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October 2004
  Friday, October 29
Scene Cards from Kingdom of Heaven
Jenna sent in these scene cards from Kingdom of Heaven that her uncle got while working on the film. (1 & 2)

Sneak Scans
Tanya sent in scans from the October 26th issue of Sneak (UK). (1 & 2)

themanroom.com has a review of the special 3 disc version of Pirates of the Caribbean out on Nov. 2nd.

Sarandon Talks About Elizabethtown
IGN.com has posted an interview with Susan Sarandon, who plays Orlando's mom in Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown Filming in So. Cal.
From Christey: I live in Southern California (Orange County) and in Clemente at the collage, in the library, they said Orlando is filming a seen for Elizabethtown. They have trailers out in the parking lot, with cameras and all kinds of things. No word on what day he is filming.

Photo in Glamour
From Shelley: There's a slightly embarrassing picture of Orlando and Kate in this month's Glamour (US) magazine in the celebrity public display of affection section.

Dutch Magazine Scans
Lenny of Bloomania sent in scans from Break Out, nr. 45, 28th of October and the November issue of Celebrity.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy belated Birthday to Lauara (16), Hannah (16), Andi (13), Stephanie (14).

  Tuesday, October 26
Happy Legolas Day!
Better late than never. Legolas Day was yesterday. It was created in 2002 by a group of fans as a way to celebrate our favorite elf. October 25th was chosen because it is the day that the Council of Elrond takes place, and we are given our first proper introduction to Legolas.

InStyle Magazine Scan
Whitney sent in a scan from the November issue of InStyle magazine (US).

POTC 2 Updates
From zap2it.com: The sequel to Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" sets sail today, as it kicks off production with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom again. Although shooting isn't starting until March, the production team is officially getting into gear this week, according to Production Alert, which tracks film production.

From Sue: In the past couple days, I have gotten several reports from unrelated sources back home in/on the island of St.Vincent[and the Grenadines], that there are presently several POTC related people on the island. No word of OB or JD, but word has it, that the location scouts are about, and that "activity" may start by December/January.

New Kingdom of Heaven Set Photo
Here's a photo of Orlando on the set of Kingdom of Heaven, posted by Guitarchick on Orlando Love.

Kingdom of Heaven Music Score
From musicfromthemovies.com: Gorfaine-Schwartz also confirms that Hans Zimmer is not attached to Ridley Scott's upcoming 12th century epic Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, perhaps the hottest composer in Hollywood at the moment - Harry Gregson-Williams - has been hired to score this film, which is supposed to premiere in May next year.

New LOTR Video Games
Pamela sent in links to the new Lord of the Rings video games coming out soon. The game for the videogame consoles is called "The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age" and the PC game is "The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth."

Unreleased POTC Publicity Photos
Serein posted some unreleased POTC publicity photos at Orlando Love. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

TeenPeople.com Poll
From Jeanne: TeenPeople.com has a Top Ten Poll entitled "Mirror mirror on the wall... who is the hottest of them all", in which Orlando Bloom and co-stars Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are nominated. Go and vote please.

Troy Music Video
Rider sent in a link to the music video for "Remember", sung by Josh Groban for the movie Troy. It shows clips from the movie.

LOTR Pumpkin Carving Patterns
Ashley sent in a link to carvingpumpkins.com that has LOTR pumpkin carving patterns, including Legolas.

Tiger Beat
From Emma: In the new issue of Tiger Beat (US) there is a small poster of Orlando, and also a page (with pic) that talks about how he's very close to his mother and sister, and they confirm, once again, that he did not get into the acting business for the women.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Medy (15) from her friend Lisandra.
Happy belated Birthday to Erica F. (12) from her friend Caitlin G., Devyn (13) from her sister Aryn, Elizabeth (13) from her friend Rami, Caitlin, Anna (18), Viggo Mortensen, Stephanie (52), Yazmyn (15), Joy (19) from Jessica, Juli (20), Faith (14), Mark (28) from his girlfriend Sarah, Josie, Sarah (21), Rana Attia (14) form her best friend Sarah, Mary (13) from her friend Aryn.

  Sunday, October 17
ROTK Special Edition Video
The Official Lord of the Rings website has been updated with a sneak preview of The Return of the King Special Extended Edition.

Bop Scans
Nikki sent in scans from the November issue of Bop (US). (1 & 2)

Famous Magazine
There is a photo of Orlando and Kate in the October issue of Famous magazine (from Famous Players theatres in Canada).

New Legolas Merchandise at Hot Topic
From Stephanie: There are Legolas tapestry pillows that match the throws at Hot Topic now, as well as Legolas calendars! Yep, all Legolas! The pillows are $15.99 and the calendar is $12.99.
Also, on clearance at hottopic.com is a 20" talking Legolas figure for $16.98, t-shirts for $8.98 (1, 2, 3), a Legolas patch for .$97, Legolas folder for .$98, and a binder for $2.98.

Halloween Costumes
Here are some links to Orlando themed Halloween costumes online:
Pirate outfit from hottopic.com
LOTR costumes from tolkientown.com
LOTR costumes from newlineshop.com
Legolas costume from entertainmentearth.com
Legolas bow from entertainmentearth.com

Hobbit Sean Astin Tells All in New Memoir
From bostonherald.com: Sean Astin's strategy is laid out in his book "There and Back Again: An Actor's Tale" ($25, St. Martin's Press), written with Joe Layden. The book details Astin's early career and his emotionally draining work on "Lord of the Rings" in New Zealand.
Even if superstardom has eluded him, "I don't think I'm ready to let go yet of the idea that I could carry motion pictures," Astin said. "I think there's precedent in Hollywood for leading men to not conform to traditional standards of good looks and sex appeal. You think of Jimmy Cagney or Tom Hanks." At least, that's the plan. He noted humorously, however, that the editors had packed his book with Orlando Bloom pictures.

New Poll Question
The new poll question was submitted by Viv. According the old poll, most people liked the ROTK poster the most, while the Troy and POTC posters were almost tied for 2nd.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Keely from her friend Caitlin, Laura (14). Happy Birthday from yesterday to Tricia (18).

  Friday, October 15
Cool Magazine Scan
Emma sent in a scan of a poster in Cool magazine (Slovenia).

LOTR Fan Club Magazine Scan
Elf Lady posted on Orlando Love a Legolas photo and excerpts from an interview with Peter Jackson concerning Legolas, from the Official LOTR Fan Club Magazine for October.

Photo in People Magazine
There's a photo of Orlando and Kate in the latest People magazine. They also confirm that they are NOT engaged. Thanks to Carrie for the info.

Women.com Polls
From Jennifer: There are a couple of polls up at women.com: sexiest foreign import and sexiest actor. He's behind in both.

Empire Magazine
From Happy G: In Empire Magazine (UK) this month there another free magazine called "The 100 sexiest movie stars of all time" and Orlando got number 3! There's a full page photo (scan anyone?) of him wearing that red 'OXO' t-shirt and a little box says:
Sexy specs: With perfect features and magnetism that transcends his years and experience, Orly is human catnip.
Sexiest Role: Legoglas Greenleaf, LOTR.
True but stange: So far has broken his back, ribs, nose, both legs, arm, wrist, a finger and cracked his skull three times.
Talkin' Dirty: "Women are beautiful. They deserved to be cherished." See him starkers in Troy (Briefly).
(Johnny Depp got 5, Brad Pitt got 15, Eric Bana got 19, Viggo Mortenson got 25, Sean Bean got 41 and Elijah Wood got 43)

Orlando Checks
From Evelyn: If anyone is interested in having Orli on your checks, Checksinthemail.com now offers that possibility. All you have to do is go to their website under personal checks and click on "Picture This" checks. You can put your favorite picture of Orli as long as it is not copyrighted...so any snapshots you've taken will do!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Michelle D. (13). Happy belated Birthday to Viktorija (18) from Alex, Andrea, Sarahypoo Trent from Jillian, Madie (12) from Mia, Sami H. (17), Nichole (15) from her best friend Meg, Sarah (11) from her sister Hannah, Danielle (14), Catherine (14) from Laura, Sarah from Greta, Megan (16) from her mom, Kayla (13), Samantha (16), Mia (13) from Torie, Joanna (14) from her friend Marisa, and to Karlie.

  Tuesday, October 5
Engagement Rumors
I received about 100 emails from people who have heard that Orlando proposed to Kate. All the news stories stem from one that was printed in The News of The World, a gossip paper in the UK. MSN reports: But take heart, people. A rep for the genetically gifted duo has silenced the wedding bells, telling MSN Entertainment, "I can confirm that Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom are not engaged."

Kingdom of Heaven Article and Photo
Time magazine has an article and new photo from Kingdom of Heaven. Here's a scan of the photo from Elf Lady's site.

Ultimate DVD Scans
Elements sent in scans from the November issue of Ultimate DVD (UK) with Orlando on the cover.

Empire Magazine's Sexiest Movie Stars
The November issue of Empire Magazine lists the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars of All time. From MSN: As for the boys, you can forget rippling muscles and overt displays of testosterone. The sexiest men are slender, sensitive types, with "Lord of the Rings" elf Orlando Bloom swooping into third place and his "Pirates of the Caribbean" co-star Johnny Depp grabbing fifth.

Pre-order Troy DVD
You can now pre-order the 2-disc Troy DVD from Amazon.com. It is released in the US and Canada on January 4, 2005. It comes out in the UK this October 25th.

One Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in scans from the November issue of One (France). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Teen People
From Laura: There is a little picture of Orlando walking his dog Sidi in the new issue of Teen People under Star Tracks on page 41. It has a little passage that says, "Orlando Bloom, who we wish were our best friend, walks man's best friend." It is the same picture that has been in a few other magazines.

Total Girl Poll
From Hannah: In the October issue of Total Girl (Australia) a poll had been taken on 'Who's your fave celeb boy?', Orli got 48% coming up winner. The other options were: Guy Sebastian, Andrew G, Chad Micheal Murray, Justin Timberlake and Adam Brody.

Charity Auction Update
The premiere passes for Kingdom of Heaven, donated by Orlando for the "Adopt-A-Minefield Charity Auction", are now up to $10,000! That is twice the expected bid!

New Fan Video
Sonia has created a new Will Turner fan video. You can download it on her site, but be aware there are 3 uses of the "F-word" in the song.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy belated Birthday to Melissa (15), Carrie B., Amanda, Irina from Alex, Shannon (14), Debbie (14), Jessica (17) from her friends Almie and Nadz.

September 2004
  Thursday, September 30
Peta Magazine Scan
Mollie May sent in a scan from Peta magazine from an article about celebrities who choose to be vegetarians and/or not to use products that contain animals.

The Return of the King Special Extended DVD
The Return of the King Special Extended DVD Edition is released on December 14th. Here are some hi-res promo images, info on the DVD features, and desktop wallpapers from the official site.
From USA Today: Among the added scenes: Director Peter Jackson's cameo as a character on a pirate ship is longer. His character is killed by an arrow that is misfired by Legolas (Orlando Bloom).

Haven Review
Variety has a synopsis and not-so-favorable review of Haven.

Orlando is Coolest Guy in Holland
From seattlepi.com: ElleGirl magazine did a survey of what their readers in 10 countries are into. Here are the gut-wrenchingly predictable results: Coolest guy celeb -- U.S.: Johnny Depp; Holland: Orlando Bloom; France: David Beckham.

LOTR Calendar Scans
The Orlando Love forum has scans from the 2005 ROTK daily desktop calendar and the Trilogy calendar.

Entertainment Weekly Scans
Serein posted scans on Orlando Love from the October 1st issue of Entertainment Weekly (US). Orlando thinks we're great. :)

Bond Update
From yahoo.com: Plans to release the 21st installment of the long-running spy franchise in 2005 have been scrapped, with MGM confirming Wednesday that the studio and Eon Prods have not yet been able to tap a helmer for 007's next adventure. A lead thesp to play the Bond role has also not been locked in.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy belated Birthday to Helen (17) from her friends in Evrika, Mel (15), Kim (15) from Ali B., Rebecca (9) from her mom, Alyssa K. (15), Rachel (15) from her friend Brittanie, Claire, Lisandra, Maggie from Jacey and Sarah, Nicole K. (16), Jill (18), and Deana from Ally.

  Friday, September 24
The Calcium Kid Screen Caps
I added new screen captures from The Calcium Kid DVD, including the special features. A big thank you goes to Elf Lady for sending them to me!

Charity Auction
Orlando has donated 2 passes to the premiere of Kingdom of Heaven, to benefit the "Adopt-A-Minefield Charity Auction". The current bid is $900.

Us Weekly
From Bryna: There are several pics of Orli in this week's Us Weekly. There's a small pic of him on page 30 at the Haven premiere. On page 56, he is the Hottest Male Screen Star. And on page 76 there is a pic of him and Kate with the dogs they adopted in Morocco.

Seventeen Magazine
Orlando's ad for global warning awareness appears in the October issue of Seventeen (US).

Star Magazine
From Laura: There is a picture of Orlando in the September 20th issue of Star Magazine. It is on the "Stars Who Are Normal or... Not Normal" page. It is a picture of him pulling out a wedgie, and it says it is normal. There is a little passage that reads "Who knew? Even a gorgeous hunk like Orlando Bloom has to deal with problem underwear."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy belated Birthday to Katy (21), Amber (13) from Cambria, Jamie (12) from Chelsea, Clara from her friend Sarah, and Cammie (13).

  Monday, September 20
Old Candid Photos
Here are photos of Orlando from Sean Astin's new book, There and Back Again: An Actor's Tale, found on Orlando Daily. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

One Scans
Elodie sent in scans from the September/October issue of One (France). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

InTouch Scan
From Aly: On page 10 of the September 13th issue of InTouch Magazine there is a full page photo of Orlando riding around the "Elizabethtown" set on his mini motorcycle. The quote reads: Orlando Takes a Wild Ride! Adorable Orlando Bloom raced around on a mini motorcycle during a break from filming Elizabethtown, his upcoming love story with Kirsten Dunst. "It was lunchtime and he beelined from his trailer to the catering area," says an on-set witness. "He was laughing and having a blast!"

Mention on Nickelodeon Show
From Chelsea: I was watching Nickelodeon, a station in the U.S., and they were playing a game where you had to decide if the news about a celeb was "truth" or "tabloid" and one of the questions was "Orlando Bloom travels with a stuffed elephant when he's on the road, truth or tabloid." Obviously it was tabloid.

The Calcium Kid Out in NZ
From Lucy: Just thought that the readers might want to know the The Calcium Kid has been released in New Zealand on DVD and video.

Orlando Word Search
Laura made a new Orlando word search puzzle. You'll need Excel to open it.

New Poll Question
I changed The OB Files poll question, but I need suggestions for more questions. If you have any ideas, please send them in.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nicole (16) from her friend Francesca, Stephanie (14) from her friend Kendra, and to Katie. Happy belated Birthday to Brooke (13) from Kelsey.

  Sunday, September 19
M Magazine Scans
Julia sent in scans from the September issue of M magazine (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Fan Photos and Encounters from TIFF
Jessy sent in a photo of Orlando she took at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Gina sent in some photos she took. (1, 2, 3, 4) I also added some more fan encounters, including ones from Elizabethtown.

More Info on the Special POTC DVD
From Sharon: The 3-disc Gift Set will include the existing 2-disc Collector's Edition plus "The Lost Disc", a third disc featuring 8 never-before-seen bonus features running a total of 69 minutes. The set will carry the same $29.99 price that the 2-disc set did.

US/Canada Magazine Watch
From Emy: Orlando is in many magazines for November: Bop, J-14, Starinc. (a picture), Star System (in Canada), Pop Star.
From Deana: Orlando Bloom is in the new Teen Vogue, a picture of him asking how he gets away from fans and paparazzi, he says by hanging with his mates! And there is also an article about him in the summer issue of Teen!

Hitkrant Scan
Lenny from Bloomania sent in scans from Hitkrant magazine (NED), nr. 38, 16th of September. The article contains no new info, except that Dutch fans can call and win The Calcium Kid DVD, which will be out next week.

Orlando on The Next Wave
From Heidi: On Moday the 20th of September at 9pm there is a show called "The Next Wave" on E! and I saw Orlando, so I guess that means he's on the show. I also saw Kirsten Dunst. The show is about the "Next heavyweights in Hollywood".
The show repeats on the 22nd at 5pm and the 23rd at 10pm.

Serial Fan Scans
Elodie send in scans from the September/October issue of Serial Fan (France). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Seventeen's Entertainment Awards
Orlando is in 2 of the4 categories for Seventeen's 2004 Entertainment Awards. Vote here. Thanks to Sami for the link.

Stars Create Stirs in the Streets
Here's an article about the havoc Orlando created at TIFF.

DVD Release Dates
Here are some release dates:
The Calcium Kid: The Netherlands and Belgium - September 30
Troy: Australia - October 20, Belgium - October 14

Orlando Mentioned on "The A-list"
From Stacey: Orlando was mentioned on Toronto 1's "The A-List". There were small clippets of Orlando from various movies. He was mentioned in Unleash the Hounds. The interviewer asked a girl if she'd scream if she saw Orlando Bloom. Her answer "No, I'm not a screamer... I like him though." Interviewer: "Well, Mr. Bloom most definitely earned a spot with his fans when he was late 1 hour for the premiere for HAVEN just to sign autographs. What a gentlemen." Orlando Boom was #1 on Hot males of the Film Festival. "The A-List Film Festival Profile: The Heartthrob" a.k.a Orlando Bloom. I didn't hear a lot of what they said but this is what I got on LOTR, TROY, NED KELLY, HAVEN and POTC. And a small interview.
LOTR: "It has been 3 years when Orlando starred in Lord of the Rings as Legolas Greenleaf. And only a few months since the last installment. He has been the hottest thing to come out of the franchise."
NED KELLY: "He co-starred with Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts as Joe Byrne. But his role in HAVEN is much darker as Shy."
POTC: Interviewer: "You have a thing for the Caribbean" Orlando: "Who doesn't?!" Interviewer: "I know! You're not doing one but two sequels for Pirates, aren't you?" Orlando: "Yeah, We'll be down there for 2 and 3. It's gonna be great!"
Johnny Depp was also mentioned in Orlando's profile "Orlando has also starred in Pirates of the Caribbean with Idol Johnny Depp and newcomer Keira Knightley" Orlando on Johnny Depp: "It's great to be working with him again. I love him!"
TROY: "Orlando made a bigger name for himself when he co-starred with Hottie Brad Pitt and the Oh-So-Handsome Eric Bana."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy belated Birthday to Alyssa (14), Shannon from her friend Tegan, Jenae, Lei (24), Heike (15).

  Tuesday, September 14
TIFF Coverage
Orlando attended the premiere of Haven at the Toronto International Film Festival on the 11th, and a press conference on the 12th.
Photos and Haven poster
Fan encounters
Photos and video from Extra TV
Video clip from ctv.ca

Who and Chik Magazines
From Britney: There is an article in 'Who' magazine for September. It's on page 14 and he is riding a really small motorbike. The article includes 3 pictures.
This month, a giant poster of Orlando is in the Australian magazine 'Chik'. It is the 'NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE' issue.

Ned Kelly on Pay Per View
From Anne Marie: Ned Kelley is running on Direct Tv pay per view this month. Only on one channel.

Orlando Calendar
A few people wrote in to say that this calendar is available at Wal-Mart for around $5.

Fan Encoutners
Mel at The Bloom Room is looking for fan encounters, so if you have one, please send it to her.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Melissa (33), Amber (13). Happy belated Birthday to Caitlin G., Elaine (15), Katie (16), Jimmy (13) from Chelsea, Kristina (12) from her friend Adrianna.

  Wednesday, September 8
Teen People Scans
Julia and Katy sent in scans from the October issue of Teen People with Orlando on the cover. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Calcium Kid Video Clips
Zsu has posted video clips from The Calcium Kid in her LJ. Right click the links to save the videos to your hard drive.

Quote From Premiere
From Jackie: In the September issue of Premiere Magazine on page 106 under the article "Role of a Lifetime" Orlando was quoted as saying "I'd love to tackle Hamlet. Obviously, it's such a wanky actor thing to say. (laughs) But I'd do it for the stage. It would just really scare the sh** out of me. I think confronting that fear would be a really good thing."

People Magazine Scan
From Kristi: In the September 13, 2004, issue of People there is a picture of Orlando in the Star Tracks section. It says: "Pamona, Calif., August 25 - Riding high- or is that low?- on a hobbit-size hog (also known as a pocket bike), Orlando Bloom gets revved up between takes of his romantic comedy Elizabethtown costarring Kirsten Dunst and Susan Sarandon."
Katie sent in a scan.

Haven at TIFF
According to the Toronto International Film Festival web site, Haven will be screening on September 11 and 13, but tickets are already sold out. They also have a film page for the movie.

One In-flight Magazine
From Charlotte: I recently flew to Tenerife with First Choice Airways and their in flight magazine is called "One". Before take-off, I was flicking through to see what I could buy duty-free when my sis nudged me and said "hey look who's on the cover". I looked and it was a close-up, moody looking photo of Orli himself! It was an article on him and just a sum-up of who he is, life-story and all that. They made two mistakes though: 1. They said his sun tattoo was on his inner left thigh and 2. That he was twenty-six.

Elizabethtown Video Clip
Cameroncrowe.com has been updated with a new Meet the Crew video for Elizabethtown. Thanks to Anne Marie for the link.

Seventeen Magazine
From Larissa: I received my October 2004 issue of Seventeen today, in the mail. A little over midway through the magazine (about page 91), there's this advertisement, in which Orlando's photo is shown. The advertisement is for www.ClimateStar.org. It's an organization to stopping global warming.

Belgian News
From Dorothy: I have some very good news for the Belgian fans: I was reading a magazine about new dvd's and there's an ad about The Calcium Kid, saying 'Out on dvd soon!'. There is also a small mention of Orlando in Glam-It (Belgium), issue 7. It's an article about sex symbols and there's a small picture of Orlando with the text: 'Even as a blonde elf we got naughty thoughts of him. He scores a ten on the scale of yummyness.'

Interview Magazine
From Caroline: There is an article in the Sept. issue of Interview in which Orlando interviews Stuart Townsend.

Empire Magazine Vote
From Fiona: Empire Magazine are holding a vote for: Empire's Sexiest Movie Stars. You would have to send in your Top Ten Sexiest Stars which of course you can put Orlando in your top 10 and the results will be shown in a future issue of the magazine. Here the little article from the site: "It's been over five years since Empire celebrated the toppest totty ever to grace movieland, so once again we're canvassing your votes. Will Kate Winslet still be the sunshine of all those spotless minds? Will Keanu Reeves still be The One for the girls? Or will prince of Troy, Orlando Bloom, and Arthur's queen, Keira Knightley, be crowned Hollywood's sexiest stars?"

Orlando Calendar
From Katie: I was searching around and found another 2005 Orlando calendar.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy belated Birthday to Linda from Jas and Gracie, Amanda (14), Jennifer (21), Jess (14), Heather (16) from her friend Stormi, Alexandra (15) Adrianna (12), Meghan from Melissa, Ty (13) from Chelsea, Jimmy from his big sis, Jess (15) from best friend Katie, Keysha (22) from Cathy, Alison from Edmea, Helen (16), Lauren (15) from her friend Jen, Reva (15), Amanda, Rami (13), Alicia (14) from her friend Katie, Sian, Elena (16), Savannah (11) from her cousin Aryn, Kendra (15) from her friend Emmy.

August 2004
  Thursday, August 26
Teen People
Orlando is #1 on Teen People's 50 Sexiest Guys Ever list. He's on the cover of the magazine out September 3rd. Entertainment Tonight had a segment on it, and they said he blew everyone else away.

Troy DVD Release Date
It seems the US release date for Troy has been moved back to January 4th. Click here for cover art and special features.

Orlando to Attend Toronto Film Festival
cbc.ca says that Orlando has RSVP'd to the Toronto International Film Festival which runs Sept. 9-18.

Tiger Beat Scans
Julia sent in scans from the October issue of Tiger Beat (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Special POTC DVD
A 3-disc version of Pirates of the Caribbean will be released on November 2.

Orlando is GQ's Top Sell
From nydailynews.com: GQ's January issue, which featured Bloom on the cover while he was also on screens in the new "Lord of the Rings" film, was the mag's top draw. At 290,000 copies, it outsold issues fronted by a demurely topless Karolina Kurkova, Ashton Kutcher and others.

TV & Satellite Weekly
From Anon: British fans of Orlando might like to see the London/Anglia South edition of 'TV & Satellite Weekly' (28 Aug -3 Sept edition) there are 2 gorgeous photos of our lad on the cover and inside on pages 18 & 19 a lovely spread of articles and photos for our delectation! Apparently 'TTT' is going to be premiered on Sky Movies 1 & 3 on Sunday and FOTR is being shown on Sky Movies 1 on Saturday.

New POTC and Legolas Merchandise
hottopic.com has some new POTC merchandise, as well as Legolas merchandise including a binder, lunch box, pillowcases, and t-shirts.

People Magazine
From Pam: There's a picture of him in the new issue of People magazine. It's the issue that has Nicky Hilton on the cover (August 30). Orlando is featured in the Star Tracks section (pg. 18). He's wearing a pinkish colored shirt, blue Nike shorts and shoes. He's walking a black dog. The caption reads: Hollywood, August 14 On a break from shooting his upcoming romantic comedy Elizabethtown, animal lover Orlando Bloom takes a walk with one of his many dogs.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kayleigh (15) from her best friend Sian, and Ben (11) from his cousin Aryn.
Happy belated Birthday to Laura (16) from Tara, Marieke (15) from Antonia, Fernando (19), Alexa, Eliza (12) from her friend Mercy, Ali, Laura (14) from Brownie, Annie (15) from her friend Kayley, Randi (14) from her friend Becca, Melissa from her friend Jessica, Jaime (21) from Shelly, Marieke (15) from Antonia, Kayla (14), Angel (16) from her mom, Sean Patrick and Kiren James.

  Wednesday, August 18
New Photos
Patsie posted 2 new photos in her LJ.

Elizabethown Updates
From Lacey: There was on article about E-town in the Sunday edition of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. It featured two pics of Orlando on the bridge where filming was taking place near Eureka Springs, AR, and the article mentioned how they chose the location. It also talked a lot about the fans that waited for Orlando and stayed to watch the filming.

Hannah sent in this photo from the August 5th issue of a Eureka Springs newspaper.

From Andrea: August 6-8 Orlando and the people of E-town were filming a highway scene in western Nebraska. The security was heavy so there would be no disruptions to the filming.

From omaha.com: Carhenge - a replica of England's Stonehenge using old cars as stand-ins for the massive stone slabs - and the Scotts Bluff Monument are two Nebraska landmarks that will be part of the film.

Article from elrenotribune.com about filming in El Reno, Oklahoma, and Orlando buying a "pocket rocket" motorcycle.

Cameron Crowe's online journal

Kingdom of Heaven Article
The NY Times has an article on the religious controversy of Kingdom of Heaven, but it also contains some plot spoilers on Orlando's character.

Toronto Film Festival
Haven will be screening at the Toronto Film Festival from Sept. 9-18. Orlando may attend.

Who's Sexy List
Orlando made InStyle magazine's seventh annual Who's Sexy list.

From Raine: Orlando is in the September issue of PopStar (US and CAN). There is a little pic on the cover with the words "Outta control Orlando!" He is one of the guys listed in their pages of Boy TV as one of the "Comical Cuties." There is a tidbit of news about Kingdom of Heaven with an accompanying picture of OB from Cannes. Then there is an article with another pic from Cannes, his Premiere Magazine cover photo, and other pics from The Calcium Kid, a pic from another premiere (ROTK probably) and a pinup.

Filles d'aujourd'hui
From Claudine: Orlando is on the front page of the magazine "Filles d'aujourd'hui" of September. This is a French magazine in Québec, Canada.

Teen Choice Awards
Orlando won the following awards at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards: Best Misc. Male Hottie, Best Movie Liplock with Keira Knightly in POTC, Best Movie Chemistry with Keira Knightly in POTC, and Best Fight/Action Sequence for POTC. He lost Best Actor in a Drama/Action Adventure to Brad Pitt.

LOTR Exhibit and Symphony
From Nicole: There is a exhibition on Lord of the Rings at the Boston Science Musuem in the USA. It runs from August 1 to October 24, 2004.
There is a LOTR symphony in Connecticut (New England, USA) at the Bushnell. September 18th and 19th. To buy tickets go to Hartford Symphony.

Teen People
From Christina: Orlando had a little picture with him and Johnny in Pirates of the Caribbean on a page all about Johnny in the Double Issue of Teen People for September.

Site of the Month
Thanks to Juli at thefellowshipofdommonaghan.com for making The OB Files the site of the month.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ashley (17).
Happy belated Birthday to Francesca (16), Courtney, Katie (17) from her friend Sarah, Mandy (15), Leslie G. from her gals, Theresa (16), Ginger from all her friends, Kristin (14), Emily B. (15) from Chloe, Mysti (17) from her best friend Samantha, Ronni, Taisha (14) from her friend Kayla, Nikki (14) from her friend Jenny, Ashlee (19), Rob from Deana, Kyla (14) from her best friend Lindsey, Sarah (17) from her friend Nichole, Chelsea (12) from Carolina.

  Sunday, August 8
Troy Contest
I'm running a new contest that is open to everyone! One winner will receive a Troy poster and official keychain.

New Woman Magazine Poll
From femalefirst.co.uk: A new poll by New Woman magazine has named British actress, Keira Knightly as the most beautiful celebrity. The actors who made it to the list of the 50 most beautiful people included Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and singer Robbie Williams.

Ned Kelly on Top 20 DVD Chart
From superherohype.com: Columbia TriStar Home Video's comic book-based "Hellboy" shot to the top of Nielsen VideoScan's First Alert DVD sales chart for the week ending Aug. 1. Universal Studios Home Video's "Ned Kelly" was the only other new rental title to crack the top 20; the Heath Ledger-Orlando Bloom starrer bowed at No. 16.

The Journey Is the Destination
From hollywoodreporter.com: After her first feature, 1996's "Harriet the Spy," Hollywood was all set to typecast director Bronwen Hughes as a kids-flick director. ... Bronwen hasn't decided on her next move: She's interested in a project called "The Journey Is the Destination," about Reuters photographer Dan Eldon, to which Orlando Bloom, schedule permitting is attached," and she's also intrigued by the life of pioneering woman surfer Lisa Andersen.

Entertainment Weekly
From Maggie: Orlando was mentioned in the August 13th issue of Entertainment Weekly (US). He's on page 31. Orlando, along with Colin Farrell and Ryan Gosling, is considered to be the 'next Mel Gibson'. There is a small picture of Orlando and then a little thing that says: "WHY: Great at archery, sword fighting, hopping in the sack. WHY NOT: His wimp factor is as high as Mount Doom, especially after Troy. This teen favourite needs a Mad Max."
Mel from The Bloom Room has posted the entire article on her board.

E-town Filming in Oklahoma
Here are some fan encounters from Oklahoma. Someone emailed me and said they are now moving on to film in Nebraska.
From Hannah: This week he's been in Oklahoma filming Elizabethtown. On August 5, he was at the Murrah building memorial. I was lucky enough to have him sign my 'Lifestory' magazine. When I was up there he was signing the inside page and he asked "What is this?" I turned to the cover and he said "Oh my God". He was very sweet to everyone. He even told one girl's friend "Hi Kristina" over her cell phone.

From Chelsea: Two of my friends were extras on the set and they said that he was really friendly and funny like we all figured he was. They also said that between takes he was constantly on the phone. But, they said that in one sceane he had to cry and afterward he had to take a short break and recover! He's so sweet! They also said that they played Bob Dylan on the set to "get Orlando in the mood for crying" and they all got a song about tamberines stuck in their head! But yeah that's about all the info I have so talk to you guys later!

From Angela: Orlando was filming in Oklahoma the last couple of days. My husband got wind of it Saturday and told me about it. He was filming E-town where my husband worked, unfortunately I didn't get to meet him there. However, he filmed in my home town of El Reno the next day. I got to go and see him and get his autograph. He is so very adorable, the smoothest looking skin ever possible and holy cow is this guy gorgeous or what? Well, I got to get his autograph and he couldn't have been any nicer. They are also filming at the Oklahoma Bomb Site Memorial today or tomorrow. Just their way of showing respect and appreciation for all the lives lost there that day.

People Extra
From Michelle: In the August 4th issue of People Extra, on page 17, there is a few pictures and a small article saying how Orlando likes to wear his necklaces where ever he goes.

From Emma: In the newest issue of Cosmo (US, Jennifer Aniston on the cover) there's two pages of "What's Sexy, What's Skanky". Orlando was listed as sexy Celeb Crush (With pic).

Mention on BET
From Brandy: There was an Orlando mention on 106th and Park on BET. They had Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tom Cruise on their show and they asked Tom what he's going to do after his new movie and he said, "I'm producing a movie called Elizabethtown with Orlando Bloom." and then Jada said, "When someone says Orlando Bloom, the girls are like *she gasps*.", then the audience cheered. And then Tom says, "Yeah, Orlando's great."

Who’s Bond?
MSNBC has an article on the possible actors to take over the Bond role.

Midsomer Murders on US TV
From Kiera: The episode of Midsomer Murders that Orlando is in will be on the Biography channel on Sunday August 15 @9pm EST... then repeats again on Monday August 16 at 1am EST.

ALA "Read" Locker Poster
From Pinar: The American Library Association "Read" poster with Orlando is now available in a locker size (11"x17"). It sells for $7 for non-members and $6.30 for members.

Sneak Magazine
From Ash: Orlando is in the August 3rd Sneak (UK). Getting snapped with photos of him Kate and the two stray dogs he saved while filming in Morocco.

Premiere Magazine
From Missy: In the new Premiere Mag, with Colin Farrell on the cover (*gag*) there is a small picture of Orlando and Eric Bana from the Cannes Film Festival on pg. 42. There is also a section called "Role of a Lifetime" in which actors state what role they would love to play. Orlando is quoted as saying "I would love to tackle Hamlet. Obviously, it's such a wanky actor thing to say. [Laughs] But I'd do it for the stage. It would just really scare the sh*t out of me. I think confronting that fear would be a really good thing."

LOTR Party Supplies
From Becky: BirthdayExpress.com has Lord of the Rings party supplies with Orlando as one of the characters shown on the front. They have plates, napkins, cups, and even trading cards. They look kind of fun if you're into the movie!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy belated Birthday to Ramya (13) from her friend Rami, Shannon (14), Joann (30), Stephen (19) from Francesca, Marcy (12) from her best friend, TaRaea' (17), Becky (15), Audra from Chelsea, Jessica L. (15) from Jenae, Mojo.

  Wednesday, August 4
Thanks to everyone who sent in encouraging emails!

Sky Magazine Scans
Kelly and LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans of the Orlando article and photos in the August issue of Sky (UK).

Elizabethtown Article
Lisa sent in an article and photos about Orlando filming in Memphis, TN on Monday.

Elizabethtown Photos
Nana, Lu, Gi and Rafa from www.orlij2.weblogger.com.br sent in these photos of Orlando on the set of E-town. (1 & 2)

Brazilian Calcium Kid Poster
Nana, Lu, Gi and Rafa from www.orlij2.weblogger.com.br sent in a CK poster from the Brazilian magazine "Jornal do Video". The film is released in Brazil in October.

Fan Encounters
I added a bunch of fan encounters from Elizabethtown filming.

New Poll
I finally changed the poll question on the right of the homepage!

Us Weekly
From Megan: Orlando is in the August 9th issue of Us Weekly (US). He's on page 28. It says "A personal umbrella holder? Please! Orlando Bloom was his own P.U.H. between takes of next year's romantic flick Elizabethtown in Louisville, Kentucky." It shows a picture of him holding his own umbrella in the rain.

Midsomer Murders Italian TV
From Pat: Italian tv LA7 is broadcasting the English series of "Midsomer Murders" on each Saturday afternoon at 13.55, with the Italian title "L'Ispettore Barnaby" (i.e. Inspector Barnaby). If they respect the schedule of original series, the episode with Orlando will be aired on 14.08.2004 or 21.08.04. But don't take it for granted! Last week, for example, they did not aire the movie that was scheduled on many TVmags. So it is better to have a look each Saturday and...be ready with the video recorder!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mishelle (14) from her friend Alyssa, Kelly (20). Happy belated Birthday to Rebekah.

  Monday, August 2
Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. To those who have sent me nasty emails about it, please go visit another site! And to those who have sent nice emails, I will try to update more often!

People Magazine Scan
Julia sent in a scan of Orlando on the set of E-town from the August 9th issue of People (US).

Official 2005 Calendar
oneposter.com is selling the official 2005 Orlando Bloom calendar for £7.99 ($15.02).

Company's Sexiest Men Poll
From sky.com: Movie hunk Brad Pitt was voted number one in Company magazine's annual 100 Sexiest Men poll. He was followed by British actor Orlando Bloom and EastEnders heart-throb Nigel Harman. 

Sky Watch Magazine Scans
Cherie sent in scans from the August issue of Sky Watch (New Zealand) with Orlando on the cover.

Orlando as Young James Bond?
There have been different reports saying that Orlando has signed up with Miramax to star in a film about Bond's college days after being expelled from Eton. There are also reports that Eric Bana will take over the 007 role. I do not think any of the reports have been confirmed yet.

Elizabethtown Journal and Video
Cameroncrowe.com has journal entries from the director of Elizabethtown that mention Orlando, as well as a pre-production video featuring Orlando.

Star Magazine
From Cathy: In the US magazine "Star" there's a small picture of Orlando and Kristen Dunst on the set of Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown Filming in Forrest City, Arkansas
From kait8.com: K8 news learned today that Paramount Pictures will be in the area soon filming a Cameron Crowe project, produced by Tom Cruise and starring Orlando Bloom.

POTC 2 and 3 News
From digitalspy.co.uk: The next two movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean series will be filmed at the same time, it has been reported. The second and third films are expected to be as popular as the original, which starred Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, and Johnny Depp. Bloom and Knightley are expected to spend 10 months next year shooting the two films, and are set to make $12.6 million each from the deal. A source revealed, "They can name a high price as their love story was a very popular feature of the original and both have huge fan bases. The decision to make both movies at the same time will take them off the market for a year."

Calcium Kid Australian DVD Release Date
From Melissa: I thought some fans might like to know that the vhs and dvd release date in Australia for The Calcium Kid is 15th September!

Elizabethtown Articles
James sent in this link to Elizabethtown articles from the Courier-Journal.

New Photos
Bonnie posted new studio outtakes in her LJ.

Troy Swedish DVD Release Date
From Jessica: Here's some news about the Troy dvd- release in Sweden. It will be out on October 20th 2004 in a 2 disc format. It's now possible to reserve a copy in advance in internet stores around the country.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ayla (15).
Happy Belated Birthday to Gracie from Lucy, Meghan (12) from her friend Chelsea, Katya (12), Cassie (15), Roxie and Trixy (18) from Misty, Tam and Torrance, Megan (14) from Nichole, Rebekah (22).

July 2004
  Monday, July 26
Fan Encounters
Stella and Colleen sent in their fan encounters from Kentucky, and Colleen also sent a photo.

Elizabethtown Articles
Various articles about filming Elizabethtown: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (The OB Files is mentioned in 6, thanks Aubrey)
Photos: 1, 2

Tiger Beat Scans
Julia sent in scans from the September issue of Tiger Beat (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Orlando Buys Business
From Jess: The daily Mirror run a business section, Sorted and the City, and on Thursday, they published news that Orlando has bought a new business, T12 Ltd, and has just filed its first books at Companies House and he has had "cash at bank and in hand" of £447.557! They also say he has benefited from the company with an interest free loan of £192.165! and wrongly state that he is 24!

MiniMates LOTR Toys
From Tess: The toy company MiniMates has just made a whole line of mini LOTR figures. And of course Leggy is one of the mates. He comes with a mini bow and a knife and stands about 3 inches tall. All of the characters from LOTR have been made into MiniMates.

Mention on Inside Edition
From Erin: Orlando was mentioned on 23 July on Inside Edition in the U.S. They were doing a segment on how the male Hollywood stars are more sweet and sentimental nowadays instead of the big, buff, muscular guys. They talked about how his role in Troy was more sentimental and showed a sensitive side in him.

Bride's Magazine Scan
Kelis sent in a scan from the current issue of Bride's Magazine.

POTC Section in On Demand Cable
From Emma: If you have On Demand cable, you can go to channel 1, and go to the HBO-SHOW-STAR menu, then Starz pack and there's a section called 'Pirate's Cove' which contains On The Set of PotC, the movie, and trailer.

Ned Kelly DVD Release Date in Sweden
From Maja: Ned Kelly is released on DVD in Sweden 25 August 2004.

Troy DVD Release Date in Germany
From Talia: According to Amazon.de, the 2 DVD Set of Troy will be released in Germany on November, 13.

Sneak's Top Text Totty
From Claire: Just thought I should let all the Orlando fans out there know that for the last few weeks Orlando has been slipping in the SNEAK (UK) magazines TOP TEXT TOTTY list. It's getting quite sorrowful now-In the past few weeks slipping from 1 to 7... Get your texting sorted out!!! To do this type "Say what!? Orlando Bloom" (without quotations) to 07736 382284. Let's get him back up top where he belongs. He's dropping under Gareth gates, The McFly boys and Footballers!

Rate Troy
You can rate Troy at seventeen.com. Thanks to Cassidy for the link.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Happy belated Birthday to Hollie (16) from her best friend Emily, Eleni (12), Ashlee (14) from Melissa, Allie (15), Lauren (15) from her sister Kristen, Wesliegh (21) from Liam, Evelien (14) from her friend Merel, Martha, Moose from Chelsea.

  Tuesday, July 20
Midsomer Murders on US TV
According to biographychannel.com, Orlando's episode of Midsomer Murders (Judgement Day) will air on the Biography Channel on July 25th at 2pm EST.

Calcium Kid and Troy UK Video Release Dates
From Kathy: According to play.com, The Calcium Kid is released in the UK on the 30th August 2004 and Troy is released in the UK on the 19th of October 2004.

Elizabethtown Sightings
(*I make no guarantees on the genuineness of fan encounters, as I cannot prove or disprove them)
From Athena: My father works as a police Officer in Kentucky and has been working over time as security for Orlando Bloom and Orlando is the nicest guy he was very chatty with my Pop and he asked my father about his side arm and was really interested in it and said his cousin took him shooting and he shot a SIG-Sauer P-226 and really enjoyed it but he said that the gun laws in the UK wouldn't allow him to have one plus he didn't feel safe having one in his house. My father asked where he lived in the United Kingdom cause we have family in Cornwall and Orlando told him he lived out of his suitcase and that him and his dogs are homeless and countryless!! He was also talking about cars, which he knew a lot about. They talked about baseball and Orlando said that he hates baseball and when he went to a game he fell asleep. My father and all the other officers working with on the detail couldn't believe how nice he was he is just a normal kind of guy no movie star behavior and is really funny and knows tons of dirty jokes which makes my father and his buddies crack up.
Elizabeth's encounter
Robin's photos

Flying Shirttails, the New Pennants of Rebellion
From nytimes.com: To a man, they wore their shirttails untucked. "It's a kind of nonfashion fashion look," Mr. Zee said. "All the young Hollywood types, the young heroes who are cool, like Jake Gyllenhaal, Orlando Bloom and Spike Jonze, wear their shirts untucked. It's one of those looks that's meant to seem like there's no effort, although we know that it's really thought out."

How Orlando Got a Green Card
Eonline answers a question that mentions Orlando, about how actors get green cards.

Frodo Ornaments
From Kelly: Hallmark will be offering a Frodo Baggins ornament in October. Looks neat! You can view it at hallmark.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Annie (14), Ashley (12), and Mercy (13).
Happy Birthday from the 18th to Leonardo (20) from Tina, Caroline (12) from Chelsea, Katie, Amber, and Kelley (15).
Happy Birthday from the 19th Abby (15) from Jackie, Mirena (28), Lauren (20), Natalia (14) from her friend Susana, Francez.

  Saturday, July 17
The Calcium Kid in the US
From Tricia: According to videoeta.com the Calcium Kid is set to be released around October this year in the US. An exact date has not been set yet, but the site can notify you when it is released on DVD or VHS.

Troy Movie Script
Dailyscript.com has posted a draft script for Troy in PDF format.

M Magazine Scans
Tammy sent in scans from the August issue of M (US). There was also a page with paparazzi photos that I'm not posting. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Elizabethtown Sightings
From Teresa: I live in Versailles, Ky. We were driving through town tonight and saw a crowd gathered in front of Clark's funeral home. They have been shooting Elizabethtown here all week. We stopped to watch and in just a few minutes Orlando Bloom came out on the porch of the funeral home and waved to us. He came out with police and assistants and walked over across the street to us. He signed autographs and was very nice to us all. He had his dog with him. It is a black lab mix male dog named Siti, they pronounced it city. He had a big bee sting on the back of his arm. My boyfriend asked if he had gotten stung and he said he sure did! I just thought I would let you know about his new dog since you had a picture of his old one. A friend of mine said he came over to her mother's house and had homemade ice cream with her grandkids. (She lives across the street from the funeral home.) They thought he was really nice. The film crew has set up equipment at the middle school bus garage and say everyone is nice. The crew says they love Versailles, that it is a beautiful city and the people are so friendly.

From Parvathy: I just wanted to let you guys know, that I was in the set of Elizabethtown just this morning, and they are in fact filming it as you read. In Versailles today 7/15/04 they will be shooting in Main St. Tomorrow and Monday they will be shooting in the Funerary downtown. He seems to be giving tons, and tons of autographs at the end of each shooting day, so don't miss out. There doesn't seem to be much talk about Kirsten Dunst, as there is about Orlando, the whole city is going nuts over him. ...
I just came back from seeing Orlando Bloom in person! He is here in Kentucky, and filming the funeral scene of Elizabethtown. For all the fans who live here in KY, in any part at all, I recommend not to get desperate to just drive to Versailles and wait for a little bit, and you will for sure get your autograph, you just have be patient and be persistent.

From Alex: I live in KY and today I saw him filming Elizabethtown. My friends & I got to the set at around 8 & were able to see Orlando pull into the parking lot. He was very friendly- he waved & smiled at everyone. Later during a practice, he once again waved. He was very friendly & looked extremely good!

Elizabethtown Articles
Maya sent in a link to an article in USA Today about the frenzy around Orlando filming in Versailles.

Amelia sent in these articles about Elizabethtown filming:
From Lexington Herald-Leader: One Weekender Central staffer spotted Elizabethtown star Orlando Bloom dining, with dog in tow, at Le Deauville on North Limestone last weekend. On Monday, Bloom and co-star Susan Sarandon were part of a group of eight at Ramsey's Diner on East High Street. The evening included a tour of the adjoining Missy's Pie Shop (as well as a few slices of the desserts). Their server, Lindsey Roberts-Murray, said it was her second night on the job. "They were very complimentary," she said. Word is that Sarandon liked the pie slice so much that she sent a representative back the next day for two whole pies -- a Key lime and a five-berry.

From Lexington Herald-Leader: Without much fanfare, Main Street in this Woodford County seat of 7,900 is becoming a movie set. The vacant space formerly occupied by a downtown athletic center has been decorated to look like a bait-and-tackle shop, complete with mounted fish and a deer head peering from the windows. ... word from Paramount Pictures on whether stars Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst and Susan Sarandon.

Legolas Ken Doll
Mattel is releasing Legolas and Galadriel Ken and Barbie dolls in mid-late November.

Orlando Mention in Book
From Morgan: Orlando is mentioned in a new book: Maine Squeeze by Catherine Clark. I'll type what she wrote:
"Who's coming to visit?" I asked.
"I don't know. Your brother. My parents. Orlando Bloom." Samantha smiled. Haley and I laughed. We'd all thought we saw Orlando Bloom getting off the ferry last year, and had been convinced he was summering somewhere on the island. We rode our bikes all over the place, hung out at the general store, stalked a few B&Bs, did everything we could to find out where he might be staying. But we never spotted Orlando-or his very-good-looking look-alike...again, until someone reported they'd seen him getting back on the ferry and leaving the island.

Good Housekeeping
From Ashley: I was looking through Good Housekeeping (the one with Courtney Cox on the cover) and on page 85 they have last year and this year.. they had Elijah Wood for last year and Orlando for this year.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Desiree (12) from Ashley, and Kaylee (11) from her friend Jordan.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Emily (14) from her friend Cara.

  Thursday, July 15
Fan Photos from Cannes
Caterina sent in some photos she took at the Cannes Film Festival, before the Troy press conference. (1, 2, 3)

Elizabethtown Filming Update
From Colleen: I live on Pisgah Pike and they've been shooting for two days. Yesterday I thought I saw Orlando and Cameron Crowe, but today I did for sure! The part that they're filming is in the cemetery. They're filming the funeral scene. So I thought I saw Orlando so I jumped out of the car and took like 10 pics. Then I waved at him and Cameron Crowe, separately, and they both smiled and waved back. Unfortunately, Orlando couldn't come over cuz they were still working. Still a great experience tho!

Troy US Video Release Date
From Leanne: According to videoeta.com "Troy" will be released on DVD on October 12, 2004.

From Kelley: There is a small pic of Orlando in the August issue of Cosmopolitan on page 47 in the Keira Knightley interview. There is small quote from her that says "I kissed him (in pirates)! He's so cute and he's a good kisser."

I Love Orlando T-shirts at Build a Bear
From Meredith: I was in Build a Bear in Chicago, getting my friend a birthday gift and they released shirts that say, "I Love Orlando" and many other "I Love" shirts including Justin and Ashton to go onto your Build a Bear. Shirts come in white with red letters and little tiny hearts below it.

Nuevo Vale Magazine Scan
Akisha sent in a scan of Orlando and Brad on the cover of Nuevo Vale (Spain).

Cinéfilm Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in a photo and interview (in French) from the July/August issue of Cinéfilm (France).

Okej Magazine Scans
Samira sent in scans from the June issue of Okej (Sweden). (1, 2, 3)

Cartoon from It's Hit
Tanya sent in a cartoon from the June issue of It's Hit (UK) magazine.

Orlando Paper Doll
Jade sent in a link to a great Orlando paper doll done in Flash. There's also a Keira Knightley doll, and a Make Over Keira game.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Lilee (13) from her best friend Jamie.

  Tuesday, July 13
Elizabethtown Filming Update
From Jessica: I'm just letting you know an update on the Elizabethtown filming. I live in Versailles and they are closing downtown Versailles this week to shoot a scene for the funeral procession. Also, my street is to be filmed as well! There has also been some shooting going on in a little town called Piscah, about 5 minutes from Versailles.

Eliazbethtown Cast Update
From killermovies.com: Alec Baldwin has signed on to join Cameron Crowe's romantic comedy Elizabethtown, according to Variety. The project, which stars Kirsten Dunst, Orlando Bloom and Susan Sarandon, centers on an unexpected romance that develops against the backdrop of the elaborate memorial for a Kentucky patriarch. Baldwin will portray the boss of Bloom's character. Bruce McGill and Gaillard Sartain have also joined the cast, which includes Judy Greer, Jessica Biel, Loudon Wainwright III, Paul Schneider and Paula Dean.

Ned Kelly Video Release
I posted about this a while ago, but people keep emailing me the info, so... Ned Kelly will be released on video on July 27th in the US and Canada.

POTC to Start Filming This Fall?
From canoe.ca: Producer Jerry Bruckheimer hopes to begin filming the sequel to his runaway hit Pirates of the Caribbean this fall. "Johnny (Depp), Orlando (Bloom) and Keira (Knightley) are all committed to the sequel emotionally but not financially. That's something we have to start working out," says Bruckheimer. "All three are busy, expensive stars now. Johnny's a $20-million man." Depp has said he wants Keith Richards to play Depp's father in the sequel. "Johnny loves the idea of having Keith in the movie because he used Keith as an inspiration for his performance, but the part isn't in the script yet. If Johnny insists and Keith agrees, I think it's safe to say it will be written in."

Teen People Polls
From Hattie: This week's top ten poll on teenpeople.com is "Mirror, mirror on the wall... who is the hottest of them all?" It has a list of 20 famous guys (Orlando included of course!) and you get to pick one. At the end of the week, they publish the ten that had the most votes on their website.
From Talia: There is a poll on the Teen People website, it is which couple would you like to double date with, it says Orli and Kate.

Evolution of the Leading Man
From Christelle: Go to nytimes.com, there is an "Evolution of the Leading Man" that orlando is apart of. It is extract from the New York Times.

TV Hits
From Gab: in the August issue of TV Hits (Australia) there is an Orlando poster plus some gossip on Orlando.

Mtv.com Poll
From Pam: Mtv.com is hosting a poll with the new Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray movie 'A Cinderella Story.' The poll reads: "In "A Cinderella Story," Chad Michael Murray is Hilary Duff's Prince Charming. Who would be yours?" The choices are Justin Timberlake(14%), Ashton Kutcher(17%), Orlando Bloom(38%), and Usher(29%). The poll is in the 'Movie' section of the website.

Fan Mail
From Anne Marie: Just wanted those who are waiting for replies from Orlando not to get discouraged. My special ed. class wrote him back in Feb. We sent 3 pictures for autographs. We just got them back one with a nice personalized note.

Hitkrant Scans
Lenny of bloomania.com sent in scans from they July 10th issue of Hitkrant (NED). The first is a short clipping about Orlando's name, meaning "Bright Sun". Although Hitkrant doesn't consider him as the best actor, they do think he is the ray of light in the movies he plays in. The second is a small article on Orlando participating in charity for a sick girl who needs a new heart and kidney. She also sent in scans from the July 3rd issue. A mentioning of Orlando being the hottest bachelor, and part of an article about the (ex) lovers of Christini Aguilera and possible attractive men, Orlando being one of them.

Site Award
The OB Files won the Not Yours! Award from "MINE! - The Most Possessive Orlando Bloom Site Awards". Not exactly sure what it means, but thanks ladies!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Jamie (13).

  Sunday, July 11
J-14 Scans
Lavender sent in scans from the August issue of J-14 (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Fan Photos of Orlando in Kentucky
Ashley sent in some photos she took of Orlando in Louisville at Churchill Downs on July 4th. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) This is what she said: "Not that many people seemed to recognize him, but he was very kind to those of us who did. He came over and signed autographs, and talked for a bit. Of course, I was so shocked that it was actually him, that I can't remember anything he said. He was so friendly, though, and smiled the whole time and was just generally sweet. I have a feeling he spent most of the day watching from one of the indoor air conditioned boxes, as he was only outside for 10 minutes or so. Just long enough to congratulate Pat Day on one of his wins and come over and talk to the fans for a bit."

Bop and Pop Star Scans
Julia sent in scans from the August issues of Bop (US) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and Pop Star (US) (1 & 2).

Bloom, Depp not signed up for 'Pirates' sequels
From digitalspy.co.uk: The main stars from Pirates of the Carribean have yet to sign up for the movie's two sequels. Both Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are keen to reprise their roles but have yet to sign on the dotted line because negotiations over their pay are still ongoing. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer told MRIB: "We're currently negotiating with the actors to all come back. They all want to come back - it just all comes down to making deals with their agents. They all want raises, which they deserve, it's just how much of a raise." He added that he was confident that the sequels would be a success with the same director and writing team back on board. "We've got the same writers that wrote 'Pirates' and they're going to come back and write two and three. They've outlined two and three, they're writing two and we have a deal with Gore Verbinski, who directed the first one, to do two and three."

Russian Magazine Scans
Olya sent in some Russian magazine scans. (1 & 2)

Elizabethtown Sightings
From Jessica: I just wanted to let you know, in response to news about Orli being seen in and around the Louisville area, exactly where he has been seen. He ate with Kirsten Dunst and Cameron Crowe at Artemesia, a restaurant one block from where I volunteer, he has gone shopping twice at Whole Foods, a health food grocery store with Kirsten (where I go to buy my vegetarian stuffs sometimes, really cool place!), at Churchill Downs, racetrack famous for hosting the KY Derby (he was there with Kate & posed with famous jockey Pat Day for the Winner's Circle Photo), and at Hubbach and Co., an interior design and architecture firm (they called him a "very dashing and gracious" customer, came to buy "an antique 3-D wooden artist's template". ??? He was seen wearing black clothing & 5-6 necklaces & silver rings on each hand. "His jewelry is the best" said a female store owner. A male friend??? was with him at the time.) Just thought you might enjoy the update. As filming is not scheduled to begin until July 22nd, I believe, they haven't told us whether or not we got the role as Elizabethtown extras yet. (They said they would call us the day before they needed us, which might be any day from the 22nd until they finish filming.)

Teen People
From Chelsea: In the August issue of Teen People (the one with Kirsten Dunst on the cover) there are the 3 pics of him swimming in Cayman for the 'Star Tracks' on page 78. There is a pic of his eye on page 80. It's a game called 'Guess Who?'. There is another pic of him with a little article about upcoming movies and stars and it talks about him and Kirsten Dunst doing Elizabethtown. And in the Kirsten Dunst article on page 172 on #10 it says: 'Orlando Bloom should be Sweating Her! Kirsten has kissed a lot of cute guys for her job. Big Deal. "So what if he's cute or not? He could be a total jerk!" she says. So don't expect her to get all hot and bothered about her next costar: Orlando Bloom. She and dream boy from Britain are set to start shooting Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown soon. "Why should just the girls be 'Omigod, he's so hot!' " she says with a nice mix of sarcasm and confidence. "I'm a hot girl-he should be excited to work with me." We bet he is.'
Julia sent in some scans from the issue. (1 & 2)

Who's a pretty boy?
From smh.com.au: Once upon a time, and for a very long time at that, the American leading man had a square jaw, a glinty gaze and an imposing physique. But that has changed. The new generation of Hollywood's young leading men are soft of cheek, with limpid stares and wiry frames. ... They have been replaced by young men who look and seem very different. There is the thoughtful, vegetarian Maguire, 29, and the lanky Gyllenhaal, 23, a star in The Day After Tomorrow. Other new-model leading men include Orlando Bloom, a slim British actor who stars in Troy and was recently cast as the lead warrior in Kingdom of Heaven, a crusader epic directed by Ridley Scott;

US Weekly
From Lauren: Orlando is featured in US Weekly (July 12-19) under "Hunks in Trunks" on pg. 86. There is a small bit that reads, "Orlando Bloom: Three times a week the Troy star, 27, plows through intense 25-minute workouts that include jogging, weightlifting and jumping rope. Trainer Harley Pasternak tells Us, 'By the end, he is pouring sweat.'" There is a small picture next to this.

Calcium Kid Photos
Aimee came across some new Calcium Kid photos. You need to register to download the hi-res versions, but it's free.

From Cara: In the new August edition of CosmoGirl there's a picture of him and Kate in the astrology book.

Girlfriend Magazine
From Gab: In the August issue of Girlfriend (Australia) there are pictures, posters and a calandar of Orlando.

Elle Girl
From A.: Orlando was picked as the #2 hottest guy ever (out of fifty) in Elle Girl. "If you read ELLEgirl regularly, you've probably guessed that we have a thing for Landy- whether he's playing a prancing pirate, an earnest elf, a trojan prince or a walking hunk of chocolate (oh wait, that was just one of our favorite fantasies.)"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Audrey (15) from her friend Megan, to Whitney and to Maud (13).
Happy Belated Birthday to Robin, Laney (13), Sarah P., Ariana from Joey, Erin from Soph, Shlomes Sr. from Shlomes Jr., Amanda (14) from Melissa, Andrea Grint, Em and Kel, Laura (9) from her sister Sharon, and Katia and Nicole, Claire (14), Andrea (12) from Rockie, Analise (13) from Sarah, Kristy (16) from Christina, Jennifer "Angel", Brandon (11), Rae Rae (17) from Zoe, Lauren from Joanna, Meghan, MJSpice.

  Sunday, July 4
Tiger Beat Scans
Lavender sent in scans from the August issue of Tiger Beat (US). (1, 2, 3, 4)

In Touch Scan
Heather sent in a little blurb in the July 5th issue of In Touch. The page was about "Summer's coolest cocktails" and listed a few celeb's favorites.

Elizabethtown Updates
From Jaimelee: On a local radio station in Louisville today a DJ was telling about how Orlando went to Forth Street Live downtown [last] weekend & was not allowed in because he had one of his dogs with him and no dogs are allowed.
From the Courier Journal features section: "Hey isn't that... If you've seen someone who looks like that double of People Magazine's eligible bachelor, Orlando Bloom or thought an attractive woman dining nearby might be Spider-man 2 co-star Kirsten Dunst your eyes weren't deceiving you. The two movie stars who soon will be shooting a romantic comedy calls "Elizabethtown" in Kentucky were spotted last week having dinner with Cameron Crowe at Artemesia on Main street and shopping at Whole Foods on Shelbyville Rd."

Bravo Scans
Dannii sent in scans from the June 30th issue of Bravo (Germany). (1, 2, 3) Stina posted a translation on ka-Bloom.

Best Legs Poll
Orlando came in 5th in a survey by razor firm Gillette asking what male celebrity has the best legs.

Elle Girl Scan
Aryn sent in a scan from Elle Girl (US).

Oprah Repeat in US
The episode of Oprah with Orlando, Brad Pitt, and Eric Bana will be repeating July 9th. It's syndicated so check your local listings.

Hottest Movie Hunks
From Brittany: On July 3rd, TV Guide channel had the summers hottest movie hunks. Orlando came in at number 2 out of 15 other men. They showed clips of Orlando as Paris and had an interview. The interview was from VH1's Making the Movie. At the bottom of the screen, facts were listed. Most of them were about Lord of the Rings. Brad Pitt came in at number one and Eric Bana came in at number three.

News from Myanmar
From Ana: I checked out June issue of the Top English journal and Orlando is in there. It was only a one minute biography and the cover was of Orlando. And just yesterday, I was reading Myanmar Times and found a short article about Orlando stating about Orlando being the no.1 hottest actor, along with a small pic of his.

Orlando Purses at Kohl's
From Kristi: I went to Kohl's today (in MN) and they had a purse that says 'Mrs. Bloom' on it. They had black/white ones and pink/white ones. There were the over-the-shoulder style as well as a bowling-bag type. They were really cute!

Orlando on TV Show The Menu?
From Andrea: I was looking through my August issue of YM and there were 2 pictures of him. One of them was in an ad for the Menu, which is a new show that is on Saturday at 11 am (eastern time) (US) on the Fox network. I'm guessing that he is going to appear on the show sometime, but I'm not sure when, I checked out the website, themenu.ty.yahoo.com but they don't show anything about future episodes, but when he appears on the show, they will have clips from it on this site I think.

Warning About Fellowship Festival
From Lyz: I was just scanning down and noticed you had some information on the Fellowship Festival. Me and a group of my friends have reason to believe that this is bogus and will in fact not actually happen. It has previous been set to occur a month ago and then they said it would be post-poned due to the centre being used for Expo, an event that is held at the same place, same time each year. If they are in fact planning to have a real event they should already know this. Just to inform you, this is unlikely to be a geniune event that will hold-up to all it's promises such as the entire cast attending. Be warned, it's unlikely to be legitimate!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Madeline (13) from her friend Bailey, Andrea (16), and Ashly.
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