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June 2002
  June 30
Poll Time
Orlando won the BBC's Favorite Celebrity of the Week poll again! In this week's poll, he's currently leading the pack with 36% of the votes. Vote here.

Orlando is ahead in YM's Hottest Guys poll, but Hayden Christensen is right behind him with only a few hundred votes less. Vote here.

  June 28
Stubble Is Sexier
From The Mirror, June 26 - "Gorgeous actors Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom are following in the footsteps of the hirsute Brad Pitt.
Hollywood bosses were fuming when they discovered the stars had grown big, bushy beards for their new movie Ned Kelly. Although the copious amout of facial hair is historically accurate, it was deemed by execs to be distinctly unsexy. Terrified it would jeopardise the lads' appeal, bosses decided stubble would be a more seductive look. But too many scenes had been shot to start again. Not to worry, we're not sure many girls will want to see a film about Aussie outlaws anyway."
Starring Orlando and Heath? Yea, sure. Thanks to Jules for the article.
  June 27
Orlando in New Zealand
The Herald Sun reports that Orlando was not with the rest of the cast of Ned Kelly at the closing night party for costar Rachel Griffith's play, Proof. He apparently took 3 days off to go to New Zealand and visit friends he made while filming there for Lord of the Rings. Read the entire article, thanks to OBM.net.

Orlando in Elle Girl
Here is the photo from the Summer issue of ELLE Girl in the UK. The writing at the bottom says "Born to forever lounge in the lobby of a five-star LA hotel in a dressed down Richard James Suit. Because Orlando Bloom is one of our classiest acts. You may have already spotted the gorgeous 25-year-old star of Lord of the Rings running modishly alongside Kate Beckinsale in the Gap Denim invasion ad. The Definitive Englishman abroad."

  June 26
Orlando to Record Voice For LOTR Video Games
OBM.net reports that Orlando is having his voice recorded while he's in Melbourne for some of the LOTR games.

Orlando in Sneak Magazine
There is an A4 poster of Orli from the Critic's Choice Awards in the July issue of Sneak Magazine (UK).

  June 25
Two Towers Trailer
You can download the Two Towers trailer that will be released in theaters on July 2nd from Comingsoon.net or Movie-list.com. The only new footage of Legolas, since the preview, is of him sliding down stairs while standing on a shield and firing arrows. Very cool, so it's worth the download. You can also download the trailer using Kazaa, by doing a search for "ttt teaser". The file should be 6,287 KB. view screen caps
  June 24
Orli's Beauty, Proven Scientifically
This was sent to me by Lexi. The Learning Channel website has a Beauty Grid that mathematically detects beauty in the human face. Lexi applied the grid to Orlando's face, and this is the result. Besides a few things being a tad off, Orlando is basically... perfect!
  June 23
Orlando in YM Magazine
Orlando is in the August issue of YM, as one of the 20 Hottest Guys. There is also a poll on the YM website where you can vote for your favorite hot guy. Orlando is currently in 7th place with only 4% of the votes. So what the heck are you waiting for? Go vote! Also, if anyone wants to send me a scan of the pic/article, I'd be grateful!
  June 22
BBC Poll
Orlando won the Favorite Celebrity of the Week poll at the BBC website, and is currently in 1st place in next weeks poll. Vote here.
  June 21
Orlando Nominated for GQ Award
Orlando is nominated in the category Best Newcomer at the 5th annual GQ Men of the Year Awards (UK). You can vote for him online at GQ-magazine.co.uk. Thanks to Ria for the info.

Rachel Griffiths On Rove
Rachel, who plays Orlando's onscreen love interest in Ned Kelly, will be on Rove Live on June 25th at 9:30 pm.

  June 19
Midsomer Murders Script Online
The script of Orlando's episode of MM, 'Judgement Day', is online in PDF format at Screentalk.org. (HTML version) His character, Peter Drinkwater, is described as "a darkly handsome and obviously roguish man aged about twenty". What perfect casting! Thanks to Jas at OBM and Orli4eva for finding the script.

Orlando Leads BBC Poll
Orlando is now in first place on the Favorite Celebrity of the Week poll at the BBC website. Vote now to keep him in first.

  June 18
Orlando Returning to Clunes
The cast of Ned Kelly, including Orlando, will be returning to Clunes in July to shoot another scene.
posted by Jess at Orlando Bloom is Legolas Yahoo Group
  June 16
BBC Poll
The BBC website has a poll for Favorite Celebrity of the Week, and Orlando is currently in 2nd place. Go vote for him.

J-17 Magazine
There is a 2 page spread in the July issue of J-17 (UK mag) containing an article and a photo of Orli.

Preorder The Fellowship of the Ring
You can now preorder the Special Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring on DVD for around $30 at newlineshop.com, amazon.com, and deepdiscountdvd.com.

  June 12
Classically Trained Eye Candy
There is a small article about Orlando's recent popularity with teenage girls in the July 17th issue of Newsweek magazine, titled OHMIGOD! A Heartthrob in Bloom. Too bad the writer failed to realize Orlando's popularity with people past puberty. And liking actors just for their looks? So last Wednesday...
  June 11
Saturn Awards
Sadly, Orlando did not win 'Cinescape's Genre Face of the Future' award at the 28th Saturn Awards held last night. The award went to James Marsters who plays Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fellowship of the Ring did pick up some awards, for Best Fantasy Film, Best Supporting Actor for Ian McKellan, and Best Director for Peter Jackson.

Boy Crazy
Here is the full question to the Boy Crazy quiz in the July issue of YM that mentions Orlando. Thanks to everyone who emailed me about it, esp. 'Brazeneye'!
1. How many times a day do you find yourself squealing over a picture of some guy in a magazine?
a. Zero. Those shrieky girls drive me absolutely crazy.
b. Like, 70, starting with the moment in the morning when I wake up to the life-size poster of Justin Timberlake hanging over my head.
c. Maybe one or two, but only if the picture is of Orlando Bloom.
The scoring for this question is as follows: a=1, b=3, c=2, with 2 being "Under Control", and 3 being "Down, Girl!". It's nice to know that squealing over a pic of Orlando is now considered normal.

  June 10
Video of MTV Acceptance Speech
You can view a video of Orlando's MTV acceptance speech at www.frodoandsam.net.

Orlando/Rove Live Conspiracy?
A MESSAGE FROM ROVE - "A short message to all you Orlando Bloom fans out there. I feel there is some conspiracy happening to try to get him on Rove Live. My fan mail is flooded with Orlando requests every day, and let me just say that we are endeavouring him to get him on the show but it is certainly up to him and his publicity folk as to whether he comes on or not. Hey, here's a thought, why not email Orlando's people all day every day and bug them to get him on the show?" - Rove
Good idea, if we only knew their email addresses...

  June 8
New Two Towers Trailer
Harry at www.aintitcool.com has seen the new trailer and has this little tid bit: "Legolas at the battle of Helm's Deep sliding down a set of stairs on the back of a shield firing arrows at oncoming hordes of Orc and Uruk Hai." Is it December yet?
  June 6
Orlando at Spider-Man Premier
The Australian Age reported that Orlando was at the Melbourne premier of Spider-Man at Hoyts Cinemas this Wednesday night.

Becoming A Hobbit
MTV.com has a write up on 'Becoming A Hobbit', a behind the scenes look of The Two Towers that will be shown during the MTV Awards Preshow.

Also, Reuters.com has posted a Video of highlights from the Awards.

  June 5
Ned Kelly filming in Bacchus Marsh
"The Bacchus Marsh site is being used to recreate an event in the Warby Ranges." Read more here.
  June 3
Orlando not at MTV Movie Awards
Orlando was not at the awards, but in his videotaped acceptance speech he stated "I'm flattered, the experience of working on The Lord of The Rings was life-changing. I hope you enjoy the second one." Read the news article here.
  June 2
Orlando wins MTV Movie Award!
Congratulations to Orlando for winning 'Best Breakthrough Male' for his performance in LOTR! No word yet on whether Orlando attended the awards, but AP reported "Director Peter Jackson danced with his hobbit-costumed cast in a videotaped acceptance speech after 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring' took the best movie award." View the other winners here.

New Ned Kelly Photo
Here's another photo from the Ned Kelly set. Orlando's the one with his back to the camera!

From the July issue of Empire magazine:
Hot New Celebrity Couple Of The Month -
Orlando Bloom and Kate Beckinsale, co-stars in Cameron Crowe's Denim Invasion, an advert for Gap that the director did to "wind down" after completing Vanilla Sky. Crowe is now said to be desperate to work with Bloom.
Cameron Crowe on Latest Untitled Cameron Crowe Project -
"It's back to the coalmines here", laughs Crowe of his new project. "It's a comedy-drama in the genre of Life, I'll start filming before the end of the year." No Tom Cruise this time round though. "I just worked with Orlando Bloom on a Gap commercial and he's so funny. I hope we can work something out."

May 2002
  May 31
It seems that the man pictured in this Ned Kelly photo may be Phil Barantini, a 21 year old actor from Liverpool. Phil plays Steve Hart, a member of the Kelly gang. Thanks to Hayley for letting me know.

Jess Olive has allowed me to post 2 photos that she took of Orlando on the Ned Kelly set. This should convince all of you that the previous photo is not Orlando! You can read her report of meeting Orlando in the Fan Encounters. Also, please do not post her photos anywhere else without her permission!

There is an article in The Courier about the Clunes shoot that mentions Orlando:
Mr Johnstone said he had spoken with Ledger and Orlando Bloom, who plays another of the Kelly gang.
"I had quite a conversation with Orlando. It was good to hear him say he would have liked to have a look around the area," he said.
"He said it was a shame he didn't have the time while he was working."

There is also a mention of Orlando's Gap ad in the TV Guide for June 1-7, in the Cheers and Jeers section:
"CHEERS to the most charming 30 seconds on TV: Gap's "Denim Invasion" ad, in which a couple - that's Kate Beckinsale and Orlando Bloom, by the way - joyfully walks, then runs, down a street as a growing crowd follows. And music by the Troggs! Gap ads haven't been this good since the "Swing" era."
Thanks to Deb for sending me this.

  May 29
New Ned Kelly Photos
Is that Orlando behind Heath? Yes!

This second photo is not of Orlando, as previously stated. I have no idea who it is, maybe someone can let me know. It seems that Orlando's beard is longer and skinnier than the guy's in the photo.

Orlando on MTV's Movie House
Watch him sky dive, bungee jump, and act silly. Check the TV Guide to the left for air dates.

  May 28
Hollywood Young Guns
Here is a short article from AOL spotted by Kerry: 'There has never been a shortage of talented and handsome young actors in Tinseltown. But what the studios crave are stars who can put bums on seats. Will this crop of hopefuls manage it?
Full Bloom - Flying the flag for Britain is classically trained Orlando Bloom. After a small part in Wilde with Stephen Fry, Orlando turned down a number of film roles to concentrate on theatre work. But looking cool with his bow and arrows in Lord of the Rings has shot him from obscurity to the big league.'
If you have aol, you can see the article here.
  May 26
Exclusive look at the set of The Two Towers
During the MTV Movie Awards Pre-show, they will have an "exclusive first look at the set of Lord of the Rings 2" in New Zealand. The pre-show premiers Thursday, June 6th at 6 pm ET/PT in the US.
  May 23
Orlando out and about in Oz
Last Sunday, Orlando and Heath Ledger attended a speech by the Dalai Lama at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena.
Also on Sunday, Orlando attended the premier of the Australian movie, The Hard Word, starring Guy Pearce and Rachel Griffiths, Orlando's onscreen love interest in Ned Kelly. He was sporting a mustache and goatee. Thanks a bunch to princess_greenleaf_of_mirkwood for the photo!
  May 21
Voting for the MTV Movie Awards is now over, and mtv.com has put a small interview with Orlando up, and here it is:
MTV asked newcomer and Best Breakthrough Performance Male nominee Orlando Bloom about how it felt to do the monumental Lord of the Rings as his first real acting gig.
Orlando Bloom: It was my first opportunity.
Iann Robinson: Talk about trial by fire.
Orlando Bloom: Yeah, absolutely, baptism by fire. It was like I was thrown into it, but I was given so many opportunities to sort of explore the areas of my character that I needed in order to kind of make him real. For Pete [Peter Jackson, LOTR's director] to have had the confidence in me, gave me the confidence to go ahead. The first thing they did was stick a bow in my hand, and I started doing archery training and through that I found the character. I found exactly what I wanted him to look like.
Iann Robinson: Your Legolas was great cause he's pissed.
  May 18
Orlando is one of the 25 Most Beautiful People in WHO magazine. The Australian magazine has included Orlando, and Viggo Mortensen, in it's latest issue. Read the article and view the photo. (thanx to TheOneRing.net)

Orlando voted #1 number in Dolly magazine's Hottest 100 Hollywood Guys poll. He won the top spot in the Australian magazine by beating the likes of Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood and his current co-star in 'Ned Kelly', Heath Ledger. (thanx to Sammy for reminding me to post this info!)

  May 16
Not much Orli news lately, but here's a little. Much of the LOTR cast is going to be in New Zealand starting June 1st to film some additional footage for the 3rd installment. They will be at the Wellington-harbour and Tongariro National Park. Not sure if Orlando will be there though. Also, Orlando is leading Josh Hartnett by only .1% in the Teen People poll, so go vote!
  May 9
Be an extra in Ned Kelly! There will be auditions for extras in the Ned Kelly movie this Saturday, the 11th, in Clunes, Victoria at the Clunes Community Centre, between 8:30 am and midday. The extras will be used when they are filming in Clune.
  May 8
Orlando lost to Ian Somerhalder in Movieline's Young Hollywood Awards for Exciting New Face. I think this may be the first award Orlando has been up for and not won! So let's not let it happen again! Click the links above and vote vote vote, for the love of Orli!
  May 7
Orlando kicked some major ass (or at least his fans did) and was voted number 1 in Seventeen's (Philippine edition) 17 Boys of Summer poll. Click the pic for the article. Thanks to OrlandoMultimedia.net

Vote for Orlando at teenpeople.com in their Hottest 25 Under 25 poll. They also have a profile page on him with pics, a puzzle, and a very easy quiz.

In non-Orli news, it's my birthday today! Yay me. I feel so old, I'm the same age as Orli now! Here's a little advice for everyone, never grow old.

  May 3
More info about Ned Kelly release date. According to an article from the Herald Sun, Ned Kelly won't be released until next year, which is contrary to the German interview which stated that it would be out this year. They state that filming will last until July, and the movie will likely be released in June 2003 in the UK and Australia, before being released in the US.
  May 2
Here's a photo of Heath Ledger on the set of Ned Kelly.(thanks to OBmultimedia) Since Orlando's character Joe Byrne also has a beard, we can only imagine what Orlando looks like! (pic manipulated by me)

April 2002
  April 30
Australian actress Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive) joins the cast of Ned Kelly
Filming began in rural Victoria yesterday.
  April 27
More info about Gap commercial.
"In "Denim Invasion," directed by Cameron Crowe, Kate Beckinsale ("Pearl Harbor," "Serendipity," "Brokedown Palace") and Orlando Bloom ("Blackhawk Down," "Lord of the Rings") are taking a summer stroll when they're interrupted by a pack of admirers. The accompanying music is "Sorry," performed by The Easybeats and written by Stephen Wright and George Young, and "Love is All Around," performed by The Troggs and written by Reg Presley.
Orlando wears the Classic T and the Boot fit Jean in vintage wash, and Kate wears the 2x2 garment dye scoop tank and the Long and Lean Jean in stonewash. "Denim Invasion" was filmed in Pomona, California."

Orlando nominated for Saturn Award. He is nominated in Cinescape's Genre Face of the Future category. Vote for him here. The Saturn Awards are produced by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. The winners will be announced live during the June 10th award ceremony held at the St. Regis Hotel in LA.

  April 30
Orlando to appear in Gap commercial. From BusinessWire.com- "Using the timeless feel of black-and-white cinematography, Academy Award winners Cameron Crowe and the Coen brothers, and emerging director Roman Coppola, are behind the camera in Gap's new TV campaign, with three 30-second films promoting denim, khakis and the white shirt -- the classic, simple styles of summer." "Cameron Crowe marks his directorial debut in TV advertising with the spot "Denim Invasion," which features Kate Beckinsale and Orlando Bloom as an alluring couple whose summer stroll is interrupted by admirers."
The commercials debut April 28 in the US during Law & Order, Criminal Intent and the X-Files. Throughout May, the commercials can be seen during episodes of 24, West Wing, Friends, ER, Will and Grace, Felicity and the NBA Playoffs. They will also air in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Orlando named one of the 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 by Teen People. (Even though he's not under 25 anymore) In the May issue, he was labeled 'Hottest Adventurer'. Read the article here.

  April 27
Orlando is nominated for a MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance in LOTR. Vote for him here (there is no limit on the number of times you can vote) and view the Best Breakthrough Performance video here. The show will be taped at the Shrine Auditorium in LA on June 1st, and will air on June 6th at 9 pm EST on MTV in the US and June 15th at 7pm in the UK and Ireland. You can purchase tickets for the awards through Ticketmaster. Lord of the Rings has also topped the nominations with Best Movie, Best Male Performance (Elijah Wood), Best Villain (Christopher Lee), Best Acton Sequence (The Cave Tomb Battle), and Best Fight Sequence (Christopher Lee vs Ian McKellen). Black Hawk Down has 2 nominations for Best Movie and Best Action Sequence (First Helicopter Crash).
  April 23
Work with Orlando! A job board for actors has a posting for the Calcium Kid. Click here for details. And there's a little more info about the movie; it's going to be a "spoof documentary following an amateur boxer".

Orlando to play Hawkeye? From TheOneRing.net - "A rumor has surfaced that Orlando Bloom is considering taking up the bow and arrow yet again to play another hero from literature -- young "Hawkeye" in the adaptation of "The Deerslayer." The classic American novel by James Fenimore Cooper is the prequel to "Last of the Mohicans." Daniel Day-Lewis played the grown-up Nathaniel "Hawkeye" Bumppo in the 1992 Michael Mann film."

Ned Kelly filming in Victoria. The Sun Herald states that most of Ned Kelly will be shot in rural Victoria, but some production might take place in Glenrowan, the place where Ned was arrested.

  April 20
According to a small French article, Orlando's upcoming movie, The Calcium Kid, is going to be a comedy. It is being directed by Alek De Rakoff, a stage director who will make his debut behind the camera for this film.

An Australian article has a little info about the cast of Ned Kelly, which begins filming in Melbourne on April 29th. The Australian actress Rachel Griffiths will play a woman called Mrs. Scott who will be seduced by Orlando's character, Joe Byrne. Rachel recently won a Golden Globe for her work in HBO's Six Feet Under. Thanks to Jas at OBmulitmedia for finding the article.

  April 16
BillyBoyd.net has an audio interview with Billy where he tells the real reason the boys weren't at the Oscars. He says they all knew that only people who were nominated, along with their guest, could attend, and therefore they never planned on going. He spent the day of the Oscars racing speed boats with Orlando and Dom! Then they watched the Oscars at the New Line Cinema party, and went out to party afterwards. Billy also mentioned that Orlando, along with the rest of the guys, were doing commentaries for the LOTR DVD.
You can listen to the interview here in Real Player format.
  April 8
Not much Orlando news lately, but according to my sources, Orlando just arrived in Melbourne for work on his new film, The Kelly Gang. My sources! haha ;)
  April 7
There's a little Orlando quote, along with a photo from the LA premier of LOTR, in this week's People Magazine in the US....
Call it do-it-yourself vintage! What's the oldest fashion item you own that you bought new?
Lord of the Rings' Orlando Bloom - "A pair of old Levi's, and I wear them all the time. I wore them to a premiere with a Fendi suit jacket. They're falling apart, but I keep getting them sewn back together."
  April 5
Orlando is nominated in Movieline.com's 2002 Young Hollywood Awards for "Exciting New Face (Male)". If his face excites you, go vote here!

In the romance department, Christina Ricci is in the latest issue of Jane magazine talking about her live-in boyfriend who is an actor, but it's not Orlando! So it seems Orlando is still single, which I'm sure will please a lot of you.

Also, scifi.com has a small article called Bloom Sneaks Two Towers where Orlando talks a little about shooting the Battle of Helm's Deep scene.

  April 1
The Sunday Mirror is reporting that Orlando is dating Christina Ricci. Keep in mind that they ARE a tabloid, and they are basing their story all on someone who said they saw him come to Christina's aid when she was vomiting outside a pre-Oscar party. How romantic. I personally won't believe it untill I get more proof. Here's the full story:
I KNEW it wouldn't be long before the gorgeous British star of Lord of the Rings Orlando Bloom found himself a Hollywood girlfriend.
Cherubic Orlando is the only man who could be sexy playing an elf, so it is with deep regret that I can announce that he is dating Sleepy Hollow star Christina Ricci.
Not only is young Orlando, who plays deadly archer Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a handsome chappy, he's a true gent too. He and Christina, who made her name as the demonic Wednesday in the Addams Family, got into the spirit of things at a pre-Oscars party. In fact poor 22-year-old Christina rather over-indulged and ended up having a vomiting fit outside the smart Hollywood venue.
But do not fear - Orlando, 25, who also starred in Black Hawk Down, was quick to rush to her side to comfort her. "He dashed off and found Christina who was in a bad way," said an onlooker. "But as you'd expect, she soon perked up as soon as Orlando whispered some soothing words in her ear."

In other news... there is a review up at CinemaScreen.com for Lullaby of Clubland. It mentions that Orlando's character, Finney, and his girlfriend (Joanne Morley, Orli's ex) are the first victims in the movie. It also says "It's a pity that Orlando Bloom has only eight minutes (and 17 lines) here, because he was never as good-looking as now." It also eerily states that "Mikey Myers, the director, killed himself shortly after filming was completed, followed by seven other crew members." Creepy, and sad. But I heard that they weren't all suicides.

March 2002
  March 30
From the latest issue of Empire Magazine, in the letters section:
"Thank you, thank you for the lovely pictures of Orlando Bloom at the Empire Awards last issue. But please, please, please do a bigger interview with him and lots more pictures. He is gorgeous. And some more of Elijah Wood too!!"
EMPIRE'S REPLY - "Not since Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic have so many teenagers come out of a film with their hormones raging. Orlando Bloom (and to a lesser extent, poor Elijah) generates more letters to Empire towers than anyone else at the moment. So, for the record: he does not live here; we do not have signed pictures of him; and we won't be giving out his address. He will, however, be back in the mag in full extent come The Two Towers."
  March 29
Orlando was at an announcement party at Warner Bros. Studios in LA on Tuesday for the LOTR coming out on DVD and VHS. Here's a second photo. And here's an article about the DVD, that tells about all the extra features and footage it will have.

And from E! Onlines The Awful Truth Gossip Column: "Orlando Bloom might as well have been cooing: "Happy Birthday, Ms. Smart," as he whispered in Amy's ear, causing the pretty blonde to become so flustered she had to flee with her girlfriend. Hey, Orlando, stop that! Don't you know the effect you're having on the residents of this town (not to mention the planet), these days? Down, you randy boy!"
I'm assuming this took place at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

  March 25
"I`m going out to get drunk anyway."
"Three British Stars of Lord Of The Rings were snubbed by Oscars bosses who failed to invite them to last nights ceremony. Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan were flown into LA on Saturday for the bash. They expected to get prime seats for the ceremony as stars of the film nominated for 13 awards. But stunned Lord Of The Rings producers were told that there was no room left in Hollywood's 3,500 seater Kodak Theater. Orlando, 25, who plays elf warrior Legolas, said last night: "I`m going out to get drunk anyway." Dominic, 25, who plays Merry added: "We have plenty of options for a night out. But the Oscars isn't one of them." Last night Orlando, Dominic, and Billy, 33, who plays hobbit Pippin were on standby in case seats became available."

Here are 2 photos of Orlando and Dominic at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday. See, I'm sure they still had fun that night even though they were snubbed at the ceremony! photo 2

And here are 2 photos of Orlando watching Sean Astin get a manicure at the Johnnie Walker Blue "Gentleman's Suite" at L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday.photo 1 photo 2

  March 23
Orlando was at a pre-Academy Awards party on Friday in Beverly Hills for the cast and crew of Lord of The Rings. Here's a photo...
  March 21
Starting March 29th, a 3 and half minute long preview of The Two Towers will be shown in theaters after The Fellowhip of the Ring.

Check out this LOTR spoof from Mad Magazine. They insult Orli's acting!! GRRRRRRRR And they make fun of Legolas saying that he may be a woman! Ah well. I guess it's suppose to be funny...
  March 19
comingsoon.net has more info on Orlando's new Ned Kelly movie, saying his character's name is Joe Byrne. They also say that Orlando will be starring in "The Calcium Kid", "another folk hero tale about a British milkman with a steel jaw who is plucked to serve as a replacement boxer in a title bout against the U.S. champ." I'm hoping for lots of shirtless, sweaty muscle scenes. ;)
  March 18
Congrats to Orlando for winning the Internet Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance, and good job to all the fans who voted!
  March 16
Orlando was at the 6th Annual Green Cross Millennium Awards on the 15th. They were held at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles and tickets were $500 a pop. Check out some photos of him here and visit their Web site to find out more about the awards.
  March 14
Check out this fan report with photos from a girl who met Orlando at the SAGs! She says that Orlando smelled fantastic! Ohhhh it must be nice to get so close that you can actually smell him. :)
  March 7
According to aintitcool.com, Orlando makes a cameo appearance in a new Peter Jackson movie called Salome, a remake of a famous silent film. "Jackson filmed Salome simultaneously with LOTR and plans to premiere it at Cannes next year. Orlando Bloom's cameo is going to knock you folks for a loop when you see it."
  March 1
More on Orlando's new movie - It's called "Ned Kelly" and is about, what a surprise, the Australian gunslinger and outlaw, Ned Kelly! Heath Ledger plays Ned, and Orlando plays "one of his best mates; a bit of a ladies man". He'll have an Irish accent for his role. Production is scheduled to start in Victoria, Australia, on April 16th, 2002. There may also be scenes shot in Ireland.

February 2002
  February 28
Orlando revealed his next project, a film with aussie Heath Ledger, which he starts filming in Oz (Australia) in the next few weeks. He said "The recognition I have got from Lord of the Rings has been amazing. It is weird being thought of as a heart-throb. It helps me meet women but I don't use it to help me pull."