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News Archives:
June 2004
  Sunday, June 27
More Teen Choice Awards Categories
From Melody: The Teen Choice Awards website has added new categories and Orlando is nominated for Best Kiss and Best Chemistry with Keira Knightley.

Elizabethtown Filming Date
From newsenterpriseonline.com: The movie "Elizabethtown" will be filmed in downtown Elizabethtown on Thursday, July 22, Paramount Pictures announced. A representative of the production crew for the Cameron Crowe film had told The News-Enterprise that shooting would take place July 20. From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Dixie Highway from Mulberry Street to Central Avenue and Main Street, and from Helm Street to Poplar Street will be closed. According to Paramount, the alleys to the parking lots behind the stores and most of the lots will still be available to the public, but street traffic will be rerouted. The movie stars Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. There is no word on what scene or scenes will be shot, or if any of the featured actors will be present.

Star Scan
Kelley sent in a scan from the June 28th issue of Star (US).

VH1's Best Week Ever
From Amanda: Orlando was mentioned on VH1's Best Week Ever on Friday, June 25. One segment was about People Magazine's 50 Hottest Bachelors. The cover was shown a few times, and then one of the comedians (Christian Finnigan I think) was naming some of the "hottest bachelors." So, he said, "Jake Gyllenhaal, Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom...big shockers." Repeats are shown all weekend and usually throughout the week.

ELLEgirl Poll
From Kate: Orlando is in the ELLEgirl, "Who's your pick for hottest guy of the summer?" poll.

Taking the pulse of Asia's coolest
From iht.com: So what sort of things do I find? Well, do you know who is the hottest Western movie star for 16- to 21-year-olds in Singapore, the Philippines, New Zealand, China and Australia? According to a McCann PULSE study we recently did, it is Orlando Bloom.

Top Girl
From Fleur: In the issue of July of the Italian magazine "Top Girl" there's a mini-poster of Orlando. This is the photo used.

ROTK Freeview on Direct Tv
From Anne Marie: I watched the freeview on Direct TV channel 103 this morning. It is the same documentary that is with ROTK DVD. Orlando's involvement is very small. There's on old clip of him telling how he got the part of Legolas 2 days before graduation from Guildhall.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah (16), Maryann, Samantha (17) from her sister Jessica. Happy Belated Birthday to Lindsay (12), Alessandra (24) from Tina, Justine (15) from Bianka, Jackie (15) from Abby, Amber (16) from Jen, and Leah (12) from Zoë.

  Friday, June 25
Elizabethtown Update
Here's an article on Elizabethtown. It states that shooting is set to begin in E-town on July 2oth, and apparently Orlando is already in Louisville. Here's an article on the costume designer for the movie, who also worked on POTC.

Vanity Fair Translation
Valeria sent in a translation of the articles in the May issue of Vanity Fair (Italy).

M Magazine Scans
Katy sent in scans from the July issue of M magazine (US). Orlando won the reader's poll for Best Beach Bod. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Zoe Saldana Interview
From eclipsemagazine.com: "There are a lot of things coming up and I can’t complain. I just finished a film in the Caribbean called "Haven." It had an amazing cast that included Bill Paxton, Orlando Bloom, Joy Bryant, and others." "I’m playing the role of Andrea, a young kid in love. The film is about how people take their surroundings for granted."

YM Magazine
From Tanzy: In the Aug. issue of YM magazine there is a small picture and something about him making Elizabethtown with Kirsten Dunst (pg.94), and in an advertisement for a new show called "The Menu" there is a little picture of Orlando Bloom in a little star (pg.151).

US TV Alert Correction
From Lando Lover: The Lord of the Rings Special Freeview will be shown June 25 on channel 103 on Direct-TV at 8:30am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm, 8:30pm, 11:30pm and more times after that. Eastern time. But ROTK is still playing on Direct-TV payper view on channels 106, 107, 108, 109, 111, and 112. And it's an all day ticket. Sorry for any inconveniences.

New Poll Question
I changed the poll question on the right hand side of the home page. According to the last poll, 45% of you had an email address or screen name that was Orlando related, while 11% had one that was LOTR related.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lisa (41). Happy Belated Birthday to Celeste.

  Thursday, June 24
TV Hits Scans
Sarah sent in scans from the June issue of TV Hits (Australia). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Break Out Scans
Sandra sent in scans from the June 2 issue of Break Out (NED). (1, 2, 3)

US TV Alert
From Lando Lover: There will be a behind the scenes documentary of the Lord of the Rings on Direct-TV Freeperveiw today (6/24) at 11:30am and I think again at 1:30pm. Freeperview means it's free to all Direct-TV customers. And ROTK will be playing on payperview starting today (6/24) on Direct-TV payperview.

Film Review Scans
Tanya sent in scans from the Summer issue of Film Review (UK). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Cioe Magazine Scans
Alessandra sent in a scan of the Orlando article she wrote for the Italian weekly magazine Cioe (number 23). (1 & 2)

Dutch ElleGirl Scans
Lenny of Bloomania sent in scans of the Orlando article in the Dutch ElleGirl. (1, 2, 3)

Life Story Magazine
Lisa pointed out that The OB Files is mentioned on page 43 of the Life Story magazine. They quote from the Paris bio written by Erin. I will try to post scans of the entire magazine soon.

The Fellowship Festival in London
Showcasing the magnificent works of Professor J.R.R Tolkien and Peter Jackson, The Fellowship Festival is expected to see 4,000-5,000 fans per day. Attendees will be treated to theatrical presentations hosted by two of the actors from the films, Craig Parker (Haldir) and Mark Ferguson (Gil-Galad). Presentations will include question and answer sessions with selected members of the cast and crew as well as panel discussions with Tolkien experts. Further details can also be found on the event website aaaevents.co.uk.

B and Dare Magazines
From Christina: In the July issue of B magazine (UK) there is an article on Orlando and a picture. Also there is a giant poster of Orli holding a bird in DARE (UK).

Dream Web Site
Tell T. has made a web site to post your Orlando dreams on. Click on 'post your comment' to post.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lexi (12) from Ashlee, Laura (21) from her sister Aurora, Susie (16) and Edwina (16) from their friend Eilis. Happy Belated Birthday to Leslie (15).

  Wednesday, June 23
Hotline Magazine Article and Scan
Carrie typed up the article in the Summer issue of Hotline (UK), and Katie sent in a scan of the cover that features Orlando.

Orlando Donates Autograph to Charity
From mtv.com: Linkin Park, Korn... Slash and others have autographed or donated items for an eBay auction to raise money to help save the life of 20-year-old Kelli Jaunsen. The Palm Desert, California, native is in need of a heart and liver transplant, but her insurance company refuses to cover her since she has more than one major organ failing. Skateboarder Danny Way, Orlando Bloom, Adam Sandler and various sports figures have also contributed to the auction.

Public, Star Club and One Scans
Elodie sent in a scans from the July issues of the French magazines Public and Star Club (1 & 2), and the June issue of One (1 & 2).

Orlando in Climate Star Ad
Hollywood Life magazine has a "Climate star" ad that has a nice picture of Orlando. The ad can also be viewed at climatestar.org

Scan from The Jonesboro Sun
Danielle sent in a scan from The Jonesboro Sun newspaper that accompanied the Britain's Sexiest Actor article I posted yesterday.

Summer Movie Hunks TV Special
Kate sent in dates and times for a Summer Movie Hunks special on the TV Guide Channel that will feature Orlando.

IMDb.com Poll
From Mandella: The Daily Poll at IMDB.com for June 22nd was: "Finish this sentence: New boy wonder Orlando Bloom is..." So far, the answer "An incredibly smart and lucky actor who's made excellent film choices" is in the lead at 27.5%.

M Magazine
From Mikaila: Orlando Bloom was in the M magazine for July 2004. There was a poster, pictures and an article on why we may never see the movie The Calcium Kid with Orlando Bloom.

Mention in GQ
From Devour: Just wondering if you caught the little comment about Orlando in the JUNE 2004 issue of GQ (US). It's under the "GQ endorses" section. It's about Jockey V-Neck shirts. There's a small photo of him at the bottom of the page. It's a much older photo (still has short hair). The portion mentioning Orlando reads: "...it has real-guy sex appeal: Wear it under a suit and look as easy as Orlando Bloom, or wear it on its own and feel like a 1950's tough guy."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Heila (11) from her cousin Sharon and Laura.
Happy Belated Birthday to Cadie (14) from Allie, Briana (14), Heather, Meagan (14) from Kim, Erin from Melissa, Sara (13) from her best friend K.Leigh, Kelley, Glorimar (16), Sarah from Marinthe, Lisa (13) from her friend Steph.

  Sunday, June 20
People Magazine's Hottest Bachelor
Orlando Bloom is on People magazine's cover after he was chosen the number one 'hottest bachelor' this year in the magazine '50 Hottest Bachelors' issue.
Marsha sent in scans.

Britain's Sexiest Actor
From examiner.ie: He's only 27 but Orlando Bloom has been voted Britain’s sexiest actor. The Troy star has eclipsed popular hunks like Jude Law, Hugh Grant, and Ewan McGregor in the poll. The survey, carried out by Sky Movies, contains a few surprise faces and reveals that fresh-faced youth isn’t everyone’s idea of sex appeal.

Who Magazine
From azgirl: The current WHO magazine (Australia) is a special Sexiest People of 2004 and Orlando is one of them (he looks mighty fine in the photo and there is a short article about him). There are also two photos of him from the Kingdom of Heaven set.

Elizabethtown Shooting Update
From kentucky.com: Between 3,000 and 4,000 men, women and children showed up for last week's Louisville casting call, Petrosky said. "We hate to exclude people, but the fact of the matter is we did have so many kids and teen girls sign up in Louisville," McCray said. Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst are set to star in Elizabethtown. Bloom plays a suicidal young man who returns to his Kentucky hometown; he meets a flight attendant, played by Dunst, who gives him a reason for living. Scenes will be shot next month in Louisville, the Lexington area, Versailles and Elizabethtown. Paramount will distribute the movie sometime in 2005.

Life Story Magazine
From Brittany: Life Story's Collector's Edition Magazine has issued a magazine of Orlando. There are hundreds of pictures, many articles, interviews, quotes, posters, and some question and answers. There is some new information and some things that are already known. In the back of the magazine, there is a list and description of all of Orlando's upcoming movies. There are sections of all of the movies Orlando has already made. They include pictures, Orlando's thoughts of the film, and a summary of the film. I bought my copy of the magazine at Walmart for $9.95.
Lisa sent in some scans. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Oprah Magazine
From Jen: There's a great photo and blurb in the June "Men" issue of "O, the Oprah Magazine." She picked him as one of her favorite men.

Mention on This Morning (UK)
From Amy: Orlando was mentioned on the UK TV show This Morning. They were talking about how Orlando had to wear a 'chest wig' in Kingdom of Heaven to make him look more 'manly' and 'masculine'. Also the presenter said that her nephew is in Kingdom of Heaven and he said that Orlando had to stand on a pile of rubble to speak to some soldiers because he was shorter than them!

Bop Magazine
From Chelsey: In July's Bop (US) there's an article of Orlando.

Mention on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest
From Katy: Orlando was voted the sexiest man on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest. He was against other men such as Jude Law and Hugh Grant. Congrats to Orlando!

The Stepford Wives
From LadyLomode: I went to go see the Stepford Wives today, on Sunday, and Orlando and Viggo were in it!! Well, sort of. To show the changing times, one of the couples that came to Stepford was a gay couple, and the more "feminine one" (Roger) was the partner submitted to become the perfect spouse. Joanna, the main character, and her friend, Bobbie, can tell something is seriously wrong with Roger because they go through his trash and find, besides his stereotypical "gay" clothes, his favorite framed picture of Orlando (it looked like one from the London Pirates Premiere, but don't take my word for it), and his Viggo shirt!! It was soooo funny!!!

Article from New Magazine
Louise sent in this article from 'New' (UK) magazine (issue 067, June 21st 2004):
'We all know he's a fab actor, but long before he found fame in epic movies like Lord of the Rings and Troy, I can reveal that Orlando Bloom was given the chance to make it in the pop charts as a member of a boyband! Back in the late 90s, while he was enjoying bit parts in shows like Midsomer Murders and Casualty, Orlando, 27, was offered the chance to join the flop boyband Seventh Wonder. A source from the band told me, "It never came off. He told us that he really liked music but what we were doing was bubblegum pop. In the end of course, he returned to acting" And major success too, eh guys?!'

M Magazine
From Josie J.: In M magazine's special issue called Quiz Fest, there's an article on Orlando as well as a huge poster that is like pin the tale on the donky but it's called pin the kiss on Orlando. You can cut out these different color lips and try to pin it on him. It's Really fun!

Entertainment Weekly
From Mandi: The recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, with Tom Hanks on the cover, has a small article on Orlando in the "Hot sheet", it says "The rumor from the set of his new film is that the body-hair-challenged actor must wear a chest wig. Something else that solves that problem? A shirt." It has a funny cartoon with it.

MTV Movie Awards
The Return of the King won Best Movie and Best Action Sequence at the MTV Movie Awards. Although nominated for just two awards it was a hit with the audience who vote for all the winners. But Pirates Of the Caribbean, which had a massive six nominations, only took home one award - for Johnny Depp as the Best Male Performance.

Finnish Cosmo Poll
Anya sent in a link to vote for Orlando on the Finnish Cosmopolitan website.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mikey (18) from his friend Rose, and to Desiree from Sienna.

Happy Belated Birthday to Johnny Depp, Margaret (12), Louise (12), Kelly (16) from Angela, Sara (13) from her friend Aryn, Nikki from her friend Jill, Elizabeth (16) from Brenda, Nicki (14) Hannah (15) from her friend Tegan, Sarah (18) from her sister Amy, Ashley (19), Josie (14) from Amy and Katy, Aimee (17) from her friend Katie, Zoe (15), Rozie (24) from her sister Barbara, Bob from her friend Hope, Jordan from her best friends, Micha from her friends Diana Nerina and Lucci, Melissa (16), Brittany, Natalie (14), Katie (13), Emes (13), Vallarie (15), Brittany (17) from BN, Givanna from Chelsea, Christi, Alison, Jennifer B. (11) from her friend Travis B., Megan (21), Emma (13) from her friend Hannah, Talia (13), Brittany (14) from her friend Kelly, Raquel (13) from her friend Christina, Brittney H. (13) from Carrie, Paula and Melissa, Ashley (16) from her mom, to Melissa, Kaylin (14), Kouliyad (15), Vicki (45), Natalie (14) from Juliet, Debbie (14), Jasmasia (15) from her sister Talia, and Ashna from Talitha.
(woah, sorry about that folks)

  Thursday, June 3
Kingdom of Heaven Photos
The Z Review has posted photos of Orlando in costume on the set of Kingdom of Heaven.

Orlando Nominated for Teen Choice Awards
Orlando is nominated in the Teen Choice Awards for Actor in a Drama/Action Adventure for Troy, and for Male Hottie. Vote now!

Orlando Wins MTV Mexico Movie Award
From Anace: In the MTV movie awards Mexico, Orlando won the award of Sexiest Hero. The show will be on MTV latin america on June 22, 10 pm.

Tiger Beat
From Colleen: Orlando Bloom is on the July issue of Tiger Beat (US) with an article as well as a huge poster!

Troy Contest
I won the Troy mini-site webmaster contest by driving the most traffic. Thanks to everyone who checked out the site! I said before that if I won, I would run another contest for everyone, so I will. Just give me some time.

Reminder About Fan Mail
Lori has asked the fansites to post a reminder about Orlando's fan mail. The fan mail team currently has a backlog of 10,000 letters, so please be patient while waiting for a reply. Also, only write once so others may also receive a reply. We don't want them to stop answering the fan mail altogether! If you are asking for an autograph back, make sure that you include a self-addressed envelope and postage if you are in the UK. If you are in Europe, include 2 International Reply Coupons, and 3 if you are else ware. Reply coupons are purchased at the post office. Letters without reply coupons and return envelopes cannot be answered. For more info about fan mail, click here.

In Style Poll
Orlando is nominated in In Style's 7th annual "What's Sexy Now" poll, for Sexiest Sex Symbol and Sexiest Male Import. Winners will be published in the September issue. Vote here.

Interview on Official LOTR Site
From Leila: I went to LOTR's official site and fell upon this interview with Orlando and thought you might like to read if you haven't already.

Norwegian LOTR DVD Contest
From Gunn-Helen: This link is to a contest on topp.no (Norway). You can win an edition with FoTR, TTT and ROTK (dvd).

Us Weekly
From Tanya: In the June 7 issue of Us Weekly there is a quote by Brad Pitt saying "Hell, while we were making the film, girls were pushing me out of the way to get an autograph... he is much prettier than me." he said this about Orlando Bloom for Troy.

Troy Interviews on AOL
Anne Marie: On today's (June 1) AOL welcome screen is a picture of Brad Pitt and a link to a Troy Q & A in AOL Video. They interview Brad, Eric Bana, Diane Kruger and Peter O'Toole. Several clips are shown, some with Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Birgitte from her friend Gunn-Helen, Kimberly, Olivia from her sister Natacha.

  Wednesday, June 2
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Laura (15), Stephanie, Tricia (18) from Sabrina.
  Tuesday, June 1
Fancy Magazine Scans
Marinthe sent in scans from the May 28 issue of Fancy (NED). (photos: 1 & 2, article)

Australia Empire Magazine Scans
Amy B. sent in scans from the June issue of Empire (Australia). (1 & 2)

Sunday Star-Times Article
The May 21 issue of the Sunday Star-Times (NZ) had a review of Troy, and an article on Helen Kruger that mentions Orlando. "Bloom, too, added to the public property lessons. When Pirates of the Caribbean opened and turned the fine-featured young actor into a heartthrob, Troy was filming in Mexico. "I actually witnessed it," Kruger says. "It was unbelievable how everything changed literally from one day to the next. Suddenly, 50 screaming girls would be waiting for Orlando everywhere we went." "
Thanks to Marian for the info.

Empire Magazine
From Amy: Orlando was featured in the July issue of Empire (UK). There's a photo and a small article that talks about Kingdom of Heaven.

Starz POTC Contest
Pirates of the Caribbean will be premiering on Starz on June 12. They're also running a sweepstakes.

Daily Mail
From Lando'sLady: Orlando is mentioned in yesterday's Daily Mail (UK) on page 30, in the Wicked Whispers section. They are being a bit mean, saying how his lack of chest hair meant him having to wear a wig on his chest in Kingdom Of Heaven... apparently it's the films 'best special effect'.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Eloise (12) from her sister Melissa, Jen (21), Maria (14). Happy belated Birthday to Lauren (12) from Heather.