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August 2005
  Wednesday, August 31
VMA Video Clips and Screen Captures
I added video clips and screen caps from the MTV Video Music Awards.

Kentish Gazette Interview
Dairwendan from withthemind.com sent in the Orlando interview that appeared in the Kentish Gazette a few weeks ago.

Orlando Possibly Attending Sydney Premiere
From Chrissy: I saw an article in 9to5 (Sydney magazine) that had a pic of Kirsten Dunst and Orlando, talking about Elizabethtown. The article said Kirsten was going to "follow her co-star" out here for the premiere in November. I interpret that as they are both coming to Sydney (otherwise they could have meant, that Orlando is in Sydney at the moment, which he was, and Kirsten will come later).

The Calcium Kid on Comedy Central?
From Brittney: The Calcium Kid is said to be showing on Comedy Central, Thursday, September 15th at 8:00am/est. This is not confirmed on Comedy Central's website.

  Tuesday, August 30
Elizabethtown Interviews
joblo.com and teenhollywood.com have posted Elizabethtown interviews with Orlando.

POTC 2 Photos
ohjohnny.net has posted some great new photos from POTC 2. Scroll down, they are in 2 different entries. Also, comingsoon.net has posted a new teaser poster for POTC 2.

POTC 2 Filming in Mexico
From ohjohnny.net: From Gabriela our Mexican Roving Reporter - On the local (Mexican)news they reported that Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley will come to Mexico to continue filming POTC 2 and 3. The location is now under preproduction and they are planning be on location up to 4 months for filming, which will be in Costa Alegre, Jalisco. The exact date of filming† has not been said yet.

Elizabethtown at Film Festivals
Elizabethtown will premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 4 at 6.45 p.m. at Sala Grande. It will also be screened on September 5 at 1.30 p.m. at Area Alice. Thanks to Alessia for the info. Pamela says that according to the Il Gazzettino newspaper, Orlando will be attending the premiere on the 4th. Elizabethtown will also be shown at the Toronto Film Festival on September 10 at 9:30pm in Roy Thompson Hall. Orlando is scheduled to attend. It will also be the opening night film at the Chicago Film Festival on October 6.

M and Tiger Beat Scans
Carmen sent in scans from the September issue of M (US) (1 & 2) and the October issue of Tiger Beat (US).

"Bloom, Aniston Chat Room Favourites"
From nzherald.co.nz: Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Aniston are the celebrities American singles would most like to stumble across in an online chat room, according to a new survey. The pair topped a poll of 2907 singles by one of the leading internet US dating services, Date.com.

J-14 Scan
Orlizgurl4ever sent in a scan from the September issue of J-14 (US).

Orlando Quiz on Dolly Website
From Kate: There is a quiz on the Australian Dolly website on Orlando.

Funny Techno LOTR Clip
Jacklyn_the_Ripper sent in a link to a "trance techno cut of LotR movie scene". Sandra also sent in a link to the same clip on albinoblacksheep.com.

Mention in Entertainment Weekly
From Lei: In the new issue of EW there's some blurbs about Kingdom of Heaven and its domestic failure and that studios will often fixate on a star's power to bring home the big bucks in the box office. Also that a fine actor such as Orlando "got schooled on the lesson...on the road to leading-man stardom, the action hero route is often the least interesting path."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ashley K., Samantha (16), Amanda (15) from her friend Ashley, Jessica (15) from her friend Alex, Georgie (13) from her friend Becky, Michaela (16) from her best friend Molly, Anne (22), Melissa (15), Angel (17) from mum, Sean, and all those who love you.

  Tuesay, August 16
Elizabethtown Site Update
The official Elizabethtown site has been updated with a new design and content, "including Downloads, Video, and "About The Film" sections! You can also be among the first to listen to 21 full-length songs from the Elizabethtown Score written and composed by Nancy Wilson, as well as songs from Tom Petty and Elton John."

Entertainment Weekly Scan
Here is a scan of the Elizabethtown photo in the August 19th issue of Entertainment Weekly. The article can be read online at ew.com. They also have a new photo and small write-up in their 10 Movies We Can't Wait For feature.

InStyle Magazine
Orlando was named Sexiest Male Import in the September issue of InStyle magazine. According to ETonline.com, "England's ORLANDO BLOOM claimed the Sexiest Male Import spot, but just barely -- sexy Spaniard ANTONIO BANDERAS gave the younger, sword-wielding hero a run for his money, just 23 votes behind."

Premiere Magazine Scan
Here's a scan of the small Elizabethtown article in the September issue of Premiere (US).

Elizabethtown T-shirts
According to Paramount, the Elizabethtown T-shirts were for promo purposes only and will not be sold in stores. You can still win a T-shirt at Orlando Love and bloomfans.us.

Orlando Sighting in London
From Jessica: The other day I went to go and see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in London and I saw Orlando Bloom filming Love and Other Disasters with Brittany Murphy.

Russian GQ Scan
Here's a scan from the May issue of the Russian GQ, thanks to Patricia.

Crossword Puzzle
Kevin sent in an Orlando crossword puzzle he made.

Kingdom Hearts II
From Veronica: In the September '05 issue of Official Playstation Magazine there is an 8 page preview look at Kingdom Hearts II. It shows awesome shots from the POTC level.
kh2.co.uk has some Will Turner images from the game. Thanks to Lyra for the link.

POTC School Supplies At Wal-Mart
From MinnesoterOne: I was out shopping today and wanted people to know that in the American Wal-Mart stores, there are folders, 3-ring binders and notebooks with Will Turner and Capt. Jack Sparrow on them!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to John (11) from her sister Elizabeth, Bridget (13) from her best friend Missy.

  Friday, August 12
Tiger Beat Scan
Pippers sent in a scan of the poster in the September issue of Tiger Beat (US).

Dunst Praises Elizabethtown Role
Thanks to Janelle for this article from ninemsn.com.au about Kirsten Dunst. In it, Orlando says: "Kirsten is a really positive person," Bloom says. "In the film she brings my character back to life. She's perfectly cast because she is that light."

People Magazine Scan
Katie sent in a scan from the August 15 issue of People (US).

Orlando to Appear at TIFF
From Kait: It was advertised in some newspapers around Toronto that Orlando is due to make an appearance at this years film festival. (Last year he was there for Haven) If you go to www.e.bell.ca it is a press release stating how Elizabethtown will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival. I don't the exact date of that premiere-we don't know until the end of August, but if it's any help, the festival runs from Thursday Sept 8th-Saturday Sept 17th.

Orlando Presenting at MTV VMA's
According to MTV.com, Orlando, along with Kirsten Dunst, will be a presenter at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28th at 8pm EST. Thanks to Pam for the info.

One Magazine Scans
Lea sent in scans from One (France). (1 & 2)

Teen People Scan
Sonya sent in a scan from the September issue of Teen People. Orlando came in at #3 on the Powerlist of the issues Inside Young Hollywood article.

Volvo Ocean Race Update
Maja sent in an article about Paul Cayard skippering The Black Pearl for the Volvo Ocean Race. It states: "The Black Pearl, the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest boat, is designed by Farr Yacht Design and is currently under construction at Green Marine in the UK. The launch of the boat is scheduled for the end of August."

Article in Bravo
From Kate: I bought the German "Bravo" today, there's an article about Orlando and Sienna in it. It's the newest one, from the 10th August.

Break Out Scan
Lenny from Bloomania sent in a scan from the August 11 issue of Break Out (NED).

Gazette Scores Exclusive Interview
From holdthefrontpage.co.uk: The Kentish Gazette scooped the world's press, winning an exclusive interview with Hollywood film star Orlando Bloom, thanks to good old-fashioned contacts. more

Japan Visit Video
From Maja: Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet shows a clip of Orlando from the Elizabethtown promotion in Japan.

Guidepost's Sweet 16
From ~Mrs. Bloom: I was reading the new August/September issue of Guidepost's Sweet 16 Magazine, and they have a Best Friends quiz. You take the quiz for your best friend, then she takes it for you, and you compare answers. Orlando is mentioned in a couple of these questions. In one question they ask who your BFF's prince for the prom is, and the choices are Chad Michael Murray, Adam Brody, Usher, and Orlando. Also, the next 3 questions ask who your BFF thinks is hotter, Will Turner or Jack Sparrow, Prince Paris or Achilles, and Legolas or Frodo. Finally, on page 6 it has a small article on the Hybrid cars, and it includes Orlando in the list of celebrities who have driven them instead of normal SUV's. ~Mrs. Bloom

POTC 3 Article
From NightOwl: [Here's] an article about the actor chosen to play the villain in POTC 3. His name is Reggie Lee, and he will be playing the pirate Tai Huang. It mentions some filming that was done, and briefly mentions Orlando, Johnny Depp, and Kiera Knightly.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ashley (15) from her friend Amanda, Hannah (14), Ariel Ryan (16) from her sister Celebrian, Kim from her friend Kristyn, Ramya (14) from her friend Boram, Katie Rae (15), Becky (16), Charleen, Ellie (15) from her friend Beth, Nikita (16), Kari (16) from Vilde.

  Monday, August 1
Reader's Digest Article
MissPossible sent in the Orlando article in the August issue of Reader's Digest (Australia).

Orlando to Attend Venice Art Festival
From Alessia: I heard yesterday on TV that Orlando will be in Venice for the festival of arts (30th August-10th September) but I haven't found out the exact day yet.

M Magazine Scans
Carmen and Sara sent in scans from the August issue of M (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Tiger Beat Magazine Scans
Thanks to Carmen for sending in scans from the August issue of Tiger Beat (US) (1, 2, 3), and the June issue of Tiger Beat.

Bop Magazine Scans
Carmen sent in scans from the August and May issues of Bop (US).

QuizFest Magazine Scans
Carmen sent in scans from the Sept./October (1 & 2), July/August, and May/June issues of QuizFest (US).

Japanese Elizabethtown Trailer
walkerplus.com has the new Japanese Elizabethtown trailer. View screen caps at Orlando Love.

Dolly Magazine Poll
From Bree: Orlando Bloom is the new celeb for the "Eye Candy - Shrine Rating" in Dolly magazine (Australia). You can vote for how hot he is! Vote number 5! It's only there for a month.

E-town Trailer Review in EW
The July 29 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a short review of the Elizabethtown trailer. They say: "Orlando Bloom loses a father and a job. He gains a Dunst and a good soundtrack. Its called the American dream. EW Rating: B"

Orlando T-shirts
Thanks to everyone who wrote in to say that Abercrombie and Fitch sells a t-shirt that says "Orlando makes me sweat". Also, Kate says that Old Navy has shirts that say "Orlando" for $4.

LOTR Exhibit in Houston
From Lindsey: For the LOTR exhibit in Houston, TX, if you are interested in seeing the exhibit and receiving the discount ($13.50 per ticket instead of $17.50), simply email Justin Ehni at jehni@hmns.org with a mailing address, phone number and the date and time you would like to come. Once it is received he will email you back with a confirmation number. This number will be given to the box office the day you arrive and you can pay at that time. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call. Just thought everyone needs to save the $$!

Another Book Mention
From Sandra: In "Tall Cool One: An A-List Novel" by Zoey Dean, Orlando is mentioned during a club scene: "The DJ fired up some Beanie Man and the girls went to dance. Boys instantly surrounded them. As usual, though, the ones who came on to Sam were never more than six-point-five on the heat-o-meter that put, say, Orlando Bloom at nine-point-nine."

Gurgel-Segrillo Jewelry Offer
Patricia Gurgel-Segrillo, who created one of the rings that Orlando wears, has updated her site with more images and info. She has also extended the special 20% off offer through December.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mallory (14).

July 2005
  Friday, July 22
Renaissance Magazine Scans
Dairwendan sent in scans from Renaissance magazine. (1 & 2)

POTC 2 Image
Comingsoon.net has a picture of Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

Music in Elizabethtown
This article from billboard.com talks about the music in Elizabethtown, and states the soundtrack will be released Sept. 13.

J-14 Scans
Thanks to Melissa and Emily for sending in scans from the August issue of J-14 (US & Canada). (1 & 2)

"Effects Master Has the Formula"
This article from stuff.co.nz, about the prosthetics in LOTR, says: "At Helm's Deep, Orlando Bloom was out in the rain all night and his ears collapsed. It took an hour and a half to put new ones on."

Twist Scan
Thanks to Emily for this scan from the August issue of Twist (US).

Top Girl Scan
Annie sent in a scan from the June issue of Top Girl (Italy).

Orlando ID Card
From Brit_lover77: I have info about the Orlando ID card. You can get it at any Universal Studios souvenir store. If you go to Universal Studios Hollywood, the store I got it from was that one store near Jaws and the Studio Tour.

Maxima Magazine Scans
The Misfits Club sent in scans from the June issue of Maxima (Portugal). (1 & 2)

Disney Adventures Scan
Livia sent in a small scan from the August issue of Disney Adventures Magazine.

Orlando Bloom Fan Awards
Sylvia has opened a new award site called the Orlando Bloom Fan Awards, where fans can receive awards for loving Orlando. There are many different categories, check it out.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Tamara, Ezgi (13) from her friend Veronica, Steffanie (12) from her friend Nicole, Allie (16).

  Tuesday, July 19
Scan from Viva Magazine
Lula from MarionMania sent in a scan from Viva (Argentina) that comes every Sunday with the newspaper "El Clarin".

German Magazine Scans
Liane sent in scans from the German magazines Madchen and Hey.

Elizabethtown Mention in EW
From Brittany: The July 22nd issue of Entertainment Weekly had an article of an "early look at the Oscar field." Elizabethtown was among those films of possible Oscar nods. It says "Could be a contender... if writer-director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous) is able to concoct yet another whimsical look at complicated contemporary courtship. Unless...the romance veers too far into schmaltz even for the Academy."

Love and Other Disasters
From rte.ie: Gwyneth Paltrow and Orlando Bloom are to make cameo appearances in a new romantic comedy called 'Love and Other Disasters'. The Hollywood Reporter says that the film, which stars Brittany Murphy, Matthew Rhys, Catherine Tate and Santiago Cabrera, follows a group of friends in London who learn some hard lessons about love. The film, written and directed by 'Madonna: Truth or Dare' director Alek Keshishian, began shooting on Monday.

Elizabethtown Photos
The official Elizabethtown site has some new photos.

Orlando ID Card
Honor sent in an Orlando souvenir ID card she found at a gas station in Montana.

Mention in Jessica Biel Interview
From Mandy: In the July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine there is an interview with Jessica Biel. In it they asked her about working with Orlando. "He has this youthful, sweet energy to him. He's very unaware of all the commotion around him, and he's very unaffected, which is nice. He'd just be all sweaty, chasing his dogs around, running after them in the grass."

Top 50 Handsome Men
Sky.com has Orlando at #8 on their Top 50 Handsome Men list. Thanks to Steph for info.

Interview in R Magazine
From Melanie: I have found a new Orlando interview in the R magazine from Britian. I think it's from June. It included a great picture of Orlando and a bit of new info. He really gets into the discussion of Harry Bloom and Colin Stone. I get the impression that Orlando didn't really see Colin a great amount of time, he states that he considers Colin his father, but it is Harry that influenced his life the most. He also says that he was mainly raised by Sonia, her mother and Samantha. He has this nice quote "I'm sure that has has an influence on me, because even when I was growing up, I've always enjoyed the presence of their company. Now, as an adult, I have learned how very important they are in a man's life. If the woman next to you is happy, then ultimately, your chances of being happy too, are that much greater."

Kingdom Hearts II
Orlando will be doing the voice for Will Turner in the Kingdom Hearts II video game for PlayStation 2.

Smash Hits Magazine
From Becky: In the July-August issue of Smash Hits magazine (UK) there is an A4 poster of Orlando.

Twist Magazine
From Kate: Orlando Bloom is in Twist (US) magazine. There's a big fold out poster of him.

Mention on ET on VH1
From Tess: I was watching ET on VH1. It featured the top ten most eligible bachelors. Orlando was features as number five. There was some nice footage of the ET host interviewing Orlando during the KoH press time. They asked him about his status as a sex symbol. He sort of winced, and gave a small smile. There was also some footage that had him saying how he would love to run away with many women. He said that all women could go with him on a desert island and have a party. There was a little mention about his different roles and some info about his costars. ET said that many women were happy to see him as the leading man in KoH.

Spanish Poll
From Miriam: There is a Spanish web page that has a monthly ranking about the most handsome men. Orlando is in the list and he was the most handsome in February. We can vote for him on July.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Tori, Crystal (14) from her friend Cara, Melissa Kathryn (13) from Amanda, Julee (12) from her friend Boram, Alexandra (15) from her best friend Oksana.

  Tuesday, July 12
Teen People Scan
Katie sent in a scan from the August issue of Teen People (US).

Elizabethtown Photos
Here are hi-res versions of the Elizabethtown theatrical poster and theater standee, and I added some new promo shots to the Etown gallery, thanks to Paramount.

Australian Rolling Stone Scan
The Orlando article that was in the May 19th issue of Rolling Stone (US) is in the July issue of the Australian Rolling Stone. It also comes with a poster. Here's a scan thanks to Angel.

J-14 Scan
Orlizgurl4ever sent in a scan from the July issue of J-14 (US). There were also some other small photos, and they say that Orlando likes Milky Way candy bars.

Poster in Chik
From Rhiannan: There is a poster of Orlando on July edition of Chik (Australia).

Kingdom of Heaven Cell Phone Game
Daniella sent in a site where you can demo the Kingdom of Heaven game for your cell phone.

LOTR DVD Contest
From Veronica: For a chance to win a boxed set of the LotR trilogy on DVD enter the contest at Sky.com. The closing date for this contest is 1st August 2005.

Poster in Shout
From Becky: In the July issue of Shout magazine (UK) there is an A4 poster of Orlando.

Woman Magazine
From Nabila: For the danish fans. There's a great and funny interview with Orlando in the magazine Woman this month.

Teen Choice Awards
Orlando is listed in categories in Wave II of the Teen Choice Awards, under Movies: Choice Love Scene for Kingdom of Heaven, and Movies: Choice Liplock for Kingdom of Heaven. You can vote here.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Article
From Uherenye: In my local newspaper there was an article about celebrity confessions on Friday. There was a part about Orlando which read:
Orlando Bloom confesses in the latest issue of New Woman magazine that he once struggled with weight. He broke his leg skiing when he was 9 and had to wear a cast for a full year. "I sat at home, really depressed and ate biscuits and chocolate," he says. "I didn't get back up to speed with sport until I was 16. I was fat." Yeah, well, you're thin and gorgeous now, so quit griping.
There was a small picture of Orlando which I think was from the Haven press conference next to the article.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Vanessa (20), Lindsey Ann (13) from her old friend Amanda, Brianne (14), Kelsey (18) from her friend Sadie, Markye, Kristin, Brianne (14), Heidi (15) from her best friend Becky, Leigh (17) from her friend Sarah, Sophie (15) from her friend Kiwi, Sarah (17), Alyssa (16) from her friend Erin, Hannah (16) from her sister Molly, Akas (16), Mariela.

June 2005
  Sunday, June 26
Elizabethtown Theatrical Trailer
The theatrical trailer is now online at elizabethtown.com and mtv.com. View screencaps here, thanks to Elf Lady. Mtv.com also has an interview with director Cameron Crowe. Stephie saw the trailer before Bewitched.

Bravo and Celebrity Scans
Liane sent in a scan of the poster in the latest Bravo (Germany), and the July issue of Celebrity (Germany) (1, 2, 3, 4). In the interview Orlando speaks of Sidi and how he found him and that he wears his tooth as a necklace. He has changed through Kingdom of Heaven from a boy to a man. His family and his friends are important in his life. He said women are wonderful and that they are stronger than men and he has respect for women and would never treat them bad. He loves romance and he knows his image as a sex symbol could be short so he enjoys it.

One Commercial on TiVo
If you have TiVo, check under TiVo Central for a 3 minute segment about the ONE campaign, including the commercial with Orlando. It looks like they did photoshoots with everyone, so maybe we'll see some of Orlando soon.

LOTR Extended Edition Transcripts
Kristen sent in a link to council-of-elrond.com that has transcripts of the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. 

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah (13) from her boyfriend Mark, Andrea (18) from her fiance John, Jenny (24), Andrea (13).

  Thursday, June 23
Fan Mail Message
"Warm thanks from the Orlando Bloom Team, as they are hurrying to reply to thousands and thousands of you who went to Kingdom of Heaven and sent in stubs... the new card is on its way to all of you - ....thanks for your patience..."

Elizabethtown Trailer and Poster
aintitcoolnews.com has posted a 7 minute internet music video for Elizabethtown, as well as the movie poster. View screen caps here.

Orlando on KOH
Terry Rossio, one of the screenwriters for POTC, posted this on wordplayer.com regarding Kingdom of Heaven. "According to Orlando the film was far better in a longer form, Ridley's cut of the movie, which was more of a character piece. But it was shortened by the studio, over Ridley's objections. Important meaningful character work slashed. Orlando was quite vehement on the subject -- that there was a far better movie than what was shown, and what was shown was turned into a mess."
Terry also has a blog on Myspace where he talks about filming POTC 2.

Candid Photos From POTC Set
From Legolas Greenleaf and Interconnector: Martin Klebba, who was in Pirates of the Caribbean, has some new photos of Orlando on his site.

ASTROgirl Magazine
From Lita: I was spending some time with my brother in New Jersey and we were in a ShopRite. I went to check out the magazines and I saw Orlando on the cover of this mag I had never seen before called ASTROgirl. It says that it's a special issue and will be on display until 9/19/05. It's only 2.99 and it has some very cute small pix of him and a poster that has Orlando and three other guys on it but it's a hot picture.

TV Hits Magazine
From Becky: In the July issue of TV Hits (UK) there is a poster of Orlando and Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Smash Hits Magazine
From Sian: This month Orlando in Smash Hits. There's a poster of him and Jack Sparrow back to back.

LOTR Exhibit in Houston
From Jennifer: Houston Museum of Natural Science is having a Lord of the Rings exhibit, this exhibit first started in New Zealand. Tickets to the exhibit are $17.50 for adults $14.40 for seniors. For more information call 1-713-639-4629. Tickets can be purchased in advanced or at the door. After the museum stop by for a bite to eat at the Hobbit Cafe at 2243 Richmond. This cafe has been around for over 30 years and if you give them a call they will send you a menu, that way you can budget. The cafe is only about 2.5 miles from the museum. If you need a place to stay a while in Houston the Hyatt Regency on 1200 Louisiana Street has a Lord of the Rings package deal, the hotel room, tickets to the museum and valet service all for one low price. The Houston metro rail will take you from the hotel to the museum for $1.We checked around and this was the best deal for our family. Our trip to Houston will be 14 July.

KOH Director's Cut
From Sarah G: I was reading the July issue of Empire magazine and it says that there will be a director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven with 4 disc's very lord of the rings style, with the film on two disc's nearly a couple hours extra including maybe a fight between Balian and Marton Coskas' character Guy de Lusignan and then documentaries and galleries etc. Should also be out in time for Christmas.

OB Files Fanlisting
Someone sent me a link to a fanlisting for The OB Files! I don't know what to say, but thanks!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ashley (14).

  Saturday, June 18
People's Hottest Bachelor
Orlando was named the Hottest Bachelor of 2005 by People Magazine. The issue is out now.

Elizabethtown Web Site
The official Elizabethtown web site has been updated with photos. The movie is rated PG-13 for language and some sexual references.

German TV Guide Scans
From Anni: Here are some more scans (1 & 2) from our German Tv-Guide (it seems they really like him ;D lol) This article is about how simple Orlando pretends to be and how cute this makes him. It's also said that this is a good tactic to be successful in Hollywood. Well, and the OBFiles are named as the Internet Link about Orlando Bloom :) It's said that on the OBFiles you can get all the information about Orlando.

POTC 2 Plot News
From Coco: I was reading the new issue of Premiere magazine and every year they do this thing called "The Power List." The list is of the most powerful people in Hollywood. Johnny Depp made #22. In the "Yes, It's True" part of his section, it says: "In Pirates 2, Depp's Jack Sparrow is captured my cannibals, then becomes their king. Then they try to eat him."

New Photos
Shelly posted some new photos on the message board.

Haven DVD Release Date
I reported that comingsoon.net has Haven coming out on DVD on September 6, 2005, but Lia pointed out that according to Amazon.com, it's actually a different movie also named Haven and starring Bill Paxton.

Hot Celeb on Cleo Nine MSN Site
From Rhiannan: Orlando is on the Australian site nine msn and has been voted babe of the month (June). On the site it says Orlando is a "spunk rat". You can download wallpapers and screensavers.

Black Hawk Down on US TV
Black Hawk Down will air on FX on June 21 at 7pm and on the 22nd at 12pm.

POTC Stationary at Wal-Mart
From Debbie: At Wal-Mart they have POTC folders and a mini-notebook! They are cute.

From Liz: I just found out that Kingdom of Heaven comes out on DVD on October 14th, 2005.

Mention on Vh1
From Taylor: I was watching the Fabulous Life of London on Vh1 and it mentioned Orlando.

From EmRead: At habbohotel.com you can make your own movie, but when you play it back, it gives a description of each of your characters and casts one of them with Orlando Bloom.

Tiger Beat Contest
From Nicole: There is a magazine called Tiger Beat with a contest where you can enter to get a free phone and a message from Orli.

Bliss Magazine
From Becky: In the July issue of Bliss magazine (UK) there is a shirtless poster of Orlando in his new movie Kingdom of Heaven.

Mention in Irish Junior Certificate Exam
From Sinead: I sat my Junior Certificate exams today and on the Irish listening comprehension, there was a bit about Orlando. There is a conversation between two people (through Irish) and they say they went to the cinema to see Troy and they would like to see Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom, Eva Green and Liam Neeson!

Spanish Seventeen Magazine
From Rory: There's an article on Orlando and KOH in the latest number of Seventeen magazine in Spanish. There's as well a review on Orlando's life, like his family, his favorite movie, his idol and even his favorite fashion designer and cologne. You can recognize the magazine cause J-Lo is on the cover.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jackie (13), Leicia from her boyfriend Ors, Racel (17), Lindsey (12) from her cousin Kristyn, Jonni from her friends Shawna, Arielle and Nancy, Joelle (15), Jenny, Christina (13) from her friend Megan, Miranda (4) from her mom, Justine (17), Kirstie (15) from Hayden, Shan Shan (15), Kellie (22), Sarah (15), Kelley R. (15), Abigail.

  Tuesday, June 7
POTC2 Set Fan Encounter
Lauren sent in her fan encounter and great photos from meeting Orlando on the set of POTC2 in March. There's even a photo of Stellan Sarsgard, who plays Bootstrap Bill, in full makeup, barnacles and all (ewww). I guess that's how you look after spending years at the bottom of the ocean!

Mention in Russel Crowe Interview
From TingSK8: The following is an excerpt from an interview with Russell Crowe in this week's Entertainment Weekly:
Entertainment Weekly: There's a sense in Hollywood that you're one of the last of the alpha-male movie stars, that a lot of the upcoming stars are sort of man-boys. You heard a lot of that in some of the harsher reviews Orlando Bloom got for Kingdom of Heaven.
Russell Crowe: "Look, I think there's a lot of really talented actors around at the moment, and Orlando would be high among that group. But you get your stripes over time. I didn't play a lead role in a feature until I was 25 or 26, and I'd done my first TV thing at 6. So I'd had a massive amount of experience."

Teen Choice Awards
Orlando is up for 2 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie Actor: Action/Adventure/Thriller and Choice Hottie: Male. Kingdom of Heaven is also nominated for Choice Movie: Action/Adventure. The awards will air on FOX on August 16, 2005 at 8pm/7c. Vote here.

POTC Ship Photos
From Anon: Here is a site with updates and info of the filming occurring in the Bahamas including the boats/props with photos. The black pearl arrived there on June 2.

Possible Haven Release Date
comingsoon.net has Haven coming out on DVD on September 6, 2005.

Good Morning America Video Clip
I added a video clip of Orlando and Keira being interviewed on Good Morning America back on May 25th, thanks to Brian.

LOTR Art Exhibit Coming to Houston
From Meg: The Lord of the Rings art exhibit is coming to Houston, TX. This is the exhibit that shows the costumes, bigatures, minatures, swords, the one ring, all the stuff that was actually used in the movie. Here is the link for the Houston Chronicle's many articles on it.

Rennaissance and B Magazine
From Melanie: Renaissance zine and B Magazine (UK) both have Orlando in them. Renaissance has him on the cover and pictures from Kingdom of Heaven and the B is dated July 2005. They have an interview in them on Orlando. They asked him about Kate and he was very kind to her. He talked about moving to London and about how he was a little lonely. It really seems to have a lot of new things from our man.

Mention in Dutch Cosmo
From Monique: Orlando is in two small sections of Dutch Cosmopolitan (June edition);
1) In a topic about Mr. Ideal, Orlando ranks number three (although that doesn't seem to be an official ranking, the celebrities were just picked in random order, I think). According to the readers; he's the one they'd like to 'climb mountains (and get lost)' with. Other contenders are, amongst others, Jude Law, Robbie Williams, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and surprise! Johnny Depp. :)
2) In the gossip-corner, about his break-up with Kate Bosworth. Says they've 'given each other space for a year to grow'. Of course, Cosmopolitan doesn't really understand this quote. :)

Real Magazine Scans
Jesse at Oblivious Charm sent in scans from the May issue of Real magazine (UK).

Poster in Shout
From Becky: In the June issue of Shout magazine (UK) there is a poster of Orlando. There is also a poster of Johnny Depp.

KOH Avatar Doll
Iana sent in a link to Yahoo Japan that has a Balian costume for their avatar dolls.

The Weekend Australian Magazine
From Kellie: There is an article on Orlando in "The Weekend Australian Magazine" May 28-29. It tells of what he thinks about his clean-cut image. Quote: "He gives a strictly choreographed performance: Charming (he says he likes my shoes) and professional (considerate, mildly reflective); there are a lot of generous smiles, "wows" and "you knows". Until I say he's got a clean-cut image. This seems to ruffle him quite a bit. "A clean cut image?!" he shrieks, smacking his legs in horror. "Do I really? Right, I have a clean-cut image"

ALA Read Keychains
From Barbara: The American Library Association now has an Orlando "Read" keychain in addition to the big wall poster, small locker poster, and bookmark. They are $7 each or five for $21 (smokin' deal!) Their website is WWW.ALASTORE.ALA.ORG.

Movies.com Movie Site Awards
The OB Files has been submitted for the 2005 Movies.com Movie Site Awards, for best actor fan site. They say: "It will help your chances a ton if you get your fans excited about showing their enthusiasm for your site. Here's why: We'll be watching our Movie Site Awards message boards, looking to see how much support gets voiced for all of the candidates, and we'll use that to help us decide which sites move on to become official nominees." So if you have time, please write a little something on their board. Thanks!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Megan, Ali, Lex (14).