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April 2003
  April 30
Possible Movie Role
From AICN: A WEST MEMPHIS THREE film is in development with Curt Johnson
(THOTH) producing and finishing up a script. Michael Pitt (HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH) is attached to play Damian Echols. Orlando Bloom and William H. Macy are said to be targeted for roles. Production is expected to begin in the fall in West Memphis. Visit http://www.wm3.org for more news.

Info from Pirate Chat
There's a partial transcript at the Johnny Depp Zone message board of the Pirate chat that took place last night at Pyracy.com. Some of the Orlando bits were:
-Orlando and Johnny did some of their stunts. they had stunt doubles that looked VERY much like them
-Orlando was very quiet and kept to himself. Except at parties!
-Orlando had his lines down pat MOST of the time (refer to the storm scene story) and was a consummate professional.

Legolas Movie Card
Fisha sent in these scans of the Legolas movie card that came with a TTT easter egg she received. (1 & 2)

Amber Magazine
From Jade: Orlando is going to be in the June issue of Amber magazine (UK). It says there will be an exclusive interview with him.

Vi unge Magazine
From Tine: Orlando is in the May issue of a Danish magazine called Vi unge. There is a small article about him and Kate Bosworth, with a pic of them both.

AOL Poll
From Joanna: At AOL keywords: In the Know, you can vote for the must-see sequel of 2003. The Return of the King is in second place. Click here if you have AOL, and here if not.

Legolas Mention on Gilmore Girls
Sarah S: Legolas was mentioned on the TV show Gilmore Girls on 4/29. Posted by Meg: These guys were standing around talking and one said something along the lines of "When the dwarf was riding the horse and then the elf swung up into the saddle - in front of the horse - that was awesome, man." Then later..."at the end, when that tree was on fire and stuck his head in the water to put it out, that was cool."

Newsweek Article
Kate sent in the Pirates article from the May 5th issue of Newsweek (US).
"Based on the Disney theme-park ride, this $125 million Jerry Bruckheimer spectacular stars "Lord of the Rings" hottie Orlando Bloom as a blacksmith who, with the help of the mysterious Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), sets out to rescue his bonnie lass ("Bend it like Beckham's" Keira Knightly) from the clutches of evil pirates (led by Geoffrey Rush). Thanks to a curse, nothing brings the pirates pleasure: not wine, wenches or wealth. "The rewards of their pillaging become pointless until they reverse the curse," says director Gore Verbinski, who recently made "The Ring". Needless to say, that really pisses them off." That and no shuffleboard. Opens July 9."

Lush Lad Poll
From Stephanie-Lou: There is a vote for lush lad of the week at mykindaplace.com. Orlando is in the lead.

Now Magazine
From Sarah: In the newest edition of NOW! magazine, there is a double page article on Billie Piper. A box in the corner talks about her up and coming movie 'The Calcium Kid' with lord of the rings star Orlando Bloom.

Electronic Gaming Monthly and EW
From Mamie Bloom: In the May issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, there is a picture of Orlando and a review of the lord of the Rings The Two Towers game. In behind the scenes of The Two Towers the game, there are interviews with the actors including Orly. Also, TORN has posted a scan from the May 2nd issue of Entertainment Weekly that discusses The Return of the King video game.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mercedes (17) and Jen (20).

  April 29
MTV UK Photo/Autograph
When Orlando was on MTV UK last week, there was a contest to win an autographed picture and a camera. Aurore won the contest, and she scanned the autographed photo of Orlando at the MTV studios! Thanks Aurore.

Teen People Scan
Kimberly sent in this scan from the June/July issue of Teen People (US).  Next to it is info about a contest where you can win the costume he is wearing in the photo (sword not included). Ten runners up will win Orlando POTC posters. To enter, get the magazine or go to teenpeople.com/win. From Andie: Also in the mag, there is a summer movie preview section entitled 'Now!'. Under the July section, under the Date-Worthy section, is Pirates of the Caribbean. It says: "Inspired by the Disney ride, this swashbuckling adventure has romance, sword fights and (drum roll please...) Orlando Bloom! (July 9)"  There is a picture at the top of the page with Orlando and Johnny and the caption reads: "Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom make waves in Pirates of the Caribbean."

Pirate Chat
A reminder that Pyracy.com will be having a live chat tonight with 3 minor cast members from the Pirates of the Caribbean at 9pm EST.

Ned Kelly US Release Date
From filmjerk.com: “Ned Kelly” Gets a U.S. Release Date Almost a Year After it Opens in Australia: Already having seen release in Australia this past March, “Ned Kelly” is now set to open almost a year later in the U.S. March 19, 2004 is the new date. The film centers on the true story of Australian gunslinger and outlaw, Ned Kelly (1855-1880), and his Kelly Gang, famous for their many robberies from 1878-1880. Given that he died in 1880, guessing the crime spree didn’t turn out so well for Kelly; this film should have a better chance in the form of opening weekend box office receipts.

CosmoGirl (UK) Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in these scans from the latest issue of CosmoGirl (UK). (1 & 2) You can also vote for Orlando in CG!'s 101 most wanted poster special. To vote, write to CosmoGIRL! 101 Most Wanted, National Magazine House, 72 Broadwick Street, London W1F 9EP, or email cosmogirl.mail@natmags.co.uk, or text us on 82100 (texts cost 25p plus your normal operator rate) starting your message CG!SHOUT, and tell us who's your favourite celeb crush! Visit cosmogirl.co.uk for more information.

Tribute Magazine Scan
From Melanie C.: I recently picked up the April issue of Tribute magazine from an AMC theatre in Toronto, Canada. In a column titled "who, what, where" they had a little bit of info on Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth dating, plus a photo. This magazine is free in Cineplex and AMC theatres in Canada.

Hitkrant Magazine Scan
From Tara: Here is a scan from the Dutch Hitkrant magazine, no. 17. Also I -tried to- translate the text:
Lucky Bloom! How lucky can you be! When Orlando was twenty years old he fell from a flat window so badly that the doctors told him he would never walk again. He fell from the third floor! Though Orlando wouldn't be Orlando if he would not be able to walk out the hospital without a scratch. For four days the hunk had to stay in bed. It's a wonder that everything on Orlando still works!

From Jen: In the May 5 edition of Newsweek (US), they have a summer movie preview. Pirates of the Caribbean got a little paragraph on page 60. Although there are no pictures, they do mention that it "stars 'Lord of the Rings' hottie Orlando Bloom" and there's a tiny bit of plot summary.

AOL Hot Brit Actor
From Kate: Orlando is featured in AOL's 'hot brit actors' in the celeb section. They say that he is making a name for himself, that he has won a few awards in 2002, and that he is appearing in Ned Kelly with Heath Ledger. There is a photo with it, from the FOTR premiere.

Pirates Trailer in The Netherlands
From Christy at Orlando's Haven: The trailer for POTC will start appearing in Dutch cinema's starting on Thursday, May 1.

Troy Article from Empire
Laura sent in this scan of a small article about Troy from the June issue of Empire (UK).

From Molly: Orlando is in 2nd place to Justin Timberlake in the Sexiest Celebrity poll at AOL UK. From Erin: Orlando needs help in the YM poll for the hottest guy.

  April 28
New/Old Photos
Bonnie sent in these photos from the TTT press conference in New York last year (1, 2, 3, 4) this photo from the HQ Gallery in LA on March 6, and this unknown photo.

Photo in Tiger Beat
From Brittany: In the June issue of Tiger Beat magazine (US) there is a pic of Orlando on pg. 36. It says:
FAVE COLOR: yellow
GIRL TALK: "Women are beautiful. They deserve to be cherished," says the Lord of the Rings hottie.  

DVD Monthly
TORN has posted scans from the May issue of DVD Monthly that has a feature on TTT.

Boy Crazy Magazine
Here's a scan of the ad for the LOTR Fan Club featuring Legolas, from the April/May issue of Boy Crazy magazine, thanks to Stacie.

MTV UK Transcript
Becca has typed up the missing segment from the MTV UK transcript where Orlando talks about Coldplay.

Sunday Mail Article
From The Sunday Mail: "IT'S tough being a hobbit on the pull when there's a good-looking elf around. Just ask pint- sized Scot Billy Boyd. The Lord of the Rings star says Orlando Bloom, who plays dashing elf Legolas, towers over him as a heartthrob. Billy, the hobbit Pippin, is 5ft 7in and says he never gets a look in with women when his dashing 6ft co-star is around. But Billy added: "It doesn't get on my nerves. Orlando's a great guy." The quote is from this BBC Q&A with Billy.

POTC Premiere
From SexyElfEars: The World Premier of Pirates of the Caribbean will be at Disneyland at the end of June (the 28th). Some Disney cast members (About 6) told me that Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are SUPPOSED to be there. Unless something comes up. If nothing does, they WILL be there.

Pirate Reviews
From Stella: On the May 15, 2003 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, there is a review section of movies coming out this summer. POTC is one of the films reviewed and sadly, it's not a very good one and is under the section of movies getting bad buzz: "Pirate movies tank on a regular basis. But Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom have hitched their stars to a $100 million-plus 'Ahoy, matey' epic based on the Disney theme-park ride. Need I say more?"
From Slick: Pirates of the Caribbean was mentioned in the Sunday New York Daily News. Pg.18 (Showtime): The Deal: This is a sort of supernatural costume drama inspired by the tunnel attraction at Disneyland and starring Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom as swashbucklers who team up to rescue the daughter of a British aristocrat from the dastardly pirate Barbossa (Geoffery Rush). The pirates are cursed creatures, not quite dead, and not quite alive, who intend to use the blood of thier captor to restore themselves. Of course, there's a buried treasure involved as well. The Disney saga is directed by Gore Verbinski, hot off last year's very successful horror film "The Ring."
The Feel:  It's hard to believe after "The Country Bears" that Disney would attempt to transform another park attraction into a feature film. But this one does hold promise where the other didn't, and it's well cast. Depp is simply one of the most interesting actors of his generation, in whatever role. Bloom has acquited himself well as Legalos the Elf in "Lord of the Rings" movies, and Rush figures to make a fine sadistic villain.
Also on page 16 they mention July 9th as the release date. No pictures of Orlando, just one of Depp in his pirate attire.

CBBC Newsround Poll
From Michelle and CBBC Newsround: "Elijah Wood has sprung a surprise in your fave celeb vote this week, beating Rings co-star Orlando Bloom and Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Eden (15) and to Nadine (14) from her friend Sarah.

  April 27
Twist Scan
Cassandra sent in a scan from the May/June issue of Twist (US) with Avril Lavigne on the cover.

From Gabriela: In the May/June issue of J-14 (US) there is a pic of Orli in the Summer Sizzle (or summer films you can't miss) and it mentions Johnny Depp and the Lord of the Rings. and on access hollywood's countdown to summer films, they mentioned orli and showed a quick clip of him fighting.

POTC Mention on Access Hollywood
From Ashly: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was mentioned on Access Hollywood's list of can't miss family films for this summer. It was aired at 5:00 central time on Saturday April 26. There wasn't any interviews with any cast members but it did mention who was in the movie and how it is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Check tvguide.com for repeat times.

From Kathy and Katie: In the spring 2003 issue of Fashion18 (Canada), this Orlando photo is shown in the Teen Style Guide on pg 30.

Photo in Dayton Daily Newspaper
From Krista: There is an extremly small picture of Orlando and Johnny from POTC in the Dayton Daily newspaper (from Ohio) from April 11.

Pirates Trailer
From Andrea: The POTC trailer aired before the movie Identity in Virginia. Liz also saw it before Identity.

Orlando Done with ROTK Reshoots
From Sarah and AICN: AICN-Downunder spy Johnny Bartlett tells us that Orlando Bloom has finished up his reshoots on RETURN OF THE KING. This would probably wrap him up for the entire production (ADR not withstanding, although he won’t need to don the ears again).

Poll Updates
From Natalie: Orlando is now in first place in the YM and Hello polls.

  April 26
AOL First Look: POTC Screencaps
Jan has made screencaps of the AOL First Look at Pirates of the Caribbean video. You can also download the video in Windows Media Format at E-Blooming if you were unable to view the RealVideo version on AOL.

MTV UK Transcript
Joanne has transcribed Orlando's appearance on MTV UK this past Thursday. Also, Sarah points out that the show was probably pre-taped earlier in the morning.

Sneak Scan
Laura sent in a scan from the April 22-28 issue of Sneak (UK).

Teen Scan and Article
The Bloom Room webmasters sent in the photo and article from the Summer issue of Teen (US).

DVD Magazine Scan
From Liberation: I bought this Chinese magazine called DVD with Legolas on the front cover. The whole thing is 100 pages about the Lord of the Rings. A DVD comes along with the magazine and it's about the secrets in LotR but it's kinda the same as the magazine. The magazine covers everything:  The movie, behind the scenes, actors, news, the world, the game.

Pirate Party Tickets
Disneyland is now taking reservations for the POTC premiere party on July 9th. This is not the same as the red carpet premiere being held on June 28th with the cast attending. There is no mention of celebrities being present at this premiere. For more info on purchasing tickets, visit DisneyGallery.com. Thanks to Linda for the info.

TTT Merchandise
For those outside the US, Jo Leake found the Legolas standup in the Forbidden Planet catalogue. The catalogue number and price are not that clear on the scan, so for those interested in buying the standup the Cat No is: B8422  The price is 23 pounds 99 pence, P+P is 2 pounds. The web site is forbiddenplanetstore.com, although the standup is not listed on the site.
From Claire: You can get Legolas, Aragorn and Gandalf pictures from Athena (UK) that are suitable to be put in a frame. It's the pic of Legolas where he is about to shoot a bow and arrow.
From Lia: They're selling TTT stickers at DisChem, Northgate, in Johannesburg, South Africa! I'm not sure about the other provinces. The small packs are R5,99, and the big packs are around R10.

Pirates Trailer
From Sarah S: The POTC trailer can be seen on the video or dvd of the Inspector Gadget 2 movie.

Hitkrant Magazine
From Nicole: This week Orli is in the Dutch 'Hitkrant' in an article called 'Lucky Bloom', about his accident where he broke his back.

YM Poll
From StormChick7: I was on the YM site and they're voting for the hottest guy (20 choices).  Orlando Bloom is at 14% and in third place...  Everyone should go vote for him! 

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lucy (14) and Porscha (15).

  April 25
Pirates Video on AOL
AOL has posted a video clip featuring an interview with Orlando, with clips from the movie and behind the scenes shots. Thanks to iconoclast for the direct link. I made sound clips from the interview and transcribed it here. If you have AOL, click here for the First Look: Pirates page, that includes a Rate this Clip poll. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

Orlando on MTV UK
From Punkyfish: Orlando was on MTV with Emma and Dave yesterday, but only for a few minutes every hour until lunchtime. He answered questions about POTC and left the presenters with signed LOTR stuff which they gave away every hour.
From Joanne: He was wearing his blue woolly hat. He looked nice. He came on a few times, in between different programs and talked a little about the 'Pirates' movie, Keira, Ned Kelly and did a few funny impressions. Emma, the presenter, was saying how she had glued him to the seat next to her, so he couldn't leave. She was smitten with him.
From Sue: Well the poor boy sat in a studio for three hours and got about ten minutes of screen time out of it...and he was still laughing and full of fun at the end of it! The female presenter sat drooling and wanting to glue him to his seat so he couldn't leave...and he seemed to be rather taken with her! He is such a lovable flirt! In fact he seemed to get on equally well with the male presenter...must have to stick around for three hours to talk between re-runs of 'Cribs' and 'The Osbournes'. He talked about POTC, Ned Kelly and the Calcium Kid. He thinks that Will Turner is earnest and a bit of a stick in the mud to start with...and did his impressions of Will saying "We must rescue Elizabeth" in an appropriate 'earnest' voice. He thinks Keira Knightly is beautiful and talented, and mentioned how much he enjoyed doing the film. He also mentioned that he went to see Coldplay last night for the second time in a week, and that one of the band was in the same class as his sister at school... and she was friends with his girlfriend. Small world, as he pointed out. He seems very, very impressed with Coldplay, especially the lyrics and really like the lead singer, Chris Martin.
Joanne is going to make a transcript for us. If anyone can make video clips or screencaps of the show, please send them in!

Ned Kelly Release Dates
According to Comingsoon.net, Ned Kelly will be released in the US on March 19, 2004. Boohoo! Thanks to Samara for the info.
From Mary: Ned Kelly is going to be released in Germany on November 13th.
From Miz Bloom: I was in Harrogate today (Yorkshire, England) and I asked the cinema (The Odeon) when Ned Kelly was coming out. They said that it was coming out on 26 September.

Pirate Set Story
OBM.net has posted a story from one of the actors in Pirates of the Caribbean.

AOL Poll
From Niki: Orlando is currently at 2nd place in the sexiest celebrity poll on AOL UK. If you have AOL click here to vote, if not, click here.

Seventeen Mag Poll Results
From Jessica: In the June issue of Seventeen (US) it says: "SPILL YOUR GUTS We asked: Who was the cutest guy in Seventeen's April Issue?" and sadly Orlando got only 3% with Eminem winning with 35%. For shame!

Trailers in UK
Robyn says the Pirates trailer was shown before "Seeing Double" (the S Club movie) at Wimbledon Odeon (UK) about a week ago. Also, before "Catch Me If You Can" she saw the teaser trailer for "Ned Kelly" (which Orlando isn't in).
From Fisha: On the Guru dvd on the bonus features there is one of the Ned Kelly trailers. There are a few quick shots of Orlando. 

Empire Magazine
From Razzle: Orlando is mentioned in Empire magazine (UK) June, which, BTW, has four Matrix covers, one of which is Hugo Weaving. There's a status report on Troy, which features quotes from Rose Byrne who's playing Briseis. The end of the article says; "'Saffron Burrows is playing Andromache, Hector's wife; there's Eric Bana, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.' A truly hideous cast, then? 'That's Hollywood, baby!'" Later on, there's the same pirates picture with Johnny and Orli with the big sword, but it's above an article on DVD piracy, and they have speech bubbles. Johnny's says 'is that The Matrix Reloaded DVD I see over there, shipmate?' and Orlandos says 'Shiver me timbers, so it is! Next to that bloke selling fruit and veg...'

Pirates Trailer on Coming Attractions
From Pam: I saw the full trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean on E!, on the show Coming Attractions. Check tvguide.com for dates and times.

From Razzle: At amiannoying.com you can go on and vote for whether you think people are annoying or not. Right now, Orli is the eight least annoying.

From Laura B: April 25th is ANZAC Day. On this day in 1915, during WW1, Australian, New Zealand & British forces landed on the beaches of Gallipoli (in Turkey), and many thousands lost their lives in a horrible battle. In Australia & New Zealand this day is very important. On this day we remember those that fought for our countries, those currently serving and remember those brave souls who never returned. Lest We Forget.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Stacey O. (15) and Kaitlin (17).

  April 24
UK TV Alert
Sorry for the late reminder, but Orlando is scheduled to be on MTV 1 (UK) today sometime after 10am. Rhianon heard Emma Griffiths say that he will be on in the morning, not the afternoon.

YM Scan
TORN has posted the Orlando photo and small article from the June issue of YM (US).

Interview Sound Clip
Adeline sent in this MP3 file from an unknown LOTR interview with Orlando and Liv Tyler. Orlando tries translating one of Liv's lines.
Liv: Nin o cithae glir, Lasto beth daer, Rimmo nin bruinen, Dan in u-laer
Interviewer: What's that...
Orlando: That means, the Ford is gonna come up, and wash all you sad people away if you don't disappear very quickly.
Interviewer: (Laughs) That's funny.

Pirates Premiere Info
Here's a flyer with a little info about the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere taking place at Disneyland on June 28th. The premiere is private, but the park may by open to allow visitors to watch the guests arrive.

Two Towers Max Card
Jo sent in this scan of her Two Towers max card featuring Legolas.

Japanese Magazine Scans
Orlando J-web has posted scans from the June issues of Roadshow and Screen.

Pirates Trailer
Even though I've posted about this more than once, people are still writing in with movies where they saw the Pirates trailer. They are: Holes, Anger Management, Bulletproof Monk, and Malibu's Most Wanted.

Wilde Showing in Boston, UK
From Helen: If any Orlando fans in the UK live in or near Boston, near the Odeon cinema, you can go and see Wilde! It's a 15, and it is showing only on Thusday the 1st of May.

Troy Article in New Idea
From AsH: New Idea (AUS) April 26th, 03 one, and it has a small article on Troy and mentions Orli's name. Heres what it says:
Brad Pitt may have bailed out of The Fountain, which was to have been shot on the Gold Coast and in Sydney, and was set to feature Cate Blanchett, but he's still going to have a strong Australian connection in his new movie Troy. Our own Eric Bana of Black Hawk Down and The Hulk fame stars, and Aussie talent Rose Byrne has a role alongside Julie Christie, Peter O'Toole and Ned Kelly's Orlando Bloom. The Wolfgang Peterson-directed Trojan war epic is set in 1193BC as Prince Paris of Troy steals Helen, Queen of Sparta from her husband, starting war with Mycenaean Greece. Shooting starts this month in the UK.

TOPP Competition
From Kari: In a Norwegian magazine called TOPP there is a competition on which guy you think is the sexiest. The winner will get a giga-poster in the August issue, I think... Orlando is one of the persons you can vote for. So all you guys in Norway, vote for him!

Ned Kelly Dutch Release Date
From Lenny: According to UIP, Ned Kelly will be released in Holland on October 2nd.

Star of the Future
From Shaz: Orlando is listed as one of 6 future stars on channel 4's site for the 100 greatest movie stars season. He's described as "classically handsome"!

Hello Poll
Sarah wants me to let everyone know that Orlando is loosing to Keanu Reeves in Hello's Most Attractive Man poll, so we should all vote.

Cosmo Girl (UK) Poll
Llio: In Cosmo Girl (UK) you can vote for Orlando as the sexiest man, it's similar to the one in Cosmo Girl (US) but not as good! Click on 'your pin up needs you' and then fill in the small form.

Legolas Merchandise in Disney Store
From Helga: I got a Legolas high-ball glass from the Disney Store, in Braehead in Renfrew (Scotland). They also had Legolas keyrings.

Ford Pirates Commercial
From Melanee: For anyone living in Arizona, in the morning on KEZ (99.9 FM) there are Ford adds for the Pirates of the Caribbean contest.
The radio spot seems to be the same as the TV commercial from Ford, Lincoln and Mercury car dealers for brake service. Here's info from Steppie: They have a contest that you can enter to win either a trip to the Caribbean or a trip to the premiere of the movie. You must be a US resident and be 18 or older with a valid drivers license. The contest ends on the 25th of May. To register, go to qualitycareservice.com/ and click on the "win thousands of prizes" link.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Anne, Amalie, Christine, and Annie (from Kirsty and everyone at OAOO).

  April 23
Pics in DVD Monthly
From Fisha: In the current issue of DVD Monthly (UK), with Viggo, Miranda and Liv on the cover, there is a TTT special. Inside there is a couple of small pics of Orlando as Legolas and a movie quote. In WH Smiths (UK) if you preorder ttt dvd or vid, you get a lotr mug. You can't request what character you get on the mug, but there is a Legolas one available.

Another Pirates Intro
From Tine: I got an e-mail from MSN entertainment newsletter and there was a POTC trailer. It's the same trailer, but it has another intro by Orlando. There is also a different intro at ifilm.com. Jan has put the intro in MPEG format on her site.

Disney Adventures Magazine Scans
Kimberly E. sent in scans from the May issue of Disney Adventures (US).

Sneak and Heat Magazine
From Beccy and Anna: In this week's Sneak (22nd-28th April) Orlando is still number one in the top ten text totty. They also printed a letter that says: "You lot at SNEAK obviously aren't paying attention to your top ten text totty section! Yummy Orlando's at the top almost every week but you totally IGNORE him. Why aren't there loads more pics of the lush lad? Please, give the fans what they want - more lovely Orlando!" Next to it is a small picture of Orlando with a bubble coming out of his mouth saying 'You lot love me, you do!'.
From Anna: In this week's Heat (UK) (26th April to 2nd May) on page 42 under Watch This Face there is a small bit about Diane Kruger where under Current Buzz it says 'The European beauty has been plucked from relative obscurity to star as Helen Of Troy opposite Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom in new historical epic Troy'.

Black Hawk Down on Sky Box Office
From Anna: Black Hawk Down is going to be on Sky Box Office (UK) from Wednesday the 21st of May. There is a tiny bit about the movie in May's sky customer magazine but no mention of Orlando.

Mention on Access Hollywood
From Christine and Kelly D: Access Hollywood had a tiny interview with Keira Knightley yesterday. She hadn't seen the POTC trailer and they showed some clips with her and Orlando that we've already seen. She was asked how it felt to work with Orlando and Johnny and replied in saying that it was a great experience.

LOTR Music Poll
From Sasha: CBBC Newsround is having a poll for what movie's music is better, Harry Potter or LOTR. So far, LOTR is ahead by just a little!

Radio Commercial for Pirates Contest
From Orli'z Chic: I heard on Kiss Fm (92.5, radio station, not sure if it is avalible anywhere else...I live in MS) about winning a trip to the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean, the Curse of the Black Pearl. I not sure if it was the tire commercial, or something, I didn't catch it all.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Janelle T. who turns 18 today.

  April 22
Pirates Flash Banner
Someone working in publicity for Pirates of the Caribbean sent me the Flash banner that is along the side of the site, near the bottom. I don't really know what the Official Member of the Online Network means, but I liked the image and the countdown clock!

Disney Adventures Magazine
Katie sent in the Orlando interview from the May issue of Disney Adventures magazine (US).

Orlando on MTV UK This Thursday
Ok, it looks like we finally have an answer! On yesterday's 'The Emma & Dave Show', they said that Orlando will be on on Thurday's show. They didn't say what time, but it will probably be from 3 to 3.30pm. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

Ned Kelly Director Answers Questions
From the Ned Kelly newsletter: Gregor Jordan, the director of "Ned Kelly", has taken time out from his hectic schedule to answer you email questions, submitted via nedkellythemovie.com. Gregor received hundreds of emails from all over the world and couldn't answer them all, but he has answered many of the most popular and interesting questions. Also don't forget to check out samples from the film's soundtrack (out now through Universal Music), interviews with the cast and crew and lots more.
One of the questions was: Vanessa Tredrea (and plenty of others) ask: What made you choose Orlando Bloom for the role of Joe Byrne, given he was relatively unknown at the time?
Gregor: Orlando did the best audition. We looked all over the world for that role and Orlando walked in and nailed his audition and got the job. Simple as that.

Daily Star Article
From Joanne and Katie: Orlando was mentioned in yesterday's (Monday 21st April) tabloid paper 'Daily Star' (UK). In the 'Goss' section of the paper it said:
Bloom-ing Marvellous
'SEXY Lord Of The Rings star Orlando Bloom was a gent at Coldplay's recent aftershow party. The brooding Brit actor put on no airs or graces, slipping out after a few drinks with his pals. He even tried to hide his identity under a black hat, but his handsome looks gave him away. In contrast to Orlando's modesty, has-been singer Richard Ashcroft swanned around like he owned the place...'

From Erin D: In the June issue of YM there is a feature on Orlando. A full page picture and about a half page article, all devoted to him.

Teen People
From Krystal: Orlando is on the homepage of Teen People online, as a Most Requested Star. There's a short story about him if you get the issue.

Mexican Magazine
From Sarasuadi: I just want to say that Orlando was number four on the list of sexiest actors in "15 a 20" magazine from Mexico, above Jude Law, Owen Wilson, Ryan Phillipe, Gael García, Colin Farrell and Wes Bentley.

The official LOTR site has the info on the August 26th release of the theatrical cut of TTT. They're taking pre-orders on May 9th. TORn has menu screencaps as well as scans of the TTT Digital Announcement Kit and they include a Legolas wallpaper. A high res option is available on the bottom of the page. Thanks to Elf Lady and Rozie for the info.

LOTR Interviews
RT sent in these 2 links to the CCCB Newsround site that has interviews with Dom and Billy, where they mention Orlando a few times. (1 & 2)

More on Thank You Message
Lori has posted answers to some questions she received about her phone call with Orlando that I posted about yesterday.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessie (15) from her friend Jenna, and to Megan (22) from her friend's Kelly and Christine.

  April 21
Thank You Message From Orlando
Lori from the OBFans board (part of Bloomin' Marvellous) received a phone call yesterday (at 4:49am her time), from Orlando! He was calling to say thanks for the lovely Care package that was put together last year by members of the board. He is currently in England, preparing to film "Troy" and was just talking to his Mum about how to say thanks. Luckily, Lori had a tape recorder on hand, and recorded his message. You can download it here in Mp3 format. This is what he said: "I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Bloomin' Marvelous the site just for the box, the care package. It was really sweet. I'm really touched. It was very thoughtful. And I'm sorry that the response has been so long, I've been so busy with work and I'm not very good at responding to everything. I'm sort of figuring out ways of responding to fans and to the sites and stuff. But that is something that got to me, and I'm really and truly appreciative and all the best. Thank you."

Pirates Premiere
From Johnnydeppzone.com: Anon in LA has confirmed for us that the WORLD PREMIERE of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' will be held at DISNEYLAND, California on Saturday 28 JUNE. Although we won't be getting invites to that (worse luck), Disneyland will be holding a Curse of the Black Pearl event the following day, 29 June, so if you'll be in the area it might be worth your while to try & get hold of tickets..

Return of the King Promos
From Elf Lady and Comingsoon.net: Why have things been so quiet on the Return of the King promo front? According to the president of New Line International, "There are other films in the market, particularly the two 'Matrix' movies, and we are going to let them have their day before we gear up,"

TTT Video Release Dates
According to TORN, the release date for the Theatrical Edition of The Two Towers will be August 26th, and the Extended Edition will be November 18th.

Photo in Sunday Times
Kathy: In the Sunday Times there is a mini paper thing called the funday times. A small picture of Orlando as Legolas is in the centre pages with the question: "8. Orlando Bloom [left] stars as which character in the lord of the rings films?"

Disney Adventure Magazine
From Jess: There is a picture of Orlando on the cover of the May issue of Disney Adventure magazine. Inside there is an article on pg.40 to pg.41 with little pics of him here and there.

Mention on Radio 1
From Julie: Orlando was talked about on todays (Sunday 20/4/03) radio 1's film review. Someone wrote in about when Orli would be seen on the big screen again, saying, 'We've seen the blonde hair and the pointy ears but when will we see that gorgeous Orlando Bloom again?' - it was along those lines.
The film reviewer then went on to talk about Pirates of the Caribbean, and talked about how it was a 'swashbuckler' flick, and that Orlando was lookin good in it. He talked about how it was about these skeletons that traveled along the sea floor etc etc, (cant really rem about that part) but it just spoke of how Orlando and Johnny Depp would be in it, and it was a must see summer film.

Access Hollywood (POTC)
From Fallen Angel: I was watching the weekend edition to Access Hollywood and they said that next weekend they will have a countdown to the summer can't miss movie. There was a split second of POTC.

Hot Ticket (POTC)
From Allie H: I was watching Hot Ticket (US) on TV today and they were talking about this years summer movies and which ones people are most anticipating and Pirates of the Caribbean was one of them and they showed a few clips of the movie.

So Graham Norton on US TV
From Erika: Orlando's episode of So Graham Norton will be shown on BBCamerica on Wednesday, May 7, 2003, 11:30 pm and Thursday, May 8, 2003, 2:30 am Eastern Standard time.

Elle Girl Poll
From Diana: On ellegirl.com there is a poll asking Who's your dream prom date? Orlando is one of the choices, and is in the lead.

Where to Buy Posters and More
From Nancy: hollywoodbookandposter.com has a limited amount of the final Pirates poster with all characters on it, for $25 plus $4.50 shipping.
From Emily: The Legolas standee is available from the UK site, starstore.com. Also, moviemarket.co.uk has a lot of photos, posters and postcards for people in the UK.
From Sierra: moviemarket.com has some new posters and photos.
From Rhianon: UK fans of Orlando can buy Legolas keyrings from Clinton Cards for £1.99, and there are also Legolas drinking glasses for sale. 
From Alison: This is for all the people in Dublin. The poster of Orlando (not legolas) is in the HMV on grafton street. It's downstairs, it's number 158 and it's only €6.99!
From Tine: I just saw that you can buy a Legolas poster (and other Lotr) in a Danish supermarket called Kvickly. You can also buy the poster with Legolas in a Danish shop called Ærlige Bent.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Orlandosgirl (14) from her friend chesters-chick, and to Emma (14). If you want your birthday posted, just email me.

  April 20
Ned Kelly Screen Captures
I added the last of the Ned Kelly screen caps, thanks to Bonnie.

Midsomer Murders Screen Captures
Robert sent in this link to a site that has some large, high quality screencaps of Orlando in Midsomer Murders.

EW Scan
Here's a scan of the Pirates article and photo in the Summer Preview section of the April 25th issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Pirates Trailer
A ton of people have wrote in to say that they saw the trailer before the Disney movie Holes, in the US and Canada. Also, Claire Agni saw it before Bullet Proof Monk in Anchorage, Alaska, and Jenn saw it before Anger Management in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

CosmoGirl UK
From Niki: Orlando is mentioned a few times in the May issue of CosmoGirl (UK). On pg 148, a girl says she obsessed with him. On pg 160, there’s a pic from the TTT premiere, and he's the love match for a Taurus gal.

Orlando on MTV UK
From Shaz and Lucy: Emma and Dave, the presenters on MTV UK, said on Friday's show that Orlando would be on their show next week. They didn't say what day.

Pirates Chat
From the OBFans Board: The Pyracy Pub is hosting a live chat with 3 actors (minor roles - not Orlando) from the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the night of April 29th.

Ned Kelly Feature on Showbiz
From Irene at Johnnydeppzone.com: There are clips from ‘Ned Kelly’ on a UK tv programme called ‘Showbiz’, which airs on the Biography Channel in the UK. It lasted about 3-4 minutes. ‘Showbiz’ is an Australian-produced programme, so most of the presenter’s narrative concentrated on Heath Ledger, although Orlando was in quite a lot of the shots. Showbiz is repeated several times during the week. The next few times are: Sunday 20 April at 10:30am and 3:30pm, Tuesday 22nd April at 7:00pm, Wednesday 23 April at 10:30am

Mention in Us Weekly
From Cassandra: In the newest issue of Us Weekly (US), with J.Lo and Ben Affleck on the cover, Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth are mentioned in the Sightings column in the Hot Stuff Love Lives section. It states: "Kate Bosworth, 20, staying with boyfriend Orlando Bloom, 26, at the Covent Garden Hotel in London. She was in England to promote her 2002 surfer girl flick Blue Crush."

Wilde on European TV
From Petra: I wanted to let you know that Wilde will air on the German/Swiss/Austrian joint venture cable/satellite channel 3sat on Sunday April 20th at 9pm. Via Astra satellite this program can be received in the whole of Europe. However, it is a dubbed German version of course.

TTT Poster Contest
The dailydigest.net and warofthering.net are both running a poster contest where you can win all three of The Two Towers theatrical posters. Thanks to Irene at Johnnydeppzone.com for the info.

AOL Poll Update
A lot of people have wrote in to say that Orlando is now in 1st place in the sexiest celebrity poll on AOL UK, with %49 of the votes! Good job everyone. If you have AOL click here, if not, click here.

OB Site Needs Staff
From Alexis: I'm currently looking for staff members to help me out in my site: starless-day.net/orlando. If you'd like to help out please drop by :D

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Brisa (14) from her friend ReN, and to Hannah (14).

  April 19
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Beca (12), Beccy (14) and Icie (23).
  April 18
Who Weekly Scan
Natalie sent in a scan from the lastest Who Weekly (AUS) (May 5 issue).

Ned Kelly Screen Caps
Bonnie has made some screen captures from Ned Kelly! I tried to fix the distortion on some of the caps.

Twist Scan
Rock Goddess sent in a scan from the latest issue of Twist (US).

J-14 Scan
Jen sent in a scan from the latest J-14 magazine (US). She also wants to let all the fans know that they should vote for Orli in the J-14 Hot List in the Fav Actors and the Hot Guys catagories. The e-mail address to vote for him is readerspicks@j14.com. Send in an e-mail to that address and title it 'Voting for Hot List' and list Orlando under the categories Fave Actor and Hot Guy. You also have to add your name and postal address.

AOL Poll
Jacqui found a sexiest celebrity poll on AOL UK, where Orlando is currently in 7th place. If you have AOL click here, if not, click here.

TTT Video Game Interview
Veronica has transcribed the Orlando interview from Level 5 of The Two Towers video game.

Another Pirate Intro
From Kiri: I've found a trailer of POTC with Orli introducing it, only in this one he says "welcome to quicktime movie trailer.com" and a little more after that. You can see this version of the trailer here, plus screencaps.

Middle-earth Dating Quiz
Chocokat sent in this link to a Middle-earth Dating Quiz on lordoftherings.co.uk.

Apparently, Orlando didn't appear on MTV UK at all yesterday. I don't know if he had to cancel, or if the date was wrong. If anyone has any info, please let me know.

Pirates Video Game
Check out this cool site for the Pirates of the Caribbean video game.

CosmoGirl Contest
Hoffman wanted me to remind everyone to vote for Orlando in the CosmoGirl 'Survival of the Sexiest' contest, because if (and when) he does, he'll be on the cover of September's Cosmogirl (US) and he'll be featured in a 6 page article (including pictures!). Other people have been writing in with tricks to voting more than 100 times a day, including opening more than one CosmoGirl account, and refreshing your browser.

Michelle Branch a Pirate Fan
From Amanda: Today (April 17th) on Muchmusic They aired "Michelle Branch: Exposed" And she started talking about how she has a fetish for pirates and then said she was

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jodie Doyle (16), Bailey (16), Linda (17) from her friend Gamgee, and Becky (15) from her friend Linzi.

  April 17
New Pirate Photos
MSN Denmark has posted some new Pirate publicity shots, including 2 of Orlando.

Who Magazine
From Leisy and Candy: Orlando is featured on the front cover of the current issue of Who weekly (AUS). He is rated as one of the 25 most beautiful people, with a full page devoted to him including a photo.

WAM Movie News
Posted by Stacie: Fred from WAM will be hosting his third movie preview show, "WAM! Movie News SPF 03" (Summer Preview of Films). The show will premiere at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on Friday, May 16, only on WAM! with additional plays throughout the month. One of the movies he will be reviewing will be Pirates of the Caribbean. More info.

TTT in Chicago
From Nancy: Last week, at school, I got this picture with the Lord of the Rings characters in it and below the picture it said that the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers will be showing for free in Chicago. Below is what the paper said:
See the Lord of the Rings Two Towers at a Free Drive-In
Saturday, April 19, 2003. 8:00 PM F Parking Lot
Northeastern Illinois University.  5500 N. St. Louis Avenue (Don’t Drive? Bring a lawn chair!)
Rain location: Inside Student Union
Sponsored by Northeastern Programming Board

Keira Knightley Interview
Posted by Stacie: Cinecon.com has an interview with Keira Knightley where she mentions Orlando: "Yes, I get stranded on a dessert island with Johnny and I just kiss Orlando Bloom occasionally. It's not bad, could be worse!"

Cinema Magazine
From Silke: The German movie-mag "Cinema" has some stuff about Orlando and POTC. The mag has been released today and will be available till late May in Germany. Orlando is mentioned as one of the six "Hottest newcomers of 2003". There's a full-page pic (an old b/w photo) and a little text saying:
The gentle one
"I still can't believe I get paid for doing what I love the most" Success came as sudden as it came as a surprise for Orlando Bloom. The part of Legolas in the LOTR trilogy brought fame over night for the 26-year-old, who used to do theater work until then. In September he'll come to cinemas in "Pirates of the Caribean" and Xmas "LOTR - Return of the king" will follow. 2004 he'll be starring in a leading role in Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy". So, no worries about being able to pay his bills in the furture for Orlando.
Under "Summer Highlights" the mag recommends "POTC":
The story: In the with a lot of romance spiced action adventure Orlando Bloom plays a young brit, who collaborates with a hunchbacked pirate (Johnny Depp) to free his girl from some evil villains.
Why we recommend this movie:
1. Johnny Depp with a rasta-dreadlock-hairdo - worth a peek!
2. Jerry Bruckheimer/producer - a guarantee for wild entertainment.
3. Orlando Bloom - is just SO hot!

Billy Boyd Interview
Posted by Stacie: The fourth page of the Billy Boyd IGN interview is online. In it, he talks about getting off the plane in New Zealand for the first time with Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Melle (17), Rooki, and Laura Hansen (13) from her friend Samantha.

  April 16
Orlando in Sneak
From Anna: Orlando is in this week's Sneak (April 15), where he is top of the Top Ten Text Totty for the fourth week. There is a small picture with the caption 'Orlando's still Lord of the text totty!'. There is also a mention in the spotted section where it says 'Orlando Bloom watching the England footy game in a West London pub'. And in the Hot Topics section it says '3. Top text totty You reckon it's totally fair that Orlando's always top - exactly where he belongs!'

Orlando in Frida
Linda sent in this bit from the Swedish magazine FRIDA (number 8, 2003, the latest): "Orlando at the ocean. In the big picture "Pirates of the Caribbean" we can see Orlando Bloom in one of the parts. The movie has just finished and only the final cutting is left before it´s possible to see it at the cinema this August. The movie is an action adventure with pirates and the location is the Caribbean ocean. So far there hasn´t been any major accidents, otherwise Orlando usually has an ability to break both arms and legs..." There was also a picture with the text, but it's an old one.

Orlando in UK Marie Claire
From Tweety Pie: In the UK Marie Claire there is a small bit in a fashion show in Paris where "Pirates were taking over." It says about how there are lots of films based at sea this year including POTC. There is a picture of Johnny Depp (lovely) and the one of Johnny and Orlando where they're gazing out to sea (even lovlier).

Orlando in Dolly
Krystyne: In the May issue of Dolly (Australia) there is a picture of Orlando Bloom when he was a teenager.

TV Alerts
From Yoshi: Just a reminder for anyone who wants to watch Helen Of Troy (t.v. version without Orlando). It will be on April 20th at 8:00pm on the USA network. This is a good idea for anyone who wants to get a basic uderstanding of the story.
From Asia Lynn Bloom: The original version of the movie 'Ned Kelly' (filmed in 1970) is on a Canadian channel (History Channel) at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) on Saturday, April 19th. Check your T.V. guide for your local listings.
Ned Kelly is also on the US stations Showtime Extreme and True Stories next week. Check tvguide.com for dates and times.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Basma who turns 15 today.

  April 15
Orlando on MTV UK
From Rebecca: The presenters of Hitlist UK on MTV said that Orlando will be on the show next week. A date wasn't given. According to their website, the show is on Sundays at 7pm, and repeated Mondays at 6pm.
Edit From Clare: Presenters of MTV Uk - Emma Griffiths and Dave Berry said Orlando Bloom will be joining them on their show on Thursday 17th April between 4pm and 7pm!

Orlando Spotted in Sydney
From The Daily Telegraph: "CONFIDENTIAL hears Orlando Bloom paid a sneaky visit to Sydney last week. Bloom, who can be seen on the country's big screens as one of Ned Kelly's bucketheaded mates, was spied in Sydney Airport on Saturday night waiting for his first class flight back home.
Bloom missed the Australian premiere of Ned Kelly due to filming commitments for the Pirates of the Caribbean, which also stars Geoffrey "Dial it in" Rush." Thanks to Tegan for the info.

ComsoGirl's Survival of the Sexiest
The final round has begun, and you have until May 19th to vote for Orlando to be on the cover of CosmoGirl's (US) Sexiest Guys in the World issue. You can vote up to 100 times a day. They are not revealing the current number of votes, so we won't know who won until September 9th when the magazine is released. Thanks to all who wrote in to remind me.

Orlando Poster For Sale Online
Posternow.com is selling an Orlando poster for $8.89 (€ 7.99). It is the first poster of Orlando, and not Legolas, that I have seen.

MTV Movie Awards
MTV has just released their nominations for the 2003 Movie Awards. TTT received 5 nominations for: Best Movie, Best Male Performance: Viggo Mortensen, Best On-Screen Team: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin and Gollum, Best Action Sequence (The Battle for Helms Deep), and Best Virtual Performance (Gollum). The 12th annual awards ceremony will be taped May 31 at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium for broadcast June 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Vote here.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mara Smith (23), Vicki (16), David (14) and Peter (15).

  April 14
Yam! Scan
From Ilaria and Legolas Greenleaf: Here's a scan from the German magazine Yam!.

Frikvarter Magazine
From Tine: There is a small pic of Orlando in the newest Danish magazine called Frikvarter. It also says:
Orlando Bloom, who ran around in Lord of the Rings with pointed ears, is in good company. He is going to shoot a film with Brad Pitt. It will probably be a girl magnet. It will be ready next summer, until then you can look forward to seeing Orlando in The Kelly Gang, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Calcium Kid. Oh yes, and then that fairy-tale movie, that will be out on December 17...

Ad in Gamepro Magazine
From Kristin: There is an advertisement for Pirates of the Caribbean the game in the Gamepro magazine. It's a full page so there are a few scenes of Orlando fighting.

Troy Articles
Angela from music247online.com sent in these links to articles about Diane Kruger being cast as Helen in Troy: timesofmalta.com, independent.com, teenhollywood.com, maltamedia.com, sundaymirror.co.uk.

Pirates Stuff
From Joanna B: Last night on Entertainment Tonight-Weekend Edition, they referred to POTC as the most awaited movie for this summer because it has both Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in it.
From Sarah S: The Pirates of the Caribbean preview was on E! News Live today (April 13th) in the US.
Also, a lot of people have been emailing me to say that they saw the Ford commercial that uses the song No Body and features the contest to go to the Pirates premiere. It seems to be playing on many different stations, many times!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Laura Young who turns 15, Taurrohir who turns 17, and Brianna who turns 15.

  April 13
Picture in Sneak
From Katie: In the April 8th issue of Sneak (UK) there is a small pic of Orlando in the top totty section. He has been the top totty for 7 weeks!

Scan from Granmagasine
Here's a scan from the April issue of Granmagasine (Japan) thanks to Orlando J-web and Piro.

Picture in J17
From Kate: In this month's J17 (UK) there are a few small pictures of Orlando in Ned Kelly. They are on the back of a poster of Heath Ledger; there isn't much about Orly but there's a sort of comic strip thing making fun of their beards in NK.

TTT Premiere Pics
Brittany sent in photos that she took at The Two Towers premiere in Los Angeles.

Orlando Mention at AICN
From aintitcool.com: "Many of the ADs working on PAN had also worked on LOTR, so the crew of PAN enjoyed many a tale from the NZ shoot (all reports suggest Orlando Bloom is a total klutz... more as it comes to hand)."

LOTR Temporary Tattoos
Hayley: Ottakers the book store in Walsall, West Midlands, has Lord of the Rings temporary tattoo's. You get a pack of 7 for 99p and they are really cool elvish type symbols. There are two packs to choose from.

Pirates Trailer
From Melissa: The Pirates of the Caribbean trailer will also be put on some copies of the newly released Malibu's Most Wanted and I believe the other movie it will be on is Bulletproof Monk.
  From Samantha: I've talked to several people who have seen Anger Management in the Charlotte, NC area, and they are telling me that most theaters in this area aren't showing the trailer. Also, Niki says that the trailer is being shown before S Club's movie, Seeing Double.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jenny (from her friend mee-zee(maurice) ) who turns 16, Monika Lopez who turns 15, and Avril R (from her best friend Chloe) who turns 13 today.

  April 12
Final Pirates Poster
Comingsoon.net has put up the new poster for Pirates of the Caribbean! Also, ELFIS sent in a photo of a Pirates banner on the side of a soundstage at Disney Studios.

Photos of Orlando Meeting the Dalai Lama
OBM.net has just posted 4 photos of Orlando meeting the Dalai Lama last year in Melbourne.

Poster in Fani Magazine
From Auroora: There's a poster of Orlando in the lastest issue of Fani magazine (Finland).

Fan Mail Address
Christine sent in the fan mail address that was printed in Bop magazine (US):
Orlando Bloom
c/o DNK/H
8500 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 700
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Full Pirates Trailer In Theaters
Several people have written in to say that the full Pirates trailer is showing before Anger Management in the US. Please note that it won’t be with every showing of the movie.

Hello Magazine Poll
Darcee wanted me to remind everyone to vote for Orlando at Hello Magazine for Most Attractive Man of the Month.

Danish Article
Nadia translated the Danish article I posted about yesterday from chilinet.dk.

Pirates Trailer on UK TV
From Rowena: UKs Gmtv's entertainment today showed the full trailer of potc, mostly going on about Johnny Depp, but Orlando was mentioned when one of the presenters mentioned Top british totty!
From Sarah: MTV UK aired the trailer to Pirates of the Caribbean (for The UK and Ireland) yesterday. By the way, the presenters were talking about it ("the biggest movie of the summer") there will probably be lots of hype for UK viewers to come.
From Shaz: MTV are including the full PotC trailer in their collection of summer film trailers.

Troy Info at Empire Online
Elf Lady sent in this link to Empire Online's Troy page. There's not much there yet, but there's this cute snippet: "Hollywood's finest looking get down and dirty in a fight that all began over a woman. It's the oldest story in the book and while the fight scenes will please the blokes Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom will be there to bring in the laydeez."

LOTR Kinder Surprise Figurines
Check out these cute LOTR Kinder Surprise figurines. Run, Legolas, run!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jillie who turns 15, and to Savannah Leach (from her friend Samantha) who turns 13 today.

  April 11
Helen of Troy Search is Over
From businesswire.com: "Warner Bros. Productions Ltd. and Latina Pictures Ltd. announced today that German-born Paris resident Diane (dee AHN) Kruger has been chosen to portray antiquity's greatest beauty, Helen, in Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy," for worldwide release by Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures in May 2004." Read more here. Thanks to Katy of It's Raining Men for the link. View photos of Diane here, thanks to Kelly.

New Poll Question
In light of Helen finally being cast, I've changed the poll question to ask what you think of the choice. According to the old poll, most of you would have liked Monica Bellucci or Liv Tyler in the role, with Natalie Portman in 3rd. View the final results here.

Filles D'Aujourd'hui
From Karine and MyMy: There's a poster of Orlando in the May issue of Filles D'Aujourd'hui, a French-Canadian magazine. (This is the photo that was used) He was also voted number one in the most beautiful boys in the world poll, infront of Jared Padalecki, Eminem, Elijah Wood and many others. 

Pirates Release Date for Australia
From MG: At this point in time the release date for Australia for PotC is September 18. That can change at any minute, but that's what it's set for at the moment!

Danish Article
From Tine: There's an Orlando article (in Danish) at chilinet.dk. (translated article)

New LOTR Posters and Legolas Postcards
Allposters.com has 3 new posters with Legolas: 1 (mini version) and 2) There's also 2 new Legolas postcards at tolkientown.com (1 & 2).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jennie Sturm who turns 21, Serena who turns 14, and Michelle Morris (from her friend Samatha) who turns 13.

  April 10
The Calcium Kid Screencaps and Video
Here are screencaps and a 4 minute video clip from the Sky Movies feature on The Calcium Kid, thanks to Irene of johnnydeppzone.com.

M Magazine
Jenna sent in a scan from the May issue of M (US).

Orlando's in New Zealand
From OBM.net: J reporting from Wellinton, NZ: Hi there, It has been an amusing few days here in the capitol city! Since word got out that Orlando is here doing clean-up shots with the Gimli short stand in Brett, people (actually more accurately girls/women) have been going mad trying to get a glimpse of the lanky lad. There is a radio station called Classic Hits which has been offering money to the person who can get Orli to call in. Besides that, business owners have been calling the station offering Orlando free goods (and decent stuff too) if he will come into their shops. Again I noted to self that all business owners were females!! So far no one has been successful. The amusing part is I know exactly where he is (I have a friend at Weta) but I am not going there, I think he should be left alone! (Thanks J)

Yam Scan
Here's a scan from the latest issue of Yam! (Germany), posted at the OBiL group by Dannii.

Malta Hotel Locations for Troy
This article from people.co.uk lists possible hotels that the cast of Troy may stay at in Malta.

LOTR Fan Club Magazine Scan
Elf Lady sent in this scan from the April LOTR Fan Club magazine.

Sour Gummies Scan
Geesey sent in a scan of the Legolas sour gummies packaging. Sophie says that the Forbidden Planet Store on New Oxford Street in London sells the gummies and the chocolate bar.

The Calcium Kid Release
Although the recent Sky Movies feature on The Calcium Kid said it would be released in the UK in October, an article on Billie Piper from moremagazine.co.uk states "She also took a cameo acting role in British film The Calcium Kid with Orlando Bloom last year, but it shows little sign of being released any time soon." Thanks Alaina to for the link. For those in the US, the last I heard, it will be going straight to video here.

TTT DVD Pushed Back
From Aly: DVD REVIEW states that the release date of The Two Towers DVD has been put back to October. There is a superb Dvd quality Kazaa download in four 811.000 cache parts for those who can't wait (I advise the 800,000 version than the 700,000 one it much much better and well worth the extra download time)

Dolly Poll
From Kristin: You can vote for Orlando at Dolly magazine online in the 'Who is your fave Ned Kelly hottie?' poll.

LOTR Parody T-shirts
From Amy: Wearablevegetables.com has t-shirts for sale that say "Lord of the Onion Rings", using the same font as the movie logo.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lozzy Squire who turns 12 today, Eli Reed who turns 14, and to Karin.

More Aim Themes
From Jiayi and Hope: Mytheme.com has 20 different Orlando Bloom/Legolas Aim Themes.

  April 9
Pirates Trailer Video Clip from Yahoo
Jan was able to save the broadband intro and outro video clips of Orlando from the Pirates trailer on Yahoo. I combined the 2 clips and saved it in RealPlayer format. Download it here.

Style Magazine Scans
OB Shrine has posted scans from the Autumn 2003 issue of Style (Australia).

Teen People Scan
Christine sent in a scan from the May issue of Teen People (US).

Orlando Mentioned on The View
From Gabbi: I was watching The View on Canadian television and Keira Knightley was on. She said: I was working on a movie with Johnny Depp. It’s called Pirates or the Caribbean.--- I’m the love interest of Orlando Bloom--- I got to stay on an island with Johnny Depp and kiss Orlando Bloom...

BOP Magazine
From Brittany: There is an Orlando picture in BOP magazine on page 94. It is on the star directory page, and it has his fan mail address!

TTT Popcorn Advert
Jenny sent in a scan of an advert for The Two Towers popcorn set that could be purchased last December at Tanjong Golden Village Cinema in Malaysia.

The Calcium Kid Feature on Sky Movie News
Posted by Penny at the LOTRinfo list: I just managed to catch a 4 minute feature (including an interview with Orlando) about 'The Calcium Kid' on the Sky Movies 'Movie News' programme. The feature seemed to be made up of extended footage from the Zoe Ball programme shown a couple of months ago - more of the Orlando interview is used plus more detail about the plot of the film is given. I don't know if this particular programme will be repeated. The show is a weekly show & it appears to be shown across the Sky Movies channel so maybe this particular show might get another airing. Here are the times listed for this week anyway: ENTERTAINMENT: Movie News
Sky Movies Cinema on Wednesday 9th April at 09:30 to 10:00
Sky Movies Cinema on Thursday 10th April at 06:00 to 06:30
Sky Movies Max 1 on Friday 11th April at 19:30 to 20:00

LOTR Candy Bars
Christina sent in these links where you can buy the LOTR chocolate bars online: lordoftherings-toys.com and yahoo.com. Andrea says that her local Blockbuster were selling the candy bars too, and Katie says that video game stores around her town (Bend, Oregon) are selling them for just $2, as well as the gummy candies. Also, Linzi says the LOTR jelly rings I mentioned yesterday taste disgusting, and are only good for the packaging!

Orlando AIM Expression
From Sarah: I found an AIM expression with Orlando at originalicons.com.

Pirates Trailer Shown on E!
From Eniwÿn: I was watching E! News Live tonight (Tuesday the 8th) @ 7:00 and at the end of the show they showed the Pirates trailer! It was the same trailer that was on Disney Channel (except Orlando didn't introduce it). They also introduced it as the most awaited film of the summer!

Ultimate Orlando Bloom Fan pack
MaryAnne is selling on Ebay her collection of Orlando magazines and pictures, all which are in mint condition.

  April 8
Joel Edgerton Interview
Leanne typed up an interview from NW Magazine with Joel Edgerton (from Ned Kelly) that mentions Orlando a few times.

Troy Update
Posted at the LOTRinfo group: From peoplenews.com- "You need worry for Brad Pitt's safety no more. The man with the perfect pecks will not be filming his latest offering, Troy, in Morocco (paranoid producers worried about overflow from the war affecting star's safety) The production, instead, will now go ahead in Mexico, rather closer to home. Meanwhile casting troubles dog the film as they have yet to cast a female lead to play Helen Of Troy. No actress appears to want to touch the role of 'the most beautiful woman in the world' with a bargepole. Despite auditioning unknowns, no one has been up to the job. Even Liz Hurley wasn't vain enough."

Ned Kelly Video
The ninemsn.com.au site has a video review of Ned Kelly from the Australian tv program 'Sunday'. They show a few scenes from the movie with Orlando.

More on LOTR Sweets
Sarah says you can get the LOTR chocolate bars at Carlton Cards in Canada for $3.99. Christine says that Toys R Us also has LOTR sour gummies, along with the chocolate bars.
From Laura: I was shopping in my local supermarket today (Britain) when I came across some LOTR: The Two Towers jelly rings. The sweets are ring shaped and have the lord of the rings written on the around the rim. They are made by Trebor Bassett Ltd and are sponsered by New Line Cinemas.

Pirates Premiere Contest
Liz: In Nickelodeon magazine there is a chance to win a trip for four to the POTC premiere along with other Disney premieres. Sadly, if you win you don't get to choose which premiere you would go to.

Ned Kelly Release Date in Finland
From Auroora: I recieved information that Ned Kelly's premiere in Finland would be October 10th.

Orlando Look-a-like
From Sarah: I found this on Alloy.com for real people that look like celebrities. There is one for Orlando! I don't think it really looks like him but I thought you might like to judge for yourself!

Actor Oliver James is Star Struck
Posted at OBM.net: From agirlsworld.com: Oliver can still get star struck however. "I met Orlando Bloom [from Lord of the Rings] the other day and I found myself very in awe of him. Even though I'm of his generation and he's a young guy as well, I still find myself a little star struck".

Dolly and Girlfriend
Emily says that in the May issue of Girlfriend (Australia) there is a small piece in the section of gossipgirl saying that Orlando bought Kate Bosworth a 24 carat gold bracelet with 'baby' written on it. A.Smith says that the same info is in the May issue of Dolly (Australia).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Karyn Liebsch who is turning 14 today, and to Leanna Helmer.

  April 7
Video of Pirates Trailer With Orlando Intro
The trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean aired Sunday night on Disney owned stations here in the US. As a bonus, Orlando introduced it! View screencaps of the intro, thanks to Pfyre and Bonnie, and a video thanks to Jan. The official site has put up the trailer, as well as Yahoo (click on #2). The Yahoo version has an introduction by Orlando as well, similar to the one he made on tv. It also has a little bit of him at the end. I've made Mp3 clips of them here.

Pirates Plot Info
Kiri sent in this link to a site that has heavy spoilers for the plot of POTC.

LOTR Gymnast T-shirt
From Jas: My brother's a gymnast and he recently got a newletter from a gymnastics catalog. They have a really cute "Lord of the Still Rings" t-shirt done like the LOTR logo. 

LOTR Desktop Themes
Anita sent along this link to themeworld.com that has LOTR desktop themes for Windows.

Midsomer Murders on Kazaa
Monica says that Orlando's episode of Midsomer Murders (Judgement Day) is on Kazaa, in 6 separate clips.

LOTR Chocolate Bars
Christina says that she saw Lord Of the Rings chocolate bars at Toys R Us near the check out stand.

Happy Birthday to...
Happy 16th Birthday to Vicki Siobhan, Tara Baechle from her friend Alison, and Heather, who got Orlando's sun tattoo, tattooed on her arm for her birthday!

  April 6
Mention in Cosmo Girl
From orlandosgirl and Audree: Orlando is mentioned in the May issue of Cosmo Girl (US). It says: "The Ten Biggest Players in Hollywood: Gossip guru Ted Casablanca reveals which hot male celebs are getting the most lip action in Hollywood!." Orlando is no. 3 (Colin Farrell is #1 and Heath Ledger was #2). Under his name it says: "As an official member of the LOTR boys' club, he's out and about with many different girls all the time!"  

Pirates Premiere Info
Posted by Stacie at the LOTRinfo list: According to seeing-stars.com, there are unofficial reports that the premiere will take place at Disneyland on the weekend of June 27-29, 2003. “They plan to create "the world's longest red carpet", stretching from Disneyland's entrance, up Main Street USA, to the Rivers of America in Frontierland, where there will be a premiere party, and where bleachers will be set up for the stars to watch the premiere on a huge screen set up across the River on Tom Sawyer's Island. The bad news is that the public will reportedly be kept away from the premiere, and won't be allowed to participate or watch. (Since the park will be open at the time, I'm not sure just how they plan to keep the paid visitors from watching, but they'll probably think of something.)”

From Gretchen: The Alloy.com newsletter is calling Oliver James from What a Girl Wants the "next Orlando". They are also both mentioned in a poll for 'Which up and coming actor is the hottest?' Orlando's currently in 2nd, behind Oliver.

The Big Read
From lil*bee: Last night on BBC2 they aired a program called 'The Big Read'. Lord of the Rings was mentioned in the sci-fci/fantasy catagory and you can vote for it by calling 09011 110 820 (calls cost 25p). They showed a quick bit from the film and there were a couple of pictures of Orlando as Legolas in it. You can also vote on their website.

Bliss Magazine
From Vikki: On page 189, in Bliss (UK) there is a mobile phone picture message, with Frodo, Gandalf, and Legolas on it.

Happy Birthday to...
Happy Birthday to Kara who turns 14, and Astraea who turns 18 today.

More Troy Manipulations
Elf Lady has made two more manipulations of Orlando as Paris, this time with long hair!

LOTR/Xena Article
Lauren sent in this link to an article that lists all of the actors in the LOTR movies that were also on Xena: Warrior Princess.

Award from Orlando Heat
Thanks to Carolina of Orlando Heat for giving me her Orlando Lover of April Award.

  April 5
Full Pirates Trailer Online
No need to wait until Sunday for the full trailer! Comingsoon.net has posted the 2 minute, 20 second trailer on their site. Thanks to Malinda for the link. Also, don't forget you can see the trailer in North America on all Disney-owned TV properties at 8:15pm ET/PT on the 6th. View screencaps here and listen to Mp3 sound clips here.

Sneak Article
LiL PiPPi BLooM typed up the Orlando article from the latest Sneak (UK).

Movie Star Scans
Orlando J-web has posted scans from the May issue of Movie Star (Japan).

Tattoo Parlour Photos
From OBM.net: Fun City Tattoo has 3 pictures of Orlando and Elijah accompanying Sean Bean to a tattoo parlour in New York to get Sean's elvish Nine tattoo done.

Hitkrant Magazine
Naomi sent in this scan from the Dutch magazine Hitkrant. The magazine asked Atomic Kitten's Tash what boy she would choose for her next video and she said: "Orlando or Ben! I've liked Ben Affleck for a long time but only recently discovered Orlando and I think I'd choose Orlando, because he's younger. Is he a single? Cool, then you'll need to ask Orlando if he want's to date me..."

Mention in StarTribune
From JeriSpencer: There is a bit part about Orlando in the Minneapolis StarTribunes Variety section. It's about the next big things... He's listed with Colin Farrell, Gael Garcia Bernal (from Y Tu Mama Tambien), Hayden Christensen and his costar in Ned Kelly, Heath Ledger. It's called Sweetish Imports and the little tidbit about him is:
Orlando Bloom
Nationality: English
Breakthrough Film: "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings"
Hi-profile roles in: "Blackhawk Down" and "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"
Next Big Thing; As Legolas in "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King"
Heat Factor: Tops among teenage girls

TTT DVD and Video
From Jennifer: ComingSoon.net is reporting that the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers will be out on DVD/Video on August 26, 2003.

Empire Magazine
From Natalie: The May issue of Empire Magazine (Australia) has a full page, even-handed review of Ned Kelly, and a full page photo from the movie of just Heath and Orlando. (Good pic of Orlando). The article says "In support, Orlando Bloom makes for a charming Lothario". Also there is an article called "He's how old?" with the numbers 9 to 100, and a celebrity's picture and details under each age.  There is a small cute pic of Orlando under the age 26, and it simply says "Orlando Bloom. Born January 1977, the year that Star Wars changed the face of sci-fi". Also there is a separate article about how anticipated ROTK is, a new photo of Viggo from the flick, and a quote from Peter Jackson saying "The third film is my favourite in the trilogy. It makes me cry". There is also a quote from the producer Barry Osborne who states "I saw a rough cut of the movie... we've got the movie we want". It would appear that this is the only one of the three that PJ is not planning any re-shoots for. The article also ends with the very true "Speaking of madness, the wait for ROTK is agonisingly long. Worse still, what are we meant to do once it's over? It really is almost too depressing to think about".

Orlando Bloom Central
Stephanie from Orlando Bloom Central wanted me to let you all know that she is having problems with her site, and hopes to have it back up in 2-3 weeks.

Happy Birthday to the Following Orlando Fans
Marcelle (27), Sarah Woods (15) and Miffy (14). Happy belated birthday to Katherine Girardot and happy 1 year anniversary to The Lighters! (Erika, Jess and Caitlins one year anniversary as a band)

Link of the Month
Thanks to Angela at music247online.com for making The OB Files the link of the month for April.

  April 4
New Pirate Photos
MSN Denmark has posted 3 publicity photos for Pirates, unfortunately none of Orlando. (Keira 1, Keira 2 and Johnny) Comingsoon.net has also posted a new movie poster.

Now Magazine
From Shianne: In the April 9 issue of Now (UK) there is an interview with Kenny Ho, stylist to the stars such as Victoria Beckham, Sclub7, and Geri Hallwell, that mentions Orli in one of his questions: Who's you're favorite celebrity client?
"I love styling all the stars I work with, but Orlando Bloom is especially great because he's not afraid to try new things. His versatile look suits a number of different styles, from a vintage T-shirt and jeans to a smart designer suit." Also, there's a bit about orli at the NY premiere of TTT. "Orlando has effortless style and I brought lots of clothes for him to try on for the premiere of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers last year. I had everything from Marc Jacobs to Comme de Garcons to choose from - but we went for this (picture shown, but I dont have a scanner!) Yves Sain Laurent suit. We only borrowed it, but because he looked so great in it they said he could keep it."

Us Weekly
From Fallen Angel: There's an article in Us Weekly and one of the question was asking Amanda Bynes from What A Girl Wants: Do you have any crushes?  "Well, Orlando Bloom is attractive, but he's all up in Kate Bosworth, which I read for the first time in Us Weekly!"

Couple Compatibility
Melissa sent in this link to Mykindaplace.com that has a compatiblity section on Orlando and Kate.

Movie Surfers Segment
From Stephanie: I have a 7 year old brother and I was FORCED to watch the new Power Rangers Wild Force video with him. Well anyways there is a Disney Movie Surfers bit about POTC at the beginning of the video. They didnt show any of the actors or anything, just some animations and storyboard layouts. But they did mention Orli's character as being a handsome and dashing young hero. You can also see the segment when you rent Tuck Everlasting.

Black Hawk Down on Sky Box Office
From Angela: Black Hawk Down will be shown from May 21st 2003 on Sky Box Office.

Pirate Segment on ET
On Entertainment Tonight yesterday they had a first look at Pirates of the Carribean, including some quick shots of Orlando, and a small interview where he was asked if he got the girl. He replied with a smile "Yeah, yeah I get the girl." Thanks to all who wrote in with the info.

Happy Birthday to Kim
Happy birthday to Kimberley Parks, an Orlando fan who turns 13 today! If you want me to mention you on your birthday, just email me a day or two ahead of time.

  April 3
Sneak Magazine Scans
From Becca and Claire: In this week's SNEAK (UK) on sale today there is: -the story of how Orlando broke his back plus 'Orlando: making of a star!'.
- a little piece of gossip that says: 'The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is working on a script for a film of the series. Bart could be the next Orlando!'
- It talks about a new series of 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here!' and says who they'd like to see in the jungle. Orlando is one of them of course! It says 'Orlando Bloom: we'd need something beautiful to look at and hopefully in the jungle heat he'd have to take his top off!!'
- Orlando beats Gareth to the top of the 'Top Totty Text Poll' again! On the Letters page, a Gareth Gates fan has written the following: "I think your Top Totty is a fix! How can Orlando Bloom beat the gorgeous Gareth Gates? I mean, Gareth is everywhere and no offence to Orlando, but he's hardly been in ANY films! It just doesn't make sense." Sneak follows up to say it is NOT a fix. Here is the article and scans thanks to LiL PiPPi BLooM. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Fate of Ned Kelly in the US
Steve Nichols Smith from Universal Studios posted this at wordplayer.com: ‘It's been on and off our release schedule several times, but right now it's off, and there's no talk of a domestic release at this time. Our slate is so packed for the rest of the year that there's nowhere to put another picture. Of course, money talks, so if it does, say, a billion dollars, then we could probably squeeze it in somewhere. Short of that, it may go the way of the Ali G movie we made last year. :)’

Teen People
From Casey and Christine: Orlando is mentioned in an article about Kiera Knightly in the May issue of Teen People (US).
WHAT'S NEXT -Orlando's New Leading Lady- Who wouldn't want this job? Not only does Keira Knightley, 18, have two buzzed-about new movies--this month's 'Bend It Like Beckham' and July's 'Pirates of the Caribbean'--but in the latter, she also gets to chose between Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp! "I'm a very lucky girl," says the London native. "Orlando's quite gorgeous." There is also a small picture of Orlando on page 142, with the question "What do you do to feel good?" He says "Yoga, Pilates and working with a guy who does some deep-tissue massage on my back."
Also, on teenpeople.com, Orlando is one of the good guys on their list of Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. Thanks to Anya for the info.

Daily Mirror Article
There was an article about Orlando and Kate in yesterday's Daily Mirror (British tabloid). It was in the 3am gossip column, so take it with a grain of salt as big as yer head. There is also a similar article at Mykindaplace.com. Thanks to everyone who sent in the info, including Vicky who has new fanlisting for the Elves of LOTR.

Pirates Trailer on TV
From USA Today: "But in a synergistic publicity stunt worthy of a Barnum-esque showman, the company will unveil a 2-minute, 20-second trailer for the action-adventure at the same time this Sunday night, 8:15 ET/PT, on all Disney-owned TV properties — ABC, the Disney Channel, ABC Family, ESPN 2, ESPNews, ESPN Classic, SoapNet, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime Real Women, A&E, the History Channel and E! Entertainment Television. On ESPN, the sneak peek will run at 11:15 ET/ 8:15 PT."

Pirates Contest Commercial
Bonnie has put some stills of the POTC clip from the Ford commercial in her live journal. The commercial seems to be playing on many stations in the US and Canada, including A&E, NBC, TNT, and The History Channel according to Courtney, Jen, and Melissa.
From Brand Week: “Ford Customer Service Division, the company's parts and service unit, is linking with the July release of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl for a campaign aimed primarily at women.” For info about the contest, click here.

ESPN Magazine Scan
Nessa sent in a scan from the April issue of ESPN magazine (US).

SFX Magazine Scan
Aly sent in a scan from the sexiest stars in the galaxy supplement in the April issue of SFX (UK), where Orlando is one of the finalists in their 10 tasty hunks award. 

Hello Magazine Poll
From Darcee: Orlando is up for the most attractive man of the month at hello-magazine.com. If he wins, he will be up for the most attractive man of the year!

Results of Total Film Poll
From Caitriona: Orlando Bloom won the Total Film 'Hot or Not' poll beating the likes of Josh Hartnett.

Rotten Tomatoes
From Kiri: Rotten Tomatoes has made Orli a "Fresh" tomato. He currently has a rating of 93%.

Hollywood Hottie
From Alaina: Orlando is one of the Hollywood Hotties at moremagazine.co.uk.

Info on Paris
Adrianne came across this essay about Helen of Troy that contains some interesting info about Paris, including: “He was by nature already handsome, but Aphrodite, as if to guarantee the success of her project, had made him even more irresistibly beautiful. In addition, he possessed manners and charm, and it was impossible for Helen not to fall in love with this superb young man.” Yep, sounds like Orlando.

  April 1
New Pirates Photos
From Bonnie: This was posted at my POTC_Slash group: "Hello Mates, I was just chatting with a lass who also attended the "wrap party" Saturday evening. Her date worked on the film, and sent her some photos which she was generous enough to share. I've put them in my online photo album, if you'd like to have a peek. There is one exeptionally yummy one of Mr. Bloom. <sigh>
Chow4Now, Blu"
View the Orlando pics here: (1 & 2)

Orlando Bares All For Charity
From Yahoo News: Orlando will be bearing it all and posing nude in a 2004 calendar published by Play Girl! The calendar will feature male celebrities, with proceedes going to the World Wildlife Fund. Click here for the full story and details on where to purchase the calendar.

Order Ned Kelly Screenplay
From Joebyrnefan: 'Ned Kelly: The Screenplay' by John Michael McDonagh is available from Currency Press. It includes colour B&W stills inside. Visit currency.com.au for information on how to order.

Close Friends
From Hollie and Tanaqui: Kate Bosworth was on RI:SE (UK Breakfast T.V Show) promoting Blue Crush in the UK. She was asked: "Now, what we really want to know is, are you dating Orlando Bloom? He's the blonde one out of Lord of the Rings?" Kate: (who is ill) "I can't tell you, my voice is really going." Presenter: 'Noo, don't use that as an excuse." Kate: "No, no he's just a really close friend."

Pirates Commercial
From Tally: On Canadian (and I'm assuming) American TV channel A&E in the breaks for Midsomer Murders they were showing an advert for Ford Auto Express where if you go in to get tires and brakes checked or something like it, you can enter a competition to win tickets to the LA premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean. There's a nice shot of Johnny and Orlando on the advert too.

Recap of In-Entertainment
From Natalie: I taped the Ned Kelly feature In-Entertainment special on Sunday night and only just watched it - after the feature on Ned Kelly (which had interviews with cast at the premiere and plenty more shots of Orlando working on set) they then had a special feature on just Orlando himself!  Antonia Kidman (Nicole's sister and the host of the program) dubbed him "Hollywood's New Brown Eyed Boy" and said the world was "just beginning its love affair" with him.  There were plenty of shots from LOTR, Black Hawk Down and Ned Kelly (both behind the scenes and in the movies), with interviews with him done on the set of all three. No new info, but plenty of shots I haven't seen before, and still a good surprise, as it wasn't even advertised! Antonia said they did the special because their phones rang off the hook asking where he was at the Melbourne premiere of Ned Kelly.

From Amber: E-crush.com has a celebrity fantasy crush chart, where you can vote for your fav celeb. Orlando is currently at #11.

Sneak Magazine
From Rachie: In next week's issue of Sneak (UK) they say they're printing life stories of celebrities, including Orlando, as well as a photo.