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News Archives:
January 2004
  Saturday, January 31
ROTK DVD Article
Deb sent in scans of an article from Video Store Magazine of a sneak peak of the ROTK Extended DVD.

From Variety: In the pipeline: "Elizabethtown," romantic comedy written and directed by Cameron Crowe, starring Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom. Production expected to start in late spring. DreamWorks, Paramount co-financing.

Hollywood Transforms Renaissance Palace
From expatica.com: Hollywood has transformed a former Spanish Renaissance palace into a Middle Eastern village, it was reported Friday. The Palacio de los Portocarreros in Palma del Río, Córdoba, southern Spain, belonged to one of the strongmen of the Catholic Kings in the 14th century during the reconquest of Al-Andalus. But it has become the residence of a young iron smith and crusader from Jerusalem, portrayed by Orlando Bloom, famed for his role as the elf Legolas in "The Lord of the Rings". With its population of 20,000, the peaceful town on the banks of the Guadalquivir is to be changed into a film set for eight days to shoot parts of Ridley Scott’s "The Kingdom of Heaven". After filming in Palma del Río, the film crew will move to Seville and Morocco.

Vanity Fair Magazine
Posted by Paige: E! News Live tonite previewed an upcoming special on the Vanity Fair annual Hollywood issue (April 2004, out in March) and Orli was the first face shown.

Zoe Saldana on Kissing Orlando
From eonline.com: Zoe Saldana--like fellow Sizzler Diane Kruger--got to kiss Orlando Bloom. Sure, there are far more important facets of the young actress' blossoming career, but we had to start with the one that would resonate most. In the upcoming indie flick Haven, Saldana plays a young woman from a wealthy family in the Cayman Islands who falls for Bloom (also her costar in last summer's smash Pirates of the Caribbean) against her parents' wishes. Needless to say, sparks fly. "If I had it a certain way, I'd never shoot love scenes," confesses the 25-year-old. "They might seem steamy and beautiful, but there are so many people in the room, so many things going on." Okay, but what about the kissing? "It wasn't bad," she says with a smirk. "I didn't mind."

Women's Day Scan
Bek sent in this scan from the Feb. 2nd issue of Women's Day (Australia).

Tiger Beat Scan
Jan at ka-Bloom posted a scan of the poster in the March issue of Tiger Beat (US).

M Magazine
The March edition of M magazine (US) has a poster and some articles.

Who's Your Dream Valentine Date?
From businesswire.com: The National Survey Network, posed the question, "Who is your dream valentine?" to nearly 2,000 shoppers across the country. Two-thirds of the nearly 2,000 people surveyed were women. When it comes to women's dream dates, the top five male celebrities all had something in common, besides making millions of dollars per film--they at one time were crowned People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"--Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson and Sean Connery. Heartthrobs Vin Diesel and Orlando Bloom rounded out the list of living celebrities.

Seventeen Magazine
From Justine: Orlando is in the March issue of Seventeen. It's on page 158 and it shows horoscopes. If you look down at the cancer sign, it'll say under "Best Matches" that "You like taking care of people and need a guy who gives you TLC in return. For fun, try a magnetic SCORPIO, like Nelly. For keeps? A loyal CAPRICORN, like Orlando Bloom." There is also a small pic of him.

Empire Magazine
From Nicky: The March 2004 issue of Empire magazine (UK) has a photo montage including Legolas on the front page and a feature on Troy including pictures of Orlando as Paris with Helen and Paris with Hector inside. Harry Knowles is quoted as saying: "It's a great script. And there are a couple of nude scenes in there for Brad and Orlando."
The 100 greatest movies of all time listing includes POTC at 19, LOTR:ROTK at 8; LOTR:TTT at 3 and LOTR: FOTR at 1. There is a note from the editor saying that ROTK was only released one month after voting on line began.
On Page 61 there is a picture of OB in the Calcium Kid. There is also a tip that "Will Kemp is the new Orlando Bloom".

Times Higher Education Supplement
From Nicky: The current issue of the Times Higher Education Supplement (UK) has a picture of OB in it as part of a feature on a study of the most important celebrities in the lives of young people/students. OB was in 7th place.

Bloomin Devotees
Carolina has created a new site called Bloomin Devotees, where fans can get to know each other.

Shout Magazine
There is a small picture of Orlando in the Jan. 23 - Feb. 5 edition of Shout (UK). It was taken at the Return of the King premiere.

Fan Video
Genise has made an Orlando video, you can watch it here.

LOTR Research Site
Morrantiel sent in this link to a LOTR research site that has a questionnaire about the trilogy and how it affected the life of the audience.

San Jose Mercury News
From Joanna: In the San Jose Mercury News (CA), there was a picture of Orlando in the "Style" section (1/30/04).

Total Film Magazine
From Fran: In the February issue of Total Film (UK) there are a number of small Orlando pictures and information. There is also a 2 page review of Troy in one of the mini mags and a 2 page Return of the King review (no pictures). PLUS there are three free double-sided art prints. Watch out as there are 2 sets and only set 1 includes Legolas, along with Aragorn and Gollum. Set 2 has Gandalf, Arwen and Frodo and Sam.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Maddy (12), and Agnes from Amanda.

  Friday, January 30
New Photos from TokyoWalker
Rin from orlandoside sent in these new Orlando photos from a Japanese magazine (Tokyo Walker EXCLUSIVE). (1, 2, 3)

Kingdom of Heaven Update
Posted by Ana at LOTRinfo: According to this article: They will begin to work today in a place called Valsaín (Segovia). Yesterday they had a rest day in Segovia. On Sunday, Orlando Bloom went for a walk in the streets near the hotel. Two very lucky fans met him after hours of "intense chasing". Dressed with a sweater, jeans, a knitted cap and trainers, he had a frindly conversation with the two girls. He told them that he was very tired because on Saturday night he had had a private party with other members of the film. He thanked Greenpeace for their work but didn't say a single word to the journalists. Liam Neeson spent the morning at the hotel and went to Madrid in the afternoon.

Empire Awards
Orlando is nominated for Best British Actor at the 2004 Empire Awards. Return of the King and Pirates of the Caribbean are up for Best Film, as well as other categories. The Empire Awards will be broadcast live on Sky Movies 1 on Wednesday 4 February from 8pm, with highlights repeated at 11pm on Thursday 5 February on Sky Movies 3.

Break Out and Hitkrant Scans
From Lenny of Bloomania: Dutch magazines Break Out and Hitkrant had two small articles on Orlando. Both do not contain new info, so I didn't translate it. It's about Orlando's love for surfing and being dyslexic.

Ned Kelly Poster at Allposters.com
AllPosters has a new Ned Kelly poster featuring Orlando and Heath. Thanks to Yesi for the info. They also have $5.00 off a purchase of $19.99 or more until February 2. Use the coupon code CEN-WUU-63U-Z63-946.

'King' Extended DVD on the Way
From usatoday.com: Now that the last installment of The Lord of the Rings saga has reaped 11 Oscar nominations and appears a shoo-in for best picture, there is another concern on the minds of its fan fellowship. When can we expect the extended DVD version of The Return of the King? Director Peter Jackson just edited the four-hour, 10-minute longer cut, due in November. The theatrical version will arrive in May or June.

Anna Magazine
From Amanda: In one of Italy's magazines, Anna, there's an article on LotR. You can buy this magazine at "Rizzoli Bookstore" on 57th st. Between 5th and 6th Avenue in New York. It's all in Italian though. There is a small mention of Legolas and I'll translate. It says: Legolas: (Orlando Bloom) - An expert in archery and elf prince, Son of Thranduil, The king of Mirkwood. Best friends with Gimli, the dwarf, who both engage in the ultimate competition in the Battle of Helm's Deep. Bloom, for some "The prettiest of the Fellowship", confessed of feeling like an elf since he was a kid when he devoured Tolkien's books.

Women.com Groupie Award
The OB Files has been nominated for a Women.com Groupie Award for best fan site. A bit ironic, since I have another web site called I am not a groupie. Anyway, if you feel so inclined, you can vote for me here (thanks!). Voting ends on February 29th.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ashley, Renata (19), Sara (15), Sarah (14), Suzie (15) from Trishie, and Amanda (14) and Sophia (14) from their friend Becca.
Happy Belated Birthday to Jenn (14), Jill, and Sunni (15).

  Wednesday, January 28
My mailbox is flooded with the new worm email that is going around. The Subject says Hi or Test. If you sent me an email with only Hi in the Subject, or no Subject at all, I probably deleted it.

Oscar Nominees
From Steph: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King has a combined total of 11 OSCAR nods. It is up for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Make-up, Best Score, Best Song, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects. No actors were nominated. Pirates of the Caribbean is also up for some awards, such as Best Actor for Johnny Depp, Best Make-up, Best Sound, Best Sound Editing, and Best Visual Effects. View the entire list of nominees here. The 76th Annual Academy Awards will be handed out on Sunday, February 29th at 5pm at the Kodak Theater in LA.
ROTK took home the top prize at the Producer's Guild Awards. In the past 14 years, 10 of these winners have gone on to win best picture at the Oscars.

ROTK Screen Captures
I finally added screen caps from The Return of the King, thanks to Elf Lady.

ROTK Photos
The ROTK Oscar Campaign site has a Flash slide show with this Legolas photo. There are also 2 Legolas photos on the Costume Design page, including this one. Thanks to §fyre for the heads up.

The Best Week Ever
From Steph: On the "Best Week Ever" on VH1 (US) they had some clips of ROTK. The people they were interviewing, who included Sean Astin, were talking about how ROTK has to win for Best Picture, for the Golden Globes and for the Oscars.

Ned Kelly Novel
From Amber: I work at Border's and I noticed that there is a new version of the "Ned Kelly" novel with Heath and Orlando on the cover. It isn't showing up on Amazon.com yet, though.

SAG Awards
I meant to post this sooner. From Lauren: The cast of The Return of the King is nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, airing in the US on TNT on Feb. 22 at 8pm EST. The full list of nominees is on the official site.

Hello Magazine Poll
From Nabila: Orlando won the weekly Hello poll as the most attractive man!

Bolt.com Poll
From Clarissa: At bolt.com they have a Face-Off poll between Legolas and Will Turner.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Rachel (15) from her friend Libby, Kerry (19) from Hannah, Meghan from her friend Kara, Prentice, Elisha from her best friend Stacy, Sasha (17) from her friend Laura, and Elijah Wood.

  Tuesday, January 27
The mail server went down on Sunday. If you sent me email in the past few days, please send it again. Thanks.

Joepie Scans
Jennifer sent in scans from the January 21 issue of Joepie (Belgium). (1, 2, 3, 4, article in Dutch)

Golden Globe Winners
The Return of the King won all the awards it was nominated for at the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards: Best Dramatic Picture, Best Director, Best Original Song (for Into the West), and Best Original Score. Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, John Rhys-Davies and Cate Blanchett were in attendance. Related articles

Photos from Spain
Here are two new photos of Orlando in Ayerbe, northern Spain, this past Sunday. (1, 2)

Hitkrant and Break Out Scans
I'm posting these a bit late, but Lenny from Bloomania sent in scans from the Dutch magazine Hitkrant, nr. 3, 17 January (1 & 2) and Break Out, nr. 5, 15 January. (1 & 2)

Film Review Article
§fyre sent in scans of the Troy article in the January issue of Film Review (UK).

Hero Poll
From ic Wales: Psychologists asked more than 2,500 young people aged between 16 and 24 to nominate the individuals they most admired. They were given the opportunity to choose great political thinkers, artists and religious leaders as well as men and women whose faces regularly appear on TV and in glossy magazines. But the vast majority still opted for sport and showbiz celebrities. Beckham was number one, polling 132 votes, followed by Brad Pitt with 60 and Justin Timberlake with 58. Next in the top 10 were Michael Jackson, with 46 votes, Jennifer Lopez (45), Robbie Williams (44), Orlando Bloom (41), Britney Spears (36), Keanu Reeves (35) and Angelina Jolie (30).
Study leader Dr Adrian North, from the University of Leicester, said, "Although people could have voted for great political thinkers or artists, their top 10 comprised Hollywood stars, pop musicians and a footballer."
Dr North is now extending the survey worldwide via the internet. Anyone wanting to take part can log on to www.celebritystudy.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jennifer (16).
Happy Birthday from the 26th to Mackie from Elaine.
Happy Birthday from the 25th to Melissa (15) and Allison (15), and to Elaine (15) from her friends.

  Saturday, January 24
M Magazine Scans
Nikki sent in scans from the March issue of M magazine (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Fan Photo from Spain
Vilmarith sent in a photo of Orlando in Ayerbe, Spain that was taken by "velvetskin8" at "Legolas: OrlandoBloom Forum", who gave her permission to post it here.

Troy Set Photos
Aileen sent in some set photos from Troy that she found on Univision.com. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Famous Magazine Scan
Abby sent in a scan from the January 2004 issue of Famous magazine (Canada).

Kingdom of Heaven Update
From radioebro.es: After filming some nice scene riding horses, and spectacular burning of Balian´s hut which caused high fire flames (but controlled) yesterday night, there is only a few hours for leaving Loarre. Now filming continues in Segovia for four days filming in deep hoods, then Avila, later Palma del Rio and finally Sevilla where shooting will last twelve days. Finally they will travel to Atlas Studios in Ouarzazate, Morocco, next 27 of february where medieval Jerusalem will be reproduced.

Preorder Ned Kelly
You can preorder Ned Kelly, out in Europe on February 2nd, on DVD Region 2 and VHS PAL from amazon.co.uk.

Vecko-Revyn Scan
Alexandra sent in a scan from the January issue of Vecko-Revyn (Sweden). There was also an interview, but I'm not posting it because it sounded very made-up.

Seventeen Magazine
From Jenny: There is a very small picture in the March 2004 Seventeen (US) magazine. It's on page 158 under your 2004 love forecast.

San Francisco Examiner
Stephanie says there is a small Orlando article on the front page of Friday's San Francisco Examiner. "The incredible hunk: Traffic in the small Spanish town of Loarre came to a grinding halt when Orlando Bloom came to town. "The Lord of the Rings" heartthrob is there shooting his latest picture, "Kingdom of Heaven," which also stars Jeremy Irons and Liam Neeson. None of the locals really seemed to care much about them, however."

Boyd And Bloom's Shark Drama
From teenhollywood.com: Billy Boyd thought he and his Lord of the Rings co-star Orlando Bloom were heading for a grisly death when he saw a fin swimming towards their surf boards in shark infested waters. The hunky duo were catching some waves off the west coast of America, when Boyd - who admits he's "always freaked out" about bumping into sharks when he's surfing - spotted a fin heading straight for them and feared the worse. He explains, "I was surfing with Orlando and we saw this fin. It wasn't a dolphin fin, it was the wrong shape. We started paddling for the beach and it comes up six feet in front of us." However, luckily for the pair, the invading sea creature was one of the ocean's more friendly animals. Boyd explains, "It was a seal. I've never been so scared in my life."

The One Ring Coin
From Lauren: In the January 26th issue of Newsweek (US), there's an ad on pg. 62 for a LOTR New Zealand limited edition coin, that has The One Ring in 22-karat gold and Elvish script on it. It's advertised as being $29.95, and you can see/buy it, along with other LOTR coins, at royalmintlotr.com.

LOTR: ROTK Video Game Tips
From littlesweety13: You can get game tips for the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King video game on specially marked boxes of Pops cereal.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lizzie (14), Ra (16) from her best friend Lau, and Jaime (23).

  Friday, January 23
Cinema Scans
Rhiana sent in scans from the January issue of Cinema (Czech Republic). (1 & 2) Here's a scan of the article for those who can read Czech.

Pop Star Scans
Michelle Ann sent in scans from the February issue of Pop Star! (US & CAN). (1 & 2)

AOL Movie Awards
From Steph: You can now vote for the finalists in the AOL Moviegoer Awards. PotC and RotK are both up for best pic. Orlando is up against Sean Aston and Ian McKellen for Best supporting Actor. POTC and ROTk are both up for most Unforgettable moment, The kiss between Keira and Orlando is up for Best Kiss, against Liv's and Viggo's.

darkhorizons.com is reporting that Orlando's deal to star in the movie was closed this week. They're aiming for a June or July Start date. They don't list their source, and I haven't heard any news on this from anywhere else.

Kingdom of Heaven Filming Locales
From darkhorizons.com: Lashorasperdidas reports that Ridley Scott won't have Córdoba's mosque on his film, instead he will go to Morocco to film those scenes and the locations of Andalucia (Spain) for the film will be restricted to Sevilla and an small town called Palma del Rio.

New York Daily News Scans
Vicki sent in scans from the New York Daily News on January 13. (1 & 2)

Who Magazine Scans
Bek sent in scans and typed up the Orlando article from the January 26 issue of Who (Australia).

Ciak Interview
Tina sent in a translation of the Orlando interview in the January issue of Ciak (Italy).

Fan Encounter and Photos
Aimee sent in her fan encounter and some photos from the ROTK premiere in Wellington.

Tiger Beat
From Alexis: The February Tiger Beat (US) has Orlando on the cover, there is a quiz with him, and a giant poster of him at the press conference in New Zealand.

Demi and Mix Magazines
From Auroora: In this month's Demi (Finland) there is quite a lot about LotR. There is a review of RotK and of The Kelly Gang. There was also a small picture of Orlando and a tiny article saying he is going to take a holiday for a while. And they have a gorgeous poster of him too! Also in this month's Mix there is Orlando poster. They have an interview with Viggo and another with Miranda Otto, but neither of them mention Orlando.

Movie Magic Magazine
From Joy: In the winter issue of Lifestory magazine: Movie Magic, there is a picture of Orlando on the cover, on the inside cover, page 14, picture and biography on page 26-27, and pictures on pages 28, 29, 30, 37, 85, and 98. There are also Lord of the Rings articles on pages 10-37 and a paragraph about Troy on page 95.

Kingdom of Heaven Article from Hello
From Nabila: There's something about Orlando and the Kingdom of Heaven filming location at hellomagazine.com

Photo from Huesca Newspaper
Vilmarith sent in this photo of Orlando from a Huescan newspaper, found on the LegolasOrlandoBloom MSM Spanish site.

US TV Alert: Foreign Invasion
A reminder that Orlando will be on Real Access: Foreign Invasion tonight at 9pm and repeated at 11pm on Noggin (US). It will repeat throughout the weekend.

ROTK Game in Pop Tarts
From Raman: You can get a free game demo of LOTR: ROTK in specially marked Kellogg's Pop Tarts!

USA Today Scans
Kate sent in scans form the Life Section of the Jan 14, 2004 issue of USA Today. (1 & 2)

Fotogramas Magazine
Puri sent in a link to the Orlando article (in Spanish) from the January 2004 issue of Fotogramas (Spain).

Elijah to be a Presenter at Golden Globes
From TORN: Elijah Wood will be a presenter at the Golden Globes this Sunday.

LOTR Spoof Video
Hannah sent in a link to a funny LOTR video with dancing badgers. I don't quite get it.

Fan Video
Sonia has made a new music video dedicated to Peter Drinkwater, Orlando's character in Midsomer Murders.

Anthony Mackie Article
From The Times-Picayune: "I've got five movies coming out in 2004," Anthony Mackie said. "I worked with good people on the films..." "I went to the Cayman Islands for 'Haven,' where I'm trying to keep Orlando Bloom away from my sister. Bill Paxton and Gabriel Byrne are in it, too."

Orlando Bloom Fan Census
From Carolina Hill: I am doing the Orlando Bloom Fan Census. But there are some rules:
1) One person per email address!
2) I am NOT Orlando Bloom, therefore, I am NOT going to be your prom date!
3) Send in your name and the continent you live on to OrlandoBloomFanCensus@yahoo.com to participate! You must send it before Friday February 6, 2004 at Midnight.

Commercial for Win A Date With...
From Lisa: I saw this commercial for Win A Date With Tad Hamilton this week and in the commerical they were asking girls if they had the opportunity to win a date with anyone who it would be, and some girls at the end of the thing said Orlando Bloom!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alanah (18) from her best friend Leslie, Kelsey (12), and Michelle (38).
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Caroline (17), and to Brianne (15) from her best friend Katie.

  Wednesday, January 21
Cool Girl poster
Andrea sent in the poster from the January 12th issue of Cool Girl (Romania).

The Best of V Graham Norton
From Kelly: I think that there may be a clip in the UK on the Best of V Graham Norton on Friday the 23rd at 10pm, channel 4, but I'm not sure.

You Magazine Scan
Elements at ka-Bloom posted this scan from You magazine that comes with the Mail on Sunday in the UK.

New Gap Photos
Mandolinaes at ka-Bloom posted 2 new photos of Orlando filming the Gap ad back in 2002.

VIDEO News Interview
Lindsey sent in a translation from an interview in the Belgian magazine "VIDEO news", free at her local video store.

BAFTA Nominations
The Return of the King received 12 nominations at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts nominations. Pirates of the Caribbean was also nominated for some awards, including Johnny Depp for Best Actor. The BAFTA winners will be announced Feb. 15, two weeks before the Oscars. View all the nominations here.

ROTK Press Interview Transcript
TORN has posted a transcript of an Orlando and Liv press interview in NZ.

VH1's Fabulous Life of Vegas Stars
From Dri: On VH1's Fabulous Life of Vegas Stars there is a mention and picture of Orlando Bloom.

Premiere Magazine
From Jen: On page 46 of Premiere magazine (Feb 2004) there is a pic of Orlando as Legolas, along with Gandalf etc. And if you go to page 110, there is a very small pic at the very bottom of an ad.

Who Magazine
From Jessica: There's an A4 sized poster, an article, and about 10 littler pictures in the Jan. 26th issue of Who magazine (Australia).

Will Turner T-shirt
From Nicole: Hot Topic has a new Orlando shirt from POTC, and a Johnny Depp shirt.

POTC on Sky Box Office
From Angela at music247online.com: Sky Box Office UK will be showing POTC from March.

Hello Poll
From Nabila: Orlando is in the weekly Hello poll again. And he is winning as always!

MSN Kids
From Andrea: On MSN Kids you can put your face in a picture with some celebrities. There are two with Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Joelle (13) from her friend Karli, to Melissa (14), and to Anais.
Happy Birthday from the 20th to Lucy from Emma, Ria (18) from her friend Daniells, to Vivienne (14) and to Greta (14).
Happy Birthday from the 19th to Jamie (15), Jorien (15) from Faye, Corinna (16), Derek, Lisa (17) from her best friend, Nessima (15) from Imen, Charlie (16) from Jenna and Jessie, and Becca (14).

  Sunday, January 18
Cosmo Scan
Kori sent in a scan from the February issue of Cosmopolitan (US).

Young Lisa Scan and Article
Sabine sent in a scan and translation from the December issue of Young Lisa (Germany).

Orlando Wins Hello Poll
All the voting has paid off! Orlando has won the Most Attractive Man of 2003 poll at Hellomagazine.com. "Britain's hottest newcomer, Orlando Bloom, has taken victory in our 2003 Most Attractive Man poll. With 28 per cent of the overall vote, the actor fended off some stiff competition from Jon Bon Jovi, who received 27 per cent."

Orlando Now a Real Madrid Fan
From Ananova: Orlando Bloom has changed the football team he supports following David Beckham's move to Real Madrid. The Lord Of The Rings stars used to support Manchester United but following Beckham's move to the spanish side in the summer he's changed he allegiance, according to The Sun. He said: "Since Beckham now plays for Real Madrid, I think they're cool." Orlando has become a major Hollywood star since appearing in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Yahoo Buzz List
From Abbie: Orlando is #2 out of 20 on Yahoo's most popular Actor and Actress search list. Beating him by 142 searches is Jlo.

Historians Say Film 'distorts' Crusades
From Sunday Telegraph: Oscar-nominated director Ridley Scott was savaged by senior British academics yesterday over his forthcoming film, which they say "distorts" the history of the Crusades to portray Arabs in a favorable light. The $135 million film, which stars Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Irons and Liam Neeson, is described by the makers as being "historically accurate" and designed to be "a fascinating history lesson." However, academics — including Britain's leading authority on the Crusades, Jonathan Riley-Smith — attacked the plot of "Kingdom of Heaven," describing it as "rubbish," "ridiculous," "complete fiction" and "dangerous to Arab relations."

Us Weekly Scan
§fyre sent in a scan from the January 26th issue of Us Weekly (US).

Tour the HMS Interceptor
Kate & Jen: The HMS Interceptor is travelling up and down the West Coast of America for a few months. My friend Jen and I went onboard The Lady Washington (HMS Interceptor), and got some very interesting information about the movie from the crew of the ship. There was even someone who had met Orlando and Johnny. Well we were just so excited and wanted to share this bit with all of the fans. Check the schedule.

WOW and BOP Magazines
From Brittany: There is a new magazine out in the US called WOW, I got it at Barnes and Noble, and there is a pin-up on page 95 of Orlando at the GQ Awards, a little pic on page 33, and a pic and info on the POTC DVD on page 85. Also, in the new February BOP, there is a little pic of him on the cover, a pic of him and Mark Wahlberg on page 5 (new pic), a pic on page 30, a pic on page 35, a pin-up on page 49, and a pic on page 72 with an article on him breaking up with his old girlfriend because of LOTR's filming.

Hot Ticket
From Adele: On Hot Ticket, (January 17th) they mentioned Troy and Ned Kelly as two of the must-see upcoming movies of 2004. The girl said that 2004 was a Bloomin' year for Orli and that she was happy for him because she thinks he's terrific. They said that next week they will talk about Orlando (not an interview, they will be talking about his career) and of the nominations at the Goldon Globes, so they'll probably mention LOTR: ROTK.

Cosmo Girl (UK) Scans
Laura G. sent in scans from the Jan. issue of Cosmo Girl (UK).

Spanish Magazines
From Maggie: In the magazine ¡Hola! (Spain), there is an Orlando article with some photos, and in the magazines Loka, Super Pop and Bravo also.

Fan Encounter
I added a fan encounter from Kelly at the Wellington premiere of ROTK.

Fan Looking for Help
From Marian: I am reading an English paper at summer school, through my university. It is called "Word and Image" and looks at the Lord of the Rings and how it has been represented through words and images since its publication and I would like some help from your readers with my research assignment. The topic I have chosen is "The history of the creation of one of the characters, and their representation in both Tolkein's epic novel and in artistic responses to the book through film, art illustration and music." We can chose from three characters - Eowyn, Legolas or Gimli. I have chosen Legolas. SO, I would like any help your readers can provide as too the creation etc (as above) of Legolas. I do have a rather impressive listed of references from the lecturer, but if anyone can help, it would be most appreciated. If pictures are being sent, please send as attachments as sometimes photos IN emails don't work for me (don't know why). The email address is simma509@student.otago.ac.nz

  Saturday, January 17
Twist Scans
Fallen Angel sent in scans from the February issue of Twist (US). (1, 2, 3)

Yam Scan
Nicole sent in the poster from Yam (Germany).

Campus Circle Article
Jen sent in an article (PG-13) from Campus Circle magazine in LA about the bond between the LOTR guys, mainly Orlando and Viggo.

New Photo in V Life
Jan posted a scan at ka-Bloom, of the LOTR cast from V Life, a quarterly supplement available only to Variety subscribers.

USA Today Article
The January 14th issue of USA Today had a Q&A with the LOTR actors. These are Orlando's:
- Favorite moment in King? "When you see Frodo and Sam, just lying on that rock with all the lava passing behind them. Two little hobbits who have just taken on the world."
- What will you miss most? "The friends I made."
- What won't you miss? "The wig more than the ears. It's just uncomfortable."
- What would you toss into Mount Doom? "Lies."

The Fantastic Four
In an interview with Sean Astin from the the Brazilian magazine SET, Sean stated that he wanted to direct The Fantastic Four, based on the comic book. He was asked who would play the Human Torch, and he responded, "Oh, he's right over there. Orlando Bloom."

Hollywood Live Magazine
From Steph: I was reading Hollywood Live and there was a short article with Orlando in it and a picture of him and Kiera Knightley. I am pretty sure it was the February issue.

Daily Record Scans
Zoe sent in scans of an Orlando feature from the January 9th issue of The Daily Record (Scotland).

Mykindaplace.com Poll and Awards
From Steph: On mykindaplace.com, the poll of the day is "Which film does Orlando look hottest in?" The choices are POTC, LoTR and Black Hawk Down. POTC is winning with 93%.
They posted the winners and losers of the MKP 2003 Awards. Orlando won Most Stylee Guy and Sexiest Man, and POTC won Best Film.

Dutch Magazines
From Faye: There is a little info and a poster of Legolas with Aragorn in the Dutch magazine Girlz. There is an interview with Orlando in this week's Hitkrant and in the Break Out! The Return of the King poster book is now in stores everywhere in Holland.

Who Weekly
From Casey: WHO WEEKLY (Australia) has an awesome three page article on Orlando with heaps of pics. It's in the January 26, 2004 issue.

2003 Film of the Year
From msn.co.uk: The votes have been counted and we can now reveal that the MSN Film Of The Year 2003, as voted for by you, is 'The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King'. In second place is Johnny Depp's swashbuckling epic 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' with the two 'Matrix' sequels coming in third.

X-Men Rumor
From tvguide.com: "Question: I've heard that Brittany Spears wants to be in the next X-Men movie — is this true? I've also heard that Orlando Bloom is up for the role of Remy LeBeau (Gambit). Any truth to that? — Sarah"
"Flickchick: ... As to the Gambit rumor, as far as I can tell it isn't even a sure thing that the character is going to be in the movie, let alone that he's going to be played by Orlando Bloom."

Jack Black Quote About Legolas
From Kate: I just thought you would like this quote. It's Jack Black talking about Orli in LOTR:
Q: "Lord of the Rings." Which character are you when you watch the movie?
A: I definitely go with the elf. But I think most of the people would go with the elf. He's definitely the coolest. He's got a lot of superpowers. He can hear. Supersensitive hearing. He can hear when there's danger coming. He's got the coolest weapon and fighting style. He can use a bow and arrow. Like he'll take the arrow, stab ya and then shoot the guy behind ya. He's definitely the coolest. I think most people would agree. The second coolest is probably Viggo Mortensen, but he's just a MAAAN. You want to be something, yeah -- the elf. Better than MAAAAN.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Emily (16), and to Heather (17) from Tiffany.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Renee (15) and Chelsea.

  Thursday, January 15
The OB Files is now 2 years old! Actually, it was a few days ago, but I forgot. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site, and keeps coming back!

Kingdom of Heaven Filming Updates
radioebro.es has a page with photos and up to date news on filming at Loarre Castle. They had this info about Orlando’s birthday: “Everything was marked yesterday by Orlando´s birthday. After filming he spent more than ten minutes with fans. He was in good mood. Later the crew was having a party with a nice castle-cake cooked in Loarre.”

Sneak Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans from this week’s issue of Sneak (UK).

OBBP Officially Done for 2004!
From Stacie: Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Orlando Bloom Birthday Project 2004! Orlando has a great group of fans, and this year we raised $5480.13 in Orlando's name for Greenpeace. That's over twice what we raised last year, and is absolutely amazing. I've received a copy of the letter that Megan at Greenpeace sent to Orlando. Talk about kismet: It arrived on January 13, Orlando's birthday! She has very kind words for the OBBP and Orlando's wonderful fans in general.

Crusades Cameras Banned from Cathedral
From telegraph.co.uk: The Catholic Church has refused to allow a major film to be shot in the former Grand Mosque of Cordoba, which is now a Christian cathedral, causing a row over Spain's Islamic past. Church authorities said the plans of Ridley Scott, the British director of Gladiator and Thelma and Louise, would "interfere with religious life". Scott wanted to use the cathedral, known as the Mezquita, in his £54 million adventure Kingdom of Heaven, which is based on the Crusades.

Mention on AOL Horoscopes
From Steph: On AOL Horoscopes, they wish Orlando a happy birthday (as did we all today). It has a small pic of him and says “Happy Birthday to... Elven hottie Orlando Bloom! OK, so he definitely looks really good as a pirate too.” The link leads you to a section on ew.com about Orlando.

People Magazine
From Melissa: I was reading the new People mag this morning, and in there is a small pic of Orlando saying how he is in disguise as a brunette. While he was in the Cayman Islands, he was at a bar where he was approached by a woman who started chatting him up and asked him if he knew that a movie was being filmed in the area and if he had been lucky enough to spot Bill Paxton, one of the movies stars yet. He responded kindly by saying that he did not know, and he would be sure to keep an eye out for Bill Paxton while touring the area.

Legolas E-card
Seffie sent me this cute Flash greeting card featuring Legolas and Frodo. Also, Lumanens has made a website for Orlando e-cards.

News From Israel
From Naomi: Over 300,000 already saw the ROTK in the cinemas across the country, breaking the record of the movie "Titanic"! That's 100,000 viewers per week! The free cinema magazine which you can find in "Rav Hen" theaters, "Cinema +", is filled with articles about ROTK, the movie and the phenomena. The following tidbits are all from this week's issue of the tv mag RATING (#239, 14.1.04):
1. In the Duty Free section, there is a pic of Orlando and Kate in Disneyland.
2. In the movie section, LOTR is rated no. 1 on the most wanted videos in Blockbuster, and POTC is rated no. 3 on the most wanted list of The Third Ear video libraries. In the Rent A Video recommendation bit: POTC + TTT are recommended- to get ready for ROTK.

Seventeen.com Poll
From Bailey: Orlando is one of the choices on seventeen.com's dream prom date poll. He is in the lead with 37%!

Bop Magazine
From Valerie: There are small articles and some cool pics of Orlando in the February issue of BOP (US).

Lush Lad of the Week
From Steph: Orlando won Lush Lad of the Week on mykindaplace.com again.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Leslie (16), Christina (20), Laura (15) from her friend Lucy, Kizzy (13) from her friend Bekah, and Emily (15).
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Nikki (20) from her best friend Christina, Kathy (14), Mary Liz (15), and Blythe.

  Tuesday, January 13
Orlando Bloom Wanted to Smell Perfume
From comingsoon.net: German director Tom Tykwer will direct the 18th-century thriller Perfume: The Story of a Murderer for Constantin Film. Variety reports that Orlando Bloom is said to be high on the company's wish list to play the role of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, an odorless Frenchman driven to murder by an olfactory obsession. The film was originally intended as a directorial vehicle for Ridley Scott when Constantin founder Bernd Eichinger acquired the rights to Patrick Sueskind's novel three years ago in what was one of the biggest book deals in years. "Perfume" chronicles the life of a man born with no smell of his own yet he develops a near super-human olfactory sense. Using his talent to create unrivaled perfumes, he turns to murder while searching for the ultimate scent.

Entertainment Weekly Scan
Orlando was mentioned in a small article about the top box office earners of 2003, in the Jan. 16th issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

KOH Filming Update and Photos
darkhorizons.com: According to Radio EBro, Scott, Orlando Bloom, David Thewlis and Eva Green have all arrived in preparation for the shoot, whilst actor Liam Neeson gets in next week to shoot his role as Bloom's father in the $100 million 20th Century Fox epic. Around 300 extras are set to be employed on the production as medieval villagers. Around 15 minutes of finished footage is expected to be used from these scenes -namely a dinner scene inside the castle right before the end credits, and the opening moments of the film which will see the location and a nearby village surrounded by fire. As the castle is so well preserved its expected that little or no CG enhancements will be needed for the scenes.

Mandolinaes posted a translation of the Radio EBro article at ka-Bloom. There are photos of Orlando on the second page.

Woman's Day and New Weekly Scans
Marian sent in scans from the December 15th issue of Woman's Day (NZ) (1 & 2) and scans of a LOTR article in the January 5th issue of New Weekly (NZ). She also typed up this bit of the Horoscope for Capricorn and those born today from the Otago Daily Times:
Capricorn - you want to break free from your usual routine now. That's just fine. Do something that is different to satisfy your sense of exploration and curiosity.
People born today - Status matters to you. You value your reputation. You want to achieve prominence to be secure and get respect. Because of this, you are extremely goal-orientated. You are fun-loving and adventurous. You enjoy beautiful surroundings. The year ahead focuses on your closest partnerships and relationships.

UK Newspaper Scan
Tanya sent in a scan from a UK Sunday newspaper magazine, of a reading from Mystic Meg about Orlando's future.

Fan Photos from ROTK Premiere
Bonnie sent in a link to photos she took at the LA premiere of ROTK.

The Bloom Funds
From Roz: Well now that it's Orlando's birthday, we're officially launching The Bloom Funds. We're a group of fans who are going to be collecting money through donations and auctions all throughout the year. On Orlando's birthday in 2005, we'll be sending in all the collected money to the United Nations AIDS Foundation. It'll all be donated in Orlando's name and he'll receive a "thank you" letter as well as a list of all the people who helped donate to the project. Please help us out and put a link or a button on your sites/journals/messageboards or spread the word to web-owners.

Kingdom of Heaven Casting News
From the comingsoon.net: Jeremy Irons will star in director Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heavenat 20th Century Fox. Irons joins a cast that includes Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Eva Green, Marton Csokas, David Thewlis and Brendan Gleeson. Set in 12th century Europe and the Far East, the William Monahan-penned script revolves around a young peasant (Bloom), who becomes a knight, saves a kingdom and falls in love with a princess (Green) during the crusades in the 12th and 13th centuries. Irons will play Tiberias.

From sidcity.net: Alexander Siddig (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) will play Imad, Saladin's aide de camp.

Movie Max
From Jorien: There's a Dutch magazine called Movie Max. This m
onth there's a POTC special, because the POTC dvd is coming out here soon. There's an article, a poster of Johnny and Orlando and interviews with Orlando and with Keira. There's also a contest and you can win a Pirates t-shirt, a bandana and the POTC dvd.

Empire Online Poll
From Raine: On Empire Online they have a poll asking people what film they think will rule 2004 now that LOTR is over. Troy is one of the options and currently is in the lead!

Real Access: Foreign Invasion
On January 23 and January 24, Orlando will be on the show "Real Access" on Nogin (US) at 9pm EST. This episode is titled "Foreign Invasion" and Orlando and Keira Knightley will all make an appearence on the show.

It's in the Stars
From MSN: Celebs who'll score (and bore) in '04: Sorry Elijah. As adorable as you are, this year belongs to your conventionally dashing (read: taller) co-stars Orlando Bloom, 26, and Viggo Mortensen, 45. One sure indication that the erstwhile elf and king are on the cusp of being very, very big: British tabloids are breathlessly reporting both of their alleged romantic exploits. Of the two, upstart Bloom has the best chance of ascending to A-list. The easy-on-the-eyes actor, who made hearts swoon as Legolas (even Gimli seemed smitten) but settled for playing second banana to Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean," should hit big as seminal ladies' man Paris when he goes heel to Achilles heel with Brad Pitt in "Troy," due out this May. Then, he'll rise from lowly peasant to brave knight in Ridley Scott's Crusades epic "Kingdom of Heaven," set for 2005.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Orlando (27) from all his fans!
Happy Birthday to Antonia (16) from her friends Marieke and Jessica, Heather, Gemma from Lucy, Christina (15), Becky, Erin (17), Andi (15) from Amber, and Jennifer (15). Happy Belated Birthday to Vicki (17). (Strange how many people have the same birthday as Orlando.)

  Monday, January 12
Fan Photos
Melissa sent in some great photos she took of Orlando on the day of ROTK press conference in Wellington. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Josie sent in a photo she took at the the 2002 Bafta Awards.

Dutch Magazine Scans
Lenny of bloomania.com sent in a scan and translation from the February issue of Hitkrant (NED), as well as a scan from Cosmo Girl (NED).

TOPP and Birthday Card Scans
Jo sent in scans of a ROTK TOPP card, and 2 Legolas ROTK birthday cards (1 & 2).

People's Choice Award Winners
From CNN: Pirates, hobbits and a little divine intervention captured top honors Sunday at the 30th Annual People's Choice Awards. "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" won the favorite movie award, while "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" took the favorite drama category.

LOTR Baseball Caps at Blockbuster
From Suzie: I went to Blockbuster to rent a video and they were giving out Lord Of the Rings hats out, they are lik baseball caps... I got the Two Towers one. They just put one in your bag if you rent any video.

Troy Poster in French Premiere
From Nilboriel: There is a poster of the film Troy in the last issue of the French magazine "Premiere".

Brief Mention on FashionTelevion
From Essi: I was watching FashionTelevion (CANADA) on CityTv (channel 13) on Saturday at around 7:00pm and they had a little special on Helena Christensen. They were talking about her modeling and her photography. They showed some of the pictures she took, including the one with Orlando! She didn't say much except that the people that she shot were her close friends. BUT she showed his picture longer than others (they were just shown for about 10 seconds or so).

Star Magazine
There are Troy photos in this week's issue of Star (US). None are new.

Info on the Casting of Legolas
From Elisabeth: I just wanted to let you know about a mistake on the biography, about Orlando getting the part of Faramir first. Orlando did audition for the part, but he did get it, whereas you said they turned him down. What happened was that the casting people were having trouble finding a Legolas after Orlando had been cast, and after a while someone suggested Orlando trying the part, and they chose him because he was perfect for it and they thought it would be easier to cast another Faramir than another Legolas. I know this is true because I went to a special screening of The Return of the King which opened 2 weeks before theatres, and Peter Jackson came and answered questions when it was over. Someone asked him if they had had trouble casting people, and he gave that example.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Vicki (17), Selene, Umal (17) from her friend Nabila, and Heather Qualls from her best friend Kelly.

  Sunday, January 11
Critic's Choice Awards
The Return of the King won 4 awards at the 2003 Critic's Choice Awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Acting Ensemble, and Best Composer. Billy Boyd was the only cast member in attendance. Pirates of the Caribbean won Best Family Film (live action).

So Graham Norton Repeat in the US
Orlando's episode of So Graham Norton with Cybill Sheperd will air on BBC America January 16th at 11:30pm and on the 17th at 3:30am.

Orlando on Extra
From Dani: I was watching Extra (US) on Saturday night, and they had a clip of the top 5 behind the scenes things for LOTR:ROTK, and Orlando revealed the number 3 which was the names that he and Viggo would call each other like, "Dirty human" and "Pretty elf boy".

Kiss Magazine Scan
Jennyfer sent in a small scan of Orlando in the Jan/Feb issue of the Irish girls' magazine 'Kiss'. In the issue, they have two pages of the 'Kiss Awards 2003' and Orlando won the 'Top Totty Award'.

ROTK Videos at Hollywood.com
From Jorien: Hollywood.com has videos about LOTR stuff. They have a ROTK premiere video, the ROTK trailer, ROTK interviews: the look back, two ROTK reviews, ROTK movie landing and ROTK premiere photo's.

TV Quick Scan
Laura sent in a photo from TV Quick (UK), a TV listings mag. It's from the week dated 10th-17th Jan.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessie from her friend Manderz, and Adeline (14).

  Saturday, January 10
In Touch and People Magazine Scans
§fyre sent in scans from the January 19th issues of In Touch (US) (1, 2, 3) and People (US).

Kingdom of Heaven Release Date
Variety is reporting that the release date for Kingdom of Heaven is May 6, 2005. Thanks to Red at ka-Bloom for the info.

Video of Orlando in Spain
Mandolinaes at ka-Bloom posted a link to a Spanish site that has photos and a video of Orlando riding a horse in Ayerbe, near Loarre Castle. Emily translated some of the comments:
"He has changed the magic world of Tolkien for the Medieval Age. Yesterday, Orlando Bloom was horseriding on the surroundings of the castle of Loarre. There, he will become a blacksmith who goes to the Crusades. At this moment he's the most searched for by the young girls of the area.
The lady said something like "we are delighted, we must admit it. I'm a fan (since little time ago)"
The little girl said "we were there lastnight" (she's talking about the outside of the hotel where he's staying) "he went out at 9:30... and... he was there and then he went for dinner with the Director and the girl."

Orlando on ET
From Chandra: I just saw the Orlando interview that was supposed to be on ET Monday. It was shown Jan 9 at about 7:35. If people missed it, they said they were going to have more on Orlando this weekend on ET on VH1.

Kingdom of Heaven Set Photos
Vilmarith sent in a link to this website has photos of the set at Loarre Castle. Also, this article says that Orlando was in Ayerbe since Tuesday and Ridley Scott arrived on Wednesday.

Czech CosmoGirl!
From Michaela: There are the 50 most sexy boys in the world in the January issue of Czech CosmoGirl! Orlando is number 5 (number 1 is Robbie Williams, 2 Josh Hartnett, 3 Vin Diesel and 4 Ryan Phillipe). There is also Elijah at number 21 and Viggo with 35.

Quiz on the-n.com
From Lauren: On the-n.com there is a quiz with the mention on Orlando in it called "Who's Your Celeb Hottie Love Match?". There is also a thing where you choose who is cooler, Orlando Bloom or Brad Pitt, in "Rated N".

2nd Mention of Orlando on Joan of Arcadia
From Maryann: Orlando was mentioned on Friday's Joan of Arcadia. Joan's father said that she might have some dreams that she shouldn't tell him, and she nodded, and said, "Like Orlando Bloom in a Speedo." To which her father replied: "Now I'm going to have nightmares."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Caro from her friend Johanie, Lisa (14), Amanda (14), and Amber (17) from Andi.

  Friday, January 9
Orlando Possibly Starring in Elizabethtown
From comingsoon.net: According to Variety, Orlando Bloom has emerged as the leading candidate to replace Ashton Kutcher in director Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown. Bloom is in talks to star opposite Kirsten Dunst in the drama, portraying a suicidal young man who returns to his small Kentucky hometown of Elizabethtown following the death of his father. The "Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" star would not be able to start on the film until he completes work toplining on director Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven, a Crusades-era epic that begins lensing this month in Morocco for 20th Century Fox.

ALA Poster Scan
Sheryl sent in a partial scan of the ALA poster that you can purchase on the ALA website.

ROTK Script
Kaitlyn sent in a link to a Return of the King movie script.

Bloom Hottest Property in Hollywood
From Entertainment News: British actor Orlando Bloom has been named Actor Of The Year by a poll of critics and movie-goers. The 26-year-old star has enjoyed a phenomenally successful year at the box office, after landing starring roles in blockbusters Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl and Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. The TV and E! Online poll also marks a major scoop for Brits in Hollywood - Bloom's English Pirates Of The Caribbean co-star Keira Knightley was voted second. American Wedding star Eugene Levy came third, followed by Australian actor Hugo Weaving for his roles in The Matrix movies and Lord Of The Rings. Johnny Depp won the Male Standout Performance award for his swashbuckling antics in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Orlando Sighting in Madrid
From Sebastian: Just a quick note to say that I was on the same flight with Orlando from London to Madrid the day before yesterday (Jan 6th). I noticed him at the baggage pick up in Madrid as he was standing next to me waiting for his bags. He was traveling with an older man, which I'm assuming was his agent. They had quite a bit of luggage. I believe that he's here in Spain to begin filming with Ridley Scott up North near Navarra. As luck should have it, I had a copy of the TWO TOWERS dvd pack in my carry-on bag and I asked him to sign it. He did so graciously. We shook hands, wished each other a happy new year and I was on my way. In any event, it was quite a treat to meet him.

Sneak Scans
Lucy sent in these scans from the January 6th-12th issue of Sneak (UK). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Kingdom of Heaven Photos
I have been asked to remove the latest photos from Kingdom of Heaven. If you have posted them on other websites, I would ask that you please remove them as well.

ROTK Premiere Photos
Pat sent in a link to photos that she took at the LA premiere of The Return of the King.

Dreamwatch Interview
Tweed typed up the interview from the January issue of Dreamwatch (UK).

Star Club Article and Scans
Veronique sent in an article and scans from the January issue of Star Club (France).

Vancouver Province Article
Bonnie sent in this article about Orlando and Peter O'Toole from yesterday's Vancouver Province.

AOL Moviegoer Awards
You can vote for Orlando as Best Supporting Actor for ROTK in the AOL Moviegoer Awards. Orlando's and Keira's kiss in POTC is up for Sexiest Kiss, and POTC and ROTK are up for other categories as well.

Sain Magazine Article
Kate sent in scans of an article in the January issue of Sain (Australia), put out by Sanity music stores.

Empire Magazine (Australia)
From Kate: There are a few things in the February issue of Empire magazine (Australia). These include an article on the New Zealand premiere of LOTR, with pics. Also, a review of ROTK (5 stars), part 1 of 2 of an interview with Peter Jackson. Empire also did a review of 2003, and Orlando appeared a few times. Pirates was one of 50 must-see movies of 2003, Jack Sparrow discovering a lack of rum in POTC was the 2nd best intentional laugh, Will vs Jack round one was the 4th best fight, and POTC:TCOTBP was the 5th worst title. They also picked on a movie mistake in Pirates, where Orlando's tattoo was visible during the sword fight. The Two Towers also scored a mention in the 50 Cheesiest moments of all time, courtesy of Frodo and Sam.

Choose Game
From Rebecca: On the MSN front page there was a game where you have to choose between two things and it tells you the percent of people who chose which thing. One question is, Would you date Orlando Bloom or Ashton Kutcher? Another one was, Would you rather star in Harry Potter of Lord of the Rings. Both Orlando and LOTR are winning.
From Sarah: The questions seem to change. The one I took asked Would you rather go to the prom with Orlando or Johnny Depp?

Eva Green Confirmed for Kingdom of Heaven
From comingsoon.net: Variety has confirmed that director Ridley Scott has cast Eva Green (The Dreamers) as the female lead in Kingdom of Heaven, the Crusades-era epic adventure currently filming in Morocco for 20th Century Fox. She will play Sibylla, a princess who falls in love with Balian, a peasant-turned-knight played by Orlando Bloom. William Monahan wrote the script for the film which also stars David Thewlis and Liam Neeson.

More Info on Filming at Loarre Castle
From Vilmarith: More info from "the insider" Gustavoize: Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom will begin their shots on Monday, January 12 in Loarre Castle. This place is far from Zaragoza and he says there is a possibility that the actors will stay in Ayerbe (a town closer than Zaragoza) in a special hostel.

Ink Magazine
From Veronique: In Ink magazine (UK) there's an entire special on LOTR, 7 pages long, it's about Tolkien and how his books were transferred to the big screen.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Elise, Jillian (14) from her sister Kyla, and Andrew (17).

  Thursday, January 8
Joepie Magazine Article
Anna sent in scans and a translation from the December 17th issue of Joepie (Belgium).

New Troy Photo
thezreview.co.uk has posted a new photo of Orlando in Troy.

Orlando Spotting
From Tanya: My friends husband was having a party at the Doncaster Hotel in London. He heard a tonne of women screaming. Orlando Bloom was having dinner with some people and was blowing kisses to his fans. An elderly lady said "I don't know what all the fuss is about, he looks like a boy that needs a haircut"

E! Online Year-End Poll
From Clarissa: LotR, PotC, and Orlando all won something in this poll. Orlando won Best Cumulative Performance for Return of the King and Pirates. Johnny Depp won Big-Screen Performance (Male) for Pirates and Viggo Mortensen was second for Return of the King. Pirates of the Caribbean won for Movie You Didn't Expect to Be Good But Was and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Extended Version won for Best Reason to Watch Old Movies Over Again.

Elvish is King for Fans of 'Rings'
From The Daily Herald:
But for a roomful of die-hard "Lord of the Rings" fans, language expert David Salo merited as much awe as movie stars Liv Tyler or Orlando Bloom. The man whom filmmaker Peter Jackson hired to translate Middle-earth languages spoke about his experiences working on the movies at Lisle Library on Monday. ... One listener asked which actor Salo thought spoke the best Elvish. He thought for a moment, then shook his head. "I haven't really given that a critical look," he said. "I thought Liv Tyler made Elvish sound very good. Cate Blanchett made some mistakes. Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom did very well."

More Info on Filming at Loarre Castle
Vilmarith sent in more info from the "Legolas: Orlando Bloom" MSN Spanish forum. "GustavoIze" posted that he will be an extra during filming at Loarre Castle from January 17 to 27, with almost 50 other extras. He said that the crew are staying in the Spanish city of Zaragoza.

Mykindaplace.com Poll
From Steph: Once again, Orlando is up for Lush Lad of the Week at mykindaplace.com, against co-stars Elijah, Billy and Viggo. Orlando is winning with 47%, Elijah not too far behind though, with 34%.

AOL Poll and Articles
From Kanupriya: In AOL News - 'Cold Mountain' Leads Globe Nominations In the small box labeled "Best Drama Nominees" it has a Q &A video, with Orlando featured near the end. Also if you scroll further down, it shows poll results for which movie should win the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Drama, and ROTK won by a longshot. If you scroll down further, it has a list of the nominees for the Golden Globes.
The Lord of the Rings - Where it says "Celeb Candids", there is an Orlando interview (old, I think), and a gallery. There is also an EW review of ROTK (it received an A). Also if you have AOL, you can start voting in the AOL Moviegoer Awards, in which both ROTK and POTC is nominated in several categories. Finalists are shown Jan. 20, and I suspect you can start voting for them on the same day.

Ned Kelly Release Dates
From Lú: Some Brazilian news... I saw this Ned Kelly poster with Heath and Orli in the video store, and the lady there said that next month it'll be released.
From Marie: Troy is released May 21 in Sweden. Ned Kelly starts showing in the cinemas February 13.

Orlando Music Videos
From Bella: I have my own Entertainment website now at tonightimseeingstars.com and I have a feature called "In The Spotlight". Every month I choose an Actor, Actress, Movie, Book, Television Show or Music Artist to Spotlight. For the month of January I have chosen Orlando. I do have Orlando Wallpapers as well as 3 music videos I made in tribute to him as well as one for LOTR. To get to the page just click on "In The Spotlight Orlando Bloom" from my home page.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Emma Hizon (15), Anne, and Katie (15).
Happy Belated Birthday to Kate (13).

  Wednesday, January 7
Orlando Photos from Kingdom of Heaven
The photos have been removed.

Kingdom of Heaven Filming Location
Vilmarith sent in some info from the "Legolas: Orlando Bloom" MSN Spanish forum. Kingdom of Heaven will be filming at Loarre Castle in Spain from January 5th to the 30th, and will be closed to visitors on those dates.

VH1 100 Hottest Hotties
Orlando is #76 on VH1's 100 Hottest Hotties of 2003. Check vh1.com for airdates. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

Entertainment Tonight
As most of you probably already know, Orlando's segment that was to be shown on Monday's show was bumped for Britney Spear's wedding. I don't know when they will air his segment. I cannot find a single email address on their site for disgruntled ET watchers to contact them at. YoungatHeart at ka-Bloom posted this email address you can try: ETonline@paramount.com

The Calcium Kid Release Date Update
Angela from music247online.com says that UIP UK now has the release date for The Calcium Kid as April, with the date to be announced. This is only for the UK, there's no news on dates for other countries.

Fame Will Not Change Me
Pauline sent in this Orlando article from Sky News.

Heat Magazine
Tanya sent in scans from the January 10-16 issue of Heat (UK). (1, 2, 3, 4)
From Hannah: Orlando's dotted all over Heat (UK) this week - there are (oldish) pics of him in the Caribbean, one of him in the 'Star Style' section, he's number 5 in their '20 sexiest Celebrity Bodies' and him and Kate Bosworth are the hottest celeb couple of the week.

Ned Kelly Video UK Release Date
From Llio: Ned Kelly is out on video and dvd February 9 in the UK.

Tiger Beat Article
Allie typed up the Orlando/Elijah article from the January issue of Tiger Beat (US).

Yahoo Search List
From Kate: Orlando is now #2 in top Cast and Crew search list on Yahoo where you'd usually find the all time box office. He is followed by Viggo Mortensen at #3 and Johnny Depp at #4.

Australian ROTK Stamps
From Adwena: The Australian Post have now collaborated a limited edition souvenir stamp sheet for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Among the stamp sheets is a stamp of Legolas.

IMDb Best of 2003 Poll Results
IMDb have posted the results of their Best of 2003 polls. Orlando, ROTK, and POTC made many of the lists.

Life Size Orlando beats Elvis!
From Colin at cardboardcutout.net: Just a quick note, as your UK readers may want to know that Orlando has just become the top selling cardboard cutout EVER on our site (the UK's specialist in, you guessed it, cardboard cutouts!) He's outsold the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and not to mention his co-stars, including Liv Tyler. We've not even counted the Legolas and Gimli cutout, which is also doing well!

LOTR Special on Biography Channel
From Lauren: The episode of "Bio Extra" on the Biography Channel (US) that airs on Jan. 9 at 1pm and repeats at 7pm est, will have the cast and crew of LOTR discussing their involvement in the trilogy. It'll include interviews with Peter Jackson, all the hobbits, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, and Mirando Otto.

German Cosmopolitan
From Anja: Orlando is in the German Cosmopolitan calendar, which is in the January issue with Molly Sims on the cover.

Scifitalk.com Interview
scifitalk.com will air an interview with Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, & Liv Tyler everyday this week. I’m not sure of the time. Check their schedule for other LOTR related programs.

Entertain Magazine
From Por: I just bought Entertain magazine (Thai) issue 756 "Paycheck" cover. There are two articles of ROTK, review of ROTK soundtrack and ROTK (cd/dvd limited edition), a small article about Kingdom of Heaven (it said about Eva Green and movie will starting this Jan. in Morocco with $110). The highlight is an Orlando poster in middle page, a big one (16x22 inches). It's a calendar for July-December.

Life Size Orlando beats Elvis!
From Colin at cardboardcutout.net : Just a quick note, as your UK readers may want to know that Orlando has just become the top selling cardboard cutout EVER on our site (the UK's specialist in, you guessed it, cardboard cutouts!) He's outsold the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and not to mention his co-stars, including Liv Tyler. We've not even counted the Legolas and Gimli cutout, which is also doing well!

AOL Movies Poll
From Steph: On AOL Movies, you can vote for Troy as one of the movies you want to see most in 2004. It only has 12%, losing to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They also have a link to get to EW's 10 Best and Worst Movies of the Year.
At my local video store, Captain Video (they also have one in New City, NY) I got a 3 foot tall Orlando as Will Turner poster cutout. It has him holding a sword and axe, with a faint pic of Johnny and Geoffrey Rush fighting in the background. It is promoting the release of POTC on DVD.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Tara (13) Kayla from her friend Katie.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Sarah (17) from her friend Karine.

  Monday, January 5
ET Video Clip
You can watch part of the Entertainment Tonight segment, and some photos, of Orlando on the set of Haven at the ET website. The entire segment will be on today's show.

Aftonbladet Article Translation
Elisabeth has translated the entire Orlando article from Aftonbladet (NED) that was posted yesterday.

New ROTK Decipher Gaming Cards
Here are 3 new Decipher gaming cards featuring Legolas. (1, 2, 3)

Inside Lord of the Rings on A&E
Posted by Bonnie: Inside Lord of the Rings
Channel: A&E Date: Jan. 11th, 10pm ET/PT
A behind-the-scenes look at the sets, special effects, and people who made "The Lord of the Rings" the most popular movie trilogy of all time. Includes a trip to a pub with the Hobbit boys and interviews with director Peter Jackson and actors Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellan, Miranda Otto, and Orlando Bloom. TV G

Breakfast with the Arts on A&E
From TORN: A&E's 'Breakfast with the Arts' show will be featuring a special all about ROTK. The show will include the cast and crew of LOTR including director Peter Jackson. The show airs next Sunday Jan 11th at 8am ET/PT.

POTC on Pay Per View
Posted by Stacie: Orlando's Pirates of the Caribbean hits Pay-Per-View (US) on Friday, Jan. 16 at 7am and is playing every half-hour.

Most Searched for List
From independent.co.uk: The Google Zeitgeist top 10 lists for 2003, which are based on more than 55 billion searches across the world, aim to track growing cultural and popular trends. ... The most searched for pictures of men globally were Eminem, David Beckham and the actor Orlando Bloom.

YM Magazine
From Allie: February 2004 YM Magazine (US) pg.64 they have a pic of Orli and a caption: "Orlando, Josh, Hayden, and more: Take our trivia quiz inspired by the sexiest celebs around." The pic was from the TTT premiere.

'King' Refuses to Abdicate Throne
Posted by §fyre from hollywoodreporter.com: Expect deja vu all over again at the boxoffice this New Year's weekend. No new wide releases are out to challenge the status quo, so New Line Cinema's boxoffice royalty, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," is fated to once again dominate theaters. Last weekend, the epic conclusion of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy trilogy experienced a drop of just 30% from its mammoth opening weekend. This time around, "King" could fall 50% and still dominate the field with a $25 million tally for its third weekend in release.

From Pirate girl: On the homepage of newzealand.com there are pictures of Orlando and cast at the ROTK premiere. They also have behind the scenes, map of middle earth, facts about the movies and they show you the locations of where LOTR was filmed.

Women's Day Sexiest Men of the Year
From Lena: Orlando Bloom was selected as one of Nz Women's Day "Sexiest Men of the Year", along with Viggo Mortenson and Johnny Depp.

Spanish Magazines
From Mary: In the calendar that you get free buying the Spanish magazine Fotogramas (January 2004) there's a pic of Olrando. To be exact, Orlando's pic is on May. In the other Spanish magazine Imagenes (January 2004) there are several pics of Troy (none new).

Jay Leno Reminder for US
Orlando's episode of Jay Leno will be airing tonight on NBC at 11:35pm EST/PST.

LOTR Cancer Badges
From Joanne: There is a new range of LOTRs badges for cancer research. They are dotted all around the UK in cardboard stands. Legolas is one of them, it is only £1, I got mine from Peacocks in Wolverhampton so get searching!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Linly from her friend Margaret, and to Kaitlin.
Happy Belated Birthday to Alice (15).

  Sunday, January 4
J-14 Scans
Jen sent in scans from the February issue of J-14 (US). Orlando has also stayed at the #4 position of Fav Actors and dropped off of Hot Guys on Your Hot List on pages 108 and 109.

Calcium Kid Release Date Changed
From Angela at music247online.com: UIP UK have put Calcium Kid back to TBA (to be announced) on the release dates. It's there first movie on their 2004 list but the date has now been changed to TBA.

Orlando Wins More Magazine Poll
Orlando has won More Magazine's Celebrity Man of 2003. "For months you have been voting in your thousands for Celebrity Man 2003 from the UK and Ireland. We've been taking online votes, email votes and phone votes into account and the winner has been announced as Orlando Bloom."

Legolas ROTK Photo
The Sun website has a photo of Legolas from ROTK.

Ciné Film Scan
Laura sent in this photo from the Jan./Feb. issue of Ciné Film (France).

Entertainment Tonight
Posted by Cayenne at ka-Bloom: They just announced on Entertainment Tonight, that they are going behind the scenes with Orlando in the Caymen Islands. The show will be broadcast this Monday, the 5th. The show is syndicated, so check local listings.

Aftonbladet Interview
From Elisabeth: On the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet's website, there is an interview with Orlando (and new Legolas photo). He says his best friend Chris is from Sweden, and that he spent some time in Västervik (a Swedish city) last summer. "Loved it," he says. "Beautiful place. And beautiful women". He thinks the Swedes remind him of the elves; tall, blonde, and relaxed. He also thinks Tolkien had the Swedes, or Scandinavians, in his mind when he wrote Lord of the Rings. In the same interview he also tells a story about how he and Johnny Depp got to meet the prime minister of the Caribbean islands, and that they practically fell out of the plane, crawled to the minister, and then Depp kissed his feet. "Well, we had been drinking a couple of glasses wine, what can I say?" Orlando grins.

Jane Magazine
From Melissa: In the Jan/Feb issue of JANE (US) magazine Orlando was voted the hottest imported celeb.

People Magazine Scan
TORN has posted a scan of an Orlando article and photo in the January 12th issue of People (US).

EW Scans
TORN has posted scans of LOTR items in the January 9th issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

Alternative Press
From Tanya: I just wanted to let you know that in the Feb. issue of Alternative Press (US) they had a poll about who was the best actor and Orlando was in Third place. Johnny Depp was first... also they have a category for best movie of the year and LOTR: The Two Towers come in second. They lost to Finding Nemo.

Heat Magazine
From Minna: In the newest HEAT (UK, out on Sat 27.12) there's a Troy mention on 'Hot Movie Trends For 2004': "The genetically blessed TROY stars Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, plus Hulk's Eric Bana." And then they have a big Horoscope section and on 'Capricorn' they have a lovely pic of Orli and he's mentioned in the text. Also POTC is the nr. 1 dvd/video to rent/buy, just a pic of the cover.

Film 2003
From Kelly: On a special edition of Film 2003 (UK) they had the ten top films of 2003. Pirates of the Caribbean was 3rd, Kill Bill 2nd, and Lord of the Rings Two Towers was 1st. Jonathon Ross, the host, was interviewing Billy Boyd and asked the question "So what do you think of your friend Orlando Bloom having two films in the top three?" I can't remember how he replied by it was something along the lines of how Orlando is now a huge star and how he has shot to fame so quickly!

ROTK Valentine's Day Cards
TORN has posted a scan of the ROTK Valentine's Day cards now out at some stores in the US.

Break Out Magazine
From Faye: Orlando is been chosen 'Juiciest actor 2003' by all the readers of Break Out (Netherlands).

Latest Troy Release Dates (subject to change)
US - May 14, 2004
France - May 19, 2004
Belgium - May 19, 2004
Germany - May 20, 2004
Netherlands - May 20, 2004
Canada - May 21, 2004
UK - May 21, 2004
Brazil - May 21, 2004
New Zealand - May 27, 2004
Argentina - June 3, 2004
Australia - June 3, 2004

ROTK Press Junket Photos
Jan at ka-Bloom has posted some new photos of Orlando from the ROTK press junket in LA.

Most Attractive Man Poll
Vote for Orlando as the Most Attractive Man of 2003 at hellomagazine.com.

Marie Claire
From tiny1: Orlando is in the February 2004 issue of Marie Claire (US). There's a pic of him under the "10 Sexiest Men". It says:
Born: Canterbury, England, 1977
Last Seen: Waving from a turret in Pirates of the Caribbean.
Just Lucky? You Decide: Fully recovered from a 1998 fall in which he broke his back. Admits he is "accident prone".
We'd like to spend 5 minutes as: His costumer- to see what the tights hint at.

Jay Leno in the UK
Apparently Orlando's Jay Leno appearance was on January 1st in the UK on FTN, so it probably won't be on again tonight, as previously posted.

Glamour Magazine
From Mizbloom: In the January issue of Glamour magazine (UK) it has some info on Orlando. On the Glamouriser, it says 'If we're feeling post-gig peckish we'll pop to London's Taman Gang, where the Asian culinary delights have already impressed Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom'. It has a pic of the Taman Gang and Keira, but not Orlando. A bit further on in the magazine, it has a double page of the PotC poster and it says at the top 'Johnny or Orlando? What's your favourite Xmas dish?'

Blockbuster Magazine
From Adwena: Australia: Orlando was featured on the official "Blockbuster" magazine/newsletter (Australia) which gives updates on upcoming films, and the latest information about film stars. There was a small section about Orlando as Joe Byrne in "Ned Kelly" and there was also a picture of Orlando (from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" premiere at Disneyland) on the January calendar. The picture was on the 13th of January, and there was a mention of his birthday.

National Geographic Kids
From Kacie: There are 3 photos and 8 facts about Orlando in the February issue of National Geographic Kids (US).

Cinemania Magazine
From Sissel: In the Spanish madazine Cinemania you get a dvd with stuff from ROTK. There are also interviews with the cast, including Orlando. He talks about Gimli and Legolas and other stuff. There is also a review on ROTKk and it was given 3 stars out of 5 and an article on Viggo recording an album with the help of the hobbits.

The Mag: NFA and People Weekly
From Angelina: In the current issue of The Mag: NFA (CAN), The Lord Of The Rings is the main feature and it includes many pages and pictures about LotR, including lots of pics of Orli. He is also in the new issue of People Weekly that is on news stands January 2nd.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Rita (14).
Happy Belated Birthday to Day (19), and to Kate Normand (14) from her friend Jen.

  Friday, January 2
Teen People Scans and Article
Mithfacwen typed up the Orlando article from the February issue of Teen People (US), and Christine sent in scans.

TNT Commercial
Orlando and some other members from ROTK are featured in a 'TNT Knows Drama' commercial on TNT (US). You can download it in WMV format from theonering.net.

ALA Bookmarks
Along with the ALA Read poster, you can also purchase a pack of 100 Orlando bookmarks for $7.50

Yam Magazine Scan
Dannii sent in a scan of Orlando on the cover of the December 30th issue of Yam! (Germany).

Girlfriend and Dolly
From Cassie: There are posters of Orlando in the Girlfriend and Dolly Mags in Australia. There are also a few pics found throughout the mags of Orlando.

Jay Leno in the UK and US
From Pheny: Regarding the UK repeat of Jay Leno: Whoever does the TV listings for FTN is a turd! Orlando appears on the episode with Nicole Kidman, which (should!) air in the UK on Sunday 4th Jan at 10pm.

And a reminder for people in the US. Orlando's episode will air Monday the 5th at 11:35pm on NBC.

New Idea Magazine
From Marieke: In the January edition of New Idea (Australia) there is an article on Orlando, as well as a film review of ROTK. Also, at the front of the entertainment section there is a page for celebrities to say what they hope to get for Christmas. Orlando is included in this and says that he thinks he will receive from his mum something to do with sculpting, as that's what she had wanted him to become.

New Orlando Posters
Posternow has these 2 new Orlando posters: 1 and 2. Allposters has the same one as well as a new Legolas magnet.

ROTK Oscar Ads
TORN has posted scans of some ROTK 'For Your Consideration' Ads. One of them features the entire cast.

Orlando Wins Dream Date Poll
From Hellomagazine.com: Despite competition from some of the world's hunkiest men, Orlando has been voted the ultimate New Year's Eve chaperone.

TV Week
From Antonia: The new TV Week for 3rd Dec. to 9 Dec (Aus) has a poster of Orlando, it's old but he still looks really hot!

People Magazine
From Court: I just saw on E! News that there is an article about Orlando in next week's People magazine on newsstands Friday. He talks about his weight as a child saying something about being more of a hobbit then an elf, he use to be fat until he took up snow boarding and surfing at 16.

InStyle Magazine
From Court: In the new German InStyle with Kate Hudson on the cover there is picture of Orlando and a brief interview.

Top of the Box Office for 2003
From nwsource.com: "Finding Nemo" floated to the top of the box office with $340 million domestically, while "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" sailed close behind at $305 million. The question seems to be how long "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" will take to pass "Nemo" as the top-grossing film released in 2003. "Return of the King," the final chapter in the adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy trilogy, has raced past $224 million in less than two weeks at theaters.

NZ's Top 5 Movies for 2003
From Marian: Coming in at #5 is POTC: The Curse of the Black Pearl generating $NZ 4.7 million. Coming in at #1 is LOTR:TTT generating $NZ 12 million. The biggest box offices figures of all time here in New Zealand.

From Mary: At filmbug.com they show the 100 most popular people on the site in December 2003 and Orlando was the 3rd most popular.

POTC Fav Film of Stars
From Steph: On the MTV New Year's Eve 2004 party, they were asking celebs about their fave things in 03. Jessica Alba ('Honey') and Kelly Clarkson (American Idol) said that POTC was their fave movie. They also interviewed 3 out of the 4 hobbits from LOTR.

Moviebill Magazine from Loews Theaters
From Steph: In "Moviebill" which is a new complimentary movie mag given out at Loews Theaters, ROTK is on the cover. Inside, they have the major places that are in ROTK, and they tell you what they mean, where they are, etc. At my local non-chain video store, Captain Video in Orangeburg, New York, they have a calendar selling for $1. POTC is for July, and LOTR: TTT on DVD is I think May.

Interview in Vi Unge
From Lucia: Orlando and Elijah are in the Danish youth magazine "Vi Unge". There is an interview with each and a Lord of The Rings poster. He says how happy he is for his fame, and how Depp taught him a lot. He also talks about a lot of other things. Elijah says that Orlando, himself, and the other guys from LOTR are making there own movie.

Mention in Dutch Newspaper
From Linda: A local Dutch newspaper wrote "(...) because of the same movie (POTC) and especially Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom is seen as the most spectacular rising star at this moment"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday Jessy Lee (16).
Happy Belated Birthday to Elina (17) from her friend Viktorija, to Joanne Salter (14), and to Sara (14).