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September 2003
  Monday, September 1
Troy Article in TIME
Posted by Stacie: Time.com has posted an article on Troy from the Sep. 08, 2003 issue of TIME magazine (US).

The Weekend Australian
From Ali: An update to what Jess posted on 31/08 ... There is an Orlando feature in the "Review" secti
on of The Weekend Australian newspaper - he is on the front cover of that section (and old pic), with a one-page article inside and three smaller pics (again, all old). The article was from The Times.

LOTR Articles from Newsweek and EW
Lhunboriel sent in this article from the August 18th issue of Newsweek (US) titled Lord of the Oscars. I scanned the TTT DVD article from the Sept. 5th issue of Entertainment Weekly.

ROTK Premiere Dates
From, Jennifer: On tolfalas.com/main it says: Return of the King
Dec. 1, 2003 - World Premiere at the Embassy Theatre in New Zealand
Dec. 10, 2003 - European Premiere in Berlin (also posted at TORN)
Dec. 13, 2003 - Italian Premiere in Rome (also posted at TORN)
Dec. 14, 2003 - Denmark Premiere
Dec. 17, 2003 - US Premiere (release date)
Dec. 18, 2003 - New Zealand Premiere (release date)
Orlando said in the Bravo (Germany) Interview when he received his Otto Award that he will try to come to Berlin for the premiere.
The UK premiere will probably by on December 11th in London.

POTC T-Shirt at Hot Topic
From Jen: Hottopic.com is now selling a POTC ringer T-shirt on their website.

Requesting Bus Shelter Posters
From Amanda: If someone calls VIACOM OUTDOORS (416-255-1392 in Toronto, Canada) they can ask for a poster that they have seen in a bus shelter. For example, I saw a poster of Orlando Bloom (in POTC) in a bus shelter and I called VIACOM OUTDOORS and they gave me an address over the phone to ask for the poster of my choice and they called me and said I could pick it up at their office. Just to let you know it is a BIG poster. viacom-outdoor.com

TTT Pins at Blockbuster
From Lena: Blockbuster had TTT promo pins. If you ask, you can probably get one. I got a Frodo pin, they didn't have any Legolas in that certain store.

Ned Kelly Documentary Synopsis
From Rebecca: Just to let you know that there was a documentary about Ned Kelly on UK Channel 4 last night for an hour. I taped it and watched it and it was really good, the FBI actually did a psychological analysis of Ned Kelly's 56 page letter he had Joe write and found out that he was showing off his huge ego. They also showed pictures of all the Kelly Gang dead apart from Ned. They had Joe's body where he got shot at the Glenrowan Inn and the burnt bodies of Dan and Steve who were burnt to death when the police set the Inn on fire. They had relatives of Joe and Ned there as well as one of the police officers that Ned and his brother Dan killed in the woodland areas of Australia. They in fact stole this policeman's watch and the family kept it for 50 years before it was returned to the family and the descendent showed it and it still works even though it has a dent in it where a bullet had taken to it. No cast interviews sadly but it did say a lot about the film and how the Australian people honour Ned and hope the film will bring the past to life.
In conclusion they found out that Ned Kelly was a murderer a barbarian and a terrorist who shouldn't be a hero at all but the word hero means standing up for what you believe in and doing what is right which he did in a way.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kendra P.
Happy Belated Birthday from yesterday to Hannah Light (16) from Alsager.

August 2003
  Sunday, August 31
Empire Articles
Carey has typed up the Ned Kelly article and a bit about POTC from the October issue of Empire (UK). TORN
has posted scans of the ROTK article also in the issue.

Orlando Voted Coolest Male Celeb
From CBBC Newsround: "Your top male icon is LOTR star Orlando Bloom. He romped home with nearly a third of the votes, with his nearest rivals - the lads from Busted - trailing behind on 19%." Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

UK TV Alert
From Julianna: On BEN tv (238 on Sky) there is a program called 'Movie Reviews' that shows the POTC trailer and some short info on it. It should be on all this week until Thursday 4th September.

Movie Idols Scans
Fallen Angel sent in these scans from Movie Idols (UK). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Weekly Australian
From Jess: My friend informed me that the latest "Weekly Australian" has 3 posters of Orlando.

Fancy Magazine
From Dorothy: There's a very small article in the Dutch magazine Fancy: "Please don't forget: Orlando Bloom doesn't want to be seen as the handsome guy. He doesn't like it when you put posters of him on your door. He's not a sweet elf or a beautiful pirate. Yes indeed: Orlando isn't happy. No problem, we still think he's gorgeous!" It comes with a small (old) picture of him.

Sunday Telegraph Article
Michelle sent in this scan and article from this morning's Sunday Telegraph (UK).

Helena's pirate pal
ORLANDO BLOOM, the swashbuckling star of Pirates of the Caribbean, has struck up a close friendship with the Danish-born supermodel Helena Christensen. Mandrake [the reporter] learns that when Helena photographed him for a recent magazine article she found the 26-year-old British actor such an engaging subject that the pair have been in regular contact since.
Helena, 34, who has a three-year-old son, Mingus, by her boyfriend, the actor Norman Reedus, made no secret of her affection for Orlando at a private party held recently in Mayfair. "The were inseparable on the dance floor," one of Orlando's chums tells Mandrake. "She clearly adores his company." The actor, who shot to fame two years ago as the elf Legolas Greenleaf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, now earns a reported £3 million a film [other articles have said £2 million]. Orlando, who admits "I came into acting because of the women" [he has denied this countless times!], was rumoured to be courting the American actress Kate Bosworth.
The Canterbury-born actor is currently in Malta working on the epic Troy with Brad Pitt. Orlando usually plays innocent pretty boys, and apparently relishes his role as Paris, and anti-heroic character who steals people's girlfriends and finally kills Pitt's Achilles.

Vote Vote Vote!
There is only one day left to vote for Orlando in Hello's Most Attractive Man of the Month poll. Voting ends 11.00am (GMT+1) on Monday, September 1.

TTT Posters at Wal-Mart
From Phae: I work at Wal-Mart (Canada), and we have some banners/poster to promote TTT, and one of them is Legolas. If you talk to someone in Electronics, you can put your name down and be able to keep it once the promotion is over.

Vote for a Poster in Hitkrant
From Ils: On the Dutch site, hitkrant.nl you can vote for a poster of Orlando. Orlando is losing, and with the help of people who don't live in the Netherlands maybe he can win. Look for: KIES JE POSTER than vote for Orlando.

Irish Movie Extras Ezine
From Sarah: In the Irish Movie Extras monthly ezine there is a wee section on Ned Kelly, saying "There is a raging debate as to whether Ned Kelly, a native Irish man deserves the praise he gets. Many see him as a common thief but thanks to his Irishness he's just seen as a lovable rouge. Judge for yourself when the film gets its Irish release on September 26th."

Legolas Merchandise
playworks.net.au is selling a Legolas pencil tin and scrapbook.

BOP and Sugar Magazine
From Brittany: Orlando is in the new issue of BOP (US) magazine. There is a HUGE poster of him. It's an old pic, but still very hot! And in the October issue of Sugar there is a 3 page thing about Orlando, 2 of the pages are big pictures!

Legolas Pins at Canadian Tire
From K-Mac: At my local Canadian Tire store the employee's have promotional pins for TTT. They are a fair size and feature a close up of Legolas (him only). I asked about them and they gave me 2 for free!

Canadian TV Alert
From Christine: On Star! (Canada) there was a show "Extreme Close-up" of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Clips of Orlando were shown oh him saying how he got to play every boy's dream of being a pirate, and how he loved working with Johnny Depp, and Johnny being an idol to him. The program will air again on September 1st.

Will Turner Photo
Jennifer sent in this Will Turner photo that she found on Ebay. She also sent in the POTC ad featuring Will from the German newspaper 'Bild'. It says "The Nr.1 movie of the US-Box Office this summer!" Under the title it says "Only four days left". Today was Keira in the newspaper with the same title (But they say "Only three days left").

One Scan
Jennifer sent in this scan from the French magazine ONE (Nr.23 August/September). It talks about the second part of PotC and that Orli, Johnny and Keira have already signed for it. It is also mentioned that Orli would like to act in the new Blue video "Guilty", because Duncan from Blue is his friend.

POTC Article from Bracknell Times
Tanya sent in a scan of a POTC article from the Bracknell Times in the UK.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sophie from Teniel.
Happy Belated Birthday from yesterday to Sabrina (16) from Issi, Bea (22) from Cleo, Lexy, Katrina (15) from Joanna,

  Friday, August 29
Hitkrant Article and Scans
Lenny of Bloomania sent in scans and a translation from the Dutch magazine Hitkrant.

Hit 100 Scan
Elodie sent in this scan from Hit 100 (Germany).

German Interview
From Julitta: On kino.de there is an interview with Orlando and some photos.

Danish Magazines
From Amalie: In the free danish magazine CHILI (which you can get at some schools) there's a whole page on POTC and in WOMAN there's a whole-page pic of Orlando. It's an old one where he's smiling wide and he's judged as The best smile of the summer.

POTC Personality Test
Krista typed up the POTC personality test that was on the tray covers at McDonalds.

Rennbahn Xpress Magazine
From Aniran: There is a great poster of Orlando in Austrian Magazine 'Rennbahn Xpress' for September.

OKEJ Magazine
From Lilla: The Swedish mag OKEJ has a two-page article, 2 posters (one POTC and a black and white on the back of it), a competition to win tickets to POTC, a full-page pic of Will Turner and a small pic of him in the crossword.

Film Magazine
From Dallas: There is a UK mag out intitled FILM with a huge article on POTC with some pictures of behind the scenes filming and clips from the movie.

POTC Box Office Numbers
From Becky: POTC is now number 65 on The Top Grossing Movies of All Time at the Worldwide Box Office on imdb.com with $367,100,000!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sam (14) from her friend Emily, to Karina (14), to Marie-Joëlle, and to Samantha.

  Thursday, August 28
Shout Magazine
From Harriet: There are 4 photos of Orlando in the Aug/Sep issue of Shout (UK). There are 2 small pics of him, 1 large A4 poster of him and a pic of him as Legolas. There is also a competition that all LOTR fans should enter.

Planet Movie Interview
Conny has translated an Orlando interview, and sent in a scan from the September issue of Planet Movie (Germany). Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley are on the cover. They also mention Orlando in the POTC article. They say that "his acting in the movie is sensational".

Studio Magazine
From Laure: There is a small article and a picture of Orlando in Studio magazine (France) from September. It says that Orlando is one of the 10 most successful young men of his generation.

Total Star Scans
Elodie sent in scan of an Orlando article (1 & 2), and another fake interview, from the August issue of Total Star (France).

Total Film Scans
Tanya sent in these scans from Total Film (UK): Ned Kelly poster, info on free tickets to NK screening, ROTK article 1 & 2, Calcium Kid article, Troy article.

LOTR Adventure Card and Contest
From Christianne: Lord of the Rings Adventure Cards are coming on specially marked packages of The Two Towers and it's sponsored by New Line. If you register via the web page at lotradventure.com you can get discounts on LOTR items plus some regular products like Duracell batteries. If you cruise the site to here you can register to win a minivan, trips to New Zealand or of lots of cool monthly LOTR prizes. You don't need to have the card to register for the sweepstakes, but you do have to be a US citizen 18 years or older with a valid driver's license.

Article in the Mail
From Zoe: There was an article in the Mail on Sunday Property magazine. Orlando is looking for a million pound house, not as you might think in London, but in Canterbury to be near his Mum.

TTT Bus Shelter Photo
TORN has posted a photo of a bus shelter poster featuring Legolas and promoting The Two Towers DVD.

Possible Name Change for Troy
From Dark Horizons: "Troy: A truly spectacular shot of Brad Pitt in action in the ancient epic has arrived, but it also heralds the start of some interesting gossip. Filming is currently continuing in Mexico after wrapping up work in Malta & the UK's Shepperton Studios. There's nothing official yet but word around the traps is that the title might be changed to some variation of "The Trojan War" - the photo included left is of a sign outside one of the production offices at Shepperton K Block indicating the possibility, whilst an insider confirms "there has been no official notification from Warners in London or America, although all of the production correspondence now sports the new title". Thanks to 'Julian', 'nuanda'"

From Michaela: There is a poll on ellegirl.com asking "Who's your celebrity dream date?" Orlando is in the lead. Fantasyplanet.cz has a poll where you can vote for your favourite character from LOTR. Legolas has got lots of votes but is not first. The page is actually in czech but to choose the actor you like you click on "informace obrázky" and then you choose a number: 1 is the best and 5 is the worst. There is also plenty of photos for each character.
Orlando won the "Lush Lad of the Week" on mykindaplace.com, and the daily poll has Orlando as one of the choices.
Also, don't forget the Hello Most Attractive Man of the Month poll ends in 4 days.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Eloise (16).

  Wednesday, August 27
Sneak Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM and Lorna sent in scans from the August 26th issue of Sneak (UK). (1, 2, 3, 4) The 2nd photo is showing Fearne Cotton's hair superimposed onto Orli's head. Also, the 2nd Hot Topic under the letters section is: "Orlando - Some of you think that there's not enough of him in Sneak, and some of you think there's too much!"

A&W Root Beer Can
Lilith posted this photo of the A&W Root Beer can featuring Legolas. Also, 7UP will be having a TTT contest and Online Auction in September.

Woman's Day
From Marian: Orlando is mentioned in this week's copy of Woman's Day (NZ), but only as Keira Knightley's co-star. The article is about her dyslexia, how she over came this obstacle and how she copes with it now. There is also a photo, but you have it on your website. Orlando is wearing a hat and is with Keira in a yellow dress with white lace around the neckline.

UK Magazines
Tanya sent in the following UK magazine info and scans:
Closer magazine (2-8th August) - This has a game with Orlando, you have to try and match celebrity's faces to their mouth. It's so fun! There is also a rating for Orlando's chest!
Company magazine (Sept '03) - 100 sexiest males. Orli is no.15
Now magazine (20th Aug.)- Article 'Orlando's secret date'
New magazine (18th Aug.) - Has an article on Billie Piper, she co-stared with Orli in The Calcium Kid. It just mentions a little bit and has a pic of him on a balloon.

Article in Aftonbladet
From Gamila: There's an article in the 25th of August issue of the Aftonbladet newspaper in Sweden. It's titled 'The family's friend was his father.' It says about how he 'got to hear the truth' about his real father when he was just 13, and he says that it was a positive part of his life and that he has two dads, one was a role model, the other has lead him through his life. Then it says stuff about Harry Bloom who's worked a long time with Nelson Mandela and wrote a book called 'Transvaal Episode' which dealt with problems with the segregation in South Africa and it was Colin Stone, the family's friend, currently principal at a school, who was both Orlando and Samantha's biological father. After that it says about all the rumours that have started about Orlando, he says, "Sometimes rumours start on the internet if I've kissed a girl and it develops to I don't know what, but of course, it can be worse." There's a picture of Orlando, probably at the London premiere, and under it, it says: 'Orlando Bloom was 13 years old when he got to know that anti-apartheid Harry Bloom was not his real father. It was revealed that a good friend of the family was his biological father.'

TTT Radio Contest in UK
From Taz: I was listening to Essex FM radio (96.3 fm) and they were talking about a competition on Core Control. You can win a DVD player and Two Towers dvd. That's all I know, except for that I think it's on all this week.

Dolly Magazine Poll
From Raine: Orlando has been voted in the top 5 at Dolly's Hottest 100 poll... he's up with Paul Walker, Eminem, Milo Ventimiglia, and Tom Welling.

POTC Article
Posted by Stacie, from a goanacortes.com article about the Lady Washington's crew and stories from the movie: "All the actors were just fantastic people — great attitudes, very fun." Griffin said. "Nobody was stuffed-shirt. They were great to work with on the boat."
"Some of the actors had hand and feet doubles such as the scene when Depp and Orlando Bloom walk under water in an overturned boat. Those are someone's else's feet under the boat in the movie. The whole point was to spare the actors unnecessary time or risk."

Celeb of the Week
From Natalie: Orlando has been named the "Celeb of the Week" on The Internet Movie Database.

Daily Star
Gemma says that there was a small article and photo of Orlando in Tuesday's Daily Star (UK). No new info, but some wrong info.

Cinema Article
Marny has translated the Orlando article from the September issue of Cinema (Germany).

TOPP Scans
Tanja sent in these scans from TOPP (Norway). (1, 2, 3)

TTT DVD Competition
Angela of music247online.com is running a contest on her site where you can win a TTT DVD.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Caitlin from her friend Jennifer.

  Tuesday, August 26
Cinema Magazine Scans
TORN has posted scans from the September issue of Cinema (Germany) that has Orlando on the cover, along wi
th an article and photos.

Variety Article
From Christianne: An article on who to watch was in Variety from Aug 18 called "The Buzz on the Latest Indie Talent". Here are some clips. Orlando was at the top of the actors list.
Based on an informal survey of intl. sales agents, producers and financiers on the subject of bankable talent, the following thesps and helmers have the indie world a buzz right now. (Comments were kept anonymous to protect the not-so-innocent.) ACTORS
Orlando Bloom: "He's got that androgynous-nice thing that works with women and with men. After 'Pirates of the Caribbean' he's shot through the roof."
Keira Knightly: "People have been waiting for someone like her. She's riding a rocket."

Max Magazine Scans
Raffy from Dream in Bloom sent in scans from the September issue of "MAX", an Italian magazine with 6 pages of an interview and pictures of Orlando. She says the interview doesn't say anything new and it's mostly about the filming of Pirates of The Caribbean. But if someone would like to translate it, please contact me. (Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4) (Article: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Legolas Costume Photo
Will sent in this photo of the Legolas costume at the London LOTR Exhibition.

One and The Face Scans
Elodie sent in scans of articles from the August issue of One (France). (1, 2, 3) If someone would like to translate them, please contact me. Elodie also sent in this photo from the August issue of The Face (UK), that I did not have on the site.

New Zealand Weekend Herald
From Anelith: In the New Zealand weekend Herald (Timeout section) there was an article with a pic about Pirates of the Caribbean, nothing we haven't heard before. Also the cover story for that section was about Johnny Depp, then again nothing new. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl opens in cinemas around New Zealand on September 11, 2003.

YM Leading Man Quiz
From Sasha: At Ym.com, there is a quiz about who would be your leading movie man. If you get Orlando, it says: "Leading men don't get much more heroic — or handsome — than this. As Will Turner, Orlando plays a dashing young pirate who will do anything to save the object of his affection — including put his own life on the line. We admit to being smitten with Orlando in any way, shape or form (including elf), but we still think this might be his hottest role yet."

Rings Music is 'best ever'
From Christianne: LOTR has been named the best soundtrack by radio listeners of a classical music station. There were 44,000 votes. The BBC News article has a small pic of Legolas.

OBBP Update
Stacie has posted an update on the Orlando Bloom Birthday Project, with info on donations, Love Beads, birthday wishes, and how you can help.

Filipino Magazines
From Irene: This month of August there are four local magazines here in Manila (Philippines) that feature Orlando and he's on the cover too. They are... GUIDE MAG (cover&article), FUSION (cover&article), INSIDER (cover&article) and K-ZONE (features POTC, with behind the scenes shots and a free poster of POTC).

Hello Poll
Orlando was in the lead in Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man of the Month poll, but Jon Bon Jovi has overtaken him again, so keep voting!

Tv y mas Magazine
From Mamie: In "Tv y mas" magazine, in the Aug. 24 issue, there is an article about LOTR: The Two Towers including a small pic of Legolas. This is a Mexican magazine but can be found in Mexican grocery stores in the US.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ali.

  Monday, August 25
GQ Man of the Year
From Laura: I thought I would let you know of an article from Sunday's News of the World. It is printed on the "Rav & Polly" entertainment section and reveals some exciting news about Orlando: "I hate
to spoil the surprise but I can no longer contain my excitement that the delectable Orlando Bloom is to be crowned GQ's Man Of The Year. The handsome star of Lord Of The Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean will pick it up at London's Royal Opera House next month (Sept. 2). Just try to keep me away..." (written by Polly of course)

Galaxie Interview
Siven has typed up part of an Orlando interview from Galaxie magazine (Malaysia).

Tentaciones Magazine Scans
Esther sent in these scans from the Spanish magazine Tentaciones (15 August). Photos: 1, 2, 3 Article: 1, 2, 3

Israeli Magazines
From Naomi: Here are two magazines that came out this month full with POTC and Orlando: "Cinema +" August issue no. 24; a special POTC issue
~Orlando and Depp are on the cover
~inside: summary of the movie, POTC article "If I Were A Pirate", an article on Jerry Bruckheimer (the film's producer) "The Producer Who's Worth Millions", a small story in the 'Gossip' section about the identity of Orlando's biological father, Orlando article "Orlando's Golden Touch", Johnny Depp article "My Good Boy Johnny", "LOTR:TTT" DVD article (coming out in Israel on the 26th), a quiz in which you have to guess the co-stars' names and the movies' titles inc. Orlando, Viggo and Johnny - you can win two weekends in London.

"Maariv La'noar", issue no. 49.
~Orlando is on the cover
~inside: Two page article, Poster, free POTC stickers, POTC tickets give-away. In the free mag "On-Line" that comes with this magazine there's a cheater's guide to all the tricks in the POTC pc game.

Big Time Magazine
From Haz: In the UK Disney mag BIG TIME there is a free comic of POTC in it with 3 posters; 1 of Orlando, a big one of the whole cast, then one of Keira. Inside the actually mag there are a few things with Orlando.

'The Real Ned Kelly' on UK TV
From Fiona: On Saturday 30th August, there will be a programme on Ned Kelly called The Real Ned Kelly, which will be shown on Channel 4 at 8:00pm. Only in UK. This is what it says about the programme: "Interest in Australia's most famous, or infamous, folk hero is set to be reignited with the release of a new film starring Heath Ledger. This programme aims to sift the facts from the myths about the man who was hanged in Melbourne as a 25-year-old on 1880 - was he a martyr and freedom fighter, or just a horse thief and police killer." I think the programme will feature some clips of the film.

Super Magazine Scan
Elodie sent in this scan of an article about Orlando and Johnny from the French magazine Super.

TTT Leaflets at K-Mart (OZ)
From Teniel: At all K-Mart stores (Australia) they are handing out leaflet things advertising The Two Towers DVD, which folds out into a small movie poster.

YM Poll
From Amanda: On ym.com, there is a poll in the beauty section with a question that mentions Orlando: "Do you think stars like Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ryan Phillippe look cuter with facial hair or without?"

  Sunday, August 24
Ned Kelly Poster
Here is a poster of Orlando from Ned Kelly, that I pieced together from the Working Title Films website. Thanks to Sara for the heads up.

Joepie Interview
Dorothy sent in a translation of the Orlando interview from Joepie (Belgium).

Legolas Photos
Here are scans of The Two Towers book with Legolas on the cover, and Decipher's LOTR TCG promotional folder, both thanks to Elf Lady.

POTC Article
From Philippine Daily Inquirer:

"Pirates" producers may have planned to offer Johnny Depp, as the pirate Jack Sparrow, as the movie's main draw; but if we can believe producer Jerry Bruckheimer, they were just lucky enough to cast Orlando Bloom, just about the hottest young actor these days, as the young village blacksmith Will Turner. Bruckheimer says that he met Bloom when he was cast as one of the special operations troopers in "Black Hawk Down," and offered him the role of Turner, little knowing that Bloom would catapult to stardom as the elf warrior Legolas in the movie trilogy "Lord of the Rings."

Uncropped Troy Photo
Elf Lady posted this uncropped version of the photo of Orlando, as Paris, on a boat in Troy. On this version you can see Hector (Eric Bana), Paris' brother. The scan is by Elements of ka-Bloom.

Sneak Scan
Here's a scan of the Orlando poster in the recent Sneak (UK), once again thanks to Elf Lady and Elements.

TTT Article in De Telegraaf
From Samantha: There are two pages on "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" in the the Dutch "Weekeinde" that comes with the newspaper "De Telegraaf". It describes the story but says nothing new. It does says that the dutch channel SBS6 will show the making of The Two Towers on Wednesday at 20.00.

Troy Article
Roxy sent in an article on Troy from her local paper. She also says: There is a contest to win some Lotr merchandise in the Mexican Movie Magazine 'Cinemania' with Angelina Jolie on the cover, there are also some articles on Potc and Orlando Bloom.

Access Hollywood
Hannah says that this weekend on Access Hollywood they had a Movie Producers special and showed clips from POTC and TTT. It may repeat Sunday.

LUNA Article
Anita sent in this link to an article from LUNA magazine (Columbia) that has Orlando on the cover.

Baby Boy Named After Orlando
From Elle: I thought I'd share a bit from an article I read in this week's (23-29th of August) Closer (UK) magazine. It talks about a gay couple who have had a baby boy via a surrogate mother and they've named him Orlando after Orlando Bloom. It was quite a tra
umatic birth though as the umbilical cord had wrapped itself around baby Orlando's neck causing his heart to stop from lack of oxygen, it looked as though both him and the Surrogate mother were going to die but thankfully they both made it out okay! The baby's really cute!

Seventeen.com Quiz
From Sara: At seventeen.com, there is a beauty quiz called "kiss your face!" and on question 6, it says: "You've been back to the movies four times to see..." POTC is one of the choices.

TTT DVD Offer in Brisbane
From Christine: I was in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (In Brisbane, Australia) and there is a games store next to the food court offering The Two Towers dvd for $1 if you trade in a PS2 or an xbox game. You have to put a $10 deposit on before Tuesday, and you'll get $9 back when you trade the game in.

UCI Cinema in Maidenhead Showing TTT
From Melanie: A UCI cinema in the Maidenhead area (UK) is having a one off showing of The Two Towers Monday evening at 9:00pm. I'm not sure if this applies anywhere else, so if you did want to go, check with you're UCI cinema.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sara Zielke (21) from her sister Kristy, Lozzy (12), and Becky (15) from her friend Amanda.

  Saturday, August 23
Disney Adventures Scans
Rushina sent in th
ese scans from the September issue of Disney Adventures (US). (1, 2, 3)

Japanese Magazine Scans
Naoko of E-Blooming.net has sent in a bunch of high quality scans from recent Japanese magazines: Premiere, Roadshow and Screen.

Sugar Interview and Scans
Conny sent in scans and a translation of an interview in the September issue of Sugar (Germany). "A great poster of him comes along with the mag in their "100 sexiest boys" extra mag. In that special magazine you have the 100 hottest boys and you are able to vote for your favourite and win a date with him (at least that's what they say). I have no idea if it's just for German readers, though. Sorry. All you have to do is send a postcard or email with the number of your fav (Orlando is #48) to Sugar, keyword: Sexy Boy, Landesberger Str. 76, 80339 München or Sugar@atticfutura.de (the subject line here has to be "Sexy Boy" as well). You can also send a SMS with "Sugar, Sexy Boy, 48" and your address to 82283. Oh, and the winner of that sexiest boys contest will be featured as xl-poster in the November issue which comes out on October 24th.

TTT Out in the UK
I've gotten a few emails from people in the UK who say that the TTT DVD is already out there, at places like HMV, Toys 'R' Us, WHSmiths, Tesco and Woolworths. It also is out in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Fusion Magazine
From trunkz: Orlando is on the cover of Fusion magazine (Philippines). There's a 2 page feature on him. He's also on the other cover of the mag (which features 2fast2furious on the cover).

LOTR Special Ed. Coming to Theaters
From Yahoo Movies: The extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring will be shown "starting on December 5 in about 100 movie houses in the U.S. and 20 in Canada. A week later, on December 12, New Line will unspool the special 214-minute extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." Thanks to Katie for the link.

In Touch Magazine
From Sydney: I was at the grocery store today and the In Touch issue with Orli at #13 (Hottest Hunks of the Summer) is already out. It is the same pic as in the YM 20 hottest guys issue.

LOTR Costumes
Sammy sent along this link to hollywood-costumes.com that sells various LOTR costumes, including Legolas, and weapons and accessories.

Chicago Sun-Times
From Hannah: In the Chicago Sun-Times on the August 22, there was an article on The Two Towers. It has a picture of Frodo and Sam. It is in the Weekend Plus section under: New On Video/DVD. Ebert gave it three stars! It also has a 1-Minute Movie Critic on POTC (Ebert gave that three stars too.) It says: "There's a nice little 90 minute B movie trapped inside the 134 minutes of "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," a movie that charms the audience and then outstays its welcome."

Oops! Magazine
From Mariel: A 2 page article about Orlando will appear in the September "Oops!" magazine from Russia.

POTC Radio Contest in Denmark
From Amalie: On The Copenhangen Hit station NRJ (denmark - 180,6/107,1) they're airing a competition monday morning at 6.30 where you can win tickets to a special premiere on Pirates of the Caribbean! The competition will run all week and the dj will tell what to do. And the best: Orli is speaking! He says something like: "Hi, I'm Orlando bloom and you are listening to NRJ, right now about to win tickets to Pirates of the Caribbean!" They repeat it VERY often so it should be impossible to miss!

LOTR Radio Contest in Netherlands
From Jorien: Next Thursday (august 28) when the TTT dvd is released in The Netherlands, there will be a contest on Sky Radio. You can win 2 prizes: a trip to New Zealand where you will take a look at the sets of LOTR and how the movie is made, the other prize is two tickets to the ROTK premiere in LA. All you have to do is listen to Skyradio next Thursday and surf to www.skyradio.nl or www.lordoftherings.nl

Radio Times Magazine
From Fisha: In this edition of the tv listings mag Radio Times (UK) they have loads of stuff to do with LOTR. There are 2 A4 adverts, one for The Two Towers dvd which has a little picture of the dvd cover and the rest of the page has a picture of Gollum saying 'soon they can see us on dvd, my precioussss', the other A4 advert is for the LOTR stamps (it says that they are official NZ stamps) saying that you can get the whole collection for £9.99, saving £10.00. The Fellowship of the Ring is also showing on sky movies premiere channel, they have given it 5 stars, which is the highest mark a film can get. There are two pics and a review for the movie. Only the adverts have shown Legolas.

TV Times Magazine
From Haz: In the 'TV Times' (UK) on page 40 there is a photo of LOTR with Legolas in the background. Pirates on the Caribbean has got to number 1 in the UK charts, so on the Sky movie channels on UK Charts it shows POTC as number 1 with clips and a short interview with Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah Watsky (16) from her friend Sonia, and Robyn (15) from her mate Rebz.

  Friday, August 22
New Photos From The Calcium Kid
Joanne found these new photos from The Calcium Kid on the Working Title website. (1, 2, 3)

Cosmo Girl Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in these scans from the September issue of Cosmo Girl (UK). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Bravo Translation
Marny has translated the article from Bravo (Germany).

POTC Article from Ciak
Francesca has translated a POTC article from the Italian magazine Ciak, and has put the Orlando parts in bold.

Orlando and Archery
Stuff.co.nz has an article about the man who trained Orlando in archery for LOTR. It included this bit:

He began teaching Bloom outdoors at Fort Dorset in Wellington before shooting started. "There were people hiding in the bushes (watching), it was incredible. "He was a really natural archer. By the time I had finished training him, I was lobbing discs into the air and he was shooting them. He did have a very natural ability, plus the enthusiasm . . . He would go away and practise, practise, practise."

YM Poll
Ym.com has a poll asking: "Who would you be most psyched to see on the cover?" Orlando is currently in the lead, followed closely by Paul Walker. Thanks to everyone who sent in the info.

Joepie Magazine Scans
Dorothy sent in these scans from the Belgian Magazine 'Joepie'. (1 & 2) She will send a translation of the article later.

Hitkrant and Elle Girl Articles
Lenny of Bloomania sent in scans and translations from two Dutch magazines, Hitkrant and Elle Girl.

POTC's Popularity
From Becky Greenleaf: POTC is now number 105 with $319,300,000 in the The Top Grossing Movies of All Tim eat the Worldwide Box Office on imdb.com. Also, Sarah says that her prom theme at Grayslake High School this year is Pirates of the Caribbean!

ROTK and TTT Special Edition Screencaps
Erin sent in this link to a site that has screencaps of the ROTK preview and the special edition of TTT.

Article on MSN Arabia
From Jen: MSN Arabia has an article about Orlando with older photos. Nothing new, really, but it surprised me when I signed out of hotmail and saw him pop up at the top of the page!

ROTK on EW.com Must See List
From Abby: Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King is number 1 out of 10 must see movies on EntertainmentWeekly.com.

TTT Special at Blockbuster
Lauren: In Canada, if you prepurchase TTT (the video or dvd) at Blockbuster, you get a free poster, but it's while supplies last so be quick! The minimum for a deposit is $5.00.

Sneak Magazine
From Laura: In this week's edition of Sneak magazine (UK) there is a poster of Orlando and a picture of him as one of the badly dressed celebs. In the Your Shout column someone has said that she would love to party with Orlando and in the letters section there is one about him reading: ORLANDO IGNORED! - "Why does Kate Boswoth ignore Orlando? I've noticed that in the pics of them together, she looks like she's giving him the cold shoulder! If I was his girlfriend I wouldn't be like that! Don't listen to Janine who said you feature him too much. Keep printing those buff pics of Orli - he's so fit!" Reply to letter - "We don't reckon Kate Bosworth realises what a lucky lady she is! There's a long queue of girls who's be happy to give him attention!"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to KC, and Stefanie (14) from her cousin Catie.

  Thursday, August 21
Bravo and Popcorn Magazine Scans
Dannii sent in these scans from the most recent Bravo magazine (Germany). (1 & 2) Apparently, Orlando won some politically incorrect-looking award that can double as a shoe horn, and he looks thrilled to bits! Here is the accompanying article.
Dannii also sent in a scan of a POTC article from the latest Popcorn magazine (Germany). Marny will be translating both articles.

Now Magazine Scan
Elements posted this scan on ka-bloom.org from the August 20th issue of Now (UK).

Most Popular Yahoo Search
There is a small photo of Orlando on the Yahoo home page, under Most Popular Searches.

In Touch Weekly
According to E!, Orlando is #13 on In Touch Weekly's (US) list of the Hottest Hunks of the Summer, because of his "boyish good looks and swashbuckling". The magazine goes on sale Monday the 25th.

E! Poll
Yesterday on E!, the new poll of the day question was 'Who's your pick for the summer's hottest hunk?', and Orlando was included. You can vote on eonline.com, and the results will be announced on the show today.

Sky Magazine Scan
Here's a scan from the August issue of Sky (UK) thanks to Angela of music247online.com.

German Cinema Magazine
Posted by Evie: German movie mag "Cinema", issue 09/03, #304 has Orlando and Johnny Depp on the cover.
- Editoral about LOTR:ROTK, POTC, and Troy
- Stars of the month: Keira Knightly, Orli (1 page text, 1 page a photo)
- Event of the month: Premiere of "POTC" in Anaheim, CA (with pix)
- Exclusive: HdR: Rueckkehr des Koenigs (LOTR:ROTK) (6 pages with already known pix, text translated from Ian McKellen's website)
- Fluch der Karibik - POTC, (8 pages with text and pix) -
- New on DVD: LOTR:TTT (2 pages with pix), description of the *regular* edition, and the *extended* version

Bulls-eye Magazine
From Lossenfaciel: In the US mag “Bulls-eye” there is an article about the new ROTK video game coming out. A large ad with Gollum appears on page 17, the aforementioned article is on page 32, a column about the CGI of LOTR on 49, which mentions Orlando, and a small blurb and picture about Gollum is listed under the CGI Hall of Fame on 50.

Movie Magic Magazine
From Dana: In the recent issue of "Movie Magic" (US) there are several articles about LOTR: TTT and ROTK. There are also a few pictures of Orlando as Legolas. The magazine costs $9.95, kind of expensive.

Orlando Calendar No Longer Available
Sher got an email from Amazon.com saying the Streethassle "Orlando Bloom 2004 Calendar" is no longer available.

TTT DVD Pre-order Special from Sanity
From Amy: I thought Australian fans might like to know that if you pre-order The Two Towers from Sanity music stores (NOT on the internet) you get a free DVD about JRR Tolkien. The retail price will be AUS$46.99 (a bit steep for one film... but hey, its LOTR!). You need to put a ten dollar deposit, and it's only while stocks last.

  Wednesday, August 20
Have You Seen This Girl?
Naomi, a member of The OB Files message board, has a 5 year old cousin who went missing 2 months ago. Her n
ame is Leanna 'Beaner' Warner and was last seen Saturday, June 14th around 5:00 pm in Chisholm, MN and was wearing a dark blue sleeveless denim dress and was barefoot. She is 3 feet tall and has brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. For more info, visit the website.

POTC Set Stories
Marny posted this POTC article on ka-bloom.org, from The Arizona Republic. Orlando talks about a mishap he had with a kayak, and about filming the sinking ship scene.

New Photo
Bagendinn.com posted this old, but never before seen, photo of Orlando eating chips (french fries).

Troy Filming in Rosarito, Mexico
Frm Roxy: I saw a newspaper page from Rosarito, Mexico where the Fox Studios are and it said that some of the cast of Troy were coming to film some scenes. It didn't say who, but it did say Brad Pitt wasn't among the cast coming here.

Bravo Scan
Andrea sent in this scan from Bravo (Germany) from June 11th. The text reads:

Lord of the cap! - Orlando Bloom (26) is already a dream-guy, as Legolas in ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ or privately in Los Angeles CA. Above all there’s one thing you can notice about him: his cap. What is the Hollywood-star hiding underneath it? Dirty hair, rasta-curls – or maybe even a hobbit…? – Nobody knows. Not even his girlfriend, actress Kate Bosworth (20). He kept the cap on while they drank a coffee in the West-Hollywood Urth Café. Afterwards he was the gentleman: when Kate wanted to go shopping he waited for her by the car…

Hello Poll
Bon Jovi has increased his lead to more than 1,000 votes in Hello's Most Attractive Man of the month poll. Remember, you can vote once per hour.

E! Rank
From Katie: On the E! (US) channel, the show "Rank" was counting down the "Bachelorettes of 2003". On one of the polls that they put on their website, they asked which on screen couple would look good in real life. Orlando and Keira were one of the choices. The results were shown during the show and they received 2nd place out of 5. There was only a brief picture of him twice. The show is new, so will probably be shown a lot during August.

Dutch POTC Article
Christy sent in this POTC article from her local newspaper, Barneveldse Krant (The Netherlands).

Photo in Sneak
From Lauren S.: There is a gorgeous picture of Orlando in the new issue of Sneak (UK) (August 19th).

TTT Segment on Ebert & Roeper
From Pamela: On the Sunday, August 17th edition of "Ebert & Roeper" they did a small segment on the DVD release of TTT. They just talked about how it comes with a lot of extra features, like a little short film made by Sean Astin while on the LOTR set. They said that the only reason that they wouldn't recommend getting the 2-disc DVD (out on August 26th), is because the Extended Edition (the 4-disc set) is out in November.

TTT DVD at Toys R Us
From Kate: Toys 'R' Us near my house in Ohio is pre-selling LOTR TTT for $5, and when you go there and pick it up on the 26th all you pay is another $9.99 that's the cheapest I've found it for.

  Tuesday, August 19
Young Miss Scan
Conny sent in this photo from the current Young Miss (Germany).

TTT DVD on E! News Live
From the LOTRinfo List: This Wednesday on E! News Live- "Hobbit Alert: It's time for the long-awaited DVD release of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the second film in the epic trilogy"

Now Magazine Scans
Tanya sent in scans of the POTC articles from Now (UK). (1, 2, 3)

New Magazine Scan
Tanya sent in a scan of the POTC premiere article from New (UK).

NW Magazine
From Manda: In the recent NW magazine (Australia), there are 3 articles about Orlando. One is about his dad and the other two are in the gossip section at the back. The most interesting one says something about Orlando only drinking the occasional beer till he met Johnny... now he has more of an aquired taste for vintage red wine.

Break Out and De Telegraaf Articles
Samantha has translated the articles from Break Out and De Telegraaf newspaper (The Netherlands).

Ned Kelly Out on DVD in Australia
From Manda: Ned Kelly is already out on DVD and possibly video here. It's release date was the 20th, but they always release it earlier. For a DVD copy from HMV it's around $40. I also asked HMV about the cost for LOTR: TTT and they said it was $44.95 for the dvd and didn't have any information about the video cost.
Laura says the DVD is also available at Target.

Australian POTC Contest
From Laura: I was watching Alias earlier this evening, and an ad for POTC came on. It showed very little movie clips because it was advertising a competition. The comp is for a family trip to Disneyland. To enter the comp, you call the entry line (1902 555 645), leave your details at the prompt, and answer to the question, What is the name of the cursed ship? Obviously the answer is the Black Pearl. Comp is open to all Australia residents, didn't get time to read the fine print at the bottom of the screen, but probably standard comp rules. Not sure on call costs, but most comp calls here are 55cents.

Legolas on A&W Rootbeer
From Tree: A&W Rootbeer has Legolas and the LOTR TTT logo on the cans.

Win Legolas Action Figures
From Kara: The ToyWiz site is having a contest where you can win a three pack of Legolas action figures.

CosmoGIRL (UK)
From Linzi: In September's UK issue of CosmoGIRL they have a centre fold of Orli. No new facts but some good pics! They also have a picture of him in another section of the mag at (I think) the World Premiere of Pirates.

Lush Lad of the Week
From Stephanie-Lou: Orlando is one of the choices on the mykindaplace.com Lush Lad of the Week poll. He is winning at the moment by 25%.

LOTR Exhibition in London
From Science Museum Press Officer: The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy - The Exhibition has sold more advance tickets than the hugely successful Bond and Star Trek exhibitions put together. The unprecedented demand means that while some tickets will be available at the door when the Science Museum exhibition opens on 16 September, advanced booking is now strongly advised to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be pre-booked on 0870 870 4868 between 8.30am and 6pm (booking fee applies) or at www.sciencemuseum.org.uk

  Monday, August 18
New Candid Photo from Young Island
From Lady Nin: This article, "Treasured Island: Young Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines", has been up on the web for awhile, but the full newspaper treatment appeared in Sunday's Travel section of the AJC (Atlanta paper). There were other photos, including this one of Orlando, chatting with one of the birthday guests at the Young Island resort during the POTC shoot in the Caribbean.

Us Weekly Scan
Jennziee sent in this scan from Us Weekly magazine: issue 445 August 25, 2003, Pg. 63 "Who's hiding their Hunkiness?" Underneath is a section "Why Do They Uglify?":
"So why do these Hollywood hotties look so chic one minute and so eeek! the next? "They want to be seen as more then a pretty face," explains psychologist Dan Baker, author of What Happy People Know. "They're tired of the expectations- never have a hair out of place, that million - dollar smile." And, says Baker, hiding their hunkiness makes it easier for them to be taken seriously. "It's their way of saying, 'I'm not the pretty boy you think I am. Nobody's going to tell me what to do.'" But don't fret, Baker assures US "We know they clean up nicely."

Glossy Magazine Article
Samantha has translated an article from the Aug. 12 issue of Glossy (The Netherlands).

Young Miss Interview
Conny has translated an interview from Young Miss (Germany).

Mizz Magazine
From Cosmic Swirlz: There are 3 items to do with Orlando, along with the chance to win some Two Towers goodies on page 37, in the latest Mizz (UK). The first item is about him being in Blues new video on page 12, Talk of the Town. The second is on page 28 in the You've Gotta section, and there is a question about him on page 73 'Are you celeb mad?'. Lastly there is a review on page 77 of the POTC X Box game. They give it 5 out of 5 stars. ALL items have pictures.

Woman Magazine Scan
Connie sent in a scan of the photo and interview from Woman (Germany). I posted a translation of the interview a few days ago.

It's Hot Magazine
Haz: The UK magazine It's Hot has a poster of Orlando in it.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mackenzie, Kaylyn, Jen (18) from her friend Jennifer, and Jess from her friend Cait.

  Saturday, August 16
Tiger Beat Scans
Rushina sent in scans from the October issue of Tiger Beat magazine (US). (1, 2, 3)

Petra Translation
Marny has translated the Orlando interview from the September issue of Petra (Germany).

EW Scans
BeastyBunny at ka-Bloom posted this TTT ad featuring Legolas from the August 22 issue of Entertainment Weekly (US), as well as an article about ROTK.

Blush Magazine
From Cozmic Swirlz: There are two items in Blush (UK) 5-18 August. One of them is about the Lord of the Rings exhibition, and there is a poster of Orlando and Johnny as Will and Jack.

Break Out! Scans
Samantha sent in these scans from the August 14th issue of Break Out! (NED). (1, 2, 3) Translation coming soon.

De Telegraaf Scan
Samantha sent in this scan from the August 16th edition of the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf". There was also a small article, that she will be translating.

UK Magazines at Shinder's
From Bella: Shinder's stores (in the US) have the issue of The Face with Orlando on the cover. Also the magazine Film Review (August 2003 issue) has an article and review of Pirates of the Caribbean. The article is mainly about Johnny Depp. Photos are one's we've all seen before. The cover has Johnny and Orlando on it. The magazine Xpose has a Special edition titled Fantasy Stars of 2003. Orlando is #12 in 25 Top Fantasy Stars with a pic of him in POTC and LOTR (page 20), an article about LOTR:ROTK (pages 34-41) and last but not least an article on Orlando - In Full Bloom (pages 43-47). These are UK magazines that can be found at Shinder's (a magazine store in the US).

E! Heatwave Poll Results
From Christianne: The E! Heatwave poll results are in. POTC came in last in the "Felt Like a Sequel but Wasn't" category, which is a good thing. Keira Knightley came in first in "Most Welcome Fresh Face". The undead monkey in POTC came in first in "Scene-Stealing Performance", and Orlando Bloom & Kate Bosworth came in second in "Best Non-Ashton Fling".

Old LOTR Video Interview
From TORN: The MovieOne cable network is finally bringing Fellowship of the Ring to Australian TV on August 24. To help promote it, they've put together some pictures and interviews and stuff on a website. Check out these interviews with Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan, as well as Orlando Bloom and Hugo Weaving.

Photo in US Weekly
Carol: The August 25 issue of US Weekly has a picture of Orlando on page 63. The very short article is about "Who's hiding their hunkiness?" Orlando's picture is with "Strategy #2- Dumpy duds". The picture shows Orli in his casual clothes. The caption: 'for Orlando Bloom being a sex symbol "doesn't mean anything".'

TTT Extended DVD
War of the Ring has posted descriptions of the extended scenes on the TTT DVD. Check the August 13th updates. Thanks to Fisha for the info.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jess P. from her mate Jem, and belated birthdays to Patty from her best friend Franchi, and to Ashley.

  Friday, August 15
UK TV Alert
From Tim: Today on Sky Movies Cinema (UK) there will be a programme called Bonus! Pirates of the Caribbean at 9.55. All it says for a description is 'behind the scenes'.

Amica Magazine Scans
Katrin sent in two new photos (1 & 2) from the German magazine Amica (Issue 09/03). She also sent in scans of the article (1, 2, 3) but says it does not give that much new information. She thought the following bits might be interesting though:
- Orlando supposedly smells like Obsession by Calvin Klein. Quote: “He smells like his name and the way he looks”
- His sister used to dress him up when he was little.
- Quote from Orlando about him being an adrenaline-junkie: “Only yesterday I wanted to buy myself a motorcycle, but I didn’t because I know I will become too dangerous for myself on it.

I scanned the photo that went with the Orlando article from the August 11th issue of TIME Europe.

Will Turner Poster
Allposters.com is now selling the Will Turner poster, as well as the Jack Sparrow poster. Thanks to Mares for the info.

Por Ti Translation
Luisa has translated the Orlando interview from Por Ti (Mexico).

Scans and Interview from Veronica
Jaschenka sent in scans and a translation of the Orlando interview, and part of the Keira one, from this week's Veronica tv guide in The Netherlands.

Take 2 Interview
Posted at OBM.net: There is an Orlando interview in the August/September issue of Take 2 magazine (UK) which has Legolas on the cover.

TVhits Orlando Calendar
From Razzle: There's a 2004 TVhits Orlando Calendar now available from Forbidden Planet Outlets. It's A3-ish size, and retailing £5.99.

POTC Articles in De Telegraaf
From Samantha: There were two articles on the Pirates of the Caribbean in the Dutch Newspaper "De Telegraaf" from Thursday the 14th (in cinemas today). It says nothing we didn't already know. The first article is about Keira in which working alongside Orlando and Johnny is mentioned, and the other one is an article of Pirates in general with a description of what the movie is about. The articles come with a large picture of Keira and a smaller one with Orlando and Johnny.

Photo in The Big Issue
From Haz: I just bought The Big Issue (UK), which is a mag you can get off the street from homeless people. It has a photo of Orlando and Johnny in POTC in this month's issue. It costs £1.20.

Hello Poll
She Kender says that Orlando is losing to Jon Bon Jovi in Hello! magazine's most attractive man of the month poll, but that you can vote once per hour for Orli. "Jon's fans already know you can vote more than once a day and many have been taking advantage of this by voting for their man anywhere between 2-10 times a day! Also, an FYI for those using dial-up, I have it, and I know how to vote more than once in a very short amount of time: Go ahead and vote, erase "mensaje=" from the address bar and push the return key on the keyboard so the page reloads, disconnect from the web, reconnect and vote again!

Free TTT Mug at WH Smiths
From Haz: At WH Smiths (UK) if you put a £1 deposit on the LOTR-TTT dvd or video you get a free mug. Also in the Argos catalogue (UK) in the tv section there are some photos of LOTR, sadly no Legolas, but there's Aragorn, Frodo, Sam and Gandalf.

Break Out Magazine
From Naomi: There is a interview with Orlando in this issue of Break Out (Netherlands). He's also on the cover!

Poster in Bop Magazine
Shelly sent in a scan of the Orlando poster on the back cover of the September issue of Bop (US).

POTC Special on German TV
From Marny: German TV station ProSieben will show a special about "POTC" on Sunday, 31 August from 16.35-17.10. They also show a programme called "Cinemaxx TV" every Sunday morning so maybe they'll show something too.

Tiger Beat
Rushina says that the October issue of Tiger Beat magazine (US) has a pin up of Orlando on pg 42, and on pg 33 there's a small pic of Orlando with a message beside it saying: 'As a kid I was dyslexic, so I always had a problem in school.' Also, on page 52 there's a pic with an article.

gURL.com Poll
From Emma: At gURL.com there's a 'dig or diss?' section on movies. Right now PotC is the choice and you can choose either a thumbs up or thumbs down and you can also see what others are saying. You have to be a member to check it out.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Lyndsey (16).

  Thursday, August 14
Small Article in The Sun
From Lucy: There was a comment about Orlando in The Sun yesterday (13th Aug 2003) in the Bizarre section.
Hurray! Hunky actor Orlando Bloom is ready to get his kit off for his next film. The Pirates of the Caribbean star said he has lost a stone and gained a six-pack after hours in the gym for the secret role. He said: "If a nude scene is required then sure I'd do it. For me it all comes down to the character and the script. But I'm not obsessed with my body and I don't walk around starkers at home." Now there's a thought.

Scan from The Sunday Mirror
Undone posted this photo of Colin from this week's The Sunday Mirror (UK).

Interview from Woman Magazine
Marny has sent in a translation of an Orlando interview in the August 12th issue of Woman (Germany).

BBC Newsround Interview and Poll
From Holly: There is an interview with Keira Knightley on the BBC Newsround website and she talks about the snog scene with Orlando. Also, Orlando won the favourite celebrity poll last week.

Article and Photo from MX
From Bron: The following appeared in MX, a Melbourne paper, last Friday August 8th. They had a feature on celebrities who have found out that their parents weren't who they thought they were.

ORLANDO BLOOM - The British star of Pirates of the Caribbean is the latest actor to reveal that his surname belongs to a man that is not his biological father. Harry Bloom, an anti-apartheid activist and author, died when Orlando was four, and Colin Stone, a close family friend, was appointed as his legal guardian. Nine years later, Orlando learned that Stone was his biological father. "I grew up with Harry Bloom as a role model and that has never changed," said Bloom, 26. "Having Colin in my life, I never felt the absence of a father. In actual fact, I had two amazing men to look up to." photo

TTT Contest at Blockbuster
From K-Mac: This is included in the Blockbuster (Canada) pamphlet given to anyone with rental of a movie:

'Enter For A Chance To Win The Ultimate Adventure For Two in Middle Earth' - Live the Journey! You'll experience all that New Zealand has to offer on this 21 Day self-drive tour of all the key THE LORD OF THE RINGS filming locations while taking in the natural beauty of the Island. This adventure includes airfare and accommodations for two, rental car, customized tour, and spending money. This is the one trip to rule them all!
It features the cover of TTT on the front, and a picture of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf (on horses) on the back. Also with any purchase of TTT you are entered to win the Trip to New Zealand (above) and a TTT free collector's poster.

Por Ti Magazine Scans
Cinthya from Orlijah - Woom sent in scans of an Orlando interview from Por Ti, a Mexican magazine. (1 & 2) Here is the translation thanks to Luisa.

J-14 and Premiere Scans
Fallen Angel sent in these scans from the September issue of J-14 (US). (1, 2, 3) She also sent in the Return of the King article from Premiere (US).

Belgian Publications
From Dorothy: There's an interview with Orlando Bloom in the Belgian newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad' from August 13th. But the interview isn't new and the two pictures of him aren't either.
In the Belgian magazine 'TvFamilie' there's an interview with Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley with a picture of each of them. But I think they wrote some things that aren't true.

Mykindaplace.com Poll
From Stephanie-Lou: The poll of the day on mykindaplace.com asks "What's the must-see movie of the summer?" and Pirates of the Caribbean is a choice. It it losing to Legally Blonde2 by 35%.

New OBBP Auctions
The Orlando Bloom Birthday Project is raising money in Orlando's name for Greenpeace, and we're hoping these auctions will help us beat last year's donation of $2166. We have 2 new items up for auction. All funds raised in these auctions will go to Greenpeace (we'll only deduct the cost of shipping).

Auction 1: "Elf Lover," an original drawing by Dawnlyn.
Auction 2: Two Ned Kelly magazines from Australia: Filmink,  April 2003 issue, and Inside Film, March 2003 issue.

Anime Orlando
From TORN: Ringer Spy Scorpio writes: Orlando Bloom is in this month's Anime Insider magazine. The writers made their own live-action cast of "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and Orli made the role of some guy named Maximillion Pegasus. Scan

Orlando's Astrological Chart
India sent in this link to Orlando's Astrological chart. Also, Catie sent in this bit of info on his Birth Date Significance:
#2 THE PEACEMAKER - 2's are the born diplomats. They are aware of others' needs and moods and often think of others before themselves. Naturally analytical and very intuitive they don't like to be alone. Friendship and companionship is very important and can lead them to be successful in life, but on the other hand they'd rather be alone than in an uncomfortable relationship. Being naturally shy they should learn to boost their self-esteem and express themselves freely and seize the moment and not put things off.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Nikkia and Anita (16).

  Wednesday, August 13
Scans from Elle Magazine
From Hayley: In ELLE (UK edition) Sept 2003 with Britney Spears on the front cover in the features section on page 130 there is an article on Ned Kelly with some new photos of Orlando. Here are the Orlando pictures and a bit of the article relating to Orlando.

Scans from Suosikki Magazine
Jenni sent in these photos from the August issue of Suosikki magazine (Finland). (1, 2, 3, 4) They also had a long interview with Orlando, but there was nothing that we didn't already know. Orli said that the latest irresponsible act he did was speeding.
Auroora sent in this photo from the July issue. The caption says that filming Troy is keeping him separated from his loved one.

POTC Reviews and Parody
Irene at Johnny Depp Zone sent in a link to the BBC’s Films homepage that has a pic of Orlando as their link to user comments on POTC – virtually all of them extremely positive. She also sent in a link to the Hand Puppet Theatre’s parody of POTC (very amusing, very spoiler-ridden).

Joy Magazine Article
Marny sent in a translation of the the Orlando interview in the September issue of Joy (Germany). It is probably a fake, since Kate Beckinsale was in the Gap commericial with Orlando, not Kate Bosworth.

Scan from New Woman Magazine
Elements posted this scan at the Ka-Bloom forum, from the September issue of New Woman (UK).

More Magazine
From Sarah: Theres a 4 page spread with some very gorgeous photos of Orlando in the August 6th-19th issue of More magazine (UK). The article is entitled 'Bloomin' Gorgeous'. Pages 52-55

Candid Photo from Funcitytattoo.com
India sent in a link to funcitytattoo.com that has a picture of Orlando and Johnny with infamous NY tattooist Johnathan Shaw. Fun City Tattoo is where Orlando, Sean Bean and Elijah received their elven tattoos.

Flair Magazine
From Dorothy: In the Belgian magazine Flair there is a bit about POTC (it comes out August 13th). They give the film 4 and a half stars(!) and describe Orlando in the film as 'a young god'. They write that he's the only one that didn't need to wear a wig, but needed hair-extensions. And there's a small pic of Johnny and Orlando (not a new one)

Insider Magazine
From tere4orli: Orlando will be on the cover of the Insider magazine in the Philippines, out today.

POTC in the Netherlands
From Samantha: Radio Yorin is giving away tickets to Pirates and other prizes related to it. I think they will continue doing this for the rest of the week. As you know pirates is opening this thursday in the Netherlands and because of this there are several specials on the music station TMF, they are short though. And for the people that have boats, you can go and watch the POTC for free in the Yorin Sail in movie. Turn on your television for a few seconds or visit the Yorin website for further details.

POTC Script
Kathryn-Claire sent in this link to a more accurate POTC script.

Free POTC Posters at Clarks
From Lorna: I work in a 'Clarks' shoe shop (UK) and we are currently offering free POTC poster magazines, primarily for children, but I'm sure there'd be no problems if people asked for one or (if embarrassed) they could lie and say it was for their younger brother/sister! I don't know if the same applies to Clarks european stores but it could be worth a go.

Behind the Scenes of POTC on UK TV
From Hayley: On the UK t.v. satellite channel E! there will be a POTC segment called 'Behind the Scenes'. It starts at 6.00 p.m. on Thurs 14th August.

Company Magazine
From Hayley: In Company (UK) Sept 2003 issue Orlando is featured in 'The World's Sexiest Men'. He is number 16, there is only a small photo. Orli came 15th place last year in the mag.

POTC Box Office Numbers
From Becky Greenleaf: POTC is now #150 on the top grossing movies of all time worldwide list at imdb.com with $263,300,000.

POTC Articles
Becky Greenleaf sent in these POTC articles from The Trinidad Guardian and the Washington Post.

POTC in the Phillipines
From trunkz: Last Sunday, Mtv screen (mtvasia) featured excerpts from POTC and an interview with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. It might be having replays this week so watch out. Robinsons galleria will be having the advance premiere of POTC but there's no confirmed date yet. POTC billboards on the sheds are all over Metro manila. i spotted 5 of them yesterday when i went home.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Theresa (15), and a belated happy birthday to Susie from her friend Lilly, and Jaynex (15) from her friend Leisy.

  Tuesday, August 12
Legolas' Costume to Feature in London Exhibition
From NMSI Press Release: The costume worn by Orlando Bloom in his role as 'Legolas' in The Lord of the Rings trilogy is to feature in The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy - The Exhibition at the Science Museum in London.
The dazzling outfit - designed by Kiwi designer Ngila Dickson and featuring the Elf's famous bow and arrows - is expected to be one of the most popular exhibits.
The family exhibition opens on 16 September - before the eagerly awaited final installment of the film trilogy and will be the only chance for European fans to explore for themselves the fantastic world created for The Lord of the Rings films.
Although some tickets will be available at the door when the exhibition opens on 16 September, advanced booking is strongly advised to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be pre-booked on 0870 870 4868. The booking line is open from 8.30am-6pm. A booking fee applies.

The Sunday Mirror
From sundaymirror.co.uk: Last night dad Colin, 52, a teacher from Canterbury, Kent - who years before moved in with the family to help out as Sonia nursed her then dying husband - said he was delighted at the success of his son. "I'm very proud of everything Orlando and Samantha have achieved," he said. "They've had a lot of love, a very happy upbringing, and they've grown up to be very well-balanced, happy people." Full article

From Katie: In the Aug. 18 addition of Newsweek (US) in the Newsmakers section there is an article called "Lord of the Oscars" and there is a picture of Peter Jackson and Orlando in elf costume. But Orlando isn't mentioned in the article.

Pre-order TTT from Future Shop
From Kate: If you pre-order TTT at Future Shop in Canada you can get a free calendar.

Disney Adventure Magazine
From Hayley: In the Disney Adventure magazine (September) they have an article about The Two Towers. It talks about how Legolas shield-surfs down a wall on Helms Deep. There is a small picture of Orlando Bloom as Legolas on the cover, and another small picture on p.3 with him and Aragorn. The article is on p.31 where there are two more small pics.

E! Online Poll
From Christianne: POTC and Orlando are in the E! Online poll - "Heatwave 2003". By the way, POTC is now the 4th highest grossing movie of the year behind "Finding Nemo", "The Matrix Reloaded", and "Bruce Almighty" according to Variety.

Hello Magazine Poll
Orlando is losing to Jon Bon Jovi in the Most Attractive Man of the month poll at Hellomagazine.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Shelly (15), and to Allison (14) and Sam (14) from their friend Abby.

  Monday, August 11
Interview from Moviestar
From Marny: In the new issue (September/October) of "Moviestar" (Germany) is an eight-page article about Pirates of the Caribbean with lots of pictures and short interviews with Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Gore Verbinski. Here is the Orlando interview translated by Marny.

Croydon Advertiser
From Hannah: In this week's Croydon advertiser (very local in the uk) there is an interview with Orlando in 'The guide'. There is also a huge picture of him on the front cover.

UK TV Alert
From Lozzy: There's a programme called 'Pirates: News Extra' on MTV (UK) at 3pm on the 11th. It apparently will include 'all red carpet arrivals, celebrity parties and the film itself.'

Total Film Scans
Tanya sent in scans of the POTC article (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), POTC review, and TTT DVD review from the September issue of Total Film (UK).

New Woman Magazine
From Helen: Here in the UK there was an interview and photo of Orlando Bloom in the September issue of New Woman, which came out on the 7th August.

Video Interview on Lycos
From Sherri: Lycos has a 3 minute POTC interview with Orlando.

Danish TV Alerts
From Pia: To celebrate the DVD/VHS-release of The Two Towers, Danish TV-channel TV2 ZULU will be showing a lot of shows August 18, with a rerun August 23. The programs are: August 18-
22:25 Ringenes Herre: Tilbage til midgård (Lord of the Rings: Return to Middle earth)
23:15 Ringenes Herre: Fra bøgerne til filmlærredet (Lord of the Rings: From books to the screen)
00:10 Det store lærred: Ringenes Herre - De to tårne (Behind The Two Towers)

Demi Magazine
From Auroora: This scan is from June issue of Demi (Finland) magazine. The text next to the picture says: "Orlando in a pirate mood in The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - movie which comes to Finland in August." The text below the picture tells that people at Demi.fi love Orlando the most!
In last month's Demi (Finland) there was an article about Keira Knightley. It included a little about Orlando.

Demi: "Keira is lucky because she had Orlando and Johnny as costars". Demi: "What about your other costar, Orlando Bloom?" Keira: "Not bad, having Orlando and Johnny Depp as costars." Demi: "Did you know Orlando before filming started?" Keira: "Funnily I did. We'd met at a few auditions. He is magnificent." Demi: "Of course he's told you all the gossip about filming The Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King?" Keira:"No he hasn't! On second thought, that's kinda rude (laughing). Wait till I see him next time!"

POTC Clips on History Channel Show
From BlueLizard: There is this show on the History Channel (US) called "Conquest" and on one of their episodes they have pirate weapons showcased and in the beginning they show some scenes from POTC. The rest is about the weaponry that the pirates used and how they used it. The next airing is Monday, August 11 @ 8:30pm ET/PT.

Guide Magazine
Angie sent in these scans from Guide magazine in the Philippines. (1 & 2)
She also typed a portion of the article about the Two Towers Trivia which they featured upon the release of the Two Towers DVD on August 26:

-The sequence for the battle of Helm's Deep took seven months to construct the set and three months to film. This meant that Peter Jackson had about 20 hours of footage to piece together the monumental scenario. The shoot took so long that most of the extras and the principal cast were given t-shirts that read, "I survived Helm's Deep."
-The battle cries of the Orc army came courtesy of some 25,000 people in a cricket field being cued by a big screen and led by Jackson himself.
-Viggo Mortensen broke his toe when he kicked aside an Orc helmet in funeral pyre, Orlando Bloom suffered broken ribs when he fell off a horse, and Brett Beattie, Gimli's scale double, had a damaged knee. This meant the three of them were in a certain amount of pain while filming wide shots of them running.
-Viggo Mortensen was so into his role that Jackson called him Aragorn for 30 minutes in a conversation and he never noticed.

One Magazine
From Anaïs: Orlando is on the cover of ONE (France), with many photos inside.

POTC Review from Daily Mail
Tanya sent in this review of POTC from Sunday's Daily Mail (UK).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Samantha Brick (15).

  Sunday, August 10
Scans from The Evening Standard
Katie sent in these scans of the Orlando article in Friday's Evening Standard magazine (UK). (1, 2, 3)

The Daily Mirror
Tanya sent in this small article from the Daily Mirror (UK), Saturday, August 9th.
RETURN OF THE RING - They have the weight of the world on their shoulders as they do battle to save Middle Earth in the final Lord of the Rings movie. These pictures from the Return of the King show Gandalf (sir Ian McKellen). Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson) and Legolas (Orlando Bloom) as they prepare to make a last stand against Sauron. Insiders say it will be the greatest war movie ever made. Meanwhile hobbit Frodo goes into Mordor to destroy the One Ring. The third film in the series is out on December 17.
From Sophie: In Friday's Daily Mirror (UK) (8/8/03) there was a review of Pirates of the Caribbean which received 4 out of 5 stars. There was also an article on the pullout included called 'the ticket' about Orlando, with a picture of him from pirates on the front.

Scans from The RTE Guide and The Irish Times
Sarah sent in these scans of an article in an Irish tv mag called The RTE Guide that was out on Wednesday the 7th of August. (1 & 2) She also sent in larger scans from the August 2nd edition of The Irish Times. (1 & 2)

Woman Magazine
From Conny: Orlando will be featured in the August version of the German magazine Woman which will come out on August 12th.

From Erika: In the September issue of J-14 there is a pic of Orlando on pages 104 and 105.

  Saturday, August 9
BBC News Article
Here's an article from BBC News that has quotes from Orlando's mother. Thanks to Sylvia for the link.

Short Feature on BBC Regional News
There was a (very) short feature on Orli on the BBC Regional News for Kent at lunchtime yesterday. Not much Orli, but they showed clips from Pirates and they were talking to his mum (she has his nose- only it's not broken, of course). She said he was a normal child, always playing. The bit they showed of Orli was at a premiere, one of the Pirates ones. The reporter asked how he kept grounded and he said something like: "Well these shoes have served me pretty well".

BBC Teens Interview and Video Clip
BBC Teens has an interview with Orlando, as well as a video clip from the London POTC premiere (Orlando's near the end).

POTC Interview Sound Clips
Irene at Johnny Depp Zone sent in this link to ‘exclusive interview’ audio clips at The Film Factory. The clips were presumably done when they were doing the London promos.

Johnny Depp's Advice to Orlando
Posted by Stacie: This Yahoo News article mentions some advice Johnny gave Orlando on the set of POTC.

The Evening Standard
Posted by Stacie: There's an article on Orlando in The Evening Standard magazine that comes with Friday's paper. It says that Orlando is Britain's answer to Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.
The article is online, but I do not have an account. If anyone has one, please send it in. "Behind Orlando Bloom's perfect good looks lies the story of a boy whose childhood held a secret, and who courted death and survived. Now he's England's answer to Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, says Annabel Rivkin..."

POTC Links on Channel4.com
From Irene at Johnny Depp Zone: Channel4.com has a Fact File on Orlando, some photos from the POTC premiere, and a Swashbuckler Movie poll.

POTC Review in Daily Telegraph
From Michelle: In the Daily Telegraph on Friday 8th, there was a review of PotC by a really harsh reviewer... but it was quite good. He basically said it has loads of flaws, but "has brio and boisterousness enough to redeem it." He hated Johnny Depp, but said "Bloom is very good. He is a cheeky boy. His eyes gleam naughtily. A spin-off film, perhaps entitled 'Confessions of a Blacksmith', would do great business."

Entertainment Weekly
PoTC is somewhat on the cover of the most recent EW mag (#723 Aug. 15). It has a title of "Golden" with a pic of Johnny and Orlando. The table of contents has a large pic of Keira; the 1st page of the article says, "THE GOOD" with a pic of Johnny and Orlando again, "THE BAD" with a pic of Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider II), and "& the Gigli". It's about the hits & misses of the movies this summer. Basically, they raved about PoTC and there are really no articles about OB but it's good just the same.

Hit 100
From Jessica: There is a poster of Orlando in the new magazine Hit 100 (Germany). The picture is old (he's sitting on a red couch with red background). Also there are some photos of him inside, one with Kate and another with Keira at the London premiere of POTC (nothing new) plus 5 reasons why we love Orli (again nothing new) and a small Will Turner sticker. Besides they mentioned Orli gave his dog away because of the lack of time...

What's on TV Magazine
From cosmic swirlz: There is a small picture in the What's on TV magazine (UK) 9-15 August, at the back in the zap kids section under pop noodle. It talks about him being in pop band Blues new video 'Guilty'.

Hi Club Magazine
From Mina: In the Bulgarian "Hi Club" magazine from yesterday there's an article called "Everybody loves Orlando". It's about how his mum adores him and how wonderful he is, but he doesn't realize it. There's also a picture of him as Will Turner that we've already seen.

New Poll Question
The new question for the poll, on the left side of the homepage, was submitted by Letoya. Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions.

YM Poll
There is a poll on YM.com asking "Which guy deserves the Sexiest Man Alive award this summer?". Orlando is in the lead.

Daily Mail
From Lozzy: There's a POTC article in yesterday's Daily Mail (8th August) - UK. There are a couple mentions of Orli, but there's also a REALLY bad review.

POTC Box Office Numbers
Becky Greenleaf: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl is now number 204 on the Top Grossing Movies of All Time at the World Wide Box Office, with $217,400,000.

Gurlz T.v.
From Liz: I just saw a clip of "Gurlz T.v." on YTV (Canada) and it rated Orlando and Shane West on their "hot-ness". Orlando got "7 yums" (don't ask) and Shane got "6 yums". Go Orlando.

Mention on AOL for Broadband
From Sara: On the AOL for Broadband welcome screen, there's a headline saying: "Orlando's Career Blooms: He and Depp scored big with 'Pirates'" There are some links underneath about summer movies, which were hits (where it talks about 'Pirates'), misses, etc. Erin sent in a screencap of the welcome screen.

Legolas T-shirts
Hithwen Undomiel sent in this link to animegination.com that sells Legolas T-shirts.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sasha (14) and Michelle (13).

  Friday, August 8
Orlando on Cover of Israeli Magazine
Elizabeth sent in the cover of a magazine that features Orlando, which came out in Israel yesterday. She will try to send in more scans later.

BOi Magazine
The newest issue of the Japanese magazine BOi has Orlando on the cover with some great photos inside, including a new one.

Scans from Veckans NU!
Elma sent in scans from Veckans NU!, a Swedish gossip magazine. (1, 2, 3, 4) There is also an article, but she says it is only talking about his love life and they made up most of the stuff. The credibility of the magazine is veeeery low.

Twist Scan
Fallen Angel sent in a scan from the September issue of Twist (US). The question was How to get the perfect guy.

Tú Translation
Lauren has translated the Orlando interview from Tú magazine (Mexico).

Scans from Now and New Magazine
Elements sent in these scans from Now (UK) magazine (1 & 2) and New (UK) magazine (1 & 2).

Empire Article
Empire Online has posted an interview with Orlando and others from POTC.

Sky Magazine
From Lozzy: There are two mentions of Orlando in Sky magazine (UK). The first is an article on p41, with an interview titled 'Orlando Swoon'. The second is on the back page, with a bit about him being Legolas.

RI:SE Interview Synopsis
From Vicky: There was an Orlando interview on RI:SE on the 7th. He talked about the New film POTC and what his character was like, they also talked about Johnny Depp's character. He was asked if he wanted any gold teeth like Johnny had in the film, but he said no. They also discussed how he is accident prone and has cracked his skull 3 times etc, and how the producer has to be careful with him. They also said how he is an adrenalin junkie with all of the crazy stuff he does. He was also asked if he went to a pirate training camp, so he knew how to drink rum and look after parrots.

Quote from Star Magazine
I was flipping through the latest Star magazine, and there was a nice little quote from Orlando: "Brad Pitt gave me some interesting advice: 'Keep smiling and moving.' I've learned the smiling a bit, but I'm not so good at the moving on. I like to give the fans what they've been waiting for." - Orlando Bloom sharing a life lesson he received from his Troy co-star.

Teen Choice Awards
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl won Choice Summer Movie at the Teen Choice Awards, but it was not shown on the televised program.

Popstar Magazine
From Erika: In the September issue of POPSTAR (US) on page 18 there is a small pic of Orlando.

Web-search Article
An article from the San Francisco Chronicle titled "Web-search chart keeps its finger on pulse of obsessed Americans" had this to say:
"The mainstream media isn't always perfectly attuned to the Web-trawling mainstream, Schatz says. One example: The surprising success of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" has been widely attributed to Johnny Depp's eccentric performance. According to Schatz, the lion's share of the credit actually belongs to Depp's co-star Orlando Bloom, the overnight "Lord of the Rings" sensation who has become a Web heartthrob."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mamie. Also, Happy Birthday to Candace (18), Paige (15) and Olivia (19) who's birthday's were yesterday.

  Wednesday, August 6
Tú Magazine Scans
Cinthya from Orlijah - Woom has sent in another new photo and interview (in Spanish), this time from the August issue of Tú Magazine (Mexico).

UK TV Alert
From Irene at Johnny Depp Zone: For UK fans: There’ll be a little ‘Pirates’ promo interview with Orlando tomorrow, Thursday 7 August, on RI:SE on Channel 4. The programme airs from 6:55am to 9:00am.

Demi Magazine Scans
Katku sent in these scans of Orlando in the August issue of the Finnish magazine Demi. (1, 2, 3)

Sneak Scans
Here are scans from this week's issue of Sneak (UK), posted by Elements at the Ka-bloom forum. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

New Candid Photos
Thanks to Patsie for these two photos (1 & 2) of Orlando from: "February 28, 2003, Hollywood: Zooey Deschanel and Samantha Shelton present "Pretty Babies" at the Henry Fonda Theatre."
Thanks to Mónica for this unknown photo from The Sun.

Czech Premiere Interview
Michaela has sent in a translation of the Orlando interview in the August issue of Premiere (Czech Republic).

Dolly Poll
From Kate: The website for Dolly magazine (Australia) has Orlando as their eye candy for the month. It lists some vital stats, and you can rate him on the heart thermometer. He has only got an average of 3.9 (out of 5) so far, so I think he needs some help.

Photos on TIME Site
From Jeff Chu at TIME: TIME Europe has just posted a photo essay to go along with the Orlando Bloom story. "TIME chronicles the life and works of everyone's favorite elf, Orlando Bloom"

Cine Premiere Translation
Thanks to Jas at OBM.net for sending in the translation of the Orlando interview in the August issue of Cine Premiere (Mexico), and thanks to Claudia for translating it.

Will Turner Article
Laura sent in this short article about Will Turner that was on the freeserve.co.uk web site.

POTC International B.O. Numbers
From Christianne: In Variety (Aug 5), an article talking about how movies are doing internationally, had this to say: ""Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" unlocked $4.6 million on 369 (my note: these numbers are prints of the film in the country) in Japan, BVI's third-highest live-action debut behind "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor." Swashbuckler reigned in Mexico with $2.4 million on 547. After earning $1.7 million through its third sojourn in Argentina (easing by 7%), it has overtaken "Armageddon's" lifetime cume in local currency."

TTT Special Offer at FYE
From Maria: At FYE, if you preorder The Two Towers, you receive a free Gollum type action figure.

Dolly Magazine
From Teniel: In the September issue of Dolly magazine (Australia) there is a poster of Orlando. It is not a new one though. He came second to Paul Walker in the Dolly Hot 100. There is also a new Ned Kelly poster advertising the DVD in movie stores. It has both Heath and Orlando on it. If you put your name down for it, they will give it to you for free.

Photo from Dominion Post TV Week
Cherie sent in this photo that was with a small article about Keira in "The Dominion Post TV Week" (NZ), Tuesday August 5th, from the Hollywood Update section.

ROTK Clips on Inflight Programme
From Becky in the UK: I have just come back from Gran Canaria and on the way back the inflight programmes included a programme called 'Box Office'. In that there were a few clips of Orlando in ROTK. I didn't buy headphones though, so I don't know what they said.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Aakriti from her best friend KW, and a belated birthday to Nicky.

  Tuesday, August 5
Cine Premiere and Cinemania Scans
Cinthya from Orlijah - Woom sent in this new photo from the Mexican magazine Cine Premiere, as well as this interview (in Spanish) from the magazine. She also sent in this scan from Cinemania that contains some new photos.

The Irish Times Article
Carey sent in this article with scans from Saturday’s The Irish Times magazine.

iafrica.com Article
From Claire: Thought you and other O.B fans might find this article in the entertainment section of the iafrica.com website interesting. (please note, Orlando doesn’t have an official site yet, although orlandobloom.com looks like it’s being worked on)

UK TV Alert
From Amy: There is a movie program featuring Pirates of the Caribbean, including clips from the premiere in Disneyland and interviews. It is called Hollywood One on One and it is on the Biography channel on Sky in the UK at 10:30am and again at 3:30pm on August the 5th.

Mention in Glamour
From Robyn: There's a tiny mention of Orlando in this month's Glamour magazine (UK). It's a page-long "Star Report" style thing, called "How Old?". The intro at the top says "What do Celine Dion and Kylie have in common? They could have been classmates! James Williams looks at which celebs have weathered better than others". Then it has pictures of 5 celebrities each for the 5 age categories of 22, 26, 30, 35, and 40 years old. These is a small picture of Orlando (on the 26 years old line, obviously) along with Liv Tyler, Ronan Keating, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Shakira, and underneath it says "Ronan, really only 26? The most rapidly-ageing celeb ever must be so jealous of Orlando's youthful genes".

ETonline Poll
From Cathryn: On ETonline.com, at they very bottom of the page, they have a poll, asking which gorgeous guy should have his own calendar. Orlando's one of the choices, and is winning with 34%. In fact, Orlando does have his own calendar, and you can buy it at amazon.com for $12.

The Sunday Mirror
From Taz: In the Sunday Mirror's 'M Celebs' magazine the 'Slurp of the week' award goes to Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. There is a picture of Orlando kissing her on the cheek. Also on Disney Channel today (Monday 4th August) there was an interview with Orlando, I missed it but they were talking about it after.

The Toronto Star
Orlando was mention in a Toronto Star article about internet polls. Thanks for Kate for the info.
“But sometimes the polls are worth a second look, because they reveal more than what is intended. Such is the case with the twin vote the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) just ran, having fun in its silly quest for the "most babelicious movie babe" and "most hunkiest hunk" of the movie year to date.” “The winner among the 19 men (including "other") was Hugh Jackman from X2 (22.5 per cent), followed by Orlando Bloom from Pirates Of The Caribbean (19.9 per cent)”

Ebert and Roeper Discuss POTC
From Mays: tvplex.go.com has an audio recording of Ebert and Roeper discussing Orlando and the other characters in POTC. It's pretty long and interesting to listen to.

TTT DVD Special at WalMart
From Christina: At Wal-Mart if you buy The Two Towers DVD or video on Aug 26 between 12am and 6am you will receive the one ring and chain free.

ROTK Premiere Sweepstakes
From Courtney: Verison Wireless has a sweepstakes to win tickets to the ROTK world premiere in New Zealand. You can enter to win tickets at verizonwireless.com with no purchase necessary. You must be a US resident and 18 or older.

Hello Poll
From Marian: Voting for the most attractive man for July at Hellomagazine.com has commenced and already Orlando has nearly 3,000 votes, but is second to Jon Bon Jovi. Both are streets ahead of the other two personalities in the count. A person can only vote ONCE per day.

  Monday, August 4
Culture Magazine Article and Scans
There was an interview with Orlando, and new new photos of him, in Culture magazine (UK) that comes free with The Sunday Times. Thanks to Holly and Katie for sending in the article and scans.

TIME Article
From Jeff Chu at TIME: The new issue of TIME Europe has an article on Orlando.

Mention in Rolling Stone
From Melissa: Orlando is mentioned in the new Rolling Stone (US) with Ruben Studdard on the cover. "On the Scene: Britney Spears requesting four tickets to the The Sounds' show in Los Angeles. Actors Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom also called for tickets." No pictures.

Sunday Express Article
Posted by Penny: Orli gets a mention (though no photo) in an article entitled 'Next Stop Hollywood', by Henry Fitzherbert, in yesterday's Sunday Express. Here are the relevant parts:
"Say 'Ahoy' to Britain's new A-list. Next week, Pirates of the Caribbean launches across the UK, crowning young actors Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley as bona fide movie stars.
Like a raft of other British performers Bloom, 26, & Knightley, 20, are fast becoming household names, both here & in America.
Next up for Bloom, who plays Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is ancient history epic Troy, alongside Brad Pitt & Eric Bana. Then he starts work on Elizabethtown, a romantic drama with Kirsten Dunst, written & directed by Cameron Crowe. [this is not confirmed - The OB Files]
...says Will Davies of the top UK casting agency Gail Stevens. "Orlando Bloom spent 18 months learning film acting on Lord of the Rings. It was a brilliant opportunity & now he's on a roll."
Today's emerging stars are savvier, guided by astute agents who realise a career can be transformed by a Hollywood blockbuster. Says Bloom of Pirates: "I just wasn't in the head space to think about doing a big American blockbuster & then it was put to me in a different way, which was that if I opened a door like this, it will ultimately put me in a marketplace where I can get projects made that I want to get made."

POTC Script
For all the people asking me for the POTC script, you can view it on this website!

POTC in the Philippines
From Trunkz: POTC will be shown on August 27 in the Philippines, but they're might be an advance premiere. We're still waiting if Smart and Sm malls will sponsor the movie. Most Disney movies are sponsored by them. Also, Orlando is the cover boy on Guide magazine with a 2 page feature about him, and there are Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean competitions.

POTC on IMDb Top 250
From Becky Greenleaf: Pirates of the Caribbean is #240 on the IMDB top 250 list with a rating of 7.7\10 and 9712 votes.

TOPP Magazine
From Tanja: In the last TOPP (Norway) were some pictures of Orlando and some lines of text. There was also a big poster of his movie Pirates of the Caribbean and on the other side was Orlando (as Will Turner). In the next TOPP there is going to be a big Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp interview. You can by the next TOPP on August 19.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Faith, and to Kelsey Sturgill (12) from all of her friends.

  Sunday, August 3
Scan from Celebrity
Henderica sent in this photo and article from the Dutch magazine Celebrity from August.

Scans from Czech Premiere Magazine
Rhiana sent in these photos from the August issue of the movie magazine Premiere (Czech Republic). (1, 2, 3) The magazine also has a review about Pirates of the Caribbean (premiere of the movie is on 28. 8. 2003, and there are no new pictures, but the rating is high). There is also an interview with Orlando.

Fan Photos from POTC Premiere
Jo has sent in her photos from the London premiere of POTC. I've posted them below her fan report.

Scan from Capricho
Cá sent in this scan from the July 13th issue of Capricho (Brazil).

LOTR Tray Liners at WalMart
From Da Elven Archer: WalMart snack bars have LOTR tray liners. It has a word search as well as pics of the upcoming DVD and the figures that will be available at WalMart this month.

TTT Blockbuster Special
From Jessi: If you preorder The Two Towers at Blockbusters for $29.99 you get 7 free rentals. It's a $50 value. But, you have to do it before August 26th. You can also still just preorder The Two Towers alone if you want for a $5 deposit and you pay the rest later when you pick it up. I also saw on Blockbuster's website that you can preorder The Two Towers- Special Extended Edition as soon as August 26th for $33.98

POTC in Mexico
From Miros: Here in Mexico the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was released on August 1. In my local movie theatre, there's a 3d poster of the movie which in spanish is "La Maldicion del Perla Negra" and I asked the manager what they do with the posters when they don't need them, and she gave it to me totally free, It's like 2 x 3 m.
In a magazine called "Tu" there are two photos of Orlando, one is a complete page, and an interview, then there is a small article about POTC.
In another magazine called "Cinemania" there's another one page article about Orlando and four pages about POTC.
In a Magazine called "Premier" the is an article about Orlando, and another one about POTC, and there's also a mini poster.
In a local newspaper called Reforma there's a big article about POTC. In the article they asked Keira which one she prefers, Orlando or Johnny, and she actually picked Johnny.

Tiger Beat
From Britt: In the new issue of Tiger Beat (US) there is an Orlando pin-up (I think the pic is from a Two Tower's premiere), and there is another pic of him from a Fellowship of the Ring premiere! And if you live in the US, and didn't get the FLAUNT magazine w/ Orlando on the cover go to Barnes and Noble, I was very lucky to see one sitting on the shelf for $6.95.

Filipino Magazines
From JaCyH: Sky Guide, Aug. 2003 - Orlando Bloom is on the cover of Sky Guide magazine here in the Philippines, it also has a two-page article on him inside. The article is the same as the one in USA Today (July 8, 2003).
K-Zone, Aug. 2003 - K-Zone has an article about the Pirates of the Caribbean, it also has a poster for the movie.

Bliss Magazine
I have just bought September's issue of Bliss (UK). There is a section 'Wallet sized wonders'. Orlando is one of them. There is also an advertisement for 'Sneak' and there is a really cute picture of Orlando there. There is also a short interview with him about PotC. Then the magazine is advertising that there will be a cute boy magazine free with the next issue. There is also a tiny picture of Orlando there.

UK TV Alerts
From Irene at Johnny Depp Zone: MTV UK next Friday 8 August will be Orlando heaven:
1. The Two Towers – Making the Movie 10:00am
2. Pirates – Making the Movie 3:30pm (repeated at 6:30pm, and then shown several times over the next few days)
3. Top 10 Movie Soundtracks (Orlando introducing them): 4:00pm
4. Pirates: News Extra 5:00pm (repeated over the next few days)
5. MTV Screenplay 5:30pm (I’m not sure if this airing of Screenplay will be the new week’s episode. They said on this week’s show that they’ll be interviewing Orlando on the next episode. If he’s not on this one, then watch it on Saturday - aired at 12:30pm and 4pm on Saturday 9th August.)
There’s also a mysterious ‘ Movie Special’ on Saturday 9 August at 12 noon. My tv guide doesn’t say what it’s about. Might be worth tuning in just in case.

Article from The Sun (Correction)
I originally posted that the article was in Saturday's paper, when it was actually in Friday's. Sorry to anyone who went out and tried to buy it! This isn't the first time there have been mix-ups due to time zone differences. So in the future, if people choose to send in info, please use the exact date instead of "today" or "yesterday". Thank you.

Dutch Magazine Scans
Lenny from Bloomania sent in scans and translations from three Dutch magazines:
Hitkrant nr. 31 2003, article on Orlando in Blue Video.
Glossy nr. 16 2003 article on Orlando being a sex symbol.
TV Guide Veronica nr 31, premiere pictures. Also, in Veronica Magazine, you can win tickets for a special early screening of POTC (in Holland), on August 9. Dutch fans have to act quickly, the competition started on July 31.
Orlando in Blue Video
The boys of the band Blue found another hunk for their next video. Orlando Bloom will be featured in the video for the song Guilty. The actor was asked by Duncan, when they met at a party in London. “I was talking to the boys and we wanted a star in our video. When I asked Orlando, he was very enthusiastic. We think it’s very cool to work with him”. Duncan is extra happy with Guilty as the next single, because he wrote the song.

What do they think of being a sex symbol
The attractive Orlando Bloom, who stars in August in Pirates of the Caribbean says (with a big smile) that he only became an actor to impress women. No, seriously: ”I’m a beginning actor and have to prove myself. That’s why I think it’s strange that people adore me”.

  Saturday, August 2
Article and Scans from The Sun
Michaela has scanned the Orlando article in yesterday's The Sun newspaper (UK), which includes photos of Orlando when he was little!

Hello Article
From hellomagazine.com: We've got a story up regarding Orlando's mum talking about her famous son.

Scans from Kiss
Carey sent in scans from the August issue of Kiss (Ireland).

Handbag.com Interview
Posted by Stacie: Handbag.com has an interview with Orlando.

Total Film
From Razzle: Total Film September (UK) has a nine page article on Pirates, and a review of the film later on. They liken Orlando to Errol Flynn, and say the whole thing's basically brilliant. There's also a review of the Two Towers DVD, and a small article on the death of one of the Troy Extras.

Orlando on MTV Screenplay
From Tanya: Orlando will be on MTV Screenplay on the 8th August at 5:30, on MTV UK. Keira Knightley was on MTV Screenplay yesterday and there was a clip of Orli. It's repeated on Sunday, that goes with next week's episode too.

Newsround Poll
From Julie: You can vote on the Newsround website for who's head you would most like on bank notes. Orlando is currently in 3rd place being beaten by David Beckham and Prince William.

Newsround Interview and Contest
From Natalie: CBBC Newsround has finally posted the interview with Orlando and Lizo on their site. Also on CBBC Newsround they are having a contest to win a signed belt by Orlando.

SF Gate Article
SFgate.com has an article about Orlando and Johnny being too drunk to greet the Caribbean Prime Minister when first landing in St. Vincent.

YM Magazine
From Dee: Orlando appears in the September issue of YM (US). There is a small picture of him as Legolas. We've seen it before, it's just been turned into an abstract picture. He is also mentioned in a letter: "I had a crush on this boy forever, even though I never actually talked to him. He seemed very nice, but one day I was minding my own business, opening my locker filled with pictures of Orlando Bloom (whom I love). The guy I like walked by with his friends, pointed to one of my Orlando pics and said, 'He looks like a girl.' Then he walked off, laughing." Then the people from YM said "We don't know any girls with goatees, but then, jealousy does strange things to the boy brain."

IMDb Poll
From Kaitlin: Orlando is currently in 2nd on the IMDb daily poll, asking Who is the Hunkiest movie hunk of the year so far?

Making of POTC on Dutch TV
From Naomi: There will be a making of POTC on the 10th of August at 18:00 on Yorin in The Netherlands.

UK ROTK Premiere
From Kim: On December the 11th is the UK premiere of the Return of the King in London.

New York Daily News
From Melissa: In Thursday's New York Daily News there is a big article about celebrities who didn't know who their real parents are until late in life (When Parents Pop Up) and Orlando is included.

Teen Choice Awards
From Sierra: The Teen Choice Awards is this Wednesday, August 6, at 8 PM/7 central on FOX. POTC and TTT are up for some of the awards.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Trichna.