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October 2003
  Friday, October 31
Orlando Nominated for AFI Award
From afi.org.au: Orlando is nominated for an Australian Film Institute (AFI) award in the "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" category for his role as Joe Byrne in Ned Kelly. He is up against 3 other men. The 45th AFI Awards will be presented at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne on Friday, November 21 and broadcast live on ABC TV around Australia from 8:30pm. Tickets to the 2003 AFI AWARDS may be purchased as of FRIDAY 17th OCTOBER from Ticketek. Discounts apply to AFI members purchasing by phone.

New Photo
Here's a photo from ebay of Orlando and Viggo with an autograph collector at the Regency hotel in NYC this month.

Mention in Skating Magazine
There is a small Orlando mention in the October issue of Skating. Melanie Drogseth, 2003 intermediate ladies champion (figure skating) was asked which three people she would invite to dinner, and one pick was Orlando: "Then I would invite Orlando Bloom so I could look at him all the time!"

Fox Trot Comic
From Katie: In the comic strip section of The Philadelhia Inquirer, an American newspaper, there is a comic called "Fox Trot." For about 4 days the characters have been at a Halloween party--one of them is dressed up as Legolas! You can tell because the kid has long hair, elf ears, and a bow on his back. View the strip here.

AOL Legolas Background and Icon
Rebecca sent in this link to new Return of the King buddy icons. Legolas is on the 2nd page.
From Flerine: AOL members can have a Legolas background if they have AOL version 9.0. Steps:
1) Make sure your buddy list is in view
2) Click "Set Up" at the bottom of the window
3) Click "Set my Expressions at the bottom of that window
4) Click "Environment" at the top of that window
5) Under the "AOL Desktop section," click "Change AOL Desktop"
6) On the Left, Click "Entertainment" (a list of choices will then appear)
7) Click "Lord of the Rings"
8) From there you can see the Legolas background, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Site of the Month
Thanks to Alaina at divastudios.com for making The OB Files the site of the month.

Orlando Calendar at Athena and HMV
From Gill: I saw the Orlando Calendar (where there's the red background) for sale at a shop called Athena (UK). I've seen it in several of these shops and it's £5.99. I also saw a glossy picture of him (an old one) for £3.25 there too.
Jo says the calendar is now available at HMV in the UK.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Zoe Drew (15) from her mate Jade, Paige from Elizabeth Maire, Georgia Powell (13), and Laura (15) from her friend Nicole.

  Thursday, October 30
More on Kingdom of Heaven
Christianne sent in the Variety article that was referenced by comingsoon.net, and I started a film page for the movie.
From Laia: In the Spanish magazine Cinemanía, there's a little write-up about The Kingdom of Heaven and it says this: "Ridley Scott will shoot The Kingdom of Heaven in Spain and Morocco. The film, based on the Crusades, will shoot six weeks in the Spanish cities of Segovia, Huesca, Ávila, Granada, Sevilla, Jerez and Córdoba. Scott has already worked in Spain with the same crew that will repeat this time. He will also shoot in Morocco, where Scott shot Gladiator. The start will be in January with Orlando Bloom, Daniel Day-Lewis or Paul Bettany."

Sneak Scan
Stephanie sent in this scan from an old issue of Sneak (UK).

In Style Magazine
From Marie: There's a little mention of Orlando in In Style (US) magazine on page 254 of the November 2003 issue. It is in the culture club (celebrity tips on what to spin, read or rent.) For VHS Orlando recommends: "Captain Blood with Errol Flynn. It's one of the best swashbuckling movies ever made. As a young boy that's what I found exciting, and still love watching it to this day." There's also a picture of him but we've already seen it before.

New Posters
All Posters is now selling the Orlando in white poster for $8.99! They also have a new Return of the King poster for $8.99, and a TTT magnet. Purchases made through this site help to pay for hosting and to keep The OB Files banner and pop-up free. Thanks for your support. ;)

ROTK Photo
Elbakin.net posted this ROTK photo, probably from a calendar. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

Orlando Bloom Invades My School
From Sylvia C: It looks like Orlando Bloom is invading my school, lol, one of my teachers has a poster of him on her wall, and she said she had a big crush on him, which I thought was pretty cute. She also showed me a Legolas action figure which she keeps on her desk! Our school newspaper also wrote an article about him, on how Classical Education is Key to his Success. Another thing is my teacher for Apparel (clothes designing class) used The OB Files paper dolls as a demonstration on how we can mix and match outfits. My history teacher also told us about Troy the movie that would be in theatres next year, and he also mentioned Orlando Bloom would be playing Prince Paris and that it would be "a must see movie."
Sylvia has a MSN group about Orlando Bloom being an Anti-Drug, meaning the hobby, person, or passion that stands between us and drugs.

Dutch Mister 2003 Poll
From Jorien: Orlando is in a Dutch 'Mister 2003' poll. He's currently #6.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Leesa from Sher.

  Wednesday, October 29
Orlando Confirmed for Kingdom of Heaven
From Comingsoon.net: Source: Variety. Director Ridley Scott has set Orlando Bloom to star in Kingdom of Heaven, an epic love story that he will shoot in Morocco beginning January 12 for 20th Century Fox. The director said he had "wanted to do a film with knights in armor, but thought why do some homogenous story when screenwriter William Monahan came up with such rich history? He based this drama on accurate research, which he spent 19 months compiling and writing." The film, which takes place in the 12th century during the time of the Crusades, will be staged on a scale that Scott described as being slightly larger than Gladiator, his Oscar-winning epic. Bloom is best known for playing Legolas in Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and the summer blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean," for which he has signed a sequel deal. Bloom will also play Paris in Wolfgang Petersen's upcoming Troy.

Troy Title Image
Latino Review has posted the first teaser poster from Troy, featuring only Brad Pitt. But hey, Orlando's name is the first one *I* notice, so that counts for something.

ROTK Video Game Website
The official ROTK video game website has some cool features, including a Flash intro, character bios, and customizable page layouts.

Marie Claire Scan
Raffie from bloomingfans.com sent in this scan from the November issue of Marie Claire (Italy). The title of the article is "British Charm: Eight Very Sexy Actors". Orlando's write-up says: "ORLANDO BLOOM - AGE 26 - BACKGROUND: Born in Canterbury, he studied at London Guildhall, and "Bloom" is his stepfather's surname who fought with Nelson Mandela in South Africa. DISTINGUISHING MARKS: He's the most Hollywoodian British of the moment, and it seems that metal detectors ring for him in airports: to blame is a metal plaque they put in his back five years ago after a fall from the third floor. SIGHTINGS: first role, Legolas, the blond Elf from 'The Lord of the Rings'. Then pirate with Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. He spent the last months in Malta on the Troy set, the colossal directed by Wolfgang Petersen (He'll be Paris). NEXT: Elisabethtown, by Cameron Crowe."

ROTK Wellington Premiere Info
From Christianne: There are a couple LOTR articles on the Wellington City Council page. They also have a whole page dedicated to the premiere day with parade routes and everything.

In Touch Weekly
From Kate: In the new IN TOUCH Weekly (US, with Oprah on the cover) there is a picture of Orlando at the Lili Claire benefit, and he's with two girls. The caption says: "The Lord of the Rings hunk Orlando Bloom was as popular as ever with the women!"

Sneak Magazine
From Kellie: In this week's edition of Sneak (UK) there is a picture of Orlando showing his stomach and his tattoo to a couple of lucky girls, wearing his famous yellow motor hat! There's also a bigger picture of him near the end lying on a bed in a white shirt holding some beads in his hand, it's above the free 'Choices' movie rent ticket, nearly takes up whole page. He also won the 'Top Text Totty' again and shows another small picture of him.

Mykindaplace.com Poll
From Steph: On mykindaplace.com, they have a voting section called Film Buff, where you can vote for your favorite film actor. It reads: "From dreamy Hollywood newbies Orli and Heath, to super-sensitive Keanu and Joaquin, we've got the big screen's finest lined-up for your approval. Get voting for.... Hollywood's Hottest Hunks!!" Orlando is up for Bright, Young Thing against Ned Kelly mate Heath Ledger, Josh Hartnett, and Tobey Maguire. If he wins his category, he will get another wallpaper. He has a previous one, and also another one for when he won 'Lush Lad of the Week'.

LOTR Pringles Now in UK
From Silvia: Pringles Crisps are running a Promotion to win Prizes to promote ROTK. The Sour Cream and Onion Packet features Legolas! You can go to PringlesROTK.com to learn more.

Sky TV
From Stephanie: People in UK, or any one who has Sky TV, go on Sky news and go on showbiz. It has Orlando saving trees and a picture of him.

OBBP Posters
Update: The size of the poster is 18" x 24".
To benefit the The Orlando Bloom Birthday Project, we are selling Angel/Spike/Smallville double-sided posters, donated by Krystyna. I know they have nothing to do with Orlando, but they're great posters and I'm sure there are some Angel and Smallville fans out there. I know I'm one! We have 21 posters to sell, at a fixed price of $15 plus shipping. Shipping in the US will be $2.50, price for other countries will be determined later. All money earned will be donated to Greenpeace in Orlando's name, and buyers will have their name place on the donator's list that will be given to Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Megan (14), and Alyse (16).
Happy Belated Birthdad to Kellye from Samantha Brick.

  Tuesday, October 28
Troy Title Image
Latino Review has posted a title image from Troy, which will be seen in the teaser trailer. The narration for the trailer is: "There is a legend twenty-eight centuries old. That tells of a queen who betrayed her King and the warrior he called upon to lead a war for vengeanc
e. If love is worth fighting for it has known no greater battle than this." The Troy teaser will be attached to the Matrix Revolutions, which opens in the US on November 5th.

More Photos from PlayStation 2 Tournament
I added more photos from the PlayStation 2 Gaming Tournament.

Czech Magazines Scans
Michaela sent in the following scans from some old Czech magazines and newspapers:
February CosmoGirl! has the winners of the boy competition (there was also Viggo and Elijah beside Orlando). The text under the picture says just some basic info about Orli - nothing new.
MF Dnes (daily newspaper) has just brief info about the London premiere of POTC and the text says that the movie is a comedy a little.
Vlasta (weekly magazine for women) is from a half page article about the premiere of POTC in Disneyland. The text under the picture talks briefly about Orli's character and that in his real life he looks very different from Legolas.

Quote from E! Online
Christianne sent in this link to E! Online that has quotes from celebs on what scares them. Orlando said "Nothing scares me." I guess he got over his fear of sharks!

ROTK Featured on Windows Media Player
From Cara: ROTK is featured as one of the movies on the Media Guide for Windows Media Player. They have some movie info and clips and the trailer as well.

Alloy Poll
From Dezzie: Orlando is losing to Keanu in the 'Coolest unique celeb boy name' poll on the Alloy home page.

Fan Encounters Wanted
Mel from The Bloom Room would like some of the recent fan encounters for her site. You can email them to her with photos to mel@bloom-room.net.

Cadbury Chocolate
From Nadia: In Australia, on the cover of Cadbury chocolate they have pictures of the Lord of the Rings characters to promote ROTK and Legolas is on Snack chocolate.

  Monday, October 27
Orlando at PlayStation 2 Gaming Tournament
From PR Newswire: Orlando attended the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation celebrity PlayStation 2 gaming tournament at Club Ivar in LA on Saturday. View photos. Thanks to Bonnie and Anna for the Wireimage pics. As for Orlando's Buddhist Punk T-shirt, Orlando is listed on the Buddhist Punk (fashion line) website as one of the Spring/Summer team selections, whatever that means. Click on the skeleton and move the mouse around to see his name.

New POTC Set Photo
Aki found this new photo of Orlando on the POTC set on IMDB.

Ned Kelly US Release Date Pushed Back
From Yahoo Movies: (10/26/03) Focus Features was originally aiming to release this movie on March 19th, 2004, but they have positioned Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on that date instead, so this movie has been bumped back a week to March 26th, 2004.

Fan Encounter From Lili Claire Benefit
Jaylee sent in her fan encounter with Orlando from the Lili Claire benefit.

Posters for Sale for OBBP
To benefit the The Orlando Bloom Birthday Project, we are selling Angel/Spike/Smallville double-sided posters, donated by Krystyna. I know they have nothing to do with Orlando, but they're great posters and I'm sure there are some Angel and Smallville fans out there. I know I'm one! We have 21 posters to sell, at a fixed price of $15 plus shipping. Shipping in the US will be $2.50, price for other countries will be determined later. All money earned will be donated to Greenpeace in Orlando's name, and buyers will have their name place on the donator's list that will be given to Orlando.

Teen Magazine Scan
Laura sent in this scan from the Winter issue of Teen (US).

Hi-res Ned Kelly Stills
Elf Lady posted these Ned Kelly publicity pictures sent to her by Beatriz. We've seen the pics before, but these are much larger. I've had to crop them or else they would have been too big to post. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Interview on TV Guide Channel
From Dana: I was watching the TV guide channel (US) and they did a short segment on the Lili Claire benefit. Orlando was interviewed for a short time. They may air it again, the segment was Hollywood Insider.

Lord of the Trees
From Hollywood Reporter: They may be the fellowship of the ring, but offscreen they are pretty much the lords of the forest. Or they will be soon. The boys of New Line Cinema's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy are taking their tight-knit friendship and putting it to work to save a tree or two. So says Dominic Monaghan, who is in the planning stages -- along with fellow "Rings" co-stars Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom -- of creating a program that would give their fans and environmentally conscious consumers the chance to adopt a tree in a forest that Monaghan hopes will be in New Zealand, where all three films were shot.

Wonderful World of Disney
From Steph: On Saturday night's Wonderful World of Disney (US) on one of the Disney Extra segments, the two moose of the movie Brother Bear were making up new names for Disney classics, and some new ones. They renamed 'Pirates' as '"Pirates of the Caribou-an" because caribou is kind of like a moose'.

Mention on E! News Live
From Steph: On Thursday's E! News Live, during the Awful Truth segment, Orlando and Kate had a mention. Ted Casablanca reports: "Swankt Orlando Bloom and sumptious Kate Bosworth have fans in a frenzy over their reported romance. Bloom won't discuss, but Kate blushes about Orlando in a recent interview for her up-coming movie 'Win a Date With Tad Hamilton'. What would you do to win a date with Orlando Bloom, I ask she smiled wide and then hit me very hard. Think the girl is in mush mode, how about you? No Bennifer bling-bling for these two."

Dutch Fanfiction Site
From Ruth: I would like to start a Dutch Orlando Bloom fanfiction site, but I'm not sure if anybody would be interested. If you have written a story or would like writing one, please E-mail me at ainafalath@hotmail.com.

Britney Spears Likes Orlando
From Sarah Baillie: There was an interview with Britney Spears in 'Style' magazine (UK) which comes with the Times newspaper in which she said "There are so many cute guys around at the moment. Orlando Bloom is very cute."

Blockbuster Video Store
From Diana: I was at Blockbuster last night and they have Popcorn tins for LOTR-TTT. One of which has Legolas on it, I didn't get to check the price as I was in a hurry.
From Sherry: I was in Blockbuster today and they have put out the pre-order cards for POTC. You spend $29.99 for the movie and get 7 or 10 (depending on your store) free weekly movie rentals. For anyone who's going to buy the movie anyway, it's a good deal.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Desi, Kaely (14) from her friend Christine, Kathleen (15) from her best friend Lexi, and Samarah (19) from her favorite little sister.

  Sunday, October 26
Troy Photos and Movie Spoilers
I've added some info sent in by my friend Jesus who was an extra on the set of Troy in Cabo San Lucas. He sent in some photos from the set, as well as his story about meeting Orlando, and some descriptions of some great scenes that he saw filmed. Beware of the spoilers!

YM Scan
From Lisa: I found a picture of Orlando in the December issue of YM (US). Basically the picture of him is promoting ROTK, which comes out on December 17. Also in YM, there is an article about Keira Knightly, who is also dyslexic. At the end of the article, there is a POTC DVD Win It! All you have to do is send a postcard to them w/ your name, address, telephone #, and age. They will draw 10 names, and whoever is drawn will win the POTC DVD.

New ROTK Photos
TORN has posted some new ROTK photos from the Dutch Return of the King Photoguide, including 2 of Legolas.

Tinseltown Talent Top Ten
Orlando came in 2nd on the Tinseltown Talent Top Ten list. From dailyrecord.co.uk: But dishy Bloom lost out as Britain's sexiest film star to Bridget Jones hero Colin Firth, who won female hearts as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Richard Ayers, editor of tiscali.co.uk, said: "It was great to see a scrap between the older fans of Firth, fighting off the teenage hordes of whipper-snapper Orlando."
When will journalists realize that Orlando has more than just teenage fans?!

Us Weekly
From Phoebe: There's a picture of Orlando and Kate in the lower right hand corner of Us Weekly in the Nov. 3rd issue. It reads: "Orlando Bloom, 26, and Kate Bosworth, 20, had dinner with his Lord of the Rings cronies (including hobbits Elijah Wood and Sean Astin) at New York City eatery Serafina in early October. Good-boyfriend Bloom also visited his girlfriend of almost a year on the set of her next movie, Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, a romantic comedy. As the film's director Robert Luketic tells Us, "They are madly in love and can't wait to be together every minute of the day."

LOTR Pumpkin Carving Patterns
Visit carvingpumpkins.com for LOTR pumpkin carving patterns, including one of Legolas.

Mention in NY Post
Orlando is mentioned in the NY Post as being seen at the Greenwich Village Italian restaurant Da Silvano two nights ago.

LOTR AOL IM Wallpaper
From Abby: I just figured this out the other day, but AOL (8.0+) users can have an AOL IM wallpaper when sending instant messages. If you want this, go to setup, preferences, outgoing expressions, change wallpaper, and at the top, scroll down to movies and TV, then there will be a section for LOTR, double click it, choose your background, press OK, Apply, Save, and Enjoy!

ROTK Trailer
Evi saw the Return of the King trailer before Mystic River in Belgium and Kathleen saw it before Scary Movie 3 in the US.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Keith U. (36) from Jenna and kufans.com mb.

  Saturday, October 25
Happy Legolas Day!
Legolas Day was created last year by a group of fans as a way to celebrate our favorite elf. October 25th was chosen because it is the day that the Council of Elrond takes place, and we are given our first proper introduction to Legolas.

Fan Encounters and Photos
Jaylee has sent in some photos of her and Orlando at the Lili Claire Benefit.
Annie sent in her fan encounter and photos from the London premiere of POTC.
Ami sent in her fan encounter from the GQ Awards.

Wetherspoon Article Scans
Rach sent in scans from the Autumn issue of Wetherspoon (UK) magazine, free at Wetherspoon pubs.

GQ Video from Extra TV
Lassie on ka-Bloom posted a link to the Extra TV website that has a video clip from the GQ Awards, with a short bit of Orlando at the end.

New Ned Kelly Trailer
From Rebecca: At comingsoon.net there is a new international trailer for Ned Kelly with more new footage from the film.

BBC Films Article and Poll
From Angela: BBC Films has a short article on Orlando. There's also a poll at the bottom of the home page to vote for your favorite Orlando film.

Who Magazine
From Kate: The latest issue of Who magazine (Australia) has a series of small pictures from the ROTK trailer, including one of Legolas and Aragorn, where Legolas has his hood on. Also, I saw the ROTK trailer before POTC in Melbourne.

Pirate Costumes Popular for Halloween
From Glarawen: Bankrate.com called costume shops nationwide to find out what the hottest costume of the year was. The pirate costume is the most popular because of Pirates of the Caribbean.

LOTR Writers to Speak at Science Museum
From Science Museum Press Office: Brian Sibley and Jude Fisher, authors of official guides to the Lord of the Rings films, are to share their experiences of the blockbuster trilogy at the Science Museum in London. The two authors will talk to film fans in the museum lecture theatre at 2pm on Saturday 8 November. A book signing will follow the event at 3pm in the Science Museum's Ottakar's bookshop. The event is free, but tickets must be pre-booked on 020 7942 4739. (Maximum 2 per person.)

LOTR Merchandise at UK Warner Bros Store
From Joanne: I have just come back from Warner Bros in Merry Hill, Dudley, West- Midlands. There is a 30% off sale, there are lots of LOTRs things,- i.e Stationary Sets and Folders both featuring Legolas!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Michelle Chelczynski (15), Diana (15) from her friend Michelle, Paulina (16) from her friend Hayleigh, and Sheri (14) from her best friend Jen.

  Friday, October 24
Orlando Photos from Ian McKellen's Site
Here are 2 new/old photos from Ian McKellen's official site. The first is "Orlando Bloom, Dinner party at Ian McKellen's, Seatoun, Wellington, NZ" The second is "Bernard Hill and Orlando Bloom on the cricket field in the Basin Reserve, Wellington" Thanks to Mia for finding them.

GQ Screencaps
Julie sent in some screencaps from the GQ Awards on Spike TV.

Movie Insider Scans
Tanya sent in scans of the Return of the King article in Movie Insider (UK).

New OBBP Auctions
The Orlando Bloom Birthday Project is raising money in Orlando's name for Greenpeace. Here are the latest ebay auctions. They include a magnetic version of The OB Files paperdolls, with additional outfits by Nin, and some POTC treasure that I swiped at the premiere at Disneyland along with 2 posters from Krystyna.
Legolas/Orlando Bloom magnetic paper dolls
Treasure trove of Pirates merchandise
Set of The Two Towers update cards by Topps
Roadshow magazine
There will only be two more auctions after this, so you may want to consider donating to Greenpeace directly. It's easy, and if you donate, your name goes on the list of donors Greenpeace will send to Orlando. There is no set donation amount; every little bit helps! You can donate online or by snail mail.

Chi Interview Translation
Here's a translation of the interview in the September issue of Chi (Italy), thanks to Giulia and Stefanie.

Fan Encounter
Lily sent in her fan encounter from the Hollywood Film Awards.

ROTK Trailer
Mays saw the Return of the King trailer before Intolerable Cruelty in Canada, and Lauren saw it before Cabin Fever in the Uk.

Japanese Magazine Scans
Miwa of Orlando J-web sent in scans from the December issues of Roadshow (1, 2, 3, 4) Screen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and Flix (1, 2)

Alloy.com Article
From Alloy.com: Could Charlize Theron be any luckier? Not only is she dating the sexy Queen of the Damned actor Stuart Townsend, but she recently had two of the hottest young actors in Hollywood, Orlando Bloom and Adrien Brody vying for her attention. According to The New York Daily News, the crushin' cuties "were doing whatever they could to impress" Charlize at the GQ Man of the Year awards after-party. "They were each trying to outdo the other," reported a spy.

Orlando on MTV News
From emu greenleaf: Orlando was on MTV News (UK) on Thursday 23rd. It was just the awards where he won Breakthrough Actor. There was a short interview.

Mykindaplace.com Poll
From Steph: On the mykindaplace.com homepage, Orlando is the main topic. The topic is called 'Orli Glory' and it reads: "So obsessed, are we at MKP, with the wonder that is Orlando Bloom, we decided to devote a whole piece to his sexiest on-screen characters. Check out this dishy lot and vote for your fave!" The message boards are also worth a look, in the celebrity section, you can post all about Orlando.

Poster in Break Out Girl
From Lenny of Bloomania: Dutch magazine Break Out Girl has a small Orlando poster. It is in stores right now.

Hellomagazine.com Article
Orlando is featured in a small news story about the GQ awards at Hellomagazine.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alyssa (15) and Krane (16) from Anna M., Jeanne (15) from her friend Christelle, and Sarah (15) from Adelaide.

  Thursday, October 23
Orlando to Star in Kingdom of Heaven
BBCi Films is reporting that Orlando has signed on to star in Kingdom of Heaven:
Luvverly Orlando Bloom has inked to star in Ridley Scott's Kingdom Of Heaven. The crusades-themed project will see the Pirates Of The Caribbean star play a blacksmith (again?) turned knight who defends Jerusalem from European invaders (oddly, given he's European). "I've worked with Ridley once before [on Black Hawk Down]," he told BBCi FILMS, "And I'm really excited to be working with him again".
Meanwhile, Jerry Bruckheimer is mulling over shooting back-to-back sequels to Pirates. Bloom, Johnny Deep and co have already inked for #2, but Jez may want them to hang about for a third part.

Hollywood Awards Screencaps and Video
I've made screencaps from Entertainment Tonight's and E! News Live's coverage of the Hollywood Awards. I also made a video of the E! News Live segment.

Exclusive Interview at TORN
TORN has posted an exclusive video interview with Orlando from the Hollywood Awards. Quickbeam had this to say about him: "All the celebrities had long since gone inside! Orlando was the very last one... Yes, it was a measure of how generous he was with his time, letting the awards ceremony start without him and staying put for our interview. Other news correspondents were packing up their items to leave: US Magazine, Inside Edition, and respected news veteran Patrick Healy from the NBC4 affiliate station. As Orlando was leaving we heard Mr. Healy whisper to us, "I can't believe that he's still so nice! What a nice guy!"

GQ Awards Fan Report
From Anthoula: I was at the GQ men of the year awards from 5:15 pm. All the celebs started showing up at around 7:45. I waited until 9:15 and Orli didn't show up. As I was waiting I asked a lady who was working on the awards if Orli is coming and she said he will be here but he will be very late. So after all the celebs went inside and no more were showing up, I left. As I was walking away I saw were they were having their after party and that is where Orlando was pictured with Adrien Brody and Charlize Theron.

GQ Video on ET Online
ET Online has posted a video of backstage at the GQ Awards. It has a short interview with Orlando talking about Brad Pitt, calling him a "super cool cat".

ROTK Trailer on Film 2003
From Holly: Film 2003 with Johnathon Ross showed the trailer for ROTK on Tuesday night. It is repeated some time on Saturday on BBC2.

Variety Article
Christianne sent in this Orlando article from October 20th on Variety.com.

Poster in Sneak
From Katie: There is a poster of Orlando and Heath Ledger from Ned Kelly in Tuesday's issue of Sneak (UK).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Hannah Morgan (15).

  Wednesday, October 22
GQ Men of the Year Awards
Orlando attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night in New York. He was there to present and then accept the Visionary award on behalf of Peter Jackson. View press photos. Unfortunately, I didn't get it on tape because the show ran long and he was on right after the 2 hour mark. The show will reair this Saturday on Spike TV at 2pm, and on Monday at 1am. Entertainment Tonight will have a recap of the awards on today
's show. E! News Live will probably have a feature on it as well. You can view screencaps and video at OBM.net and Legolas Greenleaf.

Hollywood Awards Video
ET Online has posted a video clip of the Hollywood Awards segment they had on the show last night. It features some of Orlando's acceptance speech, and a short interview.
Also, Sonia has sent in her fan encounter with Orlando.

ROTK London Premiere Date
Finally, info on the London premiere of The Return of the King. Now maybe y'all will stop emailing me about it. :) Sally found this info on westminster.gov.uk:
11 Dec - Film Premiere of 'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King'. - At the Odeon, Leicester Square.

POTC Sequel News
On Entertainment Tonight last night, Orlando confirmed that he has indeed signed on to do at least one more sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean!

From IGN: According to today's Variety, Walt Disney Pictures and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are exploring the idea of shooting back-to-back sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean.  The two Pirates movies would be filmed in tandem and released a few months apart – much like The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.
As was recently reported, helmer Gore Verbinski has committed to direct a Pirates sequel, so it's likely that he'd be asked to take the reigns of the third film if they're shot back-to-back.  The first film's principal cast (Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley) have all agreed to return for one sequel and the studio is reportedly entering into negotiations with them for an additional sequel that may be filmed in quick succession.
Screenwriters Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio (The Mask of Zorro, Shrek) are currently working on the script for first sequel.  It's widely known that the pair have already conceived a third movie.  While promoting the first film Elliot told the press, "I have two more stories to tell about Jack Sparrow."

Simliar report from comingsoon.net.

Eika Aoshima Photos
Oleg sent in these photos by Eika Aoshima from 2002. (1, 2, 3, 4) He also informs us that the new "wet hair" photos are by James White, who also did the Flaunt photo shoot.

Cioè Magazine Scans
Raffie from bloomingfans.com sent in these scans from the Italian girl magazine "Cioè". It's weekly, this is issue #40, 10/17/2003. She says the article does not say anything new. (1, 2, 3)

Wallpaper on mykindaplace.com
From Steph: In the contest on mykindaplace.com a while ago, Orlando was nominated for 'Homegrown Honey'. He won his category: "Stand aside Duncan James, the king of the Homegrown Honeys is Orli! Pulling in a whopping 3,500 votes, he's one of the sexiest men on the planet! Grrrr!" He now has a wallpaper on the site.

Orlando on ri:se
From Michelle: Yesterday (Tuesday the 21st) on a morning show called 'ri:se', there was a small interview with Orlando commenting on how he enjoyed working with his co-stars in Lord of the Rings, Troy and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Glamour Magazine
From Keely: In the November issue of Glamour, there is a pic of Legolas and Gandalf. The caption says "Wonder where he found a good colorist in middle-earth?". It's in the pull-out hair section.

Hello Magazine Poll
From Carmen: Orlando is up for Most Attractive Man of the Week at hellomagazine.com.

Newsround Poll
From Holly: Orlando won the Newsround fav celebrity poll last week and is currently winning this time as well with 33%. Johnny Depp is also there with 9%.

From Laura: There is info on Orlando and LOTR new on the YM site.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Juli Cawley (19).

  Tuesday, October 21
Hollywood Awards Gala Photos
Orlando attended the 2003 Hollywood Awards Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA yesterday. He received the Breakthrough Award. Here are the first batch of photos. Thanks to Guitarchick for the Wire Image photos. Shawna posted photos that she took on ka-Bloom.

New Photo from Roadshow
Here's a new photo from the December issue of Roadshow (Japan), originally posted by Kung on the Orlando Daily live journal community.

E! News Live Screencaps and Video
I made screencaps from yesterday's E! News Live and Access Hollywood, of Orlando at The Lili Claire Foundation Benefit. I also made an edited video clip from E! News Live. Orlando was interviewed and said: "We all love kids, and kids who are in pain and who suffer and who have a hard start in life need all the support they can get." You can catch a repeat of the show today at noon (EST).

J-14 Scans
Jen sent in scans from the December issue of J-14 (US). (1, 2, 3) She also found out that there are Arwen and Legolas Halloween costumes at Party Universe (in Pueblo, CO) and maybe at others around the country.

ROTK Preview on Canadian TV
From Angelina: Sunday night on Family Channel (Canada) on the show "@ The Movies" they showed a preview of The Return Of The King.

Popstar Cover Scan
Rine sent in a scan of the cover of the November issue of Pop Star (UK) that features Orlando.

From Steph: In the "What We're OBSESSED With" column on the ellegirl.com homepage, they say: "Orlando! Elijah! Viggo! The Return of the King doesn't hit theaters till Christmas, but you can watch the trailer now. The link leads you to the LOTR homepage.

From Flerine: Orlando is on the Gossip page at alloy.com. It says: "Hotties read too! In honor of Teen Read Week 2003, the Young Adult Library Services Association has asked Lord of the Rings' hunky elf, Orlando Bloom to be the face of their Teen Read Week poster, which encourages teens to "read for the fun of it." Lucky for them -- and you! -- he accepted. If you weren't a fan of the original literary version of the celebrated trilogy before, maybe you will be now!"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mallory (16), Eilish, and Anna (17).

  Monday, October 20
Spanish ROTK Playing Cards
Helena sent in scans of some ROTK playing cards that she bought in Spain. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Chi Magazine Scans
Annalisa B. sent in these scans from the Septmeber issue of Chi (Italy). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Spanish Magazine Scans
Ana sent in scans from Bravo (Spain) and the October issue of Superpop (Spain).

More Photos From Lili Claire Benefit
Here are more photos of Orlando at The Lili Claire Foundation's 6th Annual Benefit on Saturday, thanks to Guitarchick, HopelessRomantic, and RomanticElf at ka-Bloom.

US TV Alerts
According to tvguide.com: Tuesday the 21st's episode of Entertainment Tonight will have: "Exclusive coverage of the “Hollywood Film Festival” includes interviews with the honorees of 2003, such as Goldie Hawn, Ron Howard, Anthony Hopkins, Scarlett Johansson (“Lost in Translation”) and Orlando Bloom (“Lord of the Rings”)."
According to eonline.com, Monday the 20th's episode has: "Jeff Varner's at the Lili Claire charity event, with Matthew Perry, Orlando Bloom, Lisa Kudrow, Martin Sheen, Patricia Heaton and Jennifer Love Hewitt"

More info on Ned Kelly in UK
From Becca: Ned Kelly has been taken off of all the cinema's in the Exeter area including a 18 screen Warner Village in Plymouth. I rang them to ask why they are not screening it (As I wanted to see it again.) And they explained there that there was a lack of interest in the film after 1-2 weeks.

France TV Alert
From Roxane: The french channel "canal +" will broadcast the movie "Black Hawk Down" today at 9 pm.

  Sunday, October 19
Orlando at Lili Claire Benefit
Orlando attended The Lili Claire Foundation's 6th Annual Benefit yesterday, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. View photos, thanks to guitarchick of ka-Bloom. The Lili Claire Foundation is a nonprofit organization that benefits people born with Williams syndrome and other neurogenetic birth defects such as Down syndrome and autism, and provides resources and assistance to the families who love them.

Yam and Bravo Scans
Chrissy sent in scans from the October 15th issues of the German magazines Yam and Bravo (1, 2).

Return of the King Soundtrack
From Laura: Access Hollywood reported that The Return of the King soundtrack is scheduled to hit stores November 25th. You can preorder it now from Amazon.com.

'Pirates' a Treasure for Disney
From dailynews.com: Disney's box-office bounty is set to make history this weekend, when "Pirates of the Caribbean" joins "Finding Nemo" in the movie industry's exclusive $300 million club. It marks the first time the same studio has released two $300-million grossers in a single season. "Pirates," in its 15th week of release, had earned $299,903,856, as of Thursday evening. With the addition of "Pirates," only 16 films have ever grossed more than $300 million during their domestic runs. A majority of those in the top 16 have been part of classic movie franchises with built-in audiences, including four "Star Wars" films, two "Lord of the Rings" epics and the first "Harry Potter" film.

  Saturday, October 18
Orlando on Teen Read Week Poster
From PR Newswire: The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) is proud to announce its continued association with New Line Cinema as a sponsor of 2003 Teen Read Week, and the unveiling of the new Teen Read Week poster featuring "The Lord of the Rings" cast member Orlando Bloom. Teen Read Week is a national literacy initiative sponsored by YALSA that encourages teenagers to "read for the fun of it." Teen Read Week will be celebrated in hundreds of schools and public libraries across the country, October 19-25, 2003.
A photo of the poster was also shown on E! News Live on Friday, when they announced the news.

New Orlando Photos
The boy next door? Yea right. StarShiney posted these new pics at ka-Bloom, originally found on the rightclicklick live journal. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Cosmo Girl Scan
Carey sent in this scan from the November issue of Cosmo Girl (UK). Orlando came in 4th in the 101 Most Wanted list. The trio non-rock boyband "Busted" took the first 3 places.

Return of the King Trailer
Amy saw the trailer before Once Upon a Time in Mexico in the UK, Lexy saw it before The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Anna saw it before The League of Extraordinary Gentleman in Switzerland. Tiffany saw a preview for the ROTK video game before Runaway Jury in the US, and it had some shots of the movie in it.

J-17 Article
Carey typed up the small write-up from J-17 (UK), as it was hard to read on the scan.

Orlando's Slipping on Top Totty
From Louise: Orlando needs our help! He was once the reigning champion of the Sneak magazine (UK) Top Totty and he has been slipping recently! He's currently at no.4. To help get him back to the top, text "Say What?! Orlando Bloom" to 07736382284.

Return to Middle Earth on US Pay-per-view
From Kendra: Every weekend in October on pay per view (Channel 103 on Directv) there is a free program, Return to Middle Earth. I just saw a commercial for it and I know that is it coming on at 1 pm today, and I think another show earlier in the morning.

  Friday, October 17
New Orlando Photos
Elf Lady posted these new photos on ka-Bloom, sent to her by Beatriz. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Disneyland Photos
Katebosworthfan.com has gotten a hold of all the photos of Orlando and Kate at Disneyland (California Adventures).

From Amelia: Orlando Bloom is in the December issue of J-14 (US) as one of the 14 hottest stars. It includes a picture on the cover, and a half page including a picture and small article.

Yam Article
Marny has posted a translation of the article in Yam (Germany), issue #43, on ka-Bloom.

Teen Magazine
From Katie: There is a full page picture of Orlando in the TEEN (US) Winter 2004 issue. It's the picture of him with the black Harley Davidson T-Shirt.

LOTR Merchandise at Borders
From Gina: I was just at Borders, and they were selling LOTR calendars, notepads, and they had the LOTR checkers game for $14.99. On the calendar, one month was dedicated to Legolas, and the rest were the other characters.

Yellow Trucker Hat on Ebay
Someone sent me a link to an auction on ebay for a 3M Automotive trucker hat just like Orlando's.

BBC Films Advert
Angela of music247online.com sent in this link to an advert for BBC Films that features Orlando.

'Rings' Trilogy Marathon a Hot Ticket
From CNN.com: Rabid fans lined up around blocks and jammed online sites last week to attempt to buy tickets to New Line's "Trilogy Tuesday." To promote the third film in the trilogy, "The Return of the King," which bows nationwide December 17, New Line arranged for marathon public screenings in limited theaters December 16, with showings of the extended versions of director Peter Jackson's "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Towers" to screen before the midnight debut of "King." But demand proved so overwhelming, many would-be ticket buyers left empty-handed as New Line's attempt to herald the conclusion of the epic turned into a cultural phenomenon with tickets selling out in a matter of hours at the 99 U.S. locations that will host the marathon.
New Line has no plans to expand the promotion, even though that means it won't be able to please the trilogy's entire fan base.

Mykindaplace.com Quiz
From Steph: At mykindaplace.com, they have a quiz called "Rate your Mates". One of the choices for "Who is your ideal mate?" is Orlando Bloom.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ellie (13) and Jaci (20).
Happy Belated Birthday to Kedwards from Kat.

  Thursday, October 16
From Empire Online: "we hear today that Gore Verbinski, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly and Pirates screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott are all on aboard for a Pirates sequel. There's no start date as yet" Similar report from BBC News.

Orlando to Attend GQ Awards in US
From PR Newswire: "Charlize Theron, ... and Mandy Moore will be among those presenting awards to 2003's outstanding gentlemen at the eighth annual GQ "Men of the Year" Awards(TM) on Tuesday, October 21 at 9:00 P.M. LIVE on Spike TV from the Regent Wall Street in New York City. Others scheduled to appear include The Rock, Orlando Bloom..."
Johnny Depp is nominated for Movie Funnyman (vote for him here), while Viggo Mortensen will be receiving the Free Radical award, and Peter Jackson the Visionary award. Orlando won the UK 2003 GQ award for Best Film Actor.

New POTC Posters
Posternow is selling 2 new POTC posters for $7.99 (€ 7.99): one of just Will, and one of the cast. Also, Allposters has an Orlando photo enlargement (16"x20") from the TTT NY premiere.

BBCi Films has a review of the POTC DVD that is out on Dec. 1st in the UK, Dec. 2nd in the US.

New Zealand Post LOTR Competition
From The New Zealand Post: New Zealand Post is currently running a competition to win The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King collectables from New Zealand Post. We will draw 5 winners each week between now and the 26th of November 2003. Weekly prizes include either Presentation Packs, Maximum Cards, First Day covers or Miniature Sheets - from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King issue. All correct entries will go in the draw for the final grand prize, to be drawn on the 26th of November. Two winners will each get The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Ultimate Collection valued at NZD $279.00.

ROTK Advent Calendar Scans
TORN has posted scans from the Return of the King Advent Calendar from Cadbury chocolate in the UK.

POTC Question on Millionaire
From stardina: On Monday the 13 on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' there was a question about Pirates of the Caribbean. It was 'What reveals the pirates curse?', the answer was 'moonlight'.

Sneak Magazine
From Emma: In this week's Sneak magazine (UK) there is a little picture of Orlando. He has moved down to number 4 on the top totty.

ROTK Trailer
Kate saw the trailer before the League of Extraordinary Gentleman in Melbourne Australia, Stardina saw it before House of the Dead in the US, and Nina saw it before Nicotina in Mexico.

New Poll Question
The new OB Files poll question was submitted by Kate. According to the last poll, your favorite Orlando accessory, at 34%, were his necklaces. His rings came in 2nd with 25%, and his crazy shirts at a close 3rd with 23%.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Bekah Nunn (13), and to Lakeisha (14) from her friend Bree.

  Wednesday, October 15
New Orlando Photos
These new Orlando photos are from the website of photographer Sarah Dunn (sarahdunn.com). (1, 2, 3, 4)

Elle Article Scans
Elf Lady has scanned the entire Brad Pitt/Troy article from the November issue of Elle (US).

Ned Kelly in UK
Correction to yesterday's news: Ned Kelly is still playing at some theaters in London, including the UCI Empire Leicester Square.

2 New ROTK Screencaps
Here are 2 Legolas ROTK screencaps from the 'Aragorn's Destiny' video on the official LOTR site. (1 & 2)

Scans from LOTR Fan Club Mag
Elf Lady scanned these two Legolas pictures from the Oct./Nov. 2003 issue of the "LOTR Fan Club" magazine. (1 & 2)

LA ROTK Premiere Confirmed
According to the Mann Theatre website, the Return of the King premiere will take place on Dec. 3 at Mann's Village Theatre in Westwood at 7:30 pm. Thanks to Amy for the info.

Photo in Arena Homme Plus
Simone says that in the new Arena Homme Plus (UK) fall issue with David Beckham on the cover, there is a photo of Orlando in the celebrity section. It's this photo from the fall 2001 issue. There is also a picture of Viggo, the one used on the cover of Arena Homme earlier this year.

Photo in Mania Magazine
Ths same photo that's in Arena Homme Plus is in the October issue of Mania (Aus/Nz). Thanks to Marian for the info.

Bravo and Loka Magazines
From Mary: This week's Bravo (Spain) comes with an Orlando poster that looks like this. This scan from Loka (Spain) is part of a poster with other guys. There's also the same pic inside the magazine rating Orlando's torso, and other hot guys like Paul Walker. Orlando is the only one to get a 10! Loka also has this poster from Ned Kelly. You can also find a small pic of Legolas in The Two Towers, and they tell the story of when Orlando forgot to take off his elf ears and went home with them on.

Special on Games at Amazon.com
When you buy any game (inc. LOTR) from Hasbro, Milton Bradley, or Parker Brothers at Toy R' Us on Amazon.com, you can get another game free, plus free shipping.

ROTK Trailer
The Return of the King trailer has been seen before Intolerable Cruelty and Kill Bill.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amanda, Brittany (14), and Elizabeth Marie from her friend Isabella.

  Tuesday, October 14
Opps! Magazine Scans
Nastya sent in these scans from Opps! magazine (Russia). (1 & 2)

Ned Kelly Poster Scan
Silvia sent in a larger scan of the Ned Kelly poster from the October issue of Total Film (UK).

Acción Interview
Silvia sent in scans and a translation from the October issue of Acción (Spain).

ROTK LA Premiere Info
Posted by Stacie, from seeing-stars.com: "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
Wednesday, December 3, 2003 (time TBA)
at Mann's Village & Bruin Theatres
961 Broxton Ave, in Westwood
(unofficial - no press release available)

Women's Own Scans
Elf Lady posted these scans from Barbara at ka-Bloom, from the October 13th issue of Women's Own (UK). (1 & 2)

LOTR Costumes at Walmart
From Caitlin: Wal*Mart in Knoxville, TN is selling Lord of the Rings outfits including a Legolas outfit.

Ned Kelly No Longer Playing in UK
From Helen: Just over a week ago 'Ned Kelly' stopped playing at cinemas in the U.K or at least in my area (Suffolk). A friend phoned up the local cinemas to check times and it wasn't in the list so she checked on the internet and apparently it has be axed because it was such a flop. I haven't heard anything else about it or any confirmation, but it definitely isn't showing and it went in the top 10 at number 9. If it has been axed then it will most probably be brought out on video and DVD quicker.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sami (13) and Cynthia (16).

  Monday, October 13
Scan from Harpers & Queen
Elements at ka-Bloom has posted a scan from Harpers & Queen (UK), of Orlando at the Festival of Speed. Dunhill.com has the same photo on their website.

Additional ROTK Filming?
From aintitcool.com: Johnny Bartlett, Nouveau Zealand Mega-Spy, has told us of some rumours circulating around the twin islands. It seems there's a strong possibility that many of the LORD OF THE RINGS cast will return for additional filming next year. Why? Won't RETURN OF THE KING have already been released? Seems the extra footage may be used in the DVD Extended Edition for ROTK.

Troy Photo from Elle
TORN has posted a scan of a new photo of Paris and Helen from the November issue of Elle magazine (US). Thanks to everyone who sent in the link.

New Video Interview
Kerry posted a link to an exclusive Orlando POTC interview at the RTL website (Germany).

J-17 Scan
Carey sent in this scan from the November issue of J-17 (UK) where he is named hottest brit. (Blighty= slang for Britain)

Treffpunkt Kino Interview
Conny sent in a scan and translation of an Orlando interview in the September issue of Treffpunkt Kino (Germany).

You Magazine Scan
Tanya sent in this scan from You magazine (UK), in the Sunday paper.

Famous Magazine
From Angelina: In the Ocotber issue (Uma Thurman on cover) of the magazine "Famous", which is free at Canada's "Famous Players" movie theatres, there is a picture of Orli and Kate Bosworth at Disney's California Adventure on the rollercoaster. There is a small paragraph accompanying the picture but it just says that Orli was there with Kate while promoting Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dolly Magazine
From Chelsea: There is a page of stuff and a page sized poster of Orlando in this month's Dolly (Australia).

Teen People Poll
From Nikki: On teenpeople.com there is a poll about the Top 10 Stars You'd Want as Homecoming Dates - Orlando is one of them. Right now Orlando is in 2nd with 10% behind Paul Walker with 24%.

Tiger Beat
From Becky: Orlando is in the November 2003 Issue of the magazine Tiger Beat (US). He has a small picture on the cover with the title “Orlando’s First Kiss”. On Page 2 there is a pin-up poster of Orlando. On pg 33 there is a section entitled “Celebrity Sneak Peeks Movies”. There is a picture of Orlando and a little article:

Orlando hates saying goodbye
On December 17, we get our last dose of Legolas as the final chapter of The Lord of the Rings trilogy opens. Many theaters will show all three movies consecutively. That’s like 12 straight hours of Orlando! How does Orly feel about saying goodbye to the elf that made him famous? “I hope I’ll carry a part of him with me forever,” he says. “He’s a special character. I’m never going to let go of him.” Aww…
On pg 80 there is a quiz “Who’s your Guy Best Friend?” If you get Mostly B’s it’s “Awesome Orlando”. This is the bit that goes with it: "It’s tough to resist a true romantic like ORLANDO BLOOM. The LOTR alum is sensitive and adventurous. “If I get the chance to kiss someone in a movie, they wouldn’t need to pay me at all,” he laughs. How sweet!"
Also on pg 82, there is a full page article and picture with him.

Orlando Mentioned on ET on MTV
From Katie: On Entertainment Tonight on VH1/MTV, it had a little interview with Kate Bosworth about her new movie "Wonderland". At the end, they said she must be getting some advice about acting from her close friend, Orlando Bloom, and it showed about 3 pictures of him.

POTC Interactive Project
From Heather: There is a movement going on that is getting bigger and bigger. It is the POTC Interactive movement. Here is the link that fully explains what this movement is. I am trying to get this to spread all over the world, get a little more coverage for the actors and the movie that we all love. I specifically am trying to find people from Oregon to get involved.

V. Graham Norton Advert
From Sophie: On Channel4 (UK) there is an advert for V. Graham Norton that features a clip of Orlando's interview on the show.

Glamour Magazine
From Ka: In Glamour magazine (UK) there is a whole feature with Keira Knightley; she's on the cover of the mag. It mentions on the cover that Keira talks about "the leading man with the most snoggable lips". The article has this Orlando POTC photo.

TV Hits
From Lydia: The UK version of TV Hits also has a poster of Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Charlotte (14).
Happy Belated Birthday to Denise from her friend Elise, Cecilia (16) from her friend Holly, and Alice (22) from her sister Tracy.

  Friday, October 10
Mention in Harpers & Queen
From Liz: I was reading Harpers & Queen (UK) and there was a section on the Festival of Speed, at Goodwood, West Sussex, pg 270. It said: '...Orlando Bloom swept in looking every inch the Hollywood star, abandoning his shirt to bask in the summer sunshine.' There is a pic of him there too, but with his shirt on. The festival took place over the 11th, 12th and 13th of July, but I'm not sure which day Orlando attended.

Troy Article
Jan at ka-Bloom has typed up an article by Peter O'Toole's stand-in in Troy.

TV Hits
Leanne sent in scans from the October issue of TV Hits (Australia).
From Beck: In November's TV Hits (Australia) there's a centre page poster of Orlando, as well as a quiz where he could be your perfect match, and a small picture on 73.

Shout Magazine
From Lydia: In the latest issue of Shout (UK) there is a page of cut-out and keep hollywood hotties. Orlando is in this and the picture is about 1 quarter of A4 paper.

ROTK Trailer on E!
On Thursday's "Coming Attractions" on the E! Network, they showed the The Return of the King trailer. The show will be on again:
Friday 10/10 7:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm
Sunday 10/12 3:30 am, 7:00am
Monday 10/13 3:00 pm

ROTK Trailer in UK
From Sarah: The Return of the King trailer is being shown with Bad Boys 2 in the UK.

BBC Buys Rights to POTC
From Angela at music247online.com and bbc.co.uk: The BBC has has signed a deal with film company Buena Vista to screen 100 recent, upcoming and classic movies including Pirates of the Caribbean. The BBC plans to screen the collection of films across its channels from the end of 2004.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Annalisa May (15), Abby (13) from Caroline, Elle O'Rorke (16) from Lou, and Lenny from her friends Duffy and Smurff.

  Thursday, October 9
New Orlando Photos
Here are some new photos by James White, Tony Duran, and Jonas Mohr. They are being sold on ebay.

Orlando's in NY
According to E!'s The Awful Truth, Orlando was spotted at a restaurant in New York City with the rest of the LOTR boys. There have been other reports at gawker.com that he is in NY.

Old LOTR Interview Online
From Kelly: On Film 2003 (UK) which was shown on Tuesday 7th October, Jonathon Ross said an interview with Orlando could be viewed on the website. It is really good! You need Real Player to view it.

LOTR Trilogy Marathon Tickets
From TORN: It seems clear that a number of theaters have elected to put tickets on sale earlier than their published "sale date." A notice on Fandango.com states, "Tickets to 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy marathon, are now on sale at fandango.com at several Fandango partner theaters (not available on 1-800-FANDANGO) and the remaining theaters will be releasing tickets through the official onsale date of October 9th, 2003." Movietickets.com is also selling tickets for various locations. We advise checking to see if your theater is among those already selling these precious tickets.

Lord of the Rings Monopoly
Newlineshop.com is now selling a Lord of the Rings Monopoly Game.

Angel and Gilmore Girls
On last night's episode of Angel, the character Lorne said "The vampire slayer both men loved, both men lost. Oh, I could sell that to any studio in a heartbeat! I see Depp and Bloom. Then I see them a lot. Sorry, hazard of running the entertainment division."

From Steph: On Tuesday's episode of "Gilmore Girls" (which was reported before), they had the Lord of the Rings party. While planning, "Lane Kim" went to Lorelai and says "Okay, I have the horn of Gondor, Legolas's bow, and a cape.." And at the party, when asked what costume a kid wanted, he replies, "I want to be Legolas." They also had a few big poster cutouts around the place, plus posters and table settings of the whole cast.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessica, Abby (13), and Sami H. (16).

  Tuesday, October 7
Inside Entertainment Article
From Katie: I just bought the September/October issue of Inside Entertainment (Canada) and there's a small part on Orlando and "Elizabethtown".
The "Almost Famous" director, Cameron Crowe, actually tried to recruit Depp's "Pirates of the Caribbean" compatriot Orlando Bloom for "Elizabethtown" - but to no avail. "I'm hoping to do something with him, but, no, I don't think on this one." says Orlando, who's busy schedule is filled with promotional duties for "The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King" and recuperation from the epic "Troy" (Playing Prince Paris of Troy, no less). "I can't wait to see it myself. It's amazing!" enthuses Bloom's "HULK"-ing costar Eric Bana. "Troy" is scheduled to arrive in theatres next May.

Orlando Photos
Here are 2 Orlando photos, scanned by Lilith and bought on ebay. (1 & 2)

POTC Premiere Fan Photos
Andrea sent in 2 photos she took at the POTC premiere at Disneyland.

Romanian Bravo Articles
Andrea sent in scans and a translation from the September 18th issue of Bravo (Romania). There’s also a two-page article about POTC in the Romanian ‘Cool’ magazine .

Mention in Sugar
From Carey: The new Sugar magazine is out now, October (UK). It doesn't have any pictures on Orlando or news but Jenny Frost form uk hit band Atomic Kitten said he was cute. And they had a mini interview with Heath Ledger on working on Ned Kelly but nothing mentioned on Orli.

Hitkrant and Break Out
Christy of Orlando's Haven sent in a scan of the poster in the October 2nd issue of Hitkrant (The Netherlands). There was also a large poster in Break Out that used this photo.

Legolas Photo Poster at Hot Topic
From Nia: I was at hottopic.com and they have a LOTR photo poster of Orlando from The Two Towers. It measures 2' x 3' and is $5.99.

Mention in Best Friends
From MelinaHamill: I get the mag Best Friends which is an animal mag. They had an article about Troy because of all of the stray dogs and cats on set. Wolfgang Petersen's wife will be doing a fundraiser thing for the dogs and cats. The article said "Everyone from Sean Bean, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom to members of the cast and crew of Troy will be helping in the fundraiser." There are some pics of Brad Pitt and Sean Bean with dogs but none of Orli.

Pringles LOTR Contest
From Lossenfaciel: I saw in the grocery store that Pringles cans are now sponsoring a LOTR contest, having many ROTK prizes. The Sweet Mesquite flavor has a Legolas picture on it, the Sour Cream and Onion has Gandalf, and the Original flavor has Aragorn.

Wetherspoon Magazine
From Rachel: There is a two page special in the Autumn 2003 edition of Wetherspoon (UK).

Tiny Photo in PB Teen
From Sami: There is REALLY TINY picture of Oril in PB Teen (Pottery Barn Teen) in the Autumn 2003 catalog. Page 57, all the way on the right side.

Paul Hunter has Legolas Hair
From Kelly: I was just watching the snooker on bbc 2 (UK) and Steve Davis was talking about how Paul Hunter has changed his hair. He said that it looked like "Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, kind of like Legolas from Lord of the Rings"

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jamie (15), Haley Merkle from Steph, and Brooke from Cara. Happy Belated Birthday to Carla, Shannon Bunch from Steph, and to Caitlin from Mercedes.

  Monday, October 6
New! and Flaunt Magazines
Posted by Stacie: A magazine called New! (Issue 024) has two pages on Orlando with the title "I'd like to think I'm romantic!" It has pictures of Orlando with the fin, from Pirates, Troy and as Legolas, and a big ol' pic of Kate Bosworth. There are also 2 pages on Pirates of the Caribbean. Page 58: In an article on the Edinburgh Festival, there is a small picture of Orlando from (I think) the Flaunt party. It says he was expected to attend.
The new Flaunt (Katie Holmes on the cover) has a small picture of Orlando as well other people who attended the Summer Reign party.

Bliss Magazine
From Katie: Just got the latest Bliss Magazine (UK), it has a few pictures of him and little articles about how romantic he is. There is also something about the worst thing that can happen is when you are woken from a dream of Orlando by the Cheeky Girls on your radio! Penny has posted scans at OBM.net: (1 & 2)

Mention in Disney Adventures
From Maria: In the October 2003 fall issue of Disney Adventures, it asked who would you want as a teacher if you could have anyone in the world (pg.11) and a girl wrote: "I would pick Orlando Bloom. He would make a pretty good gym teacher! He might even take us surfing!"

Heat Magazine Scan
Catz at ka-Bloom posted this photo from the September 30th issue of Heat magazine (UK).

Hollywood Life and Photo Booth Pictures
From Cassandra: Orlando is in the October 2003 issue of Movieline's Hollywood Life. It's the photo booth pictures, but it tells you more information about the book, "Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures" is due out this month and will cost $35 dollars.
You can order it now for $24.50 at amazon.com and for £18.96 at amazon.co.uk.

Czech TV Alert and Slovak Mag
From Icie: They're going to re-run Midsomer Murders: Judgement Day on Czech Hallmark, this Friday - 10th October at 9 p.m. and 11th October at 2.15 a.m. Also, there is a crossword in new issue of Slovak mag Eurotelevizia with an Orlando pic in the centre and the solution of it was an Orlando quote.

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  Sunday, October 5
New Orlando Posters
Elf Lady figured out the source of the Orlando poster that was posted yesterday - posterden.com. You can buy it there for $14.97 as well as another new poster.

AOL Welcome Screen
Ireth Palantir sent in the AOL welcome screen from yesterday that featured Legolas.

From Steph: On mykindaplace.com, Orlando is the pic for their main story "Who's the Daddy?" It's all about how many stars now adays are resembling Hollywoods's Golden Oldies. For Orlando, they say: "If your mum's started checking out pics of Orli, don't panic, she's not being pervy! He just reminds her of a suave 80's charmer Nigel Havers."

Better Teen People Scan
Sonia sent in a larger scan of the photo booth pics in the November issue of Teen People (US).

ROTK Trailer
Rotae saw the trailer for The Return of the King before The League of Extrordinary Gentleman in Australia (Tasmania). Kathy saw it before Running on Karma in Hong Kong.

Hi Club Magazine
From Mina: There is a whole page about Orlando and Kate Bosworth in the last "Hi Club" (Bulgaria), but it doesn't say anything new.

The OC Star Has a Crush on Orlando
From Catie: Rachel Bilson from the new Fox show The OC said in a live chat on Thursday that her celebrity crush was Orlando. "Yes. I think Orlando Bloom is really cute. He's so cute!"

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  Saturday, October 4
New Orlando Photo
Bonnie posted a new photo on ka-Bloom, scanned by Chan. It's a poster from an unknown source. Take a deep breath and click.

Kingdom of Heaven News
From Ign.com: According to CHUD, Paul Bettany who played Geoffrey Chaucer in A Knight's Tale may get medieval again for Ridley Scott's forthcoming Crusades epic Kingdom of Heaven. Although Variety recently reported that Orlando Bloom was the frontrunner to star, CHUD says that Bloom might not be in it after all. CHUD, citing anonymous sources, claims "Paul Bettany has been testing for the lead in Kingdom of Heaven for the last week. Reuters confirms that his name has been attached to the role, but if our scooper is to be believed, Bettany is the man Ridley Scott wants."
Kingdom of Heaven begins filming this January on a budget of $100+ million. William Monahan penned the screenplay, which Variety says is set in the 12th century and "focuses on a young blacksmith who becomes a knight and helps defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders. There is also a love story, as the young knight falls in love with a princess."

Pop Magazine
From Lauren: Orlando is on the cover and in the magazine "Pop" (US), November issue.

Black Hawk Down on Sky Movies
From LilAl: Tonight (4th october) is the premier of Black Hawk Down on Sky Movies. It will be on at 9pm on Sky Movies Premier and 10pm on Sky Movies Premier 2.

Mention in Fayetteville Observer
From Tricia: In the Fayetteville Observer (NC newspaper), in the Weekender section, columnist Shana Gray mentions her five most desirable celebrities, she mentions Orlando: "It doesn't matter to me whether he plays an elf, pirate, or soldier, there's just something about him. Plus, that awesome English accent. And, it's a bonus that he's the only one on the list who is close to my age." She also has Viggo on her list.

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  Friday, October 3
New Orlando Photos
Ria sent in these 2 Orlando photos that were in a survey she took for Teen People. They wanted to know how interested you'd be in buying the cover. (1 & 2)

Orlando Participating in Charity Auction
Business Wire: This fall, stars from music, sports, television, fashion and film worlds will join together to raise money for charity while snapping pictures of everyday life with their Sony Ericsson T610/T616 camera phone. Participating in Sony Ericsson's "Shoot for the Stars" are celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Barry Sonnenfeld, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Catherine Bell, Amanda Bynes, Romero Britto, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer. All celebrity participants are capturing images of their personal lives and sharing them with the world to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation(R) of Greater Los Angeles. Twelve of the celebrities' images will be auctioned off on Thursday, November 13 at a star-studded charity event in Los Angeles with the proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation(R) of Greater Los Angeles.

The exhibit was unveiled September 10, 2003 in Miami, and will travel to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Click here for dates and locations.
If anyone visits the display in NY, please report back to us!
You can also take your own pictures and send them in for a chance to win tickets to the charity auction. More info.

Danish Magazines
From Tine: Orlando is in the newest Danish magazine called Vi unge. There is a poster with him and on page 19 there is something about what hot guys had on their walls when they were teenagers: "Orlando Bloom (then there is a pic): I didn't have pics of anything special, but I had many with motorbikes. I have always been crazy about them, and now I'm luckily old enough to drive them myself."
Orlando is also in the newest Danish magazine called Bazar! There is an interview with him and Johnny Depp. There is also an A4 size picture with some facts on.

Girlfriend Scan
Avon sent in the poster from the October issue of Girlfriend (Australia).

Chi Magazine Interview
Frannie sent in a translation of an interview in the September 24th issue of Chi (Italy).

Czech Bravo Magazines
From Icie: There is a small pic of Orlando and Johnny from PotC in Czech Bravo Girl that was out yesterday, and in the next issue of Czech Bravo (will be out next Thursday - 9th October) there is going to be an article about Orlando called "I've always wanted to be a pirate".

Empire Scans
Tanya sent in scans from the November issue of Empire (UK).

Theaters Showing Extended Editions
The official LOTR site has posted the US theaters that will be showing the extended editions.

AOL Movies Red Carpet VIP Contest
From Mia and Business Wire: AOL Movies will give one lucky AOL member the opportunity to attend the world premiere of New Line Cinema's eagerly anticipated The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in Wellington, New Zealand, and interview the cast from the red carpet as part of AOL Movies' online coverage. Starting today, AOL members can visit AOL Keyword: Red Carpet VIP and enter "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Red Carpet VIP Contest" by submitting a video of themselves acting as a red carpet celebrity interviewer. The winner will receive a trip to Wellington, New Zealand, to host AOL's broadcast of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King red carpet premiere on December 1 and see the movie with the stars weeks before its U.S. release. THIS CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE FIFTY UNITED STATES OR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, WHO ARE 13 OR OLDER AND AOL MEMBERS AS OF 9/30/03.

Kingdom of Heaven Confirmed on E!
From aznglittericious: I was just watching E! News Live and they were saying how Orlando is going to be in Kingdom of Heaven; there was only an old picture of him on the mini screen behind the hosts.

Hollywood Movie Awards
From Aileen: You can vote for Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush at the Hollywood Movie Awards. Orlando Bloom will be awarded "Hollywood Breakthrough Award - Male Performer Award."

  Thursday, October 2
One Magazine Scans
Elodie sent in these scans from the October issue of ONE (France). Photos: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) POTC Article: (8, 9)

Movie Insider Article
Tanya sent in scans of The Return of the King article from Movie Insider (UK). (1 & 2)

More on Kingdom of Heaven
Mia sent in these links to articles on Orlando's possible involvement in the film Kingdom of Heaven: themediadrome.com, filmstew.com, zap2it.com
"Scribe William Monahan (Tripoli, Jurassic Park IV) has penned the script, which tells the story of a blacksmith who becomes a knight and travels to the Holy Land on Crusade where he ends up switching sides and helping to defend Jerusalem from the marauding Christians. There's also a love story involving a princess, which we're guessing will get pretty short shrift."

Beyond the Movie: ROTK
From Steph and Yahoo News: "To promote the theatrical debut of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Warner will issue the National Geographic special Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King on December 16th. The set includes the complete program, plus a bonus featurette, additional interviews, a fact file, timeline, Middle Earth interactive map and a still gallery. Retail is $26.95."

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  Wednesday, October 1
Possible New Film Role
From Variety: Ridley Scott (Gladiator) and 20th Century Fox are preparing the Crusades-era epic Kingdom of Heaven for a January production start in Morocco. The film will be Scott's next directorial effort and the first since he and brother Tony set their Scott Free banner to an overall Fox deal. Scott will also produce the William Monahan-scripted film.
Set in the 12th century, the drama focuses on a young blacksmith who becomes a knight and helps defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders. There is also a love story, as the young knight falls in love with a princess. Scott is actively casting and word is that "Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Orlando Bloom is atop the list.
The film will carry a budget of more than $100 million.

Here are two more reports from The Hollywood Reporter and RTE. Thanks to Mia for the links.

New Orlando Photo
Bonny posted this new photo, from a fellow LJ user, lilithlotr, who bought the picture off of ebay.

Variety Articles
From Christianne: Variety had an article on Zumanity, but only mentioned that OB attended... no photos. There is in Variety however - an article about the success of POTC overseas... "...overseas, the duds outnumbered the successful new releases last weekend, and there were no serious challengers to "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," which ruled for the seventh straight weekend -- the longest reign since "Titanic's" marathon in 1998."

Photo Booth Pics in Teen People
From Steph: Also in Teen People (US, Nov.) on page 54, Orlando has 4 different shots, like the kind you take in a photo booth. The blurb reads: "When friends like Orlando Bloom drop by Rush Hour 2 director Brett Ratner's home, he shuffles them into his antique photo booth to take pics. But Brett's no hog - he's sharing those personal photos in the new book 'Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures'. If your a celeb junkie (and you know who you are), you'll dig these goofy shots of everyone from Michael Jackson to Eve." OBM.net has posted a scan, sent in by Christy. If anyone has better scans, please send them in!
Also, on the same page, in the 'Scene and Heard' section they write: "Kate Bosworth (sans Orlando Bloom) sunbathing at the posh Las Ventanas resort in Los Cabos, Mexico."

Heat Magazine
From Minna: I bought a copy of Heat (UK, issue 239, 4-10 October) today and they had a pic of Orli on p. 83. He's in a feature called 'You look familiar...' and they have pics of celebs that look alike. Orli is paired up with Justin Timberlake. They both have same moustache/goatee, awful caps and they are even posing in a similar way in the particular photos. The Orli pic is one where he has the yellow cap, black t-shirt and blue scarf.

Legolas in Chrysler Commercial
Even though I already posted about this a week ago, I'm still getting emails about it, so I thought it deserved a second mention! There is a commercial in the US for Chrysler's Town & Country minivan which features Legolas. There's a brother and sister watching The Two Towers on DVD in the back, and the girl pauses the movie and starts daydreaming about Legolas. The girl wakes up when her brother takes the remote from her to unpause the movie.

Legolas a Hit with Danish Parents
From TORN: From the Institute of Name Science, Michael Lerche Nielsen tells that three boys – two of these since the first movie in 2001 – have been named after the handsome Elven warrior Legolas, who alongside the hobbits kills as many orcs as he can manage during an all-night movie. “We were a bit hesitant to approve the name, since it is close to a known toy-brand. But because the name has the ending “las”, which we use in other names, and because “The Lord of the Rings” stems from, among other things, the Norse mythology, we have chosen to approve the name Legolas on special occasions,” says Michael Lerche Nielsen, who is among the evaluators when someone wants to call their children something strange.

Lord of the Rings Advent Calendars
On Ebay there are Return of King Advent Calendars by Cadbury. Sandra says that the calendar is wonderful, the chocolates have faces of the characters. The chocolate tray can be saved and reused.

Photo at E! Online
From Christianne: E! has posted photos of their top Sexiest Men of 2003.

Bits from Empire
Frannie sent in these tidbits from the October issue of Empire (UK).
Reader’s letter: “Homewreckers!”:
I would like to complain in the strongest possible terms about the latest Empire. When I innocently bought it I had no idea that between its seemingly harmless covers lay the downfall of my marriage. Why, oh why, did you include pictures of Orlando Bloom? My wife was unable to control herself and has spent every day since rabbiting on about how damn gorgeous he is! And who else is “gorgeous”? Why, Johnny Depp of course. And he just happens to be in the same movie as Mr. Blooming Bloom – as detailed in your excellent (if marriage-wrecking) feature on Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course, to counteract this, I began extolling the virtues of the ladies in the issue – Keira Knightley, Kate Beckinsale, Sophia Myles… You can, of course, imagine the reaction. Talk about double standards! You have left my marriage in ruins! Still, maybe I can weasel my way back into my wife’s good books with a few purchases bought with your £50 of HMV vouchers.
From the “Summer Report Card”:
‘Brits abroad’ - Orlando and Keira ruled with Pirates, but they weren’t the only Brits doing well Stateside (rest isn’t interesting, all box office info)… Comment: wonderful performance by exchange students! Grade: A.

POTC Watch Being Auctioned
The World Society for the Protection of Animals is auctioning off a collectible Pirates of the Carribean watch at GoBid.ca.

Lenny from Bloomania asked me to let you all know that she cannot currently update her site because her computer is infected with a virus.

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