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December 2006
  Friday, December 22
Happy Holidays!

Orlando Meets U2's The Edge
From dailyrecord.co.uk: OH, the famous people you meet on the plane... Orlando Bloom got star-struck during a flight from LA when he met his hero, U2 guitarist The Edge. He is a huge fan of the Irish band, even attending their photo exhibition in New York last year. His dream moment came as he flew home to London after finishing filming Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.

GlobalGreen Benefit
From sfist.com: Drew Altizer sends along some pictures he took at the GlobalGreen USA fundraiser benefit ("Gorgeous and Green: An Ecofabulous Party"), whose board has enough celebrities that they were willing to fly a couple of them up for the night to dazzle us in this here little small town. According to society scribe Catherine Bigelow, Orlando Bloom gave a very moving keynote address about saving power in small ways (unplugging your cell phone charger, for instance).

POTC 3 Photos
Disney sent in the first 2 official images for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. They also note that: "there have been several doctored photos of Johnny Depp in a blue & gold Asian costume that have surfaced on the internet over the past month. All of these images are user-generated fakes that are not in the movie and not approved by Johnny Depp."

Top Google News Searches for 2006
From transworldnews.com:
1. Paris Hilton
2. Orlando Bloom
3. Cancer
4. Podcasting
5. Hurricane Katrina
6. Bankruptcy
7. Martina Hingis
8. Autism
9. 2006 NFL Draft
10. Celebrity Big Brother 2006

MSN UK Search List
From pcadvisor.co.uk: Glamour model Jordan, footballer David Beckham and actor Orlando Bloom are the British celebrities with the longest shelf life on the internet, according the 2006 Windows Live Search report from MSN. MSN said that the trio made it into Live Search's top 100 list for the fifth year in a row in 2006, and were three of only ten personalities to do so.

Top 10 Films of the Year
From msn.com: A film about a swashbuckling pirate of the Caribbean trounced other movies this year with its total U.S. receipts, and even earned itself a spot on a list of the top-10 grossing films of all time. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" blew up the box office, generating $423.32 million in booty for Walt Disney Corp.

LOTR on Comcast On Demand
If you have Comcast Digital Cable, you can watch The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers for free On Demand until January 14.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Bianca (18), Tuva (11) from her friend Selma, Matt (16) from his sister Mary, and TJ from Nay.

  Friday, December 8
POTC 2 DVD Sells 5 Million Copies
From etonline.com: The second 'Pirates' movie sells nearly five million copies on its first day of release. 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' continues to add to its bountiful booty! Already the No. 1 movie at the box office this year -- with $421 million in ticket sales -- the successful sequel is now on track to become the No. 1 live-action DVD of all time!

Orlando Designs Envelope for Netflix
From netflix.com: Netflix has partnered with Martin Scorsese's non-profit organization, The Film Foundation (TFF), to celebrate this holiday season with a unique program. Through this joint venture, TFF provided Netflix with holiday-themed artwork from some of Hollywood's A-list stars, including Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese and Charlize Theron. The original celebrity designs will grace the outside of a select number of the iconic Netflix red envelopes which will be distributed to members this holiday season. Netflix will make a donation to TFF as part of the campaign.

You can download a hi-res version of Orlando's drawing at netflix.com. View photos at Orlando Love of Orlando at the unveiling which took place at the Directors Guild of America on the 4th. Ka-bloom.org has a video clip from E! News.

Round Table Children's Wish
Orlando made a 13 year old girl's wish come true for the UK charity Round Table Children's Wish. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the story and photo.

POTC 2 Trivia
To promote the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD, Disney has sent me 20 trivia questions about the movie.
Also, if you haven't already, check out Dead Man's Mail. It's a fun interactive web site that lets you send a special Pirate email to friends and family.

NBC Poll
You can vote for Orlando as the the hottest male under 30 at nbc10.com.

poster in M
From wcdancer87: There is a big poster of Orlando and one of his dogs in M Magazine (US).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sparkleworks (16) from Glimmerberry.

November 2006
  Thursday, November 30
Peace Games Photos
Patty at Ka-bloom found some photos of Orlando in the Peace Games newsletter. She posted "Peace Games is an organization that works in the schools to help educate and train children in peace making and non-violence." Here are the photos: (1 & 2) The captions read:
"Peace with an 'Accent' on Games: Orlando Bloom, a dedicated supporter of Peace Games, went to visit an excited Norwood Elementary 2nd grade class in LA during the spring of 2005. While Orlando was getting to know the students, they were very intrigued with his British accent. Sharing fun highlights about England and its culture, his visit brought a truly unique learning opportunity to the class."
"Orlando Bloom plays a Peace Games' favorite, The Hula Hoop Game, with a class at Norwood Elementary in LA."

Starlight Children's Foundation Photo
Jupiter at Ka-bloom posted a scan of Orlando in the latest newsletter from the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Zelda Movie Fantasy Cast
From Mallory: ign.com has picked Orlando to play the main character Link in their fantasy cast of their imaginary Legend of Zelda movie. They say that if a movie of this popular game were to be made, it would need a big star such as Orlando to head the film. They also say that he looks the part and that his heartthrob status would make girls flock to see it. They have also picked Alison Lohman to play Princess Zelda and The Rock to play Ganondorf.

Popstar! Magazine
From Lauren: Orlando appeared in a short article about the POTC2 DVD, and on a poster in the November issue of Popstar! Magazine.

Guiness Book of World Records
From Jess: I was at Walden's the other day looking in the Guinness Book of World Records and under movies it said that Orlando Bloom was the highest grossing actor with his total movie gross well over 4 billion dollars. That's a lot for one lifetime!

Ring Offer
Patricia Gurgel Segrillo, who designed one of the rings that Orlando wears, is giving a special holiday discount to people who order jewelry from her and mention The OB Files. Receive a 20% discount on website orders placed before December 31st, when The Orlando Bloom Files is mentioned. More info. (Please note that The OB Files receives no commission on sales)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Annie, Lauren, Miley from her sister Annie, Megan (16) from her friend Micah, Chao (22) from all her sisters, Chloe from her sister Annie, Jess from her sister Annie.

  Monday, November 13
Jerry Bruckheimer Article
The NY Times has an article on Jerry Bruckheimer that talks about POTC and has this mind-boggling piece of info:
In August, Mr. Bruckheimer met with the 'Pirates' script writers Ted Elliot and Mr. Rossio, who wanted to give Will Turner more dialogue to develop the character. (Mr. Turner is played by Orlando Bloom.) Mr. Bruckheimer resisted, fearing moviegoers would be confused.

Mention in Courtney Love Article
From an interview with Courtney Love at timesonline.co.uk: "I chant for at LEAST an hour a day here. I've done five hours before now - with breaks for cigarettes, of course. Orlando Bloom was chanting with me yesterday. We are trying to get as many people chanting as possible. I think he's coming over again tomorrow."

Dating Survey
From financevisor.com: In celebration of National Singles Week, September 17-23, It's Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals, has released statistics from its Annual Report on Dating about singles, dating and age. ... When asked which younger celebrity they would date, 26% of women chose Orlando Bloom, 24% said Jake Gyllenhaal and another 23% chose Nick Lachey.

Glam.com Q&A
Glam.com has an interview with Orlando.

The Calcium Kid on US TV
The Calcium Kid will be on Comedy Central on the 16th at 10am EST.

'Orlando's Hottest Destinations'
People.com has a video clip of Orlando answering some dumb questions.

The Sims 2 Orlando Skin
From Simon: I found a 3D Orlando for the PC game The Sims 2.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Chloe (16) from her bff Katie, and Pahoua Lee (17).

October 2006
  Tuesday, October 24

Happy Legolas Day!
Legolas Day is on Wednesday. It was created in 2002 by a group of fans as a way to celebrate our favorite elf. October 25th was chosen because it is the day that the Council of Elrond takes place, and we are given our first proper introduction to Legolas. I am running a contest to celebrate the day, and here is a Legolas bookmark you can print out: low-res version (for printing from your web browser), high-res version
I also created a new MadLibs game featuring Legolas.

Robot Chicken
The adult Cartoon Network program Robot Chicken had a sketch on Sunday that spoofed Orlando. You can download the video clip here.

Haven DVD Cover
View the Haven DVD cover here.

Top of the Pops Scans
Lorraine sent in scans from the October 4-31 issue of Top of the Pops (UK) magazine. (1 & 2)

Orlando Look-a-Like
From anon: I was recently playing Time Crisis 4 in the arcades and couldn't help but notice that one of the main characters in the film looked a lot like Orlando Bloom.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Tresha from her friend Brandi, Sophie (15) from her sister Tessa.

  Monday, October 16
Haven Interview Clips
I finally added some old Haven interview clips from: Kickin' It, TRL and Ellen.

Orlando Will Be in Future POTC Films
Minjae, who works for New Media Strategies which does online publicity for Disney, sent an email saying:
As some of you may have seen, there have been some rumors going around online regarding potential absence of Orlando Bloom in the future Pirates of the Caribbean films. We are working closely with Disney and want you to know that while we cannot comment on specific plot points, such rumors are completely unfounded. [that means they ain't true, kids ;) ]

Haven DVD Release Date
The Haven DVD will be released in the US on December 26, 2006 and will include a Making-of Featurette.

Send Dead Man's Chest Email
From Dan: In anticipation of the December 5th US DVD release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Disney created this interactive site, Dead Man's Mail. At Dead Man's Mail you can send a personalized Pirates of the Caribbean email to your friends, or also send a pre-recorded quote from Will Turner and Jack Sparrow.

Movies.com Poll Winner
Orlando won Hottest Upcoming Male in Movies.com Reader's Poll. Thankfully he did not win Most Overrated. POTC 2 won Favorite Action Movie.

InterSites Poll
Orlando was voted #2 on InterSites 100 Sexiest Men of 2006 list.

mtvu.com Video
mtvu.com has a video clip of Orlando being interview by an aspiring actress.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Molly from her friend Mary Ann, Marie (12).

September 2006
  Tuesday, September 26
Extras Video Clip
You can watch Orlando's full appearance on Extras on youtube.com.

Fan Photos from Jimmy Kimmel
Suzanne sent in a link to her photos of Orlando arriving at Jimmy Kimmel.

People Magazine
There is a Q&A with Orlando in the October 2 issue of People (US). You can read it online here.

'Behind Bloom's Looks'
detnews.com has a Haven interview with Orlando.

POTC 2 DVD Release Dates
From Simon: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD will be released:
U.K. 20th of November (Pounds 13.99)
U.S. 5th of December ($24.99)
Germany 7th of December (EUR 29.99)
(Prices are valid for the 2-disc edition, the normal 1-disc edition is cheaper)

Evelynn at cartoondollemporium.com has informed me that they have created an Orlando Bloom online paperdoll.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Emma from her friend Mary Ann, and to Paola.

  Wednesday, September 13
Haven Premiere Video Clip
ETonline.com has a video clip of Orlando at the LA premiere of Haven last night.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Clip
I added a video clip of Orlando on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

From Blockbuster Heat to Island Noir For Bloom
From newsday.com: Orlando Bloom may be a teen heartthrob, thanks to a certain series of hobbit films, but he's not the kind of guy who'll hold it against you if you spill carrot juice on him. (more)

  Tuesday, September 12
First 8 Minutes of Haven
You can watch the first 8 minutes of Haven on Yahoo, with an introduction by Orlando.
You can also view clips from the movie as well as other press videos on youtube.com.

Extras Video Clip
You can view a clip of Orlando in Extras on youtube.com.

Haven Myspace Page
Haven has its own Myspace page, with music from the soundtrack and some wallpapers. The characters also have their own spaces.

Haven Article
From Stu VanAirsdale: I run a NYC film
news blog called The Reeler, and I interviewed Orlando Bloom about Haven yesterday. The report is here. I'll also be featuring him in an article in the NY Times coming up in a few weeks; it's a quote about location premieres for films like Elizabethtown and Haven.

Haven Video Interview
Corey Boutilier sent in a link to a video interview he did with Orlando and Frank E. Flowers for independentfilm.com.

Fox and Friends Interview
Orlando and Frank E. Flowers were interviewed on Fox and Friends. You can view the video on their website.

Movies.com Awards
Orlando is nominated in a few different categories in Movies.com Readers' Poll Awards. The OB Files is also nominated for best fan site. Vote here.

'In Defense of Orlando Bloom'
From msn.com: Orlando Bloom is not a bad actor. He isn't Olivier, but he isn't Shatner, either.  Why, then, does everyone assume he's a bad actor? (more)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Madison (14), Mary Ann (13) from her friend Cait, Nicole G. from all of the peeps that love her.

  Wednesday, September 6
Haven Contest
During the next week, you can enter to win some Haven promo items. Thanks to Matt at the Yari Film Group for sending me the items. Here is a scan of the Orlando postcard that you can win.

'Extras' Stuff
From Rae: Orlando will be in the first episode of the second series of Ricky Gervais' Extras (this is for the UK, North West region only, as the episodes may be shown in a different order elsewhere) it will be on BBC2 at 9pm on Thursday, 14th September.

View the commercial on youtube.com.

thesun.co.uk has a photo of Orlando from the show, thanks to Gemma. Bbc.co.uk has an article on the show with a small, but new, photo.

From Devvers: Orlando is playing a barrister and can't believe a lady actor on set doesn't fancy him. He is ultra vain and jokingly claims women fans on the Pirates sets were all after him, and much prefer him to Johnny Depp. "It's my looks that all the girls fawn over," he oozes. "Nobody was bothered about Johnny on set. Johnny freak, I make art-house movies and have stupid scissors for hands. Willy Wonka -more like Johnny W****r."

Radio Times Cover
From Rae: He is also looking mighty fine on one of the six Radio Times collector's covers for week commencing 9th September. View scans on Orlando Love.

Haven Video Interview
tmz.com has a video interview from Haven.

Wilde on Canadian TV
From Aly: Wilde will be playing on Bell Express Vu on channel 306 (MESCP) on sunday September 10th at 8am and 4pm eastern time.

'Pirates' Nears Historic $1 Billion Mark
From aol.com: Scoring a ninth consecutive weekend as the most popular movie at the foreign box office, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" is poised to become only the third movie to gross more than $1 billion in global ticket sales. The worldwide box office for the Disney sequel stands at $993.7 million, of which $579.5 million was generated internationally. The $1 billion mark should be exceeded by Friday, the company says. The global record is held by 1997's "Titanic" (global boxoffice of $1.8 billion), while 2003's "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" ended up with $1.1 billion.

POTC 2 Script
Rica sent in a link the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest script.

Vote For Midsomer Murders
The Biography Channel shows Midsomer Murders every Sunday. From Aug 24 - Sept 25th, people can go to biography.com and vote for their favorite episodes. Those episodes with the most votes will be shown in October. Judgement Day is on the list so if fans want to see it, they should go vote.

Haven Article
movies.go.com has an article on Orlando and Haven. Thanks to wcdancer for the link.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nicola (16), Gaby N. (15), Yvette (13) from her friend Viola, Mandy (15), Marisa (18) from Chewie.

August 2006
  Wednesday, August 30
Jay Leno Video Clip
I added a video clip of Orlando on Jay Leno last night. The show will reair on September 6 at 3:05 am on NBC. In the UK, the show will air on September 1 at 10 pm on CNBC (Sky Digital 505). Thanks to Rosie for the info.

Haven Behind the Scenes Clip
There is a behind the scenes clip from Haven on youtube.com; scenes from the movie cut with cast interviews.

Orlando on Today Show
Orlando will be on the Today show on NBC, September 7 at 8am.

Orlando on TRL
A few people have told me that Orlando will on TRL on MTV next week. I haven't heard anything about this, so if you have more info, please send it in.

Bloom Mocks Himself, Depp on 'Extras'
zap2it.com has an article where Orlando talks about his role in the TV show Extras.

Lord of the Rings DVD Contest
The official LOTR website is giving away DVDs and other prizes. Entertainmentworld.us is also giving away 5 sets of the limited edition Lord of the Rings DVD set.

POTC 2 DVD Release Date
magicalmountain.net reports that Pirates of the Cari
bbean: Dead Mans Chest will be released on DVD on December 7, in both single disc and two disc collectors editions. Thanks to Patrice for the info.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jess (16) from her boyfriend Brenton, Rachel G. (14) from loveface Angie, Melissa (16), Bri (13) from all of her friends at SJRA Rodeo, Angel (18) from her mum and the guys, and to Caitlin (14).

  Sunday, August 20
Orlando on Jay Leno
Orlando will be on Jay Leno on Tuesday August 29, at 11:35 pm on NBC. He is possibly promoting The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition DVDs which come out that day.

Quicktime 'Haven' Trailer
You can download a high definition version of the Haven trailer on apple.com.

Haven Updates
Matt from the Yari Film Group, which is releasing Haven, informs me that the trailer for Haven will be attached to The Illusionist. He also says that Haven will be released in other countries besides the US, but he does not know where or when yet.

'Pirates' on Top for Sixth Week
From boxofficemojo.com: Buoyed by a record debut in Spain, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest remained the international leader for the sixth weekend in a row. The supernatural swashbuckler amassed $43.8 million from 8,146 theaters across 45 territories, and its total soared to $463.7 million, eclipsing The Matrix Reloaded on the all time chart.

Heat Magazine Scan
Jess at clickorlando.org has posted a scan from Heat magazine (UK) which shows Orlando in Ricky Gervais' sitcom 'Extras'.

Photo With Tristan Prettyman
Roseanne sent in a link to singer Tristan Prettyman's Myspace page which has a photo of her with Orlando at the Fuji Rock Festival.

InStyle Magazine
ording to ET.com, Orlando was named the Sexiest Male Import in the September issue of InStyle (US). Thanks to Lizzie for the info.

Bop Magazine
Jamie on the message board reports that Orlando is on the cover of the September issue of Bop (US), as well as having a poster.

French Interviews
Maud sent in a link to commeaucinema.com which has some POTC 2 interviews with Orlando.

POTC 2 DVD Release Dates
From movieweb.com: It seems like Disney is looking to double dip at the expense of consumers with the eventual release of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD. However, the release promises to be one of their most lavish. In a story from DVD Newsroom, it seems like the Mouse House is going to release a regular version of Pirates 2 at Christmastime, and then sometime in 2007 they will be releasing the disc on Blu-ray DVD. Extras for both releases are expected to be quite abundant and director Gore Verbinski is going to be heavily involved. Some of the things consumers can expect are commentary tracks with "integrated branching," with talent from the film on one track and the special effects wizards on another.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amber from her bffl Mary Ann, Julia (24), Rebekah (24), Kel from Val, Jessica (16) from her cousin Brandi, Rebecca, Jessica (16), Katy (14), Baily (15) from her mom, Haley (12), Stephanie (14) from all of her bffs.

  Thursday, August 10
'Haven' Trailer
The first trailer for Haven can now be seen on the official website, or on mtv.com.

'Seasons of Dust' Update
From cnjonline.com: Clovis residents can expect to see a film production crew around town in September, according to the film's location manager. R. Michael Charske confirmed Wednesday he scouted several locations throughout Clovis for the movie Seasons of Dust. "I looked at tons of locations," Charske said, "but no contracts have been issued." Charske said the movie is currently on hiatus due to numerous issues, but is tentatively scheduled to begin filming in the fall. Liz Eisenbraun, film liaison for the Clovis-Curry County Chamber of Commerce, said she hasn't heard from movie officials in two months.

In Touch Weekly Scans
Thanks to Tom at In Touch Weekly for sending in scans of Orlando in the August 14th issue of In Touch Weekly (US). Orlando was voted as having the 6th hunkiest chest in Hollywood, and mentioned in the rumor control section. (1 & 2)

Haven Review
Moviesonline.ca has an early review of Haven.

Cameo in 'Knocked Up'
From mtv.com: After strong supporting work in flicks like "You, Me and Dupree" and "Anchorman," funnyman Seth Rogen finally gets his first starring role in the comedy "Knocked Up," which finishes filming this week in Las Vegas. The flick, due in 2007, boasts some significant cameos thanks to Katherine Heigl's character - an entertainment reporter whose ambitions come to a screeching halt when Rogen's slacker character gets her pregnant. "Because she works at E!, we have a lot of celebrities who were nice enough to come in and play themselves," Rogen revealed, adding that they cornered the unknowing celebs, including Owen Wilson, Steve Carell, Eva Mendes and Orlando Bloom. "We just planted ourselves on the red carpets, and when people came up, we said, 'Will you shoot a two-minute scene for our movie, wherein you make an inappropriate comment about her pregnant belly?' And most people were nice enough to do it."

Hello Magazine Poll
Keep voting for Orlando as the most attractive man at hellomagazine.com. He's in the lead, but not by much.

LOTR Limited Edition DVD Info
Here is more info about The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition DVDs which will be released on August 29th. They include feature-length documentaries, with more than 300 minutes of never-before-available footage.

Dutch Magazine Scans
Lenny from Bloomania sent in scans from the Dutch magazines Girlz! (27 July) and Stars (August).

POTC 2 at moviemistakes.com
Lizzie sent in links to moviemistakes.com, which lists mistakes and trivia for POTC 2.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Caera (17) from her bff Ashley, and to Ashley (15) from Sarah.

July 2006
  Monday, July 31
M Magazine Scans
Kim sent in scans from the August issue of M (US). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Fuji Rock Festival - Global Cool
From global-cool.com: Hollywood stars Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth joined 60,000 festival-goers at Japan's Fuji Rock festival to bless the launch of Global Cool.
Bloom told the crowd at the mountain-hemmed festival site, "This is a beautiful environment for a concert; we can save this environment."
Before the trio and their translator left the stage, Bloom made a parting comment. "This is all about small things that make a big difference," he said, adding with a smile, "Enjoy the party! Fuji Rocks..." (photos)

POTC 3 Filming at The Guadalupe Dunes
From Lia: This is some local news from my area on the Central Coast in California that I thought was really exciting!
GUADALUPE - The makers of the number one film in America are bringing their movie magic to the Central Coast. The cast and crew of "Pirates of the Caribbean" will shoot parts of the third sequel, late this fall, at the Guadalupe Dunes. Filming should take one to three days. No word yet if Captain Jack Sparrow -- played by Johnny Depp -- will be making an appearance at the Dunes.

Sky Magazine Scan
Viggoswench sent in a scan from the August issue of Sky (UK).

POTC 3 Filming Until March
According to a Variety article, filming on POTC 3 will go until March.

First Look: Orlando Blooms Haven
Moviesonline.ca has an article on Haven with quotes from Orlando.

Hitkrant Scans
Lenny from Bloomania sent in scans from the July 29th issue of Hitkrant (Netherlands). (1, 2, 3, 4)

POTC 3 Set Photos
Simon sent in a link to canmag.com that has some set photos from POTC 3.

POTC 3 Info
ohjohnny.net has a description of the POTC 3 footage shown at Comic Con, as well as the script for the POTC 3 trailer.

Movies.com Awards
You can nominate Orlando in Movies.com's Readers' Poll Awards.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mallory (15), Katie (16) from her bff Chloe, and to Rebekah.

  Monday, July 24
POTC 3 Information
comingsoon.net has a teaser poster for POTC 3, as well as information about footage shown at the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend.

Haven Photo and Poster
ropeofsilicon.com has posted a new still from Haven along with a poster.

Video Interviews
ET Online and moviesonline.ca have video interviews with Orlando.

Video Interviews
From mickeynews.com: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" was the top movie for the third weekend in a row, bringing in an estimated $35.0 million in ticket sales for Walt Disney Co. 'Pirates,' starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, has grossed $321.7 million since it opened July 7, film-tracker Exhibitor Relations Co. said today in a statement. The movie's $135.6 million debut set opening-day, two-day and weekend records.

POTC 2 Premiere Video
moviesonline.ca has video footage from the London premiere of POTC 2.

Us Weekly Poll
From Anon: On usmagazine.com they have a poll for the hottest bodies in Hollywood. Both Keira and Orlando are on this list. Orlando is #8 with a 7.2 rating.

POTC 2 Products
Deb: I receive a catalog called Lakeside Collections and they have available Pirates of the Caribbean Throws (small blankets) with pictures of either Captain Jack Sparrow or Will Turner. They are 50"X60", 100% polyester, and sell for $10.95 (US). The pictures are pretty good-looking. The catalog can be seen at Lakeside.com.
disneyshopping.go.com and hottopic.com also have a lot of POTC products.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Erin, Shannon (14), Rachel (14), Jessica M. (18) and Jessica H. (18) from Hoopi, Marissa (28) from Hoopi, and to Grannie G. (98) from her Great-Grand Daughter Clair.

  Saturday, July 15
Haven Video Clip
There is a short video clip from Haven on youtube.com. I added screencaps here.

Ifmagazine.com Interview Pt. 2
Ifmagazine.com has posted the 2nd part of their interview with Orlando.

AP Interview
Courier-journal.com has a short Associated Press interview with Orlando.

Pirates Plundering More Records
From azcentral.co: The box office riches have continued to pile up for "The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" this week to such a degree that the megahit is already poised to become 2006's highest-grossing film over this weekend. With a record six-day take of $183.7 million as of Wednesday, "Pirates" should have no trouble surpassing the $231.7 million earned this summer by "X-Men: The Last Stand. "It's a real crowd-pleaser, not just a movie opening well based on hype and now fizzling away," said Gitesh Pandya, editor of BoxOfficeGuru.com. "The weekday numbers have been terrific."Since its historic three-day opening of $135 million, the Walt Disney Pictures release has continued to amass box office treasure, setting records for biggest nonholiday Monday ($18 million), biggest Tuesday ever ($15.7 million) and second-biggest five-day total ($169.5 million).

Bloom Condsiders Other Career Options
From contactmusic.com: Movie heart-throb Orlando Bloom is considering alternative careers should fickle Hollywood turn its back on him. The 29-year-old Brit is currently wowing audiences in mega-hit movie PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST, but he still worries he will be forced to take up another discipline. He says, "I'd be a photographer or maybe a sculptor. I'd photograph wildlife or be a documentary photographer. I would go to war zones and stuff. "I think it's really brave and courageous but also a really hard thing to do because you see those photos of somebody dying on the street and you think, 'Why is that person taking a photo and not jumping in to help.' "But those photos move the imagination."

  Wednesday, July 12
cnn.com Interview
CNN.com has an interview with Orlando.

Entertainment Weekly Scans
Kim sent in scans from the July 14th issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

Ifmagazine.com Interview
Ifmagazine.com has an interview with Orlando. Thanks to Sean for the link.

Signed Chair on Ebay
Variety - The Children's Charity of Southern California, is auctioning off on eBay a Pirates of the Caribbean director's chair signed by Orlando Bloom and his co-stars. 100% of the proceeds are going to support Variety, a great charity that gives help to Los Angeles children in need.

Thecinemasource.com Article
Thecinemasource.com has an article on Orlando, as well as some of the other cast members.

POTC 2 Soundtrack Remixes
Following the record breaking opening weekend of the film, six new soundtrack remixes are now available for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST. The remixes - by popular DJs such as Tiesto (voted the #1 DJ in the world), Pete n' Red, Friscia & Lamboy and Chris Joss - can be sampled here. The tracks are also available on iTunes and as Ring Tones.

POTC 2 Beats Box Office Records
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest has beaten 3 records at the box office. With $132 million in its first three days, it beat out Spider-Man, which took in $114.8 million in its first weekend. Taking in $55.5 million Friday, it beat the previous single-day record of $50 million, set last year by Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. With $44.7 million on Saturday, Dead Man's Chest also became the first movie to top $100 million in just two days. (source: Yahoo)

Ned Kelly on Portuguese TV
From Teresa: Ned Kelly will be on the Portuguese TV (channel is: TVI) on Sunday at 11:45pm.

Mention in Nickelodeon Magazine
From Tess: I read the newest installment of Nickelodeon Magazine, as it was the new 'Pirates' issue. There was a brief mention about Orlando in the "A - Z Things You Should Know About Pirates of the Caribbean." He was letter A for 'Accident Prone,' and there the magazine mentioned his past injuries.

Teen People Poll
From Tess: There is a new poll for the Teen People PULSE section on AOL. It is; "Which Pirates Star Is Hotter?" Orlando is currently winning with 65%!

Pirate's Lore Featurette
Disney has sent out links to a Pirate's Lore video featurette.
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Ipod: .M4V (320 x 240)
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Flash (progressive download): 750k FLV (320 x 180) | 1500k FLV (480 x 272)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lyndsay (12).

  Friday, July 7
G4's Attack of the Show Video Clip
I added a video clip from Wednesday's and Thursday's episode of Attack of the Show on G4, when they interviewed the POTC 2 cast. I also added a POTC2 press junket clip from Wednesday's The Insider.

Regis and Kelly Video
I added a video of Orlando on Regis and Kelly. I also got around to making screencaps from Good Morning America.

Interview on AOL.com
AOL.com has some video interviews with the POTC 2 cast, including Orlando. Thanks to Mike for the link.

New Interviews and Articles
Bloom Embraces His Inner Pirate - post-gazette.com
A Pirate in Bloom - calgarysun.com
Orlando Bloom Interview - nypost.com
Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom Interview - Futuremovies.co.uk
Orlando Bloom Interview - moviesonline.ca

POTC 2 Reviews
The critics seem to be a bit divided in their opinion of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Read the reviews at rottentomatoes.com.

Cartoon Network Interview
From Hayley: There is a special interview with the cast of Pirates on Cartoon Network - Orlando is interviewed. It starts around 7pm Eastern/6pm Central July 7. However, just a warning, you'd have to put up with a lot of cartoons to see the interviews - they do bits and pieces at a time.

CBS Sunday Morning
Lizzie reports that CBS Sunday Morning on the 9th will have some interviews with the POTC 2 cast.

Teenpeople.com Gallery
Teenpeople.com have an Orlando and Johnny photo gallery.

Stunts and Swords Video
Disney sent out links to a Stunts and Swords video featurette.
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Flash (progressive download): 750k FLV (320 x 180) | 1500k FLV (480 x 272)

Disney Doubles Up On 'Pirates'
POTC 2 article from msn.com

McDonald's POTC 2 Promotion
Here's the website for McDonald's POTC 2 promotion.

Will Turner Wax Figure
Orlando Love has some photos of the great waxwork figure of Will Turner at Madame Tussaud's in London.

Orlando Quote on AOL
Aol.com has this quote from Orlando:
"I'm like, 'Mom. Who do you believe? Someone who talks rubbish or your son who is 29 years old and you've known since he was born and who you brought into the world?' ... She believes the rubbish."
- Orlando Bloom, on how his mother worries over tabloid reports

Valpak Contest
valpak.com is giving away a trip to the Caribbean. Thanks to Lizzie for the link.

POTC Underwear at Kmart
From Pinar: Kmart stores have Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt/panty sets. The t-shirts are black with purple trim and have a picture of Johnny and Orlando on them. The panties are black with "Pirates of the Caribbean" in purple printed all over them.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Carly (15), Megan from her friend Jane, Sarah S. from Angie, and to Gloria (15).

  Sunday, July 2
TV Guide Channel Video
I added a video clip from the TV Guide channel's POTC 2 special, which will be reairing all week.

Fox All Access Interview
From Uherenye: On a radio show called Fox All Access, they said today that Orlando will be interviewed next week Sunday (July 9). The show is on different stations in different areas. A listing of other stations that the show is on can be found here. Also, today they interviewed Johnny but I only heard the very end. A podcast of the interviews is usually available from iTunes or the show's website after a few days.

Canadian TV Alert
Jenz writes that on Star TV in Canada, MovieTelevision will be showing POTC 2 interviews and clips on July 4th at 8pm.

POTC 2 Standees
From Anon: Some FYEs are selling life-size Will Turner and Jack Sparrow stand-ups for $29.99.

POTC 2 Soundtrack Contest
You can win a POTC 2 soundtrack at movieweb.com. Thanks to Lizzie for the link.

June 2006
  Friday, June 30
Conan O'Brien and Good Morning America Video
I added video clips of Orlando on Conan O'Brien and Good Morning America. You can also watch the Good Morning America appearance on abc.com. Violet posted photos on the board that she took at Good Morning America.

POTC 2 Photos
latimes.com has some new (I think) press photos from POTC 2.

POTC 2 Review
aintitcoolnews.com has a review of POTC 2 by Harry.

Bloom's Watch Obsession
From pr-inside.com: ORLANDO BLOOM has recently bought a pair of "ridiculously expensive" watches to add to his ever-growing collection of timepieces.The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star has been obsessed by watches from an early age, and admits he is a "watch freak". He says, "I love watches, and I have purchased a couple of really ridiculously expensive ones. My grandfather had two great watches that he used to show me. One was his dress watch, the other was his low-key watch. I was just so fascinated by the intricate movement. I just can't explain it, but I really love them. I'm a watch freak."

Johnny Depp Biography Program
From Lizzie: Orlando has several interview spots in the A&E Bio of Johnny Depp. There are several scenes from both pirate films. The show will reair on July 9 at 12 pm EST on A&E.

Mention in British Vogue
From Molly: In British Vogue this month (August edition) there is an interview with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest co-star, Naomie Harris. She says this about Orlando - "I caught a cold on the flight to LA and started losing my voice. I couldn't talk between takes and had to mime what I wanted. Orlando kept bringing me homeopathic remedies, which was lovely of him"

New Behind the Scenes POTC 2 Video
Disney sent out links to a new POTC 2 video clip. In "Locations and Sets," the cast and the crew take you behind-the-scenes of the film to the deserted islands of the Caribbean.
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Flash (progressive download): 750k FLV (320 x 180) | 1500k FLV (480 x 272)

Teen People
From Krista: There is a really nice picture of Orlando and information about him in the August issue of Teen People Magazine which I recieved yesterday.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Grace (15). (belated, my fault. sorry)

  Wednesday, June 28
Official Haven Site
The official site for Haven is now online. The movie will be released on September 15.

Seasons of Dust Article
MTV.com has an article where Orlando talks about Seasons of Dust.

Comingsoon.net Interview
comingsoon.net has an interview with Orlando.

POTC Commercials
I made a video clip and screencaps of two new POTC 2 commercials.

Rolling Stone POTC 2 Review
Rollingstone.com has a review of POTC 2, where they give it 3 out of 4 stars.

Regis and Kelly
Orlando will be on Regis and Kelly on July 6. The show is syndicated in the US so check your local listings. It will be on at 9am on CTV in Cananda.

POTC2 Game on MSN
If you have Windows Live Messenger, you can play Dead Man's Tale.

Poster in Twist
From wcdancer: There is an Orlando Bloom poster in the June/July issue of Twist magazine (US).

Limited Edition LOTR DVDs
A new set of Lord of the Rings Limited Edition DVDs featuring both the theatrical and extended versions of the film, plus an all-new documentary, will be out on August 29th.

Movie Surfers Interview
You can watch the Disney Movie Surfers interview with Orlando on their website. Thanks to Bri for the link. I added screencaps here.

POTC 3 Script
There is a Japanese fansite that has posted, what they claim to be, an early draft of POTC 3 (in English).

  Tuesday, June 27
Orlando to Star in Seasons of Dust
From comingsoon.net: Orlando Bloom will join Kate Bosworth in Seasons of Dust, a Depression-era drama written and to be directed by Tim Blake Nelson, reports Production Weekly. In the film, Janey (Bosworth) takes refuge with a farm family after grandfather's suicide. But when the son tries to rape her, she injures him badly. Not knowing if he is alive or dead, Janey flees, and ultimately takes up with Ricky (Bloom), a dashing crook who is also on the lam. With the law and two hired hit-men hot on their trailer, Janey and Ricky engage in a frantic cross-country odyssey, trying to stay one step ahead of their determined pursuers. Production is scheduled to begin mid-July in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

POTC 2 Premiere Video Clips
I made video clips of the POTC 2 premiere coverage on Extra (includes a short clip of Orlando and Kate at Superman premiere), Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and E! News.

Darkhorizons Interview
darkhorizons.com has an interview with Orlando.

POTC 2 Premiere Articles
LA Times
USA Today

  Sunday, June 25
Jay Leno Video and Screencaps
I made video clips and screencaps of Orlando on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last Friday.

MSN Premiere Webcast
You can watch the MSN webcast of the POTC 2 premiere online at any time here. Orlando is around 1:58:00 and Johnny around 2:09:00.

Good Morning America
Orlando will be on Good Morning America on June 29, not July 5.

  Thursday, June 22
Superman Returns Premiere
Orlando attended the Superman Returns premiere in LA on Wednesday. View photos here. ET Online has a video clip where you can see Orlando for a second. Thanks to Lizzie for the link. I also made a short video clip from Access Hollywood.

Verizon POTC Web Site
Check out the Verizon POTC web site, that has new photos and a bunch of video clips, including an interview where Orlando talks about his stunts. You need to visit the games section to unlock some of the features on the site. Here is the direct link to the Flash video. If you get a gray screen, you need to right click it and choose Play.

New POTC 2 Photos
Comingsoon.net and ugo.com have some new press photos from POTC 2, thanks to Leah.

POTC 2 Premiere Webcast
From Chris: The world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean will be web cast on Saturday the 24th at 7pm pt at msn.com.

POTC 2 Trailer Receives Nomination
The trailer for POTC 2 has been nominated for a Golden Trailer Award for Summer 2006 Blockbuster. Thanks to Lizzie for the info.

POTC 2 Clip
The exclusive POTC 2 clip (snip, snip) shown before the MTV Movie Awards, can be seen and shared through youtube.com.

  Friday, June 16
POTC 2 Premiere Guest List
Here is a press release from Disney saying who will be attending the POTC 2 premiere at Disneyland in California. Looks like all the stars will be there.

Upcoming TV appearances
June 23 - Jay Leno, 11:35pm on NBC
June 25 - Live From the Red Carpet, 7pm on E!
June 29 - Conan O'Brien, 12:35am on NBC
July 5 - Good Morning America, 8am on ABC

Extras TV Show
Orlando was in England doing filming on Ricky Gervais' show 'Extras', which can be seen on HBO in the US. From herts24.co.uk: HOLLYWOOD superstar Orlando Bloom and TV funnyman Ricky Gervais were spotted filming in Hertford last week. The pair were shooting scenes for the second series of Mr Gervais' BBC sitcom Extras at Balls Park. On the grass outside of the mansion one of the crew said: "They are filming mostly inside the building, one of the rooms is being used for a courtroom scene. Orlando Bloom is here as well, but has spent most of the time inside." In the episode filmed in Hertford, Bloom, who shot to fame as the elf Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, plays a character keen to date one of the extras, but she turns her back on his advances.

Teen Choice Awards
Orlando is nominated for Choice Movie Actor and Choice Male Hottie in the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. POTC 2 has also been nominated. Click here to vote. Teen Choice 2006 will air on Fox on August 20, 2006, at 8pm ET/PT.

Volvo Pirate Treasure Hunt
From theautochannel.com: Volvo Car Corporation will support its official promotion of Disney's upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with a global, multi-media treasure hunt for a Volvo XC90 V8 that has been buried somewhere in the world. more...

POTC 2 Photos
kodakgallery.com has some new POTC 2 photos, as well as Orlando Love.

POTC 2 Happy Meals
From mcdonalds.com: July 7, 2006 - August 3, 2006. Shiver me timbers! McDonald's is sailing the seven seas with a Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction themed Happy Meal event that's sure to be 'treasured.' From telescopes to treasure chests, this adventurous collection features eight action-filled toys for perfect pirate make-believe - and no need to walk the plank. To celebrate this adventurous Happy Meal event, McDonald's is launching its Search for the Golden Treasure Happy Meal Game, offering 25 lucky mates the chance to win a trip for four to experience new pirates and more adventure on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or Disneyland Resort in California. Complete details and official contest rules are available inside participating McDonald’s restaurants.

POTC Look-a-like Contest Winners
The 3 winners of the POTC contest in NYC were all Jack Sparrows! (photos) Sammap on the board posted a video from the event. You can kinda see a Will Turner look-a-like near the middle of the clip.

  Wednesday, June 7
A-list Heading For County Parties
From northantsnews.com: FILM star Orlando Bloom, supermodel Elle McPherson and artist Tracey Emin will lead a celebrity invasion of Northamptonshire this weekend. The A-listers are among the mass rank of superstars who will flock to the county as Northamptonshire plays host to both the F1 British Grand Prix and a charity ball, hosted by former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. Before watching the British Grand Prix on Sunday, Orlando Bloom, who played Legolas in Lord Of The Rings, will mingle with drivers at the annual £1,500-a-ticket Grand Prix ball at Stowe House.

Celebrity Pet Calendar
According to cbs5.com, Orlando will appear in Tony La Russa's 2007 Celebrity Pet Calendar, which benefits the Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek. It will be out in September.

Hollywood's 10 Best Teen Idols
Orlando will be featured on Hollywood's 10 Best Teen Idols on the Biography channel.
Jun 8 - Hollywood's 10 Best: Teen Idols, 11:30pm on Biography
Jun 9 - Hollywood's 10 Best: Teen Idols, 3:30am on Biography
Jun 10 - Hollywood's 10 Best: Teen Idols, 9:00am on Biography

Look-a-like Contest
Zizzle, a company that makes POTC toys, is holding a Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann look-a-like contest on June 13th, 3:00-5:00 pm, at FAO Schwarz on 5th Ave. in NYC. Click here for more info.

Old Interview
Dairwendan came across an old KOH interview from Independent Film Quarterly.

Bloom's Everest Bid
From contactmusic.com: ORLANDO BLOOM is planning to reward himself for undertaking extensive promotional work for the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel this summer (06) - by hiking up Mount Everest. The travel-hungry Brit has always dreamed of seeing how far up the world's highest mountain he can climb. He says, "I'd love to go to the Everest Base Camp. I'm just looking forward to getting away from it."

AOL Moviefone Poll
You can vote for Orlando as the ultimate action hero of the summer on aol.com.

Life Magazine
Orlando was on the cover of Life Magazine found in some US newspapers. You can view scans on Orlando Love.

POTC Site Updated
The official POTC website has been updated with desktop wallpapers, buddy icons, posters and more. Also, check out the POTC M&M's website

Are You Orlando Bloom's Biggest Fan?
Teen People is looking for Orlando's biggest fan. More info.

Reference in Book
From Tess: I found another book reference. In Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny. The character William's appearance is described as Orlando Bloom's little brother. Or a cross between Johnny Depp and Orlando. The exact quote is "He did look good; in fact I remember TJ saying he could be Orlando Bloom's younger brother. I'd say a cross between Johnny Depp and Orlando. Same great cheekbones, and he'd grown his dark hair to his shoulders." It seems that whenever they need a good looker, they say the character looks like him!

Magazine Info
From Sara: In the June/July issue of Teen People magazine there is a small picture of Orlando and Kate on page 42 and there is an article on POTC2 with a small picture of Orlando and Keira. In the May 29th issue of People magazine there is a picture of Orlando walking his dog, Essa, on page 16 and there is an article on POTC2 with a larger picture of Orlando and with information on the movie.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lauren (17), Emmy (16), Jess (29), Sarah (20) from her friend Jill, Allison (15), Hilary (21) from her sister Julianne, Jen (23), Sarah (15), Jessica (15) from her best friend Sarah.