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News Archives:
May 2005
  Friday, May 27
Autograph Card Scan
Lori scanned the preprinted autograph card that you can receive from the fan mail team by following the directions here.

Guidepost's Sweet 16 Scan
Dani sent in a scan from the June/July issue of Guidepost's Sweet 16 magazine (US).

New Fan Encoutners and Photos
I added more premiere fan encounters and photos, and also a fan encounter and photo from Susan who met Orlando while she was on vacation in Calibishie Dominica.

TeenPeople.com Poll
From SavvyMoo: There is a poll on TeenPeople.com asking which celeb is the most powerful... Orlando's on the list! :D I think you have to have a subscription or have this month's magazine to access it, though. :S Vote for Orli!

Chilean Seventeen Magazine Scans
Pamela sent in scans from Seventeen magazine in Chile. (1, 2, 3, 4)

This time, Bloom's top sword in 'Kingdom'
Here's an article from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Anna Magazine
From Maria: In a Finnish magazine Anna, there is an article of Orlando in the [last] weeks issue. It includes an awesome picture of him!!:) In the interview, he tells about Kingdom of Heaven, why does he think that fangirls like him, and how he got the role of Balian. He also says, that he hardly ever reads anything what reporters write about him, and he tries not to care if he hears that he has been chosen as the most sexy man of the world, or something like that. The woman who made the interview, also tells that Orlando was so sweet that he even gave an autograph to her sister's daughter.

Elizabethtown Screening Review
Kate from Roseville, CA sent in a little review from a screening of Elizabethtown she attended.
Tonight (May 25) I got a call from a friend to come down to one of our theaters, because he said they were screening Cameron Crowe's new movie... he wasn't sure what it was called. I immediately yelled that it must be Elizabethtown and it wasn't supposed to come out for months... I was so shocked! I rushed down there, we were asked a few questions at the door about what movies we like, and then given a ticket to go in. It was a rather large audience... and after a bit of waiting, a man came to the front and started speaking about the movie we were about to see, informing us that we were the very first audience in the WORLD to see Elizabethtown! I couldn't believe it!
The film is absolutely amazing, I can't even describe it to you. It's definitely Cameron Crowe's best work... and Orlando Bloom's best acting performance by far. You all will be totally blown away. It's so different from Orlando's previous roles... he's absolutely hilarious, but also carries a lot of complexity and depth, a lot of emotion. It's the widest range I've seen him deliver yet. I'd love to go into all kinds of spoilers and specifics of the film, but I think it would ruin the whole experience for you all... it's truly the kind of brilliant film you all need to see yourselves! (and I know you will :) ) The acting is phenomenal, the music, the setting, the development of the characters... incredible. I can't wait for the world to see this film.

CosmoGirl's Hottest Guy
From Coreen: He is in CosmoGirl! for the 1st Annual Kiss of Approval Entertainment Awards... he was voted HOTTEST GUY! It's on page 11.

Life & Style Magazine
From Christy: I just wanted to let you know about an Orlando spotting in this week's (May 30) Life & Style magazine. In this week's crossword puzzle he is the "mystery celebrity".

Dutch Cosmopolitan Scan
Lenny of bloomania.com sent in a scan and translation from the June issue of the Dutch Cosmopolitan.
Cosmopolitan presents 10 ideal men to love, nr. 3 Orlando Bloom
With Orlando Bloom we would like to climb a mountain. There is a big chance Orlando will do that with a girlfriend because: "I love action sports, especially climbing mountains, snowboarding and bungeejumping".
Your opinion (Cosmopolitan readers): "In Lord of the Rings he has proved to be very good at climbing mountains. And imagine your view when you walk behind him! It would absolutely be no problem to get lost with Orlando..."

Cosmo and Blades Magazine
From Melanie: Orlando is featured in the may issue of Cosmo Uk. He is quoted as saying "Live with me a week and see if I am still sexy." He is also on the cover of the new Blades mag. There is an article on the weapons from KOH and the person interviewed said Orlando was quite good at blacksmithing. They did manage to melt some swords together while they were talking and not paying attention to what they were doing. The quote is this" He did quite well" Atherton said "We had him in the workshop working on the anvil. We had him working on six or seven swords at a time, which is hard to do, as we discovered when we melted three during filming." Also according to the man that made the swords for the movie, Orlando got to carry the best sword that he made (of course!).

Russian Magazine
Evgenia sent in some info about Russian magazines.
GQ (May) - he's on the cover and there's 3-4 pages article.
Dosug & Razvlecheniya (May) - he's also on the cover but there's pics from old photoshoots and a 2 pages article
Time Out - Moscow (2 weeks ago) - there was an article but he's not on the cover

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alie (14) from her friend Bri, Patricia (18), Nancy (22) from her cousin Boram, Denise (15) from her sister Danielle, Danielle (15) from her sister Denise, Nicole (15), Emmy (15), Emily (17) from her friend Zoe.

  Tuesday, May 17
Fan Encounters
I added 9 recent fan encounters, some of which include photos.

Jeopardy Category
From Kristine: One of this evening's Jeopardy categories was "Orlando Blooms" asking questions (well telling answers) about Orlando Gibbons, Virginia Woolf's Orlando novel, and the city in Florida. All contestants saved that row for last.

Hitkrant Scans
Sanna from the May 14 issue of Hitkrant (NED). (photos: 1 & 2, articles: 1 & 2), POTC quiz: 1 & 2)

Entertainment Today Article
Here's the Orlando article from the April 29 issue of Entertainment Today.

American Way Scans
I finally scanned the photos and article from the May 1 issue of American Way, which is the inflight magazine for American Airlines.

TV Hits Magazine
From Becky: In the May 10th issue of TV Hits magazine (UK) there is an A4 poster of Orlando in his new movie Kingdom of Heaven.

Apu Magazine
From Mari: In the newest edition of Finnish magazine Apu has a little article of Kingdom of Heaven. It tells about movies religious side and what kind of furor it has raised. There is also Orlando's interview, but it doesn't tell anything we don't know already

Men's Fitness Magazine
From Monica: Men's Fitness magazine has a list of the fittest men, and Orlando is one.

Fan Music Vid
Sonia has made another music video, this time about Orlando and Sidi. Watch it on her site, SimplySonia.com.

German Cosmo Scans
Irena sent in scans of the Orlando interview from the May issue of Cosmopolitan (Germany). (1, 2, 3)

Young Woman Scans
Annika sent in scans with descriptions from the May issue of Young Woman's magazine (Germany).
This one is about that this guy that is jealous of Orlando because he's able to do what every man would love to do (be a knight) and get a million fee for that. In the left it's mentioned that Orlando won't be the new Bond and that Clive Owen might get this job. It's also mentioned that it's sure that Kingdom will be successful.
This one is just about Kingdom, that it has everything that's important for a film and it's summarized very short.

Break Out Scans
Lenny of bloomania.com sent in a scan from the May 12 issue of Break Out (NED).

Letters to PJ Site
The 'Letters to PJ' book project web site is now up and running. Two fans are compiling a book of letters of appreciation for the films created by director Peter Jackson and all involved.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Christine from her friend Sam, Kellie from her friend Kristyn, Raphie (20) from her best friend Caroline, Charmikka (14), Kate,.

  Wednesday, May 11
9To5 Magazine Article
Adwena sent in the Orlando article from Australian 9To5 magazine. Here is a thumbnail of the cover.

Haven Release News
Lori the fan mail contact writes: "A bit of a scoop direct from Orlando. Apparently "Haven" is being recut and will be released later this year (he didn't specify where though).

Message From Orlando
Lori also writes: I think its fair for all the sites to know about the dvd Orlando sent to the Ka-Bloom con in Chicago this past weekend. The transcript is at the Ka-Bloom board, feel free to reproduce on your own sites. It was a message generated in response to the con, but it is meant for ALL fans. Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions, the dvd cannot be copied in any format (or screencapped), so the transcript will have to do. The Ka-Bloom board has lots of stories about the dvd and how he looked etc. It was filmed in mid-March on the set of POTC2.

Woman Magazine Scans
Maren sent in scans from the May 3 issue of Woman (Germany). There's no new information in the interview, but the photo is nice! (photo, interview)

KOH #1 at Box Office
Entertainment Weekly online has an article about KOH earning the #1 spot at the box office on it's opening weekend with $20 million, which was less than expected. Thanks to Magali for the link.

People Scan
Kim sent in a scan from the 50 Most Beautiful People issue.

Rolling Stone Scans
Here are scans from the May 15 issue of Rolling Stone, thanks to Mel at The Bloom Room.

msn.com KOH Video Clip
msn.com has a video clip from the Today show about the making of KOH including some interview clips of Orlando. Thanks to Leann for the link.

KOH Premiere Clip
There's a video clip from the NY premiere at ET Online.

KOH Interview Clip from svt.se
From Maja: Swedish television has a video clip with Orlando, the most is about KOH. He also talks about Pirates 2 and about Stellan Skarsgard.

Sunday Morning Post Article
Iris sent in scans of the Orlando article in the May 1 edition of The Sunday Morning Post from Hong Kong.

Sunday Times Interview
The Sunday Times Online (UK) has an interview with Orlando.

Top 10 Most Requested
From Kelly: Orlando Bloom was interviewed by Carson Daly on 101.3 KDWB last night at 11. Carson mostly asked him about Kingdom of Heaven, and what he thought about all his fan girls. Orlando replied by saying he is grateful, and that Fox might have never taken a risk on picking him for such a big movie if wasn't for all his fans.

Win the Making of KOH Book
From Helen: epicfilmtalk.com is giving away books of The Making of Kingdom of Heaven and will be giving away the shooting script next month.

Star Magazine
From Kelly: Orlando was mentioned in Star Magazine.
Bloom's A Depp Protege: Well traveled Johnny Depp, 41, has take his Pirates of the Caribbean co-star Orlando Bloom,28, under his wing as they film the swashbuckling sequels. "Orlando follows Johnny like a puppy dog," a source on the set reveals. "A lot of people get a kick out of it. It's like the established hunk is grooming the hunk-in-training!"

AOL's Boys of Summer
From Roseanne: AOL has chosen Orlando as one of their 12 "BOYS OF SUMMER".

Z100 Radio Clip
From Alison: Orlando was on the radio station Z100, and they talked to him about "Kingdom" (of course!). You can listen to it here.

Buy The Calcium Kid on VCD
From Tina: I got tired of waiting for The Calcium Kid to come to the US so I found a site where you can buy a VCD of it for $10.98. It has Chinese subtitles but it is in english and will play in your DVD player just go to www.yesAsia.com and sign up with them then click on western videos then put calcium kid in search. They take money orders and paypal. I watched it yesterday and it was wonderful!

Demi Magazine
From Maria: In a Finnish magazine Demi, there is a poster of Kingdom of Heaven and an article on Orlando in the May issue. He also talks a little bit of his childhood, his fans and what it is like to be famous.

Teen People Magazine
From Samantha: In the newest edition of Teen People Magazine (June/July edition) there is a small poster of Orlando in Kingdom of Heaven on page 70! Kingdom of Heaven was also mentioned in the Hot Movies of Summer section!

Pulse Magazine
From Marjolijn: There are 2 big photos of Orlando in Kingdom of Heaven in the Dutch magazine PULSE.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Becka from her friend Duke, Vanessa (18), Hayley (15) from Lou, Rochaelle from her best friend Dez, Jacqueline from her friend Balsam, Nikki (40) from her daughter Lou, Kirsti (15) from her sister, Aurora (19), Andrea (15) from his aunt Tina, Ashlee (20) from her friend Magali, Diana, Beth (18), Kailyn, Kim (14), Alysia (14) from her friend Boram, Breanne from her friend Lindsay, Autumn from her best friend Kailyn, Becka (13).

  Wednesday, May 4
Today Show Video Clip
Here's a video clip of Orlando being interviewed on The Today Show.
RealVideo format - 9.2 Mb zipped
Windows Media format - 9.4 Mb zipped

TRL Video Clip
Here's a video clip of Orlando on TRL on MTV in the US today.
RealVideo format - 11.3 Mb zipped
Windows Media format - 10.8 Mb zipped

Signed Bloomers on Ebay
The bloomers that Orlando signed on MTV UK's TRL are now up on ebay. Proceeds go to charity.

KOH Interview
cinecon.com has an interview with Orlando from the LA press conference for KOH. Thanks to Louise for the link.

Conan O'Brien
NBC.com does not have Orlando listed for appearing on Conan O'Brien Thursday night, so he may not be on even though it's listed on the official site.

Bloom Talks Pirates 2 and 3
Empire Online has an article where Orlando talks about the POTC sequels.

Interview on MSN Canada
Sandra sent in a link to a video interview at MSN Canada.

Photo Special at People.com
From Ktstar: On the website for People magazine there's a twelve-pic photo gallery up for Orlando!

Top 10 Leading Men Under 30
Thanks to Evie for pointing out that Orlando is #4 on Netscape's list of The Silver Screen's Top 10 Leading Men Under 30 and you can vote for him here. They say:
4. Orlando Bloom, 28: Chicks dig him, and no wonder. The guy looks great with a sword in his hands, as proven in "Lord of the Rings," "Pirates of the Caribbean," the soon-due "Kingdom of Heaven" and to a lesser extent in "Alexander" (he got his ass whupped in that one). He'll play a present-day corporate loser in "Elizabethtown" later in '05.

Interview on Australian Radio
From Amelia: There will be an Orlando interview playing on the Australian radio station 2day fm (for Sydney the frequency is 104.1) Thursday afternoon sometime between 3:30 and 6:00 and also the new Madison magazine (Australia) has an article and pictures of Orlando that goes for like 2 pages.

TV Media Scans
Susi sent in scans from the May 19th issue of TV Media magazine (Germany). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

E! Online Interview
Kate sent in an interview from eonline.com.

MTV.com Article
Pam sent in a article/interview from mtv.com.

German Magazine Scans
Amanda sent in scans from the April issue of In Style (1 & 2), nr.11 of Freundin, and nr.9 of TV Movie (1 & 2). The In Style article is about Orlando and the way he dresses and what kind of style he has. He says that he prefers wearing Jeans and T-Shirts, which can be colored. He likes the GAP-clothes cause he's traveling. His sister was the first to help him with his style and he loved the cowboy-look. But now he is very happy that there are so many people thinking about what would suit him best, cause he doesn't gave time to go shopping.
In the TV Movie article Scott says about Orlando: I already worked with Orlando and got to know him very good. I like his manner and he has exactly what a character like Balian needs, because like him, Orlando is a very clear and pure person.
In Freundin, they say he looks like a rockstar, with his curls down to his shoulders. Asked if he likes being a "teen-idol" he's says that it is alright, because so many groups of people like him, he can act in productions like KOH, but he is a bit annoyed about the screaming fans in front of his hotels and women asking him if they can touch his bottom. "I'm not a free attraction in the petting zoo!" He mentions that he is a very emotional person and can't smile all the time, especially when he's sad. He doesn't want to talk about Kate, but said that he hopes that they will stay very close friends, because she's still a very important person to him. But to make us all happy Orlando gave a little secret away: He had to train very hard for KOH and we will all see his six-pack. “Satisfied?”, he asked.

USA Weekend Scans and Article
Adrienne sent in scans from last weekend's USA Weekend. You can can see them and read the article here.

The Philippine Daily
From angel_orli: Orlando and Sidi is featured in the Sunday Edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Check the Entertainment Section under Ruben Nepales who interviewed Orli for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sugar Magazine
From Stephanie: In the June issue of Sugar (UK) there is a "LadMag", with a 4 page piece (only one page of actual interview) on his fame, being a sex symbol and his situation with Kate. It has a bit about his school, a bit on his sister and what he does to chill out. It doesn't really go into much detail though.

Gala Magazine
From Isa: This week there is coverage about Orlando in the magazine "Gala" of Spain. It's an interview about his life and his work in Kingdom of Heaven.

B Magazine interview
Sarah G. sent in the interview from the June issue of B (UK).

American Cheerleader Magazine
From Tasha: In the latest issue of American Cheerleader, there is a small article on Kirsten Dunst that features a picture of her and Orlando from Elizabethtown and a short synopsis of the movie. Here's the article : When depressed Drew Baylor (played by cutie Orlando Bloom) learns of his father's sudden death he must catch a flight to his hometown in Kentucky to attend a memorial service. On the plane he meets Claire Colburn (Kirsten Dunst sand spirit fingers) a sassy flight attendant, who attends the absurdly overblown memorial service and helps him get through his tough time. It just goes to show: You find love when and where you least expect it.

Rediff.com Article
Sandy sent in a link to an article at rediff.com. It says he is going to be the next James Bond, which is not true.

Poster in Dolly
From Kate: There is a poster of Orlando (a newish one) in the June issue of Dolly - Australia.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Megan, Brooke (14) from her best friend Jordan, Jennifer from her friend Emily, Emily (16), Mikalie (14) from her friend Kathleen, Alicia (18) from her friend Caroline.

April 2005
  Friday, April 29
Orlando on TRL UK
I received an email from MTV UK saying Orlando will be on TRL in the UK on Monday, May 2nd. They were looking for some of his biggest fans, but I have not heard back from them on how you can contact them. You can try emailing them at trl@mtv.co.uk if you want to be in the studio.

Paris, Je T'aime
IMDb has Orlando on the cast list for the movie Paris, Je T'aime, playing Eli. 20 directors each get to film a 5 minute segment about the Parisian life and culture in each of Paris' 20 districts. It's currently being filmed.

London Premiere Webcast
From Buzztone: Please be advised that on Monday, May 2nd (1845 BST), Orlando Bloom will be in London to attend the European premiere of Kingdom of Heaven and take part in an exclusive video webcast with all his fans. Also featured will be exclusive Kingdom of Heaven footage, LIVE red carpet coverage - will include soundbite interviews with Kingdom of Heaven's director, Ridley Scott as well as actors Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Marton Csokas, Michael Sheen, Alexander Siddig and Ghassan Massoud as well as invited celebrities!
So to catch all the action and submit your questions to one of the hottest movie stars on the planet, visit the following link: Kingdom of Heaven Webcast. The webcast will also be available on demand the following day - just click on the same link!

Interview in Girlfriend
Kate transcribed the Orlando interview from the June issue of Girlfriend (Australia).

Orlando on Radio 1
From Emma: Just heard on BBC Radio 1 UK, that Orlando will be on Monday (bank hol) morning promoting his new film and having a chat, I didn't catch what time and their website doesn't yet say. But you can win tickets for Kingdom of Heaven as well.

Australian Channel 10 Interview
Adwena transcribed an Orlando interview from Channel 10 news in Australia on April 18.

Girlfriend Magazine Poll
From Jennifer: You can vote for Orlando Bloom for the hottest male celeb on the Girlfriend Magazine Australian poll.

In Touch and The Globe
From Melanie: I just thought I'd let everyone know that Orlando's dog Sidi was named #1 cutest pet in Hollywood in the issue of In Touch dating May 9 and the issue of The Globe for May 9 also has an article called "Buddha & Johnny Depp Are My Guides". It is an interview with repeats of Orlando interviews.

KOH Special on Canadian TV
From Nadia: There will be a KOH/Orlando special (movie television) on the Star channel in Toronto (Canada), Tuesday May 3rd @ 5:30pm.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sophie, Savannah, Caitlin (13) from her friend Catherine, Dilara, Tammy (29) from her friend Natalie.

  Wednesday, April 27
Young Miss Scan
Maren sent in a scan from the May issue of Young Miss (Germany).

Autographed Minibike on Auction
Thanks to Mang0 for letting us know that Orlando will be auctioning off his minibike to benefit the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. The auction begins in May.

EthicsDaily.com Article
From Suzie: There's an ethics daily article about Orlando. It talks about his spiritual/moral/ethical beliefs.

Veronica Scans
Lenny of bloomania.com sent in scans from the Dutch TV guide Veronica nr. 18 (30 April - 6 May) that has an article on Orlando, but no new info. (1 & 2)

Realms of Fantasy Magazine
Thanks to Melanie for letting us know that Orlando is on the cover of the June issue of the Realms of Fantasy.

Entertainment Weekly Scans
Here are scans from the small Kingdom of Heaven article in the April 29 issue of Entertainment Weekly (US). (1 & 2)

CineLive Scans
ilona8 sent in scans of the Kingdom of Heaven article from the April issue of CineLive (France). (1, 2, 3, 4) She says "In essence, Orlando says that his character is straight as an arrow, has great sense of honour and duty and has integrity."

Brigitte Scan
ilona8 sent in a scan from the April issue of Brigitte (Germany).

KOH TV Specials
I updated the TV Guide with upcoming TV specials on Kingdom of Heaven.

If you have AOL, you can vote for Orlando as having the best celeb chest. Thanks to Jenny for the info.

A Contemporary Lens on the Crusades
The International Herald Tribune has this article on Kingdom of Heaven.

Dutch KOH Contest
From Faye: In the Dutch mag Break Out! (#nr. 17, 21 april) there is a sweepstakes competition for Dutch fans to win either tickets to the premiere of Kingdom of Heaven in London, or a goodiebag with two tickets to the movie, and if you're lucky, a watch.

Coronation Street Rumors
From Sam: On This Morning in the UK today (27th April) the presenters talked about rumours of Orlando Bloom starring in the UK soap Coronation Street. Sir Ian Mckellen will be starring in the soap for 10 episodes starting this Friday (29th). article.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Bekah (16), Reeba (14), Angelia (29), and Kate.

  Tuesday, April 26
USA Weekend Magazine
I received an email from USA Weekend with the following information, and this cover image. You can download a full size version in PDF format here. (JPG format)
Orlando Bloom is on the cover of USA WEEKEND Magazine's 5/1 issue. Now a leading man, the heartthrob takes on the first blockbuster of the summer, Kingdom of Heaven. But did you know he's a pet lover, spiritual and single? He divulges all of this and more in the 5/1 issue. You can read all about Bloom online at usaweekend.com beginning 4/29 or check your local newspaper for your own copy of USA WEEKEND.

Round 2 of Orlando Questions
The second round of questions has been answered on the official site. If you can't see them, you can read them here.

KOH Soundtrack on XM Satellite Radio
From Rosemary: We have XM (satellite) radio at my house and on Cinemagic, a station for movie soundtracks, over the next week they'll be playing some music from Kingdom of Heaven. I've heard some of it and it sounds cool.

Peace Games Auction
From ET.com: To raise money for the charity Peace Games, Orlando came up with the idea to auction off two toy swords marked with his autograph and heartening words. The event is a silent auction and the highest bidder will have their choice of swords, while the second highest bidder will get the other. The worthy auction will continue through May 6!

Kingdom of Heaven Contest at soundtrack.net
Jeremy from SonyBMG emailed me to say they are running a contest on soundtrack.net where you can win a poster for Kingdom of Heaven signed by Orlando, as well as the soundtrack.

Kingdom of Heaven Premiere Info
Here is the final information for the Kingdom of Heaven premieres. The London premiere is May 2 at the Empire Theatre in Leicester Square. The premiere starts at 8pm, but Orlando will be there at 7pm to sign autographs. The post screening party will be at the Elysium Lounge at 10:30pm.
The New York premiere is May 4th at 7pm at Clearview's Ziefeld Theatre at 141 West 54th Street. Orlando is scheduled to attend.

UK KOH Contests
From Sarah B.: I've found two U.K. websites that have got competitions running where you can win two tickets to the European premiere of "Kingdom of Heaven". The first one is on bbc/teens the second is on channel4. Both end on the 27th of April so I'd recommend you get your entries in quickly!!

Croatian KOH Contest
From Mirena: In Croatian TV guide EXTRA there is a contest. You can win a trip to the London KOH premiere, and go to the after party to meet Orlando.

Girlfriend Magazine
From Stef: There was an Orlando Calendar in the May issue of Girlfriend (Australia) and it also said to check him out in his new epic "Kingdom of Heaven".

People Magazine
From Laura: There is a thing about Orlando in the Chatter section of the latest People magazine on page 136. It is called "Orlando Plumps Up," and says: Orlando Bloom had to pack on some pounds to play a rugged 12th-Cecentury blacksmith in the upcoming drama Kingdom of Heaven. "I put on 15 or 20 lbs.," says the actor, 28. "I've never eaten so much. I had six meals a day, from protein shakes to steak and chicken." Bloom also sampled less familiar cuisine while shooting in Morocco. "[I ate] a lot of goat. They tell you it's lamb, but I know it wasn't. I saw a lot of goats in the hills, but I didn't see many sheep knocking around in Morocco."

Us Weekly
From Alison: There are 2 pictures and an article about Orlando and Kingdom of Heaven in this week's Us Weekly. It's an interview and he talks about how he ate goat, and how he beefed up for the role. He also says that Kate Bosworth is a wonderful girl and will always be a part of his life.

Vanity Fair
From Melanie: There is a 4 page advertisement for Kingdom of Heaven in the Vanity Fair mag. that has the Desperate Housewives on the cover. It starts on page 86.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Danielle (14) from her friend Rami, Katia (14), Erin (13) from her sister Lauren, Tedy, J-Mae (11), Maria form her friend Brill, Khanh.

  Thursday, April 21
Orlandobloom.ws Email Address
I haven't been doing much with the orlandobloom.ws domain that I own, so I thought I would let people register for email addresses so they can show people that they're a fan. It's free! Sign up here.

FOX Movie Channel Screencaps
I made screencaps from the FOX Movie Channel interview.

Orlando - Massive But Modest
Bbc.co.uk has an article about Orlando's fame and mentions he'd like to buy a house in Morocco.

News of Bond Role Bewilders Orlando Bloom
From canoe.ca: There are plenty of pirates in Orlando Bloom's life but no spies. British papers recently reported the Pirates of the Caribbean star was in negotiations to play a young James Bond in a series of films about the early years before Bond became 007. "They even had me quoted as saying I was in negotiations. My cousin called to say how distraught everyone was to have to read it in the papers," says Bloom who stars as a Crusader in Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven, which opens May 6. Bloom has been bombarded with phone calls from friends and family members over this story. "I can assure you that I have never heard anything about such a project or an offer of any kind to play Bond from any member of my management team. "It's just something someone somewhere made up and posted it on the Internet."
Bloom, 28, insists the same is true of rumours that he and longtime squeeze Kate Bosworth, 22, are once again an item. ... "I'm a long way from marriage at this point in my life. My career is so hectic, it's difficult to sustain a relationship. I'm happily single at the moment," insists Bloom.

Historical Epics
USA Today has an article about recent historical film epics and mentions Kingdom of Heaven quite a bit.

ONE Commercial Online
The full ONE Commercial is now online here. You can view screencaps here. Thanks to Elina and Tara for the link.

Larger Preview Magazine Scan
Sazi posted a larger scan of the April/May issue of "Preview" at Orlando Love.

Heat Magazine
From Emily: In this week's Heat magazine (UK) there is a picture and a KOH competition. It also states that there will be a 4 page interview with him in next week's edition (26th April).

Buena Vista Making 'Pirates' Games
From rte.ie: Buena Vista has announced that it is to develop computer games based on the upcoming sequel to 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'. Games will be released for the PSP portable entertainment system and the Nintendo DS, in conjunction with the release of the movie, scheduled for the summer of 2006. UK-based games developer Eurocom has been enlisted to develop the games, which will allow gamers to play as Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner or Elizabeth Swann and go in search of the legendary Dead Man's Chest.

Kingdom of Heaven Video Game
gamespot.com has a review of the Kingdom of Heaven video game.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kayleigh (16).

  Wednesday, April 20
Preview Magazine Scan
Denise sent in a scan from the April/May issue of "Preview" that has a new photo on the cover. You can get the mag in Dutch cinema.

First Round of Orlando Questions
Orlando has answered the first round of questions submitted to the official site.

Latest KOH Interview Video Clips
FOX Movie Channel Interview (4/19/05)
RealVideo format - 4.6 Mb zipped
Windows Media format - 4.5 Mb zipped

Extra Interview (4/18/05)
RealVideo format - 2.3 Mb zipped
Windows Media format - 2.4 Mb zipped

Access Hollywood Interview (4/19/05)
RealVideo format - 2.9 Mb zipped
Windows Media format - 2.9 Mb zipped

Cut Magazine Scans
Miwa of Orlando J-web posted scans on Orlando Love from the May issue of Cut (Japan) which has some new photos.

Woman Magazine Scan
Maren sent in a scan of a preview for the next edition of the German magazine "Woman" which will be available from 3 May 2005. It says: "Noble Knight - The legitimate successor film of Gladiator: Ridley Scott's new historical movie "Kingdom of Heaven". And even more erotic than Russell Crowe: the knightly Orlando Bloom, 28. We will present him..."

Veronica Scans
From Lenny of Bloomania: This week's TV guide Veronica (nr 17, 23 to 29 April) has a sweepstake for Dutch fans, you can win tickets for the Dutch premiere of KOH. I don't think any American stars will be there, but I enclosed a scan. Next week, Veronica Magazine has an article on Orlando, I enclosed a scan of the preview.

KOH Review in German
Sebastian sent in a link to a review of Kingdom of Heaven he wrote for moviereporter.net. Unfortunately it's in German. He says "It's a great movie with amazing images and very nice combat scenes and good music."

London Premiere Competition
Empire Online is running a competition on their site (for UK residents only) to win tickets to the Kingdom of Heaven London premiere.

Face Distorter
Mang0 sent in a link to rubberfaces.com where you can play around and distort Orlando's face.

Boiling Points
From Nathalie: I was watching MTV the other day and I came across Boiling Points which is a show where they annoy the heck out of people and if they last the minutes that they put they win $100. Well, there was this guy that was dressed as Legolas and was on a blind date (he even had the fake ears). He was talking non-stop about Lord of the Rings and elfs especially. He even one time asked the girls if they would go on a date to this party as an "elf" couple.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lorna, and Adri (13) from Chels.

  Sunday, April 17
Access Hollywood Video Clip
Here's a video clip of the Orlando interview and KOH scenes from Saturday's episode of Access Hollywood.
RealVideo format - 867 Kb zipped
Windows Media format - 867 Kb zipped

Entertainment Tonight Video Clip
Here's a 3 minute video clip from Saturday's Entertainment Tonight where Orlando was #5 on their list of top bachelors.
RealVideo format - 4.3 Mb zipped
Windows Media format - 4.1 Mb zipped

Tu Magazine Scans
Edith sent in scans from the April issue of Tu (Mexico) which has some new photos of Orlando. (1, 2, article)

New KOH Trailer
There's a new theatrical trailer for Kingdom of Heaven at apple.com.

Movies.com Buzz Bin
Thanks to Evie for letting us know that Kingdom of Heaven is #2 in Movies.com Buzz Bin. They say:
This week: Not that there's ever a dearth of beautiful men in the Buzz Bin, but this week, it seems to be fairly bursting at the bulge-enhancing seams with drool-worthy stars. Watching the clips from Kingdom of Heaven reminds us of when we saw the Pirates of the Caribbean teaser in the theater a few years ago. When Orlando Bloom's name (only his name — not even his face!) appeared, the audience squealed. We'll resist squealing over the clips, but we can't deny that Orlando got lucky in the looks department.

Radio One Interview
Don't forget that Orlando will be on Radio One in the UK today at 4pm GMT for Radio 1's Chart Show with JK and Joel. You can listen to it online here and for 7 days afterwards.

White Bracelet
Kate pointed out that the white band that Orlando was wearing may be the one in support of the tsunami relief, and not the One campaign.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Yossi (19), Alicia (17), Tanna (15) from her friend Alyssa.

  Saturday, April 16
Official Orlando Web Site
Hell has frozen over! An official Orlando web site has finally been put online! Although right now it seems to have mostly content for Kingdom of Heaven. You can submit questions to ask Orlando, and enter to win tickets to meet Orlando at the KOH premiere in NY. There's also a video message from Orlando. Here's the direct link if you want to save it. The site also lists a bunch of upcoming TV appearances:
May 4th
The Today Show (NBC)
Total Request Live (MTV)
The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)

May 5th
LIVE with Regis & Kelly (ABC)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC)

May 6th
The Early Show (CBS)

And visit your newsstand to pick up these upcoming publications featuring Orlando:
American Way (May issue) Rolling Stone (May issue) USA Weekend (On stands May 1, 2005)

Kingdom of Heaven Premieres
Orlando is scheduled to attend both the London and NY premieres of KOH, but not the LA premiere. Kira posted on ka-Bloom that "FOX has confirmed that the April 29 event in LA is an industry screening, not a premiere. They aren't planning a red carpet or any of the usual premiere glitz for that event."
The London premiere will be held on May 2 at 8pm at Empire Leicester Square with a post screening party at the Elysium Lounge at 10:30pm. The NY premiere is on May 4. The location is not yet known.

Kingdom of Heaven Video Clips
1. Behind the scenes featurettes at Moviefone.
2. New interview at ET Online.
3. Press interview at MSN Australia.
4. Japanese premiere clip at goo.ne.jp. (Thanks to Yoyo and Legolas Greenleaf for the link.

Kingdom of Heaven Book Scans
Geri posted scans at ka-Bloom from the book "Kingdom of Heaven: The Making of the Ridley Scott Epic". You can order it from amazon.com for $13. They also have the KOH shooting script.

Hitkrant Scan
Lenny of bloomania.com sent in a scan from the April 16 issue of Hitkrant (NED). It's a small article about the fact that Orlando hasn't been in a big movie for a while, but he will be back with KOH and Elizabethtown.

Popcorn Scans
Kat sent in scans from the May issue of Popcorn (Germany). (1, 2, 3)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Larissa (15), Lauren (12) from her friend Kristyn, Carla (16).

  Friday, April 8
Orlando to Attend KOH London Premiere
Thanks to Lori for passing along the information that Orlando will be attending the London premiere of Kingdom of Heaven in May. He's looking forward to greeting fans and hopes that many will attend. When I find out the exact date and location, I will post it on the site.

New Photo
Here's a new photo of Orlando with photographer Mario Testino, who apparently has photographed Orlando for a spread in May's GQ. Thanks to Serein at Orlando Love for originally posting the photo

Kingdom of Heaven Photos and Video
Latinoreview.com has posted some new press photos. Also, Moviefone.com has a behind the scenes video.

One: The Campaign to Make Poverty History
From usatoday.com: Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Bono, Tom Hanks and Jamie Foxx have all joined the war on poverty - in a 60-second public service spot to air globally Sunday on ABC and MTV networks. As Extreme Makeover: Home Edition gives way to Desperate Housewives, the stars will be among a politically diverse group coming together at 8:59 p.m. ET/PT. The campaign, the brainchild of Bono and other advocates of greater aid to the poorest nations, aims to convince Americans that the U.S. government should spend an additional 1% of its annual budget (or another $25 billion) on such aid. Current level: about 0.5% of the budget.

The spot will air again the following Monday in "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: How'd They Do That?". MTV Networks has scheduled its first-ever PSA "roadblock" of The ONE.ORG Spot on all of its cable networks worldwide, including MTV Europe, MTV Latin America, MTV Asia, and MTV Base (the network's new channel in Africa). The spots will be seen more than 700 times in the next month on MTV Networks in the U.S., in regular rotation for a full month beyond their April 10 premiere.

I think that the white wristband that Orlando is wearing in some of the recent studio photos is the One campaign white band. You can buy yours here.

No Bond for Orlando
From darkhorizons.com: At a press junket promoting "Kingdom of Heaven" [Thursday] morning in Los Angeles, British heart throb Orlando Bloom gave a surprising answer in regards to recent rumours that he was being pursued for a young James Bond movie franchise. "I'm not doing young James Bond" he said, "My manager, my agent have never mentioned it to me, not to date. Young or old it has never been mentioned to me. I don't know where that came from, but I've never heard a whiff of it" said Bloom. The rumours that were out there had him starring in "Silverfish" as a young James Bond who during break from college learns of dangerous genetic experiments going on at a remote castle.

Melroze.com Article
Stacey sent in a link to an article on Orlando from the online magazine Melroze.

POTC 2 News
Darkhorizons.com has a report about some POTC 2 news given at the "Kingdom of Heaven" press junket yesterday. One of the news bits is that filming will continue throughout the rest of the year, and afterwards, Orlando will be going back to London for some much needed R&R.

Kingdom of Heaven DVD News
From Darkhorizons.com: Ridley Scott Crusades epic "Kingdom of Heaven" clocks in at around 135 minutes, but be prepared for a multi-disc set some time next year which will add another full hour of footage. The assorted actors and Scott himself confirmed today that the original cut of the film clocked in at a little over three hours (around 195 mins). Actress Eva Green revealed that the longer cut focuses more on the characters, and less on the crusades themselves. Amongst the stuff edited out is more of the love story between Green and Bloom's character, and a subplot involving her son. Green says her Lady Macbeth style tragic character is more complex in the longer version - a journey of self discovery.

Entertainment Tonight
Tonight's episode of ET will have another segment on Kingdom of Heaven. Also, Saturday's episode of ET on MTV and VH1 will have a behind the scenes look of the film. They may be the same segment.

Arise, A Knight; Sit Down, A Trailer
Empire Online has a short article on the new Kingdom of Heaven trailer.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nessy (16) from Claire, Danielle (17), Bria (11), Nicole (14) from Kathleen.

  Wednesday, April 6
People's Most Beautiful Man
Vote for Orlando as People's Most Beautiful Man of 2005 at people.com. Poll results will be listed in the 50 Most Beautiful People issue (on newsstands April 29). Orlando is currently in 3rd with 12% of the vote.

Pink and Cinemania Magazine Scans
Cinthya of Addictive sent in larger scans from the May issue of Pink magazine (Mexico) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) and the April issue of Cinemania (Mexico). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

GQ Taiwan Scans
Here are scans from the April issue of GQ (Taiwan), thanks to Pamela and Legolas Greenleaf. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Dawn sent in a smaller version of one the photos where you can see more of the top and bottom part.

Kingdom of Heaven QT Trailer
The extended trailer for Kingdom of Heaven is now available in Quicktime at Yahoo. Also, Sun.co.uk has an exclusive trailer with an introduction by Orlando. Thanks to Legolas Greenleaf for the info.

Kingdom of Heaven TV Commercial
From Susan: I thought you might want to know that an ad for KOH was played on CBS during the Final Four games this weekend. The ad was neat because it interspersed parts of the end of the Lord's Prayer with shots of the movie. The lines were, "For thine is the Kingdom (picture) the Power (picture) and the Glory (picture) Forever and ever."

German TV Guide
Annika sent in a scan and translation from the German TV Guide. There was an article about the new stars in Hollywood. Orlando was named as the new Brad Pitt. The article says: Orlando Bloom - The new Brad Pitt. Four years ago, his career started - since that time Orlando appeared in five of the most successful movies ever (LoTR 1-3, PoTC, Troy) - and Brad Pitt was pushed away from his throne. Proof: Orlando was voted as the "Most beautiful Hollywood-Star" (Empire) and the "Hottest Bachelor" (People) in US-Polls - Pitt was far behind in the last spots...

Mention in Parade
From Stephanie: I was reading the LATIMES Sunday paper, dated 4/3/05, which has a pull-out section called PARADE. In the Personality Parade section, a reader had sent in this question:
Q:In your opinion, who are the 10 best-looking actors in Hollywood today?
A: Our nominees for the Top 10: Brad Pitt, 41; Will Smith, 36; Colin Farrell, 28; George Clooney, 43; Tom Cruise, 42; Johnny Depp, 41; Ashton Kutcher, 27; Orlando Bloom, 28; Jude Law, 32; and Richard Gere, 55.

Mention in Quiz
From Lauren: On beinggirl.com there is a quiz called "First Dance - What's Your Style?". One of the questions is "If dreams would come true, your first dance date would be a clone of ..." an the options are Chad Michael Murray, Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, and Gavin Rossdale.

Orlando Sailing Around the Solent
From Jessica: For all you English Orlando fans, Orlando is supposed to be popping in and out of Portsmouth with Johnny and Keira from around now until November. They're taking part in a Volvo Yacht race in November. They're learning how to sail properly, and naming their boat The Black Pearl! They are supposed to be sailing around the Solent, so go hunting!

German InStyle Magazine
From Lara: There is an interview with Orlando in the April edition of the German InStyle magazine. He talks about his fashion style and traveling.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katy, Kim from Chelsea, Charlotte (16), Samantha (14) from Sam, Emma, Emily and Christine, Deesh (17) from her friend Ash.

  Saturday, April 2
Custom Rings
Patricia Gurgel Segrillo, who designed one of the rings that Orlando wears, sent in an updated ordering slip. There was some confusion last time on ordering and pricing. Orders can be placed anywhere in the world and anyone can receive 20% off by mentioning The OB Files. Visit Patricia's web site to see all of her work.

New Kingdom of Heaven Trailer
Yahoo has added an awesome 4 1/2 minute extended trailer for Kingdom of Heaven. Entertainment Tonight showed some clips from the trailer on Friday's show, and they said that all month they will be showing Kingdom of Heaven exclusives. They also said Orlando gained 15 pounds of muscle for the role.

POTC 2 Set Photo
From Meg: There is a picture of Orlando in his Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest costume in People magazine's star tracks.

CIAK Magazine Scan
Rae Isha sent in a scan (close-up) of Orlando on the cover of the April issue of CIAK (Italy).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mel (13), Lorainne (12) from her friend Natalie, Ty B. From Danielle, Jordin (14) from Ally.

March 2005
  Thursday, March 31
QuizFest Scans
Ktstar sent in scans from the March/April issue of QuizFest (Canada). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Kingdom of Heaven Premiere Change
The Mann Theaters web site has changed the LA premiere date for Kingdom of Heaven to April 28, 2005.

New Studio Photo
Jazmine sent in a new photo she found on Live Journal. EDIT: Just found out that this is a cleaned up version by elle_4you of the poster in Pia magazine (Japan), originally posted on Orlando Love.

Entertainment Tonight
tvguide.com has an Orlando segment listed on this Friday's episode of Entertainment Tonight. Thanks to Rami and Andreina for the info.

Teen People Scans
Julia sent in scans from the May issue of Teen People (US). Orlando was named one of "The Hottest Guys of Summer". (1, 2, 3)

POTC 2 Teaser Poster
The Z Review has posted the first poster for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest which is released on July 7, 2006.

Pink Magazine Scans
The May issue of Pink (Mexico) features Orlando and has new photos. You can see scans at ka-Bloom. If anyone has larger scans, please send them in.

Best Movie Scans
WhiteFairy from Orlando Bloom Forever sent in scans from the April issue of "Best Movie" (Italy) which features Orlando on the cover.

Orlando is now on MSNBC's IT list. Keep moving him to the top to keep him there.

Elle Girl
From RosaBloom: There is a small pic of Orlando in the April 2005 USA issue of Elle Girl. It's on page 91 in the upper left corner. On the same page, there is a poll for the sexiest guy in Hollywood which Orlando got 4th with 17%.

Teen Now and Bliss Magazines
From Becky: In the spring issue of Teen Now magazine (UK) there is an A4 poster of Orlando.
From Katie: There is a poster of him in [the May issue of] Bliss (UK).

MX Newspaper Scans
Megz sent in the scans of the POTC yacht race article in the March 22 edition of the Melbourne newspaper MX. (1 & 2)

LOTR Cartoons
Barbara sent in a link to some animated Lord of the Rings cartoons at legendaryfrog.com.

New Fan Site
Melanie has created an Orlando web site in both German and English at kingdomofheaven.de. The site features info on "Kingdom of Heaven" and they are supported by the German 20th Century Fox. They also have an unofficial Orlando Bloom Fan club that is about respect and understanding of Orlando and his acting.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Bri from her friend Natalie, Samantha (26) from MN, Legalin, Allie (13), Sophia (14) from her best friend Faith, Melissa (26) from her friend Samantha, Ashley (15), Kathleen (14) from Ann, Kara (16) from her friend Lauren, Paula (14) from her friend Carrie.

  Friday, March 25
KOH Preview on Australian TV
From Adwena: Channel 7 (Australia) is airing an exclusive "Kingdom of Heaven" preview on Saturday 26th of March at 9:30pm. This will be during the screening of the film "Elizabeth." Tune in!

Kingdom of Heaven Premiere Info
From Legolas Greenleaf: According to Seeing Stars and Mann Theaters, the premiere will be held Monday, May 2nd in Westwood, CA [at the Mann Village Theatre].

New Kingdom of Heaven Photo
This press release for Museum Replicas Limited has a new press photo of Orlando.

More Bond Rumors
From sky.com: Orlando Bloom as James Bond? Well, almost. This news will leave the girls shaken and stirred... as the Hollywood hunk is in serious talks about a series of films based on an idea by a new author about the early life of the world's most famous action hero James Bond. Orlando said: "I love the idea, in principle, as he can be far more adventurous and do more stunts. This is as near as I think I will get to playing the grown up James for the next 20 years." There was a teen version in the early 90s which flopped but Orlando - himself in his early twenties thinks this is an ideal age to portray the famous agent.

Prince After Party
This article from eurweb.com says that Orlando attended an after party put on by Prince, who received the Vanguard Award at the NAACP Image Awards on March 19 in LA.

Terrell Buckley Celebrity Golf Weekend
According to a press release, Orlando will be attending the Terrell Buckley Celebrity Golf Weekend at the Ritz-Carlton Jamaica, April 15-17. Celebrities will join T-Buck at the White Witch Golf Course in Jamaica for mixing and mingling with fans, golfing, and reggae-dancing while benefiting Jamaica's youth.

Defunkt Magazine
The next issue of Defunkt magazine, out May-June 2005, will have an Orlando Bloom vs. Viggo Mortensen article.

Photo in Seventeen
From Katie: In the May issue of Seventeen (US), on page 162, there is a pic of Orli talking to Mick Jagger.

Poster in Yam
From Kathy: In the topical magazine YAM! (Germany) is a poster of Orlando.

Orlando to Join Yacht Race
From ananova.com: Pirates Of The Caribbean stars Keira Knightley, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are taking to the high seas for real to promote the second movie in the series. They will help to crew a boat - named the Black Pearl after the pirate ship in the film - taking part in a round-the-world yacht race in an inventive publicity stunt. The Hollywood trio are doing it to coincide with the release of the sequel, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Brit beauty Knightley will join the boat while it is in Europe, Bloom will cover South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and Depp when the yacht reaches the US and Brazil.

From examiner.ie: Each will undergo rigorous training at the race HQ in Portsmouth. And while the rest of the crew must put up with the sort of living conditions yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur endured during her recent round-the-world voyage, the actors will be living in comparative luxury. A special "Hollywood-style" berth is being built for them on the boat. A spokesman said: "We will be laying on Egyptian cottons sheets, freshly cut flowers and special menus for each star." The eight-month race covers 31,250 nautical miles and starts on November 12 in Galicia, northern Spain. Knightley, 19, Depp, 41, and Bloom, 28, will take part in the inshore races at each of the main stopover ports.

Emmah sent in info from the Melbourne 'mX' newspaper that said Orlando will be arriving at the Melbourne Docklands in January of next year. The actors will complete training in Portsmouth in the coming months.

FOTR on French TV
From Vanessa: The Fellowship Of The Ring is showing in France on TF1 on Sunday, March 27th at 8:55pm.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Heather (16) from her friend Aryn, Kirsten, Sonia (17) from Tiffany, Melissa from her friend Katy, Dana (14), SSS, Sonia B. from her friend Faith, Hannah (16) from her best friend Amy.

  Monday, March 21
Miami Winter Music Conference
From emediawire.com: It's the first time in the history of the Winter Music Conference that Las Vegas' impact and presence on the music and nightclub scene will be exposed in a city other than its own. ... A Vegas Style private party will take place in a 16,000-square-foot mansion located in Miami Beach on March 24, 2005. Celeb A-lister's invited include Pamela Anderson, Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom...

Maroon 5 Concert
Lana spotted Orlando at the Maroon 5 concert in LA on March 13th. She was sitting 4 rows in front of him, so he was around row 9. Not many people noticed him.

"KOH" What You Need to Know
The Lebanon Daily Star has an article with background info on Kingdom of Heaven.

Mention in Sun Herald
From Steph: In the "S" section in the Sun Herald (Sydney, Australia) on the 20th March there is a pic of Orli and just a paragraph saying he has been spotted walking in the Blue Mountains and on the Spit-manly trail.

Kingdom of Heaven Soundtrack
The Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack will be out on April 26th. You can pre-order it from Amazon.com. Thanks to Laura for the info.

Elizabethtown Release Date Changed
Comingsoon.net is reporting that the US release date for Elizabethtown has been moved back to October 14th, 2005.

Kingdom of Heaven Video Game
From Faith: At AOL Games they show you a look into the video game for Kingdom of Heaven.

Samantha Bloom
From Lisa: In case anyone is interested in Orlando's sister Samantha's work, she can now be seen in the music video "Too Cold" by Roots Manuva (she's the brunette), which can be viewed for free at www.virgin.net. She also has a small part in the upcoming "Pride and Prejudice" with Keira Knightley, as well as a part in the upcoming mockumentary, "Rabbit Fever".

Kingdom of Heaven Weapon Collection
From prweb.com: Medieval Weapon Art today unveiled a new line of realistic medieval swords, medieval armor and Renaissance clothing specifically crafted to replicate the original pieces used in the filming of Kingdom of Heaven, an epic adventure starring Orlando Bloom that is scheduled for release in early May. Available beginning April 6, 2005 at Kingdom of Heaven collection will feature a full range of historically-accurate medieval weaponry and Renaissance clothing crafted to match the original film pieces provided by Twentieth Century Fox.

Rings Musical to Open in Canada
From manchesteronline.co.uk: The producers of the Lord Of The Rings musical have abandoned plans to hold the world premiere in Britain because they cannot find a theatre big enough. The £11.5 million adaptation of the JRR Tolkien trilogy - destined to be the most expensive musical in history - had been due to open in London in December. But the premiere has now been switched to Toronto because there is no West End theatre available which could accommodate the lavish stage show. It will not come to Britain until at least December 2006. The world premiere will now take place at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto in March 2006.

Zoe Saldana Interview
Zoe Saldana mentioned Orlando and Haven in a recent interview: "I have a couple of films like Haven, which was directed by Frank E. Flowers, with Orlando Bloom that's coming out. I play Andrea and it's sort of like a very ensemble film. It's very beautiful. We're waiting on distribution for that. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year."

Another Book Mention
From Sazzy C: In Princess Diaries Sixsational by Meg Cabot Orlando is mentioned twice. Here are the Quotes: 'I guess anyone would be sad if their boyfriend turned into Orlando Bloom overnight, if Orlando Bloom tucked his sweater in and breathed through his mouth' And the second time is when they are writing a list of 10 hottest boys. Orlando's No.1

German TV and Magazine Updates
From Carla: RTL (German tv channel) will be showing The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on March, 27th. (20.15) The next Cosmopolitan (German) will have an interview with him. (I think it will be published in April) And Instyle (April, also German) had an interview with him about his clothes.

Mention on Entertainment Tonight
From Jessica: On ET! on March 17th they showed a short clip of Kingdom of Heaven's trailer with Orlando and Eva where he says, "You are a princess, and I am no lord." They also had director Ridley Scott commenting on how a herd of screaming girls stampeded the set in the middle of the night in a tiny village to see Orlando. "I don't know where they all came from!" he said.

Two Days On Set as a Film Extra
Diane sent in her report about being an extra on POTC2.

LOTR Symphony in Canada
From Tara: I just thought it might be of interest to any fellow (Canadian) fans that "The Lord of the Rings Symphony" is playing at Kitchener's Centre in The Square on June 4th and Toronto's Roy Thompson Hall on June 5th. The show features a score of songs written by Howard Shore, as well as both an adult and children's choir that will sing in numerous middle-earth languages, and (of course) the symphony itself that will play a new score plus classics (like the hobbit songs!) from the movie soundtrack. In addition to the music, classic images by Alan Lee as well as Canadian artist John Howe will be flashed on screens at the back of the stage. Tickets range in price from $60-$70, depending on seating and you can contact Ticket Master or the Theatres for more info.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mollie May (15), Katie (14) from her friend Bri, Jazmin (14), Kelly (15), Francesca, Jessica (17), Natalie, Jasmine (13) Bard from Ashley, Emma (16), Eleonora Abela (21) from her sister Edmea, Cara.

  Friday, March 11
Old Candid Photos
Jasmin sent in some old photos of Orlando from the German edition of Sean Astin's book. (1, 2, 3)

Us Weekly Scans
Thanks to Elf Lady at Legolas Greenleaf for some new Kingdom of Heaven photos from the March 21 issue of Us Weekly. (1 & 2)

Bravo Scan
Sina sent in a scan from the February 23 issue of Bravo (Germany).

Photos from "Rock the Earth" Party
Celebritycloseups.com has some photos of Orlando at the "Rock the Earth" party. Thanks to OBM for the link.

Japan Visit
From Marika: Japanese newspaper says that Orlando Bloom will come to Japan on April 12 for publicity for Kingdom of Heaven.

Will Turner Action Figure
You can buy the Will Turner action figure (with exchangeable heads!) from hottopic.com and tfaw.com. You can buy the entire set from wickedcoolstuff.com. Also, April says that Spencers gift shop is now selling the figures.

LOTR Quizzes
You can take some LOTR Quizzes on the LOTR Trivial Pursuit web site.

Kingdom of Heaven Replicas
From Orlando Love and DaveHFX: Just thought everyone would like to know that the company I work for is releasing a full line of Swords, Armor and Costumes from Kingdom of Heaven. We have the international rights from Fox to produce high-end replicas from the actual movie pieces. Our company, Museum Replicas Limited is the largest manufacturer of historical swords, armor and period costumes in the world. Our first wave starts to ship on April 6 and will be mostly the men's garments. However, wave two will have many of Sibylla's (Eva Green) gowns, capes, etc. These are absolutely stunning! Our web site has a "teaser" up there now, since we are NOT allowed to begin showing the items until April 6th. Even Ridley Scott was amazed at how close we have gotten the replica pieces! :) He was just sent The Sword of Ibelin and scabbard we made, so he could sign it and put it in a charity auction.

International Kingdom of Heaven Trailer
Thanks to Elf Lady for letting us know that the Kingdom of Heaven international trailer is now available for download in large format. Here's the direct link.

UK TV Alert
From Debbie: Orlando will be on Trouble, a channel on Sky (UK), Saturday 12th at 7.30, a programme called Celebrity Bodies.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
From Catie: I just wanted to let you guys know that my house was on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and the producers contacted Orlando saying that I was a huge fan and they asked him if he would be able to send me any thing. To my surprise when I got to see my new house there was a personal autographed picture of Orlando waiting in my room for me! The picture said "To Catie, Hope this makes you smile :) Lots of Love, Orlando". Now that I see how much he cares for his fans I love him so much more!

VH1's 30 Under 30
Thanks to Christie for letting us know that Orlando is listed on "VH1's 30 Under 30: Hollywood's Next Generation" list. They say: "The young Englishman has yet to prove there's more to him than elfin good looks -- although Pirates of the Caribbean was a start. This year presents drastically different challenges: cracking up in Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown and defending Jerusalem in Ridley Scott's Crusades epic Kingdom of Heaven."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lin (23), Katie (15), Marie (16) and Jennifer (18) from their friend Marte, Vishruti (13) and Alex (13) from their friend Bri.

  Tuesday, March 8
Fan Photos from "Rock the Earth" Party
Debbie sent in some photos of her daughter Miranda with Orlando at the "Rock the Earth" Global Green party. (1 & 2) She says he was very sweet and even gave Miranda a kiss.

Japanese Kingdom of Heaven Trailer
Thanks to Suzan00 and Elf Lady for sending in the link to the official Japanese Kingdom of Heaven web site that has a new trailer. Here's the direct link to the high quality Quicktime version. You can view screencaps here.

You can nominate Orlando to be on MSNBC's IT list. Thanks to Abby for the link.

US Magazine Scans and Alerts
Brianna sent in scans from the April issues of Pop Star (US) and M (1, 2, 3, 4) , and from the March 14th issues of People and Star. Also, the latest US weekly has a small pic of Orlando on the red carpet with a cute caption about how he signed "autograph after autograph" for fans at the Oscars. 
From Kenzie: There is a small-ish (yet attractive!) picture of Orlando in the new Teen People magazine, the one with Ashton Kutcher on the cover.

POTC 2 Set Photos
Check out Orlando Love here and here for some photos of Orlando on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Here are some more. Arika also sent in some photos of the set from a distance. She received a letter from the location manager of POTC 2 and 3 saying that they would filming in their community. Unfortunately she didn't see Orlando.

KOH Trailer on Comcast
From Jackie: For Comcast customers: The Kingdom of Heaven trailer is available On Demand, under the movies category.

Black Hawk Down on UK and Belgian TV
From Sarah: Black Hawk Down is on channel 5 in the UK on Sunday the 13th of March at 9:00pm.
From Vanessa: Black Hawk Down is showing in Belgium on RTL TVI on Thursday, March 10th at 20:15.

LOTR Fan Appreciation Book
A group of LOTR fans are putting together a book for Peter Jackson, full of letters of appreciation, art, poem, etc. Click here for more information and to submit a letter.

Mention in "Spin Control" Book
From Sandra: Another novel mention for Orlando! This one comes from the novel "Spin Control", the sequel to "Royally Jacked" by Niki Burnham. The main character's friend sends an email about Orlando being at the Golden Globe Awards. Here's the excerpt:
So, here's the hottie report: My dearest Orlando Bloom looked devastating (hot), even though he was there with this snotty little French actress. (I was heartbroken he didn't think to stop in Virginia and ask to be his GG date)...
The email then goes on to talk about Heath Ledger and friendly matters. But I'd like to know who the French actress is...lol.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sheila from her best friend Leigh, Stephanie (14) from her friend Kailee, Shanna (23), Bridget from her best friend Abby, Carolyn T. from her friend Angela, Sofia (14) from her sister Victoria, Catherine (14) from her friend Carrie, Kristal (17) from her friend Alex, Maria (14) from her friend Caitlin, Sheila (33) from Tiffany, Holly (14), Nicole (15) from her friend Katie, Roxanne and Hannah from Andrea, Sean from his girlfriend Kyria, Barbara from her friend Evelyn.

  Tuesday, March 1
Video and Screencaps from Oprah
Oprah's Oscar special had an interview with Orlando. Download the video here, and view screencaps.

Empire Scans
Nia sent in scans from the April issue of Empire (UK).

M Magazine Scans
Brianna sent in scans from the March issue of M magazine (US). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Mention in Twist
From Rachel: In "Twist" magazine, it tells of Keira Knightly admitting to having surgery done on her upper lip to make it fuller. In the article it mentions OB, I believe the exact words are, "Call us crazy, but if our lips had touched Orlando Bloom's, we'd leave them alone!"

German InStyle Scan
Maren sent in a scan from the March issue of InStyle magazine (German). Hollywood stars were asked about their favourite movies. Orlando's is "The Hustler" with Paul Newman, and he has already watched it more than 10 times.

Shout Magazine
From Becky: In the February 18th issue of Shout magazine (UK) there is an a A4 poster of Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kiria (12) from her boyfriend Sean.

February 2005
  Monday, February 28
Academy Award Videos and Photos
Orlando and Kirsten Dunst presented the Best Film Editing award, I mean Oscar ;), at The Academy Awards last night. Click here to download a video clip of them presenting, and a clip of Orlando being interviewed on the red carpet, as well as a few other red carpet shots. Click here for screencaps. For press photos, visit Orlando Love.

Midsomer Murders on UK TV
Orlando's episode of Midsomer Murders will air in the UK on Saturday, March 5th at 14:45 on ITV1.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Anita (14) from her friend Angie, Jacey Rose from her friend Sarah, and Trista, Kaylee and Eddie from Yesenia.

  Saturday, February 26
Rock the Earth Party Photos
Here are photos of Orlando at Global Green USA's "Rock the Earth" party on Thursday night, thanks to Guitarchick, Tina, Sonia and Elf Lady.

Empire Magazine Scans
Orlando is on the cover of the April issue of Empire (UK). Kathryn posted scans on ka-Bloom.

Ambassadors for Humanity Photos
Here are photos of Orlando on Feb. 17th at the Ambassadors for Humanity dinner honoring President Clinton. (1, 2, 3, 4) Steven Spielberg, founder of Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, presented the Foundation's annual Ambassadors for Humanity Award to President Clinton. Thanks to Tina at ka-Bloom for the photos.

Mention at Josh Groban Concert
From Teagan: I went to a Josh Groban concert yesterday where he sang a song from Troy (Remember) and mentioned Orlando. After he sang the song Josh is quoted on saying "No, I wasn't in Troy. That was Orlando." (Most of the crowd then ended up screaming.)

Global Green Hybrid Car
From newscom.com: Orlando Bloom, Oscar presenter at this year's Academy Awards, has joined the ranks of celebrities choosing to bring an environmental conscience to the Oscars, ... by arriving at the red carpet in high-mileage, low-emission, Toyota Prius hybrids as part of Global Green's 3rd annual "Red Carpet-Green Cars" campaign. "Hybrid cars help us conserve natural resources and preserve the planet," says Bloom.
Here's a larger photo.

Yam Translation
Sina sent in a translation of the Orlando interview in Yam, but I have doubts to it's authenticity.

QuizFest M Magazine
From Suzanne: There's a magazine out called "QuizFest" and there's a calendar/poster with Orlando Bloom on it and it's a count down to the Kingdom of Heaven release [May 6th]. The magazine issue is March/April edition and there are several pictures of Orlando throughout the magazine. I couldn't get a scan, but it's this picture, on kind of a red/orange background. The calendar reads from February all the way to June, The 6th of may is circled and it says "Orly's next movie Kingdom of Heaven hits theatres!"

Haven Petition
From MLF: I wanted to let you guys know of a petition I have started. Its purpose is to influence the movie studios and DVD distribution companies to pick up Orlando's movie "Haven" for distribution. As you may know, it has not, to my knowledge, been picked up yet, and I assume that is because the studios don't think it would be a worthy investment. The purpose of the petition is to prove that yes, it *is* a worthwhile investment, because there are many people who are anxious to see this movie.

Baby Name Trends
From Pam: MSN.com has an article about the recent trends in the naming of celebrity babies. Orlando is mentioned briefly. There's also a page that tells you what 'Orlando' means:

J-14 Magazine
From Nikki: In the new J-14 magazine (March 2005) there is a poster of Orlando and other articles.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Claudia N. (13), Brittney (18), Camila (16) from Andrea, Sharlene from Alexis, Veronoika (17), Sara (16) from her friend Amy, Jennifer (21), Nara, Kaley, Kayla (17) from her sister Kallie, Angie (13), Kristen (13), Steff (16) from her best bud Robyn.

  Friday, February 18
Family History Monthly Scans
Jesse at ObliviousCharm sent in scans from the March issue of Family History Monthly magazine. It finally answers one of the questions that I get asked all of the time: What is Orlando's middle name? Well now we know his full name is Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom!

Orlando to Attend Pre-Oscar Party
According to this article, Orlando will be attending a pre-oscar party put on by Global Green, on February 24th at 8pm at the Day After Club in LA. Global Green USA's "Rock the Earth" party, where Hollywood celebrities and some of California's hottest musical talent will join Global Green for a pre-Oscar, music-fueled party to encourage clean energy solutions for the fight against global warming. As celebrities arrive for the party, they will stroll the green carpet and sign a letter to President George W. Bush, calling for him to support a "smart climate agenda." Media is invited to photograph celebrity arrivals and pose questions to select arriving attendees.

Behind the Scenes of POTC 2 Costume Fittings
Diane, who sent in a story about the open casting call for extras in the POTC sequels last December, sent in another story about her experience at the costume fitting.

KOH Trailer in Australia
Tasha saw the trailer for Kingdom of Heaven before Hide and Seek in Australia.

Black Hawk Down on Australian TV
From Annie: Black Hawk Down is showing on TV in Australia on Saturday night, 19th February Channel 10 at 8.30 on.

Bracelets at Claire's
From Kayla: The store Claire's has nifty bracelets that say "Mrs. Bloom" or "Mrs. Kutcher". They cost anywhere from $3.50 to $5.00, depending where you are.

Cosmo Girl
From Lola.J.: There is a article about Orlando in this months Cosmo Girl!. The subject is about Hollywood's Hottest New Stars and it says a few things about his love life, what films are coming up and who is Hollywood friends are, and there's a cute pic of him too!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nicole (14) from her friend Rami, Laura from her friend Jessica, Pilar (3) from her mom Barbara.

  Thursday, February 17
Yam Magazine Scan
Sina sent in a scan from Yam (Germany). She will be translating the interview soon.

Midsomer Murders on US TV
Orlando's episode of Midsomer Murders will air on the Biography Channel on Sunday, February 20th at 6pm ET.

Family History Monthly Magazine
From Annie: I thought your readers might like to know that the UK edition of Family History Monthly magazine, this month (March 2005 issue 115) features an article charting Orlando's ancestry, taking his roots back to the 1700s, and revealing the secret about his real father. If you wish to order a back issue after the issue has ceased to be on sale in the shops (17th March), then please contact janice.mayne@metropolis.co.uk

Orlando Necklaces at Target
From Cyndy: I was just in Target, and they have necklaces that say "I love Orlando" on clearance for $0.50. They are in the $1 spot immediately when you walk in the store.

Carib Indians Protest 'Pirates' Sequel
From cbc.ca: The Carib Indians of Dominica are upset over a Walt Disney film that would portray them as cannibals. The film is a sequel to 2003's Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which starred Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. According to Dominica's government, Disney planned to shoot the picture there. A Carib Indian leader told the BBC's website that he objects because there is "a strong element of cannibalism in the script which cannot be removed." The Caribs dispute the notion that they descended from cannibals.

Kingdom of Heaven Swedish Release Date
From Jessica: According to www.sf.se (the biggest theater-chain in Sweden), Kingdom of Heaven will open at Swedish theaters on May 4th.

TeenPeople.com Poll
From Nathalie: On TeenPeople.com they have a survey asking you: If you had a Valentine's date with Orlando, would ya want him wearing a tuxedo or toned in jeans and a tee? 56% of people said they would like him to wear a tee the other 43% said a tux.

Kiss Me Magazine
From Martina: In the magazine Kiss Me! (Italy), January 2005, he's called the hottest boy.

Shout Magazine
From Lola: He was in the English magazine Shout again, there was two flowcharts with him in them and a picture of him with a fan mail address next to it.

The Calcium Kid DVD in Holland
From Talitha: In Holland The Calcium Kid is for sale at Hollywood Factory, for 6,95. The dvd contains 9 deleted scenes and bloopers.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Danielle (12) from Laesterooni and Ty B, Mel (15) from Emily, Kelly, Char (13) from Michelle, Kellie (15), Melissa (15) from her friend Amanda, Tara (15) from her friend Alicia, Martina (16).

  Friday, February 11

New Fan Mail Message
Lori was asked to pass along a belated thank you to all the fans who sent in cards and letters for Orlando's birthday last month. They were all very much appreciated. There is still a backlog with the fan mail, so please be patient. If you're sending in a letter or autograph request, please follow these rules.

OK! Magazine Scans
Tracy sent in scans from the February 1st issue of OK! magazine (UK), from an article entitled "The OK! Rich List". Orlando was #3 on their list. (1 & 2)

Cameron Crowe's Journal Updated
Cameron Crowe's journal has been updated again with more stories from the filming of Elizabethtown.

ICM Models Party
The Daily Mirror is reporting that Orlando will be a guest at the ICM Models and New Vintage Oasis Party on Valentine's Day. The VIP bash celebrates the first anniversary of the British model agency.

Photos from Sideways Party
Here are photos from GuitarChick, of Orlando attending a party at the Falcon Restaurant for the movie Sideways earlier this month. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Sebastian Copeland Web Site
Orlando's cousin, Sebastian Copeland, has his own web site featuring his photography, including some new photos of Orlando. If you have Internet Explorer, you won't be able to see all the galleries because the HTML is coded wrong. But here are the direct links to the Flash files. (1, 2, 3)

International Trailer for Kingdom of Heaven
Comingsoon.net has posted the international trailer for Kingdom of Heaven. There are some new scenes that don't appear in the US trailer. Screencaps can be found here.

Dutch Magazine Scans
Karen sent in scans from the February issue of Celebrity. (1, 2, 3) Lenny of bloomania.com sent in a scan from the February 10th issue of Break Out, and the March issue of Cosmo Girl, who would nominate Orlando for an Oscar for his role as Paris in Troy.

Skip Magazine Scan
Maren sent in a scan from the December/January issue of the cinema magazine Skip (Germany). The article talks about Orlando's beard, a worthy topic indeed.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amanda (10) from Emily, Monica (19) from her friend Norma, The Raptor, JoseGirl from Stephanie, Kaleigh (6) her sister Monica, Angela (21), Monie West (15) from Michelle, Laura (16), Jona, Mel Div (14), Tasha (16), Erin (17), Devon (16), Ansley (14) from Kelly, Alesha (16).

  Thursday, February 3
A Dog Day for Orlando Bloom
From People.com: As if it wasn't bad enough that Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom broke up with his girlfriend of two years, Kate Bosworth - he also lost his best friend. Temporarily, anyway. Spies tell us that the British actor roamed L.A.'s Runyon Canyon during the weekend, whistling and calling after his lost pooch, Sidi. "Have you seen a black dog," a frantic Bloom asked passers-by before splitting up with his hiking pal to search in opposite directions. But there was a happy ending: A rep tells us boy and dog have been reunited.

POTC Filming at Universal Studios in LA
Kristen sent in the following info from miceage.com. "Paramount is not the only outside studio shooting on the Universal lot, Disney also has two major projects going on. ABC's Desperate Housewives continues work on the Colonial Street sets (which are off limits on weekdays to the tour trams) and construction has begun over in the Little Europe outdoor set area (below) for Pirates of the Caribbean II & III. I guess we can start looking for Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp there pretty soon."

POTC 2 Plot News
Here is some new plot info on POTC 2 from a Walt Disney investor conference studio presentation. Thanks to Tina on the imdb message boards for transcribing it.
"Now, for the big guns... literally. One of our biggest franchises to date is "Pirates of the Caribbean." This film surpassed even our greatest expectations. Worldwide, it made more than $650 million at the box-office and sold more than 30 million DVD and VHS units. In total, "Pirates" has already generated more than $1.2 billion in total revenues in the first 19 months since opening.
And now we have 2 more "Pirates" adventures in the works, both of which are huge company-wide priorities. Coming summer of 2006 and summer 2007 are the much-anticipated "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" and "3".
And since you're a special audience, I think we can do better than that. We haven't announced this yet, and you're the first audience outside the company to hear the title of the latest installment of this fantastic saga: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest".
And everybody is back for both sequels. We have the original producer, Jerry Bruckheimer; original director, Gore Verbinski; and of course, our original cast is on board--Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley... plus a few other casting surprises.
This time around, Johnny returns as Captain Jack Sparrow and is caught in yet another tangled web of supernatural intrigue. It turns out, Captain Jack owes a blood debt to the legendary Davey Jones, ruler of the ocean depths and captain of the ghostly Flying Dutchman. If Jack can't figure a crafty way out of this one, he'll be cursed to an afterlife of eternal servitude and damnation. And as if that weren't enough, Captain Jack's problems throw a huge wrench into the wedding plans of the blissful Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who quickly find themselves thrust into Jack's misadventures.
Suffice it to say, we think "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" will be the must-see movie of the 2006 summer season."

More POTC Casting News
From darkhorizons.com: 55-year-old "Taggart" star Alex Norton has landed a high-profile part, playing Edinburgh sea captain Sam Bellamy in the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequels reports Brit paper The Daily Record. Of his casting, Norton says "It's safe to say this is about as big as it gets. 'I've only just heard that I got the part of Captain Bellamy. I'm really excited. I start filming in Los Angeles next month. We then head out to the Caribbean island of St Vincent in June and July. But there's no question of this being the end of Taggart for me". Meanwhile, The Roxbury Register reports that stunt man/fitness trainer/part-time actor Bobby Waldron has scored a role in both sequels. "I will appear in "Pirates of the Caribbean" 2 and 3. I'm not sure what my part will be, but I just know that I'm working on it and that's enough for me" says Waldron who has served as Orlando Bloom's personal trainer on previous projects and will do so again for the sequels.

Channel One Quiz
From Chelsea: I was taking a quiz "Who is your celebrity Crush" on Channel One and I won Orlando/Natalie Portman! This is what it says about them: "The smart and sensitive crush: Natalie Portman / Orlando Bloom - You probably never thought there's a celebrity out there who's as independent and headstrong as you, but Natalie and Orlando are well known for having solid minds of their own. Just like them, you don't jump on the bandwagon every time a new trend comes along-- there are more important things to be doing."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Molly (14) from Sarah, Emily (15) from Brittney, Caroline (14), Tari, Danielle (12) from Seth, Megan (15).

January 2005
  Monday, January 31
Orlando and Kate News
You all know I don't like posting about Orlando's private life, but I've been getting hundreds of emails about this. This info seems to be reliable as it's from their publicist, Robin Baum. In a statement, she said "They did decide to take some time apart due to their upcoming work schedule, and they remain very close. It was a mutual decision."

Film Review Scans
Jesse at Oblivious Charm sent in scans from the March issue of Film Review (UK) with Orlando on the cover.

Topp Magazine Scan
Marte sent in a scan from the February issue of Topp (Norway), where Orlando was voted the 2nd sexiest boy ever.

Orlando's Ring
Patricia Gurgel Segrillo created one of the rings that Orlando frequently wears. It was purchased in a small gallery in Islington, London. Orlando's ring is the x-tra wide woven band with 18ct gold. If you would like to have your own, unique, handmade piece of jewelry by her, please visit her website, and check out some photos of her work. If you live in the US or UK, you can get 20% off your order until March 31st by mentioning The OB Files. Here's an order guide with some prices. (Note: the 20% discount has already been applied to the prices. The OB Files is not receiving commission on orders.)

POTC Casting News
Variety reports that Naomie Harris, who starred in the horror film "28 Days Later", will play a gypsy queen in POTC 2.
Johanna translated part of the Swedish article about Stellan Skarsgard playing Bootstrap Bill posted on joblow.com. It says: Stellan Skarsgard is going to play the ledgend "Bootstrap Bill", father to Orlando Bloom's character. "I've been promised at least one real sword-fight", says Skarsgard. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" became one of the most popular movies in 2003. And now it's time for number 2. Also directed by Gore Verbinski. "The filming begins in Los Angeles the 28th February and goes on for a month. Then it will continue in the autumn, in the Bahamas" says Skarsgard. He doesn't know if the 3rd movie will be made at the same time as the 2nd, or if the 2nd will be finished first.

Magazine Alerts
Alexis: Orlando is in February issues of Pop Star (US) and Tiger Beat (US). From Amber: Orlando pics and articles are in the Feb. 2005 J-14 magazine (US). From ?: He had two pages about him in a English magazine Shout and also in another English magazine Mizz there's a nice poster of him.

Bravo Scan
Sandra sent in a scan from the January 19th issue of Bravo (Germany).

KOH Trailer
Gracie and Danielle both saw the Kingdom of Heaven trailer before the movie Hide and Seek, and Butterful saw it before The Aviator. You can see it online here.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah (15), Anna, Katie, Shauni (14) from her friend Marie, Kate from her boyfriend Eric.

  Saturday, January 29
Kingdom of Heaven Poster
Joblow.com has the first poster for Kingdom of Heaven.

The White Tree Fund
The earthquake and tsunami disaster along the coasts of the Indian Ocean have wreaked unimaginable devastation and chaos. The White Tree Fund has been formed by the Tolkien/Lord of the Rings community to respond to the need of victims. They have chosen Habitat for Humanity, Direct Relief International, and Save the Children as our charities. Each of these have a direct link from the site to the charity, which means that 100% of all donations go directly to the charity you have chosen. As little as $20 (US) can feed a family for a week as well as provide basic household necessities. More info.

Celebrity Magazine Scan
Lenny from Bloomania sent in a scan of Orlando on the cover of the Dutch magazine Celebrity nr.2, February 2005.

People Magazine Scan
Serein sent in a scan from People's The Best & Worst of the Year, Yearbook 2005.

ET Online Poll
From Jackie: On the Entertainment Tonight website, there is a poll- "Who would you bring as a wedding date?" And Orlando is one of the choices. He's not winning.

Update to Cameroncrowe.com
cameroncrowe.com has been updated, with some Elizabethtown photos on the home page, and some old filming information in the journal. Thanks to Dana for the info.

Girlfriend Magazine Poll
From Hannah: On www.girlfriend.com.au on the Boys & Babes page, there’s a poll on who's the hottest guy. Orli's 3rd.

Bootstrap Bill Role Cast
From joblow.com: It seems as if Orlando Bloom's father in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 and 3, Bootstrap Bill, has been cast. Swedish newspaper Metro reported today that Stellan Sarsgård has signed on to play Bootstrap in the second and third sequels. You can read the article below...if you speak Swedish. If not, allow me to paraphrase via our scooper "JL" who was kind enough to send this in. He said, "I've been promised to get at least one real swords fight" and that production starts in LA at the end of next month before heading to the Bahamas later in the production. He also adds that he has only read the script for the second film and he believes they are still working on the third one. It has been widely rumored that Keith Richards would co-star as Johnny Depp's father in the film but the musician hasn't signed on yet.

E-crush Poll
From Tami: Orlando came in #1 for e-crush's Most Crushable Actor. Jesse McCartney got #2 and Brad Pitt got #3.

'Young, Sexy, and...' TV Show
From Ashley: There was a little segment on Orlando in 'Young, Sexy, and...' the Hollywood episode on the WE channel. It was a brief two minute thing. They said some pretty negative things.

'The Next Wave' TV Show
From Natalie: I saw Orlando on an E! Entertainment Special called "The Next Wave" where they looked at the new stars who were going to take the places of Brad Pitt, Meg Ryan and Eddie Murphy. Orlando was one of 5 up for the role of "The next Brad Pitt", and three out of five of the judges chose him out of Paul Walker, Johnny Knoxville, and some others I can't remember. It briefly discussed his career and showed several still shots and a few different clips from red carpet footage. This aired in the UK on Sunday the 23rd - I don't know if it will air again.

The Movie Mouthpiece Awards
Mang0 sent in a link to The Movie Mouthpiece Awards where you can create a funny caption for a Kingdom of Heaven photo. The winner's caption will be published in Go! Magazine.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jennifer (17), Emily (13), Samantha (29) from her friend Melissa, Amanda (16), Patricia (16) from her friend Claire, Jill (15) from the Plique.

  Tuesday, January 25
Old Candid from NZ
Laerwen on lotrboys_daily posted a photo of Orlando, Elijah and Billy at a cafe in New Zealand. The guy next to Orlando look's like his cousin Sebastian.

Moviefone Awards
Orlando and Diane Kruger are nominated for Sexiest Kiss in the 10th Annual Moviefone Awards. Vote here. Orlando and Keira Knightley won the award last year for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Academy Awards Nomination for Troy
Troy has received a nomination for "Achievement in costume design" in the 77th Academy Awards.

Orlando to be a Presenter at the Academy Awards
From Yahoo: "Lord of the Rings" star Orlando Bloom will present an Academy Award at next month's ceremony, organizers of cinema's top awards announced. The 28-year-old British actor is the third star to sign up to present Oscar statuettes, following last year's best actress winner, Charlize Theron, and Renee Zellweger.
The Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday, February 27, at the Kodak Theatre in LA and televised live by the ABC Television Network beginning at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST with a half-hour arrival segment.
From Sandra: I was just watching Entertainment Tonight, and Orlando has just been added to the list of presenters for the Academy Awards on February 27th. ET also mentioned that "he wont be doing much partying. Orlando goes back to work shooting the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean". But of course we all knew that!

Valentine's Day Cards
I added some printable Valentine's Day cards.

Troy DVD Featurette Videos
Warner Brothers sent me the following links to some video clips of the special features on the Troy DVD that is out now in the US and UK. (Buy: US, UK)

Harsh Reality
Windows Media Player: 56 | 100| 300
Real Video: 56 | 100 | 300
Quicktime: 56 | 100 | 300
Preparing for Battle
Windows Media Player: 56 | 100 | 300
Real Video: 56| 100 | 300
Quicktime: 56| 100 | 300
Odyssey Visual Effects
Windows Media Player: 56 | 100 | 300
Real Video: 56 | 100 | 300
Quicktime: 56 | 100 | 300
From Ruins to Reality- Creating Troy
Windows Media Player: 56 | 100 | 300
Real Video: 56| 100 | 300
Quicktime: 56 | 100 | 300
From Ruins to Reality - Intro
Windows Media Player: 56 | 100 | 300
Real Video: 56 | 100 | 300
Quicktime: 56 | 100 | 300

Mention on VH1
From Coco: I was just watching VH1's show I Love the 90's Part Duex last night and Orlando was mentioned. They were talking about when Melissa Etheridge and her partner had an artificial insemination. When the people on the show were asked who would they want to be artificially inseminated by, Loni Love said "Orlando Bloom." The screen shows a picture of him in a heart then it cuts back to Loni as she says "We can do it all natural."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Caroline (22), Parnell (18) from her sister Pamela, Nicole (15) from her friend Stephanie, Amy (15) from Sara, Kari (13), Marites (16), Lizzie (15), Becky (14), Allison (14), Madeline, Deborah (13), and Laura (15) from Kathleen.

  Thursday, January 20
Photo from Brazilian Vacation
Ylka sent in a scan from Revista CARAS, a Brazilian magazine. Orlando was on vacation in Itacare, Bahia, Brazil for New Years along with Kate, Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend and 30 friends. Thanks to everyone else who has sent in scans of photos, but I am trying not to post "hidden paparazzi" photos on the site.

Film Review Feature
Film Review (UK) sent in a press release that says there will be a feature on Orlando in the March issue of Film Review (#654) out on January 27. They say "We check out three big upcoming films starring the successful young Brit, including the controversial Kingdom of Heaven, plus we examine his rise to prominence." They also will review the 101 Definitive DVDs. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Edition is at the top of their list.

Scan from Nickelodeon Magazine
Faitherie sent in a scan from Nickelodeon magazine (US). It's meant to be a Valentine's Day Card.

POTC 2 Crew Arriving in St. Vincent
From Christie: People for the Pirates movies are arriving in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I went to the airport to see family off and I saw a few make-up artists coming off the private jet with all their baggage (I believe make-up are in the bags.)

Black Hawk Down on Belgian TV
From Karen: In Belgium they are going to show 'Black Hawk Down' for the first time at 9 o'clock on 21 January.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Greta, Pamela, Samantha (15) from her friend Catie, Jamie (16), Jen (20), Katie (15), Louise, Jorien (16) from her friend Naomi.

  Monday, January 17
Golden Globe Video Clips and Photos
I made video clips of Orlando presenting The Aviator at the Golden Globes, as well as a red carpet interview and an after party interview. Screencaps can be found here. Press photos are here.

Entertainment Weekly Scan
Serein sent in a scan of the Kingdom of Heaven article and photo from the January 21st issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

More From Guinness Book of World Records
From Jess: In the new 2005 Guinness Book of World Records Pirates of the Caribbean holds the record for "Longest red carpet at a film premiere" at 274m (900ft).

Poster in CosmoGirl UK
From Beeta: There is a beautiful poster of Orlando Bloom in the February issue of CosmoGirl UK.
From Karen: There is a poster of Orlando Bloom in a Dutch magazine called Cosmogirl. He was chosen second for the hottest guy on earth. Chad Michael Murray was chosen as the hottest guy.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Renee (16).

  Saturday, January 15
Orlando Presenting at Golden Globes
Orlando will be one of the presenters at the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards to be telecast live on NBC this Sunday, January 16 (8-11pm EST) at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Don't forget to watch the preshows on E! and the TV Guide channel to maybe catch him on the red carpet.

Orlando Wins Hello Poll
It seems the last minute voting paid off! Orlando won Hello's Most Attractive Man of 2004 poll. He also won in 2003. Great job to those who voted.

POTC 2 News: Dead Man's Chest and No Keith Richards
From Erika: Wanted to tell you that I went to the discussion panel & screening of Pirates of the Caribbean last night at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. Panel included the two writers of the films, actor Lee Arenberg (Pintel - the bald pirate that was the comic relief) and two movie producers (not Jerry Bruckheimer). Anyway, no mention of Orlando at all by the panel but they did provide some interesting info. Pirates 2 is called Dead Man's Chest not Treasure of the Lost Abyss. Keith Richards is definitely not in the sequel but they hinted he might be in the third. And Lee Arenberg is going to be in the sequel- so we'll probably see a lot of familiar faces. Oh, and in the history of El Capitan theater POTC was the most requested movie to have replayed. Anyway, it was a fun night, there was a costume contest and jugglers dressed as pirates. The audience was mostly comprised of Johnny Depp fans. He got the biggest screams when he came on [screen].

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jennie (14).

  Friday, January 14
Happy Birthday to The OB Files!
This site is now 3 years old. :) Thanks to everyone who has contributed and visited. If you want to help The OB Files to keep on truckin', please send me news and scans. I can't do it without you guys!

Hello Poll
Colin Firth is beating Orlando in Hello's Most Attractive Man of 2004 poll. Voting ends today, so go vote!

E-town and KOH Photos
Here are two promo pics from Elizabethtown and Kingdom of Heaven, from Legolas Greenleaf. Also, Anna posted on Orlando Love some photos from the Elizabethtown filming.

Premiere Magazine Scans
Here are scans of the Elizabethtown and Kingdom of Heaven articles in the February issue of Premiere (US).

Movies in the Year Ahead
From csmonitor.com: Orlando Bloom and Jessica Alba have each been tagged "the next big thing" this year and it probably won't be long until Vanity Fair's photographers come knocking. ... Bloom has a little more experience at the blockbuster game. He's starred in "Troy," "Pirates of the Caribbean," and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but "Kingdom of Heaven" will be the first time he's had to carry a movie by himself. Even more challenging will be Bloom's role in Elizabethtown, a movie by Cameron Crowe ("Jerry McGuire," "Almost Famous"). The British actor portrays a yuppie who loses everything but meets an attractive flight attendant (Kirsten Dunst) on his way to his father's funeral in Kentucky.
"The role is very, very different from anything that Orlando Bloom has done," says Harry Knowles, founder of the aintitcoolnews.com movie website.
Mr. Knowles says the script for "Elizabethtown" features what promises to become one of the year's most talked-about scenes: a 15-minute phone conversation between Dunst and Bloom. "It could be one of the landmark scenes of the year - the dialogue is that good," says Knowles. "Elizabethtown" could be the movie that finally garners Crowe an Oscar for directing.

Dutch Magazine Scans
Lenny of bloomania.com sent in the following Dutch magazine scans:
Hitkrant nr 2, 15 January 2005 (no new info)
Break Out nr. 3, 13 January 2005 (about Orlando's birthday, no new info)
Elle Girl January/February 2005 (gossip about Orlando, when will he ask Kate to marry him?)
Hitkrant, nr 52/53, 23 December (article on Orlando Bloom being a big star in 2004)
Hitkrant, nr 52/53, 23 December (article on Elizabethtown)

Magazine Alerts
From Lee: Orlando Bloom is in the February issue of Glamour (w/Kelly Ripa on the cover). He's on pg.238 in the Dos & Dont's section and he's a DO. It shows a picture of him at the 2004 AFI Film Festival premiere of Beyond the Sea and say's, "Black is always safe and sexy. Orlando Bloom's a DO!".
There is a poster of Orlando in the TV Hits Poster Special (Australia). There is a small picture of Orlando in the "What!" part of the Who (Australia) (January 17, 2005). There's a poster of Orlando and a small picture of him and Kirsten Dunst in S-Girl Magazine (Australia).
From Emma: There is a picture of Orlando and Kate together at the Beyond the Sea premiere in the UK magazine HEAT (8-14th January issue).

Guinness Book of World Records
From Ashleigh: I was at Cosco, and I saw the new 2005 Guinness Book of World Records and they have a photo of Orlando as Legolas.
The Return of the King is in the book for Most Oscars Won by a Film (11), Most Latex Feet Made for a Movie (1,600), and Fastest Movie to Gross $1 Billion.

Astrology Chart From TV Guide
From Jaime: I was looking through next weeks tv guide (Canadian TV Guide) and on the very last page is a bit about Orlando's astrology chart. He was the highlighted celebrity birthday that they do each week. Here's what they said: CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY
Orlando Bloom, Jan. 13, 1977, Canterbury, England
Orlando was born with his natal Sun, Mercury and Mars in Capricorn, making him a determined daredevil-ish sort of man. With his natal Venus in Pisces favourably positioned to his natal Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Moon, there is absolutely no doubt that Bloom is a sensual lover. Orlando is deeply passionate and he needs variety when it comes to the romance department. With his natal Saturn in Leo square, his natal Jupiter in Taurus, and his natal Uranus in Scorpio, there is a little uncertainty and confusion regarding who, where, when and what he likes. The bottom line is that if someone interests this young man, he's going to venture down the path to see where it leads. Orlando was also born with his natal Venus adversely positioned to his natal Neptune and this can also bring sorrow when it comes to relationships. So whether he is breaking hearts or having his broken, more often than not, his relationships will end in some unfortunate manner. On the whole, Orlando ha s what I consider a good chart He lands on his feet in most cases because he has a little built-in luck. Being a thrill-seeker, Orlando can expect some injuries along the way My advice to this young and talented star is to get a stunt double and leave the dangerous stuff to the experts. Although the year ahead may be a bit dicey for Bloom where accidents and relationships are concerned, I believe that in late 2005 and throughout 2006 he will be unstoppable. By Eugenia Last (TV Guide Canada, January 8-14, 2005)

Troy DVD Easter Egg
From Rosemary: I bought the Troy dvd today in California, and I was watching the special features, I happened to run into an Easter Egg, (a hidden special feature). However, it doesn't contain Orlando or any of the other actors. If you would like to know what it's about, it's just small funny digital animation clips of the movie. The first one is the best. The Easter Egg is found on the second disc. When the cursor is on the first heading on the screen, push the right arrow and it should be a green mark on the horse. Click and it will only be a minute or two long but it's entertaining.

KOH Fan Video
Lara sent in a link to a music video about Orlando and Kingdom of Heaven that her friend made.

The Calcium Kid on Dutch TV
Talitha (Holland): If you have digital tv from UPC (Mr. Zap) you can watch The Calcium Kid this month on Arrivo Barker.

Movie Release Dates
January 26: The Calcium Kid DVD in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
September 7: Elizabethtown in France
September 22: Elizabethtown in The Netherlands
Ned Kelly DVD out now in Portugal. From Sara: The movie had never made it to the theatres, but is now on sale in every FNAC store.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Stephanie (16), Trinity (15) from her sister Inessia and boyfriend Craig, Tara (14), Nikki (15), Jennifer (16), Juliana (16), Kayla (15), and Deborah's grandma.

  Wednesday, January 5
Mention in Aleen Keshishian Interview
In an interview at nydailynews.com, Aleen Keshishian, the joint head of film talent at the Hollywood management company the Firm, said this about Orlando: "When I met Orlando Bloom five years ago, I just knew. You can't take your eyes off him on screen."

Premiere Magazine
From Caroline: There's a big picture of Orlando in the Feb. issue of Premiere magazine (US). Then another picture and a small interview on page 74 and a small picture on 75.
todd_loves_mc on Orlando Daily has posted a scan from Premiere.

Bonus Troy DVD at Best Buy
If you buy the Troy DVD at Best Buy, you can get a bonus disc that contains clips with Orlando. The description says: "Bonus disc features director, writer and actor commentaries, a behind-the-scenes look at choreography and rehearsal of the brutal battle scenes, spear and sword practice, ancient art and set decoration, chariot stunt training and more". Thanks to everyone who sent in the info.

Some Likely Hits on Deck for '05
From hollywoodreporter.com: This May 6 Fox is returning for what could be another pre-summer pick-me-up courtesy of "Kingdom of Heaven" from Oscar-winning filmmaker Ridley Scott. "Kingdom" probably isn't the kind of film that will add to Scott's collection of Oscar gold, but it should boost his and Fox's gold holdings. It's an action adventure set during the 12th Century about a young blacksmith who becomes a knight and helps defend Jerusalem during the Crusades. Needless to say, there's a princess and a romance, as well as lots of battle action. Orlando Bloom, who emerged as a teen heartthrob thanks to "Pirates of the Caribbean," stars opposite Liam Neeson and David Thewlis.

Year End Lists
Orlando made the 2004 year end lists of many sites. He is the #2 celeb on Yahoo!'s Top 10 of 2004 list. Troy was the #2 movie of 2004. On imdb.com, Orlando is #3 on their Top 25 Stars for 2004 list. He was the #8 most searched for man on Lycos. On Google, he is #8 on the most Popular Queries list, and #1 on both the Most Popular Men list and most Popular Male Celebrity image search list.

Hello Magazine Poll
Orlando is up for Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man of 2004. Vote here. You can vote every 10 minutes.

Cosmo Girl Poll
You can vote for Orlando as the King of the hot guys at cosmogirl.com. Thanks to Melissa for the link.

Teen People
From Laura: There are a few mentions of Orlando in the new Teen People (February 2005). Orlando and Kate are number 8 on the "Top 10 Hottest Celeb Couples." They are also in "Star Tracks." There is a caption under a picture of them that says, "Kate Bosworth happily basks in love's full Bloom." Then on the next page, there is a picture of Orlando holding a dog. There is a caption that says, "That sweet face! Those soulful eyes! That wet nose! OK, now you know we're not talking aboout Orlando Bloom."

Mention on Life is Great Program
From Chelsea: I was watching "Life is Great; with Brooke Burke" and it's their "Twenty-something in Tinsletown". They've been throwing Orlando Bloom’s name around. Basically, they mentioned his name and showed him saying something about it being fabulous how he is so lucky to be where he is.

Seventeen Prom
From Danielle: I was looking through the Winter/Spring 2005 issue of Seventeen Prom (Canada) and on Page 30 in a quiz entitled "What's your prom Personality". Orlando is mentioned under 'Celeb Prom Date'.

M! Magazine
From Patty: I got a new M! magazine (US) yesterday. It is called Quiz Fest. It has a quiz that you can take in it about Orlando. It is a quiz that is supposed to tell you if you are one of Orlando's biggest fans. Of course, I got the result that said I was his biggest fan! Anyway, it also has a lot of pics of Orlando in it!

Mistletoe Kiss Poll
From Cyndy and uk.news.yahoo.com: Film beauty Angelina Jolie has topped a poll of stars who British men want to kiss under the mistletoe. Women meanwhile dream of a festive smooch with 27-year-old home-grown actor Orlando Bloom. Sky Movies interviewed 2,000 people for the poll, carried out to celebrate its Christmas Season.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sam, Cara (13), Sydnee from her cousin Amanda, Alison, Laura (14) from her big sis Robyn.

December 2004
  Wednesday, December 29
Kingdom of Heaven Updates
The official Kingdom of Heaven web site is now online, along with the trailer. Here are photos from the site, and screencaps of the trailer. I've also made some sound clips from the trailer. Many people, including myself, have seen the trailer before The Phantom of the Opera.

Tchibo Magazine Scan
Maren sent in a scan from the German "Tchibo Magazine". The article is about Orlando becoming a Buddhist and mentions some Hollywood stars who committed to Buddhism as well.

Troy on SKY Box Office
From Anon: There's an article for Troy in British SKY magazine. It premieres on Sky Box Office Wednesday January 26th.

Bliss Magazine
From Amber: Bliss issue February which comes out in December (out now) has a pic of Orli and a little bit of writing because he's in the "Guys who rocked our World" article.

POTC Playing at the El Capitan Theatre
From Jem: This is for all Southern California fans: I was sent a flyer that says that from January 13 to January 30 they will be showing Pirates of the Caribbean at the El Capitan Theatre in West Hollywood. On opening night at 7:00 there will be a Filmaker Panel Discussion, but it didn't say who exactly will be there. It also said that if you dress as a pirate you get a commemorative button and there is a costume contest at every show. Go to either www.elcapitantickets.com or call 1-800-DISNEY6 for tickets.

Mention on The Insider
From Christina: I was watching The Insider and they mentioned Orlando. He was on the rumors segment and they said that he was inspired by David Hasselhoff. It was false. The rumor started in a British tabloid.

Troy DVD at Canadian Toys R Us
From Laura: This little note is regarding Troy's release in Canada. I work at Toys R Us, arrived at work yesterday morning to see Troy out on our shelves :) I was under the impression we would get it at the same time the US did. Maybe it was my company's slip up, but as I sat at home watching it last night I could have cared less lol.

Shout Magazine
From Becky: Orli is on the front cover of December 26-January 7 issue of Shout (UK). You can't really see him until you look behind the free gloves you get with the mag! There is also an A4 sized poster of him and 1 of Johnny Depp (not together). On top of all that there's a poem someone wrote titled 'Amazing Orlando'.

Mention in University Brochure
From Phoebe: Apparently Orlando's name isn't only in the papers and magazines. Through applying to Uni of Kent I got a Canterbury Campus Preview for the Uni and even this managed to get a word in on the movie star. On describing the city: "Canterbury is vibrant and beautiful, and home to Orlando Bloom; of course the scenery is good!"

Mention in New Meg Cabot Book
From Sandra M.: Meg Cabot must love this guy! The author of The Princess Diaries mentions Orlando in the newest book, "The Princess Present". She writes, "I happened to see Michael in his tux just now and all I can say is... move over Orlando Bloom." OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mikki (19) from his girlfriend Sarah, Frank, Susie (13) from her friend Rami, Stephanie.

  Tuesday, December 21
Entertainment Tonight Video Clip
I made a video clip of Orlando on ET's hottest bachelor's list. He actually "just missed" the list, but they talked about him anyway. Here are some screencaps: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Orlando in Brazil?
From Bia: I've just read this news on a Brazilian entertainment site (babado.com.br). "The British actor Orlando Bloom, Legolas Greenleaf of LOTR, and his girlfriend Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush), were seen walking incognito in Rio de Janeiro a couple of days ago, according to the GLOBO newspaper. Last Saturday (18), they had dinner at Sush Leblon at Dias Freire St."

Calendar Boy
Orlando's 2005 calendar is the 8th top selling calendar in the UK. article.

Where Celebs Really Hang Out in L.A.
From msn.com: The stars are just like us. They can be found in the most ordinary places, doing perfectly ordinary things—as paparazzi photos prove. Here’s where you can spot them.
Laurel Canyon Dog Park: Naturally landscaped park teeming with celebrity wildlife—Orlando Bloom, for one, has been known to walk his dog there.

MuchMusic's Top 20 Hottest Guys
From Stephany: I was watching MuchMusic's 'Top 20 Hottest Guys' and Orlando came in at #2! Last year he was #9. They will air the program again throughout the next week (probably). So if any of you have MuchMusic, stay tuned!
From Marty: Orlando was mentioned on "MuchMusic's 20 Hottest Girls" both for Kate Bosworth and Kiera Knightley. There were a few pictures not many though.

The Calcium Kid Danish Release Date
From Tine: The Calcium Kid is out on DVD 26. Jan. 2005 in Denmark!

Mention on Street Smarts
From Mollie May: I was watching the tv show Street Smarts one day last week, and they usually ask the contestants a question about themselves, so he ask this girl, "what was the craziest thing you ever did for a dare?" and she replied, "I stole a cardboard cutout of Orlando Bloom from my local movie theater."

From Anon: In the January issue of J-14 it comes with a calendar with OB's picture for May and June. He is also mentioned in the article "What do his good looks reveal?"

Troy DVD Info
From Vicky: Troy came out in DVD in Mexico past December 1st. The movie includes 2 discs. 1 of course is the movie, and the other one includes activities and interviews with Wolfgang Peterson, Diane Kruger, Eric Bana, Brad Pitt, Peter O'Toole, everyone, except Orlando!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sera (14) and Carrie (14).

  Saturday, December 18
Dubai Film Festival Photo
Victoria thought she saw Orlando on the cover of issue 85 of Ahlan! magazine, on their web site. I can't tell if it's him, but there was an article on the Dubai Film Festival that had this new photo. The article mentioned Orlando here: "Yet even the local A-listers were put in the shade by the presence of Hollywood star Orlando Bloom, who was accompanied by fellow Lord of the Rings star Bill Boyd, who played Pippin in the film. As Bloom made his way down the red carpet, the assembled photographers snapped away and observers had to pinch themselves to remember they were in Dubai rather than Cannes."

POTC Casting Call
Diane attended the open casting call for the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels and later interviewed casting director Sande Alessi. She sent in the article she wrote, as the agency is still seeking extras. You can find out more info here.

ET's Top 10 Hottest Bachelors
Posted by daydreamer on Orlando Love: I was watching Entertainment Tonight to see if there was anything about "Kingdom" and it was announced that on Monday, 12/20, they will name the top 10 hottest bachelors. Orlando was mentioned and a pic of him from the POTC premiere was shown. It might be brief but it may be worth tuning in. Who knows, they might also have something about Kingdom of Heaven too.

Orlando in Top AOL Search List
From wizardnews.com: AOL Search, America Online's popular search destination, announced the year's top searches based on what people and topics received the highest volume of online queries on the AOL service and AOL.com, and Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings still ranked high in several categories. In the Top Movies category, Harry Potter was still ranked number 1, Lord of The Rings was number 3, and Troy, with Orlando Bloom, was number 7. In the Top Searched People Overall category, Harry Potter came in at number 7 and Orlando Bloom was number 10.

Climate Star Ad
Roseanne sent in a scan of Orlando's Climate Star ad, from Seventeen magazine a few months ago.

Sneak Magazine
There are 2 photos of Orlando and Kate in the December 14-20th issue of Sneak (UK), but I am not posting the scans because they are paparazzi pics. Thanks anyway Tanya.

TTT on TV in Portugal
From Sara: In Portugal, where there are many Orlando fans, "The Two Towers" will air this Christmas, the 25th, on Channel 3/SIC.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Sequel News
From comingsoon.net: Hong Kong's Chow Yun-fat is set to star in the upcoming sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, says Chinese-language newspaper Apple Daily. Chow's wife, Jasmin Chan Wui-nin, said the actor will play the famous 19th century Chinese pirate Cheung Po Tsai for the second and third installments of the film. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley are expected to return in their roles. Chan said both the movie's producer and director contacted Chow's management company in the U.S. two months ago and director Gore Verbinski flew to Hong Kong last week to discuss the screenplay with Chow.

Meanwhile, 'Robert' pointed us to a few new updates. While the report above says two follow-up films are in development, Disney has not confirmed that yet. There might only be one sequel in the works right now. A casting call posted here does give more proof that there might be two films, given the shoot is listed as taking place from February all the way through December of 2005.

While we await announcements on the sequel, or sequels, Geoffrey Rush's rep confirmed to The Australian that his character, Barbossa, looks to be back in some compacity. An article at VFXWorld also mentions that ILM is developing the special effects for the sequels.

Location wise, The Age reports that St. Vincent is one of the shooting locations, and says Mackenzie Crook is aboard the cast. ... Thailand is also a possible location, according to this list, while the U.S. Virgin Islands and Bahamas may be part of the shoot as well.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Haley (14), Lauren (17), Paige (15) from her friend Amy.

  Friday, December 17
Kingdom of Heaven Fan Review
Aintitcoolnews.com has a favorable early review (full of spoilers) of Kingdom of Heaven.

Kingdom of Heaven Publicity Photos
Comingsoon.net has posted 2 new publicity photos. Orlando Love has a hi-res version of one of the photos.

Kingdom of Heaven on ET on MTV
This weekend, ET on MTV will be showing scenes from Kingdom of Heaven. It will probably be the trailer. The times are; MTV: Dec. 18 at 11am and Dec. 19 at 10am. VH1: Dec. 18 at 1pm and Dec. 19 at 3am

Orlando in Arabic
NG sent in Orlando's name in Arabic.

POTC Fan Trip
Beyond Boundaries has created a POTC themed fan trip that sets sail for the Caribbean in June.

Australian Empire Magazine
From Nabila: The January 2005 issue of the Aussie Empire has a Kingdom of Heaven spread, with a huge page devoted to Orlando.

Mention on 'Go Go Stop'
From Lisa: On the Australian kids show 'Go Go Stop' in a final round one of the questions was "Orlando Bloom is Justine Timberlake's half brother?" It was a true or false question and the kid answered TRUE!

Premiere Magazine
From Lei: Reminder: In the latest Premiere Magazine (with Ocean's 12 cast on the cover) there's a picture of Orlando with the main cast from Haven with a small blurb about the movie in the caption. The picture is small to medium size but it's one I believe that hasn't been seen before or released very limitedly.

Saturday Night Live
From Christina: Elijah Wood will be on Saturday Night Live this Saturday the 18th on E! [at 10pm]. It has some LOTR spin offs.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lottie (17), Nana (46) from Samuel, Chloe (14) from her sister Holly, Erica (18), Amber, Deidre (14), Erica O. (15), Stacey (14).

  Sunday, December 12
Fan Photos from TIFF
Alicia sent in some great photos she took at the Toronto Film Festival. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Camel Photos from KOH
Guitarchick posted on Orlando Love more photos of Orlando on the camel from the set of Kingdom of Heaven.

Mention on TRL
From Amanda: Lindsay Lohan was on TRL on Dec. 7 and they were looking for the perfect guy for her by process of elimination. Orlando was one of her choices and when she said that she wanted a funny guy instead of a serious guy, Orlando was "rejected" and he got the biggest awww from the crowd when he wasn't a choice anymore.

Mention in Australian Radio Ad
From Samantha: A recent radio advertisement for alcoholic beverage 'Archer's Spri' involved two women sitting on a beach talking to one another as they drink their Archers... the following was mentioned of Orlando.
Female #1: "oooh imagine Orlando Bloom wrapped in just my Archer's Spri towel" *giggles*
Female #2: "Orlando Bloom!"
Female #1: "Oh no..."
Female #2: "What?"
Female #1: "His towel just slipt" *giggles*

Sean Astin Mentions Orlando in Interview
From Julie: This is an excerpt from an interview with Sean Astin that was published in the Dec. 8, 2004 edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Astin is in Seattle promoting his new book "There And Back Again."
Q: People often mix up stars with the roles they play, but you really do seem to have some crossovers with yours. Is it at all hard to see your co-stars gain sex-symbol status, when you're seen more as the good old married dad?
A: It's too simple to call any of them, say Orlando Bloom, a sex symbol, and leave it at that, from my perspective, because I know the guy. But it doesn't surprise me that he's a sex symbol and I don't have a hard time seeing him as that and I enjoy it. There's a gap when the public persona, or the marketability of someone for a particular reason in terms of how they're sold, whether it's me as the family man or them as the sex symbol. For everyone who's gotten famous in their life, it's probably a process. For me, I'm doing my best to try to understand the truth of myself for me.

ROTK Score Nominated for a Grammy
Howard Shore has been nominated for a Grammy, for Best Score for The Return of the King. "Into The West" has been nominated for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture. The Grammys will be given out on February 13th at the Staples Center in LA, and will be broadcast on CBS at 8pm EST.

Mention on E! News Live
From Lei: On E! News Live Wednesday night there was a segment on the best gifts for the holiday season and one of the gifts was a baseball bat that had been built and personalized with Orlando's name. The girl from E!, Giuliana, made a joke saying it was from her "boyfriend Orlando Bloom".

The Fellowship Festival 2005
From The Fellowship Festival Team: The waiting is finally over; tickets have just gone on sale for The Fellowship Festival 2005, the most exciting “Lord of the Rings” UK event ever, and we are letting you know first! The Fellowship Festival 2005: 27th- 29th August, Wembley Conference Centre, London

From Hannah: On libragirl.com in the Soundlounge Orlando is number 10 their spunk-o-meter.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Charity (13) from her friend Casey, Sharon (16) from her friend Kimberly, Stephanie (17) from her sister Sarah, Jordan (14), and Brittney (15).

  Tuesday, December 7
Christmas Message From Orlando
Lori, the fan mail team contact, was asked to pass along a Happy Christmas to all the fans on behalf of Orlando and his family.

Dubai Film Festival
Orlando was at the Dubai International Film Festival yesterday. "The Gulf emirate launched its first film festival in a bid to bridge east-west cultural differences and establish a crossroads where Hollywood meets Bollywood." Here is an article, and some photos (1 & 2), thanks to Sonia.

Orlando Commits to Buddhism
From mirror.co.uk: HOLLYWOOD hunk Orlando Bloom has taken his first steps towards becoming a Buddhist. The Lord of the Rings star, 27, took part in an hour long ceremony at a centre to commit himself to the faith. Orlando, who jealously guards his private life, joined 60 other fledgling Buddhists at the Soka Gakkai International Buddhist movement HQ at Taplow Court Mansion in Maidenhead, Berks. read more

Mention in Andy Serkis' Book
From The Raptor: I just picked up Andy Serkis' book "Gollum: How We Made Movie Magic" and there is a small mention of Orlando and an old picture of Legolas at Helm's Deep. Andy was visiting the set of Helm's Deep after about four months of filming there, and the quote reads: I met Orlando Bloom (Legolas) coming out of his trailer, brimming with an almost insane energy that you'd imagine vampires to have before a night out on the town.

Mention in The Sun Herald
From Nikki: There was a picture of Orlando in The Sun Herald (Australian Newspaper) in "Wore Stories: The famous and their frocks". There is a picture of Orlando at the Beyond The Sea, London premiere, and the caption below says: SEX IN A SUIT - We know, we know, the return of Orlando Bloom is yet another code violation of our usually women only Wore Stories, but when he looks this hot, can you blame us? Even with his buttoned-own collar-and-tie ensemble, the Hollywood heart-throb swaps stuffy for oodles of sex appeal at the Beyond The Sea premiere.

Myjellybean.com Quiz
Chelsea reports that myjellybean.com has a quiz to find out if you are too sensitive, and question #3 mentions Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Paul (16) from his friend Kristal, Jen (13) from Chelsea, Robyn-Sarah, Mary from her daughter Brittney, Sandra (15), Michelle (13) from Chelsea.

  Saturday, December 4
New/Old Candid Photo
From Legolas Greenleaf: Here's a photo taken by Viggo of Orlando and Brett Beattie (John Rhys-Davies' scale double) at the tattoo parlor where they got their Fellowship tattoos.

Sneak Scan
Nadia sent in a scan from the Nov. 30 - Dec. 6 issue of Sneak (UK).

Legolas Postcard Scans
I scanned two Legolas postcards that I got at Hot Topic. (1 & 2)

New Legolas T-shirt and Calendar
Hottopic.com has a new Legolas Son Of Thranduil T-Shirt, and a 16 month Legolas calendar. Also, the Legolas lunchbox is on sale for For $9.98

Uncropped Photo from Teen People Shoot
Here's an uncropped version of the photo that was used on the cover of the October issue of Teen People, from Patsie's LJ.

Mention on "Neighbours"
From Adwena: Australia: Orlando was mentioned on the [Australian] television show "Neighbours" (www.neighbours.com) Tuesday night. Two male characters "Boyd" and "Stingray" were talking about possible approaches they can make on girls they were interested in at the school Formal (which is equivalent to the Senior Prom). "Stingray" stated two possibilities: One being to act like Jackie Chan...or a more "smooth and cool" approach, like Orlando Bloom!

LA Confidential Scan
Here's a scan from the magazine LA Confidential, thanks to OBM.net.

Orlando's Name in Hebrew
Sarah sent in Orlando's name in Hebrew. Check the left side of the Biography section for his name in other languages.

Ned Kelly Release Date in the Philippines
Ned Kelly is coming out in theatres in the Philippines on December 8th. Thanks to Jen and Ryll for the info.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Whitney (13) from her friend Mandy, Amol from his friend Rami, Sarah (15).

November 2004
  Tuesday, November 30
London Beyond the Sea Premiere Photos
Here are photos of Orlando at the London premiere of Beyond the Sea on November 24th, thanks to the ladies at Orlando Love.

Orlando on Global Green Benefit Committee
From Ash: I subscribe to Leonardo Dicaprio's newsletter and as a holiday present to his fans, Leonardo invites everyone to join him for a special pre-release screening of his new film, "The Aviator", on Thursday, December 9 in Hollywood. The screening is a benefit for Global Green USA, an environmental nonprofit organization on whose board Leonardo sits. What does this have to with Orlando? Well, Orlando is on the event committee. And so is Kate Bosworth.
Orlando's cousin, Sebastian Copeland, who takes all those beautiful photos of Orlando, is also on the committee. It's possible that Orlando may attend the screening, but I don't know for sure.

ROTK EE Video Clip
The official Lord of the Rings site has posted a video preview of the Return of the King Extended Edition DVD. Here are the direct links for the Quicktime videos. (Low | Med | High) Elf Lady has posted some screencaps on her board.

UK Release Date for Elizabethtown
From Sarah: Elizabethtown's UK cinema release date has been set back to September.

UK TV Alerts
The Calcium Kid will be on Sky Box Office on Dec. 1, and Pirates of the Caribbean will be on the Disney Channel Dec. 12 at 7pm.

Empire Magazine Scans
Jesse at Oblivious Charm posted scans of the LOTR article in the January 2005 edition of Empire Magazine.

Sneak Scan
Tanya sent in a scan from the November 16-22 issue of Sneak (UK).

Seventeen Magazine
From Miranda: There is a bit about Orlando in the December issue of Seventeen magazine (US) in the Little Black Book Section - It has three or four pictures from the Elizabethtown set, Orlando is in one alone and another with Kirsten Dunst.

LOTR Week at UGO.com
Thanks to Kareem at ugo.com for sending in this info about LOTR Week: Besides our exclusive video interview with stars Billy Boyd (Pippin) and David Wenham (Faramir), we have extensive previews of the new LOTR video games, a few pages of Gollum's Diary, which he wrote during production of the trilogy, a Who's Who of creatures great and small in our Bestiary and even an interview with Mr. J.R.R. Tolkien himself. And there's more, friends, oh yes, much more. The night is young, and the greatest adventure...is what lies ahead.

Legolas Tours the Twin Cities
Here photos of Legolas touring Minneapolis and St. Paul. :)

Dutch Online Poll
From Kat: The Netherlands are holding a poll which finishes in December sometime rating actors and Orlando is 11. You can vote daily (click on the button that says stem).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kayla (21), Nili Yaari, Suzanne (14) from her friend Caitlin, Ada (14) and Yeisy (15) from their friend Lisandra, Jessica, Alison, and Cleo (14) from her best friends Willow and Octavia.

  Wednesday, November 24
M Magazine Scans
Julia sent in scans from the December issue of M (US). There was also a large poster in the magazine. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Autographed Boxers on Auction
Orlando is one of the many celebs who has signed a pair of (unworn) boxers to be auctioned off for The National Prostate Cancer Coalition. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

Wilde on Canadian TV
From bloomin_happy: Wilde is showing on the Show-E on the 29th of November. It's channel 616 for bell express view in Canada.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ally (16), Eleonora (20), Bri Lynn (13), Simmi (15) from her friend Tamara, Bri (13).

  Saturday, November 20
People Magazine Scan
Orlando came in 7th on People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive list. Jude Law earned the top honor, with the top ten being called "Off The Charts Sexy Superstars". The Nov. 19th issue is out now. EDIT: Here's a scan, thanks to DeeDee at paulbettany.net.

Wow! magazine Scan
The Raptor sent in a scan from the January 2005 issue of Wow! magazine (US/Canada).

UK Cosmo
Jesse at Oblivious Charm posted scans from the Kate Bosworth interview in the December issue of Cosmopolitan (UK). There are a few photos of Orlando, and he's mentioned while visiting her on the photo shoot. Also, Kate says "He has so many loyal fans, it's incredible."

Giant Magazine Party
On November 15th, Orlando attended the Giant Magazine party celebrating the premiere of "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers", the new film starring Geoffery Rush and Charlize Theron. Here are some photos posted by Sonia and Anna on Orlando Love. (1, 2, 3)

Beyond the Sea Premiere Clip
Lulop.com has a video clip of Orlando greeting Kate on the red carpet at the Beyond the Sea premiere. Right click the link to save the video. Also, here's a photo of them on the red carpet from the AFI site, thanks to Merica.

KOH Photo
Orlando Watch has posted a photo of Orlando on the set of Kingdom of Heaven, from the Nov. 22 issue of The Globe.

Autographed Jeans on Auction
Thanks to Paul at the National Hemophilia Foundation for letting us know that Orlando has donated autographed jeans to the National Hemophilia Foundation's CELEBRITY BLUE JEANS FOR GENES auction on ebay. The jeans are going to be available for bidding from Nov 29th through Dec 9th here. For a preview, go here.

Best British Actors Poll
I can't remember if this is old news, but Orlando was voted #5 on Channel 4's Best British Actors poll.

Mention in Elle and People Magazine
From Tess: I have seen the November issue of ELLE magazine, and the Hollywood Heat Survey mentions Orlando. It says, "Watch out, Brad; Heath and Orlando are poised to usurp your leading-man throne. 30% of poll takers said Heath Ledger is the hottest up-and-coming actor. Orlando Bloom dominated the write-ins (how could we have forgotten him?) with more than 60% of the votes." And, Orlando was mentioned in a question in the crossword puzzle that appeared in PEOPLE magazine (With Princes William and Harry on the cover.). The question read, "Orlando Bloom recently played one" The answer was "Trojan."

Jessica Biel Mentions Orlando
From comingsoon.net: Part of moving farther away will be Jessica Biel's small role in Elizabethtown, Cameron Crowe's follow-up to Vanilla Sky, playing Orlando Bloom's girlfriend. "Orlando seems like a little kid to me, because he has this very innocent feel to him. It's really Cameron that makes the experience so unbelievable. He's just unlike anybody I've ever worked with. I was pretty intimidated to walk onto his set, because I'm a huge fan. I felt a lot of pressure, because I only had six or seven days on set to be "brilliant" in front of Cameron Crowe. When you're working, it's all encompassing with him. He definitely works you to the bone, but you come off at the end of the day so excited and energized, because you have had such an amazing creative experience all day long. I didn't really have a whole lot of time to talk with him though."

Girlfriend Magazine Poll
There's a poll on girlfriend.com.au where you can vote for Orlando as the most fascinating face of 2005.

Orlando Biographies in New Zealand
From Anon: In the last week I've discovered that Orlando has 2 biographies. One is written by A.C Parfitt and is full of his movies, what's happened in his life so far and some goss on his girlfriend - Kate Bosworth. The second one I haven't personally read but you can order it thru the NZ book club - Scholastic, it's pretty much the same as the first one except you get 6 free copies of Orlando pictures.

OB Files Poll
I had to change the poll on the homepage because Bravenet was putting stupid pop-ups on my site. On the last poll, 51% of you thought Orlando's eyes were his best feature, while 27% preferred his dark, curly hair. Only 1% liked his nose the best. :o) Thanks to Kathy for suggesting the new poll.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nicole-Irene (17) from Anastasia, Amber (13) from Loz, Erika (25), Judy (16) from her friend Beth, Angie (17), Sarah (13), Morgan (14), Dorothy (13) from her best friend Emily.

  Sunday, November 14
Young, Hot and Privileged on E!
Shellby reports that Orlando was shown on the commercial for Young, Hot and Privileged, which airs on E! today at 10pm EST.

Autographed Stapler on Auction
From bostonherald.com: Starting Tuesday, a collection of celebrity staplers autographed by stars such as Hilton, Tiger Woods, Orlando Bloom and Ellen DeGeneres will be auctioned off for charity by Framingham office-supply giant Staples. Bidding starts at $50 for each stapler on staples.com and winning bidders will receive their stapler displayed in a trophy-style case.

French and Saunders Sketch
From Michelle: Yesterday (12th November), the French and Saunders show (9:00pm, UK) did a parody of Troy. It featured 'Orlando Bloom as Orlando Bloom' and had a little boy with brown curly hair in armour rather too big for him impersonating Orlando...it was rather sweet and funny, even if it did completely insult Orlando's 'masculinity'. The other characters kept sniggering at Paris when he was talking about his sword, the sword of Troy, because he looked so weak and weedy.

ROTK on Starz
From Keri: The Two Towers (6pm/et) and The Return of the King (9pm/et) is going to be on Starz on November 27th.

Johnny Depp on On Demand
From Emma: If you have On Demand, go to channel one, and every 5-10 minutes they'll talk about Johnny and how he wants Keith Richards to play his father for POTC 2. They also show a clip from the fight scene with Johnny and Orlando, you can't really see Orli's face though.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Angela (13), Emily, Ximena (13), Shelbi (14) from her best friend Jessica.

  Thursday, November 11
POTC 2 News
Latino Review interviewed Jerry Bruckheimer, and he puts to rest some of the rumors surrounding the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, including that the subtitle is not Treasures of the Lost Abyss, and that Keith Richards is not yet signed on the play Jack Sparrow's father.

Interview With Elizabethtown Actress
About.com has an interview with actress Allison Munn, who plays a hotel concierge that has a crush on Orlando's character in "Elizabethtown".

The Fellowship of the Ring will be airing on TNT on December 10 at 8pm EST. Thanks to Jill for the info.

Heat Magazine
From Emily: Orlando is in England's Heat magazine for November 9th. It says he has the "minnie" haircut and there's a picture of him.

Between Friends Comic Strip
Sarah sent in a scan of the comic strip "Between Friends" from September 30th that mentioned Orlando.

WOW! Magazine
From The Raptor: In this month's WOW! magazine (US, Canada) there are a bunch of small Orlando pictures and a really nice 2-page poster from TIFF (blue bandana, black shirt) just inside the cover.

Orlando Calendar at Hallmark
From The Raptor: I've seen Orlando 2005 calendars on sale for half-price at Hallmark stores, so fans might want to check card shops and calendar kiosks in their area for pre-Christmas deals, or wait until early 2005 when calendars go on sale again.

Tom Cruise on Elizabethtown
From Pamela and Daniela: Tom Cruise is filming a movie in my neighborhood and I went there to get his autograph on November 7th. Since I know he was one of the producers of Elizabethtown I wasted no time in asking him about the movie... Me: How was the production of Elizabethtown?
Tom (smiled): It was great. We just finished filming.
Me: When is it coming out?
Tom: Around July or August.
Me: When is the premiere?
Tom: Probably July
My sis: We are gonna go there.
Tom smiled even bigger this time: Cool. It's a great movie.
Me: Is it going to be in NY?
Tom: I don't know where it's going to be.
Me: How is Orlando Bloom?
Tom: He is a great guy.

Fan Message
Alicia asked me to post this for her. She met some other Orlando fans at the Toronto Film Fest on September 11th, and is hoping to get in touch with them. One girl had pink hair and her and her friend were holding a sign for Orlando. There was also a girl and her cousin who were in there 20's and a few other girls. Alicia was holding a picture of Orlando that her friend drew for her. If you were one of those girls, you can email Alicia here.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lauren, Erin from Laura, Emily (12), Chris (12), Jennifer Ann (24) from her friend Sara, Karla, Eme.

  Monday, November 8
Tiger Beat Scans
Julia sent in scans from the December issue of Tiger Beat (US). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Kingdom of Heaven Trailer Review
Someone on the imdb.com message boards posted a review of the Kingdom of Heaven trailer. He wrote: "There seems to be a lot of sword-fighting as well as big battles. Liam Neeson and Orlando had the most airtime, with Jeremy Irons as no.3. Some digital details weren't finished and the sound was not 100% acceptable, but all in all it looked stunning in my opinion. And after Troy, etc, it is difficult to impress! What it showed: battle scenes in some sort of forest, with snow falling (very much felt like Gladiator), castles, Jerusalem, a lot of dialogue between Neeson and Bloom, quick shots of Jeremy Irons in a blue tunic and armor, fierce battles in desert settings, a love affair between Bloom and...I didn't identify her, but I think we all know her name, judging by the cast list. Orlando Bloom looked more like a man than the boy he looked like in some of his previous movies."
Thanks to Rami for the info.

New Orlando Calendars
Allposters.com has 2 new Orlando calendars for 2005. (1 & 2)

Orlando on Starstruck
Orlando will be on the Canadian show Starstruck on Star-TV, November 28 at 9:30pm. It repeats on December 2 at 6pm. A fan won a contest to interview him at the Toronto Film Festival. The show description says: "Maja gets Starstruck when she attends the Red Carpet Premiere and the press conference of 'Haven' and conducts one-on-one interviews with Hollywood Heartthrobs, Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton." Thanks to Jaime for the info.

US Release Date For The Calcium Kid
From Julia: At videoeta.com they say that the new estimated release date for "The Calcium Kid" has been moved up to March 2005. Last time they said it would have been out in the US by October 2004 but it's November now and still no Calcium Kid in the states. So lets hope that this date is the real one!

Old Candid Photos
From Meg: There are pictures of Orlando in Fon's (Pippin's scale double from Lord of the Rings) new book. There are scans of these pictures available at Always & Forever Elijah Wood. The news is under November 3rd on that website. (#2 and #5)

Orlando Site Looking for Writers
From Sandra: OBW plans to be the first Orlando website with a weekly Orlando column. We're looking for people with writing talent who'd like to create something completely new to the Orlando web world. We want the editorials to be enthralling for fans, they should be critical and fun to read. If you love Orlando and are up to date what's happening in the Orlando world you're just the right person. You should enjoy writing very much and you should have a journalistic talent. Research will often be needed for the editorials. If you're interested in applying, write an email - you will receive a topic title shortly after wards and we will ask you to give us a sample of your work. I think this is going to be a huge and very interesting project.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jill (13), Cierra, and Katarina (15) from her friend Emma.

  Saturday, November 6
Photos From Beyond the Sea Premiere
Here are photos of Orlando at the premiere of Beyond the Sea at the Arc Light/Cinerama Dome in LA on November 4th. A big thanks to Serein, Elf Lady and Guitarchick who posted them on the Orlando Love forum.

Video Clip from Beyond the Sea Premiere
I made a very short video clip from Extra TV of Orlando rushing down the red carpet. Some screencaps are in the gallery.

Troy Set Photo
There's a photo of Orlando on the set of Troy on the website of the dialect coach, Andrew Jack. Thanks to Legolas Greenleaf for the link.

YM Scan
Julia sent in a scan from the December/January issue of YM, where Orlando is listed as one of the hottest guys on the planet.

LOTR on the WB
Don't forget to watch The Fellowship of the Ring on the WB, this Sunday at 8pm EST!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Felicia, Adrienne (15), and Jessica P.

  Thursday, November 4
YM's Sexiest Men Alive
From Shannon: Orlando Bloom was voted one of the sexiest men alive in the December edition of YM magazine.

ROTK Special Edition Screen Shots
dvdtown.com has posted some screenshots from The Return of the King Special Edition DVD. my fav :)

Empire Scans
Claire sent in a scan of the Kingdom of Heaven photo in the December issue of Empire (UK). Here is a scan of the accompanying article, thanks to Jesse of Oblivious Charm.

German Magazines
From Anna: To all German Orlando Bloom Lovers out there, there is a nice picture of Orlando on a tiny Motorbike in two German magazines. One of them is "Young Women's Magazine" and the other one is "Joy". They are both from October.

Mention on Jeopardy
From Shannon: On Jeopardy on Kid's Week, he was listed in the celebrity category.

Legolas Statuette
From Vanessa: In Belgium, we can buy LOTR's statuettes twice a month. The next one is a lead Legolas.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Tegan (12) and Erin from Laura. Happy belated Birthday to Rue K. (14), Laura (16), Jodie (16) from Derya, Erica, Sheryl (13), Tess (16) from her friend Car, Harli (14) from Amy, Paula (13) from Rami, Lisa (20), Sandy (40), Alysha (14) and Sarah.