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Studio Photos
Harper's Bazaar
Arena Homme
L'Uomo Vogue
2004 Orlando Calendar Photos

Public Appearances, Parties, Candids

Various Public Appearances & Parties
Miscellaneous Photos and Candids
Childhood Photos

2006 Fuji Rock Festival
Superman Returns LA Premiere
2006 Sanremo Music Festival
2005 Global Green Party
Beyond the Sea LA Premiere
Beyond the Sea London Premiere
Celebrity PlayStation 2 Tournament
Zumanity premiere and Flaunt party
The Lili Claire Foundation Benefit

Award Shows

2005 Video Music Awards Screen Caps
2005 Academy Awards Screen Caps
2005 Golden Globe Awards Press Photos
2005 Golden Globe Awards Screen Caps
2003 British Independent Film Awards
2003 GQ Awards Press Photos
2003 GQ Awards Screen Caps
2003 Hollywood Awards Gala Press Photos
2003 Hollywood Awards Gala Screen Caps
2002 MTV Movie Awards
2002 Oscar Related Events
2002 Green Cross Millenium Awards
2002 Screen Actors Guild Awards
2002 British Academy of Film Awards
2002 Empire Awards
2002 Critic's Choice Awards Press Photos
2002 Critic's Choice Awards Screen Caps

Various Lord of the Rings

Making of The Lord of the Rings
PrimeTime's Journey to Middle Earth
The WB's TTT: Return to Middle Earth
MTV's Making of the Movie
E! TV's Force of Hobbit
SCI-FI channel's Passage to Middle Earth
Languages of Middle-Earth
Fox's Quest for the Ring
LOTR Cast and Characters Video

The Return of the King Premieres, Interviews and Appearances
LA Premiere
LA Press Conference
TV Interviews from LA Premiere
Wellington Premiere
Wellington Press Conference and Airport

The Two Towers Premieres, Interviews and Appearances
New York Premiere
LA Premiere
E! News Live at the NY Premiere
Hollywood.com Interview from LA Premiere
TTT PS2 Electronic Arts Interview
News Footage from the LA Premiere
TTT Press Conference
The Today Show

The Fellowship of The Ring Premieres, Interviews and Appearances
Los Angeles Premiere
Wellington Premiere
London Premiere
Sydney Premiere
New York Advanced Screening
Cannes Photos
Japanese Press Conference
Winter Festival Hollywood Ball
Wellington Bathtub Race
FOTR Press Interview 1
FOTR Press Interview 2
Japanese TV Interview
TheOneRing.net Interview
Burly TV Movie Junky Interview


In Celebration


Good Morning America (6/29/06)
Jay Leno (6/23/06)
MTV's TRL (10/10/05)
Good Morning America (10/10/05)
Oprah (10/5/05)
Live @ MuchMusic (9/10/05)
ONE Commercial
Oprah (5/3/04)
Top 10 Prime Cut Hunks
Jay Leno (12/5/03)
Secrets of Hollywood's Hottest Hunks
V Graham Norton (10/31/03)
V Graham Norton (7/8/03)
Top Ten Movie Soundtracks on MTV UK
MTV Movie House
Gap Commercial
E!'s Sizzlin' 16
So Graham Norton (3/1/02)
Live with Regis and Kelly (1/10/02)
MTV's TRL (12/14/01)
MTV News and Best of the Red Carpet

Movies and Premieres

New York, I Love You
Screen Shots

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Publicity Stills and Miscellaneous

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Publicity Stills and Miscellaneous
Trailer #1 Screen Shots
Commercials & Trailer #2 Screen Shots
Disney Movie Surfers Interview

Screen Shots from ET Interview
2004 Toronto International Film Festival

Publicity Stills and Miscellaneous
Screen Shots
7 Minute Trailer Screen Shots
Theatrical Trailer #1 Screen Shots
Venice Film Festival
MTV Elizabethtown Special

Kingdom of Heaven
Trailer Screen Shots
FOX Movie Channel Interview
NY Premiere
London Premiere

Trailer Screen Shots
Entertainment Tonight Interview
Movie Screen Shots from Oprah
HBO's Making of Troy
E!'s Behind the Scenes of Troy
Cannes Red Carpet
Cannes Photo Call
Cannes TV Screen Shots

The Lord of the Rings
The Fellowship of the Ring Screen Shots
Special Extended Edition Screen Shots
Features from Spec. Edition Screen Shots
The Fellowship of the Ring Miscellaneous
The Two Towers Screen Shots
The Two Towers Miscellaneous
The Return of the King Screen Shots
The Return of the King Miscellaneous
Decipher Cards

The Calcium Kid
Movie Screen Shots
Trailer Screen Shots
Feature on Sky Movies

Ned Kelly
Trailer Screen Shots
Movie Screen Shots
Screen Shots from Interview

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Screen Shots from Trailer and Press DVD
Publicity Stills and Miscellaneous
Press Conference
Disneyland Premiere
London Premiere
E! News and AH at London Premiere
AOL First Look
E! News Live and Mexican Interviews
Intro to Trailer
Access Hollywood Segments
Entertainment Tonight 1
Entertainment Tonight 2
SKY Movie News Segment

Black Hawk Down
Movie Screen Shots
DVD Featurette Screen Shots
London Premiere

Midsomer Murders
Midsomer Murders Screen Shots

Screen Shots


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