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Ned Kelly
AUS/UK 2002, Action/Drama, Rated M15+ (R) for violence and brief nudity
Endymion Films, in association with Working Title Australia.
Distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures.

Cast and Crew
Heath Ledger (Ned Kelly)
Orlando Bloom (Joe Byrne)
Laurence Kinlan (Dan Kelly)
Philip Barantini (Steve Hart)
Geoffrey Rush (Superintendent Francis Hare)
Naomi Watts (Julia Cook)
Joel Edgerton (Aaron Sherrit)
Rachel Griffiths (Mrs. Scott)
Russell Dykstra (Isaiah Wright)
Peter Phelps (Thomas Lonigan)

Director: Gregor Jordon
Producers: Nelson Woss and Lynda House
Executive Producers: Nelson Woss, Lynda House, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Tim White
Screenplay: John Michael McDonagh
Cinematographer: Oliver Stapleton

Based on the book 'Our Sunshine' by Robert Drewe, the film is a fictionalized account of the infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly formed the notorious Kelly gang with his brother Dan, and two other men, Joe Byrne, and Steve Hart. Making use of homemade steel helmets and chest plates to stop bullets, they committed a series of robberies from 1878-80, when Kelly was captured and hanged in Melbourne.

About Orlando's Character
Orlando plays Joe Byrne, Ned Kelly's right-hand man. Byrne was a good shot and fine horseman. He practiced riding down steep gullies for fun. He was also an experienced alluvial miner and could speak fluent Cantonese having grown up amongst the Chinese diggers, which came in handy during his numerous visits to their opium dens. Byrne was seen as one of the most glamorous gang members with his handsome colonial boy charm and his strong opposition to police law and order. He was reputed to have a number of girlfriends in the towns of the Kelly country, one of them being Mrs. Scott (Rachel Griffiths). Joe Byrne died at the age of 23 when he was struck by a bullet to the groin at the Glenrowan Inn.

Behind the Scenes Info
Shooting began April 29th, 2002, and ended mid-July, 2002.

Release Dates (subject to change)
The world premiere was in Melbourne on March 23, 2002.

March 27, 2003: Australia
May 15, 2003: Russia
June 6, 2003: Iceland
July 24, 2003: New Zealand
September 5, 2003: Sweden
September 26, 2003: UK
September 26, 2003: Spain
October 10, 2003: Finland
October 30, 2003: Argentina
November 6, 2003: Hungary
November 13, 2003: Germany
November 14, 2003: Austria
December 4, 2003: Czech Republic
February 13, 2003: Sweden
February 20, 2003: Denmark
February 2003: Brazil
March 25, 2004: Germany (straight to video)
March 26, 2004: USA
April 2004: Canada
November 2004: Norway

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