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November 2003
  Sunday, November 30
News Clip from NZ
Nzoom.com has a news clip on their site that has a short interview with Orlando and shows footage of him being mobbed in NZ. Here's a photo from the interview.

From Marian: Orlando arrived in Wellington on Saturday morning. His comments to TV3 reporter were that it was nice to be back and that he hoped to be able to do some surfing. On Sunday, TV3 reporter Belinda Henley was able to interview 14 major stars from the movie, starting at 9am with Peter Jackson, but only five small soundbites were shown on the 6pm news. Orlando was shown being interviewed with Liv Tyler. When asked how they felt about being permanantly associated with NZ, Orlando replied that he was pleased, it was great. He was honoured to be associated with NZ. Liv Tyler was also pleased that she was to be permanantly associated with NZ. Orlando looked quite tired, but as he had flown straight from LA the day before, I guess jetlag was starting to kick in.

Rings Fever Hits Wellington
From nzoom.com: Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas, has also been singing Jackson's praises. "Nobody can touch him when it comes to making this epic, unbelievable reality world."
The actors grew fond of New Zealand during the long filming schedule. Bloom says he feels like he is coming home every time he arrives in the country and would like to buy property in New Zealand.

Entertainment Weekly Scans
I made scans of the small Troy and LOTR bits and the POTC DVD review from the December 5th issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

More Info on Jay Leno in the UK
From Laura: The Jay Leno show in the UK also airs for NTL and cable viewers, on channel 124 CSBN Europe on Saturdays and Sundays at 8pm, I think. I have no idea where the series is but I can only assume that they run in order, only late.

Famous Players Theatre Magazine
From Laura: In the December issue of Famous (a magazine givin out for free at Famous Players theatres) it is a special LOTR collectors edition. Aragorn is on the cover and there are pages and pages of lotr rotk stuff including a ROTK poster and a page on Orlando!

Small Mention on ET on VH1
From Leanna: There is a really quick shot of Orlando on ET's VH1 when they asked Hilary Duff who she thinks is hot.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Gem (14) from her friend Suzie, V from her 'big sis', and to Nina (12) from her cousin Charlotte.

  Saturday, November 29
Message from Orlando and Fan Mail Team
From Lori: I'm just passing on a reminder from Orlando's fan mail team. Currently, only approximately 10% of the fan mail is receiving a response. If you'd like a response, please enclose a self-addressed standard envelope (minimum size 8.5inches x 4 inches or 21cm x 10.5cm) and 2-3 reply coupons... definitely 3 if you live outside of Europe. Most of Orlando's fansites have the original message and full instructions, so I won't go into further details.
Orlando does read a portion of his fanmail and is very appreciative of the nice letters and well wishes. He's asked that his best wishes for a happy Christmas be sent along with this message.

Orlando in Wellington
This article from MSN states that Orlando is now in New Zealand for the premiere on Dec. 1. Cathy posted that she has seen Orlando, along with most of the cast, at the Symphony, conducted by Howard Shore, of the music from all three movies.

Empire Magazine Scans
TORN has posted scans of the Lord of the Rings supplement in the December issue of Empire (UK). It contains a new photo of Orlando.

Total Film Magazine Scans
TORN has also posted scans from the December issue of Total Film (UK).

VH1's Awesomely Bad Fashion
From Jenny: There was a picture of Orlando on VH1's Awesomely Bad Fashion about his trucker hat.

Donated Embassy Theater Seat
TORN has posted a photo of the Embassy theater seat donated by Orlando.

Sarah sent in this small blurb about the POTC DVD from Seventeen (US).

Starz LOTR Weekend
From Megan: On Starz (USA), December 19-21 there will be a Lord of The Rings weekend where the extended edition of fotr will be played, and it will be the premiere of The Two Towers on tv, there will also be special interviews with the cast, and On the Set of ROTK- for more information, you can go here for more information about the weekend, and for trivia, photos and more

POTC 2 Filming in Louisiana?
Someone wrote in saying that they heard from an inside source that the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be shot on the coast of Louisiana.

Jay Leno in the UK
From Kay: For fans in the UK, you can catch Jay Leno on channel 256 on Sky the day after the original date in the US so that would make it Dec. 6th at 10pm.
Ara says that it also airs on ITV2, but doesn't know when.

Dare Magazine
From Sophie: In the fist edition of 'Dare' (UK) Oct 23 - Nov 5 there is a picture of Orlando.

Twist Magazine
Orlando is on the cover of the January issue of Twist (US) along with an article and full page photo.

Canadian LOTR Info
From Myriam: This is for residents of Canada: There is a Lord of the Rings contest in the "Breton" cookies. You scratch and can win instant prizes.
This is for Quebec residents: There will be an interview with some Lord of the Ring actors on "Box Office" on channel 30, Sunday November 30th at 9:30 AM.

Chicago Tribune Article
Dana: In the Chicago Tribune (US newspaper) in the Tempo section on page 3 there is an article on the top Oscar contenders. The article focuses mainly on LOTR:ROTK and how a sci-fi/fantasy epic has never won.

The Sunday Times
From Hatz: The Sunday Times (UK) will have a big section on LOTR: Return of The King. I don't know if Orlando is going to be in it, but he most likely is going to be.

Celebrity Justice Quote
Doro sent in this link to the Celebrity Justice homepage that has Orlando's direct quote. "There oughta be a law that people smile at at least three people every day." - Orlando Bloom, "Pirates of the Caribbean"

POTC Cardboard Standups
From LegolasLover2003: Blockbuster Video and H.E.B. stores have cardboard standups (about 4' 11" tall) of Jack, Will, Elizabeth, and Barbossa, to promote the POTC dvd. I asked at Blockbuster if I could have theirs of Will and they said "sure, take it." So, if you ask, they might just give you one.

POTC on Coming Attractions
From Tricia: There is a POTC DVD preview on E! Coming Attractions.

Half Priced Tickets to LOTR Exhibition
From The Science Museum: To celebrate the UK premiere of The Return of the King, the Science Museum is offering half price entry to The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy - The Exhibition - to anyone who dresses up as character from the trilogy. The special offer will apply on Thursday 11 December, the day the film's stars gather in London for the premiere at the Odeon in Leicester Square.

ROTK Premiere Contest on Newsround
From Sam: Just some news for UK fans. Newsround is running a competition to go to the London premiere of Return Of The King, and possibly interview the stars. All you have to do is answer two questions
1. Who is the king in Return Of The King? (give character's name)
2. What question would you ask Peter Jackson if you met him at the premiere?
More info is available on the website, and it gives the address you write to with your answers. The closing date is Friday 5th December.

More Magazine Poll
From Sydney: Orlando is down in the poll for More Man of the Year.

Hot Topic
A few people have wrote in saying that they have seen small Legolas pins at Hot Topic (US), along with other LOTR and POTC merchandise.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lizzy (12), Kelly (14), Sarah B. (15), Melissa, and Phoebe.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Danielle (13) and Kirsten (13) from their mother, and to Jess (13) from the Bloom Babes, Ilsa, Emily, Mrs. Depp and the twins. Suzanne wishes a special Happy Birthday to all the other Orlie fans who share her birthday.

  Thursday, November 27
Orlando on Jay Leno
About bloody time! Orlando's first late night US talk show appearance will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on Friday, Dec. 5th at 11:35pm on NBC. Nicole Kidman is the first guest. This info is from nbc.com. Also, Elijah Wood will be on the show on Dec. 3.

Help the Kiwi Birthday Project
Marian is auctioning some POTC posters and banners for the Help the Kiwi Birthday Project that she started. The money raised will be donated to the Department of Conservation Kiwi Recovery Trust in Orlando's name for his birthday. For more, go here.

Glamo Magazine Articles and Scans
Evi sent in these articles from the December issue of Glamo (Belgium).

Officially Licensed Posters and Calendars
Sarah from Pyramid posters in England wrote in to say that they produce officially licensed posters and calendars of Orlando Bloom. You can buy their Posters on oneposter.com now and their calendars should be on there by Monday at the latest.

Orlando on Celebrity Justice
From Natalie: Orlando Bloom was on a show called Celebrity Justice on Thursday night. They asked him what kind of law he thinks should be made and he said people should be required to smile at least three times a day or say something nice (these aren't his exact words).

V Graham Norton Video Clip #2
I finally made another video clip from V Graham Norton. This one is of the beginning of the program discussing ROTK.

ROTK Pins with the Sunday Telegraph
From Adwena: The "Sunday Telegraph" (Australia) is distributing exclusive "Return of the King" pins over the weeks (every Sunday). This week you you will get a free Album for the pins, and your first collectors pin... I am sure there will be a Legolas pin somewhere, since he was on the Album cover. I saw this advertisement in the Daily issue of this newspaper today, and it has not yet been added onto the site... I am assuming they will do so on Sunday. Here is the official "Sunday Telegraph" website.

Total Film
From Rosemarie: I just bought my copy of Total Film (UK) January 2004. Not only is there a huge article on Return of the King and a review of the POTC DVD but they are giving away a calendar and guess who January is? It's an old picture of Orli in his white suit laying on the sofa but gorgeous all the same!

Seventeen Magazine
From Steph: In January's Seventeen Magazine (US) with Orlando's co-star Liv Tyler, they've got a full page ad for POTC on DVD. On page 50, they have two of Orlando's girls, Kate Bosworth and Keira Knightley (no mention of Orli). On pg. 80 in the "Little Black Book" section, they have what's new on DVD. They've got a mini pic of the DVD and it says: "Those of you who think a movie about a Disney ride is lame - get over it! Johnny Depp is hysterical, Orlando Bloom rocks, and the action factor is huge. Even better, the DVD version has bonus scenes of Orlando goofing around - we knew he had a less serious side!"
On pg. 84 they have a pic of Legolas and Aragorn. It is for the event section: "The Lord of the RIngs: The Return of the King Benefit Screening Dec. 16, 7 pm - Okay, so this screening of the third installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (starring our cover Liv!) costs about 50 times more than the regular movie ticket but... it benefits the American Museum of the MOVING IMAGE, A WORTHY CAUSE INDEED. LOEWS Lincoln Square, NYC. 212-245-6570; $350 and up for a group of four." It doesn't say if any of the cast will be attending. No mention of Orlando in Liv Tyler's spread, but you can win a LotR gift pack, part of Liv's give away. You enter at seventeen.com/freebies .

Holidays with the Stars
Melissa: There's this thing on E Online called "Holidays with the Stars" (gifts we'd like to give to stars) and on the front page there's a picture of Orlando, but I couldn't find him, except for on the list of the 12 DVDs of Christmas- The Extended Two Towers is 5th and POTC is 9th.

POTC Buttons at Wal-Mart
From Tricia: I was at Wal-Mart and noticed that the associates have the POTC buttons as part of the marketing promotion of POTC. I asked the cashier who was checking my items out if they were selling them or if they had any, and she gave me hers to keep.

ROTK Tickets Onsale Now
From TORN: This is probably not news for most of you rabid fans, but reports have been filling up the inbox today that tickets are officially ON SALE! Both Fandango and Cinemark Theaters have tickets on sale, and there is a link on the official site to purchase tickets. Go and order yours now!

Autographed LOTR Book for Sale
From Michelle: A friend at school is trying to sell the Fellowship of the Ring, Movie Companion which has been signed by most of the cast and crew except Ian Mckellen. I don't know how much she's asking for it, but if you're interested or have any questions just email her at toto_smith558@hotmail.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Brittney Pender (12) from her friend Megan Snyder, and to Sarah Huckle (16).

  Wednesday, November 26
ROTK Soundtrack Photos
Legolas is on the back of the Aragorn ROTK soundtrack cover. Here are scans from TORN.

From Dana: In the January issue of YM (US) they mention Orlando on page 70 in the top ten events. Number 1: "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (12/17) Frodo (Elijah Wood) tries to fulfill his destiny as Ringbearer. Nice plot, but really, we're paying $10 to stare at Orlando Bloom."

Sneak Scans
Lucy sent in scans from this week's Sneak (UK). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

'Guideposts for Teens' Scans
Sarah sent in scans of an article called "10 Reasons Orlando's Bloomin Great" in the December/January 2004 issue of a magazine called 'Guideposts for Teens' (US). (1 & 2)

ROTK Special on ABC
From TORN: On PrimeTime on ABC next Thursday night, Dec. 4th there is a one hour look at the making of ROTK.

Belgian ROTK Calendar Offer
From Dorothy: You can collect points with the Belgian newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad' for a free Return of the King calendar!

Online ROTK Countdown Calendar
From Luthien: I found on theonering.net a link to an online LOTR advent calendar wich ends on the 17th of December for the release of the Return Of The King! There is a picture with a qutotation everyday, the picture of Legolas is on the 9th of December.

19 Magazine
In the magazine called '19' in the UK there is a list called 'sexy santa's dirty dozen'. There are 12 men on the list and Orlando is 12th place (last), first is Jude Law, there is a biggish picture featured of Orli and a small section of info on him.

Entertainment Tonight
From Lisa: On Friday, November 28 at noon, ET is going to be discussing the movie ROTK. (check your local listings for time)

Wellington Builds up to Premiere Party
Posted by §fyre from nzherald.co.nz: The momentum is building in Wellington for the world premiere of The Return of the Kings next week.
The party begins on Sunday with a Drum up Summer world-fusion concert as the stars and fans gather in the capital for the last instalment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
On Monday the city will be treated to a premiere parade by director Peter Jackson and his Oscar-winning crew and stars. The parade will start at Parliament and proceed to the red carpet at the recently renovated Embassy Theatre. A live broadcast of the parade and red carpet walk will be beamed to the crowds at Taranaki Wharf.

Empire Magazine
From Antonia: The December issue of Empire Magazine (Australia) has a review on the TTT extended DVD set. Also there are those lottery things out too. They have 8 different ones and a chance to win $100,000 (have to be over 18).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Elizabeth (15) from her best friend Anna, and to Eve (14) from Natalie.

  Tuesday, November 25
3rd Orlando Calendar
Alice sent in photos of another Orlando calendar. She bought it at a calendar stall in Oxford Street in London. There was no publisher info on it, but it did say 'printed in the EEC'.

ROTK Topps Cards
TORN has posted a series of Return of the King Topps cards, some which show Legolas (pages 5 and 7).

Gaele sent in scans of the POTC DVD cover and booklet, which describe the extra features. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

OK Magazine
From Jeni: Orlando appears in the new edition of OK magazine in the UK. It's dated Nov. 25th and is edition 394. There are two pics of him: one on page 22 which is an article on Brad Pitt in Troy and one on page 78 with a mention of him on the previous page.

OBBP Auctions
There are only 2 days left to bid on the final OBBP auctions! Check them out on ebay.

ROTK Legolas Photos
Mary sent in these scans from a Return of the King diary from that she got at El Corte Ingles, a mall in Spain. There you can also buy 3 calendars of The Return of the King and the Visual Companion. (1 & 2)

ROTK UK Lotto Scratchcards
From Pheny: There are new Lotto scratchcards out in the UK for the Return of the King. They are 2 pounds each and each feature a different teaser poster image. I think there are about seven or eight different designs for the different characters. There are two games on them and the chance to win up to 30,000 pounds. (I didn't win on mine!)

'Rings' Cast Revolt Over Pay Offer
From nzherald.co.nz: The stars of The Lord of the Rings were so upset at what they considered paltry bonus offers they threatened to take their demand for more money to the head of Time Warner. In the lead-up to the launch of the third and final film in the trilogy, The Return of the King, Newsweek has reported that the past year was "a volatile one for relations between the cast and studio". The row was resolved after one actor "everyone" trusted struck a deal with New Line studio. The magazine reported that many of the actors were hired for "a song" to perform in the trilogy, because they were unknowns. These included Orlando Bloom, now one of Hollywood's hottest actors.

Trilogy Tuesday Petition
Audrey: There is a petition to expand New Line's Trilogy Tuesday to more theatres in the U.S. as well as overseas.

Mention on Hyperspace Weekly
From Sue: OB mentioned on "Hyperspace Weekly" (Canada Tv show). Just to let you know, that yesterday on the above named show, Andy, Elijah & Billy were being interviewed and when asked who was the practical joker on the LOTR set Elijah & Billy confirmed that it was Viggo (& Dom to an extent), and that he(Viggo) would always "get" Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kayla (20).

  Monday, November 24
CineLive Interview
Caro sent in a translation of the Orlando interview in CineLive (France).

In Touch, M, and Tigerbeat Scans
§fyre sent in the following scans:
In Touch (US), December 8
M (US), December (1 & 2)
Tigerbeat (US), November (1, 2, 3, 4)

Possible New Film Role
From BBC News: TV chef Jamie Oliver's attempts to turn a group of unemployed teenagers into successful cooks is to be made into a feature film, it is reported. Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom have been suggested as possible names to play Oliver, the Sunday Times said.

Sun Article
The Sun (UK) has a short article with the candid photos of Orlando in the Caymans. They got a few things wrong (shock!): he's not near the Grand Canyon, and he's not on holiday!

Rings world premiere 'good to go'
From stuff.co.nz: The countdown has begun. There are seven days left till the world premiere of Peter Jackson's The Return of the King, and groups involved are confident the glitzy Wellington event will go like clockwork.
Another premiere article from The Toronto Star.

POTC Pins at Rogers Video Stores
From Angelina: I was at my local Rogers Video store (Canada) and they had PotC pins. The pic was the one that's used as the DVD cover. I asked if they were selling them and they gave me one for free! So be sure to ask about them if you are at Rogers. They also had a huge cardboard cut-out of Orlando as Legolas, promoting the TTT Extended DVD.

TV Hits
From Marieke: In the December issue of TV Hits (Australia) there is a poster and article on Orlando.

From Emily: I got the Orlando Dream White poster at Toys R Us in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).
The poster is also available at some Wal Marts and Fye music stores.
Jessica saw a Legolas poster for $6.99 at Spencer Gifts. They had other ROTK posters too.

ROTK Three-hankie Moment
E! Online has ROTK in their Three-hankie Moments holiday movie guide. (spoilers)

Holiday Movie Guide 2003
From §fyre:
SHOW TITLE: E! News Live Special: Holiday Movie Guide 2003
SYNOPSIS: The movies of the 2003 holiday season.
November 24: 12:00PM
November 29: 7:00AM
November 30: 8:00AM

iafrica.com LOTR Competition
From §fyre: Enter iafrica.com's exclusive Lord of the Rings competition!

  Sunday, November 23
Hollywood's Hottest Hunks Screencaps
I made screencaps and a video clip from Secrets of Hollywood's Hottest Hunks on ABC Family. They announced the Hottest Hunk poll results on the show, and Orlando came in first! Good job to everyone who voted!

Newsweek Article
The December 1st issue of Newsweek features the Return of the King. You can read the articles online. There's an Orlando quote about his last day of filming on this page.

Bop, People, and Pop Star scans
§fyre sent in the following scans:
Bop (US), December
People (US), December 1
Pop Star (US), November
Us Weekly, December 8 (1, 2)

Juice Scan
Helen sent in this scan from the November issue of Juice (UK).

Official Calendar, and New Posters
Posternow is selling an official Orlando calendar that has some new photos. They also have two new Legolas posters (1 & 2), and a Will Turner door poster.

Lord of the Rings Soundtrack Site
The official Lord of the Rings soundtrack website is now online.

§fyre sent in this link to a review of the POTC DVD from dvdtalk.com.

  Saturday, November 22
Us Weekly Scans
Ami sent in these scans from Us Weekly. (1, 2)

Cinema Magazine
TORN has posted an interview from the December issue of Cinema (Germany) with the LOTR cast that includes some quotes from Orlando. (Whoever has his bow, give it back to him!)

Joy Celebrity Scans
Gaele sent in these scans from this month's Joy Celebrity (Germany). The article doesn't say anything new. It is about his tattoos, his beautiful eyes and "Troy" which will open in Germany in May 2004! (1, 2, 3, 4)

Cine Live Magazine
TORN has posted scans of a ROTK article from the December issue of Cine Live (France), that includes quotes from Orlando. If someone would like to translated the Orlando bits, please contact me.

AGirlsWorld.com Interview
AGirlsWorld.com has an interview with Orlando.

POTC Bloopers Video
If you can't wait for the POTC DVD, the site potcfandom.com has the bloopers segment available for download. Thanks to April for the link.

Sneak Magazine
From Rachael: Sneak (UK) (17th November) has a small photo of Orlando and Kiera Knightley commenting on Orlando's snogging ability!

Ultimate DVD Magazine
From Jem: Orlando appears in the magazine 'Ultimate DVD' and has a full interview about Pirates of the Caribbean. It also has loads of pics of him! It also has a bit about Lord of the Rings.

POTC AIM Expression
From Marla: On AIM today, there is a Pirates of the Caribbean AIM expression you can download that advertises the dvd.

Starlog Magazine
From Elrenia: Orlando is in the new Starlog magazine talking about his role as Legolas.

OBBP Auction Clarification
From Stacie: For the auction of Pirates memorabilia, all of the items pictured in the lot are included in the auction. In other words, you're bidding on all the goodies: the treasure chest, the menu item name card, the CD, the key chain, the t-shirt, the temporary tattoo, the window cling, two posters and one brochure. If you win the auction, you get all that booty :)

E! True Hollywood Story
From Katie: E! (US) is airing a "The E! True Hollywood Story of Johnny Depp" Nov. 23 at 9 pm. In the commercials, it mentions POTC, so there's a chance Orlando will be interviewed or there will be pictures of him.

Teen People Poll Results
From Lisa: Orlando came in second place to Kelly Clarkson for the Teen People Poll on Top 10 Stars You'd Like to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner. He was followed by American Idol runner up Clay Aiken.

OK Magazine
From Hatz: Orlando is mentioned in this weeks OK magazine (UK). There is a short article about Troy and it mentions him as one of the costars. There is quite a big piccie of him with Helen of Troy.

POTC Competition on Alloy.com
From Lisa: If you go to alloy.com can win a POTC jacket! Also, it talks about the DVD of POTC, and gives us a summary about the movie. There's pictures there too, but nothing new.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mandi (16), and to Tristan (19) from her friend Shannon.

  Friday, November 21
AFI Awards
Sadly, Orlando did not win the AFI Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Ned Kelly. From abc.net.au: "David Ngoombujarra won the first award of the night - best supporting actor award for his role in Black and White."

Hollywood's Hottest Hunks
ABC Family has a page on Orlando, labeling him "The Face". Don't forget to watch Secrets of Hollywood's Hottest Hunks this Saturday at 8pm, on ABC Family (US).

Orlando's Jean Jacket up for Auction
From the Terrence Higgins Trust: Bid for unique celebrity jeans in aid of Terrence Higgins Trust. Supermodel turned snapper, Helena Christensen, recently photographed a series of top celebrities in fabulous Levi's® jeans and jackets for her debut exhibition, 'People & Portraits'. The photographs were sold in aid of Terrence Higgins Trust (THT). Now, to mark World AIDS Day on 1st December THT are auctioning the Levi's® jeans and jackets that were worn and signed by the celebrity models. This is your chance to bid for the Levi's® worn by Robbie Williams, Orlando Bloom, Sadie Frost, Dirty Vegas, Alex James and Michael Stipe to name but a few! The auction, hosted by eBay.co.uk, will run from Friday 21st November until World AIDS Day on Monday 1st December.

New/Old Photos
Getty Images has posted this new/old photo of Orlando and Dominic Monaghan at the 'Blow' UK film Premiere, May 22, 2001, and some photos of Orlando at Heathrow Airport, September 15, 2003.

Who Magazine
From Kitty: Orlando is in the latest issue of Who magazine in Australia in the startracks section. The gorgeous pics from the Caymans are featured. The liner notes are: "Resting up before the worldwide publicity blitz of the Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King, Orlando Bloom took a break at a resort in Seven Mile beach."

Last OBBP Auctions
These are the final three items we'll be auctioning for the 2004 Orlando Bloom Birthday Project! A signed 8x10 picture of Orlando, a Legolas drawing by Dawnlyn, and lots of POTC merchandise, including a t-shirt, soundtrack cd, posters, keyring, and more. View all the auctions here. Thanks to everyone who has already participated for your help in making it a success! And anyone who wins an auction also gets his or her name on the list of donors Greenpeace will send to Orlando, so you can do some good for the planet and get some cool Orlando stuff!

New Idea and Creme Magazines
From Marian: In the New Idea magazine (Aust/NZ), David Hartnell, NZ's answer to Ted Casablanca, puts forward the rumour that Orlando, being an accomplished sculptor as well as actor, is planning an exhibition in the US early next year.
Creme magazine (NZ) has named Orlando as their Ultimate Hottie of 2003. The photo was from Hollywood awards (going in). They also have a 1 page bio of his, nothing new, photo from Lili Claire benefit, also not new.

New CBBC Newsround Game
From Ann: The CBBC Newsround site has a new LOTR like game called Riddle Quest. You guide Orly the elf around it.

ROTK Cards in EasiSingles
From Laursie: EasiSingles cheese (UK) have free pop-up cards inside. They're of five different characters: On of them is, of course Legolas. They also have a competition to win a family trip to New Zealand or tickets to see ROTK. The competition card is inside the pack. There is an offer on Pringles pack for the chance to win over 5,000 prizes and if you find a ring in the box you get to go to the ROTK premiere.

KFC and Pizza Hut ROTK Competitions
From Kate: KFC and Pizza Hut (Australia) is promoting ROTK and giving away a trip for 4 and millions of other prizes. Your chance of winning is 1 out of 2

US Weekly
From Brittany: Orlando was mentioned in US Weekly as one of this Christmas' Hot Movie Hunks. There are two pictures, one on the cover and one in the story.

Legolas Photo
From Leila: I was searching TheOneRing.net and found this cool Legolas picture from the ROTK video game!

Premiere Magazine
From Bella: The Dec/Jan issue of Premiere magazine (US) is a LOTR Special issue. It has a wonderful article/interview of the Hobbits. In the article there is a part about the "Boys Club" that was formed on the set including comments about Orlando. I have typed this part out below for you. (Note: This was all said in fun, we all know how close the cast is and how they like to pick on each other)
Premiere: Dom, weren't you telling me that there was a real boys club during the making of the movie?
Monaghan: Yeah, how there were no women there.
Wood: Well, Cate Blanchett came over.
Boyd: And Orlando, who's quite feminine, was there.
Wood: Yeah, he was kind of the girl of the group, wasn't he?
Boyd: He was a bit of the b*tch.
Monaghan: He would tidy up for us.
Boyd: We had parties, and we'd dress him up in an apron.
Monaghan: And he would have to clean up afterwards. Otherwise, he wouldn't be invited to the party.

TTT Special Edition Clips
From GlittzGirl: On Yahoo Movies they have some deleted scenes and bonus material from the new LOTR: TTT special edition dvd that you can watch. Only scenes I saw where they show Orlando are: Eowyn Sings, Taking Care of Business (which is just Orlando), and Head Butting (which is really funny). You can click on Trailers and Clips to see more extras.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kelsea (15), Karla Aguirre (19), and Livvy (16) from her penpal Gunn-Helen.

  Thursday, November 20
Haven Filming News
From caymannetnews.com: The film, which stars Orlando Bloom, Bill Paxton and Gabriel Byrne, caused the closure of much of Fort Street and Edward Street early Sunday. Future closures are to be expected as filming is set to continue until after Christmas.

Disney Adventures Scans
Sami W. sent in scans from the Dec./January issue of Disney Adventures (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Orlando's Appearance in Haven
SPOILERS: Lauren sent in more info about what the acid burn looks like that Orlando's character has in the movie. "It was kind of wrinkly and pink. It covered the left side of his face from about high cheek to his eyebrow. It looked like a burn. But it wasn't TOO bad, it isn't like it was the first thing you looked at."

Quote in Johnny Depp Article
Johnny Depp is People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2003. Orlando is quoted a few times in the article: "You look at him and think, 'Now that's a cool guy,' " says Pirates of the Caribbean costar Orlando Bloom. "He's just one of the best-looking guys on the screen."
"You get the feeling Johnny has been through the sausage machine of Hollywood and come out the other side still standing."

LOTR Pavement Issue
From Pavement magazine: Our The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King special issue, comes out in New Zealand on December 1, 2003. Our cover star is from LOTR - Viggo Mortenson! Plus we have devoted a large part of the magazine to exclusive LOTR interviews and photographs. It's going to be another amazing collectors issue! We are also selling A2 posters of the front cover.

POTC Buttons at Best Buy
From Ashley: I was at Best Buy last night purchasing my TTT Extended DVD and one of the employees was wearing a POTC button on his shirt. I asked him if I could have one and he went back in the store and brought out two for me. This was in my hometown, Lansdale Pennsylvania, but they probably have them everywhere else.

Bad Fashion Taste List
From Abby: There is a section on AOL's People website where they list the guys who have bad fashion taste. Unfortunaetly, Orlando is one of them. It says: "MAN IN BLACK: British hottie Orlando Bloom's star is on the rise (he'll appear next with Brad Pitt in the upcoming movie Troy), but it seems he still is in need of a stylist. At the London premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean, Bloom sported a buttoned-up blazer, tacky track pants and freaky footwear. Let's not even get started on the hair." The picture they show is the one from the POTC premier in London.

Club News Magazine
From ?: In 'Club News' magazine (UK) there is a page on Orlando but it has no new info. Also I think it could only be for social services offices.

OOOB E-Zine Issue 3
From rooki and Faith: Hey mates, the next issue of OOOB E-Zine is out, and we know you're just itching to take a look! If you've forgotten, the address is: dizzy.at/orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Britni (14), and Emma (14).

  Wednesday, November 19
Candid Photos from the Cayman Islands
Elizabeth sent in these photos sent to her by Oleg, of Orlando in the Cayman Islands. Just remember to breath. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Movie Star Scans
Por sent in these scans from the December issue of Movie Star (Japan). (1, 2, 3)

London ROTK Premiere Competition
From TORN: Ster City Cinemas is running a competition offering a pair of tickets to the London premiere of Return of the King as first prize. And all you need to do is fill in this form to enter! (NB: It does not seem to be restricted to UK residents, but I'm guessing it probably is.)

Hi-res Troy Photos
Angela from Music247Online.com sent in hi-res versions of Troy photos from Image Net that we have seen before. (1, 2, 3) Smaller versions of the uncropped photos are in the Troy gallery.

From Adelaide: Orlando was used in the sentence for the SAT word of the day at alloy.com.
deluge (verb) 1: to submerge, overwhelm, or flood.
Sample sentence: Orlando Bloom is deluged with fan mail.

Most Stylish Celebs
From Lucy: Orlando is on a list of the 20 most stylish male celebs at handbag.com.

Elijah Wood to Host SNL
From Laura: I know this isn't directly about Orlando, but Elijah Wood, who plays Frodo Baggins, is going to host the U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live on December 13th. There might be an LOTR sketch!

Photo in Radio Times
In the Radio Times (UK TV listings) there is a picture of Legolas in the Satellite pages for Sunday 16th November.

Ellegirl.com Quiz
From Lauren: On ellegirl.com there is a color quiz and one of the questions says: "Think fast! Number-one celeb crush is?" and one of the choices is Orlando.

ROTK Ticket and Soundtrack Info
From Adrianne: I get the official newsletter from the LoTR movie website. It said that advance tickets for the RoTK will go on sale on November 26th. It also said to watch for further details. Also the soundtrack for RoTK will be sold in 3 different formats. The standard jewel case format, as well as a special edition that will carry the complete soundtracks for all three movies and 18 photo cards as well. These are both due for release on November 25th. Then on December 9th a special CD/DVD is being released that has a five minute super trailer for the trilogy and a 20 minute documentary on Howard Shore.

From Cristy: topdogcity.com has a contest on who has the biggest fan base. All you have to do is go on the site and choose "add a brick", you are able to create a small message on the brick. Only one is permitted per person.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Paria.

  Tuesday, November 18
Candid Photos from the Cayman Islands
Elizabeth sent in these photos sent to her by Oleg, of Orlando in the Cayman Islands. Just remember to breath. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Master and Commander Premiere
Lucy was outside of the royal charity premiere of Master and Commander in London yesterday, and Orlando was not in attendance. It was reported in some articles that he would be there, but he in the Cayman Islands filming Haven...

Fan Encounter on the Set of Haven
Lauren met Orlando on the set of Haven on Sunday, and she sent in her story. It contains a few spoilers for the movie.

Better Legolas Airplane Photos
Here are some great shots of the Legolas and Aragorn Air New Zealand 747 at LAX. Thanks to Kristjan for the link. Here's an article about the plane from Business Wire.

ROTK Premiere Contest in Belgium
From Evi: There is a contest on the Belgian music station Radio Donna to win tickets to the premiere in New Zealand and the premiere in Berlin. To compete you have to listen to 2 shows (Vrouwentongen: between 10 and 12am and Bumpershow: between 5 and 7pm). They give the questions somewhere during the 2 shows, you have to write down the answers and send them all together to wedstrijd@donna.be before Thursday night.

Canadian TV Alerts
From Alysia: I just found out that "The Legacy of The Lord of the Rings" will be playing on Fri. Nov 22 at 8:00am, and 1:00pm on BOOKC, Sat. Nov 23 at 4:00am on BOOKC, Sun. Nov 24 at 12:00pm and 7:00pm on BOOKC. Also "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: will be playing on Tue. Nov 25 at 7:00am, 10:30am, 2:00pm, 5:30pm and 9:00pm on VCC10 and on Wed. Nov 26 at 12:30 am on VCC10. VCC10 is a payper view station. These are all Canadian digital cable and satellite stations and the times are all Eastern Standard times.

Troy Article from The Mail
Tanya sent in a scan of a Troy article from The Mail on Sunday (UK).

Movies' Rein Men are Dying Breed
The Washington Post has an article on horse riding in the movies, that mentions Troy, LOTR, and Orlando a few times.

LOTR Article
From The Boston Globe: "We've got an even bigger battle in the third film than we did in Two Towers," Osborne boasts. Principal shooting was finished in December 2000, but reshoots this summer were tailored to give more screen time to popular actors like heartthrob Orlando Bloom, who plays the elf Legolas. "We wanted to make sure we had some great 'Orlando moments.' "

From Steph: On mykindaplace.com they have a topic on the richest hotties in the UK. Orlando is the third person.

Ellegirl.com Poll
From Laura: On ellegirl.com there is a poll: "Elf is the number 1 film in the country. Who's your favorite onscreen elf?". Orlando's in the lead with 52%!

LOTR Bookmarks at Barnes and Noble
Caroline: There are LOTR bookmarks for sale at Barnes and Noble (US), among other LOTR merchandise, including a Legolas bookmark.

New Fan Fiction Site
Chelsea has made an Orlando fan fiction website, at MSN Groups.

Troy Preview on Hot Ticket
From Stephanie: On Saturday or Sunday, on Hot Ticket they will have a preview of Troy. This show is syndicated so you have to check for the time, date and the channel. This is, I think, only in the US.

ROTK Events in Wellington
Marian sent in this info about ROTK events happening in Wellington.
1. There is to be a party at Wellington's Skyline restaurant on Sunday 30th - autograph opportunities me thinks
2. The parade before the Premiere on Monday 1 Dec. will be televised (I hope) but it will be on the Internet: go to WellingtonNz.com/cam to see the parade.
3. Viggo Mortensen will have two exhibitions of photographs in Wellington: Nov. 29 until end January at Massey University. The exhibition will open with a $100 ticket invitation only gala (to fund setup of new Film Studies School). City Gallery will have it's Michael Hirscheld Gallery filled with Viggo's photos from the Wellington area. Same dates as above.
4. Viggo will hold a poetry reading on Sat 29th Nov, at 6pm moved from City Gallery to Paramount Theatre (huge demand for tickets). Proceeds to International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University. Contact details: +64 4801 3017 (outside NZ) or 04 801 3017 inside NZ, or email art.gallery@wcc.govt.nz tickets are going FAST

ROTK Trailer
Many people have wrote in saying they saw the ROTK trailer before Master and Commander, which incidentally costars Billy Boyd (Pippin).

BBC Newsround Polls
From bbc.co.uk: Orlando Bloom kept hold of the number one celeb spot, and he was joined by fellow Rings actor Dominic Monaghan.

OBBP Update
From Stacie: We're nearing the end of this year's Orlando Bloom Birthday Project, and so far it's been great! We have one last auction, which will be up later this week: an autographed photo, art by Dawnlyn, and more Pirates booty than you can imagine! If you want to get a sneak peak at the three items we'll be auctioning, visit the OBBP site. And if you participated in Change for Change, it's time to turn those coins into paper currency! The deadline is December 1, two weeks from today. You can mail a check or money order to Greenpeace. (Walmart offers money orders for only 32 cents.)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jen from her mate Haz, Chris from his friend Abby, and Alexis (14).

  Monday, November 17
Sunday Times Article
TORN posted scans of an Orlando article from yesterday's Sunday Times in West Oz.

Legolas Airplane Photo
Here are photos of the Legolas and Aragorn Air New Zealand plane. I'll keep looking for better photos. According to stuff.co.nz, the plane "will fly Hollywood stars to next month's Wellington premiere of the trilogy's final film."

Articles from Trinidad
Becky Greenleaf sent in this POTC
article from an unknown inflight magazine, and various articles from The Trinidad Showtime.

ROTK Calendar Scans
Elf Lady posted these scans of Legolas from the 2004 Return fo the King calendar. (1, 2, 3)

TTT Screensaver
The official site has posted a screensaver with images from the extended edition of The Two Towers.

Gameshow Question
From Anna: On 'Wright around the World' a gameshow in the UK, one of the questions on Saturday night was "Who plays Legolas in Lord of the Rings?" the contestant didn't know and Ian Wright (the host) said "The answer was Orlando", he didn't mention his surname for some reason.

Photo in Vancouver Sun
From Alex: There was a picture in the Sunday, Nov. 16th Vancouver Sun paper with Legolas and Aragorn.

POTC DVD at Amazon.co.uk
From Jude: On amazon.co.uk they are taking orders for Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD and video and they have reduced the price of the DVD from £22.99 to £15.99 and the video from £15.99 to £12.79.

Elijah and Billy on Much Music
From Nikki: Elijah Wood and Billy Boyd are going to be at Much Music (Toronto, Canada). They will be on a program called Much on Demand on Thursday, November 20 at 5pm eastern.

Fan Book
From Liz: My friend Samantha is making an Orlando fan book. I am making three separate books for Elijah, Dom, and Billy. I would really appreciate any messages you would like to send. But please send your messages ASAP as I am hoping to print the book in the next week or so. The books will be given to them at the ROTK premiere. E-mail the messages to llizzie16@aol.com. Thank you so much and please send messages!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Angie (17), Bella (16), Sophia (13) from Claire, and Stephanie Pepito (16) from her big sister April.

  Saturday, November 15
  Sunday, November 16
Parade Scan
Michelle sent in this scan from yesterday's Parade magazine in the Washington Post. Parade comes with many US papers on the weekend. The same article was in today's edition of the US Military newspaper "Stars & Stripes" for members stationed in Asia. Thanks to Roz for the info.

Korean Esquire Scans
Elaviel posted these scans at ka-Bloom, from the November issue of the Korean Esquire magazine. (1 & 2)

All the Stars Scan
Elf Lady posted this scan sent to her by Liliath from the Russian poster magazine "All the Stars".

Studio Photos Take 2
Here are the photos from Bonnie again. I accidentally uploaded them in ASCII format instead of Binary last time, which made them look all wonky. One that we've only seen in thumbnail form, and nice large versions of the "wet" photos. (1, 2, 3, 4)

More Teenpeople.com Polls
From Melissa: Top Ten Stars Who Would Make Great Lifeguards and Top 10 Potential Horoscopes of the Stars. Orlando is winning both.

Hobbits on TRL
Sean Astin, Elijah Wood and Billy Boyd will be on MTV's Total Request Live this Wednesday, November 19.

E! News Poll
From Tricia: E! News Live featured a poll that can be found on their site of the movies you are looking forward to for this season, the choices were: Return of the King, Cat In The Hat, The Last Samurai, and Mona Lisa Smile.

Chantal sent in this POTC DVD review from the November/December issue of the Costco Connection.

Legolas Merchandise
From Haylotte: In Music and Video (UK) they have huge Legolas posters for £4 and one that goes on your door for £6.
From Jude: In the UK store of Toys R Us (Doncaster, Yorkshire) there is a MASSIVE display of LOTR products. There was a dressing up Legolas outfit, Legolas shooting arrow dolls and a mug of Legolas, and also cards of him. THE BEST OF ALL THOUGH is the advent calendar (chocolate) which was £1.99!
From Katie: At Movie Gallery (US) last night, I noticed that they were selling a 2004 calendar of big movies this year and the year to come. On it, was a picture from The Two Towers which had Legolas in it, meaning that the picture was the picture for one of the months. You can buy this calendar for $1.99.

AOL World Premiere Interviewer Videos
AOL Members can now vote for the five finalists that have been chosen out of 800,000 people to attend the World Premiere of ROTK in NZ and to interview the cast. The finalist videos are up on AOL and can be viewed by typing 'Red Carpet VIP' or clicking here.

Legolas on an Air Plane!
From Marian: TV3 reports (tonight 15th Nov) that Air New Zealand has painted another plane in LOTR colours. This one features Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom near the tail of the plane. The plane is on its way to LA and will operate out of LA for the next 4 months.

POTC Sequel Spoiler
From darkhorizons.com: Wednesday night I was at the launch of the Australian in Hollywood exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra and had a chance to talk to Geoffrey Rush who was opening the photo exhibition. I asked him what he was up to next and he told me that while there are going to be two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, he'd probably only be back for number two. He told me that the next film and his character's return would have something to do with Voodoo magic.

Studio Photos
Bonnie sent in some photos she won off of ebay, one that we've only seen in thumbnail form, and nice large versions of the "wet" photos. (1, 2, 3, 4)

New ROTK Poster
Allposters.com has some new Return of the King posters, including this one with Legolas. They also have a ROTK calendar for $12.99.

Men in blouses?
From The Denver Post: It's been a good year for men in blouses. The puffy white pirate shirt deserves a best supporting ambiguous garment nomination, after what it's done for Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the megahit "Pirates of the Caribbean," and what it's about to do for Russell Crowe et al. in "Master and Commander."

ROTK Premiere in the Philippines
From trunkz: The tickets for The Return of the King premiere in the Philippines are now on sale. You can buy it in the Sm Megamall for Php800 and Php 500 respectively. The premiere would be on Dec. 21 because regular screenings happen late December/ early January. The University of the Philippines will be having a premiere on the following day, Dec. 22.

Woolworths ROTK Promotion
From Emma: Woolworths (UK) have a promotion on where you get a free ROTK beaker when you buy a £2.99 pic n mix. The beaker is quite nice.. it has holograms on it of all the major characters including Legolas. :)

ROTK Premiere Competitions
From Sarah: There is a competition to go to the Return of the King Premiere (London) in J17 (UK).
From Clare: In this month's WHO weekly magazine (Aus), you can win a trip to the ROTK world premiere in Wellington and the exclusive after-party.

Ned Kelly in London
From Annie: Ned Kelly is screening at the Prince Charles Cinema near Leicester Square in London on Monday 17th at 1PM (matinee). It is also showing at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton at 1:30PM on Sunday (16th).

Mention in The Brains Trust Story
From Annie: The Brains Trust, a UK based satirical website (it's a bit like The Onion) has a spoof story about Jessica Lynch suggesting that her planned marriage is a Hollywood stunt. Guess who the proposed groom is?

WAM! Movie News
From Caitlin: On WAM! (US) there is a program called "WAM! Movie news with Fred: Holiday Season" that has a long clip from the LOTR and interviews but none with Orlando. Times: 4am, 1:30pm, and 7:34pm Nov. 15, and 10:30pm Nov. 17.

ROTK Trading Cards in Picnic Bars
From Clare: Inside share bags of picnic bars (Aus) you can collect ROTK trading cards.

Teenpeople.com Poll
From Nikki: At Teenpeople.com there is a poll on "Top 10 Stars You'd Like to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner" and Orlando is one of them.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah (15), Judy (15) from her best friend Beth, and Sierra (14) from her best friend Addie.
Happy Belated Birthday to Mickel (15) and Lissie (14).

  Friday, November 14
M Magazine Scan
Laura sent in a scan of the poster in the December issue of M magazine (US).

Elle Scans
Here are scans of the article and photo in the December issue of Elle (US).

Empire Awards
Voting for the 2004 Empire Awards has now begun at Empire Online.

Fan Encounter
Rachel sent in her fan encounter from the London premiere of POTC.

Graham Norton Clip
The Graham Norton site has posted a video clip of Orlando from the show talking about his favorite vegetable.

POTC Posters at Woolworths
From Katie: Woolworths (UK) are selling Pirates of the Caribbean posters: a Will Turner poster and a theatrical poster.

London Big Issue
From kt4orli4eva: There is a short LOTR review in the London Big Issue and it mentions Orli a fair bit.

Jeopardy Question
From Chia: There was a question on Jeopardy (US) last night that said, "Pepe Le Pew and Keith Richards was the inspiration for this actor's portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean" - the answer was obviously Johnny Depp.

TTT: EE Clips on E! News Live
From Lei: Thursday the 13th there was a clip of Orli talking about how he did the horse trick in the warg fight on the way to Helms Deep (as in how they filmed it and then blended the digital shot) as a special preview for the Two Towers Extended Edition DVD on E! News Live. The show will repeat at noon today.

Blond Magazine
From ?: The November 21 issue of "Blond" magazine (Germany) will have an article about Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Harriet (13), Violet from her mate Haz, and Jena (17) from her friends Kelly and Katie.

  Thursday, November 13
Johnny Vaughan Show Transcript
claddagh at ka-Bloom posted a link to a transcript and screencaps of Orlando's appearance on The Johnny Vaughan Show back in January of 2002.

Orlando to Attend Master and Commander Screening?
Posted by LadyMarmalade at ka-Bloom: From this week's OK magazine (UK): MONDAY NOVEMBER 17: The Prince of Wales, Russell Crowe, Orlando Bloom, Sophie Anderton, Richard E Grant and Mark Owen attend the charity screening of Russell's film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World at the Odeon Leicester Square.

Studio Photos
Elf Lady posted these studio photos sent to her by Beatriz. They were taken in August of 2003. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

(semi) Cheap Midsomer Murders DVD
From Sandra: Deep Discount DVDs has the Midsomer Murders DVDs: Set 1 - $35.98, Set 2 - $35.98 Deep Discount DVDs has free shipping. I've bought from them several times and they are great.

Legolas Postcards
TORN has posted two Legolas Return of the King postcards soon to be released on German site, www.closeup.de.

New Fan Vid
Sonia has made a new Orlando music video titled You're Still You. It's bloody brilliant, go watch it now!

Repeat of Film 2003
From Jake: Last night (Tuesday 11th) on Film 2003 (BBC1 - UK) the trailer for Troy was shown right at the end of the programme. The programme will be repeated this Saturday on BBC2 at lunchtime.

New Official Legolas Desktop
The official LOTR site has added new desktop images from The Two Towers Extended Edition, including one of Legolas.

Orlando Photo for UK Mobiles
From Jude: In the December edition of Bliss magazine (UK), on the bag page, there is an advert for logos and ringtones for phones. At the bottom of the page of fanz.co.uk advertisement you can order a colour picture for your mobile phone of Orlando! It's for mobiles who have a colour screens and are for nokias, sony ericssons, sharps, and samsungs.

From Adrianne: Yesterday, (Nov 11) TORn posted a review of TTT EE DVD from the Washington Post. I thought Orlando fans would be especially interested in this little part she wrote: "Most Drool-Inducing Bonus Point: Listen up, ladies. On disc four, in the "Warriors of the Third Age" feature, viewers are treated to shots of Orlando Bloom wearing a tank top and practicing his swordplay. Forget the ring. That's what I call "precious"."
Also, if anyone is interested, the price for all seven pieces of the 'Legolas' costume being sold at Museum Replicas.com, which includes the silver shirt in 100% raw silk polyester, the pants, the suede overtunic, the leather belt, the leather wrist bands, the suede boots and the Elven cloak, is $695.65 including shipping.

The Big Read on UK TV
There's a TV show called 'The Big Read' on Saturday 15th November in the UK on BBC2 at 9:15pm. It's about the book 'Lord of the Rings', so I'm thinking they could possibly show footage of one of the films and maybe Orlando will be in it but I'm really not sure.

Dream Poster at Wal-Mart
From Sandra: Wal-Mart has the Orlando Bloom Dream poster for $3.95.

Billy of Good Charlotte is a POTC Fan
From Lualgal: On the official Good Charlotte website under Billy's profile it says: "Go see "Pirates of the Caribbean", it rules!"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lucy, and to Jacque (15) from Adelaide.

  Wednesday, November 12
Photos from Wellington
TORN has posted photos taken around Wellington, NZ, of a huge Legolas stamp banner and a giant version of his arrow sticking out of a building!

Film Review Scans
Tanya sent in scans for the TTT and POTC DVD Reviews in the December issue of Film Review (UK).

ROTK Video Game Screencap
Here's a screencap of Legolas from the ROTK game for Gameboy Advanced.

Photo in The Vancouver Province
From Angelina: In Tuesday's (Nov.11) issue of The Vancouver Province newspaper they reported on Orlando's signing in "Haven". A great, recent picture accompanied the article.

LOTR Pinball Machine
There is a Lord of the Rings Pinball machine being released this month, costing $4,295.

ROTK Preview in Starlog Magazine
Fropm Lauren: There's a huge preview (24 pages worth) of Return of the King in the February 2004, Fantasy Worlds #3 issue of Starlog magazine (US). Aragorn is on the cover, there's a TTT Extended Edition DVD ad on the back, and it includes interviews with Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Andy Serkis, and Miranda Otto. Apparently it's part of an ongoing series of ROTK features, so to speak, with interviews of other cast members in the next few issues due out early next month. Unfortunately, Orlando's interview was in the Fantasy Worlds #1 issue, but there are 3 pics of Legolas in this one, and one of Orlando on a 2-page spread of individual cast member pics. Lots of pics from TTT and ROTK of various characters.

Imagenes Magazine Article
For those who know Spanish, Mary sent in a scan of an article from 'Imagenes' (Spain). It's part of an article called 'Young Hollywood' that also has some other young actors and actresses like Keira Knightley, Hayden Christensen, Kate Bosworth, James Franco and more.

MSN Messenger Themes
MSN has posted new MSN Messenger ROTK themes. Legolas is the most downloaded!

Movie Star Scan
Elf Lady posted this scan from the December issue of Movie Star (Japan), sent to her by Aki.

Muse Magazine
Robert from musefanpage.com sent in this link that has info on the November/December issue of Muse magazine that features articles on LOTR.

Troy and ROTK Trailers
Ashley saw the Troy trailer before Matrix Revolutions in Canada and Deirdre saw it before Seabiscuit in the UK.
From Jessica: I just saw the TROY trailer at the end of "Film ab" on German TV. It will be shown again on Saturday at 11.30 am on VIVA.
Kat saw both trailers before Matrix Revolutions in Hamburg, Germany. Amanda-Michael saw the ROTK trailer before Elf in Toronto.

ROTK in Tokyo
Roz from rusted-faith.net: The RoTK trailer is now being shown here in Tokyo. It was introduced with the Matrix Revolutions last week. They give out monthly pamphlets about the movies that are coming and are currently being shown. This month's pamphlet is in a RoTK theme. It basically talks about the release of the movie and has the showtimes for The Two Towers and Fellowship of the Ring on TV. They are selling replicas of Aragorn's ring and The One Ring. There's also a little leaflet they give you that you can fill out and submit for a chance to win a copy of The Two Towers special extended DVD set.

Midsomer Murders on DVD
From Kristine: I received the new Britannia catelog in the mail yesterday (sells PBS and A&E shows)and "Midsomer Murder Mysteries" Set 2 DVD contains "Judgement Day". You get 4 episodes for about $60.00.
From Christianne: A&E has released the second series of Midsomer Murders on DVD. Unfortunately, it looks like they have not released the episode on its own, so anyone wanting the episode will have to shell out $60 for the whole set. Amazon has it cheaper at just over $50, or it can be bought even cheaper from an alternate seller via Amazon.

  Tuesday, November 11
Dream Poster Scan
Bonnie posted a large scan of the Dream poster at ka-Bloom, sent to her by §fyre.

Legolas Topps Card
From Leanne: Topps cards in Pascal sweets have hit the shelves (in Woolworth's and Coles - Canberra, Australia), and here's Legolas.

More on Blooper Programme in UK
From Jess: The blooper programme Orlando might be on is on at 8:30 on Channel 5 on Sunday 16th November in the UK. It is called Movie Mistakes Uncovered Uncut.

Demi Magazine
From Auroora: Orlando is mentioned in this month's Demi (Finland) twice; In the editorial the chief editor says: "When the mind is sick, it certainly won't get better by watching Orlando Bloom's handsome picture on the wall..." Later in the magazine there is a Love Actually competition and the
question is "What do the movies Love Actually and Pirates of the Caribbean have in common?" Choices are a) Hugh Grant is in both b) Keira Knightley is in both c) Orlando Bloom is in both
Also, in the poems section there is a Middle Earth poem and the writer's pseudonym is Orlanda. There is article about Liv Tyler and Miranda Otto and the Return of the King but no mention of Orlando.

POTC Coupon with Finding Nemo
From Emily: Some cases in the US, Finding Nemo has a $3 POTC DVD coupon attached to the box.

ROTK Soundtrack Preview
You can listen to preview clips from the Return of the King soundtrack at soundtrack.net.

ROTK and Troy Trailers
Marta saw the ROTK trailer before Underworld, and the Troy trailer before Matrix Revolutions in Barcelona, Spain. Amaunet saw the Troy trailer before Matrix Revolutions at the Kaptol Centar Teathre in Croatia.

PCPlay Mag in Croatia
From Amaunet of Forever Orlando Bloom: There are a few pics of Orlando as Legolas in the new PCPlay mag in Croatia. They were posted in a preview ROTK article.
This tuesday in Zagreb, Croatia, there will be an Info-fair. They will have people wearing LOTR costumes, and giving free gifts like figurines and posters, and also they set up this little elvish looking bar where they will show FOTR and TTT extended all day long!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Hattie (15) from her friend Emily, Christina (11), and Courtney (14).
Happy Belated Birthday to Melissa (17) from her friend Jen.

  Monday, November 10
Graham Norton Transcript
Lucy has typed up a transcript of Orlando on V Graham Norton.

UK TV Alerts
From Jane: On next week's Film 2003, with Jonathan Ross, BBC2 10:40, Tues, they have guaranteed Orli will be in it. Also he is possibly on a blooper program on Channel 5 at 8:30, which features LotR.

Break Out Girl Scans
Sila posted these scans from the latest Break Out Girl (The Netherlands). (1 & 2)

LOTR Costumes
From Chrissy of dominicmonaghan.org: Museum Replica is now the official reproducer of LOTR costumes. These are not Halloween grade costumes, but real clothing. They have the ENTIRE Legolas outfit for sale .. v.high quality :)

Bop Poster Scan
Sheryl sent in a scan of the 4 page foldout poster in the December issue of Bop (US).

Pavement Magazine
From Amy: The most recent issue of Pavement (NZ) has a photo of Orlando. They had printed a big bunch of photos of lots of famous people. There's also a photo of Peter Jackson.

From Robin: Today in the Wisconsin State Journal Toys R Us flyer they announced that you can pre-order POTC for $5.00 down and get a movie poster too while supplies last.
From Mary: According to the magazine Stop, which you get with Cinemania magazine, the POTC DVD won't come out in Spain till February.

VH1-Big in 2003
From Nefeldaiel: Just a little note to tell you that on the VH1-Big in 2003, POTC is #3 and LOTR is #4 on the top ten list!! Also, at Hot Topic, you can buy Legolas and POTC related pins for 1.99.

Famous Players Theatre in BC
From Angelina: I was at Famous Players' Silvercity Riverport theatre yesterday in Richmond, British Columbia and they have signs reporting that they will be screening the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings movies starting Tuesday, December 16. You can buy tickets for it now. They also have pics from LotR on their popcorn buckets but sadly, Legolas is not featured.
Also, in the movie theatre's magazine "Famous", they have an interview with Keira Knightley where they ask her if she prefers Orlando or Johnny. She says, "Got to go for Johnny. Don't tell him that. But I've got to go for Johnny. His bone structure's not bad." There is also a fairly large article about the Return of the King video game near the back of the magazine.

Swedish and Serbian Magazines
From Jovana: Orli was in OKEY (Sweden) nr.8 (poster and an article about potc), nr.9 (poster and an article about him and his look) and nr.10 (poster). He was also in Veckans Nu! (Sweden) nr.16 (there was some pics of him and Kate) plus there is some old info in Frida.
Also, in the current issue of HUPER (Serbia) there is a giant poster of him (and they also had one giant poster of Legolas, one giant of Will, and 3 or 4 more of just him). In one old article from the London premiere of POTC, a Serbian journalist got to meet him. There are some new pics, and the journalist asked him some things about LOTR and POTC. The journalist asked him if he is ever going to come to Serbia and he said if the weather was ok and if he had time that he is going to come because he loves to meet different pe
ople and see different cultures.

Troy and ROTK Trailers
From JJ: Both the Troy and ROTK trailer were played at EGV cinema in Bangkok, Thailand before the movie Matrix Revolutions.
And for the third time :), the trailers are being shown before Matrix Revolutions in the US as well.

German Magazines
Posted by Marny at ka-Bloom:
Glamour, # 25/03 - There's an article about celebrities who wear talisman (sp?). Among others, there's a picture of Orlando (from the POTC premiere) and the text reads: "Orlando Bloom collects necklaces on his travels. The jade stone is a gift he got from Billy Boyd while shooting LOTR, the key belongs to hand-cuffs from the New York police (oho!)".
Bravo Girl, # 24, has the picture from the Teen Read Week poster and a couple of other pictures with another 'First...' article (first record, first kiss..).
Starplanet, a new teen magazine, has an article with photos about Orlando similar to the one Bravo had a couple of weeks ago - the one where "Orlando shows his world". It has the same sort of info (my private life, my idols, my music...).
Spot On, a magazine for learning English, has this article about Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sammi (14) from her friend Chelsea, Minna (23), Sivie (17), and Paige (15).

  Sunday, November 9
Daily Telegraph Article
Michelle sent in this article on The Kingdom of Heaven from the Saturday spy section of the Daily Telegraph.

Wendy Idele Photos
Bonnie posted these new/old photos at ka-Bloom, by Wendy Idele. (1, 2, 3)

Article on Haven
From Lauren: In my local newspaper (Cayman Islands) it had an article about the movie, but it didn't mention Orlando by name:

In the newest Frankie Flowers film, due to start filming in Cayman on 17 November, a number of high profile young actors have been cast as locals and residents. Unlike the film's two high profile actors Gabriel Byrne and Bill Paxton, Frankie wishes to keep them anonymous as long as possible, so they can "move freely on the island and really experience the culture".
That's just a snippet from the whole article but the rest was long and boring, and based most on the director, who is a resident here.

Bliss Magazine
From Amy: Orlando was in the December issue of Bliss (UK), he won the award for 'Best Dressed Boy'. The piece is on page 59.

Juice Magazine Article
Gizmo LittleWing sent in the Orlando article from Issue 21 November 2003 of 'Juice', the student magazine from 'The Daily Telegraph'- a UK broadsheet newspaper.

Bop and M Magazines
From Alexis: In the December 2003 issue of Bop (US), there is a giant poster of Orlando. There is also a 2 page article and you can vote on which Orlando hairstyle you like the best. Orlando is also in the December 2003 issue of M magazine (US). There is a poster of him and he is on the wrapping paper in there. He is also the 6th thing that they are crazy about on page 64 and 65.

Popcorn Tins at Blockbuster
From Allie: I just went to Blockbuster and they had tin cans with POTC AND LOTR on them. There was a Legolas, and Will Turner, and a worker there had a Legolas pin on. Here are photos of the LOTR tins.

Croatian Teen Magazine
From Amaunet of Forever Orlando Bloom: Orlando is in the new (Dec) issue of TEEN magazine in Croatia. They have a 2 page interview and several photos posted. He is also on a megaposter (size of 4 mag pages) with Kiera Knightley.

Glamour Magazine
From Jessica: There is an interview with Keira Knightley in the recent issue of Glamour (Germany) in which she mentions Orlando. Keira: “Kissing scenes are very easy especially with Orlando Bloom – that wasn’t bad!” There is also a small picture showing the two of them at the London premiere of POTC.

ROTK Trailer Before Elf
Many people have reported that they saw the Return of the King trailer before the movie Elf, ironically enough.

New OBBP Auctions
There are 8 new auctions going on for the Orlando Bloom Birthday Project, that is raising money in Orlando's name for Greenpeace. You can see all the auctions here.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ashley (15) from Adelaide, and to Marcia R.

  Saturday, November 8
Entertainment Weekly
I scanned a few Orlando and ROTK bits from the Nov. 14th issue of EW (US). (1, 2, 3) Also, movie critic Lisa Schwarzbaum was asked "Have you ever panned a movie that's loved by all the other critics? Does it make you feel like maybe you just don't get it?" She responded, "Yes. Pirates of the Caribbean. I didn't get it!"

Hollywood's Hottest Hunks TV Special
Orlando will be on "Secrets of Hollywood's Hottest Hunks: An US Magazine Exclusive" on ABC Family (US) November 22 at 8 pm (eastern). You can vote for Orlando as Hottest Hunk at abcfamily.com, and write a shout out to him that may be shown on the program. Thanks to Kathleen for the info.

Troy Trailer Screencaps
I've made screencaps from the larger Quicktime version of the Troy trailer at the official site.

Troy Trailer on ET on MTV
From Caroline: If you missed Entertainment Tonight's (US) clip of Troy Wednesday night, it will be replayed on ET on MTV 11:30 am Saturday and Sunday.
ET on VH1 will be on at 3:30pm & 7pm on Saturday, and 3pm this Sunday.

POTC DVD in Australia
From Kirsty: POTC is being released to DVD in Australia on March 17th 2004. It is the 2 disc collector edition. You can pre-order it now from ezydvd.com.au

Hello Magazine Article
From Hellomagazine.com: We wanted to let you know about a news story regarding Orlando Bloom being one of the hottest singles in the UK.

POTC T-shirts at Disney Store
Posted by Judy at LOTRinfo: The Disney Store is now (finally) selling POTC shirts. They're sort of grey-ish black (faded) with Jack's skull on the front and the logo on the back. I checked the website tonight and they have a size small available to order over the Internet, but the physical stores had all adult sizes.

ROTK Premiere on SKY in NZ
From scoop.co.nz: SKY Television confirmed today that is will screen a LIVE 90 minute red carpet special from the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King world premiere in Wellington on Monday, December 1 from 5:30pm to 7pm on the SKY Movies channel.

Teen People
From Steph: In the Dec./Jan. issue of Teen People (US), the Access code for the month to get on the site is ORLANDO. They also have an ad on pg. 64 for "Pirates" out on DVD. The title reads: "Hot Pirates. Cool DVD." Also, with Keira Knightley, on pg. 72, they ask her "...What was it like kissing Orlando Bloom?" "Not bad at all!...He's gorgeous and he's got great hair and he's fun to kiss!"
Christina sent in this scan of the little Kiss and Tell bit in Keira's article.

Photo in Daily Mirror
From Joanne: There is a picture of Orlando in Friday's Daily Mirror (UK), it is in the middle of the paper and there is a small article on The Kingdom of Heaven, the title reads "Bloom Gets To Heaven".

Worst Haircut of All Time
Amanda-Michael Sapphire: On netscape.com there was an article about best and worst haircuts, Orlando was mentioned in #5 of the worst haircuts list. They called it the "Tintin Fringe" (When he had that AWESOME faux hawk thing going on, I don't know what they're talking about! I Love that haircut!) "5. Tintin Fringe This gentleman's haircut is fine on the sides but it pops up on top of the head, making the poor guy look like a cartoon character. That hasn't stopped Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, and Jude Law from sporting the look at one time or another."

New Posters
PosterNow has 2 new Orlando posters and a new Legolas poster for sale. AllPosters is now selling the Orlando Beach poster, and many of their LOTR and Orlando posters are on sale for $5.98. New Line Shop is selling a Legolas babydoll T-shirt for $16.95.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lauren (17) form her mate Lisa, and to Jennie (16) from her friend Asia Lynn bloom.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Pamela (14) from her friends, and Judy (15) from her sister Tracy.

  Thursday, November 6
Orlando to Star in and Co-produce "Haven"
From hollywoodreporter.com:
Orlando Bloom is set to star in and co-produce the crime drama "Haven" alongside co-stars Bill Paxton and Gabriel Byrne for El Camino Pictures and helmer Frank E. Flowers, who is making his feature debut on the project. Joy Bryant, Victor Rasuk and Anthony Mackie also are on board to star in "Haven," with shooting scheduled to begin this month in the Cayman Islands. From a script by Flowers, "Haven" takes place over the course of one weekend as two shady businessmen (Paxton and Byrne) flee to the Cayman Islands to avoid prosecution from the federal government. Their escape ignites a chain reaction that leads Bloom, a British native, to commit a crime that has enormous implications.
Here's a similar news article from Variety posted by Stacie at the LOTRinfo group.

Troy! Oh Boy!
The teaser trailer for Troy is now online at Yahoo Movies. The official site is also up, with a few new production photos and info on the movie.
A lot of people have written in saying they saw the Troy trailer, as well as the ROTK trailer, before Matrix Revolutions. Adrianne said: The trailer for RoTK was shown first and the audience literally cheered at the begining and the end. When the trailer for Troy was shown and Orlando showed up on screen, and in the credits, all the woman cheered.

BIFA Photos
I've added more photos from the British Independent Film Awards. Thanks to Guitarchick at ka-Bloom for the WireImage photos.

Hello Article
Hellomagazine.com has a small article on Orlando at the British Independent Film Awards.

Tatler Article
Posted by Nefret at ka-Bloom: The UK society Magazine 'Tatler' has just come out ( this is a sort of combination of 'W'; 'Vanity Fair' and 'Town and Country') and they've done the annual 'Little Black Book' - this is their list of the 200 most eligible men and women in the UK, which gets a fair bit of publicity every year! It's not a list of celebs but an all-around 'society' list - celebs are included only if they are deemed important in 'wider social' sense. They list the top ten in order of importance - and Orlando is no 1!! (He knocked last year's no 1, Prince Harry, off his pedestal!)
According to the editor 'Bloom is the name, face, body and mind all women would seem to feel happy having on their arm.' Elsewhere, it also designated Orlando as being the one who 'will make Middle Earth move for you'!

Mention on Jo Whiley
From Susan: Orlando was mentioned on Jo Whiley's show on Radio One (UK) yesterday. They spoke about how they tried to interview him at the independent film awards, but he wasn't interested. They also said however that they'd had him on the show before and how lovely he was.

Total Film Scans
Tanya sent in these scans from the December issue of Total Film (UK), of a TTT DVD review and a humorous Abridged Script of POTC.

ROTK Trailer on German TV
From Jessica: I saw the trailer for ROTK on TV (Germany) after the cinema show "Film ab". I think they will repeat the show on Saturday at noon or something like that.

Film 2003
From Michelle: Last night (4th november) on Film 2003 (UK) they said they will be showing bits of Troy next week on Tuesday at 10:40 pm and should include Orlando in it to!

New ROTK Photos
War of the Ring has posted scans from the The Return of the King Visual Companion.

Teen People
From Emily: Orlando is mentioned in the Dec./Jan. issue of Teen People (US) for... his role in ROTK- very small but it's still there on pg62, and then again on what he thinks of Keira Knightley- also a small picture on pg72. It says: What makes Keira sexy? "She's sweet, talented, and very beautiful. She's going to go the distance. She was only 17 (when she worked on pirates) which I couldn't believe. What did you think of her Pirates costume? "The corset number? You can keep the corset thank you! She looked beautiful, though, but I think she would look beautiful in anything."

From Steph: In October 17th's issue of Scope (which is a reading/writing classroom magazine US), with Beyonce on the cover, they have a play all about JRR Tolien's life. It tells you how his ideas came to him. They briefly mention the Lord of the Rings. You can't buy it in store, but your teacher may have it.

Girlfriend and TV Hits
From Anon: In Australia's Girlfriend magazine (December issue 2003) Orlando came out top in the 2003 Gossip Girl Wwards for hottest heart-throb! There is also a poster of Orlando from the POTC film - wet look. In the Australian TV Hits magazine there is also an article on Orlando and a poster of him at the LOTR premiere here in Sydney for the first installment!

LOTR Merchandise at K-mart in NZ
From Amanda: At K-mart in New Zealand they are selling lots of LOTR items. Don't know exactly what sort of stuff there is with Legolas apart from a Legolas pencil case that was advertised in the paper.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Christina (15) from Adelaide.
Happy Belated Birthday to Emma (16) from her friend Michelle.

  Wednesday, November 5
Creme Magazine Scans
Marian sent in these scans from the November issue of Creme (New Zealand). (1, 2, 3, 4) There was also an article, but it was the same one that was in Wetherspoon.

New Idea Magazine
From Marian: There was a mention in last week's issue of New Idea (Aus/NZ). The quote is from Brad Pitt who tells of some words of wisdom that he imparted to Orlando. They are "I told him to keep his pants on!" The photo of Orli is a face shot from the Lili Claire benefit evening.

Orlando at British Independent Film Awards
Orlando attended The British Independent Film Awards at Po Na Na nightclub in west London Tuesday Nov. 4th. The BIFA's are in their sixth year and are dedicated to raising the profile of the independent film industry. Sir Ian McKellen took the Variety UK personality award which recognises the career of a British actor who has had a huge international profile.
Here's a photo from Yahoo News.

V Graham Norton Video Clip
Sez has passed along a clip made by Vern, of Orlando's appearance on V Graham Norton. It is too large for me to post in it's entirety, so I will be making smaller clips and adding them one at a time. The first clip is of Graham reading a thread on the In Bloom message board. Warning, there is some swearing.

Russian Vogue Scans
Infernal Angel sent in the article and new/old photos by Lorenzo Agius from the November issue of Russian Vogue. (1, 2, 3)

Troy Video From Italian TV
From Raffie of bloomingfans.com: On a local Italian TV News they showed short footage of Troy, where you can see Orli standing in front of Helen and also a very quick scene where you can see a kiss between Paris and Helen. You can see the footage online on that TV News site, here. It's streaming and I'm afraid it'll be offline tomorrow, or even sooner (I guess they update the site whenever they show the News on TV). In short the comment on the footage says that Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana star in the movie, talks a bit about the plot (for example there will be no gods, only humans) and says that Troy is only one of the many historical Motion Pictures from these years, a series that started with the Gladiator. Finally they talk briefly about old Italian epic movies.

Super Scans
Elodie sent in this photo from the November issue of Super (France). Here is a scan of the interview, and from what I could read, it sounds fake. There was also this poster, but she could only scan this part of it.

Sneak Scans
LiL PiPPi BLooM sent in these scans from this week's Sneak (UK). (1, 2, 3)

Czech BRAVO Girl
From Michaela: In last week's issue of Czech BRAVO Girl! there was a large Orli poster, but it wasn't a new pic. Orli was also mentioned in an article with photos of famous people when they were children.

ROTK Kids Clothing at Woolworths
Sharlyn sent in this photo of some ROTK/Legolas kids' undies and socks that she bought at her local Woolworths store (UK). They also had ROTK pants and vests.

ET Online Poll
From Rosie: The ET site has a poll asking which upcoming epic movie you will be standing in line for. ROTK is ahead with 49%.

Troy Video From Italian TV
From Raffie of bloomingfans.com: On a local Italian TV News they showed short footage of Troy, where you can see Orli standing in front of Helen and also a very quick scene where you can see a kiss between Paris and Helen. You can see the footage online on that TV News site, here. It's streaming and I'm afraid it'll be offline tomorrow, or even sooner (I guess they update the site whenever they show the News on TV). In short the comment on the footage says that Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana star in the movie, talks a bit about the plot (for example there will be no gods, only humans) and says that Troy is only one of the many historical Motion Pictures from these years, a series that started with the Gladiator. Finally they talk briefly about old Italian epic movies.

  Tuesday, November 4
Graham Norton Backstage Photo
The official Graham Norton site has posted this backstage photo of Orlando from Friday's show.

"Shoot for the Stars" Photos
The Sony Ericsson site has posted the photos that Orlando took with a camera phone for Sony Ericsson's "Shoot for the Stars". The project was created to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. Twelve of the celebrities' images will be auctioned off on Thursday, November 13 at a star-studded charity event in Los Angeles with the proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

Sunday Telegraph Article
Michelle sent in scans and the article about Britain's top 500 earners for 2003 from November 2nd's Sunday Telegraph Magazine (UK).
From thisislondon.co.uk: Six footballers are among the ten best-paid under 30-year-olds, a new study of Britain's top earners reveals. ... Actor Orlando Bloom, who played the elf Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings films, is No.5.

Troy on Entertainment Tonight
From ETonline.com: November 4, 2003: We're counting down to 'Troy,' BRAD PITT's new movie. JENNIFER ANISTON's hubby plays Achilles in the epic alongside fellow hottie ORLANDO BLOOM. On Wednesday's ET we've got the world exclusive premiere of the action-packed trailer!

Shout Magazine
From Becca: Orlando is in the Shout (UK) Christmas issue, in a poster, on the back cover.

Blunt Review Interview
Dairwendan from ka-Bloom posted this link to bluntreview.com of an interview with Orlando as well as a video clip from the POTC premiere.

Sugar Magazine
From Claire: In Sugar magazine (UK) in the December issue there is a massive Orlando poster, and on page 14 entitled "Over to You" My letter has been printed under the subtitle "Ned Kelly Rules".

POTC UK DVD Release Date
A few days ago I posted that the WHSmith catalogue stated that the POTC DVD was released on November 18th in the UK. Emma who works at WHSmiths wrote in to say that the date was a mistake, and it is being released on the 1st of December.

LOTR Weekend on STARZ
From Steph: On the Starz main movie Channel, they have a 'teaser' commercial for a "Lord of the Rings Weekend". The commercial can be seen between movies, before a new movie starts. The movie weekend is planned from Dec. 19-21. They don't give any more info, just clips from the movies.

Manchester Metro Article
From Emma: Orlando was in Friday's (Oct 31st) issue of Manchester Metro (free newspaper in manchester). The heading is "Phwor-lando" and it says:

Arrow-shooting elf Orlando Bloom has landed the lead in Ridley Scott's mega-budget blockbuster Kingdom Of Heaven. Bloom, who once said: 'I know I'm good-looking, otherwise I wouldn't have all these girls screaming at me,' will star as a medieval knight who joins The Crusades and falls in love with a princess. 'This will be more spectacular than Gladiator,' says an insider. 'It's definitely Oscar-winning material.' Quite a departure from the forthcoming low-budget Brit-flick in which he plays a milkman.
There's also a pic of him in a suit.

Mykindaplace.com Halloween Game
From Steph: On mykindaplace.com, they have a section called House of Horrors. You need to be a member to play. They cover up a celeb in a bad Halloween costume. The first pic is of Orlando Bloom in a vampire's outfit.

Orlando Look-a-like on AOL
From Anthoula: You can rate an Orlando look-a-like at aol.com.

Teenpeople.com Astromatch Game
From Clare: If you play the astromatch game on Teenpeople.com, you select your sign and choose a celebrity to see if you are compatible with him. Orlando is one of the celebs.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jen, and to Elif (38) from her daughter Dez.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Ashley-Rose Cliffe (16).

  Sunday, November 2
Possible Graham Norton Repeat
From Lizzi: At 1.55 am tonight or Monday morning, there's a look back on the previous week of Graham Norton shows, and as the Halloween special had Orlando on, I think he may be on again.
Also, Minna in the UK is trying to find someone who could make a copy of Friday's Graham Norton for her. Please contact her at minttu80@seabreeze.co.uk

Very Graham Norton Screencaps
Lucy has made some screencaps from Friday's show. I'm still looking for someone to make video clips.

Trilogy Tuesday in Canada
TORN has posted some info about Trilogy Tuesday in Canada.

TV Alerts
I've updated the TV Guide with programs in the US, Canada, France and Romania.

Twist Magazine
From Stef: In the Oct./Nov. issue of Twist (US), there's an article on the top 10 most romantic people in Hollywood. Orli got a romance rating of 9 out of 10. The weeny article says that he flew around the world to see his girl once, and about the Irish girl that he sent plane tickets to so that she could come visit him in London. The mag said that of course she did. They also said that they'd fly anywhere for Orlando. There was a super pic with it too.

Hello Poll
From Josephine: Orlando is currently #1 at Hello magazine's most attractive man of the month poll.

Photo on Teenpeople.com
From Nikki: At teenpeople.com there's a Star Tracks special on Orlando other celebrity sightings.

Romanian Bravo Girl and TV Alert
From Andrea: There's a POSTER of Orlando and a small article in the Romanian Bravo Girl mag (last issue- 21.10). The article is about Orli’s most embarrassing moment and it says: "While filming LOTR something really embarrassing happened to me: the crew thought I needed a stunt for the riding scenes! Of course I considered that totally uncool and I insisted in doing my own scenes. Yeah, well when we shot the first scene, I got on the horse and it suddenly sat down! Of course I lost my balance and I ended up in the mud! The whole crew gathered around me, worrying! Because I was in pain, I was taken to a hospital just in case. Diagnosis: A broken rib! Even more embarrassing was the fact that I had to be taken care of the whole day, like a baby!" There is also a photo of Orlando.
Also, 'Black Hawk Down' will be playing sunday, 02.11 at 21:00 and again on wednesday the 5th (same hour) on the Romanian HBO.

MUSE Magazine
From Gina: The November/December issue of MUSE is entirely dedicated to the LOTR! They have an article on how to speak Elvish properly, behind the scenes of the LOTR, and lots of other COOL stuff!

UK ROTK Competition and POTC DVD
From Haz: I went shopping today and went in HSBC bank and there were leaflets with a competition to Win a VIP trip to Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King UK premiere for two adults and two children. All you have to do is write why you think you should see it first in 10 words and you have to have an active account woth £10 in it, the competition is for 11-15 year olds.
Then I went in WHSmith and in their Gift Guide Mag in the movie page it shows POTC DVD & VHS and says it's available 17 November. It says that LOTR TTT Extended version is out 18 November.

Orlando Mention on Hulk DVD
From Lualgal: On the first disk of the Hulk DVD in the special features, click on the cast & director bios, then on Eric Bana and go to the third page. It says: "The actor also recently started production on the Wolfgang Peterson-directed epic, Troy, in which he plays Hector, prince of Troy. The film, also starring Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Sean Bean, is based on the epic poetry of Homer (the Illiad and the Odyssey) and is set to be released in 2004."

LOTR Stamps Info in West Australian
From Nadia: I was reading the West Australian today and in the games and information section there was a part on stamps. It says: New Zealand will release the last series of six stamps in the Lord of the Rings series on Wednesday. The stamps illustrate scenes from the movie with 80c stamp depicting the hobbit Frodo and the 90c stamp showing Merry and Pippin. It says that the stamps along with self-adhesive booklet will be available in stores soon. It has a picture of the Frodo and Legolas stamps, Legolas is the 40c stamp. You can buy them here.

ROTK Poster in Herald Sun
From Clare: I was flipping through the Sunday Herald Sun (Australia) and found a giant ROTK poster featuring Aragorn. The Aragorn poster is the 1st of a 3-poster set, which you can collect over the next 2 weeks. There's also a competition to win a trip to the ROTK world premiere.

LOTR Gift Cards at Hollywood Video
From Caroline: I just wanted to let you know that Hollywood Video (in the US) is selling LOTR gift cards. There is one with the whole cast, and one with Gollum, and there might be more but those are the only ones @ the store I work at.

POTC on Family Feud
From Becki: On Friday nights episode of "Family Feud" the host, Richard Karn, was introduced as Captain Richard Sparrow, and he had on all the pirate clothes and had a red bandanna on his head and beads and braids in his hair, like Jack Sparrow. He said, "ever since Pirates of the Caribbean, my brother Jack has been so bad". And throughout the whole show he would move his hands like Jack did and flip his hair out of his face and stuff.

ROTK King Game Offer
From Tricia: Here's a link from gamestop.com, that I got in an email from EA Games and it's an offer for the ROTK game for all game consoles. They are offering free glossy photos with your pre-order, but the thing is that the pictures are picked randomly. I think this offer is exclusively for the EA site.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nani (26) from her friend Simon.

  Saturday, November 1
Mix and Demi Scans
Auroora sent in a scan of a sticker from the latest Mix (Finland), as well as this photo and article. Here is Auroora's translation:
Orlando Bloom laughs at the claim that he is dating Kate Bosworth, even if they have been spotted together often. "Who said she's my girlfriend? We did one commercial together (my note: how on earth do they invent all these quotes?). Kate is a really sweet girl, but I don't want to talk more about this kind of private matters. In this industry you have to make a ten meter wide wall around your heart to protect your love, or it happens to you as it happened to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck", Orlando points out and makes everyone believe that there really is nothing going on between the stars...
From Auroora: This scan is from this month's (October) Demi (Finland). Orlando was in their picture of the month and the small article says:
Forget the shy prince William. Or the partying prince Harry. This is Orlando, Great Britain's actual successor to the throne. What other Brit gets as many worshipful glances as Orli with his four new movies? Who else advertises England better? Tony Blair? No! It's hard to say what is best about Orlando. Those eyes, that hair? Maybe his fluent movements and sensitive acting? Hearts drop at least from his romance: "I flew once to Dubai just to hang out with a girl. And once I had fallen for a girl and I sent a plane ticket for her to come from Ireland to London so that she could come to me. And she came," Orlando, 26, has revealed to Hello! magazine.
In November's Demi there will be a Return of the King poster and probably something else about the movie too. But those who haven't read the books and don't know the story, be warned, because in this month's Demi and September's Demi there were articles about the movie, and without any warning they just told what's going to happen.

V. Graham Norton
Orlando was on the V. Graham Norton Halloween special last night in the UK. From Becca: They said how it was his third time on the show and that he has over a million sites about him now. He was talking about ROTK and his stunts but mainly it was just chatting and a few audience games. You can read more about the show at ka-Bloom, and the Legolas ROTK spoiler Orlando let slip at TORN. If anyone can make screencaps or video from the show, please contact me!

Samantha's Fan Encounters
Samantha sent in her fan encounters and photos from the Hollywood Film Awards and The Two Towers premiere.

Orlando to Attend Danish ROTK Premiere
From teenhollywood.com: Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen will be joined by his castmates and the Queen of Denmark at a royal premiere of Return of the King in Copenhagen. Director Peter Jackson helped the Danish actor round up the fantasy trilogy's cast for the event as a special favor, after Mortensen missed a family Christmas last year because he was
keeping up with the hectic promotional schedule for second installment The Two Towers. The proud Dane, who religiously visits his homeland twice a year, is delighted that big stars Liv Tyler, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellen have agreed to make the trip. He enthuses, "The entire cast will attend the premiere in Copenhagen on December 14th. I look forward to showing the cast members and Peter Jackson Copenhagen. "Also it is fantastic that I can now introduce my friends from the cast to Queen Margrethe. This is huge for all of us and an honor for me."

Empire Magazine
From Pheny: In the December issue of the UK Empire magazine, the Status Report part of the magazine has a little snippet on Kingdom of Heaven. It says:

"Such big-budget historical epics as Troy and the two Alexander projects can all be traced back to one film: Gladiator. To go one better, Sir Ridley Scott is prepping Kingdom of Heaven, a tale set in the Crusades. 'I'm budgeted and I'm ready to go on January 12th. And it's huge,' he told Pipeline. 'I have to build Jerusalem.' And who better to star than Orlando Bloom, who is tipped to take the lead role of Salaq Ul-Hul. 'Ul-Hul, by all reports, was the whitest Knight of all, the most reliable,' says Scott. Sounds like Orlando to us."
Also in Empire, Legolas's hairstyle has been rated the fourth worst movie hairstyle: "Now we're not suggesting for one moment that Peter Jackson's trilogy is anything other than a stunning piece of cinema. It is, of course, one of the most accomplished, brilliant film trilogies ever made, a masterpiece which is set to conclude in spectacular style with The Return of the King in just a few short weeks, and which will obviously be regarded as a modern classic for many years, nay decades, to come. None of this, however, detracts from the fact that Legolas the Elf, for all his bravery and battle prowess, has hair like a girl. It's sleek, it's silver-sheened, and it's *so* not good a look."

OK Magazine
From Hatz n Alex: There is a small piccie of Orlando Bloom at the back of the magazine OK. It's just a little piece saying that he won Best Breakthrough Act - Male Performer at the Hollywood Award Gala Ceremony at Beverley Hills!

Mmore Magazine Poll
From pink_lashes: At moremagazine.co.uk, you can vote for Orlando as the Celebrity Man of the Year.

Sick of Orlando?
From Angela of music247online.com: Just a little article on the BBC Films site, seems that someone isn't happy that the news about OB leads on their site.

Elle Girl
From Alexis: Orlando is mentioned in the November/December issue of Elle Girl (US). He is the online poll winner for celebrity date. There is a small picture of him there. It is on page 124 on the lower right.

Epson Printer ROTK Offer
From trunkz: Buy any Epson printer and you'll get a Lord of the rings (Return of the King) backpack absolutely free! I think they have Legolas and Aragorn designs. I don't know if it's available in other countries but it's in stores now here in the Philippines.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Eowyn (15) and Kayla (15).