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April 2004
  Friday, April 30
Video and Screencaps from ET
I made a video clip and screencaps of Orlando’s appearance on the Troy segment on Entertainment Tonight yesterday.

Orlando’s Message in a Bottle
The Telegraph has an article about the importance of calcium, and features a new photo of Orlando from The Calcium Kid. If anyone can send in a scan, please do so!

Empire Article
OBM posted scans by Penny of the Troy article in the June issue of Empire (UK). I removed the text from the newer photo.

Troy Advanced Screening Contest
MovieContests.com and Warner Bros. Pictures are giving away double passes to the advance screening of the highly-anticipated epic action film, TROY, taking place Wednesday, May 12th. Thanks to Eleni for the info.

Empire Online Quiz and Contest
From James at Empire Magazine: Empire Online has an exclusive photo of Orlando Bloom up for grabs if you can prove you're his biggest fan. If you can successfully complete our fiendish test of Bloom-related trivia, you'll be entered into the draw to win an original photo of the star as taken at a special Empire shoot (and handled by the man himself). Please feel free to send your readers over to see if they're worthy of this coveted prize.

Israeli Article Translation
Danit sent in a translation of this article on Msn.co.il.

Celebrity Magazine Scans
Lenny of Bloomania sent in scans from the Dutch magazine Celebrity. There was also an article, but it had no new information. (1 & 2)

Mentions on GMTV
From Rona: Lorraine Kelly had Brian Cox on her show today (Thurs) in the UK, GMTV channel. He talked about Troy, but didn't mention OB until later, when Lorraine's movie critic did a review of The Calcuim Kid. The critic said the movie was not good, but OB was a great actor in it. (We knew that!). He said the movie was let down by the poor budget, plus the fact that Orli didn't look like a boxer, and Brian Cox interrupted and said OB was skinny! They then showed the clip of Jimmy and his mate walking along having a funny discussion about motivation. The critic finished off by saying the movie was only worth seeing if you are an Orli fan, as he is very good in it, but otherwise worth staying clear of.

From Clare: Our beloved Orlando warranted a mention on GMTV (UK) at 6.50am this morning. They were doing an article on People magazine (USA) top 50 beautiful people. Orlando was mentioned as being in the top 50 and they showed a clip of him at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean. Penny (the presenter) said he was better looking when he had big ears (presumably referring to his role as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings). They said that this mention in People would do his profile no harm and that his upcoming feature Troy was set to shoot him to the top.

Celebrity Extra
From 'Lando'sLady: On Trouble (UK) Celebrity Extra has a short bit on The Calcium Kid, with an interview with Orlando and some great clips of the film. It may be shown later or again on a different day, so keep your eyes peeled!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Debbi L., Erica, Jennifer (15), Danielle (14) from Molly and Christine, Amy (13), and Megan (14).

  Thursday, April 29
More New Studio Photos
Oleg sent in 3 more photos from the most recent shoot. (1, 2, 3) They were shot by Sebastian Copeland and are exclusively for Troy promotion.

People's 50 Most Beautiful List
Orlando has finally made the list! He appeared on the AOL welcome screen yesterday advertising People Magazine's Most Beautiful List. AOL and People Mag subscribers can click here for the online section. Here is a screencap of Orlando's page. The magazine is out this Friday.

Orlando on Cover of Empire
The June issue of Empire magazine (UK) will feature 2 different Troy covers, one with Brad, and one with Orlando. From the mag: "Take a story that's a time-honoured classic, add in Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and Wolfgang Petersen, season with a reported $200 million budget and you end up with Troy, the blockbuster that tries to redefine 'epic'. And we were there, on set, speaking to everyone bar the key grip."

British Museum to Stage Troy Exhibition
From BBC News: The British Museum has announced plans to stage an exhibition to tie-in with the summer blockbuster Troy. Discover Troy, which opens on 12 May at the museum in central London, will feature weapons from the Greek Bronze Age, alongside Greek vases and plaques. Five costumes from the film, as worn by stars like Brad Pitt and Peter O'Toole will also be on display.

Twist Scan
Emily sent in a scan from the May issue of Twist (US).

Film TV Scans
Alcare sent in scans of an Orlando article in the Italian weekly magazine 'Film TV' n. 18, issue 2004/05/02. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) They used the Premiere cover that I photoshopped the text out of! I don't know if that's good or bad.

Teenpeople.com Poll
From Eileen: This week's TeenPeople poll asks Which celeb do you want to see Punk'd by Ashton in season 2? Orlando Bloom is one of the choices and he is currently in 4th place with 12% of the votes, right behind 50 Cent, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton.

Troy Soundtrack
From TexasAllTheWay: The Troy Soundtrack will be available May 11th through Amazon.com.
They also have National Geographic - Beyond the Movie Troy on DVD.

YM.com Poll
From Andrea: On ym.com they have a poll on who's the hottest guy and Orlando Bloom is one of the options... the last time I checked Orlando was winning with 31% :)

Troy on Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight will have a segment on Troy today.

VH1 Commercial
From Carolineorliluver: VH1 is showing a new mini-commercial that says "The Top 5 Couples so Cute they make us want to puke" Number one was Andy Roddick and Mandy Moore and Number two was Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth.

Brad Pitt on Kickin' It
From Trish: Brad Pitt will be featured on KICKIN' IT on May 10 at 2:00am on UPN. It will be about Troy so there will probably be some clips of or discussion about Orlando. [The show is syndicated, so check your local listings]

Troy Pre-screening at UC Berkeley
From Agnes: On May 6 there is a Troy pre-screening at UC Berkeley. There are two times. I dont know the first one, but there is one showing at 7:30 pm. It is free.

Film Review Magazine
From Rianna: There's a film review for The Calcium Kid in the UK magazine called Film Review with a picture of Orlando smiling (one with him as Jimmy and this other bloke) they've used it in other magazines before.

Dutch Troy Contest
From Jorien: I saw a Troy commercial on MTV, and there's a Troy contest for dutch fans. You just have to answer this question: How does Brad Pitt as Achilles get in Troy? You just have to go to www.mtv.nl and answer the question.

Press & Sun-Bulletin Article
The Binghamton, NY Press & Sun-Bulletin has a short article on Orlando.

Photo in Flaunt
From Simone: In Flaunt issue #53 with Diane Lane on the cover (a women's issue), there is a collage poster of the hottest male celebrities on the planet. Naturally, Orlando's gorgeous face is prominently featured on this poster, and Viggo is nearby.

Middle-earth Ball in Seattle
From Kasea: For people up in Seattle and all Lord of the Rings fans! There is going to be a middle earth ball coming up soon! (June 5th, all ages) For more information go to middleearthball.com

ROTK DVD Preorder Special at HMV
From Rianna: I went into HMV (Music Video, DVD store in the UK) and saw a poster advertising LOTR: Return Of The King and it said that if you pre-ordered it on DVD or Video you would get a set of Lord Of The Rings bookmarks and there was one of Orlando as Legolas shooting an arrow.

Orlando Merchandise in the US
From Allie: In addition to having I Love Orlando shirts at Limited too, they also have fuzzy notebooks with the saying, and Pillows, Pins, and visors. They now have two POTC shirts at Hot Topic and 5 Legolas shirts there too. Also Spencers has 7 LOTR posters and mini figurines.

OOOB E-zine Message
Rooki asked me to post this message about her OOOB E-zine: I'm sorry that the update hasn't come for a new issue yet... I've been having some nasty staffing and email issues. Long story short: I'm putting together my new staff council, and scrambling to get the whole subscription mess ironed out... so it's going to be a little while longer... but I've got more articles than usual piled up from the last... four months, so it'll be worth the wait!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Billie, Maria K., Aryn (14), and Grecia Helen.

  Wednesday, April 28
Troy Poster Contest
Warner Brothers is providing 2 Troy posters for me to give away in a contest. I'm not sure what they look like yet. The contest is only open to US and Canadian residents, per WB's request. I will try to run another contest later for everyone.

New Photo of Orlando and a Dog
The German site viva.tv has photos of the cast of Troy, including Orlando, posing with dogs, probably the ones that they adopted in Mexico. Thanks to Shellzoo at ka-Bloom for the link.

Sneak Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans from this week's Sneak (UK). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Calcium Kid Review
Screendaily.com has a review of The Calcium Kid.

Cosmopolitan Scan
Veronica sent in a scan from the May issue of Cosmopolitan (US).

Sorted Magazine Interview
Elements sent in scans of an Orlando interview in Sorted (UK).

Orlando Quote About Troy
Here's a bit about Orlando from the production notes for Troy.
Orlando Bloom, who first received widespread acclaim for his work in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, plays Hector’s younger brother, the recklessly charming Prince Paris. "For me, the draw in terms of Paris was that he’s the anti-hero,” says the actor." "Paris is not like any character I’ve played. He’s the second son to Priam, and he’s lived a very sheltered life. He’s been nurtured and hasn’t had to think about the responsibilities of becoming a warrior or King. Although he’s in an environment that is a hugely political, dangerous world, his own world is very simple, until he basically creates a war because of his lust and his love for one woman. Two countries collide, which leads to him lose everything he knows, and he does all of this for love."

Troy Cast Chat on AOL
From Circe: I have AOL and was looking in the upcoming events and noticed that the cast of Troy, (Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Diane Kruger, and the rest of the cast), are scheduled for a AOL Movie Questions and Answers session sometime in the near future. When the actual date is, I will try to keep you posted on as soon as I know, however, you may go ahead and submit questions now for the cast.

Eric Bana on Jay Leno
From Amanda: Eric Bana, who plays the brother of Paris, is scheduled to be on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno on May 4th.

Girls Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in scans of a photo, and an Orlando and Troy article (in French) from the May issue of Girls (France).

Elle Girl, Heat, and Sky Magazines
Amy sent in some info about UK magazines. Elle Girl - May 2004: From an interview with Billie Piper.... "After two critically-acclaimed TV Dramas, the ambitious screen star plays fit-as-you-like Orlando Bloom's love interest in this month's Brit Flick, The Calcium Kid." ..... "But surely its worth it when you land the part of dreamy Orlando's love interest? 'He's a lovely boy. We did the screen kiss on my first day. I thought my heart was going to come through my chest!'" There was also a review and picture of The Calcium Kid on another page.
Heat - 1-7 May 2004: There is a review and picture for the Calcium Kid which got 2 stars!! And another picture in the 'Your Top Ten Films' column, The Calcium Kid came 7th!
Sky The Magazine - May 2004: There is a small picture of Orlando in Black Hawk Down, its just right after he fell from the helicopter.

Unsolved History
From Brittney: May 12th @ 8pm and 11pm there is an episode of Unsolved History (Discovery Channel) that looks at the Trojan War and has exclusive scenes of the movie Troy.

Orlando on Entertainers
From Trish: Orlando will be one of the featured stars on a show called ENTERTAINERS on May 8th at 2:00am est on local ABC. It looks like they will be talking about his role as Paris. [I believe this show is syndicated, so check your local listings]

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jillian, Renee (15), Frances (13) from Allie, Hayley from her friend Alex, April (14) from Lindsey and Ariana, Maria (49), Renee, and Margaret.

  Tuesday, April 27
YM Scans
Kristine and Laura sent in the rest of the scans from the May issue of YM (US).

New Troy Photo
Vilmarith sent in this photo of Menelaus kicking Paris' butt, found on tepasmas.com.

Troy Preview DVD in The Sunday Times
From Charlotte: In The Sunday Times (UK) there is a free dvd with previews of upcoming films and there is a 30 minute

Beyond the Movie: Conquering Troy
From PRNews Wire: On Friday, May 7, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, just one week before the feature film opens, join the National Geographic Channel (NGC) for the world premiere of "Beyond the Movie: Conquering Troy," a one-hour special that combines ancient storytelling and modern archaeology to explore the truth behind the legend.

Troy Mini-Site and Contest
Warner Bros has set up a mini-site for Troy. It includes, among other things, a contest to win a trip to a spa, or an official Troy prize pack with scented candles, a t-shirt, hat and necklace replica of the one worn by Brad Pitt. Websites who place the banner on their site are also entered into a separate contest, which is probably why you'll be seeing the banners everywhere! If I win, I'll run another contest for you guys!

Brad Pitt on Oprah
From Chelsea: Brad Pitt is going to be on Oprah, Monday May 3rd. I believe they are going to be talking about Troy so they will probably being showing clips with Orlando in it!

Dutch Troy Article
From Kim: I've found this article (photo) about Troy in the Dutch magazine Preview (a free magazine that you can get at i.a. the cinema). Preview contains reviews of new films and the review of Troy isn't all that positive: they say it's worth watching it for the costumes and the fleet etc. and it isn't a stupid fight film. But they are uncertain about the success of the film. Still, they can't exclude that it will be a success.

Candy Magazine Article
From Jennifer: Candy Magazine (Philippines) April Issue has a new section called Locker Room, a one-page about different boys on page 86. It has a picture of him from Walter Chin's shoot [and a caption that says Orlando Bloom, January 13, Capricorn], and I'll type this mini-article-horoscope for you:

Crushing on current toast of Hollywood Orlando Bloom? Candy's resident psychic Madame Daena fills you in on his star-scope.
- Blooming Lovelife: The stars have love written for Orlando Bloom this year. He's destined to fall head over heels for someone. His busy sched might make things rocky, but if the relationship lasts the year, the lucky girl could be it for our favorite star.
- Personality Profile: Our Lord of the Rings heartthrob puts his loved ones on a pedestal - you'll feel like you're part of the family! Beautiful inside and out, he's definitely a keeper - a stick-to-one type of guy. He's a quiet dude who'd rather spend tons of time alone with you than hit the party scene. Sigh!
- Career Meter: This year skyrockets Orlando higher in the Hollywood scene. Expect to see him in one or two more movie hits this 2004 [watch for him in Troy, out next month!]. He'll be running his own little empire by December.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Rebekah (13), Sandra (15) from her friend Gunn-Helen, Jennifer (14), Molly (13), and Sammy (16) from her friend Laura.
  Monday, April 26
New Photo from GQ Photo Shoot
Oleg sent in more photos from the GQ photo shoot. Most we've seen before, but they're nice enough to see twice! (1, 2, 3, 4)

YM Scan
Kristine sent in a photo from the June issue of YM.
From Steph: Orlando is featured the new issue of YM. On the page about ym.com, they have a small pic of him and it says "Visit ym.com for a ton of little-known facts about the actor, plus a chance to win a signed poster." On pg. 62, there's a poll "Which of these celebrities would you want to have a summer fling with?" There's a pic of his head, and he won the poll with 34%. Orlando is also mentioned on pg. 78, where they talk to Alexa Vega (of Spy Kids): " 'Being recognized is so much fun,' says Alexa. Meeting Orlando Bloom at the POTC premiere didn't suck either." The cover story about Orlando seems to be pieced together from different articles, like they didn't really bother to actually talk to him. It's all about his loves and hates.
Loves: His blond elf wig; Johnny Depp's advice; playing the antihero; mellow music.
Hates: being reckless; sharks; being seen as a heartthrob (sob); talking about his private life; and internet rumors (He says: "I read that I'd do a movie for free if I just got to kiss a girl... I was like who the hell writes this... I love women. But it would never be about sex scenes.")

Suspected Terror Attack Halts Filming
From contactmusic.com: British Hollywood star ORLANDO BLOOM was rushed off set amid suspected terror attacks whilst filming RIDLEY SCOTT's new film KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. The 27-year-old actor who was shooting in Morocco when he had to be ushered to safety after blasts were heard. An insider says, "We all thought it was a bomb at first, we were terrified. "Orlando, director Ridley Scott and the rest of the crew were evacuated immediately." The LORD OF THE RINGS star was quickly back on-set after a fire was discovered containing three bottles of liquid. The insider continued, "A smoldering fire was discovered among storage equipment, we're still waiting to hear the results of the investigation."

Tiger Beat Scans
Izza sent in scans from the June issue of Tiger Beat (US). (1, 2, 3)

Night & Day Magazine
From Emma: In this week's Night & Day (UK) there is a whole load about the movie Troy, most of it is about Brad Pitt. Orlando is mentioned by some of the actors and actress who were interviewed and there are lots of pictures of him.
Here's a photo from the mag of Orlando with Peter O'Toole, thanks to Elements and Legolas Greenleaf.

Culture Magazine
From Mary Liz: In an Irish magazine, Culture, there is an article about Troy. They only mention Orlando once, they just mention that Orlando Bloom plays Paris and the have a pic of him and Helen on a chariot. The rest of the article was about how these sort of epic movies are coming back into fashion, with the likes of Gladiator and Lord Of The Rings. At the the very end they have a box with a list of other epic movies that are being released soon. They mention 'Kingdom Of Heaven' and underneath it they say: "Ridley Scott finally gets to direct a crusades film, with Orlando Bloom, fast becoming a sword-and-sandals veteran, as a humble blacksmith defending Jerusalem from the onslaught of the 12th-century crusaders. Ed Norton, Liam Neeson and Eva Green along for the ride."

Canadian Troy Contest
If you live in Canada, you can win a pair of Troy movie passes at warnerbroscanada.com. Thanks to Eleni for the info.

Empire Online has posted a review of The Return of the King DVD out on May 25.

CosmoGirl UK Scans
Rianna sent in scans of the posters in the May issue of CosmoGirl (UK). (1 & 2)

Troy Site Updated
The official Troy site has been updated with new photos, desktops and posters, including this one of Paris and Helen. Here are the new Orlando photos: (1, 2, 3, 4)

Rails Magazine Article
Nicole translated an article from the May issue of Rails (The Netherlands).

Access Hollywood
From Krish: On Access Hollywood (US), the movie Troy was number 6 on the countdown of the hottest summer movies and they had a little interview with Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt.

Woman's World
From Anon: I was looking through an article in Woman's World issue dated April 27th and there were some pictures of the hottest rising hunks. Needless to say Orlando Bloom was one of them!

Troy Mania in the Philippines
From Jennifer: Just wanted to let you know, I came from Rockwell Powerplant Cinemas [really good cinema here in the Philippines], and there are big posters as well as a big 3D poster-billboard-ad by the cinema. Also, slowly but surely, Troy ads are popping up everywhere along the main roads and 80% of them are the Paris/Helen pictures! Lastly, I inquired at Powerplant, and TROY IS COMING OUT IN THE PHILIPPINES ON MAY 12 [Wednesday]. There still is no confirmed Rating, but it comes out May 12. [Hopefully, it'll do good, because May 10 is the national elections...so that's not a totally great time to release a movie].

LOTR Hockey Spoof
From Robin: There's a funny LOTR hockey spoof that I found. It's the Fellowship on a hockey team and they're playing other teams of Middle Earth. Very funny!
Be sure to check out the photo manipulations!

German Sugar Magazine and Fan Meeting
From Stefanie: Again there is something about Orlando in a German magazine: Sugar (German edition): little article about "Troy", half page article about Orlando and love, and a poster of Paris.
In Germany there is in summer an Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood fan meeting. If anyone would like to get more information about it, go to: www.justelijahwood.ch.vu to get more information.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Chelsea (14) from her friend Laura, Megan (14), Rachel (13) from her cousin Sarah, and Angelia (28).

  Sunday, April 25
If you were wondering why the site wasn't updated in the past few days, it was because I was out of town. I will try to get everything up to date asap.

New Photos
Oleg sent in some more Troy publicity photos. (1, 2, 3, 4) He also sent in some new studio photos.

The Sunday Times
From Ali: There is a cover story on Troy and Brad Pit in The Sunday Times Culture from pages 4 to 7. There is a picture of Orli and his name is mentioned in the article. There is also a picture of Sean Bean for any LOTR Fans!

Star Magazine Scan
Kisha sent in a scan from the May 3, 2004 edition of Star magazine (US).

The Calcium Kid Video Interview
The online press officer for The Calcium Kid sent me some things, but most of it has already been posted on this site. The only new item was an interview with Orlando:
Windows Media 30k
Windows Media 100k
Real Player 30k
Real Player 100k
Real Player 330k
Here are some screencaps I made. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Tribute Magazine Article
Orlando is on the cover of the April issue of Tribute magazine (Canada). You can read the article here. Thanks to Mary for the info.

Troy Articles in The Sun
Melanie sent in some Troy articles from The Sun. (1 & 2).

MTV Movie Awards
Pirates of the Caribbean is nominated for 6 MTV Movie Awards, including Best Movie, Best On-screen Duo for Orlando and Johnny, Best Actor and Comedic Performance for Johnny, Breakthrough Female for Keira, and Best Villain for Geoffry Rush. Return of the King was nominated for Best Movie and Best Action Sequence. You can vote online as many times as you'd like. The awards will be taped on June 5th, and will air on June 10th at 9pm ET.

Josh Groban to Sing Troy Theme Song
From Karen: This is some information I received from friendsofjoshgroban.com regarding the soundtrack for "Troy":
The speculation is over... FOJG can confirm that Josh has recorded the theme song and title track to this summer's epic film Troy (starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom). "Remember," written by James Horner and Cynthia Weil, was produced by David Foster during Josh's current Nashville tour stop and will be featured on the forthcoming Warner Sunset/Reprise movie soundtrack in stores soon!

Video Clip from RTL BOULEVARD
From Molly: Orlando was on our DUTCH tv show RTLBOULEVARD. It's about The Calcium Kid. You can watch the clip here. It starts with Rocky and ends with Orlando and small bits of the Calcium Kid. It has subtitles.

Troy Specials on US TV
From Beth: MTV and HBO each have a preview of Troy.
MTV Making the Movie: Troy -
Saturday, May 1, 11 am
Sunday, May 2, 10:30 am
Sunday, May 2, 10:30 pm
Troy: HBO First Look -
Saturday, May 1, 3 pm
Wednesday, May 5, 7:30 pm

Dakota Fanning Talks about Orlando
From Kayla: I was watching a program on E! Entertainment where they previewed new movies that were in theaters. While they were doing that, they also interviewed Dakota Fanning from the new flick "Man on Fire", and they asked her who she would like to work with. In addition to saying Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, her number one leading man was Orlando Bloom.
From cinecon.com: Q: Is there a famous person you think is real cute?
DAKOTA: I think Orlando Bloom is cute. I met him at an awards show. I was actually nominated and I won that one. When I went up on stage, they didn't have a step for me to step on at the Critic's Choice Awards so he had to hold me up. He held me for a LONG, LONG time! (Laughs)

No Theatrical Release for Ned Kelly in Canada
From Holly: Last night I got an email from someone working at Tribute.ca. They said that there would be no theatrical release date for Ned Kelly in Canada, and that it was going straight to video. I don't know when that will be, although I guess it will probably be around the same time it comes out on video in the US.

Showcase Cinemas Magazine
From Laura: In the April/May edition of the Leeds "Showcase Cinemas" magazine there is a page review of "Troy" with a picture of Orlando and Eric Bana. There is also a 2 page special on Orlando with pictures and a full page review of "The Calcium Kid." None of the pictures are new, there is one of Orlando running from "The Calcium Kid," two from "POTC" and one of him and Keira Knightly from the "POTC" premiere.

YM Magazine
From Jen: YM Magazine is holding a contest where you can win an autographed Orlando Bloom poster! He's also YM's June coverboy! YM.com has a quiz called "All Things Orlando" - pretty basic stuff.

Bop Magazine Poll
From Sara: In the May issue of Bop magazine (with "Orlando's secret twin" on the cover), page 15 has "Ashton and Orlando's Strange Connections"---the only real connection is how Orlando got the role in Elizabethtown and Ashton didn't. Anyway on the side with Orlando at the bottom it says: "You Tell Us! Who's the hottest young actor in Hollywood, Ashton or Orlando? Email your answer to: Leesa@bopmag.com. We'll reveal the poll results in a future issue of Bop! You know who to vote for! There is also a nice page sized pin up of Orlando.

Blockbuster Magazine
From Ms: At Blockbuster there is a magazine called Inside and it haws Troy pictures in it. The mag is also free.

Greatest Movie Heroes of All Time
From icnetwork.co.uk: ROMAN general Maximus - played by Russell Crowe in the Oscar-winning epic Gladiator - has been voted the greatest movie hero of all time. The Top 10 was completed by Spartacus, played by Kirk Douglas, Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings trilogy played by Viggo Morten-sen, James Bond, as played by Sean Connery, and Lord of the Rings's Legolas Greenleaf, played by Orlando Bloom. The poll of 8,000 customers was conducted by DVD and video rental firm Choices Video.

LOTR Symphony in London
From Megan: Just to let Lord of The Rings fans in England know, there is another Lord of the Rings Symphony performance on 22nd September 2004 at 7.30pm at the Royal Albert Hall (London), and tickets are still available, ranging from £15 to £45. For more info and to book tickets go to www.royalalberthall.com. I'm pretty sure Howard Shore will be conducting!

TV Alerts For UK
From Rianna: I read in a magazine called Radio Times that on Sunday 25th April Orlando will be on Channel 4 on a weekend program caled T4! "8.55am T4 Actors Orlando Bloom and Jim Carrey chat to June Sarpong and Vernon Kay, plus music from Busted!"
From Lizzie: There is a programme in the UK on the teen channel Trouble called Celebrity Bodies. Orlando will be on, on Tuesday 27th at 6pm!
From Rona: Orlando will be on Entertainment Today, ITV (UK) next Friday, from 8.35am to 9.30am approx. Probably promoting Calcium Kid.
From Nikki: On Movie Juice (UK) they are showing some footage of the Calcium Kid. It's shown on ITV 1 on Friday the 30th at 11:30pm.

Empire Magazine
From Steph: In the next EMPIRE magazine (out 25th April) there will be a special article called 'Men in Skirts' and it may mention Orlando.
Also (again!) On AOL Entertainment (UK) there is a poll called 'Who is the sexiest British celebrity?' Orlando is in the lead but not by much so get voting!

German Magazine Alerts
From Stefanie: There are again some articles in German magazines:
Petra (woman's magazine): small article about Troy
Bravo: 1 page about Orlando and his movies (most of his movies will not come into the cinemas in Germany)
Yam: little article about Orlando on the set of Kingdom of Heaven
In Germany now Ned Kelly is out on DVD, the title is: "Gesetzlos" (means in English: "outlaw").

Mention in Meg Cabot's Diary
From Maryann: Orlando was mentioned in Meg Cabot's online diary on Friday. While discussing the movie Hellboy, Meg said the following:
"But this raises--yet again--the problematic question of: Why are fictional mutants so often hotter than real life guys? This is just wrong. But really, Hellboy and Wolverine are way hotter to me than Orlando Bloom. Except when he's Legolas. Then he's hot too. What is UP with that?"

Famous Magazine
From Leanne: There is an article titled "Orlando's Odyssey" in the May issue of Famous magazine (distributed in Famous Players theatres). It talks about his career and about his upcoming movie Troy. There is also a pic of Orlando and Diane Kruger from the film. I believe most of the quotes are taken from a press junket.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amy (13), Christina from her friend Beth, Rachel (17) from her best friend Paloma, Mar (14) from her friends Duffie and Lenny.

  Saturday, April 24
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lisa (14), and Jordan (14) from her friend Jenna.
  Friday, April 23
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Chelsea (14), Kate (14) from her friend Steph, Emma from her friend Beth, Ilona (14) from her friend Aryn, and Laurie (28).
  Thursday, April 22
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katie, and April (16) from her sisters Chelsey and Scarlett.
  Wednesday, April 21
Sneak Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans from this week's Sneak (UK). (1, 2, 3)

Calcium Kid Article from The Sunday Mail
§fyre posted an article on Orlando and The Calcium Kid from The Sunday Mail (Scotland).

New Candid Photos from Troy Training
aesav23 posted these photos on the LOTRinfo list. (1 & 2) They are from the website of the Troy stunt coordinator/trainer, Raleigh Wilson.

Dare Magazine Scan and Article
Rianna sent in a scan and article from Dare magazine (UK). There was also a large Calcium Kid poster in the mag.

New Troy Trailer Download
techcomforces.com has some new Troy trailers. Thanks to Nicole for the info.

Ned Kelly Segment on IFC
From Josie J.: On IFC (independent film channel) there's this show called At the Angelika. It's this show were they talk about new independent movies. Well on one episode I saw they did a segment on Ned Kelly! They interviewed Heath Ledger and showed some clips. They didn't mention Orlando but they did show alot of clips with him in it. The show will be on agian today (4/21) at 1:30pm, and agian at 6:30pm eastern time. Then again on Thursday at 11:30am, Friday at 3:45pm, Saturday at 5:45am and 11:45am eastern time.

Disney Adventures Magazine
From Megan: I just got a copy of Disney Adventures (US). Orlando is on page 10. He is also on page 28 where you take the quiz.

Elizabethtown Australian Release Date
From Jacquie: According to yourmovies.com.au, Elizabethtown has been given an Australian release date of 11th Feburary 2005!

Mention in CosmoGirl
From Tiffany: I recently got my May issue of CosmoGirl (US) and on page 78 there's a quiz on "What's your Beauty Style?" one of the questions reads: The guy who's driving you wild right now is: A) Prince William - gorgeous eyes, sexy accent.. he's a real prince! B)Orlando Bloom - rugged good looks and always dressed to kill! C) LeBron James - rockin' bod, major talent, and a Nike contract! It's on page 78.

Troy Trailer on Tribute TV
From Mary: On Tribute TV in Canada, in the last few minutes, there is a trailer for Troy. The show is on at 7:00 pm.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nathan (14) from Aryn.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Cinthia (16) from her Barbara & Pilis.

  Tuesday, April 20
UK GQ Magazine Scan
Rianna sent in a scan from GQ magazine (UK). Orlando has come 5th out of 50 of the most Stylish Men (or Best Dressed but with Orlando they are talking about style!). The magazine has been out a couple of weeks and it should still be in the shops now, it had Uma Thurman on the front of it.

New Troy Publicity Photos
Comingsoon.net has a ton of Troy publicity photos, including some new ones with Orlando.

Possible New TV Show Spawned from Troy
From ugo.com: As the 2003-2004 television season is coming to a close, the industry is in full swing with plans for Fall 2004, as hundreds of potential shows are being pitched to the networks. "EMPIRE" - This one spawns from Troy; as many are expecting Wolfgang Petersen's sprawling epic to be a huge hit, why not continue to cash in on what may be a renewed interest in ancient history? This historical drama chronicles the power struggle in Rome following the murder of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. Expect all the usual suspects to be no more than 25 years old with California tans as they run amok in togas. And we're speculating that the call is currently out for Orlando Bloom look-alikes.

L'Express Scan
Laetitia sent in a scan from the March issue of L'Express (France). It talks about Orlando being considered for the lead role in Le Parfum.

Troy Review in O Magazine
From Steph: In the new "O Oprah" magazine (US), Troy is reviewed. It's quite short, and a pic of Brad Pitt accompanies the review.

Possible US TV Alert
From Bonnie: Access Hollywood is doing their summer movie preview. Each day they'll be showing different summer blockbusters and interviews with them. Tonight was Van Helsing and tomorrow is King Arthur with Keira Knightley. So keep an eye out for their Troy segment. :)

Mykindaplace.com Orlando Quiz
From Steph: On mykindaplace.com, they have an Orlando Super-fan quiz, in honor of the UK release of The Calcium Kid. It's a timed quiz, and you only have 10 seconds to answer each question. They're really simple, just basic questions about his career and life. All along the questions are flashing pics of him from the movie (yummy). They also have an ad on the site for the movie.

Lord of the Rings Symphony
From Manawydann: Just wanted to let you know that the European Premiere of the Lord of the Rings Symphony took place last Friday, April 16th, in Antwerp Belgium. I was there and for all who have plans to attend in the near or far future, it's an awesome experience. The music is so powerful (as we all know) that it drives the audiences to tears. Keeping nearly 8000 people dead silent for minutes before the wave of applause hits is a major achievement. Here's the program.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Naomi (15), Epp (15), Tamara (22) from her sister Toleda, Erin from her sister Lauren, and Kaitlyn (14).

  Monday, April 18
Sunday Telegraph Article and Scans
Elements sent in scans from The Sunday Telegraph Magazine that features Orlando on the cover.

Sunday Magazine Article and Scans
Emily sent in scans from the Sunday Magazine (UK), part of The News of The World, and Nicky typed up the article. It's very possible that many of the quotes were made-up.

Calcium Kid Clip on AOL
From Emily: On AOL entertainment (UK) there is a clip with interviews from Orlando about The Calcium Kid.

Article From The Scotsman
Scotsman.com has an article on Orlando.

Troy Leaflet
From Amy: I got this from an Orange (the mobile phone company) leaflet advertising 2 cinema tickets for the price of 1, which I got from my local UGC Cinema in England.

Showcase Cinemas Magazine
From Emily: There's a magazine in Showcase cinemas that has a four page spread on Orlando. One page is on Troy the next 2 are interviews and the next is about The Calcium Kid.

MuchMusic Special
From Anon: Orlando is featured on the "Much in the Stars" special on MuchMusic that is replaying pretty often since it's new. His part is within the last 10 minutes, and its just a short segment about him and Kate, how hardworking he is, etc since he's a Capricorn.
From Melinda: Orlando was on Much in the Stars, he was mentioned several times, it was a show about horoscopes on MuchMusic in Canada. They made several comments about how he was hardworking and ambitious and that he had 6 movies in the works. They also mentioned him and Kate saying that they would have a bumpy relationship but they hoped the best for "Hollywood most photogenic couple". It will most likely be on again sometime soon.

LOTR Concert in Sydney
From Kitty: The Lord of the Rings Symphony is going to be performed in Sydney Australia on the 17, 18 and 19th of June. It will be conducted by none other than Howard Shore and is on at the Opera House.

The Calcium Kid and Troy Trailers
From Little Miss Bloom: The Calcium Kid trailer is out in the UK and is being shown on UK TV! I have seen it twice today on the channels: Channel 4 and ITV1 and its brilliant! Oh and the Troy trailer is out in UK cinemas I've seen it before Starsky and Hutch and my friend saw it before Gothika.

2004 Rich List
From Nikki: Orlando is joint 60th in the Times' 100 richest young people in Britain (under 30). He is a new entry this year with an estimated (pounds) 6 million. The entry reads: "After appearing in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Bloom now commands (pounds) 2m to 3m a film."

Cosmo Girl (UK)
From Angellic: Orlando's in the May edition of Cosmo Girl (UK). There's a really cute pull out poster, and a few picks of Orli & Kate, as well as an interview with Kate.

Release Dates for Poland
From Dodo: I finally found out when Orlando's movies are going to be out in Poland: Ned Kelly: April 22, 2004 (on DVD/VHS), The Calcium Kid: September 27, 2004 (on DVD/VHS) Troy: May 15, 2004 (in theatres), Kingdom of Heaven: This is supposed to be the world premiere - May 6 2005 (theatres)

Preorder ROTK at Blockbuster
From Ayla: You can now preorder Return of the King at Blockbuster. When you preorder it you receive a Limiten Edition Poster. The poster even has Legolas on it!

People.com "Shabby or Chic" Poll
From On People.com they have a section called "Shabby or Chic" where you can vote on whether various actors are dressed well or inappropriately for the functions they are attending. Orlando is the last one, and 79% say he is looking chic (which he is!).

Poster in Kiss Magazine
From CrAzYcHiCkLuVsOrLi: There is an A4 sized poster of Orlando as The Calcium Kid in the latest issue of Kiss (Ireland).

J-14 Magazine
From Alyssa: Orlando is in the new J-14 magazine. There are articles and pictures in it. It also talks about the rumor that Orlando was getting married and how it's not true.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Talia (13), Yvette, Brittni (15) from her friends Katie and Brie, Jenna from her best friend Bethany.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Bailey (17), Pascale (16), Alison (23), Becky (22) from her boyfriend Andrew, Brill from Lenny, Smurff, Chuck and Benny, and Shelly from her friends Lenny and Smurff.

  Saturday, April 17
Calicum Kid Review from Filmfodder.com
Filmfodder.com has a review of The Calcium Kid, which was given an A.

Dutch CosmoGirl Article
Jorien translated the article from the May issue of CosmoGirl (The Netherlands).

Behind the Scenes Photos of Troy
Stern.de has some behind the scene photos from Troy, including this one of Orlando.

Legolas in Fox Trot Comic
From Jaimelee: I don't know if you have see Fox Trot today but it has the sister asking her dad a question and in the back ground hanging on her wall is a picture of Legolas. It is not the best rendition of him but it is cool because her character in the comic is such a big Orlando fan!

Troy Article on AOL
From Steph: On the AOL Red welcome screen, you can click to see some of the reviewed Troy trailer. It says:

PREMISE War breaks out in ancient Greece after Paris, prince of Troy (Orlando Bloom), steals Helen, queen of Sparta (dewy newcomer Diane Kruger), away from her husband, King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson). Bad-ass warrior Achilles (a pumped-up Brad Pitt) leads the charge against Troy.
SLOGAN Two worlds will go to war for honor and power. PERCENTAGE OF PLOT REVEALED 80
VERDICT Based on Homer's "The Iliad," "Troy" is decidedly free of hobbits and wizards -- but it does boast "Lord of the Rings" elf Legolas (a.k.a. Bloom). Aiming for the same audience who packed the cineplex to see "Rings," the trailer emphasizes bombastic dialogue ("Every son of Troy...shall die!") and massively scaled, computer-generated battles, placing relatively little emphasis on the film's love story. Pitt, meanwhile, is ready to stake his claim as an action hero: "Is there no one else?" he shouts, à la Russell Crowe's "Gladiator" battle cry: "Are you not entertained?" Looks like we will be. B+
Teen Vogue
From Steph: Orlando is briefly mentioned in the article 'L.A. Story" in the May issue of Teen Vogue (US). The article is about newcomer Garret Hedlund, who plays Achille's cousin in TROY. "...SO after being in L.A. for only a month, the first time movie star put on his armor and joined (Brad) Pitt in Malta, along with Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana, to create the epic film Troy..." The rest of the article states how Brad treated him as an equal and everything.

Inside Entertainment Article
From Sarah: Here is an article I found in Inside Entertainment magazine (it has a picture of Kirsten Dunst on the cover). The printing is kind of small, so here is a rewrite:

"Hers was the face that launched a thousand ships. (Helen of Troy...you may have heard of her.) The other faces in this movie aren't too scruffy, either - Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Peter O'Toole. In one of the greatest stories ever retold - based upon Homer's epic poem The Illiad - Helen, Queen of Sparta (played by German newcomer Diane Kruger, who is the only face you won't recognize here) is nabbed in 1193 BC by Paris, the Prince of Troy (cutie pie Bloom). Call it love. Call him impetuous. It all happened so quickly. (Admittedly, it wasn't entirely out of the blue: they had already enjoyed a steamy fling.) Helen's hubby, King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), is less than impressed and assembles the largest naval fleet known to man (cue the big music and the $100m mega-budget production values from Das Boot director Wolfgang Peterson), and launches a massive attack against the ancient Greek civilization of Troy - aka the much mythologized, 10-year Trojan War - to get his missus back. Talk about wounded pride!
The legendary warrior Achilles (of vulnerable heel fame; played here by Pitt, who appropriately tore his left achilles tendon during filming) heads up the invasion, with the help of King Odysseus (Sean Bean), against antihero Paris and his brother Hector (Bana), and ends up rolling out that wonderous Trojan Horse as a way of infiltrating those invincible walls of Troy. Early reports suggest there might be one or two nude scenes invoking Pitt or Bloom. If so, ticket sales are sure to skyrocket. Even without the naughty bits, it has all the earmarks of a blockbuster."
Canadian Troy Contest
insideeonline.com is running a contest to win tickets to an advance screening of Troy. Oh yea, and a car. The contest is only open to Canadians.

Bop Magazine
From Valerie: There is a page poster and some other small pics and articles of Orlando in the May 2004 issue of Bop (US).

Articles in Playboy
From Brittany: My brother (I'm no pervert *laughs*) came home from college for spring break, and he heard I liked Orlando, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. Well, in Playboy, he showed me two movie reviews with Orlando. The articles come from the January "50th anniversary issue". The first article is mostly Sean Astin talking about filming ROTK; the article was called "Movie of the month" as of December 17 2003. Written by Stephen Rebello. The second article was about POTC. This article was a summary of the story, about extra footage (2nd disc) and received 3 1/2 bunnies not stars for "the DVD of the month" as of December 17, 2003. Written by Gregory Fagan.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Erika from her friend Grecia Helena, Sheldon (10) from Jennifer, Laura (14) from Samantha, Raman (14) from her best friend Melissa and Daphne, Abby (14) from Lizz, and Peter (14) from his sister Rachael. Happy Birthday from yesterday to Sara Diana (19).

  Friday, April 16
Por Ti Magazine Scans
Nina sent in scans from this week's issue of Por Ti magazine (Mexico). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Troy on Entertainment Weekly List
From Jessica: On the Entertainment Weekly website they have a list of the movies we can't wait to see. Troy is number one. It says:

WHAT IT IS: A CliffsNotes version of the Greek epic "The Iliad" -- Paris (Orlando Bloom) steals Helen (Diane Kruger) from her husband, Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), thereby starting a great bloody war.
WHY WE CAN'T WAIT Brad Pitt (pictured, as Achilles) and Orlando Bloom in togas -- let's leave it at that.
BURNING QUESTION Will this be a "Gladiator"-style Oscar role for Pitt?
COME FOR The sweeping battle scenes, the timeless love story. Uh, and don't forget the togas.
STAY FOR The mythology lesson from some poet named Homer. (And no, we're not talking about Bart's dad.)
From Valerie: There's some small pics and small articles in the May/June 2004 issue of J-14 (US).

Dutch Cosmo Girl Scans
Lenny of Bloomania sent in scans from the May issue of Cosmo Girl (The Netherlands). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Legolas Lunch Box on Hottopic.com
Hottopic.com now has the Legolas lunch box for sale on their website. Thanks to Cori for the info.

Troy Trailer on Coming Attractions
From Steph: The full Troy trailer was featured on Coming Attractions on E! (US). The host briefly talked about the movie, saying how Brad Pitt really took to his character, injuring his Achilles heel while filming.

From Steph: In the May issue of ElleGirl (US), in the letter section, this girl kinda bashes Legolas, and all of us fans of his. "....How can you confuse an elf with a tack lawn gnome? Mistakes like this are why Lord of the Rings screenings are filled with airheads who giggle whenever an elf or hobbit appears on screen. Legolas isn't the only reason for the movie!" LOTR is also in an ad for American Rag Tag: "I AM AN AMERICAN - 'MY dog loves Lord of the Rings." And it seems as if ElleGirl kept their promise, they have another Orlando corner on pg. 83. They have a pic of him in the "thinking" pose. "Yes, it's true: Even beautiful people think. Look at Orlando Bloom- he's, like, totally profoundly pondering somethin deep and important, like existentialism or global warming or whether he changed his undies this morning...." The rest mentions about a contest to fill in his thoughts. You can win a Orlando Pillowcase. They also have the poll of your favorite Orlando. "Plain Orlando" won with 38%, though Will Turner was not far behind.

Disney Adventures
From LegolasLover2003: I just saw that the April 04 edition of Disney Adventures has a new Pirates of the Caribbean Comic. At the end of the magazine, they also advertise for another POTC comic in their next issue, and there is a picture of Legolas due to the quizzes that are to be in their next issue. Also, I received information today from Blades By Brown Cutlery that the Scabbard for the Legolas' Daggers will go on sale May 04 and that the Legolas Daggers should be available for order or for pre-order finishing payments within the next few days!

Inside Stuff Magazine
From Margaux: Orlando is in 'Inside Stuff' on page 28. Its a basketball magazine and he's in '6 degrees with Paul Pierce', along with Liv Tyler

Cosmo Girl (UK)
From Juliet: There are 2 nice pictures in this month's Cosmo Girl (UK). One is 3 a5 pages, the other is a5.

Calcium Kid Review
From Kirsty: At my local cinema they do a magazine called Unlimited and there was a review of the Calcium Kid in it. Here it is:

Orlando Grabs His Boxing Gloves - And A Pint Of Semi - Skimmed
Released 30th April Cert 15
Thanks to The Lord Of The Rings and Pirates Of The Caribbean, Orlando Bloom has become one of the hottest young actors around. Now his legions of female admirers will get the chance to see him carry an entire film all by himself. As the titular Calcium Kid, Bloom plays Jimmy, a young milkman and amateur boxer who finds himself fighting the world champion.
The comedy mockumentary style suits the intimate setting well and there's plenty of laughs from stand - up comedian Omid Djalili, who almost steals the movie from under Bloom's nose. There's also sterling support from Rafe Spall (son of Timothy, no less), TV impressionist Ronni Ancona and former pop princess Billie Piper (aka Mrs Chris Evans), who follows last year's appearance in the TV adaptation of The Canterbury Tales with another confident and natural performance.
The Calcium Kid boasts a real script, some excellent performances, and assured direction from Alex De Rakoff. With cameos from Chris Eubank and Frank Bruno, this is one British Boxing comedy that's definitely a knockout.
Cast: - Orlando Bloom - Jimmy
Omid Djalili - Herbie Bush
Michael Pena - Jose Mendez
Rafe Spall - Stan
David Kelly - Paddy
Director - Alex De Rakoff
Screenplay - Derek Boyle, Alex De Rakoff and Raymond Friel
Running Time - TBA
Distribution - UIP
See this if you liked - Rocky, Ned Kelly, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy  
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Melanie from her friend Mary, Gordana.
  Thursday, April 15
Troy Running Time
According the Yahoo Movies, Troy is 165 minutes long. That's 2 hours and 45 minutes!

Norwegian Troy Article
From Gunn-Helen: This is a link to a Norwegian article about Troy, from the magazine Topp.

Photo in Maxim
From Carolina: Every so often I'll read Maxim Magazine (US) for their funny articles. This month issue has a not so funny caption for a pic of Orlando and Diane as Paris and Helen. It says "Orlando Bloom, Warrior Princess"

Troy Showing Early in Salt Lake City
The University of Utah is showing Troy a week early, on May 6. Click here for more info. Thanks to Talia for the link.

Brad Pitt on TRL (Correction)
Ashley K. wrote in to say that Brad Pitt will actually be on TRL on May 3rd, not the 6th.

Troy Posters on TTC Buses
From Josephine: In Toronto, on the TTC buses, they have a new poster for TROY, which features Orlando and his name.

Mention in Chilean Magazine
From Vilmarith: Today I bought a magazine called "Vanidades" from Chile (Feb 04). In it was published a list: "What is IN" and in first place: "Super attractive and super sexy Orlando Bloom (there is a small picture from ROTK LA premiere) and Jude Law".

German Magazines
From Stefanie: There are some Orlando articles in some German magazines. Yam: small article about "Calcium Kid". Joy: small article about Orlando and Kate.

Buffest Bod on Women.com
From Bryanna: Women.com has named Orlando 1 of the 12 buffest bodes in Hollywood along side Colin Farrell, Seann William Scott, Will Smith, Taye Diggs, and Mark Wahlberg.

Por Ti Magazine
From Nina: Orlando is the this week's cover from Por Ti magazine (Mexico), it has some old pics, one from the GQ magazine photo shoot and others like that, the article talks about his life, being accident prone, that he is a success and nothing new.

New Fan Video by Sonia
Sonia has created a new Orlando music video to the song Toxic. Check it out on her site.

Brad Pitt on Houston Radio
From Diana: This afternoon (Wednesday) on Houston's #1 radio station 104.1 KRBE during the Adam Smasher show, Brad Pitt phoned in to talk about Troy and he mention Orlando a couple of times. It might come on again tomorrow afternoon.

Posters in Richmond, BC
From aznglittericious: I was in 'metro town', a pretty big mall located close to Richmond, BC, Canada. And there was this one shop called 'Poster World' that has lots of Legolas and Orlando posters. They are roughly around $15 Canadian, which is about $10-11 American.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Carolina from her friend Heidi, Katie (16) from her friend Molly, Sarah M. from her gals, Elle from her sister Lauren, Lisa (15), Allie (13), Courtney from her friend Ashley.
A special Get Well message to Jessica from her sister Melissa.

  Wednesday, April 14
Kingdom of Heaven Article
Sina has translated the Croatian article on Kingdom of Heaven. There are a few spoilers.

Haven and Kingdom of Heaven Release Dates
From Zoe: Empire Magazine's website shows the release dates for Haven as December 31st 2004 and Kingdom of Heaven on June 1st 2005.

New Troy Photo
Latinoreview.com has posted a new Paris and Helen photo, and outnow.ch has hi-res versions of some older photos. Thanks to Legolas Greenleaf for the links.

Troy Poster Close-up
I received a Troy poster, thanks to BLOOMIEBOB, and have scanned the section featuring Orlando.

New York Troy Premiere
Danielle reports that the New York premiere for Troy will be May 10th, and will be a charity fund raiser for animals. I will post more info when I receive it.

Melbourne Troy Premiere
From §fyre and The Herald Sun: Meanwhile, we're told none of the big stars of swords-and-sandals blockbuster Troy will be coming to Australia for its premiere -- so no Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana or even Rose Byrne. There will be a Melbourne premiere of some sort, but only with local celebs. The news must come particularly hard for Bloom fans. The gorgeous Brit couldn't make it to Melbourne for the gala premiere of Ned Kelly and skipped the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Troy opens here on May 13.

Berlin Troy Premiere
Anja posted that there will be a Troy premiere in Berlin, and that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will attend, but they were not sure about Orlando. Sean Bean won't be attending.

Orlando Mentioned on Jay Leno
From Ashley: Jay Leno was doing his Jaywalking thing and asking people which celebrity they would like to go on vacation with. One lady said Orlando Bloom. When Jay asked her if she wanted him to wear the pirate costume she replied "I wouldn't want him to wear anything!"

In Touch Magazine
From Andrea: In the March 15 issue of In Touch (US) there are two things of Orlando. There is a picture of him as Paris and it says Lord of the Lingerie: "I really love the costumes," says Orlando Bloom who sports sarongs and togas as Paris, the bad boy of the next May's Troy. And what does a trojan lady killer wear under there? According to Orlando "A nice tight pair of panties".
On the other part it was a count down of Hollywood's 10 biggest daredevils, he got 9. The article, Drainpipe Climber, describes about his broken back and what he thinks of it and it also talks about the daredevilish sports he likes, and it also mentions the list of his broken bones.

Australian Magazines
From Gab: In this month's issue of Smash Hits (Australia) there is a 2 fold Orlando picture. In TV Hits (Australia) there are a few small articles and quotes from Orlando, there are also some pictures of him and him and brad. In this week's Dolly newsletter there was a bit on Orlando:
ORLANDO'S KISSING SECRETS: It's official - Orlando Bloom puckers up like a pro! And who better to divulge this info to the world than his Troy co-star, Diane Kruger? Diane confided in a magazine interview that he's a "very good kisser" … well, we always reckoned he would be! Diane also went on to say, "When we started shooting, no-one really knew who he was … halfway through shooting Troy, Pirates of the Caribbean came out. It was pretty extraordinary to witness someone going from basically nothing to having girls screaming whenever he stepped out the door."

M Magazine Poll
From Mariana: At mmm-mag.com if you go to "polls" there's one that says "Which hottie would you most like to hang out with?" the choices are of course Orlando, Chad, Justin, Ashton, Usher, and Eminem.

Teen Now Magazine
From T: There is a MASSIVE poster of Orlando in the new magazine, Teen Now (UK), it is the one of him in the Calcium Kid and is the Film one with the credits underneath. There is also an a3 size poster in the middle. Orlando is also in the mag, Dare.

Dutch ElleGirl
From Molly: I saw in the new ElleGirl for Holland that Orlando will be in the issue of the month JUNE. The new ElleGirl for that month will go on sale the 13th of May!

Legolas Lunch Box
From Gracie: I just bought a metal Legolas lunch box at the store Torrid! It cost $19.99 and it's complete with a thermos!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Charlotte (13), Ashleigh (14) from her best friend Kadfy, Ev from her sister Sapna, and Dorien (16) from Nino.

  Tuesday, April 13
Teens Scans
Tina sent in scans from the April issue of Teens (Italy). (1, 2, 3)

Photos from The Face Photo Shoot
Elf Lady has posted some new photos mostly from The Face photo shoot, found on LOTR Boys Daily and with the tags removed by Laurelin. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Black Hawk Down Script
Stephanie at Orlando Bloom Central has found a full script for Black Hawk Down online.

Mention in Elle Magazine
From Amanda: In the latest issue of Elle Magazine (US), three female golfers were interviewed. One woman said one of the "people she would love to tee off with" was Orlando.

Cosmo Magazine
From Joh: There is an article in the MAY issue of Cosmo (US) pg 72 about Orlando under the 'The Sexiest Guys of Summer'.
Orlando Bloom
FILM: Troy, May 14
- He's a loyal, devoted boyfriend. While filming Troy in Mexico, Orlando reportedly shelled out $67 000 to fly his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, to the set every weekend.
- A guy who starred in a movie about pirates surely knows how to wield his sword.
- You won't spot him getting lap dances or squandering his bucks away at the craps table. "I'm not a big partier anymore. Thankfully, I got a lot of that stuff out of my system when I was younger," he has said.
- His hair is so sexy and shaggy it would be a crime not to run your fingers through it.
- This art enthusiast likes to sculpt in his spare time. We just love a man who's good with his hands!

Mention on Coronation Street
From Lily: On Coronation Street on Easter Monday, Orlando was mentioned. When a girl was asked "Do you think it'll be full of guys..." she replied "Well as long as they all look like Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp I don't care!"

Hello Magazine
From Nicky: Orlando is fifth in a list of Britain's 50 Best Dressed Men Ever in the April edition of Hello magazine - after David Beckham, Winston Churchill, Terence Stamp and David Bowie. The text reads "With his tousled hair and boyish good looks, 27-year old Orlando Bloom makes the No. 5 spot - the youngest heartthrob on the list. The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean star, who plays Greek warrior Paris opposite Brad Pitt in the forthcoming Troy and a milkman who hopes to make it big as a boxer in new film The Calcium Kid, is known for his quirky sense of style. He attributes his fashion sense to his younger sister Samantha who "always played dress up" with him as a little boy. Canterbury-born Orlando's clothes-horse potential was soon realised by Gap and it was during the filming of an advert for them in America that he met his actress girlfriend Kate Bosworth [note: it was Kate Beckinsale in the Gap commercial]. "It's amazing how many people asked me whether he was going to be in the exhibition - he's at the top of everyone's list" confirms Louise. "He's beautiful and this picture shows how well he can put himself together.""

Dutch Magazines
From Talitha from Orli Bloom Rules (msn-groups): There's an article about Troy in this month's issue of the dutch magazine ELF FANTASY MAGAZINE. It's the cover story and it's mainly about troy's history, but there's also a small part dedicated to the movie. There's a page about NED KELLY in the DVD Gratis, another dutch magazine. It's also about Orlando playing Joe Byrne, and they name Orli the sickly pale-skinned elf from LOTR.

AOL Welcome Page
From Laura: On the AOL welcome page (UK), on the right hand side there is a 'I Was A Porker' - quotes of the week. There is the quote '"I was a porker. I'd eat lots of biscuits and chocolate bars. The team sports we had at school never worked for me." Orlando Bloom hasn't always been a sex symbol. ' and a small pic of him when he was on the Jay Leno show (I think).

Mention in Frida
From Lilla: There´s a small note about Orlando in the Swedish mag FRIDA (no. 7) saying: "Locks doesn't make Orlando happy - Orlando Bloom is by nature a real "curly-head", but FRIDA can now reveal that the star isn't really happy with the chocolate-brown locks. In a salon in London recently, Orlando was very clear with what look he was after - he just wanted it as straight as possible! A straightener for his birthday might be something?" (he straightened his hair for Kingdom of Heaven)

Courier Journal
From Katiebugg: In Sunday's 04/11/04 Courier Journal, in the comics pull out page, there is a part on Troy and Orlando.

Mention on Radio 1
From Hannah: Orlando was mentioned on Radio 1 Sunday afternoon in the DVD chart, "Orlando's new film, the Calcium Kid, is out on the 30th, but for the moment his summer smash, Pirates of the Caribbean, isn't moving out of the top five, it's a 3. Those girls just love him, don't they?"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Cassi (13) from her friend Stacy, Erika from her friend Beth, Paloma (17), Jesse E. (13) from from Allie, Court, and Becca.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Savannah (14) from Samantha, Katie from her best friend Brie, Kirsty (13), Angela (18) from her sister Reenu, and to Erin (11) from Emily.

  Sunday, April 11
Happy Easter!

New Photos from Morocco
Mirena sent in scans from an article on Kingdom of Heaven filming in Morocco, from the Croatian magazine Gloria. I think the photos are from a reception held by the governor, in which the cast received the Governor's Medal. The article is online, but in Croatian. If anyone can translate the article, please contact me.

Most Embarassing Moment
From Anon: On the Teen People website it has stars' most embarrassing moments. Orlando was featured along with a pic of him. "I was on this little island and went kayaking one day. The kayak had a hole in the bottom and it started to sink! This guy in a boat [spotted me] and said, 'Hey, mon, you need a hand?' He had to [rescue] me!"

Ordering Dutch DVD's
From Jorien: You can order all of the Orlando DVD's, including Ned Kelly and Wilde, at the Dutch website www.bol.com.

Girlfriend Magazine
From Toleda: Orlando was in the April issue of Girlfriend Magazine (New Zealand). He was in the 'Guess Who' in the 'Game Girl' section. He was one of the celebs whom you had to match to their bags. In his bag he had, A dog named Maude, A Manchester United Scarf, A Bob Dylan CD and Pizza.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Maria (16) from her best friend Guadalupe, Michelle (14) from Samantha, Alice (16), Sarah, Miranda (15), and Christina from Caitlin. Happy Birthday from yesterday to Natalie (13).

  Saturday, April 10
Info About Troy Premiere
For those of you that keep emailing me about when and where the premiere for Troy will be, read this article from E! Online. The bottom line is, we still don't know. But the article gives insight on why we don't.

One Big Adventure
The Sunday Post (Scotland) has an article and photo on Orlando. Thanks to Orlando Watch for the link.

Brian Cox Quote About Orlando
Scotsman.com has an article on Brian Cox, who plays Agamemnon in Troy. He says this about Orlando: "He’s a nice laddie. I think it’s been a whirlwind for him and he’s been reeling from it. Orlando’s a very sensible lad."

Ellegirl.com Contest
Ellegirl.com is having a contest where you can win an Orlando T-shirt by submitting a haiku about him. It's only open to residents of the US or D.C. Thanks to Cassidy for the info.

Ciné Film Scans
Elodie sent in scans of the Troy article in the French magazine Ciné Film. (1 & 2)

Teen Magazine
From Laurie: Orlando Bloom is in the magazine Teen (US) Spring 2004 issue with Summer (real name Rachel) from the O.C. on it. There are brief, small pictures of him.

Greek TV Guide Falls for April Fool's Joke
Maxima on ka-Bloom posted that in the new Greek TV Guide (in the new Thlekontrol), there is a star portrait on Orlando. They listed some info about him, including that he had to go bald for Kingdom of Heaven! Apparently they believed my April Fool's joke. Goes to show you that you can't believe everything that the press writes.

Orlando Autograph
Kirsty (a radiographer in Oz) sent in this autograph she received from Orlando.

Legolas in Matrix Spoof
Sarah sent in a link to a Matrix spoof Flash movie at newgrounds.com that has Legolas in it. Click on Watch This Movie and then "Chateau". He appears at the end. Also, if you do a search on the site for Legolas or Lord of the Rings, you'll find a few other movies.

Photo in The Times
From Blee: In the newspaper The Times (US) in the section titled TimeOut for Monday, April 5, 2004, there is a picture of Heath ledger and Orlando Bloom. Under the pic it says: "NED KELLY," starring Heath Ledger, left, and Orlando bloom, above, and "The Ladykillers," with Tom Hanks and Irma P.Hall, below are two remakes currently in theatres.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ali (14) from Cizz, Annie Banannie from her best friend Emily, Karen (15), Elizabeth, and Megan (15). Happy Birthday from yesterday to Erin (13).

  Friday, April 9
New Paris Poster
Kel at latinoreview.com has just posted new Troy banners, including one of just Paris!

Kruger Stunned By Orlando's Sudden Fame
From teenhollywood.com: Movie newcomer Diane Kruger is primed for fame when epic film Troy is released, because she had the educational privilege of witnessing co-star Orlando Bloom's rapid surge in popularity. Kruger - who plays lead character Helen of Troy in the upcoming movie - was stunned by Orlando's sudden rise to sex symbol status when his film Pirates of the Caribbean topped the box office midway through the shoot.
The former ballet dancer from Germany says, "When we started shooting, no one really knew who he was - he's made Lord of the Rings but he looked so different in that. "Halfway through shooting Troy, Pirates Of The Caribbean came out. It was pretty extraordinary to witness someone going from basically nothing to having girls screaming whenever we stepped out the door."

Troy Posters for Sale
Some of the new Troy posters are available for purchase at moviemarket.co.uk. Thanks to Evie for the info.

Dare Magazine
From Debbi: Dare Magazine (UK) this week dated April 7th -20th, has an article called "How To Bag Orlando". It has a nice A4 size picture and in the centre pages has a giant Calcium Kid Poster - NICE!

Sugar Magazine
From Charlene: There are about seven pictures of Orlando in Sugar (UK) and also in a magazine you get free with it, there are a few pictures and interesting facts.

Hellomagazine.com Article
Abby sent in a link to an article on Hellomagazine.com about Orlando winning their poll for who the next James Bond should be.

The Calcium Kid Posters in the UK
From Ali: At my local Vue Cinema (used to be warner village) you can get free posters of Orli in The Calcium Kid. The poster has a picture of him in costume and has the writing "It takes a lotta bottle to be the champ" Orlando Bloom The Calcium Kid, and then it's got the names of everyone else in it.

More than just a pretty voice?
From nynewsday.com: PREMIERE MAGAZINE has Orlando Bloom on its May cover with the headline "Troy" Boy: Orlando Bloom Sexes Up an Epic. Well, that's the kind of squirmy copy you have to put up with when you're young, attractive and in the movies. The film's talented star Brad Pitt, who plays Achilles, has been dealing with an emphasis on his looks for more than 10 years.
"Troy," which retells Homer's tale of a woman, a wooden horse and a whole lotta hubris, is, in fact, stuffed with beauty - Bloom, Pitt, Eric Bana (he plays Hector) and 19-year-old Garrett Hedlund, cast as Achilles' friend and cousin, Patroclus. Hedlund tells Teen Vogue that "they shoved me into the gym" as soon as he was cast. Thus, he looks as buff as Brad, whose armor he eventually wears.
Premiere also profiles former model and dancer Diane Kruger, who plays Helen, the world's hottest number, for whom a thousand ships were launched. She is blond, and she is lovely. But I always think of Helen of Troy as a lusher, darker beauty - Catherine Zeta-Jones, Halle Berry or Salma Hayek would have been edgier casting. Even the mature, glorious Isabella Rossellini. Now, Isabella is truly the kind of woman to fight a war over. All that said, I can't wait for "Troy"!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Emily from Alanna, Hannah (12) from Amber, Rhiannon (13), Nathalie (21) from her friends Ariane and Roissy, Novalee (15) from her friends Elizabeth and Caria.

  Thursday, April 8
New Publicity Photos from Troy
Oleg sent in these great new photos of Orlando. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Full Troy Article from Premiere
Elf Lady has scanned the full article on Troy from the May issue of Premiere (US).

Orlando's Astrology Profile
From Amanda: There is something at astrozine.astrology.com that talks about celebrity astrology, and if you click on "actors" there is an astrology profile on Orlando Bloom.

Dutch Elle Girl
From Lois: Orlando Bloom will be in next month's Elle Girl (Holland), it will be an interview.

Dinner Date - Kelly Adams
From scotsman.com: Kelly Adams, 24, made her debut in Holby City last month, playing midwife Mickie Hendrie.
“As well as Nigella doing the cooking, I was thinking of Orlando Bloom. He could be naked except for an apron which he would wear while doing the washing up and serving the meal. Of course I’d have to keep an eye on him, make sure he was doing it all properly.”

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Emily and to Caroline (14) from her best friend Emily.

  Wednesday, April 7
Troy Bits
Someone sent me a link to a site that has another new Troy trailer, at the bottom of the page. It doesn't have any new Orlando footage.

From Emily: Today (6th April) there was an article on AOL (UK) headed 'Troy EXCLUSIVE sneak peak'. Once you click on it, you can watch the trailer and see exclusive pictures from the film including a couple of Orlando. There is a fairly long article on it and the part which mentions Orlando says 'The very gorgeous Orlando Bloom stars as Paris, the Prince of Troy, who falls in love with the wrong woman, thus causing the battle. Out on 21 May, it also stars Diane Kruger, Eric Bana, Peter O'Toole, Saffron Burrows and Sean Bean.'

From Perle: Troy is coming out in France on May 12th.

Y-18 and Cioè Girl Scans
Gabi sent in scans from the March issues of Y-18 (Italy) and Cioè Girl (Italy). (photos: 1, 2, 3, 4) (article: 1, 2, 3)

Article from The Daily Record
Vilmarith sent in this short article from The Daily Record.
A new movie in Morocco has given Orlando Bloom a taste for cooking. The Pirates of The Caribbean star, who is a committed vegetarian, raved about the delicious North African meals enjoyed by members of cast and crew while filming Kingdom of Heaven. After one particularly tasty meal, consisting of cous-cous and spicy, slowly-cooked vegetables, Bloom asked the caterers for the recipe. The following day the chef personally took Bloom to a souk in Marrakesh, where he bought all the spices and a collection of earthenware bowls to take back to London.

Poll in People Magazine
From Nikki: I got the new PEOPLE Magazine- the double issue 30th anniversary, April 12 issue- and on pg. 30 it says 'Who should be the next James Bond?' poll and Orlando is one of the people and he got a 20% to be the next Bond.

Poster in Popcorn Magazine
From Maja: In the April issue of the German magazine Popcorn there is a big poster with Orlando, and in the April ELLEgirl (UK) there is a black and white poster with Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Duncan from Laura.

  Tuesday, April 6
I bought another domain for the site, orlandobloom.ws The ws stands for web site. So you can now use that, theobfiles.com, or theorlandobloomfiles.com to get to this site!

New Troy International Poster
Kel at latinoreview.com sent in a link to the international poster for Troy.

Premiere Article
Kira at ka-Bloom has typed up the parts of the Troy article in the May issue of Premiere (US) that pertain to Orlando.

The Calcium Kid Review and Synopsis
Here is a great review of The Calcium Kid by Elements, who was lucky enough to attend a screening this weekend. There's also a blow by blow synopsis of the film.

Old LOTR Premiere Photo
I found this old photo on theonering.net, of Orlando and a fan at the Fellowship of the Ring premiere in London.

LOTR Fan Club Mag Scan
Elf Lady posted this photo from the May issue of the Official Lord of the Rings Fan Club Magazine.

Frida Scan
Amber sent in this photo of Orlando in Spain from the magazine Frida (Sweden).

Twist Magazine
From Lauren: Orlando is featured a lot in the new Twist mag (US). It has tons of articles and a big pull out poster.

Troy Rating in Canada
From Steph: Troy is 14A in Canada.

The Calcium Kid Trailer on UK TV
Someone wrote in and said that The Calcium Kid trailer will be on E!Entertainment Today in the UK on April 7th and 8th at 9am.

Troy in Croatia
From Mirena: On Croatian channel NOV@tv, on the tv show "RED CARPET" yesterday (sunday, 4th), they showed the trailer for Troy and announced that premiere will be the 24th of May!

STARZ! POTC Sweepstakes
From prnewswire.com: STARZ! will shiver your timbers with the "STARZ! Summer of Gold" commemorating the June 12 exclusive television premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl." Ye could win $1,000,000 if you aren't a scallywag and join in on the fun.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amy (16), Peaches (17), Molly, Jane, and Kimi (14).

  Monday, April 5
Orlando and Eva Green
Amber found these photos of Orlando with his Kingdom of Heaven costar Eva Green, taken in Spain back in January. (1 & 2) They're from Eva Green Online.

Heath Ledger Interview
MSN has an interview with Heath Ledger where he mentions Orlando. Thanks to everyone for the info.
Between horseback training and wardrobe fittings, Ledger got a chance to hang out and get chummy with his "Ned Kelly" cast mates. "It was great to work with such eye candy," he jokes of his fellow Aussie co-star, Bloom. "We became good friends. If you're best friends with the people you work with and you can create friendships outside the film, then you can bring truth to what you portray. We gelled as a group, cared about each other and looked after each other. All that stuff."

Allons-Y Magazine Scans
Someone sent in scans from the March issue of Allons-Y, which is a magazine for people learning French. (1 & 2)

Guideposts for Teens Scan and Contest
From Laura: Found this on the inside front cover of Guideposts for Teens (US), the April/May 2004 issue with the side-note: "Wanna bring Orlando Bloom home with you? Okay--so it's only a picture of him-- but it's a HUGE one! Sign up to win this poster at gp4teens.com/coolstuff"

The OB Files Poll
Thanks to Patricia for suggesting the new poll question. The poll bar is now on the right side of the page under Voting Booth.

Teen People Poll
From Brooke: Now on the Teen People website, you can vote for what movie you can't wait to see this summer and Troy is one of the movies you can pick.

ROTK Special on Sky
From Gill: I saw an ad for a Lord of The Rings - Return of the King special that is going to be shown on Easter Sunday at 7pm (GMT) on National Geographic (Sky digital channel 558). It showed Orlando talking about the movie and is also going to show many other characters and making of the movie.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Celle (28), Elise from her big sis Brie, Hailey (16) from Katherine, Liberty (25) from her cousin Henelyne. Happy Birthday from yesterday to Jessica from Natalie.

  Sunday, April 4
Joepie Scans
Jennifer sent in scans from the March 31 issue of Joepie (Belgium). (1, 2, interview in Dutch)

Pop Star, M, and Tiger Beat Scans
Here are scans from the May issues of Tiger Beat (1 & 2), Pop Star (1 & 2), and M (1, 2, 3, 4), all thanks to Serein and Elf Lady's site.

Bloom's 'Elizabethtown' Family Adds Greer
From zap2it.com: Orlando Bloom's family is growing bigger in the Cameron Crowe upcoming drama "Elizabethtown." Zap2it.com has confirmed Saturday (April 3) that the story about a suicidal Southern young man played by Bloom will have "Adaptation" actress Judy Greer portraying his sister, and Paramount Pictures is negotiating for Susan Sarandon to play their mother.
The film, scheduled for 2005, is Crowe's first film since 2001's "Vanilla Sky." He also directed "Jerry Maguire" and "Almost Famous."
"It's not been announced yet, I just signed," says Greer in an interview while promoting Columbia's "13 Going on 30," where she plays Jennifer Garner's best friend. "I'm very excited about playing Orlando's sister, but I am ecstatic about the possibility of playing Susan Sarandon's daughter because almost every scene would be with her."

Secrets of Superstar Fitness
From Christina: On Fitness TV (US cable station) on April 2 they had Secrets of Superstar Fitness which included Pirates of the Caribbean and how Johnny Depp got ready for the sword fights with Orlando. They had some good shots from the movie and behind the scenes stuff with Johnny. The show should be on again.

Mizz Scans
Hayley sent in scans from the March 24 issue of Mizz (UK). Be forewarned that for the "interview", they just mashed together a bunch of quotes, including some that Orlando never said. I am quite sure that he does not respond to every piece of fanmail! (1, 2, 3)

Bliss Magazine Survey
From Natalie: In a survey of "The fittest man on earth" Orlando came first with Justin and David Beckham as second and third.

E!'s Party Girl
From Catalina: Mystery Party Girl from E! mentions Orlando under greatest achievement: "Greatest Achievement (to Date): Sneaking into a Lord of the Rings party and landing a kiss (on the cheek) from Orlando Bloom. Preeeecious."

From Fred: In Sneak (30th March-5th April) there is a small picture of Orlando in one of the Juicy Bits sections. It says 'Orlando Bloom could become the next James Bond! Producers of the film are trying to get Orli to sign up for the movie.'

J-14 Poll
From Mariana: On J14.com there is a poll which says, "What do you think of Orlando Bloom?" "so hot" or "so over". 71% say he's hot!

New Zealand Listener
From Zsofi: In the April 3-9 issue of the New Zealand Listener there is a really nice picture of Orlando, which is quite big, on the back page with a short paragraph on the possibility of him being the next 007.

De Televisier
From Maayke: In the tv guide 'De Televisier' in Holland, there's a short mention about Orlando playing in the new James Bond. I'll translate it for you;
"Bloom the new Bond? The Lord of the Rings-star Orlando Bloom is mentioned to be the new James Bond. The current agent 007, Pierce Brosnan, has previously declared to stop within foreseeable time. The producers are pulling all their strings to get Orlando for the role. 'He'd be perfect' according to an insider. 'They want to get rid of the traditional image of the old charming guy. Orlando has the looks, the style, the accent, everything that could make a Bond even more popular.' Orlando has not made a decision yet."
There is also a little picture with the article.

Hi-res Photos
Elf Lady and Serein have purchased and scanned some more Orlando photos, including the great bucket hat ones. You can view them on Elf Lady's site. Thank you ladies!

Orlando Fan Video
Deb at orlandobloomnet.com has added a new Orlando video to her site that is a parody of an anime theme. Click the "April Video" link.

Mrs. Bloom Hat at DEB's Stores
From Nina: At DEB's (US), they have soft pink ball caps with "Mrs. Bloom" written on the front in sparkly letters. I included a scan of it.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Shelby (16) and Debbie (16).

  Saturday, April 3
Premiere Scan
Dri sent in a scan of Orlando on the cover of the May issue of Premiere (US). Here's the photo with the text removed by me.

New KOH Photo from Star
T. at Orlando Daily sent in scans of a new Kingdom of Heaven set photo in the April 12th issue of Star (US). There was also a short, ridiculous, article with sources saying that Orlando is being a diva and has demanded for his private chef in England to be flown in! But it ended with a KOH rep saying "Orlando's been a dream to work with."

M Magazine Poll
From Deana: mmm-mag.com has a vote for who should be on their mega poster! Orlando is in the lead, but not by much.

Legolas Notebook and Paper
Mekare found that hottopic.com is selling some Legolas notebook paper for $2.99. They also have a Legolas spiral notebook, and a bunch of other stuff.

Seventeen.com Quote of the Day
From Sara: On seventeen.com, the Reader Quote of the Day is: "I can't wait for Troy! Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt - what could be better?" - Jessie, 14, Littleton, CO

One Scans
Elodie sent in scans of the Orlando photo, interview, and Troy article in the April-May issue of One (France).

Tiger Beat Scans
The Raptor sent in scans from the May issue of Tiger Beat (US) (1 & 2) There was also a poster that was too big to scan.

Vi Unge Magazine
From Nabila: Orlando is in "Vi Unge" again (the danish magazine for teen girls) there's a little joke thing, with a pic of Viggo kissing him that says "He's cheating on Kate with Viggo, who is sticking his tongue in his ear!" It's this pic. Then there's a big article that says a lot of stuff that we already know. There are like 10 questions I think where there are 3 choices in each you can pick. Most of them are quotes I know. But 2 of them sound like something he wouldn't say/think like.. one is that he's happy the whole LOTR thing is over.. hmm don't think that's true.. and another one saying.. that he doesn't like football/soccer! Of course he does.

Australian Magazines
From Gab: In Girlfriend (Australia) there are pictures of Orlando with Kate in the Kate article (May). In the Girlfriend (Australia) hot boy spesh, Orlando is on the cover and there is a giant poster of him. In the April issue of Tv Hits (with millsy on the cover), Orlando's love for Kate is mentioned in the Kate article and there is also news about Orlando's up coming movies, nothing that we havent heard about, it also has a picture of him.

Author Meg Cabot Reigns With Younger Readers
From Seattle Times: Meg Cabot is not 14. Or even 20. Really. ... But she does have a confession that will prove once and for all she's closer to 40 than 20. When it comes to "hotties," she'd pick Aragorn over Legolas. But though she's a Viggo Mortensen fan, it's her young readers' - and of course her characters' - adored Orlando Bloom who will show up "in the next three or four books."

TolCon in Seattle, Washington
Mary, Head of Logistics: The First Annual TolCon (May 14-16, 2004) is a three-day event presented by The Northwest Tolkien Society in celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien, his writing and the fandom that has sprung up from the amazing worlds he created. TolCon will have several programming tracks to examine the varied aspects of Tolkien's life and writings. Programming will include linguistics, dancing, A Day in the Life of a Hobbit (including food and drink, of course), fight demonstarations, costuming and games for adults and children. TolCon will also celebrate art inspired by Tolkien, including guest appearances by Luke Ski ("Stealin' Like a Hobbit") and Jasmine Watson with her jewelry. Please join us in a weekend of fun, festivities, and immersion in all things Tolkien. For more information, check out http://www.tolcon.org.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ally (14).

  Friday, April 2
Official Calcium Kid Web Site
From Leila: The Calcium Kid official site is finally up and running! Here's the link.

New Troy Poster and Trailer
From comingsoon.net: Reuters has posted a second full trailer for the Wolfgang Petersen epic, Troy, in theaters on May 14. Meanwhile, Movie City News has landed an exclusive look at the new poster for the film.

'Troy' Planning to Invade Cannes Fest
From Variety: In what's shaping up to be a strong Cannes Film Festival - for major Hollywood fare, Wolfgang Petersen Greek epic "Troy," starring Brad Pitt Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom now looks headed to the Croisette. Warner Bros.' Trojan War spectacular is expected to have a special screening on fest's second day, May 13, the day before its U.S. commercial bow. Fest runs May 12-22.

CD-ROM in Seventeen Magazine
From Lauren: I received my new Seventeen magazine (US) today and inside is a CD-ROM from Walmart. If you open it up, under the movies section, there is an awesome trilogy trailer for The Lord of the Rings. This trailer includes some awesome shots of Orlando as Legolas.

CBBC Newsround April Fool's Joke
From Raine: CBBC Newsround has a funny April fool's joke on how scientists will rename the planets in the solar system after characters in the Lord of the Rings. If so, the planet Jupiter will be renamed as Legolas :D

M Magazine
From Anon: Yesterday I got the new issue of M (US) and they had a picture of Orlando swimming on page 6, a small poster and article about how he found out Colin was his biological father on page 30&31, and on the back of the magazine there is a mini locker poster.

Heat Magazine
From Artiqah: Orlando was in the 20-26 March issue of HEAT magazine (South Africa's hottest celebrity news mag). One of the cover stories was 'best and worst celeb bums and tums!' There were quite a few celebs mentioned (some more famous than others) Orlando was one of the more famous ones (the pic was one we've all seen and drooled over before - the one where he was in the Cayman Islands with that lady admiring his gorg body) and all they have to say is Blooming Fine!... Yum. Yum. Yum.

German Magazines
From Stefanie: In the following German magazines there is something about Orlando. -Frau von heute (weekly woman magazine): small picture on cover and a small article (article about the new stars).
-Bravo: just a small note about terror warnings on the set of "Kingdom of Heaven".
-Yam: poster "Pirates of the Caribbean"-style and little article about the movie "Troy"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Annie (16) Zsofi, Natalie from her sister Laura, and Kritie (11) from her BFF Emily. Happy belated Birthday to Sharon Rios.

  Thursday, April 1
New Photo from Studio Magazine
From Elodie: What a surprise when I saw in the special birthday issue of Studio (France) a superb pic of Orli in Kingdom of Heaven!! Orlando dedicated it especially for the mag. I was so glad that he wrote it in french! ;-)
The caption read: "Chosen especially for the occasion, this first photo from Kingdom of Heaven, that Ridley Scott currently films in Morocco and that Orlando Bloom dedicates for us."

Best Dressed List
From smh.com.au: David Beckham has been named Britain's best-dressed man - ever, beating Sir Winston Churchill, Sean Connery, George Best and the Prince of Wales in the list compiled by GQ magazine. In the poll of Britain's 50 best-dressed men of all time, Sir Winston Churchill came second, followed by Terence Stamp, David Bowie and Orlando Bloom.

Sarandon to be queen of 'Elizabeth'
Paramount has tapped Susan Sarandon for Cameron Crowe romantic comedy "Elizabethtown," starring along with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom. Sarandon is in talks to portray the role of the mother of Bloom's character for the project, produced by Crowe and Paramount-based Cruise/Wagner with lensing expected to start this summer.
Described as a love letter to the resilience of the life force, "Elizabethtown" centers on an unexpected romance that develops against the backdrop of the elaborate memorial for a Kentucky patriarch. Also in talks are Judy Greer for the role of Heather, Jessica Biel for Ellen and Loudon Wainwright III for Uncle Dale. Paula Deen is also in negotiations for a role.
Crowe, who's directing and scripting, decided last fall after second-unit shooting to push the start of production back from first quarter 2004. That led to Ashton Kutcher being replaced by Bloom. "Elizabethtown" was originally developed with Par and DreamWorks co-financing, but DreamWorks dropped out recently ( Daily Variety, March 12).

Girlfriend Magazine Special
From Sally: I was reading the May issue of Girlfriend (Australia) and inside it there is an advertisement for their hot boy spesh magazine which Orlando Bloom is on the front of! Also inside this hot boy spesh (which comes out on April 5th) there is a "mega poster of Orlando.

The poll question at theonering.net asks "Which of these virtually unknown actors/actresses are you most glad came to fame through LotR?" Orlando is in second place behind Billy.
I plan on starting up The OB Files poll again, but I need some good suggestions. So if you have one, send it in!

UK Magazines
From Sophie: There is a new magazine out called Teen Now which has a big poster of Orlando (2 a4). He is also in the latest edition of Dare (poster) and there is an interview in Mizz. All these are in the UK.

Joepie Magazine
From Eveline: I just saw that Orlando is on the front page of the Joepie magazine (you can buy it in Belgium and in the Netherlands). It has also an interview (at least, that's what I think) because on the front page is written: I'm only a fighter when it's about love (well, something like that).

All Access: Hot Couples
Orlando and Kate Bosworth were shown on All Access: Hot Couples 2004 on VH1. It repeats Friday at 12pm, Saturday at 11:30pm, and Sunday at 5:00pm. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessica (13), and to Rebecca S. (16) from her twin sister Sarah.