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March 2004
  Wednesday, March 31
Cinemania Scans
Rachael from the MSN group OrlandoBloomOBLOOM sent in scans from the April issue of Cinemania (Spain). There was also an article, and one on Troy, in Spanish. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Calcium Kid Photos
The Z Review has posted some promo pictures from The Calcium Kid. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

ROTK Premiere Screencaps
Nat sent in some screencaps of Orlando doing an interview at the ROTK premiere in LA, on the German tv station VIVA.

Kent on Sunday Article
Here is the Kingdom of Heaven article from the Kent on Sunday (UK).

Kingdom Of Heaven Co-star
From theherald.co.uk: Bill Paterson, one of Scotland's leading actors, has moved from reading scripts to writing his own. ... Paterson has just finished filming Kingdom Of Heaven, the latest blockbuster movie being made by Ridley Scott, the director of Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, and Blade Runner, starring Orlando Bloom as a young blacksmith fighting in the Crusades. "I am only in the first 20 minutes, if you are late buying your popcorn you are going to miss me," he said. "I am the bishop who sends young Mr Bloom off to war, but it's a vast film with a big budget and will be shooting well into the summer."

Star Wars Insider Magazine
From Laura: Probably the last place you would expect to find a picture of Orlando Bloom... yes that's right "Star Wars Insider" magazine. In the May issue, which has been released to subscribers, features an eight page article on Keira Knightley (who played a handmaiden in Episode II) at one point in the article it talks about her recent success with "Pirates." Orlando is never mentioned by name but it does sport a picture of him and Keira at the POTC London premiere (picture caption reads: Knightley and Pirates co-star Orlando Bloom arrive at the European premiere of the The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in London last July).

Empire Magazine
From Jen: If you buy the new Empire Mag (UK) you get a free Troy poster (no Orlando on it bar name).

Orlando Buttons at Torrid
I was at Torrid (US) today, and I saw some "I (heart) Orlando" buttons for $1.50.

Wheel of Fortune
From Kathryn: On Wheel-of-Fortune tonight one of the categories was "Headlines". And the answer was "Lord of the Rings gets Oscar clean sweep". The contestant solved it and got it right. Then there was a 'Secret Question'. It was 'How many Oscars did Lord of the Rings win?'. She got the question right which of course was '11'.

Orlando Wins March Man-ness
From Hannah: Orlando won the March Man-ness competition! He beat George Clooney 3 to 2!

Mention on TV Show
From Nicki: Orlando Bloom was mentioned in a new tv series called "Wild Card: Zoe Busiek" on Star World Asia Channel. It's like this. Zoe was interviewing the roommate (I think her name is Tessie) of a girl who almost got eaten by a lion (Katy). The roommate said she and Katy got close because of Orlando Bloom. And Zoe said that lots of people became friends because of Orlando Bloom.

The OB Files Mentioned in Starlog
Thanks to Oddjob for pointing out that my site is mentioned in the Fanlog: Weblog section of the May issue of Starlog, the one with the Orlando article I posted a few days ago. It says "You won't find any naughty videos on this Paris' website, but you will get the latest info on the Lord of the Rings star, Ned Kelly rides a Troy horse at www.theorlandobloomfiles.com

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Melissa S. (16) from her friend Rita, Ash and Malia.

  Tuesday, March 30
New Kingdom of Heaven Set Photos
Here are scans from the April 5 issue of The Star (US), scanned by Cherry Glitter at Orlando Watch. (1, 2, 3)

Croatian Magazine Scans
Mirena sent in some scans from Croatian magazines. OK, Feb., Bravo, March, Bravo, Dec. 2003, OK, ? 2003

Ned Kelly Video Interview
Here's an interview in Windows Media Format with the cast of Ned Kelly. Orlando appears about 2 minutes in. Thanks to Silvia P. for the info.

I have a new affiliate, redcarpetpictures.com. They sell candid Orlando photo prints.

Mention on Ryan Seacrest
From Sara: On "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," they had segment about how The Passion of the Christ is sparking Hollywood to make more religious based movie and they mentioned Orlando being in Kingdom of Heaven directed by Ridley Scott and showed some clips of him.

From Nichole V.: For Orlando's birthday a few of the girls at the message board got together and sent him a page of stuff that we each made. We got a response in the form of a autographed Legolas picture with a little message on it. Here is a scan of the one I received.

Golden Age Collectibles
Elizabeth sent in the contact info for the store in Seattle that has a bunch of Orlando merchandise.
Golden Age Collectibles
1501 Pike Place Market, #401
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 622-9799

March Man-ness
From Hannah: Orlando is in "The March Man-ness" competition for the Chicago radio station "The Mix". He is in the final two with George Clooney. You can check out the list on their website. The winner will be announced today between 5:30 and 10 am.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Angela (18) from her friend Jenna, A.G. (12) from Ally, Micole (14), Alli from Jamie-Lynn, KK (13) from Beca, Sapna, Angela from her friend Catherine, and Guamgirl from Sonia.

  Monday, March 29
Haven Script Review
Latinoreview.com has a script review for Haven. I've edited out the profanity.

Ned Kelly Opening Weekend
From Variety: Focus Features' Oz Western "Ned Kelly," starring Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom and Naomi Watts, grossed a weak $42,700 from 22 theaters in four markets -- or just $1,941 per venue -- after bowing amid poor reviews.

Twist Scans
Eileen sent in scans from the April issue of Twist (1 & 2) There was also a short article on Orlando and Kate with an old photo.

Brio & Beyond Article
Greta sent in a scan from the April issue of Brio & Beyond (US).

OK Magazine Scan
Jo sent in an article called "Celebrity Fear Factor" in a recent issue of OK magazine (UK).

Cioè Magazine
From Gabi: Orli is in "Cioè", Italian magazine (April). There's a photo and article and there's also a question on a quiz, that says: "Matt Damon is great friend's with which of the following hollywood stars? The answers were: Orlando Bloom, Ben Affleck, Joshua Jackson.

Hi-res Photos
Elf Lady has posted on her board some hi-res scans of some photos that she and Serein purchased.

Kent on Sunday
Beka says there is an article about Kingdom of Heaven in the Kent on Sunday, along with a picture of Orlando.

Merchandise in Seattle, Washington
Suzanne went to Seattle, Washington this weekend and found a Pike Street Market that has a vender that sells American as well as Foreign magazines and newspapers, including some with Orlando. There was also a store that's downstairs near the place where they sell fish that is called 'Golden Age Collectables'. They have TONS of Lord of the Rings pictures, posters, action figures, books, POTC posters, an autographed Orlando Bloom picture for $125, and they have original scripts - ROTK for $20 a script.

Windows Media Player
From Jorien: If you go to Hollywood Heat in your Windows Media Player, you can watch movie previews from Return of the King and Troy and you can see some clips from POTC.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Del, Angel (19), Hayley (22), Carmela (14), and to Maz (14) from Elanie, Megan and Sarah. Happy Birthday from yesterday to Lucie and Georgia (14) from mom, dad and Jelly,

  Sunday, March 28
Sugar Scans
Elements sent in scans from the May issue of Sugar (UK). (1 & 2)

New Candid Photo
Here's a new Orlando photo from Elf Lady and nuregwen.

Starlog Article
Tinewen sent in scans of the Orlando article in the May issue of Starlog (US).

From Mollie May: On ET on MTV there was a segment of what movies you should go see coming out next week and there was a segment on Ned Kelly. They mentioned Orlando and showed a few pictures of him.

Casualty Screencaps and Video
Jan at ka-Bloom has posted screencaps of the 17 year old Orlando in Casualty, from the Making it at Holby documentary. You can download the 4 second clip here, thanks to Jupiter at ka-Bloom.

Ned Kelly Reviews
Ami sent in a Ned Kelly review from her local Fort Worth, Texas newspaper The Star Telegram. She also says it is playing at these theatres in Fort Worth: UA Hulen 10 & AMC Sundance 11.

From Brittany: There was a Ned Kelly review and article in the Dallas Morning News on Friday. Review: Writer-director Gregor Jordan (Buffalo Soldiers) presents a gripping, adventurous, fictionalized account of the brief life of notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. Much of the cast is a who's who of talented Aussie actors, and the movie plays out like a Hollywood Western yet remains quintessentially Australian. (Starring Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Naomi Watts, Joel Edgerton. 109 min.)
Here is part of the article that was talking about Orlando: "Ned Kelly sticks closer to the accepted legend than historical fact. But this is nothing new. Audiences and filmmakers alike prefer their bad boys noble and tragic, and the larger-than-life likes of Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid aren't much fun to watch if they're not charismatic and-or sympathetic."
"Which of course brings us to the likes of Mr. Ledger and Mr. Bloom, whose combined presence guarantees the 18-to-24 crowd will be lined up at the box office. Mr. Ledger makes an attractive, subdued and intense outlaw, especially when compared to Mick Jagger and his performance as Ned Kelly in 1970. However, Mr. Bloom, all grin and swagger, steals a number of scenes as Ned's rakish right-hand man." Both the review and the article was written by Gary Dowell. He gave Ned Kelly a B.

From Alexandra: In the Fangirl section of ELLEgirl, they have a specific corner reserved for Orlando updates and tributes, called The Orlando Watch. In the April issue, they have haiku saluting Orli. I think they plan on doing The Orlando Watch every month (Yay!).

WB 11 News
From Kiersten: There was a clip on Thursday's WB 11 News at 10 of Who Will Play The Next James Bond. Orlando was shown in a clip from Pirates of the Caribbean, and there was a poll on WB11.com. Hugh Jackman won the poll though.

Hot Ticket
From Silvia P.: Yesterday on Hot Ticket, Ned Kelly was being reviewed. They gave Ned Kelly a "double hot"! The critics said Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom gave good performances.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alex, Meghan (17), and Adrienne C. (11) from her band mate Emily (obishot).

  Saturday, March 27
J-14 Scans
Mollie May sent in scans from the April issue of J-14 (US). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Best British Actor List
You can vote for Orlando as the Best British Actor on channel4.com. Thanks to Clare for the link.

New Magazine Scans
Elements sent in scans from the March 22 issue of New magazine (UK).

Mozart and the Whale
Here's the latest. Britt talked to her uncle who is currently in Spokane, WA, playing a bit part in the movie. He said that Orlando was not affiliated with the movie in any way. Yet, other people have said they heard rumors that Orlando is there, while other people have claimed to have actually seen him. So basically, I don't know what is going on!

Ned Kelly Review in EW
Amy sent in the Ned Kelly review from the April 2 issue of Entertainment Weekly (US), which has a nice quote about Orlando.

Ned Kelly Ad Scan
Joileen sent in a scan (close-up) of the Ned Kelly ad in the March 25th issue of the Village Voice, which is free in New York City.

Ned Kelly Canadian Release Date
It appears that Ned Kelly will not be released in Canada until April, according to tribute.ca. Thanks to Holly for the info.

Ned Kelly in the US
From Stephanie: Ned Kelly is showing at the Lowe's Beverly theater in LA. It's also playing at the Arclight in Hollywood.
From Jordi: I just wanted to let ya'll know that "Ned Kelly" has been released at the Irving, TX theaters.
From Barb in Phoenix: Information from the US theater chain, AMC. A spokeswoman called me back this afternoon to say that "Ned Kelly" was only showing in 22 of their theaters nationwide, and they would only consider opening it wider if it did "well" (whatever that means). For anyone who's interested, AMC's national toll-free number is 877-262-4450. I strongly encourage fans of the movie to call their local theater chains and ask when they can expect to see "Ned Kelly" onscreen in their town.

Teenpeople.com Poll
From Erica: On Teenpeople.com the poll is "Would you cheat on your beau if you knew you wouldn't get caught?" the choices are: Definitely, No way, and Only with someone like Orlando. Orlando is in second place with 37%.

Teen People
From Erica: In the Teen People magazine they have the annual Teen People staff awards, that's where the staff is awarded with some prize. Andres Guiterrez won the prize for the male who looks most like a celeb for looking like ORLANDO BLOOM. But I'm positive that he's not as cute as Orli!

Star and Entertainment Weekly
From Alexis: Orlando has a two page spread in the April 5, 2004 issue of Star (US) and there is a picture of him and Heath Ledger in Ned Kelly for the review in the April 2, 2004 issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

7 Days Magazine
From Mariel: There is a big article about Orlando with his photos in the "7 Days" magazine, #14 (Russia).

Break Out Magazine
Lenny of Bloomania reports that the Dutch magazine Break Out has a poster and a small article on Orlando and Kate.

SFX Magazine
From Emily: There is a free poster mag with this month's SFX magazine (out now, UK) which includes a poster of Orlando as Will Turner.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kirstin (14) from Ashley, Ally from her bff Kat, and to Francine (19).
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Sarah (14) from Bex.

  Friday, March 26
New Film?
A few people have wrote in saying that Orlando is in Spokane, Washington filming the movie Mozart and the Whale. It stars Josh Hartnett who plays a man with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. If I find out more to confirm this, I will post it. But for now, that is all I know so please do not ask me for more information.

YM Magazine Scan
Christina sent in a scan from the calendar in the May issue of YM.

Casualty Clip Repeated on UK TV
The documentary on Holby that had a clip of Orlando's appearance on Casualty will be repeating on BBC 3 this Saturday at 19:50. Thanks to Phynx at ka-Bloom for the info. If anyone could make a video clip or screen captures, please let me know.

Ned Kelly in Limited Release
Sylvia wrote to her local theater inquiring about Ned Kelly, and this is the response she received:
"Ned Kelly is scheduled only as a limited release starting 3/26/04. Focus Features has only a handful of prints available and therefore, the only cities to see it opening weekend will be the "larger" markets, like LA, NY and possibly Detroit. It should be available in about a month, for the "smaller" markets."

E! News Live and E! Ticket
From Diana: Today on E! News Live when the “Awful Truth” came on they showed a small clip of Troy with a short glimpse of Orlando. They also showed Ned Kelly on E! Ticket.

Mizz Magazine
From Carrie: Mizz magazine (UK) has a double page interview with Orlando and some nice pictures at the moment. However, the article looks to me to have been pieced together from past interviews. He is very open about his romance with Kate and says he is in love, but when asked what the most romantic thing someone had ever done for him was, he wouldn't say, and said he preferred not to talk about those things. This sounds a bit weird and inconsistent with other the other parts of the interview.

Hello Magazine Article and Poll
From Hellomagazine.com: Hellomagazine.com wanted to let you know about a news story that we have on the site at the moment regarding Orlando in his new film, The Calcium Kid. There is also a mini-poll about who should be the next James Bond, which includes Orlando.

Allure Magazine
From Lauren: In Allure magazine, there is a small picture of Orlando and Kate taken on June 28, 2003. I'm sure it's been seen before, but it was featured in an article on Kate being a style queen. It's on page 82.

Wizard Magazine
From Sivie: In the March issue of Wizard magazine, there was a small article about the guys up for Superman. There was a small pic of Orli on one of the pages.

Allegra Scans
Eva wrote in and said that the two photos I posted a few days ago are from the January issue of Allegra (Germany). (1 & 2)

German Magazines
From Stef: There are some articles in German magazines about Orlando.
-Popcorn: Double-side b/w-poster of Orlando + little article about Orlando.
-Bravo Nr.14: Double-side article about Orlando and his movie Troy.
-Nautilus magazine: Article about the movie Troy (historical information about the Troy saga and interview with "Gimli" and little more information about LotR).
On the videotext of the German Music-TV VIVA there is also a poll incl. Orlando, it starts Tomorrow (Friday) at 10 a.m. and goes on until Sunday at 4 p.m.

Disney Adventures Magazine
Kristy found a small photo of Legolas on page 87 of the April issue of Disney Adventures magazine, advertising what will be in the next issue.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Megan (16), Alex, Ammy (11) form her friend Sammy, Lucy from Gracie, Stacey (12) from her band mates Amy and Sarah, and Kristy A. (11) from her BFF Emily S.

  Thursday, March 25
New Troy Posters
Latino Review has posted some Troy posters shown at ShoWest, including one with Orlando looking very shiny. Thanks to Evie for the link.

Ned Kelly Site Updated
The US Ned Kelly site has been updated with cast bios, interviews, photos and video clips. Thanks to Chris for the info.

French Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in scans from the March issues of Super (1 & 2) and Magic Academy (photos: 1, 2, 3) (article in French: 1, 2, 3)

Casualty Clip on UK TV
From Lil Miss Bloom: I was watching a documentary about actresses trying to get a role in the British drama 'Holby City' which is the sister show to 'Casualty' which Orlando starred in, in 1994! And they were interviewing certain members of the old cast from Casualty and they interviewed Robson Green and he said something like 'A lot of famous actors and actresses starred in Casualty before going on to make big films which they're in now' and then it showed a clip of Minnie Driver in Casualty and then it showed Orlando's clip! If you look at the pictures in Company and Radio Times the camera started from that picture and then he walked over to the reception and said to a woman with short blonde hair (presumably his mum or guardian) "You waited" to which she replied "They said you'd come out didn't they," and then it went to a clip of Kate Winslet! It was adorably cute! And he had the same air to his voice as he does in POTC! Oh and he wasn't credited in the titles at the end so that's why we don't know what character he played.

Entertainment Tonight Poll
From etonline.com: Yesterday, ET viewers were asked to vote on who they'd like to see as the next James Bond. PIERCE BROSNAN still tops the list with 42 percent, with fans hoping to see him slip on that famous tuxedo for another installment of the 007 franchise. ORLANDO BLOOM gave Brosnan a run for his money, however, with a close 38 percent.

Popcorn Magazine
From Anon: In the April issue of the Polish magazine POPCORN there's a double A4 black and white poster of Orlando.

YM Magazine
From Tiffany: I just got my YM magazine (May, US), and on page 24 on the calendar for May it says May 14: "As if you're not going to see dreamy Orlando Bloom all suited up for Troy, which opens today." The pic they had was a close-up of Orlando in this shot.

Mention on "Fabulous Life of..."
From Tiffany: I was also watching VH1 and they were showing the "Fabulous Life of... Hollywood Super Spenders" and they showed a pic of Orlando on how he made 5 million dollars for LOTR.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Steph (14) from her sister Sam, Elizabeth G. (11) from Allie, Jonelle (13) from Jessii, Mark (13) from John, and Stacii (15) from Allie.

  Wednesday, March 24
New/Old Photos
Michelle sent in two photos, but she doesn't know where they are from. If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give credit. (1 & 2)

More on James Bond
From Diana: On ET Tuesday there was a small segment on who would be the next 007. There was small clips of each actors including Orlando that were up for the part. You can go to etonline.com to vote between Crafty Colin Farrell, Swashbuckler Orlando Bloom, Handsome Hugh Jackman or even Bring back Brosnan! (the poll box is near the bottom of the page).

Accesshollywood.com also has a James Bond article and a poll where you can vote for Orlando. You can also vote for the new 007 at People magazine, if you have AOL. Thanks to Laura for the info.

The Daily Mail (UK) on Tuesday and the UK morning tv programme GMTV also mentioned Orlando as a contender for the role. Thanks to Beka, Amy and Helen for the info.

Hollywood Director in Death Threat
From imdb.com: Movie director Riddley Scott is being guarded by hundreds of soldiers on location in Morocco - after receiving death threats from Islamic extremists upset about his new movie. The 'terrorists' are offended by battle scenes in Scott's new movie about the Crusades, Kingdom of Heaven, particularly those between Christian King Richard The Lionheart and Muslim Saracen soldiers. A crew member reveals, "There is concern, but everyone is getting on with the job in hand." King Mohammed of Morocco has ordered increased security for the Gladiator director and the cast which includes Liam Neeson, Kiera Chaplin and Jeremy Irons.

Ned Kelly Review
nypress.com has an article and review on Ned Kelly. "This Ned Kelly is a working-class hero, and his fellow outlaws–whose ranks include his best pal Joe Byrne, hauntingly portrayed by sad-eyed Orlando Bloom–are a band of merry men."

Disney Channel Survey
From Michelle: On the Disney Channel (UK), there was a survey taken by the viewers of the Disney channel on who was there favourite celebrity and Orlando came out tops!

Summer Shoot for Elizabethtown
From Dana and cameroncroweonline.com: "It looks like E-town will start shooting this July. Still no final word on locations, but I've heard that they will include Elizabethtown (KY), Los Angeles and Oregon. Some second unit footage may have already begun. A 2005 release is most likely."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jennifer (15), Ailis (15) from her friend Christy, Amy (16) from her friend Michelle, and Avril from her friend Hayley.

  Tuesday, March 23
New Orlando Photos
Jeremy sent in some new studio photos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) And he wanted me to say "Here you go Sammy". He also sent in better quality photos of some that are already on the site. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Mention on The OC
From Cait: I was watching the O.C. on Fox, it shows early on this channel in Canada. I just want to let you know that they mention Orlando on the show. The scene plays out that Seth, Ryan, Marissa, and Summer are in the car stuck in traffic going to a party in L.A. I can't remember who asks but they ask who would be at this party, and Summer says she hopes that Orlando Bloom would be there. "He is totally hot as Legolas."
From Coconutty: Orlando will be mentioned by Summer on Wednesday's the OC episode. She says that she's expecting to see him (at a party) and that she loves Legolas (although she pronounces it funny...). Seth retaliates by announcing that he wants to see Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, and Kate Bosworth there. Summer then says something about how Legolas is an elf and that he saved middle earth, which is an important part of european history (!).

Girls Magazine Scan
Elodie sent in a photo from the April issue of Girls (France).

Company Magazine Scans
Spaddy and Rianna sent in scans from the April issue of Company (UK). The article seems to be a combination of old interviews. Thanks to Tina and Nicole who also sent in scans.

Us Weekly Scan
Ami sent in a scan from the March 29th issue of Us Weekly (US).

New Legolas Merchandise
Spaz found some new Legolas products at Torrid.com, including button packs, an air freshner, and t-shirts.

People Magazine Poll
You can vote for Orlando Bloom as your favorite male film star under 30 in People's 30th Anniversary poll. Thanks to Stacie for the link.

Celebrity Bodies Repeat
From Anon: There will be a repeat of Celebrity Bodies with Orlando, at 1pm UK time, this Saturday 27th March on Trouble.

Mentions on AOL
From Roseanne: Today (March 22nd) on the AOL welcome screen there was a picture of Orlando in the bottom right corner that said "Men we love...Bloom, Brosnan, Quaid, Hanks & Shrek" and it had a link that takes you to a page full of trailers... it has one for Troy, Return of the King and Ned Kelly.
From Steph: On AOL RED, they had a list of the "10 Movies We Can't Wait to See". Troy was number 1, and they said the reason they can't wait to see it is because "Brad Pitt (pictured, as Achilles) and Orlando Bloom in togas -- let's leave it at that."
From Katie: Under the AOL horoscopes channel, it has a Happy Birthday! sent out to Keira Knightley with a caption that says: The only way to hook a pirate (like hottie Orlando Bloom) is to look like Keira Knightly.

Teen Newsweek Poll
From Mary: In the Teen Newsweek (US) (Volume 5, Issue 21) there was a poll on: "Which of these actors do you like best?" 46% Keira Knightly, 26% Orlando Bloom, 23% Will Smith, 2% Ashton Kutcher, 2% Drew Barrymore, 1% Mandy Moore

007 Mention on Ryan Seacrest Live
From Erika: The new James Bond movie was mentioned on the TV show Ryan Seacrest Live (US) this afternoon. They said fans of the films were demanding Pierce Brosnan play the role, and even threatened to boycott 007 if he didn't. No offer has been made by the studio yet, but Brosnan is said to be ready to accept the role. He has even suggested Miss Keira Knightley for his leading lady.

Por Ti Magazine
From Tisha: Orlando is in the Mexican magazine POR TI (Yahir on the cover). They have a two page article with 50 questions and answers, nothing really new, except for the photo, I think I've never seen it before, pretty nice though. And Ned Kelly is opening this March 26 in Mexico!

Celebrity Soul Mate Quiz
Lourdes sent in a link to a quiz to find out "Who's your celebrity soul mate?". Orlando is one of the answers. You need to signup to the site first.

Hot Ticket
From Mel: Next week on the movie review show Hot Ticket (US) they'll be reviewing Ned Kelly. Where I'm from it's on Sunday night really late, so I'd suggest checking local listings.

POTC Mentioned on The Osbournes
From Erica: I was watching THE OSBOURNES: JACK GETS A NEW CAR and they were talking about Jack's (ozzy osbourne's son) tattoo's. And Jack said something about getting a pirate tattoo, then Kelly Osbourne said: You've been watching too much of that Pirates Of The Caribbean movie.

From Lennie: In the TeenVogue issue of April 2004, there is a mention of Ned Kelly in the section of up coming movies. The Magazine says "This Aussie western is based on the exploits of the Kelly gang, a four-man band of nineteenth-century robbers who roamed the land Down Under, and became fugitives after a run-in with the police. Besides being a smart, well-played shoot-'em-up, Ned Kelly should be on your radar for two other very important reasons: Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom (Sign.)" The article contains a picture of Heath Ledger in costume, and it received 2.5 out of 4 stars.

Mention on Entertainment Now
From Lilla Mejj: Orlando was mentioned on Entertainment Now (Sweden) last friday. The parts I got were "Troy´s starring the newly minted hunks Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom" and "Orlando pulls a greek bird and causes a war" or something like that.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jenn and Galit.

  Monday, March 22
Night and Day Scans
Elements sent in scans from The Calcium Kid article in the Night and Day supplement that comes with the Mail on Sunday (UK).

Orlando Says Thank You for Love Beads
From Stacie: Orlando has sent a personal reply saying thank you for the love beads given to him as part of Orlando Bloom Birthday Project. The OBBP is now complete and there will be no more projects. Our heartfelt thanks to all the fans who participated ... it was challenging and fun and we made a huge success of it together. Orlando has some really fine people as his fans and we are proud and pleased to be among them.

Sunday Mirror Magazine Scan
Spaddy sent in a scan from the Sunday Mirror Magazine (UK). It's from an article on how to get celebrity hair styles. Thanks to Emily who also sent in a scan.

Movie Magic Magazine
From Jackie: In Movie Magic magazine: 'Saying So Long to The Lord of the Rings: Orlando Bloom "Legolas"'
Saying Goodbye: "It was a but teary. They gave me my clapper board for my last shot and my bow and arrow. Peter Jackson said a few words and I just felt really over-whelmed. It really brought home what that whole experience had meant to me and how much I'd grown and how much I'd learned from it."
Playing Legolas: "It has been really fun. I really enjoyed the process of stepping into this character and just going, 'Wow, I can be this person for a while.' It's a great character to get under the skin of because he's very Zen-like. He's very chill, very focused, very on the ball-everything you wish you were, he is all the time. He's conscientious, he's thoughtful, he's alert, he's a great character, so it was a fun role to be in. He's that kind of invincible, immortal, untouchable kind of dude. There's nothing not fun about playing that."

Ned Kelly Photos
Emma found 4 new Ned Kelly photos at Yahoo Movies.

TV Guide Channel
From Raquel: Orlando was just on the TV Guide channel. It wasn't much but he said "Hi. I'm Orlando Bloom and you're watching the tv guide channel where you may see everything" or something like that he was talking kind of fast. I also wanted to throw in that he is losing at the hollywood.com vote.

Real Access: Truth or Trash
From Talia T: On March 21 Orly was featured on Real Access on The N. It was the Truth or Trash segment, and the question was something like, "Is it true that Orlando Bloom has a lement (?) for mint chocolate chip ice cream?" Of course we know that that is true.

TV Guide in Newspaper
From Allie: LOTR is mentioned in the (US) TV guide, the paper one, with the pink cover for this week. It talks about LOTR dominating the Oscar awards and about the song winnings of "Into the West." It's the first page on the back of the cover about Anette O'Toole.

Ned Kelly DVD in US
From Haley: I was able to get the French edition of Ned Kelly at the movie store near where I live (NY), and it wasn
't illegal or anything. I could change the language to english, so it was the actual movie.

Big Dog LOTR Spoof T-shirts
From Steph: Big Dog shirts spoof media happenings, such as movies and books. The have ROTK one, that says "The Lord of the Big Dogs, One Dog to Rule Them All." They have Aragorn as a dog in the center, then Gimli and Legolas as dogs on each side. They also one of Aragorn alone, and one of Gollum as a dog. They also have "Lord of the Bad Dogs", with some of the evil people of the trilogy on it as dogs. There are also two of Gandalf, one as the grey dog wizard, the other as the white dog wizard. These are kid sizes, but they also have select ones in adult sizes. bigdogs.com then click on graphic tees, then on entertainment.

Mister 2004 Poll
From Jill: Here is another poll (in Dutch) for Mister 2004. Orlando finished 3rd in 2003 and is currently in 6th with a quarter of the votes that the first place candidate has already. We can do better than that! The Stem button on the right side of the page is the button to hit for voting. (Stem = Vote, stemmen = voting) After you vote for Orlando, you can vote again for other cuties, one at a time. After 24 hours, you can go back and vote for Orlando again.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah (14) from Samantha, Kara (16) from her friends Kitty and Ash, Michaela (15) from Kandace, Jack and Natalie Anamaria, and to Jolie from her friend Rachel.

  Sunday, March 21
Roadshow Scans
Here are scans from the May issue Roadshow (Japan), which include a new photo. They're from Elf Lady's site and scanned by Aki. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

New Merchandise at Hottopic.com
Hottopic.com has 2 new Legolas t-shirts (1 & 2), a keychain, and a tapestry throw. Thanks to Jess for the info.

Troy Trailer on E!
From §fyre: E!'s Coming Attractions is showing the Troy trailer this weekend. Sunday at 3:30am and 7am, and Monday at 3am.

ROTK Press Conference Photos
Stacie found that LFI has posted some more photos from the ROTK press conference in LA.

Woman's Day Scan
Kasey sent in a photo from Woman's Day (Australia), from one or two month's ago. It was from an article about James Bond that said:
Come in pierce Brosnan, your number's up! That's what producers of the multi-million-dollar 007 spy movie franchise have told their ageing James Bond after deciding the character needs an injection of youth. Pierce, who turns 51 in May, was the apple of Eon Productions' GoldenEye until research showed he is not attracting enough young fans.
"Bond reached a peak in Die Another Day - one of the most successful films ever - but now we have the opportunity to re-energise the franchise and take it enough greater heights," says an Eon source. "We will go back to the first days of Bond - maybe even his first mission. We want to attract more young fans and we think that having a younger bond will help." Producers have a hit-list of five handsome younger stars to step into Pierce's tuxedo: Aussie X-Man Hugh Jackman, wild irish boy Colin Farrell, Cold Mountaineer Jude Law, Caribbean pirate Orlando Bloom and new Batman Christian Bale.

In Touch Magazine
From Rachel: There is a small picture of Orlando in the issue of In Touch (US) with the Olsen twins on the cover.

From Gabs C from PR: In the March issue of Cosmopolitan, there is an article of 'The Replacements', and in the 'Sexy Overseas Import' category, Orlando Bloom replaces Colin Farrell. The article reads: "Colin's still a cutie, but thanks to the mega successful Lord of the Rings trilogy, chicks around the globe are now totally obsessed with Orlando Bloom."

Troy Trailer
Rachel saw the Troy trailer before Taking Lives.

Glasgow Herald Magazine
From Nichola: There is like 4 pages on Orlando in the Glasgow Herald Magazine Saturday, all about being friends with Brad Pitt and how being the world's most handsome man has affected his life.

POTC Article on AOL
From Emily: There is an article in the film section of AOL about Movie mistakes and there is a part about Pirates of The Caribbean. It says:
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Cowboy hats, trainer footprints and contact lenses all make an appearance in this swashbuckling flick - even though none of them had been invented in the era the movie is set in! Now nobody's that ahead of fashion, not even Keira Knightley. The film also features a major geographical error. Port Royal in Jamaica - the location for the film - is built on sand, about 10 feet above sea level, to the south of Kingston Harbour. The movie set, however, was on top of 100-foot cliffs.

Heath Ledger on Ellen
From Holly: On Thursday (March 25) Heath Ledger will be on Ellen Degeneres's Show to talk about Ned Kelly.

Orlando Merchandise in US
From Tess: K-Marts and Toys 'R' Us stores now carry Orlando posters. The two that they have are "Dream" and "Beach." There is also a LOTR: ROTK poster with Aragorn on it.
From Alyssa: I was at Nordstrom today and I saw a shirt that said "I love Orlando" and the love was replaced by a heart. The shirt is red and the writing is white.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kiran, and Lauren (15) from her friend Kara. Happy Birthday from yesterday to Alexis (11) and Stephanie (14) from Allie.

  Saturday, March 20
Legolas Airplane Photos
Rachel sent in links to some photos of the Air New Zealand Legolas plane in flight. (1, 2, 3)

Bop and M Scans
Here are scans from the April issue of Bop (US) (1 & 2), and from the poster in the April issue of M (US) (1, 2, 3), thanks to Elf Lady.

James Bond Rumors
There is a rumor going around that Hugh Jackman has accepted the role of James Bond. I asked Pat, the owner of jackmanslanding.com, about the rumors, and she told me that they are just that. Rumors. Hugh and his reps have denyed that he has even been approached for the role. However, this article says that Pierce Brosnan will play the rule of Bond one last time.

Troy Trailer
Sarah saw the new trailer for Troy before Dawn of the Dead.

March Man-ness
From Veronica: On my local radio station, 107.9 The End (Sacramento, California) they're having March Man-ness were you can vote for your favorite celebs by calling in. Orlando was up Friday against Freddy Prince Jr. and won by 228 votes! Saturday he'll be up against Antonio Sabato Jr. You can view the bracket here. To vote for Orlando, listen to the Morning Rave early the next day (usually very early, sometime before or around 7 a.m.) and listen for the phone number they give out. I was too late and didn't hear the phone number. If you don't hear a phone number try (916) 766-1079.

Troy History Program on BBC2
From Anon: On Thursday on BBC2 in Britain, I think at 9:00pm, there's a programme called Horizon and it's about the lost civilization of Troy. They might show movie clips.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy belated Birthday to Hayley (14) from Jenna.

  Friday, March 19
Orlando to Bloom into James Bond?
From sfgate.com: "Lord of the Rings" heartthrob Orlando Bloom could be the next James Bond, after Irish actor Pierce Brosnan retires as 007. The British actor is in meetings with Bond producers, who are desperate for Bloom to play the ladykilling spy, according to British tabloid the Daily Star. A Bond source says, "They are pulling out all the stops to get him. Orlando would be perfect for the part as he's got the looks, the charm, the accent and the high profile that would make Bond even more popular."
"They want to move away from the traditional image of James Bond -- the older, suave gentleman -- and believe a younger, trendier actor will attract fans." The actor's spokesman said, "No decision had been made about him taking the role."

Bev sent in a scan of the article in The Daily Star (UK) on March 18th.

Japanese TV Video Clip
Kuxu of Orlando HANA sent in a short interview clip of Orlando from the Japanese program Brunch on Feb. 14th. I converted it to smaller video files.

Pitt Goes Wild on 'Girls Gone Wild'
From sfgate.com: Brad Pitt has developed a strong passion for controversial breast-baring video series "Girls Gone Wild." The Hollywood hunk, 40, even shared his new love with his "Troy" co-stars when, as a combination Christmas and wrap present, everyone -- including Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana -- received boxes filled with "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs, T-shirts, trucker hats and beach towels.

New Photos from Spain
Vilmarith sent in a link to a site that has photos of Orlando in Sevilla. I used Google to translate. This is the best I could do:
Suddenly another car, this time a black Mercedes with tinted windows. Orlando Bloom! Legolas! He left and he entered like the devil taking a soul, although he had the decency to stop at least five seconds to greet the four cats that we were there. This time I was prepared, so I did not fail to take advantage of the occasion and I took quite good photos of him.
Here's more translated by h_gaxiola at ka-Bloom: I came back at six in the afternoon and for what seemed like a small reunion between friends in the morning turned into a big crowd of little crazy girls determined to scream things like: "Orlando I want to have your son!" When I was about to leave I saw something that made me laugh, someone had put a tomato sauce can called 'Orlando' and a bottle of mosquito repellent called 'Bloom Max' infront of a picture of Legolas. The whole production team came out to see the 'work of art' which only needed candles. So then Orlando's manager came out and took it to his car so he could see how he (I'm guessing 'he' is Orlando) liked the sevillanos and perhaps it will have a part in the DVD's extras.
The next day I went back and I was intent on getting a good picture of Scott or perhaps someone's autograph. Orlando's car came again, but my biggest surprise was when he came over to us to give out autographs. And he gave everybody one! This guy is more nice than what I had thought, although he didn't want pictures taken because it 'burned' his make-up, I got some good ones but in all the commotion some came out blurry.

From mtv.com: After blowing audience's minds with 2001's "Vanilla Sky," writer and director Cameron Crowe is planning to warm their hearts as he did with earlier films like Say Anything. Next year, Crowe will return with "Elizabethtown," a romantic comedy that will star Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Shooting will begin this summer and the film should be in theaters in the summer of 2005.
"It's about a guy who, on the eve of an incredible fiasco and failure, decides to kill himself," Crowe said. "[But instead,] he takes a trip back to his old hometown in Kentucky and gets broadsided by life. And laughter ensues."
During the film, the misfortune-plagued man, Drew Baylor (played by Bloom), meets a flight attendant named Claire Colburn (Dunst) while trying to fulfill the last wishes of his deceased father. The two fall in love and Baylor discovers a new reason for living.
The score for "Elizabethtown" is being written by Crowe's wife, Nancy Wilson of the band Heart. Wilson wrote the songs for the fictional band Stillwater in Crowe's 2000 movie, "Almost Famous."
"She'll do all the incidental stuff [for 'Elizabethtown']," Crowe said. "She's really the full-time musician in the family. We wrote some music together for Stillwater, but this one's all her. For the soundtrack, we'll have a lot of great records, which we'll surprise you with down the line."

Italian Magazines
From Fleur: The April issue of Top Girl (Italy) has 2 Orlando photos and the text: "Orlando's shirts - Better with the striped one and western-style scarf, or with the classical and elegant white one? Very hard choice." There's also an article in the March issue of Tv Stelle (Italy).

Taking Off 'The Ring'
From Rae: I was looking at Foxnews online and there is an article about the stars from LOTR shedding their elf and hobbit persona and getting other roles. They talk a lot about Orlando, and say that his fans are particularly hardcore and we will follow him anywhere (who wouldn't?).

Troy Rating
I received a lot of emails from people about the R rating for Troy. To clear things up, this is the US rating, which means that you must be at least 17, or with a parent. Most violent movies get this rating in the US. I do not know what the rating is for other countries.

Twist Magazine
From Josephine: In the April issue of TWIST (US), there is a large pull out poster of Orlando, and a thing where it says how you can get a dream prom date. Orlando is Mr. Intensity. Also, there's a romance report on Kate and Orlando's relationship.

Hitkrant Magazine
From Anneloes: Orlando was mentioned in the Hitkrant (NED) of 11-3-2004. There was an article about pick up lines, and Orlando was in one. It said: 'Hi, are you Orlando Bloom? Or do you just look like him?'

New! Magazine
From Jax: There is an article entitled "The secret life of ....Orlando" in the UK magazine New! dated March 22. It comments on different parts of his life including; tattoos, kiss and tell stories about him, tv roles, his modeling career, his artistic background, his connections with South Africa, him playing cupid (Heath + Naomi), Kate Bosworth, bungee jumping and how accident prone he is. It has a few photos of him, one of him doing a bit part in casualty for tv, another of the gap commercial with Kate Beckinsale, a third of his sun tattoo and a large one of him in a black suit.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Susan.

  Thursday, March 18
Wellington Celebrates Oscar Winners' Return
From stuff.co.nz: Sixteen Lord of the Rings Oscar winners were welcomed back to Wellington today by thousands of supporters at the Queens Wharf Event Centre. Jackson thrilled the crowd by saying "if there was an Oscar for the best city to make a movie in, it would go to Wellington". He introduced the other Oscar winners to the audience, each receiving loud cheers. He said Ngila Dickson, who with Richard Taylor won the costume design Oscar, was "probably the only person who has run a tape measure up and down Orlando Bloom's leg".

Troy Rated R
According to mpaa.org, Troy is rated R for "graphic violence and some sexuality/nudity."

Troy Gallery Update
I updated the Troy gallery with the newest images from the official site, and I replaced some old images with larger versions.

LA Press Conference Photo
Stacie found this new/old photo from the LA ROTK press conference.

Orlando Books
amazon.co.uk has two books on Orlando that are not yet published. Orlando Bloom: The Biography by AC Parfitt out on July 1, 2004, and Orlando Bloom by Robert Steele out on September 15, 2004. Thanks to Nicole for the info.

LOTR Trilogy Marathon in NZ
From Heather: Village cinemas are running a trilogy screening at selected cinemas this Sunday March 22 for NZ$25.

Quashing Rumors
The Sunday Mirror has an article on Jemma Kidd, where she says that Orlando is just a friend and not someone she has dated, despite what the gossip columns may have claimed. Thanks to §fyre for the info.

  Wednesday, March 17
Radio Times Scan
From Lindsey: I was flicking through the tv guide and found a picture of Orlando when he was in the tv programme 'Casualty'. It was an article all about the stars that were in the programme that are now major Hollywood actors.

Sneak Scans
L.Goffredi and LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans from the March 16th issue of Sneak (UK).

Mention in Time
From Steph: In the March 22 issue of TIME (US), they have a small blurb about Orlando and Kingdom of Heaven. On pg. 19 in an article named "Passion for Profits", it states how religion in media is a hot market. "Kingdom of Heaven - Ridley Scott will direct this epic of the Crusades, starring Orlando Bloom and Jeremy Irons, scheduled for a May 2005 release." No pic from the movie, just a painting of the Crusades.

Filmbug Top Searches
From Josephine: Orlando is number 13 on Filmbug's 100 most searched people list on their site.

Disney Adventures
There is a Pirates of the Caribbean comic in the April issue of Disney Adventures (US) that has Will Turner in it.

Heath Ledger on Jay Leno
Heath Ledger will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Friday the 19th to promote Ned Kelly. They'll probably show a clip and maybe mention Orlando.

Legolas Fan Club
Ashley has created a Legolas Fan Club, Helluin.

VES Awards
From Erica: Yesterday I was watching "Techlive" on "TechTV" and they were talking about the VES awards-(THE VISUAL EFFECTS SOCIETY AWARDS) and how THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING was the big winner of the night (they won 4 awards). They also showed a clip of Orlando on the Oliphant and they said something like; "I bet you didn't know that Orlando really didn't jump off of that Oliphant, right?" It was pretty long.
THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL also won two awards, one of which was awarded for the destruction of the Interceptor ship. The other award went for outstanding matte painting in a motion picture, for creating an artificial background to a scene.

LOTR Marathon in Kinepolis Brussel
From Clementine: There is a LOTR marathon in Kinepolis Brussel (Belgium) the 28th March, the ticket costs 15€.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Melanie, Melissa (18), and Katie from Ellen. Happy belated Birthday to George (16) from Allie.

  Tuesday, March 16
The Calcium Kid Trailer and Screencaps
The Calcium Kid trailer is now online on the UIP website! They also have a small version of the poster. I've made screencaps and sound clips from the trailer.

The Calcium Kid Press Packet
Angela sent in The Calcium Kid press packet that has info about the movie, and quotes from and about Orlando.

What's It Like Being a Film Star's Mum?
Angela on the LOTRinfo list found this article about Orlando's mother and how his fame has affected her.

Pop Star Scans
Elena sent in scans from the April issue of Pop Star (US).

New LOTR Action Figures
From figures.com: NECA Reel Toys has a few surprises in store for 2004 and one of the biggest is the announcement of large scale (18" and above) action figures from Lord of the Rings. The first prototypes made their debut this week at the UK Toy Fair. Motion Activated Sensors trigger the figures to "speak" key phrases from the films. (View Legolas)

Sexiest Moments in Film
From Anne Marie: Orlando was featured toward the end of tonight's Sexiest Moments in Film --The Seducers, as one of the New Hot Stars.  Viggo Mortenson was also featured more extensively. It will be repeated on Bravo Channel on Thursday at 8 p.m. 

POTC Interview Video Clip
I'm not sure if I posted this before, but moviefone.com has a POTC press junket interview clip featuring Orlando, Johnny and Keira.

Real Access Repeats
I updated the TV Guide with times for Real Access: Foreign Invasion and Top 10 Prime Cut Hunks on The N (US).

LOTR: The musical 'out in 2005'
From Kayla and CBBC Newsround: A musical version of the Lord of the Rings will hit the London stage in 2005, according to its co-producer. Kevin Wallace says at £8m it'll be the most expensive musical ever in London's West End, and will have a cast of 50 to play Orcs, Elves, Hobbits and Wizards.

LOTR References in Buffy Novel
From Melissa: I was reading a Buffy the Vampire spin-off novel a couple of weeks ago, and found two. The book is called Blood and Fog, and is written by Nancy Holder.  In the story, Buffy & Co. are fighting Jack the Ripper, and in the process get caught up in a war between two of the races of faerie. The references are as follows.
pg. 267: "The bad kept popping through the portal . . . These were millions of extras no movie, not even Lord of the Rings, could afford."
pg. 272: " . . . As I recall from my pre-blind attack, they look a little more like Legolas than Jack the Ripper and his brand do, but let's don't kid anybody. The Tuatha de Danaan are not cuddly little pixies. According to Macnair, their king sits in a chair his skilled craftsmen made out of human skin and bones. And besides, I'm a Viggo girl. Legolas is a Nancy-boy."
The page numbers are out of the American edition of the book, published May 2003. 

Site of the Month
Thanks to Chrissy at DominicMonaghan.org for making The OB Files the Site of the Month.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Megan (15) from her friend Audrey, Joshua (14) from his girlfriend Sarah, Mirissa (15), Ariel, and Kate from Kim. Happy belated Birthday to Marisa (12).

  Monday, March 15
Celebrity Magazine Scan
Kim sent in this scan from the March issue of Celebrity magazine (NED).

Troy Set Photo
Jesus sent in this cool photo he took of the Trojan horse on the set of Troy in Mexico.

USA Weekend
There is a photo of Orlando and Kate, and a small blurb about them, in USA Weekend, which comes free with many US newspapers. Also, in the Best Buy circular, there was a still of Orlando as Legolas on a plasma TV, advertising the release of ROTK in May. Thanks to Steph for the info.

Por Ti Magazine Scans
Cinthya from Orlijah Woom sent in scans from the February (1 & 2) and March issues of Por Ti (Mexico).

In Touch and People Magazine
From Tanya: Orlando is in the March 15 issue of In Touch (US). The picture of him is from Troy. Also in the new People Magazine there is a quote in the Johnny Depp article from Orlando. It says: "He has been on this long journey, and he's come standing solid," actor Orlando Bloom says of pal Depp "Not a wobble or a shake."

Quiz on AOL
From Sarah: There's a quiz about Orlando in the KOL Quiz Section on AOL. Just click on the link and look in the "stars" section. Questions include his birthday, his birthplace, the other language he can speak, his favorite color, and how many siblings he has.

Children Learning Elvish
From Lil Miss Bloom: On the british Children's News TV magazine called Newsround they featured some children learning Elvish at their school after school hours! It was a Boys school in Birmingham and they had their own Elvish teacher, they said they were inspired to learn it because of Lord Of The Rings! One boy who was interviewed said that he asked if he could take it for G.C.S.E because he didn't like french much and that he'd really like to do it as a qualification! But they said that its not possible to get a grade in it.... yet! So lets hope we can start learning it!

Sci-Fi Special and Xposé Magazine
From Eva: In the German Sci-Fi Special (I think it´s equivalent to the UK mag Starburst - at least it´s from the same publisher) there's a rather huge retrospective (63 pages) of the LOTR. It´s about the making of the films + interviews and pics from the ROTK. In Xposé #84 there's an interview with Liv Tyler and Orlando Bloom with some background of the filming, e.g. the scene of Legolas slaying the Oliphaunt + pics especially from this scene.

Merchandise at Sam Goody
From Krystal: Sam Goody (music store located in most malls) has the Legolas collage poster as well as the poster with Orlando "dreaming" (the one with him laying down) for only $6.99 each. This might be of interest to those who are fearful of shopping online or don't want to deal with shipping and handling. Also, Spencer's and Hot Topic both have a TON of Legolas pins & postcards as well as LotR and PotC shirts.
Posters can also be found an Wal-mart for about $4.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Laura (17), Aishel from Talitha, Messica (14) from her friend Vanessa, Taylor from Hannah, and Fred (15) from his pal Christina.

  Sunday, March 14
Fan Photo
Maria sent in this photo she took of Orlando in Sevilla, Spain.

Troy Site Update
The Troy site has been updated with new images, desktops, AIM icons, and screensavers. The desktops do not load properly. In the desktop link, delete the "get_desktop.php?path=" and click Enter, and it should load.

Young, Hot, Hollywood
Dawn wrote in to say that Orlando's episode of Young, Hot, Hollywood will not be airing on VH1 on March 16th, but instead on March 19 at 2:30pm and March 22 at 3pm.

Preoder Return of the King
The Return of the King, out on May 25, 2004, is available for preorder from many online stores, including: amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, buy.com, newlineshop.com. You can also preorder the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Box Set at newlineshop.com.

Behind You Campaign
L. Goffredi has created the 'Behind You Campaign'. Its function is to raise money and awareness to help fight paralysis, something that almost befell Orlando after his infamous 3-story fall. The campaign has been set up with the intention of bringing Spinal Cord injuries to the attention of more people. Spinal injury research is an unfortunately often over looked area of medical research. It receives little attention from those who do not have knowledge already. However, with approximately 11,000 people each year suffering a spinal cord injury, it is something that affects a very large number of people. There is a lot of work going on at the moment trying to find a cure for paralysis and it is this that the BYC is supporting, encouraging people to support Spinal Research. We are effectively acting as a stepping stone to the charity. The link to Orlando is only as an illustrative example. This campaign is not raising money for him or in his name, but it is designed to help his fans make the connection between what happened to him in 1998 and the work that Spinal Research currently do.

New Orlando Photos
Here are some new Orlando photos, thanks to Elf Lady and OrlandosRiverRat. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Bliss Magazine Poll
You can vote for Orlando on the celeb-o-meter at blissmag.co.uk. He is currently in 3rd place.

Hot Stars Magazine
From Debbi: In Hot Stars Magazine UK (free inside OK) there is an article on Stars Phobia's, there is a picture of Orlando with the text "Fighting off Orks in Middle Earth didn't prepare The Lord of the Rings' Orlando Bloom for the fright he got when a little piggy escaped on the set of his new film Kingdom of Heaven. The Star went wee wee wee all the way home!"

#1 Hunk
From sky.com: British teenagers, questioned in a magazine survey, voted Orlando the world's number one hunk.

Hollywood.com Poll
You can vote for Orlando in Hollywood.com's 2004 Sexy Stars poll. Thanks to Nabila for the link.

Elle Magazine
From Tricia: There's a mention of Orlando in a review of Ned Kelly in the movie review section of Elle (US) magazine; the April issue. It also has a pic of him from the movie. It's of him and Heath Ledger.

POTC on Front Row
From Nia: Pirates of the Caribbean is showing on Front Row (like sky box office) in the UK for the next couple of weeks.

Italian Magazines and TV Alert
From Gabi: Orli has a 2 page article in the Italian magazine "TV STELLE" (March) and has another 2 page article and is on the cover of "DEBBY PIU" (March).
From Amy: In the Italian "Kiss Me" of this month, at page 90 there's a mini-photo of Orly on the set of Troy!
From Marina: The Fellowship of the Ring will be shown on Monday 22 on "canale 5 mediaset" at 9pm. Today TG news showed some scenes from Troy and talked about the film. A cinema magazine, "Ciak" has an article about Viggo Mortensen and an article about Troy (but is more focused on Pitt's character).

Big W Magazine
From Beck: Big W (Aus) has 3 orlando posters; 2 are Legolas, from the first two LOTR, The third is a black and white picture of Orlando. The two Legolas posters are about $10, and the Orli one is $8- something.

VH1 Commercial
From Ashley: I was just watching VH1 (US) and they had a commercial about Orlando! It said "The Top Reasons to date Orlando Bloom" and it said something about each of the movies he was in!

Troy Trailer
A lot of people have seen the Troy trailer before Troy before Johnny Depp's movie, Secret Window.

US Ned Kelly Site
The US Ned Kelly site is now online, although there isn't much there yet.

Celebrities and Teens Article
Blee sent in this link to an article about teenagers and celebrity fascinations that mentions Orlando. There's also a poll on the side of the page. "Star-struck teenagers--exemplified by the 14-year-old girl with Orlando Bloom posters plastered on her bedroom walls and the Orlando Bloom screen saver on her computer--are generally the most well-adjusted and popular, according to a new study from Britain's Universities of Leicester and Coventry. Having a passionate interest in a celebrity is an important part of growing up and encourages healthy development and bonding for teens, reports New Scientist."

Taiwanese Legolas Stamps
From Erica: I'm from Taiwan. Yesterday, our post office released a collection of Legolas postal stamps (exclusive for him!). If anyone is interested in purchasing it, please contact me by this e-mail address.

Bravo Magazine
In Poland in the March issue of BRAVO magazine, Orlando is on the cover and inside they say that he's going to be in Troy and that now he's filming "Kingdom of Heaven".

Who Wants to be a Millionaire
From LottiedaLegolasLover: On the TV show 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' (UK 3/13/04), one of the questions was 'In the Lord of Rings what character is played by Orlando Bloom?' The guy knew the answer and he won £16,000!

All Stars Magazine
From Mariel: There is an Orlando poster in "All Stars" Russian issue.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Becky (15) from Kimmy.
Happy Birthday from the 13th to Sarah B. (15), Misty (16) and Kirsty Collins (14).
Happy Birthday from the 12th to Elyse (15) from her friend Savannah, Marie from SOBS crew, Mollie May (14), Morgan (13), Kerrie from Heather, Kathyrn (12), Alex (17) from Alyce and the group, and to Stephanie and Abbie from Sage.

  Thursday, March 11
New Fan Photo
This photo of Orlando in Seville was posted at the Legolas MSN Spanish group.

Legolas Photo
WhiteFairy sent in this nice photo of Legolas from ROTK.

POTC Action Figure News
From JDO and figures.com: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" will receive four 7" action figures this Fall from the toy company NECA. These are slated to consist of the swashbuckling Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, the cursed Captain Barbossa, and a Zombie Pirate, most likely the one with the pop-out eye. An 18" Jack Sparrow with Motion Activated Sound is also slated for release along with prop replicas.

Access Hollywood
Apparently Heath Ledger's segment on Access Hollywood was on Wednesday, not Tuesday. It will repeat in some cities around noon today.
From Alex: I was watching Access Hollywood and it had a segment on Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts talking about their relationship. In the interview, Nancy (the interviewer) asked if Orlando was in fact the one who set them up. Heath replied, "I love Orlando, but I can't remember him helping in any way." Nancy- "Maybe he's taking all the credit," Heath- "Oh yeah maybe it was Orlando (sarcastically) Yeah that's it,"

Mizz Magazine
From Natalie: I have managed to find that in Mizz magazine (UK) there is a poster, two A4 page size of Orlando! It's a great photo of him as well!

CosmoGirl Poll
Orlando and Nick Lachey are head to head in CosmoGirl's Hottest Celeb Body poll. Voting ends on March 15, so get to it!

ROTK Posters at Target in Oz
From Tegan: At Target stores (Australia) in the cd section you can get the Return of the King posters the ones that are up at the movies for around 10 dollars.

Mention in Heat Magazine
From Emily: Orlando was mentioned in the March 13th-19th edition of Heat magazine in the UK. In the 'spotted' article: "Orlando Bloom having his curly hair straightened at the Windle salon in Covent Garden, London"

Mentions on UK TV Update
Laura sent in this update to the info posted yesterday about a mention on GMTV (UK). "What was actually said was that Peter King said every character in the trilogy wears a wig, no one uses their own hair, and Fiona the presenter said 'What, even Orlando Bloom?' in which Peter King replied, 'yes even Orlando'"

German Ned Kelly DVD Release Date
Anja says the Ned Kelly DVD is released in Germany on March 25th. It's titled "Gesetzlos - Die Geschichte des Ned Kelly".

From MiSs BlOoM: POTC is now out on Sky box office (wed 10th March) for about 2 weeks.

Ned Kelly Preview on Intolerable Cruelty DVD
From Steph: On the Intolerable Cruelty DVD, the have some previews for Focus Features films. Ned Kelly was one of the previews, and the showed some stills of Orlando.

TV Mentions
From Tanya: I was just watching Late Night with Jay Leno and Elijah Wood was on it. Jay Leno and Elijah were talking about Lord of the Rings and Elijah said something along the lines of everyone going to see it because of Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortenson. Meaning that they are the hottest out of all of them so lots of girls wanted to see Orlando or Viggo. In case any of you want to now Elijah will be on Late Night Wtih Conan O'Brian tomorrow (3/11) at 12:30am eastern time and on Friday March 12 and 19 Elijah will be on MTV TRL.
From Inanna: Orlando was mentioned yesterday (09/Mar/04) here in Spain on a TV program "Lo + plus". Viggo Mortensen was the guest of the show, and he was told that Orlando was in Sevilla because of the film Kingdom of Heaven. Viggo was really interested in that.

Videos on Official LOTR Site
From Steph: There is a new video clip entitled 'A Filmakers Journey' up at lordoftherings.net. It briefly features Orlando as Legolas with other cast members and there is a short interview with him talking about Peter Jackson lookin very cute.
They also have a Trilogy Trailer.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Taylor, Caitlin V. (14), Katie (16), Cara (14) from her friend Emily, and Terri (19) from Sally, Sarah and Samantha.

  Wednesday, March 10
Sneak Scans
Here are scans from the March 9 issue of Sneak (UK) from Elements and LiL PiPPi BLooM. Also, Orlando was knocked down to #4 on the Top Text Totty list.

Delta's Sky Magazine Article
Here is the Orlando article in Delta’s inflight magazine, Sky.

Fan Photos from Spain
I added photos of Orlando in Sevilla, Spain, taken by pibe_legolitas_3 and Mandolinaes. Thanks to Vilmarith for sending in the ones by pibe_legolitas_3.

dvdanswers.com has now posted the artwork for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy boxset which will be arriving in shops from the 25th May alongside Return of the King. It will retail at around $89.98.

Czech Magazine Scans
Rhiana sent in scans from the March issues of Super Dívka (1 & 2) and Top Dívky. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

ELLEgirl and Time Magazines
From Steph: In the April ELLEgirl (US), Orlando is featured on pg. 92 in "The Orlando Watch": "Here at ELLEgirl HQ, we love Orlando Bloom so much, that we've reserved this special corner of the mag just for him. This month, we're sharing a few haiku that we wrote-we hope he likes them!" They have 3 haikus with a picture and the blurb "We love you Landy, oh yes we do....." You can enter an Orlando Haiku contest to win an Orlando shirt, go to ellegirl.com/orlando from March 16, to April 19.
In the March 15 issue of "Time" (US) in the numbers section on pg. 26, there is a small pic of Orlando as Legolas with Pete Jackson. It says, "$1 Billion - Amount earned worldwide by Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King after 10 weeks." "244,330 - Number of tourists in January to New Zealand, where LOTR was filmed, a 10% increase over last year."

ET and E! News Live
ET had a segment on Heath Ledger. They talked about Ned Kelly and showed a short clip of Orlando. You can watch some of it on their website. Thanks to Kiran for the info. From Lei: I was watching E! News Live tonight and they had a short interview with Heath Ledger about Ned Kelley and there was a small clip and a mention that Orlando was in the film with him and that it was opening on March 26th.

Photo Bracelet
Ellegirl.com is advertising a photo bracelet, and they mention Orlando's name. "Get your crafty self a photo bracelet and start snipping out pics of your friends, family and, uh, Orlando Bloom." Thanks to Jenni for the link.

Cosmo Girl
From Mollie May: In the April 2004 magazine of Cosmo Girl there is a quiz question under a picture of Orlando from POTC that says, "Orlando Bloom admits he's accident-prone. Which bones has he broken? A) His back, ribs, nose, both legs, an arm, a wrist, a finger, a toe, and his skull. B) Two vertebrate, his collar bone, pelvis, and two ribs. C) His hip, both arms, both wrists, and his nose"

Mentions on UK TV
From Emily: On the 8th of March, on the BBC news (UK) there was a segment on how members of archery clubs have risen because of Lord of the Rings and Legolas! They were in some kids rooms with Legolas posters on the wall, and they were saying how much they loved him!
Also, this morning on GMTV (UK) the guest was Peter King, the make up artist on Lord of the Rings who also does wigs. They were talking about Orlando's wig and I caught the end of one bit where they said 'Not even Orlando?' And I didn't know what they were talking about! I think it was his make-up.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Laura (16), Courtney (14) from Allie, and Hannah (15) from her friend Tegan.

  Tuesday, March 9
dvdanswers.com has info and the artwork for the Return of the King DVD that is out on May 25. Thanks to §fyre for the link.

Por Ti Magazine Scan
Karla sent in a scan from Por Ti (Mexico).

Merchandise at Torrid
From Chandra: At Torrid they have a bunch of Orlando stuff. They have A different set of 4 pins (Legolas), a Legolas air freshener, a box set of 8 double sided post cards, the Will Turner shirt, and a couple of Legolas shirts.

J-14 Magazine
From Valerie: In April's issue of J-14 there is a small poster of Orlando as well as other small articles and pics of him!

Australian Vogue
From Helena: The latest issue of Vogue in Australia has an extra GQ Style magazine attached to the back with Orlando on the cover and some very lovely pics + article. The article's kinda old but still good!

YM.com Quiz
From Gaby: In the "Hot Boys Trivia" test, on ym.com, one of the question says: "Which lucky lady has been hanging out with Orlando Bloom of late?"; the answers were Kate Bosworth, Hilary Duff, or Zoe Salanda.

Mention in Boston Globe
From Kayla: In the Living Arts Section of the Boston Globe today (March 8, 2004) they had a small article on how Hollywood was resurrecting all these old "'70s-era TV classics" like Charlie's Angels, etc. They went on to mention what shows they would want to be made into movies and who they would want to play in them, and one of them was "The Waltons' Simple Life". I don't have a scanner, but this is what it said: "John-Boy (Orlando Bloom, inset) enters underdog Blue in the cross-country mule race, all for the love of the new girl in town (someone we've never head of). Grandpa (Michael Gambon) inspires doubtful John-Boy with memories of his old mule victories. With Miranda Richardson as Livie, Tom Wilkinson as John, Sr. and Daniel Radcliffe as Jason, who turns the house-hold upside down when he brings home two special friends (Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie)." They had a small picture of Orlando as Legolas next to the blurb.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah Richards, Amy B. (17) from her best friend Rachel, Amanda (13), Sara (11) from her best friend Amanda, Rosa (14), and Katie (14).

  Monday, March 8
Prime Cut Hunks Screencaps and Video
I made screencaps and a video clip of Orlando's segment on Real Access: Top 10 Prime Cut Hunks.

Message From Fan Mail Team
Orlando's fan mail team has passed along another message regarding his fan mail. I also updated the Theater section of the Filmography to include the character names of Orlando's roles. Thanks to Orlando's Fan Mail Team, Lori, and Jas for passing along the info.

Elizabethtown Script Review
Filmjerk.com has a script review of Elizabethtown, in which Orlando has been reported to be playing the lead character Drew Baylor.

French Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in the following French magazine scans:
Total Star, January (1, 2, interview in French)
Cine Live, December 03
Studio, March
article in French from Studio, January
article in French from Les Années Laser, February

Alyssa Milano Quote
From The Cincinnati Enquirer: "I'm trying to think of who is equally as good-looking as Carl. Maybe Orlando Bloom, but they'd have to put him on an apple box or two and make him bulk up." - Actress Alyssa Milano, when asked who would play boyfriend and Marlins pitcher Carl Pavano in a movie.

Mention in Dark Realms
From Raven: I bought the magazine Dark Realms from Hot Topic the other day and in it's news section it said this: "Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean) is rumored to be joining the cast of a feature film based on the West Memphis Three murder case, the true story of three teenagers; Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin who were hastily tried in a triple murder case. Echols in on death row and the other two are in prison for life. If Bloom takes the role, he will be joining Jason Lee, Michael Pitt and Gina Gershon. Alex Steyermark is set to direct what is sure to be a controversial film."

Pop Star and BOP Magazine
From Tanya: Orlando is on the April issue of Pop Star and BOP. Also at Limited Too they have a big pin that says I love Orlando three times and a smaller pin that says I love Orlando once!

Troy Trailer
From Niki: The Troy trailer is being shown on the Passion of the Christ previews. It's short but it has a full screen headshot of Orli.

Mentions in Vi Unge
From Nabila: There are 2 small mentions of Orlando in this month's "Vi Unge" (a Danish magazine for teen girls). The first one is stars telling about who they are fans of. Orlando says "He's cool as an elf, has the heart of a hobbit and is mad as a wizard. I love him." how cute..! He's talking about Peter Jackson. And the second one is about him and Kate it says that they've denied that they're dating but have finally admitted it now. I think it's just a lie.

Tweens Magazine
From Gabi: Orlando is mentioned in the Italian magazine "Tweens" (March) saying about his new coming movie "Kingdom of Heaven" and that his character falls in love with the actress Eva Green (and there's a photo a him and Eva Green).

Hungarian Magazine Poll
From Edina: In Hungary there are several youth magazines. One is called IM (the letters stand for Ifjusagi Magazin, which means Youth Magazine) and in January issue they said you could vote online (the magazine has a website) who are the 50 sexiest men by the opinion of the readers. It's about the third time they have this poll. The March issue has just come out with the results. Orli became the first, as he was last year!!! Johnny Depp is the second and Beckham is the third. The first ten sexy guys appeared on wholepage posters, the others in smaller pictures. So Orlando is VERY popular in Hungary too. Though probably he doesn't know it...

Orlando Poster Info
From Rooki: Just a note for my fellow Michiganders: It's been a bit hard to find posters and such locally, but from what I've been able to tell, Wal-Marts pretty much state wide are starting to carry both the Dream and Beach posters along with various other Lord of the Rings posters.
From Natalie: In WHsmith in the UK in Brent Cross, they are selling huge Orlando Bloom posters for £3.99! I have bought two and I love them! There is a choice of 3 and they are about 3 feet by 4 feet, huge!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Joanna, Sophie from her mate Marlowe, Tina from her daughter Athena, and Bex from her friend V. Happy belated Birthday to Adam (17) from his sister Stephanie, Hannah (15), and Liz.

  Saturday, March 6
Top 10 Prime Cut Hunks
Orlando came in at #2 on Real Access: 2004's Top 10 Prime Cut Hunks, behind Ashton Kutcher. The show will reair this weekend on Noggin (US). Check the TV Guide for times.

Troy Trailer and Screencaps
You can view the new trailer in larger formats at empireonline.co.uk. I've made screencaps here. Empire Online also has a small review of the trailer.
Sascha and Chantal saw the new Troy trailer before Hidalgo.

LOTR Marathon in Edinburgh
From Hannah: In Edinburgh, Scotland there is a LOTR marathon next friday, saturday and sunday. All 3 films will be shown daily from 11am and you buy a ticket for the 3 films and have the option to go 'all in a row' or one each day etc.

ROTK Cast Poster and Bookmarks
Newlineshop.com is selling a 5 foot wide Return of the King cast poster. They also have a set of ROTK bookmarks with a new Legolas bookmark.

Movie Star Scans
Miwa of Orlando J-web sent in scans from the April issue of Movie Star (Japan). (1, 2, 3)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lottie (14). Happy belated Birthday to Megan K. (13) and Liz K. (13) from Allie.

  Friday, March 5
New Troy Trailer
The new trailer for Troy, shown on Access Hollywood yesterday, is up at comingsoon.net. The trailer will also be on E! News Live today at 7pm EST.

Film Review Scans
Ele sent in scans of the Calcium Kid article and photos in the April issue of Film Review (UK). I removed the writing from the photos.

Accion Scans
Rachael sent in scans from Accion (Spain). (1 & 2) Here are scans of the article (no photos) in Spanish: (1 & 2)

Cinema Magazine
From Jessica: In the recent issue of CINEMA (Germany) with Brad Pitt on the cover there is an article about the filming of troy. Lots of pictures but nothing new of Orlando as Paris. The article is interesting though.

Alloy.com Poll
From Justine: There is a poll at alloy.com that asks which LOTR actor will have the most successful career. Orlando Bloom is in the lead with 62.64%.

Wow Magazine
From Brittany: Orlando is in the new WOW! May 2004 issue (US). There is a pic of him on the cover saying "Only in it for the ladies?" Then on the inside of the cover there is a pin-up of him from a LOTR's premiere. On page 30 there is a picture of him and it says "I'm acting because of the women. Frankly, if I got the chance to kiss someone in a film, they don't need to pay me at all" - Orlando Bloom (OF COURSE WE ALL KNOW THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! :o) )

Extra TV Recap
From Casey: At 7:00 on EXTRA they showed the full trailer for Troy. They also talked to him about how he would have liked to work more with Brad Pitt because he was a only in a few scenes with him.
From Rachel: They not only showed the full Troy trailer (a new one from what I've seen, with many more Orlando shots as well as Diane) on Access Hollywood but also on Extra. Extra also had a little interview with Diane Kruger (Helen) on the set of her new movie that she's filming. It also showed Orlando... don't remember what he said but it was something about Troy so it had to of been quite new.
You can watch the clip Extra's website.

LOTR Maraton in Sydney
Maddy wrote in to say there is also a LOTR marathon on the 12, 13, and 14 of March in Sydney at Greater Union Cinemas.

Troy Trailer in Melbourne
From Kate: I saw ROTK a second time last weekend, in Melbourne Australia, and they showed a new, fuller, version of the Troy trailer, which included Orli speaking.

POTC DVD Info for Austalia
From Emma: If you pre-order POTC at Virgin music stores (Australia) you get the dvd and four A4 size cardboard posters of Geoffrey Rush, Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp and Orli (it comes out March 17).
From Kate: Sanity stores in Melbourne are giving away that set of four posters with every pre-order for the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD.

Mention in Ieva Magazine
From Victoria: I have just bought a new issue of 'Ieva' (Latvia) and Orlando was mentioned there. It was said that he's terrified of pigs and that he was seen running away from one in Spain.

Orlando Merchandise
Breeze of Thunder has created an Orlando store at cafepress.com. Simon has also created a store and is selling merchandise with his wonderful art work on them. I have also started one, and have been working on designs for a few weeks, but haven't had much time. I'll post the link when I'm done. If you have any ideas, feel free to suggest them, but keep in mind I can't use any copyrighted images.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Tracy from her friend Andrea, Gill, Sami (18), and Laurel from her daughter Lindsey.

  Thursday, March 4
Fan Photos from Spain
Kicky sent in some photos she took of Orlando in Loarre, Spain on January 17. (1, 2, 3)

Troy Preview on Access Hollywood
From Alex: On channel 7 on Access Hollywood (US) there will be a little segment on Orlando Bloom's new movie "Troy", March 4th at 6:30. I'm not sure if they will have any interviews but they will show the full commercial!

Tiger Beat Scans
Izza sent in scans from the April issue of Tiger Beat (US).

Sugar Scan
Natalie sent in a scan from the April issue of Sugar (UK).

The Fridge
Someone emailed me and said that Orlando was not on the Kent radio show "The Fridge" yesterday because because he didn't get off the plane until about quarter to ten. They said he would come on the show sometime in the next few days.

Old Candids
Amanda sent in these photos she found at Always & Forever, of Orlando with Pippin's scale double. (1 & 2)

Fantastic Four
From darkhorizons.com: As the Vanity Fair bash remains THE post-Oscar bash to go to for celebrities, the press camps out around Morton's restaurant in West Hollywood to talk with the celebs before they head indoors to party all night. Roving spy 'Doug' was amongst them and has updates on heaps of upcoming projects for various celebs: Sean Astin is "in with a good chance" to direct 'Fantastic Four' which he says Orlando Bloom is committed to appearing in as The Human Torch.

Mizz Magazine
From Elanor: In the next Mizz Magazine, March 10th (UK) there will be a "Giant" pin up poster of Orlando.

Afisorma Magazine Scan
Thanos sent in a scan from the March issue of Afisorma (Greece).

Mention on German Soap
From Vicky: Orlando was mentioned in a German soap called "Unter Uns" today. They said something like: "You take Brad Pitt as main course and Orlando Bloom as dessert."

Mention on Disney Channel Quiz
From Courtney: Orlando was mentioned on the 'Disney Channel' in a question for a quiz. The question was 'What POTC star has a surname that is something a flower does?'

Mention on AOL
From Courtney: As I was looking at the news I stumbled over a small paragraph about Orlando. The topic was "What's next for the Lord of the Rings gang" his paragraph went: "Orlando Bloom (Legolas): Wearing very little clothing to play Prince Paris in Troy, just in time in case his status as "Most Searched Sex Symbol of the Internet" was in the slightest jeopardy." I found it at News, then at Daily Madness.

LOTR Marathon in Tuggerah, NSW
From Jessica: At Greater Union Cinemas (Tuggerah) NSW Aus. they are having a LOTR movie marathon on the 12-13th March. Tickets are $25 included you receive a free LOTR dvd of special footages.

Cashbox Magazine
From Tricia: I bought this Chinese magazine called Cashbox at this market place called The Great Wall in Kent, WA. It has Orlando on the cover. It has various pages about him and such. I don't know what it says, unfortunately. It's the Jan. 2004 issue. It has several photos of him by himself, and with other people.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sassy (15), Kacy from her brother, Amy (14) from her friend Laura, Jennifer (13) from her friend Ashley, Jessica (15) from her best friend Kayla, and Sofia (13) from her sister Victoria. Happy belated Birthday to Nava from her friends Racheli and Samantha.

  Wednesday, March 3
The server went down again for a few hours. I'm looking into the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Sarah

Sneak Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans from this week's Sneak (UK). Orlando was also Top Text Totty. (1, 2, 3)

Ned Kelly Trailer
From Pauline: Yahoo Movies site has an exclusive trailer for Ned Kelly.

Wow Magazine
From LindsayLee: The premier, March issue of WOW (US) has two pictures of Orlando. One is the same as this photo except it's a large pinup with no article. Another one is a small version of this photo from the Lili Claire Foundation's 6th Annual Benefit. It also includes one of his quotes, "I really wanted to be successful and to be an actor. Sometimes, I just have to pinch myself saying 'Man, this is not real!'"

LOTR Stars Wear Lucky Charms to the Oscars
From wizardnews.com: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King's Oscars sweep was helped along with the green gemstone necklaces the castmembers wore to the ceremony. The movie picked up all of its 11 Academy Award nominations, including Best Director for Peter Jackson and Best Movie on Sunday night. And stars Sir Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan attended the show proudly wearing their lucky accessories - which had to be given to them by somebody else to make the charm work. Sean Astin said, "I was given mine by Orlando Bloom. And that makes me the envy of a few million women." McKellen added, "And a few million men!"

Sporty Rings Fans Target Archery
From CBBC Newsround: Rings actor Orlando Bloom and his elves have inspired lots of people in the UK to try their hand at archery. Archery clubs around the country have seen more and more people trying out the sport, and some have admitted it's because of the Rings trilogy.

Mention on One Life To Live
From Tera: On the soap opera One Life To Live today two of the college kids were studying for their history final and one of them said "Whoever said history is bunk?" The other answered "Wasn't that Orlando Bloom?"

Sugar Magazine
From Anna: In the new Sugar (Germany, March 04) was an article "How to make your boyfriend look like Orlando", with an Orlando mask to cut out.

Teen People
From Calie: In the April issue of Teen People (US) there is a quiz where you can test "your type". Orlando is one of the results and one of the questions mentions Orlando and Kate. It is on page 147. There is also a small pic of him too.

American Photo Magazine
From Rae: There is an article in American Photo magazine (the March/April issue) about Jerry Bruckheimer and there is a picture of Orlando from Black Hawk Down and also a picture of Kiera Knightley from POTC.

Unofficial Orlando Bloom Fan Club
Robin has started an unofficial Orlando Bloom fan club. You can sign up to receive a monthly newsletter. For more info, visit obfanclub.com.

Delta Sky Magazine
From Leah: In the March edition of Delta Sky (an in-flight magazine) they had an article about Orlando, they just mention about his upcoming movies and show pictures of him in LOTRs, POTC, and Ned Kelly.

Orlando Quiz on the-n.com
From Julia: On the-n.com they have a quiz called "Test Your Orlando Bloom Obsession-Strength". It's not that challenging, in my opinion, but it's worth taking!

ROTK Movie Mistakes
From Laura: Here's a website about the mistakes of the filmmakers of Return of the King. They are corrected with possible corrections by other viewers.

Viggo Mortensen TV Appearances
Viggo Mortensen will be on the Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday March 4th. He will also be on the show "Live with Regis & Kelly" on Friday March 5th.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Shanna D. (22), Vero (17) from her friend Laia, Carolina (14), Jessica (21), and Princess Greenleaf (23) from Scott. Happy Belated Birthday to Kristina from Kelsey.

  Tuesday, March 2
The site went down on Saturday, and when I rebooted the server, I received about 500 old emails from January! Sorry if you emailed me and I never responded or posted your info. Also, if you emailed me this weekend, you may need to resend it. - Sarah

ROTK Sweeps The Academy Awards
The Return of the King won all 11 Academy Awards it was nominated for in Sunday's ceremony. View photos and winners list. Orlando was not at the awards, as he was probably in Spain filming Kingdom of Heaven. But he was shown in the Best Actor clip for Johnny Depp in POTC. Also, in Billy Crystal's movie spoof where he is digitally placed into movie scenes, he was both Legolas and Will Turner.

Academy Award Articles
From USA Today, Peter Jackson, Lord of the Oscars: Clint Eastwood may be a living icon. Sofia Coppola is to the director's chair born. But few could begrudge this coronation of the New Zealand filmmaker, given Jackson's contributions to the art of cinema, not the least of which include a new standard for special effects, a redefinition of the term "extended-cut DVD" and the hunk-ification of Orlando Bloom.

From AFP, LOTR Hollywood's riskiest Gamble Pays Off in Oscars Gold

From The AP, Overheard During the Academy Awards: "It's a clean sweep!" Steven Spielberg announcing best picture winner "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," which won a record-tying 11 Oscars.
"There's Johnny Depp, the sexiest man alive. Did I just say that out loud? Of course Johnny's nominated for playing (MPAA chief) Jack Valenti's worst nightmare, a slightly gay pirate." — Oscar host Billy Crystal during his opening monologue.
This is a horse of a different color, absolutely. It's not a bad way to spend the afternoon. ... I'm still in shock and stupefied over it. I'm here to say thanks for the nomination and to applaud." — Johnny Depp on his best-actor nomination for POTC.
"Do you know that people are moving to New Zealand just to be thanked?" — Billy Crystal after still another LOTR Oscar (film editing) and long-winded, thank-you-everybody acceptance speech.

Girlfriend Magazine Scan
Sarah Cruz sent in a scan from the February issue of Girlfriend magazine (Australia).

Orlando on 'The Fridge' Radio Show
From Melissa: I've just heard on the radio that Orlando will be answering questions on Wednesday night (3rd march) on the radio show THE FRIDGE in the u.k. (Kent).

Poster in Sugar
From Phoebe: There is a poster of Orlando in the April issue of Sugar (UK). Also there is a small mention/joke about 'The Calcium Kid' with a picture.

Entertainment Weekly
From Chris: In the Entertainment Weekly (US), there is an article about the salaries of actors for doing the voices. Here is it typed out (what was about Orlando anyways).
Title: PlayStation- Videogames are featuring big-name actors. But what are the stars worth?
Article: Listen closely to the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King video game. You’ll see Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom, but you won’t hear them. When a salary standoff happens on a TV show, it typically ends with the actor getting a major pay bump- not being replaced. But in the videogame business, ditching an actor’s as easy as finding a lower-paid soundalike. (Licensing agreements often let game producers replicate a character’s likeness and voice quality, with or without the actor’s participation.) Since sources say the two LOTR actors felt unfairly compensated for last year’s Two Towers game- which grossed around $250 million- they demanded far more than they were being offered for Return. When the demands weren’t met, they pulled out. (Average actor salaries run about $40,000 to $60,000.)
The article went on to describe other videogames and that agents usually will demand more for their award winning clients especially when the games are making a fortune.

Company Magazine
From Eloise: There is an article in Company magazine (UK) about Orli with 2 nice pictures.

LOTR Video Game and Desktop
From Patty: On specially marked boxes of Kellogg's Pop Tarts and Corn Pops cereal, you can get a free demo of the LOTR video game. On the back there are pics of Frodo and Gimli with tips on how to play. If you go to http://www.kelloggs.com/promotions/lotr/ they have desktops that you can download. The one labeled "fellowship desktop" has Legolas on it, although he is in video game form.

Disney Adventures Magazine
From BloomieBoyLover: I picked up the March issue of Disney Adventures Magazine. On the celebrity page, there is a nice shot of Orlando with a 'Star Quote.' It says: "Pastries." -Orlando Bloom when asked what his bad habits are.

Super Millionaire
From Laura: On Friday night (2/27) on the tv show Super Millionaire, there was a question about J.R.R Tolkien. The question was, "What does the R.R stand for in J.R.R Tolkien's name?" The guy who got the question didn't know the answer and he gave up. Then Regis said, "I'm sure all the kids are yelling at the t.v. right now!"

Street Smarts Question
From Ginny: Orlando was mentioned on Street Smarts in the U.S. The question was "Who or What is Orlando Bloom?" NONE of the people got it right!-very angry! grrrrr!

M Magazine
From Valerie: In the April 2004 issue of "M" (US) there are some small pics of Orlando and a huge centerfold of him with 3 different pics of him in one!

Hellomagazine.com Poll
From Nabila: Orlando won the monthly poll at Hello magazine!

Real Access: Celebrity Sampler
From Keira: Orlando was shown on "Real Access: Celebrity Sampler" on The-N (US). They had a part called Truth or Trash and they asked if Orlando's favorite ice cream was mint chocolate chip and obviously... it was!

Parade Magazine
Their is a cover story on Viggo Mortenson in Parade magazine, free with many US newspapers. There is a small photo of Legolas and Aragorn inside.

Women.com Award
The OB Files won the Women.com award for best Orlando fan site with 80% of the votes. Thanks to everyone who voted! The next vote is for the best Johnny Depp fansite.

Video Ezy Mail Catalogue
From Anelith: Orlando in on the cover of this month's Video Ezy mail catalogue (NZ). Inside the catalogue they have a list of videos/DVDs that are coming out this month, Pirates of the Caribbean is going to be out on Video and DVD on March 17.

Oscar Special on A&E
From Novalee: I was watching A&E (Canada) yesterday (Sunday), and they had a special on the Oscars, and they did about 10 minutes on Orlando and Johnny Depp for PotC. They just were talking about the effects, the accuracy of the costumes, and so on.

London Film and Comic Con
From Steph: On the London Film and Comic Con website it says that some of the cast of LOTR is slated to appear (March 6 & 7). Orlando isn't coming, but Billy Boyd, Andy Serkis, and John Rhys Davies are going to be signing autographs. If someone happens to see them, you can probably get stories about Orlando from them. Also, Bob Anderson, the Sword master for LOTR and POTC is going to be there.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Libby (14), Pip (14), and Verity (14).
Happy Belated Birthday to Jensen (21) from Ariana and April, Brooke (14) from her friend Becki, Jenny (15), Kiernan (13), Ellie from her sister, Molly (16), and Emily (15).