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July 2003
  Thursday, July 31
ROTK Trailer
Lightsoutentertainment.com has posted the trailer for Return of the King. Get it fast before New Line makes them remove it! There wasn’t much Legolas, but I’ve made a few screencaps from it.

Star Magazine Article and Scan
Ami has typed up the article and sent in a scan from the July 29th issue of Star (US).

Capital FM Interview
Capitalfm.com has posted an interview with Orlando on their site. They also have a snapshot of him, in the studio I guess, and a sound clip of the interview. I couldn't get the sound clip to play. Thanks to Sitara for the link.

Us Weekly Scan
Mel from The Bloom Room sent in this scan from the August 11th issue of Us Weekly (US).

Hello Magazine Scans
Sarah has scanned the article and photos from this week’s Hello magazine (UK). Some of the article scans are by Penny.

Orlando in AXM, Mizz, and Xpose
Posted by Penny:
1. There's an interview with Orlando in the UK gay magazine AXM - the Aug 2003 issue.
2. There are 4 mini posters of Orlando in this week's issue of Mizz - #475 (July 30th - Aug 12th).
3. Xpose special #23 has Orlando voted 12th out of 25 in their Top Fantasy Stars feature. They also have an interview with Orlando about PotC. (There is a RotK feature too about adapting the books for film.)

Vancouver Sun Scan
Romy sent in this little article from the Vancouver Sun.

Yam Magazine
From Vicky: There is a photo of Orlando and Kate in the latest issue of Yam! (Germany).

Czech Bravo Magazine
From Icie: In this week's Czech Bravo magazine, there is an interview about Pirates with Orlando. It is the same interview that appeared in the German Bravo magazine in May.

Alleged Orlando Quote Making the Rounds
From Caroline: There is a small, slightly negative, yet funny mention of Orlando in the 'Say What???' section in Heat Magazine (UK) (2-8 August). It quotes Orlando saying “I think I am good looking, otherwise I wouldn't have had so many female fans screaming my name” then it comments ‘If we give you a leg-up, Orlando Bloom, do you think you could use it to get over yourself??’
From Monica: Orlando said the quote of the day on alloy.com. "I love having so many women after me. I cannot believe how many fans [I have] screaming for me... I think I am good looking, otherwise I wouldn't have so many female fans screaming my name."

New Auction Items for OBBP
Posted by Stacie: The Orlando Bloom Birthday Project is raising money in Orlando's name for Greenpeace, and we're hoping these auctions will help us beat last year's donation of $2166. We have 3 new items up for auction:
Australian Empire with Ned Kelly on the cover.
Australian HQ with Orlando on the cover.
A set of 12 all-Legolas CCG cards, plus an unopened Mines of Moria booster pack.
Remember, all funds for these items go to Greenpeace, and your winning bid will be added to the list of donors Greenpeace sends to Orlando. So make a bid, take home a great Orlando item, and help out the planet! You can find out more details on the auction, the Greenpeace donation, and what else we're doing for Orlando's 27th birthday on the OBBP site.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alana, and Chia (16).

  Wednesday, July 30
Sneak Article and Scans
Kyle has typed up the Orlando article from the July 29th issue of Sneak (UK), and Louise has sent in scans.

New Legolas Photo
Elf Lady sent in this new Legolas photo from the Aug./Sept. issue of the Official LOTR Fan Club magazine.

Orlando on Buzz List
Orlando is #4 on Yahoo's Buzz List for the Top 20 Actors and Actresses Searches. He has been on the top 20 for 333 days! POTC is #1 on the Movies list.

Troy Release Date Moved Up
Posted by Stacie: According to Yahoo Movies, the release date for Troy has been moved up to May 14th, 2004 (wide).

Fan Photos from POTC Premiere
Sarah of Visions of You has posted some photos from the London premiere of POTC on her website. Scroll down and click on the "backstage door" link.

UK POTC Website and Competition
From Irene at JohnnyDeppZone.com: There’s a new UK-hosted version of the official POTC website at piratesmovie.co.uk. There’s nothing there that isn’t already at the official US site. But the SUN newspaper in the UK is running a Pirates competition for a Barbados holiday.

Hello Magazine Poll
From Marian: it seems that Orlando won the weekly most attractive man poll at Hello magazine for the week ending July 22. Consequently he will go forward to the most attractive man monthly poll in August. He will be pitted against the following: Jon Bon Jovi, David Beckham, and Pierce Brosnan. The fifth nominee will be either Johnny Depp or Brian McFadden (from Westlife). There are only 2 days left for voting for this week's poll and for July's poll. So, OB fans will be able to cast their vote in the monthly poll from August 1st.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Beigh (30 something) from her friend Sandy.

  Tuesday, July 29
New Photo from Premiere (Russia)
Lady Nin sent in this new Orlando photo from the August issue of Premiere (Russia).

Sugar Interview
Niki has typed up the Orlando interview from the September issue of Sugar.

Scan from Fotogramas
From Helena: In the August issue of Fotogramas (Spain) there's a photo of Orli, and an interview with Johnny.

KISS Magazine Articles
From Carey: I found plenty of Orlando articles in KISS magazine in Ireland. First there is a competition to win 1 of 6 double tickets to see The Pirates of the Caribbean. Then there is an interview, nothing we have heard before, a mini interview and two gorgeous pictures. He is also mentioned in the party people section- the pirates premier. Then he is mentioned in 'What your crush says about you!' with another gorge pic, then there is a review on the pirate's movie, they gave it 6 popcorns the highest you can get.

Orlando Quotes from GQ
Posted by Stacie: GQ, August, with Johnny Depp on the cover. In the cover story on Johnny, Orlando has this to say: "A lot of actors wouldn't have the courage to say that [Johnny told Disney to trust him or fire him.] And he does, because he knows what he can do. He told them, 'You have to wait and see.' So they waited and saw. And it was funny because by the end they're all applauding."
"I loved sharing a screen with him. God, I sound like a little kid right now, talking about a hero, but he's the man." -- both on screen and off.
Among comers like Bloom, Depp is routinely lionized for his skill and his cool -- the cool of the unco-optable, the incorruptible. And yet Bloom couldn't have known the full extent of Depp's cool until the Pirates shoot, during which Depp lived on a yacht docked near the set in St. Vincent. "You should have seen the boat, man," Bloom says. "Shag pile carpet, mirrors on the ceiling, velvet everywhere, like an Austin Powers boat. It was mad. I love the fact that he lived on a boat. How cool is that?"

Sneak Magazine
From Katie: Orlando is going to be in Sneak magazine (UK) on 29th of July. The article is going to contain How movie stardom broke his heart, Would he fancy you?, and His rates and hates on dates.

ICG Magazine
From Moody: In the International Cinematographers Guild Magazine (ICG) there is a 6 page article about POTC including some pictures. There is one of Johnny and Orlando and a new one that shows Orlando during a fight scene with some of the crew around him. There are some other cool pictures of the set. The article is mostly about the different techniques used for filming and only mentions Orlando once while explaining the plot line.

Troy Filming in Malta Again?
From The Z Review: Monday 28th July 2003: Troy Update: An update on the Troy filming has just been sent in "I've just heard that the production may go back to Malta at the beginning of september for a week after finishing in Cabo San Lucas."

Glamour Website
From Ka: Orlando is featured on the Glamour magazine website with Keira.

POTC Stays at No. 2
From USA Today: "Another family film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, continues to draw audiences. It was No. 2 its third week in theaters, taking in $22.4 million for a total of $176 million. Attendance fell only 34% from the previous weekend, an indication of good buzz about the movie."

Ned Kelly Review
Marian sent in this Ned Kelly review from Saturday's Otago Daily Times. The movie opened in NZ on July 24.

Pre-order Ned Kelly DVD for Region 4
From Aníran: You can pre-order the Ned Kelly DVD (PAL format) at ezydvd.com.au for 23€ (incl. shipping!).

Behind the Scenes of POTC on E! UK
From Claire: On E! in the UK, Behind the Scenes of POTC is on 4 August at 6.30pm.

Merchandise in the UK
Helen says that they have LOTR figurines, signed photos, life-size cardboard cut outs, and POTC and LOTR postcards at The Movie Store in Covent Garden.
From Niki: I was in a Virgin mega store (UK) in the Harliquin, Watford, flicking through some posters. They had one which i had never seen before, a Legolas one in horizontal, it had him sitting on a horse. they also had a POTC one, but all it had was the skull picture.

Looking for Actors in N. Ireland
From Sarah: If there is anyone from the Co. Fermanagh area, who is interested in being in a film (LotR based) made by a couple of teens, please email me at inapudgeofmeown@hotmail.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah B. (17), Sarah (27), and Marci from her friend Karen.

  Monday, July 28
Article from Closer
Sarah has typed up the amusing article from the July 26 - August 1 issue of Closer (UK).

Article in The Times
Here is the Orlando interview from Saturday's Play magazine, in The Times newspaper (UK).

Empire article
I typed up the POTC article from the September issue of Empire (UK).

Rose Byrne Interview
Posted by elmelas: From an interview with Rose Byrne in USA Today:
"I had dinner tonight with Orlando (Bloom), and he said, 'Hollywood is like a warm bath. It's so easy. You just fall asleep. But when you wake up, you're freezing.' It's such a good analogy," Byrne says. "It's very easy and everything's at your fingertips, but then it can all get taken away from you, you know?"

UK TV Alerts
Posted by Penny:
Making the Movie: TTT
Channel: MTV UK
Date: Friday 8th August at 10:00
Behind the scenes of the sequel to Lord of the Rings. Includes interviews with Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom.

Making the Movie: POTC
Channel: MTV UK
Date: Friday 8th August at 16:30
Repeat: Saturday 9th August at 10:00

News Extra
Channel: MTV UK
Date: Friday 8th August at 17:00
(Pirates of the Caribbean) Film news.
Repeat: Saturday 9th August at 10:30

SFX Magazine
From Bella: The July issue of SFX (UK magazine that is also sold in the US) has a photo special of LOTR: The Return of the King and also has their yearly SFX Reader Awards that has Orlando at #8 for Best Film Actor, at #5 for Sexiest Man and at #1 for Who Would you use as the basis for your clone army.

Irish Teen Magazine
From Paris: Orli is featured in the Irish glossy magazine Teen this month. It has a gorgeous full page pic of Orli wearing the yellow "I'm not here" T-shirt, similar to the pic in Roadshow except a different pose and without all the writing! There is also a large copy of the pic where he is reclining with the dog resting on him, and an interview.
I have spare copies of this and of Sneak magazine which I would love to trade. Anyone interested can email me: paristroy@emailaccount.com. Please let me know which country you are in.

POTC Fanlisting
From Stef: The official Pirates of the Caribbean fanlisting is now open at deep-down.net/potc/.

Fabienne sent in a link to a strange site, celebrities-eating.com, that has Orlando as one of their celebs, who's eating.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Courtney (18) from her sister Kimberly.

  Sunday, July 27
Article in The Times
From Maddie: In Saturday's issue of The Times newspaper (UK, July 26th-August 1st) in the section called Play, there is a full page interview with Orlando called In Full Bloom. LittleMiss sent in this scan. I will try to get the interview on the site soon.

Scan from Vi Unge
Legolas Greenleaf has posted this new photo from Vi Unge (Denmark), thanks to Elements.

From Eniwÿn: There is a poll at TeenPeople.com asking "Whose Summer 2003's Hottest Guy(s)" and Orlando is currently in the lead with 31%. So vote for him! There is also an article with a pic that is related to the poll (it says that the movie title is "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Jade Scorpion" ? so somebody made a mistake) and there is a cute pic of him at the premiere.

LOTR Cast on Inside the Actor's Studio
From Paris: The LOTR Cast are scheduled to record Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio on Sept 29th, presumably to be shown in Dec.

Scan from 19
Elodie sent in this scan from the August issue of the magazine 19 (UK).

Scan from Premiere
Elodie sent in this scan from the July issue of Premiere (France).

Clarín Article Translation
Maria Jose has translated the Orlando article from Clarín.

TTT Extended Edition Review
Posted by Stacie: Aintitcool.com has posted a review of some of the scenes in the TTT Extended Edition DVD, including a few with Legolas.

LOTR/Harry Potter Message Board
From Kris: There is a fairly new message board for people who are LOTR and Harry Potter fans (you don't have to participate in both if you're not interested.) The basic concept is to become a character within middle earth or Hogwarts.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Julseybabes (14).

  Saturday, July 26
Message from Orlando's Fan Mail Team
Please read this new message regarding fan mail sent to Orlando.

More Photos from Empire
Diana sent in this photo from Empire (UK) which was not posted yesterday. There are also 3 unpublished photos on Empire Online. Darth Yak has sent in the photos since Empire doesn't let you save them. (1, 2, 3)

Synopsis of Call the Shots
From Claire: I just saw that Call the Shots program (UK). Although Orlando wasn't shown apart from various clips from TTT they talked to the make up artist and there WAS ALOT said about him.
Firstly the presenter dressed up as a VERY BAD version of Legolas and was talking about seeing himself working alongside Orlando Bloom. Secondly they showed his Wig...*sob* that he'll never wear again, but that they keep. Then they showed his contact lenses and the co presenter asked what colour Orlando's eyes were in REAL life,*duh* and the make up artist said "VERY DARK BROWN". Lastly just a little comment, they said that the presenters hairline was very much like Orlando's, and then the Make up artist said " Well, before I shaved it all off..." or something like that!

Scan from Pia magazine
Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in this new photo from the July 28th issue of Pia (kansai edition) in Japan.

POTC International Poster for Sale
From Sierra: AllPosters is selling the Pirates of the Caribbean International Poster for $13.99.

POTC Video Interview
From Emily: If you watch the POTC movie review at KCBS-TV, you can hear an interview with Orlando and Keira.

Scan from Ventitantos
From Nina: The Mexican magazine Ventitantos (translation is something like: twenty something) has this photo of OB, it only said not to miss PotC opening here in Mexico next Friday and LotR RotK in December. It's next to a Viggo Mortesen pic.

Photos in Heat Magazine
From Emma J.: In this weeks Heat mag (UK) (26th July - 1st August) Orlando appears on page 40: there's a small pic from POTC of him and Johnny Depp, and page 45: advert for POTC and a small pic in the bottom left hand corner.

Photos in The Mirror
From Sarah: In The Mirror (UK) on Friday the 25th there are two pictures of Orlando; one with Keira Knightley, and one from the film POTC. They are in the section about films and what's on at the cinema.

Poll at Teenpeople.com
From Nikki: On Teenpeople.com there is a poll on the top 10 stars who would make the best Lifeguard. Orlando is one of them. You might need the monthly password which is sumfun03

Photo in Pop Star
From Ranelle: Orlando Bloom had a nice pic in the "Pop Star" magazine, the one with Justin Timberlake on 1 cover and on the opposite cover is Kelly Rowland.

Mention on V Graham Norton
From Sarah: Graham was talking to Cate Blanchett and they were talking about Lotr. He said Orlando had been on not long ago and he said "We had Orlando Bloom on not long ago and when he talked it was like 'The thing about hobbits is....' like they were real." Also, between Big Brother there was an advert for POTC the first one I have seen.

Interview in Sugar
From Mia: The September issue of Sugar (UK) magazine includes an Orlando interview.

Saturday Telegraph
From Sarah: In today's Saturday Telegraph (UK) there is an interview with Keira where she mentions how she met Orlando when they were auditioning in London and how none of the actors on the set of 'Pirates' had an ego. "Orlando I knew from before through auditioning in London. Nobody, but nobody - and I promise you this - had an ego, and we all instantly became mates. By the end of the first week it really did feel like another day at the office."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Megan H. (15), Katie K. (15), Vicky (15), Amanda (16), Justine (14) from her friend Sarah, and Rebecca (13) from her cousin Nikki.

  Friday, July 25
Scans from Empire
Jenn sent in these scans from the September issue of Empire Magazine (UK), with Orlando and Keira on the cover. (1, 2, 3)

Daily Mail
From Fiona: In Thursday's Daily Mail (UK) there was a section on Keira Knightley and her co-star in Bend It Like Beckham (page 7), talking about cracking America and it mentioned Orlando. This is what it said: "Miss Keira Knightley's Pirates of the Caribbean co-star Orlando Bloom was also named in Empire magazine poll. The 26-year-old Canterbury-born actor acquired heart throb status after starring in The Lord Of The Rings movies. He has completed five major films including the epic Troy alongside Brad Pitt, for release next year." The section also had a small scan of Orlando and Keira on the cover of the new issue of Empire.

Interview from Sky Magazine
Chloe sent in this short interview from Sky magazine. She says there is also a great pic of him on page 41 and on the last page it mentions something about the Lord of the Rings special effects and tells how busy Orlando is.

POTC Contest
Here are the winners of the POTC contest. Congratulations to the 10 winners, and thanks to everyone who entered (and followed the rules)!
Grand Prize Winner of the signed movie poster:
Heather from Portland, OR
Pirates Prize Pack Winners:
Claudia from El Paso, TX
Shantell from Bowie, MD
Corey from El Paso, TX
Emily from Pace, FL
Melissa from Port Orchard, WA
Megan from West Bloomfield, MI
Christy from Napervile, IL
Karen from Orange, CA
Holly from Ortonville, MI

I have been receiving a lot of emails about the IMDb having Orlando as an actor in Cameron Crowe's new movie Elizabethtown. I can't find any more info confirming this, and the IMDb is not always right. CameronCroweOnline posted this on June 25th: "Television writer/producer (Canada's Inside Entertainment), site reader and overall nice guy Carey Roberts had the chance to interview Orlando Bloom this past weekend for the Pirates of the Caribbean press junket. He asked him about possibly appearing in Elizabethtown. Bloom indicated that it probably won't happen because of scheduling conflicts. Orlando also mentioned that Cameron was going to use an "all American" cast."

Scans from Girls! and More Magazine
Elodie sent in these scans from the August issue of GIRLS! (France). (1, 2, 3) She also sent in this scan from More (UK).

Scan from Frau Magazine
Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in this photo from the August issue of Frau (Japan). I removed the text on the left side.

American Cinematographer
Posted by Stacie: The new issue of American Cinematographer magazine (Terminator on the cover) has a really long article on Pirates, and a lot of lovely pictures.

Orlando is the featured actor on ecrush.com for this week, and is at #19 on the Celebrity Fantasy Crush Chart. Thanks to Alayne for the info.

Cinescape Magazine
TORN has posted scans from the August issue of Cinescape Magazine, that includes a Legolas photo and this quote from Orlando.

Lycos Top 50
From Julie: Orlando is #27 on the Lycos Top 50 this week!

Making of POTC on Sky Movies
From Alex: 'The Making of Pirates of the Caribbean' will be on Sky Movies Premier 3 (UK) on the 1st of August at 2.55 pm and again at 6.45pm on the 3rd of August.

POTC Article in Austar Guide
From Anna: In the August Austar guide for Australia there is a "What's out in the cinemas" section. Pirates of the Caribbean is the film mentioned.
"Having added his winning touch to action classics, The Rock, Gone in Sixty Seconds and Black Hawk Down, producer Jerry Bruckheimer now adds some swashbuckling magic to the new Johnny Depp adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.
Bruckheimer has assembled an all-star cast, headed by Depp and including Aussie Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Jonathan Pryce and Keira Knightley. Depp appears in all his pirate glory - dressed in earrings, braided whiskers, a compass and, of course, a sword - as the roguish yet charming Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain Sparrow's beloved ship The Black Pearl is stolen by the wicked Captain Barbossa (Rush) and his band of pirates but Barbossa has many more evil deeds in mind - to break an ancient curse using the blood of Sparrow's love, Elizabeth Swann (Knightley).
With the stellar cast and an action-packed story, this movie looks like a sure-fire winner at the box office. It combines good, old-fashioned storytelling with stunning visual effects. Prepare to be blown out of the water when it arrives this month at a cinema near you!"

OBBP Auction
The ebay auction for the magnetic set of Orlando and Legolas paper dolls has now closed. Graham Norton poked fun at the original dolls, and Orlando was amused and amazed at the detail... but we have the last laugh. The paper doll auction to benefit the OB Birthday Project raised $169.50! The money will be added to the donation that will be made in honor of Orlando's 27th birthday next January. A big thank you to the winning bidder! Keep watching for more fun offerings in the ongoing Birthday Project auctions.

Fan Book for Orlando
From Samantha: I heard about a book of fan messages that was made for Dominic Monaghan and I thought it would be a good idea to make a book for Orlando. I am going to see him at the ROTK premiere and I would give him the book then. If anyone would like to write a fan message to Orlando for the book they can e-mail me at happygirl322@aol.com. The book will be from all of his fans and I think he would really enjoy reading it.

New POTC Fansite
From Jen: I just opened a new POTC Fansite today called "Pirates and Poppets". It's the first General POTC Fansite on the net. You'll find lots of Avatars, Wallpapers, Images and other fun things, plus more on the way!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Vikki (13), and to Becky from her friend Morgan.

  Thursday, July 24
New Will Turner Photos
Deb from Orlandobloomnet.com sent in this new Will Turner photo from the August issue of Disney Adventures. She also sent in this new photo from the POTC soundtrack insert.

New Orlando Photo
Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in this new Orlando photo from a Japanese magazine called "Kono eiga ga sugoi", which means "This movie is wonderful".

Interview From Argentine Newspaper
Olivia sent in this link to an Orlando interview from her local newspaper, "Clarín", in Argentina. The article includes a new Orlando photo. Olivia has translated this part about his fans:
Journalist: "How is your relationship with the fans?"
Orlando: "It's good, thanks. They send me thousands of letters. I appreciate it, but I can't answer them. The truth is that I'm not a sex symbol. I'm flattered they think so but, believe me, I don't feel like one, a few years ago no one saw me that way."

TRL Video Clips
I made 2 video clips of Orlando on MTV's TRL on July 2nd.

Hello Magazine Scan
Irene of Johnnydeppzone.com sent in this photo of Orlando & Keira at the London POTC premiere, from the July 29th issue of Hello (UK).

Access Hollywood
Orlando was not on Access Hollywood Wednesday, as their website had posted. I would keep tuning in this week to see if he is on!

POTC Contests
The POTC contest on this site is now closed. There were 16,403 entries. Thanks to everyone who entered! Because I haven't heard back from my Disney contact to find out exactly how many prizes will be given out, I can't choose the winners! As soon as I find out, I will post the winners on the site, and email them.
Lisa at VTeens.Org informed me that they are currently running a POTC contest on their site.

POTC T-shirt at Hot Topic
From Kara: Yesterday I went to Hot Topic and was looking around and I found a Pirates of the Caribbean shirt for $18, but is doesn't have Orlando on it or anything. It is just the pirate in the ship!

POTC Report on ABC Family (US)
Christianne informs us that there will be a report from the premiere of POTC on Brendan Leonard on ABC Family this Saturday at 12:30 pm EST.

ROTK Teaser Poster for Sale
Posternow.com is offering the ROTK teaser poster for $5.99 to the first 1,000 customers. They also have a Legolas poster for $5.99.

Behind the Scenes Clip from POTC
Tinseltownonline.com has posted a video about the sword fighting in POTC with some behind the scenes shots and interviews. Thanks to Stacie for the info.

POTC Premiere on Movies Now (UK)
Posted by Penny: ENTERTAINMENT: Movies Now
Channel: ITV2
Date: Monday 4th August at 03:25
The latest movie news and reviews. Featuring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean
Date: Monday 4th August at 18:50
Date: Tuesday 5th August at 18:50
Date: Wednesday 6th August at 18:50

POTC and Orlando Sites
Astraea has created a POTC fanlisting for Will Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow called Man the Sails.
Alexis's site, Simply Orlando Online, is now back online.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Annie, Amanda, Victoria (14) from her friend Sarah, and Titch (13) from Teresa.

  Wednesday, July 23
Orlando in Sneak
Sophie has typed up the Orlando articles from the July 22-28 issue of Sneak (UK), and Luthien and LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans. See them all here.
From Fran: In the new Sneak magazine, in the Say what?! page, an Orli fan wrote "Amazing! You must be psychic Sneak! Last Monday I posted a letter to you asking for more inside info on Orlando's secret tattoo. And the following day, you printed a news story on it! (Sneak, 8th July) Thanks for clearing this matter up and for printing stacks of lovely Orli recently!" from Orli Fan, Kent. And they replied "Well Orli Fan, turn to page six for goss from the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere, and page 22 for a shock story from Orlando." Also, Gareth Gates is the text top ten totty. Orlando is 2nd place.

Hi-res Flix scan
Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in a hi-res scan from the September issue of Flix (Japan). She also says that the next issue of Roadshow (Japan) will have a special 28 page section with Orlando photos!

Heat Magazine
Anna sent in this POTC article scan from this week's Heat (UK) (26th July - 1st August). There is also a Will Turner photo and cast photo that we've already seen, alongside an article that offers readers the chance to see Pirates of the Caribbean, before it comes out in the UK, for free on Wednesday the 30th of July at various cinemas throughout the UK. You have to buy the magazine so that you can show it at the cinema in exchange for your tickets.

Orlando Reference in Joan of Arcadia
From Bailey: I just did extra work today on the new TV show "Joan of Arcadia" (US). Orlando is mentioned in the dialogue. This line is not likely to get cut, as the scene was filmed in one long take and hard to remove. The dialogue goes something like this:
Joan has just talked to a man outside claiming he was God (and he's really cute.) Her friends see her with him and start asking about him. She kinda believes he's God and is surprised the friends see him and asks them to describe him.
"Dark hair, corduroy jacket, Orlando Bloom-ish!"
This is the pilot episode and will be aired whenever the show starts. If you want to see me, I'm the cheerleader in yellow with the red hair. I'm a huge Orlando fan, so I was excited to hear the reference!

Reserve a Copy of TTT at Blockbusters
From Sydney: Many Blockbusters are now allowing customers to reserve a copy of TTT DVD. The cost to hold it is $5 and then you have to pay the rental fee, but it is worth it because you are guaranteed a copy.

POTC Ring Tone
From Claire: I found a ring tone for cell phones that is the theme from POTC (a pirate's life for me). Here is the link, and remember to look at the type of phone you have and chose the correct link. As far as I know, for Nokia users, the ring is located in the latest tones folder.

Orlando in Globe Magazine
Posted by Stacie: Globe (US), July 29
There's a full-page article on the stuntman who died filming Troy. No mention of Orlando, but they have a picture of the scene where the stuntman injured himself, when the soldiers jump from the ship. On page 13 there's a small blurb called "Wonder Boy" on Orlando being accident prone.

Troy Reviews from Comic Con
Here are some reviews of the Troy footage showed at Comic Con.
From Chud.com: Troy - Holy hell. This looks unbelievable. While not all of the footage was complete, what was shown gave a good idea of where the film is going. Brad Pitt looks great in full Trojan regalia (joke avoided), and looks quite competent with a sword. After several shots of him whirling the sword around, we cut to an enormous gate being opened directly over the camera. The next shot was not something I imagined I'd be seeing, to tell the truth. The Trojan Horse, entering the city. Scores of men are lined up, towing the horse with long ropes wrapping around its legs and neck. To give you a sense of how large the Horse itself is, the camera angle gives the impression that it is taller than any of the buildings nearby, all two and three story structures. The Horse moves slowly, giving a great idea of how much it weighs by how many people are pulling it in. The last shot of note takes place in near darkness, where you could barely make out ropes coming down from the stomach of the horse, and soldiers rappelling down to the ground, beginning their assault on the city. Now, if only we could get Hellboy moved to a little less competitive opening weekend... (Currently, Troy and Hellboy both open on Memorial Day of 2004.)
From aintitcool.com: Troy - A quick compilation of scenes and behind the scenes clips was shown. This movie is going to make so much bank. It looks amazing. Huge cast, epic scope, beautiful cinematography. If they cut the trailer in around the same way as they cut these clips the masses are going to get very excited. Brad Pitt looks totally in place. The big build up leads to the revelation of the Trojan Horse being pulled into the city of Troy and the greeks dropping out. Mark my words, this film is going to make a *load of money... thank God with the budget they have...

New POTC Fanlisting and Orlando Group
Bea has created a Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Fanlisting.
Becky has started a new Orlando Group on MSN. It's called The Orli Bloom Fan Club

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Caroline (16), Jen (18), Alexandria (17), and Emma from her friend Taz.

  Tuesday, July 22
Orlando on IMDb List
From Antoinette: I stumbled upon the IMDb's list of the most successful actors according to the average vote their movies have gotten. Orlando was #16.

Article from The Face
Sophie has typed up the Orlando article from the August issue of The Face (UK).

Newsweek and Teen People Scans
Cassandra sent in this photo from the July 14th issue of Newsweek (US), along with scans from the August issue of Teen People (US): a photo from part of an article called "Where the hot boys are", and a POTC photo from the cover.

Tiger Beat Scan
Anthoula sent in this scan from the August issue of Tiger Beat (US).

Very Graham Norton Video Clip
Irene at JohnnyDeppZone.com has made a video clip of Orlando from Very Graham Norton on July 8th. The clip is of Graham talking about all of Orlando websites, and then showing him the paper dolls on The OB Files. Clip in RealVideo format (1.22 Mb zipped)

Orlando on Access Hollywood this Wed.
Posted by Stacie: Access Hollywood - Jul 23 - Episode #1793: ``Seabiscuit'' premiere; actor Orlando Bloom (``Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl''); ``Daredevil'' DVD stunt

Orlando Photo on instyle.com
From Brissa: There is a picture of Orlando with Kate Bosworth on the home page website of the magazine InStyle. The caption underneath the picture mentions the two of them as one of many celebrity couples spotted out and about.

Teen Choice Awards
From Sierra: On the 2003 Teen Choice Awards, you can vote for POTC: The Curse of the Black Pearl as Choice Summer's Movie in Wave III. In Wave I, there's Elijah Wood in LOTR:TTT for Choice Movie Actor - Drama/Action Adventure and LOTR:TTT for Choice Movie - Drama/Action Adventure. Also in Wave II, LOTR:TTT for Choice Movie Fight/Action Sequence. Unfortunately, Orlando isn't in anything such as breakthrough male actor or male hottie... :\ The polls may close soon because The 2003 Teen Choice Awards airs August 6, 2003, 8pm/7c on FOX.

French Premiere Magazine
From Kaodang: In the last issue of the French magazine Premiere (July 2003), there's a small article about the Return of the King and a huuuge pic of the film with Legolas and Aragorn. There's also a short synopsis of POTC (with small pix of J. Depp and K. Knightley, pix we've already seen) which is quite funny. It alludes to Orlando very briefly, saying: "the governor's daughter is accompanied by a childhood friend (who looks like the elf in the Lord of the Rings without the wig - strange!)". And finally, there's an article about Eric Idle and the Remains of the Piano which says that "Orlando Bloom will play the part of Daniel Day Lewis."??? This is quite confusing because he said he will not do Remains of the Piano.

POTC Posters in McDonalds
From Katharyn: At my local McDonalds (US), they have PotC posters hanging up all over the place. So, I went inside and asked the manager if I could have the poster of Orlando & Keira. She said sure. They are taking all of the Pirates of the Caribbean stuff down on July 28.

POTC Poll on YM.com
From Dorothy: At ym.com you can rate POTC: 1, 2 or 3 stars. 89% have voted 3 stars!

TeenPeople.com Poll
From Kelly: There's a poll on teenpeople.com, COMBAT IN THE CARIBBEAN: Depp vs. Bloom
"Arrrrr, mateys! Which big-screen pirate be the hotter -- Johnny Depp... arrrr... or Orlando Bloom? Yo-ho-ho!" Orlando is currently winning.

TTT Preview on Final Destination 2
From Michelle: My sister works at a movie store so she got to rent Final Destination 2 early, it has a preview for "A Man Apart", then "Willard", and then "The Two Towers". It's a very good preview too. It shows Legolas fighting, some of his little "skateboarding" scene, and a little more of him fighting, and at the end of the preview it shows Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimili in the woods and a close up of Legolas' eyes (VERY GOOD CLOSE UP).

From Amanda: "Would you like to join a club that is devoted to the Lord of the Rings and its characters/actors? It is absolutely free and you can make new friends. On this website you can post pictures, talk to the rest of the group, take quizzes and we have links to many other websites, but are looking to expand, with new members, links, pictures, and friends. Contact Legolas6607@wmconnect.com if you wish to get more information or are interested in joining the club. This is open to everyone."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessica (21).

  Monday, July 21
POTC Screencaps
View a ton of POTC screencaps here. Thanks Kimera.

Video and Screencaps from Access Hollywood
I made a RealVideo clip (1.36 Mb zipped) and screencaps of an Orlando interview from Sunday's Access Hollywood 'Movie Scorecard' segment.

Hi-res POTC Premiere Photos
Angela from music247online.com sent in these hi-res photos from the London POTC premiere. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Sneak Scans
Tanya sent in scans of the Orlando poster and 'sneak top 10 text totty' article from the July 15 issue of Sneak (UK).
From Miz Bloom: In the messages section, a girl called Jo says "Orlando looked gorgetastic in the story about his tattoo (Sneak, 8th July). I'm glad you're putting the buff boy in Sneak. Us Orli fans can't wait to see him thrusting his sword about in Pirates of the Caribbean." The people reply "Yikes, that's enough sword thrusting, thank-you! Flick to the posters pronto for a lush pic of Orli! And there's more of him coming soon in Sneak!"

Unreel Scans
Tanya also sent in scans from a POTC article in the July/August issue of Unreel (UK). (1 & 2)

Scan from Ragazza
Mary sent in this scan from the August issue of Ragazza (Spain).

Elle UK Article
Mel from The Bloom Room sent in the Orlando article from the August issue of Elle (UK).

Kentish Pikey
From Robyn: I just thought I'd clarify a point made by Gina which you posted on the news page under the heading "UK Elle Magazine". She said "he describes himself as a Kentish pikey! Didn't know he had gypsey blood!" and I wanted to say that by pikey he doesn't mean gypsy, he means someone who's a Kev. It's really hard to explain if you're not British, and there are about a million different terms for them, like townies and geezers, but they're basically guys who act really cool and swagger around and actually they're pretty dodgy and slimey; teenage/adult versions wear gold chains and adidas tracksuits and shave their heads. Obviously Orlando's not like this any more but he's saying that that's what he was like when he was younger. They're kind of known to come from Kent, so I'm not surprised he says he was a "Kentish pikey" because I think a lot of Kentish boys are!

POTC Box Office Numbers
From Yahoo News: "Bad boys old and new ruled the box office. The buddy-cop flick "Bad Boys II" debuted at No. 1 with $46.7 million, trailed by last weekend's top film, the buccaneer adventure "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," with $33.3 million, according to studio estimates Sunday."
"Pirates of the Caribbean" pushed its 12-day total to $132.2 million and is on the way to becoming the year's fifth movie to top $200 million."

Night And Day Magazine
From Vicky: Orlando was mentioned in an issue of Night And Day (UK). The interview was with Keira Knightly and Johnny Depp in a Pirates Of The Caribbean special. Johnny Depp's interview only mentioned him a little bit. But in the interview with Keira Knightly she said that- "She would go to a pub in Santa Monica to watch live premiership matches and to have an English breakfast, and she would go there with Orlando Bloom. And thanks to Orlando's influence, she's now a confirmed West Ham supporter." She also said later on in the interview when asked about her love life that- "Johnny Depp is perfect, but he's got two children and is practically married. Orlando Bloom, whom she shares a passionate clinch in Pirates, would be OK as well. It came naturally to kiss him." There is lonely one picture of him but it's a nice one.

POTC and TTT Preview DVDs at HMV
From Elaine: In HMV stores (in uk, not sure about other countries) if you buy Daredevil or a few other dvds, you get a free dvd with footage of POTC and The Two Towers on it.

Ned Kelly in NZ
From Anelith: They have started to advertise for the movie Ned Kelly here in New Zealand, there was also a picture of the movie in this weekend's Herald in the movie section. Ned Kelly will be opening in theatres in New Zealand on the 24th of July.

YM.com Movie Poll
On ym.com you can vote for the best movie of the summer. POTC currently has 50% of the votes. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

POTC in Hong Kong
From Novel: The release date of PoTC here in Hong Kong is 21/8. Also, fans of Orlando here can buy the new issue of 'The Face' (with Orlando on the cover) from HMV.

More About TolCon
From Astraea: I just wanted to let you and the others know that TolCon is a members only event. And for costumers, Ngila Dickson is also said to be attending there too! She was the one that made the costumes for LotR.

'On the Set of POTC' on Starz
On the Set of Pirates of the Caribbean is currently airing on STARZ! and STARZ! Theater. Check their site for dates and times. Thanks to Marie for the link.

New Orlando Sites
Amanda's site: So-admirable.net
Deb's site and community: orlandobloomnet.com and BloomNet

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katelyn, Keena (14), and a belated birthday to Laura (15) from her friend KAReng.

  Sunday, July 20
New Photos from Japanese Magazines
Kung sent in this scan from the September issue of Flix (Japan). Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in these scans from the September issues of Roadshow (1, 2, 3) and Screen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Article from Widescreen Magazine
Marny has translated the POTC article from the August issue of the German magazine Widescreen.

Teenhollywood.com Article
Posted by Stacie: Teenhollywood.com has an article about how Orlando is no longer an "adrenaline junkie".

UK Elle Magazine
From Gina: Orlando is currently featured in UK Elle Magazine August edition. There are some photos of him that may be old but I've never seen them before. It's quite a long article and in it he describes himself as a Kentish pikey! Didn't know he had gypsey blood! Scans anyone?

Orlando Attending a Tolkien Convention?
From Sharon: tolcon.org claim Orlando will be a guest at the TolCon convention in Seattle, Washington next year. This convention is in its first year, so please be wary before giving them your money. If anyone has more info, please let me know.

POTC on Inside Edition
From Chandra: On Inside Edition they had a small story on POTC. It was just talking about how it might be the hope that Hollywood blockbusters aren't dead after all of these stupid sequels came out. They showed some shots from the movie and some behind the scenes stuff and an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer. Orlando was only shown in a few shots.

Photos in UK Paper
From Charlie: In the latest issue of the Sunday Times, there are interviews with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley. There is a pic or two of Orlando but sadly no interview. He is mentioned though. Correction: Irene informed me that the interviews are actually in 'The Mail on Sunday'.

Photo in 'Up and Coming' Mag
From Tricia: If anyone lives in Fayetteville, NC, there is this newspaper guide called "Up and Coming" that's for free. It has a review of POTC and it gives it *** and it has a pic of Orlando and Johnny in their roles.

POTC on Court TV
From Stefanny: On Saturday night I was watching Hollywood at Large on the Court Tv channel and they were talking about a guy who got attacked by real live pirates a few years ago and then they talked a bit about POTC. There were interviews with Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp, but none with Orlando. Too bad.

Hong Kong TV Alert
From Cecilia: I heard that ATV in Hong Kong has a program called "Showbiz Update" that will introduce POTC on 21/7, 6:45pm in HK time.

First OOOB e-zine Now Online
From Rooki + Faith: Yes indeed, OOOB has been sucessfully published to the web! Here is the address: orlando.dizzy.at and after you read it, you can go to the ez-board, and ask questions (that are directed at the authors or at the editors), flame rooki, or just talk about anything your widdle heart desires! Thanks to everyone for their support and patience!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Carys Dickens (12) and Jen Z. (15).

  Saturday, July 19
You Magazine Scan
Mary sent in this new Orlando photo from You magazine (Spain), August 2003.

CosmoGirl! and Teen People Scans
Anthoula sent in this scan from the August issue of CosmoGirl! (US), and this scan from the June/July issue of Teen People (US).

Orlando in John Wilkes Booth Role?
Posted by Stacie: From the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Hollywood is bracing for a much more exciting manhunt. Industry insiders are buzzing about who will land the sought-after role of John Wilkes Booth, the dashing but deranged actor/assassin, in a new Disney film called "Manhunt."
Word is Walden Media will partner with Disney to develop a movie based on "Manhunt," an upcoming William Morrow book by author/lawyer James L. Swanson about President Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Swanson, a Lincoln scholar, has co-authored a previous book on the assassination.
"Manhunt" details Booth's daring escape and the desperate 12-day nationwide search for the murderer and his motley band of conspirators. Mike Rich ("Finding Forrester," "The Rookie") has been tagged to write the screenplay.
But the million-dollar question is which Hollywood hunk is hot enough to be Booth? "Booth was a mesmerizing figure," said Swanson from his offices at a top Washington, D.C., think tank. "He was famous for his emotional intensity, jet black hair and piercing eyes. You need to cast an actor who has Booth's spirit." Will it be dark-eyed Johnny Depp, now burning up the screen in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl"? How about his younger "Pirates" co-star Orlando Bloom, who bears a strong resemblance to the 19th-century thespian and made audiences swoon with his elfin archer Legolas in the "Lord of the Rings" films?

Rolling Stone and BOP Magazine
From Britt: I was going thru the new Rolling Stone magazine with Angelina Jolie on the cover and there is a cartoon pic of Johnny as Jack Sparrow, and a little article. And in the new Sept. issue of BOP (US), there is an Orlando pin-up on the last page, and a pic of him in the magazine too, along with a tiny pic on the cover.

Yahoo! Choice Awards
From Jen: You can vote for Orlando in the Yahoo! Choice Awards as your favorite Idol, on the Yahoo Singapore website. Orlando is currently in second.

POTC Premiere Photo from Hampshire Gazette
From Alison: In the July 15th Daily Hampshire Gazette, my local newspaper, in the newsmakers section, there is a pic of Orlando and Keira at the Premire of POTC in London. Here's a scan.

BBC Poll
From Jemma: There is a new Orlando poll on the CBBC Newsround website about choosing your fave Orli hairstyle.

LOTR Make-up Artists on UK TV
From Irene at JohnnyDeppZone.com: For UK fans: The BBC tv programme ‘Call The Shots’ will have a piece on the LOTR make-up artists on next week’s show. As a taster, they showed Legolas having the make-up brush applied to his chiseled cheekbones :-). ‘Call The Shots’ will air at 5pm on BBC1 on Friday 25 July.

POTC Comic Strip
Sarah has scanned the POTC comic strip from the August issue of Disney Adventures. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Star Magazine
From ClovEmelon: There's a little blurb about Orlando in Star magazine (US), as well as a full page article with pictures. (July 29, 2003 issue)

LOTR Word Search
Liz sent in this LOTR word search puzzle.

  Friday, July 18
My Report from the POTC Premiere
I finally found the time to type up my report about the premiere of POTC at Disneyland, and meeting Orlando. I also added some more fan reports from the London premiere, one with photos.

Info about Troy Filming in Mexico
From Rosio: Here is a scan of an article from a local newspaper here in Monterrey, Mèxico about the Troy movie that is now being filmed at Los Cabos, Baja California, Norte, here in Mexico. Basically it is only to inform about the filming, it doesn't mention Orlando, only Brad Pitt and Wolfang Petersen. It tells about the mexican extras hired, the filming will last 10 weeks on the locations called "Las Dunas" and "El Faro Viejo" and it mentions that all access to the locations is denied to anyone outside of the crew or cast.

Break Out Magazine
From Lenny of Bloomania: Dutch magazine Break Out has a small article about Orlando. Here's a scan and this is the translation:
Friends of actor Orlando Bloom are seriously worried about their famous buddy. They constantly ask him questions like: When will you start to take drugs? or marry, so you can divorce two months later? And when are you going to spend two million dollars? "They are waiting for me to start to behave like a real star", Orlando laughs. "But they will have to wait long for that! I'd rather be a hermit than a millionaire. To be honest, being a hermit attracks me, lock myself up in my own home with my pets and do a bit of art". Sorry Orlando, but that doesn't attrack us!!!!

Czech Bravo Magazine
From Icie: There will be something about Orlando in NEXT issue of Czech Bravo that will be out on 31th of July.

Widescreen Magazine
From Marny: In the August issue of the German magazine "Widescreen" is a report on POTC. Also, on the DVD that comes with the mag, there's the trailer for the movie.

POTC Article in The Sun
From Laura: In the Sun newspaper (uk) there is a small article reading - If you can't get enough of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in POTC, a sequel is already planned. The movie, based on Disneys famous theme park ride, has been such a smash hit in the US that Hollywood chiefs want Depp, Bloom and Knightly to swashbuckle again!

Article in Big Issue
From Jessica: Last week in Big Issue (UK), which is sold on the street to raise money for the homeless, there was an article 'Young Guns Firing Blanks' basically about the 'lack of big male stars'. It says "Leo Dicaprio remains the only one 100 per cent capable of opening a film.... Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire must be close. Else where a number of actors are on the cusp of breaking through to a similar level of the fame stratosphere - Farrell and Heath Ledger are two who spring to mind. Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, Hartnett, Elijah Wood, and Jake Gyllenhaal are hot in pursuit. But in this stud farm of square-jawed, glossy-haired talent there seem to be few genuine stars. Jude and Colin Farrell must be front runners. Gyllenhaal and Maguire are aquired tastes, too quirky to excel in a range of roles. Current Celebdaq fluctuations speak in favour of erstwhile elf Orlando Bloom and Kutcher but does either have the staying power?" errr YES

Rottentomatoes.com Poll
From *J: I found this poll on rottentomatoes.com and it's called, "Who is your sexiest tomboy beanpole?" for POTC and it includes Orlando, Johnny, and Keira. Orlando is currently loosing.

New Orlando Forum
Aníran has opened a new Orlando forum at her site.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alexa from her friend Juliet.

  Thursday, July 17
Fan Reports from London Premiere
I've added more reports from the POTC premiere to the fan encounter section.
Also, Mel from The Bloom Room is also looking for any encounters/photos to add to her site. If anyone is interested they should send them to: bloomroomwebmasters@yahoo.com.

POTC Contest at RollingStone.com
From Emily: Rolling Stone Website is giving away a: Gibson SG Special Guiter Signed by Jonny Depp and the rest of the cast and crew. Runners up will get an X-box and Pirates of the Caribbean game to play on it. It's only open to US and Canada residents.

New POTC Photos
Angela from music247online.com sent in these hi-res press photos from POTC. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Orlando to Appear in Blue's New Video?
From Ananova: "Lord of The Rings actor Orlando Bloom has reportedly agreed to appear in Blue's new video for nothing. Bloom was asked by singer Duncan James to make a cameo appearance for the promo to their new track, Guilty. The British-born Hollywood star - who now commands £2 million per film - was so keen to help out he even agreed to waive fees."
Laura sent in a scan of a similar article from the Sun newspaper (UK). The article is also on their website.
PeopleNews also has a story about it. It also has a funny Orlando quote (which is probably fake), and some wrong info about Orlando starring in Closing the Ring.
BUT... The Mirror had this to say: "About those rumours that Orlando Bloom is to star in Blue's new video Guilty ... it's a load of old tosh. A downmarket rag claimed the sexy actor was willing to waive his usual £2million fee to star in the promo. But a source close to Orlando tells us: "It's total b******s. "He was asked but it was more a case of, 'Yeah, thanks for the interest but I'm far too busy.'" Ah well..."

POTC Sequel
From Yahoo News: "The Walt Disney Co. has cleared the decks to launch a sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl," after the movie struck box office treasure this past week, a studio spokeswoman said on Wednesday." "In anticipation of the film's success, Disney had already made sequel arrangements with such key cast members as Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, as well as with the behind-the-scenes duo of producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski. And the studio has also begun talks with "Pirates" scribes Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio about drafting a sequel, though no specific story line has yet been set."

POTC Word Search
Here's a Pirates of the Caribbean word search puzzle you can print out, then solve!

Newsround Questions for Orlando
Newsround has posted some of the best questions that were submitted for Orlando. They won't be posting the answers until August, even though the interview took place before the premiere of the POTC.

Empire Magazine
From Caroline: In the August issue of Empire (UK) on page 22, there is a picture of the POTC poster with Orlando in it and a small blurb on the movie: "The defiantly old-school Pirates Of The Caribbean (***) is to be congratulated for a full complement of eye contact," then it goes on about the movie LXG. Later on page 35, there is a picture of Orlando. The caption says Bloom: 'a lover, not a fighter.' There is also a small article, along with the Orlando picture, on the movie Troy:
Status: Filming ETA: May 2004
Last month Eric Bana waxed lyrical over Wolfgang Petersen's Troy, in which he plays historical hero Hector. This month it's everyone's second-favorite Elf, Orlando Bloom (left), who plays preening protagonist Paris. "Troy's just been awesome - working with Wolfgang, he really gets things moving," booms Bloom. And what of his character, Paris? "He's not like Hector, his brother, who is a warrior, a fighter - a real man's man. Paris is a bit of an anti-hero, he's a lover, not a fighter. Because of his love for Helen, he creates a war. He is very romantic. He is a much less obvious hero." Next month's Troy quote*: Brad Pitt, who plays ancient ace Achilles. (* offer not legally binding)

Disney Catalog
From Melissa: There is a Disney Catalog that has a Pirate of the Caribbean 2pg layout. In the middle it has the Potc Poster (w/ O.B., J.D., K.K. & G.R.) and some facts about the ride. You can get it at a Disney store near you. The cover has Minnie, Mickey and Goofy.

Ecrush Poll
From Sasha: On the ecrush.com homepage, the weekly poll is "Who is your favorite Orlando?". The choices are Orlando Jones, Orlando Bloom, and Orlando Florida. Orli is in second place. Help him catch up!

OB Fan Census
From Carrie: Starting today, I will be taking an Orlando Bloom Fan Census. It will close next Wednesday at 11:59 PM. Email your first name, Country, and Continent to OrlandoBloomFanCensus@yahoo.com. Thank you!

O.O.O.B. E-Zine
From Rooki and Faith: For those interested, the debut issue of O.O.O.B. will be out sometime in the very early morning on Sunday July 20th, according to EST timing... and there is currently a preview set up with subscribing information at: orlando.dizzy.at

Rusted Faith
From Roz: Rusted Faith: The Orlando Fanfiction Network has moved to a new URL, rusted-faith.net.

  Wednesday, July 16
There is a new email address to submit wallpapers to. It is: wallpapers@theorlandobloomfiles.com

London Premiere Reports and Photos
POTC London premiere mini-site at Empire Online.
Photos at CBBC Newsround.
Jenn's fan encounter from the premiere.
More press photos.

Orlando Gives Up Vegetarianism
From Anna: In this week's Heat (UK, 19-25th July) there is a tiny bit about Orlando on page 33. It says 'Back bone: Orlando Bloom says that he has given up on vegetarianism after learning that one steak a week will apparently ease his back pain. Orlando has been battling back pains ever since a nasty fall and he now swears by his weekly intake of cow. "I'm never ill now," he claims.'

Full Radio 1 Interview Online
From Cara: I went to the BBC Radio site and I just wanted to tell everyone that they have the full Radio 1 interview with Orlando! It's about 14 minutes long.

Access Hollywood Video and Screencaps
Yesterday Access Hollywood had a short segment about the London premiere of POTC. Here's a RealVideo clip and screencaps.

Graham Norton Show
I finally added the transcript from Very Graham Norton, thanks to Luthien. View screencaps here, and a photo of Orlando backstage.

2nd Auction for Greenpeace Underway
The Orlando Bloom Birthday Project is raising money in Orlando's name for Greenpeace, and we're hoping these auctions will help us beat last year's donation of $2166. The second OBBP auction is underway. It is a set of magnetic paper dolls (as seen on The OB Files and Graham Norton!) and approximately 40 clothing and accessory items, with additional outfits created by Nin. Bid here.

Fan Video of Orlando at London Premiere
From Lauren: I'm from the UK and won tickets to attend the premiere last night and was seated a few row from the front. Orlando spent AGES outside signing autographs (bless him!) before everyone arrived inside the theatre. The usual way premieres work is that the stars/director get introduced at the front of the theatre, so Gore got introduced first, then Jerry, then the rest of the cast. Lastly, Keira and Orlando came on stage.
Unfortunately, he was only on stage for less than a minute but I still can't believe I've seen him in the flesh! I actually brought my video camea into the theatre for the purpose of maybe getting some footage of Orlando, which I did. It's only literally a few seconds, but I thought you may be interested to see footage which isn't shown on TV etc.
View the video in AVI format (189 Kb zipped).

Poster in Sneak
From Sophie and Ailish: This week in Sneak there is a poster of Orlando, someone's written a letter in saying how nice he looked at the Premiere of PotC, and of course he's number one in the top totty poll!

Win Signed Orlando Pictures
From Lizzie: You can win signed pictures of Orlando Bloom from CBBC Newsround. All you have to do is answer on the website the question 'Which character did Orlando Bloom play in Lord of the Rings?' The closing date is on Monday 4 August.

Regarding Copies of Graham Norton
From Jo: I have stopped taking requests for the Graham Norton show with Orlando on for the time being. I have been busy getting as many copies done as I can with the short time I have. I also have not been able to mail everyone back within the UK regarding the P&P of the tape. I apologise for this. To explain it again. As I have had a big demand for the tape, I have asked for those in the UK to send me a small P&P cover of 2 pounds, just for the postage and the cost of a jiffy envelope. I assure everyone I am not pocketing anything from this should they be unsure about it. Several tapes already have been sent to those who have sent the P&P as I am sure they will tell you, I thank them for their trust. Again I apologise to those I couldn't get back to, I have been busy offline with the taping aswell as working. I hope the P&P fee is okay with you. If so then e mail me at the same address as before and I will give you my home address to send it to.

Keira Knightley Interview
From Michaela: IMDb has an interview with Keira Knightley where she mentions Orlando several times.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Tanja, and Natalie (12) from Brooke.

  Tuesday, July 15
Photos from POTC London Premiere
Here are photos of Orlando at the London premiere of POTC last night. Here's an article about it from the BBC.

Video and Screencaps from E! News Live
I made a RealVideo clip from Monday's E! News Live of Orlando at the London premiere of POTC. View screencaps here.

Photos in People
Andi says that there are 2 photos of Orlando and Kate Bosworth in the July 21 issue of People magazine. It says that the photos were taken at Disney's California Adventure-- this is an amusement park across the parking lot from Disneyland-- coincidentally this photo was taken earlier in the day before the POTC Premiere at Disneyland.

Mention in Elle
From Viv: In the August 2003 ELLE Magazine, Keira Knightley is on the cover. During her interview she mentions Orlando Bloom: "I was mostly the only girl around these men," Knightley says of her Pirates experience. " But most of them were bearded and grubby...except for Or-lan-do," she says, rustling Bloom's name from her throat with all the Shakespearean longing of a hormone addled Rosalind. "He plays my love interest. He's much more age appropriate-for the American audience, at least- than Johnny is." she says mischievously of 40 year old Depp." Johnny was so protective of me."

Orlando on Entertainment Today
From Diana: Entertainment Today (UK) on Friday 18th July starts at 8.35am and will feature both Orli and Keira Knightley.

Orlando was on ET
From Sharon: I just saw a big piece right about Orlando at the start of Entertainment Tonight on Monday evening saying he was "king of the world" and mentioning his web site count.  The piece was very complimentary. There were clips of the London premiere, shots of him as Legolas, an earlier interview on the PotC set about how he's handling the stardom, and mention of his back injury.

Article in The West Australian
From Annie: I'm from Perth in Western Australia, and there's a story in "The West Australian" newspaper today 15 July 2003, about POTC. The accompanying picture is one of the first released of Johnny and Orlando, with Orlando just behind him holding the sword.
"Heart-throb Johnny Depp's sea dogs of Pirates of the Caribbean ruled the North American box office at the weekend. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl raked in $70.84 million, nearly doubling the take of Sean Connery's poorly reviewed sci-fi fantasy, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The arrival of the movie pair threw a spanner in the works of Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback tilt Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which tumbled 55 per cent to third with $29.92 million. Pirates of the Caribbean is inspired by a theme-park ride, with a rakish wink to the swashbuckling days of Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn.
Also on board are Geoffrey Rush as the evil buccaneer, Orlando Bloom as the resident hunk and Bend It Like Beckham's Keira Knightley as the beauteous maiden."

Get a POTC Poster at Hoyts
From Lucy: At Hoyts Wairau Park (Auckland) if you buy tickets to see Terminator 3 on Wednesday the 15 or Thursday the 16, you get a free POTC poster.

POTC Article in Providence Journal
From Catie: There is a review of Pirates of the Caribbean in Wednesday's Providence Journal (lifebeat page G-7). Sadly there were no Orlando pictures but it did have some nice things to say about him and his character. "Will is something of a romantic dreamer, but he also crafts razor sharp swords... and demonstrates that he knows how to use them in the film's many thrillingly stages swordfights."
"The films first big swordfight, between Will and Jack Sparrow, is marvelous, too. It's cleverly staged, pirouetting it's way through a blacksmith's barn and right up onto the rafters. Before long, however, Will and Jack have put down their swards and joined forces to rescue Elizabeth. Soon they've commandeered a fast-in-the-water British ship and salty crew of unsavory pirate rejects to set sail for soaring adventures."
"Bloom's Will proves to be more than just a pawn in Jack's scheme, sometimes recklessly taking their fate into his own hands for unexpected consequences."

Aníran in Bloom
One of The OB Files' affiliates, Aníran in Bloom, is now back online after being on hiatus.

Johnny Depp on This Morning
From Kirsty: Johnny Depp is suppose to be on a programme called This Morning (UK) on Friday. He's on talking about POTC, he might mention Orlando and they might show some clips of the film.

  Monday, July 14
POTC Contest
Disney has provided me with some cool POTC prizes to give away. The grand prize is a poster signed by Orlando and the rest of the cast, as well as director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer! The contest ends July 23rd and is only open to U.S. residents. Sorry, not my decision.

New Photos
Here are some new Orlando photos, thanks to Michelle and Eresse. (1, 2, 3, 4) I'm not sure where they are from, but the last two are almost 2 years old.

Update to The Calcium Kid Release Date
From Angela music247online.com: UIP UK have updated their UK release date for The Calcium Kid to February 13, 2004.

Johnny Depp Quote About Orlando
Posted by Elmelas: From a Johnny Depp interview on Dean Richard's show Sunday morning on WGN (Chicago): He was asked if he'd given any advice to the up and coming people in the film, having been in their place. He said some nice stuff about Kiera, and then went on: "And Orlando, who's as sweet as anyone can humanly, possibly be, um, also very intelligent, good sense of humor, um, gets it as well." He also said that if he saw someone being "put into an assembly line" as he felt he had been early in his career, he'd jump in to help.

Clarification about Orlando's Education
From Orlando-insider Lori: There is a clarification to be made to the Vogue UK, July 2003 article that's out regarding Orlando's education. In Vogue it said Orlando gave up his A levels for Acting. He did not. He has THREE A levels, two at grade A (one was art and sculpture - he is particularly good at sculture and pottery and art) one at A level for Photography - and one at Grade C which was Religious Studies. He also has 8 'O' levels and also he has a BA (Hons) Drama degree from Guildhall School of Music and Drama - so he is Orlando Bloom BA (Hons). He was mildly dyslectic at school.

Photos of Orlando on Troy Set
OBM.net and Titooy have posted some photos of Orlando taking a break on the set of Troy. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Orlando Spotted at Cynergi by Reebok
From Rim: I found this yesterday in The Times of Malta under Celebrity News: 'Hollywood actor Sean Bean worked out at Cynergi by Reebok earlier this week while shooting Troy. The muscular Mr Bean, who is playing the part of Odysseus in this Warner Brothers movie, has been visiting the health club frequently with his trainer. He is one of many film stars who have visited Cynergi by Reebok in the recent weeks. Brad Pitt, Rupert Everett and Orlando Bloom have also been spotted regularly at the health club.'

POTC Tray Covers at McDonalds
From Min: I was at McDonalds and my sister picked up one of those papers they put on the trays. On the back there are pictures of Will Turner, Jack Sparrow, Cpt. Barbossa and Elizabeth. It also had a pirate personality test. One of the personalities is Will Turner.

POTC Box Office Numbers
From The AP: "Disney was rolling in doubloons as "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" plundered the box office for $46.4 million in its first weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday. / Based on the Disney theme-park attraction, the movie starring Johnny Depp had taken in $70.4 million since opening Wednesday. / "Everybody had said pirate movies were cursed. The curse is officially over," said Chuck Viane, Disney head of distribution.

Orlando on Entertainment Weekly (UK)?
From Laura: Orlando is rumoured to be on Entertainment Weekly (UK) on Friday the 18th July with Keira Knightly - I am not sure about the exact times but think that the show is on in the morning, it is on ITV. UPDATE: Elaine says it is at 8:35 am.

People Magazine
People magazine has a short review on PotC w/ the picture of Johnny and Orlando when they first try to take over the "Dauntless"; it also has an article on Johnny Depp.
There are two photos of Orlando and Kate in the new issue of People with John Kennedy and his wife on the cover.

Orlando's Tattoo Shown in POTC
From Emma: The first seen where Orlando meets Johnny and they're fighting with the swords, keep an eye on Orlando's right wrist. At one point his sleeve slips, revealing his tattoo he got while filming Lord of the Rings.

Movie Facts Pamphlet at Carmike Cinemas
From Tricia: If your local movie theatre/cinema is owned by Carmike Cinemas, then you should know of the free movie information pamphlets they have called "Movie Facts". Well, on the back of it, there are three featured celebs and one of them is Orlando. It has a pic of him as Will Turner and the basic info of where he is from and how he got into the business.

Article in The Houston Chronicle
From Kristi: In the Houston Chronicle in the "Zest" magazine section, which is a weekly entertainment guide for Houston, Texas, Orlando is on the cover. The article says basically the same things that all of the other articles have on how he has become such a star and all of his films. One part of the article menitoned how he asked Johnny what his "Wino Forever" tattoo meant. He said that he didn't know that it used to say Winona Forever because he followed Johnny's career in film not who he was dating.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nadine (18) from her friend Karlijn.

  Sunday, July 13
LA Times Article
Posted by Stacie: LATimes.com has an Orlando article on how "Fan-girl frenzy has transformed the handsome "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor into a major heartthrob."

Troy Done Filming in Malta
From The Malta Indpendent: Warner Bros' epic film Troy has completed a successful 10-week shoot in Malta, and is now moving on to Mexico for the final two and a half months of filming, the Malta Film Commission announced yesterday.

POTC Auction
Disney has updated their POTC ebay auction with new props, including part of Orlando's costume.

Disney Adventures
From Jess: In the August addition of Disney Adventures, they have two pages with pirate theme's and a pic of Johnny and one of Orli too. There is also a 10 page comic of an adventure of Jack and Will.

Orlando on ET on VH1
From Catie: Orlando was on ET on VH1. It was a little bit on how he's a heartthrob and a bunch of fans going nuts. He also said how it's really great to work with Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. They also mentioned how he broke all those bones and his back accident. He said that it's given him a different outlook on life and everything. It will probably be on MTV too because ET on MTV and ET on VH1 are always the same. I suspect it will be on either station in the morning or afternoon Sunday. It's just a weekend show.

POTC Photo and Review in Globe and Mail
From K-Mac: In the July 9th issue of the Globe and Mail, Rick Groen had a rather lengthy reveiw, although it was negative (only ** rating). Mostly it was concentrated on Johnny Depp but he did make a small mention of Orlando ("...which pretty much counts out Depp, but leaves ample room for Orlando Bloom as the film's rapier-straight hottie") Although this was a negative review others (such as Steve Oldfield) gave it **** stars. A small picture of Bloom and Depp was included as well as a few advertisments for the movie.

Wicked Magazine
From Lia: There is a photo of Orlando in the latest edition of Wicked magazines (the red one) from South Africa.

MTV Movie House Article
From Nia: MTV's Movie House has a short article on Pirates of the Caribbean, entitled, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Comedy Stylings of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom?' Johnny talks a little bit about how he and Orlando brought a lot of comedy to the set of POTC and Orlando is admiring Mr. Depp as in so many of the recent interviews. There's also a link to a few pics from the movie.

LOTR Stars to Film TV Ad
From Lolly: There was a small article in a UK paper a few days ago that said: 'Elf Service: Lord of the Rings stars will film a TV ad to find a liver donor for Katie Tookey, 21 months, who moved from Newport, Gwent, to New Zealand.'

POTC Score
From Stephanie: I was in a Virgin Megastore yesterday and asked about the POTC soundtrack. They told me that it wouldn't be the soundtrack, per say, but the score for the film. And that it was scheduled to be out July 22.

Brad Pitt on UK TV
From Sarah Earley: In the UK on a BBC1 program called Blue Peter, Brad Pitt will be on and he may talk about Troy. It is on at 5:00pm on Monday.
From Fisha: On monday, channel 4 (UK) between 5 and 6 oclock in the evening Brad Pitt will be on Richard and Judy talking about his new movie.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lauren (13), Caroline (13) from her friend Lucy, Ali Marie Jones (15), Jul (16), and Sandra Caskey from her daughter Jennifer.

  Saturday, July 12
Transcript and Mp3s of Orlando on Radio 1
Bex has made a transcript of Orlando on Radio One yesterday. Orlando said that he is not doing Closing the Ring with Justin Timberlake, or Superman. I made 15 Mp3 clips from the show (check the transcript), using the clips at OBM.net. The entire interview is too big for me to post. Also, I think Orlando may have a cold!
From Jo: Orli was being interviewed on Radio 1, it was Nemone sitting in for Jo Whiley and they had a competition to win a signed copy of The Face Magazine with him on the cover. The question was who is in POTC and stars in The Office, the answer was Mackenzie Crook, I sent my answer in and I won it! I said I was a massive fan and she said that when she read out my name!

POTC on Talking Movies
From Chrissy: From July 10th to the 17th on BBC America, they are going to be showing Talking Movies with POTC. Check the website for dates and times.

POTC Review in EW Magazine
The July 18th issue of Entertainment Weekly has a not-so-great review of POTC, and an old photo of Johnny and Orlando. In my opinion, the reviewer hasn't got a clue. If you have AOL or a subscription to EW, read the review at ew.com, and talk about it online. For the rest of you, read it here.

See Footage of Troy at Comic-Con
From Melissa: Those attending Comic-Con 2003 on Saturday July 19 will get to see real footage from Troy, along with other upcoming movies. More info.

Hellomagazine.com Article
Hellomagazine.com has posted an article on Orlando. It basically says the same thing that was in The Face article that I posted a few days ago.

Orlando Was on TRL
From KAReng: Friday the 11th on TRL on MTV they had a clip where they interviewed Orlando, Johnny Depp, and Keira Knightley. They talked about who was the better swordsman. They also play the same clip every-so-often on MTV.

Alloy.com Article
From Louise: There is an article on Orlando at Alloy.com.

POTC Special on GMTV
From Nat: Next Friday on GMTV, which is on ITV in the morning (until 9:30), they're having a POTC special. Orlando might be in the studio with them or they might have an interview with him as well as clips.

Orlando in Shout Magazine
From Emily: In the summer special of Shout (UK), it has a page about "Summer Sizzlers". It has Orlando at the bottom of the page under the catagory of movies... it has a gorgeous picture, and says... "Thrill seeker Orlando was nearly killed three years ago when he broke his back out of a window three stories high! Despite being told he might never walk again Orli hobbled out of the hospital 12 days later. The great news is that Orlando will be everywhere this summer with starring roles in Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Calcium Kid with Billy! As well as breaking his back, unlucky Orlando has broken his ribs, his nose, both his legs, one arm, his wrist, a finger, a toe, and fractured his skull, THREE times."

Fanfics and Staff for Orlando E-zine
From Rooki: I'm currently lying in the street begging people to help me out with my e-zine, OOOB, (Obsessions Over Orlando Bloom) which will be a biannual zine revolving around the Orlando Bloom fanbase, and will include in-depth movie criticism, et cetera. I am in need of a graphic technician, some people who are willing to search for subjects and then type up articles, a co-editor, and a photographer would be great... If you are interested in helping me with that, or if you have any fanfics for Blissful Thinking, which will be coming out soon, I'm begging you to e-mail me at rooki@mindless.com Thanks!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Juliet, and to Kate (14) from Kass and all her friends.

  Friday, July 11
Orlando on Jo Whiley
From Mairi: Orlando will be on Jo Whiley on Radio 1 (U.K and available worldwide on the internet at bbc.co.uk/radio1) on Friday July 11th sometime between 10.00am and 1.00pm.

POTC Clips and Interviews at Yahoo
Yahoo Movies has a bunch of movie clips from POTC, as well as interviews, including the Disney Movie Surfers segment. Thanks to Patricia for the link.

Opening Day Numbers for POTC
According to the-numbers.com, the opening day box office numbers for POTC was $13,509,000, making it number 1. According to Yahoo, "It was the best Wednesday opening of the year -- surpassing the R-rated "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," which earned $12.4 million last week -- and the eighth-best Wednesday opening ever." Thanks to Kristi for the info.

High Quality Photos from The Face
Mason from The Face has sent in 2 inside photos from the August issue of The Face (UK), shot by photographer David Slijper. (1 & 2)

Graham Norton High Lights
From Kate: On monday morning at 1.30am there is a Graham Norton highlights show that summarizes the people he has seen in the week, so they may show part of Orlando's interview. Also for people in the UK, the science museum in London is showing the LOTR exhibition which was in New Zealand in September - tickets are selling out fast so go book now!

From Michelle: There is a photo of Orlando at teenpeople.com in the Star Tracks section.

MTV News
From Katie: They are interviewing Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley on MTV news (US). I'm sure they will be playing it for the next few days at 10 till the hour.

Brad Pitt on GMTV
From Laura: I just found out that on Monday morning, on GMTV in the UK, there is going to be an interview with Brad Pitt, about his new film. That means that Orli may be featured, so I say, 'Keep your eyes peeled sometime before 9am on Monday morning'.

Accesshollywood.com Poll
There is a poll on accesshollywood.com asking Which movie are you most excited to see this weekend? POTC is in the lead with 57%.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Karen from her friend Marci, and to Sarah (17).

  Thursday, July 10
Scans from The Face
Sarah of Heart and Soul sent in scans from the August issue of The Face. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Us Weekly Scans
Mel from The Bloom Room sent in scans from the July 21st issue of Us Weekly. (1, 2, 3, 4)

New POTC Photos
JDO sent in this link to outnow.ch that has new, and better versions of old, Pirates of the Caribbean photos, including some new promo shots of Orlando as Will

IGN Interview
Ign.com has posted an interview with Orlando.

Submit Questions for Orlando
From Bianca: CBBC Newsround is letting you send in questions to Orlando with he will answer in a chat sometime in the next following weeks.

UK TV Alerts
Posted by Penny: Upcoming shows featuring Orlando:
1. Celebrity Extra
Channel: Living
Date: Thursday 10th July 2003
Time: 00:55 to 01:05
The latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip. Tania Bryer meets Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Channel: Living
Date: Friday 11th July 2003
Time: 00:55 to 01:05
Channel: Living
Date: Saturday 12th July 2003
Time: 00:55 to 01:05

2. Celebrity Extra
Channel: Living
Date: Thursday 10th July 2003
Time: 23:35 to 00:00
The latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip. Tania Bryer meets Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Channel: Living Plus 1
Date: Friday 11th July 2003
Time: 00:35 to 01:00
Duration: 25 minutes.

3. Talking Movies
Channel: BBC 2
Date: Saturday 12th July 2003
Time: 14:10 to 14:35
Film news with Tom Brook, including reports on swashbuckling action flick Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, starring Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Being Considered for Superman?
From http://www.darkhorizons.com/news.htm: Superman: Orlando Bloom is the latest name rumoured to be up for Supes, whilst The Daily Oklahoman reports that the Oklahoma Film Commission has been contacted to provide possible locations for Clark Kent's boyhood farm home.

Vanilly Scan
Elodie sent in this scan from the July issue of Vanilly (France). The full article is a poll for know who is the sexiest man.

POTC Clips at Msn.com
From Jessie: You can watch clips and interviews from Pirates of the Caribbean at msn.com.

Orlando Tops MSN Search List
From Fizz: Orlando is now #1 in the MSN Top search for today. He jumped from #3 to #1 in a matter of hours.

POTC Posters at Theaters
Apparently some theaters in the US are giving away double-sided POTC posters, of Orlando/Keira and Johnny/Geoffrey.

Orlando on E!
From Joanna: On E! News Live Wednesday, they did a story on POTC and had interviews with Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinski and Orlando. In Orlando's interview, the interviewer mentioned the fact that Orlando had broken many body parts and Orlando replied that he was "Done breaking parts of my body"

New Orlando Clique
Patrice has started a new clique called He's Got Style. It's for people who like Orlando Bloom's style!

POTC Reviews
The current rating for POTC at rottentomatoes.com is 80%. They have links to 87 diffent reviews! Thanks to Christianne for the link. From Phae: My city's newspaper printed Roger Ebert's review of Pirates of the Caribbean, and he says about Orlando: "Orlando Bloom is well cast in a severely limited role, as the heroic straight-arrow. He has the classic profile of a silent film star". He gave the movie *** overall.

TV Guide Channel
From Kate: If you watch the T.V. Guide Channel (US) there is a segment on POTC, with interviews with Depp, Knightly and of course, Orlando.

Ned Kelly at Edinburgh Film Fest
From Louise: Just thought you might want to let anyone who can get to Edinburgh in August know that Ned Kelly will be one of the many films showing. You have to book to come, and you can do so at http://www.edfilmfest.org.uk from Friday.

Various POTC TV Interviews
From Katie: Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Keira Knightley were on KATU news in Oregon on July 9th, at 9. Orlando talked about how he looked up to Johnny Depp, breaking different bones, and how he's a heart throb. Keira talked about kissing orlando and that was about it.
Orlando and the rest of the cast from POTC were on an American morning show called AM Northwest today. I only saw the last bit of his interview, but he was talking about dating and how it wasn't hard when people didn't recognize without the blond wig, but he thought it would get harder now as he has no wig, although he doesn't think the movie posters look too much like him, so he's not sure.
From Amy: Orlando was on Radio 1 Newsbeat on the Entertainment section. He was saying that doing Remains of the Piano would clash with Troy so he's not doing it. Then Spoony started making fun of his name, saying he could work in a florist's.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nicola (14) from her friend Sarah, and Stevie-Jane (20) from her friend Stef.

  Wednesday, July 9
Sneak Magazine
From Hayley: This week's Sneak magazine (UK) 8th-14th July, with Pink on the front cover has an article about Orlando's tattoo. There are also two more smaller pics inside the mag. In next week's Sneak, there will be an Orlando poster on sale 15th July.
From Lou: He has also dropped to 4th place in the Top Ten Text Totty - beaten by Charlie, Matt and Gareth.

Orlando on Very Graham Norton
Orlando was on Very Graham Norton Tuesday night in the UK and Ireland. Graham showed Orlando my paper dolls, and made some not very nice comments. (I am not a stalker! Really.) But Orlando was impressed that I got his tattoos in the right place. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info. Here's a screencap of Orlando holding the doll, thanks to Sarah of Heart and Soul. She has a few more screencaps on her site. If anyone can make more screencaps, or even a video clip, please contact me! Someone has already offered to make a transcript.
From Jo: If any Orli fans in the UK missed the show, I did tape it and would be happy to run anyone who missed it a copy. Click here for details.
From Helen: I should think that there is a repeat on E4 for the UK Orlando Fans.

The Face
Orlando is on the cover of the August issue of The Face. There is a photo spread and interview inside. If anyone could send in the article and scans, please do! Here are bits from the interview, thanks to Sue.

Fan Photos from POTC Premiere
Racheal sent in these photos that she took at the POTC premiere at Disneyland. (1, 2, 3) Stephanie sent in this photo that her friend took.

POTC on TechTV
From Kim: US TV Listings (times are Eastern, search done via Yahoo)
The Screen Savers - TechTV, Episode #1136: Hacking into a TiVo; Xbox modules; "Pirates of the Caribbeantech".
Wed, July 9, 7pm
Thu, July 10, 8am, 12pm

POTC Article from Access Hollywood
From Sierra: The Access Hollywood website has a short article about POTC.

TeenHollywood Interview
From Elondra: There is an Orlando Bloom interview at Teenhollywood.com.

Moviefone.com Article
From Whitney and Chelsea: Orlando is the star of the week at moviefone.com. 'Pirates' Star Orlando Bloom Is Here, and He's Determined to Steal Your Daughters' Hearts.

Alloy.com Poll
From Becky: Alloy.com is doing a face-off between Orlando and Johnny. The title is "Hotter Caribbean Cutie." Keira Knightley is also in a Face-off with Eva Mendes for "Best Hollywood Newcomer".

POTC and Orlando on Extra
From Becky: Yesterday (July 8th) on Extra they had a small bit on POTC and then a small interview with Orlando. In the interveiw one of the questions they asked him was What is it like to be such an idol for people? And he said, something like, I'm not quite used to it, but it's not who I am ya know? Tomorrow (July 9th) on Extra they're having a behind the scenes look at the special effects.

POTC Tattoos at Theaters
From Sabrina: I went to Silver City the other day  [a movie theatre in Ancaster, Ontario in Canada] to see a movie with my friends. As I was buying my ticket, I noticed that all of the ticket-sellers were wearing temporary tattoos that had the POTC logo [the skull with the bandana and crossed swords]! Of course, I had to have one-- they gave one to me, even though they were going to start giving them away during the 9th of July when it opens.

TTT Article from USA Today
From Mia: Here's an article from USA Today about The Two Towers Extended Edition DVD.

Orlando on ATV News
From Candace: Friday on ATV news (Canada) they had a segment on the POTC premiere. They showed previews, clips of Johnny, Orli and Keira walking down the red carpet. They also stopped some stars and asked them if they had their very own treasure chest what would be in it. Orlando said A lot of heart.

Orlando Article in London Free Press
From Liz: July 8th in the London Free Press (London, Ontario) there was a very big, and very full of pictures, article all about Orlando. It was the same article that was in the Calgary Sun.

Evening Magazine
From Allie: On July 8th, in Seattle, Washington on Evening Magazine, there was a whole segment on POTC, they showed parts of the movie, the premiere and interviews with all of the actors. They also talked about the pirate ship Lady Washington... and how Orlando made a permanant marking with an ax on the ship. 

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessica, Sarah (14), Laura (14), Alexis (15), and Eliana (15) from her friend Samantha Brick.

  Tuesday, July 8
Orlando Article from USA Today
From K.C.: In the July 7th issue of USA Today, there is a very large (and amusing) article on Orlando, including a new photo.

Orlando Clears Up Rumors
In this USA Today article, Orlando clears up a few rumors. He says he is not doing Remains of the Piano, he is not a vegtarian, and he is not named after a character in a Virginia Woolf novel!

Article From The Record
Here is the Orlando article from the July 6th issue of The Record in New Jersey.

POTC on Cine News
This week's episode of Cine News on the Starz Super Pack channels features a segment on POTC. They show new scenes from the movie and interview clips of Orlando. Click here for dates and times.

POTC on Access Hollywood
From Melissa: On Access Hollywood this Wednesday they will be reviewing POTC. The site says "Critics' Picks - The Access critic weighs in on this week's new release: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl".

5 Most Searched for Topics
From Andrea: If you have an MSN account you can select certain features, one of those features is MSN search highlights, and it lists the top five most searched for topics of the day. Yesterday I believe Orlando was number three.

POTC London Premiere
Linzi won the contest on Radio One to attend the POTC London Premiere on July 14th. She had to submit a question, and it was "Are Elijah and Dom dating because we have ALOT of evidence!". They said Orlando would be there.

ET.com Poll
From Katie: There is a poll on EntertainmentTonight.com that asks "Who is hollywood's hottest new hunk?" and Orlando is one of the choices. There is also an interview with Keira Knightley.
'And working with Hollywood's newest hunk, Orlando Bloom, was no small potatoes either. "Very tough to kiss Orlando Bloom. Awful. I'm sure everybody feels very, very sorry for me," she says slyly. "Yeah, I maybe went around with rather a smug smile on my face all day. And possibly did it wrong a couple of times to do it again."'

Orlando Talking About POTC Premiere
From Kristi: My brother talked with him Friday night after seeing a screening of Pirates out in LA he said that Orli couldn't get over all of the people at the premiere, that it was so great all of the support that they're getting. He said that the red carpet walk was just amazing, long, but amazing. My brother is an actor in LA and talks to Orli occasionally.  He's friends with Heath and that's how he met Orli.

Keira on E! News Live
From K-Mac: On Entertainment Tonight they showed a short segment with Keira Knightly. It had a few behind the seens clips of PotC. She confessed that during the Orlando kiss, that she may have done it wrong a few times so that she could re-do the shot, and that she went around with a smug face for the rest of the day. She said "It was just me and the boys and I loved evry minute of it." 

Poster in TV Hits
From Ali: This month's TV Hits (Australia) has issued a poster special, containing a MASSIVE Orlando (as Will from POTC) poster - I'm pretty sure it's an old pic. But make sure you get the poster special and not the regular TV Hits mag, cause the Orlando poster is only in the former.

Brendan Leonard Show
From Kris: Orlando Bloom (along with Johnny Depp and various other POTC cast members) was on the Brendan Leonard Show Monday on the ABC Family channel. Brendan Leonard and Ryan Turner were at the POTC premiere interviewing people. They showed OB quickly at the beginning, and then near the end (after about a 20 minute spoof of the movie) they talked to Orlando again. All together there were about 10 minutes worth of POTC premiere footage. The show may rerun, but it is not currently on the schedule. The episode title is 'Pirates'.

Elle Girl Poll and Quiz
From Kelsie: On the Elle Girl web site, there is a quiz called "Whats Your Swimsuit Style?'. On question 6 'This summer you'll hit the theater to drool over:' the answers are: A) Paul Walker - 2 fast 2 Furious B) Justin Guarini - From Justin To Kelly C) Orlando Bloom -Pirates of the Carribean Also there is a poll asking "Which celebrity hook-up are you wishing aren't true?' Orlando Bloom and Kate are up at 92%.

Ciak Interview
Francesca has translated the Orlando interivew from the July issue of Ciak (Italy).

VH1's Young Hot Hollywood
From Lily of Everything Orlando: Just watched Orlando's segment (he was categorized in the 'HOT IMPORTS' section along with Collin Farell, Heath Ledger etc.) on VH1's Young Hot Hollywood. They started off by showing a clip of Orlando making silly faces and wearing a red striped shirt. They then showed him describing his elven character and traits, such as super-human strength, etc. Here are some things said about him during the segment: "Teenage girls love him," "I love Orlando!" "Linked with Christina Ricci and most recently with Kate Bosworth," and "This generation's Errol Flynn."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nicole, Lucky Swordcoast, and Anita.

  Monday, July 7
NW Article
Kate S. sent in this small article and photo about Orlando and Kate at Disneyland from the July 14th issue of NW (Australia).

Newsweek Articles
MSNBC has posted an article about Orlando, with a new pic, from the July 14 issue of Newsweek. They also posted a POTC review from the issue. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

US TV Alert
From Kate: Orlando will be on 'All Access: Young Hollywood' on VH1 Monday, July 7th at 9:00pm eastern time. For more info go to vh1.com and the All Access page.

Calgary Sun Article
From Christine: In Sunday's Calgary Sun there was a full page picture of Orlando Bloom and a two page spread about him. Read the article here, which states:
“I’m going to go back to London and take some time,” Bloom said, setting aside the box of minty chocolate treats. “I just feel like I need to take some time. I’m really stretched.”
Tired, yes. Complaining, no. Don’t feel sorry for Bloom.
“I haven’t read (a script) that’s really made me sit up, so I’ll keep reading until I do,” he said.

This same article may have also appeared in other newspapers.
From Phae: According to my best friend, Orlando is on the front of the Entertainment section of the Toronto Sunday Sun. I haven't seen it, and I don't have a scanner, but he said they call him 'the busiest man in show business'.
From Faith: The Record (a newspaper in New Jersey) had a huge article about Orlando on the front page of the Entertainment section today! It talked about how he's a rising star and has a few really awsome pics. It's on page e-4 (Front page on the Entertainment section labled 'En Garde!')and continues on page E-10; right under another article about POTC, with a picture of Johnny Depp. That article just talks about subtitles, though their is a breif mention of the Lord of the Rings.

SciFi.com Article
Posted by Ann at the LOTRinfo group: SciFi.com has an article on Pirates of the Caribbean that interviews Orlando Bloom.

POTC Special on Canadian TV
From Candace: The Canadian station Star! will be airing E! Behind The Scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean. Check the TV Guide for dates and times

Boston Herald Article
The Boston Herald has posted an article on Orlando.

Cine Live Article Translation
Lily, the co-webmaster of Everything Orlando, has translated the Orlando article from the August issue of Cine Live.

POTC on Hot Ticket
From Melissa: I was watching this show called Hot Ticket on ABC channel 12 KDRV and they showed a preview of next week show it had clips of the movie and said that they and said that they would be talking about POTC. The show talks about what the crits thought of the movie. During the preview it said "Does Johnny and Orlando go over board in Pirates of the Caribbean" It will be on Next Saturday at 11:30 PM. As always, check your local listings.

Teen People and Makeup Magazine
The August issue of Teen People has a photo of Orlando. Also a magazine called Makeup has a huge story on Pirates of the Caribbean which also has a lot of pics from the movie.

POTC on Ebert and Roeper
From Elf Lady: I caught the tail end of this weekend's Ebert and Roeper show and there was a teaser for next week's show...they'll be reviewing PotC. Check here for local listings (usually airing Sunday nights).

Handbag.com Poll
From Anna: At handbag.com Orlando was voted third in the ten most kissable men poll, to celebrate National Kissing Day.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kirsty Page.

  Sunday, July 6
New Photo from Arena
Bonnie sent in this new photo of Orlando from the August issue of Arena with Eric Bana on the cover.

Fan Photos from POTC Premiere
Jessie sent in the photos of Orlando that she took at the POTC premiere.

Scans from Twist
Fallen Angel sent in these scans from Twist (US). (1 & 2) The question from the first scan was 'What does his style reveal about him?'

UK TV Alert
From Irene at Johnnydeppzone.com: For UK fans: Try to catch the current 'Celebrity Extra', which airs on Living TV and on Living TV+1 (Sky channels 112 & 113). They have little new snippets from last week's premiere with Johnny & Orlando, and some of the clip where Jack & Will steal the Interceptor. It's not announced at the top of the programme - instead they talk about Robbie Williams' latest tour. The next repeats are: Sunday 6 July at 11:00am and 4:30pm.

Total Film Articles
Sarah has typed up the ROTK and Troy articles from the August issue of Total Film (UK), along with a letter about the LOTR musical.

Cine Live
Elodie sent in this photo from the July/August issue of Cine Live (France), and the article in French.

POTC Premiere Video Clip
Movies.com has posted a video clip from the POTC premiere.

Orlando Quote from ctnow.com
From Sarah: This article from ctnow.com about Johnny Depp has a quote from Orlando. "He puts himself out there," Bloom, 26, says of Depp. "He's been a gambler. Any actor of my generation will say the same thing."

The San Diego Union-Tribune Article
From Sarah: Here’s an article about the POTC premiere from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Dutch Release Date for POTC
From Jorien: I was watching MTV (in the Netherlands) and I saw a POTC commercial I didn't see before. It took something like 30 sec. and there were subtitles. They also said that it would be released in the Netherlands on August 14th not the 21st.

Bravo (Hungary)
From Bee: In the July issue of Bravo (Hungary) there's a interview and photos with Orlando about POTC, there are also pictures of Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley.

Los Angeles Daily News
From Sharon: The Los Angeles Daily News weekend edition has three separate areas of Pirates goodness.. Johnny is on the front page, their USA Weekend also features him with a long interview, and the Entertainment section says "Yo Ho Yo Ho We're not kidding about the sexy cast of Pirates of the Caribbean" on the cover with another picture of Cpt. Jack Sparrow.

Orlando Stuff on Ebay
Laura is selling some of her Orlando stuff on ebay, including an Official POTC Press kit, a hand signed 8x10 photo of Orli, and a collection of various pics and Legolas stickers - including 3 candids taken at different premieres. Check them out here.

Elle UK
From Laura: The newest edition of Elle magazine UK (August edition with Beyonce on the cover) has an interview with Orlando. No new pics though, just some old ones that were in Vogue Italy.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lauren (15), Kirsten (15), and Aysa from her friend Dani, and her family, her boyfriend Mike, John, Manny, Lisa and Alex.

  Saturday, July 5
YM.com Interview
YM.com has posted an interview with Orlando.

Orlando Calendar for 2004
Amazon.com is selling an Orlando Bloom 2004 calendar for $12.  Thanks to Chandra for the info.

New Flaunt Party Photo
Here’s a new photo from the Flaunt party in LA on June 20th.

Comingsoon.net Interview
Comingsoon.net has posted an interview with Orlando.

POTC Auction
Disney is auctioning off props from the movie on ebay. Pricey!

Stay Seated After POTC
From IGN.com: “I'm only telling you this because I want you to see it and I want you to remember to stay in the theater: Pirates of the Caribbean has a nice pay-off. Without slipping into spoiler territory, I'll offer this: It's more than a clip. It's a one-minute coda about one of the characters and it features additional special effects from the seaworthy crew at ILM.”

Vi Unge and Topp Magazines
From Anne and Tine: There is an article and photo of Orlando in the Danish magazine "Vi unge" (July issue) and another one in the Norwegian magazine "Topp" (July issue).

Official POTC Website Updated
The official site has been updated with info about the premiere.

Movie Star Scans
Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in these scans from the August issue of Movie Star (Japan). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

E-Talk Daily
From Pamela: The segment they showed of POTC on the "E-Talk Daily" here in Canada was mostly just about Johnny Depp and the movies he has been in. They showed some scenes from the trailer, with very few shots of Orli. Another interesting tidbit from this show:The host said that Cameron Crowe has an upcoming film called "Elizabethtown," which he is trying to get Orlando Bloom to be in. 

Poster in YM
From Marci: The new YM magazine with Shane West on the front has a Orlando poster in it! Be sure to get the pink one, because there are two different ones with different posters. It’s the 20 hottest guys.. so of course our Orlando should be in it!

Daily Star Article
From Jo: Came across this article in Friday's Daily Star. It is saying how fashion experts think David Beckham got the idea for his latest hairstyle by copying the Legolas look.

Keira on Orlando
Posted by Stacie: From an interview with Keira Knightley at teenhollywood.com
TeenHollywood: Did you click with Orlando?
Keira: [smiling] He's great. He's a sweetheart. We'd met each other a couple of times before at various auditions and never got the parts together. Either he'd got it or I got it. So it was really great to finally get a chance to work with him. But saying that, we have maybe four scenes in the entire film together. So I didn't see much of him at all. So it kind of feels like although we have worked together, we haven't really very much. But he's a sweetheart and we had a laugh.

More Magazine Article
Sarah typed up the article from More magazine (UK) that mentions Orlando starring in Closing the Ring with Justin Timberlake.

Interview in Ciak
From Micol: There's an article about Orlando in Ciak, the Italian equivalent of Empire. It has two pages, there are three photos: one from ROTK, one from POTC, and one of Orlando dressed in a red jacket and black t-shirt and trousers. The article is called "The Valiant Orlando", there's an interview. Orlando says that for him it's like a dream to work in movies. He feels very lucky in his work, maybe not in life -there's a mention of the accident. Then Orli speaks about his movies, especially about Troy. He says that now he cares a little more about money, because life's getting more expensive. He says that for him every film is a little miracle, that before movies were more based on actors' quality, now success very often doesn't correspond with skill.
He talks about himself: "I consider myself like a modern hippy. 'Pop' doesn't interest me. I don't follow fashion.. even if I like great clothes [...] I try to see any film, even the bad ones.. I like Paul Newman very much, I've seen every film of Newman's."

Big Time Magazine
From Amy: In the 11th June - 8th July issue of Big Time (UK) there is a little bit about POTC. It says about the story and the actors and gives it an 8 out of 10 must-see rating. They got the name slightly wrong, though, they called it Pirates of the Caribbean The Legend or the Black Pearl, not Curse of the Black Pearl. The picture is the one everybody has seen with Orlando and Johnny.

Writing on Orlando’s shirt
From Knock Tam: In the last Flaunt photo, Orlando wears a shirt with a few Chinese characters. These four Chinese characters mean The Great Wall of China, which seems quite interesting and funny to a Chinese like me. Update: Katie says The Great Wall of China is the clothing brand of the shirt!

  Friday, July 4
Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans!

Bluntreview.com Interview
From Sharon and Paula: Blunt Review has posted an interview with Orlando.

Flaunt Article
Mel from The Bloom Room has sent in the Orlando article from Flaunt magazine.

The Magazine Scans
Sarah sent in scans of the Orlando article in the July issue of The Magazine (Canada) which has Orlando on the cover. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) The OB Files received a mention under Fan Sites!

POTC Event at Disneyland on the 9th
From Elenillor: Disneyland is doing a themed day on the 9th. The Blue Bayou (the restaurant attached to the ride PotC) is doing a dinner and stuff, and it's supposed to be huge. It's *rumored* that some of the stars will be there. They are also supposedly showing the movie again, but the downside is that you have to be 18 or older.

Dutch TV Alerts
From Jorien: This weekend the top 20 movie soundtracks will be shown on MTV in the Netherlands. (Not sure if Orlando is hosting this) On Sunday they will show the mtv movie awards again from 13.00 (1 pm) till 14.00 (2 pm) and Movie Soundtrack video's from 14.00 (2 pm) till 14.30 (2.30 pm). If you want to know more about it you can go to www.mtv.nl

iFILM Video Interview
Ifilm.com has an interview with Orlando. Thanks to Elf Lady and Mel for the link.

Mention in Seventeen
From Elle: Orlando is mentioned in the August issue of Seventeen (US). On page 192, there is an article called "Looking for the Perfect Guy?", and it says "with the help of birth-order expert Kevin Leman, we explain the weird way your family (and your crush's) affects your love life". There is a section for the firstborn, the middle child, the youngest, and the only child.  Orli is mentioned in the only child section.  It talks about their strengths, weaknesses, their ideal match, and their celeb soul mates.  The celeb soul mate for the only child says.." Last-borns like Orlando Bloom and Jimmy Fallon". 

Cine Live Scans
TORN has posted scans of the POTC photos in the June issue of Cine Live magazine.

MTV's TRL Video Clip
The Argonath has posted a video of Orlando on Wednesday's TRL.

Zap2it Interview
Posted by Stacie: Zap2it has posted an interview with Orlando.

Photo in NZ Herald
From Lucy: There was a picture of Orlando, Keira and Johnny Depp at the POTC premiere,  in the New Zealand Herald’s entertainment section on Thursday the 3rd of July and some writing which talks about POTC.

Hello Poll
From Lady Legolas: Vote for Orlando in Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man poll.

Teenhollywood.com Article
Posted by Stacie: teenhollywood.com has an article about "Keira Knightley's Kissing Nightmare". "Bend It Like Beckham beauty Keira Knightley almost enjoyed smooching Orlando Bloom on the set of her new movie - but the experience was ruined by jealous teen girls."

Moviefone.com Videos
From Irene at Johnnydeppzone.com: Emma found 3 new video clips at Moviefone.com.  There are 2 clips from the movie here and a Q&A session featuring all the stars here.

POTC Premiere Photos
From Jennifer: creativenetweb.com
From Sharon: mouseplanet.com

POTC Video Interview
From Irene at Johnnydeppzone.com: There’s a POTC video interview with Orlando at FMI tv. (but it’s mostly trailer rather than him!)

POTC contest
From blossom89: At kiwibox.com, there's a POTC contest where you can win an autographed poster and lots of other things. You have to answer questions about articles on the site, I've already posted something asking other members for help with some of the answers and when I get them all I'll write back. You have to sign up in order to access the contest, so when you do, please please tell them that blossom89 told you to sign up! Oh, and there's a journal feature where you can write an entry to Orlando/Legolas.

Total Film
From Jacinta: Orlando is featured in the latest edition of Total Film magazine, August edition (UK). There is a 'Pirates of the Caribbean-The Curse of the Black Pearl' poster with just Orlando on it, an article on 'The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King'- with pictures, and finally an article on 'Troy'.

Magic Academy Magazine
From Anna: There is a small picture of Orlando on the cover of the Magic Academy Magazine (France), July/August issue. 

POTC UK Movie Ticket Offer
Laura In participating UGC Cinemas in the UK, there is an offer going on, that if you go to see Bringing Down the House, and Bruce Almighty, and affix the movie stubs to the info card, then you can get in free to see POTC on the release date, which is August 8th.

Liquid News Interview
From Susan: Orlando was on Liquid News on Channel One in the UK on June 30th. There was a very short interview where they asked him just one question: “Do you get lots of fan mail and where does it all get sent to?” Orlando said: Yes I get lots of fan mail loads... not saying that I’m not grateful, I am, but it’s a lot to get through. (that was what they roughly said) They also showed a few clips and an interview with other members of the cast.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Sarah (14) from her friend Alex, and to Ashleigh (14).

  Thursday, July 3
POTC Premiere
I was able to attend the POTC premiere at Disneyland, thanks to MEL. I only found out I was going the day before! I will write up a full report with details about the whole event when I have time. For now, here's a little info. I was able to have my picture taken with Orlando, and I got his autograph. He only signed his initials; maybe he was tired from the red carpet! I heard him make a comment as soon as he got off the carpet about how it must have been the longest one ever! Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk to him, but he seemed very sweet. Also, photos do not do him justice, he is gorgeous in person! The movie was fantastic: great actors, great story, great effects. Here are the photos of Orlando. Some didn't turn out very well, but I thought I'd put them up anyway. That is me next to Orlando, wearing the silly pirate get up (head cloth, eye patch, gold earring and necklaces)! :P I don't know who the older gentleman is who he is talking with, but Orlando seemed happy to see him, and gave him a big hug. UPDATE: Someone informed me the man is Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook.
If anyone else went to the premiere, send in your pics!