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September 2002
  September 30
Watch the New TTT Trailer Now
View the new trailer in streaming RealVideo here: dial-up or broadband. Click here for a frame by frame look.

Wilde on US Cable
Brianna says that Wilde will be on Bravo on Thursday, October 3rd at 2 am (EST).

  September 29
Scans from the UK TTT Calendar
Check out bagendinn.com for scans from the UK TTT Calendar. July just got hotter!

Report from the 'Pirates' Green Light Party
Check out this article from ign.com that includes new info about the film.
"Will Turner, played by Orlando Bloom; a fellow who hates pirates but discovers an important link to them in his past."
"Elizabeth Swann, the governor's daughter as played by Keira Knightly. She'll be the romantic interest of Will Turner."
You can also check out artwork and the current logo for the movie. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Submit Questions for CosmoGirl Interview
You can submit questions for a future interview with Orlando and Elijah Wood for CosmoGirl (UK).

Orlando in Starstyle Magazine
Marieke wrote in to say that there is a small article with a great picture of Orlando in the October issue of the Dutch magazine Starstyle.

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Andrea and Jen both saw the TTT trailer attached to 'Road to Perdition' in the UK. Meaghan also saw the trailer attached to 'Reign of Fire'.

  September 28
E!s 25 Sexiest Men in Entertainment Poll
In E!s 25 Sexiest Men in Entertainment '02 online poll, Orlando is one of the choices for the question 'Which of these hotties will you be keeping an eye on?.' The results will probably be mentioned during the Rank: 25 Sexiest Men in Entertainment '02 special that premiera on E! Oct. 20th at 9 pm (pacific) . A big thanks to Kelsey for the info, and don't forget to vote!

Orlando in Teen People
Jill says that in the November issue of Teen People (US), there is a microscopic picture of Orlando at the bottom of one of the pages mentioning his work on The Kelly Gang. Jill will be scanning it for us soon.

TTT Trailer Info
Entertainment Tonight showed a short clip of the trailer last night. The only appearance Legolas made was in the background of one of the shots, standing with his arms folded in front of him. Let's hope they'll be more of him in the rest of the trailer! You'll be able to view it online starting next Tuesday. Also, New Line has given the trailer the name "Mankind's Battle".

TTT Trailer attached to The Bourne Identity
Leanne wrote in to say the the TTT trailer was attached to "The Bourne Identity" when she recently saw it at Hoyts (Australia - Woden Plaza).

  September 27
Keira Knightley joins Pirates
From ign.com: A source at Disney tells IGN FilmForce that Knightley has been cast as Elizabeth Swann, the main female lead in the upcoming theme-ride-inspired Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Sneak a Peak at the Pirates Set
From Coming Attractions: "There is a big set being constructed at the old Marineland in Palos Verdes. They are building (almost finished with) the fort that the pirate ship sails up to and shoots at. They are also building a Mansion. If you stop at the rest area before you get to the entrance, you can get a great view of the fort. They are also building a pirate ship in the old Spruce Goose hanger in Long Beach."

TTT Footage on Entertainment Tonight
From TORN.net: Entertainment Tonight will be showing exclusive footage (possibly the 'new' trailer) Friday night! Check your local listings for time and channel in your area.

  September 26
New Info on The Calcium Kid
Thanks to a fan for letting me know that The Calcium Kid is actually a remake of the 1936 film The Milky Way, which was also remade in 1946 in The Kid from Brooklyn. Those movies were based on the play The Milky Way. The plot is the same in both movies, with a shy milkman named Burleigh Sullivan who accidentally knocks out a middleweight boxing champ thrusting him into the limelight. For more info, click on the movie links.

Also, people have been asking me where the movie is shooting, and Louise wrote in saying shooting is taking place in Vauxhall, London. She also says that Billie Piper is playing Orlando's love interest in the film. I haven't been able to confirm that yet.

Legolas Pic in Fangoria Mag
From oddjob103: In the new Fangoria #217, there is an interview with Peter Jackson about The Two Towers, along with a Legolas pic (not a new one) and the pic of Legolas and Gimli on horseback with the people of Rohan. One of the captions said something about Orlando Bloom setting hearts aquiver again.

BBC and CosmoGirl Polls
Emma wanted me to let you all know that Orlando is lagging behind Daniel Radcliffe by about 12% of the votes in the Favorite Celebrity poll at BBC.co.uk, so go and vote. But in good news, Orlando is the lead by 34,000 votes in the CosmoGirl poll! Good job gals!

  September 25
TTT Paris Premier is Private
According to Le Grand Rex website, where the TTT premier is taking place, the premier is private and they won't be selling tickets for it.

Info on The Kelly Gang Release Dates
In an interview with Heath Ledger, he states "'Kelly' will open first in Australia, then Ireland and London" before coming to the United States later in the year, Ledger says. "It'll be those three places. They're kind of sure bets. There's a huge following in those places." Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

So Graham Norton on TV in New Zealand
TV1 will be airing Orlando's appearance on So Graham Norton this Thursday at 9.35pm. Thanks to Raewyn and OB Online for the info.

New TTT Trailer Online Soon
The main theatrical trailer for the TTT will premier at 12:01AM, Monday, September 30, exclusively on AOL at AOL Keyword: Lord of the Rings. 24 hours later, the trailer will be put online at lordoftherings.net at midnight. The new trailer will debut in North American theaters on Friday, October 4, and widen throughout the world through the month of October. Full Story.

  September 24
The Calcium Kid Set Photos
Here are 16 photos of Orlando taken on the set of The Calcium Kid. Thanks to bagendinn.com.

The Fame Game Update
Andie wrote in to say that The Fame Game has just updated their website with a photo of Orlando and Celine, and an account of how she tracked him down. It looks like she doesn't want to let go of him! I don't blame her.

CosmoGirl's What's Rocking Meter
From Fiona: In the October birthday issue of CosmoGirl (UK) there's a meter saying What's Rocking (good points) & What's Shocking (bad points). In What's Rocking it says:
Only two more issues of cosmogirl til The Two Towers - Hurrah.

  September 23
Orlando on the Fame Game
Celine Garvey from Ireland won the Irish TV program "The Fame Game", and her prize was a chance to meet her idol Orlando. She traveled to London to visit the set of The Calcium Kid, and eventually met him! Clodagh wrote in and said that Orlando "looked really cute when she found him, and she got a hug from him." Lucky gal. If you're reading this Celine, drop me a line!

Vote for Orlando in Smash Hits Poll
You can vote for Orlando in the Most Fanciable Male category at the Smash Hits Poll. The winners will be announced on November 24th. Thanks to Sophie for the info.

  September 22
Dating Quiz Correction
The celebrity dating quiz I posted about yesterday is actually in Teen People, not People magazine.
  September 21
Billie Piper Has Cameo in Calcium Kid
Thanks to OBM.net for the link to this Ananova article that states British pop singer Billie Piper has been filming her cameo role along side Orlando in The Calcium Kid.

Dating Quiz in Teen People Magazine
Barbara says that in the latest Teen People Magazine there is a dating quiz to see which celebrity you should date, and Orlando is one of the choices.

  September 20
New Legolas 12" Action Figure
A new 12" Legolas action figure from Toybiz will be released on October 1st. You can preorder one at www.amazon.com for $22.99. Thanks to Louise and TORN for the pic.
You can also preorder the 6" Legolas figure that comes out September 25th through www.amazon.com for $9.99.

Orlando Poster in CosmoGirl
There is a poster in the October birthday issue of CosmoGirl! (UK). Thanks to Fleur for the info.

Orlando in Lush Lads Survey
In the Lush Lads Survey at mykindaplace.com, Orlando is one of the guys in the Sexiest Fella category. He currently has the most votes, ahead of two of his former costars, Heath Ledger and Josh Hartnett. Incidentally, Elijah Wood is also in first place, in the Sweet Geeks category! Thanks to Natalie for the info.

LOTR Coins and Stamps
The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a coin set featuring characters from the LOTR, including Legolas. Find out where to buy the coins here.
Legolas, and the rest of the characters, are also featured on postage stamps that were issued in NZ, the UK, and Altay. Take a look.

  September 19
Orlando Poster in Sneak Magazine
There is a poster of Orlando in the latest issue of Sneak magazine (UK) with Michelle from Liberty X on the cover, (17-23 Sept, Issue 21). There is also a small snippet about the fire on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean and a small picture. Thanks to Eleanor, Hayley and Isawien for the info!

TTT Legolas Poster for Sale Online
You can purchase this TTT poster featuring Legolas at www.posternow.com. Thanks to Nellas and Elf Lady for the link.

Article on 'Pirates' Fire
Stephanie found an amusing little article online about the fire that mentions Orlando.

  September 18
TTT Trailer on Film 2002 in UK
Bekky wrote in to say that Monday night Film 2002 with Jonathan Ross, on BBC1 in the UK, showed a few clips and the trailer for The Two Towers. She says the program will be repeated late Saturday night. Check DigiGuide for times.

And for the US folks with cable, don't forget that Wilde will be on Bravo this Thursday at 1 am & 3:30 pm Central.

  September 17
Chris Eubank Has Cameo Role in Calcium Kid
Kerry wrote in to say that Night and Day Magazine (UK) mentioned that Chris Eubank, an ex-boxer well known in the UK, has a cameo part in the The Calcium Kid.

Survival of the Sexiest Poll Update
Orlando is currently in the lead by 3,000 votes. Let's make sure he stays out on top by voting. You can vote up to 100 times a day!

  September 15
Vote for Orlando in Girlfriend Awards
Orlando is nominated in the Lushest Lad on the Big Screen category in the first ever Girlfriend Entertainment Awards (Australian mag).

LOTR Bobblehead Dolls
Upper Deck will start selling the first series of the Lord of the Rings Bobble Head Dolls, including Legolas, starting in November at stores and online at upperdeckstore.com.

Survival of the Sexiest Poll
People have been emailing me about the CosmoGirl poll, and the fact that Shane West is catching up to Orlando who is currently in the lead by about 1,000 votes. If Orlando wins the poll this month, he will go into the winner's circle and we won't have to worry about voting for the rest of the year!

Blurb on E! Online
From Becky: There is a tiny blurb and headshot of Orlando in the gossip column at E! Online.

  September 14
Black Hawk Down 2-disc DVD Review
Thanks to Jas, here's a review of the 2-disc DVD of Black Hawk Down, which is what the screen caps I added a few days ago were taken from. The review says that Ridley Scott dropped the original ending because "he felt that it violated his first sin of filmmaking, 'Thou shalt not bore'." It certainly didn't look boring to me! The 2-disc set will be released in the UK on September 16, and you can purchase it at amazon.co.uk. No word yet on a release date for the US.
  September 13
New Photos in J-17 Magazine
The October issue of J-17 (UK) has a 5 page spread on Orlando, which includes 2 never before seen photos. Also, I got my first piece of press, as my site is mentioned in the small write-up! Here are scans thanks to Dawn: (1, 2, 3).

Orlando at Jimmy Choo Party in London
Orlando was at San Lorenzo's Restaurant in London on Tuesday night for a private party celebrating the launch of a new Jimmy Choo shoe and handbag concession in Harvey Nichols. Here's a photo.

Extended FOTR Script Review
TORN has a review of the script for the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring, which will be released on DVD and VHS on November 12.

Ebony a Fake?
I have been getting emails asking if the actress Ebony, who was said to be playing Orlando's wife in The Calcium Kid, is a real person. There are rumors that she is a made up person, like the character from the movie Simone. Kerry wrote in and said Ebony is a glamour model and Page 3 girl (topless models who appear in the Sun Newspaper everyday on page 3), a D List Celebrity. So she is real (at least parts of her), but that doesn't mean the news article wasn't a rumor. If you have more info, please let me know.

  September 12
The Kelly Gang to be Released in March
In an interview with CNN, Heath Ledger states that Ned Kelly (The Kelly Gang) will be out in March. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Bliss and Company Magazines
Kerry says that there is a small feature in this week's Bliss Magazine (UK), about Kiera Knightly having to choose between Johnny Depp and Orlando in Pirates of the Caribbean. It includes a small pic of Orlando.

Emma says that there is a small picture of Orli in the October issue of Company (UK), with Holly Valance on the front.

  September 11
Ebony to Co-star in The Calcium Kid?
Thanks to Jas at OBM.net for the link to megastar.co.uk, that states "Former glamour girl and MegaStar favourite Ebony is to play the wife of none other than Hollywood heart-throb Orlando Bloom. The Lord of The Rings star is set to star in a film about a milkman who discovers his hidden talent for boxing which soon transforms his mundane existence."

Favorite Celebrity Poll at BBC.co.uk
From BBC.co.uk: "The battle between LOTR and Potter stars is hotting up though, with Harry fans voting hard to make Daniel Radcliffe this week's fave celeb winner with 36% of the votes. He takes the crown from LOTR heartthrob Orlando who won last week." Orlando is currently in 2nd place, so vote to get him back to first! Thanks to Emma for the info.

  September 10
Fire on 'Pirates' Set
A fire broke out on the Walt Disney Co.'s studio lot in Burbank, California, on Tuesday, causing $350,000 in damage to a sound stage where a set was under construction for Disney's upcoming film "Pirates of the Caribbean,". A spokeswoman said it is still too soon to say if shooting for "Pirates" will be able to proceed on schedule, or if it may have to be moved elsewhere. Disney does not anticipate the accident will affect the movie's release date, which is scheduled for summer 2003. Read more about the fire.

Keira Knightly to Co-star in Pirates
Corona.bc.ca reports that they were sent an anonymous letter saying that British actress Keira Knightly has been chosen to play the ingenue role of Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean. "It could be a star-making role: romance, danger, swashbuckling adventure, and in the end having to choose between Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom," explains "Anonymous Monogomous Guy".
"Rumor has it that Orlando was as smitten with Keira as the rest of the production team; he agreed to appear in the film only after meeting the youthful actress in London." Keira was photographed at The Ivy restaurant the same night Orlando was there last month, which helps to validate this story.

TTT Trailer Attached to Simone
Brianna says that the trailer for TTT is also attached to the movie Simone.

  September 9
CosmoGIRL! Cover Competition
Voting for the CosmoGirl's Survival of the Sexiest Poll begins today. Orlando will be competing against 12 celebs, and each month the guy with the fewest votes is bumped off the poll. The final winner will be on the cover of CosmoGIRL's (US) next "Sexiest Guys in the World" issue, which won't be out for an entire year!

TTT Trailer Attached to Swimfan
Cindy says that the trailer for TTT is attached to the movie Swimfan. This doesn't mean that it will be attached to every showing of it, so you may want to call ahead.

  September 8
New TTT Legolas Posters
Check out these TTT posters that feature Legolas: 1, 2. You can order them through the German site Elbenwald. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

Lullaby of Clubland
I've been getting a lot of emails about Lullaby, and what is going on with it. Sadly, it appears it won't be released, at least not anytime soon. For more info about why, read part of a translated German article here.

Canadians Can Win Tickets to TTT Premier in NY
Canoe is giving away 2 tickets to the NY premier of TTT, along with other prize packages. You must be a resident of Canada to enter. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

  September 6
Pirates of the Caribbean Info
Check out the Pirates page for info and links about the film. Here are a few things that I found out: The movie will have plenty of special effects produced by Industrial Light and Magic. According to countingdown.com, 17 year old actress Keira Knightley is on the short-list to play Johnny Depp's damsel. A full scale pirate ship is being built in Long Beach, CA which will only see 4 days of filming in early November. The movie is said to have tremendous merchandising potential along with the possibility for sequels. There are already plans to develop the movie into a video game. How many other 25 year olds do you know who have been a character in 2 different video games?!

New TTT Legolas Action Figure
Here is a photo of the new TTT Legolas action figure from Toy Biz. Merchandise for TTT is due to go on sale in November.

Wenches Casting Update
From Diana: Sandi Alessi Casting has expanded their open call for Pirate Wenches and upscale english types this week to include 2pm-4pm (as well as 10am-noon). Email Diana at ekisha_x@yahoo.com for more info.

  September 5
Wenches Now Being Cast for 'Pirates'
From Diana: Sandi Alessi Casting is holding an open call this week, ending on Friday, from 10am-noon at Hollywood OS for Pirate Wenches and upscale english types. Open call means you just show up and they take your info and picture for the producers to see. If you want more info, email Diana at ekisha_x@yahoo.com. She thinks that they may extend the deadline if not enough lusty wenches show up! Will keep you all posted.

CosmoGirl! Magazine (US)
There is a pic of Orlando in the Oct. issue of CosmoGirl! (US), in the "Sexiest Guys In the World" section. Thanks to Jenny for the info.

Orlando at #11 in More! Magazine Poll
Orlando came in at #11 in More! magazine's (UK) 69 Sexiest Men poll. Thanks to Bethan and Vicky for the info.

  September 4
Orlando in new Disney Movie
From Variety.com: Orlando has been set to co-star alongside Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush in "Pirates of the Caribbean," the Gore Verbinski-directed adventure pic for Walt Disney Pictures and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Orlando plays Will Turner, who teams up with the swashbucking Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) to rescue the governor's daughter when she is kidnapped by pirates. Filming is scheduled to start October 9th of this year, and should be ready for release in the summer of 2003. Filming may take place in LA and somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, according to some different web sites. Read the entire Variety article. For more info about the movie plot, visit ign.com.

GQ Men of the Year Awards
Orlando did not win for Best Newcomer at last night's awards. The award went to Pop Idol winner, Will Young.

New Calcium Kid Co-star
From The Hollywood Reporter: Micheal Pena ("Gone in 60 Seconds") has come aboard to star opposite Orlando Bloom in Working Title Films' "The Calcium Kid," in which he will play world champion middleweight boxer Jose Mendez.

  September 3
GQ Men of the Year Awards
The GQ Men of the Year Awards are being held tonight at the Natural History Museum in London. Orlando is up for Best Newcomer.

Orlando Poster in Bliss (UK)
Alaina got an email from Bliss saying: "There's also some great news for those of you who've bombarded our website with requests for posters! We've got some buff boys for you this issue, but the most exciting has to be Orlando Bloom. Yep, you've asked us week after week and our trusty researchers have finally dug out a tasty pic of the Lord Of The Rings star for you to stick on your walls." The mag is on sale starting Friday.

  September 1
Empire Article on The Calcium Kid
"Be Still My Heart - Attention girls of Britain! You may have cried nightly into your pillow while Orlando Bloom was off filming The Kelly Gang in Australia, but the boy is back and may soon be filming on a set near you." Read more. Thanks to Jas at OBM.net for the article.

The Heart of a Dragon
From Kiri: "New Useless Info from Fans:  I figured out that Orlando was born in the year of the dragon in the Chinese birth calendar."
Here's a little info: "The Dragon is irresistible. He does not possess mere magnetism. Oh no. The Dragon subject has the power to cloud your mind, put you off guard and tumble you squealing with joy to the floor of his cave...
Dragon enthusiasm is contagious. Their big green hearts are set on giving you the same virus they have...
...they are almost always highly attractive and magnetic. There is something about Dragon people that says, "I am the majestic one. I rule all men. I am invincible."
Learn more here.

August 2002
  August 30
The Calcium Kid Starts Filming
Kerry found this Ananova article on AOL that states Orlando will begin work on his new film in London on Monday. The film is a mockumentary comedy, in which he plays young milkman Jimmy.

Teen People
From Meghan and Casey: In the October issue of Teen People, there is a quiz called "Who's Your Star Mate?" and Orlando is one of the choices. There is a small pic of him from the Critic's Choice Awards next to the "Adventure Boy" answer with a description reading "Whether he's an athlete or just a thrill-seeker, you're after someone who is spontaneous, edgy, and yeah, maybe just a wee bit dangerous." 

Orlando mentioned in IMDb.com Ad
Anna found this animated ad on IMDb.com selling their IMDbPro version with STARmeter. Orlando is currently at #4 on their STARmeter, which means that he is the 4th highest person looked at on their site!

  August 29
Orlando the Matchmaker
The Heath/Naomi story is also on imdb.com, and they stole my caption. :)
  August 28
CosmoGIRL! Cover Competition
Just got an email from CosmoGirl saying that Orlando will be competing against 12 celebs to win the CosmoGIRL! (US) Survival of the Sexiest Poll. The winner will be on the cover of CosmoGIRL's next "Sexiest Guys in the World" issue. Voting will begin Sept. 9th, but I'll remind you all again when the time comes!

"The Most Scary Thing I've Ever Seen"
Xoanon from theonering.net has posted a link to my paper dolls, saying "Yeah, Ok That's About The Most Scary Thing I've Ever Seen...". If that's the scariest thing he's ever seen, he needs to get out more. All I have to say is, thanks for sending all the extra visitors to my site today, buddy! I've gotten so many emails from people today complimenting the dolls, so I want to thank everyone who emailed me with kind words. No hard feelings. It's when they stop talking about you that you need to worry! :)

Orlando the Matchmaker
According to The Daily Mirror, Orlando acted as a decoy so his Kelly Gang costars, Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts, could have some privacy together away from the press. Thanks to Marie from Bloomin' Marvellous for the scan.

  August 27
TTT Paris Premier
According to elbakin.com, The Two Towers Paris premier will take place at Le Grand Rex Theater on December 10th, 2002. Reservations can be made starting November 10th, at the ticket office or through the FNAC. Thanks to TORN for the info.

TTT Trailer Attached to Red Dragon
According to TORN and Lady Elessar, the full, non-teaser, Two Towers trailer will be attached to Red Dragon opening Oct. 4th.

Orlando Sighting
Chasie found this account on Eonline.com of two girls who said they met Orlando on the beach in LA.

  August 26
Orlando Poster in Cosmo Girl (UK)
Paris got an email from Cosmo Girl (UK) saying that they "love him so much" they've put a poster of Orlando in their October birthday issue that comes out on September 19th.

Once and Again Star wants to play Orlando's Girlfriend
In an eonline.com interview, 15-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood showed what great taste she has:
Is there anything left to accomplish? "I'm just getting started! I would love to work with Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, Edward Norton, Robert De Niro. If I was going to pick a costar based on looks, I'd like to play Orlando Bloom's girlfriend. He's so cute, and I loved Lord of the Rings."

  August 25
New Legolas Action Figure
Amercian Dream Comics has photos of Toybiz's LOTR: The Two Towers action figures, including this one of Legolas.
  August 23
LOTR Specials Online at Sci-Fi Talk
Scifitalk.com will be broadcasting (audio only) all the DVD features for the rest of the summer and fall on Tuesdays and Saturdays including the interview with "Orlando Bloom And Liv Tyler - Brought back due to fan response with some added comments not originally aired." View the schedule. Thanks to Tolkien-movies.com and OBM.net for the info.

Legolas Stand-up at Mr. Paperback
Nia wrote in to let everyone know that she reserved her Leggy at a Mr. Paperback bookstore in the US. "They simply write your name and phone number on the back to contact you when they're ready to take the display down."

  August 22
Vote for an Orlando Poster in Cosmo Girl
If you want to see an Orlando poster in the next issue of Cosmo Girl (UK), email them at cosmogirl.mail@natmags.co.uk and say that you want to see Orlando Bloom in Cosmo Girl's next poster section. You can vote until September 19th. Thanks to Fiona for the info.

The Kelly Gang Info
Dark Horizons has a little write-up about the preview of The Kelly Gang Article at the Australian Intl. Movie Convention, saying "Orlando Bloom and Naomi Watts look convincingly dressed in period piece costume, Rachel Griffiths makes a cameo and looks to get it on with Bloom (apparently that happens a lot to him in Australia),", Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Orlando in Sneak
Alaina wrote in to say that there is an Orlando photo in the latest edition of Sneak (UK).

  August 19
Alexander The Not So Great
Remember that Empire article that said Orlando would be perfect for the lead in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming movie Alexander The Great? Well it seems the role went to Leonardo DiCaprio, according to Upcomingmovies.com. Thanks to Kiri for the info.
  August 18
Video Ezy Magazine
Tara wrote in to say that the current Video Ezy "Ezy Entertainment" magazine in Australia has Legolas on the cover. There is also part of an interview with Mark Ordesky and Barrie Osborne about LOTR, and a write-up on LOTR as well as Black Hawk Down. Here's a link to an online version of the mag, thanks to OBM.net

Entertainment Weekly Magazine
Tafi wrote in to say that the current EW mag (Aug. 23/30) has a write-up on The Two Towers, and lists Orlando as one of the stars. (a step up from the first movie) It also includes a quote from him: "Bloom, as Legolas, had to learn to swing a sword with elfin suavity, modeling his moves on Japanese samurai. 'When you see those guys fighting, everything is so precise,' he says. 'There's nothing loose or chaotic - they never even get angry.'"

  August 16
Alloy Poll
Lafi sent in this link to a new Hot Poll at Alloy.com. If you are an Alloy member, you an vote for Orlando in the Hottest Star category.
  August 15
Sugar Magazine
Emma wrote in to say that Orlando is at # 7 in the latest boy chart in the September issue of Sugar. She sent along this little blurb from the mag:
Orlando Bloom
Age: 25
Star Sign: Capricorn
Success story: Landed part of Legolas Greenleaf just days before he graduated drama school. And as we know he's currently in Austrailia filming Ned Kelly with Heath Ledger who he's also behind in the boy chart.
Why we luv him: There ain't many lads who can look hot in a long blonde wig!

Orli Name Analysis
Yesterday was Orlando, and today it's Orli! Amelie tried his nickname at Kabalarians.com, and the analysis is much more fitting!

  August 14
Orlando back in London
After a quick jaunt to LA, Orlando is now back in London. He was photographed outside The Ivy restaurant on Monday night; pic 1, pic 2. He will probably be in London for a few months, as shooting for his next movie, The Calcium Kid, is scheduled to start in September in London. Thanks to Stacie and OBM.net.

The Kelly Gang 'Unveiled' in Australia
According to The Sunday Times, Twenty-two Australian films were unveiled to the film exhibition and distribution industry at the Australian International Movie Convention Tuesday night. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Orlando Name Analysis
Heidi sent along this link to Kabalarians.com that has an analysis on the name Orlando. I don't think it quite fits our Orlando, but it's still an amusing read, saying that health weaknesses could cause constipation... um, that's a little more than I wanted to know.

  August 13
Orlando in Top 5 in the SFX Awards
Orlando was voted #5 in the Best Newcomer and #4 in the Sexiest Man category in the SFX Readers Awards. Thanks to Ali and OBM.net.

Sneak Magazine
Alaina wrote in to say that in the latest Sneak (UK) mag there is an article on LOTR that basically says that Orlando is their favorite. They also say what Orlando, Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler and Sean Astin have been up to since making Lord of the Rings.

  August 12
Orlando back in LA
From Stacie and OBM.net: An article from the Los Angeles Daily News says that Orlando and Heath Ledger were at the opening night of the new Express flagship store in Hollywood.

Orlando in Dolly Quiz
Leanne sent in this scan of the "Are you a boy bandit?" quiz from the Sept. issue of Dolly (Aus) mag that mentions Orlando in 2 of the questions.

  August 11
YM Magazine
Britt says that in the Sept. issue of YM, Orlando is mentioned in the featured dream: "Dream Theme: Levititation", on the "I dreamed I..." page.
  August 10
TWIST Magazine
Oddjob103 wrote in to say that there's a pic of Orlando in the September issue of TWIST magazine (US). It's in an insert in the middle of the mag called Twist Sweet 16. He's #11, and you can almost see the Fellowship tattoo on his arm.

Hollywood Video Movie Companion
Erin says that there is a small pic of Legolas in the Hollywood Video Movie Companion. You can pick it up for free at Hollywood Video stores. It has Frodo on the front and is loaded with LOTR stuff.

  August 9
Empire Magazine (Aus)
Leanne sent in some scans of the pic and article on Orlando from the Sept. issue of Empire (Aus) which is labelled "The Sex Issue". Orli's in the "25 steamy pages".

Tatler Magazine (UK)
Mari wrote in to say that there is a picture of Orlando in the August issue of Tatler (UK), and that Orlando is number 64 (she thinks) on their "100 Most Invited" list. 

  August 8
BestBuy.com Bio
Tiffany sent along this link to BestBuy.com that has a great biography on Orlando from All Movie Guide.
  August 7
Magazine and TV Alerts
Orlando was voted #16 in the 100 Sexiest Men poll in the Sept. issue of Company mag (UK).

Anna wrote in to say that Orlando is on the cover of the Sept. issue of Dolly (Aus).

Kate wrote in to say Orlando's ep. of So Graham Norton will be reairing on BBC America on Aug. 27th at 10pm and Aug. 28th at 1am central.

  August 6
Magazine Alerts
The September issue of Big Hit (Aus) has "The Ultimate Orlando Bloom Fact File", and this full page poster. If anyone could send me a larger scan, I would be forever grateful! :) There is also an article, "Daredevil", with a full page poster in the September issue of TV Hits (Aus).

US TV Alerts
The MTV Movie Awards will be shown at 4pm central on August 11th on MTV. The Fellowship of the Ring is coming to Pay-Per-View starting September 5th.

  August 5
Custom DVD Covers
Adam wasn't too impressed with the current DVD cover design, so he made his own, including a Legolas version by popular request! Download his covers here.
  August 4
New Orlando Video Interview
TORN.net has an exclusive Orlando Interview in Quicktime from an Oscar party back in March. Screen captures

Katrillion.com Profile and Interview
Kirby sent in this link to katrillion.com that has a small profile and interview with Orlando.

LOTR DVD Review With Screen Caps
Elf Lady sent in this link, from IGN.com, of an in-depth review of the LOTR DVD containing Hi-res screen caps. They also have a screen caps page, but it only contains 2 of Legolas.

LOTR DVD in Singapore
From Beryl: "To the Singapore fans out there, Borders and HMV are selling the FOTR DVD. I bought one at HMV which cost S$49.90 and I got a free LOTR poster."

  August 3
Magazines Alerts
Lizzie and Laura both wrote in to say that this week's Heat (UK) mag (on Big Brother) has a pic of Orlando in an ad for the Elle Style Awards.

In the September issue of YM, there is a page where they rate books using guys. 5 stars is Josh Hartnett, but 4 stars is Orlando Bloom!

Adrianne says that there's a great review of the 'The Lord of the Rings' DVD/Video in the August 9th issue of Entertainment Weekly called 'Elvish Lives!' on page 53. Also, in the Mail section of last weeks issue, there was a letter from a gal who thought Orlando should have been on their 'It List'. I'm sure she wasn't the only one!

  August 2
New Two Towers Photos
Elf Lady sent in 3 news pics that she found on Fantasy Planet: 1, 2, 3

Elle Magazine
Michelle wrote in to say that the new Elle (UK), with Calista Flockhart on the cover, has an advertisement about the Elle Awards and there is a tiny close up of Orlando as part of it. Speaking of the Elle Awards, have you voted latey?

  August 1
Elf Lady has sent in 2 photos of her very own Legolas stand-up that she got at Waldenbooks. 1 & 2

July 2002
  July 30
Screen Captures of The Two Towers
Here are come screen caps from The Two Towers and the special edition of The Fellowship of the Ring: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Check out TORN.net and OBM.net for more pics.

Night and Day Magazine Article
From Kerry: There is an article in the Night and Day Magazine, which comes with the Mail on Sunday (UK), that is about who is friends with who in Hollywood. It says that Orlando is new friends with Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes and work friends with Elijah Wood.

  July 29
Sunday Herald Sun Article
From Cathy and OBM.net: There is a short article in the July 28th Sunday Herald Sun where Orlando states that he got the taste for performing from participating in Bible reading competitions when he was a kid.

Legolas Stand-up on Backorder
Aubrey wrote in to say that one of her friends emailed someone at lordoftherings.net who said that for personal orders, the cardboard stand-ups of Orlando Bloom are on backorder until 2008! Seems a little hard to believe, but hey, it's Orlando.

Orlando Photos in Sugar
From Alexa: There is an A4 poster of Orlando in the September issue of Sugar (UK) along with a small wallet sized pic.

  July 28
Orlando Featurette on Amazon.com
From Aitana: If you preorder the Fellowship of the Ring DVD before August 5th through Amazon.com, you have access to a video stream of two "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" featurettes with behind-the-scenes footage of Orlando and Viggo Mortensen. 

GameInformer Magazine
Danielle has sent in an article with scans from the July issue of GameInformer about the upcoming Two Towers Playstation 2 game.

Blockbuster Promotion
From Kristen: For $24.99 you can purchase a card at Blockbuster that allows you 1 free rental a week for 10 weeks and with it you'll receive a free DVD or VHS copy of Lord of the Rings when it is released August 6th.

Teen People Petition
Kate and Karen from Orlando_Bloom_Group@yahoo.com are holding a petition to get Orlando on the cover of Teen People magazine. Orli fans are supposed to send a statement to OrlandoBGroup@aol.com about why they want Orlando on the cover and give their NAME, AGE, CITY, STATE, COUNTRY.

Legolas Cardboard Stand-up at Best Buy
Rachel wrote in to say that Best Buy also has the Legolas cardboard stand-up.

  July 27
The Two Towers trailer
A fan wrote in to say that The Two Towers trailer is now being shown before Austin Powers in Goldmember in the US. It is also being shown with Reign of Fire, according to TORN.net. Because the trailer is not being played with all showings of the movies, you may want to call ahead and ask.

Legolas Cardboard Stand-up
Their have been numerous reports of people spotting a Legolas cardboard stand-up book display at various bookstores including Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Hastings.

More Wal-Mart Give-aways
From TORN.net: "Debra writes: Walmart.com advertises a free t-shirt and free shipping on FOTR DVDs ordered before 8/5, also my local WalMart store says it is giving away free LOTR posters with DVDs bought between 6 am and noon on 8/6."
"Ford of Rivendell writes: I was at Wal-Mart today and there are signs and miniature standees all over the place advertising LOTR: FOTR". Read more.

Orlando Autograph from Ned Kelly Set
Found by Jasmine at stararchive.com, here's an autograph with a story: "I wrote him at the set of a movie he's currently working on [Ned Kelly], had no photo and sent no IRCs, just a large envelope - he went to the trouble to get a high-quality copy made of an 8x10 headshot, signed it in silver pen, and sent it back, using his own postage from Australia. Sent: 6/26/2002, Rcvd: 7/20/2002" The point of this story? Orlando rocks.

  July 26
Orlando The Great
Baz Luhrmann has yet to cast a lead actor in his upcoming movie Alexander The Great, but Empire Online thinks Orlando fits the part: "if Empire Online had anything to say about it we'd venture that Orlando Bloom wouldn't look out of place in this particular suit of armour." Full Story
  July 25
Orlando Interview in Empire Magazine
The September issue of Empire, with Gandalf on the cover, has lots of LOTR info, including an interview with Orlando "for the tiny number of Orlando Bloom fans out there". Here's Orlando's interview from the article.
  July 24
Black Hawk Down on Pay-Per-View
Black Hawk Down is coming to US Pay-Per-View on Cable and Satellite starting this week. Check your local listings. You can also check out The True Story of Black Hawk Down on the History Channel on Sunday August 4th at 7 and 11 pm Central.

Legolas Decipher Card in Collector's DVD
"The Three Hunters" cards, of Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn, will be inserted into the Collector's DVD Gift Set released in the United States and Canada on November 12th.

  July 22
LOTR Feature in It's On DVD Magazine (UK)
The August issue of "It's On DVD" mag has a 6 page feature on LOTR, including an A4 page interview with Orlando, and Legolas pictures.
  July 19
Free LOTR Buttons at Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart is giving out LOTR buttons promoting The Fellowship Of The Ring's August 6th DVD and VHS releases. There are 12 in all. Here is the Legolas version.
  July 16
TTT Trailer on US Cable
The US cable station E! showed The Two Towers trailer during their Coming Attractions show. Check the TV Guide to the left for times.
  July 15
Magazine Alerts
Helga/Helen sent in this scan from the 'Weekend' magazine in last Saturday's Daily Mail newspaper that mentions Orlando.

Lillie wrote in to say that there is a small picture, a bit of writing, and also a full page poster of Orlando in the August issue of Cosmo Girl (UK). Also, later on in the magazine, there is a short bit of writing about LOTR that mentions how Orlando is "man-of-the-moment".

Orlando Wins BBC Poll Again
For the 4th time, Orlando has won the BBC's Favorite Celebrity of the Week Poll. Good job gals.

Another Favorite Celebrity Poll
Cristena wrote in to say that Orlando is currently in 5th place at the Favorite Celebrity Poll at Alloy.com.

  July 13
Vote For Orlando in the ELLE Style Awards
You can vote for Orlando in the Best Actor category at elleawards.com. There is also a voting slip in ELLE magazine (UK) that has a small pic of Orlando. You can also win tickets to the awards held on September 16th at London's Natural History Museum.

Scoop For the Ladies!
Here's an article from the August issue of Empire magazine (AUS) about the already old news that Orlando and Kate Beckinsale are not a couple. Thanks to Miff for the article.

  July 12
On the Set of Ned Kelly
OBM.net has posted scans of an article (pages 1, 2 & 3) from WHO (Aus) magazine, sent in by Julie. They include a photo of Orlando on horseback... and I just have to say that I am really diggin' Orlando's 'Ned Kelly' look!

Orlando, the Canterbury Latino
Also from OBM.net, and translated by Tina, here is an article and photo from the German magazine Petra that says Orlando has the snotty, Latino charm of a guy who has grown up on the streets of the Bronx! Um, ok.

  July 8
More on Extended Version of LOTR
Lightsoutentertainment.com has more information on the extended DVD version of LOTR along with some photos, including 2 with Legolas: 1 & 2. Thanks to Sue.
  July 7
Orlando Article in Sunday Telegraph
There is an article in today's Sunday Telegraph (AUS) which contains mostly old information, except for Orlando's eating habits! Thanks to ILuvLegolas for typing the article.

Scenes from Extended Version of LOTR
The July/August issue of DVDmania (France) has photos from the extended DVD version of LOTR which will be released in November, along with scenes from The Two Towers. Although the they are small, you can spot Legolas in a some of the photos. Thanks to Sue for the link to Numenoreen.com.

Orlando Wins BBC Poll Again
For the 3rd time in a row, Orlando has come out on top in BBC's Favorite Celebrity of the Week Poll. Strangely enough, the loser last week was Hayden Christensen who is beating Orlando in YM's 20 Hottest Guys poll.
There is also a poll at the BBC website for the Cutest Rings Boy. Orlando is currently leading, with Elijah right behind him.

Crush of the Year Poll
Orlando is in AOL Teen's Crush of the Year poll, and is currently in 4th place, 15,000 votes behind Josh Hartnett who is in the lead! Vote here until July 26th.

  July 5
There is a review of The Fellowship of the Ring DVD at BBC.co.uk that contains details on the special features which will be included on the 2-disc set released August 6th. Thanks to Kerry for the link.

Legolas Photo in Herald Sun
There is a photo from The Two Towers, which includes Legolas, in Thursday's (4th) Melbourne Herald Sun on page 67. Thanks to Emma for the info.

Orlando Loosing YM Poll
I have been getting emails from people telling me that Orlando is loosing to Hayden Christensen in the 20 Hottest Guys poll at YM.com. So put democracy into action, and vote!

  July 3
Gratuitous Orlando Pic in Empire
Pic and info from Lothelawen: There's a 'Gratuitous Orlando Bloom Pic Zone' in the August issue of Empire magazine. They state - "For all the 10,091 readers who have bombarded the Empire offices with letters, emails and pipe bombs ever since the release of FOTR, here is this month's totally gratuitous Orlando Bloom pic. Hope you're satisfied. And for Mrs. Boyd of Glasgow, Scotland, here's a pic of Billy Boyd too!!! Now please, for the love of God, leave us alone!!"
  July 2
The Two Towers Trailer
You can now download the trailer in multiple screen sizes at lordoftherings.net and apple.com.

Magazine Alerts
There is a photo of Orlando in the August issue of Empire magazine (UK), and a poster in TV Hits and Big Hits magazine (Australia). Also, someone suggested that I let everyone know that although Empire is a British magazine, it can be bought as an import in many countries, including the US at Borders Bookstores.

  July 1
More Beard Business
There's an article in The Daily Telegraph that refutes what was printed in last weeks Mirror, saying the length of Ned's beard was never a problem.