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December 2003
  Tuesday, December 30
New Years message from Orlando
Here is the latest message from Orlando's fan mail team, via Lori:
Orlando would like to apologize for any disappointment caused to fans attending the London and Berlin premieres. He was involved in some important filming days for the finale of "Troy", and was unable to attend. He'd like to wish all his fans a 'specially happy New Year'. He is looking forward to a very busy year filming in a number of exotic locations. He would also like to ask fans to be understanding about not being able to personally answer all of their letters. He has the deepest appreciation for their ongoing support.

The fan mail team would like to remind everyone that to ensure a reply (prestamped autographed photo) the appropriate reply coupons (IRC's) need to be included, etc. All the details about writing to Orlando are on most of his fansites, including OrlandoMultimedia.net. (click here for details)

all the best on behalf of Orlando and his fanmail team,

Time Magazine
The Return of the King is #1 on Time Magazine's list of Best Movies of 2203, and Pirates of the Caribbean brings up the rear at #10.

Photo of Orlando with Pippin's Stand-in
Bangkokpost.com has an article on Pippin's stand-in, that includes a photo with Orlando. Orlandomultimedia.net has posted a larger scan of the photo, sent in by Pla.
"During the first year, she even brought three members of the cast back to Thailand, where she acted as tour guide for a little shopping spree. "I took them to Pratunam," she laughed. "That was before the first movie came out, so they were not yet famous faces here in Thailand." She then showed a picture of the four of them on a pedestrian bridge near the downtown market area, looking like any typical Khao Sarn Road visitors. They were none other than Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd [Pippin] and Dominic Monaghan [Merry]!"

New Candid Photos
Elf Lady posted these photos sent to her by Beatriz. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19)

The mail server is currently unavailable, so I can't post most of the news that was sent to me. -Sarah

  Monday, December 29
Sugar Interview
Cez typed up the Orlando interview from the February issue of Sugar (UK).

German Magazine Scans
Nan from johnny-depp-world.de sent in scans from Bravo, Glamour, and Yam.

National Enquirer Scan
Ami sent in a scan from the December 30th issue of The National Enquirer (US) where Return of the King was featured as the Movie of the Week.

Radio 1's Best Moves of 2003
From Sara: Today (Sunday 28th) on Radio 1 (uk) there was a countdown of the best movies for 2003. Return of the King was at 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean at 1. They had a short interview with Orlando too.

Allegra Article
Marny has translated the article from the January issue of Allegra (Germany).

Sky Magazine
From Helen: In the January 2004 issue of Sky Magazine. (UK) *Homer Simpson on front* there is a small article on "The New Leading Men" and amongst the likes of Jack Black, and Ashton Kutcher, is Orlando. It says:
Orlando Bloom - There's more to Orlando than looks. The 26-year-old leapt into the big time with The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (see him in The Fellowship Of The Ring, currently showing on sky movies, and in The Two Towers, premiering on sky Box Office next Month).
Coming Up: mockumentary The Calcium Kid, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven.
Think: A Johnny Depp/John Cusack mix.

ROTK Links on icLiverpool Website
Kanupriya sent in the following links from the icLiverpool website.
quiz on ROTK
The Return of the King article
Return of The King competition
Return of the King movie gallery
ROTK world premiere gallery (Orlando is #1 & #9)
Elijah is Lord of the screen (small mention of Orlando)

Troy Premiere
People keep emailing me and asking when and where the premiere for Troy will be. I don't know yet, I don't think the film studio even knows yet. When I find out, I will post it in the Event Guide.

Quote on Orlando
From Miranda: On sunrise news (Australia-December 29th) there was a woman (with an off camera job) she did Pippin's make up for LOTR, and she said that Orlando has "GOT IT" meaning that all the girls love him and all the guys want to be him.

Posters and Standup at Coconuts
From Insane4Bloom: I was in a Coconuts music store in New Jersey over the weekend, and they were selling 2 different Legolas posters and also had a life-size cardboard stand up of him available as well.
Posters can also be found in the US at Wal-Mart, FYE, HMV, Tower Records, Suncoast, Spencers, and Toys R Us.

LOTR Parody Video
From Brianne: There is a Parody on LOTR at Atom Films, including the hobbits, Gimli, Aragorn, ect... played by other rappers who rap a song about it! WARNING: contains swearing

Time Magazine (Asia)
In this week's issue of Time Magazine (Asia), there are 2 pages about The Return of the King.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Brit (13).
Happy Belated Birthday to Becca.

  Sunday, December 28
ROTK Press Junket
Chud.com has posted a transcript from the ROTK press junket.

Hitkrant Scan and Interview
Froukje sent in a scan from Hitkrant, a Dutch magazine, week 53 of 2003 (the end-of-year special). Jorien translated the interview.

Ellegirl.com Poll
From Chia: There is a poll on ellegirl.com that asks: "Who's your pick for hottie of the year?" Orlando is currently in 3rd place with 14%. Clay Aiken is in 1st with 52%. Justin Tiberlake is in 2nd with 23%. Johnny Depp is in 4th with 7% and Ashton Kutcher is in 5th with 4%

People Magazine
From Allie: In People magazine, Star Tracks, they have the premiere of ROTK, with a quote from Orli, "It was sad when we pulled our ears off for the very last time." Also there is a pic with him in the car with Liv Tyler, he's waving, they also have 2 paragraphs with him mentioned in them.

Jay Leno in the UK
Orlando's episode of Jay Leno will be shown on "f tn" at 22:00 on Wednesday 31st December.

Entertainment Update Magazine
From Steph: In Entertainment Update (US), which is a mini movie magazine, mostly in non-chain video stores, POTC is featured on the cover. They give the movie premise inside.

Legolas Hand Painted Model
From Joanne: There is a new fortnightly magazine out of the Lord of the Rings characters (lotr-models.co.uk). At the moment it is Gandalf at an introductory price of £2.99. Legolas is Part- Two, which will cost you £5.99 and is out in two weeks. Also with the model there is a book about that character.

Orlando's Fan Book
From Samantha: I just wanted to thank you all for helping me with Orlando's Fan Book. I was able to give it to him at the ROTK premiere and he really really appreciated it. He wanted me to thank all you guys for supporting him. He told me that he doesn't go online, but his "mum" tells him all about his online fans! I haven't been able to scan my pictures yet, but as soon as I get them on my computer I will send them out and hopefully post them! Again, thanx so much for all your help and support in making the book so special!

Free LOTR Posters at Hoyts Cinemas
From Antonia: At Hoyts Cinemas in Australia, if you buy the LOTR popcorn/drink meal you get a free LOTR poster, and the drink comes in a re-usable cup that has pics of the characters (but unfortunatly none of Legolas).

LOTR Ice Sculptures in Toronto
From Jenz: There are Ice sculptures on view of The Lord of The Ring's. Three days only (27, 28, 29), at Dundas Square (Yonge St. & Dundas ) 5pm on. It's free admit. Check out toronto.com.

German POTC DVD Release Date
From Sabrina: The release date of the German POTC DVD is the 29th of January!

Orlando Posters at Music World
From Josephine: If you live in Canada, check Music World, because they are also selling the Orlando Dreamy and Beach posters for $5.99. I'm not sure if they are at all Music Worlds, but I saw this one at Music World in Fairview Mall, Toronto Canada.

  Saturday, December 27
ALA Orlando Poster
You can buy a poster of Orlando promoting the American Library Association's Read Week for $15.

Jay Leno Repeat
From Amanda: The Late Night Show with Jay Leno will reair the interview with Orli on Jan. 5th on NBC.

OBBP raises $5400 for Greenpeace!
From Stacie: The Orlando Bloom Birthday Project 2004 is over for this year and I want to thank everyone who participated. It was a great success! This year, the OBBP 2004 raised over $5400 for Greenpeace! This is tentative, pending confirmation of an exact amount from Greenpeace. I'll also post the letter Greenpeace will send to Orlando when it's done. But this is amazing, guys. All of you were very generous and worked together to do a lot of good for the planet in Orlando's name. He really has the greatest fans! It makes me very proud to be one! Don't forget to check out the Love Beads at the OBBP site as well. They're amazing!

Orlando's Having a Quiet One
From bbc.co.uk: Orlando Bloom, has revealed he's planning a quiet Christmas. He's going to spend it with his family this year, visiting a sick relative: "My Grandmother's not been well, so I'm going to spend Christmas with her and the rest of the family. We're all going to gather around the grandmother which is great - my grandmother who's amazing. That's the best part of it really." (Check the site for an amusing photo.)

Elle.com Poll
From Emily: You can vote for Orlando in the different categories at Elle.com's The Ultimate Mr. Right poll.

Orlando on Most Searched For List
From Nikki: At netscape.com in the celebrity section it says that Orlando Bloom was the the 9th most searched person of 2003.

ITV Video Clip
itv.com has a video of clip of Orlando wishing people a happy holiday.

Norwegian Ned Kelly Release Date
From Marianne: Ned Kelly is coming to Norwegian cinemas in November 2004. The date isn't set yet.

Seventeen.com Quiz
From Raman: Seventeen.com has a quiz on the homepage about what new DVD is for you. POTC is one of the choices.

YM.com Interview
YM.com has posted an interview with Orlando.

From Nikki: At teenpeople.com there is a star tracks special and in it there it a picture of Orlando holding his shirt up, you get a good view of his tattoo.

Poll Results
From Allie: Orlando placed 7 out of 20 in Popstar's 20 Hottest Male Stars. He also had an interview and some pics. He came in 6th in the 10 things M magazine is crazy about.

Photo in Famous Magazine
From Tiffany: In the FAMOUS magazine (Canada) you can get for free at some movie theatres (the new one, NOT with Viggo on the cover) there is the picture of Orlando lifting his shirt up and Billy Boyd sticking his finger in his bellybutton.

LOTR Figures at KFC
From Sara: Apparently in KFC in the UK, in kids meals they are giving away free Lord of the Rings figures, one of which is Legolas.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Krystyna from Tianne, Jasmin, and Sarah.
Happy Birthday from the 25th to Natalie (18) from her friend Viktorija.

  Wednesday, December 24
Since The Return of the King was released, this site has received about 15,000 more visitors a day! This is causing the site to be slow at times, or pages not loading. I will try to fix the problem. Also, it's the holidays, and even I need a break now and again! So that is why the site may not be updated some days. -Sarah

Naughty or Nice?
From usatoday.com: Right about now, Santa is checking his list very carefully. The big man in red has the scoop on who's been good or bad. But we couldn't resist taking our own tally of which celebrities were naughty and which ones were nice this year. More than a few confessed that they've been a little bit of both.
Orlando Bloom: "It's not easy, but I'm doing my best to be nice."

Sugar Magazine
From Kellie: In February's edition of Sugar (UK) (which is on sale now) ON page 14 there is a 3-page interview with Orlando. It incudes an A4 black and white picture of him in a suit with the caption .. 'I'm a lover, not a fighter'. Other pictures included is one of him wearing sunnies and an orange 'I love NZ' T-shirt, another of him in 'Troy' with Diane Kruger, and him and Kate Bosworth on a rollercoaster, the LOTR lads getting onto the plane in New Zealan, Orlando giving Dominic a piggy back and a couple photos of Orlando with no shirt on ... on holiday. On page 34 there is a small piccie of the Double poster that was in Sugar a couple months ago. This edition comes with a keysnap thing and inside on page 53 there is a small piccie of Orlando ... shaped to fit the keychain. On page 98 there is a tiny piccie of Orlando with a cheeky grin pointing at the camera .. with the mag commenting that he should try and stay single through 2004 and snog as many of his fans as poss ...It mentions his b-day in the calend
ar for January.

Interview from The Independent
independent.co.uk has posted an interview with Orlando.

Sneak Magazine
From Kellie: In this weeks edition of Sneak (UK) there are a couple photos of Orlando. He's on page 9 under the title 'Loved up lad' they're saying how in love he looks. There's a small photo of him on page 15 in the section about next weeks Sneak. There is also an A3 pull out poster of him in the middle of the mag. There is another picture of him on page 56 in the horoscope section he's under 'Capricorn'. There's a small legolas picture in the movie section on page 63. He has also won 'Top text totty' again including another piccie.

Hottest Teen Crushes
From laweekly.com: Orlando Bloom — Elf. Pirate. God. I could watch you kill Orcs all day. Or bandits, or bugs, or baby seals. Those hobbits have nothing on you. Oh, to be the horse upon which you have swung. Come to my slumber party and we will braid each others’ hair. Arrr!

Peruvian TV Alert
From Alejandra: On December 25th, there will be a special on Peruvian television, on ROTK, at 9pm, on channel 4.

Sneak Article
philly sent in this article from last week's Sneak (UK), 16-22 Dec.
While Orlando's traveling the world promoting the Return of the King he's often been spotted in a big, trendy scarf. But it's not just a fashion statement: it's more like a security blanket!
Sneak has found out that Orli had a teen trauma which he thought only a scarf would protect him from! "When Orlando was about 13, he once had a big spot on his nose," a childhood friend has revealed. "Other boys would have used spot cream, or just put up with a big, ugly zit on their face. But not Orlando. He turned up at school with a silk scarf tied over his nose - bandit style! He didn't care that it looked a little unusual." So even though they're plainly nothing wrong with his face now, maybe he always keeps a scarf handy in case of a blotchy breakout."

LOTR Pins in the UK
K-lee sent in more info about the LOTR pins to benefit The NCH. You can get Gollum, Gandalf, Aragorn, Frodo and Legolas and you can get them in places such as Virgin Megastores.

Sci-Fi.com Article
From Jenna: Sci-Fi.com has an interview with the cast of the Return of the King here. Orlando Bloom talks a bit about his elephant stunt.

Article in Greek Newspaper
From Arwyn: On the Tuesday December 23rd issue of the major Greek newspaper "Eleftherotypia", there is a small Orlando article on the last/back-cover page. There is a column there called "Faces and Masks" where interesting people or events are being commented on every day. Right after mentioning prominent domestic and foreign politicians, there is this highlighted article, accompanied with a nice small picture:
"ORLANDO BLOOM, 26, English actor from Canterbury Kent, starring in the epic trilogy of "The Lord of the Rings". The third film, "The Return of the King", is a box office hit wherever it is being showed, in Europe and America. Bloom plays the role of an Elf named Legolas, 2931 years old, with blond hair and pointy ears. Orlando Bloom seems to have fascinated millions of women all over the world and there are already talks of him being "the new sex-symbol" of the world's cinema. At this moment anyway, he is the actor with the most "hits" on the Internet (meaning that he has the most visits in the search engines), while he himself declares being "totally technophobic"- he doesn't even have an e-mail."

Woman's Day
From Marian: I found two snippets in this week's issue of the Woman's Day (NZ).
1. From an article title "The best and worse of 2003", The Sexiest Men of the Year - a nice photo of Orlando at the NZ press conference - he is looking right at the camera. Orlando is named ahead of Johnny Depp and Viggo Mortensen. Apparently, some girl in Wellington, at the premiere, had a banner with the words - "De-bloom me, Orlando"
2. In an article titled "Lore of the Rings", a picture of Legolas. "Elf-turned-heart-throb Orlando Bloom never realised he'd become sex symbol for 12 year old girls. 'I guess it's because Legolas is non-threatening', grins Orlando, 26. 'He's this blond dude with nice hair you could comb. Like a male Barbie doll"

You can vote for Orlando as Hottie of the Year at z100.com. Thanks to Joy for the link.

Vote for Orlando as your favorite LOTR cast member at bolt.com. Scroll down and click on ROTK. Thanks to Nat for the link.

From Steph: On mykindaplace.com they have a Christmas survey of the big things in '03. Orlando is in the category of "Most Stylee Guy". It says, "Gorgeous yes, but catwalk model or dressed in the dark?". He is up against Ashton, Becks and Justin Timberlake. Also, POTC is up for Best Film on the survey, up against Keira's Love Actually. For Sexist Man, Orlando is up again, against Becks and Justin. The results will be announced New Year's.
Orlando is also in the Poll of the Day asking "Who would you like to find wrapped up for Christmas?"

From Steph: On AOL Red in the movie section they have a Flashback of the year. Somehow, somebody posted something saying that POTC was a bad movie, so POTC can be voted for worst movie of the year, against Cat in the Hat, Agent Cody Banks, and the Hulk. POTC only has 7% of the vote, but you can also vote for LOTR for Best Movie of the Year.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Natalie Lopez (14), and to Rachel (14) from her friend Jodi.

  Tuesday, December 23
Demi Scan and Article
Auroora sent in a scan and article from the December issue of Demi (Finland).

Real Access: Hot 24 in 2004
"Real Access: Hot 24 in 2004" will be on The N (US) on December 31 at 8pm. You can watch a preview featuring Orlando, who came in at #12, on the N's website. Dacy sent in this info about the commercial for the program:
On The-N there is a commercial where they have cut out Orlando Bloom's head, pasted it onto a vegetable of some sort, and he says, "I am the Hottest Bachelor." Then Ashton Kutcher's head on a bread stick says "No I am." and Justin Timberlake's head on what looks like a hot dog comes in and says "Dudes we're all hot bachelors" Or were the saying most eligible bachelors?

In Style Scan
Kim sent in this scan from the January issue of In Style, which asked celebrities what their most or least successful new year's resolutions were.

Us Weekly Scan
Ami sent in this scan from the January 5th issue of Us Weekly.

Eva Green in Heaven with Orlando
From comingsoon.net: JoBlo has learned that French actress Eva Green, who can be seen this February in Fox Searchlight's The Dreamers, has been cast as the female lead in director Ridley Scott's upcoming epic, Kingdom of Heaven. Set in the 12th century, the film focuses on a young blacksmith (Orlando Bloom) who becomes a knight and helps defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders. There is also a love story, as the young knight falls in love with a princess, to be played by Green.

Herald-Sun Interview
TORN has posted an interview with Orlando and Liv from The Herald-Sun.

'King' of the World
From boxofficemojo.com: 'The Return of the King' raked in an estimated $246M since Wednesday, ranking as the biggest 5-day worldwide debut ever. It's estimated $73.6 million domestic opening weekend topped 'Two Towers' $62.0 million as the biggest December debut.

Famous Magazine Scan
Ashley sent in this scan from the December issue of Famous magazine, available at Silvercity theatres across Canada.

New Woman Interview
Antonia sent in an interview from the January issue of New Woman (Australia).

Sugar magazine
From Gill: In the Feb. 2004 issue of Sugar (UK), there is an interview and a a4 poster of Orlando.

OBBP Love Beads
From Stacie: The Love Beads are done! Nin did an amazing job. Orlando's fans sent in an eclectic and fascinating collection of beads, stones and amulets, and Nin strung them together to make 3 wonderful and moving strands. See pictures of them at the OBBP site. Thanks to everyone who sent in a Love Bead. They really turned out great. I should have the final numbers on the Greenpeace donations by this week, and I'll get a copy of the formal letter Megan will be mailing to Orlando of all the donors and put it up on the site when it's done.

Orlando Plants Global Forests
From teenhollywood.com: British movie hunk Orlando Bloom is busy erecting forests all over the globe after becoming inspired by the beauty of New Zealand.
The actor has become an advocate for British-based environmental charity Future Forest, which offers celebrities the chance to "neutralise" their carbon emissions by planting trees.
Bloom says the natural beauty of New Zealand, which he saw while making the Lord of the Rings trilogy, inspired him to get more interested in the globe's environmental issues.
He says, "With Future Forest you purchase a certain amount of trees, so, in that way, whatever you're doing in life - taking planes or driving cars - you can make yourself carbon neutral.
"It's kind of cool because the amount of trees that you plant, respective to how much you use in terms of energy balances out what you do in the world. This makes you carbon neutral.
"I would never really have thought about that had I not been made aware of how beautiful the world is, particularly working in New Zealand."

Info For Canadian Fans
From Angelina: Just a note for Canadian fans, the department store Zellers is selling the Orlando "Beach" and "Dreamy" posters for $5.97. I got mine in Richmond B.C. but I'm sure all the Zellers' will have them. Also, in the Sunday December 21 edition of The Vancouver Province, they have a list of the 10 Hottest Guys of 2003 and Orlando is number 7. There is a short write-up with no new information, but there is a really nice new pic from the L.A. RotK premiere. Johnny Depp was their number 1.

Australian TV Alert
From Jessica: On Wednesday 24th on SBS (Australia) at 8pm there is a show called "The Movie Show". Return of the king will be previewed. Orlando might be on it.

LOTR Pins in the UK
From Laura: The NCH (UK childrens charity) have special LORD OF THE RINGS - RETURN OF THE KING pins. I have a Legolas one that my mum bought me so I don't know if they have other characters.. I presume so. There is a picture of Legolas on the front and the bagde is about 1.5inches big.

Articles from Trinidad
From Becky: In the Trinidad Showtime issue #688, December 12-18 2003, Orlando is in the Celebrity Show-bits section on page 2. There is a picture and a short article. Here is the article:
Never one to miss a chance to promote his new flick, Orlando Bloom stepped off the plane in New Zealand and while walking down the ramp, raised his shirt to show the crowd of young women his tanned and tone-up body. But his co-star, Billy Boyd, who was standing next to Orlando, really drove the girls mad as he stuck his finger in Orlando’s shirt exposing his belly-button. Made for quite a scene.
Also in the Trinidad Guardian from Friday, December 19, 2003, in the G Spot, entertainment guide, Gandalf the White is on the cover. On page 2 and 3, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is The Main Event. Here is the article.

Poster in Rosh 1
From Naomi: This week's issue of the teen magazine "Rosh 1" (Israel) is a special "XL Posters" issue, which includes, amongst others, a poster of Orlando! It is on the stands and in book stores in Israel now. Also, on the magazine's official site there are polls about the ROTK movie, such as "What do you think about it?"...

Orlando Christmas Ecards
From Jo: Mykindaplace has Christmas ecards and one of them is of Orli looking gorgeous as usual.

Life Story: Movie Magic Magazine
From Lauren: There is an issue of "Life Story: Movie Magic" that has about half the book dedicated to LOTR. It has pictures of all the cast. It's an "Enchanted Collector's Edition" and it sells for about $10.00 where I'm from, which is Ohio. There are some pretty good pics of Orlando in there.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Wolfy (14) from her friend Bee.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Veronica (13), to Tanya (17) from her friend Viktorija, and to Diana (17) from her friend Rossana.

  Sunday, December 21
Photo in Entertainment Weekly
The Dec. 26th issue of Entertainment Weekly named the cast and crew of The Lord of the Rings the Entertainers of the Year. You can read the short article on their website. Here's a scan I did of the Orlando photo.

MSN Video Interview
MSN has posted a video clip with interviews of the ROTK cast, including Orlando. Thanks to Raman for the link.

Legolas Postcard
Anna entered the contest at the New Zealand Post website from a link on this site, and she won some ROTK postcards. She sent in a scan of the Legolas one.

Empire Magazine Photos
Empire Online have posted 2 Orlando photos that didn't make it into the special LOTR issue.

Hello Magazine Poll
Hellomagazine.com has a poll to vote for your dream date for New Year's Eve.

The Year In Review
From Kanupriya: On the E! Channel, on Sunday night at 10 P.M. (eastern), they will show The Year In Review. They showed clips of POTC, so Orlando might be on it.

Us Weekly
From Katie: In the new Us Weekly magazine, there is a small picture of Orlando on the cover and it says "Meet the Lord of the Rings hunks". Inside there is a picture of Aragorn and Legolas entering the paths of the dead. There is a poll that asks who's hotter and 57% said Orlando. There is a picture of Orlando and the caption says: "It makes me nervous when people say I'm the new Brad Pitt," Bloom- who plays elf Legolas in Rings has said. Then there is some information on him about his birthday and other things.

POTC DVD Contest
Premiere.com is running a contest where you can win the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean.

BBC News Article
Orlando is one of the Faces of the Week at BBC News.

20 Hottest Guys on MuchMusic
From Alysia: Today Orlando was on the Canadian Music station Much Music, on Most Wanted 20 Hottest Guys. He was ranked number 9. It will play again at 2:00pm and 6:00pm on Sunday and at 12:00am and 1:00am on Monday. And Return of The King is suppose to be featured on Hypa Space Weekly on the Space channel at 5:00pm on Sunday, there might be some stuff on Orlando but I am not sure. All the times are Eastern Standard time.

Alloy Poll
You can vote for Orlando as a blonde or brunette at alloy.com.

Help the Kiwi Birthday Project
The Help the Kiwi Birthday Project is now open to everyone, not just NZ residents. You can bid on Pirate of the Caribbean posters and banners.

Mizz Magazine
From Bex: In the lastest issue of Mizz (UK) an a3 poster of Orli and a LOTR special.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Becky (21) from her friend Sheri.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Saz (16) from her best pal Lottie, and to Sarah (13).

  Friday, December 19
UK Cosmo Girl Interview
Laura has typed up the Orlando interview in the January issue of CosmoGirl (UK). You can see Orlando on the cover at the CosmoGirl website.

GQ Scans
The January issue of GQ (US) with Orlando on the cover is now out. Rita has posted scans at ka-Bloom.

Golden Globe Nominations
The nominations for the Golden Globe Awards were announced yesterday. The Return of the King received nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Original Score, and Original Song. Johnny Depp was nominated for Best Actor in a comedy or musical for POTC. The Golden Globes will be presented in a Jan. 25 ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and broadcast live on NBC at 8pm.

Satellite Awards
From §fyre: The Intl. Press Academy announced the nominees for its eighth Satellite Awards on Wednesday. Awards ceremony will be held Feb. 21 at the St. Regis Hotel in Century City. RotK received 9 nominations: Drama, Cinematography, Score, Visual Effects, Film Editing, Sound, Costumes, Art Directions and Game adaptation. In addition, the Extended Edition of The Two Towers received two nominations for Best Overall DVD and Best DVD Extras.

Fox Trot Comic
Do I even need to say anything? link

Moviemaking on an Epic Scale
About.com has posted an interview with Brendan Gleeson who plays Menelaus, Helen’s husband, in Troy.

MTV Asia Poll
trunkz sent in a link to the best movie of 2003 poll on MTV Asia. Return of the King is currently in the lead and Pirates of The Caribbean is third. There’s also info about a LOTR contest.

Behind the Scenes of LOTR in Poland
From Dominika: Whoever lives in Poland I would like to inform them that Lord of the Rings behind the scenes is going to be on the National Geographic Channel at 2pm and 8pm (It lasts one hour) on Wednesday December 24th.

Test the Nation Advertisement
From Ce Ce: This morning I was watching BBC1 at 7.00am they had an ad on for their quiz Test the Nation. The question they asked was which star was in both Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. Orlando was obviously one of the named answers. I just thought it was a show of just how famous he has become if he is now part of t.v. quiz programmes.

IGN Interview
Alexis sent in a link to an interview with Orlando and Liv. Most of it has been posted in other articles.

Peta India Poll
Jessica sent in a link to Peta India where you can vote for Orlando as the Hottest Vegetarian Alive, even though he's not a vegetarian! He's said that he eats the occasional steak to help his back pain.

Info for Dutch Fans
From Jorien: I just watched the Lord Of The Rings special on Veronica (a Dutch program). They showed stuff from ROTK and stuff from the ROTK premiere in Wellington. They also showed the fans at the airport who had "We love you Orlando" on their stomachs. It was basically about how the film was made and how long it took them to make it. Orlando also said: "greets to all the Dutch fans. I'm sorry you can't be here tonight." They didn't showed much about Orli just things we already knew.
There are also interviews with Orlando in Break Out!, the Dutch Cosmogirl!, Hitkrant and there's an article on Orlando in Sp!ts (newspaper).

Heat Magazine
From Steph: There a a few pics of Orli and Kate Bosworth in this week's Heat magazine (uk).

Yahoo Most Searched For List
Orlando is #1 on Yahoo Movie's most searched for Cast/Crew list. ROTK is the number one searched for movie. Thanks to Abbie for the info.

ROTK Figures at KFC Australia
From Adwena: KFC Australia are now distributing The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King figurines with every Kids Meal. There is a new character every week, including a nice Legolas one. The Queensland KFC website has not updated their site with this information, however, there were several signs promoting the figurines in KFC restaurants. You can have a look at the Queensland Website here.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ayesha.
Happy Belated Birthday to Jessica V.

  Thursday, December 18
Roadshow and Screen Scans
Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in these scans from the January 2004 issue of Roadshow (1, 2, 3, 4) and Screen (1, 2, 3).

Extra TV Video Clip
Extra TV has posted a video interview with Orlando.

David Thewlis Joins KOH Cast
From hollywoodreporter.com: David Thewlis has become the latest actor to join the cast of director Ridley Scott's epic "Kingdom of Heaven" for 20th Century Fox. Thewlis will star opposite Orlando Bloom in the film, which is set in 12th century Europe and the Far East. "Kingdom" centers on a young peasant (played by Bloom), who becomes a knight, saves a kingdom and falls in love with a princess. Thewlis will play a priest named Hospitaller. Additionally, Liam Neeson recently joined the cast as Bloom's father.

Blooming but Grounded
Thestar.com.my has posted an article on Orlando.

ROTK in Peru
From Alejandra: The LOTR Marathon last night(16th) in Lima, Peru, had over 3100 people. Also, the newspaper Peru21 will have posters of the film, the 17th and 18th.

Animator Scores a Hit
From canada.com: As a character and creature technical director, Tang's job was clearly defined. His task was to bring life to the digital double of the elf Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom in the live-action shots, and to give the scenes continuity. "It's taking all the artistic elements of the Legolas character and putting it all together so that it works for the whole production, for all the shots required," says Tang. "It also requires doing hair and cloth simulations."

'Return' of Rings Does Well at Midnight
ABC News: The midnight hour proved profitable for Frodo and the gang. "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" took in an estimated $8 million domestically from 2,100 midnight screenings Wednesday, according to distributor New Line Cinema.

Fox Trot Comic
The Fox Trot comic strip continues with ROTK and Orlando.

Of Elfish Charm & Middle-earth Meetings
From thestatesman.net: Tolkien never wrote a strong female character and his books are loved by small boys of all ages. So why are most fans at a Lord of the Rings convention women? As the final Ring film opens, Damian Whitworth finds that women are attracted by elfish harmony with nature. That, and the actor who plays Legolas... Read more...

Famous Magazine in Canada
From Winnie: Silvercity gives out a free magazine called "Famous" every month or so. Anyways, the latest has Viggo on the front as Aragorn and it is a collector's edition with lots of information on the rest of the cast including Orlando. It should be available in all of Canada's Silvercity's.

LOTR Special in Australia
From Antonia: There's going to be a LOTR FOTR special on Foxtel's Movie One Network (29) on 26th of December at 5:20pm and it includes a few clippings from the premieres around the world, I'm not sure if it's before or after the show.

Tiger Beat and M Magazine
The January issue of Tiger Beat (US) has a full page picture, a picture and article, and a LOTR quiz. The Jan./Feb. issue of M (US) has pictures and an article.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alejandra (15), and to Michael. Happy Birthday from yesterday to Nicole (11) from her friend Jenny.

  Wednesday, December 17
Orlando Back in London
Splashnews.com has posted photos of Orlando leaving the Ivy Restaurant in London, so he may be done filming Haven in the Cayman Islands. Whether they're spying on him from a distance, or right in his face taking photos, the stupid paparazzi won't leave the poor guy alone!

Daily Telegraph Scan
Antonia sent in this scan from the Daily Telegraph (AUS). The caption reads: Naval Grazing - Orlando Bloom stripped off at the red carpet celebration for Lord of the Rings in Wellington, pulling up his shirt to reveal a very honed tummy, tempting cast members to stick their fingers in his belly button. He's been more sensible of late even donning suit and tie to some other LOTR functions.

In Touch Scans
§fyre sent in these scans from the December 22 issue of In Touch (US). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Mad magazine Scans
Samantha sent in these ROTK spoofs from the January issue of MAD magazine. (1 & 2)

Liam Neeson to Play Orlando's Father in KOH
From Variety: Director Ridley Scott has set Liam Neeson to star with Orlando Bloom in "Kingdom of Heaven," the epic love story 20th Century Fox is prepping for a January shoot. Bloom plays a peasant who becomes a knight, saves a kingdom and falls in love with a princess. Neeson has been offered the role of his father, Godfrey of Ibelin. "Kingdom of Heaven" is being produced by Scott's Scott Free banner. Shooting will take place in Morocco, with Branko Lustig, Lisa Ellzey and Perry Needham exec producing.

Access Hollywood in Canada
From Minnie: In Canada there's a Lord of the Rings Special on Access Hollywood on December 18th at 11:30AM and a repeat on 7:00PM.

Article from the Mirror
The Mirror has an article on Orlando that seems to be made of old quotes, some of which Orlando has stated that he never said.

Lords of the Preteens
Simone sent in part of a LOTR article titled 'Lords of the Preteens' from the Dec. 16th issue of The Wall Street Journal.
When Time Warner Inc.'s New Line Cinema set out a few years ago to make a trilogy of movie based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," the studio figured the target audience was geeky 35-plus men who grew up obsessed with the book. Because of the intense action the series would entrail, they certainly didn't rely on anyone younger than teenagers to propel it at the box office. But a funny thing happened on the road to Mordor. For many parents, the story's "never lose hope" morality talk ultimately prevailed over the severed heads and spurting blood. Some educators got behind the movie and encouraged kids to see it. And stars like Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen blossomed into heartthrobs, drawing young girls - and their mothers - away from Harry Potter and toward Legolas and Aragorn. New Line marketing chief Russell Schwartz says that young girls have in fact become among the "most ardent supporters" of the "Rings" series, right up there with the hardcore Tolkien freaks.

CosmoGirl UK
Orlando Bloom is on the front cover of the January issue of CosmoGirl (UK). There is also an interview and photos.

Australian Magazines
From Marieke: In the Chik magazine poster special in Australia there is a giant poster of Orlando. Also in the Tv Hits poster special there is another giant poster and the latest Girlfriend mag with Brittany Murphy on the front has an a3 poster of the LOTR and an a4 poster of Orlando.
Also, from Gab, the regular January issue of TV Hits has an Orlando poster and the Jan. issue of Girlfriend has an Orlando quiz and ROTK poster.

Sneak Magazine
From Kellie: In this week's Sneak magazine (UK) they have a page about Orlando and his scarves. He also won the top text totty again and has another small picture above it and it also shows a picture of it and some other actress on 'flirty' or 'dirty'? on page 28. There's also a page on the The Return of the King at the end and shows a picture of Legolas being taken away by Gimli (the dwarf).

ROTK Programs on UK TV
From Rach: The Making of ROTK will be on MTV uk on Wednesday 17th at 6pm and again on Friday 19th at 3pm and 6pm. There is also a programme called ROTK: Screenplay Premiere on at 6:30pm on Friday.

Inside Edition
From Liz: Orlando was on a show called Inside Edition (US). He was named one of the sexiest guys.

Marie Claire
From Raman: In The newest edition of Marie Claire, there is a caption that says that Orlando Bloom is the most searched man on Yahoo! Search, with a cute picture of him. You could go to marieclaire.com to see.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Erin (16) from her friend Jules.

  Tuesday, December 16
E! Entertainer of the Year
I made a video clip of Orlando on E! Entertainer of the Year 2003. Orlando was named Big Screen Hero of the Year, and Johnny Depp got the top prize of Entertainer of the Year.

UK Date for E! Entertainer of the Year
From Emilu: E! Entertainer of the Year will be shown in the UK at 9pm on Sunday the 21st December on E! (Sky channel 250).

Interview from Lordoftherings.net
The official LOTR site has posted an interview with Orlando, and a new desktop wallpaper. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

Public Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in these scans from the December issue of Public (France). (1 & 2)

Teen Tribute Interview
Jenz sent in scans of the Orlando interview in the Winter issue of Teen Tribute (Canada). (1 & 2)

Elf-made Man
Canada.com has an article on Orlando.

Kingdom of Heaven Concept Art
I now believe that the poster for Kingdom of Heaven that I posted yesterday is not approved by the film studio, and is simply an artists idea of what the movie poster should look like. Same goes for the POTC 2 poster that is on the site. It's unlikely that they have started on poster concepts before filming has even begun.

Fox Trot Comic
The Fox Trot comic strip continues today with another mention of Orlando!

Rasaaq Adoti Joins Haven
From reuters.com: Rasaaq Adoti has landed a role opposite Orlando Bloom and Bill Paxton in the indie "Haven" for director Frankie Flowers. Adoti plays Richie Rich, a snidely self-important drug dealer, lover of wild parties and Cristal drinker. Adoti recently wrapped filming "Resident Evil: Apocalypse."

German TV Alerts
Anja sent in info about TV shows in Germany.

'Rings' Comes Full Circle
From marinij.com: Part of "The Return of the King" is about hobbits getting back to the Shire, their home - the place that inspires them and makes them feel special. For Liv Tyler (Arwen), the Shire in real life means "being with my husband and my puppy. I dream of things that make me happy." For Orlando Bloom (Legolas), it's being "with my family and friends. My grandmother has a place in the north of England. My aunt has a house in France. Basically, it's the countryside or beach - but not a tropical beach. Just raw, rugged." He'll have to wait to get there. Bloom will begin filming director Ridley Scott's crusade epic "Kingdom of Heaven" in North Africa next month.

Harry Potter Comic Strip with Legolas
From Kate: I found this website of Harry Potter art work, but this particular one contained Legolas right at the end.

ROTK Cast on TRL
This is just a reminder that the cast of ROTK is going to be on TRL on MTV today at 5pm. "The cast of 'The Lord of the Rings' inhabits Times Square: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Liv Tyler & more."

Duracell ROTK Contest
Duracell is having a contest for US residents over 18 to win a trip to New Zealand.

DVD Easter Eggs
From CartDi: Movieweb.com has lists of DVD Easter Eggs for many movies, including POTC here and they also have Easter Eggs for FOTR as well as TTT. Go the "search the site" scroll at the top right hand corner choose "DVD Eggs", and just type in the name of the movie you want to look for.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Emily, and to Barbara Smith (28).

  Monday, December 15
Kingdom of Heaven Concept Art
Here is concept art of a poster for Kingdom of Heaven, featuring only Orlando! Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

Radio Interview
Cheryl at ka-Bloom posted a link to a great radio interview with Orlando and Liv from theedge.co.nz in Mp3 format. part 1, part 2
The Edge sold Orlando's half-eaten cricket lollipop for $330. :/

Star Magazine Scans
Ami sent in these scans from the December 23 Issue of Star Magazine. (1 & 2) There was also a small Legolas photo in an article about Viggo Mortensen where Orlando is mentioned twice: "Instead of the standard luxury lodging demanded by most stars on a set, Viggo and co-star Orlando Bloom sared a converted bus while filming Lord of the Rings. Viggo stocked the wine cellar and wallpapered the iside with candid behind-the-scenes photos." and his other mention... "When Star asked the actor what he makes of being called a sex symbol, he joked, "I think you should ask Orlando Bloom that question!" Mortensen, it seems, considers himself more geeky than sexy: "They call me the "Dork of New York," he says."

French Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in the following French magazine scans from December. I will try to have translations soon. One, Cine-Live, and Studio.

Orlando Mentioned in Comic Strips
Orlando is mentioned in the most recent Fox Trot. The previous one is also ROTK related.
Nickay sent in this comic strip of PreTeena that also mentions Orlando.

Metro Life Article
Elements at ka-Bloom posted scans from the December 12-18th issue of Metro Life (UK). (1 & 2)

Haven Plot Info
Lauren sent in some spoilers from the set of Haven.

New Ned Kelly Trailer
From Dorene: You can view the new Ned Kelly trailer that was on E! on Moviefone.com. You can get it in quicktime, real video, and windows media.

The End of the Line
From The Beacon Journal: Orlando Bloom, who portrays charismatic and noble elf Legolas, took another view. "For me, it was my first job so there was definitely an emotional attachment to it," he said. "And there really isn't a sense of relief that it's over it's more of a closure thing. It's like at the end of a relationship, you get closure and this is like closure on that chapter of our lives."

Rings' DVD is Longer
From The Beacon Journal: At least one cast member enjoys that the disc releases give them reason to stay attached to the project that much longer. "We'll certainly never be all together in the same context," said Orlando Bloom, the young actor who portrays the brave elf Legolas. "That's the really sad thing. Although there's something quite nice about the fact that with the DVDs and everything else, it feels like the movie is kind of ongoing. The DVD releases really seem to spark a flame in the hearts of the fans who are real fans of the books as well."

ROTK Video Clips
Comingsoon.net has posted 10 video clips from The Return of the King.

Australia Magazines
From Janice:
1) There are Kate and Orlando airport pics in a women's magazine 'Who' weekly
2) In 'Tv Hits' there is an a4 poster of Orlando
3) In another women's magazine (not sure which one), there's pics of Orlando from the set of 'The Calcium Kid' and some info: this is the last movie he is doing for quite a while because he wants to renovate his London home. (not true)
4) In the mag 'NW' (women's mag) there's pics of the LOTR-ROTK NZ premiere and one of Orlando showing his belly! ;)

The Vancouver Province
From Angelina: Sunday's (December 14) issue of The Vancouver Province newspaper (British Columbia, Canada) is going to have a 12-page special on The Return Of The King so they are bound to have Orlando in there!

Access Hollywood in the UK
From Jacinta: On Tuesday 16th December there will be a Lord of the Rings feature on 'Access Hollywood' at 8 pm on Living tv. (UK)

ET on VH1
From Abby: ET on VH1 or ET on MTV will be showing "hobbit home movies" on their next week's show.

Legolas Door Posters at HMV
From Oriana: At certain HMV stores in Canada, they are selling large door posters of Legolas for $14.99. You can also get a door poster that has the pictures of Frodo, Legolas, Arwen, and Aragorn on it.

Photo in Fresno Bee
From Priyanka: I was reading the Fresno Bee today (Sunday, December 14, 2003) and I opened up the life section. On the backpage in the "Backtalk" section, they had a movie review on Return of the King (it got an A+ by the way). There was a picture with Orlando Bloom riding a horse during war.

Orlando Mention in Liv Tyler Article
From Steph: On mykindaplace.com they have an article about Liv Tyler and her thoughts on LOTR. "Orlando Bloom lived next door and he took me around because I was afraid to drive on the left-hand side of the road."
On her co-star Orlando - "Ian McKellen's sexy, Viggo's sexy, Orli's sexy: all the hobbits are sexy. But he's my friend so it's different. I make fun of him all the time! I don't think about him in that way at all! Yuck! He's like my brother. He's pretty, he's nice..."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Hollie T. (14) from her best friend Katie.

  Sunday, December 14
About.com Interview
About.com has posted an interview with Orlando.

Entertainment Weekly
TORN has posted scans of the ROTK review in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. There was also a small Legolas photo in the front of the mag advertising more ROTK articles on ew.com.

Mention in Fancy
From Dorothy: In the Dutch magazine Fancy there is an article 'This is what the celebs get for Christmas'. Orlando should get a mirror so he can see his own looks.

ET on VH1
From MeME: I was watching ET on VH1 and Orlando was on there. He talks about Lord of the Rings and Troy. It comes on Sunday at 11:30am on VH1 in the US.

Moviefone Videos
From §fyre: AOL/Moviefone - have several LotR videos available for viewing here including the on the red carpet interviews done by the AOL Winner at the Wellington Premiere (includes Q&A with Viggo, Dom, Billy, Elijah, Orlando and more) Also you can view AOL's coverage of the RotK pressjunket - includes comments by the various stars (including Viggo, Ian, Billy, Liv, Orlando and more) about tattoos, practical jokes, friendships with castmates and saying goodbye to the LotR movies.

Daily Telegraph
From Laura: The is an Orlando article in today's [Sat] Daily Telegraph (UK). It had a huge colour pic of him too...nice. This is the newish stuff:
All that he will allow the public to know is that he has been conducting a long-distance romance for the past year with the American actress Kate Bosworth... and that their schedules and far-flung film locations often kept them apart. He has also leant that offhand remarks can be taken out of context or exaggerated beyond recognition - as he presented LotR co-star Ian Mckellen with an independent-film industry award in London. "I love Ian. He's like an uncle to me, and gave me a big kiss and a hug on stage," he told me. "Somebody asked me afterwards if I was gay, and I said 'No, I'm not gay - I've got a girlfriend'. The next day, the tabloids said I was very angry and hated Ian because he kissed me. It was a shame, because Ian called me and asked if I was upset. I told him: 'Of course, I'm not. I love you, man. You're like family.'"
It just mentions then about how he is now comfortable on big sets and that he never intentionally runs for the bigger movies.

OK Magazine
From Hatz: There's a short article in OK Magazine (UK) about the RotK premiere in New Zealand. Theres a few pictures, one quite large of Orlando and a few of Liv Tyler and Orlando.

Jay Leno in the US
Orlando's episode of Jay Leno was not on late Friday night, sorry about that. Someone sent in the info, I don't know when his episode was or will be repeated.

Tribute Magzine
From KeLsIe: In this month's Tribute (free at local theaters in Canada) there is a 3 page article about RotK (page 52-54), as well as an advertisement for the 'Lord of the Rings Official New Zealand Coins of the Motion Picture Trilogy'. It has a free 2 page RotK poster inside as well. Also (page 23) there is a small picture of Orlando at the Hollywood Awards (the picture is of him in the black suit pointing at the camera with his glorious smile). The blurb says: "Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Pirates of the Caribbean) was thrilled to take home the award for breakthrough actor at the Hollywood Awards." In the Teens Tribute (also free at local theaters) it has a two page aritcle on RotK too (also with free 2 page poster). Note: fans wrote into Tribute asking about Orlando in the movie Troy, all they said was the release dates - May 14)

The Sunday Times and MTV UK Alert
From Michelle: In the Sunday Times (uk) on the 14 December they are supposed to have a Legolas poster and on MTV on Friday 19th December according to the Sun tv guide they are supposed to have making of the movie Return of the King although I don't know what time it is on.

Teen People Poll
From Lisa: Teen People's newest poll is Top Ten Celebs with the Coolest Hair and Orlando is one of the choices. He is in the lead with 22% of the vote at the moment leading Beyoncé Knowles who is at 12%.

TV Alerts for Peru
From Alejandra: In Peru, the show Cinescape (which is shown Sunday 1pm), will have a look at the Return of the King world premiere, and interviews with the cast. Also, today on TNT the tv specials, RETURN TO MIDDLE EARTH and PASSAGE TO MIDDLE EARTH were shown, I'm not sure when they'll be repeated.

Inside Entertainment
From Liz: Orlando was on 'Inside Entertainment' (Canada) with Liv Tyler talking about how weird it was having people dress up as elves with donkey ears. The other LOTR stars were on too, including Peter Jackson, and they said stuff you can find on the EE dvds. You didn't miss terribly much if you didnt see it.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Becky (20), and to Charlotte Ledger (17) from her friend Gemma.

  Saturday, December 13
Four Take 'Haven' in Indie Film
From reuters.com: Agnes Bruckner, nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for "Blue Car," and Bobby Cannavale, who headlines "The Station Agent," have joined the cast of indie film "Haven," which is shooting in the Cayman Islands. Robert Wisdom and Caroline Goodall also have won roles in the film. Bruckner plays Pippa, the lead female role, while Cannavale plays a lieutenant who is investigating a crime central to the story line. Wisdom will play the father of Bryant's character with Goodall set to star as the mother of Bloom's character.

J-14 Scans
Jen Z. sent in these scans from the January 2004 issue of J-14 (US). Orlando holds the #4 spot on both the Fav Actors and Hot Guys lists. (1, 2, 3)

E! News Live Video Clip
E! Online has posted a video clip of the Orlando segment that appeared on Wednesday's show.

E! Online Interview
Melissa sent in a link to this Orlando interview from E! Online.

TV Guide Article Scans
Laura sent in these scans of the ROTK article from the December 13-19th issue of TV Guide (US). Suzanne typed up the Orlando bits:
Orlando Bloom who has set hearts throbbing as Elf warrior Legolas, spent three straight days filming his own fight with a nonexistent creature-in his case, a giant battle elephant called a Mumakil. "I was wired up and swinging around on ropes and climbing up this huge bank of sandbags," he says. "Man, that scene's going to be so Elven cool." "It's been a huge gift being part of these movies," Bloom says. "It was definitely an emotional ending."

Studio Magazine Scans
TORN has posted scans of an Orlando article from the December issue of Studio - Hors Serie (France).

Toronto Star Article
The Toronto Star has an article on Orlando and an article about the surfing hobbits that mentions Orlando.

USA Today ROTK Article
From pfyre: Friday's, December 12, issue of USA Today - the Life Section E has the 'cover story' about RotK - with accompanying color pics and a secondary article detailing the LOTR trilogy.

Hobbits to the Rescue
From people.com: Still looking for that perfect holiday gift for the Lord of the Rings fan on your list? How about a tree in the new Fellowship Forest, an undeveloped patch of land in Tibet, where actors Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen and Dominic Monaghan hope to plant 2 million trees over the next two years? Beginning in January, "people will be able to go to Virgin Megastores and buy a scroll (featuring original artwork by Monaghan and Mortensen) for about $10, which will represent a tree you buy in the forest," says Monaghan, who plays the Hobbit Merry in the trilogy. "We are just trying to offset the amount of damage that is being done by other people in the world by trying to plant trees." Plans are also in the works for a second Fellowship Forest near the Lord of the Rings movie set in New Zealand.

ROTK Stickers from Soundtrack
Alagdalwen sent in a scan of the stickers that came with the special edition of the RotK soundtrack. 

San Diego Union Tribune
From Marissa: In the US in the paper The San Diego Union Tribune, in their Night and Day section is a picture of Orlando Bloom [as legolas] shooting a arrow up into the sky. There is also a fold out poster.

National Geographic Beyond the Movie
From Adwena: National Geographic are now selling the Beyond the Movie: The Return of the King documentary on VHS and DVD. You can order the DVD or VHS here. Additional DVD features include: a Photo Gallery, "Lord of the Rings" Quiz, and Exclusive bonus footage not included in the broadcast version of the show.

POTC Themed Fashion Show
From Laura: My friends went on a Textiles trip to the Birmingham Fashion Show and there was a PotC themed cat walk show!! Apparently there were 30 Orlando replicas in opened shirt and with scruffy brown hair swinging in on ropes and swinging around cutlasses to the PotC score!

Israeli Magazines
From Naomi: Gollum is on the cover of this week's "Maariv' Lanoar" magazine, with a 2 page interview with Elijah Wood about ROTK (no mention of Orlando, though). Also, there were big pictures of the cast at the airport leaving NZ, including a really big one of Orlando pulling his shirt up for fans. Also, Aragorn is on the cover if this week's issue of the tv guide "Pnay +" with a 2 page interview with Viggo.

Orlando Video on AOL
From KC Marie: I recieved an alert today from AOL. AOL Celeb Connection has posted their LotR Q+A video segment. Orlando is on it with the question 'Do you remember any Elvish from the film, and if so, can you speak it for us?' He speaks a line from the Extended Fellowship Edition which translates to be 'Our Fellowship is in your debt, Haldir of Lorien.' He has a habit of raising his eyebrow while translating, which is quite cute.

Venezuelan TV Alert
From Julie Mary: On "National Geographic Channel" Saturday 13, at 7:00pm is "MÁS ALLA DE LA PELÍCULA THELORD OF THE RINGS: TROTK"

icLiverpool.co.uk LOTR Poll
Kristina sent in a link to a poll on icliverpool.co.uk asking Who is the best Lord of the Rings character.

LOTR Cast on TRL
From Clarissa: MTV.com says that the cast will be on TRL on Tuesday Dec. 16th. "The cast of 'The Lord of the Rings' inhabits Times Square: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Liv Tyler & more."

Photos in UsWeekly
The photos of Orlando and Kate at the airport appear in the new issue of UsWeekly (US). Thanks to everyone who sent in the info and scans, but I will not be posting them for the same reason as before.

Interview on TV Guide Channel
From Chandra: Today on the TV guide channel they've been showing their hour long holiday movie special and showed a big segment on ROTK. They interviewed Viggo, Liv, Dom, Billy, Elijah, Ian McKellen and Orlando. Orlando said, "It's kinda been like having a great Christmas gift at the end of each Christmas, you know, you come together with friends and family and watch a great movie that you've all made together. I'm gonna really miss it, um, but it's also a film that I think will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone." - Orlando on the end of RoTK.

Star Magazine
From Adriana: In the Dec. 23 2003 issue of Star (US) there are several Orlando Bloom pictures. One is located on pg. 17. It is about the LA ROTK premiere. There is also a photograph on page 37, it is a little clip of Orlando and Viggo in their costumes. The final Orlando Bloom picture is on page 45. It is candid of him lifting up his shirt on the stairs of a plane! There are LOTR's posters in this issue as well on pg 40 and 41, featuring Arwen and Aragorn.

News From the UK
From Haz: Yesterday (12th December) on the CBBC (uk) the Cheeky Girls were on and were asked who they would kiss underneath the mistletoe and they said "Orlando Bloom". I think it's Heat mag where there's the same picture of Orlando holding his top up as in the mag Sneak, but it has a pic of some girls showing their hips who wrote on them "We love you orlando" so that's why Orlando held up his top. And in a few towns I've been to in the UK, the calendar club stalls have Orlando at no.2 for the most selling Calendar.

Seventeen.com Poll
From Raman: There is a poll on seventeen.com on Which upcoming movie you are most psyched about and Return of the King is one of the 3 choices.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lottie (16).

  Friday, December 12
No updates today, sorry. But I will say that Orlando wasn't at the London premiere. From pfyre: On E! News Live on Wednesday he said that he was leaving the following day (must have been the day after the press junket for LA) for the Cayman Islands to finish filming Haven.
Here's something so your visit isn't a waste...

BHD Alternate Ending
I uploaded a video clip of the alternate ending of Black Hawk Down featuring Orlando. Thanks to Sonia for making the clip!
Windows Media format - 1.7 Mb zipped

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kimberley (12) from her sister Jess, and to Sophie H. from her best friends Holly and Cecilia.

  Thursday, December 11
New Photos from GQ US
Oleg sent in these photos that will appear in the upcoming January 2004 issue of GQ US! (1, 2, 3, 4)

Orlando Not Attending London Premiere?
Someone wrote to me and said this: "Orlando won't be attending the London premiere tomorrow of Return of the King. I have spoken to Georgina at Entertainment film who are organizing the event and she has told me all of the stars are going except Orlando, Sean Bean and Cate Blanchett."
The Berlin premiere of ROTK was last night, but Orlando was not in attendance. There was a report that he was filming.

Teenhollywood.com Interview
Teenhollywood.com has posted a great interview with Orlando and Liv.

Video Interview from Ifilm
Ifilm.com has posted interview clips with the ROTK cast, including one with Orlando where he gets very excited when he spots a "sweet" mole hiding in a hole.

Bliss Scans
Sophie sent in these scans from the January issue of Bliss (UK).

Working title for POTC 2?
From cinescape.com: An anonymous scooper contacted us today with what they claim might be the working title for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2. "I work for [removed] from Fantasy II F/X in Burbank, Ca," writes our tipster. "I can't give you my name. I can tell you this, I just saw some composite artwork for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: TREASURES OF THE LOST ABYSS I'm not sure if that's just the working title or not." "The Lost 'ABYSS' is in references to the first pirate ship that sailed in the caribbean," explains the spy. "Sorry, that's all I know at this time. I have no information about the script. Disney had a rep here with the artwork. Very hush hush!"

Jay Leno Repeat in the US
I cannot remember their name, but someone wrote in saying that Orlando's episode of Jay Leno would reair on NBC this Friday night, technically Saturday morning, at 3am.

German TV Alert
From Sabrina: There´s a new RotK report on Germany TV. On 14th December at 10.20 o´clock on Pro Sieben (Cinemaxx TV).

Lord of the Boxing Ring
From Phaedra: This appeared in my local newspaper, The Hamilton Spectator (thespec.com) in Ontario, Canada.
Lord of the Rings stars Orlando Bloom and Dominic Monaghan had a fist fight during the making of the films. The actors got into a fight on a night out in New Zealand after Bloom annoyed Monaghan. Monaghan, who plays hobbit Merry in the epic trilogy, confessed: "Orlando and I got into a real fight. My triceps were really painful from working out, and one night he came up behind me and pinched my arm. I said, 'Don't do that!' and he did it again and that was it - I kicked him across the dance floor and we started having a rumble! But me made up."

Web's Most Wanted 2003
Orlando is #80 on the Lycos Web's Most Wanted 2003 list, last year he was 89.
csmonitor.com: Each year the people at Lycos tally up the millions of words people tap into their computers to conduct searches. In the world of movies, the many searches for actor Orlando Bloom ("The Lord of the Rings") show that he, not Johnny Depp, was the real box-office magnet behind the blockbuster "The Pirates of the Caribbean."

Orlando on E! News Live
From Steph: On last night's E! News Live (12/10 US), they had an Orlando Bloom segment. It was all about how he has got so many things going for him, and how busy he's been with all his movie roles. Orlando and the interviewer were joking around that Orlando said he tried to diversify his roles, but most of his roles deal with sword fighting. Orlando mentioned that he was going off to film in the Caymen Islands the next day. The interviewer mentioned Troy of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Nothing about the Calcium Kid or Ned Kelly. The show will air again today at noon.
Also, on the news scroll on TRL today, they said that the cast of LOTR was going to be on next week. They didn't say who though.

German Magazines
From Eva: There are some German mags with articles of Orlando Bloom: Jolie (Jan 04), Allegra (Jan 04) and Glamour (Jan 04).

National Geographic Special
Leanne watched the National Geographic, LOTR beyond the movie special in Australia and said there were interview clips with Orlando, and a drinking scene involving Legolas and Gimli that didn't make it to the theatrical cut. Here's a screencap of Orlando, thanks to Leanne.

Vi unge and Sirene
From Tine: Orlando is in a Danish magazine called Vi unge (from Dec.) it has 2 pics. One of them says something about, that Orlando will play the lead-role in a movie about a young knight. And it is set to be shot next month. There is an interview on Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin and Orlando. It says that he just came in from filming Troy. And then he is a 4th place in the magazine, he is one of the hottest men from 2003, you can vote for him, but you have to buy the magazine. He is also in a Danish magazine called Sirene, from Dec./Jan. There should be an interview.

Dutch news Program Twee Vandaag
From Linda: On the Dutch news program "Twee Vandaag" was a short commentary about ROTK today. At www2.tros.nl/lotr/ you can see the interviews with a few actors from the movie. Unfortunately not from Orlando...

From Middle-earth to Superstars
From bbc.co.uk: Orlando Bloom, who plays elf Legolas, has capitalised on his Rings fame the quickest. read more...

London Premiere on Newsround
From Claire: Today Newsround (BBC) interviewed Peter Jackson and showed some clips of RotK. Tomorrow (11/12/03) at 5.25pm on BBC1, Newsround will be interviewing the cast and reporting from the London premiere.

ROTK Bookmarks in School Library
From Adelaide: At my school, St.Edwards of Elgin Il, in the library they are giving out free the Return of the King bookmarks and there is one with Legolas but it also has Gimli on it and they are free so check and see if your libraries have any too. :)

Hasbro LOTR Contest
From Kathryn: I just bought a Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit game and Hasbro is having a Lord of the Rings contest. Inside it comes w/ a code that you use on www.hasbro.com to enter. The 8 grand prize winners will get either "The Sword of Aragorn", "The Sword of Gandalf(Glamdring)", "The Axe of Gimli", "The Bow of Legolas", "The Sword of Eowyn", "The Sword of Theoden", and "The Sword of Faramir". Every 1,000 first prize winners will receive a movie poster from "The Return of the King". And every 10,000 second prize winners will receive Top Trumps "The Lord of the Rings" card game. To get the codes you have to buy one of the Lord of the Rings games. Either Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, or Risk.

US TV Alert
From Steph: On Fri. Dec. 12, CBS 2 news (Lower Hudson Valley, NY, US) are having a show called "Holiday on the Town". It talks about all the Broadway shows, activities and movies to see and do. They have a clip of ROTK in the commercial, assuming that it will be on the show, Friday night at 7 pm.

Request for copy of GOOD DAY LA
From Sonia: To anyone who lives in California, I need some help. See, my friend's Dad said he saw 2 of my friends and my "Came from Chicago..." sign at the LA RotK Premiere on the December 4th edition of a talk show called "GOOD DAY LA." I was just wondering if anyone out there who might see this possibly taped the show or the footage he saw. If so, I'm VERY interested in obtaining a copy! The station doesn't do that, so unless I find a fan who is willing to help, I'm stuck :o( If you can help me out, I ask that you contact me at tammylynn_69@yahoo.com and thanks in advance to anyone who does!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alyssa.

  Wednesday, December 10
New Photos from GQ
Oleg sent in these photos from the UK GQ photo shoot, some of which are unpublished.

'Pirates' Plunders First-Week Video Record
From Yahoo News: "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" has captured the first-week home video sales record for a live-action title, selling more than 11 million combined DVD and VHS units.

Jen's LA Photos
Jen sent in some of her great photos from the LA premiere.

Real Access: Hot 24 in 2004
Posted by Stacie: The N (US) is running a show called Real Access: Hot 24 in 2004. Orlando is #12. The segment includes red carpet stuff I hadn't seen before, like Orlando being pulled away at the POTC premiere by a handler only to run back to sign for a little girl and doing this spin-dance move at TTT premiere. And he makes funny faces :) He talks about how to handle all the screaming girls, why he keeps his private life private and the Bloom Philosophy. I believe this airs on Dec. 31 at 8pm.

Photo in Sneak
From Hollie: In this week's Sneak (UK) mag there is a photo of Orlando and the rest of the LOTR team on the steps of a plane, Orlando has his top up! It also says at the bottom of the first page he will be in next week's edition.

Photos in The Sun
Photos of Kate greeting Orlando at the LA airport appeared in various UK tabloids yesterday. I've decided not to post them as they show a private moment, and I think Orlando would not be happy that someone had taken photos of them. Please do not email me for more info. I'm sure you'll be able to find the photos online somewhere else.

Info on Nat. Geographic's Beyond The Movie
From Adwena: Orlando appeared on a documentary called "The Big Picture" which aired in Australia. He made two comments in this documentary. One about Aragorn as King, and another about Legolas' friendship with Gimli. Here is a web page which has more information about the documentary. Unfortunately there are no pictures of Orlando in this show on the web as of yet.

US TV Alerts
I updated the TV Guide for the US, thanks to Christianne and §fyre. Some of the programs are:
E! Entertainer of the Year where the year's top performers are honored, including Orlando.
Lord Of The Rings Hobbit SP on MTV2- A half hour Hobbit special to promote The Lord Of The Rings hosted by Elijah Wood & Billy Boyd.
Behind the Scenes of The Return of the King on E!
A Lord of the Rings Special on TechTv.

From Caity: Wed., Dec. 10th, on "ET" in the US they will be showing a home video that the cast of LOTR made especially for ET with footage of them on the plane leaving New Zealand and in the hotel.

I also saw on tvguide.com that on Dec. 17th at 2:05am on channel WEWS, the show Kickin' It will feature Orlando. I think this is a Cleveland, Ohio station. If anyone has heard of this show, please let me know.

ROTK Programs in the UK
From Sam: For UK fans, there are two programmes coming up next week which might feature Orlando. The first is on Sunday the 14th December, on ITV2 at 7.30 p.m. It's called 'The Return of The King: The Quest Fulfilled'. The second is on Tuesday the 16th December, at 11.35 p.m. on BBC1. Film 2003 - Lord of the Rings Special. It says that Jonathan Ross chats to the stars of the Lord of the Rings. It is repeated the following Saturday afternoon, on BBC 2.

Spin Article
From spin.com: Spin: Hobbits may be noble and brave, but they're not particularly sexy -- especially compared to the movie's elf and the human characters.
Monaghan: We are sexy. Hobbits are the sexiest.
Astin: I think she's saying you're not as sexy as Orlando [Bloom, who plays the elf Legolas].
Monaghan: I am as sexy as Orlando. I actually think I'm sexier.

Harper's Bazaar
From Lindsay: There is a small picture of Orlando in the magazine Harper's Bazaar and a small quote saying that he is the most searched for male actor on E!online.

Tickets to ROTK Premiere in Amsterdam
From Silvera: For the Dutch fans of the LOTR, you can now bid on e-bay for tickets to the premiere on the 15th Dec. The tickets are being sold by the (Red Kruis), they will buy toys for sick children.

Life Sized Legolas at Walmart
From Kate: In Canada some of the Walmarts are selling these HUGE Legolas action figures. They're not just card board, they're made out of plastic and it's about 5ft tall, plus you can fire off the arrows. I asked one of the sales people how long they would be on sale for and it's only until the 17th! They are very expensive, over $200.

From TORN: Darren writes: There is a QVC Lord of the Rings Day on the 17th December on QVC UK. They have exclusive interviews with some of the cast that they will be playing throughout the show. They have teaser trailers that will be played throughout the day.

German TV Alert
Sabrina says that on Dec. 16th at 19.00 on Viva, the show Film ab! will have a report about the ROTK premiere in Germany.

LOTR Hits Mobile Phones in the Philippines
From trunkz: ROTK is sponsored by SMART and GLOBE here in the Philippines and you can download loads of LOTR logos, picture messages, mms colored wallpapers and soundclips from the movie. SMART PROMO- just download and win any 16 nokia 6600 fones, plus you can win tickets for the special screening on December 17, (because the playdate of rotk is on Jan 9). Lastly, free Lotr wall calendar when you simswap to Smart Buddy 64K sim2. GLOBE PROMO- just download colored wallpapers and icons to get a chance to win Php3.2 million. Plus, there's a free Nestle's Non Stop Ice cream, LOTR collectible on your first download. Just present it to any Odyssey music store participating outlets.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Stephanie (16) from her sister Sarah, to Gothic Elf, and to Nick Scizzy.
Happy Anniversary to The Borders of Middle-Earth from the owner Becky Greenleaf.

  Tuesday, December 9
ET Video Clip
ET Online has a video clip of an interview with Orlando.
From Jess: I saw Orlando on ET yestrerday, they started off by showing some shots of Orlando as Legolas including the one saw on Jay Leno. After, they talked about how Orlando also did Pirates of the Caribbean and is playing Paris in the new movie Troy out in May. Then the reporter asked him what he thought about Brad Pitt and he answered that Brad is really talented and spirtual person. He said Brad was amazing and he was pretty good about dealing with fans. The reporter then asked him about what he thought about his image as a heart trob. Orlando (being the sweetie) said that he is flattered by having so many fans. They also mentioned that Orlando's favorite actor is Paul Newman.

ROTK Photos
New Line has released some more publicity photos from ROTK, including one of Legolas.

Another Calcium Kid Photo
Linkin and Jan posted this photo at ka-Bloom from the set of The Calcium Kid. It was found on Maddy Ford's website.

Photo from Jay Leno
The Jay Leno website posted this photo of Orlando.

Liam Neeson Joins Kingdom of Heaven
From darkhorizons.com: First up the one and only Liam Neeson has joined Ridley Scott's Crusades epic "Kingdom of Heaven" with Orlando Bloom which gets underway in Morocco next year.

The Stars Who Rock Middle Earth
From dailyrecord.co.uk: But what is certain is that Orlando Bloom as Legolas and Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn are the true winners of the three epic films. read more...

Photo in NY Daily News
Rose sent in this scan from Sunday's NY Daily News.

Beyond the Movie:ROTK on Canadian TV
From Amanda: BEYOND THE MOVIE:THE LORD OF THE RINGS-THE RETURN OF THE KING: The National Geographic Channel is giving a hard-core Lord of the Rings fans something they won't see in theatres. The network is featuring a unique perspective on the latest installment of blockbuster trilogy Lord of The Rings in the Canadian premiere of Beyond The Movie: LOTR ROTK on Dec.14 9pm. It will also air on Showcase on Dec.14th at 11:10pm and will be rebroadcast on National Geographic Channel Dec.16 at 9pm (all times are eastern ET). courtesy of Metro Newspaper

E! News Live at ROTK Premiere
From eonline.com: FRIDAY 12/12 We hit the red carpet at the London premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Star Magazine
From Alexis: Orlando is in the December 16, 2003 issue of Star. He is on page 10 with Liv Tyler. It is a picture of the Wellington premiere.

Bruce Willis's Daughter is an OB Fan
From Adi: Today at Access Hollywood, Tallulah, the little daughter of Bruce Willis, when asked who she is going to marry, she said Orlando Bloom. :)

Extra TV
From Caity: Monday, Dec. 8, on "Extra" in the US there was a short thing on LOTR with quick interviews of Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, and Liv Tyler (separately). Elijah showed the guy his Elvish "9" tattoo and when the guy asked Orlando to show his, he refused and was disappointed when the guy told him Elijah had shown his. Viggo talked about how he dislikes being a sex icon and Liv says she is in denial that it's all over because she loves it so much.

ROTK Billboards in NY
Steph: I was in New York city recently, and they have 3 HUGE billboards for ROTK. One of them is on the West Side Highway going northbound. Another is located in the center of Times Square. The last one I saw was on the corner of Canal St. and Lafayette St., near Little Italy. The latter of the three took up more than half of the building side.

Dutch ROTK Contest (Correction)
From Jorien: Dutch fans can win tickets to the premier of ROTK in Berlin. You have to sms 'Ring on' to 2020 and answer the question.
From Faye: The tickets you can win are for the ROTK premiere in Amsterdam... Got an official email about that. more info

ROTK on "@ the movies"
From Brianne: I was watching the show "@ the movies" on Family Channel (Canada) the other night and at the end of the show they showed the preview for next week's show with will be on The Return of the King. I think it will be showed on Sunday the 14th. I know that Elijah, Billy and Andy will be on it but I'm unsure if Orlando will. Check your local listings for the time.

ROTK Contest on Seattle Radio
From EmMa: On the West Seattle radio station KISS 106.1, there's a chance to win tickets to the RotK premiere. I'm not sure if it's still going on because a girl just won, but they usually give more than one chances to win. The radio host mentioned a little bit about Orlando, saying, "Return of the King has a whole bunch of stars. Orlando Bloom, obviously." Then the winner replied "Yeah, he's hot!" and said "Yeah, sure..." To win, you have to call in the station, contact me at umlie_dee@hotmail.com if you're in the Seattle area and want the number.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Naomi (16) from her friend Jorien.

  Monday, December 8
Jay Leno Video Clips
Here are the video clips from Jay Leno. Please only download either the RealPlayer version or the Windows Media version, not both. The quality is the same.

GQ Magazine
I've gotten a lot of emails asking about the GQ magazine that was shown on Jay Leno. I think it is the January 2004 US issue that is not yet out.

Pitt Calls on Greek Gods to Help Film
From channel4.com: Hollywood hunk BRAD PITT is so worried his epic movie TROY will flop after a series of on-set disasters, he's urged Greek gods to ensure the movie will be a success. So the actor and his fellow cast members - ORLANDO BLOOM and SEAN BEAN - visited a village church while filming in Mexico to pray for any curse to be lifted. A crew member says, "Everyone was just so annoyed with everything going wrong that we wanted to get some help from a higher power. We went in to this little church and said prayers and then made a circle outside and asked for the blessing of the Greek gods and their forgiveness if we had offended them."

Calcium Kid Photo
The UK gossip rag The News of the World had a story on Orlando which I won't post, but I will post this photo it had from the set of The Calcium Kid.

Legolas Lotto Scratchcard
Pheny sent in a scan of the UK lottery Legolas scratchcard.

ROTK Special On NZ TV
From Marian: Tuesday on TV2 (NZ) there is an hour long LOTR:ROTK special which takes a candid look behind the scenes. Also this month E! (NZ) will be showing Behind the Scenes: LOTR: ROTK on various days, more leading up to and beyond the start date.

Fan Photos
I added photos from the LA premiere from Lily and Gracie. Lily also sent in photos from the Hollywood Film Festival Awards.

Jay Leno on Australian TV
Antonia sent in the correct times for Jay Leno in Australia.
Monday 8th 10:30pm Comedy Channel (foxtel 25)
Tuesday 9th 2:30am & 12pm

Jay Leno Repeat on US TV
Some NBC stations in the US repeat Jay Leno a few days later, late at night, around 3am. So his episode should be on this week, but I don't know what day.

LOTR Program on UK TV
From Cara: In the UK they are showing a LOTR program on ITV called The Quest Fulfilled at 12.30 on December 13th.

J-14 Magazine
From Stephanie: Just wanted to let you know that Orlando is featured in the January 2004 issue of J14 (USA) in their hot guys calendar, Orlando is August, and as hottie of the month (with picture).

Orlando Reference in YM
From Katie: In the YM magazine (US) for January, Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King, is listed Number 1 on their top 20 list. And the text said: "Frodo (Elijah Wood) tries to fulfill his destiny as Ringbearer. Nice plot, but really, we're paying $10 to stare at Orlando Bloom."

Twist Scans
Fallen Angel sent in these scans from the January 2004 issue of Twist (US).

Missing Person
James Amabile, 38, the Folsom section of Ridley Township, PA
From Melissa: My cousins' uncle went missing Friday night when he called the babysitter and told her he would be right over to pick up his two daughters, but he never showed up. His name is Jimmy Amabile, and he has a bad case of diabetes. He is insulin dependant, so if he doesn't get insulin he will first become disoriented. Next he will go into a coma and most likely is in a coma right now. If anyone who lives in Pennsylvania knows any information, they could email me at obsessed011377@yahoo.com More info

Now Magazine
From Kaylee: I got NOW Magazine (UK) today and you will be happy to know that Orlando has a 2 page spread about him about how "fame is freaking me out".

Access Hollywood
From Tanya: Orlando's on Access Hollywood on Tuesday. Channel is Living Tv Uk. He was also on today's Access Hollywood talking about the special affects on POTC.

The Mail
From Rachael: The Mail (UK) on Sunday (7th December 2003) has a really cool magazine which is devoted to Lord of the Tings with loads of pictures including ones of Orlando as Legolas and himself!

E! True Hollywood Story
From Leanna: On the show E! True Hollywood Story, Rock Stars Daughters, there is a shot of Orlando in the background when Liv Tyler is being interviewed. You can see him for awhile but you have to look close.

Elf T-shirts at Abercrombie and Fitch
From Leah: I was at the mall on Saturday December 6th and Y went to the store Abercrombie and Fitch (CA) and I bought a shirt that says "naughty little elf".

ROTK Review on Ebert and Roper
From Jenn: Next Sunday on Ebert and Roper (US) they will be reviewing ROTK. It's on at 11:30. (check your local listings)

Calendars in UK
From kt4orli4eva: They are selling an official Orlando calendar for 7.99 and an unofficial one for 5.99 in HMV (UK). They are also selling the same unofficial one in Clintons cards (UK), also for 5.99 and they are selling a different unofficial one also for 5.99 in the Card Warehouse(UK). They are selling a really good ROTK one in there as well for 8.99, but sadly it is unofficial. Finally they are selling plenty of decent OB calendars this year, in the shops, unlike last year.

Mention on Popworld
From Jude: On Sunday the 7th on (uk) T4's Popworld, the cheeky girls were asked who'd they'd most like to date. One of them said Orlando Bloom because he is really hot.

Another POTC DVD Easter Egg
Brandi On Disc 2, go to "Below Deck". Go down to "Scene Index" beneath "A Prisoner's Last Tale", and then go to the 2nd page, where it has the headings "On Deck", "The Gunnery", "The Galley", and "Credits". Scroll down to "Pirate Ships", press left on the remote and Barbossa's ring will light up. Click enter and you'll see a Japanese tv commercial for POTC.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Melissa from her friend Lucy, and to Sarah.

  Sunday, December 7
Press Conference Photos
Here are photos from the ROTK Press Conference in LA, thanks to Anna.

Jay Leno Transcript
TORN has posted a transcript of Orlando on Jay Leno. I will be posting the video clips tomorrow.

Jay Leno on UK TV
From Claire: I think Jay Leno is showing in the U.K on channel 256 (SKY DIGITAL) on Monday and not tonight. Or at least the listings say that Mondays show has Nicole Kidman and Alicia Keys.

Jay Leno Photos
Here are photos from Getty of Orlando on Jay Leno, thanks to Bonnie and Tina. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Japanese Video Clip
Miwa of Orlando J-web sent in a short video clip of Orlando on the Japanese program Broadcast.
Windows Media Format format - 292 Kb
From OBM.net: Takako reports: Miwa's video clip is from the Saturday night variety show called "Broadcaster", which is one of the most famous and popular TV programmes in Japan. It has a section called "Lecture on news in variety shows for fathers" and major topics which got into the news for that week are given out. He appeared in the introduction of the announcement of this week's top 10 news. On Miwa's video clip, he is saying "Here's the Ranking of this week." in Japanese. I guess the pronunciation was difficult for him, but he spoke carefully and well.

Fan Photos from LA Premiere
Here are Tianne and Jasmin's photos from the LA premiere, with the OB Files girls. (I just like saying that)

Fan Encounters
More LA fan encounters from Jamie, Tianne and Jasmin, Missy, LonsingerSL, and Lily of Lothlorian, and an encounter from Samantha at the Jay Leno show.

ROTK Commercial on the WB
From TORN: Edana writes: There will be an exclusive preview of 'Return of the King' during Smallville on Wednesday, Dec 10, at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern) on the WB.

ROTK Special on UK TV
From Cassie: Today (7th) in the UK, at 10pm on the National Geographic Channel is 'Behind The Movie, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King'.

Dutch ROTK Contest
From Jorien: Dutch fans can win tickets to the premier of ROTK in Berlin. You have to sms 'Ring on' to 2020 and answer the question.

Teenpeople.com Poll
From Sparrow: At teenpeople.com the current poll question is: Which celeb couple should MTV turn its cameras on next? Kate and Orlando are one of the choices.

From Taylor: There was a poll on Teenpeople.com about who you wanted to meet under the mistletoe... Orlando got second place after American Idol runner up, Clay Aiken.

ROTK Special on Australian TV
From Ellena: In Australia (or, in NSW at least), Wednesday December 10th, 8:30pm on ABC there is a program called 'The Big Picture: Beyond the Movie LOTR ROTK'.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Debbie (14) from her best friend Marlena.

  Saturday, December 6
I'm still really behind on my email, the Orlando flood keeps on coming! I'm also not feeling very well, so please bear with me. - Sarah

Jay Leno Screencaps
I may have went a little overboard on the screencaps of Orlando on Jay Leno, I made about 260! It was a good interview, he talked about playing a monkey when he was 4, his back accident, did an imitation of a lizard and an ape, and then they showed a clip from ROTK! :) I will try to make a video clip soon.
Monika, who attended the taping, posted her report here, and Shawna posted hers here.

PrimeTime Screencaps and Video
I made screencaps and video clips from "Journey to Middle Earth", the ROTK special on PrimeTime (US).

ROTK Press Junket
TORN has posted a report from the ROTK press junket in LA, with bits on Orlando.

ET Video Clip
ET Online has a video clip of the ROTK stars, including Orlando, congratulating Gwyneth Paltrow on her pregnancy. Maybe ET should have interviewed them about, oh I don't know, the movie?!!

About.com Interview
About.com has posted an interview with Orlando.

POTC 2 Filming Info
This article from USA Today says that Orlando be shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in January 2005.

LOTR special on Danish TV
From PJ: There will be a LOTR special on Danish television on the 12th of December on DR2, just 2 days before the Copenhagen premiere of ROTK.

LOTR Special On UK TV
From Hayley: In the UK Sky t.v. listings, there is a documentary, Lord of the Rings: Beyond. It's on Monday 8th December on the National Geographic Channel at 4.00 p.m, and repeats on National Geographic + at 5.00 p.m: "Lord of the Rings star John Rhys Davies looks at how Tolkien's stories of Midde Earth echo some of history's great heroes and intriguing conflicts. Who is the real Frodo?"

Info for Dutch Fans
From Jorien: On wednesday December 10 there will be a new Preview magazine which will include a report on the ROTK premier in Wellington. It's a free magazine and you can get it at the cinema's. On Friday December 12 there will also be a program about ROTK on National Geographic Channel. It will start at 10:00 pm (Dutch time).

Official Calendar at Bluewater
From Laura in Kent: I bought today the official Orlando calender at Bluewater for £7.99. Also, there is a shop in Bluewater called Famously Yours and had a signed and framed Orlando piccie for £195! Ouch. It also sells official movie postcards and had some RotK ones. Last year for TTT they had a Legolas one which I bought for 50p so they might do another this year.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Holly K. (17) from her friend Lauren, and to Melissa (14) from her sister.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Jasmin (19) from Tianne and Krys, and Katie (16) from Jasmin and Tianne.

  Friday, December 5
LA Premiere Videos
I made video clips and screencaps from E! News Live and Access Hollywood at the LA premiere. Extra TV has posted a clip on their website.

Photos from AOL
From AOL: The 'Return of the King' stars took AOL's cameras to snap their own pix at the L.A. premiere exclusively for AOL members. All Celeb Candids photos support DATA, an organization founded by Bono to bring people, organizations and politicians together from all over the world in order to stop the crises swamping Africa: Debt, AIDS and Trade. For more info and to sign up to make your voice heard, visit DATA's Web site.
Here are the photos. Orlando is eatting an egg white omelet in the first pic, and you can see some of the The OB Files girls with their sign! In this photo you can see Maura taking this one!

Wellington Premiere Video on AOL
Here are the Wellington interviews by the 13 year old AOL contest winner. AOL users click here.

Fan Encounters
Samantha, Connie and Sonia sent in their fan encounters from the LA premiere.

Jolie Scans
Ayfer sent in scans of an interview in the January 2004 issue of Jolie (Germany). (1 & 2)

Orlando Not in Closing The Ring
thesun.co.uk: Justin Timberlake was turned down for a Hollywood movie role because he wasn't good enough. Justin auditioned for the fantasy epic Closing The Ring but producer Jo Gilbert said: "Justin wasn't quite right for the role. I know it would have meant more bums on seats but it wasn't right so we let him go. We had a look at ORLANDO BLOOM too but he's doing something else."

Orlando Buys London House
Here's an article from Ananova about Orlando buying a house and taking some time off. Can't be much, since Kingdom of Heaven starts filming January 12th.

DVD Pick of the Week
From Cara: Pirates of the Caribbean is the DVD Pick of the Week on Windows Media Player. It's on the start-up screen and you can see clips from the DVD.

  Thursday, December 4
LA Premiere Photos and Reports
Here are the first batch of photos from the LA premiere of ROTK last night.

Some of the gals from The OB Files board where there, and had an awesome sign that impressed Orlando, and the news crews. They were filmed by numerous stations, as well as New Line for the ROTK DVD! Orlando also got one of them a pass! Read Krystyna's report with photos here.

Maura, who was hanging with The OB Files girls, posted her premiere report in her Live Journal.

Read more LA reports from Tiffany, Nikki and Rob, and Melissa from the Wellington premiere.

NZ Video Interview
Nzoom.com has posted the full interview with Orlando and Liv in NZ.

Cute Wellington Premiere Photo
Dyne sent in this photo of Orlando, Viggo, and a pair of underwear from the Wellington premiere. Apparently someone threw Orli a pair of undies, and Viggo caught it and held it up with Orli for a pic.

Mention in The Daily News
From Shanna: They mentioned Orlando in the Daily News (US, New York) in Tuesdays paper, with picture of him from the premiere. Under his picture it says "ELFIN CHARM: "Lord of the Rings" hunk Orlando Bloom struck a smoldering pose at the New Zealand premiere of "The Return of the King". The final fick in the trilogy arrives in the U.S. on Ded. 17."

ROTK Special on Dutch TV
Lenny of bloomania.com: Dutch TV channel Veronica has a Lord of the Rings Special on Thursday the 18th of December. With behind the scenes footage and the premiere in Wellington.

ROTK Specials on Australian TV
From Kate: A LOTR special, called Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King, will air on Australian TV on Wednesday December 10. It's on the ABC, at 8.30pm and runs for an hour.
From Jill: On Sunday 7th's edition of In Entertainment in Australia, they are doing a section on the Wellington Premiere. It's at 6pm on channel 10.

National Board of Review Award
From §fyre and hollywoodreporter.com: The National Board of Review is a 95-year-old nonprofit organization, based in New York, comprised of film professionals, educators, students and historians. The award for best acting by an ensemble went to New Line Cinema's "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King." Although "King" has been widely assumed to be a front-runner in this year's Oscar race, it did not receive any other attention from the board, which did not include it on its list of the year's best pictures.

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  Wednesday, December 3
Wellington Airport and Premiere Photos
I added more photos from the airport and a few from the premiere. Thanks to Anelith for these photos from The Dominian Post (1 & 2) and these from The New Zealand Herald (1 & 2).

Fan Encounter
Katie sent in her fan encounter from the Wellington premiere.

Orlando's Mother Blooms With Pride
From stuff.co.nz: Among the crowds cheering for Lord of the Rings hunk Orlando Bloom on Monday was his biggest fan – his mother. read more

Final Photocall
From scoop.co.nz: A final photocall for The Lord of the Ring's stars as they bid New Zealand goodbye at Wellington Airport before boarding the Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen. view photos

Departing LOTR Stars Meet Their Planes
From scoop.co.nz: The Lord of the Ring's stars come face to face with themselves on the side of Air NZ planes as they bid New Zealand goodbye at Wellington Airport before boarding the Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen. view photos

Orlando's T-shirt Not For Sale
From nzherald.co.nz: There were designer dresses and smart suits but it was a simple orange T-shirt that lit up the red carpet at the world premiere of The Return of the King. But people wanting one of the "I Love New Zealand" tees worn by star Orlando Bloom are out of luck. The orange versions of the shirt, designed by Auckland company Huffer, are out of production and there are no plans for a re-release.

Fans give full navel salute as stars fly off
From stuff.co.nz: Hundreds of people crammed every vantage point to catch a final glimpse of their favourite characters as they left on a special Lord of the Rings liveried Air New Zealand 767 flight to Auckland. "It's amazing. The whole experience has just been the most precious time ever," heart-throb Orlando Bloom (Legolas) said. Always the crowd-pleaser, Bloom then led co-stars including Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) through banks of television crews and photographers to waiting fans where they performed a final goodbye dance. Bloom gave a special wave to fans Lizzie Earl, 16, Charlotte Oakley, 16, Lizi Oldham, 18, and Nina Corleison, 15, who had the message "We love you Orlando" painted across their tummies.

A Parade Fit for The Return Of The King
From torontostar.com: Hottie of the day, Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas, sent hundreds of teenage girls into hysterics. Asked whether he thought it was strange being featured on one of the special stamps New Zealand has issued, he said, "What is weird is bringing your mom in on an airplane that has your face on it."
"It's like receiving a great Christmas gift at the end of each year," Bloom said of meeting cast mates for the premieres of the three films. "There's no sense of relief (that it's over). Only a sense of completion."

TV Hits Interview
Antonia sent in the Orlando interview from the December issue of TV Hits (Australia).

POTC DVD Easter Eggs
Posted by Michelle on ka-Bloom: 3 Eggs - Disc 2 Main Menu
1. Select 'Fly on the Set': Highlight 'Play All' and press right twice to highlight the skeleton's tooth. Press enter to watch "Pirates Cave Construction".
2. Select 'Below Deck': Highlight 'Set Sail' and press left twice to highlight the skull. Press enter to watch a computer animation of the chase scene without voices.
3. Select "Moonlight Serenade" Scene Progression: Highlight 'Main Menu' and press down twice to highlight another skeleton's tooth. Press enter to watch a Keith Richards interview.

National Geographic for Kids Article
Sam sent in scans of the Return of the King article in the December issue of National Geographic for Kids (US).

YM Cover Poll
From Cassidy: On YM.com there is a poll, of who you want on their cover, Orlando is one of the choices.

Jay Leno in Australia
From Antonia: Jay Leno will be aired on The Comedy Channel on Foxtel (25) at 10pm 6th December and repeated the next day at 12pm.

Coconuts Music & Movies
From Tricia: Coconuts Music & Movies (an entertainment store located mostly on the east coast) is selling new Legolas posters and the Legolas Lifesize Standup for $24.99. The posters should be around $6.99.

Ned Kelly Trailer on E! News Live
From ?: On Tuesday December 2nd's E! News Live, the Ned Kelly trailer was shown and they DID mention Orlando Bloom. The trailer is different than then ones shown online, and personally, I think they're better. There's a repeat of the show tomorrow (Wed.) at noon in the west coast (US).

ROTK Special on German TV
From Anja: They will have a RotK Special on German Television on RTL 16.15 Uhr on Dec. 21st.

US TV Alerts
From Christianne: Here are some TV appearances coming up:
Dec. 4 ABC
A look at the making of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003), the third installment of the film series based on the novels by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Entertainment Tonight
`Rings' & Grammys Rock!
Dec. 4 syndicated
Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen discuss their roles in the upcoming film “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.” Also: a rundown of possible Grammy nominees.

Ebert & Roeper
Dec. 7 syndicated
“Big Fish” (Albert Finney, Ewan McGregor); “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen); “Honey” (Jessica Alba, Mekhi Phifer). Hosted by Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper.

On The Set: The Return of the King
Starts on Starz! channels December 10

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  Tuesday, December 2
I'm really behind on news and email, sorry! I will try to get up to date ASAP.

Orlando Leaves NZ
From nzoom.com: The Lord of the Rings stars have jetted out of Wellington, taking the Middle Earth message to the rest of the world. They left on an Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen. It is estimated that about 800 fans and well wishers gathered in the terminal in an attempt to catch a final glimpse of the stars and try for last minute autographs.

Yahoo News has photos of fans saying goodbye to Orlando at the airport, and his response back. :)

Wellington Premiere
I updated the photo gallery from the premiere.
From Marian: Some numbers for you from Monday: the crowd was counted and there was 120,000 people along the parade round and the red carpet. The after party was for 2000 people - invitation only. The last partygoers were going home as the rest of the country was having breakfast. Also, Orlando travelled to NZ on the Air NZ 747 with Aragorn and Legolas on its bodywork, but didn't know it untilhe got off in Wellington and was looking out the terminal window!

More premiere stories at:

E! News Live Video and Screencaps
E! News Live has some footage from the premiere. I made a video clip of the short Orlando interview, and screencaps. Screencaps are in with the premiere photos.

ROTK Video Clip
From TORN: Jezabear captured this clip of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli entering the Paths of the Dead that was shown on New Zealand TV today. Obviously, spoilers!! [Quicktime] [Windows Media]

Orlando Pic on o2's Media Messaging
From Sam: If you register at www.o2.co.uk you can send a Media Message (for £2) of Orlando to someone's mobile phone by clicking on the "Media Messaging" option, then setting the brand to "Celebrity" and the theme to "Hot Movie".

German ROTK Premiere Contest
From Soleil: All German AOL users can win tickets for the LOTR Premiere in Berlin on the 10th of December. You just will have to answer a question (Who plays the role of Faramir?) till the 5th of December.

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  Monday, December 1
Wellington ROTK Premiere
Here are the first photos from the Wellington premiere. Elf Lady was able to grab the short speech that Orlando made from the podium set up at the Embassy Theatre. Here's a Mp3 clip of it. Here are some reports, and you can also read about it at nzoom.com

From Krissy: On 'Today' (Aust) Orlando was asked what he thought of Viggo Mortensen, and Orlando called him his 'mentor'. In reply, Viggo said that "it's amazing what people like Orlando can do on the screen... people that don't have scores of lines and can still have such an impact."

From Jessica: Trailers, interviews and a glimpse of the world premiere have been all over Australian tv today. Tonight on a 'Current Affair' there was a short snippet of an interview with Orlando and Liv. He just talked about how close they've all become and they're like a family. He looked really hot... also from tomorrow the Return of the King pins they are promoting in the Daily Telegraph are costing $2 with the coupons. Sunday's and today's were free.

Orlando Advent Calendar
I made a printable Orlando advent calendar. No making fun of my house!

Danish ROTK Premiere Contest
From Lucy: In Denmark you can win a trip to the european premiere of Return on the King, and you can also win a ticket to the Danish gala premiere, where the celebs will be at both. The contest is going on, on the radiostation The Voice, on the program "Freakshow".

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