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November 2002
  November 30
Fancy Article and Poster
Lenny from Bloomania sent in a translation of an article in the Dutch mag Fancy, and Naomi sent in a scan of the poster.

Spanish TTT Magazine Scans
Inés sent in scans from the Dec. issues of Fotogramas, Acción (1, 2, 3), Cinemanía, and the July issue of Hobby. Marta says that Acción can also be found in the US, Italy and Portugal. She also says that "Gaceta Universitaria", a free Spanish newspaper for uni students, has 16 pages on LOTR in the November issue and includes several small photos of Legolas.

Arena, Empire, Widescreen and SFX Scans
WarOfTheRing.net has scans from Arena, Widescreen, SFX, and Empire. Arena and Empire have articles on Orlando. I will try to type them up soon.

New Legolas Photo
There's a nice photo of Legolas on Newline's Oscar consideration site.

Legolas Biscuit
Rachael sent in this photo of a Legolas biscuit (cookie) that she bought while on holiday in Majorca, Spain.

Legolas Plushie
Kashoku sent in this link to a site that is selling handmade Legolas and Pippin plush dolls.

LOTR Birthday Cards
Kerry spotted some LOTR birthday cards in Woolworths in the UK, including Legolas one with a bookmark.

  November 29
Article from More!
Here is the article from the Dec. issue of More! (UK) that goes with the topless pic!

Action Elf Article
There's a small article from Ananova where Orlando talks about filming the shield surfing scene in TTT. Thanks to Kerry for the link.

One More Photo from De Beers Party
Here's another photo of Orlando at the De Beers Diamonds party last Thursday.

Orlando Poster in Popstar
Michelle says there's a poster of Orlando in the US mag Pop Star, with Justin Timberlake or Kelly Rowland on the cover.

Salon.com Sexiest Man Alive
Orlando didn't win Salon.com's Sexiest Man Alive poll, but he was nominated: "Another voted for Orlando Bloom: 'It's somewhat amusing that a young actor portraying a 2,931-year-old elf had more sensuality in his bow hand than a whole stable of Teflon movie stars.' " Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Pirates Info
Cinemovies.fr has posted a Pirates of the Caribbean teaser photo. No Orlando, just a skeleton. Dark Horizons is reporting that Pirates will open in theaters on July 9th, 2003. Thanks to OBM.net for the links.

Billy Boyd on Newsround
From Kayleigh: Billy will be on Newsround Dec. 12th. You can watch the interview live at 5.35pm (english time) via the BBC website. You can also visit the site now to submit questions!

  November 28
YM Article and More Scans
Here is the article from the Jan. issue of YM, along with a scan of the cover (close-up) and the Ned Kelly photo, all thanks to RT.

Photo from More!
LittleMiss sent in this photo from the current issue (383) of More! magazine (UK), with the Liberty X girls on the cover. Take a deep breath before looking at the picture!

Photos from Young Lisa Mag
Pip sent in these scans (1, 2) from the Dec. issue of Young Lisa (Germany).

TTT Video on AOL
AOL has posted a video of the Three Hunters from the beginning of the film. You can view the video at TORN in Quicktime format. Here are some screencaps (1, 2, 3) thanks to Elf Lady.

US TV Alerts
MTV will air a Movie House Two Towers Special in December, followed by Making the Video Game: Lord of the Rings. Wilde will also be on cable in December. I've updated the TV Guide with all the times. Thanks to Chrissy for the info.

  November 27
New TTT Photos at WB.com
The WB's TTT Return to Middle Earth special airs on Dec. 4th, and they have put up a website with info about the special, and photos in their Gallery.

Ned Kelly Photos and Article
Leanne sent in this scan (close-up) of a poster advertising the Ned Kelly article in Wednesday's Daily Telegraph (US), along with a photo from the article. You can read the article online, and view another new photo.

Photos from YM
Here are the photos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) from the January issue of YM (US), scanned by Undone. Thanks to Brenda for the link.

New Photos from De Beers Party
Here are two more photos (1 & 2) of Orlando at the De Beers Diamonds party last Thursday. The caption to the photos were "Orlando Bloom and friend".

Photos from Bravo Girl and Time
Hanako sent in a scan from the Nov. issue of Bravo Girl (German), and here is the Legolas photo in TIME magazine, thanks to Elf Lady.

Seventeen Article
Mei sent in the Orlando article from the Dec. issue of Seventeen (Singapore).

Orlando in Girlfriend
There is a poster of Orlando in Girlfriend's Guide to Summer Fun (Australia), and Orlando is also in the Girlfriend 2003 diary and the Dolly 2003 diary. Thanks to Katie for the info.

New Photos in FiRST Magazine
OBM.net has posted up some great photos from the Singapore magazine FiRST.

Teen People Poll
Orlando is currently #9 in Teen People's 'Top 10 Stars You'd Like to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner' poll. Also, mirkwoodslady293 wanted me to remind all of you to keep voting for Orlando in YM's Who's Hotter poll, because he is lagging behind Elijah.

  November 26
Starburst and Widescreen Magazines
Legolas is on the cover of the Dec. issue of Starburst (UK), and there are 3 Legolas photos in the Dec. issue of Widescreen (UK). Thanks to Elf Love for the scans.

Time Magazine
This week's Time, Dec. 2 issue, features LOTR on the cover, and a small picture of Legolas on page 87. Read the cover story and view other TTT features at Time online. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

Empire Magazine
TORN has posted the 4 alternate covers of the Jan. issue of Empire (UK), including a Legolas cover.

Suggest Orlando for Seventeen Magazine
From Lindsay: In Seventeen (US) they had an article called 'The Josh Watch', in the October issue the editors decided they wanted a new celebrity. Email them at Watch@seventeen.com and suggest Orlando as the subject of their new celebrity watch.

Orlando in Seventeen (Singapore)
Mei says that there is an article on Orlando in the December issue of Seventeen (Singapore), along with a Legolas photo.

Photos from Pirates Set
Latinoreview.com has poster more photos from the Pirates set in Palos Verdes.

Orlando in Daily Mail
From Fiona: In yesterday's 'Daily Mail Monday', Orlando is in the 'Going up' section of the 'Barometer':
"Orlando Bloom: Single-handedly made elves sexy in the Lord of the Rings. Now he's about to do the same for Homer, teaming up with Brad Pitt to star in a film about the siege of Troy."
He is also mentioned in last Friday's Daily Mail WEEKEND in the Connected To section.
HEATH LEDGER Who stars in Two Hands, is set to star next year as Ned Kelly in The Kelly Gang, which will include...
ORLANDO BLOOM Elfin star of Lord of the Rings, along with..
LIV TYLER Who made her screen debut in Silent Fall with..
LINDA HAMILTON Who starred in Terminator 2 Judgement Day along with another debutant..
EDWARD FURLONG who once dated American Pie star..
NATASHA LYONNE Who was born on the same day April 4, 1979, as HEATH LEDGER."

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Nellie saw the trailer with Die Another Day in the US, Marta saw it with Sweet Home Alabama in Barcelona, and Kathryn saw it with James Bond in the UK.

Ad for The One Ring
Jenny says that in the free magazine inside The Sun (UK) newspaper, there's an ad that is selling 'The One Ring'. It's a 9ct gold ring with the Elvish inscription written on it, and it comes with a keep-sake box. It costs £350.00, with monthly installments of £35.00!

  November 25
Orlando on Cover of Pavement
Orlando will be on the cover of the New Zealand magazine Pavement, in its LOTR special issue that goes on sale Dec. 1st. Orlando was photographed exclusively for Pavement in LA two weeks ago. The magazine will also feature an interview by James Graham with Orlando while he was in LA. For people outside NZ, the new issue can be purchased from Pavement: (pavement@pavement.co.nz) or (Pavement, PO Box 309, Auckland 1, New Zealand). Cost NZ$20 each (including postage & handling). A2 cover poster NZ$20 each (including postage & handling). NZ$30 for a copy and poster. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after date of publication.

Total Film Magazine
Legolas is on the cover of the January issue of Total Film (UK). Visit Elf Love for scans of the Legolas photos and the Orlando interview.

Orlando in AOL Poll
Orlando is one of the choices in the AOL Teens poll "Which celebrity would you like to find in your stocking?". He is currently way behind so go and vote! Thanks to Shannon for the link.

Legolas Photos in Scrye Magazine
From oddjob103: Scrye gaming magazine (US) has a special issue out on just the LOTR trading card game. Plenty of Legolas pics throughout. One of my favorite pics of his elfness graces the cover.

Orlando in Young Miss
About a week ago I posted that someone said there would be an article about Orlando and The Two Towers in the December issue of Young Miss (Germany). Silke informed me that there is no mention of him in the December issue. EDIT: Konstanze says an article about him is announced in the actual issue for the next one which is coming out around December 11th.

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Lintelómiel saw the trailer before Harry Potter in the Netherlands.

  November 24
Poster from Teenbeat
Here is a scan of the pin-up poster from the winter 2002 issue of Teenbeat (US), thanks to Elvulia.

New YM Interview
YM.com has posted the Orlando interview they did with him recently in LA. It's a good interview, and I especially liked when he said: "Thank you very much, everybody who is working on the Internet for me." :) YM also has a Who's Hotter? poll with Orlando and Elijah. Thanks to Charlotte, Ashley and Leila for the info.

Orlando Photo in Daily Mirror
There's a small picture of Orlando at the De Beers party in Saturday's Daily Mirror, in the 3am section. They state: "Partygoers tried to ignore protesters from the charity Survival outside. They claim De Beers was involved in evicting thousands of members of a Botswana tribe from their homes. De Beers deny the charges." Thanks to Fleur and Marie for the info.

Orlando Photo in More Magazine
Hannah says there's a mini picture of Orlando in the current issue of More! magazine (UK), and that it won't be available for much longer!

TTT Sneak Peak on Extra
According to TORN, the tv show EXTRA announced that on Monday they will have a "sneak peek at The Two Towers with the movie's sexy hero". Legolas? Nope, Aragorn. Ah well, it's still worth a look.

Legolas Wig in At-Bristol
At-Bristol, an information center in Bristol UK, has one of the wigs worn by Orlando in LOTR. It is on the 2nd floor of Explore in a glass cabinet along with Saruman's, near the stairs. Thanks to Soph for the info.

New Kelly Review
OBM.net has posted a fan's review of Ned Kelly, and it is much better than the review posted at aintitcool.com.

Pirates Trailer Review
Terry Rossio, one of the writers for Pirates posted at the Wordplayer forum, saying "nobody could think of a worse trailer that they have ever seen. Gaudy ... unpleasent ... annoying ... stupid ... didn't capture the movie at all ... Bad graphics and believe it or not, they even used obviously stock footage." There's also rumors that the trailer will be shown before The Two Towers. Visit OBM.net for more of Terry's review of the trailer.

  November 23
Orlando in Teen Tribute Magazine
There is an article on Orlando in the Winter issue of the Canadian magazine Teen Tribute, with Legolas is on the cover. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Orlando on Cover of YM
Orlando will be on the cover of the January issue of YM (US). There will also be a second version with Elijah Wood on the cover.

Legolas Posters
Moviemarket.co.uk has many posters and glossy photos, including the Legolas leg-up door poster.

Arms of Valour
Lena sent along this link to Arms of Valour, which sells replicas of the weapons used in the LOTR, including a Mirkwood bow.

The Ring Awards
The OB Files received 1st place in the Best Orlando/Legolas Site category at The Ring Awards. Last time I got 3rd, so I must be doing something right! Thank you ladies, and thanks to whoever nominated the site!

  November 22
Orlando at De Beers Diamonds Store Opening
Orlando was at the De Beers LV flagship store opening and jewelry launch on Thursday night in London. Click here for photos. Yes, the ladies love him.

Orlando Article in Vogue
TORN has posted the article from the December issue of Vogue (US). Photo anyone?

Two Towers Exhibit Extended
The TTT Exhibit in Toronto has been extended to Dec. 8th. Thanks to Kate for the info.

Orlando in Danish Mag Woman
From Undomiel: Orlando came in 50th on the 100 most sexy men in the world list, in the Dec. issue of the Danish magazine Woman. It features two pics (a large and a small one, taken by Wendy Idele, where he's in the red chair) and a bit of text.

Buy Your TTT Tickets Early
Advance ticket sales start on November 22nd in the US and Canada. More info. People in the UK can purchase tickets from Odeon cinemas starting Dec. 6. More info.

Orlando Mention in Chinese Newspaper
Julie sent in this little tid-bit that shows how Orlando's fame is spreading: I saw orlando in one of those chinese newspapers [that you can buy in America for fifty cents] a few days ago. The article was on a list of famous people that if you are able to marry them, you not only get a good husband/wife, but you also have one that is rich. It also mentioned how there are so many websites of him.

Where to Buy L'Uomo Vogue
For those in the US, here is a list of places that sell L'Uomo Vogue. I suggest doing an "Edit > Find on this page" to find your state. For those in Australia, Leanne says that the Civic Newsagent opposite David Jones - Canberra Centre will have it in about 2 weeks.

Watch Scenes from FOTR Extended DVD
Ifilm.com has posted some clips from the Special Extended Edition of FOTR.

TTT Feature on EW.com
Antuin sent in this link to The Two Towers feature on EW.com.

Legolas Level in Archery
Legolas*girl sent in this cute bit of info. Her brother goes to a boys camp in Maine called Kieve, where one of the activities is archery. There are different levels you can achieve and the hightest one is called Legolas. The camp also published a viewbook that contained a poem about archery, that went something like "Robin Hood and Legolas, if you get these then you're the boss!".

  November 21
ARENA Article and Picture Preview
Here is a preview of the article, along with the cover and an inside photo, that will be found in the January issue of ARENA (UK). Thanks to Mason at Arena for sending them in for us to preview!

CosmoGirl Article
Here is the article from the Dec. issue of CosmoGirl (UK), thanks to Charlotte. The questions were sent in by fans, but unfortunately, we don't learn anything new.

New Orlando Poster in Teens Magazine
Here is the poster from the Singapore magazine Teens. Thanks to OBM.net and Amethyst4855 for the scan.

Orlando Photos from Screen Magazine
Here are 2 photos (1 & 2) from the January issue of Screen (Japan) thanks to Orlando J-Web.

Article and Scans from Premiere Magazine
Stephanie sent in The Kelly Gang article from the Dec. issue of Premiere (US), as well as scans of the TTT PS2 ad (w/Legolas pic), and the TTT game review (1, 2).

Troy Article from MTV
There is a small article about Orlando being in Troy on MTV.com. MTV may mention it on their Movie House Shorts news program. Thanks to TORN for the link.

Legolas Photos in Cine Live Magazine
Visit TORN for scans from the French mag Cine Live, that includes a full-page pic of Legolas.

Ned Kelly Review
Aintitcool.com has put up a review of an early test screening of Ned Kelly.

Orlando Article on Zap2it.com
Once again, the article has the same old info. I am just dying for a new interview!

Young Will Turner
According to IGN.com, Dylan Smith will play the younger version of Orlando's character, Will Turner, in Pirates of the Caribbean. Young Elizabeth Swann will be played by Lucinda Dryzek.

FOTR Extended Edition on US Pay-Per-View
The Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring will air on In Demand pay-per-view starting December 1st. Thanks to Cynthia for the info.

TTT Press Pack Competition
For those under 16, and from the UK, you can enter to win a a ticket to the London Premiere of TTT and get a chance to interview and meet the cast. Visit the CBBC Newsround website to enter. Thanks to Fiona for the info.

  November 20
TTT Premiere Dates
I updated the Event Guide with premiere dates taken from this TORN article. Although the premieres are not open to the public, you can always wait outside to try to catch a glimpse of the stars!

Orlando Article in Film Review
Here is the Orlando interview from the December issue of Film Review (UK). Thanks to Musings Of Viggo for the scan.

Tomb Raider Comic Writer is an Orlando Fan
From Sabrina: In the last issue of Tomb Raider Journeys, Orlando was mentioned in an interview with Fiona Avery, the writer of the stories. She was asked something like "If Lara Croft could bring three things with her on a deserted island, what would she bring?" One of the three things was Orlando, of course! As well, when asked who would play the characters in the comic, Fiona said that she would probably cast our very own Orli as British Prime Minister Tony!

New Legolas Poster
The poster with Legolas shooting an arrow with his leg raised can be purchased at GBposters. They ship worldwide. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

Michael Rosenbaum Narrates LOTR Special
Had to post this because I just read that my 2nd favorite actor, Michael Rosenbaum, will be narrating the WB's Two Towers special! It will include an interview from Orlando, so don't forget to watch the WB on Wednesday, December 4 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET).

  November 19
TTT Trailer on E!
Cynthia caught the trailer on Coming Attractions on E! yesterday. It will reair on the 19th at 7am, the 21st at 1:30pm, and the 24th at 3:30am and 7am. Times are eastern.

TTT Posters on Sale
I received an email today from AllPosters.com, saying that they've added more LOTR posters, photos, and a calendar. They are also offering a $6.98 special on many of their posters until Nov. 30th, including this Legolas poster.

Magazine Alerts
There will be an Orlando interview in the new Fancy (Dutch), and there's a pinup pic of Orlando in the winter issue of TeenBeat (US), along with an article on Elijah, The Two Towers (with small Legolas pic) and a Two Towers word search puzzle.Thanks to Sera and Oddjob for the info.

Pirates Filming and Casting Call
According to Johnny Depp Zone, Pirates will be filming at LA Harbor berth #49 daily from 7am to 7pm, this week (18th-22nd) and again on Monday 25th November. They also need 100 extras for a big island scene with pirates and wenches, plus they need some 'upscale' British women (upper class types). Thanks to Clarissa for the link.

Legolas Bookmark
The Legolas/Gimli bookmark I posted yesterday can be found at Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million in the US.

  November 18
Orlando in CosmoGirl
Here is the photo from the Dec. issue of CosmoGirl! (UK) with Orlando on the cover. I found this pic on ebay, someone please send in some better scans!

New Legolas Bookmark
Marcy sent in this photo of a new Legolas/Gimli bookmark that she thinks can be found in local bookstores in the US.

Extended TTT Trailer
Antuin says that she saw an extended trailer for TTT before Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Illinois. There was a full fight scene with Legolas and Gimli, plus screen snaps of the elephants, Orcs on Wargs, and Treebeard with the Ents.

Legolas on 7up Bottles in Australia
From Leanne: Legolas is on 2 and 1.25 litre bottles of 7up (spotted at Coles - Manuka), and there are new collectible cards in Cabury and Pascall lolly and multipacks (Spotted at Woolworths - Woden).

TTT Review in Who
There is a review of TTT in the Nov. 25th issue of Who (Australia), with Winona and Paul Burell on the cover, that conatins an Orlando quote:
Buzz-O-Meter - 5/5
This sequel to The Fellowship of the Ring offers new lands and new creatures, such as ancient Treebeard and the saucer-eyed Gollum. And the blow-out battle of Helm's Deep. Director Peter Jackson captured 20 hours of footage for the set-to, in which men and elves fend off 10,000 Uruk-hai (aka über-Orcs). The scene provides an impressive showcase for MASSIVE, Jackson's cutting-edge F/X program that allows CGI warriors to think (and fight) for themselves. It ain't all fake, though. Orlando Bloom, as Legolas, had to learn to swing a sword with elfin suavity, modeling his moves on Japanese Samurai: "when you see those guys fighting, everything is so precise. There's nothing loose or chaotic-- they never even get angry."
Thanks to Leanne for the text.

  November 17
L'Uomo Vogue Article
Raffy from Dream In Bloom has translated the article from the Nov. issue of Italian Vogue. It was written during the filming of The Calcium Kid.

Legolas and Gimli Standee
The standee is now available for people in the US, through the New Line store.

New Troy Links
I've updated the Troy page with new links including a great essay on the character Paris, a site with more Paris info, and an online version of the Iliad.

TTT Trailer and Popcorn Bag
Tylpeneniel saw The Two Towers trailer with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and so did legolas*girl in Framingham, MA. Also, Tylpeneniel bought a medium popcorn at a Wynnsong theater, and the bag was decorated with a Two Towers theme, and a nice pic of Legolas.

  November 16
TTT Decipher Cards
Tolkien Online has scans of all 365 Decipher TTT trading cards. Use the arrows on the top right to browse through them.

Orlando's Birthday Project
Orli's birthday will be here before you know it! There's a group of fans from all across the internet, and the world, who have a Birthday Project underway to send him a gift that will keep on giving. They have set up a donation fund with Greenpeace where you can contribute in honor of his birthday. They are also creating a birthday book of cards, scrapbook-type pages, or your personal well-wishes that will be sent to him personally, along with news of the donation. Learn all about it at Orlando Bloom's birthday project. It's a nice way to show Orlando how much we appreciate him. There are deadlines, so check it out soon.

Legolas Manipulations
Visit Fark.com for some amusing Photoshopped images of Legolas. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

  November 15
Orlando in Mizz Magazine
Vikki says that there's a poster of Orlando in this week's Mizz (UK), and in the Best of Mizz 2003.

LOTR Special on Bravo
From the Pages to the Screen will reveal the story behind the making of The Lord of the Rings, from page to screen. It premiers on the US cable station Bravo on Dec. 9th at 8pm eastern.

Script Review for Troy
IGN has posted another review of the script. "Expect Troy to be a major awards contender when it opens in 2004. It combines the action and spectacle of Gladiator with the romance and intimacy of Braveheart"

TTT PS2 Game
Visit uk.playstation.com for reviews of The Two Towers PS2 game, along with info about Legolas and other articles. Thanks to Fiona for the link.

  November 14
L'Uomo Vogue Photos
EDIT: Here are all the scans from the Nov. issue of Italian Vogue (#335), from Raffy of Dream In Bloom. Simone says that you can buy the issue in the US for $15.95 at Borders or Barnes & Noble.

LOTR Spec. Edition Screen Caps
I've made screen caps from the Spec. Edition DVD. Many more will be coming soon!

Orlando to star in Troy
Orlando is set to star with Brad Pitt in "Troy", a movie based on Homer's The Iliad. Orlando will play Paris, a Trojan prince who steals the beautiful Helen away from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta, prompting a 10 year war between Greece and Troy. 'They are looking for someone who is a bit of a charmer, but also has that dark edge to his personality,' said an insider. 'Orlando fits the bill perfectly'. For more info and links to news stories, check out the Troy page. Thanks to everyone who sent in info and links!

Orlando in Arena Magazine
Mason Young, a Product Manager at Arena, emailed me to say that the January 2003 issue of ARENA Magazine features Orlando on the cover, in an exclusive photo shoot and interview. This Two Towers special also features 2 other covers (Sir Ian McKellan & Elijah Wood). Mason will send me some images prior to the magazine going on sale Nov. 29 in the UK, so check back!

Orlando in Lush Lad Poll
Vote for Orlando in the Lush Lad of the Week poll at mykindaplace.com. Thanks to Rach for the link.

Win a Ticket to London Premiere of TTT
The Sunday Times is giving away tickets to the London premiere and a chance to meet members of the cast. Also, BBC's `Film 2002' is giving away an all expenses paid trip to the UK premiere of The Two Towers. The contest is open to UK residents only.

New TTT Topps Cards
Visit TORN for scans from the latest Topps TTT cards.

  November 13
New Photos from EA Party
Here are 3 new photos from the EA Games launch party last Thursday (1, 2, 3), thanks to Gissie.

Legolas Mentioned on Sopranos
Suzanne says that in this week's Sopranos, Ralph's son was playing LOTR with his friend. The boy playing Legolas shouted something about protecting Gondor, then accidently shot Ralph's son in the chest with an arrow. 

  November 12
New LOTR Video and Photos
LordOfTheRings.net has new videos up, including one from the Special Edition DVD entitled "Orlando Bloom tips his boat". They also have a photo gallery that contains a sketch of Legolas, and then a photo of Orlando in full costume. Thanks to Amanda and Eggy for the link.

Article in New Weekly
From Amanda: There is an article in this week's New Weekly (NW) in Australia that has a little bit on Orlando as follows:
'It seems The Lord of the Rings spunk Orlando Bloom is a thrillseeker. Producers of the film trilogy were concerned he might hurt himself-but not in the battle scenes. "I love bungee jumping and stuff like skydiving" he says. "Anything dangerous, you can put me in. And shooting in a place like New Zealand was fantastic. I went skydiving. I was surfing, snowboarding and fishing, and just generally having a great time."'

CosmoGirl Scandal
Orlando is the featured star in the CosmoGIRL! scandal on their website. "Think Orlando Bloom has a cute butt? Well, he mooned your best friend! Make her the star of this scandal!" Thanks to Jasmine for the link.

Girlfriend Awards are Over
Orlando was up for Lushest Lad at the Girlfriend Entertainment Awards, but he lost to Josh Hartnett. Josh received 22% of the votes, while Orlando came in 2nd with 16%. Thanks to Leanne for the info.

'Pirates' Set Photo Description
DarkHorizons.com has a description for the photos posted a few days ago of the 'Pirates' set in Long Beach. "The filming that was taking place on the boat at the time of the picture being taken of it was young Will (Orlando Bloom's character) is found floating in the ocean amoungst reckage of another ship and is rescued."

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Kathryn saw the trailer before Harry Potter in the UK.

  November 11
Orlando's Measurements :)
Diana had a friend who was up for the role as Orlando's body double in Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, he didn't get picked, but Diana sent along this info. According to the casting people, Orlando's measurements are a 40 coat, 31 waist, and 33 inseam. He's described as being medium skintoned and 5'10ish. So there's some useless, yet fun, information!

Legolas Photo from Calendar
Here's the photo of Legolas from the Video Ezy Annual LOTR 2003 Calendar.

Legolas Standup
Sam saw a Legolas display stand-up at Marsh supermarkets and at Barnes & Noble in Indianapolis, IN. It was holding the new TTT paperback with Legolas on the cover.

Orlando on So Graham Norton
Orlando's episode will re-air on Nov. 22 at 11:30 pm (EST) and the 23rd at 2:30 am on BBC America.

  November 10
Legolas Photo in Sunday Times Magazine
Today's Sunday Times Magazine had a special edition on The Two Towers, with photos including this one of Legolas.

Orlando in Shout
In the November 1-14 edition of Shout (UK), there's a small pic of Orlando and a quote that says "I love things that give me an adrenaline kick like surfing or snowboarding". It's on the "Celebrity Chill-Out" page that tells about how celebrities have fun. Thanks to Lucy for the info.

Orlando in Bliss
In the December issue of Bliss (UK) there is a small picture of Orlando with some text that talks about TTT being released next month and him being in The Calcium Kid with Billie Piper. They also mention that Orlando and Elijah will be in the next issue out on December 6. Thanks to Amy for the info.

Screenshots from Spec. Edition DVD
A Finnish site has put up lots of pictures from the FOTR Special Edition that comes out on Tuesday. Here's a screencap of one of the special features: multiple camera angles for the Council of Elrond scene. I don't know about you, but my eye will be on Legolas the entire scene!

  November 9
Orlando at EA Party
Orlando attended a launch party in LA on Thursday night, along with Dominic Monaghan, and Billy Boyd, celebrating the release of 3 new games from EA, including TTT. Here are some photos (1, 2, 3) thanks to Bag End Inn.

Legolas Photo in EW
The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features Elijah and Liv on the cover, and is chock full of TTT info and includes a photo of Legolas. For scans from the article, visit Bag End Inn.

Orlando in J-17
Hannah says that there are a few mini pictures of Orlando in this months J-17(UK).

LOTR South Park Episode
Next week (Wed. the 13th) on South Park, the boys go on a mythical quest to return their copy of "The Lord of the Rings". According to RT who saw a commercial for it, Cartman is dressed as Gandalf, and it looked like one of the others is Legolas.

Ned Kelly
According to this Herald Sun article, The Kelly Gang will now be released with the name Ned Kelly instead. They also state that the movie will have its world premiere in Melbourne on March 27 next year.

Photos from 'Pirates' Set
Here are some photos from Rex Features taken of the pirate ship set in Long Beach.

Official LOTR Site Update
LordOfTheRings.net has added some screensavers that feature screenshots from the Special Extended DVD. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

Info about TTT PS2 Game
From Chantaal: I just beat the Two Towers Game for PS2, and as you beat each level, they show different movie clips to help move the story along. There are several new clips from The Two Towers, and the Orlando interview is an extension of the EA interview that was already released.

  November 8
Orlando Spotting
Aileen wrote in and said that she is an intern at New Line in LA. Her coworker told her that Orlando was at New Line this past Wednesday, and she even got to ride the elevator with him. He was also there a few weeks ago. No word on why he was there. Maybe something to do with the upcoming publicity events for TTT, or maybe for a new film deal? We can hope!

New Pics from LOTR Spec. Edition
Eggy sent in some screencaps she found at Fantasy Planet: 1, 2, 3, 4. I love the 2nd one, "How's that secret handshake go again?"

New Decipher Cards
TORN has posted some new, about to be released, Decipher cards, including 2 with Legolas: 1 & 2.

TTT Bedding
Scifiwarehouse.com is selling LOTR bedding including an Elven Characters duvet cover with pillow that features Legolas. Linenstore-UK is selling a LOTR bedspread and curtains. Thanks to Meg and Zee at AOB for the links.

TTT Posters with The Sunday Times
The Sunday Times (UK) is giving away free double-sided LOTR:TTT glossy posters over the next 3 Sundays plus a chance to win VIP tickets to next month's UK TTT film premiere. Thanks to TORN for the info.

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Someone wrote in saying they saw the trailer before 'They' in the UK.

  November 7
Big Hit TTT Special
Leanne sent in a scan of the Legolas poster in the Big Hit - The Two Towers - Poster Special out now, and was kind enough to type up some of the articles, including one that contains some new info from Orlando.

New Legolas/Orlando Photos
Here's a photo from the LOTR Spec. Edition DVD, and here are more photos from the official LOTR site, The Making Of The Movie Trilogy book, and the TTT Photo Guide. These books, along with the TTT Visual Companion, went on sale yesterday, and can be ordered through Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

TTT Special in Pavement Magazine
For the Australian and NZ fans, the Auckland magazine Pavement is releasing a Two Towers special in their December issue, and it includes "Orlando Bloom (photographed exclusively in LA)". Read more at TORN. Thanks to Crissie for the link.

TTT Bookmarks at School Libraries
From Tinuviel: My high school is giving away LOTR: TTT bookmarks to publicize the movie. My school never told us that they were giving them away. They were just placed in a few stacks in our library, so be sure to keep your eyes open for them. So far I have seen four different (double-sided)versions: Legolas/ Gimli (these ran out really fast. i only got one.), Arwen/ Aragorn, Samwise/King Theoden, Eowyn/ Eomer. EDIT: There is also a Gandolf/Frodo one.

100% Hunk Poll?
People have been emailing me saying that voting for the 100% Hunk Poll on the Fancy site is NOT over, because the magazine doesn't come out until the 15th. I think that you can still vote in the poll, but the results won't have any impact on Orlando being in the magazine. But if you want to vote, go ahead!

  November 6
LOTR Royal Mail Site
The Royal Mail in the UK has put up a LOTR site made with Flash. It includes galleries, downloads, quizzes, and an online store to purchase LOTR stamps and cards. Thanks to TORN for the link.

LOTR Special in Big Hit Magazine
Big Hit magazine (Australia) has a LOTR special out right now which contains posters and articles just on LOTR. It costs A$5.95. Thanks to Emma for the info.

Orlando in TV Hits and Competition
There is an Orlando poster in the Dec. issue of TV Hits (Australia) with Avril Lavigne on the cover. You can also enter online to win the LOTR Special Extended Edition DVD.

Orlando on Australian Radio?
Elrohuin says that apparently, Orlando will be on the Triple J radio station in Australia soon. If anyone has anymore info, please send it in.

Orlando Quiz on bbc.co.uk
Emily sent in this link to an Orlando quiz at CBBC Newsround Online. I would hope that everyone can answer all the questions correctly!

Wellington Premier of TTT
According to this article at Stuff.co.nz, Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson are scheduled to attend the premiere of TTT in Wellington on Dec. 18th. I'm assuming Orlando will not be there.

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Lenny saw the trailer before The Bourne Identity in Holland, Elrohuin saw it with Blurred in N.S.W, Australia, and Dejonay saw it before The Ring in the US.

  November 5
New Legolas Pics
Here are 6 new Legolas pics from the TTT Visual Companion book. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

New Spoilers from Pirates
Darkhorizons.com has posted up a scene description from near the end of the movie that involves some very swoony stuff from Orlando's character!

100% Hunk Poll is Over
Angel says that voting for the 100% Hunk Poll on the Fancy site is over. Apparently Orlando won because he will be in the next issue of Fancy.

LOTR Japanese Comics
Aiyanna sent along this link where you can buy fan-made, Japanese Manga styled LOTR comics. They have some really nice art work, like this, and this one of Legolas with little Aragorn!

Orlando Mentioned in a Book
From Lexi: I just got Meg Cabot's new book All-American Girl, and the main character, Samantha, does celebrity drawings and she was saying how she only charged the snotty popular people for them, and right in the middle of page 11 is this quote:
"Oh, yeah.  I'm definitely going to give free drawings of Orlando Bloom to someone like Kris.  Not."

  November 4
Orlando in 100% Hunk Poll
Elanor wanted me to tell all of you that The Dutch magazine Fancy is doing an online poll called 100% Hunk, with Orlando up against Elijah and Sean Astin. Orlando is currently ahead of Elijah by only 1% of the votes. Fancy will post an article and a picture of the winner, so go and vote!

New Legolas Merchandise at Elben Wald
Check out these new Legolas items at Elben Wald: door poster and mug.

Free LOTR T-shirt with DVD
If you preorder the FOTR Special Edition DVD, VHS, or box set at Walmart.com, you will recieve a free LOTR T-shirt. Thanks to Brianna for the info.

TTT Article in LA Times
There is an article in this Sunday's Los Angeles Times about TTT and Harry Potter, entitled “Fantasy, driven by reality”. It can be found in the Calendar (part one) section on page E18, or read online. There is also a full page colored ad for TTT in the Calendar section on page E30. Thanks to Tinuviel for the info.

  November 3
Orlando Mentioned on PETA Site
Orlando is mentioned in the celebrity gossip section of PETA's new site, PETA2.com. Thanks to Mai for the link.

LOTR Advent Calendar and Legolas Chocolate
Leanne sent in a scan of the Legolas Cadbury Snack block, and Lizzie says that you can buy a TTT advent calender in the UK by Cadbury. It has cut-out bookmarks on the back, including one of Legolas.

TV Alert for Canada
Elvulia says that Inside Entertainment on the CH channel will have a bit on TTT next Saturday, the 9th. The show starts at 7:30 PM (ET).

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Eva'ke saw the trailer before Minority Report in Belgium, and Beth and Brianna saw it before The Ring, in Fort Worth, TX and in South Carolina. People have also been reporting that the trailer has extra scenes that are not in the version posted on the official site.

  November 2
Scans of Legolas Chocolate
Lenore sent in scans of the Legolas Cadbury chocolate bar wrapper and mini-poster available in Australia and online for international orders.

New Official TTT Posters and Desktops
The Official LOTR site has new TTT theater banners and desktops available for download. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

'Wilde' and 'Orlando' on TV
I updated the TV Guide for Wilde. I had originally said it was playing on Starz this month, but it turns out that it will be on Starz Cinema. Also, the movie Orlando, an adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel, will be playing on Starz Cinema this month as well. Apparently, Orli's mum named him after the character from the book.

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Eyre saw the trailer before Red Dragon in Canada, and Georgia saw it before The Ring in Oregon.

  November 1
Photo from Twist Mag
Here is a scan from the Dec. issue of Twist (US) thanks to Zee at Always Orlando Bloom.

Photos from TTT Exhibit Program
Lenore sent in 3 Legolas scans taken from the program for The Two Towers Exhibit in Toronto. (1, 2, 3) For more info about the exhibit, go here. Also check out TORN for their exclusive report and Bag End Inn for photos from the exhibit, including some of Billy and Dom!

Sneak and Topp Mags
LilMissBloom says there is a gorgeous poster of Orlando in the latest issue of Sneak! magazine (UK) week starting 29th Oct - 4th Nov. Mona Iren says that the next issue of Topp (Norway) will have some articles on LOTR, and she thinks there will be pictures also. The issue comes out on November 26th.

Empire Magazine
Robyn sent in a little more info about the December edition of Empire (UK). She says that along with the Legolas poster, there is a full page advert for the LOTR PS2 game, of Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli. Orlando is also briefly mentioned in the review of the FOTR special extended edition DVD, where it says something like "Elijah Wood and the others laugh about how "pretty" Orlando Bloom looks in some scenes". Also, Empire gave the DVD 5 stars (out of 5) for the film and another 5/5 for special features.  And the Collector's Edition is just "a couple of bookends" (ie not worth it - but you MUST get the plain Special Extended DVD!).

October 2002
  October 31
Legolas Cadbury Chocolate
KJ says that there is indeed a Legolas chocolate made by Cadbury. He is on the snack one and Merry is on the Hazelnut.

Commercial for Extended FOTR DVD
Visit War of the Ring to view the commercial containing new scenes, thanks to Pamela and OBM.net.

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Lenny says that the trailer is attached to Minority Report in Holland, and Linda says that it is showing with XXX in Sweden.

Orlando in YM and Twist
From Tinuviel: In the December issue of YM (with Christina Aguilera on the cover) there is a small picture of Legolas with a caption that reads, "The Lord of the Rings saga continues with The Two Towers, in theaters now." It is on page 44 on the 18th on the December calendar.
In the December issue of Twist there are two Orlando pics. One is on page 79 and takes up about 3/4 of the page and has a small article on the bottom. It reads:
"HOT STUFF - Orlando Bloom returns to the big screen this month in the eagerly awaited The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers-the second installment in the J.R.R. Tolkien-based trilogy. Like his good-hearted elf character Legolas Greenleaf, the real-life Brit babe is all about seeing the positive things in life. "I do think honesty is the best policy," he says. "I think that I've had an interesting life and I feel very grateful. If I died tomorrow, I'd feel like I've lived a very full life. I've loved every moment...I try to apply a set of rules to life to make it easier and that normally means being open and honest so you can enjoy it." Well, we certainly enjoy our lives a little more thanks to you, Orlando!
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers hits theatres on December 18th."
The second picture is in the Table of contents and is a smaller version of the same picture with a small caption that reads, "We swoon for Bloom." If anyone could send in scans, that would be great!

  October 30
Official TTT Poster
LordOfTheRings.net has put up the new and final theatrical poster for The Two Towers. Why is Arwen more prominent than Legolas?!

New Scenes from TTT
War of the Ring has posted a video clip, along with screencaps, of new scenes that were taken from the Electric Arts game. You can hear a wav file of Legolas from the game on Uruviel's site.

Pirates Info
One of the screenwriters, Ted Elliot, posted at WordPlayer, and said that some of the recent info posted at DarkHorizons.com was made up, including this bit: "I am also being told that this will be THE most VIOLENT Walt Disney Pictures movie to date and most likely will recieve a PG-13 rating. In one scene that I heard about, one of the pirates describes to a little girl how he will kill her and what he will do to the body."
Ted Elliot also said that "Disney wants to release the movie under the Disney banner, rather than the Touchstone banner." implying that Disney would want a PG rating.

  October 29
LOTR Themed Chocolate
Leanne was browsing the chocolate section of the supermarket (in Australia), when she spotted Frodo and Aragorn on blocks of Cadbury chocolate! I'm not sure if they make a Legolas version, but there is a photo of him on their website.
  October 28
Legolas Bobble-Head Doll
Visit upperdeck.com for a photo of the LOTR Bobble-Head dolls, including Legolas. I want one!

TTT Book Cover Featuring Legolas
Amazon.com is selling the TTT paperback with Legolas on the cover for $6.99. Barnes & Noble also has it for $7.99. Thanks to Kiri for the info.

Bingo. Bloom Style
Anchovyeater sent in this link to a 'Bloom Bingo' game!

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Dani saw the TTT trailer before "Jackass: The Movie" in the US, Marta saw it before "DARKNESS" in Barcelona, Spain, and Robyn saw it before "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in the UK. 

  October 27
Submit Questions for Orlando
Sidg sent in this link to the CosmoGirl! (UK) website where you can submit questions they will ask Orlando in their upcoming LOTR issue.

Custom Mobile Phone Covers
Vicky sent along this link to makemyphone.com, where you can design and buy your own custom mobile phone cover by uploading any image, of Orlando perhaps?!

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Lucy saw the TTT trailer before Simone in the UK. Kiri also saw it before The Truth About Charlie in the US, and she said it was a bit different than the one on the official site. Don't forget to call ahead.

  October 26
Legolas Day Contest Winners
Congratulations to the two contest winners, Nicole from Mt. Pocono, USA, and Freyan from Bombay, India! They both will receive a Legolas bookmark with a replica of The One Ring.

Orlando Video and TTT Special on WAM!
I came across an online video shown on WAM! tv, taken last year at the New York premier of LOTR. It has bits of interviews with the cast, including Orlando. Also, WAM! will be airing WAM! Movie News: Season's Screenings, which will include a behind-the-scenes look and a sneak peak of The Two Towers. The program will premier at 7:00 pm (ET/PT) on November 1st and run throughout the month. Thanks to OBM.net for the Movie News link.

Legolas Wallpaper at EA.com
EA.com has put up a wallpaper featuring Legolas.

  October 25
Legolas Photo in Empire
Here is the Legolas photo from the December issue of Empire (UK). It was taken by Pierre Vinet. To see the rest of the photos from the issue, visit TORN.

Legolas Banner from Taiwan
Thanks to OBM.net and Pamela, check out this wonderful banner that was made to hang from the ceilings of cinemas. To see banners of the rest of the Fellowship, visit OBM.net.

Wilde on US Cable
Wilde will air on the Starz network Nov. 1 at 9pm, and again on Nov. 7 at 10:30pm.

Happy Legolas Day!
Today is the first ever International Legolas Day. Stick on your Elf ears and have fun! For more info, click here.

  October 24
Movieline Magazine
Here is a scan from the Nov. issue's The X and Y Files section, thanks to Lady Nin.

Orlando in Teen People
There is a photo and article in the December issue of Teen People (US), where Orlando says that Superman is NOT his idol, and he DIDN'T get into acting for the women. I think we all kinda knew that already. :) He hopes to have an official site up soon to squash the rumors. I'm hoping for an 'Ask Orlando' section, where we can finally find out the answers to all important questions like what his middle name is and what kind of hair products he uses. ;) Thanks to Uruviel and OBM.net for the scans.

Screencaps from TTT PS2 Commercial
Wet Legolas! I've put up some screencaps of Legolas in the TTT PS2 commercial that you can download from EA.com. Thanks to Elf Lady for the caps.

Orlando Photo in Sneak
Kim says there's a photo of Orlando in a Union Jack hat, in the latest Sneak (UK) mag, with a yellow cover and "Jordan and Gaz THE TRUTH" on the cover.

TTT Special to Air on The WB
The WB will be showing a one-hour, behind-the-scenes, preview special for TTT on December 4th at 8:00 pm. "Return to Middle-Earth" follows the 'Rings' cast as they come back together in New Zealand to shoot additional footage for the upcoming film "The Two Towers." Each cast member gives their personal take on the arduous three-year shoot and what they took away from this historic film making experience. Thanks to TORN for the info.

Legolas Poster in Empire
There will be 6 posters, including one of Legolas in the December issue of Empire (UK) that goes on sale Oct. 25th. Thanks to OBM.net for the info.

  October 23
Screencaps from LOTR Extended Edition DVD
IGN.com has a 16 page review of the LOTR Special Extended Edition DVD along with high-res screencaps, including these 3 with Legolas: 1, 2, and my fav 3. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

TTT PS2 Article Scans
Naomi sent in some scans from the TTT PS2 article in the Nov. issue of the Dutch magazine Power Unlimited (1, 2, 3, 4). Visit ea.com to view the TV commerical for the game.

Movieline Magazine
Angela sent along a little more info about the X and Y Files section that Orlando was featured in. The X and Y Files takes two photos of celebrities and propose, based on facial features, that they produced another celebrity. According to Movieline, they think that Christopher Walken and Carey Lowell (from Law & Order and License to Kill) could be Orlando's parents! EDIT: Here is a scan thanks to Lady Nin.

Info from Pirates Set
DarkHorizons.com has posted an inside report from the set, stating: "The wardrobe for this movie alone is extremely accurate - they have every little nuance of detail in all their hand-sewn costumes. They have tons of wigs that they are using as well. The props for the movie are very accurate, they were putting finishing touches on the cannons and cannon balls. There were at LEAST 45 cannons they they were getting ready. I am also being told that this will be THE most VIOLENT Walt Disney Pictures movie to date and most likely will recieve a PG-13 rating. In one scene that I heard about, one of the pirates describes to a little girl how he will kill her and what he will do to the body".

  October 22
Video of Orlando at Greenpeace Protest
The Greenpeace website has a video up where you can see Orlando for about 4 seconds!

Orlando in Movieline Mag
From en penumbras: Orlando is featured in this month's XY Files in Movieline magazine.  There's a small pic of him as Legolas. There's also an article about the LOTR Extended Edition DVD.

TTT Exhibit in Toronto
Running from Oct. 31 - Dec. 1, The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers Exhibit is an experimental exhibition containing artifacts from TTT. It will be held at the Royal Ontario Museum's former McLaughlin Planetarium. Toronto is the only city in North America where this exhibit will be presented. For more info and to purchase tickets, visit the exhibit's website. Thanks to Samantha for the info.

TTT Trailer Attached to The Ring
Pamela saw the trailer before The Ring in Canada.

Legolas Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Visit carvingpumpkins.com to print a Legolas carving pattern for your pumpkin! They also have other LOTR characters.

  October 21
Orlando at Greenpeace Protest
This past Saturday, Greenpeace protesters shut down a Mobil gas station in Beverly Hills. Orlando was there to sign a pledge that he would not buy gas from ExxonMobil. Here is a photo of him signing. For more info about the protest and global warming, visit the Greenpeace website. Thanks to Stacie and OBM.net for the pic. And that IS Orlando in the photo, his hair is long for his Pirates role!

E! Special
Orlando was only briefly shown on the E! special Rank: Sexiest Men in Entertainment. He came in second to Hayden Christiansen in the "One to Watch" online poll question. Oh well, maybe next time!

Orlando Photos in Screen Mag
Here are 2 photos (1 & 2) from the December issue of Screen (Japan) sent in by Miwa of Orlando J-Web.

Legolas Banner
Check out this great banner from Cinemabilia. Thanks to Elf Lady for the link.

TTT Trailer Attached to XXX
Jen said she saw the TTT trailer before XXX in the UK.

  October 20
New Orlando Photo in Miss Mag
Clara sent in this photo from the Austrian magazine Miss.

Dolly Competition
From Anabelle: You can win signed (by Orlando of course) copies of LOTR in Dolly magazine. The mag also states that Orlando was infact the one who set Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts up! Apparently he arranged "coincidental" meetings!

Entertainment Weekly
There is a review of the TTT PS2 game in the Oct. 25th issue of EW. Here's a scan of the article, that includes a photo of digital Legolas.

Loads of Orlando in CosmoGirl
There's a poster of Orlando in the November issue of CosmoGirl (UK), along with a chance to win tickets for a VIP screening of The Two Towers: "You'll have a whole cinema specially reserved for you and 50 closest mates." Here's more from the mag:
In the Rant-o-Meter 'What you were writing last month' section, 20% of the people said that they still "want more Orlando- despite our gorgeous poster!". He's in the poster section with a pocket size and one saying:
THE ELFIN BEAUTY: As movie totty goes, no one has caught our attention more this year than the big O himself, aka Legolas from LOTR trilogy. He's heart stopping gorgeous and we can't wait to see more of him in next months Two Towers. Orlando also stars in The Kelly Gang, out next year, which co stars the gorgeous Heath Ledger. There is a God!
REASONS TO BE LUSTFUL: He's British and he's made it in Hollywood; he makes long hair look good on a boy; his pixie-like features; he has the coolest name ever!!
There was also a mention that there will be a "LOTR Special! (more Pwh-orlando than any other mag)" in the next issue, on sale Nov. 21st.
And finally, in the Cosmogirl website section, it says that you can ask Orlando your most burning LOTR questions. To send them in, go on the site or email them on: cosmogirl@natmags.co.uk
Thanks to Fiona, orlibloomfan and Evy for the info.

TTT Trailer Attached to Signs
Sophie says she saw the TTT trailer before Signs. Be sure to call ahead if you're going only to see the trailer. :)

  October 19
New Orlando Interview
Electronic Arts has a short interview with Orlando talking about The Two Towers PS2 game. It shows him doing voice over work for the game, along with game clips of Legolas in action. (Low-res version, Hi-res version) Here are a few screencaps from the video.

Orlando in Teen People
From Julie: There is an article, "Up close with Orlando Bloom", in the latest issue of Teen People (US) with Justin Timberlake on the cover.

Which Orlando Are You?
Take this quiz to find out which Orlando you are. I am Adventure Orlando!

  October 18
E! Special Reminder
The E! special Rank: Sexiest Men in Entertainment premiers this Sunday night at 8pm on E!. It will be repeated many times, and I've added the dates to the TV Guide. Orlando is one of the choices in their online poll for the hottie you will be keeping an eye on, so he may get mentioned on the show.

Legolas T-shirts For Sale
Elbenwald.com has 3 Legolas Tshirts for sale. Sadly, they do not ship outside the country. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

TTT Trailer Attached to Red Dragon
Jenny says that she saw The Two Towers trailer before Red Dragon last night (16th) in London, and that the trailer was better than the film!

Two Towers Trailer on UK TV
The trailer will be shown at 9.25 am October 19th on SM:TV Live ITV. Thanks to OBM.net for the info.

LOTR Sweepstakes
Visit moviefone.com to enter to win passes to see the Extended Edition of LOTR in a theater, and lots of other great prizes. The sweepstakes is open to US residents only.

  October 17
Croatian Magazine Photo
Here's a scan from the August issue of the Croatian magazine OK!, thanks to Demera.

View Scenes from Special Extended DVD
The official LOTR web site has a Quicktime movie with scenes from the Special Extended Edition of the FOTR that comes out on Nov 12. I've made a few screencaps of Legolas.

TTT Wellington Premier
Accoring to TORN and Red Carpet Tours, the Wellington Premier of The Two Towers will be on December 19th at the Embassy Theater. They will have a special viewing area for Red Carpet Tours people at the entrance to the Embassy so they can watch the stars arrive.

  October 16
New Legolas Photo
Here is a scan of Legolas in TTT, from "White Dwarf" gaming magazine, thanks to Elf Lady.

Download Japan Press Conference Videos
Visit the Visions and Sounds website to download a clip of Orlando at the Japan press conference for LOTR back in February.

  October 15
Orlando Mention in Arena Homme
Emma says that the new Arena Homme (UK) has Viggo Mortensen on the cover with a lenghty interview to promote The Two Towers. Inside it very briefly mentions Orlando, and how much the FOTR boosted his career.

Orlando pic in Ignite
From oddjob103: In the December issue of Ignite! magazine there's an article called The Underdogs. Basically, it points out the up and coming supporting actors. Orlando is included but the article doesn't say anything new. Very nice pic, though.

LOTR Contest
The Official LOTR site is giving away one PS2 game system along with copies of The Two Towers PS2 game.

  October 14
Review of FOTR Special Edition
TORN has two reviews of the Fellowship of the Ring Special Edition DVD.

TTT Trailer Attached to...
Brianna says that The Two Towers trailer was attached to My Big Fat Greek Wedding when she saw it in Florida. It is also attached to Road to Perdition and Reign of Fire in the UK, and The Bourne Identity in Australia. This is not at all locations, so call ahead!

Scary Pirates
Unique Casting is holding an open casting call for Pirates of the Caribbean on October 19th at the Pier in downtown St Petersburg, FL. They are looking for 250 sailors that have "that special pirate look (circa 1600’s scary)". Check out some of the sample pirates. And they say fan girls are scary!

  October 13
New Info on 'Pirates'
Check out OBM.net for some new info on The Pirates of the Caribbean, posted on the Wordplay Forum.

Legolas Day Flag-Banners
Visit Always Orlando Bloom to print out and make your very own flag-banners to celebrate Legolas Day on October 25th!

Orlando NOT In J-17
Yesterday I reported that there was a 3 page spread on Orlando in the Nov. issue of J-17, but I received a few emails saying that it wasn't true. The girl who sent me the info must have been referring to October's issue which had a 5 page spread, and which I added scans from a while ago. I'm very sorry if anyone bought the magazine thinking Orlando would be in it! There was a small mention of him in the "5 boys we want to snog this month" section, which states: "We're counting the days until the new Lord of the Rings film is out and there's two reasons why. And Orlando Bloom is just one of them..." Thanks to orlibloomfan for that text.

  October 12
The Calcium Kid Photo from the The Mirror
Here's the photo from the recent article in The Mirror, thanks to Eye of the Beholder website.
  October 11
New Photo in Mix Magazine
Here is the photo from the Oct. issue of MIX magazine (Finland), thanks to Kati of Unattainable Dream. EDIT: The caption says: "Does this meal represent healthy food to you?". Here's the translated article from MIX, thanks to ShaniCarola.

A Blooming Good Friend
There is an article in the 3am section of this Wednesday's Mirror that states, "Billie Piper and Orlando Bloom have been getting on like a house on fire since teaming up to star in a British flick called The Calcium Kid." Thanks to Bridget and Louise for the info.

  October 10
New Calcium Kid Set Photo
There is a photo of Orlando and Billie Piper filming The Calcium Kid in the Australian magazine NW. Thanks to Aimee for the scan. EDIT: Here's the entire article.

Mackenzie Crook Joins Pirates Cast
From johnnydeppfan.com: Mackenzie Crook, who plays nerdy Gareth in the BBC's The Office, is set to appear in Pirates of the Caribbean. The flick's producers enjoyed Crook's audition so much that they wrote in the part of a pirate called Woodeye, Depp's sidekick, especially for him.

Pics from Extended Edition DVD
DVDTown.com has put up images from the Extended Edition DVD of FOTR, including these 2 with Legolas: 1, 2.

Ned Kelly Petition for Dutch Fans
Elaine has started up an online petition to get Ned Kelly released in The Netherlands, after finding out that it may not be distributed there.

  October 9
The Two Towers Premier Dates
The moderator of Billy Boyd's official site forum says the TTT World Premiere is in New York on December 5th, and that the Paris premiere is December 10th and the London premiere December 11th. He also says that as far as they are aware, the cast are going to Paris and London. Thanks to TORN for the info.

MTV Movie House Video Clip
Not really news, but I've made my first video clip for downloading! It's of Orlando risking life and limb, while acting wacky, on MTV Movie House. The RealVideo version is being hosted by War Of the Ring, so a big thank you goes out to them! There is also an MPEG version on this site. I also have to thank Jas for helping by being an ambassador. :)

Orlando In Empire
Nik says that in the Nov. issue of Empire (UK) there is a small Legolas pic, where they talk about how well the LOTR DVD is doing against other releases. There is also a small pic of Orlando where they compare him to Jimmy Osmond (huh? dunno). He was also mentioned in a letter sent in by an Orlando defender, who was peeved by a letter posted in the previous issue that slammed Orlando. 
"I'm extremely disappointed that you ACTUALLY printed the letter by Mari Malone concerning the amount of Orlando Bloom stuff in your magazine.  Orlando is a very talented actor and  I would be greatly amused to see any 'anti-Orlando' readers canter along on a horse, drop the reigns, fire an arrow and then canter off again! (As demonstrated by Legolas in LOTR.)  Don't you dare stop printing Orlando stuff just because of this reader and her Orlando prejudice!"  Joelle Allen, via e-mail
Empire's response:
"Crikey! If TV provoked a large response, Mari Malone's anti-Orlando letter inspired an avalanche of complaint.  Well, calm down- Orlando and his amazing equestrian-thespian skills do belong in Empire and we're sure he knows we were just joking.  Keep your eyes peeled for some great Orlando/Two Towers stuff in the next couple of issues."

Open Casting Call for Pirates In FL
Disney it holding an open casting call for swashbucklers on Oct. 19th at the Pier in St. Petersburg from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Similar casting calls will be conducted in Miami and Key West. More info. Thanks to Jas at OBM.net for the info.

Orlando pic in Mix
Pauliina says that there is photo in the newest issue of MIX magazine (Finland).

  October 8
Orlando Wins First Round of CosmoGirl Poll
Orlando has won the first round of the Survival of the Sexiest Poll at CosmoGirl.com, with a lead of around 60,000 votes! This means that he will move into the Survivors' Circle, where he will compete against the other winners in April to see who will be on the cover of CosmoGirl's (US) Sexiest Guys in the World Issue. Good job to everyone who voted, especially the ones who voted 100 times a day, everyday! Which was 41% of the people who visit this site, according to my poll!

2 New Decipher Cards
Here are 2 more new Decipher cards for TTT. This one features Legolas and is entitled Elven Comrade (Legolas: If you make me miss my hot oil treatment, I am going to go medieval on ALL your asses!). The second features Haldir but Legolas is in the background (Legolas: I'm am sooo better looking than Haldir, and everyone knows it). Sorry, I'm in a strange mood tonight. :) Thanks to Elf Lady for the links.

Pirates Begins Shooting
In this Cinespace.com article, Gore Verbinski, the director of Pirates, says that filming began on the 7th. He also says that July 27, 2003 is the release date. This is contrary to what Dark Horizons reported, saying that "Disney has revealed its Summer 2003 schedule for many of its tentpole releases. ..."Pirates of the Caribbean" in June." Thanks to OBM.net, as always, for the link.

Orlando pic in Sneak
Vicky says that there is a small picture of Orlando in this week's Sneak (UK) magazine.

  October 7
Legolas Standee and other Merchandise
I came across a Legolas standee that you can actually buy! Too bad Gimli is standing infront on him! You can buy it for £19.99 from scifiwarehouse.com.
Debbi wanted to let everyone know about a Legolas bookmark card she recently saw (and bought) at Toys R Us. Also, Amazon.com is now selling LOTR Risk board games for $24.99.

Orlando is Star of the Future
Film Four has named Orlando one of the Stars of the Future. Read what they had to say about him here. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Orlando pic in Sugar
Nicole says there's a tiny gratuitous Orlando pic in the November issue of Sugar magazine (UK). A fan of his wrote in for one and they put one in.

Orlando pics in OK! magazine
In this weeks OK! magazine's Hot Stars supplement there is an article about Billie Piper in The Calcium Kid that also includes 2 small pics of Orlando on the set, spitting out an apple with the caption "This tastes Blooming awful!". Thanks to Laura for the info, and here's a scan thanks to Elvie and OBM.net.

  October 6
Magazine Alerts
There is a great poster of Orlando in the Nov. issue of TV Hits (Aus), and a photo of Legolas in the Nov. issue of Empire (Aus) with a caption saying that TTT will cement Orlando's reputation as the Next Big Action Hero. There's also a "sneak peek" of TTT mostly talking about how (as of Sept.) they still hadn't finished it. Thanks to Leanne for both scans.
Mollie says that in this month's Electronic Gaming Monthly, there's a fold out poster previewing the new Two Towers video game, with a scene from the game on one side, and a picture of Legolas and Aragorn on the other.

LOTR voted #1 in Premier
LOTR was voted the Best Movie of the past 15 years in a poll done by Premier Magazine. Black Hawk Down was #4 in the Best Action Film category. Thanks to TORN for the link.

  October 5
New Decipher Card
Check out this new Legolas Decipher card from the TT pack, entitled Dauntless Hunter.

LOTR Coin Collection
Adrianne just received her LOTR Coin Collection issued by The Royal Canadian Mint. She says: "They are beautiful.  They come in a collectors book about the size of a CD case. There is one of Gandalf, Frodo, Aragorn, Gimli and of course Legolas. It also has a sheet of stickers with each of the same characters. And the collectors book has a booklet of scenery from the movie, I suppose to put the stickers on. Not bad for ten bucks plus shipping." 

Pirates Set Photos
Countingdown.com has 2 new pics (1 & 2) of the pirate ship being built. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

  October 4
New Legolas Poster for Sale
You can now buy this poster for $9.99 at posternow.com. They also ship worldwide, so go here to see how much it will cost in your currency.

Orlando Poster in Yam! Magazine
Clara wrote in saying there is a poster of Orlando in the newest issue of the German magazine Yam!.

So Graham Norton on TV in the US
Orlando's episode will air at 10:30 pm on Oct. 10, and again at 1:30 am on the 11th, on BBC America. Times are Central.

International Legolas Day
The ladies at the MSN group Legolas' Harem wanted a way for people to celebrate their common interest in Legolas, hence they came up with a holiday, International Legolas Day! It will be celebrated on October 25th, the day of the Council of Elrond where we find out who Legolas is. Check out their site for more info and ways to celebrate, and spread the word!

  October 2
Photos of the Pirates Set
Latinoreview.com has photos from part of the Pirates set taken at the Old Marine Land amusement park on the cliffs of Palos Verdes.
  October 1
New TTT Trailer in Quicktime, plus Screencaps
You can now download the new trailer from the official site in different size formats. Click here for high quality screen captures.

LOTR Video Games
From Tara: In Australia, the LOTR:FOTR game is being released in early November on PC for $89.95 at Harvey Norman stores and the LOTR:TTT game is being released also in early November on Playstation 2 for $99.95, also at Harvey Norman stores.

Wilde on US Cable
Correction to yesterday's report: Wilde will be on Bravo on Thursday, October 3rd at 2 am (EST), not the 2nd.