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June 2003
  June 28
Orlando to Attend POTC Premiere
From Diann: This is a link to a press release that includes Orlando's name as one of the guests today at the premiere.

Flaunt Scans
Mel from The Bloom Room sent in these great new photos from Flaunt magazine. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

TTT Press Conference Photos
Stephanie from Orlando Central sent in 10 new photos from The Two Towers press conference in New York last year.

Orlando on TRL
Don't forget to watch Orlando and Johnny on MTV's TRL on July 2nd at 1pm (est). I had the date wrong on the TV Guide before, sorry. According to mtv.com, they will be on the show Wednesday.

New Photo from The Courier Mail
OBM.net has posted a new photo of Orlando from The Courier Mail.

Behind The Scenes of PoTC on E!
From Kim: E! will air Behind The Scenes of PoTC on: Thursday, July 10 5:30pm
Friday, July 11, 7:30am and 3:30pm
Sunday, July 13, 3:00am and 7:30am
All times are Eastern

Orlando Interview on ABC in Cleveland
From Diana: I've just seen a small interview on a local channel in my area. Channel 5 (Or ABC), was talking about POTC and they interviewed Orlando. The guy who did the interview asked him if he had seen the movie. He said that he did and he was happy with it. The guy asked him if he watched everyone's reaction's. Orlando said he kinda did, but he mostly watched the moive and was just happy that people laughed at the stuff he hoped would be funny. The guy asked him how it was working with Johnny, he said it was a blast. The guy asked him about what he did in his spare time now, and Orlando said he mostly takes it easy now, walking a lot and reading. He mentioned finishing up on ROTK, and that he had to go back for re-shoots, and that he "Was finally ready to put the wig and the ears to bed." At the end the guy said that they would be getting Johnny next to talk to him. They do have a website for the news channel, but they don't have anything posted yet. I would check back when the movie is about to come out or in a few days to see if they post the interviews. newsnet5.com

Scan from Dutch Elle Girl
Lenny from Bloomania sent in this scan from the Dutch magazine Elle Girl (July/August). The text says:
In the hot top 100
Orlando takes position 70. There are five reasons why we like Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom:
1. His elfish ears
2. He speaks French (very sexy when whispered in your ear)
3. He recently quit smoking. (too bad he started to bite his nails, but we will forget that!)
4. The only serious relationship he has is with his work 5. And for the last reason: take look at the picture!

Any EW/POTC Philadelphia Winners?
Darcee has won two advanced tickets to the screening of POTC in Philadelphia from Entertainment Weekly. She is looking for other winners from her city to attend the screening with. Email her at DarceeLM@hotmail.com. She says to let anyone else know that if they entered the contest and won, their tickets will arrive in the next few days via mail. It looks like junk mail from Entertainment Weekly- BUT DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!

Keira Knightley on Regis
From Jill: On July 1st, Keira Knightley will be on Live with Regis and Kelly

MTV Movie Awards on Dutch TV
From Jorien: The MTV Movie awards will be on MTV this weekend in the Netherlands. On Saturday it will be from 11.00 (am) till 15.00 (3.00 pm), and on Sunday it will be from 11.00 (am) till 15.00 (3.00 pm) and from 20.00 (8.00 pm) till 22.00 (10 pm).

Update to POTC Site
The official POTC site has been remodeled. It now has a story you follow throughout the site looking for the pieces of Aztec gold.  There are also new downloads and pictures.

Pirate Daze in Seattle
From Madeline: For those Orlando Bloom fans like me who are in the Seattle area, on Saturday and Sunday they are having "Pirate Daze." It says: Welcome back to the tall ship Lady Washington on her return voyage from filming the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl," with pirate programs including cannons, dockside skirmish and more! Westport Marina, Westport, Grays Harbor County.

LOTR Concert in Billings, Montana
From Kate: Billings Symphony Orchestra is having a free concert in a park.  Among several pieces they will be playing songs from the Fellowship of the Ring! It is really hard to find anything LOTR related in Montana, this is wonderful!

OB Fan Birthdays
June 30: Happy 18th birthday to Joanna, love Jessie.

  June 27
Orlando in New Film 'Closing The Ring'
From Pamela: In today's Daily Record (Scotland) it says that Justin Timberlake is to move to Belfast to star in a film with Orlando called 'Closing The Ring'! It says filming begins in September in Northern Ireland. The film is about a US service man who, before being shot down over Belfast, asks a local man to return a ring to his girlfriend back home.
Kirsty says there is also an article about the film in More magazine that states it is starring Orlando. The magazine also says that it starring Colin Hanks, Mena Suvari and Maggie Gyllenhaal.
According to imdb.com, the film is being directed by Lord Richard Attenborough, and also stars Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Hopper, and Peter O'Toole, who plays Orlando's father in Troy. More links: Z Review, Coming Soon

J-14 Scans
Here are scans from the August issue of J-14 (US), thanks to Fallen Angel and Jen. (1, 2, 3) Orlando is in the 14 Hottest Guys as the "Hottest Brit".

Remains of the Piano Filming Update
From The Z Review: "Eric Idle's Merchant Ivory spoof The Remains of the Piano will film at Victoria BC starting on the 18th August, no word on where exactly it will film. It is thought that the movie will also film in the UK."

New POTC Photo
OBM.net has posted this new photo, sent in by Porko, of Orlando and Johnny in their POTC costumes from Movie Time magazine Vol.154.

POTC Review in Empire UK
From Jenn: They are going to be reviewing Pirates of the Caribbean in next month's issue of Empire Magazine (UK). It will also most likely be a good couple of pages long, as they do this with most big films coming out.

Cine Live Magazine
From Laure: There is a French magazine called "Cine Live" with Johnny and Orlando on the cover. There's also a disc with a documentary about POTC and Orlando.

ROTK Teaser Poster
From Elf Lady: The official LOTR site has posted the first teaser poster for The Return of the King, featuring Aragorn. A Legolas poster shouldn't be far behind!

From Stacie: Johnny is scheduled to be on the CBS Early Show on Thursday July 10. Plus, these talk shows are supposed to be in reruns all next week according to The Late Night TV Page: Letterman, Leno, Craig Kilborn, Conan, The Daily Show, and Jimmy Kimmel.

From Nicole: 106.7 KROQ FM is giving away tickets to go to the premiere of POTC on the Kevin and Bean Early show. You just have to call in and answer the question correct and you win the tickets. They are giving them all week long, I guess up until Saturday. The information is as follows: All week long Kevin & Bean have your passes to the world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl starring Johnny Depp. Get into the private party at Disneyland and see Pirates on huge outdoor screens along the Rivers of America, then spend the rest of the night on some of the most popular Disneyland rides. Listen every morning for your chance to win.

POTC in Brazil
From Lunna: I watched the Pirates trailer before Matrix Reloaded and the Brazilian title is "Piratas Do Caribe - A Maldição da Pérola Negra"... very similar to the original one. It will hit theaters on August 15.

ET Recap
From Lyssa: Those who missed the "Making of POTC" on Entertainment Tonight, don't worry, you didn't miss much. It was about 2 minutes at the most, and they showed Orlando one time for a split second, and that was with Johnny Depp.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sabrina (17), Maryann (15), Kelly D., Courtney (17), Elizabeth (15), and Holly from her friend Emily.

  June 26
POTC Postcard
From Rachael and Leah: In our school in the library we have postcards and there was a Will Turner one with Orlando Bloom written at the top. Here's a scan.

POTC Article in Daily Trojan
Angela sent in this article about POTC in The Daily Trojan student newspaper. It contains this Orlando quote about Johnny: "I felt really privileged to work so closely with somebody who I've admired from afar throughout his career,".

Canoe.ca Article
From OBM.net: Here's an excerpt from an article about Johnny Depp from Canoe.ca.
When Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean co-star Orlando Bloom first saw the Wino Forever tattoo, he was genuinely baffled. "I looked at it and I was like, 'What's that? Wino Forever?' I'm not really big on popular culture."

POTC on ET and Liquid News
From Irene at JD Zone: On Entertainment Tonight, Thursday 26 June, there’ll be a preview look of ‘The Making of.. Pirates’. "Orlando Bloom vs. The Skeletal Pirates! Fearless JOHNNY DEPP and ORLANDO BLOOM set sail for the haunted, high seas in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.' From the creation of the incredible set and massive ship to the scary, computer-generated, skeletal pirates -- preview the making of the movie tonight on ET!"
Also, there’ll be a short Pirates interview with Johnny on UK tv on Thursday night: Liquid News, on BBC3 at 7pm, repeated at midnight. (Sky channel 115)

Orlando's and Johnny's Song Picks
Sarah has made up a list of the songs on the MTV Pirates radio station that Johnny and Orlando picked.

Poll on PETA Site
From Mai: Orlando is metioned on PETA's website in a poll for the sexiest vegetarian alive.

Photo in Elle Girl
From Mai: There is a photo of him in June/July issue of Elle Girl (with Devon Aoki on the cover).

Magic Academy Magazine
From Laure: There is an interview of Orlando in a French magazine called "Magic Academy". There is nothing new except that he says he's very proud of his dad... there is also a poster but it's an old pic.

Photo in CosmoGirl
From Erin: There is a small pic or Orlando in the August issue of CosmoGirl! It's under the pin up for trendy on one of the quizzes.

POTC Radio Contest
From Beccy: On 95.8 Capital FM, they have been doing a competition to win tickets to the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean. They asked a question on Monday, Tuesday and today about the film. I only heard about this today so I haven't entered but to anyone who has, good luck and I hope you win!

Ned Kelly Release Date for Spain
From Virginia: I've found out that Ned Kelly is released in Spain on September 26.

Possible TV Appearances
From Patty Lee: Be sure and watch Good Morning America on ABC, The NBC's Today Show and the CBS's Early Show. Because the three of them have a habit of interviewing movie stars a week before the movie opens and a week after the movie opens. So, with the news that Orlando may be in New York soon, there is a strong possiblity of him appearing on one or two or all three morning shows in the United States. I would also keep an eye on Regis and Kelly too.

POTC in Italy
From Micol: I saw the trailer of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in Italy, it's shown in cinemas, but not yet on TV. The Italian title is "La Maledizione Della Prima Luna".

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Melinda Varney and Ula from her friend AsH-NyE.

  June 25
Scifi.com Article
Scifi.com has an article about Orlando doing reshoots for ROTK recently, with quotes from him. Thanks to everyone who sent in the link.

Orlando Still in LA
From Irene at JD Zone: From my contact in LA: “It seems that everyone is in LA now...Orlando included. They made arrangements for Orlando to come to NY for a day (Tuesday) and he made it for the press conference. I can't keep up with all the extra stuff that Disney has added in the last couple of days...They were so worried about Geoffrey Rush not being here so they pulled strings and got Orlando. Disney is holding nothing back. The media on this is HUGE.”

POTC Reviews
There are two reviews of POTC at aintitcool.com, mostly positive.

POTC Article from Flemish Magazine
Janneke sent in this article about POTC from the Flemish TV magazine HUMO.

Eric Bana on Rove Live
From Betty: Eric Bana was on Rove Live (Australia) last night, the 24th, and after an interview about his new movie, the Hulk, Rove brought up some of his new stuff, and of course that included Troy. He was talking about what an awesome time they were all having in Malta, and Orlando got a small mention when Rove asked about all the big names in the movie, Eric said something about "...and Orlando Bloom is playing my brother!!"

Keira Knightley on Leno
Keira Knightley was on Jay Leno last night, the 24th. Not much on Orlando, just a short clip of him from the movie. The show will repeat next week in the early morning in most US cities.

Photo in Sneak
From Rayner Middx: There's a a really nice picture of Orlando in Sneak! He's number one again and underneath it says something lke Orli knocks Justin off the top.

POTC in Spain
From Marta and Mary: Today on MTV Spain, I saw for the first time the POTC tv commercial! (Orlando appears for a few moments) It says that the movie will be coming soon this summer in Spanish theaters (no date given) and it will be called "Los Piratas del Caribe: La maldicion de la Perla Negra".

LOTR a Family Film
From Min: I saw the WORLD magazine today and on the cover it has 50 great family films. The Lord of the Rings is one of them for families with older children.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amber (15) from her friend Jen, Erin K., Marissa from her friend Magick Devil.

  June 24
Orlando on Entertainment Tonight
There was a short interview clip of Orlando on Entertainment Tonight yesterday. You can watch the clip on ET's website. Discussing how he tried to avoid injury on the set of POTC, Orlando said: "I realized after I had a quite serious injury to my back that I kinda really didn't want to die just yet, and I thought maybe I'd like to grow old gracefully or at least pain free." View screencaps, thanks to Naoko of E-Blooming.

Orlando and Johnny on TRL
Orlando and Johnny will be on MTV's Total Request Live next Wednesday, July 2nd. You can listen to Orlando's and Johnny's favorite songs on the MTV website. Thanks to everyone who sent in the news. I'm guessing some of Orlando's picks were: Blur, Radiohead, Oasis, Travis, The Strokes, Catherine Wheel, Kenna, Suede, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, Longwave, Blur, The Verve, Mazzy Star, David Gray, Ash, The Beta Band, and Grandaddy.
Also, Rozie says that MTV is running a commercial for the TRL movie week and they show a shot of Orlando towards the end.

Yahoo! Messenger Skin
From Mary and cutieN: There is a Pirates of the Caribbean IMVironment for Yahoo! Messenger on Yahoo.

POTC Trailer and Interview on RI:SE
From Shelly: There was a mention on 'RI:SE TV' in the UK about POTC. It showed the trailer and also showed an interview of Johnny Depp in Paris. There still might be more to follow on that interview!

Simply Orlando Online
From Alexis: "I'm still looking for staff members at my site: Simply Orlando Online. If you'd like to apply for it, send me email at simplyorlando@hotmail.com and leave your name and email. Thanks!"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Anna, Corey (15), and Hannah (15) from her friend Pop.

  June 23
More Photos and Info about Orlando in LA
Here are more photos from the Flaunt magazine Summer Reign Party at the Falcon restaurant in LA this past Friday. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Looks like Orlando might be on an upcoming cover! Also, according to Vicki at the JD Fan message board, Orlando and Keira attented an advanced screening for POTC in LA that day. Thanks to Stacie for the info.

Scans from YM
Orlando is listed on the 20 Hottest Guys list in the August issue of YM (US). Here are scans of the photo and article, thanks to Chantal.

Japanese POTC Ad
Naoko from E-Blooming sent in these scans of Will Turner from a Japanese ad for POTC. (1 & 2)

Total Film
Posted by Penny at the LOTRinfo Group: Just got the latest issue of Total Film delivered (# 79 Aug 2003). There's a 3 page feature on RotK with some nice pics. There's a short piece on Troy with a brief mention for Orlando but the picture accompanying it is just Brad Pitt (in armour & on his cell phone.) The magazine also came with a huge folded poster of a very sultry looking Orlando in Pirates.
Also, here is a closeup of the Will Turner photo from the July issue of Total Film (UK), thanks to Elf Lady and BeastyBunny.

LOTR Sim Actor Skins
From Christine: Simfreaks.com has skins for Orlando, Viggo Mortensen, Miranda Otto, Cate Blanchett and Liv Tyler. The Orlando one is a free download.

Troy Filming Moving to Mexico Soon
From Niki: I'm in Malta at the moment, I wanted to let you know we spoke to some guy who was looking after the boats used for Troy and he said that they are going to Mexico on the 6th not the 4th of July.

Orlando in Premiere Crossword Puzzle
From Stephanie: In the current US issue of Premiere magazine (July/August), the one with Naomi Watts on the cover, Orlando is in the crossword puzzle! He's 11 across and the clue phrase is 'Caribbean Bloom'. Hey, you know you've 'arrived' when they put your name in a crossword puzzle!

Seventeen.com Poll
From Emily: There is a poll at Seventeen.com for "Who's your favorite hottie?" and Orlando is one of the choices.

POTC Competition on The Saturday Show
From Gemma: There was a competition on The Saturday Show (on saturday morning) on BBC1, to win a chance to go to the premiere of POTC in LA. The competition also contained a 5 day trip to LA and a day a Disneyland, also £200 spending money. They also showed a clip of the film and mentioned the stars that are in it. You had to answer a question about the pirate that Johnny Depp played.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Becca.

  June 22
Orlando at Flaunt Party
Orlando attended Flaunt Magazine's Summer Reign Party in LA this past Friday, the 20th. Here are photos, thanks to Elf Lady, Bonnie, Jan, and Sharon. Orlando is seen chatting with Jerry Bruckheimer, his POTC producer, and Charlize Theron with her boyfriend Stuart Townsend, who was originally cast as Aragorn in LOTR.

Orlando Not Attending POTC Premiere
On Friday I was told by someone at Disney that Orlando will not be attending the POTC premiere. But maybe if we're lucky, he'll be able to get away from filming Troy, since he was just in LA!

EW Scan
I scanned the photo from the June 27th issue of Entertainment Weekly, and also typed up more of the IT List articles.

Troy Tidbit
Posted by Stacie: From an interview with Eric Bana: "In the film, we are speaking in English with received pronunciation," he explains, suddenly adopting a British accent. "It is relatively accurate historically. We ride horse bareback with no stirrups, which I've had to learn pretty bloody quickly. Obviously we've taken some liberties, we wear underwear for example."

CosmoGirl Scan
Beth sent in this scan from the June/July issue of CosmoGirl (US) where Orlando was number 3 in their 10 sexiest guys of the summer.

POTC Rated PG-13
From Becky: On imdb.com there is an article that says POTC will be rated PG-13.
'Disney Banner To Unfurl Over PG-13 Flick'
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl will be the first film released under the Disney banner with a PG-13 rating, the Los Angeles Times observed today (Friday). In reporting on the company's decision to go ahead with a PG-13 release, the Times cited industry experts who commented that it represented "recognition of the changing cultural, technological and box-office realities that influence today's action-movie market."

M Magazine Scan
Fallen Angel sent in this scan from the July issue of M magazine (US).

POTC Soundtrack and Video Games
From Ash: The "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" Soundtrack is available for pre-order from Amazon.com.  The CD itself however, will not be released until July 22nd, 2003.
Also, as a side note, the "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" video game for the Game Boy Advanced, hits stores on June 21st. There is also a video game for the XBox, however this one is losely based on the film and is simply titled, "Pirates of the Caribbean." It is basically like the game "Morrowwind", except for the setting and ship to ship battles.

Ned Kelly Released on DVD
From Dev: Ned Kelly is being released on Wednesday 20th August 2003 is Australia. It is $AU36.95 at ezydvd.com.au. The site has international purchasing and a currency convertor but the DVD is in region 4 format which is the aussie format and can only be played by Multi-region DVD players.

POTC on Entertainment Tonight
Kim says that on Tuesday, June 24, Entertainment Tonight will have a look at previews of summer pics and "Johnny Depp discusses his latest project Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."

Mention on TV Guide Channel
From Jenna: On the TV Guide channel, one of the news anchors mentioned that 'Troy' stars some hunky guys like Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, and Sean Bean. She also said that many women aren't going to miss out on the film.

POTC Article in Cinema Magazine
From Dee: There´s a "Behind the scenes" article about POTC in the German magazine Cinema (July, Hulk on the Cover). It's 6 pages, but only a very small photo with Orly! Release date in Germany: Sept. 4th.

POTC Contest in DC
From Shortstop: On HOT 99.5 FM in the Washington DC area, they are holding a contest to win two tickets to POTC. "All weekend give us the phrase that pays (i wanna go stopless all summer on hot 99.5!) and we'll give a a HOT summer prize pack from Banana Boat! Plus, passes to see the cool new summer flick "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" starring Johnny Depp opening in theatres July 9th!"

Mention in GQ magazine
From Grace: In the new GQ with Eric Bana on the cover, there is an interview with Keira Knightley.  Of course they ask about her kissing Orli, who is 26, and also about her co star Johnny who is 40. They asked because she is 17 and they wanted to know if this was legal or not!

The Orlando Bloom Effect
From Nats: I was flicking though the latest Empire (UK) and there was a short interview with the guy who plays Pyro in X-men. One of the questions was if he had experienced the "Orlando Bloom Effect" yet (ie masses of screaming girls). I thought it was funny that they had a name for it!

  June 20
Orlando on EW IT List
Orlando is on Entertainment Weekly's IT List as the It Elf, in the June 20th issue. There will also be a special on MTV called "MTV Presents: EW's It List" on June 27 at 10 pm EST. Keira Knightly also made the list as the IT Pirate Beauty. Orlando is also featured in the IT Poll pitting him against Viggo, for 'Which LOTR stud has It?'. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

POTC Press Info
I've seen a tentative schedule for the POTC press junkets, and Orlando is only listed on July 2-5 for phone interviews, while Keira and Johnny will be making the full rounds. But Disney is trying to get Orlando down to New York for 1 day of press, as he is in high demand.

Orlando Photo on Teenvogue.com?
From Bonnie and Sharon: Teenvogue.com posted behind the scenes photos of Kate Bosworth's photo shoot, and there is a photo that looks a bit like Orlando.

POTC Trailer on E!
From Jaimee: Yesterday on E! Coming Attractions they showed a preview of POTC, the long trailer with more scenes at the end.

Behind the Scenes of POTC on STARZ
From Dorene and Sharon: STARZ will be showing a behing the scenes look of Pirates of the Caribbean, premiering on July 3, at 7pm EST. They will also be playing a version of it in Spanish. Check the TV Guide for more airings.

M and Tiger Beat Magazines
From Karina: In the July issue of "M" magazine (US) there is a picture of Orlando and a small article under the section "Boys of Summer". In the August issue of "Tiger Beat" Orlando is in the Horoscope section.

Toyfare Magazine
From oddjob103: In the current issue of Toyfare magazine (the July one I believe) there's an article about 'If we had our way--who would play the parts in a live action "Thundercats" movie?'. They said Orlando would be perfect in the part of Tygra since he was such a graceful elf in LOTR.

AIM Icons
From Anna: On originalicons.com there are new Pirates of the Caribbean AIM icons, and there are 6 of Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Leah (14).

  June 19
Info on POTC Premiere
Thanks to Irene for the heads up on this Newswire article that does not list Orlando as being in attendence for the premiere of POTC. I believe, from info gathered by people at Disney, that Orlando is still unconfirmed for the premiere because of his commitments to Troy. I don't think it's a sure thing that he won't be there, but it is a possibility.

Recap of Johnny Depp on Letterman
Johnny Depp was on Letterman last night, and although he didn't mention Orlando, they showed a clip of POTC that featured Orlando. The clip showed a scene with Jack and Will sword fighting in Will's blacksmith shop. Johnny Depp will also appear on 20/20 in the US this Friday the 20th at 10pm (EST) on ABC.

Star.inc Magazine Scans
Karine sent in scans of the Orlando photo, interview, and POTC article in the June-July issue of Star.inc Magazine (Quebec, Canada).

Bravo and Mädchen Magazines
Florencia: You can win a ticket to the premiere of POTC in Los Angeles in the German magazine "Bravo". You can take one person with you! All you have to do is send a SMS to 82005 (0,49€), Keyword BRAVO (space) Orlando (space) name and address until June 23rd. I think it's only for Germans.
There's also a picture of Orlando in the German magazine "Mädchen" in the summer horoscope part!

Mention in Dolly Magazine
From Evelyn: In Dolly magazine (Australia), the Dolly Destiny mentions Orlando. Under Taurus, Love: Ruled by Venus, The planet of beauty, Taureans tend to put eye candy before brains when it comes to crush credentials- no point denying it, you know exactly what I mean! This month, however, you'll be totally blown away by a cancer of Gemini who isn't exactly Orlando but has a brilliant, sexy mind and a great sense of humour. Those who are in relationships will discover just how important it is to communicate. Spend time together, build up the friendship, as well as the romance.

FOTR on Sky Movies
From Angela: The Fellowship of the Ring will premiere on Sky Movies on Saturday 23 August at 18.00.

ET Online Poll
From Pauline: ET Online has a poll on "Which of Hollywood's new crop bachelors is the hottest?" Candidates include Orlando Bloom, Ashton Krucher, Justine Timberlake and Paul Walker.

Aníran in Bloom
Aníran, the webmaster of Aníran in Bloom wanted me to mention that her site is currently on HIATUS because of personal technical reasons and that she is looking for a staff member with HTML and FTP knowledge that could submit News to the site until she can get an internet connection. Visit her site to contact her.

  June 18
Orlando at Charity Event in Malta
From timesofmalta.com: The film production Troy has continued its support of the SPCA, with memorabilia from the movie fetching about Lm4,500 at a fund-raising reception hosted at the US ambassador's residence on Sunday. A host of Troy actors attended the event, mingling with the guests and using their celebrity status in aid of Malta's many stray animals. Read more and view photo.

More Info about Fan Mail
A lot of people have been asking what an International Reply Coupon is. Click here to learn about them. Also, thanks to Carmen for pointing out that the postal code should read: W1D 1BS, not WID 1BS.

Orlando Segment on Disney Movie Surfers
The Disney Channel's Movie Surfers is now showing a segment with an interview with Orlando and shots of him sword fighting. You can catch it during commercial breaks. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

TTT Sound Clips
I've made Mp3 files of all the lines Legolas has in The Two Towers.

New POTC Photos
From OBM.net: Cinemovies.fr and Erasofelegance.com has new Orlando photos from POTC.

Sneak Magazine
From Katie: There is a flow chart in Sneak (UK) issue 17th - 23rd. It says "Predict your destiny date". If you end up with Orlando they say "Wow - just looking at Orli gets your pulses racing, and our quiz shows that you'll be doing more than just staring at his poster. Being an action-lass through and through, you're well-suited to extreme sports fan Mr. Bloom. You lucky thing! Also, Justin Timberlake has beaten Orlando to top ten txt totty - but Orlando is second!

German Title for POTC
From Becky: I saw the POTC Trailer in Germany before Bruce Almighty and as far as I know the German title will be "Curse Of The Caribbean".

Pottery Barn Teen
From Caroline: In the summer-2003 edition of Pottery Barn Teen, on page 53 there is a tack board (top right) with Orlando's picture on it and on page 52 there is half a frame (lower right, top of dresser) with half a picture of Orlando's face, his neck and chin, on it. I just thought it was cool that Pottery Barn Teen had pictures of Orlando in it.

Brazilian Information
From Ana: I live in Brazil and I'm a big fan of Orlando. There is a magazine named VEJA in my country that had an article about Troy last week with a picture of Brad Pitt and they mentioned Orlando as part of the cast. And yesterday on a tv program called CINEVIEW I saw an interview with him about the Pirates of the Caribbean.

POTC Contest in Belgium
Ruth: Radio Donna -Diva- (Belgium) is running a contest to win a ticket for the World premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean! But: you have to be 21; you need a digital passport and it's only one ticket. More info: www.donna.be

Movie Magic Magazine
From Cristy: There's 3 articles of LOTR, an interview of Elijah, as well as pictures of Orli as Legolas in the current issue of Movie Magic with Harry Potter on the cover.

Alloy and Star Articles
From Kirby: Orlando is mentioned in these 2 gossip articles from alloy.com and starmagazine.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Erika (19) and Caitlyn.

  June 17
Fan Mail Information
Please read this new information concerning fan mail sent to Orlando. He will no longer be sending personal autographs. Thanks to Lori for passing along the info to all of us.

Legolas Scans
Jo sent in 2 scans of the front covers of The Lord Of The Rings Battle Games In Middle Earth gaming magazine that is available in the UK (1, 2). As well as some playing cards from a deck bought in Spain.

Starburst Magazine
From Chloe: Issue 299 of Starburst magazine has a big article on the Return of the King, and a pic of Orlando as Legolas.

Article in Bravo
From Florencia: There's a little article about Orlando in the German magazine "Bravo". It's about Kate Bosworth and him. The magazine will only be sold until Wednesday.

TV Reminder: Johnny Depp on Letterman
Johnny Depp will be on David Letterman this Wednesday the 18th. He may mention Orlando! UK fans can catch the show on the 19th at 7pm on ITV2.

Mykindaplace.com Quiz
From Eloise: Orlando is one of the results in the Dream Date love match test at mykindaplace.com.

POTC Release Date for South Africa
From Claire: I emailed Ster Kinekor studios, and POTC opens on the 19th September in South Africa.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jill (15), Kayla from her friend Jane, and Holly from her friend Kara.

  June 16
Video of Orlando on MTV UK
I added the video of Orlando hosting the Top Ten Movie Soundtracks on MTV UK. Thanks again to Irene of Johnnydeppzone.com!

Star.inc Magazine
From Lily and Tania: The June-July issue of Star.inc Magazine (Quebec, Canada) has Orlando on the cover as Will Turner. There is an article, a kind of interview with him, but all the information is quite old. There is also a huge picture (one page) of him dressed in a navy t-shirt, and with long hair.

CosmoGirl (UK) Poster Vote
From Elithraniel: In the current issue of CosmoGirl (UK) it mentions that Orlando is at the top so far in the Top 101 Sexiest Guys. To vote for him, email cosmogirl.mail@natmags.co.uk

Meet Up With Orlando Fans
KAReng sent in this link to meetup.com where Orlando fans from all over the world can plan to meet up on a specific day. There are 718 fans signed up so far.

Boycrazy Magazine
From Rushina: There is a photo of Legolas in the June/July issue of Boycrazy (US).

POTC Advertisements
A lot of people have been writing in with info about POTC commercials on TV, and advertisements. I'm no longer posting this type of info because I think we will be seeing ads everywhere in the next month!

Win POTC Passes in Tulsa, OK
From Christina: Tulsaworld.com is giving away passes to the Tulsa World premiere of POTC on July 7 at the Tulsa by Cinemark.

Getting LOTR Buttons at Walmart
Candace works at WAL-MART and she says that if you want a TTT button when they are released, that you should ask the evening associates not the daytime ones. You can also ask to have the displays, which they trash afterwards.

LOTR Party Supplies amd Coins
Posted at the LOTRinfo Group: Hallmark stores will start selling The Two Towers party supplies in October.
A set of coins featuring designs from The Lord Of The Rings films will become legal tender this year. The currency has been commissioned by New Zealand Post to coincide with the release of the final part of the triology, The Return Of The King, in December.

Ned Kelly Screensaver
I don't know if this is new info, but Laura noticed that the official Ned Kelly site has a screensaver with a photo of Orlando as Joe Byrne.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Laurel (16), Kate (15), and Judita from her friend Rasto.

  June 15
New Calcium Kid Photo
Thanks to Lady Nin and OpheliaImmortal for this photo of a milk ad for The Calcium Kid. It may be a promo for the movie which will be out in the UK on October 3rd.

Screencaps from Orlando on MTV UK
Irene from Johnnydeppzone.com has made screencaps and a video clip of Orlando hosting the Top Ten Movie Soundtracks on MTV UK. I need to get the file size down before I can post the video, so I will do that tomorrow.

POTC Premiere Tickets Giveaway
From Sharon: Here in Los Angeles on STAR 98.7 FM they're giving away tickets to the PotC premiere at Disneyland including passes to the after party with the stars. More details.

Troy Article in Closer
From Sarah: In this week's edition of Closer (UK) it has an article with a picture of Brad in his Troy costume and talks about the horrible location the stars apartments are in. Apparently, because the stars, such as Brad and Orli, want to get away from being recognized they are living in these apartments out of town... situated only 100 yards from a swamp dump! Brad has had to cover his outdoor gym due to the mass number of flies attacking him!

TTT Promotional Buttons
Elf Lady sent in this photo of the TTT DVD promotional buttons. Perhaps Walmart will give them away like they did with the FOTR buttons.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Bonnie (19), Cynthia, and Roxy (15) from her best bud Louise.

  June 14
Troy Article in Daily Mail
From Fisha: In Friday's Daily Mail (UK), there was a small article about Troy. it mention that it was being filmed in Malta and that Orli was one of the stars, but it mainly covered about Brad Pitt's temper tantrums.

Poster in Shout Magazine
From Laura: Orlando is in the Shout magazine (UK) which is out now (with free eyeliner on cover). It has a poster of him on the back.

Vanity Fair Article
Grace typed up the POTC article in the July issue of Vanity Fair.

Orlando in NZ?
Georgia says that according to her cousin in New Zealand, the LOTR stars are in Wellington at the moment for a little last-minute shooting. Ian McKellen is a big fan of her uncle's bookstore, and he's popping in a few times a week with Viggo, Liv, John, and Orlando.

POTC Preview on TV Guide Channel
From Katie: The POTC preview was on the TV Guide channel, and there was a man talking about how it was silly to make a movie from a theme park attraction, and he talked about how it probably won't be good. Then a little later (after the preview, I think) he starts changing his mind and says that Johnny Depp is such a fantastic actor and that he only chooses good roles, so the movie may not be that bad. The preview plays repeatedly everyday, you can't miss it!

Alloy Quiz
From Marion: Orlando is featured in the new Alloy.com quiz "How scandalous are you?". The question is "Who is your biggest celebrity crush?" one of the answers is "Orlando Bloom. Is there anyone hotter? And he's got the sexiest accent!"

Disney Movie Surfers Screencaps
OBM.net has posted screencaps of the Disney Movie Surfers POTC segment, and Orlando on Access Hollywood.

The German and Czech Orlando
Icie sent in this audio file of how Legolas sounds in the Czech version of Lotr. It is the "This is no mere ranger..." speech.
From Soleil: There's a new anime-series called 'Candidate for Goddess' on German music TV channel Viva and the main-protagonist Zero is dubbed by Philipp Moog, the German voice for Orlando Bloom. So if you want to hear him, the series is broadcast on Sundays from 18:00 to 18:30 and on Mondays from 21:00 to 21:30. I think it's also very funny that he also dubbed Johnny Depp once!

Italian Spoof of FOTR
Alcare has posted on her website a funny cartoon spoof of FOTR, which was published in the Italian magazine CIAK, June 2003 issue.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mariah (14) from her friend Jessie, and to Fabienne (15)

  June 13
Vanity Fair Teen Magazine
From Grace: In the the current July Vanity Fair Teen issue, Amanda Bynes and another girl say that Orlando is their Celebrity Crush. Also they have a blurb about POTC - they give it 3 1/2 stars. Orlando is just mentioned as staring in it.

New Photo from US Weekly
Fallen Angel sent in the photo in the June 23rd issue of US Weekly, of "Orlando touring Malta".

POTC Premiere Contest
Audrey sent in this link where you can enter to win two tickets to the World Premiere of POTC, an appearance on Access Hollywood, and a Jet Ski.

POTC Preview on Charter Cable
Kate saw a preview for POTC on the channel guide (channel 2) for Charter Cable in the US. There weren't many scenes with Orlando; they were mainly of Johnny Depp. It will probably be on more often on the "Screening Room" (channel 2) this month.

Disney Movie Surfers Segment
Even though I've already mentioned this on the site, I'm still getting a lot of emails from people about this. So once again, the Disney channel is showing a Movie Surfers segment on POTC. It mainly features Johnny, but there are some shots of Orlando. It airs during commercial breaks.

Access Hollywood Recap
From Angel: I watched Access Hollywood on June 12 and it showed a preview of POTC with Johnny Depp. They showed only two pictures of Orlando. One on the set of POTC and one where he was making a funny face.

POTC Latino Site
From JDZone.com: Disneylatino.com has launched their POTC website. It has a new Will Turner wallpaper.

Orlando Jones on E! News Live
From LegolasLover2003: I was just watching E! News Live and they were talking to Orlando Jones about his new talk show. Well, they started making cracks about Orlando Jones and Orlando Bloom getting confused because they "accidently" credited Jones for LOTRs. But they got that straightened out and then told Jones that Bloom didn't have his own talk show. At the end of the segment, they were saying how Jones is really funny but that Bloom is not funny at all. Then Jones made a crack about Elves not having a very good sense of humor.

Troy Mentioned on Greek Website
From Arwyn: I read the note from Tia, saying that quite a few Greek magazines mention Troy and Orlando. I'd like to add that there is also at least one popular Greek radio station's website (starfm.gr) that offers a lot of updates too. I was surprised to see an update entitled "Photos from the Troy set", in which the photos where those of Orlando enjoying the sun during a break!

The French Orlando Bloom
Amandine and Emilie sent in this photo of French actor Denis Laustriat, who does the voice of Orlando in the dubbed versions LOTR and POTC.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katie (14) from her friend Emily, and Jessica from her friend Jenna.

  June 12
US TV Alert - Access Hollywood
From Kim: Today on Access Hollywood there will be a segment on the making of POTC.

Premiere Magazine Scans
Fallen Angel sent in this small POTC article from the August issue of Premiere (US), as well as this Legolas caricature that was in an article called "Switching Sides". They asked celebrities who they'd switch sides for.

New POTC Photo
Irene from JDZone.com sent in this behind the scenes photo of Orlando on the set of POTC, that can be found on the official site.

Movie Insider Magazine
From Sarah: On page 4 of Movie Insider magazine (UK) there's a small pic of Orlando in POTC. On pages 8-11 there's some info about LOTR:ROTK. On page 42 there's an article about POTC and a pic of Orlando with Johnny Depp.

Laura and Michelle both received the same photocopy of an autographed Legolas photo, from the London address. The only difference is that it had their name written on it by someone other than Orlando. Laura sent in a picture for him to sign as well, but did not get it back. My suggestion is to not send a photo for him to sign, because you probably won't get it back! This is what you will get.

Gameinformer Magazine
From Andrea: In my monthly issue of Gameinformer there is an advertisement for Pirates of the Caribbean the video game on page 19. There is also a 2 page "Preview" of LOTR The Return of the King video game on pages 66-67.

LOTR and POTC Exhibits in London and LA
LilyofLothlorian sent in this info:
Sept. 16 - Jan. 2004
Science Museum in London
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Exhibition
On display will be everything from costumes, props, set pieces, artifacts, etcetera, from all three movies. Call the museum for more info.

July 9 - Aug 3
El Capitan Theatre (in L.A.)
Pirates of the Caribbean will be playing -- the theatre will be surrounded by set pieces, costumes, maps, guns, etcetera. Call for tickets.

Greek Magazines
From Tia: I just thought people might like to know that Orlando, but mainly 'Troy', is mentioned quite a lot in Greek magazines, which is quite new because I have hardly ever seen anything on Orlando in Greek magazines. I expect much more is to come.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Stacey Howe (16), Blythe (17), Heather (14) from her friend Emily, and belated B-days to Lacie (14), and Darlene (14) from her friend Andie.

  June 11
Small Photo in Sneak
From Llio: Orlando is still top of the 'top ten text totty' in Sneak (UK). There's a small picture, and someone sent in a letter in retaliation to the girl who bad-mouthed him in the last issue!

POTC Interview Screencaps
Ale V. has made some screencaps from a POTC interview with Orlando that she found on her internet providers website, megared.com.mx. You need to be a member to view the video, but she will try to make a sound clip of it for us.

Finnish POTC Contest
From Jasmin: Sub TV (Finland) has a POTC competition and the winner gets tickets to the London premiere! One has to send SMS (that says Pirates) to number 17255 (0.84€ per SMS) and then one gets 5 questions... The questions change every week. The winner will be the one with the most points collected from the competition. The competition is from June 10th to July 11th. For more info, one has to check Sub TV's text tv, page 490. I'm afraid the competition is only for the Finns.

German Magazine and POTC Release Date
From Alexandra: POTC will start in Germany on September 4th. Also, the German televison magazine TV Movie has a little picture of Orlando, saying he is an exciting newcomer.

Disney Adventures Magazine
From Michelle: PoTC will be featured in the August edition of Disney Adventures magazine out July 15th.

ROTK EA Game Trailer
From Elf Lady: “The EA Games site posted a hi-res and lo-res version of their new game trailer featuring "cinematics" from the upcoming RotK game. It begins in the same way the E3 footage did, but then the action goes to slo-mo and the "Evenstar" theme is played while images of trolls swinging Grond into the Gate of Minas Tirith alternate with Gandalf, Aragorn and Gimli fighting.” She has screencaps on her site, unfortunately no Legolas.

From Leuixus: There was a picture and article on Orli and Kate in Mmm-mag (movies, music, more... Canada.

German Magazines
From Nicole: I have seen some reports in some German magazines about Orlando. In Young Lisa, Orlando is crowned as Man of the month, and he is also in Joy Celebrity.

Legolas Standees in Gatlinburg, TN
From Erin: I just got back from vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and they have Legolas standees at a small shop called Magnet World. It's one of him without Gimli. It was $27 tax and all, but I'm not sure if they will have anymore. When I bought it, the woman there said that she had two left. They may reorder them, though.

  June 10
New Studio Photos
Thanks to Bonnie and Patsie for these new studio shots of Orlando, from CAMERA PRESS/Chris Floyd.

Official POTC Site Update
The official POTC site has been updated with a screensaver and movie stills, including 5 of Orlando. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

POTC Premiere Ticket Scan
Miwa from Orlando J-Web sent in this scan of a POTC premiere ticket in Japan.

Mirror Mention
From Candi: I just happened to go to the Mirror online and under Surveillance there was a little mention of Orlando. It said: "Orlando Bloom, bowling at the Superbowl in St. Julian's in Malta."

Photo in Sunday Star-Times
Marian says there was a Legolas photo in the June 8th issue of the Sunday Star-Times (NZ). It was in part of an article about some of the LOTR stars being in Wellington for pick up shots.

Make-up Artist magazine
From Kate: In the latest issue of Make-up Artist magazine there is an article about POTC. The article doesn't mention Orlando, but there are several shots of him from the movie.

LOTR Featured on Frequency DVD-ROM
From Chantal: I recently bought Frequency on DVD, and the DVD-ROM features a LOTR web browser, wallpaper, and screensaver.

Comingsoon.net has a poll on the bottom right hand side of the home page asking what July release tops your must-see list. POTC is in 2nd. Also, Orlando is now in 1st place on the cover poll at YM.com.

One Magazine Cover
Martha sent in a scan of Orlando on the cover of the June issue of One (France).

Johnny Depp on Letterman
From JDZone: Johnny will be on the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday June 20th. UK fans will be able to see it on Monday 23 June on ITV2 at 7pm. They may show a clip of the movie, or he may mention Orlando.

"ORC" Added to the Dictonary
From Patty Lee: June 8th, 2003 at 2:30pm on CNN Headline News. The reporter announced the Webster's dictionary will be adding words that are used in the 21st century. Orc, Bling Bling, Screen Saver, Search Engine and some more will be in the dictonary. E! News at about the same time announced across the bottom of the tv screen the same thing.

POTC in Finland and Italy
From Jasmin: Today I saw the trailer for POTC on SUB TV (a tv channel in Finland) and it said that POTC is in theatres in Finland on August 29th.
From Gabriella: 3 days ago on Coming Soon Tv Italy I saw for the first time the trailer of POTC. In italy it will be in theatres on September 5. For release dates of other countries, check the POTC page.

POTC Article in Teen Newsweek
From Carly: I found an article bout POTC in Teen Newsweek (with SARS on the cover) it reads:
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Based on the Disney theme-park ride the movie stars Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings) as the blacksmith whose girlfriend (Bend it Like Beckham's Keira Knightley) has been kidnapped by evil pirates. The mysterious Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) helps out. Thanks to a curse nothing brings the pirates pleasure. (July 9) pirates.movies.go.com

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Paige (14), and to Rozie from her friend Barbara.

  June 9
Young Lisa Article
Soleil sent in a small article from the German magazine Young Lisa, where Orlando was voted Dream Man of June.

POTC Movie Surfer Segment
From Lizzy and Emily: There was a Movie Surfers segment on POTC on the Disney channel. It featured an interview with Johnny Depp and showed scenes with Orlando.

POTC Release Date for Melbourne
Krystyne saw Orlando POTC posters at Sunshine Megaplex in Melbourne, advertising a release date of July 9.

Premiere Translation
Michaela translated the interview from the January issue of Premiere (Czech Republic).

POTC Trailer
Danielle saw the trailer for POTC before 2 Fast 2 Furious.

AIM Expression
Kendi sent in a link to aim-expressions.com that has an Orlando expression/skin for AOL instant messenger.

Sirene Magazine
Amalie: The Danish magazine Sirene has a mention on Orlando this month. It says: "There are lots of goodies on the way: Many great directors have had a dream about making a big, classic, pirate movie, but it hasn't actually been done well since the 1950's. The §100 production Pirates of the Caribbean sound like the first real shot. For that there's two good reasons: Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the leading roles." The release date is September 5th.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Elizabeth, Debbie (16), Rachel (13), and Eliana from her best friend Samantha.

  June 8
UK Vogue Scans
Elvie from The Wood sent in scans of the Orlando and Keira article in the new UK Vogue. (1 & 2)

Info on POTC Press Junket
Irene from JDZone sent in this info about the POTC press junket from her Pirates contact in LA.
We got the info at work that the press junkets for Pirates will be
June 16- 20 NY
June 23- 28 LA
Johnny and Keira Knightly will handle NY while Johnny, Keira and Geoffrey will handle LA. Orlando was listed as a TBD (To Be Decided). I know he is filming a movie now so he may not be able to get away.

MTV UK Transcript
Shelly has made a transcript of Orlando hosting the Top Ten Movie Soundtracks on MTV UK.

Screenplay on MTV UK
From Natalie: In Screenplay on MTV today (UK) a few celebrities (including Billy Boyd) were asked who they thought would win the Best Transatlantic Breakthrough and most said Orlando!

POTC Radio Commercial
A lot of people have been writing in about a commercial for POTC airing in the US. It includes audio clips from the movie, including Orlando saying "I would die for her!" and then another voice replying "Gooood."

New POTC Photos
From OBM.net and E-Blooming: The Japanese website dedicated to Orlando which is launched by the Japanese film distributor of POTC is now up and running. There's an absolutely gorgeous Will Turner wallpaper for you to download. Go to the site, click on "Special Page" and enter Orli as password (capital O), check out the new pic on the left as well.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Georgia.

  June 7
J-14 Fortune Telling Game Scans
Fallen Angel sent in these scans of the Fortune Telling game from the July issue of J-14 (US). (1 & 2)

More on Autographs
Becky sent Orlando a letter to the London address, and got an autograph back within a week. BUT, it was a xerox copy of his signature, and someone else wrote 'for Becky' on it. They seem to be sending out a lot of copies lately, instead of the real thing.

POTC Reviews
Aintitcoolnews.com has posted 2 reviews from an early screening of POTC. There are some plot spoilers, and foul language, so beware.

YM Poll
From Kate: Orlando is on a poll at YM.com asking "Who would you be most psyched to see on our cover?". Orlando is currently in 3rd place.

POTC Japanese Ad
Miwa from Orlando J-Web sent in this advertisement of the Pirates of the Caribbean which was a full-page ad in the June 5th issue of the Japanese 'Yomiuri Newspaper'. In addition, an official Orlando site operated by the Japanese film distributor of POTC will be coming on June 7th.

Win Advance Screening Tickets to POTC
Fallen Angel sent in this POTC ad from the June 13 issue of EW where you can win tickets to a special advanced screening of POTC in select cities.

Poster in Mizz
From Katie: In the June 4-7 issue (#471) of Mizz (UK), there is a black and white poster of Orlando.

Break Out! Girl Scans
Samantha sent in these scans from the Dutch Break Out! Girl magazine, nr 1, 22 May. (1 & 2)

LOTR Documentary on Bosnian TV
From Rania: There was a documentary on "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy on Bosnian TV today, including how the films were made (LOTR and TTT combined). Orlando was also on, saying some lovely things about Peter Jackson and some not so lovely things about dwarves (haha). Besides some brief snapshots of him on the set, they showed him putting his contact lenses on, not very happy :-)

POTC Commercial Screencaps
OBM.net has posted screencaps of new scenes from the POTC commercial that aired during the MTV Movie Awards.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Pirateworge from her sister Annie.

  June 6
POTC Article in One
Anya has translated the POTC article from One (France).

UK Vogue
From Bloomzy: Orlando will be doing a spread with Keira in UK Vogue, out on 9th June.

Info About POTC Premiere
From TORN: Coldplayer writes: I am (someone fairly important at Disneyland...not Mickey -Xo) and I can say with certainty that all major cast members of the POTC, including Orlando Bloom movie have confirmed attendance (in regards to this report from yesterday). Also, that it is HIGHLY unlikely that any guests will be able to view arrivals on the red carpet. This is the biggest event since the opening of Disneyland to be held inside the park itself, security will be extremely tight.

New POTC Trailer
The French movie site Allocine, has the trailer for POTC that contains some new scenes.

POTC Wallpapers
Megan sent in 4 desktop wallpapers that you can get if you win enough games of "Warrr" on the official Pirates of the Caribbean site.

TV & Satellite Magazine
From Laura: Orlando is briefly mentioned in this weeks 'TV & Satellite' Magazine (UK) for winning the MTV award last year.

Legolas DVD Cover
From Elf Lady: I asked Adam to come up with a Legolas cover for the upcoming TTT DVD release.  He just let me know that he put it up on his site. You can see it here, and the rest of the covers here.

Troy Set Photos
The Zreview has posted photos from the set of Troy, and of Brad Pitt. None of Orlando yet.

Top Divky Scan
Icie sent in this scan from the April issue of Top Divky (Czech Republic).

POTC in Isreal
From msmisr: The POTC trailer is showing before the Matrix: Reloaded in Israel theaters. People recognized Orlando in the trailer, cause I heard people saying "Lord of the Rings..." and "Legolas...", and at the end of the trailer there was a collective sigh of "Wow! What a cool movie!" from the audience, which I really enjoyed. Also, there is a little mag handed out in the theaters called "Cinema +", and in the 22nd issue there was a pic from the POTC movie of Orlando and Johnny, with a summary of the plot. It also says that the movie will be on screens in Israel starting July 24!

Tolkien Checks
Lily of Lothlorian sent in this link to The Styles Check Company that sells Tolkien checks and address labels.

Fan Listings
Check out Ashley's official Will Turner fanlisting Hooked On, and her Orlando fanlisting Velvet Bloom.

Kate Bosworth Forum
I have been asked to mention something, and feel that it probably isn't my place to tell you all what to do, but I thought I should say something anyway. Many Orlando fans have been visiting the Kate forum located at katebosworthfan.com, for the sole purpose of bashing Kate, and her fans. The forum has even had to close down temporarily to set up stricter posting rules. Please, be considerate of other boards and fandoms, and don't waste your time on hate, it's too big a burden to bear.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Chase, Glynne (12), Sabrina (16) from her best friend Camille, and Corinne (10) from her sister Amy.

  June 5
Movie Star Scans
Thanks to Miwa of Orlando J-web for sending in these scans from the July issue of Movie Star (Japan), which include a new photo of Orlando and his dog! (1, 2, 3)

Repeat of Orlando on MTV UK
Kristen says that "The Top 10 Movie Soundtracks" with Orlando hosting will be on again at 2pm this Friday the 6th.

Woman's Day Scan
Marian sent in this scan from this week's issue of Woman's Day (NZ)

Quote About Orlando
Posted by Stacie: Terry Rossio, POTC co-writer, posted these comments on his Wordplayer.com site.
”Orlando Bloom - Will never be able to hide that he is a genuinely good person; that always comes through. His talent is that every action he takes is correct, and so looks effortless and perfect. Fun loving and hard working. Not a great actor on the first take, but he sticks with it, and is a pretty darn great actor on the fifth take.”

Info on Keira Knightley on MTV UK
Jo sent in this bit from the interview with Keira Knightley on MTV UK this past Monday. "Keira was being interviewed by Emma and Dave. Dave labelled her absolutly beautiful and she was really sweet! She spoke about the MTV awards and said Orlando told her she could have it if he won. Keira said 'wasn't that nice of him' sarcastically. She also spoke about Pirates of the Caribbean."

Ned Kelly Article from One
Amandine and Emilie have translated the Ned Kelly article from One (France). Someone else be translating the other article. Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

Czech Magazine Scans
Icie from Orlando//SK sent in scans from some Czech magazines: Premiere (1 & 2), and the Czech version of Bravo. She also sent in a scan of an ad for LotR at the cinema Aupark in Bratislava, Slovakia.

POTC Newsweek Article
From Lauren: In the June 2 issue of Newsweek (US), there's an article about Disney's latest movies and TV shows that starts on pg. 41. There's a paragraph about POTC that says: It isn't that Disney won't splurge on blockbusters. Jerry Bruckheimer's "Pirates of the Caribbean," which arrives July 9, cost $125 million, almost as much as his films "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor." The big difference with "Pirates" is that it's a sequel to an established "hit," the theme-park attraction of the same name. Bruckheimer rolled his eyes when the studio approached him with the idea. "I said, 'Pirates of the Caribbean? The ride?!'" But he liked the script. "If we got it right, we've got the next 'Raiders'," Bruckheimer boasts as he walks around a cavernous set that seems to have been airlifted from Disneyland (who said synergy was just pixie dust?). 
The reference to "Raiders" seems to imply that sequels might be made if this one is successful.

Movie Bags
Paula sent alont this link to moviebag.ch that is selling a TTT bag with Legolas on it.

AOB Is Back Online
Zee's fab site, Always Orlando Bloom, is now back online!

Australia TV Alert
From Ali: I just saw an ad on TV for "Parkinson" on Saturday night at 9.30 on ABC (Australia) and Ian McKellen was one of the guests. In the ad he was showing Parkinson his LOTR tattoo - presumably exactly the same as the one Orlando has.

Czech TV Alerts
From Michaela: Wilde is going to be on CT1 (in the Czech Republic) on 22nd June at 10 pm. From Icie: Midsomer Murders - Judgement Day will be on June 29th at 8 pm on the Czech version of the Hallmark channel.

Safari of the Rings
Marian found this story about the new guided holidays in Queenstown which visit LOTR film sites. She also sent in this picture of the Kawerau Bridge bungy jump, which she believes is Orlando's favorite bungy.

Ned Kelly Release Date for Canada
Bertina just found out from her local theater in New Brunswick, Canada that Ned Kelly will be opening there on January 13.

Legolas Photo at Covent Garden
From Sarah: I found a gorgeous glossy photo of Orlando as Legolas on the Jubille Market at Covent Garden, London. It is the same as this photo, but it is black and white and costs £2.99.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nikki (16) from her pen-pals Becky and Shea.

  June 4
New POTC Photos
Cassandra sent in these photos of Orlando on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. (1, 2, 3, 4) They were taken by her grandfather's friend Vince Lozano, who is a an actor that played a pirate in the movie. You can check out his website that includes more of his photos.

From Nat: About 3 weeks ago, I sent a letter and picture for Orlando to sign to the London address, and I received a reply yesterday. It was a black and white picture of Legolas with Orlando's signature at the bottom. It's photocopied though and someone else has wrote 'For Natalie' on top. Here's the autograph with the picture cropped off.

New TTT Premiere Photo
Sleepy Blue2002 posted this Orlando photo from the NY premiere of TTT.

Ciak Magazine
From Gabriella: In Italy there is a famous cinema magazine named "Ciak". This month it talks about Ned Kelly (in Italian theatres in Autumn), Pirates of Caribbean (in Italian it is "La maledizione della prima luna", the english meaning is more or less: The curse of the first moon) and finally it talks about Troy, filming in Malta until July 4, at the studio in London and finally in Mexico.

One Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in scans of the Orlando POTC and Ned Kelly articles in the June/July issue of One (France). They don't contain new photos, so there's no need to download them if you don't speak French. (1, 2, 3)

Eric Bana Troy Interview
Last night, Entertainment Tonight had a short interview with Eric Bana, who plays Hector, Paris's brother in Troy. He said something to the effect: "It's one of the best things about working with Brad. Orlando Bloom and I just get to hide behind Brad while everyone goes [makes camera clicking noises]. Hi, we're back here, no one knows us!" They also mentioned that Eric had finished filming 80% of his scenes.

MTV Movie Awards Clip
From Jas at OBM.net: Found this link at the Evening Standard to video highlights of the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. Highlights include Elijah, Sean A and Billy accepting the Best Picture award, Peter Jackson accepting award for Best Action Sequence for Battle of Helms Deep, and a red carpet interview with Billy Boyd.

Sneak Magazine
From Becca: In this week's SNEAK (UK) someone has wrote this letter in: "Why do Sneak readers think Orlando Bloom is so good looking? His head is shaped like a cone! And what was he wearing in the Summer Movie Boys Poster Spesh? "His jacket looked like one of Dracula's cast-offs! Wake up Sneak readers - Orlando's a minger!" SNEAK says: "Oh. My. God. Someone dares to diss Orli?! Do any of his fans want to tell Hannah why you love him?" You can email SNEAK at sneakmail@emap.com with 'Say What' in the subject line and tell 'Hannah' EXACTLY why we love Orli!

Danish Magazines
From Tine: Orlando is in the newest danish magazine called Vi unge. He is there 2 times, and there are 2 pics. One of the small articles says something about him and Kate Bosworth. He is also in the newest danish magazine called OKAY, and also in Scoop (danish), I think it's the newest. There is a small article.

ROTK Runs 9 Hours Uncut
From Alycia: In The Sun Herald (AUS) in an article about Liv Tyler, in says that "in its uncut form, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King runs for a massive nine hours, but according to those who have seen this unedited version, it is an incredible story and one that will exceed all expectations when it opens this Christmas. Even in its edited form."

Keira on MTV UK
From Elise: Keira Knightley was on MTV UK today. I have a feeling she was talking about Pirates of the Caribbean. I only caught a little bit of the interview, but she was talking about props on a film set.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to James (11).

  June 3
TV Hits Scan
From Ali: There's a gorgeous poster of Orlando in the July TV Hits (Australia). Also, you can vote for him in the Dolly Hottest 100.

Orlando on MTV UK
From Punkyfish: Orlando was on MTV (UK) introducing "The Top 10 Movie Soundtracks" on June 2nd. It was most likely filmed while he was at the studio in April. Emma says it went on for about an hour and Orlando spoke between every song, and break. He was great, very funny and cheeky.

Womans' Day
From Marian: Orlando is mentioned in an article in this week's Womans' Day here in NZ. Marian will be scanning it for us soon.

Larger Sneak Scans
Stevie-Jane sent in larger scans of the Orlando photos in the May 27th issue of Sneak (UK), and I cleaned them up a bit and removed the text.

POTC Temporary Tattoos
Posted by Mystique: Today we got a shipment of Pirates of the Caribbean Tattoos (of the skull and swords). So, if you are in the San Diego area (don't know if other areas are doing it) go to your nearest AMC Theater and get one before they are gone.

CineFilms Article
TORN has posted a translation of the ROTK interviews in the French CineFilms magazine.

LOTR Fan on Big Brother
From Sarah: A contestant in the Big Brother (UK) house called Jon Timple is obsessed with 'Lord of the Rings' and constantly mentions it in the house, not only does it drive the other housemates mad, but he's gained national awareness for talking about it all the time!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sophie, and Amanda from her best friend Michelle.

  June 2
POTC Desktop Theme
Themeworld.com has a POTC desktop theme available for for Windows users.

DVD Review Magazine
From Llio: There's a three page special on the Lord of the Rings in DVD Review (UK), and there's a small picture of Orlando.

SciFi Magazine Scans
Elf Lady sent in these scans from an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer and Terry Rossio (POTC) in the August issue of SciFi magazine. (1 & 2) Also, in the interview, Jerry mentions that Keira is 18. This helps to prove that the recent Bravo interview with Orlando was probably a fake, as they have Orlando saying she is 20, an age Keira is commonly mistaken for. I'm sure Orlando would know her real age!

ROTK Aussie Release Date
From Evelyn: The Sydney morning Herald metro dated May 30-June 5, 2003 has a sneak preview of LotR RotK. It says that Return of the King is coming out 17 December in the US but in Australia it's coming out on boxing day (26 December). It has a picture of Elijah and only mentions Orlando as one of the stars.

Black Hawk Down DVD Review
On June 3rd, the Black Hawk Down Deluxe Edition DVD will be released. The June 6 issue of EW has a review, giving it an A-. The making-of documentary will probably be the same one that is on the European edition DVD. You can see screencaps here.

Elle Girl
From Kelley: The magazine Elle Girl (US) has the results of a poll that they had for hottest people, and Orlando was the #1 hottest male!

Orlando in Yearbooks and School Newspapers
From Joanna: Orlando Bloom won favorite actor in my yearbook and LOTR TTT won best movie!
From Missy: My best friends and I are on the school newspaper staff at Tevis Jr. High Scool in Bakersfield, California, and we wrote an article on Orlando Bloom. Everyone loved our article; it included a biography, filmography, a picture, and tons of quotes. 

Photos of Brad Pitt in Troy
Cellardoor has posted photos of Brad Pitt in leather armor on the set of Troy. I'm only mentioning this because, can you imagine Orlando in an outfit like that?!

Info on Orlando Attending POTC Premiere
Posted by hulahula6: So it looks as if our boy will be appearing at this premiere FOR SURE. I work at Disneyland and a friend of mine and I both talked to one of the people sort of in charge of the the event and my friend started asking about Orlando. He said that Orlando WILL be there for sure because apparently it is in his contract.

POTC Trailer Info
From Jessica: The 411 on POTC movie trailers: I work for a movie theater in central, Virginia and can tell you this from the inside...you're going to see a copy of the POTC trailer attachd to almost every movie that it let out until POTC comes out itself. Disney is continuing to send brand new trailers to theaters everywhere. And when trailer packages (everything that you view before the "feature presentation") are taken apart, the POTC trailers are being saved and then used in trailer packages for new movies that come in.

POTC Trailer #1 in Philippines
From Trunkz: The POTC movie trailer debuted at the #1 spot in the Top 10 movie trailers of the week here in the Philippines, showing more Orlando than Johnny!

Ned Kelly Reviews
Stacie found the Movie Review Query Engine that compiles reviews for many films, including Ned Kelly.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Vikki and her twin sis Lizzi (16).

  June 1
TTT Wins MTV Movie Awards
From TORN: Superheroes and special effects wizards battled for the spotlight at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards on Saturday, claiming several top trophies including the best movie prize for "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," which earned four awards, more than any other film. Along with Best Movie, MTV viewers gave it Best Action Sequence, On-screen Team for stars Elijah Wood, Sean Astin and digitally-created Gollum, as well as a new honor for Best Digital Performance for Gollum.
Elijah, Sean and Billy (Boyd) were there to pick up the gongs, while Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis/Gollum gave pre-taped acceptance speeches. Read the full reports here, here and here.

Making of The Two Towers on MTV UK
From Natalie: The Making of The Two Towers is being shown on MTV (U.K) on June 6th at 12:30pm. On the program synopsis it says there will be interviews with Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson.

Empire (UK) Articles
From Jen, Caitriona, and Sarah: In the July edition of Empire (UK), there is a 2 page 'first look' of POTC with a picture of each character. Gore Verbenski (the director) mentions how good Orlando is. On pg 36 on Status report, there are reports on RotK and Troy. Sarah has typed up the reports and POTC article for us. There is also a mini photo of Orlando on the front page of the 'Remote Control' section in Legolas gear. In that section there is news on the TTT DVD release in August. Also, if you subscribe to the magazine this month, you get the theatrical FotR DVD free.

GQ Taiwan Scan
OBM.net has posted a new/old Orlando photo from the May issue of Taiwan's edition of GQ magazine, sent in by Pamela.

Empire (UK)
From Jen, Caitriona, and Sarah: In the July edition of Empire (UK), there is a 2 page 'first look' of POTC with a picture of each character. Gore Verbenski (the director) mentions how good Orlando is. On pg 36 on Status report, there are reports on RotK and Troy. Sarah has typed up the reports for us. There is also a mini photo of him on the front page of the 'Remote Control' section in Legolas gear. In that section there is news on the TTT DVD release in August. Also, if you subscribe to the magazine this month, you get the theatrical FotR DVD free.

Cosmogirl! (UK) Poster Vote
From Fiona: In June issue of Cosmogirl! (UK) there is a vote for: 'CG!'s 101 most wanted'. It says: 'Do you ogle Orlando? Keel over for Keanu? Go weak for Will? Whoever rocks your world, vote for him in CG!'s fittest-guys-on-earth list. Your pin-ups needs you!' To vote for Orlando, email cosmogirl.mail@natmags.co.uk and say that you want to vote for Orlando. You can vote for him as much as you can.
The editor of CG! says: 'Keep emailing, especially for our CG! 101 most wanted, (Orlando Bloom is currently in the lead). For more information visit cosmogirl.co.uk.'

POTC Filmjournal Article
From Johnnydeppzone.com: Filmjournal.com has an article on POTC, with a few mentions of Orlando. “They’re fantastic,” Verbinski says. “Keira is confident and well-grounded, and it shows. And Orlando has this wonderful energy on screen.” “Orlando and Keira are holding the main storyline, the romantic element and the adventure element”

Orlando and... Karaoke
From Abi: My friend’s boyfriend is in Malta working on Troy. Apparently some of the cast and crew, including Orlando and my friend’s boyfriend, went out to a karaoke bar and had a few drinks! He said that Orlando was a really nice guy and very down to earth.

POTC Trailer
Kait says the POTC trailer was before The Recruit when she rented it on tape. Danielle says the trailer was shown before The Italian Job and Bruce Almighty in Canada, and Christine says it’s before Finding Nemo in the US. As always, it won’t be shown at all theaters.

Legolas Standees at Party for Less
From Allie: Today I went to this place called Party for Less, and they sell standees, so my mom asked if they sold Legolas and they DID! Except they have to keep ordering him, because he's so popular! So we ordered one and mine should be here in 2 weeks. So you can get them at Party for Less. Oh and they sell him with and without Gimli.

Mention in YM
I've already mentioned this on the site, but this is more indepth. From Lossenfaciel: Orlando is mentioned in the Dream Interpretation of the July issue of YM, where readers send in their dreams to be analyzed. The article goes like this:
(Dream) I'm walking home from the grocery store when I see this girl who used to be my friend. I'm about to cross the street when she runs over, locks arms with me, and explains that she wants to make up. She apologizes for everything that's happened between us.
--Stephanie, 14, Arvada, CO
(Interpretation) Not to put a negative spin on a happy vision or anything, but this is what I call wishful dreaming. If you've ever had dreams, for example, where Orlando Bloom keeps sending you dozens of roses and begging you to honor him with your presence at his next premiere, you know what I'm talking about. Basically, your brain is fantasizing about something you'd like to happen. Even if you haven't been consciously hoping to work the problems out with your friend, they're clearly on your mind. And what could be better than having her make the first move and take all the blame? I mean, besides having Orlando Bloom there holding your hand when she does.

POTC Poster at Disneyland
From SexyElfEars: The foldout poster is also outside the room where the trailer is being shown in the Gallery above the PotC Ride at Disneyland in Anaheim.

Orlando in School Yearbook
Kelly D. wrote in to say there was a photo of Orlando as himself and as Legolas in the movie section of her yearbook. The Two Towers was listed as one of the top movies of the year.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kate, Chelsea (14), Leeanne, Jessie, and Khadz from her best mate Laura.

May 2003
  May 31
POTC Posters in US Newspapers
The same POTC foldout poster I mentioned that was available at Disney World a few days ago, was included in Friday's (May 30) editions of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Thanks to ALL the people who wrote in with the news.

Cinefilm(s) Scans
Emilie sent in this photo of Orlando and Sean Astin from the June/July issue of "Cinefilm(s) SPECIAL" Seigneur des anneaux #5, as well as an article on Orlando. The article doesn't have any new info, and actually contains a few mistakes.

Nickelodeon Magazine
Iwenora: In the June/July issue of Nickelodeon Magazine (US), there is an article about Pirates of the Caribbean with the same picture of Orlando and Johnny as most magazines have posted. The text reads: "Story: Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) pursues a band of pirates, unaware that they are cursed. In the moonlight, the pirates are transformed into undead Skeletons. Opens: July 9th. You'll love it if: You need Halloween costume ideas. But not if: Skeletons don't float your boat." The caption under the picture reads "Jack (Johnny Depp) and his mate Will (Orlando Bloom) show off their swords.

Canada.com Article
Posted by Stacie: Canada.com has an article on Orlando, comparing him to Johnny Depp.

Photo in NewMan Magazine
From Rushina: In the May/June issue of the Christian magazine NewMan, there is a small pic of Orlando from POTC.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Dez (14).

  May 30
POTC Junior Novelization Scans
SPOILERS! Bonnie has scanned in the photos from the POTC Junior Novelization book. It can be orderd through amazon.com or amazon.co.uk.

SLM Magazine Article
Laura B sent in this article that appeared in SLM magazine, which came with the Wednesday 28th May edition of the Daily Telegraph in New South Wales, Australia. It was in a larger article about stars (Orlando, Britney, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman, Kylie Minogue, Boybands) and their fan websites.

New Pirates Photos and Contest
Thanks to Emma at JD Zone for finding new photos from POTC, including two of Orlando (1, 2), at thefilmfactory.co.uk. They are also running a competition for Site Members, to attend the POTC Press Junket in London, in mid-July. It is only open to residents of the UK and Ireland.

Legolas T-shirts at Hot Topic
Hottopic.com is now selling 3 Legolas T-shirts on their site! They also have a Frodo one. Thanks to Luna for the find.

J-17 Scan
Stevie-Jane sent in the picture from the May issue of J-17 (UK). I had forgotten that I posted the picture a while back, but this a larger version.

Autograph Address
Regarding the Orlando autograph I posted yesterday, Eveline received it by writing to the London ICM address. Don't forget, there will be an official address that you will be able to write to and request an autograph. I will post it on the site when it is announced. Also, I changed the postal code on the ICM address, on advice from Carmen, who is a costumer in the motion picture industry, and has received mail from Orlando's management in ICM. If you sent a letter to the old address, don't worry, I'm sure it still got there. Eveline is proof!

Disney Magazine Article
Posted by Stacie: On page 46 of Disney magazine, Summer issue, with Finding Nemo on the cover, there is a 3-page article on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. It includes a few quotes from Orlando:
On training: "You memorize the moves and then you have fun with them."
On his fight scene with Jack Sparrow: "I remember hanging about in the rafters, just swaying around there with my sword in hand. There's a lot of just crazy stunt stuff."
On sailing: "I just got off the ship, and the room is still swaying."
He's eager to talk about his character: "Will is very eager and dependable. He's a blacksmith by trade and a master swordsman. He's a man of honor, in a time when, really, there is no honor -- the polar opposite of Jack Sparrow. Will would throw his cape over a puddle for a woman. The character has a great arc; as he develops you see that he learns the way of the pirate."

May Cine Film(s) Magazine
TORN has posted scans of a Return of the King article from the May issue of Cine Films (France). It has 2 old photos of Legolas.

Daily Telegraph Article
From Cassie: There was an article about The Return of the King in Wednesday's Daily Telegraph in Australia and picture of Legolas, Gandalf and Aragorn in Edoras.

Big Urban Myth Show
Rozie: I was watching the most recent "Big Urban Myth show" on MTV (US) and they were asking if whether the LotR cast getting the elvish "9" tattoo was true or false, and they showed real quick shots of Orlando at some premiere.

POTC Review
Becky sent in this positive review for Pirates of the Caribbean from the Sun-Sentinel, that states it "promises to be as much fun as the ride that inspired it".

Celebrity Art Site
Sarah asked me to mention her new celebrity Art site called Heart and Soul. It features wallpapers on Orlando and Legolas etc, Exclusive Interviews with stars and much more.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alyssa (14) and Nilaeariel (14).

  May 29
Twist Scans
Thanks to Fallen Angel for sending in these scans from the July issue of Twist (US). (1 & 2)

Eveline sent in this Orlando autograph she received in the mail. She said she sent him a letter, and got the autograph back in 2 weeks time.

Poster in Girlfriend
From Evelyn: Orlando's going to be in the next Girlfriend magazine (aus). There's going to be a poster of him... or that's what the preview implied. The mag will have Christina Aguilira on the cover.

POTC Spoiler Photo
Elf Lady sent in this photo from Pirates of the Caribbean that was posted at Dark Horizons last week. Orlando's character, Will, is in the top right. If you want to know what is going on in the picture, you can read this script review, which obviously contains spoilers.

BBC Teens Website
From Eloise: On bbc.co.uk/teens they have added a fact file, ecards and wallpaper of Orlando.

Poster in TOPP
From Marianne: In the June issue of the Norwegian magazine TOPP, there's a huge poster of Orlando.

UK Trailers
Many people have wrote in to say that the traiilers for POTC and Ned Kelly are now showing in the UK.

LOTR Play Coming to London
Thanks to Angela for this link to a BBC News article that states a "musical version of JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, costing more than £8m, is planned for London's West End."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Abigail (14), Elaine (14), Kristen, Lucy (15) from her mate Ali, and Faye Warton (19).

  May 28
Total Film Scan
Thanks to Elf Lady and Seuvilen for this scan of Orlando and Johnny in the July issue of Total Film (UK).

Fancy Magazine
From Fabienne: Orlando is mentioned in the Dutch magazine Fancy. In Fancy nr 6 on page 70 it says: "We from Fancy want to move to America. They've got a TV show there (Rock the House) where movie- and popstars redecorate the bedrooms of their fans! Can you imagine? Sleeping in a bed that Orlando Bloom picked out for you! We say one thing: Heaven!"

Orlando Contest at VTeens.Org
Lisa at VTeens.Org wrote in to let us know about a contest they are running where you can win a set of Orlando pins.

POTC Trailer on German TV
From Alexandra: I just saw the trailer for POTC on German Musicchannel VIVA. It has many scenes with Orlando. In Germany the movie will be called 'Curse of the Caribbean'. Fans should have a look at their television program, VIVA often repeats the shows, so there might be a chance to see the trailer again (it's at the very end of the show).

McDonald's POTC Ticket Vouchers
From Chantal: McDonald's is offering $6.50 ticket vouchers to see Pirates of the Caribbean to its employees. You have to get online to "activate" the ticket, and I think that all you have to put in is the store number. I have a friend who works at McDonald's, and she got me a ticket. So if you have friends there, ask them to get you one!

Sneak Scans
Ele sent in scans of Orlando on the set of Troy, from the May 27th issue of Sneak (UK). Threthriel typed up the small article that went with it, and also says that Orlando is the top text totty again. She also wrote a letter that made it into the HELP section...
An Expert speaks...
So how much money do you think we could get for these bits of rubbish: Orlando Bloom's elfin ears for LOTR? Anything from LOTR is very collectable at the moment, so if they were signed, I reckon you could get anywhere from £500, to £1000!
The cost of a stars signature.
Orlando Bloom: £40. The price of 3 CD's - but if your prepared to wait, you can get one free on the national elf service groan!

ComsoGirl Korea
From Tricia: In the June 2003 issue of ComsoGirl Korea, there is a mention of Orlando as one of the players in Hollywood. It's basically a repeat of what it says in the US CosmoGirl of how Orlando is considered a Hollywood playboy. He's number three on the list after Colin Farrell (1) and Heath Ledger (2).

Wilde on Swedish TV
From Joanna: Wilde is on Swedish tv (SVT 1 at 21.00) today, May 28th.

CBBC and Mykindaplace Polls
From Luna: Orlando is losing to Daniel Radcliffe in the CBBC Newsround favorite celebrity poll! He's only at 19.77% compared to Daniel's 35.16%!
From Stephanie-Lou: mykindaplace.com has a poll going on at the moment and the question is 'Who is the best boyfriend material?' and Orlando is one of the choices. He is in first place at the moment with 40% of the vote, ahead of Gareth, Justin and Strider (Blazin squad).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kelly, Eleanor "Elle", and Sarah Elizabeth Kidd (21).

  May 27
POTC Rated PG-13
Irene at johnnydeppzone.com sent in this NY Post article that says The Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be rated PG-13. Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer, says "Audiences want to see something that's real," "With a war, they don't want everything to be sugar-coated.".

Remains of the Piano Filming Locations
According to this Vancouver Sun article, Orlando's latest film, Remains of the Piano, will be shot in Vancouver and the UK. Filming begins August 18th.

YM Magazine
From Elle: In the July issue of YM (U.S.) in the "I dreamed I..." section, there is a response to someone's dream and it mentions Orli. It says... "If you've ever had dreams where, for example, Orlando Bloom keeps sending you dozens of roses and begging you to honor him with your presence at his next premiere, you know basically what I'm talking about." and it says... "I mean, besides having Orlando Bloom there holding your hand when she does." 

POTC Posters at Disney World
Sherina says that the Pirates of the Caribbean shop at Disney World was giving out free promo posters for the movie. It is long, in four panels, folded in half and then half again. When closed, it has the Cast poster on one side and the skull on the other. Open that up, and it is the red ship scene, with "Prepare to be blown out of the water" on it. Then that folds out and inside are all four banner posters of the cast. It is about two feet tall and five feet long when opened all the way.
There's already a bunch of them for sale on ebay.

POTC Trailer
Carly saw the trailer before Down With Love, and SexyElfEars saw it before Identity.

From Ruthie: In the You Sexy Thing poll at tvguide.com, Orlando is pitted against Viggo Mortensen. At ecrush.com, Orlando is #19 in the celebrity fantasy crush chart.

Bloomin' Wishes Fan Project
From Deborah: Myself and other fans at the message board Bloomin, and the people at Make A Wish have teamed up to raise money for children with life-threatening illnesses. There is a website for it and I do have a graphic that can be posted on other sites.

Bloomie Bear Birthday Fund
From Carrie: I am the Webmistress of Orlando Heat, and I wanted to let you know that I am starting a fund called the "Bloomie Bear Birthday Fund". Starting on June 20th, I will be accepting money until Christmas time to buy Orlando a huge teddy bear and send it to him. It will be from all of the fans. I am currently accepting suggestions for the bears name. For more info, go here.

New Poll Question
I changed the poll question, seeing as we now know what Orlando will be doing after Troy, filming the movie Remains of the Piano. 35% of you thought he should make another blockbuster, while 32% thought he should take a well deserved break. I guess he feels that he doesn't need one! The new question is asking where all of you are from, because I'm just curious!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sara Sargent and Brittany Teeuwe (16) from her friend Marion.

  May 26
Seventeen Magazine Scan
Catie sent in the scan from the July issue of Seventeen magazine (US). It is under a section in Movies called "Who's tougher-girls or guys?" It says: "RWA star Trish Stratus judges some big-screen battles of the sexes. (boys, you better watch your backs!)"

Access Hollywood
From Amanda: On 5/25 on Access Hollywood, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" Special Extended DVD Edition came 4th on Access Hollywood's Top 25 DVDs. It showed a few short extended scenes of the DVD. The Lord of the Rings lost to DVDs such as "Godfather" and "Jaws".

Sneak Magazine
From Rach: Orlando is in the new issue of Sneak (UK) after being caught skinny dipping. It is out on the 27th.

POTC Premiere Info
The Pirates of the Caribbean premiere will take place June 28th at Disneyland. From SexyElfEars: I heard from a friend who said that unless you were a cast member or Disney V.I.P.--No chance. But, you can catch the actors walking the red carpet. So, the 28th might be a good day to go. FYI: He said that the park may close that day, or that it may close before cast arrives. Subject to change.

Wilde on Starz
From Mm: Wilde is going to be on a few times in June on Starz Cinema. Check the TV Guide for times.

POTC on E! News Weekend
From Tricia: I saw a summer movie special on E! News Weekend (May 25). It showed clips of Pirates of the Caribbean and it mentioned Orlando as one of the lead roles. It also showed clips of the movie with Orlando. 

POTC Trailer
People have wrote in to say that they saw the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean before Matrix Reloaded and Bruce Almighty in the US. It has a few news clips in it.

POTC Ad in Mad Magazine
From Mel: In the new issue of Mad magaazine with the 'Xmen' on the front, right when you open it up, there is a POTC ad for the video game, with three pictures of the game.
You can preorder it for the Xbox and Gameboy Advanced from Amazon.com. For more info about the game, click here. Amazon also has a Junior Novelization book of the film that features eight pages of full-color movie stills.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amy (19) and Kristen (21).

  May 25
Bravo Interview Translation
Christel and Elisabeth translated the Orlando interview from the May 21 issue of Bravo (Germany).

Orlando Birthday Project
Stacie is starting Phase 1 of the Orlando Bloom Birthday Project. Last year, we raised $2166 for Greenpeace, and we hope to raise even more this year. You can start to send in your money now, and every little bit helps. Just put aside any extra change you have, and then send it in at the end of the year. Lady Nin has made some labels you can put onto a jar to keep your money in. For the labels, and more info about the project, visit Stacie's site.

Break Out Girl Magazine
From Lenny of Bloomania: The Dutch magazine Break Out Girl, nr 1, 22 May, has a small Orlando poster. It's an old picture though, but here in Holland you will not find a lot on Orlando.

Remains of the Piano and Revelations
From Aintitcool.com: "Geoffrey Rush has joined Eric Idle’s THE REMAINS OF THE PIANO. To be frank, Rush being Australian is really just an excuse for me to include a bit about this film in this column. If the title makes you laugh as much as I did, then Orlando Bloom playing a character called Daniel Day-Lewis should make you wet your jodhpurs. The film should start lensing in the Isles soon."
"Rumours are floating around that casting for the REVELATIONS trilogy is beginning, with Jessica Alba and Orlando Bloom receiving offers. The films – which, if other rumours are true, will lens in Melbourne in 2004 – are based on the series of popular novels. Rumoured directors include Tobe Hooper, Michael Rymer, Russell Mulcahy."

POTC Video Game Shown on TechTV
From Jane: The POTC videogame was shown on TechTV(US) on Saturday 5/24. They were at a convention that showcased all the upcoming videogames. Scenes from the POTC videogame were shown, and the hosts of the show talked about how they played it and how they really thought it was an awesome game. You can play Will in the game and you swordfight against the other characters. The graphics are really realistic and the game is anticipated by lots of gamers.

  May 24
I’m back from my vacation, so there will be regular news updates again. Orlando was fun, but very hot! I’m talking about the city by the way. :)

TTT Premiere Fan Pictures
Pat sent in a link to her website that has some great photos of Orlando that she took at the LA premiere of The Two Towers.

New POTC Photos
Yahoo Movies has posted some new publicity photos from POTC. Also, Filmforce has posted another new photo.

Hi-Res ROTK Photos
TORN has posted hi-resolution versions of the Return of the King photos from the official site.

Shout Magazine Mention
Elaine sent in this scan from the May 16-29 issue of Shout magazine (UK).

Bravo Interview Scans
Steffi sent in these scans of the Orlando interview from the May 21st issue of Bravo (Germany). (1 & 2)

POTC Premiere Info
Irene from Johnnydeppzone.com sent in this link to miceage.com that talks about closing Disneyland early on June 28th for the premiere of POTC.

Sneak Scan
Sarah sent in this scan from this week's (May 20-26) Sneak magazine (UK).

J-14 Scan
Jen sent in these scans from the July issue of J-14 (US). (1 & 2)

Screen Scans
Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in these scans from the July issue of Screen (Japan). (1, 2, 3)

MTV UK Awards Press Release
Angela from music247online.com sent in this press release about the Best Transatlantic Breakthrough Award that Orlando is nominated for in the 2003 MTV UK Movie Awards.

In Touch Weekly Scan
Stacie sent in this scan from the Brad Pitt/Troy article in the May 26 issue of In Touch Weekly (US).

Details Magazine
From Orliology101: Orlando is on pages 178, 179, 180, and 181 of the June/July issue of Details with Josh Hartnett on the cover. There are two new gorgeous full page pictures and an article. OBM.net has posted the article and scans.

TeenPeople.com Poll and Game
Michelle sent in these links to a Summer Movie Poll, where POTC is in 2nd, and an Orlando Scramble game, from Teenpeople.com.

New Legolas Decipher Card
Decipher is releasing "18 cards from the Fellowship block reprinted in the Elvish Tengwar alphabet. These 18 cards, hand-lettered by noted New Zealand artist Daniel Reeve, are sure to be a collector's delight." View the Legolas card.

gURL.com Poll
From Emma: gURL.com is having a website Oscars and you can vote for TTT as best picture.

POTC Mention on Much Music
Sheri says that they showed Orlando on Much Music (Canada) in the summer heat wave program showing the summer's hottest movies. They showed that there is going to be a Pirates and the Caribbean PS2 video game in June/July, and they also showed Orlando and Johhny Deep talking and showing off. It will probably be on again.

Mention in UK Sunday Paper
From Llio: Orlando was mentioned in a sunday papers magazine (UK). It was an aticle about what your favourite colour says about you, Orlando's said:
'Stars: Ali.G, Robin Williams, Claire Sweeney, Orlando Bloom, Charlize Theron
Personality Traits: bright, imaginative, optimistic, jovial, warm, idealistic, creative.

From Hannah: Orlando is the June/July issue of CosmoGIRL! (US) on page 57. He is number 3 on the Sexiest Single Guys of the Summer. There is a picture and some little facts. They are:
Hometown: Canterbury, U.K. 
Age: 26
Dating Appeal: When he talks in that maddeningly charming British accent, you'll gladly listen!
Summer Plans: He stars in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on July 9.
He beat out: Good Charlotte, Jack Black, 50 Cent, Seann William Scott, Nick Stahl, Justin Timberlake, and Shane West. Numbers 2 and 1 were John Mayer and Paul Walker, respectively. 

Heat Magazine
From Anna: In this weeks heat (24 - 30th May) there are some pictures of Brad Pitt on the set of Troy in his costume. Brad is wearing an oriental style tunic top, an amulet, silver wrist bands, a sarong and leather boots, Oralndo's costume may be something similar. It doesn't mention Orli in the article but they say that filming is set to move to the UK soon.

Okay Magazine
From Tine: Orlando is mentioned in a Danish magazine called Okay (the newest issue) in a article about Brad Bitt. There are some pics of Brad Pitt in his Achilles outfit. The article says that Troy is filmed in Italy??

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Chantel (14), Kasey (15), Rebecca H. (17), Andy Rosengarten, and Brittany from her best friend. Also, happy graduation to Rozie from her sister Barbara.

  May 23
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lin and Kim (14).
  May 22
OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amy and Arin.
  May 21
Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to update, but I've been busy here in Orlando! There's lots of news, but you've probably read most of it on other sites already...

Message from Orlando to his fans...
Thanks to Jas at OBM.net and Lori for passing along this message from Orlando's mother about an official fan mail address for Orlando.
"Orlando would like to say thank you to all those fans who have written to him and is sorry for the delay in replying to so many of the letters. If you have sent a letter with a stamped addressed envelope you should be getting response soon, as he is slowly working his way through the backlog with the help of the OB Fan Club staff. Orlando would like to take this opportunity to let his fans know he does appreciate the kind words of support and feels the energy from so much encouragement and hopes you enjoy the films to come. There will be a new address for the Fan Club within the next few weeks, and directly this has been processed, it will be posted on the Fan Sites."

More on The Dan Eldon Story
From Geri: I saw your update this morning on this and decided to share a bit of news I got from Kathy Eldon when I emailed her last week. She confirmed to me that Orlando is indeed attached to the project, though informally still. She told me that they are very excited about it and said that Orlando is "utterly wonderful!"
Also, from someone who wishes to remain anonymous: I know Dan's mom Kathy Eldon. She has been working on Dan's project for a long time and they have been looking for just the right actor to play Dan. She says that Orlando is attached and she loves him. Hopefully, with Orlando's interest and passion for the project it will finally get made. Dan was only 22 when he died but left a great message for young people.
Visit the page on Dan's site about the film here, and the page about spreading the word about his story.

Yahoo Movies Poll
From Sasha: There is a Yahoo Movies poll in which you can vote for Orlando in Pirates of the Caribbean titled: Which rising star are you most looking forward to seeing on screen this summer?

Hellomagazine.com Feature
From David at hellomagazine.com: At the moment on hellomagazine.com we have some pictures of Orlando Bloom featuring in The Pirates of the Caribbean in our Hot Tickets 2003 film special.

MTV UK Movie Awards
From Laura: Orlando is nominated in a new category called Best Trans-Atlantic Breakthrough Award in the 2003 MTV UK Movie Awards. He is up against Keira Knightley, Colin Farrell, Rosamund Pike and Jude Law. The awards will air on MTV UK on June 7th at 8 pm. Vote for him here.

Joy-Celebrity Magazine
From Mel: Orlando is in the German "Joy-Celebrity" Magazine! It said:
Hot Stuff - Sex symbols of the summer
Orlando Bloom, 26
Live: As Legolas in LotR he is stealing the show from Elijah Wood. Cooming soon with Johnny Depp as a pirate in PotC.
Vice: Vegetarian, who not only bites carrots, but also his nails. Orlando gave up smoking.
Passion: Favors blondes, like model Jemma Kidd or his girlfriend Kate Bosworth. (since February)

Mention in The Times
From Anna: I found Orlando mentioned in the T2 section of the Times (UK) it is under the title "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND" basically it is about old genres being used in new films. It has "Older still and bigger is the growing resuscitation of the ancient epic with Troy, the re-imagining of Homer's Iliad. Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean head the cast." Also "Working Title has Orlando Bloom in the milkman comedy The Calcium Kid."

New ROTK Photos
The official LOTR site has been updated with 25 pictures from The Return of the King.

Orlando in New Movie: Remains Of The Piano
From bbc.co.uk: "The 26-year-old, who played Legolas in the Rings films, has been cast in a comedy sending up some of Britain's most respected actors. The film is called Remains Of The Piano, which is a jokey reference to a 1993 film called Remains Of The Day. He will play actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who appeared in 1986 Merchant Ivory film Room With A View." Filming begins on Aug 18 in Canada and the UK. More info: screendaily.com, yahoo.com. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the news.

Your Face or Mine?
From Yuliya: Today on this UK show called "Your Face or Mine?" the contestants had to chose from 2 celebrities and say who was the best looking and Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood came up together. Guess who was chosen - Orli of course! One of the presenters June commented by saying "Gorgeous!"

Good Charlotte Interview
From Erin: MTV has an interview with Benji and Joel from Good Charlotte and they mention a lot of Lord of the Rings and a little bit of Legolas. "JOEL: I liked Legolas--the young, good-looking elf with the blond hair. I think he won a movie award last year. I hope he wins another. I also liked the CGI--the computer graphics."

Premiere Magazine Article Online
Nicole: The Premiere article about Orlando from the June issue is now online. It has the picture from the magazine as well as the article text.

Revelations Movie
From moviehole.net: "Remember the “Revelations” trilogy that we talked about a couple of months ago here? It’s a new film trilogy that 35Central are trying to get off the ground. By all accounts, this could make up for the big vacant fissure that’s going to be left in Sci-Fi trilogy land once “The Matrix”, “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” wrap up." "Both Jessica Alba and Orlando Bloom have been presented with the script for consideration, along with other potentials. One of their biggest considerations is that the trilogy will be shot back to back. Production looks likely in 2004."

Bravo Magazine
From Tikolino: In the next issue of the German "BRAVO" (21st May) there will be some photos of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

2002 MTV Awards on UK TV
From Natalie: Orlando will be on The MTV Movie awards accepting best breakthrough male for his part of Legolas in FOTR on MTV (uk) on June 6th at 9pm.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Narine (13) and Bean.

  May 14
Photos of Orlando With Fan on POTC Set
From Megan: "I met Orlando during my stay in LA in December. My uncle is Johnny Depp so it was pretty easy for me to meet him." Here are her photos: 1 & 2. Thanks Megan!

Photo in Girl's Life
From Sasha and Stephanie: In the June/July issue of Girl's Life (US) magazine, there is a picture of Orlando and Johnny in POTC on p.44 under the Top 10 Movies of the Summer. It says: "This seafaring adventure is a live-action film staring Johnny Depp as Capt. Sparrow, who idyllically sails the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean on his ship, the Black Pearl. That is, until the precious Pearl is capsized by the evil, sinister Capt. Barbossa and his motley crew (these dudes are the undead).

Orlando in Meg Cabot Movie?
From Cristeta: Recently I was at a book signing for Meg Cabot, author of the Princess Diaries. She told the audience that a second movie was being made in which the main character Mia is in college. Apparently Mia has a new heartthrob who MIGHT be played by wonderful Orlando Bloom. The filming for this movie begins in the fall. I'll try to keep you posted...

From Kate and Sarah: In next week's issue of Sneak (UK), there will be a poster of Orlando in the "hot movie guy's spesh". This is according to this weeks issue. Orlando is also losing to Justin in the top text totty.

Dutch TV Alert
From Elanor and Jorien: On May the 14, RTL 4 (in the netherlands) is showing a program RTL Boulevard. They will show a part about Pirates of the Caribbean. RTL Boulevard starts at 18.30 (6.30 p.m.) and ends at 19:15.

Pirates Article in Set Magazine
From Aline: There's an article about Pirates in this month's issue of Set Brazil magazine. It's only one page, in the "Takes" section, and it's under the title "Swords, pirates... and a bottle of rum". There's also a picture of Orlando and Johnny, in character, and they are saying that this movie is going to do what Chicago did for musicals, but for pirate movies.

Standups at Fye
From Luna: At the store Fye in Seattle, Washington, they are selling a standee of Legolas and Gimli for $29.95.

Black Hawk Down Lingo
From Elithraniel: There was a very small conversation on 'The Daily Politic's' (UK tv show) on how Mps are using lines from Black Hawk Down in the Iraq war.

ROTK Previews Coming Soon
From Krista: The Two Towers is now in the dollar theaters in Dayton, Ohio and the people from the theater said that the preview of the Return of the King will be after the movie sometime in June.

Troy Set Photos
View photos of Brad Pitt (Achilles) on the set of Troy, including some of the set, here, and a photo of Sean Bean (Odysseus) here.

The Dan Eldon Story
In the June 2003 Premiere Magazine, Orlando mentions a film project he is very interested in doing, the life of photojournalist Dan Eldon. I was asked by someone to encourage all of you to check out Dan's website and story. The more interest the public shows in this heartbreaking and wonderful story the better the chances will be that this film will get made.
Dan was an amazing, young photojournalist and artist who lost his life with several other photographers in Somalia in 1993. Dan's sister Amy hosts a show on PBS called the Global Tribe.

Legolas Mention on Gilmore Girls
On last night's episode of Gilmore Girls, there was a dog named Legolas. Two weeks ago, his horse flip scene was mentioned. Someone working on the show must be a fan!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alanna, Tiffany Crowe, Dee Dee (24), Nickole Burns (20), and Naomi (16) from her lil' sis Liza.

  May 13
J-17 Poster Scan
Sarah sent in this scan of the poster from the '100 hottest boys of summer' section included with J-17 (UK). The text says: "Bloomin' 'eck, we didn't know they made 'em this fine in Kent. Orlando's one English lad we wouldn't mind rehearsing for drama class with! A champion archer boy who goes round slaying orcs and trolls is phwoarsome enough, but add a seriously seductive smile that almost says 'i'll-save-the-last-dance-for-you', and we're hooked. Lord of our hearts? you know it!"

Photo in CosmoGirl
From BaMaQT: There is a small pic of Orlando holding a flower in the new June/July issue of CosmoGirl (US). On page 56 it says: 'Okay, girl - here's your own private rose ceremony featuring the sexiest SINGLE guys of the summer. Who would win your heart?' Orlando is one of the guys. There are also some facts listed, but most of them we already know!

Orlando Out and About in Malta
From Stacie and The Malta Independent: "Revellers in Paceville gained more than they bargained for on Saturday night when Brad Pitt - in Malta for the filming of Troy - decided to take a walk-about in the night-life Mecca." "It was shortly after midnight when Mr Pitt, together with co-actors Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger, walked towards Paceville."
OBM.net has posted photos of Orlando that accompanied this article!

The Province Newspaper
From Sara: In the Sunday issue of The Province (Vancouver, Vanada) Pirates of the Caribbean is listed under the summer movie calendar. "Moms and daughters note: Disney's special-effects-laden Pirates of the Caribbean co-stars Johnny Depp and Lord of the Ring's ORLANDO BLOOM. shiver me timbers".

LOTR Thai Scans
Elf Lady sent in a scan of a Legolas lobby card and the cover of "Bioscope" magazine with Legolas, both from Thailand.

LOTR Book Scans
Lady Legolas sent in these scans from the book 'LOTR: The Making of the Movie Trilogy' by Brian Sibley. (1 & 2)

Pirate Fashions
From Cassandra: I was looking on MTV.com, and on the fashion police flipbook, they show Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus from the Matrix) and he has on a pirate like hat and they mention Pirates of the Caribbean.

New LOTR Yahoo Group
Becky has asked me to mention her new Yahoo Group, The Borders of Middle-Earth.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Madi K., Deborah Harrison (17), and Caitlin (16) from her mate Ali.

  May 12
Sky Movie News Pirate Screencaps
Irene at johnnydeppzone.com has made screencaps from the Pirates of the Caribbean segment on Sky's Movie News.

New POTC Commercial
A new commercial for Pirates of the Caribbean was shown last night on US and Canadian tv. It features a few new scenes, including some with Orlando. Be on the lookout!

J-17 Magazine
From Stacey: In the May issue of J*17 (UK) there is a full page on Heath Ledger. There is an article about Heath which mensions that Orlando is an A-list celeb (well that is what it implies). There is also to old pic of Orli in Ned Kelly with two speech bubbles saying: "Blimey, Heath! It's our barber! shoot to kill" (Heath holding a gun), and "Whoa there, hands off my mane!" (the one where he is with the horse, and a caption saying "Orly's got a 'nagging' suspision that he's looking like a geography teacher". The '100 hottest boys of summer' mag is in the June issue.

Photo in New York Times
From Tess: There is a black and white picture of Orlando swordfighting in the Summer movie section of the New York Times. There is also a full page ad for POTC but it's just a picture of a skull, no actors.

LOTR Chocolate Bars at Hallmark
From Claire: Hallmark (in Maple Ridge, BC) is selling LOTR chocolate bars. There is one of Legolas, a peanut butter chocolate, and other members of the fellowship.

Changed UK Release Date for POTC
According to guardian.co.uk, The Pirates of the Caribbean will be released in the UK on August 8.
"There's a nice synergy between recent fashion trends for cropped trousers and Westwood pirate boots and the big summer movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of Black Pearl. So slap on an eye-patch and embrace pirate chic or just sit back and enjoy the film. All the ingredients of a right rollocking adventure are there: motley crews and troublesome varmits get their comeuppance on the gangplank and a suitably swashbuckling cast includes Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, with our own Keira Knightley as the love interest, who is predictably kidnapped. LS Pirates Of The Caribbean is released 8 August" Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

New Poll Question
The new poll question asks what you would like Orlando to do after he is done filming Troy. Here are the results from the old poll which asked: What do you think of Diane Kruger being cast as Helen?
28% She's pretty, but I think they could have done better.
23% Horrible choice. What were they thinking?
22% Not sure yet.
21% Along as she can act, she's OK with me.
6% Great choice!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Wendy Brewer (21), Chelsea, Holly (16), Courtney, Jessie Heyworth (13) from her friend Beka, and Dragana.

  May 11
More About Orlando on UPN
From Veronica: Orlando was on tv Friday at 8:30 am. It was on channel 31 on UPN. The show was Good Day Sacramento (news). It was an interview for POTC. He had just gotten out of work and his hair was messy. It was a satellite interview because Orlando was in Malta filming. He was asked why he got the girl instead of Johnny, and Orli said it was because of "young love." It wasn't a very long interview. They showed some old clips from the POTC commercial. And at the end they asked him to give a shout out to Sacramento and he said something like "How are you going" and then it was over. Then when Orli wasn't there, the newscasters started to make jokes about how Orlando said How are you GOING instead of DOING.
EDIT: A few people wrote in to say that "How are you going?" is a common phrase in Australia and New Zealand, that Orlando probably picked up while over there.

Sky Movie News Pirate Clip
Irene at johnnydeppzone.com has made a video clip of the 'Exclusive look' at Pirates of the Caribbean from the program Movie News on the Sky Movies channels in the UK. She'll be making screencaps as well and will send them in soon. Check the TV Guide for repeat airing dates of the show.

Legolas Ecard Image
Elf Lady sent in this image of the Legolas Ecard from the TTT digital announce kit.

ROTK Spoilers
TORN has posted some spoilers for Return of the King, that include a few scenes with Legolas.

M Magazine
From Emma: From the June issue of M magazine (US): Does Orlando Bloom have a girlfriend? Cute 26-year-old Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings) is dating Blue Crush star Kate Bosworth, 20. The two vacationed together earlier this year (Orlando was there filming Pirates of the Caribbean) and have been spotted hanging out together in Los Angeles.

TTT Top Trumps
From Arcuwen: In Woolworths (UK) you can buy The Two Towers Top Trumps for £2.99.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nat (14), Jenny (13), Sophie, and Ekaterina.

  May 10
New Fan Video
I've just added to the site another music video I made. It uses clips from Orlando's movies, tv shows, and interviews and is set to the song Drop Dead Gorgeous by Rebublica. It's only 1.5 minutes long, and I made it in about an hour, so it's not my best work, but I hope it's still amusing!

Fresh Direction Magazine
From Marie: Orlando is in the Summer issue of Fresh Direction. It's a student mag, this issue from Newcastle. Not sure if there are other mags for other cities. He talks about Ned Kelly. One picture, black shirt from a prem that we have already seen.

Poster in J-17
From Laura, Kat and Laura Young: In this month's issue of J-17 (UK), there is a free '100 hottest boys of summer' mag. Orlando was at number 2, Elijah Wood was at 3 and Justin Timberlake was at number one. There is also a poster of him with the caption: "Bloomin' 'eck, we didn't know they made 'em this fine in Kent. Orlando's one English lad we wouldn't mind rehearsing for drama class with! A champion archer boy who goes round slaying orcs and trolls is phwoarsome enough, but add a seriously seductive smile that almost says 'i'll-save-the-last-dance-for-you', and we're hooked. Lord of our hearts? you know it!"

So Graham Norton
Orlando's episode of So Graham Norton will be on BBCAmerica on May 28 at 11:30 pm (EST) and May 29 at 2:30 am.

Article on VTeens.Org
Kaymara Barrett at VTeens.Org has posted an article about 21 questions that she would want to ask Orlando. Thanks to Lisa at VTeens.Org for the link.

Mention on ElleGirl.com Quiz
From Britt and Sara: On ElleGirl.com, on the "Whats Your Swimsuit Style" Link, Orlando Bloom is mentioned as one of the choices in question 6.

Troy Set Article and Photo
From Mary and timesofmalta.com: "Works are under way at what is considered to be one of the largest film sets currently under construction in Europe and possibly even worldwide, located in Fort Ricasoli."
"Each actor was picked particularly for what they bring and how incredibly talented they are," Ms Rathbun said. "It is a movie for our times, just as it was then a story for the times."

Pirates 'Exclusive look' on SKY
From Irene at johnnydeppzone.com: Be sure to catch 'Movie News', on the Sky Movies channels in the UK, during the next couple of days. They're running an 'Exclusive look' at Pirates of the Caribbean, with a couple of very very short interview clips with Captain Jack, many more clips with Orlando Bloom (in his split-to-the-waist shirt), and a little bit of on-set footage that we haven't seen anywhere else so far! The clips are featured in the 2nd half of Movie News, immediately after the new Colin Firth movie, ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ Next airings of Movie News:
Saturday 10 May:
4:30am Sky Movie Max 3
2:00pm Sky Movie Premiere 4
7:30pm Sky Movie Premiere 1
Sunday 11 May:
5:30am Sky Movie Cinema 1
12:00 noon Sky Movie Premiere 4
Monday 12 May:
4:10am Sky Movie Cinema 2
7:30pm Sky Movie Premiere 4

Orlando on UPN
From Veronica:Orlando was just on UPN 31! He was talking about POTC. And he gave a shout out to Sacramento!! He said somehing like "How are you going?" He was on at around 8:30.

More Info on MTV Movie Awards
Angela from music247online.com sent in this press release from MTV UK about the MTV Movie Awards.

POTC Mention on Radio
From Kimberly: There was a mention of potc on a radio station in western KY. (electric 96.9) Also if you live in western KY or southern Illinois, there is a contest to win money in the treasures of the caribbean contest. (same radio station)

Survival of the Sexiest Vote Reminder
There are only 9 days left to vote for Orlando in Cosmogirl's Survival of the Sexiest. If he wins, he will be on the cover of the US September issue.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jordyn (13), Shivon (13) and Stacey.

  May 9
More Magazine
From Sarah: In the recent copy of More! magazine (UK), the one with Kylie on the front, it has an article called: '8 ways to have an unforgettable summer'. Point number 3 is called: 'spend a day with Brad Pitt'
Why? = You need to ask? Head out to Malta in May/June and you'll find Brad filming his new flick Troy, along with the equally gorgeous Orlando Bloom. Book in at the Forum Hotel with the rest of the cast and crew. Make friends, then pop down to the Mediterranean film studios and ask to be an extra.
What you'll need = A new bikini and a fab new haircut
Do it = A week in the Forum Hotel with Thomas cook summersun costs from £299, inc B and B and return flights. Visit www.thomascook.com or phone 087056622

Dziewczyna (Poland) Scan
Justyna sent in this scan from an article in the May issue of Dziewczyna (Poland).

Voici Scan
Elodie sent in this scan from the February issue of Voici magazine (France). The article says nothing new.

Mention on E! online
From ANDiE: Ted Casablanca mentions Kate and Orlando in his section "The Awful Truth".
Kate Bosworth, who showed off her promising cleavage in a plunging, filmy pale yellow number by Chanel. I asked the dainty darling, who was hailed as the "Next Gen" femme, to please explain her unique hotness--over and above beau Orlando Bloom, of course. "Oh goodness," K.B. blushed, very Sarah Michelle Gellar (no joke), fanning her pink-tinted cheeks. "I would have to say hotness is confidence."

Wilde on US TV
Wilde will be on The Movie Channel at 3:30 am EST on May 16th.

RollingStone Magazine
From Monica: Pirates of the Carribean is mentioned in the American Icon addition of RollingStone magazine, on page 140.

POTC Banners Now In Theaters
People have been writing in to say that they saw the large individual banner of Orlando from POTC hanging in their local theater.

Mention in Lizzy McGuire Review
From Angela: This review of the Lizzy McGuire Movie mentions Orlando: "Granted, there's little in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" - based on the popular yet short-lived Disney Channel series - that's intended for the enjoyment of people like me; that is, people who aren't 13, female and in love with Orlando Bloom."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Angi (22), Aurora, Miz (15), and to Morgan from her friend Betty.

  May 8
Pirate Article in Premiere
Bonnie sent in a scan of the small article on POTC in the June issue of Premiere (US). POTC came in at #9 in their Ultimate Summer Movie preview section.

Wellington Premiere
From Angela and bbc.co.uk: The première of the final Lord of the Rings film is expected to be held in New Zealand's capital, Wellington, despite earlier disagreements threatening to derail the event. The film studio behind the hit films said it would move its last prestigious Rings unveiling to Los Angeles if New Zealand's biggest cinema, the Embassy, was not up to world class standards.

Photo in the Times
From Miffy: There was a photo of Legolas in the May 6th Times newspaper (UK).

Girlfriend Magazine
From Evelyn: There is an article and photo in the June issue of Girlfriend (Australia). Nothing new, but orlandobloomshrine.com has posted scans if you want to see them.

Pirates Trailer and Banners
From Melissa: The Pirates of the Caribbean trailer should be on some copies of Daddy Day Care this coming weekend. Also, movie theatres should have received the Pirates wall mural that features the four main characters.

Orlando Wins Ned Kelly Poll
Orlando has won the "Fav Ned Kelly Hottie" poll at Dolly, with 43% of the vote.

Lush Lad of the Week
From Stephanie-Lou: Thanks to everyone at orlandobloomfiles, Orlando is now Lush Lad of the Week at mykindaplace.com. If you keep voting when he comes up next in the semi final and the final he might win!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Calenia, Emily Owen, Crystal (18), Amie (18), and Emma from Ireland (18).

  May 7
John Rhys-Davies Talks About Orlando
From Carmen: I also went to Collectormania where I had a quick talk to John Rhys-Davies and asked him about Orlando Bloom. His reply was that he thinks that Orlando Bloom is going to be great, a really big star and the next Leo DeCaprio although, he said he thought Orlando's career will last much longer than Leo's.

Orlando in Sneak
From Beccy and Anna: Orlando is in SNEAK magazine 3 times this week (6th - 12th May)...
1. First of all, they have a flow chart on page 30. It is called "Which celeb would you snog?" and at the bottom there is a little picture of Orlando and some writing that says: There's only one problem with Orlando - he's never in the blimmin' country! If you can tie him down for a minute, your in for a treat, 'cos Orli loves wowing his snog partners with presents. But you'll have to be prepared for an active date, because he's an extreme-sports fanatic!
2. He is number 1 in the TOP TEXT TOTTY again on page 61. His picture is in the little box.
3. And on page 64, his picture is in the CAPRICORN starsign bit. There is a little picture of him there too.

TOPP Magazine
From Lene K: Orlando is on the frontpage of the Norwegian magazine "Topp" this month. He is mentioned because he is one of Hollywood's most talented, new actors!

AOL Sexiest Celebrity
Orlando is on AOL UK's 'Top Five Sexiest Celebrity Men' list. They say: "The Lord of the Rings star has a huge army of fans out there. The voting stage told us that. But is the Brit actor top of the AOL charming chart? How high will you go for Orlando?" He currently has a rating of 2.62 out of 5 stars. If you have AOL, vote for him here. You must click Next to have your vote count. Thanks to Kerry for the link.

Polish Legolas Postcard
Angi sent in this scan of a Legolas postcard from Poland.

Troy Photo
ALOT of people have been emailing me with the photo of Orlando taken on the set of Troy, that was posted on TORN. That photo was taken by Kerry, and she has asked that it only be posted in the bloom-room.net photo gallery.

Paris Fanlisting
Siochan has opened a fanlisting for Paris, Orlando's character in the movie Troy.

Cinema Articles
Angi translated 2 articles from the May issue of Cinema (Germany).
Pirates of the Caribbean
Story: In this romantic action adventure Orlando Bloom plays a young british Blacksmith, who joins a shady Pirate (Johnny Depp) to save his bonny lass from hostile Pirates.
Why do we recommend this movie:
1. Johnny Depp with long Rasta-Hair! You need to see this.
2. Jerry Bruckheimer as producer guaranties best entertainment.
3. Orlando "Legolas" Bloom is pretty hot!

The Gentle One "I cannot believe that they´re paying me to do the things I love the most." Success came to ORLANDO BLOOM suddenly and suprisingly as well. The role as the elven warrior Legolas in the "Lord of the Rings" Triology brought the 26 year old theater actor into stardom overnight. In September he will be in theaters with "Pirates of the Caribbean", during Christmas he will be in "Lord of the rings - Return of the King". 2004 he will play one of the leading parts in Wolfgang Petersens History Epic "Troy" - so his income and future will be promising. www.cinema.de View scan

Poster in TV Hits
From Evelyn: In Australia's TV Hits magazine, there's a poster of Orli.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Maggie (18) and Yuliya (15).

  May 6
Premiere Scan
Here's the photo and article in the June issue of Premiere magazine (US), thanks to Mel at The Bloom Room.

Troy Filming Update
From timesofmalta.com: "Troy is being shot at a host of locations, including Hal Far, Fort Ricasoli, where the city of Troy has been constructed, Mtahleb, Ghajn Tuffieha, Golden Bay, Mellieha, Cirkewwa and Dwejra."
"Troy is being filmed over a total of 100 days and has already shot for two weeks in the UK, continuing in Mexico after filming in Malta is completed on July 4. The film was originally meant to be shooting in Malta for six weeks, but was extended to nine."

Dutch Magazine Celebrity
Lenny of Bloomania sent in this scan from the Dutch Magazine Celebrity, nr 4, May 2003. The small article says: "I can't believe that I was so lucky. I have played an Elf, a boxer, an outlaw and now a pirate. I live the dream of every boy. I can't believe it!" This is so sweat. Look at Orlando Bloom in the new Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Orlando's Last Day on LOTR Set
From Stella: On theonering.net website, there is a transcript of a cast Q & A  with John Rhy-Davies, Billy Boyd, Andy Serkis, Bruce Hopkins and Sala Baker from Collectormania. They mentioned Orlando Bloom's last day on the New Zeland set for LoTR and how emotional it got. They also said that Peter Jackson presented Orlando with his Legolas bow as a gift!

Troy Article in The Sun
Laura sent in this article on Troy from the May 3rd edition of the Sun newspaper in the Uk.

50 Most Beautiful People Petition
Orlando didn't make it on People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful', so Bobbie has started a petition to make sure he gets on the list next year.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Rosa Alvarado (15), Cate, Sammy (15) from her friend Adelaide, and Rachael Huteson (15) from her best mate Kat.

  May 5
Orlando on IQ Test
From Vicky and Sarah: The National IQ Test from BBC had a question that showed upsidedown photos of 4 celebs and asked 'Which has something odd about it?' Orlando was one of the celebs. You can take the test on the BBC website. Thanks to Hollie for the link. Here's the question with Orlando.

Article in A&E Arizona Republic Paper
From Melanee: Orlando Bloom is in the A&E Arizona Republic Paper in the July Movie section. Saturday, May 4, has a special summer movie section, with a POTC article:
'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl' Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom.
Hmm, a pirate movie based on an amusement park ride, produced by the king of the hokum action movies, Jerry Bruckheimer (Armageddon, Con Air). What could go wrong? Plenty, considering the fate of matey stuff such as Cutthroat Island (1995) and Disney's Treasure Planet (2002), which failed to buckle the swash at the box office. Our take: It could work. The trailer has a certain Ray Harryhausen je ne sais quois. Opens July 9.
There is also a part about Orlando being a Starmaker, that includes a photo.

Movie Star Scans
Miwa from Orlando J-web sent in these scans from the June issue of Movie Star (Japan). (1 & 2) She will no longer be posting Japanese magazine scans on her site, but is kind enough to share them with us. Thanks Miwa.

Troy Filming Starts
From timesofmalta.com: Filming has started on the film "Troy", starring heart-throb Brad Pitt, and is expected to last some eight weeks. The other members of the stellar cast include Diane Kruger, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Julie Christie and Peter O'Toole. mDirected by Wolfgang Petersen and scripted by David Benioff, "Troy" is based on the classic Greek tale, The Iliad, by Homer. Apart from Malta, it is also being filmed in England and Los Cabos, Mexico. The $150 million film is intended for worldwide release by Warner Bros Distribution in May next year. "Troy" has applied to the Maltese and UK governments for co-production status - between Warner Bros UK and Latina Pictures - which allows the film to qualify for incentives from both countries, co-producer Winston Azzopardi said. At the moment, 375 Maltese are employed on the building of the set and 60 British crew are already in Malta.

LA Times Scan
Cassandra sent in a scan of Orlando and Johnny sword fighting from the article Swords Can Do the Talking, in the May 4, 2003 LA Times on page E15.

POTC Promotional Items in Theatres Soon
From Melissa: Movie theatres in the U.S. are supposed to be receiving these promotional items for Pirates of the Caribbean soon: Mural Banners, horizontal banners, bus shelters, and 30 sheets.  (all of these are small and big banners the theatres use to advertise in the lobby or building, and some will include pictures of the bigger names in the film). Buena Vista is also making items available to the theatres for their media promotions. This usually includes mini posters, hats, shirts, etc. 

BBC Poll and MTV Awards
Yesterday, Orlando was in 3rd place on the BBC Newsround Favorite Celebrity vote, but he is now in the lead! Also, Yael wanted me to remind everyone to vote for TTT in the MTV Movie Awards.

LOTR Kites
Zee says that Wal-mart is carrying LOTR kites.

POTC Trailer
Danielle saw the trailer before the Lizzie MaGuire Movie, and Kimberly saw it before Holes at an AMC Theater in Washington.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Diana, Ravin, Joy, and Clarissa Leverett from PWRU.

  May 4
LOTR Fan Club Magazine Scan
Here's a photo of Orlando with a fan at the NY premiere of TTT, from the April/May issue of the LOTR Fan Club magazine, scanned by Elf Lady.

Pirate Poster For Sale
The final POTC poster is now for sale through allposters.com for $19.99.

Photo in Premiere
Posted by Bonnie: In the new issue of Premiere magazine (US), with X2/Wolvie on the cover, there is a full page photo of Orlando in a white suit.

Orlando in Malta
From Bianca: Orlando is in Malta now. He arrived yesterday and will remain here for about 8 weeks.

POTC Article in OK Magazine
Elise sent in this small POTC article from OK magazine (UK May 6, Issue 365) that also contained a small picture of Johnny Depp.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Starring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Pryce
The Plot: The crew of the Black Pearl are cursed to walk the earth forever dead. Elizabeth (Knightley) can save them, so they kidnap her. Will Sparrow (Depp) and Turner(Bloom) rescue her, or will evil reign?
Out: August 15

Teen Vogue
From Viv: In June/July's Issue of Teen Vogue, there is an small picture and caption on page 54. The picture is from the Empire Awards 2002. The caption says 'Pretty in Plaid Orlando Bloom in London'. Then, on the Cover of Teen Vogue, is Kate Bosworth, with a 3-4 page article on her, and Orlando is mentioned. Here are the parts that mention him.
Also in Teen Vogue there is a page article about Kiera Knightley, and Orlando Bloom is yet again mentioned... 'Not many girls get to spend three months stuck on an island with Johnny Depp. But Kiera Knightley got that and more. "Orlando Bloom was kissing me. Geoffrey Rush was chasing me around" she says dreamily. "it was very difficult" she adds with a laugh.'

Legolas T-shirt
From Jo: teezone.co.uk has a Legolas T-Shirt for the price of £9.99 (excluding shipping & Handling). They also have other LOTR T-Shirts available.

Project Monaghan Fundraiser
Angela asked me to mention Project Monaghan, a fundraiser to buy trees from Future Forests that will be dedicated in Dominic's name. Visit the Project Monaghan website and shop to help out the cause.

Trees For Peace Project
Mandi, from Lost and Blown Away (a Dominic Monaghan site), asked me to mention an environmental project called Trees For Peace. Check out their site to see how you can get involved.

BBC Poll
From Sarah: Orlando is actually 3rd in the BBC Newsround Favorite Celebrity vote. He is loosing to Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah wood.

POTC Bit on Channel [V]
From Betty: I was just watching Channel [V] and there was a small item on POTC. It's premiering in Australia on September 18, and while the Channel [V] crew are skeptical of the movie due to it being based on a ride, they said they are willing to give it a look because of Johnny Depp's status as an actor.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mego.

  May 3
New Studio Photos
I added some new photos I found at AlloverPress Denmark, by Amanda De Cadenet, Alex Hoerner, and larger versions of photos by Walter Chin. If you post them on your site, please link back here.

Twist (Poland) Magazine
Justyna sent in a scan from the April issue of Twist (Poland). The text says: Top Guys - Orlando Bloom. Why is he gonna be at the top? Admirers of the actor playing Legolas (Lord of the Rings) don't cry! You won't have to wait until next winter to see him again on the cinema screen. Even before the summer, Orlando will surprise you with the role of an australian bandit in "The Kelly Gang" and in August he's gonna turn up the temperature of the already hot summer evenings with "The Pirates of the Caribbean". What's he got to say? "Think carefully before getting yourself a tattoo. It's gonna stay with you forever".

Pirates Article in LA Times
From The Los Angeles Times: This being a Bruckheimer movie, there are explosions, of course, but mostly there's sword fighting, and lots of it.
"It's all about the speed and the style of the blade and the way that they kind of sing, so the blades are communicating as opposed to just clashing," says Bloom.
"In 'Pirates' we use a lot of cutlasses," a short, thick curving sword, Ivie says. "We have a lot of sweeping movements, cutting movements. What we tried to do was contrast the different styles. Orlando's style is much more classically trained. Johnny's character, who is a pirate, has a much more 'anything goes' kind of style."

MadMovies Article
From Laetitia: There's an article on Pirates of the Caribbean in the April issue of MadMovies (France). There's a few photos that we have seen before, and this bit that mentions Orlando:
English: "The editors of Mad will be insane with joy by learning that one of the principal roles is held by Orlando "Legolas" Bloom, who cut his hair and refound his natural brown color. One even murmurs that with the editing, and after the success of the Lord of the Rings, his role will be considerably more than before."
French: "Les lectrices de Mad seront également folles de joie en apprenant que l'un des rôles principaux est tenu par Orlando "Legolas" Bloom, qui s'est coupé les cheveux et a retrouvé sa teinte brune naturelle. On murmure même qu'au montage, et après le succès du Seigneur des Anneaux, son rôle aurait été considérablement mis en avant."

Orlando Clips on Biography Channel (UK)
From Sarah: Last night there were clips of Orlando on the Biography channel (UK channel 563). It was on the 'Sir Ian McKellen' part. He was on as Legolas, and there will most likely be reruns.

Alloy Quiz
From Alloy.com: We can't gift-wrap Orlando for you, but we can tell you where you'll find YOUR guy! Take the quiz now!

Elvish Sword
From Shortstop: At the Chesapeake Knife and Tool Factory, there is an elvish sword for sale. I don't know if these stores are only in Maryland, but they cost about $350 or so.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Michelle (14), Teabag (14) from her friend Sarah, and Maggie (14) from all her friends and family.

  May 2
Teen People Contest
Teenpeople.com has finally put up the entry form to win one of Orlando's costumes from POTC. One winner will receive a cape, hat, vest, shirt and pair of pants that Orlando wears in POTC (approximate retail value: U.S. $450); 10 runners-up will receive Pirates posters. Open to U.S. and Canadian residents (except residents of Puerto Rico and Quebec) ages 13 to 21 as of drawing date.

Troy Filming in Malta
From timesofmalta.com: A Greek ship for the epic movie Troy, which starts filming in Malta next Tuesday (May 6), was being tried and tested in Grand Harbour by the Vittoriosa waterfront yesterday.

Double Feature in Austrailia
From Kellz and AsH-NyE: On the Australian Greater Union site, it is advertising a Lord of the Rings Double feature. They are showing both FOTR and TTT on one night, for one week only from May 8-14.

Isralie Article
Naomi has translated an article from this week's Isralie magazine "Rating", issue 202. Orlando appears as the most promising newcomer to Hollywood. There's also two photos from the photo series featuring him at the train tracks, with the pink shirt and dove.

UK TV Alert
From Fiona: The '100 greatest movie stars' starts on this Sunday (4th May) at 9:00pm on Channel 4 (UK) and it will continue the next day Monday (5th May). There's a chance that Orlando could be on the programme if they feature the 'Stars of the future list' that Orlando is on.

The Rise and Rise of Celebrity
Eloise received an email that said: "Are you the biggest and most dedicated fan? I am looking for hard core fans for a documentary analysing the relationship between Celebrites and those that Idolize them. The documentary will air later in the year on Channel 4." Visit beonscreen.com to apply. Must be a UK resident and over 15.

It seems Orlando lost to Keanu Reeves in Hello's sexiest man of the month poll. I have been getting emails from people to remind everyone to vote for Orlando in CosmoGirl's Survival of the Sexiest. If he wins, he will be on the cover of the September issue.

True Story of Black Hawk Down
From Paula: "The True Story of Black Hawk Down" will be on the History Channel on May 12. Granted, it won't have Orlando in it.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kim (13), Maibrit (14) from her friend Tine, Josie (14) from her friend Maggie, and Karin (23).

  May 1
Polish Magazine Scans
Justyna sent in scans from an article in the March issue of Popcorn (Poland). She says it doesn't contain any new info, so I cropped out just the photos. (1 & 2)

Elle Girl
OBM.net has posted scans from Elle Girl (US), sent in by Casie. (1 & 2) Orlando is number four in the Ellegirl 25. He was also voted the number one hottest guy in the Ellegirl readers choice.

YM Article
Melissa typed up the small Orlando article on p.75 of the June issue of YM. I also added the scan thanks to The Bloom Room.

US TV Guide Update
I updated the TV Guide with times for FOTR and Black Hawk Down on Starz, thanks to Marie and Lauren.

Cinema Magazine
From Angi: Orlando is at the moment mentioned in the May issue of a german magazine called Cinema, for the hottest Newcomer of the year with a short article. There is also a short article mentioned about POTC with the date on which the film starts in cinemas across Germany (September 4).

Hello Poll
After being 700 points ahead of Keanu Reeves in Hello mags most attractive man of the month poll, Orlando is now at risk of losing, and today is the last day to vote. He is currently behind by 1,000 points!

Lord of the Peeps
Jaimelee sent in this link to lordofthepeeps.com that has the LOTR story illustrated with marshmellow peeps. See Legolas peep here.

New Merchandise
I updated the Merchandise section with some new products, including posters, a Legolas enamel pendant, a Legolas and Gimli minature, and some Legolas pillows.

From Beccy and Fisha: Orlando is top of the Text Tottie again this week in Sneak (UK), and there is a picture.

LOTR Battle Games Magazine
From Minna: Here's something exciting for UK ppl. In LOTR Battle Games magazine series next issue (nr. 8) will feature Legolas on the cover ("Can Legs save Frodo from the goblins attack?") and a miniature figurine of him. The figurine doesn't really look like Orli's Legolas but it's still cool. (He's sort of kneeling and at the same time aiming with his bow.) It's quite small, a tin soldier type of figurine.

TORN has a poll asking "Which upcoming cast member project are you looking most forward to?". POTC and Troy are both listed.

Game Informer
From Andie: I was reading my monthly issue of "Gameinformer" and there is a full page advert about the POTC video game.

Celebrity Vegetarians
From Jas: My friend sent me this link to teenfreeway.com where it mentions Orlando on a list of celebrities who are vegetarians. You can also get a free vegetarian starter kit.