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June 2010

  Saturday, June 26, 2010

Orlando and Miranda Are Engaged!

It was recently announced that Orlando and Miranda Kerr have gotten engaged!

From KORA Skin Care Official Facebook: “yes it’s official we are engaged. I would have announced it on facebook to all of you wonderful people however I am a traditionalist to an extent and felt O should announce it. Thanks for your well wishes Lots of love Miranda xxx”

From telegraph.co.uk: One wondered if Orlando Bloom might be minded to cast Johnny Depp – his Pirates of the Caribbean co-star – as his best man when he marries Miranda Kerr, the Victoria’s Secret model. “I shouldn’t think so,” riposted Sonia Copeland, Bloom’s mother, with an interesting degree of vehemence. Still, she says she is thrilled that her 33-year-old son is engaged to Miss Kerr, 27. “Miranda is a beautiful girl in all aspects of that word,” she says. Mrs Copeland adds that as the pair always have to travel for work, their time together will be “precious”.

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  Sunday, June 6, 2010

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