postage on it. If you cannot get US postage, you can send an International Reply Coupon that you can get at your post office. If you do not include something for Orlando sign, you will probably receive a pre-printed card.

The Fan Team cannot guarantee to get any letters or gifts directly to Orlando. Fans who receive answers must please promise not to write again, otherwise other fans will be prevented from receiving replies.

Please read all of the official fan mail messages for more information.

If you need to contact me, Sarah (OB Files webmaster), you can contact me here. But be forewarned: I am not Orlando, I don't know him, and I can't get a message to him! Sorry.