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January 2003
  January 31
UK Vogue Scan
Bea sent in a scan from the Feb. issue of UK Vogue. The caption says: 'Straight though the polished doors of the new De Beers (diamonds) flagship store: an all-star cast. Rosanna Arquette joined Julien Macdonald, Phillip Treacy and London's social set to coo over diamond baubles. Later, at a lavish after-party at the "In and Out" club, Erin O'Connor, Orlando Bloom and David Blaine partied to a set by cult DJ Claude Challe.'

Small Orlando Article in Sky Magazine
From Bea: February 2003 Sky Magazine:
"Orlando Bloom - Legolas
'My character Legolas acts as the eyes and ears of the Fellowship. He offers his bow to Frodo - and his life. He's prepared to die on the quest because he wants to destroy the Ring. In a nutshell, that's what I do. I'm ever watchful and I only speak when something really needs to be said.
'For me it's been a rollercoaster ride. It's been like, 'Hold on tight!' I'm amazed things have panned out the way they have. I always say I'm lucky, though my mum says you make your own luck. I auditioned on tape, so I suppose I worked for it. But it's still hitting home, y'know? After getting off the plane in New Zealand it took four weeks of filming before I realised exactly what I was involved in.'"

LOTR on Sky Box Office
From Bea: 'THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Exclusive to Sky Box Office, From Wed 5'

TTT Special on UK TV and Trivia Bit
From Snowling: There's a TTT special showing on ITV2 in the UK at 9.50pm next Tuesday. Not too sure what it's going to show, but it does say in the summary in my tv guide:
"A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Peter Jackson's The Two Towers, one of the most spectacular films ever made. Some trivia: The set for the Helm's Deep battle scene took seven months to build, and Orlando Bloom blinks fewer that five times throughout the movie, and never when the camera's trained on him."

Disney Financial Article
From OBM.net: Disney tries to provide a lesson in reality. "But money is not everything in the business of capturing the audience's attention and box office dollars. Pirates of the Caribbean, made for a relatively modest $70m dollars, will be this year's big Disney feature. It may expect a substantial lift from the appeal of Orlando Bloom, the elf heart-throb from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - another modestly budgeted film well on the way to a global box office total of more than $1bn."

Midsomer Murders on Dutch and Belgium TV
From Lenny of Bloomania: The Dutch television channel Nederland 1, Broadcasting Company KRO, is showing Midsomer Murders. From Fabienne: I got some news for the Orlando fans in Belgium: Midsomer Murders is on "Canvas" every Saturday evening!!

Pirates Site Updated
The official Pirates of the Caribbean website has been updated with new concept art.

Pirates Trailer Attached to Shanghai Knights
Alexandra saw the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean before Shanghai Knights in the USA. When they said "Orlando Bloom" and his name came up on screen, every girl in the audience started screaming and whistling! It was great!

What if LOTR was Produced in Hollywood?
Leonardo DiCaprio as Legolas. Ahh, scary!

Beriain Edhellen Has Moved
Katie from Beriain Edhellen wanted me to let you all know that she has moved her site to a new server due to bandwidth issues, so please visit at the new location.

Valentine's Day Hearts
Jamie from Beautiful Bloom has a cute section for Valentine's Day where you can add your name to a heart.

  January 30
TTT Nominated for Empire Awards
The Two Towers has been nominated for 7 Empire Awards, including Best Film and Best Director. The awards will be handed out on February 5th at London's Dorchester hotel.

Hi-res Pirates Photo
From OBM.net: Yahoo has a hi-res photo of Orlando and Johnny Depp from The Pirates of the Caribbean. It is the same photo that was in the LA Times a week ago.

Video Clip
From Kiri: I found a TTT behind the scenes clip with the cast of LOTR (including Orli) about the making of TTT. 

Brazilian Magazine Scans
Carol sent in scans from the Jan. issue of Sci-Fi News magazine, and the Dec. 2002 issue of Set Magazine (1 & 2). She also says that Orlando is really a huge explosion in Brazil and has a lot of fans there.

Chinese Horoscope
Tvguide.com has a horoscopes page up for Chinese New Year. Orlando is mentioned as a "Famous Dragon".

Smarties Game
From Andrea: Orlando is featured in the smarties game at mykindaplace.com.

Orlando in YM
From Sasha: Orlando is in the March issue of YM (USA).

TTT Spoof
From Steph: Here's a simplified screenplay spoof on The Two Towers.

AOL Commercial Featuring LOTR
Niki: In the UK, there is an advert for AOL and there is a part with Legolas walking across the field.

LOTR Swords
Yoshi sent in links to two sites that make LOTR sword replicas, Medieval Weapon Art, and Swords Direct.

Midsomer Murders in Finland
From Auroora: Midsomer Murders will start in Finland February 15th on channel One. Don't know yet if they are going to show the episode Orlando is in.

Fan Fiction Sites
I just added 2 fan fiction sites to my Links page, Archive of Ithilien and The Secret Haven.

  January 29
Orlando says Thank You
Stacie has received a reply from her contact at Greenpeace regarding the $2,000 donation that fans made for Orlando's birthday. "Just wanted to let you know that I heard from Orlando's publicist (I think) from the Firm. He called to let me know that Orlando was thrilled by the letter and that he was in awe of all of the donations from people all over the world. Please give his fans a big round of applause! It was a great success!!" More info.

Ned Kelly Article in RACV Royal Auto
From Bec: The RACV Royal Auto (australian mag) has about 4 pages on Ned Kelly! It's not about Orlando but there are some little parts about Joe Byrne.

TTT Cast Nominated for SAG Award
Orlando and the rest of the cast of TTT have been nominated for a SAG award in the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Theatrical Motion Picture category. The 9th Annual SAG awards will be presented March 9th at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center and televised live nationally on TNT at 8 PM (ET/PT).

Who Would You Clone?
CBBC Newsround is asking this question, and despite asking for no LOTR clones, people still mentioned Orlando in their answers. My favorite is from Shelly: "I would clone myself so that there would be so many Shelly's one of them would be bound to meet Orlando Bloom!"

  January 28
LOTR Pre-Production Photos
Here are 4 new photos from Orlando's costume test for LOTR. (1, 2, 3, 4) To see all of them, go here.

The Calcium Kid Pics
One of my affiliates, Katie at Beriain Edhellen, has made some screencaps from The Calcium Kid segment from Zoe Ball on Film!

BAFTA Nominations
From WarOfTheRing.net: The main nominations for this year's Bafta film awards, to be held at the Odeon Leicester Square cinema in London on 23 February were announced today. The Two Towers picked up nominations in the follwing categories:  Best Picture, Best Director, Make-up and Hair, Special Visual Effects, Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, and Best Cinematography. And, again, a nomination for the people's choice Orange Film of the Year.

Funny TTT Subtitles
From Elf Lady: Here's an amusing site that has TTT screencaps with poorly translated Asian subtitles.

Star Scan
Here's the Orlando photo from the Star Hottie section in the February 4 issue of The Star magazine, thanks to Stacie.

TTT DVD Release Date for Australia
From DarkHorizons.com: LOTR: The Two Towers hits Australia August 5th in a two-disc edition, November 4th in the four-disc extended edition.

US TV Reminder
Orlando's episode of So Graham Norton will be airing tonight at 11pm, on BBC America, and again at 2am.

  January 27
Total Film Poll
From OBM.net: Readers of Total Film (UK) named Orlando as the Hottest Male. The poll results will be in the March issue of Total Film, on sale Thursday.

Legolas Cartoon
Thefellowship.nl has posted a new LOTR cartoon featuring Legolas and Aragorn.

Bit from Ned Kelly Filming
Lady at the OrlandoBloomFans board has posted a cute story from her friend who filmed a scene with Orlando in Ned Kelly.

Star Article
OBM.net has posted an Orlando article from February 4 issue of Star magazine, where he was named the "sexiest tail out of Canterbury".

Haldir Action Figure Petition
Hanako wanted me to ask all of you to sign a petition to bring back the Haldir action figure that was recently cancelled by ToyBiz.

  January 26
One Magazine TTT Special
The French magazine One put out a special issue on The Two Towers. Laura sent in a scan of the full page Legolas photo, and someone is working on translating the Orlando interview.

Zoe Ball on Film Transcript
Vicky of My Fair Warrior sent in a transcript of The Calcium Kid clip shown on Zoe Ball on Film last night on Sky Movies Premiere (UK). Screencaps anyone?

Personalized Watches
Have you ever wanted a watch with a picture of Legolas, or Orlando, on the face? At ewatchfactory.com you can design your own watch.

Ned Kelly Segment on Premiere
Premiere on Network 10 had a Ned Kelly segment on Sunday, but according to Aimee, "It was a 5 second clip showing Heath as Ned, 2 members of the gangs' hands holding firearms, aiming, Ned getting punched by police and someone falling on the ground in the bush late at night. Not much, you can see half of what was shown in the trailer."

Legolas' Eye Color
From Amanda: I recently noticed a lot of people commenting on Orlando's eye color changing in TTT. When the Elves are more at ease their eyes are more blue, green, or purple and when they are angry or feel very intense they change to a darker color. Just thought people shound know so that they dont think that it was an error in the movie!

  January 25
Vote for Orlando and TTT in AOL Awards
From Adrianne: Fans have the chance to vote for the nominees in the AOL Movie Goers Awards.  'The Two Towers' is up for nomination in almost every catagory, including for Best Picture. Viggo is up for Best Actor, Gollum's split personality tour de force is up for Best Scene, and Orlando is up for nomination in Best Supporting Actor. Final Nominations will be announced on February 4th. Miranda Otto, Liv Tyler, Ian McKellen, and Peter Jackson are also up for nomination. You can vote often so everybody go to it.

Orlando Gets an Eyeful
Posted by Heather at the OrlandoBloomIsLegolas Yahoo group: Dec 21 article: "Love on the seas? Apparently some fans are treading through treacherous waters just to sneak a peek at the cast of Hollywood Hunks on the PotC set. According to an eyewitness, somehow an 18 year old girl from Nevada managed to sneek onto the closed set, run up on the wooden dock beside the ship where cast member Orlando Bloom was filming a scene, and reportedly 'showed off her treasures' so to speak. After the incedent and the girl was escorted off the premisis, Bloom reflected on the act stating: "I nearly forgot my lines for a moment," with a slight smile..." Article continues on another fan running for Johnny Depp.

Legolas Photo in Sky Magazine
From Saaira: In the February Sky magazine (UK), there is a section devoted to LOTR: FOTR, because it will be shown on sky box office. There is also a picture of Legolas and an Orlando quote.

Alloy.com Caption Game
From Heather: At Alloy.com, under Celeb Central's 'Say What?', you can write a caption for a pic of Orlando and Dominic Monaghan.

Yugoslav's 'Huper' Magazine
From TORN: Eärendil The Mariner writes: A Belgrade magazine called "HUPER" published a huge Legolas poster with the TTT logo! It is the well known picture of Legolas on his horse, wearing Rohan armour, with a bloody sword in his hand, it's printed on high-quality paper and definitely a must-have for the fans.

Gollum's Song Free Download
From Yoshi: If you have AOL, you can click here to download Gollum's Song, played during the credits of TTT. You can also download it for free at Amazon.com.

The Fellowship of Leafs
I've been asked to mention a LOTR discussion group called The Fellowship of Leafs.

  January 24
More LOTR Pre-Production Photos
Here are some more photos from Orlando's costume test for LOTR. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Pirates Mention at E Online
From Kiri: E!'s 2003 User Guide mentions Orlando in Pirates, saying it's the year for sexy seamen.

ROTK Countdown Clock
The Return of the King desktop countdown clock is now available for download at clockdown.com.

Legolas Merchandise at tolkientown.com
Tolkientown.com has some Legolas merchandise not found on other sites, like bookmarks, pendants, and a crazy Legolas wig!

  January 23
Pirates Filming Has Moved South
According to Mollyelf, the talent trailers have moved off the lot at Disney Studios and the word is that the crew is heading to the Caribbean. They may be back sometime in March for some post-production.

TTT Posters
From Zee and Jia: Spencer Gifts and FYE are now selling posters from The Two Towers including Legolas ones.

New Decipher Cards
Decipher.com has posted cards from the Helm's Deep expansion pack, including these 2 of Legolas. (1 & 2)

Secret Diary Update
I've updated the Cassandra Claire secret diaries page with Theoden and Aragorn Part 2.

LOTR Weapons from United Cutlery
From Elf Lady: According to Kit Rae, Art Director/Product Designer for United Cutlery, Blades By Brown, who currently has a line of LOTR sword replicas, will be making Legolas' daggers with sheath, and is also looking at making his bow, arrows, and quiver. Learn more.

  January 22
Orlando at The Pianist Screening
Here's a photo of Orlando with Adrien Brody, the star of The Pianist, at a screening of the movie in LA this past Saturday, the 18th.

Troy Article
Eggy sent in an article from a Montreal newspaper about the movie Troy that states almost half of the movie will be shot in Morocco. Filming begins in April.

Scans from Screen
The March issue of Screen (Japan) has 2 Orlando and 3 Legolas pics. Here are the Orlando ones from Orlando J-Web. (1 & 2)

Sunday Mirror
From The Sunday Mirror in Celeb Gossip: "What's celebrity bachelor Orlando Bloom done to upset fans? He recently received a charming present through the post... a gift-wrapped poo. Yuk."

Midsomer Murders Email Campaign
Amber and I are starting an email campaign to get Orlando's episode of Midsomer Murders shown on the US cable station A&E. Go here to learn more about it.

Orlando Mention by Robin Williams
From Joy: During an Oscar interview on E!, Robin Williams was asked what he does at these events, and he responded... "I bring my daughter here to meet famous people and get their autographs." When asked who does she want to meet he said... "the guy that plays the elf in LOTR". Then later in the interview, he mentioned again the elf from LOTR... "What's his name???" Someone off camera helped him out and Robin said "ORLANDO BLOOM!"

LOTR Scrap Book Project
Stephanie is putting together a scrap book with fan letters and drawings to send to the LOTR cast including Orlando. Visit the site for more info.

  January 21
'Orc Invasion' Video
I made a parody version of Orlando's Gap commercial, in LOTR style! Hopefully it's good for a laugh. Go here to download it.

Legolas Photo from Roadshow
Here's a new photo (possibly from ROTK?) from the Feb. issue of Roadshow (Japan), thanks to Orlando J-web.

So Graham Norton Poll
From Audra: Visit BBCAmerica.com to vote for Orlando's episode of "So Graham Norton" to be aired in February.

Ned Kelly Competition
The official site is now giving away tickets to the attend the world premiere of Ned Kelly in Melbourne on March 22. It is open to Australian residents only.

Orlando Sites
Siochan has started an Orlando Bloom parody blog.
Jia has more LOTR quizzes on her blog.
Ashley has started a new Legolas/Orlando clique.

More Info on The Office
From Katie: Well, the only place that Orlando could appear is at the end of the episode where everyone goes to a club, and obviously there are lots of young 20 year olds dancing. But I've taped and watched the episode loads trying to spot him, and sadly he does not appear on screen. So, although he may have been at the filming, no shots of him made it into the final cut of Episode 5.
Also, from another Katie: My boyfriend bought me the complete series 1 of the office on dvd and orlando doesn't appear in any of the episodes.

Frida Magazine
From little me: There's an article and some pics about Orlando in this months issue of Frida. (Swedish teen magazine) You can read the article at OBM.net.

New Poll
After 11,000 votes, I thought it was about time for new poll question! According to the old poll, 54% of you liked TTT the best, while 9% preferred FOTR, and 37% enjoyed them equally.

  January 20
New ROTK Photo
From OBM.net: The LA Times online has a new picture of Legolas and Aragorn from The Return of the King.

Calcium Kid Special
From Soph Bloom: The Calcium Kid special mentioned a week ago is called Zoe Ball on Film, which gives a run down of the best movies to come in 2003. It's on at 7.45pm on Sky Premier 1. Also, Amy says that she caught a commercial for the show during Buffy on Sky One. They showed a brief snapshot of The Calcium Kid.

The Office on BBC America
The Office will be debuting on BBC America on January 23 at 10:20-11pm (est). According to the IMDB, Orlando played the uncredited role of Tony in episode #1.5. There has been some speculation as to whether or not Orlando was actually on the show because he was so hard to spot. If you have any info about this, please email me.

Orlando Photo in Night and Day
From Kerry: There's a lovely picture Orlando in the Night and Day Magazine (the supplement with the Mail on Saturday) UK on page 3.

Ned Kelly Segment on Australian TV
From OBM.net and Jayann: Just letting you know that Australian TV show Premiere on Network 10, is looking at Australian movies on Sunday 26th January at 6pm, and is going to have a small segment on Ned Kelly.

New Sites
Vicky has started a new fanlisting for the Men of LOTR, so go and join! Also, Sarah has started a new Orlando website with a keepers list, due to The Orlando Keepers having been closed down.

Orlando Photo in Daily Mail Weekend
From Fiona: There's a pic of Orlando in the Daily Mail Weekend, metioning about the Golden Globe Awards and metioning him starring in TTT.

Pirates Article in USA Today
Cris at the OBBoards has typed up an article from USA Today (1/17) about Pirates of the Caribbean. In it, Jerry Bruckheimer states "It's scary stuff," "Disney wants it rated PG, but we'll have to see." They also mention a release date of July 9th.

Cosmopolitan Magazine
From Audra: I just bought the January 2003 UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine and there is a pic of Orlando, as Legolas, with a little caption saying "That sexy pixie: Orlando Bloom is one of the many reasons to see The Two Towers". And then a little article under it in COSMO REVIEWS giving The Two Towers a 5 star rating, and stating "Must see movie of the month - Lord Of The Rings: the Two Towers" "Tolkein's epic adventure continues with lovely hobbits Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) venturing into the dark lands of mordor to destroy the miraculous ring, while Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) and sexy elf Legolas (Orlando Bloom) search for lost friends. Spellbinding movie magic."

Golden Globe Awards
The Two Towers lost both awards last night for Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Director to The Hours and Martin Scorcese. Sean Astin and Cate Blanchett were the only cast members to attended. On the bright side, Gollum won for Best Digital Acting Performance. During a preshow interview with Joan Rivers on E!, Sean was interviewed and he did drop the name of Orlando Bloom as one of his co-stars in The Lord of The Rings. Also, when Heath Ledger went on stage to present, they introduced him as one of the stars of the upcoming film, The Kelly Gang (Ned Kelly). Ironically, he was the presenter of the movie clip for The Two Towers in it's Motion Picture nomination. Also, Brad Pitt was introduced as one of the stars of the upcoming film, Troy, also starring Orlando. Thanks to LegolasLover2003 and everyone else who wrote in about the show.

LOTR Ringtones
Christi sent in some links to sites that have LOTR ringtones for your cell. nextones.com (6 tones, search under Lord Of The Rings). ringingphone.com ("piano" version of "May It Be", search under Lord Of The Rings in the movie/tv themes). ringophone.com (Concerning Hobbits, search under Lord Of The Rings)

LOTR Blinkies
Robyn sent in this link that has LOTR blinkies including a Legolas one.

Alias Characters as The Fellowship
Lossenfaciel sent a link to a site that compares the characters on the TV show Alias to those in the Fellowship.

  January 19
ROTK and Pirates Article from EW
I scanned the small articles on Pirates and The Return of the King in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

TV Week Poster
Ryan has scanned the Orlando poster in this week's TV Week (Australia).

New Pirates Photo
From johnnydeppzone.com: The LA Times has an article and new photo from Pirates of the Caribbean.

New Ned Kelly Photo
Here's a new photo from The Sunday Telegraph (AUS), posted by ILuvLegolas at the OB Boards.

Orlando Poster from Sneak
Alaina sent in a scan of the poster of Orlando and Elijah from the latest Sneak (UK), along with a closeup of his face!

Orlando Invited to Film Memorabilia Shop
From WOTR.net: A UNIQUE film memorabilia shop is hoping to attract stars from The Lord of the Rings to Swindon. Although there has been no concrete confirmation, two cast members from The Lord of the Rings film trilogy have been invited to Infinitely Better to meet fans. Sean Astin and Orlando Bloom who play Samwise Gamgee, Frodo's companion, and Legolas, an elf, are the most likely visitors. More info.

Pirates Fanmail Address
Stararchive.com has a new address listing for Pirates.

Hi-Res Photos from ROTK Calendar
TORN now has hi-res versions of the photos from the 2003 ROTK calendar.

More from More!
Here's more about the Orlando info in this month's More! (UK), from Robyn. In the Horoscope's section it says:
"CAPRICORN MAN Orlando Bloom.
Life: Orlando's chart reveals that he's an outgoing and optimistic person who has a passion for life.  However, he probably finds it hard to act on his instincts, preferring to have hard facts in front of him before commiting himself to anything.
Love: Orlando will do anything to keep things harmonious between him and any girlfriend and splits are liable to devastate him. A typical Capricorn, the Lord of the Rings star keeps his romantic life private."
The "Guess the Lonely Heart" section has a drawn silhouette and the caption says "A 25-year-old bloomin' lovely lad can't wait to meet his special lady.  This lord guarantees to give you a ring - and is keen to get an eyeful of your two towers". (Underneath the pic it says "Answer: Orlando Bloom").

BBC Polls
From Emma: BBC Online has a poll for who the better LOTR actor is, Elijah or Orlando. Click on 'Best by Far' to vote for Orlando. From Helen: Orlando is currently trailing Daniel Radcliffe in this week's CBBC Favorite Celebrity Poll. He was runner up last week, but many votes were lost. But before they were lost he had been leading.

Quiz Site
Carmen sent in this site that has links to a bunch of LOTR quizzes.

  January 17
Pirates Photo from EW
Annie sent in a scan of Orlando from the Pirates article in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (US). EDIT: I scanned the entire pic including Johnny.

Interview from Hitkrant
Lenny of Bloomania sent in a translation of the Orlando interview in the Jan. 18th issue of Hitkrant (The Netherlands).

Herald Sun Article
The Herald Sun has a small article that states that Orlando will be at the world premiere of Ned Kelly, in Melbourne on March 22nd. They also state there have been reports that Orlando is in Melbourne holidaying, but I believe he is still in LA filming Pirates.

USA Today Article
From Kiri: USA Today online has an article on Lotr vs. Star Wars, and other fantasy movies. There is a picture of Orlando being compared to Harrison Ford in Star Wars.

Scans from Nintendo Power
Kim sent in 2 scans from Nintendo Power with LOTR on the cover. (1 & 2)

Jerry Bruckheimer Interview
From Darkhorizons.com: About.com has an interview with the Pirates of the Caribbean producer.

  January 16
Orlando Poster in Sneak
From Alaina and Carmen: There is a poster of Orlando and Elijah at the LA Premiere (?) in the latest Sneak (UK). There's also an interview with Dominic Monaghan where he talks about all the pranks they got up to on set and mentions Orlando quite a lot.

Mirror Article
Wednesday's Mirror (UK) had a bit about Orlando entitled 'Playing a Dom joke on Orlando':
"The stars of Lord Of The Rings really know how to keep themselves amused. Dominic Monaghan, who plays hobbit Merry in the epic trilogy, has revealed how he and co-stars Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom passed the time during the long months of filming in New Zealand - and it ain't pretty. He tells the latest issue of Sneak magazine: "Elijah and I had some fake dog poo and covered the stairs to Orlando's trailer with it. We also sprayed the inside of his trailer with shaving foam and put hairspray on the taps so everything was sticky." What larks!"

Pirates Script and Photo
From OBM.net: Aintitcool.com has a report on the Pirates of the Caribbean script. Also, ComingSoon has a photo of Johnny Depp in his Pirates costume.

FOTR and BHD on Starz
From January 17-24, Black Hawk Down will be on Starz, and from January 24-31, The Fellowship of the Ring will be shown on Starz2.

Article in The StarTribune
From Kris: The StarTribune newspaper in Minneapolis, MN featured an article on Orlando on the front page of their Variety section today, 1/15/03.

Graham Norton Show Transcript
I added a more complete transcript for the So Graham Norton Show, with a big thanks to Evie. The program will be airing on BBC America later this month. Check the TV Guide for dates.

Excerpt from Nintendo Power Interview
Lossenfaciel sent in this bit from the Nintendo Power (US) interview with Todd Arnold, the senior producer of Electronic Arts.
Interviewer: Any funny stories about the actors?
Todd: A couple. When we scheduled Elijah Wood (Frodo) for his voice-over session, we were told that he was incredibly busy and we'd have very little time to get the work done-- maybe an hour. Before the recording even started, Elijah was allowed to play an in-progress version of the game. Two hours later, we had to tear him away from it so we could move on to his voice-overs! Also, one part of the scripts for Orlando Bloom (Legolas), John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) included a number of grunts and screams that play back in-game when that character takes damage or dies. Of course, when  we asked them to perform those lines, each actor started saying things like "Legolas doesn't feel pain!" or "Aragorn can't die!"

Hot List
From Nicola: There was a very small article of Orlando in an Oregon USA newspaper with a picture of him as Legolas. The article was Hot and Not List of 2003 (orlando was on the hot list, duh). "Hot young stars like Orlando Bloom, Vin Diesal and Shane West are making an entrance in big-budget films like 'Lord of the Rings' and 'XXX'"

  January 15
More TTT Screencaps
I've added even more screencaps from The Two Towers, from councilofelrond.com. Thanks to Elf Lady for sending them to me!

LOTR Production Photos
Here are 7 pre-production stills from Orlando's wardrobe test for LOTR, scanned by Alexus. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Scan from Suosikki
Anni sent in a scan from the Jan. issue of Suosikki (Finland), of Orlando at the De Beer's party. The small article that went with it said:
The Party Animal of the month: Orlando Bloom
"check out my belly!"
The choice for the Party Animal of the month is absolutely Orlando Bloom, who visits parties in London: here Legolas from the Lord of the Rings is seen before Christmas. Sex symbol might not be the most pertinent attribute of Orlando. The Party Animal's moustache and yellow peaked cap lessens the power to charm, but uninhibited partying attitude is more important. Oh, and in reality the man doesn't present just his belly. Sharp eyes can see a tattoo in the picture.

Orlando in More
From Ellie: Orlando's in the horoscopes bit of More (UK) this month, there's a pic and a prediction for his month as a capricorn. There's also a little lonely hearts jokey bit.

UK TV Alert
From Louise: On Sat 25th of Jan. there's a behind the scenes of The Calcium Kid on Sky Movies Premier.

CBBC Ned Kelly Article
From OBM.net: CBBC Newsround has a short article about Orlando in Ned Kelly, and a poll about his Ned Kelly beard.

Orlando in YM
From orlandosgirl: There is a photo of Orlando in the Feb. issue of YM.

LOTR Calendar Contest
The official LOTR site is giving away 25 copies of the 2003 The Return of the King Promotional Calendar (US residents only). We wantsss it!

Closer Mag's Top 15 Sexy Men
From TORN: In this week's issue of the UK mag 'Closer', they have a Top 15 Sexy Men list, with Viggo Mortensen at #1 and Orlando Bloom at #4.

OBBA Reply from Orlando
Mary has posted on her site a thank you from Orlando regarding the birthday messages.

Funny FOTR Captions
Someone sent me a link to this site that has some badly translated dialogue captions from FOTR. "I'm heir to the throne of Condo." Oh really Legolas?

Orlando Mentions in Hello
From Brianna: In the UK mag Hello! dated January 14, 2003, there are a few mentions of Orlando. The first: "Billie, who shot to fame as a teenage pop star, will be promoting her new film, The Calcium Kid, which stars Orlando Bloom of The Lord of the Rings fame." pg.81
The other mention is in an article on Elijah Wood. "The Lord of the Rings is a throwback, not just to an era when brilliant madmen heldthe reins of multimillion-dollar movies,but to a time in cinema when men, not women, were the camera's obsession. Think of the young Albert Finney, Peter O'Toole and Terrence Stamp. As Elf archer Legolas, with his flaxen locks and impecable choreography, Orlando Bloom looks like an entire boy band in one person."
"Elijah himself seems to possess a basic goodness that inspires devotion from women and men. Dominic Monaghan, who plays fellow Hobbit Merry, comes over to our table to give him a hug. Orlando Bloom, rushing for the airport, hugs him tightly then, for good measure, hugs me, too." pg.94

  January 14
New TTT Screencaps
I've added more screencaps from The Two Towers, thanks to Pam of Versaphile.com.

Pirates Concept Art
Yahoo has posted some art work for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Legolas Greenleaf on Hiatus
Elf Lady wanted me to let you all know that due to bandwidth issues, her site, Legolas Greenleaf, will be temporarily closed starting today at 5:00pm EST, but will be back in February! Sadly, another casualty of Legolas fever!

Swedish Article
Sofia has translated an article on Orlando from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Scans from Premiere
OBM.net has posted 2 scans (1 & 2) from the January issue of Premiere sent in by Sara.

Screencaps from Access Hollywood
OBM.net and Jennifer have made better screencaps than I made yesterday of Orlando on Access Hollywood.

Official Website for Summer?
From Karine: In the February issue of the French-Canadian magazine "Filles d'Aujourd'hui", there's a little article on Orlando that says he is going to open an official web site, for the summer.

The Washington Post
From Andrea: The Washington Post mentions Orlando's birthday and has a small picture of him.

FOTR up for Grammys
From Aina: LOTR:FOTR is up for two Grammys. One for Howard Shore (best motion picture score) and one for Enya. The Grammys are on February 23 at 8:00pm EST on CBS.

  January 13
Happy Birthday Orlando!
Orlando turns 26 today! I'd like to thank his mom and dad for bringing him into this world, and Orlando for being such a wonderful person. :)

Orlando on Access Hollywood
From Maggie: Orlando was on Access Hollywood as one of the Faces to Watch in 2003, showing him and Johnny Depp as pirates for Pirates of the Caribbean. EDIT: Here's 2 crappy photos I took with my digital camera. Orlando was only shown for a few seconds. He seems to be wearing a cape with hood, and a bandage or bandana on his head. -Sarah

Pirates Interview
From OBM.net: Fangoria.com has an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer where he talks about Pirates. "Johnny Depp plays the good pirate who is trying to get his ship back that Geoffrey Rush stole and Orlando Bloom just wants to get his girlfriend back who is Keira Knightly. It's a great cast and this new girl, Keira Knightly, you should really look at. She's seventeen and she's already a wonderful actress."

Finnish Magazines
From Auroora: There's a photo of Orlando in Suosikki (Finland) where he's showing his belly to 2 girls at the De Beer's party. There's also a photo of him at the De Beer's party in the Jan. issue of Demi (Finland), along with a Legolas poster. Here's the Demi photo from Unattainable Dream. The caption says: "From outside of civilization, hello! - World's most wonderful Orlando Bloom shows that style doesn't come with brilliant acting skills. With his peaked cap, sparse moustache and shabby HD-shirt, Orli is just like anyone else who is specialized in playing with cars and driving around the block."

CosmoGirl scan
Hazel sent in the scan from the Feb. issue of CosmoGirl (US).

Seventeen Article
Amie sent in the article from the Feb. issue of Seventeen (US).

Bliss Poll
From Kate: Bliss online is asking who is the sexiest LOTR star. Orlando and Viggo are neck and neck.

Empire Poll
Empire Online has a poll asking which movie of 2003 gives you reason to live? Terminator 3 is currently beating Return of the King!

FOTR Wins People's Choice Awards
From Ashley: The Fellowship of the Ring won both awards it was up for at the People's Choice Awards: Favorite Dramatic Motion Picture and Favorite Motion Picture (tie with Spider-Man). No one was at the actual show to accept the awards, but Sean Astin (Sam) accepted them via Satellite from Toronto, Canada with his daughter Ally.

  January 12
Girls Magazine
From Tine: Orlando is in the newest Danish magazine called Girls. There are 2 pics of him, and an article.

Merlin Stickers
I added some Merlin Legolas stickers, from Leanne and Elf Love. Merlin online also has a LOTR character generator on their site. I am... Sarwen, a noble and peaceful Elf, was renowned for keeping a calm head under even the most intense of pressures, although her abilities with the bow were certainly not to be underestimated, as many an Orc would testify. :)

The Face that Crashed a Thousand Sites
Jas at OBM.net needs your help to keep her site from shutting down due to all the bandwidth problems. Many of us Orlando webmasters are experiencing the aches of bandwidth, so I know how she feels! Visit OBM.net to find out more.

Legolas FX Shot
From OBM.net: IGN.com has an interview with LOTR producer Richard Taylor where he discusses the scene when Legolas flips onto his horse.

From Sarah: Orlando won last week's CBBC Favorite Celebrity poll. Vote for him for this week.

Nintendo Power Magazine
From Lossenfaciel: There are several pictures of Orlando in Nintendo Power (USA). There is a picture of Legolas (the digital character) on the cover, an ad with a large picture of Orlando as Legolas, and an article about the game with several small pictures.

Orlando's Birthday Message
Orlando's birthday is right around the corner. Please do not leave birthday messages to him in my guestbook, because I don't think he will ever read them. Instead, visit OBBA to leave your message.

  January 11
Poster in Yam
From Sandy: There is a large poster of Orlando in issue number 3 of the German magazine "Yam"!

Italian TV Alert
From Helen: Saturday, January 11, on MTV Italy there will be a Movie Special about The Two Towers (which will open on January 16th accross the country). The show will start at 5pm.

People Magazine Article
From ANDiE: In the Insider section of the recent People Magazine (1/20/03), there is a bit about LotR and there's a quote from Orlando:
Filming The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in New Zealand was not for the weak of spirit -- or body.  During one grueling week Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) broke two toes while kicking a shield, Orlando Bloom (Legolas) fell from a horse and broke a rib, and the double for John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) sprained his knee.  Despite the mishaps, all three then had to film a key sequence in which their characters run across Middle Earth.  "We were sprinting a little, then hobbling back," says Bloom. Adds director Peter Jackson: "I would yell 'Cut!' and they would all stop running and start groaning."

  January 10
TTT Screencaps and Sounds
I added some more screencaps and a few Mp3 sound files from The Two Towers.

Who Weekly Article
Bella sent in a scan of the Orlando/Viggo article from the Jan. 20th issue of Who Weekly (Australia).

Bravo Scan
Dani sent in a scan of a mocked up photo of Orlando in a pirate costume, from the new Bravo (nr 3, Germany). The text says: "We know Orlando Bloom with long hair, but the Pirate costume is new. In Pirates of the Carribean, Orlando "Will Turner" is next to Johnny Depp "Jack Sparrow" fighting against an evil pirate captain, who is human during the day and a skeleton during the night, who seeks for treasures. Opens: 14.8.2003

Larger ROTK Photo
WarOfTheRing.net has a larger version of the Legolas ROTK calendar photo I posted a few days ago. War of the Ring is also holding a contest to win the calendar.

Pirates Article
Foxnews.com has a small article on Pirates of the Caribbean which mentions a July 25th release date. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

  January 9
Official Ned Kelly Site Update
The official site has been updated with info about the movie, the cast and crew, and a gallery! Thanks to Jess for the heads up. If the site is having technical probs, you can see the new photos here.

Orlando Screensaver
From Joanne: The Dolly site on msn.com.au has an Orlando screensaver you can download.

Article from 8 Days
OBM.net had posted a great article from 8 Days magazine (Singapore).

Fan Photos from NY Premiere
Lilith has posted her photos from the TTT NY premiere on her site, including a bunch of Orlando.

Belgium TV Alert
From Dani: January the 11th, a Belgium tv station called Canvas will air Midsomer Murder's "Judgement Day", at 9pm(cet).

Orlando Wins MKP Award
Orlando won the Sexiest Male of 2002 award at mykindaplace.com, which was voted for by the fans. "No contest really, Orlando beat the rest of the opposition by almost five votes to one." He also received more votes than any of the other winners in the other catergories! Thanks to Ellie for the info.

Orlando Posters
From Kirby: At a store called The Movie Poster shop, you can order posters, whatever size you want of any celeb, including Orlando. They also have movie posters of Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship and The Two Towers.

Hitkrant Magazine
There will also be a poster of The Two Towers in the Dutch magazine Hitkrant.

  January 8
2003 Breakout Stars
Orlando is one of the Breakout Stars for 2003 in the Celebrity section on Netscape. - "He's already got a following of devoted fans because of the first "Lord of the Rings." With the sequel, Bloom's fame is destined to bloom into the mainstream." Thanks to Roseanne and Katie for the link.

Orlando in Sneak
From Evie: There are several photos of Orlando in this week's Sneak magazine (UK), including one in star signs, and one about him being lonely and without a lady! There's also photos of other LOTR cast members in the issue as well.

Orlando Birthday Project Update
Nin has just informed me that the Orlando Birthday Project, headed up by Stacie, has received $2,166 from fans to be donated to Greenpeace in Orlando's name! Orlando fans rock, yay us!

LOTR Ringtone
Amy sent in a link to a cellphone ringtone for May It Be by Enya.

Orlando Petition
Sabrina has started an online petition to get Orlando to come to Canada and sign autographs at the Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention in Toronto! Sign the petition here.

  January 7
Photo from Twist
Here is the small article and a creepy photo from the Feb. issue of Twist (US), thanks to my pal Zee at AOB.

Valentine's Day Cards
Jessica sent in scans of 2 of the cards featuring Legolas (1 & 2).

ROTK Calendar Photos
TORN has photos from a Return of the King calendar, including one of Legolas. Spoilers!

Pirates Filming Locations
JohnnyDeppZone.com has pictures and maps of where Pirates of the Caribbean will be filming in St. Vincent.

  January 6
Orlando Interview from Italy
Raffy of Dream In Bloom sent in the interview from the Jan. issue of CIAK (Italy). She says that the next issue will include a book about The Two Towers, with more than 160 pages of full page pictures and info about the movie.

TV Hits Interview
Here is the 2nd part of the Orlando interview from the Feb. issue of TV Hits thanks to Leigh and Orlando Bloom Online.

Troy Article from Italy
Helen sent in the article, Brad's Heel, from the Dec. issue of Il Cinematografo (Italy). The cover of the mag has The Two Towers poster, and there is also a huge article about the movie, which will open in Italy on January 16th.

Orlando in Twist
From Diana: There is a picture of Orlando in Twist (US), in the section called 'your top 10 Valentine's Day dates.'

Hangman+Legolas in the Bathtub=Fun!
CBBC Newsround has a LOTR hangman game, with Legolas in the bathtub! If you get the answer right, Legolas gets showered on. Now why didn't I think of this first? Thanks to AOB for the link.

Space View Article
Fiwen sent in the article and scan from the Nov./Dec. issue of Space View (Germany). And in the Jan./Feb. issue of Space View, Orlando is mentioned in an article and there is a big article about RingCon*02.

German TTT Magazine
From Fiwen: In Germany there is a magazine called “Der Herr Der Ringe – Teil 2: Die Zwei Türme” (The Lord Of The Rings – Part 2: The Two Towers). It has 5 pages on Orlando with info and pics.

Blockbuster UK Article
From Alaina: "The first two LORD OF THE RINGS movies have become classics even before the most recent installment has left the box office - entering the top ten in an all time greatest film poll. The 16,000 people surveyed by THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE surprisingly placed THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING at 4, and THE TWO TOWERS in the number 10 slot." Read more.

LOTR Valentine Day Cards
From Jessica: There are foiled LOTR Valentine cards at Kmart, and there is one of Legolas that says "Hope your Valentine's Day is on target!".

TTT on Nestle Cereal Boxes
From Naomi in Israel: Nestle's range of cereals came out this week with Legolas and the rest of the TTT characters covering the boxes. In the boxes are different prizes and surprises. Inside "Crunch", there is a limited edition of 6 cellular phone stands, including one of Legolas. Inside "Cheerios", there are 10 cm X 10 cm hologram stickers. It is a limited edition of 6 (sadly, no Legolas).

101 TTT Observations
IGN.com has compiled a list of observations made by fans who have seen TTT. A few mention Legolas's mysteriously changing eye color, which I'm sure many of us noticed!

TTT Script
Here is a transcript of The Two Towers, which I believe was done by the good people at the Council of Elrond forum.

TTT Parody
Ling-yee sent in this link to a parody version of The Two Towers.

Thank You from Mary
Mary wanted me to thank all the people that came from this site and submitted their birthday message for Orlando at OBBA!

  January 4
Yam Interview
Fiwen sent in a translation of the interview in the Jan. issue of Yam! (Germany) that has some new facts about Orlando.

Orlando Photo in Nat. Enquirer
Here's a scan from the National Enquirer of Orlando and Viggo at the LA TTT premiere, thanks to Stacie.

Daily Mail Article
Fiona: In this past Monday's Daily Mail (UK), there was an article on Billie Pipper that stated: 'Now she has landed her first movie role, The Calcium Kid, with actor Orlando Bloom' and then after that article it had a full page and a half about LOTR & TTT including a pic of Legolas.

  January 3
Poster in Bliss
From Lucy: There is an Orlando poster in the Feb. issue of Bliss (UK).

Break Out Magazine
Lenny of Bloomania sent in the article and scans from the Jan. issue of Break Out (Dutch).

Empire Awards
Vote for TTT and the cast at the the 2003 Empire Awards. The deadline for casting votes is January 24th. The awards will take place at The Dorchester Hotel in London on February 5th, at 7pm and will air on Sky Movies in the UK.

Teen People Calendar
Christina sent in a scan from Teen People's 2003 Hot Guys pull-out poster calendar.

Starlog Magazine
From Namaarie: Legolas is on the cover of Starlog magazine, issue #307. There is an 8 page article on TTT, and three small pics of Legolas inside.

Realms of Fantasy Magazine
From AB: Legolas is on the cover of the Feb. issue of 'Realms of Fantasy' (US).

Washington Post Article
From Andrea: The Washington Post has an article on Lord of the Rings with a large picture of Orlando as Legolas in the style section.

TTT Poll
From Jiayi: Moviefone.com is asking "What 2003 movie are you most looking forward to?" RotK is currently in the lead.

Pirates Article in LA Times
From Tinuviel: In Thursday's Calendar Weekend section of the Los Angeles Times, Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the movies listed in the "Where you should be in 2003" article. The description of the movie reads:
"Pirates of the Caribbean." Yes, this does seem a little backward. Usually the hugely successful summer movie gets turned into a theme park ride, not the other way around. The venerable Disney attraction gets the Jerry Bruckheimer treatment as it hits the big screen with Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and potential It-girl Keira Knightley. Directed by Gore Verbinski ("The Ring"), the film has something to do with pirates, is set in the Caribbean and (if the teaser ads are to be believed) has really scary skeletons.

OBF Fanlisting
Engelina, a mod on my message board, has started a fan listing for The Orlando Bloom Files. I swear I had nothing to do it! :) She wanted me to promote it on my site, so if you're a fan, join the fan list! Thank you!

  January 2
TTT Review at Ruthlessreviews.com
Ruthlessreviews.com has a review (duh) of TTT with some favorable sentences about Legolas including: "That Orlando Bloom kid who plays Legolas, the arrow-shooting elf, is turning into a major bad ass." Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Legolas Ice Sculpture
Scotiabank in Toronto put on a LOTR themed ice sculpture exhibit, that included a sculpture of Legolas!

Canada TV Alert
From Pamela: The Canadian Channel SPACE (channel 50 in Toronto), is having a special on The Two Towers at 5pm (est) on Sunday, January 5th.

Belgium TV Alert
From Naomi: Orlando will be on Belgium TV on January 11th in Midsomer Murders: Judgement Day.

  January 1
Scans from TV Hits
Here are the photos (1 & 2) of Orlando from the Feb. issue of TV Hits, thanks to Lauren and OBM.net.

New Ned Kelly Pic in Total Film
Kerry sent in a scan of Orlando in Ned Kelly from the Feb. issue of Total Film (UK). The issue also has a short article on the film which mentions Orlando's Irish accent.

TTT Poll on NewLine.com
From Kiri: The New Line poll is asking "Which group are you most excited to see again in The Two Towers?" Aragorn, Legolas & Gimli are well in the lead.

Orlando Birthday Messages
Mary has started an Orlando Bloom Birthday Action (OBBA) for all fans to send him their congrats, through the internet. Visit her site to leave your message.

Australian TV Week Article
OBM.net has an Orlando article from the Australian TV Week magazine.

Orlando in Vi unge
From Tine: Orlando is in the new Danish Vi unge calender. He is also in the Vi unge magazine from December, in an interview with Elijah, Liv, and Orlando.

Orlando/Legolas or Viggo/Aragorn?
TV Guide is running a poll: "Which Lord of the Rings star is sexier: Orlando Bloom or Viggo Mortensen?" Orlando is currently in the lead. From Cynthia: CBBC Newsround has a poll: "Who's the most heroic in The Two Towers?: Legolas or Aragorn?" Legolas is in the lead!

Orlando Photo in USWeekly
From Brittany: The new USWeekly issue January 13, 2002 has a small pic of Orlando with his arm around Viggo at the LA premiere (p. 21). They call him the "Sexy Elf".

Repeat of Orlando on So Graham Norton
From Christi: According to tv-now.com, Orlando's appearance on the "So Graham Norton" show will be aired on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 at 11:00 pm Eastern on BBCAM-BBC America and again on Wednesday, January 29, 2003 at 2:00 am Eastern. 

December 2002
  December 31
More About Deed Poll
Read the definitive answer about Deed Poll here. I will not be posting anymore info about it, and I think everyone should make up there own mind about the movie. :)

E! Online Poll
There is a poll on the bottom of the eonline.com home page asking 'Which movie are you most looking forward to seeing in 2003?'. Pirates of the Caribbean is currently in second behind The Matrix Reloaded. The final results will be given on E! News Live. Thanks to Kiri for the link.

Ned Kelly Article in Daily Telegraph
There's a small bit on Ned Kelly in today's Daily Telegraph (OZ): "Early test screenings of Ned Kelly have indicated Heath Ledger might need to protect his pin-up patch. Apparently co-star Orlando Bloom is the one making the girls go ga-ga in theatres. Perhaps it has something to do with the bushman’s beard Ledger sports."

Orlando in Teen People
From Jane: Orlando is in the calendar of the new Teen People (US) magazine.

Empire Article on RotK
OBM.net has an article from Empire that has spoilers on The Return of the King.

Ned Kelly Photos
From Giorgia: Darkhorizons.com has 2 photos from Ned Kelly with Orlando (1 & 2). We've seen them before, but these are nice and big.

Ned Kelly Review
Aintitcoolnews.com has a short, and not too flattering, review of Ned Kelly.

Faye wanted me to let you all know that Daniel Radcliffe has overtaken Orli in the CBBC Favorite Celebrity poll and that we should all vote for him!

  December 30
New Legolas Action Figure
Action-figure.com has a photo of Toy Biz's Helm’s Deep Legolas with Convertible Shield!

Orlando and Deed Poll
The Feb. issue of TV Hits (Australia) has an interview with Orlando where they asked him about Deed Poll:
"There's a story going around that one of the jobs you've had recently is a bit of a naughty short film in which you spend most of your time naked and kissing a guy."
Orlando: "No! That's total crap! When I hear that sort of thing I get annoyed. I want people to know that story is total bollocks! I haven't done a film like that." Thanks to Aimes for the info.
I've been suspecting for a long time that this movie was not real, and that all the interviews and reviews were made up. It just makes you wonder who would start a rumor like that. Orlando really needs to get a website started so he can quash all these rumors!

Photos from FOTR Video Gala
Glami found a website that has 3 photos of Orlando at the FOTR video gala in LA on March 26, 2002.

Name That Teen
Orlando is in the Name That Teen quiz at mykindaplace.com. I have the photo on the site, but maybe some of you haven't seen it. Thanks to Ellie for the link.

Hottest Eligible Bachelors
From Sophie and Elise: Orlando was named one of the 20 Hottest Eligible Bachelors in M Celebs, a supplement with the Sunday Mirror (UK). There's also a photo of him.

Fav LOTR Character Poll
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution website has a poll where you can vote for your favorite "Lord of the Rings" character. Thanks to Kiri for the link.

Elijah and Sean A. Interviews on MSN
Jiayi found some MSN chat transcripts with Sean Astin and Elijah Wood where they both mention Orlando and how crazy he is!

Elijah Interview on EW.com
EW.com has an Elijah Wood interview where he mentions Orlando a few times. Thanks to Kiri for the link.

  December 30
New Legolas Action Figure
Action-figure.com has a photo of Toy Biz's Helm’s Deep Legolas with Convertible Shield!

Deed Poll Was Never Made
The Feb. issue of TV Hits (Australia) has an interview with Orlando where they asked him about Deed Poll:
"There's a story going around that one of the jobs you've had recently is a bit of a naughty short film in which you spend most of your time naked and kissing a guy."
Orlando: "No! That's total crap! When I hear that sort of thing I get annoyed. I want people to know that story is total bollocks! I haven't done a film like that." Thanks to Aimes for the info.
I've been suspecting for a long time that this movie was not real, and that all the interviews and reviews were made up. It just makes you wonder who would start a rumor like that. Orlando really needs to get a website started so he can quash all these rumors!

Photos from FOTR Video Gala
Glami found a website that has 3 photos of Orlando at the FOTR video gala in LA on March 26, 2002.

Name That Teen
Orlando is in the Name That Teen quiz at mykindaplace.com. I have the photo on the site, but maybe some of you haven't seen it. Thanks to Ellie for the link.

Hottest Eligible Bachelors
From Sophie and Elise: Orlando was named one of the 20 Hottest Eligible Bachelors in M Celebs, a supplement with the Sunday Mirror (UK). There's also a photo of him.

Fav LOTR Character Poll
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution website has a poll where you can vote for your favorite "Lord of the Rings" character. Thanks to Kiri for the link.

Elijah and Sean A. Interviews on MSN
Jiayi found some MSN chat transcripts with Sean Astin and Elijah Wood where they both mention Orlando and how crazy he is!

Elijah Interview on EW.com
EW.com has an Elijah Wood interview where he mentions Orlando a few times. Thanks to Kiri for the link.

  December 29
Scans from Movie Star
Visit Orlando J-web for scans from the Feb. issue of Movie Star (Japan).

Empire Article
Visit OBM.net for the article and photo in the Feb. issue of Empire (UK).

Rolling Stone's New Stars Rising
From Adrianne: Orlando was named as one of Rolling Stone magazines 'new stars rising' for his portrayal of an 'elf archer with style' in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Viggo Mortenson was also named as a rising star even though he's been doing quality work for a number of years. 

Extra's Faces To Watch Video
A video is now available on Extra's website that has some short clips of Orlando.

TTT Spoof on Conan
On Friday's Late Night with Conan O'Brien, they did "fake scenes" from TTT during their Conan on the Aisle segment. In the scene where the 3 Hunters meet the Riders of Rohan and Eomer says "I would cut off your head, dwarf..", they changed Legolas to say "They prefer to be called little people." The ep. will probably reair on Comedy Central on the 30th at 7pm (est). Thanks to Shannon for the info.

Tribute Interview
Tribute magazine (Canada) has an interview with Dom and Billy where they mention Orlando.

Orlando Pillows
orlandosgirl sent me the email address of a girl who sells pillows over the internet with Orlando pictures on them. The cost is $9.99. Email her for all the details.

  December 28
TTT Screencaps
I added 20 screencaps from The Two Towers, thanks to Pam.

Orlando is IT
Orlando is Seventeen.com's 'IT Boy' for this month. They have 17 facts about him on their site. I think some of the facts were taken directly from my Bio page, so it's the same old stuff we already know.

Faces to Watch
Orlando is in the Faces to Watch in 2003 section on TeenPeople.com, as well as the Faces to Watch section on Extra.com.

Orlando is #1 at IMDb
Orlando is listed as the most searched for name in the past 7 days on the Internet Movie Database website. The cast of TTT make up most of the list. He is also the #1 celebrity on this week's STARmeter @ IMDb Pro. Thanks to Orlandosgirl for the info.

German Magazines
From Sandy: Orlando is in the German magazines "Yam" (article about Orlando and Elijah) and in "Sixteen" (poster of Orlando as Legolas and an article about Orlando and Elijah).

Orlando in Break Out
From Naomi: Orlando will be in the next Break Out (The Netherlands) with an interview.

Legolas Photos on Your Cellphone
Verizon Wireless has a program called BREW where you can put together a virtual photo album. They have 3 Legolas photos as well as other LOTR photos. Verizon also has a mini-LOTR website with promotional tie-ins. Thanks to Debb for the info.

LOTR Competition for Aussies
From Rebecca: There is a competition to win a Fellowship DVD pack (Australians only) including the FOTR book, a poster, the FOTR t-shirt, the FOTR game: Escape from Orthanc, mini goblets and the special edition DVD, on the Civic Video website.

List of Deleted Scenes in TTT
TORN has a list of deleted scenes from TTT that includes some Legolas scenes.

  December 27
Photos from TTT
Here are 2 Legolas photos (1 & 2) from the new LOTR Roleplaying Adventure Game, thanks to Elf Lady.

Top Ten British Beauties
Orlando is #7 in Netscape's Network Special's Top Ten British Beauties of December. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Video from FOTR London Premiere
The Swedish site Aftonbladet has a video with interviews from the cast at the London Premiere of FOTR. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Legolas New Years E-Card
The Official LOTR site has e-cards for New Years, similar to the Christmas e-cards.

Iccoventry TTT Review
Fans full of praise for Two Towers: "Orlando Bloom once again dazzled the audience as Legolas the elf with some super-sharpshooting during the Helm’s Deep battle scene." Thanks to OBM.net for the link.
I saw the movie again tonight, and afterwards, there was a group of women watching the credits to see who played Legolas. Then one shouted, "Orlando Bloom! He's my man!" Another fan joins the growing ranks. :)

Orlando Interview on iO Digital Cable
The video of Orlando at the LA Premiere that is available for download at Hollywood.com is also available on iO digital cable, station (631) called Hollywood.com. Thanks to Annie for the info.

TTT Tops Box Office in Israel
From Naomi: TTT had the best opening of a movie in Israel ever, with over 74,000 people (well, we're a small country) in just 3 days!!! Also, in this week's issue (25.12.02) of the entertainment magazine, "Rating", there's a review on TTT in the movie section.

  December 26
New RotK Photo
Elf Lady found a new photo on the American Cinematographer website, that might be from The Return of the King.

Vote for Orlando
From Natti: Orlando is nominated in the Sexiest Man category at the 2002 My Kinda Place Awards. He is currently in the lead.

US TV Alerts
Don't forget that Behind the Scenes of TTT will be on E! today at 6pm (est), and the WB will be reairing Return to Middle Earth this Sunday the 29th at 9pm (est). Also this weekend, E! News Weekend may show the clip of Orlando being interviewed on the Pirates set. You can view the video at The Argonath.

Trancription from E! News Live
Here is the very short interview from Monday's E! News Live.
As The Two Towers continues to pull in record breaking bucks at the box office, we found star Orlando Bloom working on a new pirate film, and reflecting on The Lord of the Rings. "In a way it's been nice to be working and to be involved in something else while that sorta, the madness of that movie continues. Which is an amazing madness, it's not a bad madness. It's fantastic."

Orlando Screensaver
There's a screensaver for download at newwoman.co.uk.

Orlando Photo on InStyle.com
There's a photo of Orlando at the LA TTT Premiere on In Style's website in the Party Hopper section. Thanks to Mellie for the link.

Orlando in CosmoGirl
There is a photo of Orlando, with a short quote in the Pssst...Movies section of the Feb. issue of CosmoGirl (US). Thanks to Jasmine and Caroline for the info.

Orlando in Sirene
From Anne: In a Danish magazine called 'Sirene', there's a 2 page article on Orlando (with some of the newer pictures of him).

Legolas Pic in LOTR Poster Mag
From Kate: There are a few pictures of Legolas in UK, OFFICIAL LOTR MOVIE POSTER MAGAZINE. It's £2.99 and is a 1-off magazine.

TTT Poster in Bravo Girl
From Sandy: There is a poster of "The lord of the Rings - The Two Towers" in the Jan. issue of "Bravo Girl" (Germany).

Spain TV Alert
From Nuria: The Spanish channel Canal +, is showing LOTR: FOTR on February 7th.

Award for The OB Files
The OB Files is the site of the month at Winterlight. Thanks Nikki!

  December 24
I am Not Orlando
Is this really news? Well to some of you it may be. Recently, I've been getting a lot of emails from people who seem to think they are writing to Orlando. So I just want to say, I am not Orlando, I don't know him, never even met the guy, and I can't get a message to him! Sorry to dash anyone's hopes. - Sarah

Orlando in Pirates Costume on E!
Orlando was interviewed on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean on E! News Live Monday. Although he was talking about LOTR, he was still in his (cute) Pirates costume. Visit OBM.net for screencaps and the video.

Article from Seventeen
Orliness has the pic and article from the Feb. issue of Seventeen (US). They did a hack job with the quotes used in the article, if you ask me.

Legolas Picture in USA Today
From Ling-Yee: There's a picture of Legolas on the cover of the Life section of USA Today (Monday's probably). The article is mainly about how The Two Towers did at the box office over the weekend. The caption says: 'Orlando Bloom: Towers over others'.

TTT Articles in Kids Tribute
From Jenz: TTT is on the cover of the Winter 2002 issue of Kids Tribute, a free magazine in Canada.

Legolas Bobblehead Doll
You can now purchase bobbleheads of Legolas, and the rest of the fellowship, for $14.95 at newlineshop.com. I also noticed newlineshop is selling a 500 piece poster-size jigsaw puzzle, with Legolas in the picture.

Israeli TTT Links
From Naomi: MTV Europe has a review of TTT where they gave it 5 stars. Also, MTV at the Movies: TTT will air Monday the 30th, and Monday the 6th of January. Also in Israel, the weekend papers were full of LOTR reviews. For Hebrew speaking, here are the links for 2: 1 & 2. In the site archive of the newspaper "Haaretz", 219 articles were found since December of last year concerning LOTR. All the articles are available for purchase. On the entertainment show, "Guy Pines", airs everyday at 22:45 on channel 3, there will be a series of articles concerning TTT. Re-runs are always the next day at 18:00.

  December 23
Video from LA Premiere
Hollywood.com has a video with interview clips from the LA Premiere of TTT. I've made screencaps here.

Orlando in Tv Hits (UK)
From Kerry: There is a full page spread on Orlando in the Jan. 03 edition of TV Hits (UK) with Atomic Kitten on the front.

Links about Orlando's Ancestry
Gemma sent in a link to an article from the Jewish Bulletin where Orlando is mentioned prominently in a piece on The Two Towers, as well as a link to Jewhoo.com, a takeoff of Yahoo for Jewish topics. Orlando and his dad both have an entry. She also sent in an essay written by Mr. Bloom back in 1964.

  December 22
Photos From Screen
Visit Orlando J-web for scans from the Feb. issue of Screen (Japan).

Orlando Photo in Seventeen
From Christine: There is a pic of Orlando with a little info next to it, in February's issue of Seventeen (US) in the "It Stars" section.

Orlando on Google and Lycos Charts
In Google's 2002 Year-End Zeitgeist, Orlando was the 4th most-searched-for man on Google in the UK. Back in Dec. of 2001, Orlando was #10 in the Top 10 Gaining Queries chart, and then he moved up to #2 in January of 2002. On the Lycos Web's Most Wanted 2002 list, Orlando was ranked 89, making him the 6th most-searched-for man on Lycos.

Another Orlando Mention on Leno
From Elizabeth: Sean Astin mentioned Orlando on his appearance on Leno a few days ago. Sean was talking about how he wasn't really big on going out and drinking and that sort of thing so he didn't go out with Elijah, Dom, Billy and Orlando. And Jay asks, "Orlando?" And Sean says, "Orlando. Blonde hair, bow and arrow. Made about thirty-seven movies now. Orlando-looking for work."

New Poll Question
I finally put up a new poll (on the left-hand side) after 11,000 votes on the old one! According to the old poll, most people would like to see Orlando work with Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood again. Click here to see all the results.

  December 21
New Photos - More Added
I added more of the new photo shoot pics thanks to Lee. There's still a few more that I need to add.

Fan Photos from LA Premiere
Laura sent in a link to the photos she took at the LA premiere of TTT, including 5 of Orlando.

Pop Star Scan
Here's a scan from the Jan. issue of Pop Star (US) thanks to Hazel.

US TV Alerts
Return To Middle Earth, the MTV Movie Awards, and National Geographic: Beyond the Movie LOTR will all be reairing again soon. Check here for more shows, and times.

Fandango Poll
This week's poll at Fandango.com is "Who is your favorite LOTR actor". In the lead are Ian McKellen and Orlando, tied with 29% each! 

Orlando Wins BBC Poll
From BBC Newsround: "Orlando fans took action in your celeb chart after narrowly losing to Daniel last week. Orlando clocked up a whopping 33% of the votes to win this week and that was nearly double the number of votes for Daniel. Well done Orlando!" I think that should say, well done Orlando's fans!

Elle Girl Polls
Orlando is featured in 3 polls at Ellegirl.com. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Orlando Not on E!
As it turns out, Orlando was not on E! News Live friday. Perhaps Orlando was busy filming Pirates and couldn't make it. Let's hope he is on next week!

Tatler Article
From Andie: The December issue of UK's Tatler magazine features 200 men and women from britain's high society, celebs, etc. and this bit about Orlando:
What every single needs to know: who to target, what's their type, what they are worth.  You can be wide-eyed, naive and discreet because Camilla Long has done all the work for you -- she's found and crowned the 200 dateable studs and sirens of 2002.
20s / London's favourite elf who looks much better without those effeminate "Lord of the Rings" blond extensions. Cuts a puckish figure at parties here and in LA. Into pilates.

TTT Decipher Cards
All Decipher trading cards are now on their website.

  December 20
New Orlando Photo from '98
rYOKO sent in this photo of Orlando with long hair back in 1998, at a Kriza Shop opening in London. The 2 women are Sophie Dahl and Annabelle Rothschild.

New Photos
OrlandoBloomFan.com has some new studio photos from All Over Press. I have 5 of the smaller, untagged versions here, and will be getting the rest soon thanks to Lee! I checked the All Over Press website, and found 3 more photos from the LA premiere (1, 2, 3)

US Weekly Scan
Here's a partial scan of the Orlando page in the Dec. 23rd issue of US Weekly, thanks to Zee at AOB.

TRL Summary
Jane sent in a summary of the LOTR cast on TRL Wednesday.

Movieline Article
Jasmine typed up part of the Peter Jackson interview in the Jan. issue of Movieline where he discusses why he cast Orlando.

German Magazines
From Sandy: There are articles about Orlando in the January issues of the German magazines "Marie Claire" and "Joy".

Orlando Mentioned in Gossip Column
There's bit about Orlando in Ted's Awful Truth gossip column at E! Online.

icLiverpool Website
Julez sent in this link to the icLiverpool site that has a bunch of stuff on TTT.

Pirates Trailer Attached to TTT
As if you needed another reason to go and see TTT, many people have been reporting that the Pirates trailer is attached to it.

Holiday Hottie Poll
Orlando is in a poll for Fave Holiday Hottie at whatsherface.com. Click on 'Coolin' It' and the poll is at the bottom of the page.

LOTR Posters in UK
From Vicky: MVC in the UK has 3 Legolas posters, and other LOTR ones, that you can get for 4.99, or 3.99 if you have a card.

Legolas Poster in Official TTT Mag
From Louise: On page 5 of the Official Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers Movie Poster Magazine there's a poster of Legolas and there are other various, smaller pictures of him throughout the magazine.

  December 19
Hi-Res Photo from NY Premiere
You can download a hi-res photo of Orlando at the NY Premiere from New Line's publicity site. Thanks Elf Lady!

Orlando Was on TRL
From Ling: Orlando was shown on TRL Wednesday. At the Halloween TRL, they had a contest to send two people to The Two Towers premiere, and a guy and his girlfriend won. They got to interview Orli, Elijah, Dom, Viggo, and Billy too, I think. Orli talked about his "homies" and made a joke about how he never calls his friends that.

More Photos from LA Premiere
I added more photos from the premiere, from Retna and ImageDirect.

LOTR Merchandise Website
Playworks has some cool Legolas merchandise that will be on sale soon.

Legolas Photo from Sci-Fi
Lady Leah Greenleaf sent in one of the photos from Sci-Fi magazine. There's also a full page pic, and a small pic of Legolas with the Fellowship above a review of the Spec. Ed. DVD which received an A+.

TTT Article in Washington Post
From Lossenfaciel: There was a picture of Leggy (about 2 inches by four inches) on the first page of the Washington Post Style section on Tuesday, an article that was not incredibly flattering about The Two Towers and a whole bunch of assorted pictures (Legolas, Aragorn, Eomer, Saruman, the army of Rohan, Aragorn and Arwen, and Pippin and Merry).

LOTR Article in Movieline
From Jasmine: The January issue of Movieline magazine has a 4 page spread on LOTR. 

Orlando in US Weekly
Orlando is featured in US Weekly magazine.  The cover has Britney and Justin on it.

The Return of the King Premiere
According to the New Zealand news media, The Return of the King world premiere will be held in Wellington next year.

  December 18
More Photos from LA Premiere
Chuck sent in a link to his website that contains great photos he took of Orlando and some of the other cast, as well as his report. View Meredith's photos here.

Scans and Article from Now
Margarete sent in the great article and scans from Now (UK) magazine.

Orlando's Horoscope
Leanne sent in a scan of Orlando's horoscope from the Jan. issue of Australian Cosmo.

Orlando in Sneak
From Rach: Orlando is in the Sneak (UK) magazine out Tuesday 17th.

Article from USA Today
Got the hots for a hobbit? Stand in line article from USA Today is about the audience attraction to the men of Middle-earth.

Official LOTR Site Update
The official site has been updated with info on Helm's Deep, and a mention of Legolas and the shield surfing scene.

  December 17
TV Reminder for US
TNT will air TTT: Return to Middle Earth tonight at 11pm est.

Another Fan Report from LA Premiere
Diana just sent in her report from the LA premiere of TTT.

Screencaps from LA Premiere News Footage
Here are some screencaps of Orlando being interviewed at the LA premiere, thanks to OBM.net and Jennifer. You can download the clip at houseoftelcontar.com.

Scan from Seventeen
Jiayi sent in a scan of the small Legolas pic in the Jan. issue of Seventeen (US).

More Photos and Fan Report from LA Premiere
I added more photos from the premiere, and here's another fan report.

Orlando Mention on Leno
Elijah Wood was on Jay Leno last night. Before Jay made him show his 'nine' tattoo, he asked who's idea it was, and Elijah said something like "Orlando Bloom takes the credit for it, I don't think he's the person who actually came up with it." which got a laugh from the audience.

Legolas Photos in Sci-Fi
From Lady Leah Greenleaf: Sci-Fi magazine has an article on TTT, and there's a full page photo of Orlando on his horse, as well as another photo of him.

TTT Special on UK TV
Someone wrote in saying that there will be a TTT Special on MTV (UK) this Sunday at 6 pm.

Orlando Interview at Allocine
There is a video of an interview with Orlando on the French cinema site Allocine. The video goes along with an article about him (in French of course) that mentions my site and has some quotes from me. I don't agree with some of the things in the article, so please take it with a grain of salt. Click here to read the interview that contains the actual quote from Dom, that was mentioned in the article.

  December 16
Orlando on E! this Friday
"Lord of the Rings warrior Orlando Bloom drops by for a live visit to the E! studio" this Friday the 20th, on E! News Live at 6:30pm EST!

Photos from LA TTT Premiere
Orlando was at the LA premiere of The Two Towers Sunday night. Here are some pics, I'll add more when I get them.

Fan Report from LA Premiere
Read a fan's report about waiting outside the premiere and getting a glimpse of Orlando. Apparently, he gave the waiting fans more of his time than the other actors did!

Orlando is "Hero of the Year"
From Lucy: Orlando won the "Hero of the Year" award in the Shout Poll 2002, ahead of Gareth Gates, Kate (Big Brother), David Beckham, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears. It says "Whether for his fab acting as Legolas Greenleaf in The Lord of the Rings or simply his lush smile and charming ways, Orli captured the hearts of Shout girls this year! We still think he's the lushest elf around..." It's in the Dec 13-26 issue of Shout (No.256)(UK), and there's a piccy as well.

TTT TV Commercials
Elf Lady made some screencaps (1, 2, 3, 4) from the recent TTT commericials that you can download at TORN.

Photo from One
Laura sent in the photo from the December issue of One (France). You can read the article here.

Orlando's Horoscope
What's in the stars for Orli in 2003? From Girlfriend (Australia) magazine: As an ambitious Capricorn, this dashing Brit has the patience, determination and strong work ethic needed to reach star status. His dedication will pay off in June and September, when he'll be in ultra high demand.
During May, when Venus is in his romance sector, he may mix business with pleasure and fall for a fellow earth sign. Thanks to ILuvLegolas for the info.

'Epic Tale of Success' Orlando Article
Arlo sent in a link to this interview she found on her local newspaper's website.

Sunday Herald Article
Visit OBM.net for the Orlando article from Melbourne's Sunday Herald's Sunday Magazine

New Zealand TV Alert
From Crissie: Orlando will be on So Graham Norton this Thursday (19th) on channel One at 9.40pm in New Zealand.

Orlando Mention in Heat
From Hannah: In this week's issue of Heat magazine (UK) there's a tiny snippet about Orlando's part in the tv show Casualty: "Olando Bloom's first ever acting role was as a self mutilater in Casualty. The part is a far cry from Lord of the Rings and Black Hawk Down, but Orlando says 'it gave me a bit of experience.' We all have to start somewhere."

TTT Review in Daily Mail
Fiona: There was a review of TTT in Sunday's Daily Mail (UK), and they metioned how Legolas was a better looking Elf than Liv (Arwen).

TTT Poster in USA Weekend
From Lexi: There's a two-page poster for TTT in USA Weekend magazine included in most newspapers, including USA Today. Here's a scan from TORN.

  December 15
New Orlando Photo from Demi
Here is the photo from the Nov. issue of Demi (Finland), thanks to Unattainable Dream.

Articles from Young Miss and Bravo
Here are the articles from Young Miss and Bravo, translated by Becky. Thanks to everyone who offered their help!

UK TV Alert
From Helen: Friday morning on SM:TV Live (UK) there were interviews with the hobbits. It was mentioned that there would be two more sets of interviews over the next two weeks, so Orlando will possibly be featured. SM:TV Live is on ITV1 every Saturday from 9:25am.

Legolas Name Tags
Zee at AOB has made some great Legolas name tags that you can customize and print out.

Legolas Stickers
Elf Love has scans from Merlin Sticker's TTT Collection.

TTT Articles in LA Times
From Tinuviel: In today's Sunday Edition of the LA Times there is a colored two page ad for LOTR:TTT in the Calendar Section. In the Business Section on the first page there is an article about the production of LOTR. It continues on p.C18 where there is a 2x3 inch picture of Legolas sitting on a horse with his sword in hand. The caption below it reads: 'Embattled: Elf archer Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom, prepares to fight Uruk-hai warriors in "The Two Towers."' Elijah Wood is on the cover of "Parade", the magazine included in the LA Times. There is a one and a half page article inside.

Sound & Vision Magazine
From Lauren: In the January 2003 issue of Sound & Vision (US) there's a 7 page section (pgs. 82-88) on the extended version and special extended version *more extra stuff* DVD's of the Fellowship of the Ring.  There isn't any specific mention of Orlando or Legolas, but it's still pretty interesting.

Legolas UK Poster Site
Andrea sent in this link to popartuk.com that has some Legolas posters at great prices.

Vote Vote Vote
Eleanor wanted me to remind all of you to vote for Orlando in BBC's Fav Celeb poll, where he is currently infront of Daniel Radcliffe (finally). Take a look at the voting booth, and go ahead and vote in the rest of the polls as well!

Ad for Orlando Inspired Team
Ever dreamed of having an Orlando Bloom Fansite? Apply now for the Orlando Inspired Team!

Award for OBF
I won the Best Member Website award at the 2002 BBoard Awards. Thanks ladies!

  December 14
Interview and Photo from J-17
Here is the short interview and photo from the Jan. issue of J-17 (UK) thanks to Charlotte.

Screencaps from The Today Show
I added 29 screencaps of Orlando on The Today Show this past Thursday, thanks to Elf Lady. Poor Orlando, having to listen to his quote about getting into acting for the women!

Official Pirates Site
The official site for Pirates of the Caribbean is now up, and features a teaser trailer. No Orlando, but it's nice to see, and hear, his name! Also, Comingsoon.net is reporting that the teaser trailer will be attached to TTT next week.

Scans from Young Miss
Margarete sent in scans (1, 2) from the Jan. issue of Young Miss (Germany), along with the article in German. English translation coming soon!

Scans from Bravo
Margarete also sent in scans (1, 2, 3, 4) from the recent issue of Bravo (Germany), as well as the article in German. English translation coming soon!

E! TTT Special
Behind the Scenes of TTT will air on E! Dec. 16th at 6pm est. The other dates are in the TV Guide. Also, E! Online has a new section for TTT, that includes a video with Legolas. Thanks to Brittany and Holly for the info.

Article from icConventry
Here's an article on TTT that has Orlando talking about his role. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Scans from Now
OBM.net has scans from Now (UK) mag.

  December 13
New TTT Commercial
TORN has video and screencaps of the latest and greatest TTT commercial shown in the US.

Goodies from TTT Soundtrack Site
You can access the bonus features that came with the enhanced TTT soundtrack online. It includes a Legolas drawing that you can print out and color.

Video of Orlando on the Today Show
Thursday's the Today Show (US) had interviews from "The three hotties from The Two Towers" - Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortenson, and Karl Urban. According to Kiri's mom who saw it, Orlando basically talked about the same old things - how he started off, his new movies, etc. She also said that when he was asked about the quote about him doing anything for girls, he laughed and said not really - "he was really modest". View the video at houseoftelcontar.com.

Articles from One
Christelle sent in translations of the 2 Orlando articles (1, 2) in the Dec. issue of One (France).

TTT Christmas E-cards
The official LOTR site has Christmas e-cards that you can send to friends, including a nice Legolas card!

Orlando Bit from Premiere
I typed up part of the Viggo article in the Jan. issue of Premiere (US) that had a cute story told by Orlando.

Screencaps from TTT Specials
Here are some screencaps from Starz On the Set of TTT, and other clips, thanks to Elf Lady. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Video from WB Special
The Japanese site E-blooming has 18 video clips from the WB's Return To Middle Earth special. Thanks to Eggy for the heads up.

Orlando in Mizz and J-17
There is a LOTR special on page 82 of Mizz (UK), with things on Orlando. I posted this before, but people keep emailing me about it: there is an Orlando interview and poster in J-17 (UK) on page 24. Scans anyone?

Orlando pic in "What's On TV Guide"
From Fleur: There's a small picture of Orlando in the back of "What's On TV Guide" (UK).

More German Magazine Alerts - Young Miss
From Margarete: The latest issue of Young Miss (Germany), dated Dec. 13 (January 2003 issue) has a three page article, one is a full page photo (the same as in Galaxie) and a smaller one (from Rolling Stone).
The latest issue of one of the biggest German weekly (political) magazines, Stern No.51, 12.12.2002, has LotR (Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo and Arwen) on cover and an article with 16 pages, incl. one page of each Frodo and Treebeard and a two page picture of Legolas with his bow and the men of Rohan, about the filming of the movies.
Margarete also thinks that the interview in the Jan. issue of Bravo is not real. "It sounded fabricated as often in this magazine."

Pirates Bit on Extra
From Gigi: I was just watching extra and they were talking to Jerry Bruckhiemer about his movies and then they talked about his new "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and they showed an island in the shape of a skull and they showed that freaky movie poster skeleton. All you could see was him put one foot on the land, well it looked more like dirt. They didn't show Orlando or any other cast member though... But It looked very very cool.

  December 12
Official Ned Kelly Site
The official site for Ned Kelly is now up. Not much there, except for a teaser trailer and newsletter signup. "Beginning in early January, we'll be bringing you a world exclusive first look at the theatrical trailer, interviews with the cast and crew, stories from behind-the-scenes, screensavers, wallpaper and more. Plus we'll give you and three friends the chance to attend the world premiere of the film in Melbourne." Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Guide to TTT Characters
Know your Sauron from your Saruman? Here's an AP article, a guide to 'The Two Towers' characters.

TTT London Premiere
I got a lot of emails from people who waited in the 'freezing cold' at the London premiere last night, but sadly, Orlando, Elijah and Viggo were not there. Apparently Orlando's back in LA filming Pirates. Newsround will have a full review of the premiere and an interview with Billy today. They also stated that the final movie will be released next year on Dec. 17th.

Update to Merchandise Page
I updated the Merchandise page with some new products, including the Legolas leg-up door poster from AllPosters.com.

Orlando Photo in Variety
Here's a scan of Orlando at the NY premiere after party from Variety, thanks to Elf Lady.

More Photos from NY Premiere
TORN has posted some photos taken by fans at the NY premiere, including some great ones of Orlando. Am so jealous of Luthien. :) MTV also has a review of TTT and the NY premiere. Thanks to Melissa for the link.

Ned Kelly Review
I've added a little more info from fairytoes about the movie, in her review of Ned Kelly (Spoilers!), originally posted at OBM.net.

Orlando in Empire (AUS)
From Rainee and OBM.net: Here is a photo of Orlando at the EA games launch party, from the Jan. issue of Australian Empire magazine. There's also an article on Ned Kelly, no mention of Orlando and the same Orlando article from the UK edition.

Orlando in More
From Sarah: There is a photo of Orlando and a questions and answers section in More (UK).

Article from Galaxy
OBM.net has an article about Orlando from the December issue of Galaxy (Malaysia) magazine.

German Mag Alerts
From Silke: There's an interview with Orlando in the newest issue of "Bravo" (Germany). It was given during the filming of "The Calcium Kid". The mag will be available for one week, it was released yesterday. Also, the December issue of the German movie mag "Cinema" was released yesterday. It features 15 pages on TTT (LOTS of pics), but no article on Orlando. Also from Silke: A colleague of mine gave me a popcorn bag, filled with "toffee popcorn". It has Frodo and a LOTR logo on it. She bought it at Woolworth/Berlin.

  December 11
TTT Soundtrack Cover
Elisa sent in a scan of Legolas on the cover of the TTT Soundtrack CD that was released today. She says that the Legolas "cover" is on the back of the Gollum cover. (Each of the five cover cards are double sided.) You can purchase both the CD and the Limited Edition enhanced CD at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Scans from Demi
Here are scans (1, 2, 3) from the Dec. issue of Demi (Finland) thanks to Unattainable Dream.

NY Daily News Article
There was a small bit about Orlando in Tueday's Daily Dish section of the NY Daily News. "British hunk Orlando Bloom lives by the sword. The "Lord of the Rings" warrior says, "I'm playing with a blade again, but it's Errol Flynn-style," in the upcoming action film "Pirates of the Caribbean." "It's more like fencing, and it's [bleep]ing great."..."

BBC Newsround Interviews
There was an interview with Eiljah, Liv, Billy and Dom on BBC Newsround, and all were asked about Orlando's sex appeal as he was voted the cutest Rings boy. You can read Liv's and Elijah's response online, or watch the video that also includes Billy and Dom's hilarious response.

Topps Cards in the US
Brianna says that Fye music stores are selling the Topps movie cards from TTT.

  December 10
Photos and Fan Account of NY Premiere
Aintitcool.com has a fan's report of the NY TTT premiere, including 2 photos of Orlando.

Legolas on Cover of Dreamwatch
Here is a scan of Legolas on the cover of the Jan. issue of Dreamwatch (UK), thanks to Elf Love.

Video from MTV Movie House
Visit WarOfTheRing.net for video clips from MTV's Movie House and MTV's Making of the Video game. The 'Orc Warg Scout' clip features a new fight scene with Legolas.

Info About the London Premiere
From ThisIsLondon.co.uk: The Two Towers premiere in London will be held on Wednesday, December 11 at the Odeon Leicester Square. Doors to the premiere open at 6pm. The film starts at 7pm with no admittance after this time. The premiere finishes at 10.30pm. Please note that this premiere is for Invitation only, tickets are not available for the public, but fans can watch the stars on the red carpet at the venue. Thanks to OBM.net for the info.

E! News Live at London Premiere
According to the E! News Live website, they will cover the London premiere of TTT this Thursday. Thanks to Nikolina for the info.

Making of TTT on Dutch TV
From Dani: There will be a making of lord of the rings: the two towers special on a dutch tv channel. It's going to be shown in two parts. Date: dec 11th and dec 18th time is 19.55 cet, and the channel is V8.

LOTR Week in The Sun Newspaper
Charlotte says that it is Lord of the Rings week in 'The Sun' (UK).

TTT Popcorn Bag
Sam sent in a scan of her TTT popcorn bag. No Legolas though.

  December 9
Orlando Poster in Sugar
Charlotte sent in the poster from the Jan. issue of Sugar (UK).

Orlando in J-17
Fiona says there's a poster and small article on Orlando in J-17 (UK) that comes out this Friday.

Scans from USA Weekend
TORN has scans of the Orlando article in this past weekend's USA Weekend magazine. You can read the article on USA's website.

Norway TV and Magazine Alerts
The current Topp magazine has 2 pages of TTT pictures, and there will be an interview in the next issue that is out on Dec. 27th. On the tv show God Kveld Norge (good night Norway) there will be an interview with the cast of TTT on the 15th. There will also be an interview with the cast on Etter Skoletid (After school-time) on the 13th.

UK TV Alerts
From OBM.net, El and Fiona: The Lord of the Rings stars will be interviewed on GM:TV (ITV1) Wednesday Dec. 11th at 7am. One of the hobbits will also be on SM:TV Live (ITV1) Saturday Dec. 14th at 9.25am. The making of the Two Towers will be shown on ITV1 (UK) on Saturday 14th Dec. at 12:30pm.

Elijah on TRL
Elijah Wood will be on MTV's Total Request Live on Thursday, December 12th. So it seems there will be no cast appearance like last year.

Pirates Teaser Poster
Here is a larger version of the teaser poster where you can read all the credits at the bottom.

  December 8
New Photo from World Screen
OBM.net posted a photo sent in by Pam, from a Taiwan magazine, World Screen.

Ned Kelly Poster
The Z Review has posted a new Ned Kelly poster. Sadly no Orlando.

Scan from Vogue
Here is the photo from the Dec. issue of Vogue (US) thanks to Orliness. I added the article awhile back, you can read it here.

OB Fanclub
Clara has started an international Orlando Bloom Club. She wants to make it official, but it needs more members. So go sign up, it's free!

LOTR on Starz
The Fellowship of the Ring will premiere on Starz on Dec. 14th.

Site Seeks Co-webmistress
From Maggie: "Want to show your devotion for Orlando? I'm looking for someone to co-manage my Orlando site, Padded Walls. Visit my site for all the information! Thanks!"

  December 7
Photos from TTT Press Conference
Here are photos of Orlando at a TTT press conference on Friday, thanks to Bagendinn.com.

More Photos from NY Premiere
I added a lot more photos of Orlando at the NY Premiere of TTT Thursday night, including screencaps of the E! News Live interview.

Articles in USA Weekend and NZ Herald
There is an Orlando article in this week's USA Weekend magazine, and an interview in today's New Zealand Herald.

Scans from Bliss
Charlotte sent in scans of the Orlando Vs Elijah article in Bliss (UK). (1, 2, 3)

AOL Poll
There is an Elijah Wood vs. Orlando Bloom poll on AOL. Thanks to Shannon for the link.

New York Premiere Report
TORN has posted a fan's report of the premiere, and it includes some bits about Orlando.

Orlando Article in Daily Mirror
From Alaina: There was a LOTR special in Friday's Daily Mirror (UK) and it includes a full article on Orlando. It states that Orlando and Christina Ricci are not an item, he simply got a lift in her limo to a party.

New Pavement Photo
OBM.net has another photo from the Jan. issue of Pavement (NZ).

TTT Special in Toronto Star
From Samantha: The Toronto Star newspaper had a special TTT Collector section on Dec. 6. Also, on the Saturday Star (part of Toronto Star) there will be collector posters on Dec. 7 and 14.

Don't touch the ceiling Orlando
Mandy says that her class went on a fieldtrip to a replica of the Nina (one of the boats used by Columbus), and they were told that the boat will be used in Pirates of the Caribbean. So she and her friend licked their hands and rubbed them on the ceiling in the hopes that Orlando might touch their spit! Ewww

  December 6
Photos from NY Premiere (more added)
Orlando attended the NY Premiere of TTT Thursday night, along with most of the cast and a plethora of other celebs. Here are photos of Orlando, many thanks to Bagendinn.com.

Orlando in Lycos Top 20
According to The Lycos 50, Orlando was the 6th most searched-for man on the internet in 2002. Just don't tell Orlando, we don't want to scare him!

Video of Orlando at NY Premiere
Visit WarOfTheRing.net to download the video from Thursday's E! News Live, of Orlando and Liv being interviewed at the NY premiere.

Screencaps from WB Special
I've added some screencaps from Return to Middle Earth TTT special shown on the WB, thanks to Eggy and Dina.

Pirates Teaser Poster
Comingsoon.net has posted a teaser poster for The Pirates of the Caribbean. Orlando has top billing along with Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush!

Orlando Photos from You! Mag
Nuria sent in scans and bits of the article from the Dec. issue of You! (Spain).

Scans from Spin
OBM.net has scans of the picture and article in the Jan. issue of Spin (US).

TTT Countdown Clock
The new countdown clock is courtesy of Jennifer.

  December 5
Photos from Movie Star
Here are the photos (1, 2, 3, 4) from the Jan. issue of Movie Star (Japan) thanks to Orlando J-Web.

New Legolas Photos
LordOfTheRings.net has been updated with new photos, including 4 of Legolas (1, 2, 3, 4), and here's some photos (1, 2, 3, 4) from Comingsoon.net.

Fan's Review of Ned Kelly
Someone who was lucky enough to attend a screening of Ned Kelly last night sent me their review. Sounds like a thumbs-up!

Orlando on Cover of Empire (Aus)
Yet another cover! Legolas is on the front cover of the Jan. issue of Empire (Australia), along with Aragorn and Eowyn. (There are 2 different covers) There are about 17 pages on TTT along with an Orlando interview, photos of him and Legolas, and info about Ned Kelly. Thanks to Katie and Rebecca for the info.

Orlando in Girlfriend
There is a 2 page article on Orlando, along with a full page photo, in the Jan. issue of Girlfriend (Australia).

Screencaps from the WB's TTT Special
Visit bagendinn.com for some screencaps from last night's show.

TTT Cast on E!
E! News Live will feature the cast of TTT on their Thursday night broadcast at 6:30 pm (EST). Thanks to lego_my_ego for the info. Also check out TORN for more TTT programming.

TTT Special on TNT
TNT will air TTT Return to Middle Earth on Dec. 17th at 11 pm (EST). This may be the same program that was shown on the WB last night.

  December 4
Arena Article
Here's is the Orlando interview from the Jan. issue of Arena (UK), thanks to Kerry of Orlando Obsession.

Orlando in Big Hit
From Katie: There's a really good poster of Orlando in the Jan. issue of Big Hit (Aus).

Orlando in Sugar
There is an Orlando poster in the Jan. issue of Sugar (UK), plus there's a competition to win a trip to the set of LOTR in New Zealand. Enter the competiton online. Thanks to Alaina and Alison for the info.

Orlando in Sneak
From LilMiss: There are two small pics of Orlando in Sneak (UK) magazine out yesterday. He's wearing the infamous yellow hat.

Orlando in Spin
From Sam: Orlando is in the January 2003 issue of Spin (US). There is a picture of him (full page) on page 37 including a small article that continues to page 38, which includes a picture of Legolas.

Legolas Posters in UK
From Robyn: In Athena (a shop in the UK) you can buy two large Legolas posters (A1); the one of him shooting an arrow with his leg up, and the one with a yellow background which says "A red sun is rising..." They cost £3.99 each.

Legolas Photo in US-Spanish Magazine
From Hitari: There is a photo of Legolas in the Dec. 7th edition (#38) of 'TV y Novelas' magazine, the USA edition. Next to the photo it says: "The second saga of this fantastic adventure expects to continue the success reached by the first. Elijah Wood once again shrinks to a height of three feet to give life to his character Frodo. Single women can sigh when actors Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom unsheath their swords."

US TV Alerts
Peter, Elijah and Viggo were on The Charlie Rose Show on PBS last night, but it may reair depending on what city you live in. (check your city) They will show clips from the film with Legolas. Thanks to Cynthia for the info. Don't forget to watch Return to Middle-Earth: TTT Special tonight at 8pm (EST) on the WB. Orlando may also be on E! News Live tonight as well. Also, Friday's Entertainment Tonight will have a look at the New York premiere of TTT.

German Web Store
Laura sent in this link to happytoys.de that sells a Legolas mug, T-shirt, and tons of LOTR stuff.

  December 3
Orlando Photos from Pavement
Check out Orlando on the cover of the Dec/Jan edition of the New Zealand magazine Pavement, thanks to Elf Lady. Here is a closeup of the cover photo, and the inside photos (1, 2, 3) thanks to Denise. Here's the ordering info again: (pavement@pavement.co.nz) or (Pavement, PO Box 309, Auckland 1, New Zealand). Cost NZ$20 each (including postage & handling). A2 cover poster NZ$20 each (including postage & handling). NZ$30 for a copy and poster. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after date of publication.

TV Hits Interview
Here is the Orlando interview from the Jan. issue of TV Hits (Australia), thanks to elin_elf.

TTT Clip from E!
You can download the TTT clip shown on yesterday's E! News from TORN or TheArgonath.cc . It is the full sequence of Eomer's encounter with Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn. Go Leggy!! 15 days and counting...

New Legolas Poster
Allposters.com is now selling a new Legolas TTT poster for $8.99.

Orlando in Dolly and Cosmopolitan
From Katie: In the Jan. issue of Dolly (Australia), on page 116 there's a nice little cut out picture of Orlando, and he says "When you start falling for somebody and you can't stop thinking about when you're going to see them again, I love that. Women are beautiful. They deserve to be cherished and respected." There's also a little bit of Orli in the Jan. issue of Cosmopolitan (AUS) on page 190. There's a little picture of him under the title 'In Bed With Mr. Capricorn'.

LOTR BBC Website
From Emma: I was watching Newround in the UK earlier this evening when the presenter told us all to check out the new Lord of the Rings section on thier website. It includes "amazing facts" and quizzes. Here is the link.

TTT Cast on ET? and Other US Appearances
I've been getting emails saying that TTT was not featured on Monday's Entertainment Tonight. I didn't see it either, but according to OBM.net, "there was a lot of Legolas on the TTT segment shown". Maybe different cities air different eps, so perhaps it will be on tonight. But I did see on Extra that today's show will feature the Hunks of TTT. Also, E! Movie News will have an interview with the cast today, Tuesday, at 6:30 (EST). Sorry the short notice on all this!

Black Hawk Down on Starz
Black Hawk Down will premiere on the Starz channel on Dec. 7th at 8pm (EST) in the US.

New Zealand TV Alert
The Making of LOTR: The Two Towers will air on TV2 Dec. 8th at 7 pm. Thanks to OBM.net for the info.

Verizon Wireless Commercial and Contest
Kiri saw a Verizon Wireless commercial (US) advertising a trip for four to New Zealand to visit the locations where the LOTR trilogy was filmed. The ad showed some scenes from TTT, including some long scenes with just Legolas! You can enter the competition here, and you can download the commercial at OBM.net.

TTT trailer and Popcorn Bags
AB saw the TTT trailer at a Wynnsong theater attached to "Die Another Day". She also got two 'Two Towers' popcorn bags. One had her popcorn in it, and she begged for the other to keep as a keepsake! The bags come with different characters on them, including one with Legolas.

Best Webmaster Award
I have recieved Rusted Faith's "Will not go into the West award", their Best Webmaster award for December! Thanks ladies! Check out the cool banner I received.

  December 2
DeBeer's Photo in ES Magazine
Eggy sent in this scan she found on ebay, from the Nov. 29th issue of ES (UK).

Photos in Bravo Magazine
Naomi sent in scans of the small article about Troy, and the Legolas poster from the Nov. 30 issue of Bravo (Germany).

Orlando on Cover of TV Hits
Orlando is on the cover of the Jan. issue of TV Hits (Australia). There’s a poster, and an interview: “TV HITS dropped everything when Orlando called for an exclusive chat about the film series that has made him a star PLUS he tells us all about the great 'fellowships' he has made on set.” Thanks to Lamello for the info.

Empire Article
Thanks to Crissie for typing up the Orlando article from the Jan. issue of Empire (UK).

Seventeen.com Poll
You can vote for Orlando in Seventeen’s “17 Hottest: Boys of Fall” poll. Thanks to Nicole for the link.

Orlando Photo in Teen People Spec. Ed.
Ashley says that Orlando was the picture for the month of January on the calendar found in Teen People’s make-up and fashion special edition magazine.

TTT Cast on ET
The cast of The Two Towers will be on Entertainment Tonight Monday, Dec. 2, and there will be more on TTT on Dec. 6. Thanks to Stacie for the info.

Orlando Back in UK?
Someone sent this to me, I don't know if it's true: "Orlando back in the uk. Was seen shopping in Canterbury with his mum."

New Topps Cards
TORN has posted some new Topps trading cards, including a new one of Legolas, way at the bottom of the page.

Love Blooms for Kiera
From people.co.uk: "Bend It Like Beckham beauty Keira Knightley will soon be the envy of girls everywhere in her latest film. She plays the lover of Johnny Depp in Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean - and also gets to snog Lord Of The Rings elf Orlando Bloom. Kiera is currently wowing telly audiences in ITV's Dr Zhivago." Thanks to OBM.net for the info.

Unreel Movie Magazine
UNREEL, a free magazine found at cinemas in the UK, has a page review on TTT along with a competition to win a holiday to New Zealand. You can get it from Warner Bro. Village cinemas (only UK) issue Nov/Dec. Thanks to Fiona for the info.

TTT Game Reviews
From Andcirithiel: On page 26 of this month's Nintendo Power (the one w/ Metroid Fusion on the cover) there is a short article on the Two Towers game for Gamecube and there are short reviews of FOTR & TTT for Gameboy Advance later on.  There's also going to be more coverage of the GC game in the January issue.

  December 1
More from More!
LittleMiss sent in the larger Orlando article from the Dec. issue of More! (UK) along with some scans (1, 2).

Missing YM Photo
Kate informed me that I was missing a photo from the Jan. issue of YM, of Orlando hugging all the editors. Here's the photo, thanks to Uruviel's Argonath Site.

Legolas on German Magazine Covers
Legolas is on the cover of Blockbuster Movie Highlights #3: Herr der Ringe II. The magazine also contains a 5 page article on Orlando and some photos, but nothing new. The same photo used on Blockbuster, graces the cover of the film-review magazine "EPD Filmdienst". And finally, Legolas is on the cover of the poster catalogue for www.closeup.de. You can order the catalogue from their site. They also have many Legolas posters and other merchandise, including a Legolas keychain I haven't seen before, and they ship worldwide. Thanks to Margarete for the info and scans.

Daily Mail TTT Special
Today's edition of The Daily Mail contains a free "Night&Day Magazine" - an official collector's edition for TTT. It also includes a free CD-Rom, that contains exclusive behind the scenes footage from TTT, 2 official trailers, 8 interactive character guides, 2 screensavers and 4 desktop wallpapers. Thanks to Fiona for the info.

Orlando Photo in Seventeen
Beth says there's a small pic of Orlando as Leggobutt (?) in the Jan. issue of Seventeen (US).

Want to be an Orlando Webmistress?
From Engelina: Have you always dreamt about owning your very own Orli site? Your dream can now come true!
Orlando Bloom - Wild Dreams is looking for a partner to own and create the site with. All you need to do is go to the site and more information will be given to you there. Good Luck!"