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March 2003
  March 31
The Courier Mail
Orlando is on the cover of the What's On section of The Courier Mail. Their website also has a new photo from Ned Kelly.

Legolas Standee
Newlineshop.com is now selling a Legolas standup, without Gimli, for $29.95.

TV Hits Magazine
Orlando is on the cover of the May issue of Big Hit, the supplement in TV Hits Magazine (Australia), as well as a small article inside. Here’s a scan thanks to orlandobloomshrine.com.

Cleo Magazine
From Natalie: In April's edition of Cleo magazine (Australia) Orlando is featured as "Spunk of the Month" there is a small picture and a mini interview.

Possible New Film Role?
From The Daily Telegraph: “A £5 million ITV drama about Colditz Castle, scene of 300 Allied escape attempts in the Second World War, is causing dismay among survivors because the script shows Nazi camp commanders in an honourable light.” / “A cast still has to be picked for the drama, with speculation that Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom and Keeley Hawes have been approached.” Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Bliss Magazine
From Liz: In May's issue of Bliss magazine (UK) on page 192, they show pictures of celebrities with Charlie from Busted's eyebrows over their own, including Orlando Bloom. Under his name, it says "Looks more Gandalf then gorgeous..."

Red Carpet Magazine
From Tricia: I just wanted to let you know that there's a magazine called Red Carpet that has a two page comic spread about LOTR in the ceterfold. On the cover is Nicole Kidman and it's a special Oscar 2003 issue. It also has some pictures of different premieres, some pictures are of the cast/crew of LOTR. Anyhow, the comic spread is done by one of the magazine's (if I remember correctly) writers whom is a Tolkien fan.

Black Hawk Down on Starz Theater
I updated the TV Guide with times for BHD on Starz Theater, thanks to Lauren.

Orlando Web Site
Carolina has asked me to mention her Orlando website that has a Literature section where you can submit your poems and fan fic.

  March 30
Poster in Vi Unge
From Pippin and Tine: There's an Orlando poster in the April issue of "Vi Unge" (Denmark).

Sugar Magazine
From Shelly: In the May issue of Sugar (UK) on page 102 there is a photo and article with the title 'Bloomin' Boy' that says: "Orlando Bloom's our fave spring flower! Here's why .....
1)He's rooted in reality - Orlando's still down-to-earth 'I have a great job. Why would I not appreciate that?'
2)He keeps on growing - Orli started in tv, and got his big break in the Lord of the Rings. He's since worked non-stop.
3)He's no weed! - For the Lord of the Rings, Orlando had to learn bareback riding and sword fighting, and his off-screen hobbies include sky diving!

AOL Polls
From Red Beret: On the AOL welcome screen, in a small section at the bottom labeled "America's Pulse", it says: Defend Your Fav Stars -Orlando vs. Elijah. To access the polls, click here if you have AOL, and if not, go here.

ROTK Trailer on Kazaa
Yesterday I reported that the teaser trailer for Return of the King was on Kazaa. Novlómien writes: I downloaded it since I have a fast cable connection and the trailer is really only a series of clips from FOTR, and the Two Towers... plus one clip of Pippin and Denethor... that's all... so I don't think it's really worth downloading, at least for me it wasn't.

Posters at Spencer Gifts
From Tristan: At Spencer Gifts in US they have a HUGE Legolas poster (I bought it myself) and several TTT posters with smaller pics of Orli. I'm not sure if its just the store in N. California, or if its all over.

Pirates Info from Nickelodeon Magazine
From Michelle: In the April edition of Nickelodeon magazine, pages 47, 49, 50, 52, and 53 have stuff about Pirates of the Caribbean (The Curse of the Black Pearl). On page 47 it has one picture of Johnny and Orlando and then one with just Johnny. On page 49, it has the same picture of Orlando and Johnny and a trivia question, which is: 'Who is the emeny of Jack Sparrow?' On page 50, there is a picture of Orlando and Johnny (a different one) Orlando is closer to the camera and he looks so gorgeous. There is a paragraph and it says: 'This summer's blockbuster promises to make big waves on July 9. Captin Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and expert swordsman, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) take to the high seas to rescue a governor's daughter (Keira Knightley) and to recapture Sparrow's pirate ship, The Black Pearl, from his arch emeny Captin Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). It's a tale made all the more thrilling by the fact that our pirates have been cursed to live as the undead, and moonlight reveals them to be eerie walking sketeltons. Coming to theaters July 9, 2003.' On page 52, there is some information about Johnny Depp and it doesn't mention Orli. And the last page, 53, there is an advertisement for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ned Kelly Reviews
Here is a review of Ned Kelly from The Australian newspaper, and a review sent in by Natalie B.

Organ Donation Petition
From Katie: This is the Petition that Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, and ORLANDO signed! Please link it so that everyone can sign! You can find Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's signature on #'s 33 and 34. Orlando's on #134. Elijah Wood's on #184.

  March 29
Troy Back on Schedule
From zap2it.com: "'Troy' should be right on schedule now that British studios have averted a walkout by freelance crew workers."

Three Hunters Poster
This TTT Three Hunters poster can can be ordered online at gascp.com, moviemarket.com and large.nl. Thanks to Kate and Lisa for the links.

Mizz Magazine Scan
Hannah sent in a scan from the March 12th-25th issue of Mizz magazine (UK).

LOTR Fan Club Magazine Scans
Rozie sent in 2 scans from the Feb/March issue of the Lord of the Rings fan club magazine. (1 & 2)

YM.com Poll
From Lacey: There is a mini-poll at YM.com asking "Who do you think is the hottest guy?".  Orlando is one of the nine choices and is currently in the lead with 23%.

More Ned Kelly Reviews
Natalie and Amy sent in their reviews of Ned Kelly. Here are two reviews from aintitcool.com, one that states: "They are a likeable group, Joe Byrne, Orlando Bloom, he’s a ladies’ man, a rogue, and I liked him instantly." And a second that says: "This is the first non-LOTR film I've seen Orlando Bloom in, and he's a perfect foil to Ledger. Jordan may have been casting on charm alone; it's entirely believable when you see Bloom's character seduce a new woman every five minutes. Perhaps Bloom's career may be as backup screen candy? (to Mortensen in LOTR; Ledger in KELLY; Depp in PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN; Pitt in TROY; etc...) Hopefully he'll find himself in a starring role soon, because he more than has the talent to carry one."
From Kelly: On Monday (24th) Heath Ledger was on the Andrew Denton show (on Aussie telly) and he was talking bout how great it was to meat his fellow cast members. Also, on 94.5 (an old fogies station my parents listen to) they had an interview with someone from the cast of Ned Kelly (didn't catch his name) and he was saying what an awesome guy Orlando was and how great of a person he is!

Another Troy Manipulation
I have inspired Elf Lady to make her own photo manipulation of Orlando as Paris!

ROTK Trailer on Kazaa?
From Jennifer: Available now on Kazaa, you can download the teaser trailer of LoTR: Return of the King. I haven't finished downloading it yet. From what I'm told, there might be several out. But since I don't have that much memory to start with, I can only download this one. In the trailer, there are mostly old clips from the last two movies, but I have seen new Legolas clips (and he looks gooooood!!!)Plus, a clip of Pippn with Denethor, so I know this is for real.

  March 28
Pirates Trailer Coming Soon
From Yahoo Movies- "Wondering when you will get to see the actual full trailer? I have the answer! On April 6th, it will be available to watch right here at Yahoo! Movies. I've heard from someone who's seen it and they say that everything you're expecting is in there... great shots of the stars, lots of action, and those spooky skeleton pirates. Check back here in 11 days for that trailer!"
Also, Ted Elliott, one of the screenwriters for Pirates, posted this about the trailer at Wordplayer.com: "Current plan is that it will be attached to ANGER MANAGEMENT (April 11). Current plan also includes something called a "Roadblock booking" -- the same ad time is purchased on a number of different networks and stations, and the same ad is run on all of 'em. In the case of PotC, the trailer will run in its entirety on every Disney-owned station (from all ABC affiliates to ESPN2 to The Discovery Channel). We'll let you know date and time as soon as they are locked down (*if* they do, in fact, decide to do this)."

Star Magazine
From Asia Lynn Bloom: I thought you might like to know that in the April 1st issue of Star (Canada and US), there is a very tiny tid-bit of info about Orlando (pg. #22). It is titled "Who are the Women Orlando Bloom has Been Linked With?" and it talks about Orlando dating Kate Bosworth and such.

Sneak Magazine
From Amy: On the 1st April when the new Sneak (UK) comes out there is a real life story on Orlando Bloom (yeh)!

Sugar Magazine
From Sarah: In the April issue of Sugar (UK) there is a small picture and artical obout Orlando on page 102.

Troy Photo
I made this photo manipulation of what Orlando may look like in the movie Troy!

Posters in Empire Magazine
The lastest issue of Empire (UK) comes with a ROTK and a Ned Kelly poster. Unfortunately, they don't feature Orlando.

Ned Kelly on Aussie TV
From Natalie: Ned Kelly is everywhere on Australian TV at the moment! On Thurs, 27th March, both the Today show and Brisbane Extra had stories on the the movie. Each went for between five and ten minutes, with interviews with several of the cast members (no Orlando interviews) and heaps of shots of all the guys on set, including some scrummy ones of Orlando posing for publicity shots with a gun in his hand, mounting a horse with elf-like precision, and receiving some direction on a scene from Gregor Jordan and nodding in agreement.
Also in NW Magazine there is a small pic and a "Did You Know?" bit about Orlando as Joe Byrne saying that he was orginially asked to read for all the other gang members but he only wanted to play Joe Byrne and insisted that he would only read for that one. Also on a TV interview with Joel Egerton, he spoke about how he originally read for the part of Joe Byrne also but that it was "a good thing he didn't get it, cause then nobody would get to see Orlando Bloom!"
Also, don't forget that there will be a Ned Kelly featurette on In-Entertainment his Sunday at 6.00pm EDST, on Channel 10 (network 10).

  March 27
Sneak Magazine
From Amy: In the latest issue of Sneak, there is a tiny pic of him on the problem page quoting him saying "Certain things happen for a reason. You have to trust that life has a road mapped out." As well as the horoscopes page.

Yam Superstar Award
From Katharina: Orlando won the Yam!-Superstar 2002 Awards with over 10% more votes than Eminem, who came in second. 3rd Place was Elijah. Maike Bauer won a meet and greet with Orlando to give him his Yam-award. Steffi sent in this scan from yesterday's Yam! magazine (Germany) that announced the winner.

Mad Magazine
From Julia: I just thought you would be interested in that on the cover the the new Mad magazine is a cartoon spoof of LOTR TTT and inside are more cartoon spoofs of it. There are some with Legolas and are very funny.

Sugar Article
Shelly sent in this small article on pg 90 of the March issue of Sugar (UK): 'Oh-so-lovely Orlando recently rocketed into the headlines after his performance in the blockbusting trilogy, Lord of the Rings. But, although the buff Mr. Bloom become a hollywood babe, he was born and bred in Britain. Yay!'  It's an introduction on a section called the 'Tinseltown Totty' which is 8 boys from Hollywood. Orlando is at the top.

Official Ned Kelly Site Update
From the Ned Kelly Newsletter: "The wait is finally over - "Ned Kelly" hits cinemas all around Australia today! The world premiere took place at Melbourne's Regent Theatre on Saturday night with a star-studded guest list and hundreds of fans lining Collins St for a glimpse of the cast. Photos from the big night are online at nedkellythemovie.com. Also added this week, you can listen to samples from the "Ned Kelly" soundtrack, with an original score by Klaus Badelt and two new tracks, especially written for the film, by Powderfinger's Bernard Fanning. We also take you inside Ned Kelly's armour and explain the process of crafting the authentic steel helmet and body plates. Plus there's the details from last week's press conference in Melbourne with the cast and director Gregor Jordan."

Potter and Pitt In Trouble?
From Empire Online: The three biggest movies currently shooting in the UK – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Troy and Thunderbirds - might be seriously stalled if construction workers go ahead with a mass walkout this Friday in a protest over pay and conditions. Read more.

Movie Show Review of Ned Kelly
From Natalie: Just wanted to let you know I just saw a review of Ned Kelly on the Movie Show (SBS in Australia). The two critics, David and Margaret, gave an overview of the story and showed many previously unseen clips featuring Orlando where he looks absolutely delectable (beard and all). David described the film as a "brooding, handsome production" and said that "Orlando Bloom and Joel Edgerton head a very strong supporting cast as his [Ned's] loyal lieutenant and friend who betrays him respectively". Margaret agreed with the positive aspects of David's review but did add that she thought the story had been "compromised for an international audience" and also thought at times it was "expositional" and "clunky". Also thought I'd let you know, there are many different interpretations of the Ned Kelly story in Australia, and in one of the versions it is noted that Joe Byrne (the character that Orlando plays) was actually a well known transvestite!!!

NW and Rave Magazine
From Natalie: In the March 31st issue of NW (Australia) Ned Kelly has been listed as Movie of the Week. They say "Heath is charisma on legs.  Equally good is Orlando Bloom (Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movies) as gang member Joe Byrne." On the negative side, it also goes on to say "And despite the sheer quality of the actors on offer, many go to waste in roles that don't give them room to spread their wings."  There is a small accompanying picture with Orlando and Heath in the foreground on horseback.
Also in this week's free RAVE magazine they are having a competition open for Brisbane residents only to win one of five Ned Kelly packs, including the soundtrack, a Tshirt and poster. There is also a feature article called "The Monarch of Glenrowan" with some interesting bits and pieces about the film, as well as much discussion with Heath and director Gregor Jordan. There is a small mention of the fact that the widely believed version of events is that Joe Byrne wore a woman's dress when he went to shoot his best friend, but no mention of Orlando.

The City Weekly Review of Ned Kelly
Emma sent in part of the Ned Kelly review in The City Weekly magazine, March 27 issue, in Melbourne, Australia.
"The predominantly young, spunky, box-office-friendly cast acquit themselves well. Heath Ledger is credible in the title role, but it is the quiet, intense screen presence of Orlando Bloom as Joe Byrne, that makes a truly memorable impact. Rachel Griffiths' cameo as a lascivious bank manager's wife is ill-judged, while Geoffrey Rush is suitably impassive as chief law enforcer Superintendent Hare. While (Gregor) Jordan's latest film shows less of his vigour and visual flair that characterised his entertaining debut feature, Two Hands (1999- which Heath Ledger had a starring role in), Ned Kelly is nevertheless worth a look. Rating three stars."
Also from Emma: "I went to the Ned Kelly world premiere at the regent theatre in Melbourne and I saw Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts and a couple of other people but no Orlando as we knew he was not coming BUT there were other fans there with big signs saying 'send my love to orlando', which was nice."

Ned Kelly Fan Photos
OB Shrine has posted 2 photos Aviva took when she got to meet Orlando on the set of Ned Kelly.

  March 26
LOTR Contest
The official LOTR site is having a contest where you can win LOTR prizes. It's only open to US residents.

Sneak Magazine
From Christy at Orlando's Haven: In this week's SNEAK, Orlando knocks Gareth Gates off the top spot in their weekly Top Totty text poll. There is also a picture of him in the 'next week in Sneak-' with the caption 'shocking real life stories!' I expect it will be the broken-back-story again. Also a little pic of him in the horoscopes part with his sign, Capricorn.

Ned Kelly Fan Reports
Ali sent in her report of the Ned Kelly premiere in Sydney last night. "Ok, so orlando wasn't there but heath ledger, naomii watts, joel edgerton, phil baratini and were. very cool! i didn't manage to get any decent photos unfortunatley, but i haven't developed my disposable yet so fingers crossed! Anyway, in terms of the movie itself, i really enjoyed it, although it was lacking a bit of depth! still, it was pretty easy to follow and good for those who have little or no knowledge of the ned kelly story (ie. most people!! :D). also, for any orli fans it is a total must-see and he was so unbelieveably gorgeous, and the beard made no difference whatsoever - it probably only made him even more gorgeous! and his irish accent was fantastic. awesome acting from all fronts, and it's a really fantastic movie so i recommend everyone go see it ASAP!!"
Alariagreenleaf at the OBFans board has also posted her review.

Legolas Sword Replicas
From Hollie: The two small blades Legolas uses in LOTR will be on sale in a poster shop in shopping center lakeside in Essex, UK. They will go on sale when the Return of the King comes out, and the estimated price is £175.

Daily Star Article
Gem sent in this article from Tuesday's Daily Star (UK), that says that Matthew Marsden is playing Paris in Helen of Troy, along side Brad Pitt. But it appears they got their info wrong, as he is playing Paris in a made-for-tv movie for the USA network! Thaks to Mary Ann for this link that contained the info.

  March 25
Ned Kelly Video Interview
Ninemsn.com.au has a video interview with Orlando on the set of Ned Kelly.

Legolas T-shirts at Hot Topic
The US store Hot Topic is selling a Legolas fitted T-shirt, as well as an Aragorn one. You can order the Aragorn shirt online, but they seem to be out Legolas at the moment. Thanks to Beau for the info.

TTT Greeting Card
Anne sent in this scan of a The Two Towers greeting card she received.

TTT Creatures Book Scan
From Rozie: My sister went to the One Ring Party in LA last night and they gave out a book, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Creatures, and they have a small, but very cute, picture of Orlando as Legolas and a little info on his role. Incase anyone wants to know info on the book, it's $8.95 and the ISBN is 0-618-25811-6. 

Ned Kelly Review
Dark Horizons has a not-so-great review of Ned Kelly. Thanks to Kiri for the link.

Midsomer Murders in North America
According to Yahoo Movies, Midsomer Murders will be released on DVD and VHS in a box set on May 13, 2003. Thanks again to Kiri for the link.

Orlando Quizzes
Shelly sent in this quiz that is set up like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. If you go to the menu and do a search, there are many other quizzes on Orlando and Legolas.

Lush Lad of the Week
Orlando won Lush Lad of the Week at mykindaplace.com, with 10,726 votes.

  March 24
Review of Pirate's Commercial
Aintitcool.com has a review of a 30 second TV spot for Pirates of the Caribbean. "The spot starts with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom (who is featured even more prominently than Depp)." I guess Disney knows what we want! Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

The Academy Awards
The Two Towers won 2 of the 6 awards it was nominated for, Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Editing. Sean Astin, Andy Serkis and Barry Osbourne attended the ceremony. On a side note, Adrien Brody rocks! View pics here.

Andy Serkis Interview
BBC Newsround has posted the answers to fan questions for Andy Serkis (Gollum). Louise, 13, from Liverpool asked: "What is Orlando Bloom like in real life because I'm a huge fan?" Andy Serkis: "He's a really cool guy, he's a really lovely man and he's just - he's really enjoyed playing Legolas and he's going onto to play in Pirates of the Caribbean. But he's a lovely guy, I really enjoyed spending time with him."

NW Magazine
OB Shrine has posted scans from a Ned Kelly article in the newest issue of NW Magazine (Australia). (1 & 2)

Orlando Mention in Cosmopolitan
From Lisa: There was a small Orlando mention in the April issue of Cosmopolitan (US), on page 203. There's a picture of Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts kissing, and it talks of how they met. "Who brought these two touchy-feelies together: Their mutual friend Orlando Bloom, of Lord of The Rings fame, last summer while the three of them were filming the upcoming flick The Kelly Gang, in Melbourne, Australia."

New Poll Question
The new poll is asking who you think should play Helen, Orlando's love interest in Troy. According to the old poll, 50% of you find Legolas the most drool worthy, while 19% like Will Turner more. View all the results here.

  March 23
Ned Kelly Pics and Article
Samara at OB Shrine has posted photos that she took at the Ned Kelly premiere in Melbourne last night. Orlando did not attend, ss expected. She also has scans from a Ned Kelly article in the March 23rd issue of The Herald Sun that contained this new photo.

Daily Mail Article
From Fiona and Lelia: There's an article about Billie Piper in The Daily Mail and it mentions The Calcium Kid and Orlando.
'But as yet she has not had much luck. Her one role was in The Calcium Kid, which stars Orlando Bloom, of The Lord Of The Rings. Set for a domestic release this autumn, it will go straight to video in America, and looks unlikely to prove her springboard to dramatic credility.'

Heart of the City Comic
Anne sent in a scan of Friday's Heart of the City comic that features our 'hotter than a curling iron' Elf, but you can view the entire strip online. (click on Previous Date)

Ned Kelly Featurette on Oz TV
From Leanne: In-Entertainment, 6.00pm EDST Channel 10 (network 10), will have a "behind the scenes" featurette from Ned Kelly next Sunday the 30th.

Wilde on US Cable
I updated the TV Guide with times for Wilde on Encore-True Stories in April, thanks to Marie.

  March 22
Pirates Interview at ETonline
There is a video of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp at ETonline, but you need Instant ET to view it, and I can't get the darn thing to work. Videos change daily, but since it's the weekend, it might be up until Monday. Thanks to Mary and OBM.net for the info. Here are some screencaps and a sound clip in Mp3 format. If you want it in Wav format, visit E-Blooming.net where I converted the Mp3 file from. EDIT: E-Blooming.net now has the video.

Academy Awards UK TV Correction
Yesterday I said the Academy Awards were airing on BBC1 at 12:50pm, but it's actually 12:50am, early Monday morning. Thanks to Fisha for catching the mistake. Also, Michelle sent in this bit from ellegirl.com: "Who will be/ will not be/considering attending the oscars this sunday: Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson has decided what he's doing—according to USA Today he's decided to stay put in New Zealand. Hollywood's biggest night is looking like it'll be a little less than stellar this year."

Black Hawk Down: Deluxe Edition DVD
According to coronaproductions.com, The Black Hawk Down: Deluxe Edition DVD will be released in the US on June 3rd, for $39.95. It contains 2 extra discs with features and alternate scenes, probably similar to the European edition that I have screencaps of. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Daily Mail Article
Fiona typed up an article about Kiera Knightley and Pirates of the Caribbean in The Daily Mail. It doesn't mention Orlando, but has some interesting info. 'Keira’s sick of the sea'
Keira Knightley felt she’d already spent quite enough time getting her sea legs on a ship that was bobbing up and down like a cork, trapped inside a mammoth studio water tank.
The young actress, who starred opposite Parminder Nagra in the hit film Bend It Like Beckham, plays the ingenue in Disney’s swashbuklin’ new adventure picture, Pirates of the Caribbean, much of which was filmed in the aforementioned tank late last year. But two weeks ago she had to return to Hollywood to shoot some scenes alongside Johnny Depp, the dashing hero and Geoffrey Rush, the wicked pirate who want’s to use Keira’s blood to break an ancient curse.
But on Sunday night she’s allowed shore leave so that she can attend Vanity Fair’s Oscar party at Morton’s restaurant. And it gets better. She can use the occasion to celebrate her 20th birthday. (March 23rd, tomorrow) Best of all, on Monday Keira can abandon ship entirely and head home. By air.

Orlando on IMDB Top Searches
From Chezza: At IMDB, Orlando is at number 4 for 'Top name searches for past 7 days' and at number one for Top name searches for past 30 days! 

Tolkiens Arda Magazine
From Taurrohir: The Swedish magazine Tolkiens Arda has a note about Orlando and his upcoming movie Troy. The magazine also has a small illustration with Legolas.

  March 21
Ned Kelly Reviews
Rottentomatoes.com has 3 reviews of Ned Kelly. The Hollywood Reporter review states: "And stealing all of his scenes is Orlando Bloom, whose rakish swagger and commanding screen presence suggest a formidable star in the making." They also have a new photo. Thanks to killerbunni for the link.

Cosmo (AUS) Scan
Elle sent in a scan from the April issue of Cosmo (Australia).

Roadshow Scans
Orlando J-web has posted scans from the May issue of Roadshow (Japan). (1 & 2)

Photos in Nickelodeon and Twist
From oddjob103: There are 3 or 4 Pirates of the Caribbean pics (not new) in the April 2003 issue of Nickelodeon, and in the April issue of Twist (US) there's an old pic from one of the premieres of Fellowship of the Ring with Orlando, Elijah Wood and Liv Tyler in the background.

'Super' Magazine Scans
Maud sent in scans from the March issue of Super (France). (1 & 2) If you can read French, here's a scan of the article.

Academy Awards
The Academy Awards (aka The Oscars) will be taking place this Sunday in LA. I don't think Orlando will be attending, but The Two Towers is up for Best Picture. The awards will air in the US at 8:30pm (est) on ABC and in the UK at 12:50am on BBC1 (early Monday morning). Highlights will be shown on BBC1 on the 24th at 10:35. Thanks to Melanie for the UK times.

Tvguide.com Poll
Today's poll at Tvguide.com is asking 'Which movie should win the Oscar for best picture?'. With only 43 votes so far, The Two Towers is ahead with 40% of the votes.

LOTR Mate Quiz
Amanda sent in this quiz where you can figure out who is your ideal Lord of the Rings mate.

  March 20
Total Film Scan
Margarete sent in a scan of the Pirates review in the April issue of Total Film (UK).

Herald Sun Article
The March 20th edition of The Melbourne Herald Sun has an article on yesterday's Ned Kelly press conference, as well as an article on Orlando in the Hit liftout section. He states that he won't be at the Melbourne premiere of Ned Kelly. "Oh yea," he moans from LA. "I'm so disappointed. I'm working on this pirates movie at the moment, then I'm going to do this film called Troy. I have to go back to London to rehearse Troy and there's just no physical way I can make it."

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald also has an article about the Ned Kelly press conference, as well as a few new photos on their website. Thanks to Siochan for the link.

More Magazine
From Jo: The new More Magazine (19 March - 1 April, UK) has Orlando in their "Oscars" part. He's the winner of the Best Supporting Actor award and there is a small pic of him from a premiere with a blue coloured shirt on and the caption about him says: "And the winner is... Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers). This award has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we've spent the last year drooling over Brit actor Orlando. Well, maybe just a bit, but no one can deny the boy's talent (or his beautiful body) in the Lord Of The Rings films and we're sure the 25-year-old is going to go far. See him without his pointy ears this year in The Calcium Kid with Billie Piper".

J-17 Article
Shelly sent in the small article from the March issue of J-17 (UK).

Ned Kelly Radio Competition
From Ali: There's a competition on nova 969 radio station (Sydney) to meet Heath Ledger on the red carpet of Ned Kelly in Sydney next week. To win the comp, you need to be listening to the radio after 7pm and when they tell you to ring, call 133 969 and they want to hear the most creative question to ask Heath. One winner every night this week, then they go into a draw, cause there's only one winner.

Lexi sent in this link to googlefight.com where you can compare the number of search results for two competing keywords using Google. There are more results for Orlando than there are for Elijah Wood, making him the winner! EDIT: It seems that the results are constantly changing, but he was the winner at the time I posted the link.

  March 19
Sneak Scans
Louise sent in a scan of the 'Orlando's got a Secret Girlfriend' (aka Kate Bosworth) article from the March 18th issue of Sneak magazine (UK), as well as this little article. Thanks to Jo for also sending in a scan. Becky reminds us to vote for Orlando in 'Top Text Totty' in Sneak, as Gareth has beaten him! Text on 07736 382284 with 'Say What?! Orlando Bloom'. She also wanted me to mention her friend's message board Nothing but Orli.

Hello Magazine Poll
David from hellomagazine.com sent in a link where you can vote for Orlando as the most attractive man of the week.

Hungarian Magazine Cover
Here's a scan of Orlando on the cover of the February issue of 'im' (Hungary), thanks to Elf Lady.

More on BHD Screencaps
Regarding the screencaps (1 & 2) from the 2nd disc of the Black Hawk Down European edition DVD that I posted yesterday, Lady Nin reminded me of this quote by Orlando that gives further evidence that it may be him in the pictures: "In another film, Black Hawk down, my character falls from a helicopter and breaks his back--maybe the fact that I had done that in real life helped me get the part. I went to boot camp to prepare for my role and I was fine, although I did pop my knee out of its socket. I hope that my injury won't prevent me from doing an action movie like The Matrix. It hasn't yet." (Bliss magazine 07-02)

  March 18
Orlando Wins AOL Award
Orlando has won Best Supporting Actor at the AOL Moviegoer Awards. The Two Towers also won Best Picture, Viggo won Best Actor, Peter won Best Director, and Gollum arguing with himself won Most Unforgettable Scene. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the news.

Screencaps from Behind the Scenes of BHD
Legethien sent in some screencaps (1 & 2) from the 2nd disc of the Black Hawk Down European edition DVD that might have Orlando in them. Judge for yourself if he is the guy the with the crutch. With his track record, it wouldn’t be surprising!

Italian Article
Lola translated an interview from the March 18th issue of Y-18 (Italy).

Lush Lad Poll
From Rachel: You can vote for Orlando for Lush Lad of the Week at mykindaplace.com.

New Ned Kelly Photo
Sam from OBshrine.com found this new photo on the official Ned Kelly site in the interview with the hair and make-up artist, as well as this photo.

Troy Q&A
BBC Online has posted the answers to questions that were posed to David Benioff, the screenwriter of Troy.

Picture in Fashion18
From Amy: There's a picture of Orli in the Spring issue of Fashion18, a Canadian teen magazine.

Clips from The Two Towers
Posted by Elf Lady:You can watch clips from The Two Towers on MSN's Academy Awards site.

Orlando Calendar?
Posted by Bonnie at the orlandobloomislegolas group: Hollywood Posters will be getting Orlando calendars out in July. Just him. Nothing else, not LOTR related. The number for the store is 303-839-1984. I wouldn't call now because he doesn't know the exact date it's coming out or how many he's getting in.

  March 17
Soap Opera Digest Article
Paula sent in this scan of an article in the March 18th issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Most Wanted on AOL
From Alison and Carolina: AOL just put up a section with the 5 Most Wanted Stars, which included; 1 - Jenifer Lopez, 2 - Orlando Bloom, 3 - Hilary Duff, 4 - the Olsen Twins, 5 - Daniel Radcliffe. There was also a poll debating between Orlando and Elijah Wood. Orlando is winning 71% to 29%.

Man of the Week
From OBM.net and Analia: Orlando is the Man of the Week at askmen.com.

Legolas Comic
Here's a cute comic strip of Heart of the City (1 & 2).

Troy info from Touch Magazine
Posted by Stacie at the LOTRinfo group: In Touch, March 24 issue, Page 16: An article called "What Jen's Smiling About" talks about Troy moving to Mexico. It gives some production information, like they'll film in Ensenada, 200 miles from LA. Brad will return on April 22, because filming will move to Malta before Mexico. Also, Jennifer Aniston will probably be on the set a lot, because her only obligation during that time is promoting Bruce Almighty.

Obsession Quiz
Katie sent in this link to a quiz asking "Are you obsessed with Orlando Bloom?".

Orlando Site
Engelina has a lot of Orlando psd's (photos with the background cropped out) and fan fiction on her site, lost-desire.org, so go take a look!

  March 16
Troy Filming Location in London
Troy is scheduled for a 3 week shoot beginning in April at Shepperton Studios, part of Pinewood Shepperton. It is listed as in production, under the name Trojan War. Shepperton Studios is 20 miles west of London. They do not give tours.

Amber Scan
Julie sent in a scan from the April issue of Amber (UK).

Teen People Polls
Kim sent in links to 2 polls at TeenPeople.com that include Orlando: Which celebrity would make a great prom king?" and "Which star would you want to attend prom with?"

More on Ned Kelly Premiere Dates
From aussie fan: The Sydney premiere will be held on the 25th of March at 6.00pm at the Hoyts Cinemas complex at Fox Studios, Australia, and the Melbourne Premiere will be held on the 22nd of March at the Regent Theatre. Also, Banrigh wrote in and said Heath and Naomi Watts will be at the premiere on the 26th of March at the Ace Cinemas in Subiaco. This was in the Sunday Times (16/03/03), pg 16.

  March 15
New Photo from HQ Gallery Party
Here's another photo from the 'Murder, Models, Madness' party, thanks to Bonnie and Bagendinn.com.

US Weekly Scan
OBM.net and Fallen Angel has posted a scan from the most recent US Weekly. The small article says: "After a Caribbean vacation earlier this year, actors Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings) 26, and his girlfriend, Blue Crush's Kate Bosworth, 20, are hotter than ever and back in L.A. They were recently spotted having a quiet lunch at the Urth Caffe in West Hollywood."

Bravo Scan
Maria sent in this scan of the poster in the latest issue of Bravo (Germany).

Photo in J-17
From Carmen: There is a small pic (that we've all seen before!) of Orlando when he was young in the 'Before they were famous' section of the April issue of J17 (UK).

In Film Magazine
From Lauren: There is Ned Kelly info in 'In Film' (Australia), pics and a write up.

Hello and BBC Polls
Hellomagazine.com has an article about a recent poll where viewers stated they preferred Orlando's real life look over that of Legolas. There's also a poll for who should play Helen of Troy. On NEWSROUND last night they had the results of an online poll they had been running about celebrities hair and they said that according to the votes Legolas has better hair than David Beckham. Thanks to Angela and Videosystem for the info.

Graham Norton Interview
Posted by Stacie at LOTRinfo Group: Ign.com has an interview with Graham Norton that mentions when Orlando and Cybill Shepard were on his show:
IGNFF: But she got on with Orlando Bloom...
NORTON: She liked Orlando, yes. Poor little Orlando. I think we might have to have him back as an apology.
IGNFF: Like a deer in a sea of headlights.

Today Tonight and Rove
Posted by Jenna at OBFans: On Rove this week he is going to be interviewing Naomi Watts. I assume this is for Ned Kelly which also leads me to believe that there will be some footage.
From Petrina: On Thursday night on Today Tonight (Channel 7, Australia), they had a world exclusive report on Ned Kelly the movie. Lots of shots of Orlando, but it focussed more on Heath and the Australian Cast, as well as the 'glorification' of bushrangers as folk heroes. Some new footage was shown, but I think nothing new of Orlando.

Ned Kelly Premiere Dates
There have been numerous reports on when the Ned Kelly premieres in Australia will be taking place. Someone said that they called Fox Studios, and they reported that the Melbourne premiere is on the 23rd of March, and the Sydney premiere on the 25th. The official Ned Kelly site is still saying the 22nd for Melbourne, and Lauren went to the Regent Theatre in person a weekend ago, and they also said it was on the 22nd. If anyone has more info, please let me know!

  March 14
New Pirates Photo
Here is a publicity photo of Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean, and a photo from the ShoWest convention of the other character's publicity photos.

OK Magazine
From Sara: In this week's OK magazine (UK) there's a piccy of Billie Piper holding some balloons with Orli's face on it. (from The Calcium Kid)

Legolas Mention on Will and Grace
On last night's episode of "Will and Grace", Will was telling Jack about a guy he liked, saying how he hasn't been this interested in someone for a long time, "other than the arrow-shooting elf from Lord of the Rings!". Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

Orlando Not Attending Ned Kelly Premieres?
Allie says that she interviewed the Marketing Director for Working Title Films (London) and he confirmed that Orlando wouldn't be coming to Australia for the Ned Kelly premieres, as his schedule for his next project has been brought forward.

Ned Kelly Review
The Sydney Morning Herald website has a positive review of Ned Kelly.

New Legolas Sound Clips
The Argonath has updated their Legolas sounds page with sounds from The Two Towers Electronic Arts game.

  March 13
Even More New Photos
They just keep coming! I found these at Alloverpress.dk, and they were photographed by Lionel DeLuy. I removed the watermark on #3. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Also, OBM.net has posted some new photos as well.

New Photo from HQ Gallery Party
Here's another photo from the 'Murder, Models, Madness' party at the HQ Gallery last Thursday night.

Possible Movie Role for Orlando
Posted by Evi at the LOTRinfo Group: "Wolfgang Petersen's movie project "Endurance" has been put on hold, because producers and director couldn't agree on the leading man. According to Petersen, he could think of Eric Bana, Clive Owen or Orlando Bloom taking the lead. He will start working on this movie after finishing "Troy"." Rough translation taken from "Cinema", April 2003, Forum - Schwarzes Brett.

Bazaar Scan
Samara at orlandobloomshrine.com has posted the Orlando photo in the April issue of Bazaar (Australia).

Orlando Voted Best Actor
From OBM.net: Posted by Stef- Orlando was voted the best actor of 2003 by readers of Australian Rolling Stone magazine. He was placed ahead of Heath Ledger and Angelina Jolie.

Helen Article
Posted by Stacie at the LOTRinfo Group: The Times Online has an article about who should play Helen of Troy.

Midsomer Murders Adverts
From Fiona and Rachel: ITV1 is showing adverts for Midsomer Murders this Friday. It shows clips of Orlando, and a discussion about The Lord of the Rings from the show.

Bravo Scan
An Orlando fan sent in this scan from the March 12 issue of Bravo (Germany).

Help keep this site going. Get Free Shipping for purchases over $35 at Allposters.com until March 31. Use Coupon Code: P4F-471-1RL

  March 12
More New Photos
Here are more unpublished Orlando photos, sent to me by Andy at Brittany-Murphy.com. I removed the watermark on some of the pics. By Amanda De Cadenet: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) By Alex Hoerner: (1, 2, 3, 4)

New TTT Premiere Photos
Brenda found 3 new photos of Orlando at the LA premiere of TTT at fansites.com.

Daily Mirror
From Rosie at LordsOfOurHearts.cjb.net: Orlando's in Tuesday's (11th) Daily Mirror. He's in an article about hell's angels- he apparantly was dressed up like one!

Photo in Bazaar
There's a full page Orlando Ned Kelly photo in the April issue of Bazaar (Australia), as well as a 6 page Ned Kelly article.

Poster in Bravo
From Sylvia: In the new issue of the German magazine BRAVO (March 12th) there will be a poster of Orlando.

Poster in CosmoGirl (UK)
There's an Orlando poster in the April issue of CosmoGirl (UK).

Midsomer Murders Reminder
A reminder for people in the UK: Judgement Day, Orlando's episode of Midsomer Murders, will air this Friday on ITV1 at 8.30pm.

Ned Kelly Site Update
From the nedkellythemovie.com newsletter: The official Ned Kelly site has announced the winner of the "Form Your Own Kelly Gang" competition. It's Megan Zerafa of Wodonga, Victoria, who won a trip to the world premiere of "Ned Kelly" at Melbourne's Regent Theatre on March 22. A list of the confirmed actors who will attend did not include Orlando. Nedkellythemovie.com will bring full coverage of the Melbourne premiere. Also added to the site were new interviews with Naomi Watts and director Gregor Jordan.

  March 11
New Photos
Here are 3 never before seen Orlando photos, taken by Amanda De Cadenet. (1, 2, 3)

J-14 Scans
Jen sent in scans from the April issue of J-14 (US). (1 & 2) Ashley B says that there will most likely be the answer to the Guess Who? pic, a brief biography, and a picture in next month's issue.

Ned Kelly TV Ads and Trailer
From Giorgia: Ned Kelly ads are now showing on TV in Australia - I saw two different ones last night on Channel 9 ... one during Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the other during Sex and the City. I am pretty sure we saw some new footage that was not in the theatrical trailer (including Orlando in the bath!). From Liz: I saw the NEW, longer Ned Kelly preview yesterday and it rocked. You can see it in Aust at sessions of Chicago (where i saw it) and various other movies. Orlando has some good lines and his name is listed second.

Dolly Competition
From Ali: For those Australia and New Zealand residents who entered the march "Dolly" magazine comp to meet Orlando at the "Ned Kelly" premiere in Melbourne, the winner should be notified via post some time this week.

  March 10
More Photos from HQ Gallery Party
Filmmagic.com has more photos, including four of Orlando, from the 'Murder, Models, Madness' party at the HQ Gallery last Thursday night.

Swedish Magazine Scans
Johanna sent in scans from the Swedish magazines Julia and Frida.

Brazilian Two Towers Calendar Scan
Bela sent in a scan from a Brazilian Two Towers calendar. Legolas is shown for the month of April.

SAG Awards
Orlando did not attend last night's SAG Awards in LA, and The Two Towers did not win for Best Ensemble. Sean Astin introduced TTT, and here's a transcript of what he said thanks to Sari: "The monumental struggle between good and evil continues in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers tonight's second feature film nominated for ensemble cast.  [Someone claps] Thank you. [Laughs] The odyssey deepens as the determined band of brothers find themselves, uh, find themselves scattered on different roads of high adventure. Along the way they discover a Gollum, battle Orcs, encounter wizards and keep hope alive in their valiant quest."

Legolas in SFX Poll
From Elf Lady: Saw this in the January 2003 issue of SFX magazine: a readers' poll of the top 100 figures in science fiction/fantasy.
055 Legolas
First Appearance: The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring (book, 1954)
Oooh, look at his big eyes, he's so lovely! The on-screen Legolas melted members of both sexes into little puddles. Which is cool, elves are pretty, but then you kind of forget that he's the 1,000 year-old son of a king and a member of the most magical race on the planet. No wonder he's such a good shot. He's had a lot of practice.

Ned Kelly Premiere Dates in Australia
From OBM.net: Desiree wrote: Just thought I'd let you know that today I rang fox studios in sydney to find out about the ned kelly premiere and they said that the sydney one is definately on tuesday the 25th of march, not on the 23rd and they said the melbourne one is on sunday march 23. I also rang hoyts at fox studios and they said the same thing.

Old School Spoofs LOTR
From Tinuviel: In yesterday's Sunday Edition of the LA Times there is a LOTR:TTT spoof. In the Calendar (Part I) section on p.E31 there is movie ad for Old School. It's set up the same way the TTT ad is- the position of the pictures of the actors, the color (yellowish), except for the fact that instead of one of the towers in the left side of the picture, it's a beer bottle. At the top of the ad it reads: "ONE COMEDY TO RULE THEM ALL" At the bottom it reads: "Old School:The Two Tall Ones" in the same font as the LOTR one.

Allison sent in the horoscope that appeared in the Washington Post on Jan. 13th.
IF JAN 13 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You have a mind of your own and have often disagreed with parents, who may have been separated. You are fascinated by architecture, ancient wisdom that includes astrology. Taurus, Leo and Scorpio persons play major roles in your life, could have these letters in name: D, M, V. Popularity will be on the rise in February. Participate in social and civic activities. July will be your most memorable and powerful month of the year.

  March 9
Orlando at HQ Gallery Party (updated)
Orlando was at the opening night party for 'Murder, Models, Madness' this past Thursday night (the 6th) at the HQ Gallery in Hollywood. The premiere was to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and featured photographs from the movie Blow-Up. Here's some photos from the event. You can see Orlando's shoulder in the photo of Kate Bosworth. I don't know if they went together, but I think it would be a big coincidence if they didn't. But that's just my opinion! Here's another photo thanks to Bonnie and undecided_au. It's from the Book LA website, where you can see pics of Kate alone.

CosmoGirl Scan
Clara sent in the picture of Orlando, Liv, and Viggo in the April 2003 issue of CosmoGirl (US) with Eminem on the cover.

New Ned Kelly Photo
Here's a new photo from the official Ned Kelly site of Orlando with Joel Edgerton. There's also a new interview with Joel on the site.

Article and Pics in The Sun-Herald
From Ali: In Sunday's (March 9) edition of "The Sun-Herald" newspaper (Australia), in the "Sunday Metro" section, there is an article on Orlando, as well as a poster-sized picture on the front page, and several smaller pics inside. Here's the article, thanks to ILuvLegolas, and scans (1 & 2) thanks to Clare.

Girlfriend Article
From Bec: Girlfriend.com.au has a small article about Orlando coming to Sydney for the premiere of Ned Kelly.

Fusion Magazine
From Tinydith Trunkz: Lord of the Rings was hailed as the most important movie of last year according to Fusion magazine (Philippines). They also commented that the movie would push Orlando's career again. Inside also contain a cool Orlando pinup and a jumbo poster of LOTR. Orlando is in the zodiac section too!

Small Orlando Bit from The Age
From Jiniyah: There was an incy tiny little mention of Orlando in the sundaylife in The Age (aus). It was an article on Ned Kelly: "No one could criticise the bond between the boys who play the Kelly Gang. While they don't, like the real lads, have to choose between mateship and their lives, they do get along famously. "I hate him. He's the Judas," says Orlando Bloom, the 26-year-old from Kent who plays Kelly's right-hand man, Joe Byrne. He's putting Joel Edgerton in a headlock at the time. But they're laughing. Jordan forced them to get to know each other by sending them all off to sleep rough, high up in "Kelly country", before the cameras rolled."

  March 8
Helen in Troy
Mia wrote in to say that Clare Forlani was on E! News Live Thursday, and she stated that she was not in the lead for the role of Helen in Troy. There have been many articles lately stating that she was in contention for the role, such as this article from metro.co.uk. Also on that site, you can vote for who you would like to see play Helen to Orlando’s Paris. Thanks to Claire for the link.

Filipino Seventeen Scan
Jorja sent in a scan from the April issue of Seventeen (Philipines). If the text is too small for you to read, click here. You can view Seventeen’s Boys of Summer here, and get directions on how to vote for Orlando.

Demi Scan
Auroora sent in a scan from the March issue of the Finnish magazine Demi. The text says: “Not for Orlando-fans Orlando fans: skip this news. Namely Orlando Bloom has finally fallen in love, tells Us Weekly. Elf boys heart is stolen by 20-year old actress Kate Bosworth. According to a discerning source, Orli gave golden-haired Kate a gold bracelet as a gift, and now the couple is spending a romantic holiday in the Caribbean.” Please keep in mind this is old info, and may not be true.

Pirates Trailer
Kim saw the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer before ‘Bringing Down the House’. 

TV Guide Update
I updated the TV Guide with times for FOTR and Black Hawk Down on Starz, thanks to Jessica.

LotR/Orlando Forum
Laur wanted me to mention her friend’s new LotR/Orlando themed forum called Fellowship of the Chatroom Ring. Go and have a visit!

  March 7
HQ Articles
Pagan has typed up the Orlando article and Ned Kelly article from the April issue of HQ (Australia).

New Pirates Photos
Countingdown.com has posted publicity photos for Pirates taken at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas. (1, 2, 3)

Troy Article
In this article from Ananova, they state that Brad Pitt is already in London preparing for Troy, and that shooting starts in a few days. Also, they have still not cast someone in the role of Helen. Also, Michelle says that on Access Hollywood the other night, they mentioned that Troy was not changing locations because of Brad Pitt, but because they are still "checking out locations".

Wilde on US TV
Wilde will be on Starz Cinema on March 16 at 8pm (EST) and the 17th at 4am (EST).

NW Magazine
From Leisy B: Orlando is in this month's NW magazine (Australia) where you can win a trip to the Ned Kelly premiere.

Vote in Seventeen's Boys of Summer
From z-ro: Attention Filipino fans, vote for Orlando in this year's Seventeen's Boys of Summer. He's only at the no. 5 position right now but he's the top international star there because the first four spots are occupied by Filipino stars. To vote for Orlando, on your cellphone, key in FN BOYS VOTE Orlando Bloom and send to 211 (Smart) or 2333 (Globe). Voting is up to March 31 and the winners will be featured in Seventeen Philippines' May issue. The only other LotR star in the list is Elijah Wood who is at no. 29 right now.

  March 6
New Pics from Movie Star
Orlando J-web has posted some great new photos from the April issue of Movie Star (Japan).

Ned Kelly Release Date for UK
Angela says that UIP Press have a changed date for the release of Ned Kelly in the UK. September 26, 2003. I don’t know why they moved it back so far, or if this will be the final date.

Seventeen Magazine (Philippines)
From Tinydith: Orlando is in the March issue of Seventeen Magazine (Philippines). On the cover: "Got LEGOLUST? Orlando Bloom is hot!" Inside: an Orlando pin up and some lil info about him. Orlando, lobbying for scenes between Arwen and Legolas, his Gap commercial, being a hot guy (he's included in last year's hottest summer guys, bagging the top position), and kissing girls in movies without getting paid.

Pirates Set Report
ANDiE: The Z Review has a set report for the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Rising Star
From Tiffany: I went to go see The Life of David Gale yesterday (in Columbia, South Carolina) and in the 'slideshow' before the movie started one slide was titled Hollywood's "Rising Star"... and was none other than our beloved Orli. It had a pic of him looking gorgeous and sultry as Legolas and gave a brief bio (mentioning only LOTR and BHD) and reminded viewers to "Keep an eye out for this one!". 

LOTR On Starz
From Nicole: On Friday, March 7th at 8:00PM, Lord of the Rings will be on Starz.

SAG Awards
From OBM.net:Sean Astin will introduce the Two Towers for which its cast members have been nominated for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Motion Picture. The 9th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will be presented on March 9 in Los Angeles, in ceremonies to be televised live by TNT at 8pm (EST). No word yet on whether Orlando will be there.

Ned Kelly Posters Up in UK Cinemas
Carmen from England went to the cinema last sunday and notised that where all the 'coming soon' movie posters are, they have now added one for 'Ned Kelly'.

Empire Online Poll
Empire Online is asking which actor most deserves to have been on Vanity Fair's Hollywood cover shoot. Orlando is one of the choices, and well in the lead.

Be an Extra on Troy
From Legolas Greenleaf: Live in the London area? Fancy working as an extra in Orlando's upcoming movie, "Troy"? Ray Knight Casting Agency is looking for men and women of a "distinctly Mediterranean appearance". Thanks to Niamh for the link.

  March 5
Midsomer Murders on UK TV
Orlando's episode of Midsomer Murders, 'Judgement Day', will be shown March 14th on ITV1 at 8.30pm (UK). Thanks to everyone who let me know.

Empire Magazine Ned Kelly Special
OBM.net has scans from the April issue of Australia's Empire magazine's Ned Kelly special. I typed up the Orlando/Ned Kelly article, and the Pirates article.

The Two Towers Video Game Review
Here's a scan of The Two Towers video game review from the March 20th Rolling Stone. It has a screenshot of digital Legolas, "skinny but spunky".

Kamratposten Magazine
From Elisabeth: In the latest issue (#4) of Kamratposten ("KP"), a swedish magazine, there is a small article about Orli, a small picture, and also a poster with him and Viggo Mortensen as Legolas and Aragorn. You can't buy the magazine in a store, it's only available for subscribers.

Ragazza Magazine Scan
Mary sent in a scan from the January issue of Ragazza (Spain).

M Magazine
From Glynne: There is a picture of Orlando in the April issue of M magazine (US).

Topp Magazine
From Kari: There's a new poster of Orlando as Legolas in the March issue of Topp (Norway).

Vi unge Magazine
From Tine: There is an Orlando article in the newest Vi unge (Denmark) from March.

  March 4
HQ Scans
Pagan sent in some great scans from the March/April issue of the Australian magazine HQ, that has Orlando on the cover.

New Ned Kelly Photos
The official Ned Kelly site has been updated with 5 new Orlando photos in the photo gallery, including Orlando in a bathtub. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) There’s also new interviews with Laurence Kinlan and Philip Barantini.

Sugar Scan
Michelle sent in a scan from the March issue of Sugar.

Total Film
From Hannah: In the April issue of Total Film (UK). There is a 'must see movies for 2003' section. And there is a page for both ROTK and The Pirates of the Caribbean. There is also a small bit about Ned Kelly. All 3 mention Orlando quite a bit.

Teen Scan
Here is a scan of the poster in the Spring issue of Teen (US) thanks to Michelle.

CosmoGirl (UK)
From Emily: There is a poster of Orlando and also a poster of Elijah in this month’s CosmoGirl (UK). It’s the one where he's wearing a blue hoodie and has a yellow back ground.

Pirates Article
From JC: On the front page of the Networking section in the Asian Wall Street Journal, there is a photo of Orlando in Pirates of the Caribbean and an article called ‘Redefining Disney Films’. The article states: “Mr. Cook says the movie is aiming for a higher thrill level than past Disney offerings, and may turn out to be the first Disney-label film to carry a PG-13 rating: ‘It’s going to be appropriate for little ones the same as Raiders of the Lost Ark was,’ he says.”

Troy Article
Alaina sent in this Troy article from blockbuster.co.uk that says there are plans to make a 4 May 2004 release date. Also, according to the Hollywood Reporter, newcomer Garrett Hedlund has been added to the cast. Hedlund will play Patroclus, Achilles' teenage cousin who has warrior aspirations.

Text Message Sneak
From Beka: In Sneak (UK) there is a part for the top text totty. If you vote for Orlando Bloom and he is number 1 they will print lots of pics of him. Write this in a text message to 07736382284: “Say What?! Orlando Bloom”

Internet Movie Awards
In the latest round of the Internet Movie Awards, The Two Towers has won Favorite Picture, Favorite Actor in a Supporting Role: Andy Serkis, Favorite Actress in a Supporting Role: Miranda Otto, Favorite Director, Favorite Soundtrack or Musical Score, Favorite Visual Effects, Favorite Screenplay, and Breakthrough Performance: Miranda Otto. Orlando won the Breakthrough Performance award last year.

  March 3
April Empire Scans
KT sent in scans (1 & 2) from the April issue of Empire (UK). Three of Orlando's upcoming films are listed under the 50 Reasons Why Movies Kick Ass, including Troy, Pirates, and Ned Kelly.

Australian Magazine Scans
orlandobloomshrine.com has posted scans from the April issues of Dolly, TV Hits, and Cosmopolitan. I typed up the Dolly interview.

Sneak Poster Scan
Beka sent in a scan of the poster from the Feb. 11th issue of Sneak (UK).

HQ Magazine
Posted by Lori444 at the OBFans Board: Orlando is on the cover of the new HQ magazine (Australia). Inside there are new photos from Ned Kelly. Scans anyone?

Gorgeous, but Not a Geek
Pamela sent in a link to gorgeousgeekyguys.com. Orlando holds the top spots in their lists for Star Quality, Acting Ability, and Sex Appeal, as voted by the site visitors.

LOTR Links
Yoshi sent in two Tolkien/Lord of the Rings links: Who's Who Among Tolkien's Elves and The Encyclopedia of Arda.

Site of the Month Award
Thanks to Alexis at Simply Orlando Online for making The OB Files the site of the month.

  March 2
Orlando at Directors Guild Awards
Here's a photo of Orlando at the 55th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards yesterday, March 1st. The awards were held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Peter Jackson was nominated for The Two Towers, but lost to Rob Marshall for 'Chicago'. To see pics of everyone who attended, visit Yahoo News.

Teen People Scans
Christine from Orlando Bloom - Eternity sent in scans from the April issue of Teen People (US). (1 & 2)

Secret Diaries Update
Cassandra Claire has updated her LOTR Secret Diaries with Legolas Part 2.

Middle-earth Locations
From Sarah: If you visit purenz.com and follow the links to Lord of the Rings, you can see many pictures of the places they used to film the movie along with some cast interviews.

All About Legolas
Remember The Boy With The Bow article? Well the writer has a new article, Legolas of Mirkwood: Prince Among Equals.

  March 1
Daily Telegraph Scans
"AMAZING pictures in today's Daily Telegraph give the world its first glimpse of Heath Ledger's Ned Kelly in the final shoot-out at Glenrowan -- in all its armoured glory." Here are some scans thanks to Sam of orlandobloomshrine.com. (1 & 2) I think Orlando is 2nd from left.

Empire Scans
Angela sent in scans (1 & 2) from the March issue of Empire (UK) that has directions for a drinking game for LOTR, and an interesting caricature of the cast.

Brad Pitt Says No To Morocco
From the nationalenquirer.com: "Security's a major issue for Brad Pitt, who's threatened to pull out of his new flick "Troy" unless producers back off plans for location shooting in Morocco -- a potential trouble spot in today's uncertain world! Brad's agreed to Mexico as a compromise, and locations are being scouted."

Break Out Petition
From Fabienne: For the Dutch fans, if you want a poster of Orlando in the Dutch magazine Break Out, you just have to send an e-mail to breakout@sanoma-uitgevers.nl. In the e-mail you say how you would love to have an Orlando poster in it!

Pirates Preview on Tuck Everlasting DVD
From Tiffany: There is a Disney movie surfers sneak peek at Pirates of the Caribbean attached to the Tuck Everlasting DVD. Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer were interviewed and a lot of the conceptual art was shown, but no mention of Orlando. But when JB was asked about the plot of the movie, he said it's about a "dashing young man" (obviously orlando) who falls in love with a "beautiful young woman" and then there's treasure and pirates, yada yada yada.

February 2003
  February 28
Orlando in Teen People
From Tiffany: On the cover of the April issue of Teen People magazine (US), Orlando is mentioned on the cover, in a good guys vs. bad guys sort of thing... Orlando being a good guy. Inside it reads: 'Orlando Bloom, 26. "Woman are beautiful. They deserve to be cherished." says the single co-star of Lord of the Rings. Any takers, ladies?' There were two pictures of him, but we've seen them before.

The New Daniel Day-Lewis
From Kerry: According to AOL, "Orlando is the new Daniel Day-Lewis". They say "The eyes have it. Both actors have those piercing stares that make most women go weak in the knees. And not satisfied with prancing about as Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings, Orlando is back in Troy next year as Prince Paris. As for Day-Lewis, he's probably going back to being a cobbler." If you have AOL, click here.

Access Hollywood
Access Hollywood finally showed the segment from Pirates of the Caribbean! They showed a short interview where Orlando said: "I can't believe how lucky I've been! I've played an elf. I've been a boxer, an outlaw and now a pirate?! I'm living like every boys dream, ya know? It's unbelievable." Then they showed a clip of Orlando and Johnny sword fighting, in which Johnny seems to miss his mark, which causes him to hit Orlando on the wrist and Orlando to hit Johnny's thigh. Orlando says "I'm sorry man!" and Johnny asks "Are you alright?". Orlando responds "Yea, yea, yea. (laughs and rubs his wrist) Good as gold." View screencaps here, and video at OBM.net.

Pirates Info
Angela sent in a synopsis of Pirates of the Caribbean from the Disney Press Dept. They also have the UK release date as August 15, 2003, which is 10 days earlier than other reports.

New Ned Kelly Photo
orlandobloomshrine.com has posted scans from an official Ned Kelly Book released by The Herald Sun. One of the pics is new.

ROTK Trailer
According to this email from Peter Jackson posted on aintitcool.com, the first trailer for Return of the King will hit cinemas about May or June.

New Poll
I changed the poll question to the left. According to the old poll, 63% of you noticed Legolas's changing eye color in TTT, while 34% of you were too busy paying attention to more imporant things!

  February 27
Ned Kelly Photo in Woman's Weekly
Here's the Ned Kelly press photo (closeup) from the lastest issue of Woman's Weekly (Australia), thanks to Aimee.

Access Hollywood
The visit to the set of Pirates of the Caribbean was not shown on Wednesday's show, but will be on today's show (27th). They showed a preview of the segment, which included clips of Orlando sword fighting. OBM.net has posted some preview screencaps from Jennifer!

Photo in Amber
From Niki: There's a photo on pg 25 in Amber magazine (UK) of Orlando from one of the FOTR premieres, wearing the red and white checked shirt. It says: Blooming Marvellous. We don't know about you, but after seeing both LOTR flicks, we're totally smitten with 25-year-old brit actor Orlando Bloom! Here's a few reasons why- *his mates call him Orli. *When it comes to romance, he reckons, "When you are with me, it's a bit exciting, fun and very intense." Then it has some more stuff about him breaking his back and about Ned Kelly being released in March.

Hot Celeb of the Month
Orlando is Cleo (Australia) magazine's Hot Celeb for the month of March. You can download a screensaver and a wallpaper that has a new pic from the TTT press conference.

Troy Filming Dates
According to this IGN article, “Troy begins filming April 22 in London for a May 21, 2004 release.” They also have a listing of who’s who in the cast.

Film Industry Job Site
Yoshi sent in this link to a site that lets you search for jobs in film and TV, so that you can break into the industry and maybe work with Orlando! Hey, it’s worth a shot.

  February 26
LOTR Music Video
I've made another LOTR music video, this time to the song Ring of Fire by Social Distortion. I thought the song fit perfectly with the movie, so I just had to make this one! As always, feedback is appreciated.

Japanese Magazine Scans
Orlando J-Web has posted scans from the April issues of Screen and Roadshow.

UK Release Date for The Calcium Kid
Angela from music247online.com has been in contact with the official United International Pictures press office, and says that October 3, 2003 is the UK release date that they have for The Calcium Kid. They have no other data at present.

Orlando at Ned Kelly Premiere Update
From OBM.net: Julie sent in this info from today's Sydney Daily Telegraph: "While Melbourne will stage the world premiere of Ned Kelly next month the Sydney premiere will have something, or rather someone that our southern cousins won't. Orlando Bloom who plays Kelly gang member Joe Byrne, is unlikely to be able to make the Melbourne black tie affair on March 22 because of filming commitments. He is currently shooting the Pirates of the Carribean, also starring Geoffrey Rush, which is running slightly behind schedule. But Bloom is tipped to be able to make it to Sydney on March 23 and hook up with the other stars of the show including glamour couple Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts and director Gregor Jordan."

Photo in Sunday Telegraph
Leanne sent in the small photo of Orlando from a Grammy article in the February 23 edition of the Sunday Telegraph (Australia). They wrongly stated that he was at the Armani Exchange party.

Troy Film Update
This article from Empire Online has info about the filming locations for Troy as well as an update on the casting of Helen.

Legolas Photo Manipulation
Someone sent me this newspaper scan from The Star that has a photo manipulation of a Chinese actor in the role of Legolas.

Ned Kelly Pamphlets in Australia
From Beth: Just letting you know that at movie theatres in Australia, pamphlets about the Ned Kelly movie are available. There is only a small pic of Orlando, but hey, I'm not complaining!

Photo in Blush
From Niki: In Blush! magazine (UK), not sure on the date, there's a small pic of Orli as Legolas on page 73 advertising moviemistakes.com. It says "Cock ups from the big screen and top trivia. Do Orlando Bloom's eyes really change from blue to brown in The Two Towers? Go see!"

Sugar and Movieline
From the LOTRinfo List: There's a small pic of Orlando and 2 friends at the DeBeers party in the March issue of Sugar (UK). The caption reads: "We give Orlando full marks for trying to detox without giving up partying." Also, in the March issue of Movieline on Page 43, Orlando and Elijah are included in the Young Hollywood section, but no pics. It just lists their astrological signs and birthdays.

Yahoo Movies Poll
Yahoo Movies Weekly Poll is asking "Which of these July movies scheduled to open wide after the 4th would you most like to see?" Pirates of the Carribean is one of the choices. Thanks to Tiffany for the link.

Ask Troy Screenwriter a Question
From OBM.net: You can submit a question for David Benioff, the screenwriter for Troy, on the BBC Film website.

Troy Article
Fiona sent in this article from Big Screen Teletext on t.v.
"Big Screen: News Screen legend Peter O’Toole and Julie Christie join Brad Pitt in an epic film version of the Greek myth of Troy. Director Wolfgang Peterson has confirmed that O’Toole will play Priam, king of Troy, while Christie is Thetis, mother of Achilles (Pitt). Lord of the Rings stars Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean play Paris and Odysseus respectively. Saffron Burrows is Andromache and Brain Cox is Agamemnon. Troy director Wolfgang Peterson has sworn that a war in the Middle East will not derail plans to shoot a star-studded version of the Iliad. Peterson hopes to shoot battle scenes in Morocco, but if conflict makes it impossible, he’s scouting alternative locations in Spain and Mexico. "We will take care of the security and safety of everybody involved," he says "But the movie will happen and there won't be a week of delay"

Legolas Braids
Mary has updated her braiding site with instructions specifically for the Legolas braids.

Interview Magazine
From Debb: In the March 2003 Interview magazine, there is an article with Keira Knightley who is Orlando's co-star in "Pirates" and he is briefly mentioned.  Unfortunately, no pictures of the movie set or Orlando. Here's how the piece around Orlando goes:
Interview Magazine: Pirates, which comes out this summer, is your first prominent role in a big production, no?
Kiera: "Yeah, and it's very exciting. The movie is a big adventure inspired by the Disney ride, and we've got Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, and Jonathan Pryce in it. I've been in L.A. for three months now, and I'm getting used to everything, and it's bizarre. It's really strange when you walk onto a set with a life-size ship, and they're blowing it up, and you think, Just a normal day at work.  But it's been an incredible learning experience. When you're doing a small film, everything goes pretty quickly. But on one of these monsters, it goes so slowly it's unbelievable. I'm totally spoiled here on the set, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.
Interview: Now, Johnny's been living in France for a while, and Jonathan and Orlando are Brits. Do you guys talk football?
Kiera:  Actually, Orlando's not a big football fan, but I've found a lot of Brits over here who are. I've been going to a pub in Santa monica at 6:30 in the morning to watch live English football.

  February 24
BAFTAs and Grammys
Orlando did not attend this year's BAFTAs in London, but Ian McKellen, John Rhys-Davies and Andy Serkis were there. Sean Bean was also there to present an award, looking as good as ever! The Two Towers received the most awards, for Best Visual Effects, Costume Design, and the Orange Film of the Year, given by the cell phone company, Orange, to the most popular movie in Britain during 2002. For those who asked, Orlando was not at the Grammys either, but Howard Shore won for best score for The Fellowship of the Ring. His award was not given out during the live broadcast.
For those in the US, the BAFTAs will reair on BBC America this Thursday, the 27th at 8 pm (est) and on E! March 2nd at 8pm (est).

Ned Kelly Photo in Daily Mail
From Fiona, Debbi and Fisha: There's an article about Ned Kelly in The Daily Mail Sunday (UK), in the Travelmail part on pages 87 & 88. The writer of the article visited places that are linked with Ned Kelly. It has two pages about Ned Kelly (not the film) although it talks about the film, in small parts. There is a picture of Orlando and Heath on page 87 with the caption 'HEROS OR VILLIANS? Orlando Bloom as opium addict Joe Byrne and Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly in the new film based on the legendary aussie outlaw.'

Legolas Photo in Sunday's Telegraph
From Caroline: There is a picture of Orlando as Legolas in Sunday's Telegraph UK and an article on LOTR.

CosmoGirl UK
I've already mentioned that there's a poster of Orlando in the March issue of CosmoGirl (UK), but someone sent me the small article that is also in it: "Fans of Mr.Bloom will be delighted to hear he has two films set for 2003 release: The Kelly Gang (also starring Heath Ledger) and the brit-flick The Calcium Kid (about a milkman!). Orlando is also set to star in the Pirates of the Caribbean alongside Johnny Depp and with Brad Pitt in Troy. As the man himself says: "I'm too busy for a relationship. I would like to meet someone, but I'm working so hard right now and not in any place long enough to make a real connection," Free and single- just the way the ladies like him!!"

Manga Drawings
TORN has scans from Shukkan Shonen Magazine, a manga from Japan. One of the drawings is of Legolas doing his flip onto the horse.

Sugarbabe Fancies Orlando
From beautiful baby bloom bride: On 23rd February on Channel 4 there was this program called POPWORLD and the Sugababes (british girl band) were on. When asked about who they would like to spend their Valentines with, one of them, Heidi, said: "Orlando Bloom"!

TTT Easter Eggs
From Minna: In UK, ASDA and Woolworths have LOTR TTT easter eggs. It has a packet of TTT movie cards (8 cards), the egg and 4 chocolate bars. (Unfortunately they have nothing to do with LOTR.)

TTT Screencaps
I finally added the rest of The Two Towers screencaps, and put them in order.

  February 23
BAFTAS Reminder, Again
Don't forget the BAFTAs are tonight! From Fiona: From The Daily Mail's weekend: 9:00 The British Academy Film Awards. Stephen Fry hosts the star-studded Bafta awards ceremony from the Odeon, Leicester Square, with Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Hours, The Lord Of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Pianist competing for the coveted best film gong. Guest presenters include Michael Douglas, Ian McKellen, Mena Suvari, Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson and Jim Broadbent. The Baftas will continue after the BBC news (short break) and will start at 10:15 pm after the news and finish at 11:15 pm

Ned Kelly Articles
From Amy: In next month in Empire (Australian issue), there's going to be a big special on Ned Kelly, with interviews with all the cast apparently. Also, in today's paper (Saturday 22nd, 2003) for The Mercury (Tasmanian paper, in Australia) there is an article about Ned Kelly and Heath Ledger. I think they mention Orlando's name, but its mainly about Heath and Naomi Watts.

Charlotte says that Orlando is this weeks hot guy on mykindaplace.com, although I can't seem to find it on the site. But you can read Orlando's horoscope here. I also found this amusing bit about the fashion sense of Capricorns: "Now we know that Capricorns are too cool to even care about clothes, and that they pretty much have style without knowing it. ...you love vintage t-shirts, old school trainers and comfy jeans. However, on the rare occasions when you need to dress up, you secretly like slipping into a sharp black suit and bringing out your studious and serious side."

New Decipher Cards
Decipher.com has posted 2 new TTT Battle of Helm's Deep cards featuring Legolas (1 & 2).

Orlando Stamps
From Katie: I saw this thing last month at an exihibition fair thingy and these people were selling these stamps and I thought maybe some people would like to make one of Orlando. Their flyer says: "Japan's latest innovation in ink stamps! Massively popular novelty toy. Much more affordable than the rubber stamps.Traditional rubber stamps take days to produce. E- Stamps takes no longer than 15 mins to be produced." You can send them a pic of Orlando and they'll make you a stamp and send it to you. Email : nexx@rogers.com Tel/fax : (416) 616-9997 (these people are in Toronto, Canada)

  February 22
New Ned Kelly Photos
Leanne sent in some great scans from the QANTAS inflight magazine that featured Ned Kelly on the cover. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Photo from Baila Magazine
Here's a new photo taken at the NY TTT premiere, from the March issue of the Japanese mag Baila, thanks to Orlando HANA.

Photos in Bliss
From Melanie: In the March issue of Bliss (UK) (with kelly osbourne on the front) there is a small picture of Orlando in the horoscopes section and another small picture in the back of the mag.

Orlando Not in New York
Posted by gldnsun1 at the LOTRinfo List: Despite recent reports to the contrary, no Orlando Bloom at the Armani Exchange/ Rock the Vote party tonight. Believe me, I was there and I looked. The girls who were handling the event also came up to us at the beginning of the evening (since all 30 of us there were basically there to try to get at Orlando!) and told us that he had cancelled and that he wasn't even in the country.

Portuguese Magazine Scan
Catarina sent in a scan from a Portuguese magazine.

TV Reminder
The BAFTAs will air on BBC1 at 9pm in the UK, and at 4pm on BBC America in the US this Sunday the 23rd.

Norway TV Alert
Auroora: In Norway there will be something about LOTR in NRK 1 channel on next Saturday (22 February) at 10.20 pm.

Access Hollywood Take 2
Tvguide.com reports that the visit to the Pirates of the Caribbean set will be on Tuesday Feb. 25, while accesshollywood.msn.com says it will be on Wed. Feb 26. I suggest taping both days!

Orlando in Heat Magazine
From Rosie: Orlando's in Heat m agazine(UK) this week (18th-25th). He's in the horoscope page, just a small picture but it's good enough for me!

New Games
Daphne has added some new games to her site, Bloomin' Amazing.

  February 21
Pirates of the Caribbean Name Change
From Darkhorizons.com: "It's official - the project has undergone a name change to "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl". Reasoning? To help distinguish between the ride and movie." Speaking of the ride, Erin sent in this Fox Trot comic that mentions the themepark ride.

Ned Kelly US Release Date
According to Fandango.com, Ned Kelly will be released in the US under the title 'The Kelly Gang' on May 30th. Thanks to Caroline for the info.

Total Film Scans
BeastyBunny sent in scans (1 & 2) from the March issue of Total Film (UK). I cropped out the pic of Kirsten Dunst due to her gratuitous cleavage, no need to thank me.

MSN's Hotlist
Orlando is moving up on MSN's Hotlist of the most popular topics on msn.co.uk. He was #18 last week. Thanks to Niki for the link.

Troy Cast Update
From hollywoodreporter.com: "Brian Cox, onscreen as acting coach Robert McKee in "Adaptation," and Sean Bean have been added to the cast of Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow Pictures' "Troy" for director Wolfgang Petersen. Production is slated to begin April 22, though the exact location has yet to be determined as the original Moroccan location will likely be changed because of the possible war with Iraq (HR 2/19). The big-budget "Troy," based on "The Iliad," Homer's epic account of the Trojan War, sees Eric Bana star as Hector, the prince of Troy, opposite Brad Pitt's Achilles. Orlando Bloom plays Hector's brother Paris, and Rose Byrne stars as Briseis, a Trojan slave girl who is the cousin of Hector and Paris."

TTT Poster Giveaway in San Francisco
Kayla: At the Sony Metreon in San Francisco they are giving away some Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers posters, with Orlando on them. Best hurry if you want one.

Access Hollywood
Pirates of the Caribbean was not featured on Access Hollywood yesterday. For those who are wondering, the info was from tvguide.com that had the show description as: "Featured: a visit to the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Also: an interview with Tracy Pollan."

  February 20
Frida Poster
Elma sent in a scan of the A4 poster in the Swedish magazine Frida. The caption includes his facts,
Name: Orlando Bloom. He’s named after Virginia Woolf’s novel “Orlando”
Nick name: Orly
Born: January 13, 1977 in Canterbury, England
Lives: London and Los Angeles
Family: Mum and sister Samantha who is an actress
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 180cm (5’9)
And than it says that he likes extreme sports and that he has broken several bones. Also, Linda says that Frida named Orlando the third sexiest guy in the world. Number one is Elijah Wood and the second one is Josh Hartnett.

Teen People Poll
There's a photo of Orlando advertising the poll for The Sexy List on TeenPeople.com. Orlando is one of the choices for 'Sexiest Resident of Middle Earth'.

Man of the Moment
Orlando is the Man of the Moment at Hello Magazine's website.

So Graham Norton
I was watching BBC America and saw a commercial for So Graham Norton: Select a Celeb. There was a clip of Orlando so it's possible his episode was choosen as one to air this week. It may be on this Thursday or Friday. According to their website, they are keeping it a secret until it airs!

Ned Kelly Site Update
From the Ned Kelly newsletter: "The full trailer for Ned Kelly - starring Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Naomi Watts and Geoffrey Rush - is online now at www.nedkellythemovie.com. From Thursday, February 20, Australian residents will be able to see the trailer in cinemas throughout the country. Also this week we bring you an exclusive interview with the star of Ned Kelly, Heath Ledger. Heath discusses his long-standing fascination with the famous outlaw and his passion for the film. Read the interview and download video footage of Heath. Plus you can also read an interview with Kerry Condon (Kate Kelly)."

AOL Teen Awards
From Nat: Orlando came in second with 16% of the votes at the AOL Teen Snogfest Awards. Justin Timberlake came in 1st with 17%.

Movie Mistakes
Elfjc sent in this link to moviemistakes.com that lists mistakes and trivia for The Lord of the Rings.

Elf Braid Instructions
This site has directions on how to do your own Legolas braids.

LOTR Merchandise in Jeweler's Shop
Annie from Perth in Western Australia spotted some LOTR stuff in a jeweler's shop. "Expensive Selangor pewter goblets with each major character from the Rings carved in relief on the front, including the baddies! They were specially made under license to Tolkein Enterprises. They were absolutely gorgeous, only thing was, they weren't made in the likeness of the movie stars, so the Legolas goblet didn't look anything like Orlando, except for the elf ears!  There was also a beautiful chess set. It was all very expensive, each goblet was $200 Australian."

  February 19
More on Rock the Vote Party
From nypost.com: "NEITHER snow nor terrorist threats shall stay notable New Yorkers from making the rounds of the Grammy parties this week. The music awards are returning here for the first time in seven years, and the city is getting ready to party like it's 1996 - starting with Thursday night's Rock the Vote bash at Armani Exchange's 20th Street flagship store. Orlando Bloom, Bridget Moynahan, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Jake Gyllenhaal and Asia Argento have already rsvp'd."

'Troy' fights on, Warner Bros. says
From hollywoodreporter.com: "Warner Bros. Pictures is disputing a published report in Britain's Guardian on Tuesday that says the Wolfgang Petersen-directed "Troy," scheduled to begin shooting in late April in Morocco, 'has been put on hold due to fears of a terrorist attack and a looming war on Iraq.'" This article from The Malta Independent says that filming may move to Baja California in Mexico.

More on Clover Chips
Jorja sent in a scan of the Legolas card that may be found in the Clover Chips bag in the Philippines. Also, Helena says that you can also get Clover Chips at any Filipino store and possibly any Asian store although she's not sure if they have that specific bag. Maggie says that she bought the bag in an Asian store in Miami called Pampanguena (sp?).

Poster in CosmoGirl
From Fleur and Philly: There is a poster of Orlando in the new March issue of CosmoGirl (UK).

Poster in Breakout
From Anne: There is a super poster of Orlando in the 12-18 Feb. issue of Breakout! (Dutch).

Picture in Saltwater Girl
From Mez: There is a small mention and pic of Orlando in the Feb. issue of Saltwater Girl (South Africa).

Poster in Yam
From Lielie: There is an Orlando poster in YAM! (Germany) in the middle of February.

Hello Magazine Poll
From Kiri: Vote for your fav Orlando look at hellomagazine.com.          

Midsomer Murders in Denmark
From Pip: Midsomer Murders will air on the Danish channel Dr1 at 23:40 on Saturday, February 22.

Filles d'aujourd'hui Poll
From Karine: The March issue of Filles d'aujourd'hui (Quebec) has pictures of many guys, including Orlando. You can vote for the most handsome by emailing: fillesdaujourdui@tva-publications.com. The winner will be in the next issue.

Win a Legolas Bust
From Kiri: Win a polystone Legolas bust at wnbc.com.

LOTR Petitions
There is an online petition to have a special edition of Teen People released devoted to The Lord of the Rings. There is also a petition to have a Return of the King premiere in Toronto.

The Washington Post Poll
From Kiri: The Washington Post is conducting a poll asking Which film do you think should win Best Picture?

Helen of Troy Movie
If you want to get an idea of what Paris, Orlando's character in Troy, may be like, you can watch the mini series "Helen Of Troy" on the USA channel April 20th at 8:00pm. Thanks to Yoshi for the info.

  February 18
Ned Kelly Competition
From Razza: Ninemsn.com.au is giving away 2 tickets to the Ned Kelly premiere in Melbourne, as well as 50 movie passes. You must be a resident of Australia and over 18.

BAFTAs to Air on BBC America
From hollywoodreporter.com: "For the first time, Americans will be able to watch the British equivalent of the Oscars live and commercial-free. Cable network BBC America has secured exclusive rights to the Orange British Academy Film Awards, commonly known as the BAFAs, and will air the event at 4 p.m. EST on Feb. 23 and repeat it in primetime over the course of the following week."

Orlando to Attend Rock The Vote Party?
From the LOTR Info Group: The gossip column on The NY Post reports, "We hear THAT Orlando Bloom, Bridget Moynahan, Jordana Brewster and Asia Argento are expected at the Feb. 20 Rock the Vote benefit at Armani Exchange." The invitation-only reception will take place on Thursday, February 20, at 7:00pm at the Armani Exchange in New York City.

Clover Chips
Jorja sent in a scan of the Clover chips bag that advertises free TTT trading cards inside. Clover chips is available only in the Philippines.

Troy Release Date
From the LOTR Info Group: According to Yahoo Movies, the release date for Troy is "May 21st, 2004 (wide)"

TTT Premiere Video Interview
From OBM.net: Fred TV has posted a video with interviews from the cast of the Two Towers at the premiere in Los Angeles. Fred: "Did anything magical happen on the set?" Orlando: "We made a film called Lord of the Rings."

LOTR Photos
TORN has posted a bunch of LOTR promo pics from Europe.

Posters in Sneak and J17
From Hannah: There is an Orlando poster along with some writing in J17 (UK). From Blaise: The latest issue (11-16th of Feb.) of Sneak (UK) has an A4 poster of Orlando and in the top totty section near the back there is a small picture and him as he is top totty NO.1. Also, Claire says that Gareth Gates has been knocked down to spot two by Orlando in the latest Sneak Magazine Poll.

Ned Kelly Site Update
The official Ned Kelly site has been updated with the full theatrical trailer and a video interview with Orlando. View screen caps from the trailer here.

Script Review of Pirates
From the LOTR Info Group: "Jim Hill Media presents its readers with one of the first sneak peaks at the script for Disney's upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film."

Pirates Feature on Access Hollywood
From the LOTR Info Group: Access Hollywood will feature a visit to the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean on Thursday Feb 20th on NBC. Check their site for air times in your city.

Oscar Nominations
The Two Towers has been nominated at the 75th Annual Academy Awards for Best Picture, Achievement in Art Direction, Best Film Editing, Acheivement in Sound, Acheivement in Sound Editing and Best Visual Effects.

I'm sure most of you figured this out, but Orlando was not on Casualty last week. It was a new episode that guest starred an actor named Orlando Seale, so perhaps TV Guide got confused. Sorry for the mix up. They are showing old episodes on UK Gold, so perhaps his episode will air on that station.

  February 11
Troy Cast Update
This article at IGN.com speculates that Peter O'Toole will be playing Priam, the king of Troy whose sons Hector (Eric Bana) and Paris (Orlando Bloom) are at the forefront of the Trojan War.

Lycos Valentine's Day Poll
From OBM.net and stockhouse.com: In an Angelfire (Lycos) poll that asked U.S. teenagers, ages 13-19, whom they would pick as their Valentine's Day dream date, teen females chose: 26.4% Orlando Bloom -- 20.6% Justin Timberlake -- 35.5% Eminem -- 17.5% Usher

US TV Alert
'Page to Screen: LOTR' will air on Bravo Feb. 12 at 7pm EST and Feb. 15 at 12pm EST. It features a few interview clips of Orlando.

UK TV Alerts
From Scoobi: 'Return to Middle Earth' will be on ITV1 this Saturday (15th), at 12:30pm. Also, someone emailed me saying that their tv guide says Orlando's episode of Casualty is on at 8:25pm, not 8:40, this Saturday. According to the BBC1 website, it is on at 8:40 pm.

New/Old Photos
Here are 2 new photos from the LA TTT premiere (1 & 2), and here's a new photo from last year's Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Australian Magazines
From Jess: There is an Orlando poster book cover in the March issue of Girlfriend, a poster in the March TV Hits, and 2 photos and the Win a Date With Orlando competition in Dolly.

Small Mention in Vogue
From Bea: The March issue of Vogue, UK has a page on Pirate accessories. It states "Buccaneers are back. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are currently shooting the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean..."

Now Magazine
Miriam: In the UK magazine 'Now' there is a double page article about Orlando. There are a lot of little pics on the page as well. Fellowship of the Ring premiere, filming the Calcium Kid and him on MTV -plus one of him as Legolas.

The OB Files Birthday
Some of you have asked when this site was first created. Well, I totally forgot about the site's one year anniversary, which was almost a month ago! I started The OB Files on January 14th, 2002, back when there were only a handful of Orlando sites on the web, if you can believe that. It's gone from a small fansite created one night out of boredom (and admiration for Orlando of course!), to something that I never could have imagined. Thanks to everyone who has supported this site in the past year!

  February 10
Suosikki Magazine Scan
Here's a scan of the Orlando poster from the February issue of Suosikki (FIN), thanks to Unattainable Dream.

The Calcium Kid Cast Update
Posted by Cellardoor 28 at the OB Fans Board: This might amuse british types. Apparently, Ronni Ancona, off of Alistair MacGowan's Big Impression is playing, in her words, 'Orlando Bloom's whorish mother (Pat) in The Calcium Kid'.

Casualty on UK TV
From Kathy: Orlando's episode of Casualty (UK) will be on bbc1 on Saturday the 15th of Feb. at 8.40 pm.

Profile at Hello
From OBM.net: Orlando is profiled on Hello! magazine's website, and there is also a new picture of him from the FOTR Premiere in Sydney with model/singer Erica Baxter.

Legolas Pics in Blast
From The winter issue of 'BLAST! At the Movies Presents' (US) is all about The Lord of the Rings, and there are quite a few pictures of Legolas.

Mention in Bliss
From Elaviel: Orlando is mentioned in Bliss (UK) when they state that there should be an invisibility gun invented, which can get you out of tricky situations such as being caught dreaming of Orlando in double maths.

Orlando's Tattoos and Poll
From Tiffany: You can vote for your favorite tattooed LOTR fellowship member at vanishingtattoo.com. They also have pictures of their tattoos, including Orlando's.

Merchandise Page Update
I added some new products to the Merchandise section, including bookmarks, magents, jewelry, a mousepad and keychains. Commission earned from sales goes to the cost of maintaining this site. Thanks in advance!

  February 9
Small Pic in Total Film
From Miriam: In the UK magazine Total Film, there is a small picture of Orlando as Legolas, and beside it says: "While rough cut has been marvelling at The Two Towers, we can't help be happy that no one plans to tackle rings' 'prequel' The Hobbit anytime soon. Not only would it be Tolkein overkill, but Peter Jackson is the only person for the job and he needs a rest. Maybe in 10 years' time..."

Mentions in Bliss
From Elaviel: In the march issue of Bliss (UK), there is a picture of Orlando in the horoscopes under Capricorn, saying his birthdate, and, 'You will like him if: you like superheroes as seeing superman made him want to be an actor.' It also says, 'He will like you if: you're brave enough to try a double bungee.'
There is also another picture promoting the fact that you can ask questions on the website. There is a picture of Orlando, with the text,'Wonder what Orlando Bloom did before The Lord of the Rings?'

New TTT Poster
Elf Lady sent in this poster that features Legolas. Also, her Legolas site is currently down as she is moving to a new host, but it will be back soon!

Troy Filming in Mexico?
There have been some reports stating that due to impending war in Iraq, Troy will no longer be filmed in Morocco, but in Mexico, at the peninsula of Baja California. Filming begins in April, although this Variety article states that production will begin in Europe.

Break Out Magazine
From Lenny: Dutch magazine Break Out has a super large poster of Orlando in the next issue, of the 13th of February.

The Office
Orlando's supposed episode of The Office (episode 1.5) will be shown on BBC America on Feb. 21st at 10:20 pm (est). I don't know anyone who has actually been able to see him in this episode. Hey, if you can spot him, you win a date with Orlando! Just kidding. :)

Pirates Trailer
Chantaal and Axane say that they saw the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer before Shanghai Knights. Also, Alex, who is a projectionist, warns that not all showings of a film will have the trailer, as sometimes the projectionist chooses the trailers they want to show.

Photos in Cinescape and Empire
Posted by Stacie: In the March issue of Cinescape (US), there is a small pic of Orlando in the Newsline section on page 12, along with a mention that he will play Paris in Troy. In the Feb. issue of Empire magazine (UK), there is a pic of Orlando in Ned Kelly and a small blurb on page 29. On page 38, there is a review of TTT with a pic of Legolas on a horse. Plus Orlando's Troy is listed as one of the big films of 2004.

Questions for Orlando
From OBM.net: Dan Madsen, the representative for the LOTR Fan Club wants fan questions for Orlando, for future issues, but he needs them fast. Here's his latest message on the official LOTR Fan Club board: Thanks to all of you who sent in questions for Peter Jackson and Craig Parker! Many of your questions were used and you'll see the answers to them in the upcoming interviews within the next couple of issues. There is still time for anyone who wishes to send in a question for Orlando Bloom. Send to: dan.madsen@decipher.com

  February 8
Capricho Magazine Scan
Patty sent in a scan from the Jan. issue of the Brazilian teen mag Capricho.

Aftonbladet Article
Linda sent in a translation of an Orlando article in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Win a Trip to the BAFTAs
If you are a UK resident, you can enter to win a pair of VIP tickets to the BAFTAs at the Odeon, in London's Leicester Square, on Sunday, February 23, 2003. TTT is up for Film of the Year.

Unpublished Photos
OB Fans has posted some unpublished photos from the GQ photo shoot. Most of the pics I have on the site already, but these are higher quality!

Starlog Magazine
From Tanya: Orlando is on the cover of the March issue of Starlog (UK). There are smaller pictures of the cast of Lord of the Rings inside.

French TV Reminder
Orlando's episode of Midsomer Murders (L'inspecteur Barnaby) will be on France 3 this Sunday at 8.50pm.

  February 7
YM Photo
From Amanda's Live Journal: Here's a photo from the March issue of YM (US). It is an outtake of the shoot when Orlando was on the cover back in January.

TOPP Poster
OBM.net has the Orlando poster from the February issue of TOPP (Norway) sent in by Cass. Everyone together now... awwwwww.

Orlando and Kate
From Michelle: Ellegirl.com also mentions the romance between Orlando and Kate Bosworth, and they are also conducting a poll that mentions them. From Joy: IMDb.com also has a small mention of it. Also, let me just say that this whole "relationship" was only mentioned in one source, US Weekly, and therefore may not be true. I think we should just wait and see what happens, and if it is true, we should all be happy for Orlando!

Pavement Magazine
Pavement has 250 copies left of The Two Towers issue that featured Orlando on the cover and 40 pages of LOTR interviews and photos. To order an issue, email them at pavement@pavement.co.nz.

Scans from TTT Photo Album
Elf Lady sent in scans of the front and back cover of a TTT mini photo album.

TTT Photos at Rex Features
Rex Features has added 2 Legolas photos from The Two Towers. (1 & 2)

Suosikki Magazine
From Auroora: There's a poster of Orlando in the Finnish magazine Suosikki.

Ned Kelly Trailer
Anabelle saw the trailer for Ned Kelly before TTT.

  February 6
Love Blooms
A few people have sent in this link to teenhollywood.com that states Orlando is dating Blue Crush star Kate Bosworth. There is a small article in the Feb. 17th issue of US Weekly that says: "Sorry, ladies! The Lord of the Rings Star Orlando Bloom, 26 is apparently smitten with Blue Crush star Kate Bosworth, 20. He just bought her a 14-carat gold bracelet that reads BABY (she wore it that night to dinner with Johnny Depp and Bloom's other costars in the upcoming adventure film Pirates of the Caribbean) and they're currently vacationing in, appropriately enough, the Caribbean." Here’s a scan of the accompanying photo, thanks to OBM.net and Mel from the Bloom Room Board.

The Two Towers Wins Empire Awards
From Empire Online: "Winning the coveted status as Best Film was, yes you guessed it, The Two Towers giving Tolkien's epic the top spot for the second year running. A gaggle of Middle-earth emissaries comprising Sir Ian McKellen, John Rys Davies, Cate Blanchett, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, and Andy Serkis, all took the stage to receive the award in Peter Jackson's stead." View photos at bagendinn.com.

Troy Filming Location Update
From Yahoo: Filming: Production is scheduled to start in April, 2003 at locations in Morocco on a budget of $100+ million. The production will then move to locations and sets in Malta and the United Kingdom in July and August.

Orlando Mention in Newsweek
From Terica: This week Newsweek has a tiny section devoted to teen magazines on page 74.  Orlando's name is mentioned as follows:  "Five years ago, preteen girls had two options, YM or Seventeen.  Now there's a whole gaggle of girlie mags, like the just-launched Teen Vogue. The focus has shifted from boys to fashion, but is lusting over a Marc Jacobs jacket more admirable than lusting over Orlando Bloom?  Tip Sheet's Katherine Stroup helps you figure which is best for your kid:"

Mentions in UK Magazines
From Jo: Orlando was mentioned in OK! magazine as one of the young ones to watch in terms of the richest earners. He was also in an article in Now magazine where Heath Ledger dispelled claims that Orlando acted as a decoy for his relationship with Naomi Watts. Both magazines were out today in the UK.

Box Office Numbers
From Kristine: the-numbers.com lists the box office gross of Orlando films, and states they have made around $1.8 billion!

Pirates Photo and Trailer
Yahoo has posted a photo of some pirate ships on the set in the Caribbean. From Chantaal: The Pirates of the Caribbean trailer is attached to The Recruit.

Netscape Poll
From Kiri and Noppy357: There's a poll at Netscape asking who will be the next big star, and Orlando needs some help!

Premiere Project
Lauren has asked me to mention her Premiere Project: "We create a design, something simple, a note from all of his fans to him, signed simply "your fans". It is then given to Orlando at one of his premieres.

More Info about Dolly Competition
From Kate: In the 'Meet Orlando Bloom' comp you win:
*two plane tickets for you and a chaperone to Melbourne
*One night at the Crown Casino
*Two tickets to the world premiere of Ned Kelly
*Plus a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close with Orlando Bloom
You have to have the coupon out of the magazine to enter, and you have to be either from Australia or New Zealand to enter. If the winner is under 18 they must be accompanied by a chaperone 18 years or older.

  February 5
Photos from Movie Star
Orlando J-Web has 3 scans from the March issue of Movie Star (Japan), in which Legolas graces the cover.

Pirates Left High and Dry
From JohnnyDeppZone.com: According to this article on Yahoo, the cast of Pirates have had to pitch in and help with the day-to-day chores of running a hotel due to the hotel manager running out on them!

Sneak Poll
From Claire: Vote for Orlando so that he can kick Gareth Gates out of the top spot for Fav Celebrity. Use your Mobile Phone to dial Sneak magazine (UK) at 07736 382284 and text: Say What!? Orlando.

Elvish Lessons
TheOneRing.net is giving online lessons to learn the Elvish language tonight at 7pm EST.

Make Your Own Elf Ears
Tathiel sent in this link that gives instruction on how to make your own prosthetic elf ears.

  February 4
Dolly Competition to Meet Orlando
From Lomelinde: In Dolly (Australian) magazine it has a competition to meet Orlando; you win two tickets down to Melbourne, free accomodation and you get to go to the world premiere of 'Ned Kelly' and obviously you also get to meet Orlando. Along with your details you have to tell them "If you could ask Orlando any question, what would you ask him?" The competition is open to New Zealand and Australian residents only.

AOL Moviegoer Awards
The nomination round for the Eighth Annual AOL Moviegoer Awards is now complete, and Orlando is now in the running for Best Supporting Actor, along side Ian McKellan, Richard Gere, Tom Hanks and Richard Harris. The Two Towers leads this year's list with nine nominations. Voting ends on March 10 and the winners will be announced on March 17.

Movieline Magazine
Posted at TORN: Robyn writes: In its annual “Sex Issue”, Movieline magazine placed several members of the LOTR cast in their “sexiest categories. Orlando Bloom was among their picks for sexiest actor and also received the nod for male with the sexiest cheekbones.

Mykindaplace Article
From Taz: Mykindaplace.com has an interview and facts about Orlando. Nothing new.

The Today Show
From Mandi: There was a piece on The Today Show (AUS) this morning (04/02/2003) on the Ned Kelly movie. It had an interview with the director, and they talked about the Australian cast. No mention was made of Orlando, but there was a small clip of him riding a horse with Heath Ledger.

Portuguese Magazine
Coral sent in some scans from ‘O Universo Fantástico de Tolkien’ (The Fantastic Universe of Tolkien). (1 & 2) It included an article that spoke well of Orlando, that his performance was very good, that he has charisma, and he is a good actor. That with a character that doesn´t do much, or speak much in the movie, he did a wonderful job just with the way he looked and moved, very gentle, like a cat.

UK TV Reminder
There is a TTT special on ITV2 tonight at 9.50pm. Also, the Empire Awards will be on Sky Movies at 11pm this Wednesday.

Mention in Mexican Magazine
From Celebrian: Orlando was named the Hottest Man of 2002-03 by the Mexican magazine "For You".

Pirate Name
From Kiri: Get your own pirate name here.

Lembas Recipe
Make your own Lembas bread with this recipe.

  February 3
TTT Premiere Photos
This website has a bunch of wonderful candid photos of Orlando at the TTT premiere in New York.

TTT Bookmarks
Katie sent in a scan of some TTT bookmarks. Here's a closeup of the Legolas one. On the back of the bookmarks, there's info about the character(s), except on Arwen's. Besides the ones on the scan, there are more such as: Frodo with Sam, and Merry with Pippin.

Costume Test Photos
Here are 3 more photos from Orlando's costume test for LOTR. (1, 2, 3)

TOPP Article
OBM.net has some great scans and an article from the February issue of TOPP (Norway). Some of the info in the article is wrong, and that is not what Orlando's Nine tattoo looks like.

Scan from One
Tanthalas sent in a scan from the Feb./March issue of One (France).

Teen Magazine
From Alta: There is a pin-up poster of Orlando in the Spring issue of Teen Magazine (US).

Midsomer Murders on French TV
Posted by Alexandra: February 9th, on France 3 (a french channel), at 8.50 pm, there is a tv series with Orlando, it's called "Inspecteur Barnaby" (the english name is "Midsomer Murders").

Young and Rich
From H: With a sunday newspaper (daily mail?)(UK) there was a "Britains Young and Rich" magazine. Orlando was featured, and has earned £2million since year 2000!

  February 2
Poster from Sugar
Frithema sent in the poster from the March issue of Sugar (UK). Also, Smily girl says that are some more small pictures of Orlando in Sugar and a couple of small pictures in the latest issue of CosmoGIRL! (UK).

Teen People Scans
Annie and Teo sent in scans from the March issue of Teen People (US). (1, 2, 3)

Seventeen Magazine
From Jessica: Orlando is mentioned in Seventeen Magazine (US): "Who's your fantasy celeb prom date? Will Orlando Bloom whisk you away for a magical even ing? Or will Jimmy Fallon show up late, with wilted flowers and a sheepish smile?" I believe this is the March issue.

Internet Movie Awards
From Darcee: The Internet Movie Awards are now in effect and accepting votes. TTT is up for a few awards, unfortunately Orlando is not a nominee, but his castmates and the film are. (Orlando won last year for best breakthrough performance). The polls are open until February 28th.

Poster in Tina
From Astrid: There is a poster of Orlando in the Dutch Magazine Tina. The pic isn't new.

ELLE Girl Contest
From Melissa and Michelle: You can vote for Orlando as your favorite actor at Ellegirl.com. The winners may appear in an upcoming issue of ELLEgirl. By voting, you also are entering for a chance to win a Lonsdale Retro Bag.

Sean Bean to Join Troy?
From compleatseanbean.com: Sean appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show on BBC Radio 2 on 01 Feb 2003, and mentioned his next project may be Troy.

Mexican Newspaper
From Luisa: In Mexico's newspaper called Reforma there was a small article that named Orlando one of the hottest guys of 2002.

LOTR Archery Site
Here's a great site that is "A Traditional-Archery Enthusiast's Guide to the Jackson film of Fellowship of the Ring, and a homage to Legolas".

Craig Parker (Haldir) Birthday Project
From Anelith: My friend and I have started up a Craig Parker Birthday Project. The site is currently down because of bandwitch problems so if anyone is interested they can email us at Craig_BDproject@hotmail.com

  February 1
New Photos from TTT Premiere and SAGs
Margarete found 2 new photos of Orlando at the TTT LA Premiere at The Entertainment Zone. (1 & 2) Sofia sent in this cute photo from last year's SAG Awards.

Interview from One
Laura has translated the Orlando interview from The Two Towers special edition of One (France).

Dutch Articles
Lenny from Bloomania sent in the articles and scans from 2 Dutch mags, Hitkrant and Celebrity. Also, Christy from Orlando's Haven has posted a few more mentions of Orlando from Hitkrant on her site.

Picture from Bliss
Lorraine sent in the Orlando picture in the February issue of Bliss (UK).

Poster in Sugar
From Gisa: There's a poster in SUGAR (Germany) which shows "The 10 hottest guys".

Poster in Mix
From Auroora: There is a poster of Orlando in a Finnish magazine called Mix. It's the old picture where he is leaning against some sort of a brace strut.

Ned Kelly Articles
The Age has an article about the various Ned Kelly movies, while The Sydney Morning Herald has an article about the marketing campaign for Ned Kelly.

From Karen: On the Internet Movie Database IMDB.com there is a Best of 2002 poll. The Two Towers is leading in most categories. You can write in your own choices. The best actor is currently Daniel Day-Lewis with 32%! I thought maybe I'd pass on the information of the poll so some Orli fans and LotR fans can increase some #s! 

Article in TV & Satellite Week
From Louise: There's a very small Orlando article in TV & Satellite Week (UK) in the Snapshots section.
IN SICKNESS AND IN ELF. Of the elvish chaaracter Legolas, who gave him his big break in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Sky Box Office, from Wednesday), Orlando Bloom says his moves are smooth and elegant, like a cat. "You know how cats can jump and land steadily on their paws?' It's a skill the 26-year-old could have done with a few years earlier when he broke his back after falling out a window. "I am accident prone," admits the Kent-born Bloom, who broke several ribs in a riding accident while on location in New Zealand. "I've broken my back, my ribs, my nose, both legs, my arm, my wrist, a finger and a toe and cracked my skull three times.

Midsomer Murders
From Nienna: The episode of Midsomer Murders starring Orlando has already been shown on the Belgium and Dutch channel. I saw that episode three weeks ago.

Alloy.com Quiz
Orlando is mentioned in a Flirt quiz on alloy.com. "3. Out of friendly obligation, you've accompanied your BFF on her family picnic. Bonus! Her older bro's bud is a dead ringer for Orlando Bloom. To get his attention, you:"