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May 2004
  Monday, May 31
Swedish Magazine Scans
Sami sent in scans from Veckans Nu (May, nr 10), Okej (May, nr 5), and Frida (May, nr 10).

VH1's Best Week Ever
From Leil: Once again, Troy, was mentioned on "VH1's Best Week Ever"! They were making fun of the actor's accents. They said Brad sounded like Arnold S., Eric kept slipping into his Australian accent, and Orlando sounded like he did in LOTR. It was actually pretty funny.

Peter O'Toole Quote
From fyicalgary.com: O'Toole says he loves working with actors like Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana. "The joy of working with these young people is incalculable. Their joy of acting rejuvenates mine."

CosmoGirl (UK)
From Holly: There is a picture of Orlando in June's issue of CosmoGirl (UK).

Us Weekly
From Evelyn: The Us Weekly May 31st issue had another blurb and pic not included in yesterday's posting. It was of Eric Bana and Orlando and the blurb was that the two of them partied til 4am after the Cannes premiere of Troy.

Oprah on Dutch TV
From Sandra: Here is some info for the Dutch fans. This Thursday June 3 we can watch the Oprah Winfrey Show about the film Troy on RTL 4 at 15:05. With interviews from Brad Pitt and his co-star HUNKS Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana.

Bliss Mag Poll
Orlando is on the celeb-o-meter poll at blissmag.co.uk, and is currently loosing. Thanks to Becky for the info.

National Geographic Kids
From Eleni: In the June 2004 issue of National Geographic Kids, it has a June calendar and says important dates in history. One date was June 6th when Fellowship of the Ring won and MTV award for best movie and it has a picture of Legolas. Also, in that same magazine, they have a special of Harry Potter and a "meet the cast" section. One question that was asked was a star they would like to meet and Emma Watson (who plays Hermione Granger) said Orlando Bloom. Another question was what animal would you transform into if you could and she said "a moth, to sneak into Orlando Bloom's house."

Thomas Cook Inflight Magazine
From Bethany: There is a cover picture, 2 A4 sized pictures and a 3 page interview with Mr Bloom in the summer 2004 Thomas Cook inflight magazine.

DVD-gratis Magazine
From Talitha: There's an article about LOTR: Return of the King in the June issue of DVD-gratis (the Netherlands). It's got 2 pics with Legolas in it, far as I've seen. There's also a small article about Troy in the Movie Alert-magazine. There's also a poster of Troy in it.

Ned Kelly DVD in Denmark
From Tine: The He+ movie mag said that Ned Kelly would be released on DVD and VHS here in Denmark on the 25 August.

Mention on Kiwibox.com
Kiwibox.com has an article that mentions Orlando. Thanks to ‘obsessedwidorli’ for the link.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Cassidy, Julia (18) from her friends in 11th form, Dezzie (15), Joselyn (8) from her cousin Zena. Happy belated Birthday to Danielle from her friend Amanda, Nicole from Amber, and Brittney H. (13) from her friends Carrie, Melissa, and Paula.

  Saturday, May 29
Open Casting Call for Elizabethtown
From thelouisvillechannel.com: Paramount Pictures Friday announced a casting call for non-speaking, background actors to work as extras in a feature film to be directed by Cameron Crowe in Louisville. Shooting on the film, called "Elizabethtown," will begin in July, WLKY NewsChannel 32 reported. Hollywood stars Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom will star in the film, scheduled to be released late this year or in early 2005. It's not clear if they'll be in Louisville. Men and women of all ages and children are invited to the open casting call from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 12, at the Galt House Hotel downtown. Auditions will take place in the Cochran Ballroom on the third floor. No experience is necessary. Each auditioner must bring a recent, non-returnable snapshot no larger than 4-by-6 inches.

New/Old Photos
Bonnie posted these photos in her LJ, taken by Sheryl Nields. (1 & 2)

US Ned Kelly DVD Release Date
From Mollie May: On msn.com in the entertainment/movie section, they have posted that Ned Kelly will be released in the US on July 27, 2004 on video and DVD.

Capricho Magazine Scans
Nanda sent in scans from the May 30 issue of Capricho (Brazil). (photos: 1 & 2 interview: 1, 2, 3)

Movie Exhibit in Chicago Featuring Orlando
The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is currently running a moviemaking exhibit that includes costumes from POTC and a film featuring Orlando on the set of Kingdom of Heaven.
From suntimes.com: Your Hollywood studio experience begins the moment you cross the threshold of the thick, soundproof door marked Stage 22. After you watch a six-minute film on filmmaking featuring director Ridley Scott and actor Orlando Bloom on the set of the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" (set for release in 2005), you're ushered into the exhibit containing artifacts, costumes and equipment covering almost every aspect of moviemaking.
From thetimesonline.com: "We wanted to ask them our questions," said Bob Weis, an ex-Disney Imagineer who helped develop the exhibit with curators and Paramount Pictures. His most ambitious task: buttonholing Scott and Bloom on the set of their current project, "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005). Weis, of Bob Weis-Design Island, led a film crew in April to Morocco to document the pair's work on the Crusades epic. But his interviewees were off-limits for six days. Finally, "we had about a half hour with Ridley and a half hour with Orlando," Weis said. The wait was justified. Both men were charming, and Bloom, in full knight's regalia, taped a greeting to museum visitors. "When I showed it to the girls in marketing, they went crazy," Beckman said.

Dutch Magazines
Sandra sent in a scan from this week's Hitkrant, and from Break Out!. Break Out! also has a large poster of Orlando in Troy. Next week they'll have photos from his childhood and more info.
From Talitha: This week's issue of the Dutch Elle Girl has an article about Orlando, but far as I've seen there's no new info in it.

Twist Magazine
From Kati: The July 2004 issue of Twist magazine (US) has Orlando on the cover and a couple of small articles about him inside.

Interview Snippet
From MJSpice: I live in an Arab country so I was watching this program called "Stars with Raya" & they did a special on the Cannes festival & showed the Stars from Troy. The Hostess also had a brief chat with Orlando. I was not able to record this most unfortunately. But I did get what he said. Raya: "How do you feel about the Cannes?" Orlando: "Very Good. It's so exciting to be here. I was here 4 years ago. It's really great to be here. I'm so excited."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Livvy (14) from Katy, Christina (15), Rachel M.A. from Debby. Happy Belated Birthday to Eleanor from Angelle.

  Friday, May 28
The Calcium Kid Screencaps
Jackie sent in screencaps from The Calcium Kid!

Italian Vanity Fair Scans
WhiteFairy of Orland Bloom Forever sent in scans from the May issue Vanity Fair (Italy). Someone is working on the translation, but WhiteFairy says that the first article is about Orlando: no news, they write about his career and his last films. In the second article, the Italian actress Maya Sansa speaks about her friendship with Orlando. They met at the Guildhall School and they became close friends. Orlando didn't smoke and didn't drink, like her, and so they felt so similar and spent a lot time together walking in the parks and relaxing at the swimming pool. When he was filming LOTR she visited him in New Zealand and they travelled across NZ and bungee jumped. She said also that he is a good friend, he likes tenderness in friendship and he has a great capacity for listening to other people; he is still the same person she met in London many years ago, the success didn't change him. They wrote also that Orlando's official site will be: orlandobloom.org, now under construction.

Haven Info
I have not been able to find any info about Haven playing at the Cannes Film Festival, but "rndbt" at the imdb message boards wrote that they saw a 22 minute preview of Haven at Cannes, and that "Orlando's acting is very good in this movie - everyone is going to be impressed - his character is the emotional center". Thanks to Jasmin for the info.

Star and Us Scans
Eileen sent in scans from the May 31 issues of Us Weekly (US) (1 & 2) and Star (US) (1 & 2).

Remember Lyrics
Emily typed up the lyrics to Josh Groban's song from Troy, "Remember".

New Merchandise at Hottopic.com
From Christine: Hottopic.com has some new Legolas and LOTR stuff, including an I Love Legolas t-shirt, a Legolas patch, a LOTR patch, Legolas keychain, and a Middle-earth t-shirt.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Joileen (16), and Ashley (13) from Allie.

  Thursday, May 27
ROTK Screencaps
I added screencaps from The Return of the King, thanks to Elf Lady who made them!

Oggi Magazine Scan
Silvia sent in a scan from Oggi (Italy), n 22.

Cinema Translation
OBM has posted the translation of the Cinema (Germany) interview from a few days ago.

J-14 Poll
From The Raptor: The J-14 poll right now is asking people to pick the blockbuster of the summer and the options are "Shrek 2" or "Troy". "Shrek 2" is currently winning with 60% so get voting people!!

Cosmogirl.com poll
From Alexandra: There's a poll at cosmogirl.com about who you'd like to go to prom with, the choices are Nick Lachey, Justin Timberlake, Adam Brody and Orlando Bloom, who is currently winning with 36% followed by Nick Lachey.

Topp Magazine
From Gunn-Helen: In this month's issue of Topp (Norway), there is an interview with Brad Pitt, some about Troy. On page 70 there's a little article about Orlando, and on page 71 there's a little article about Eric Bana in Troy. Troy got a 6 (the best mark).

M Magazine
From Brittany: In M magazine (US), there is a really good poster of Orlando inside. There's also a small article about him being dyslexic. There's also a picture of him as Paris and a few other small pictures. The magazine has included his L.A. address.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kendra (17), Hilary (19) from her sis Julianne, Gina (14) from Aredhel and addicted2bloom.

  Wednesday, May 26
Pink Magazine Scans
Maria sent in scans from the Mexican magazine Pink. (1 & 2)

Troy Publicity Photo
Padmé sent in this publicity photo from Troy.

Entertainment Weekly Scans
Serein sent in scans from the LOTR collector's issue of EW (US). (1, 2, 3)

Italian Glamour Scans
WhiteFairy of Orland Bloom Forever sent in scans from the June issue of Glamour (Italy). She says that there is no new info. He speaks about his experience in Troy and in other movies and that he is very reserved about his private life.

Letter in People Magazine
Anne Marie wrote in to say that it was her letter that was published in the latest People magazine. They edited her letter, here's the full version:
Thank you! Thanks for finally recognizing what his fans have known about Orli all along. He is gorgeous and it's not just the nose! It's the whole package, hair, face, definitely eyes and of course, massive talent! Oh, and in case you're wondering, I am not a teen! 49 years young, happily married, mother and still a huge fan! I expect there are more like me out there than you might think! Once again, thank you!

Sneak Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans from the May 18th issue of Sneak (UK) (1, 2, 3, 4) and the May 25th issue (1, 2, 3, 4). The Orlando lookalike is actually a model named Allessandro.

American Profile Article
Ryan sent in a scan of a little Orlando article that was in the American Profile section of the newspaper yesterday.

Orlando Merchandise Online
You can buy Orlando merchandise through The Limited Too website. They have t-shirts, a visor and panties, a pillow, a bag, and a notebook.

From Steph: In the new issue of ElleGirl (US), they have the Orlando corner again, with some Orlando haikus. Orlando is also number 2 in the "50 Hottest Guys." He came second to Jake Gyllenhall. They've got a small pic of Orlando with a little description.

POTC Water Toy
From Sarah: I was just watching TV today and there was a commercial for a Pirates of the Caribbean water-ride toy slide thing. It was basically a slip-n-slide with a pool at the end and the POTC logos all over it.

Elizabethtown Soundtrack
From Shannon: This is from cameroncroweonline.com: Exciting news today as Cameron has asked Paul Westerberg to contribute a new song to E-Town and he has agreed! It's the first news we've heard regarding the soundtrack (other than that Nancy Wilson will be scoring it) and I'm sure the movie will include a great mix of old and new songs. Stay tuned for more...

Orlando Questions Site
From Amy: I have set up another site that is dedicated for just Orlando Bloom chat and question site... it is not instant chat though! If anyone would like to visit it it is xanga.com/Orlandobloom020491. I have had so many questions on my last site and so I wanted to start another one that is just for Orlando Bloom!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Simmi (10) from her sister Raman, Ani (14), and Alyssa (14) from her friend Anita.

  Monday, May 24
Cinema Magazine Scans
Doro sent in scans of the Orlando photo and interview (1 & 2) from the June issue of Cinema (Germany). Translation coming soon.

Fan Photos
Elodie sent in some photos she took of Orlando in Cannes (1, 2, 3, 4), and Elenillor sent in a photo she took at the POTC premiere at Disneyland.

Hitkrant Article Translation
Sandra sent in a translation of the Orlando article in the May 22 issue of Hitkrant (NED).

People Magazine
From Amanda: There are a couple of Orlando mentions in the May 31 issue of People Magazine. In the MailBag (Feedback) section, they featured comments about the 50 Most Beautiful People issue. One woman wrote: "What Orlando Bloom's fans have known about him all along is that he's gorgeous, and it's not just the nose! It's the whole package - hair, face, eyes, and, of course, massive talent." There's also a picture of Orlando, Eric Bana, and Sean Bean at the Cannes Film Festival. The caption says: "Greece was the word as Troy costars Sean Bean, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom soldier through a press conference."
Ryan sent in a scan of the photo.

Orlando Shirts at JCPenny's
From Nicole: At JC Penny there was an black I (heart) Orlando shirt, it's black with white letters and a red heart.

Entertainment Weekly LOTR Issue
From aznglittericious: At Best Buy, when you buy either the LOTR: ROTK DVD or the trilogy set, you can get a free collector's issue of Entertainment Weekly that features behind the scenes, and interviews. Legolas, Aragorn, Arwen, and Frodo are on the cover.

Dutch Poll
From Sarah: Orlando needs some help at that National Opinie poll. He was doing really well but has suddenly started dropping ranks like crazy.

Info for Polish Fans
From Dodo: In the newest BRAVO (Poland) there is a whole page about Orlando and it says :"Who is better? Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom?" In the May issue of FILM (Poland) there are nine pages about Troy. At the movies (mostly Cinema City in Poland) if you buy a large popcorn and a large coke you get a Troy medallion for free.

TV Guide
From Allie: Orli was in the TV Guide this week under Video Den. Starting this week (new releases): "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King": After achieving the rare feat of winning every Academy Award it was up for- the final chapter of J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy makes it video debut. The Hobbit named Frodo (Elijah Wood), who is out to destroy the evil-causing raing at Mount Doom, reaches its climax following an epic battle that involves Aragorn and Legolas (Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom). Director Peter Jackson also allows fellow cast members Sean Astin, Ian McKellen, Liv Tyler, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd and Andy Serkis to take their final bows in their respective roles. DVD extras: theatrical trailer; "making-of documentaries; DVD-ROM features. (4 stars) (PG-13: P,V)

New Posters
Allposters.com has a new Spanish Troy poster and a Johnny and Orlando poster. Thanks to Allie E. for the info.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Caitlin (13) from her friend Christina C., Louise (14), and Emily (16) from her friend Zoe.

  Sunday, May 23
Bravo Magazine Scans
Tin&Tina sent in scans from the May 22 issue of Bravo (Germany). (1, 2, 3)

Heat Magazine Scans
Rona sent in scans of the Orlando article in the May 22-28 issue of Heat magazine (UK).

Oprah on Australian TV
From Helena: For all the Aussie fans, the Oprah show with Pitt, Bana & OB will be shown on Monday 24th at 1.30pm on Channel Ten.

Hitkrant Magazine Scans
Sandra sent in scans of the photo and "8 reasons to have Orlando as a boyfriend" article from the May 22 issue of Hitkrant (NED).

Break Out Magazine Translations
Faye translated most of the article from the May 19 issue of Break Out (NED), and the interview from the May 13 issue.

"'Troy' Is Conquering Epic"
From Elizabeth and channeloklahoma.com: Of course with Pitt and Bloom in the cast, the "hunk-o-meter" needle is in the red with "Troy." And while Pitt is sure to satisfy his acolytes as Achilles, Bloom may surprise his followers. In a decidedly different turn away from his heroic Legolas from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Bloom proves he has a tremendous amount of range as Paris. Sure, he has his share of romantic moments that will make his fans swoon; but he also expertly plays a weasel, as he should. It's great that he's willing to take on less-than-desirable characters. It was quite clear from "Rings" that this guy was going to be a huge movie star -- and "Troy" is further proof why.

Israeli Magazine, Troy Poster and TV Info
From Naomi: Orlando was featured in this week's "Ma'ariv Lano'ar" magazine, issue no. 35: a small pic on the cover, a few fan letters and even a poem. There was also a small article about his hotness verses Brad Pitt's (1 & 2). There is also a contest in the mag to win ROTK DVDs. The ROTK DVD comes out in Israel on the 23rd.
I also attached a scan of a Troy poster. Had to cut out Pitt to fit, though. In case anyone's wondering, Orlando's name is on the top left.
There will be a Troy special on "Good Evening with Guy Penis" (sorry, but that's his real name) on Sunday. It will revolve around Brad Pitt, but I'm sure they'll mention Orlando at least once.

Meet Mr. Right
According to Elle Magazine's Mr. Right poll, Orlando has the most desirable hair.

Star Magazine
From Valerie: The May 31 issue of the Star magazine (US) has some awesome photos of Orlando and the cast of Troy at the Cannes festival.

Cosmogirl Magazine
From Sarah: Orlando is on page 64 of the June/July 2004 issue of Cosmogirl (US). It's not much, but it has a small picture of him and it says: Orlando Bloom, 27. Summer Plans: Showing some serious leg in a (manly) tunic--alongside Brad Pitt--in the Greek Epic Troy (May 14). Aww-some: "I'm in love with love...It's heavenly when you're falling for someone."

Mrs. Bloom Purses at Kaufmanns
From Ashley: At Kaufmanns they sell purses that say Mrs. Bloom on the side. I think they come in three different sizes but I only saw one Orlando one which was the one I bought. They look kind of sporty and come in pink with brown, pink with white, light blue with dark blue, and green with yellow. The company that made them is called Fashion Express. I'm not sure if the Orlando ones come in all the colors but mine is pink with brown.

U Pick Live
From Holly: On U Pick Live, there was a new segment called, "What would Pick Boy Do?" and one of the questions was "What would pick boy do if...he was face-to-face with the heart-throb Orlando Bloom?" Pick boy said, "I would tell Orlando that Orlando is a city, not a name" (he was being sarcastic). Then they showed a picture of Orlando at the POTC premiere in Disneyland.

Pottery Barn Teen
From Jem: In the summer issue of Pottery Barn Teen they have a small pic of Orlando in a see-through lap desk.

The Directors TV Program
From Lei: There was a show on one of the Starz movie channels on Dish Network called "The Directors" and that day they were doing Ridley Scott the director of Kingdom of Heaven. They mentioned that Orlando was starring in the movie and Black Hawk Down was also mentioned.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nadia, Tori (20) from her friend Colleen.

  Saturday, May 22
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Rachel from Jolie.
  Friday, May 21
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah, Samirah, Peggy (13) from her friend Margaret, Aggie (14) from Kariee, Hannah (15) from Kristen.
  Thursday, May 20
Dutch Cosmo and Break Out Scans
Sandra sent in scans from the June issue of Cosmopolitan, and the May 19 issue of Break Out (1 & 2).

Troy Screencaps
Troy hasn't even been out for a week, but Bonnie has already made screencaps! You can download them from her live journal.

POTC 2 and 3 Schedule
Posted by Terry (POTC screenwriter) at wordplayer.com: Ideally, it would go like this: approval of the stories that have been designed over the past four months would come sometime this week, along with the conclusion of extensive and complex negotiations will the principal filmmakers -- for two movies, to be shot back to back, a huge commitment of time, money, and resources.
The screenplay(s) would then be written over the next 8-10 weeks (hah!) which takes us into July. Based on the screenplays (which will continue to be revised) the preproduction on these two movies would take place, which includes location scouting, set design, building ships, negotiations with different countries, casting, special effects tests, and a million other things.
If all goes well, principle photography would begin sometime early next year, and proceed for nine months (seems like a long time but we're talking two movies here, which is only 4 and a 1/2 months per movie) We're talking shooting on the water, action, costumes, and shooting for effects, all commonly time consuming stuff.
So that takes us past next summer to late next year. Then comes the post production work -- editing and scoring and effects, etc. Which allowes the 1st sequel to be prepped and ready for release in Summer of 2006.

Joepie Magazine Scans
Jennifer sent in scans from this week's Joepie (Belgium). (1, 2, 3)

The Calcium Kid out in October?
From Melissa: At videoeta.com they say The Calcium Kid will be released in the US in October! (hopefully it is correct!)

Ho La! Magazine Scan
Laetitia sent in a scan from the January issue of Ho La! (France).

Heat Magazine
From Anna: In Heat (UK) this week (22nd - 28th May) there is a feature on Orlando entitled 'From geek to god' which charts his rise to fame. It has some previously unseen photos of him when he was younger (one where he has a black eye) and has interviews with his sister Samantha and friend Dan Hubbard.
Greycat at ka-Bloom posted the quotes by Samantha.

Magical Money
From Kate: This is the article that I typed up from a National Geographic Kids Magazine (page 11):
Wales, United Kingdom - The British Royal Mint recently released a new coin series honoring The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The 48 different coins feature the One Rings and several of the movies' most memorable characters, including the hobbit Frodo, and the wizard Gandalf. Ranging in value from 50 cents to $10, the coins can actually be used as real money in New Zealand, where all three of The Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. Movie fans, though, will probably want to collect these coins rather than spend them!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Eileen (15) from her friend Emily, Noema (16), Teresa (12) from Shelby, and Desiree (14) from Heather.

  Wednesday, May 19
Elle Canada Scans
Jackie sent in scans of the Orlando article in the June issue of Elle Canada.

Troy Feature on TV Guide Channel
Posted by Stacie at LOTRinfo: The TV Guide channel is running a behind-the-scenes look at Troy. They talk to Orlando and Eric (with full beard :) and show some clips. It's not very long and will probably rerun every few hours, as does everything on the TV Guide channel.

Dutch CosmoGirl Scans
I already posted these, but Sandra sent in some larger scans from the May issue of CosmoGirl (The Netherlands). (1, 2, 3)

Troy Special on Dutch MTV
From Fleur: I saw a commercial on Dutch MTV today. It was about the MTV movie special with a behind the scenes of Troy. It's this Saturday (22th of May) at 18:00 (dutch time).

The Calcium Kid
I keep getting emails asking whether The Calcium Kid will be released in any countries besides the UK. As far as I know, it will not be released anywhere else. If we're lucky, maybe it will come out on video eventually.

J-14 Quiz
From Mariana: On j14.com, the weekly quiz is on Orlando. (which isn't 100% accurate) There is also one in the magazine, I'm not sure it it's the same one though.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kelsea from her friend Jessi, Gemma (15), Laura (14).

  Tuesday, May 18
Actors get Troy Dogs
Yesterday's The Sun newspaper (UK) had an article about the cast of Troy taking care of some stray dogs on the set. Rexace also sent in a scan of the article.

Star Sightings
From ExtraTV: The "Shrek 2" cast partied into the night at a centuries old castle in the South of France this weekend. But before the party, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers hosted the movie's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. The only snag in the evening was a luggage mix-up that almost left Jack Black with his pants down. "'We found your tux, it was in Orlando Bloom's room.' I said ‘Thank you, where are the pants?' Apparently Orlando stole the pants."

Bloom is Taken Back by Stardom
Mississauga.com has an article on Orlando.

Stunt Actors Honor 'Pirates'
From bignewsnetwork.com: The World Stunt Academy has selected a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean as last year's best film fight, the BBC reported Monday. Tony Angelotti and Mark Wagner won the World Stunt Awards prize in Los Angeles Sunday after standing in for actors Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom during the film's acrobatic sword fight, the British news agency said.

AOL Welcome Screen
From Izza: On the AOL welcome screen for Movies, Orlando is the big feature and it shows a recent picture of him and under the picture it says:  Orlando Bloom Photo Gallery: He's hot as an elf, he's hot as a pirate... He's just hot, okay? Take a gander at Orlando's many looks.
Carolina sent in a screencap.

Elle Canada
From SJ: Elle magazine's Canadian issue comes out today, May 17th, and it has an article on Orlando. Maybe pictures, too.

Orlando Autograph
(I uploaded the image this time!) Katerina sent in the autograph that her sister, who is working on the set of Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco, gave her.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Hannah (14) from her best friend Sarah, Jorden (13) from her best friend Abby, and Rose (27) from Allie. Happy Belated Birthday Amanda (13) from Maddy.

  Monday, May 17
Back to Back Pirate Sequels
From comingsoon.net: Two cool news bits have come in this weekend about the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. First up, Dark Horizons received a report from the NATO (North American Theatre Owners) annual meeting where Disney talked about the franchise. He went on to talk about the sequel(s) to Pirates and said the entire cast and production team would be back. He said production would begin shortly on Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3 and they would be released six months apart in 2006. This was news to me as I had only heard their was going to be one sequel. This confirms earlier speculation by the Hollywood trades that Disney was going to shoot two sequels at once, much like the second and third "Matrix" films.
ComingSoon.net has also confirmed with a very reliable source that Johnny Depp's wish has come true. Rolling Stones' Keith Richards will indeed play Captain Jack Sparrow's dad in the sequel. As you probably know by now, Depp modeled Sparrow in the first film after the musician.

Jo Whiley Interview
Sentinelvisions.net has the Orlando interview from the Jo Whiley show on May 14th.

Daily Telegraph Scans
Elements sent in scans of the Orlando article in the May 15th issue of the Daily Telegraph (UK).

Diane Kruger Mentions Orlando
From Eva: There is an article on Diane Kruger in Flair (Belgium). They ask her two questions on Orlando. "How is Orlando in real life?": "He is a very charming and funny guy. At the end of the day, we used to play baccara together at the hotel bar. He pretended to be an exceptional player but he isn't! We did bets, the loser had to be the slave of the winner for the day (smile of satisfaction), I obliged him to bring me fresh water or diet coke from the bar at any moment. It was very funny!". The other question is "Keira Knightley, his partner in POTC said that he kissed very well...": "I confirm! It was very funny because he never did love scenes before Troy. On the set he was very shy. He didn't dare undress himself..."

New Orlando Book
Amazon.com has a paperback for $4.95 titled "Lovin' Bloom: The Unauthorized Story of Orlando Bloom" out on June 29, as well as the Orlando book by Robert Steele that is also available at amazon.co.uk. Thanks to Eleni for the info.

Troy Box Office
From comingsoon.net: Warner Bros. took over the box office with the Wolfgang Petersen epic film Troy. The $200 million film earned an estimated $45.6 million from 3,411 theaters. The picture averaged $13,372 per location. If the estimate holds, the Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom-starrer is the 7th biggest opening for an R-rated film and the 13th best opening of May, behind last week's Van Helsing debut of $51.7 million.
From Sam: The takings for Troy on its opening day hit an estimated $17,200,000. You can keep track of box office figures via boxofficemojo.com.

Preteena Comic Strip
The comic strip Preteena featured Orlando and Johnny on Sunday. Thanks to Liz for the info.

Io Donna Scans
WhiteFairy from Orlando Bloom forever sent in scans from "Io Donna" (Italian weekly magazine supplement to the newspaper "Corriere della Sera"). No news from this article: they wrote about him like a new interesting actor, with many fans and that he is very, polite, and very reserved about his private life and his love story. (1, 2, 3)

Perfume News
From scotsman.com: Among other film announcements made at the festival, Orlando Bloom and Leonardo di Caprio are vying for the title role in an adaptation of Patrick Suskind's best-selling novel Perfume: The Story of a Murder, about an 18th century French serial killer.

Rate Troy at Seventeen.com
You can rate Troy at seventeen.com. Thanks to Cassidy for the link.

Entertainment Weekly
From Trish: There is a small pic of Orlando (from Troy) in Entertainment Weekly and a mention of his "heartthrob" movie roles. It says to browse their gallery of his movie roles at ew.com/orlando.
Entertainment Weekly will publish a LOTR special-edition commemorative issue that will be available ONLY at Best Buy starting on May 25. It also says quantities are limited and when they are gone no more will be made.

First Troy Soundtrack
From Pia: You can hear the first soundtrack for Troy on this site (under News). It's the one Gabriel Yared made and they didn't like. Instead they got James Horner to made another one.

More Info on Elizabethtown
From Shannon: Here's some more info on E-town from cameroncroweonline.com: More info on possible filming locations for E-Town have surfaced. Places being considered include Tennessee (Memphis), Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. It's also likely that scenes near two very famous tourist attractions (Christ of the Ozarks and Dinosaur World) may also occur.

Orlando Autograph
Katerina sent in the autograph that her sister, who is working on the set of Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco, gave her.

LOTR Exhibit in Boston
From Sarah: The Museum of Science in Boston Mass. is having a special exhibit on Lord of the Rings from August 1-October 24, 2004. There are going to be a lot of props and weapons, including the One Ring, Aragorn's Sword, and a life sized Cave troll.

Troy Rating Info
From Anon: At screenit.com, there is a detailed article on Troy. It gives the reasons for it being rated R. It lists the reasons under each category, and it gives a lot of helpful information about the movie.

VH1's Best Week Ever
From Leila: Troy was mentioned on VH1's Best Week Ever show yesterday. They also said Troy had the best week. There was only a quick clip of Orlando. It was mostly about Brad and his skirt *sigh*.

Ned Kelly on Sky Box Office
From Sam: Ned Kelly will be shown on Sky Box Office (UK) starting from May 17th through out the day.

Addict Movie Magazine
From Steph: In the May/June issue of ADDICT, the new free film magazine available at Odeon cinemas (UK) there is a two page interview with Orlando, pics from Troy (none new) and a review of Troy.

Poll at Candymag.com
From Jennifer: When I to Candy Magazine's website, the poll was "Best Reason To Watch Troy". Last I checked, Orlando was in the lead, followed by Eric Bana, then Brad Pitt.

Fan Music Videos
From Calico333: Here is a site I found with some more music videos: There's a lot of Orlando clips .. but also some unrelated stuff like anime.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Riham from her friend Athena, Paula (17) from Kendra, Molly (16) from Angela, Tyler (11) from Jen B. Happy Belated Birthday to Christa from her friend Holly, and Lindsay (12) from Amber.

  Sunday, May 16
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sammy (14), Jennifer (15), and Izza (14) from her best friend Leah.
  Saturday, May 15
Ned Kelly Coming to DVD in the US
From dvdanswers.com: The film, released on DVD in the UK and Australia quite some time ago, will be available on US shores from the 27th July this year in separate widescreen and fullscreen editions.

Studio Magazine Interview
Carla translated the Orlando interview from the May issue of Studio (France).

M Magazine Scans
Izza sent in scans from the June issue of M (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Orlando's Dog Tags from BHD
From Cally: At the website of the Prop Store of London they have dog tags that Orlando wore in Black Hawk down for sale. They are 1,209 dollars.

Dutch Magazine Scans and Interview
Lenny of bloomania.com sent in scans from the Dutch magazines Break Out (nr 21, May 13) (1 & 2) and Hitkrant (nr 20, May 15) and Faye translated the interview from Hitkrant.

ET Online Poll
From Michelle Ann: There's an E.T. Online Poll here. The Question is "Which of the stars of 'Troy' do you like best?" At the moment Brad Pitt is leading at 38% but Orlando is right behind him at 37%!

YM Poll
From Samantha S.: On ym.com there is a new poll about who you think is hotter in Troy, Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom. (It's obviously Orlando!) and our Orli is in the lead right now!

Is Love in Bloom for 'good kisser'?
From suntimes.com: For all the ladies out there who love Orlando Bloom, this one's for you. The young hottie was so nervous during his love scenes in "Troy" that "his entire face turned bright red." Read More

Troy Reviews
Yahoo Movies has a bunch of reviews up for Troy. You can also rate the film. Yahoo users gave it B+, and the critics a B-.

Mention in Cosmopolitan
From Rae: In the June issue of Cosmopolitan (US) there is a mention of Orlando on page 38 in an article that says "10 Things Not to say on a first date" and number 7 is - "Just so you know, I'm not interested in a long term relationship at the moment. I'm holding out for Orlando Bloom"

News for Dutch Fans
From Jorien: Next Sunday there will be a programm called 'Het raadsel van Troje' (the riddle of Troy) on chanel Nederland 1 at 18.25 (6.25 pm). There was yesterday (13 mai) a 1 page article about Troy in the newspaper de Volkskrant.

Orlando Gallery for AOL Users
From Jessica: In the AOL Movie Section they have a section titled "Drool on Bloom" the link is the Entertainment Weekly website and has multiple pictures from Orlando's career.

AOL Welcome Screen and Teen People Article
From Izza: On the AOL welcome screen in the Teen People section there is a a featured section that has a picture of Brad, Orlando and Eric, and this is under the photo: Babes at Battle: Get the scoop on Troy Plus: Plenty of photos of the boys in action!
Here is the article:

The Boys of Troy
We know school's nearly out (or totally over for some of you), so we'll spare you the tedious history lesson on the 2,800 year-old tale of The Iliad on which the movie Troy is based. Here's the 10-second synopsis: Paris (Orlando Bloom) manages to womansteal the beautiful Helen of Troy (Diane Kruger) away from her older man, King Menelaus. (Gee, Orlando vs. Santa Claus-looking guy...hmm. Tough one.) Menelaus launches a thousand ships and enlists Achilles, the sexiest, um we mean bravest warrior in the land (Brad<) to get his girl back. A thousand ships...how hard can it be right? But Achilles has to go through The Hulk, (Eric Bana) to get the girl. Let's the sword swinging begin. Here's what you really need to know: Troy is two hours and 45 minutes of pure mythological hotness. Men in skirts, muscles, armor...you get the picture. To prep for the movie, we've got pics of the boys of Troy on the set and on the town in our photo gallery. See what they've been up to since filming wrapped and which lucky ladies get to go along for the ride. Plus get Brad, Orlando and Eric's vital stats.
Poll: We're sending a memo to the Hollywood geniuses who cast Brad, Orlando and Eric in one movie. It'll say something like this: Nice job on the dreamy trio. Next year, see if you can round up these three hotties in any movie...and we'll buy tickets now! Vote for your Dream Team of actors now!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Becky (13) from her sister Laura.
  Friday, May 14
Photos from Cannes
I added photos of Orlando at the Cannes Film Festival on May 13. There are photos from the red carpet and the photo call. A big thanks to Anna and Serein at Elf Lady's board for many of the Getty and Wire Image pics.

ET Video Clips and Screencaps
I made a short video clip and screencaps of Orlando at Cannes that aired on ET yesterday. ET Online also has some clips from Cannes with Orlando: (1 & 2).

Video Clips from Cannes Website
The Cannes website has video clips of the Troy press conference, photo call and interviews.

Film Four's Best British Actor Poll
From Clare: This is Film Fours results of a recent survey of who we thought were the best british actors. Orlando came in at number 5 beating out such greats as Charlie Chaplin, Gary Oldman, Michael Kane and Hugh Grant. This is what they had to say: "The unprecendented success of Peter Jackson's Tolkien adaptation has thrust its entire cast into the limelight, none more so than the delicately handsome Orlando Bloom. Along with Keira Knightley, he is the hottest young British actor of the moment."

TV Hits Magazine
From [o.B]rina: In the June issue of TV HITS (Australia) Orlando is on the front Cover with the title "The Ultimate Troy Boy" there's an article and 2 posters (a single page and a large fold out). There are also several pictures of Olando in the magazine.

Elizathbethtown News
From Shannon: This is from www.cameroncroweonline.com:
Scouting Kentucky and Eureka Falls...
Rumor has it that Cameron and his some of crew were in Louisville, Kentucky scouting possible locations for E-Town. They may have visited a local middle school, restaurant and a concert. They have also visited Eureka Falls, Arkansas and I'm hearing that they were so impressed with the town that Cameron is writing a new scene to take place in their downtown area. More details as they emerge...

Radio 1 Interview
From Carolin: Friday, 14th of May - BBC Radio 1 has an interview with Orlando. They say it's going to be in the Jo Whiley Show (10 - 13).
From Shreya: On Radio 1 (UK) on Dave Pearce's show, they had a very short interview from Cannes, Orlando was talking about how he's dealing with fame (and how his fans find very uninteresting things fasinating) and he also said the main charcters in Troy were Achilles and Hector and how he was this skinny little guy running around playing Paris. At this point he got his words muddled up and said Smithers, then he said how he's been watching a lot of the Simpsons latley. I think they may have the full interview on Jo Whileys show tomorrow, so it should be posted on the website soon.

Dutch Articles
From Faye: There are some articles that might be interesting for Dutch fans. In "het NRC" (newspaper) from May 12th there is an article about Troy with a new Troy picture, Orlando is mentioned. In the one of May 13th there is a huuuuge picture of Brad Pitt as Achilles. In "Spits" (newspaper) there is a big article about Troy with pictures in color (2 pages!) and a poster. On hotradio they are giving away Troy goodies for the moviequiz.. or at least they were yesterday and today.. I think there are two movietickets included.

Photo in The Daily Mail
From 'LandosLady: There is a picture of Orlando in The Daily Mail (UK) - page 35 - there is an article about how women go for guys with good cheekbones! Johnny Depp is also mentioned (and pictured).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Emmy (14), Raphie (19) from her friend Caroline, Naomi (17) from her little sis Liza, Beth and Samantha from their friend Melissa, and Katie (15).

  Thursday, May 13
E! Behind the Scenes of Troy
I made video clips and screencaps from E!'s Behind the Scenes of Troy.

Oprah Magazine
From Christy: Orlando is featured in the new issue of Oprah magazine as one of the hottest men of 2004. It has a big pic from the GQ shoot where he is wearing the pink shirt. Brad Pitt and Viggo Mortensen are also on the list. Here's a scan, thanks to Elf Lady and Patricia.

First Magazine Article
Seha sent in scans and typed up the Orlando article in the May issue of First (Singapore).

People's Sexiest Men of Summer
From Jessica: On the People Magazine website they have the 10 sexiest men of summer and Orlando is number 2!

New/Old Photos
Anna sent in some photos she found at SplashNews, from the ROTK press conference (first 10), and various candids. Normally I wouldn't post these, but I already have the smaller versions on the site. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Orlando in Ingenue Magazine
From latimes.com: [Ingenue's] subtitle is "New Hollywood at Work and Play," and it's a sort of trust-fund kids' People magazine, a $4.99 quarterly with look-at-me graphics. It's mastered the clichés of the insider-faux-color interview. ... It pays the bills with ads for Neiman-Marcus and Van Cleef & Arpels' hip but high-priced goodies, do-good celeb ads (Orlando Bloom for the Union of Concerned Scientists, Kristin Davis for the ACLU), and ads for stuff that prove you're a bold-thinking risk-taker: soy vodka, bowling and Von Dutch urban grime gear.

Belgium Magazine and TV Alert
From Silky: In the "Joepie" (Belgium) of this week, there is a poster of Orlando and there's also a small 'article' and some pics of Troy. On Saturday, there's, also in Belgium, a sort of 'behind the scenes' (Moviesnakx) of Troy, on JIM tv at 11.30 am (On Tuesday, the programme was on already: there were interviews with Orlando, Brad and Eric Bana and many scenes of Troy in it)

Dutch TV Clip on Troy
If you can understand Dutch, you can watch a video clip about Troy from the TV show Vandaag.

TV Guide
I updated the TV Guide with programs from various countries.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jeni (21) from Kathy, to Jessica, to Rachel (13).

  Wednesday, May 12
Interview from German Magazine
Conny translated an interview from the May 10 issue of Focus (Germany) and sent in the accompanying photo. Update: I replaced the scan with a larger version by Koshka at ka-Bloom.

Troy Clips
Moviefone.com has an Orlando Troy clip titled "The sword of Troy", and cinemovies.fr has a bunch of clips. 7, 10, 11, and 13 feature Orlando. Thanks to Elf Lady for the links.

French Article
Lde sent in a scan of an Orlando interview from the May issue of Star One (France). There were also photos, but we've seen them all before.

Trojan Fever Breaking Out
Nytimes.com has an article about some of the TV specials on Troy.

New Poll Question
Thanks to Kelcie for suggesting the new poll question in the Voting Booth section. According to the last poll, 40% of you are looking forward to POTC 2 the most, with Troy close at 35%, and ROTK Extended Edition with 16%.

Frida Magazine Poll
From Malin: There is a voting booth at a Swedish magazine homepage on who's the sexiest actor. You can choose between Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher and Orlando Bloom. Orly's currently loosing, though, so I think everyone who can should go to frida.se and vote for the sexiest actor (we all know who he is, right?)

German TV Alrert
From Anja: Sunday the 16th, Making of Troja will be on Pro7 at 16.50.

Teen People
From Steph: There's more Orlando in the new Teen People then previously stated. On pg. 78, there's a new Orlando Bloom (according to the mag): "Hugh Dancy - Catch him in King Arthur. He's the new ORLANDO BLOOM. With his dark curls, intense gaze, and British accent, he's giving off that total heartthrob vibe. And on pg. 116, there's a small pic of him on the Message Board. "Orlando Bloom: Can the Armani Elf ever go out of style?" (hopefully not)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessie (14) from her best friend over the Atlantic- Beka, Cathy (18) from her friend Lauren, and Sarah from her friends Sara, Sam, Rachel, Alice, Cath and Sarah.

  Tuesday, May 11
Girlfriend Magazine Scans
Marian sent in scans from the April issue of Girlfriend (New Zealand). (1 & 2)

NY Troy Premiere
The NY premiere of Troy was last night. Orlando did not attend, but almost all of the other stars were there. Here are some photos.

HBO's Making of Troy
I made screencaps and a video clip from HBO's Making of Troy special.

Listen to Troy Theme Song
Click here to listen to the Troy theme song, Remember, sung by Josh Groban and Tanja Tzarovska.

Get That Guest
From Maggie: Yesterday on MTV's TRL, Orlando was a nominee in the 'Get That Guest' game. It's where the people at TRL will try to get a certain celebrity on the show who has never been on or hasn't been on in a long time. Orlando came in third, behind Paris Hilton. Johnny Depp won.

Troy Contests
Cinecon.com is running a Troy contest.
From Anna: I read in my newspaper that there's a Troy contest going on from winwithhollywood.com. There are going to be apparently two grand prize winners to an all expense paid trip to Turkey for 8 days and 7 nights plus some other cool stuff. Also, you can win all this stuff daily including a Kodak one-time-use camera and Troy stuff like shirts and hats, etc.

Troy Stars Did Karaoke
From teenhollywood.com: German model-turned-actress Diane Kruger sparked a karaoke craze on the set of Troy in Mexico when the cast were left idle after Hurricane Marty destroyed the set. ... "I was there for two months and I shot nine days, so I did this karaoke thing even though I'm the worst singer. It was bad. Orlando (Bloom) isn't bad and Seam Bean is good. He's a good singer."

No London Premiere?
From Sarah B: According to Capital FM radio there will be no UK Troy premiere!

Troy Rated "M" in NZ
From Toleda: The rating for Troy in New Zealand has finally been announced. It's M, which means 'suitable for persons over 16years'. It's only a suggestion not a rule, anyone of any age can see it.

Ned Kelly Review
Talitha translated a Ned Kelly review from the April issue of DVD-gratis (The Netherlands). Also, the May 8-14 issue of the Dutch TV magazine Televizier gave Troy 5 stars, meaning a "masterpiece".

German Troy and Orlando Articles
From Fee: I found some articles about Troja and Orlando on german websites: cinema.msn.de (Cinema is a german film magazine), cinemaxx.de (Troja-Special of Cinemaxx), dertrojanischekrieg.de (complete german Website about Troy), sat1.de (short article by sat1 tv about orlando’s fitness training for Troy)
dertrojanischekrieg.de has some sound files of an Orlando interview for Troy.

Poster in M Magazine
From Jess: In the new issue of "M" magazine (US & Canada) there is a mega poster of Orlando!

Rosh Echad Magazine
From Amira: In the Israeli magazine "Rosh Echad" there is a picture of Orlando & 20 facts.

Portuguese Troy Article
From Mary: In the Portuguese magazine, "Notícias Magazine", was this article about Orlando.
Trojan Lover! - In Troy, by Wolfgang Petersen, Orlando Bloom plays Paris. No, the cute elf from LOTR is not pretending he's Paris Hilton. Paris is a trojan prince who "kidnaps" the gorgeous queen Helen.
The movie arrives in Portugal next tuesday and is supposed to break the records. For Bloom it is the cherry on top of a great career, that started thanks to Legolas the elven warrior from the Tolkien trilogy. But here, he is not only a warrior, but also a lover. This Paris is a ladies man, someone capable of starting a 10 year war, all in the name of love. More than ever, this young British actor will get in girls hearts from all over the world, leaving Brad Pitt, his rival in the movie, behind. Even if Troy flops (we hope not), the future, and a very promising one, only belongs to him.
He's already preparing himself to shoot the sequel to POTC. Sooner, you will be able to see him in The Calcium Kid, a little British movie and Ned Kelly, an Australian epic about the Robin Hood of the area. One of these days we will see him stealing Colin Farrels roles.... "

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Marian, Jackie (17) from her friend Kendra, Tracie (15), and Rosemary (17).

  Monday, May 10
Sunday Express Article
Ele sent in a scan of the Orlando article in the Sunday Express.

One Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in 28 scans from the special Orlando issue of One (France).

New Posters and Merchandise
Hottopic.com has some new Legolas items, including a night light and picture frame. Poster Now has a new Calcium Kid poster for sale, as well as a Troy poster. Allposters.com also has a lot of new 8x10 Orlando photos, and new posters of Orlando and Troy.

Troy Fan Review
Octavia sent in her review of Troy from an early screening she attended.

Troy's Boys
From Pennhirwen: Another news article about Troy appeared on Today Weekender (in the newspaper "Today") in the Philippines. The article comes with a pic of Paris beside Helen and another of the Trojan horse.

First Movie Magazine
From Seha: FIRST movie magazine (Singapore) has special twin cover issues of Orlando and Brad Pitt. A poster of TROY is included and there are 11 pages of articles and interviews with the two said stars.

Canadian TV Alert
From Rory: A&E Canada has been advertising a preview of the real Troy, and the history behind the city next weekend at 12:00 to 1:00 am Atlantic time. It's going to be about the fall of Troy, Paris and Helen, and a couple of short things on the making of the new movie!

Correction: Troy Rating in UK
From Steph: On the website for ODEON cinemas (UK) it says that Troy is certificate 15. Also, you can book to see advanced screenings of Troy on the 15th, 16th and 20th of May before the film is released nationwide on the 21st.

Troy Photos in Star
From Becky Greenleaf: There is a four page spread of Troy pictures in the May 10 issue of Star. It is a Star Preview. There are three pics with Orlando relatively new.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mellissa (23), Rachel, Carime, Stephanie BJ, and Happy One Year Anniversary to the LOTR Group: The Borders of Middle-earth from Becky Greenleaf.

  Sunday, May 9
Happy Mother's Day!

New Legolas Photo
Serein sent in a new Legolas photo from a LOTR cast poster she bought.

Entertainment Weekly Article
Serein sent in scans of the Troy article from the May 14th issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

New Photos from GQ Shoot
Nancy sent in these new photos from the GQ photo shoot. (1 & 2)

Film Review Scans
Ele sent in scans of the Orlando articles in the Film Review Special (UK) with Orlando on the cover.

Orlando to Attend Kiwi Party at Cannes
From stuff.co.nz: Hollywood stars Uma Thurman, Mike Myers, Orlando Bloom and Eddie Murphy will rub shoulders with Kiwi film-makers and actors at a $192,000 party at Cannes Film Festival. The glitzy bash will be held during the festival on May 17 at a villa in the French city to promote the New Zealand thriller Spooked. The film, directed by Geoff Murphy, stars Cliff Curtis. More than 400 people have been invited after a screening of the film the same day.

New Troy Photos
Here are some new Troy photos from the British Museum's website. (1, 2, 3) Thanks to Duchello for the info.

Rings Actors had Whale of a Time in NZ
From wizardnews.com: Nienna Miriel, visiting her adopted country of New Zealand, has this to report about her stay in Golden Bay, on the northwest end of the south island: ... In any event, one morning a rather unusual thing occurred: a Right Whale swam up just below the house, which is on a cliff above the ocean. My hosts rousted out Sir Ian, thinking he'd want to see it, which indeed he did. Then off he went to film. "Well, a few hours later all these cars drive up--it's several cast and crew members, including Orlando Bloom, come to see the whale. Now, whales don't generally hang around, even against the possibility of movie stars showing up to admire them. My hosts were explaining this when, lo! and behold! back comes the whale (apparently a starstruck marine mammal). Orlando et al. commandeered the Lodge's kayaks and went off for a close encounter.

Troy: Making the Movie on MTV UK
From Caroline: On the 14th of May in the UK 'Troy: Making the Movie' will be shown on MTV at 6pm.

Orlando Beats Brad in Poll of Hunks
From ananova.com: Orlando Bloom has been named as one of the sexiest men in the world, beating his Troy co-star Brad Pitt. The 27-year-old, currently starring in The Calcium Kid, is 2nd in US magazine People's poll. Pitt is 3rd - both are beaten to the top spot by Van Helsing star Hugh Jackman.

UK Troy Premiere
From Budda Finger: Have just read on the Warner Bros website that the UK premiere for Troy is on Wednesday the 12th of May at Leister square.

Troy Rating in UK
From fuzzy elf lover: Troy has been given the 12 certificate in England. And there is an article about Orlando Bloom in the TV paper in the Mail today. Also a picture of him in an article about someone (can't remember who)

Troy on Hot Ticket
From Leah: Troy was on Hot Ticket Saturday night and received a "hot" rating from both of the film critics. They said that Paris was immature and weak, but he was played very well by Orlando. Thay also said that the cast was amazing and if the Academy looks over this movie and dismisses it from any Oscar nominations, they would be doing a great diservice to movies.

The Real Prince Paris
LegolasLover2003 has made a webpage with info on the Prince Paris of literature.

Orlando Mention by Brad Pitt
From Alex: Orlando was mentioned on E! News Live in an interview with Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt said he thought Troy was, "A damn good movie," and the interviewer said, "And you can't say that about every movie." Brad responded by saying, "No you can't, unless you are Orlando Bloom."

Access Hollywood
From Barbara: On Monday, the 10th on Access Hollywood (US) they will be talking to the women who were in Troy and about the movie and how they felt about playing with Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt. They will probably show clips from the movie as well.

Legolas and Troy Billboards in Time Square
From Danna: As follow up to Christina's message from May 5th...the Legolas billboard you see outside the windows of TRL is on the Toys R Us in Time Square. They are promoting the release of "The Return of thr King". There's a "Troy" billboard across the street from there too.

Limited Too Merchandise
From Michelle C.: At Limited Too, a US clothing store, they have merchandise with the phrase, "I (heart) Orlando!" on it! The items and their prices as follows: Visor: $12.50, Handbag: $17.50, T-shirt: $20.50, Wallet: $7.50, Tanktop/Camisole: $14.50, Underwear: $8.50, Notebook: $8.50, Cosmetic bag: $8.50, Pillow: $12.50

Teen People
From Steph: In the new issue of Teen People (out now, with the Oslen Twins on the cover), there's a small pic of Orlando on the pg. advertising the Star Tracks section of Teenpeople.com. Orlando is also mentioned in Keira Knightley's paragraph for the Hottest 25 Under 25. It only states that she worked with him on POTC.

Troy Week on E!
Posted by Sherwood at ka-Bloom: Just finished watching E! News Weekend when they announced that next week is Troy Week on E! News Live. They have done this for a few movies in the past and it generally amounts to interviews, features, etc. on the cast and the movie during each show. (Bring on some more Orlando and Eric!) The show airs weekdays at 7-7:30 p.m. ET on E!

Masala Magazine in Dubai
From Moony: I thought you might want to know, if any other fans who come to this site live in Dubai, that in the magazine Masala! they have a special contest of winning tickets to stay in Athens and winning tickets to watch Troy. They have a pic of Orlando with Diane Kruger and separate pic of Brad. There is also quite a few pages saying about Brad pitt.

Info for Dutch Fans
From Talitha: There's an article about Troy in the 'TV Krant' (the Netherlands). There are a few pics with Orli, a small interview with Brad Pitt but there's no new info in it. In 'Veronica Magazine' (Netherlands) there's an article/interview with Brad Pitt, he's talking about Troy. In the dutch tv-guide 'Televizier' there's a review on Troy. It tells what happens in the movie, but there's no new info. On May 14 the dutch tv-station Net5 will show the 'making of' Troy. At the cinema Pathà De Kuip in Rotterdam, Holland you can now pre-order your tickets for the movie.

From Nathalie: Next friday on NET 5 the Netherlands there will be a making of about the movie Troy it will start at 21.35 Dutch time

From Desiree: This morning (7 May) I heard a sort of commercial / trailer for Troy on radio 3FM in Holland. The first part was about Troy with soundbites from the film, and the premiere date being 13 May. Then after another commercial it continued. It said that if you go to see Troy in one of the Pathe Cinema's in Holland you get a chance of winning a trip to Malta.
Then, in this month's Celebrity magazine in Holland there is an interview with Orlando (and a seperate one with Kate as well). Kate B. is also on the cover.

New Zealand Weekend Herald
Anelith reports that there's a photo of Orlando from Troy in the New Zealand Weekend Herald, TimeOut section. Troy covers the main page with 2 pics and an article that is continued on another page of the TimeOut section. Troy opens in cinemas in New Zealand on May 13.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Aurora from her sister Laurasia, Sarah, Nikki (16) Heather M. (15) from her friend Laura.

  Friday, May 7
Bliss Magazine Scan
Rona sent in a scan from Bliss (UK).

Studio Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in scans of an Orlando interview in the May-June issue of Total Stars (France), and an Orlando interview and a Troy journal by Diane Kruger from the May issue of Studio (France). In the Studio interview, Orlando says that he has met with the director of Parfum, but has not yet signed on to the project. He loves the book, but is waiting to read the script. He also says that he does not know if he will make it to the Troy screening in Cannes because filming for Kingdom of Heaven is far from finished.

Saturn Award Winners
From cinescape.com: Last night the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films held the 30th Annual Saturn Awards in Los Angeles, honoring this past year's best genre movies, television shows and video entertainment and singling out the noteworthy efforts of performers and creators for these fantastic visions.
The Return of the King won 8 Saturns, including Best Fantasy Film, Best Actor (Elijah Wood), Best Supporting Actor (Sean Astin) and Best Director. Pirates of the Caribbean won Best Costume.

Orlando Bloom Goes to War for Love
From Pennhirwen: Orlando appeared today (May 6) in an article in the newspaper "Today" in the Philippines, in the "Show Today" section. The article is entitled "Orlando Bloom goes to war for love", and a picture of Orlando as Paris is included.

Troy Review
Cariad at ka-Bloom posted a small review of Troy.

The Times
From Mandah: There were a few pages on Orlando in the SCREEN section The Times (UK) today. It said a lot of stuff about Troy and his career and there was a huge picture of him as Paris on the front cover. (Also there was a page on Kate Bosworth and a picture of Orli and Kate)

Troy Contest on Radio 1
From Hannah: Radio 1 in the UK are giving away tickets to see Troy first and for free on 18th May at 6.30pm at a number of cinemas all over the UK. Go to bbc.co.uk/radio1 to find out more!

NY Troy Premiere After Party
From Elf Desire: I saw a closed yahoo auction for NY Troy passes- the premiere is at Ziegfeld theater on May 10th with an after party at Cipriani's on 42nd street.

James Bond Vote
From Danit: There is an article on the Israeli site Msn.co.il about who will play James Bond. They mention Orlando in the article: "In a poll that was held recently, in a huge majority, the actor Orlando Bloom won 44.5 percent of the votes, not a small percent when talking about over 18,000 voters."

Troy Info for the Philippines
From Jennifer: Here in the Philippines, yet again, there's been, since May 2, a Troy Photo Exhibit at the SM Megamall. It's near the cinemas, and there are really cool stills in four different sections in this temple-thingy that they made. You just walk around and stuff and in the center there's a widescreen TV showing the Troy Trailers repeatedly. Nothing absolutely spectacular, but pretty interesting/still worth it if you're a Troy/Bloom fan [like me].
Update on the Release Date: Special Screening on May 12th, regular showing on May 13th. It's a day earlier than that of the US, and even earlier because of the Time Zone difference. =)

Legolas Poster with ROTK DVD at Woolworths
Someone wrote in to say that Woolworths in Northern Ireland are giving away a free Legolas or Gandalf poster when you preorder The Return of the King.

Teen and J-14 Magazine
From Raine: Orlando's in the summer issue of Teen magazine (US), featured as a one of the Boys of Summer. There is an accompanying article and picture of him, and another couple of smaller pics (one as Will Turner) in the magazine. There is also a summer movies preview and Troy is included, with a small pic of him as Paris riding on horseback. In the May/June issue of Twist, there are pictures and an article on how Kate Bosworth "snagged" him as a boyfriend. He is also listed as Hilary Duff's celebrity crush. In the new issue of J-14, he is also featured in the rumour control section where they talk about the rumour of his proposal to Kate. There is a pic and an article with it too.

Bliss Magazine Poll
From Laura: Blissmag.co.uk are having a 'Hottest Celebrity Six Pack' vote. Orlando is loosing to Simon from Blue.

Focus Knack Magazine
From Kelly: There are 2 articles in "Focus Knack" from Belgium. 1 article about Troy and the other one is an interview with Brad (but he doesn't mention Orlando) There are pictures of the movie, but no picture that we haven't seen yet.

Best of So Graham Norton DVD
From tvshowsondvd.com: Timed for the release of his new show on Comedy Central, the BBC has announced that they are releasing "The Best of So Graham Norton" on DVD August 10th. The DVD will feature interviews with Elton John, Orlando Bloom, Cher, Dolly Parton, Chris Rock, Ozzy Osbourne, Kim Cattrall and more. This single disc will carry an SRP of $19.98. The special features will include an interview with host Graham Norton and a special interview with fan favorite "Betty"!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Vanessa (17), Kate (16) from Sarah, Lillie (29) from Allie, Christiana (14), and Carrie.

  Thursday, May 6
Big Issue Article Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans of The Calcium Kid article in the April 26-May 2 issue of the Big Issue (UK).

LA Premiere Correction
Apparently the passes that KROQ is giving away to see Troy in LA at Mann's Chinese Theater next Wednesday (May 12) are not for the premiere. They are for a special screening, without the stars. Thanks to Jennifer for the info. But they are giving away passes to the premiere in NYC. It doesn't look like there is going to be a LA premiere.

3AM Magazine Article Scans
Rianna sent in scans from an Orlando article in last Wednesday's 3AM magazine that comes with The Mirror (UK).

Photo from Atrevida
Nana sent in a photo from the May issue of Atrevida (Brazil).

Tvguide.com Poll
From Natasha: On tvguide.com, there is a poll and its: "Who's sexier? Troy's Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom?" Brad is in the lead.

People Magazine
Amanda sent in the little article that appeared with Orlando's photo in the "50 Most Beautiful People" issue of People magazine:
Most Wanted: Nose
He commands. "His nose is his face," Says Dr. Steven Pearlman, a Manhattan plastic surgeon and president-elect of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. "It's about two-thirds the width of his mouth and a perfect one-third of the length of his face, and his wide cheekbones and square jaw balance the width." (Page 90)

Cineworld Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in scans of the Troy and Calcium Kid articles in Cineworld magazine (UK). The Troy article seems to be more about The Illiad than the movie.

Ciak Article Scan
Narsil sent in a scan of an Orlando article in this month's Ciak (Italy).

Access Hollywood in UK
From Nichola: Next week on Tuesday, Access Hollywood on Livingtv (UK) are showing clips from the summers blockbusters and on the ad for it there was clips for Troy.

Seventeen.com Quote of the Day
From Laura: This was the reader quote of the day at Seventeen.com: "I'm really excited for Troy. There's no other actor like Orlando Bloom!" --Leah, 17, Chicago

Troy Contest on Edmonton Radio
From Kim: 97.3 k-rock (a radio station in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)) is giving away tickets to the avanced screening of Troy next Wednesday.

E! News Live
From Diane: On E! News Live next Wednesday (May 12th), they're going to show "How to dress like a warrior" on behalf of Troy.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Rosa, Nicole from Athena, Allie (13) from Lizzie, Becca and Courtney, Kelly (13) from Allie, Danica (13) from all her friends, and Rose (13).

  Wednesday, May 5
Troy Premiere Info
From Jackie: The radio station KROQ is giving away free passes to the Los Angeles premiere of Troy, next Wednesday (May 12) at Mann's Chinese Theater.
From Linda: I just read in the website entitled "Calendar of Hollywood Events" that there doesn't seem to be a premiere for Troy scheduled in Los Angeles. Here it is word for word... "Troy. There is no word of a premiere in Los Angeles/Hollywood. For those of you who have asked. The premiere will be in New York City on Monday, May 10th, 2004 at the Ziegfeld Theater and the film will also be screened May 13th at the Cannes Film Festival."

Bloom Blushes for 'Troy'
zap2it.com has a good interview with Diane Kruger talking about her love scene with Orlando.

Orlando Bloom bulked up for Troy
From wizardnews.com: Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom spent the first two weeks of shooting Troy working out like a madman after realising he'd look like a skinny weakling next to co-stars Brad Pitt and Eric Bana. The two action men spent months getting in shape before cameras started rolling on the movie, whereas Bloom felt sure his slight frame would enable him to pull off an authentic Paris. But, after taking one look at Bana - his brother Hector in the film, the British movie star knew it was time to hit the weights. Director Wolfgang Petersen recalls, "Orlando got so jealous when he saw Eric's body. He was shocked on the first day of shooting when Eric put his arm around him before the big fight. "Orlando saw his body on the little video and said, 'Oh my God, how come I look like that?' So he immediately got a personal trainer to do whatever he could to put some muscle on! He's rather skinny, Orlando, so it was quite funny."

Lime Magazine Scans
Janis sent in photos from the May issue of Lime magazine (Singapore). (1 & 2)

Girlfriend Magazine
From Maddy: Orlando is in the June issue of Girlfriend (Australia &amp; NZ). He is featured in the 'Gossip Girl' section, and is quoting 'I was really fat as a kid. I ate heaps of chocolate bars and chips, and was never picked for the school sports. Sports weren't really my thing at the time.' It includes a cute pic.

Time Magazine Scans
Orangeblossom sent in the photos from The May 10 issue of Time (US). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Eric Bana Interview with Troy Footage
From Adwena: An interview with Aussie actor/comedian Eric Bana (aka Hector in Troy) was conducted by the Australian "60 Minutes" team on Sunday. There were plenty of great shots of the film Troy, some including new shots of Orlando. Videos will be available on the 3rd of May at this web address.

Orlando's On-Screen Brother in KOH
From icnetwork.co.uk: He has been feted for a succession of roles here over a few years, but for Newport-born Michael Sheen Hollywood is rapidly becoming home. ... Sheen will next be seen on the big screen in Kingdom of Heaven, Ridley "Gladiator" Scott's latest blockbuster about the 12th-Century Crusades. "I play the hero Orlando Bloom's extremely wicked brother, a character with nothing redeemable about him at all," says Sheen. "It's a cameo role really, and I filmed all my work in the north of Spain, before the rest of the cast continued in Morocco."

Petersen's Advice to Orlando
From telegraph.co.uk: Although Petersen was familiar with Pitt's heartthrob reputation, he was unprepared for the scenes that greeted them whenever they went out in Malta, where much of Troy was filmed. "It was absolutely crazy," he recalls. "It was like the Beatles were there. When we came out of a fish restaurant one night there were hundreds of people screaming and pushing, trying to get near him. When we were filming, we had to shake the nearby trees to get rid of the people who were hiding up them to get a glimpse of him. "I said to Orlando Bloom [who plays Paris], who nobody had ever heard of then, ‘Prepare yourself because one day this could happen to you, too.'"

Troy Special on A&E
From Kimberly B.: Just wanted to let you know that in the U.S. Tv Guide it says that on Wednesday May 12th at 9pm-10pm(central time) on the A&E channel there will be a Troy special. Here is what it says: Troy: The Real Story, Greece is the word as Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom discuss Helen of Troy, who not only launched a thousand ships, but also inspired their summer movie.

Entertainment Tonight TV Alert
From Katelyn: Entertainment Tonight is showing some clips from Troy on May 5th in the United States.

Brad Pitt on Seacrest
Sarah N.: On 5-5-04 Brad Pitt is going to be on On Air With Ryan Seacrest and they are going to be talking about Troy.

Heat Magazine
From Llio: There's a picture of Orlando in this week's Heat (UK) and it has a quote about him not liking dairy products.

Legolas Billboard in Time Square
From Christina: I was watching TRL on MTV today and happened to see a huge Legolas billboard or something across the street from the MTV studios. I'm not sure what's it was for, but I definitely could tell it was Legolas because of the blong hair and Orlando's face.

From Sara: Today on kiwibox.com Orlando Bloom is featured on the front page for the favorite hottie of the day! My screen name on Kiwibox is SaRaLuVsOrLnDo, so you can check out my Orlando Bloom profile and webpage and kiwinote me! Just sign up and write me in, SaRaLuVsOrLnDo, as the person that referred you so I can get credit! Kiwinote me when you sign up!

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Happy Birthday to Emily, Sions (14), Melanie (13), Hayley (15), and Cat (16) from Bex, her little european swallow.

  Tuesday, May 4
Oprah Video Clip and Screencaps
I've made video clips and screencaps from Oprah. Orlando was busy filming Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco, so they had a previously taped clip of him. Oprah.com has a photo from the interview, and a quote from Orlando that didn't make it on the show: "I'd love to share some trade secrets of both Brad and Eric's but the truth is, I'm quite attached to my legs, and the pair of them are like ten times the size of me, so I think I'm going to keep the secrets secret. Sorry, Oprah!"

Troy Article and Review in Time
The May 10 issue of Time magazine (US) has an article on Troy. There are 2 photos, but the only mention of Orlando is:
Finally, Orlando Bloom was cast as Paris. "It was a ferociously good-looking set," says Benioff. "A good way to crush your ego is to walk into a restaurant with Orlando Bloom."

There's also a review of Troy that states: "Bloom is so winsome as Paris that he almost makes the cowardly girly-man a teen idol." I guess that's a compliment...

Photos from PS2 Tournament
I found these new photos from the Celebrity PlayStation 2 Gaming Tournament last year. (1, 2, 3)

New/Old Studio Photos
Oleg sent in some studio photos taken by Anthony Mandler. You've probably seen them on other sites already!

Empire Magazine Cover
Rianna sent in a larger scan of Orlando on the cover of Empire (UK).

Charity Internet Scavenger Hunt for the Behind You Campaign

Behind You Campaign recognizes Spinal Injury Awareness Day with online scavenger hunt to raise awareness.
The Behind You Campaign, an organization devoted to raising awareness of spinal injuries and research, is hosting an online scavenger hunt during the month of May in conjunction with Spinal Injury Awareness Day. The online scavenger hunt will both raise funds for Spinal Research and awareness of spinal injuries and research. The hunt will begin on Friday May 21st, to mark Spinal Injuries Awareness day in the United Kingdom (there is no day, week or month to raise awareness of SCI's in the United States). A minimum donation of £3 or $5 must be made to the BYC before entering the competition. The donation goes directly to Spinal Research (registered charity number: 281325), no money is handled by anyone involved in the BYC. The hunt will consist of 50 questions made up of a mix of random questions and questions based around the topic of spinal cord injury; all answers must be referenced with online sources.
1st Prize: A gift certificate for £40* or $70* from Amazon.com (specific to your country).
2nd Prize: A gift certificate for £20* or $35* from Amazon.com (specific to your country).
3rd Prize: A gift certificate for £10* or $20* from Amazon.com (specific to your country).
In 1998 actor Orlando Bloom fell three stories from a roof terrace and broke his back. The injury was so bad that the doctors told him that he would never walk again. Thanks in no small part to modern medical technology he was able to walk out of hospital less than three weeks after the accident. 41.7% of all spinal injuries are caused by falls. We at The Behind You Campaign want to help with the continued advances being made in the research to find a cure for paralysis by spinal cord injury. This scavenger hunt is our way to encourage people to find out a little more about spinal cord injuries, while having fun and possibly winning great prizes. For more information on our mission and this contest, please visit www.BehindYou.org

The Big Issue
From LiL PiPPi: Orli is in the Big Issue (UK), April 26 - May 2, No.514. It has a pic of him in The Calcium Kid on the front and inside it has an interview.

Troy Contest from Zap2it
Zap2it.com is running a Troy contest for residents of the US 18 and older.

HYPe Magazine
From Gwilwileth: A mag in Malaysia had OB on the cover and an interview about Troy, a poster of Paris and 2 pages of info about him and his relationships with the girls AND boys in his life. The name's 'HYPe!' (15th May 2003 issue)

FS Station Magazine
From Dorothy: In the may issue of FS Station (Belgium, available in some video libraries) there are a few pages on The Return of the King: some information about the movie itself, a map of Middle-earth on which you can see where the characters come from, a two-page interview with Peter Jackson and two small interviews with Elijah Wood and Liv Tyler. Orlando is mentioned in the interview with Liv Tyler: 'I will especially miss Orlando Bloom. He's so sweet and he's my little elvenbrother.'

Orlando Look-a-Like on AIM
From Morgan: There is a Orlando look-a-like on AIM. I don't think he looks like OB.

Photo of Orlando as Legolas
From Jane: Sir Ian McKellan updated his website and here's the link to a picture of Orlando who's resting in between takes.

Kylieklub.com Poll
Kylieklub.com has a poll asking "Which movie star would you like to win a date with?" Orlando is in the lead.

Troy Article in Sunday Times Magazine
From Courtney: In the STM (sunday Times Magazine) for May 2 there is an article about Brad Pitt and Troy. There's a picture of Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom and someone else. In the article they mention Orlando a little bit.

Bloom Steals the Show
From foxnews.com: "Pitt will open in "Troy" soon, in which, I have heard, Orlando Bloom steals the show two sandals at a time."

Eric Bana on Jonathan Ross
From Amy: Next Friday (7th May) Eric Bana will be on 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' on bbc1 (UK) at 10.35pm.

Women.com Poll
From Kelley: I found something Orlando at women.com. It's a poll on who's body you would like to see in the buff (Orlando is in the lead :-D).

Troy Premiere in Berlin
From Leonie: The Troy premiere in Berlin is on Sunday, May 9th at the CineStar Movie Theater at 7:30 pm.

Alloy Catalogue
From Steph: In the new Alloy catalogue, they have a faded pic of Orlando, which advertises the "Scoop" section on alloy.com

Troy on Hot Ticket
From Sara: Next week there will be a segment on Hot Ticket (US) for Troy! Hot Ticket is syndicated, so check your local listings.

Lindsay Lohan Quote on Orlando
From Kim: Not only is Orlando one of the 50 most beautiful people in the People magazine this month under the category of MOST WANTED (for his nose), but he is also included in an interview with Lindsay Lohan. When asked Who's the hottest guy on the teen scene at the moment?, she replied, "Orlando Bloom. He's gorgeous and he's not, like, all over the place. He does really great films and he sets himself aside from all the other actors."

The Film Magazine
From Becky: Orlando is in a magazine called 'The Film', it has Brad Pitt on the cover and pictures of Orli inside, also with a review of Troy.

Orlando Art Contest
From Amaunet of Forever Orlando Bloom: I'm currently holding an artwork contest up on my page to win Orlando related posters. Submissions from all over the world are welcome, and anybody can enter. More info is available on the page. All submissions must arrive before 20th this month, so I can choose several winners.

The Film Magazine
From IMDB: Johnny Depp reportedly wants Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards to appear in the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl sequel - as his father. The hunky star famously based his character Jack Sparrow on the aged rocker in the celebrated film, and wants to pay tribute to Richards by landing him a role in the follow-up. A source says, "Johnny was slightly embarrassed by all the praise for Pirates because he was really just being Keith. A good way of thanking Keith would be to get him to do a walk-on in the sequel."

Orlando Tank Tops at Macy's
From Mare: Macy's is now selling white tanks (style also known as wife beaters) with "I love(heart) Orlando, on it in PINK! It's great, only $20.

South Africa Update
From Artiqah: I just wanted to let all the Orlando Bloom fans out there know that his been getting alot of GOOD publicity down here in South Africa. He's been in numerous magazines, such as: Teen Zone, YOU, Huisgenoot, Heat, Saltwater Girl, Wicked, People - just to mention a few, he's even appeared in the teen newspaper - the FREE 4 ALL (the story about him being the next 007). I just found out today that TROY will be released here next week (14 May).

Got an Orlando Question?
From Amy: If you have any questions about Orlando Bloom you can go here and you can ask questions and if you leave your email address you will get the answers emailed back to you!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Melissa S. (19), Nino (16), Linda (28) from Allie.

  Saturday, May 1
Orlando on Oprah
According to Oprah.com, Orlando will also appear on the show with Brad Pitt on Monday, May 3. “It's an exclusive hour with Brad Pitt. His wife...babies...tabloids and his new movie, Troy! Who wouldn't want to spend an hour with him? Plus, costars Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom join the fun!” Thanks to Jan at ka-Bloom for the info. I’ve also updated the TV Guide with the latest Troy specials and appearances.

Calcium Kid Photo from Daily Telegraph
Seuvilen sent in a scan of the new Calcium Kid photo in the Daily Telegraph on April 28th. She also removed the text from the photo.

Tribute Magazine Scans
Jessy sent in scans from the April issue of Tribute magazine (Canada) that features Orlando on the cover.

Calcium Kid Interview Clip
Elf Lady has posted a great video clip from GMTV (UK), of Orlando being interviewed for The Calcium Kid, as well as clips from the movie. And the interviewer read him Fun Fact 3 from my Bio page! "Using The Learning Channel's Beauty Grid that mathematically detects beauty in the human face, Orlando's beauty is proved scientifically!" He seemed embarrassed, to say the least.

Calcium Kid Review from The Mirror
The Mirror (UK) has a favorable review of The Calcium Kid.

Glamour Magazine
From Mizbloom: In the May issue of Glamour Magazine (UK), there is a small review about The Calcium Kid and a small picture we have all seen before. They give it 3 stars. On the holiday destinations page they talk about Spain and they say that you should look out for Orlando when you go to Seville 'cause he is filming Kingdom of Heaven.

Star Magazine
From Kara: n the new issue of Star Magazine (US) there is a section called "The boys of Troy" which includes several pictures of Orlando.

Eric Bana on Conan
From Stephanie at Orlando Bloom Central: Eric Bana is set to be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Tuesday, May 11. Hopefully with that and the Leno appearance on May 4 we'll also hear of some Orlando tidbits as well.

Contest in Chicago Tribune
From Allie: On the back of the Chicago Tribune they had a prize winning thing for Troy, it showed the movie poster. 1st place winner goes to Turkey and there is more!

Aniran in Bloom Forum Back Open
From Sandra at Aniran in Bloom: Our forums are open again. We're also looking for 2 or 3 more moderators.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nichola, Laura (15), Darla (15) from Allie, Camryn M. (14), and Taelor (18) from Amber, Jeanna, Melanie, Sarah and Heather-lily.
Happy belated Birthday to Racheli from Nava, Samantha and Rivi.