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News Archives:
February 2004
  Saturday, February 28
Vogue Scan
Elena sent in a scan from the March issue of Vogue.

People Magazine
From Kathryn: In the March 1st issue of People Weekly, there is an article on "Pirates of the Internet" or people who download movies illegally. According to the article the most downloaded movies since December 2003, were "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" (700,000 downloads) and "The Last Samurai" (50,000 downloads). There is also a picture of a guy who downloaded movies and in the background there are 3 tvs with a screencap of Legolas from "Two Towers" when he is saying "A red sun rises, blood has been spilt this night."

Spoof.com Article
The spoof.com has a fake article about Orlando getting plastic surgery on his ears.

Bye Bye Curls
From The Mirror Surveillance: Orlando Bloom having his hair straightened in a Covent Garden salon.

Young, Hot, Hollywood
From Dawn: Just wanted to let you know that VH1's All Access: Young, Hot, Hollywood with OB will be shown on Wed. March 3 at 1:00, 12:00 p.m. central. It is very cute footage of him! They have an older interview where he has the "fin" hair. He is in between Colin Ferrell and Heath Ledger. It is also on March 11 at 1:00 p.m. and again on March 16 at Midnight. If you go to the VH1site they will send a show reminder to your e-mail.

Legolas Notepads at Superdrug
From Kat: As I was shopping in Superdrug (UK) today I noticed that they are selling cute little 'Lord of the Rings' note pads with a lovely pic of Legolas on the front.

Mention on Blue Peter
From PirateMads: On Blue Peter (childrens tv show UK) today there was a quiz to win some prizes. One of the questions was 'What character does Orlando Bloom play in Lord of the Rings?' The young boy didn't know the answer - bah!

AIM Celebrity Look-a-Likes
From Michele: On AIM, they have Look a likes every week, and this week there's a guy that "looks" like Orlando Bloom.

Israeli News
From Naomi: There is an Oscar related ROTK article in the Cinema section of the Caesarea newspaper, "Kol Caesarea".
My sister's boyfriend just graduated from a marine paramedic course in the Israeli Navy, and he says that in one of their tests there were LOTR related questions, like "name 6 races in LOTR" and "Who fought who on that battlefield..."!

Mention in Meg Cabot Diary
From Maryann: Orlando was mentioned in author Meg Cabot's online diary on Wednesday. Meg was answering some of the letters from her readers that ask for advice about love. This one was first: "I like this movie star. Last night I had a dream that we were French kissing, and that sort of freaked me out. Do you think it meant anything? - Future Mrs. Orlando Bloom"
Meg answered it by talking about celebrity crushes, and how they're all well and good, as long as they don't escalate to stalking.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jennifer from her friend orli, Alix (14) from her best friend Mango, Kandace (15), Jacey (14) from her mom, dad, and Jon, and to Lisa (14) from her best mates Sharlene, Tami and Sarah.
Happy Belated Birthday to Lindsay (12), Katie (13), Stephanie (18), Julie (34), Eva (13) from her friend Amy Bee.

  Thursday, February 26
Radio Times
From Chloe: In the Radio Times (UK) there was a article on Orlando which basically slagged him off but at the bottom there was a small picture.
Jupiter posted a scan at ka-Bloom.

AOL Moviegoer Award Results
The AOL Moviegoer Award winners have been announced. Orlando lost Best Supporting Actor to Sean Astin, by 1% of the vote! Orlando did win Sexiest Kiss for POTC with Keira Knightley. See all the winners.

Sneak Scan
Elements sent in a scan from the February 24th issue of Sneak (UK).

Screencaps of Orlando in Spain
OBM posted screencaps from a Spanish news segment showing Orlando in his Kingdom of Heaven costume (and lots of dirt), waving to the fans.

Millionare and Jeopardy Questions
From Natalie: Last night on Super Millionaire, there was a question about PotC. The question was: “2003 Oscar nominated movie, Pirates of the Caribbean was subtitled the curse of the what?” The correct answer was, of course, Black Pearl. The guy got it right. The question was for $5,000.
On Jeopardy the other night there was a category named "who played 'em" one question was “Who played Aragorn in the movies The Lord of the Rings?” The first guy said Viggo Morganson, but the second guy got it right with Viggo Mortenson. Another question was “Who played Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean?” It was of course, Kiera Knightley!!

ROTK Special on Canadian TV
From Amanda: In Canada, on the history channel, "Return of the King: A Filmaker's Journey" is showing. It's a behind the scenes look at the last installment of the trilogy and it features a few small clips of Orlando. It airs on Thursday at 3:30pm eastern and again on Saturday at 12:30pm est.

Bliss Magazine Poll
You can vote for Orlando as your favorite celebrity at blissmag.co.uk. Thanks to Nabila for the link.

Rings Closes Oscar Betting Early
From Kayla: Here is a little article from CBBC:
Bookies have been forced to stop all betting on the Oscars five days early because of the massive support for the Return of the King, reports say. They think the final film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy in more likely than any other film ever to get the award for best picture. It became even more popular after it scooped big wins at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Baftas. A spokesman said: "Everybody thinks this is one film to rule them all." Return of the King also made film history recently when it became the second biggest film ever. The Oscars will be awarded on 29 February.

Verve and Fuel Magazines
There is a mention of Orlando Bloom in a quiz in Verve magazine. There is also a photo from Troy in Fuel (Verve's brother mag). These magazines are available free, usually at schools, and sometimes in libraries in Canada. Thanks to Tina for the info.

Seventeen.com Quote of the Day
From Justine: On seventeen.com, they have quotes of the day. Today (February 24, 2004), it said "Orlando Bloom is so hot! There's no denying it. I'm really glad that he's getting the attention he deserves." —Hannah, 14, Greenville, SC

Photo in Vogue
From Katie: I saw a small picture of Orlando in his upcoming film Ned Kelly in the March issue of Vogue in the US. It is a small picture and talks about Orlando being Heath Ledger's sidekick in March's Ned Kelly.

Mention on Mexican site
Orlando is mentioned on the Mexican site esmas.com, in a photo gallery of guys with the most sensual eyes. Thanks to Shelli for the info.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Karen (13).
Happy Belated Birthday to Kim (15), Amy (13), Lauren (15) from her best friend Lolly, and Carol (14).

  Tuesday, February 24
New Photo from Spain
There's a new photo of Orlando in Seville, Spain up at ka-Bloom.

Super Millionaire Question
From Erika: Orli was featured in a question on ABC's "Super Millionaire" TV show on Feb. 23. The question went as follows:
Put these heartthrobs in order of their birth, starting with the earliest: A. Matt Damon B. Orlando Bloom C. Kevin Costner D. Antonio Banderas
The answer was C-D-A-B. It was a "fastest finger" question to determine who would get to play for money next. Two people tied on the results, answering in 3.82 seconds.
Thanks to everyone else who sent in the info.

TV Guide Scans
Elf Lady posted scans from the Feb. 28 to Mar. 5 issue of TV Guide (US). (1 & 2)
From Spaddy: Orlando as Legolas was seen on the cover of 'TV Guide' in the UK.

Seventeen Magazine
From Elizabeth: In the April Issue of Seventeen Magazine there's a small picture of Orlando with a quote. "Captain Blood is one of the best swashbuckling movies ever made. I still love watching it to this day." Chelsey sent in a scan.

Oscar Specials on Star TV
From Josephine: This whole week on Star TV (Canada) they are giving specials called "And the Award Goes to...". It's an Oscar special, and they are going to talk about the Best Actor Nominees and Best Picture Nominees. They might show Orlando Bloom.

POTC and TTT on Sky Box Office
From Spaddy: Pirates of the Caribbean will be showing on Sky box office throughout March.
From Maz: The Two Towers has started showing on Sky box office.

MTV News Segment
From Catherine: I was watching MTV news this morning at 5:50, and they were celebrating Academy Week and they had a piece interviewing Elijah, Sean Astin, and Andy Serkis. They showed LOTS of Orlando clips, and one crucial question the interviewer asked was, "Who deserves to win an Oscar?" and they showed a shot of Orlando and Viggo.

Dare Magazine
From Sophie: There is a picture of Orlando Bloom in last week's edition of Dare (UK).

Limited Too T-shirts
From Manda: I saw a posting about shirts at Limited Too. I have also seen the shirts, the one I bought is Blue with thin straps, with "I Love Orlando" across the chest. The love part is a heart with rhinestones on it. It's very cute.

POTC 2 Info
From Sara: Kevin McNally (Gibbs in POTC) was on a UK tv chat show this lunch time and he said as far as he knows they are shooting Pirates 2 and 3 back to back starting in January and he is in the second film and possibly the 3rd if they don't kill him off.

POTC T-shirts at Disney Store in Nova Scotia
From Queen Ara: I went to the Disney store in the mic mac mall in Dartmoth Nova Scotia (Canada) and they had Pirates of the Caribbean two different tee shirts for 25$ canadian (I think). One of them was the skeleton head with Jack bandana and it said Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl on the back. The other was the skeleton pirate behind the wheel (the same thing that was on the very first poster). They where really cool but the color was kinda ugly kinda blacky grey and made to look kinda dirty.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Laura (14) from Lauren, Lola and Steph, Dariana (12) from her sister Danitza, and Jess Ford from Jenni.

  Monday, February 23
Screen Actors Guild Award Winners
The Return of the King won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast, which means Orlando will get a statuette. Orlando did not attend, but Sean Astin did mention his name on stage. Johnny Depp beat out Sean Penn and Bill Murray to win Best Actor for Pirates of the Caribbean! (view photos)
From Yahoo News: Speaking for "Rings," (backstage) John Rhys-Davies, Gimli in the movie, said, "At the risk of sounding immodest, we deserved this award. This is the most enormous undertaking in film history."
Depp, who played the wild-eyed and fanciful Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," was not on hand, but backstage Al Pacino, who won the actor award for his role in cable TV mini-series "Angels in America," amplified the shock of everybody in the crowd. He lifted an eyebrow and declared himself "really surprised" and "really thrilled." "He's done so many interesting parts over the years that he got a reputation for being quirky, but he really wasn't. He's a fine actor," Pacino said.

E! ROTK SAG Segment
From Steph: At around 5:00 pm ET on the E! Live From the Red Carpet: SAG Awards, they had a ROTK behind-the-scenes segment. Orlando, Viggo, and Peter Jackson were interviewed. I didn't see the whole thing, so more of the cast may have been interviewed. They showed many clips from the film, and afterward they talked about how none of the individual cast members were nominated, even at the OSCARS, but as an ensemble because there are so many people in the film.

Now Magazine
From Emily: There is an article and picture of Orlando in the latest issue of 'Now Magazine' (UK), in a section about the most hunkiest hollywood actors! It mentions Pirates of the Caribbean and a description of The Calcium Kid (the picture is of him as 'Jimmy' in the film). There is also one about Johnny Depp.

InStyle Magazine Scans
From Daniella: I was flipping through the March InStyle and Orlando is in it twice, once as a quote for his biggest pet peeve and the other from when he attended a party Matthew Perry threw.

Average Box Office Gross List
According to the-movie-times.com, Orlando is #1 on the Top Actor by Average Box Office Gross list, which basically means that all his movies have done very well. Thanks to Chrissy of dominicmonaghan.org for the link.

Orlando Shirts at Limited Too
From Kelly: In Limited Too they have a shirt that says "I love Orlando!" 3 times. In place of "love" is a heart. I bought it it was so awesome! They also have "I love Justin" and "I Love Tom" (Welling) shirts. The Orlando one is white with pink rings around the sleeves.

Cinescape Magazine
From Gwen: There is an article in this month's Cinescape magazine with Orlando Bloom and I think a few interview questions.
Legolas and Aragorn are on one of the 2 covers.

YM.com Poll
From orlandoluvva: In the Stars section at YM.com, there is a poll for "If you could win a date with a celebrity, who would it be?" Orlando is one of the choices. He's in the lead right now, with 56%.

Legolas Emoticon
From Mithfacwen: If you go to smileycentral.com and download their smileys, you get a new toolbar at the top of your internet browser. When you're writing an email you can click on the 'smiley central' button and a new small window will pop up. The Legolas emoticon is in the 'weekly' section under 'hot'. It works in Emails, not in MSN messenger but I'm not sure about AOL.

UK TV Programs
From Sam: Orlando Bloom was mentioned on The Grill on Channel 4 (UK). The presenter who was interviewing Marsha Thomason talked about living in LA. Marsha picked up a magazine with Orlando on the cover. The presenter also asked how Orlando is taking working in LA, Marsha said that he was alright but he comes and go's.
Orlando was on ITV (UK) in A Film Makers Journey: Making The Return Of The King you see him talking about the movie and a clip of him with stuntmen practicing sword fights. The programme is repeated on Friday 28th February 2:25am on ITV.

UK Ned Kelly Competition
You can win a Ned Kelly DVD, horse riding weekend, or a holiday in Australia, at channel4.com.

Wire Magazine
From Kiernan: I have found a mentioning of Orlando Bloom in Wired (US) January 2004. The paragraph is much longer than this but here is the part that's interesting. "Once that's done, it should be feasible to graft Orlando Bloom's subtle swagger or Brad Pitt's slightly held-in shoulders onto one of the virtual robots." I hate cutting off sentences. The whole article was about stuntbots. It also mentions Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Troy, because both movies used or are using the stuntbots.

LOTR Skit on Mad TV
From Nicole: Last night on MADtv they were showing a bit of next Saturday night's show "11:00 EST". There is suppose to be a skit making fun of "Family Feud" where it is the "Cold Mountain" family against the LOTR family. at the end they get in a big fight where I saw Legolas (Not really Orli, of course) jump into the fight.

Mention on News in Houston
From Amber: Houston, Texas Fox 26 news had mentioned Orlando and the movie Troy. One of the ladies said that he and Brad Pitt are going to make this movie a big one. Also, they said something about magazine companies have found a way to boost up their sales, by putting Good Charlotte, Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, and Hilary Duff on their covers.

LOTR Trilogy at Sun Theatre Yarraville
From Tegan: In the Herald Sun newspaper (Australia) there was information on where you can see all three of the LOTR trilogy. It says: Sun Theatre Yarraville. See all three of Peter Jackson's Tolkien epics- The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King- in one sitting, in one cinema. At 10 am, 1.45 om and 5.15. Daily until Mach 3.

Ned Kelly Released in Denmark
From Tine: Ned Kelly has been released in Denmark. (the film had its premiere Friday the 20th Feb.) But it's only being shown in very few cinemas.

Once More, With Hobbits
From Pia: Some people thought it would be funny to transform the lyrics from "Once More with Feeling" (the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and make them fit the Lord of the Rings. The results can be seen/heard at omwh.com

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Paula, Britney (12), and Kelsey (14).

  Sunday, February 22
M Magazine Scans
Laura sent in scans from the March issue of M magazine (US). There was also a poster, but it was too big to scan. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Trojan Totty
Empire Online has an article with Saffron Burrows discussing Troy.

Seventeen Magazine
From Melody: In the April Issue of Seventeen, there is a picture and a quote from Orli on page 124.

Cosmo Scans
Calli from Orlando In Bloom sent in scans from the March issue of Cosmopolitan (US). (1 & 2) There was also an old paparazzi photo of him and Kate.

Bloomingdales Magazine Scans
Nicole sent in a scan from "B" (the new Bloomingdales Magazine). The article reads: "Impossibly handsome, remarkably elastic and the latest in the heroic tradition of Hugh, Ewan and Jude, the British actor Orlando Bloom has chalked up an impressive slew of roles. An arrow-throwing elf avenger, a swashbucking pirate, an ary private in Mogadishu and the lover of Oscar Wilde-mighty impressive for a 26-year-old. This season, Bloom can be seen as an Aussie outlaw in Ned Kelly and as the pivotal role in The Calcium Kid, the tale of an unwitting milkman who lands in the boxing ring facing a world champion. Coming up later this year, the Englishman dons skirt and sandals in Wolfgang Petersen's epic Troy, and he then incarnates into a vengeful knight in Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven. What could possibly top all that? A theme park where every hero is blooming lucky and luckily Bloom."

Orlando Bloom Email Address
You can get a free Orlando email address at orlandobloom.zzn.com. Be sure to read the Privacy Policy. Thanks to Foxette for the info.

Michael Sheen in Kingdom of Heaven
This article states that Welsh actor Michael Sheen plays a priest in Kingdom of Heaven.

Ingenue and American Photo Magazines
From LilyofLothlorian: There is a pic of Orlando in the latest issue of American Photo magazine (an article on Jerry Bruckheimer). In INGENUE magazine there is an advert for Climate Star (a celeb organization spreading awareness on global warming) and the entire page is a (new) black & white pic of Orlando WET. I'd scan it for the site, but Im at work.

Legolas on TV Guide Cover
From Lauren: The Feb. 28 to Mar. 5 issue of TV Guide (US) has Legolas, Aragorn, and Capt. Jack Sparrow on the cover, with the text "Oscar's Year of the Hunks". On pg. 32 there's a small, half-page article about Orlando, along with one of Viggo on pg. 33 and Johnny on pg. 29 (all have pics). On pg. 35 there's a chart of Oscar nominees (which of course includes ROTK), with some people's predictions of who the winners will be. It has a small pic of Legolas and Aragorn.

Star Ac Magazine
From Vanessa: In "Star Ac" (Belgium-France), there is an interview and a picture of Orlando and also a ROTK poster!

Troy Commercial on Nickelodeon
From Samantha: They showed the TV Spot for Troy on Nickelodeon the other day. It was the same one that was on during the superbowl.

Ned Kelly Info Correction
According to Tara, Ned Kelly was released in theaters in Ireland. I guess some people missed it.

Harpers and Queen Magazine
From Laura: There is a picture of Legolas in this month's edition of "Harpers and Queen" (UK) the one with Beyonce on the front. There is also a short extract or writing about archery below the picture.

Sydney Morning Herald
From Gab: In today's (Feb. 21) Sydney Morning Herald there is a picture of Orlando in the starsigns section.

LOTR Quiz on Ellegirl.com
Natalie sent in a link to a quiz on ellegirl.com asking "Which Lord of the Rings Character Are You?".

The Inside Scoop Magazine
The Raptor: The January/February 2004 issue of The Inside Scoop from Star Choice (Canadian Satellite provider) has a picture of Orlando as Legolas and he is called a heartthrob in a short paragraph on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Troy Mention on Inside Movies
From Char: Troy was just mentioned on Inside Movies on Movie Central (Canada) for New Movies for 2004. He was mentioned after Brad Pitt and they showed him doing a couple of (very short) scenes.

Best Week Ever on VH1
From Zuza: I was just watching a show on VH1 called Best Week Ever and they said that for next week's show (Friday 27th) they will be reviewing the Oscar nominees and showed quick clips of Return of the King and Pirates of the Caribbean... I'm assuming they'll be more on the show. It airs at 11:00 PM eastern time on Friday... and then again on Saturday at l1:00 am eastern time.

Book Mention
From Mercy: I was in the bookstore the other day, and I saw the book "They Wear What Under Their Kilts?" by Katie Maxwell (it's the sequel to "The Year My Life Went Down The Loo"). It's about this girl named Emily who moves to England for a year, and now she's spending a semester on her aunt and uncle's sheep farm in Scotland. Anyway, Emily's screen name is Mrs.Legolas, and she loves Orlando Bloom. She has a Hottie of the Week website, and Orlando is her first hottie. On pages 75 and 76 they have Orlando's hottie status.

Quote on VH1
Posted by Naomi on The OB Files board: I was just watching VH1 and they will have, during commercials, a VERY random quote from a celebrity/band/whatever famous person. The quote is shown with a hand moving in a speaking motion, ya know, a hand puppet! Well, they had an Orlando quote. I can't quote it specifically but he says... "There's nothing wrong with sleeping with strippers, although I am glad that I have got that out of my system."

Note: The quote is from the January issue of GQ, and is taken a bit out of context. He said: "There's nothing wrong with sleeping with strippers, if I were to choose to sleep with a stripper, it would be a choice I made, and I'd learn something from it or I wouldn't. Thankfully, I've got that sort of stuff out of my system."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Veronika (16), Jenny (27), and Melissa.
Happy Belated Birthday to Kate (13) from her friend Gobellvaethorien.

  Saturday, February 21
Japanese Magazine Scans
Miwa of Orlando J-web sent in scans from the March issue of Entertainment Movie DX (1, 2, 3) and the April issues of Screen and Roadshow (1 & 2).

2004's Top 10 Prime Cut Hunks
From Sassy: On Friday, March 5th on Noggin, (The-N) there will be a new episode of Real Access called "2004's Top 10 Prime Cut Hunks." Orlando is definitely going to be on this episode. It comes on at 8:00 p.m. central time. It repeats again on March 5th at 10:00 p.m., and comes on Saturday, March 6th at 12:00 a.m., 8:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. and then again on Sunday, March 7th at all the same times. (all are listed as central time zone)

Sky Movie Magazine Scans
Lil Miss Bloom sent in a leaflet from Thursday's The Sun (UK) advertising POTC on Sky, and scans from Sky movie magazine (1 & 2).

Celebrity Bodies Website
Trouble (UK) has put up a mini-site for their Celebrity Bodies TV program. You can mix and match body parts, including Orlando's.

Disney's 2003 Annual Report
There is a photo of Orlando and Johnny Depp, and a few mentions of POTC in Disney's 2003 Annual Report. Thanks to Grace for the info.

Troy Trailer on Coming Attractions
From Steph: On E! (US), 'Coming Attractions' showed the full length trailer for 'Troy'. Before showing it, the host was talking about how Orlando is such a rising star.

Ned Kelly Info
Ned Kelly has gone straight to video in Ireland and Brazil. I'm sure there are other countries as well. Thanks to Eilish and Juciane for the info.
From Steph: In the West Nyack Loewes Cineplex (NY, US), they have a poster up advertising 'Ned Kelly'. Orlando's face, as well as Heath Ledger's are on it.

Academy Awards Contest
You can win a trip to New Zealand, The Caribbean, or London at nytimes.com.

ROTK Second Top Grossing Movie Ever
From BBC News: The Lord of the Rings finale The Return of the King has reportedly overtaken the first Harry Potter movie to become the second most successful film ever. The final part of the Rings trilogy is now second only to the Titanic in worldwide takings, Screen Daily said. The Return of the King has taken $981.9m (£520m), compared with $975.8m (£516.8m) for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the website said. Titanic, released in 1997, has so far taken $1.8bn (£950m) around the world.

Ellegirl.com Poll
From Claire: On the front page of ellegirl.com you can take a quiz on which Orlando you like better. So far Will Turner (Pirate Orlando) is winning.

Sassy sent in a link to a quiz to find out which Pirates of the Caribbean character you are.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Emily (13) from her friend Allie.

  Friday, February 20
POTC Action Toys and TV Series
From Newsweek: Last week in Orlando, Eisner shared his latest vision: boost Mickey Mouse's popularity with new cartoons, including a "Mickey and Friends" TV series; churn out two "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequels, action toys, and a TV series.

POTC Sequel Rumors
Posted by Terry (POTC screenwriter) at wordplayer.com: "None of the internet rumors are remotely true. The subtitle is not going to be 'The Treasure of the Lost Abyss.' There is no ship called the Abyss. There is no casting currently going on for any role (so please stop calling the office). There are no roles for 12-14 year old female actresses."

Heat Magazine Scans
Emily sent in scans from Heat magazine (UK). (1 & 2)

One Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in scans from the special February issue of One (France). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, interview in French)

Beyond the Movie Video Clip
You can watch a clip in Quicktime of National Geographic's Beyond the Movie: The Return of the King on the Warner Bros. site. Thanks to Sarah for the link.

Hitkrant Scans and Dutch Magazines
Lenny from Bloomania sent in the poster from the Feb. 21st issue (nr 8) of Hitkrant (The Netherlands).
From Talitha: I've just bought the new issue of 'Hitkrant' (Netherlands). Orlando is on a poster.In next week's issue there will be something about LOTR. In 'Break Out!' (Netherlands) you get POTC for free if you subscribe for the magazine now. I didn't see if it was the dvd or the video. 'Kingdom of Heaven' is shortly mentioned in this month's issue of 'Movie Max' (Netherlands).

ROTK Press Junket Interview
Warofthering.net has posted a transcript of a press interview from the Los Angeles premiere of The Return of the King. I've posted a similar one before, but this one is easier to read, and there is an audio clip. Thanks to Glara for the link.

Quote in Inside Magazine
From warofthering.net: The March issue of Inside Magazine has this quote from Orlando talking about one of his pet peeves. "Lies. When someone lies it just brings everyone down. it's a shame when people feel they need to do so.

Alloy Quiz
From Justine: There is this quiz on alloy.com that asks "What's your inner sparkle?" One of the questions is "Who would be your ultimate boyfriend?" one of the choices is Orlando Bloom.

POTC on iO Cable Pay-per-view
From Steph: On the iO tv homepage, the poster for Pirates of the Caribbean is on advertising POTC on demand on iO, available now.

Mykindplace.com Poll
From Steph: On mykindplace.com, the poll of the day asks "Which famous guy would you most like to date?" Orlando only has 7%, in last place.

YM.com Cover Poll
From Karly: At YM.com there is a poll where you can vote on who you would like to see on the cover of the magazine. Orlando Bloom is on of the choices.

Ned Kelly DVD Release in Holland
From Desirée: According to the Veronica Magazine Ned Kelly will be released on video and DVD in Holland this or next week. It has a small article on the film which is mainly positive, the actors are good but the story is a bit weak. Or so they say.

FOTR on Israeli TV
From Naomi: Tonight at 21:00, on Cinema Oscar of the cable network HOT, The Fellowship of the Ring will premiere on Israeli TV! Later at 21:30 it'll premiere also on the Oscar Channel of the rival network YES. In the Cinema Oscar there's also an interactive feature where you can learn all about the nominated movies, answer a poll, and compete in a questionnaire; Lord of the Rings is featured quite heavily there.

LOTR Web Counters
If you have a website, you can get a Legolas counter at xangahits.com. Thanks to Stephanie for the link.

Small Article on AOL
From Maria: I went to Celebrity News on AIM Today and in the Daily Whisperer it had a pic and short article of Orlando having the most coveted nose in entertainment, along with Halle Berry.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Maria (14) from her friend Elizabeth, Marieke (17) from her dear friend Nicole, Sally from her sisters Sarah and Samantha, Jasmine (17), Brittany (13) from Amanda, and Kimmy (13).

  Thursday, February 19
Premiere Scan
Elodie sent in these photos (1 & 2) from the February issue of Premiere (France). There was also a short article that mentioned him filming Kingdom of Heaven, Elizabethtown, and Parfum (which hasn't been confirmed).

Troy International Trailer
Comingsoon.net posted the Japanese trailer for Troy that has new scenes with Orlando. You can also watch it on the official Japanese Troy site. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

New Troy Photos
Joblo.com has posted some new photos from Troy, including 3 of Orlando.

Poster in Top Girl
From WhiteFairy: There is a poster inside the Italian monthly magazine Top Girl (March Issue). On the cover there is Liv Tyler.

Star and Hello Magazine Scans
Ami of OB Fanatics sent in scans from the Feb. 24 issue of Star magazine (US) (1 & 2), and the Jan. 27th issue of Hello Magazine (UK).

Orlando Wannabe on The Salon
From Em: On 'The Salon' (channel 4) a couple of days ago, a man came in claiming people had told him he looked like Orlando Bloom (even though he was the complete opposite!!) and they made him look like Legolas by looking at a picture. He still looked nothing like him tho.
From Laura: There was a guy on "The Salon" (a hairdressing program in the UK) a few days ago who came in with very short blonde hair and had hundred's of pounds worth of extensions just so he could look like Legolas.

Making of ROTK Video Clip
From Charlotte: I was looking at trailers on www.apple.com/trailers and there was one under newest trailers and it was titled "The Lord of the Rings: the Journey. so i It's a little thing about the making of Rotk, Orlando says a little towards the beginning.

Brosnan Still 007
From The National Equirer Online: "Forget the rumors that Pierce Brosnan is being replaced as James Bond in the 007 movies. Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law - the top contenders for a new Bond - will have to wait until at least 2006 to step into Brosnan's shoes. The next 007 flick starring Brosnan will hit theaters November, 2005."
Thanks to Christianne for the info.

Article from Forum Estudante
From Mariana: In a Portuguese magazine called Forum Estudante there's this little article about Orlando:
"Orlando Bloom returns to the Caribbean Islands. After making a huge success playing Legolas on the LOTR trilogy, Orlando Bloom is preparing to film the sequel to POTC. The actor revealed to "Teen Magazine" that he's happy to return to those islands. This, because, he says he doesn't like the weather in England. "I can't stand short and cold days. In England it gets dark very early", he says. Besides that, he's thrilled with the idea of working with Johnny Depp again. He says that the actor is very "cool". Is this pretty boy happy to work in the Caribbean Islands again or just "dying" to take some holidays?"

Mizz Magazine
From ?: In the Feb 11-24 issue of Mizz (UK), Orlando is mentioned saying "The thing I love most is listening to Coldplay and eating mint chocolate chip icecream." There is also a poster and Orlando is mentioned in a reader's letter for being a vegetarian, and a small picture has been printed with it.

Ned Kelly DVD Release in Germany
From Petra: According to Universal "Ned Kelly" will not come to the cinemas in Germany but instead be released straight on DVD on March 25th. The exact title will be "Gesetzlos - Die Geschichte des Ned Kelly".

Orlando on Yahoo.com Home Page
From Reaganne: When I logged on my yahoo webpage this morning there was a banner up showing the most popular web searches on Yahoo.com. Orlando Bloom and Lord of the Rings were listed as some of the most popular searches.

Quiz on the-n.com
From Mandi: I was on the-n.com today and I saw a quiz you could take called your celeb hottie love match. I took it and got Orli. The results said "You know you were sitting there the whole time going, "how can I make my result be Orli?" You KNOW you were. Anyway, yay! You win! You get matched with the man who's known for his romantic gestures and his suh-herious acting chops. Oh, and his otherworldly cheekbones and heartbreaking eyes. Sigh. "
There is also this thing called postermaker, you can put you picture in with celebs and they have 2 Orlando ones!

Bill Paxton on Jay Leno
From Chantal: If anyone is interested Bill Paxton, one of Orlando's costars on Haven, will be on Jay Leno on February 25th 2004.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Camille from her friend Karina.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Brianna, Breezi (16), Stephanie (17) from her sister Katie, and Elspeth (16) from her friend Zoe.

  Tuesday, February 17
Tweens Magazine Scan
WhiteFairy sent in scans from the February issue of Tweens (Italy). (1 & 2)

Twist Magazine Article
Allie typed up the article from the March issue of Twist (US).

Greek Magazine Interview and Scan
John sent in a scan and translation from the Greek teen magazine Vana Nikolaidou. I think the interview was pieced together from older ones.

Sugar Magazine and Ned Kelly Preview
From Nalani: Orlando is also in the March issue of Sugar (UK) it has an article and a very nice picture. I just got the DVD Lost In Translation and before the movie starts they show new and upcoming movies and they showed a short clip of Ned Kelly.

Newline.com Poll
From Simmi: At newline.com there is a poll of Lord of the Rings, it says Who's your favorite Lord of the Rings character? and Legolas is winning.

Celebrity Bodies Program
From Kellie: On the TV channel 'Trouble' on SKY in the UK there is a new show called 'Celebrity Bodies' and there is a half hour show dedicated to a certain celebrity. Orlando was the first show which aired this Monday at 5:30. (repeat today at 1:30pm) The repeats may be of Orlando or another celebrity. So just tune in and hope that it's Orlando. It's got various people talking about Orlando and his friend said that once when Orlando was short of cash he had been given a phone for free but as he needed money he said to his mate that he could have the phone for £100 so his friend gave him the money and later on found out that he had actually gotten the phone for free ... so Orli's just a prankster at heart ... *swoon*

Poster in Shout Magazine
From Alicia: In the Feb. 6-19 issue of Shout magazine (UK), there is a huge picture of Orlando!

Dutch Magazines
From Talitha: In holland we have this magazine called Moviemax, which is also a videostore, and in this month's issue they have this pic showing the front of Pirates Of The Caribbean. In this month's issue of 'DVD gratis' there's also a special about POTC, and they're also on the front page. Orlando was featured on the Hitkrant Valentine's poster (Holland).

Quiz on Ardene.com
Chelsea sent in a link to ardene.com that has a celebrity quiz with a question on Orlando. They ask what movie he will be starring in this May.

Article in "24 Hours" Newspaper
From Amanda: There was a small photo and article in the Feb. 16th issue of "24 Hours" newspaper. It states: "Irish womaniser Colin Farrell and Pirates of the Caribbean heartthrob Orlando Bloom are contenders for the part in the 22nd James Bond movie. Last week it was revealed that Brosnan has been axed from the film because he is too old. The star was contracted to appear in the movie if producers wanted him - but , according to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, they have reportedly decided the 50-year-old will not appeal to younger fans and have told him he will not star in the new 007 movie, set to be made next year.

Midsomer Murders at Chapters
From Melinda: You can buy "Midsomer Murders: Judgement Day" with Orlando in it at Chapters in Canada for $23. I saw It yesterday at a store in Kamloops BC.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Damarys (18), Krystal (16), Kayla (14), and Angie from Jenn, Say and Sammy.

  Monday, February 16
Rings Named Best Film at Baftas
From BBC News: The Return of the King was the big winner at the Bafta awards, taking home five awards including best film. The final film in the trilogy was also named The Orange Film Of The Year, which is voted for by the public, just like the first two Rings films. Rings director Peter Jackson said: "I'm absolutely thrilled, completely thrilled, my heart's thumping."

Return of the King Video Release Date
From Rachel: I work at Blockbuster and we just got our new release dates. The Lord of the Rings Return of the King will be released to video on May 25th.

Keisha's Crushes
From washingtontimes.com: Oscar-nominated teen actress Keisha Castle-Hughes has a huge crush on screen heartthrobs Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. The 13-year-old New Zealand native, who has been nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for her efforts in "Whale Rider," admits the actors rank highly on her list of favored leading men. She gushes, "My favorite actor at the moment — I've got seven crushes right now — is Orlando Bloom. "Johnny Depp is really exciting, too. I'm dying to meet him at the Oscars. But I'm scared that I'll be really starstruck and speechless."

Pop Star Magazine
From Alysha: In the March issue of Pop Star (US) there are a few small pictures in it of Orlando.

ROTK Behind the Scenes Video Clips
The German site Der Herr Der Ringe-Online has ten behind the scenes filming clips from ROTK. Thanks to fêa fleuz and Elf Lady for the link.

TV Hits Magazine
From Gab: In the March issue of TV Hits (Australia) there is a poster of Orlando at the New Zealand press conference (2 page) there are also some pictures of Orlando (with Billy Boyd, Kate Bosworth and by himself), there is an article about his love for Kate, also there is mini article on Orlando taking over for Ashton Kutcher in Elizabethtown (old news!).

Dutch Magazine
Jorien says that Orlando and Kate are mentioned in Hitkrant and Break Out! (The Netherlands), and he will be in Hitkrant magazine next week.

Orlando in PB Teen
From Kelli: I was just got a catalogue for Pottery Barn Teen in the mail and I was flipping through it. On page 38 they have a picture of a lap desk that you can put pictures under and one of the pictures is Orlando! It is the picture from: Teens (Singapore-December 2002)

AOL UK Welcome Page
From Laura: AOL members in the UK, if you click on the link saying 'Sexiest males' under the words 'The Beautiful People', you can see a picture of Orlando (old I think) with the caption 'It's good to lust, according to top Cambridge philosopher. Feast your eyes on Orlando and other top male totty...'

Mention in Story in YM Magazine
From Megan N.: In the first paragraph at the top of page 97 in a fiction story entitled "String bean and Muffin" in the Feb. issue of YM Magazine, Orlando is mentioned: "Zak was really, really good-looking, with soft hair and skin, and a face that broke your heart, like a perfectly ripe apple. He was also such a good soccer player and so smart and so funny and so cool that he got a magical pass out of having to be mean to other people. He knew everybody's name and talked to whomever he wanted. He was about as likely as Orlando Bloom to ask Rita out."

Fan Video and Fan Fic
Sonia has created a new Orlando fan vid called Fell in Love, and Griffin has written a fan fic called My Life as an Elf.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lauren and Melissa (14) from her friend Amanda.

  Sunday, February 15
Photo of Orlando in KOH Costume
The Spanish A3NTV site has this photo of Orlando in his Kingdom of Heaven knight costume! They have also a short video that shows him. Thanks to OrlandosRiverRat and Elf Lady.

Photos of Eva Green in KOH
Viryi sent in these photos she took of Eva Green (in the orange cape) in Palma del Rio, Cordoba at the Palacio de Portocarreros. (1 & 2)

Twist Magazine
From Carolyn: There is a small article about Orlando in the March issue of Twist Magazine, titled, from Pudgy to Perfection, about how he used to be overweight... there is also a page-sized pic (pg. 14) of him! They call Orlando one of 2004's hottest celebs.

Mention on Fox News
From Allie: Orli was mentioned on Fox news (last night in Chicago) as the most looked up person, and also as the most wanted valentine!

Orlando on ABC Family
From Kris: Orlando and Kate's relationship was briefly mentioned on ABC Family on the show Hollywood's Most Romantic Couples as being a couple to watch, as they are both up-and-comers. There was no new news on the show. It aired on February 14 at 6:00 Central Time, and will most likely air again this week. They are the very last couple mentioned.

Saturday Night Live Mention
From Mallis: I was JUST watching SNL and they did this British segment of rumors and Orly's "engagement rumor" was mentioned. It also had a pic of him... it wasn't very amusing.
From Crystal: Orlando was mentioned on tonight's Valentines Day edition of Saturday Night Live! During the "Spy Glass" sketch, he was named as "Orlando Gloom," and rumoured to have broken off a secret engagement with Kate Bosworth.

German Merchandise Site
From Vicky: You can buy a few cool photos of Orlando, Legolas etc. on this german page cinemabilia.de. Just search for Orlando Bloom.

Danish Movie Release Dates
From Mallie: Just want to let ya'll know that Ned Kelly will premiere the 20th of this month here in Denmark and that I went to the movies yesterday and saw the first poster for Troy! It's called "Troja" here and premieres in May.

Leanne Rimes Likes Orlando
From Sinead: On Top Of The Pops Saturday (UK) they were asking celebs who they would send a Valentine's card to and Leanne Rimes said "If I could send a Valentine's card to a celebrity it would be Jude Law, or Orlando Bloom, but don't tell my husband!"

A Rough Guide to LOTR
From Brittany: I have this book called "A Rough Guide to The Lord of the Rings" and on page 268 is a page with Lord of the Rings websites and it mentions Orlando, "The extent to which this colossal number is inflated by sites dedicated to swooning appreciations of the looks and long blond hair of Orlando Bloom cannot be precisely calculated in the average life span."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Anne-Claire (15) from her friend Lorraine, and Jekaterina (18) from her best friend Viktorija.

  Saturday, February 14
Now Magazine Advert
From Laura: Orlando is mentioned on the new advert for NOW! magazine (UK) which i saw on Channel 4 at about 8.45pm Friday 13th Feb. A woman is in bed after a night and a male friend walks in and says something like "Last night he looked like Orlando Bloom".

Canadian Movie Release Dates
From Angelina: Just wanted to let Canadian fans know that in today's (Feb. 13) Vancouver Province newspaper, they said Ned Kelly is out on March 26, and Troy is out May 14.

V-Day Test at Hellomagazine.com
From Nabila: At hellomagazine.com there's a test where you can find out who your celebrity valentine date is. Orlando is one of the choices.

Mad TV Sketch
From Katie: MAD TV is a show where actors make fun of super celebs. But last night, they had a sketch of LOTR called Lords Of The Bling. The actor of the show played a rap star who was in the sketch as Legolas. In his entrance they said, "Then came the elf that added onto the journey, but took away the hearts of many girls!" They had the actor shoot a bow but it didn't go too far and then the fake Legolas turned and said "Well, I still have the ladies!"

Troy Review by a Sexist A-Hole (ahem)
From Mei: I just wanted to send in this link I saw at AICN regarding a TROY test screening. (warning: graphic language) Some minor spoilers & it talks about Orlando's role as well.
Some of the ladies at ka-Bloom have heard things about the movie, that contradict some of what the reviewer said.

UK TV Alerts
From Claire: Thought some British fans with digital might be interested in two programmes on E! on Sunday 15th Feb. Behind the Scenes: Pirates of the Caribbean is on at 2.00pm and Behind the Scenes: Return of the King is on at 3.30pm.
The British Academy Film Awards will also be airing on Sunday at 9pm on BBC1. I don't know if Orlando will be attending, but both Return of the King and Pirates of the Caribbean have knocked up a fair few nominations, so worth a look out.
From Tanya: The SAG Awards are on 23rd Feb. on Living TV, no times yet.

Orlando Jeopardy Question
From Cory: On Jeopardy this Friday, Orlando Bloom was the answer to a question. It was the Jeopardy teen tournament, and the category was celebrity names. The question was as follows: "This Pirates of the Caribbean co-star states that he was named after a composer, not after the Virginia Woolf novel." No one attempted to answer the question, and it was worth $1000.

People Magazine
From Shmoo: In People magazine (US), celebs talk about what freaks them out. Orlando said, "Sharks. When I surf, it gives me willies that something can come up from below and give me a bite."
Also, on Mugglenet.com in the Caption Contest, Meg submitted:
Harry: Orlando Bloom is wearing a skirt in his next movie… Ron: And the girls still like him! How does he do it?

Zodiacgirlz.com Poll
From Char: Orlando is nominated on Zodiacgirlz.com for the 'Who do you want to spend Valentine Day with?' (bottom of page) He is coming in 2nd to 'a crush at school' with 17%.

Girls Know Their Orlando
From ?: My school was having a dance, and our local radio station was hosting it. They did a gender war (a guy and a girl go up against each other and answer questions.) One of the questions for the boys was who is Orlando Bloom, and name 3 movies that he is in. Of course the boys didn't know it, but all the girls started screaming, and all answered it. It was the only question any of the girls got right.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sam, Debbie (13) from Allie, Leah from her best friend Ashley, Melody (15) from her friend Rachel, Francesca (14) from Little Laura, Katie B. (13) from her best friend Kelsey, and Marianne (13) from her friend Kel.

  Friday, February 13
Bliss Scan
Kelly sent in a scan from the March issue of Bliss (UK) magazine.

New Troy Photos
I added 10 new Troy photos, thanks to Elf Lady. They are from the official site, but are from sections that aren’t live yet. If you view this file, you can see the captions that will go with some of the photos.

Fan Photos
Mandolinaes posted some more fan photos of Orlando in Spain at ka-Bloom.

Vote for Orlando to be on Rolling Stone
You can vote for Orlando to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. You'll need to register first before you can vote.

Fav Celebrity Nose
From canada.com: Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has been picked as the female star with the nicest nose in a survey conducted by U.K. company Waitrose. Berry beat Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz in the poll of 2,500 people. "Some of the people nominated were surprising to us," said Waitrose spokesman Christian Cull online from his office in London. British actor Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, was voted the male celebrity with the best nose.

J-14 Scan
Jen sent in the photo from the March issue of J-14 (US). I posted the accompanying article yesterday.

Mizz Magazine
From Rianna (Lil Ms Bloom): There's a poster of Orlando in the 11-24 Feb. Mizz magazine (UK), it's a poster of Orlando as Paris from the movie Troy.

Smash Hits Magazine
From Gab: I said that there was a sticker of Orlando in the March issue of TV Hits (Australia) but it is in Smash Hits, sorry for the inconvenience.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sara, Nikki McDonald, to Liz (13) from Allie, Danielle from her friend Meagan, and Leanne from her friend Betsy.

  Thursday, February 12
Top 50 Cultural Movers And Shakers
Orlando Bloom is #12 on the Top 50 Cultural Movers And Shakers list compiled by leading figures in the worlds of fashion, the arts, media and design. The programme, Top 50 Cultural Movers and Shakers, is to be broadcast this evening on BBC3 (UK) at 9pm.

J-14 Article
Allie typed up the small article from the March issue of J-14 (US).

'Rings' Stars Get Career Counseling
From usatoday.com: Hired for a relative pittance to toil for at least four years in three movies, the cast of The Lord of the Rings can't afford to turn down free advice. USA TODAY's Susan Wloszczyna asked Hollywood columnist Anne Thompson, E! Online celeb dirt-digger Ted Casablanca, Teen People's Laura Morgan and Adam Sternbergh of fametracker.com for career tips.
Orlando Bloom
Rings role: Elf archer Legolas
Post Rings roles: Outlaw drama Ned Kelly, due March 26, with Heath Ledger, historic epic Troy, due May 14, with Brad Pitt
Current status: Teen idol
Advice: "If there were a young Ian McKellen in the group, it is him," says Casablanca. "I can see him doing the gamut, from Shakespeare to modern stories."
Morgan says: "He needs to do something more modern, a smart relationship comedy."

Filles d'aujourd'hui
Molianne sent in scans from some old issues of "Filles d'aujourd'hui" magazine (Quebec): The cover of the March 2002 issue, and a photo from the April 2003 issue, along with an article.

Serial Magazine Scans
Sonya sent in scans from the September 22-28, 2003 issue of Serial (Russia). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Vanity Fair in the UK
From Beth: Just to let you know UK fans can get their hands on the latest copy of Vanity Fair - WHSmith's are carrying it and so should plenty of newsagents.

Orlando Quote
From Brittany: I just wanted to let you know that I was watching TV and Orlando was doing an interview and they asked him what was his fav football team and he said "Manchester United. Now that David Beckham has gone to Real Madrid I guess that they are alright too."

Orlando E-cards
885 e-cards were sent yesterday! I added a few more designs. Because I live in the US, I'm mostly only familiar with US holidays. If there are holidays for other countries that you think I should make an e-card for, please let me know.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Hannah Evans (15), Maddy (12) from her friend Molly, and Brittany (14) from her friend Rae.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Jen (14) from her best friend Kate.

  Wednesday, February 11
Fan Photos from Spain
Vilmarith sent in these photos from "Angelishada" taken in Palma del Rio on February 8th. (1 & 2)

Kingdom of Heaven Updates
Diariodesevilla.com says that Edward Norton will join the production when filming moves to Morocco. This article says the move will happen in 20 days, and filming will take place for 11 weeks in the desert of Ouarzazate, the same local as Gladiator.
This article from enlaweb.com mentions Donald Sutherland who may be in the movie. "The actor Jeremy Irons, who enjoyed his free time in the Palacio de Valderabanos Hotel, located on one side of the cathedral, returned filming around midday, with Donald Sutherland, who minutes before left the same hotel." Thanks to Pamela for the translation.

Ned Kelly Out on DVD in UK
From Rianna: Ned Kelly was released on Monday of this week in the UK. There's been adverts on TV so look out for those!

Cosmo Girl Poll
You can vote for Orlando as the celeb with the hottest body for CosmoGirl's Celebrity Yearbook.

Orlando E-cards
You can now send Valentine's Day and Birthday e-cards!

James Bond Poll
From Christina: You can vote for Orlando to be the new James Bond at MTV Europe.

J-14 Magazine
From Allie: Orli is in the March issue of J-14 (US). He is on the front, a tiny pic saying school was "tricky for me." They also have an article on how he is dyslexic. They had a full 3 pages on problems stars faced at school. Also he is not listed anymore on the hot guys and actors list.

Women Working Behind the Scenes
From azcentral.com: Then there's Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh. With director Peter Jackson, they have adapted all three "Lord of the Rings' screenplays and are nominated now for a second time ("The Two Towers" script, for some reason, was not nominated).
So what's with two girls writing a boys' film? You could almost hear them scream. Neither agrees that there is a "female sensibility" at work in "Lord of the Rings." Neither do they think they've been making films for boys.
"Contrary to what people have written," Boyens said by phone last week, "I mean, it's so ignorant, it's quite astounding the way in which people try to characterize the films. It almost makes you believe that people didn't see them. But it also assumes that there is a particular kind of film that women like -- small, dramatic, all that. Fran and Peter, they don't necessarily start and end at any particular place. And young women have loved these books."
"They certainly engage with Orlando" Bloom, said Walsh, "which we both understand ..." "Oh absolutely ... " said Boyens.
But the basic appeal of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantastic tales crosses gender lines; young women as well as young men have found his universe absorbing, even believable. "When you're young," said Walsh, "the capacity to believe is greater; there's a more direct line to the unconscious. The whole world lies before them. When you get older, you lose some of that."

ROTK Special on TiVo
From Steph: TiVo, which is a digital recording system, had a 4-min special on Return of the King. It was called A Film-makers' Journey. They interviewed Orlando and other cast-mates, and asked all about the making and the journey of ROTK. You can't get it anywhere, unless you have TiVo.

ROTK at Centennial Park in Sydney
From Antonia: I believe the release date for POTC is also on March 14th here in Australia, but thats in Sydney! Also LOTR ROTK will be playing at the Moonlight Cinema at Centennial Park on Saturday 21st Feb, and Thursday March 4th. Tickets are $10 for children under 13, $11.50 for concession/pension, and adults $14.50. You can buy tickets there at 7pm and the movie starts around 8:30pm. Entry via Oxford street, Paddington (if you go bring a picnic set eg. blanket/pillows!)... and also don't forget the mossie repellent!!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Riley, Kate (15) and Lauren (15), Veronica (14), Lauren from Lauren E., Danyelle (17) from her friend Elsie, and Rachel from Sara, Sarah G., Sam, Sarah S., Catherine and Alice

  Tuesday, February 10
Elle Girl Scan
Shelly sent in a scan from the March issue of ELLE girl (UK).

Teen People
From Tara: Orlando Bloom is in the March 2004 issue of Teen People (the one with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey on the cover). Page 67 there is a picture of Orlando baring his abs with the caption "Orlando Bloom bares all to find more belly button lint to add to his growing collection." On page 68, there is a scroll of pictures going down the middle of the page with Orlando and Kate Bosworth. On page 76 Orlando is featured in the Star Woes section. It has a picture of him and it says: Orlando Bloom (Ned Kelly) "I was on this little island and went kayaking one day. The kayak had a hold in the bottom and it started to sink! This guy in a boat [spotted me] and said, 'Hey, mon, you need a hand?' He had to [rescue] me!"
Jen sent in some scans. (1, 2, 3)

Internet Movie Awards
From Mr. Burriel at Internetmovieawards.com: The Internet Entertainment Writers Association is happy to announce that Orlando Bloom's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" and "The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King" have been nominated for several Internet Movie Awards. Voting for the IMAs is open to anyone with Internet access. Voters simply need to visit the Web site at internetmovieawards.com, register and vote. Voting lasts until February 29th.

Sunday Magazine Article
From Emily: I thought I would scan this little article from the latest issue of the 'Sunday Magazine' in the UK. It was a double page spread on stars stealing props from movies they had done! Except Orlando's bow and arrow broke!

New Calcium Kid Photos
From Caroline: On comingsoon.net they have posted some new pics of Orlando from the set of The Calcium Kid.

Calcium Kid UK Release Date
From Charlie: According to the BBC the Calcium Kid is out on April 30th over here in the UK.

Ned Kelly Book
Diana sent in a link to the Ned Kelly book with Orlando on the cover, available at borders.com.

Photo in Hola! Magazine
Vilmarith sent in a link to the Orlando photo in Hola! Magazine (Spain).

Photo from Spain
Mandolinaes at ka-Bloom posted this photo of Orlando at the Kingdom of Heaven reception in Cordoba, Spain.

Teenmag.com Feature
From Laura: Orlando is this weeks cute boy at teenmag.com.

Orlando as Bond Rumor
From Auroora: This morning (9th February) I was listening the radio. On channel Yle X there were Peltsi and Juuso (two joyous Finnish announcers) and they talked about the new James Bond. They didn't even claim it to be true, but they said, that while Pierce Brosnan was regarded too old to play Bond, some new young actors were suggested in place of him. One of them was Orlando. Later on they commented this and Peltsi (I suppose) said that Orlando is too young and slender to be Bond. That he wouldn't be credible to charm women. And that he was the elf/fairy/pixie (meaning the small creature with wings) in The Lord of the Rings. For that Juuso said, in a shrill, girlish, voice, that Orlando was not a fairy, but an elf, one of the eternals. ;-) They said some other funny things about that too, but I don't remember them anymore.

Mention on Everwood
From Lexy: Orlando was mentioned on the most recent episode of Everwood.
Tommy: "Yeah so what are you doing this weekend?"
Amy: "Well I have a date with Orlando Bloom on Saturday... no wait, that's Friday. Just kidding, nothing, what about you?"

Mention on seventeen.com Quiz
From Emily: On seventeen.com, there is a quiz called "What's your Grammy theme song?" Here is one of the questions: "It's 2 A.M. on Saturday night. What are you up to?" One of the choices: "You're snug in your bed, dreaming of Orlando Bloom."

Australian POTC DVD Release Date
From Airi: I live in Melbourne and was at a Target store on the weekend, and they were advertising the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD in Australia. Apparently the release date is March 17. Can't wait!

Vanity Fair Photo
§fyre has scanned a hi-res version of the Orlando photo in the March issue of Vanity Fair (US).

Bliss Magazine
From Amy: Orlando is in the March issue of Bliss magazine (UK). On page 123 there is a small picture of him in the 'Cut-out Cuties' section and on the following page there is poster of him. There is another picture of him with a caption about him being 'Label Lad'.

ROTK Playing at Walmart
From Cimma: When I was at Walmart in Biloxi, they were selling TVs and played Return of the King on all their TVs! It wasn't just clips it was the whole movie. I asked the guy who worked in the electronics section if the movie is already out but he told me no.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Brittani Johnson (16), Eniko (16) from her sister Bee, and to Caroline.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Jamiah, and Jennifer (19) from her friend Hilary. Happy belated Birthday to Austin (15) from Allie.

  Sunday, February 8
Fan Photos from Spain
Vilmarith sent in some great photos of Orlando in Ayerbe, Spain on January 12. They were taken by "martazgz".

Bop Scans
Izza sent in scans from the March issue of Bop (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Kingdom of Heaven Article
Silke translated the article from aviladigital.com about the Kingdom of Heaven filming. Thanks to everyone who offered to help with the Spanish translations! I will keep your email addresses for future help.

TokyoWalker Scan
'realitypro' at ka-Bloom posted a photo of Orlando and Peter Jackson on the set of LOTR from TokyoWalker magazine (Japan).

ET on VH1
From Katie: On ET on VH1 this morning, there was a segment about the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair. Orlando was mentioned, and so was Johnny Depp. It replays on VH1 and MTV all weekend.

Haven Article
From Kara: In the Home Entertainment Weekly February 2004 that you get free from video stores here in New Zealand they have an article about Orlando about his new movie HAVEN:
Not content with becoming one of Hollywood's hottest properties in 2003. Orlando Bloom is now branching out into production. He's co-producing Haven in which he stars alongside Gabriel Byrne and Bill Paxton. "By getting involved in something you believe in, you can help forward a film," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "In term of the role that I've been playing as a producer, it's been really just a sounding board; it's very much a collaborative effort and we're all just mucking in and getting on with it." Haven is filming in the Cayman Islands (tough break!), with Bloom playing a young man whose encounter with two shady businessmen on the run from the federal government changes his life. "It's a pretty intense little film, both visually and emotionally." bloom reports, "and I feel an audience will feel the impact of that. I play a young character called Shy, a happy-go-lucky young man who's been brought up in the Cayman Islands. He's in love with this young Caymanian girl (Zoe Saldana); he's kind of from the wrong side of the tracks and she's from the right side of the tracks. They get together to the fury and anger of their families.

Orlando Spotlight on AOL
From Izza: On AOL on the welcome screen you can choose categories and I clicked on teenpeople and when it popped up one of their features to choose from is Orlando Bloom and it says: "Orlando Bloom, check out photo's of the LOTR star." When you click on it this is what it shows you: "We Love Orlando! Sure, we liked the movies -- but the saddest thing about the end of the LOTR trilogy? We won't get our annual three-hour dose of Orlando Bloom anymore. We know you share our pain, but take heart: The world's hottest elf switches gears this year to star in Troy, set in 1193 B.C. and scheduled for release in May 2004. This week's Spotlight will tide you over until then.... Enjoy!"

Fan Video
Bella has made a new video tribute to Will and Elizabeth in POTC.

OBBP Update
From Stacie: We have received word that the Orlando Bloom Birthday Project gifts have arrived in London and have been received on his behalf by the OB Fan Team. They have expressed their admiration of the beautiful beads and the obvious trouble taken in their choice and presentation.
There's been no opportunity yet for Orlando himself to see our gifts and cards but he has been told about them and, as ever, is very appreciative of the kindness, support and affection of his fans. We hope he will have a chance to see them himself in the not-too-distant future.
The OBBP chose Greenpeace as our beneficiary organization when Orlando demonstrated his own support for one of the group's actions (a protest against ExxonMobil), and we re-confirmed the choice personally with his representative. We kept meticulous records for the Orlando Bloom Birthday Project -- we worked closely with Megan Hall at Greenpeace and were as careful as possible to be certain our figures were accurate. Both the OBBP and Megan logged the donations to make sure all were received by Greenpeace. This was achieved because donations were sent directly to Greenpeace, either by snail mail or online. The OBBP did not handle the funds at all.
However, there's always a risk when cash donations are involved and, sadly, scams happen all the time -- generous people are vulnerable. Celebrities must be cautious about having their names associated with fundraising.
Orlando's Fan Team have conveyed his gratitude for our donations over the past two years and say he is very pleased that we have been able to help Greenpeace. But now, his Management is suggesting there should be no further group fundraising involving cash donations and hopes we will understand why this must be.
Please visit the OBBP Site for the full details.

Valentine's Day Cards
I added low-res versions of the printable Valentine's Day cards so you can print them directly from your web browser.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Gillian (15), Britt, Laura from Kayla.

  Saturday, February 7
Troy Site Updated With New Photos
The official Troy Flash site has gone live, with new photos and background info. I made screencaps of the photos. Orlando is going to be glorious in this movie!

New Studio Photos
Elf Lady posted this new photo on her website, and Bonnie sent in these new Orlando photos from Patsie by photographer Jake Chessum. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Kingdom of Heaven Updates
I've found some articles on Kingdom of Heaven filming, but they are in Spanish and I don't know Spanish! I used an online translator to translate. If anyone would like to help with translations, please contact me.

From diariocordoba.com: Actor Orlando Bloom gave thanks for the reception received in Spain and affirmed that he would like to go out and greet the people but it was impossible due to the hours of filming, and he insisted indicating that "a message of affection to all fans and I ask that they understand that I cannot dedicate to them all the time that they deserve." (photos of Orlando with some fans)

From eldiadecordoba.com: Orlando Bloom, who plays a young blacksmith that unites Jerusalem in their fights against the crusaders, referred also to the hardness of the filming and regretted that the long days of filming do not permit him to dedicate more time to his fans. Bloom, dressed in a cap of wool, received a visit from a reduced group of young people who were able to elude the controls installed at the entrance of the hotel. The young actor agreed to the photographic requests of his fans.

aviladigital.com has photos of the set and extras filming the scene of the coronation of the king of Jerusalem at the Cathedral of Ávila. The article had this to say, but I don't know how accurate my translation is:
Scores of students, and even groups of university students arrived from Salamanca, they decided not to attend class to be able to see, although only for seconds, Orlando Bloom, the popular Legolas of The Lord of the Rings. Nevertheless, Bloom did not participate in any of the scenes that filmed in the Cathedral, although he filmed yesterday in the camp of pilgrims installed in the outskirts of the Celtic fort of The Cogotas.
During the filming on Monday, actor Liam Neeson suffered a fall, that caused a small wound to him in the forehead, without more consequences. Some of the specialists that replaced the main actors in the horse scenes also suffered other accidents, due to the irregularity of the land. The Celtic fort was the setting of the fates of Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson, with its group of followers in the Crusade, passing by a camp of pilgrims that are directed to the Holy City.
Bloom, bastard son of Liam Neeson, rejects the pretensions of his father to accompany him with the crusaders and is imprisoned. Also a history of love in the movie is included, that stars Eva Green and Orlando Bloom.

Diariocordoba.com has a small photo of extras filming in Spain.

UK TV Alert
Posted by Penny:
Celebrity Bodies, Channel: Trouble
Date: Monday 16th February 2004
Time: 13:30 to 14:00 Repeat: 17.30 & 21.55
Orlando Bloom. The show that takes a mischievous look at the physical and mental attributes of celebrities, with interviews from the stylists, trainers, nutritionists, voice coaches, photographers - and even grandparents - who know them best.

LOTR Oscar Party
Betty asked me to post a link to the Into the West Oscar Party which will take place in Hollywood on Feb. 29. Tickets are still available.

Seventeen.com Quote of the Day
From Sara: At seventeen.com, the reader quote of the day is from a girl who is obessed with Orlando. "I just want you to know how OBSESSED I am with Orlando Bloom. One of my British friends knows one of Orlando's best friends from high school. Beat that one!" —Nelly, 14, Houston

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kate Haswater (16) from her friend Jenna, Jemma (17) from her best friend Katy, and Bean (17) from Amanda.

  Friday, February 6
Mural Made Out of Fanmail Stamps
The Kent Messenger: A MURAL of Canterbury-born Hollywood star Orlando Bloom could be created out of stamps from his sackfuls of fan letters. His mother Sonia Copeland, who helps oversee his fan club from her city centre home, estimated there are currently 160,000 letters to deal with, with more coming every week, and was concerned at the used stamps going to waste.
So she hit upon the idea of capitalising on the Lord of the Rings star's fame to help a local charity. The stamps are to go to the Strode Park Foundation for Disabled People at Herne, which has come up with the idea of creating a mural with them. It is a charity close to the family's heart as Orlando, who went to St Edmund's School, Canterbury, broke his back while a student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and there were fears he might never walk again. The foundation is expert in helping people with back problems.
Mrs Copeland said: "I know Orlando will be delighted that the huge volume of fan mail he receives will be ultimately helping such a worthwhile local charity. "The idea of using the stamps delights us all."

Quote About Orlando
The Toronto Star has this article on actor Kim Coates, who was in Black Hawk Down. He had this to say about Orlando:
"I popped into Malta where Eric Bana (also in Black Hawk) was filming Troy with Orlando Bloom, who was the kid who fell out of the copter in Black Hawk. He's like Elvis Presley now and such a great kid. He gave me autographs for my daughters. It's a kid's icon thing."

CBS News Segment
From Alaina: I was watching the CBS news at 6 here in New York and they did a little piece on Orlando and spoke about how there are many fansites about him. They showed The Orlando Bloom Files! They showed shots of the photo galleries and stuff.

You can view the piece online. Scroll down to where it says "Lynda Lopez has more on 'Rings' and 'Pirates' star Orlando Bloom."

New Calcium Kid Photo
BBC Online has posted a new photo from The Calcium Kid in their Orlando Bloom gallery.

Studio Photos by Collier Schorr
Lee from Shannyn Sossamon Online sent in these photos by photographer Collier Schorr. We've seen them before, except for the first photo, I think. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Orlando ROTK Interview
Jan at ka-Bloom posted a link to an Orlando interview on the Japanese site Nifty.com.

Valentine's Day Cards (I am dumb)
People kept telling me the printable Valentine's Day cards I made were flipped, and I kept telling them they're suppose to be like that! Well I was wrong. I didn't realize that the front of the cards were actually reversed. That's what I get for not test printing any of them. I fixed them, sorry about that!

Photo in CosmoGirl
From Mercy: I just got my new issue of CosmoGIRL! (US), and in the back, in the "what?!?" section, they have a small picture of Orlando with Adrien Brody.

Orlando Wins Vi Unge Poll
From Nabila: Orlando won the 2003 most attractive man in a poll the Danish magazine "Vi Unge" did. Elijah Wood came in second. Duncan from Blue at 3rd. Justin Timberlake at 4th and Charlie from Busted at 5. There is also a poster of him and Elijah.

Another GQ Spread?
From El: I heard rumors on the radio in Southern California that Orlando did another GQ spread, and they were saying that the pictures about sizzled. This was this morning (5 February) so I don't think they were talking about the recent GQ.

Harlequin Romance List
From Casey: On the Channel 7 news (LA), they had a list of Harlequin Romance's sexiest men. Viggo Mortenson was the top selection while Orlando was #5. Johnny Depp was also included.

Screensaver Plus Dolly and Chik Magazines
From Gab: If you go to the Dolly website, there is a screen saver of Orlando. Also in the Dolly mag (Australia) there are small articles like a year in the life of Orlando's lips, and there are all these pics of him kissing girls. In the Feb. issue of Chik there is a quote and a totally hot pic of him. Also, I don't know if it's still out, but in the poster mag of Chik there is a 4 fold poster of Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sam B. from Emily, Stephanie (17) from her best friend Estella, Aimee D. (16), and Olga (19) from her friend Vi4ka.

  Thursday, February 5
Kiss Me Magazine Scans
Silvia sent in scans from the February issue of Kiss Me (Italy). (1, 2, 3, 4) Thanks to Tina who also sent in scans and will be translating the article for us.

Vanity Fair Scans
Dawn sent in scans of Orlando in the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue which is already on sale in the Columbus, OH area. (1 & 2)

Empire Awards
The Empire Awards were held last night in London. Orlando lost the Best British Actor award to Andy Serkis for his portrayal of Gollum. Orlando was not in attendance, which means the engagement rumor was just that, a rumor. I appreciate people sending me news, but I try not to post gossip and rumors about Orlando's private life.

From TORN: 'Lord of the Rings' won three prizes at tonight’s Empire Awards at The Dorchester Hotel in London. Best Scene went to “Ride of the Rohirrim” and was collected by Bernard Hill. Best British Actor went to Andy Serkis for his portrayal of Gollum. Best film went, for the third consecutive year, to Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson sent an acceptance speech he filmed of himself as he went around a rollercoaster, and Billy Boyd, Andy Serkis and Bernard Hill accepted the award on his behalf.
From Tanya: Orlando was not present at the empire awards but he was mentioned a couple of times along with LOTR. At the end they said something along the lines of Orlando appearing in a elf slasher flick called 'I know what you did'. LOTR won best scene for 'Ride of the Rohirrim' and Best Film. Peter was on a roller coaster in LA and did his award speech from it, swearing continuously!

Empire Magazine
Legolas appears on the cover of the March issue of Empire Magazine which features the The 100 Greatest Movies Of All Time. Fellowship of the Ring is #1, The Two Towers #3, and Return of the King #8. Thanks to Vilmarith for the info.

Orlando Valentine's Day Cards
I made some printable Valentine's Day cards. I'm also planning on making them into e-cards, as well as making cards for other occasions. If you would like to help make cards, and are great with graphics, please email me some of your work.

Yahoo Movies Poll
There is a poll at Yahoo Movies asking "If you could only see one movie currently scheduled for May 6th, 2005, which one would it be? Kingdom of Heaven is in the lead.

FiRST Magazine
From Janis: In the February issue of FiRST (Singapore), they have the winners for a poll they had conducted. Orlando as Legolas won the Favorite Hunk of the year (2003) (a half page picture of Orlando as Legolas) and also Favorite Screen Couple with Gimli of the year (2003) (1/4 page featuring Orlando as Legolas and Gimli). Quote from the magazine for the Favourite hunk: "The king may have returned and series may have ended but life is not over for the fair-skinned blondie who played the enigmatic Legolas in the LOTR trilogy. In fact, life for the alluring Orlando Bloom has only just begun. This doll-looking hunk is fast becoming the most sought after supporting actor in Hollywood. He has already played the gallant Will Turner opposite Johnny Depp and Keira Knightly in POTC. Bloom will next play the legendary lover boy Paris in Troy."
"It is no surprise that OB is the favorite Hunk in our 2003 poll.Whether he's sporting blonde braids or curly locks, Bloom is the hunk dejour. Even the dangerously beautiful Takeshi Kaneshiro (a japanese-taiwan-hongkong actor) and over-exposed Colin Farrell have to step aside to honour his blooming appeal."
"Never before LOTR, would you expect (except to the fans of the book) "Elves" to be sexy and romatic. Maybe androgyny is back in fashion. Move aside Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman wannabes!"
The RoTK won the Favorite movie, Favorite Action hero: Aragorn and PJ won the best director for the 2003 poll. TORN has posted the other articles.

People Magazine Petition
Lily sent in a link to another online petition to get Orlando on People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People list.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katie (14) from Laura, to Nicole Lis (13), and Kayla (16).

  Wednesday, February 4
Sneak Poster Scan
Rianna sent in a scan of the poster in this week's Sneak (UK).

Cine-Live and One Scans
Elodie sent in scans from the February issues of Cine-Live and One (1, 2, 3), both from France.

Dolly, Girlfriend and TV Hits
From Antonia: In the March issue of Girlfriend magazine (Australia) they have free stickers for school books and Orlando is one of them. Also on page 32 there is a tiny clipping of Orli titled 'Orlando off-limits' and it says... 'Yup, the Pirates of the Caribbean cutie is so zonked from his grueling back-to-back movie schedule, he's decided to quit acting. "I feel as if I've been in a time warp from the age of 22 to 26." Don't worry, it's only temporary. Orlando just wants to fix up his apartment, watch all the videos he's been missing and reflect on his meteoric rise. Come back soon!'
And in February issue of Tv Hits there is a little thing on him if he would ever do a nude scene, he says something like "If a nude scene is required I'd do it, but I don't go walking around naked at home".
From Gab: In the March issue of Dolly (Australia) there are some pics of Orlando.

German Merchandise Site
Eva sent in a link to closeup.de, a German merchandise website that sells Orlando and Legolas posters and postcards.

ROTK DVD Petition
Lily sent in a link to an online petition to get Peter Jackson to add even more cut scenes to the extended edition of the ROTK DVD.

Galliano's Designs Inspired by Orlando
Posted by §fyre from The Independent (UK): It's the first menswear collection I've done since 1986," proclaims John Galliano, Britain's most flamboyant fashion designer and Paris's Crown Prince of Haute Couture.
"We were inspired by Orlando Bloom, Joaquin Cortez, David Beckham, and Justin Timberlake," says the 42-year-old designer.
There are old school zip-up sports tops with swirly denim appliques embellished with copper rivets and dangly beaded droplets that race down the sleeves and frame the pocket flaps; ethnic slashed-front hooded tops that are covered with little black leather patches like crocodile skin; romantic white cotton or black silk shirts that fasten with a row of tiny covered buttons like those found on Galliano's dresses. "I love the idea of a hooded top worn under a suit, the hard with the soft, the raw with the refined," says Galliano, searching frantically for another cigarette.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Michelle (14), Monica Kapil (18), Estee (12), and Dizzy (11) from her friend Tina.
Happy Belated Birthday from yesterday to Michelle C. (13) from Lualgal, Starbird82, and Steph.

  Tuesday, February 3
Sneak Scans
Rianna sent in scans from the Jan. 27th issue of Sneak (UK).

Vanity Fair Photo Preview
Jan at ka-Bloom made screencaps from ET showing the Orlando photo in the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair magazine out in the US on Feb. 10.

Elizabethtown Casting News
From darkhorizons.com: Jane Fonda is apparently back in talks to play Orlando's mother who has a mid-life crisis of sorts upon the death of her husband. She had the offer early on and passed because she wanted something meatier. Looks like this is serious.

Hellomagazine.com Poll
Orlando is up for Most Attractive Man of the Month again at hellomagazine.com.

Heart of the City Comic
Yesterday's The Heart of the City comic strip mentioned Orlando Bloom. Pam sent in a little bit of the back story: the lead character (Heart) accidentally dropped her mom's ring down the drain and it ended up in the sewer, and in the hand's of Gollum.

Mention in News of the World
From Nicky: News of the World - Sunday magazine (1 Feb 2004) Emma Bunton responded to the question "How will you spend Valentine's Day?" with the following "I haven't got a clue. Hopefully, I'll have a date. My ideal date would be Orlando Bloom, he's gorgeous. I'd like to send him some flowers. I like sending men flowers. I'd like him to come round dressed as a pirate. That's my secret fantasy."

Now Magazine
From Nicky: Now magazine (UK) (4 February) Orlando is quoted as saying "I'm in love with love. It's heavenly when you're falling for someone and you can't stop thinking about her." This caption is alongside a small picture of Orlando in the 'lovebites' section - p95.

Mention on Neighbours
From Steph: Orlando was mentioned on today's (2/2/04) episode of Neighbours (Uk). One of the girls was talking about how much she loved him!

#1 Download at Screensavers.com
From azcentral.com: According to Screensavers.com, downloads of Spears have dropped by 45 percent since November. But when one door closes, another one opens. And that door is opening for Lord of the Rings' elf Legolas, Orlando Bloom. In the past week, he's shot to No. 1 on the index.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Audrey Heaton (13), Amber (17), Julianne (12) from her sister Hilary, Antonette (17), Megan (17) from her friend Lauren, and Mollyelf Bloomie Bob (13) from the Fellowship of the Party.

  Monday, February 2
Troy Commercial
As many of you know, a new commercial for Troy premiered during the Super Bowl. You can watch it on the official site. Grace has made a page with screencaps and captions.

Blast! Magazine Scan
Jenn sent in a scan from "BLAST! At the Movies Presents: ROTK" (US).

Kingdom of Heaven Article
Ana posted this translation on the LOTRinfo List, of an article on eladelantado.com:
The main characters are finished filming in Valsain on Saturday. However, the filming will go on in that location with the extras and the doubles, where they are taking advantage of the bad weather conditions that they have found in the last days. Due to the public interest, there have been strong security measures to protect the movie and the different hotels. The least accessible actor has been Orlando Bloom who has changed his hotel to avoid the crowd of fans and who uses a car with smoked glasses to avoid people's requests and cameras, while his partners (Liam Neeson, David Thewlis, Kevin McKidd, Juoko Ahoa, Eva Green) posed with their fans when asked for.
On Monday they will be in Avila, supposedly in a place called Las Cogotas, 10 Km from the city. On Tuesday they will film near the Cathedral. After Avila they will move to Cordoba (Palma del Rio)in the Palacio de los Portocarreros then to move to Morocco.

This photo probably illustrates why Orlando has changed hotels! I don't blame him one bit.

Los Angeles Exhibit Showcases ROTK Costumes
The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Museum Galleries present: 12th Annual "The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design" exhibition. More Info

It's Hot! Magazine
There is a poster and interview of Orlando Bloom in the February issue of 'It's Hot!' (UK).

Thai Magazines
Someone sent me this list of Thai magazines for February that have Orlando in them: Pop [article and photo], Entertain [article and poster], Starpic [article and photo], Movietime [article and photo], All Star [interview and photo].

LOTR Collector's Models Magazine
From Gemma: In the LOTR Collector's Models magazine (UK) there is a whole issue on Legolas and also a model. PG 1. Information on Legolas, PG 2 & 3. A map of Legolas's journey with the fellowship and Gimil and Aragorn, PG 4. Last refuge of Rohan, info on the place of Helms Deep, PG 5. Picture explaining the model you are given as well as some transcript of the battle between Legolas and Gimli, PG 6. Prince of Mirkwood, information on his clothing and weapory The figure is 1:29 that means that every 29 cm of the character is represented as 1 cm.

Sugar Magazine
From Emily: There's a small pic of Orlando in the March edition of Sugar (UK) saying about the release date of the Calcium kid.

Fansite Award
Thanks to Holly at Girl Quirk for giving The OB Files the Ultimate Orlando Bloom Fansite Award.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jen (15) from her friend Michelle, Claire Marks (15) from Carly, Dani from her friend Sarah.
Happy Belated Birthday to Karlijn (19) from her friend Nadine.

  Sunday, February 1
Bop Magazine
From Brittany: In the new March issue of BOP magazine (US) there is a little picture of Orlando on the front cover. Then on page 2 there is a pin-up of him from when he was on Jay Leno. Then on page 4 there is a picture of him and Billy Boyd. On page 24 there is something about Kate Bosworth's favorite lotion, and at the bottom it says Orly likes it too! Then on page 25 there is a pin-up that says Head to Toe Orlando, and it has various facts about him. Then on page 31 there is a pic of him talking about his first kiss. On page 78 there is a little hand drawn picture of Orlando. And on page 81 there is a quiz on who would be your perfect movie date.

Scans from February's Bop
LindsayLee sent in scans from the February issue of Bop (US). (1, 2, 3)

Troy Article from Empire
Cara sent in the Troy article from the March issue of Empire (UK).

Name Value: Crowe
From Variety: There may not be a role for Tom Cruise in "Elizabethtown," Cameron Crowe's second film for Cruise/Wagner Prods following "Vanilla Sky." But the "Elizabethtown" script reflects an ongoing dialogue between the director and his producers. "They are people that are so passionate about the project, they live it," Crowe says. "It's a 24-hour a day thing for them."
"Elizabethtown" is about a man who returns to his small Kentucky hometown after the death of his father. Crowe's father, like Cruise, spent some of his early years in Kentucky. "It was great to have the common ground," Crowe says. "Tom had some inspired ideas that really made the script come alive."
"I like the idea of 'Elizabethtown' being a kind of a movie they haven't done yet," he adds. "It's a character comedy in the Paramount tradition. For someone who follows movies, that's like making a jazz album of Blue Note."

Old Movie Star Scan
Sheryl sent in this scan by moroskywannabe, from the November issue of Movie Star (Japan).

Legolas Mouse Pads at Wal-Mart
From Jen: Was was over at Wal-Mart today and in the electronics, they have Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Mouse Pads. They have Aragorn, Legolas, Merry & Pippin, Sam & Frodo, Smeagol/Gollum, and some others. They are $5.99 each. I got the Legolas one.

Comingsoon.net Poll
On the comingsoon.net home page there is a poll on which movie will be the most anticipated for summer of 2005 and Kingdom of Heaven is one of the choices.

Mention in Patriot Ledger
From Marisol: Orli was in part of the Patriot Ledger (Boston), in the section of weekend family, he was featured in the chatter box and the quote was "I love something none of my friends can understand: oatmeal---and not only for breakfast, but in the evening in front of the tv." There was also a small picture of Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Chyanne (14) from Allie, Charmaine C. from her best friend Frannie, Courtney (16), and Kathleen (35).